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Panther Press

The voice of Montezuma-Cortez High School

206 W. Seventh Street, Cortez, CO 81321

November 2013 Volume 14: Issue 2

Cortez students jet-off to Europe

Photos taken by Ms. Copeland and Abby Lock

Lacey Leonard, Staff Reporter & Abby Lock, Editor-in-Chief

Louvre, and the Reina Sophia. Rachel Demby, an MCHS junior, said that her favorite part of the trip was “seeing the Eiffel tower, and a whole bunch of stuff that I’ve only read about in books.” The students spent time in Paris, France, Madrid, Spain, and a couple of days in Seville, Spain. There is an eight-hour difference in time between Europe and Cortez, so some of the students are quite jet-lagged. “No me gusta jetlag. Je n’aime pas jet lag,” said Nicole Demby, an M-CHS junior. According to Ms. Copeland, the trip went smoothly without any glitches such as pickpockets, flight delays, or late students. Wyatt Yates, an M-CHS senior, said that if he could make a change to the trip, he thinks “that a lot more people should Rachel Demby stands overlooking the Spanish town of Toledo. From November 7 to the 17, ten M-CHS students traveled to Europe. These trips happen only once every three years. The students who traveled included Xavier Eddy, Abby Lock, Wyatt Yates, Natasha Gordon, Aspyn Gibbs, Josh Horneff, Shaunnell Butler, Jennifer Sturman, Rachel Demby, and Nicole Demby. Sonja Copeland, an M-CHS French language teacher, and Deb Harriman, an M-CHS art teacher, chaperoned the young travelers. Students visited a variety of landmarks including the infamous cathedral of Notre Dame, the Palace of Versailles, the Eiffel tower, the

L-R, Mrs. Debra Harriman, Aspyn Gibbs, Shanell Butler, Joshua Horneff, Jennifer Sturman, Abby Lock, Nicole Demby, Rachel Demby, Wyatt Yates, Natasha Gordon, Xavier Eddy, and Mrs. Copeland pose in front of a hunting chateau in southern France.

go, cause we went in a small group, and it would be a lot of fun if there was a lot of people.” Ms. Copeland is well traveled, but she found this trip unique from the others. “It was really a golden trip,” said Copeland. She noted that students were more prone to use their Spanish speaking abilities in southern Spain rather than Barcelona (Basque country) in which previous groups traveled. Since Copeland had not been to Madrid,

Toledo, or Seville, she thoroughly enjoyed “the combination of the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian religions being all mixed along with the Moorish background.”

The sprawl of Seville.


Panther Press


Nov 2013

Workmanship awards Mark Wall, staff reporter

M-CHS teachers are recognized for their effort at the every other week staff meetings and a workmanship award is given out. “This award is given out to represent the recieving teacher’s extra effort”, says M-CHS art teacher Ms. Englehart , “ I got the award because I put together homecoming week without any mistakes” says Mr. Kelley. Mr. Wayman (M-CHS principal) gives out the awards at the staff meeting So far these following teachers have gotten the award. Ray Harriman, Joel Tracy, Susan Wisenbaker, Kanto Mcpherson, Mike Ptaszynski,

Dusty Deboer, Melanie Rime, Susanna Turose-Gaddy, Chris Kelly, Lynn Theil, Sam Broersma, Dian Coulter, Sharon Englehart, Britany Mason, and Elsie Walck. The workmanship award is basically the staff and students thanking teachers for their extra effort. All the teachers are proud to have this award sitting their classroom for everybody to see. Ms. Englehart said “if I could give an award to a student it would Deven Whalen because every day, he challenges himself.” So far only 15 teachers have gotten the award but in the next staff meetings more teachers will earn the award because of their extra effort.

