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Real ResultsInitiative How To Own Your Audience and Personality Traits of Quality Leads

To start off here are the two questions that you need to answer in your marketing and your quality conversations with leads. This is extremely simple, powerful and the same questions that industry leaders use. So let’s get to it, the first question- “is it easy?’ and the

second- “can I do it?.” Seems very simple but many people do not address these very powerful questions. You can do this through product and service demonstrations, testimonials or any other kind of social proof.

What You Need To Know A significant factor of MLM failure rate is a lack of understanding the intellectual work in marketing. To help you overcome this barrier I’ve put together this passage so you understand how to own your audience and the type of people you want to attract and what makes them tick. The first part is more guidance that you can use for your benefit right away. The second is a more in depth look at the overall personality trait of leaders, entrepreneurs, decision makers and help you understand how this relates to marketing. In essence all the information from the training combined with this knowledge is the keys to the castle. -John McIlhattan

PERSONALITY TRAITS OF QUALITY LEADS Now like we’ve hit on before a big factor in the struggle is recruiting less than desirable people. So in order to recruit people who will thrive we need an understanding of what they’d look like. There is scientific proof to this that I’ll reference at the end. The personality that you’re looking for the one that will take the opportunity by the horns


type and take massive action. This is the entrepreneur. Sounds like common sense but it’s important to spot entrepreneurs from wantrepreneurs.





goods and property. In short the motives change our worth in Entrepreneurs much like society and make us look for an leaders, current business owners answer to feel more valuable for and individuals who must make important decisions in their daily ourselves, family and community. That’s huge and explains why now routine, all have certain traits in is a great time to target already common. They are competitive, successful people with the type A aggressive and above all else are personality. You’re looking for resistance to internal struggles. individuals who have been in a The resistance to the internal decision making position, position struggles is crucial because according to Grant S. and Langon where they had to take action and where the modern work D. from their personality study, entrepreneurs face three struggles environment had stimulated their competitiveness and aggression that destroy progress. A three but because of today’s stressors prong struggle consisting of and layoffs they feel hostility emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and detachment towards. Now more than ever A type personalities desire that toward accomplishment. With accomplishment and motivation emotional exhaustion being an and seek to fulfill that void in their overwhelm of emotional strain and exhaustion, depersonalization- value. no unique value of their own has been put into the result, and With all that said to be detachment from the successful in your business you accomplishment being a lack of need to attract individuals with competence of achievement. one thing in common, intention to These three factors colliding be more valuable. The needs, together is the entrepreneur values, want and beliefs that burnout effect and is felt by they’re missing and need a way for everyone at some point in time. them to be more valuable and Now that we’ve understood some basics of the personality type and established a foundation of the struggle let’s dive in deeper. Individuals with an entrepreneur personality type believe that change is possible and can be brought about by individuals. But a certain phenomenon needs to happen for the motivation to create that change. Usually that phenomenon is created from economic struggle, obstacles that we just don’t see happening and hit our sense of security and threaten our ability to afford


once again bring home the bacon that they know they’re capable of doing, that is the motivator. Later on I’ll show you a platform that will teach you how to do this part step by step. See you at the next training,

John McIlhattan


Real Results Initiative: How to own audience and find the right people