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Wrist on Board Cruise Ships

Wrist on Board

Providing Expert Care

Tailor-made Cruise Packages

Wrist understands the requirements of different vessel types and what is needed for specific cruise ships. With the Wrist experience, you can be sure to receive a tailor-made solution matching exactly your vessel type ranging from small-size expedition cruise ships to transatlantic ships.

Logistics Partner & On-site Support

Wrist Marine Logistics is a world-leading provider of all logistics services to ship owners and ship managers worldwide. Wrist facilitates experienced on-site personal supervision to ensure smooth coordination and on-board delivery at the shipyards.

Global Presence - Local Excellence

Wrist combines global reach with a local touch. Our people are local and part of a strong supplier network to make sure that customer requests are met most satisfactorily.

Volume Scale Prices

Benefit from high-volume purchasing and consolidated deliveries to keep prices low.

General Stores

Wrist’s cruise package offers a complete range of stores including technical stores. Everything from cabin, galley, deck, mooring gear, medical, nautical, stationery, engine and electrical equipment is available in a variety of forms.

Global Assortment

Wrist offers a global assortment ensuring consistency in product quality and pricing wherever you receive your Wrist supplies.

Own Quality Control

Quality inspections are carried out to make sure that all products meet customer demands. All products can be accompanied by certifications as required (E-smiley, ISO 22000, NSF, ISSA).


With on-site personnel, we are able to arrange last minute requests for provisions, bonded stores, etc - either through own office or through our large network of approved subcontractors at short notice.

Wrist knows the importance of a quality ship supply service that is consistent and the role this plays in motivating seafarers and ensuring their welfare.

Experienced Cruise Supplier Being the world’s top global provider of ship and cruise supply services, Wrist already delivers to a wide range of cruise companies on a global scale. Wrist has a solid experience in the supply of food and beverages and is specialized in all aspects of storing. Supplying a cruise ship is like supplying a five star hotel - quality and accurate shipping are crucial factors!

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Get in touch with us to learn more about your exact opportunities:

Wrist Ship Supply locations EUROPE

Kim Kyst Kristensen Sales Representative E-mail: kikr@wrist.com Tel.: +45 9931 8516


Steen Frost Vice President, North America E-mail: stfr@wrist.com Tel.: +1 28 1817 2074


Casper Nielsen Team Manager, E-mail: canl@dubai.wrist.com Tel.: +97165351800

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World Wide Wrist Wrist is the world’s largest ship and offshore supplier and coordinates global activities through regional centers in Europe, Far East, Middle East, Canada and North America. We provide a 24/7/365 service for every marine, offshore and navy operation, including land operations. We are a full service provider, including handling of owners goods, shipping, airfreight and related marine and offshore services that can meet the demands of both multi-national organizations as well as small local businesses. We take pride in making it easy for our customers to receive their supplies, wherever they are needed, efficiently and at the best possible price.

Wrist Ship Supply . Stigsborgvej 60 . P.O. Box 215 . DK-9400 Noerresundby . Denmark E-mail: wrist@wrist.com . Tel.: +45 98 13 72 77 . Fax: +45 98 16 58 33 . Website: wrist.com

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Wrist on Board - Cruise Ships  

Wrist on Board - Cruise Ships  

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