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HELPING HANDS winter 2017

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POST OFFICE BOX 66 • CLINTON, MS 39060-0066 • OFFICE: 601-853-5000 • FAX: 601-853-5010 • WWW.MCHMS.ORG

Letter from CEO Friends and Family: You made a difference during 2016! Because of you, we were able to improve the services we offer. We were able to change lives. We are serving more kids, in more ways, more effectively, but we still have a long way to go. I know you will be there, loving our kids, praying for our staff and giving sacrificially every step of the way. I know this because of the outpouring of support we received last year. Volunteers renovated homes. Sunday school classes conducted bible studies and purchased Christmas gifts. Prayer warriors from all over the state interceded on behalf of the least, the lost and the left behind. And Methodist churches across the state let the light of Christ pierce the darkness through our first special offering. You are amazing and your work did not go unnoticed! But our work is never done because there will always be generations of children and families that will need to experience the grace and mercy of our risen Lord. This will only happen if we are committed to one purpose of focusing our eyes on Jesus, readying our feet for action and giving our hearts to the ones we are called to love. After three years of hard work, weakening eyesight and a few less follicles of hair, I am more excited than ever about what God will do through His people for our kids. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to serve with you. May the Lord continue to bless each of you and this ministry always.

Independence United Methodist Church participated in the Little Light of Mine special offering this year. For every $25.00 that was given to the Little Light of Mine Special offering, a strand of Christmas lights were placed on the tree in the sanctuary. By December 11th, there were over 80 strands of lights on the tree! Rev. Jim Glass said, “The response was amazing! We strongly believe in what MCH is doing in the lives of the children and their families they serve and we were happy to help make a difference.”

Because of Christ,

Charles M. Duggar President and CEO *Our youth’s names/pictures maybe changed for their safety.


The Little Light of Mine Special Offering was a success because Methodist churches across our state stepped up to support the children who call MCH home. We thank each and every one of you for your love, prayers, dedication, and financial support you showed us. Members of the Independence United Methodist Church bestowed us with a large check in support of our youth, which we greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Home at Last The Holbrooks had always wanted to be foster parents, and so having 4 young children of their own, they felt God calling them to foster a teenager. After going through the training and licensure process, they met Karah. She was placed at MCH when she was 17 years old, and although she had endured much suffering in her life, her bright brown eyes and wide smile told a different story. She was a favorite, and always found a way to make her staff and roommates happy. It is no wonder the Holbrooks fell in love with her and wanted to make her a part of their family. They have been together for 9 months now, and there is no doubt that God had His hand in this placement. MCH recently had a Foster Care Appreciation Dinner, and Karah was asked to read a letter she wrote to the Hollbrooks. As she read it, the audience was in tears by the sincere words she used to describe her new life. Dear Mom and Dad, Just in case I don’t tell you guys enough (which I don’t think is possible), I am so grateful for everything you do and have done for me. I am so happy to be a part of this amazing beautiful family. I couldn’t be happier. I honestly believe God brought us together for a reason, and I’m so glad He did. I don’t think He could have picked a better home nor a better family. You make me smile and laugh on a daily basis and I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am to be here and how relieved I am to be away and stress free for the first time in so long. I never really thought a day like this would come, but man, am I glad it did! I know it’s only been a short time, but I want you to know you mean so very much to me, and I love you dearly. I want to thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart for everything that you do. From thinking of me while grocery shopping and remembering things that

I like and getting them just because, to sharing our love of food and spiciness (lol) and just making sure that I have everything I need. Thank you so very much for going out of your way to make sure I’m happy and taken care of, because I know you didn’t have to do this. But you wanted to, and I am forever grateful for that. Please don’t ever think you aren’t doing a good job, or that you’re falling short because I can assure you you’re doing an amazing job. I just want you guys to know that no matter what happens, and years from now when I’m old and grey, I will always remember you and the amazing life you brought to me. In this short amount of time I’ve learned so much from you both and I will always, always carry that with me for all my days. Thank you, for the amazing opportunity to help me, guide me, and allow me to be the person I’ve always dreamed of being. I love you guys. Love, Your Daughter Karah Because of your support, you allowed the Hollbrooks an opportunity to become foster parents through MCH. Thank you for providing this family with your love, prayers, and financial support, which in turn, allows them to continue to mentor and pour out their love to Karah.