Neverland visits M-CHS

M-CHS newest play Peter Pan performed on November 8th, 9th, 15th & 16th at 7pm and 9th and 16th at 2 pm in the M-CHS Auditorium. Tickets were sold $8 for adults, $5 for students and seniors, and ages 5 and under were free. The directors are Nicholaus Sandner and Angela Gabardi. In act one, the audience was introduced to the family of the Darling’s, Peter Pan, and Tinker bell. At the home of Wendy, John, and Michael, they were sleeping when Peter Pan and Tinker Bell comes in to get Pan’s shadow. Peter Pan teaches Wendy, John, and Michael to fly and then off they went to Neverland. Mr. Darling played by Rion Paxton, Mrs. Darling played by Sierra Mosher. Wendy played by Anakay Hanold, Peter Pan played by Bryce Stanley, Tinker Bell played by Madison Lankford. John played by Russell Tevault, and Michael played by Dakota Kantner. In act two, the Lost Boys wait for Peter Pan to return when the pirates come to get the boys. As soon as Wendy, John, Michael, Peter Pan, and Tinker bell flew to Never land, Tinker Bell went down first to tell the boys to shoot at Wendy. After the pirates went away Wendy flew away while Peter was stuck on the island and the Native people help Peter get off the island of Mermaids.

Talia Whyte, Staff Reporter In act three the Lost Boys had Wendy as a mother for a week as soon Wendy decided she wanted to go home. The Lost Boys wanted her to stay forever but she wanted to go home and also her brothers wanted to go home. Wendy asks all the boys if they want a family so all the boys went to get their stuff. Peter Pan doesn’t want to go because he wants to be a young boy forever. After everyone left, they all got capture by Captain Hook and crew.Hook poisoned Pan’s medicine but Tinker Bell warned Peter but he didn’t listen so Tinker Bell drank it to save Peter. In act four everyone is on the ship. Captain Hook persuaded the Lost Boys into joining the crew. Peter takes over the ship to fight Hook and feed him to the crocodile. All of the crew is died and the crocodile ate Captain Hook and his assistant. In act five Mr. and Mrs. Darling sitting in the children room waited for them to come back. While Mr. Darling sleeps in the kennel, Mrs. Darling played the piano. Wendy, John, Michael, and the lost boys came in the bedroom and surprised Mrs. Darling. The whole family was together with a few extra kids to take care of. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell went back to Neverland to be free forever.

New Cortez high school project progresses Dayne Black and Mikey Mills, Staff Reporters As the ceiling tiles yellow and students are fearful of drinking from the water fountains, we see the school deteriorate around us. All who have entered the Cortez High School has seen some sort of corrosion. One might wonder why we’re still running a building that should technically be a monument. Wonder no more, because according to, Cortez will have a new high school by 2015. Thanks to the 3B vote from Cortez citizens, the RE-1 school district was granted 22.7 million dollars, from the B.E.S.T. program, to build a new high school. Getting this grant helped cut the 44 million dollar project in half. The rest of this is (19.5 million) is going to be covered by property taxes from local land owners. This project is not only beneficial to the students who will be attending the school, it is also beneficial for local businesses “Many local companies will be able to compete for parts of this construction project” said Alex Carter, Superintendent of Montezuma-Cortez School District.

Renovations start for M-CHS’s new school

Not only local businesses will benefit but local artisans will be able to contribute to the school building as well. Also hotels, restaurants and stores will be supported because of workers needed for the project. Perhaps one of the biggest up sides is unemployed members in the community that will be able to get jobs working and building the new school. While Carter doesn’t feel like it will cure all of the challenges he did say “I do believe that for students learning and for educators teaching will be enhanced and more productive in a nicer, more modern, more efficient and climate controlled facility.” His enthusiasm is obvious, after months and months of working on this it finally seems within grasp to complete. After all of the hard work and long nights on this school Carter says, “I never forget that we are building a superb place for the kids of this community to prepare for a lifetime of success.” After all the kids are what it should be all about right? Photo credit: Dayne Black

