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Paul’s Post Chocaholics rejoice on Easter Day! They have a legitimate excuse for indulging in their favourite pastime, eating chocolate Easter Eggs. The Lenten fast is over. Let the feasting begin! Maybe for you Easter means little more than chocolate eggs, a celebration of Spring and new life. A parent complained about the death and resurrection of Jesus being explained in a school Easter service, “The story is too sad for Easter.” That is the story of Easter. The egg has always been a Christian symbol of Easter. Eggs represent life and the Easter Egg represents a new kind of life, everlasting life. Jesus offers us the invitation to live with him forever. We can have everlasting life, because the grave is empty. After Jesus had died on Good Friday, he was laid in the grave of a rich man. The grave was sealed by a large stone and a guard was placed at the entrance. The egg may symbolise the stone which was rolled away to show Jesus’ friends that the grave was empty because Jesus had been raised from the dead. The empty grave reveals God’s glory and love for each one of us. The cross is the ultimate sign of God’s love for each of us. It shows that you matter to him. God offers you forgiveness, freedom from the past and a new start. God offers you a new relationship with him, not a feared judge or policeman but a loving Father. God offers you his presence, through all you are going through. This Easter, we celebrate Jesus being raised from the dead. He offers us the assurance that we to can be raised with him to new life now, make a difference in our world now, and live with him for eternity. We will be celebrating all of this and more over Easter. Please join us.

Rev. Paul Wilson

Meet The Team...

Lay Pastor Andy Sproston

Deacon Michaela Doherty

Rev. Paul Wilson

Hey, what can we give you? When was the last time you gave someone a gift? Maybe you’re struggling to think back to Christmas, but I bet it wasn’t that long ago. Maybe you’ve given someone a nice meal or made them a hot drink? Perhaps you were just there to listen or even just held a door open for someone. Here at Court Hey we like to give, and we do this because we feel blessed with a gift like no other. This month at Easter time we remember Jesus, who gave his life so we can re-connect with God. There was a lot of love in his gift and one of the ways we like to celebrate and remember that, is by helping others in any way we can. So have a look at the articles and events in this magazine - we hope to give you some useful and helpful information. We’d also like to give you a very enjoyable night out if you would like to come to our Film Night this month (March 8th). There will also be a very warm welcome waiting if you’re able to come to any of our Easter services. Is there something you would like your community to work on giving in the future? If so please read and respond to our ‘What’s missing?’ page. We’d love to hear from you.

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HOMEWATCH MEMBERS BRINGING TOGETHER COMMUNIT Y SPIRIT My name is Stephen Molloy and I have been a Police Community Support Officer for the past 12 years. During this time I have been patrolling the Swanside and Roby areas engaging with the community and also taking the lead this year on the setting up of the Local Home Watch Scheme. This has proven to be a success in the Swanside area and is helping bring the communities together, and we are hoping to roll out the same process in the Court Hey area of Roby. Merseyside Police are urging members of the public to become Home Watch Coordinators. Home Watch coordinators are a trusted source of information about crime and suspicious incidents. They can also assist Police pass on crime prevention advice to residents and are instrumental in identifying issues of local concern, as well as promoting community cohesion and increasing confidence in local policing. Home Watch is solely run by volunteers and is not owned or managed by the Police. However, police staff often contribute resources – most noticeably their time, and support in setting up and running of the schemes. Merseyside Police have ‘single point of contacts’ (SPOCS) for all areas to liase with the coordinators if they have any issues or would just like some advice. If you are interested in becoming a Home Watch Coordinator and would like to make a difference in the area where you live.


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Join us at Court Hey


Holy Week

During Holy week we join together every morning for a short time of prayer and reflection Monday 15th April, 9.30am Tuesday 16th April, 9.30am Wednesday 17th April, 9.30am Thursday 18th April, 9.30am

Led by Philip Led by Michaela Led by Jenny Led by Janine

Maundy Thursday 18th April, 6.30pm

A hot meal together followed by a service of Holy Communion led by Rev. Paul Wilson.

Good Friday

Join us for worship here at Court Hey at 10am led by Philip Lodge, followed by Walk of Witness in Huyton Town centre, starting at St. Michael’s Parish Church. Refreshments afterwards at Fourth Dimension.

Easter Day Family Service

Join us for our Easter Day Family service led by Deacon Michaela and Rev. Malcolm Carter, 10.30am, including Holy Communion... All Welcome!!!

A Change of Direction Hi, I am Andrea and I am Lay Pastor Andrew’s wife. In the twelve months we have been at Court Hey I have involved myself with some of the existing groups at the church, as well as helping to set up a new community group ‘Place of Welcome’ which runs every Friday morning. Alongside the work I do at Court Hey I am also a volunteer at hospital. I have just finished two years in Aintree as a Chaplaincy Volunteer, which saw me visiting wards, talking to the patients, and offering prayer when needed. Just before Christmas I realized that I needed a ‘change of direction’ in my volunteering. This took me to the Walton Centre as a volunteer in the Complex Rehab Unit. I visit patients who have neurological conditions, such as stroke, chronic nerve pain and paralysis caused by brain injury. A lot of these patients are from different parts of the country such as Ireland or the Isle of Man, which means they don’t get family visitors regularly. They are separated from their family and loved ones which is very difficult for them. Being in the CRU is rather poignant for me as I spent five months in the unit myself twenty one years ago. I had just given birth when I suffered a Brain Hemorrhage Stroke. I was left with paralysis all down my left side, meaning I could not look after myself or my newborn. I had to learn to use my left arm and leg, dress myself and walk again, as well as looking after my son. Giving back is very important to me as a person and more importantly as a Christian. Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.