A BIG THANK YOU to our 2014/2016 Board Chair, Nick Myers for leading the MCH Board of Directors for the past two years. Through his service, we have seen great changes take place at MCH. Some of those improvements were: adding the Day Treatment Program, Community Counseling Program, and MYPAC/Wrap around Program; raising the states reimbursement rate, and helping to place MCH as a respected service provider. Thank you for leading us!


Giving Back “People can’t grow to be better individuals if someone doesn’t give back.” Steven O’Neill, owner of the Manship Wood Fired Kitchen in downtown Jackson knows all about giving back, and that is what his mission to MCH has become. O’Neill met Mike Duggar, MCH’s President and CEO at a Rotary Club meeting, and the two became fast friends. Learning of MCH and the type of youth we serve, O’Neill decided to bless our youth with a dinner once a month at the Manship Wood Fired Kitchen. “I wanted to help use our restaurant and the services we provide as a reward system for the youth,” O’Neill stated. “At the first dinner, I talked to the youth about etiquette, business dinner meetings, and how to behave in a formal restaurant style setting.” Our youth have just returned from their third dinner at the Manship, and it just seems to get better each time. Ms. Taylor, as staff member at the Wait’s Home said, “Our girls love going because it opens their eyes to a totally different restaurant style. It’s not McDonalds, and so they have to put their best foot forward. The food is always excellent too!”

Having been adopted himself, O’Neill understands the struggles that our youth are faced with daily. “I was blessed to have been adopted when I was an infant, and my parents are absolutely amazing. I love and appreciate them greatly. I have been blessed in life, and so I have a desire to always pay it forward. I feel like the more I give, the more blessings I get, and so passing them (blessings) along is easy.”

The servers at the Manship are extremely patient with our youth, explaining the items on the menu and answering any questions they have. “It’s a learning experience for them as well, reading off the menu and being exposed to different types of foods.” Sandra Babbitt, Care Manager over the Wait’s Home stated, “The best part of the whole experience is that the servers bring sample appetizers for us to share and all the desserts they have made that day!

O’Neill believes it’s important for youth to have a positive role model and that no matter what life has given you, under any circumstances, you can achieve greatness if you want it bad enough. O’Neill began working in the service industry at the age of 15. He has been everything from a bus boy to a server to a bartender and now, finally, to owning his own restaurant. “It is a ‘self-made’ industry, and if you work hard enough, you can do it.”

Type of Gift


“It’s overwhelming and the same time, awesome!” a youth at the Seal Home said.

Benefits to You

Benefits to Our Kids

Bequest in your Will

• You will have the peace of mind of knowing your favorite agency is taken care of. •  Generally escapes estate & inheritance taxes.

• Bequests payable to MCH. •  Security that our kids are provided for.

Gift of Stock, Securities or Property

•  Avoid capital gains tax • Fair market values tax deduction of gifts held for more than a year •  Removed from estate for tax purposes

•  Immediate receipt of stock, securities, or appreciated property. •  Sale of securities and/or property will provide more services to our youth.

Beneficiary Designation on Life insurance or Retirement Assets

•  Easy way to ensure MCH is cared for •  Provides charitable distribution as desired •  Generally escapes estate, inheritance and income tax

•  Receives proceeds after our loved donor has passed on. • The ability to care for more youth.