S e n i o r r e p s

Joseph Gurule, President

Ashley Romine, VP

Jaci Jordan, Treasurer

Damiond Smith, Secretary

J u n i o r r e p s

Panther Press

Johnathan Walck, President

Waynoka Whiteskunk, VP

Xavier Eddy, Treasurer

Tierney Wilson, Secretary

S o p h o m o r e r e p s



Student Government

Results Judy Ha, President

Leland Belone, VP

F r e s h m e n

Aubre Rice, President

Nizhoni Yazzie, VP Juan Rentaria, Treasurer

Stevee Brenner, Secretary

r e p s

Brandon Henry, Treasurer & Secratary

04 Panther Press N 2013

Sports News


Boys upcoming basketball season Mark Wall, Staff Reporter

Basketball season for the boys is coming up and tryouts are on Wednesday November 13. “My coaching staff and I are expecting around 40-50 for tryouts which is an increase of 15 from last year”, said M-CHS basketball coach Cory Gropp. Also around an average of 18 open gyms has been successful this year and football season has been going on at the same time. Returning this year for basketball is seniors Brackin Whiteskunk, Briston Walker, Jaron Carver, and juniors all should have breakout years. Everybody is excited for this upcoming basketball season because it is going to be an exciting year for everyone who likes to be involved in basketball. The first game is usually the most exciting because the audience can see what to expect for the rest of the season. The first game of this season is on December 5, 2013. “This year we will have a little bit more size, so we will be working more on our full court press and shooting skills”, said Gropp. Also Mr. DeBoer and Mr. Kelly will be coaching this season.

M-CHS Band marches on the competition Lacey Leonard, Staff Reporter

The M-CHS marching band has competed in various competitions during the last couple of months including The Red Rocks competition, The Colorado West Regionals, state, and The Western Slope Marching Invitational. The band has placed highly in many of their competitions. On October 5, at the Colorado West Marching Invitational, the M-CHS Marching Panthers placed first in their division. October 17, they placed first in their division at West Slope Regionals. On October 28, the band placed second at State. November 2, at The Bands of America Regional Championships, they Visuals, and Outstanding General placed first in their division, and Effects. were awarded with Outstanding Emily Martin, a M-CHS freshman

French & Spanish Club Lacey Leonard, Staff Reporter

The French and Spanish Club of MCHS is a culture-based club that meets on Tuesdays during lunchtime in Sonja Copeland’s room, 206. The club celebrates American, French, Spanish, and Mexican holidays; Cinco de Mayo, Dia De Los Muertos, Halloween, Christmas, and Bastille Day are just a few. Brandi Avon, the club’s president, said that people should join French and Spanish Club “because it is a fun way to learn about different cultures through parties, movies, etc.” Senora Pollack, an M-CHS Spanish language teacher, said, “It is a fun way to celebrate diverse cultures.” Over the year the club will be raising money for an end-of-the-year trip to Jean Pierre’s restaurant in Durango.

and Marching Panther, said that competitions are “a great experience, and I think that we did well.”

4-H U p d a t e

Panther Press

Na tive Amer ican C lub U pdate Talia Whyte, Staff Reporter

Lacey Leonard, Staff Reporter 4-H is a nationwide agricultural club for youth (ages 8-18) provided by the National Institute of Food and Google Images Agriculture of the United States Department of Agriculture, [], to learn a new craft or practice. According to, 4-H helps kids develop “healthy behaviors, academic excellence, and civic achievement.” 4-H was started more than one hundred years ago, and the four leaf clover that is the club’s icon stands for four actions that 4-H members try to accomplish; Head, Hands, Heart, and Health. The 4-H pledge is I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to lager service, and my health to better living for my club, my community, my country, and my world. Montezuma County has many 4-H clubs including Battle Rock, Wranglers, Alpacas, Barnyard Critters, Hoof beats, Bunnies and More, Calvin’s Kids, Roundup, and South 4D. The differences between these clubs are they range in different specialties and projects with the youth. Colorado State University has 4-H scholarships for college freshmen, such as the Kimberling Family 4-H Youth scholarship. Graduating high school seniors can enter the 1st Choice After School Kare 4-H Youth Scholarship, and either high school seniors or college freshmen can enter the Bill & Barbara Holthaus 4-H Youth Scholarship. Emily Martin, an M-CHS freshman and 4-H Battle Rock participant, said she joined 4-H because “I thought it would be fun, and my parents thought it would be a good experience for me.” 4-H has various projects to participate in, including livestock, quilting, ceramics, dog training, baking, horses, dancing, archery, cake decorating, robotics, computer technology, bicycle, poultry, etc. Those interested in signing up for 4-H can go to the County Administration Office at Montezuma County Courthouse
at 109 West Main Street
Cortez. The enrollment for 4-H is between October 1st and December 1st.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Broersma