1 Peter 4:10 God Bless. Andrea

Films - Our Way It’s a Friday, at just after 7p.m. The lights dim, the soundtrack begins and the audience settle into their comfy seats to watch the film. Which cinema are we in? None. We’re at Friday Film Night at Court Hey. For many years, on the second Friday, in the months from September to May, a diverse range of films have been shown to a very appreciative audience. Everyone is welcome, there’s no charge, although donations towards refreshments are gratefully received, as there’s an interval to allow people to enjoy hot drinks, chocolate biscuits and choc ices. Sometimes the film is well-known such as Mama Mia - Here We Go Again, other times most people haven’t heard of it such as Choir for Christmas. There’s a mix of comedy, true life, tragedy, historical or modern day and the films can be confusing, challenging or simply entertaining. Audiences vary in number from fifteen to ninety. The church pays for a Church Video Licence through Christian Copyright Licensing International and films shown are all by producers on their Authorised List. We’re not allowed to advertise the name of the next film outside the building, so pop in and look at the poster on the noticeboard by the main door, or if you’d like more details contact:

Edna Pye Tel: 0151 724 5267 There’s a warm welcome waiting on the second Friday in April and May and then again from September onwards. See you then?

April’s Kids Activity This Easter Court Hey Church will be decorating a cross with flowers and displaying it outside the building. Why not have a go at decorating this cross? We’d love to see your finished designs. So please do send them to us via our letterbox, social media pages or by




What’s missing in this neighbourhood? What’s this community lacking in? Have you always said “I wish we had a ...........................” We would value your opinions and ideas. We’re not promising we can make it happen but we’ll pass your thoughts on to the local councillor. You never know what people power can achieve. Either fill in this form and drop it into the church or email us on ———————————————————————————————————————



Sunday 10.30 a.m Worship Contact : Deacon Michaela Doherty Mob: 07887878147

Sunday 6.30 p.m Youth Club Contact : Suzanne Rainford Email:

Monday 9.45 a.m Tai Chi Contact : Jean Williams Tel: 0151 280 1482

Monday 2.00 p.m Philatelic Society Contact : Peter Williams Tel: 0151 280 1482

11.00 a.m Line Dancing Contact : Jean Williams Tel: 0151 280 1482

Tuesday 2.00 p.m Methodist Women in Britain (Network) Contact : Pauline Rowe Tel: 0151 489 4572

4.00 p.m. AJM School of Dance & Drama Contact : Alisha McGinn Mob: 07754534252 Tuesday 10a.m - 3p.m Baby Sensory Contact : Chelm Holmes Mob: 07391618073 5.30 p.m. Rainbows 6.30 p.m. Brownies 6.30 p.m. Guides Contact :

Thursday 7.30 p.m Scottish Dancing Contact : Sandra Piper Tel: 0151 724 4966

WHAT’S HAPPENING EVERY MONTH Friday Lunch 12.00 noon Contact : Barbara Metcalf Tel: 0151 480 9042

8.00 p.m. Women’s Club Contact : Kathy Sweeney Tel: 0151 722 3708

Friday 7.00 p.m Film Night Contact : Edna Pye Tel: 0151 724 5267

Wednesday 10.00 a.m Qi Gong Contact : Barbara Shields Tel: 0151 727 7960

Saturday Table Sale 10.00 a.m to 12.00 noon Contact : Joan Rutledge Mob: 07984894597

1.00 p.m Indoor Bowls Contact : Tony Burch Tel: 0151 722 9160 4.00 p.m. AJM School of Dance & Drama Contact : Alisha McGinn Tel: 07754534252

Saturday Messy Church 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m Contact : Kevin Chabeaux Mob: 07751167872

Thursday 9.30 a.m Toddler Group Contact : Sue Canavan Tel: 0151 737 1921 Thursday 6.30 p.m Boys’ Brigade Contact: Liz Lloyd Tel: 0151 489 8076 Friday 10.00 a.m Place of Welcome Contact : Deacon Michaela Doherty Mob: 07887878147 Friday 3.45 p.m Acro Contact : Alisha McGinn Mob: 07754534252

CONTACT US CALL. 0151 427 7165 VISIT. Facebook : Court Hey Church Twitter : @courtheychurch

Room Hire LOOKING FOR A FUNCTION ROOM IN LIVERPOOL FOR YOUR CLUB OR SOCIETY? A cost effective venue for a business meeting or conference? Somewhere for a children’s party? We have the ideal function room for you, conveniently located close to the end of the M62 with good public transport links and on site parking for 40+ cars. The majority of facilities including toilets are fully wheelchair accessible. To enquire about hiring ring; 07453 358 157 or use the Enquiry Form on our website:


DO YOU HAVE A PRAYER CONCERN? You can post it though the church letter box or email it to

HEYOU HUMOUR What’s the best way to study the Bible? “You Luke into it” Why did God create man before woman? “Because He didn’t want any advice on how to do it” How do you make Holy Water? “You take some regular water and boil the devil out of it”





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