Club News


Technician injured on set Levi Downing, Staff Reporter Photo by Vicci Harrington

The Native American club on a trail in Gobernador, NM during their hike on Oct. 26

Native American club meets every Wednesday in room 112. Mrs. Sara Broersma and Mrs. Ray sponsor the club. The club has more members than last year due to incoming freshman involvement. Broersma is a world history teacher at MontezumaCortez High School; she also works at Mesa Verde National Park as a tour guide. Ray is a Navajo language teacher at the Montezuma-Cortez High School and the Cortez Middle School. The Native American Club went on a cultural trip on October 26, 2013 to visit the Southern Ute Museum in Ignacio, CO. The group traveled to Gobernador Knob (the home of Changing Women in the Navajo creation stories) in New Mexico to go on a hike. Bandon Henry, M-

CHS freshman, said “it was a long trip up to Gobernador Knob.” The group went to the Sutherland Farms for a corn maze, hayride, and corn shooting. After that, the club went to Golden Corral to eat for dinner and came home at 9:33 pm. November is Native American month. The NAC will sponsor Native American week which is November 18 -22. Monday is moccasins day, Tuesday is hair day, Wednesday is movie day for clubs members, Thursday is jewelry day, and Friday is dress-up day. The Native American club has more upcoming events in the future. It doesn’t matter if you are not a native student everyone is encouraged to join the Native American club to keep up the action.

Early November there was an incident in the M-CHS auditorium. A theater technician was injured by a large piece of equipment he was trying to move. The technician received bruising to his upper left arm and damage to both of his legs. Other technicians found it strange because their comrade had used that piece of equipment that injured him hundreds of times. The person injured was senior lights and sound technician, Alex Mims. Mims was attempting to move a 750 pound stage lift, known as the Genie. When he put his foot on the machine and pulled back to get it on its wheels, like he always did, it popped back too quickly and Mims was unable to stop it from crushing him. The Genie landed on his knees and partly on his arm when he was trying to stop it. A few technicians lifted the machine off from him and he was taken to the nurse’s office in a wheel chair. Mims just laughed at what had happened, all the way to the nurse’s office and out to his father’s car where he was taken to the hospital. His friends saw him out, where they made a videogame joke about how he didn’t take an arrow to the knee; he “took an entire lift to the knee.” Mims came back two days later .s books and binders for him from class to class. Even though his left leg fails him from time to time Alex Mims still limps around with a smile on his face.

Press 06 Panther S - O 2013

M-CHS gets rowdy on H ept


Pandamonium! Pickachu go!

Just got back from mother Russia. Finally out of that rabbit hole! Guy Fawkes takes to the halls of M-CHS!

Ouch what a sting!

Hold on to your heads, M-CHS! Beauty is everything.

Had a run-in with the local wildlife.

Teachers beware.


Panther Press



Fall is for hunting Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Grandma isn’t dead!

Todd Gustafson with his buck he killed Oct 19 in Disappointment.

SJ and Bones.

Tracy takes a leap after the stock market crash.

Yo ho ho and a lovely face.

Zach Tucker and his father present the forky shot 2nd season in unit 71.

Courtesy Photo

Seagar Oliver is proud of his 4x4 kill shot second season private property.

Press 08 Panther N 2013



If you were to be reincarnated as anything in the world, what would you be and why?

Morgan Harris, senior

Cassie Finley, freshman

Mitchell Harris, senior

Katy Muzzy, junior

“I would be a random chick so I can be emotionally wrecked all the time, then I can complain and get away with everything.”

“ If I were to be reincarnated, I would be a horse. I would be a horse because they have an easy going life and I would still be able to do what I love, rodeo.”

“I’d be a big black guy, so that I can rob people and drive a flashy car.”

“I’d probably want to come back as a unicorn, the ones that eat rainbows and poop butterflies.”

TV shows-young and old 10

Levi Downing, Staff Reporter


6 1




Victoria Harrington, Staff Reporter

Down 1. A relationship counsler famous for his fights on stage. 2. A mystery novelist that works on cases with the police 3. The first canibus strain made in the series was known as MILF weed 4. Stumbling corpses 5. Beard, camo, and quacking 6. “Suit Up!” 7. A claymation show where nothing is sacred 8. Four geniuses and a pretty girl across the hall 9. Navy Cop Show 10. "Pot Ledom"

13 11 9 16 7



14 12 15

Across 11. Porifera with a sea star friend 12. Wars made up of soliders that are all the same person 13. When you need excitement it’s ______________ 14. A show that is strange but normal 15. Futuristic family made by Hanna‐Barbera 16. Mobile Army Surgical Hospital 17.The puff after a gun is fired

Panther Press


PDA concerns G r a f f i t i , a r t o r v a n d a l i s m ?

Lacey Leonard and Dayne Black, Staff Reporters

courtesy photos

I’ve n o t i c e d that in our beloved M-CHS, students in relationships show way too much PDA, or public display of affection, in the hallways. Personally, this is embarrassing to walk by and makes me feel uncomfortable. In the parking lot, this is a toatally different matter, but when this is happening in the hallways it’s downright disturbing. Not only is it wierd to walk by, but most of the time they are in the way and you have to walk around them. This needs to change, not majorly, but no one wants to see make out sessions while walking to class. There’s nothing wrong with a brief kiss to send off your love to their next class. But, to display a passionate, longlasting drooling smooch is just unneccessary. Then there’s the petting. Seriously, rules should be put into to place to stop this annoying PDA.

Panther Press Editor-In-Chief Abby Lock

an art form used to cover blank, ugly walls, not to mark territory for a gang owned street. In the same fashion of a pen name for authors, graffiti artists create names for themselves, or for a group of artists. Most graffiti names for a group of artists are normally acronyms that stand for a sequence of words. Graffiti found at a private resident of Cortez. Graffiti is often taken advantage of, and misused. Being an art form don’t see the beauty in it. So made of spray paint and markers, it the next time you see a piece of makes it easy to mark on everything. Un- work that looks appealing, or if experienced artists underestimate how it looks like it took talent, then hard it is to handle, or immature, selfish appreciate in for what it is.

people may write profane things. Some people also vandalize public areas that shouldn’t be marked, and are very unappreciated. The prime example of this kind of vandalism is found in public bathrooms, such as the walls of These “tags” were found in the Cortez bathroom stalls. This act of vandalism is High School on October 23. mediocre and found embarrassing to all The M-CHS Panther Press is an open forum which operates 2013-2014 Staff Want to advertise with the under RE-1 district policy. The RE-1 school district, board, Panther Press? and staff are not responsible for the information and Business Manager Mark Wall

Staff Reporters Lacey Leonard Adrian Opsahl Levi Downing Dayne Black Brian Reyes

graffiti photos taken by Mikey Mills who provoke In large Urban it. Sights of Areas, skate parks, this vandalor abandoned and ism have crumbling buildbeen seen ings, graffiti is t h r o u g h out prominent on most the High of these places. school reGraffiti is often cently, and called vandalism all who see and destruction of it ask to stop property, but the This graffiti can be found at the Cortez making a officials, and the Skate Part next to the Rec Center. fool of yourmajority of the public forget that it’s an art form based self and the rest of our school. This gives graffiti a bad name off of a culture. Most people often mistake graffiti as as well, even though graffiti gang related symbols, or territorial mark- artists don’t do these acts at all. Graffiti is a talent-needed ings. Graffiti is often used as political exart form, even if some people pression for local areas. Graffiti is also

Mikey Mills Zach Smith Vicci Harrington Owen Hootin Talia Whyte

Call Abby Lock at

(970) 565 - 3722 Ext. 2240 preferably between 12:40 and 1:35 p.m. Monday Through Friday Contact us at: Montezuma-Cortez High School Attn: Panther Press (Deb McVicker) 206 W. 7th St., Cortez, CO 81321

opinions expressed in the


S t a f f

E d i t o r i

Panther Press.

The Panther Press invites your letters, comments, and questions. Letters will be edited on the basis of content and 970-565-3722x2241 conciseness.

a l

Press 10 Panther N 2013



Kendrick Who? Dayne Black, Staff Reporter Kendrick Lamar rose steadily toward the top of the music ladder with releases such as “Swimming Pools (Drank)” and “B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe”. Not only is he climbing the ladder, but he’s near the top, with one of the most killer years in the hip-hop industry to date. Where did this guy come from? All it takes is a listen to one of his songs. Compton, CA gang filled, and in Kendrick’s words a “m.A.A.d city”. He wears it on his sleeve in his music making sure that he never forgets about his roots. In 2012, Kendrick dropped the album “good kid, m.A.A.d city” which has sold over 1 million copies. Lamar broke the barrier for what a modern-day hip-hop artist should look like. The album is a detailed look at Kendrick’s early years of growing up in Compton. Lamar was recently featured on a Big Sean song entitled “Control” in which Kendrick makes claims to be the “King of the Coast” and the “King of New York.” Not only did he say he’s raising the bar high for the rap game, but he also calls out 11 different rappers (J. Cole, Big Krit, Wale, Pusha T, Meek Millz, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Big Sean, Jay Electron, Tyler the Creator, and Mac Miller). Lamar shouts

“I got love for you all but I’m tryna murder you n**gas, trying to make sure your core fans never heard of you n**gas”. He’s since gotten a lot of beef from other rappers and people such as Sean “Diddy” Combs stating; “You got to be a prince sometimes before you can be a king.” Rapper, Pusha T, took to twitter saying “I hear u loud and clear my n**ga…” In response to this historical verse Kendrick is not google images worried about a thing saying in an interview with TMZ: “They (rappers) gotta try harder”. This isn’t the first time Kendrick spouted his mouth about being the best. In 2010 he released a freestyle going off the beat of Kanye West’s song “Monster.” In this rap he claims to be “the best rapper alive, tell Wayne (Lil Wayne) to swallow his pride.” Lamar won MVP, Lyricist, and Album of the Year at the annual BET hip-hop awards in Atlanta, GA. So what’s next for this unparalleled wonder? The rapper is set to have a killer career, and could quite possibly end up as one of the best rappers ever. If he sticks to the recipe he’s been cooking on, he’s sure to put out even more groundbreaking music.

Suicide Silence Zach Smith, Entertainment Writer Mitchell Adam Lucker was on born October 20, 1984 in Riverside, California. He performed for 10 years until his tragic death in 2012. Lucker started preforming in his brother’s garage band until 2002. After that Lucker and, Chris Garza formed the band Suicide Silence. Originally there were two vocalists: Mitch Lucker and Tanner Womack. When Womack was released from the band, Lucker became the solo vocalist. The band’s debut album The Cleansing became one of the biggest selling albums that Century Media Records ever produced, selling 7,250 copies in the first week. On June 30, 2009 Suicide Silence released their second album No Time to Bleed. The band’s last album that features Mitch Lucker was The Black Crown, which was released in July of 2011. Korn and Slayer are the bands primary influences. On May 8, 2010 Lucker married Jolie Carmedella. Soon after they had

a daughter together. On November 1, 2012, it was announced by the Orange google images County Coroner’s Office that Mitchell Adam Lucker had passed away from injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident. He was pronounced dead at 6:17 a.m. on November 1. On the night of November 1st a candle-light vigil was held in memory of Lucker at the crash site. Three to four hundred fans came to the vigil in memory of Lucker. His wife stated he was intoxicated and she begged him not to leave the house. His Suicide Silence band mates held a show on December 21, 2012 called “Ending is the Beginning”. The proceeds went to Luckers daughter Kenadee Lucker. Oliver Sykes, a friend of Lucker’s, and the band photographer, Adam Elmakias, teamed up to raise money for Kenadee Lucker. November 1, 2013 marks one year without Mitch Lucker and fans everywhere still grieve his tragic death.

Panther Press


Nothing was the same His name is Skrillex


Dayne Black, Staff Reporter

On September 26, “October’s Very Own” Drake released his third studio album Nothing Was the Same. His last record, Take Care, has gone double platinum since its release in 2011. Since his last two albums, Thank Me Later and Take Care, were so impactful, a lot pressure was put on Drake to come out with another solid album. Word to the wise: Drake doesn’t crumble under pressure. Drake’s approach to this album was far different than that of his previous works. This album was almost like he already made it big and he didn’t need to tell his listeners in every song. The songs aren’t meant to impress listeners with his money or women like they used to be. Something changed. Drake’s new stuff is melodic and laid back. This idea of change is expressed throughout the album Noth-

ing Was the Same. The album is certainly sound from start to finish, but definitely isn’t impressive on first listen. The album was preluded by three singles: “Started From the Bottom”, “Hold On We’re Going Home”, and “All Me (feat. 2 Chainz, and google images Big Sean)”. “All Me”, being one of the only true rap songs on the album. A couple of other songs that stood out on the album were “Furthest Thing”, “Own It”, and “The Language”. Drake and “40” Shebib (his producer) changed the mold for what a hip-hop album should entail. Much of the album contains wacky beats that are difficult to rap over, but Drake manages it. “Champagne Papi”, as Drake calls himself on Instagram, did it again. Even with all the pressure in the world mounted on him to make another great album, he came through yet again. Nothing Was the Same is sure to be a terrific album for years to come.

Zach Smith, Entertainment Writer

Multiple Grammy award winner, Skrillex, is a dubstep icon who emerged and went solo in 2007. Listeners may know him from his 2010 album Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites which was a huge Dubstep hit in 2010. Skrillex also did a song for the famous game franchise, Mortal Kombat. His song Kill Everybody is featured in Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception which is on the album Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Skrillex, also known as, Sonny John Moore was born on January 15, 1988 in Los Angeles. At the age of 14, Moore dropped out of school because of bullying and decided to attend homeschool. At the age of 16 he learned he was adopted and consequently quitting his homeschooling. Moore attended rock gigs in Mexican- American neighborhoods, and electro raves in the downtown neighborhoods. In 2004, Moore contacted Matt Good of the band From First To Last about playing guitar on their debut album. Moore was heard singing by three studio producers in Georgia and was then made lead singer. The band’s first three albums, Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count, and Heroine boosted their popularity. A fourth album, Epitaph, sent the band’s fame through the roof; they performed on many successful tours. The band was great until Moore started having vocal problems. He then told the other band members that he was going on a solo career. Moore created a MySpace page in 2007 and put his demos on the page. After many demos, Moore finally completed an album: Gypsyhook EP only featured three songs, but it was a success. Moore then toured with Hollywood Undead in April 2009 under the name Sonny and the Blood Monkeys. Sonny also provided vocals and programming to the UK band, Bring Me the Horizon. Moore’s nationwide tour with Deadmau5 after signing with Mau5trap record helped launch his second

album- Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. In June 2011, More Monsters and Sprites was released but the track “Ruffneck Bass” was leaked onto the internet. This caused Sonny to have to redo the track. In August of 2011, Moore announced his label OWSLA- an obscure reference to the book called Watership Down. In February 2012, Skrillex began a relationship with singer Ellie Goulding, but it only lasted eight months. On November 6, 2012, Skrillex did a song for the Disney movie, Wreck It- Ralph. Skrillex has won six Grammys, an MTV music award, and an Annie award over his career. He recently released The Reason EP in 2013. Moore, when asked where Skrillex came from, said, “it was a stupid internet name with no personal meaning.”


Panther Press

Staff Spotlight

November 2013

Hall talk

Zach Smith, Entertainment Writer


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Eric Chandler, an Indiana University graduate, is a science teacher here at MCHS. Chandler has a Bachelor in science in second education with an emphasis in chemistry physics and math. Masters in science, health, physical education, and recreation. Emphasis in experimental education, also a directorate of recreation in environmental education. Chandler has been teaching since 1993 on and off at six schools. His favorite hobbies include fishing, being outdoors, and basketball. Chandler enjoys all sports, but especially basketball. He likes a wide collection of music from rock and classical to jazz and country. His favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The Shawshank Redemption is his favorite mov7               Students leave for Europe 8 ie, he also likes The Big Bang Theory to watch on TV. His favorite thing to do on the weekend is hiking with his wife and three dogs. His favorite science course

November‐December 2013 5


to teach is Physics because “he gets to throw things”. When asked what challenges he faces at MCHS he said “the same for every school, not enough effort and work not being turned in”. His wife is Cortez Middle School art teacher Amelia Jo-Chandler, and they have no kids just three dogs. Chandler does not live in Cortez but he has lived in the area for 12 years. He coached boys basketball and his favorite basketball team is the Indiana Hoosiers. He also likes the local NFL football team Denver Broncos, when asked about his favorite NBA team he said “it’s not real basketball, they do not play the game right”. Congratulations to Mr. Chandler who was nominated by Emily Walck a freshman at Stanford University for a teacher award. 2200 freshman students at 9 Stanford University selected their high school teachers for this award and Mr. Eric Chandler won it.

November - December 11


13 Winter sports start

17     Students return from Europe

18    Native American Week:  Moccasin Day!

19 NAW: Hair Attire Day!




20 Power Lunch Dance and Cheer  21  NAW: Jewelry Day!                      22    NAW: Full Traditional Dress  performance 7:30 main gym               8am ‐ 9:30 School Board Meeting  Day! NAW: Round Dance & Fried Bread @Dist Office                                       6:30pm ‐ 8 Volleyball Banquet in  Commons                                             6:30pm Swimming Parents Meeting  Rec Center 29 27 28    Thanksgiving


2  MAPs Testing Week                  3 Progress Reports given in CP                 Girls bball JV/V vs. Delta in Cortez

4    Youth Adult partnership training 5    VB basketball tournament @ GJ    6 Varsity boys bball tournament  V Girls bball tournament @Shiprock   Panther Wrestling vs. Palaside         Panther Wrestling Dove  Lady Swim Team vs Durango  Creek/Whitehorse  at home                  @home                      Dance and  Cheer at State

7 Boys Wrestling  CMU Duals in  Grand Junction Lady Swim Team  Gunnison Meet


9  Girls bball JV/V vs. Farmington


Knowledge Bowl Tournament  @Cortez

M‐CHS Staff Christmas Party  @Pepperheads

10 JV and V bball vs. Delta 



12 Steamboat Tournament Varsity  13 Lady Swim Team Delta Meet  Boys Wrestling Ignacio/Durango         


23 Basketball scrimmage for Varsity  teams at Dolores                                  Dance and Cheer regionals in Grand  Junction   


2013 november panther press  
2013 november panther press