Youth Spotlight By coming to Manship every month, O’Neill wants our youth to understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are people in this town who are willing to help them along the way, that are cheering for them, and have their back. He doesn’t want ‘foster children’ to become another statistic. His dream is for them to do well and eventually be the one who can give something back to their community. According to O’Neill, the best part of this whole experience is seeing them light up. “I love seeing their smiles, hearing them laugh and interacting with one another. They are having fun, but I am getting the reward. That is all the joy I need!”

Leave a Legacy Right now, you have the opportunity to be a hero by adding the Methodist Children’s Homes of Mississippi to your estate plan. You will literally be providing a legacy of hope and healing for generations to come. You are providing hope and a home for young girls and boys right here in Mississippi who have been abused and neglected.

DeMario Age: 17 years old He is a man of little words, but his big smile and beaming bright eyes are all it takes to know he’s a friend. He has his act together and big plans for a promising future. He’s a pretty amazing kid, and we’re so glad he’s ours!

Tell me a little about yourself. I am a junior in high school. I like to go places and eat out. My favorite thing to eat is hot wings. In my spare time, I started a car washing business on campus. What is one thing people might not know about you? (Laughing) I am extremely shy. I do not normally open up to people until I know them for a long time and get comfortable with them. Tell me about your car washing business on campus. It started a few months ago when I was bored and wanted to do something. I asked my staff if I could wash the van and it all boomed from there. Now I wash all the vans on campus and some of the staff’s vehicles. I enjoy it, plus I make some extra money! What are some values or lessons you have learned from being at MCH? I have learned how to control myself when I get upset at something. I also have learned that I need to speak up for myself.

If you are interested in receiving our Leaving a Legacy Workbook, please call or email Kate Williams at 601-853-5000 ext. 1222 or

Who is the one person that you look up to the most? Only one? Can I choose more? (Ha, Ha) I look up to Ms. Melissa because I can trust her. She sees both sides of the story and is a very hard worker. She puts a lot of her own money towards getting us things we like. She is dedicated to us boys. I also like Ms. Tonia because I know she cares about me and she’s not just here for a job. And last, Ms. Glenoria because she cares about us and she does the best in everything she does.

Why I am leaving a legacy

What are your goals or future plans? When I graduate from high school, I want to become a truck driver so that I can go all over the country. One day I would like to own my own trucking company… that would be cool.

“I am leaving a legacy because I believe it is important to leave a portion of my blessings to a charitable organization, like MCH. You should give throughout your entire life, but to leave something after you have left this earth is pretty special too.” —Betty Jane Chatham

What advice would you give someone who just arrived at MCH for the first time? Hang in there and keep your head up. You need to be thankful to be here and follow the rules that the staff have for you. How would you say “thank you” to our donors? Thanks for the support and effort. I really appreciate everything you have done and given me. I am very thankful.


Making a difference

Thanks to Mignon and Leonard Bussell, MCH now has a beautiful 2003 Volkswagon Jetta for our staff to use. This has been such a blessing, and we are extremely grateful for their generous gift!

Cindy Rowsey, Iris Holloway, and Carla Gant spent 3 days at the children’s home organizing the thrift store and supply closet. They also helped us shop for those hard to find Christmas gifts and wrapped presents for our youth. We are forever grateful to them for their love and support of our children. We love y’all!

The members of the Northwest Rankin High School Honor Society knows what teenagers like, and they did not disappoint. A big thanks to these high school students for donating gift cards to our youth. They loved receiving them, and we appreciate you for making this happen!


This sweet and precious lady, Mary Todd of St. Lukes UMC donated items to make over 50 stockings for our children and youth. The stockings were jammed packed with candy, movies, coloring books, and so much more! Thanks for making their Christmas so special!

The ladies of Decatur United Methodist Women have been working hard to make us beautiful quilts. They donated 21 handmade quilts, and each one is unique and gorgeous. We appreciate all the hard work and effort they put into making sure that each youth who comes to MCH receives one. Thanks for sharing your talents with us! Evan Bowman built much needed shelves in our warehouse over Christmas break. Thanks Evan for providing this service to us. You did an amazing job!

We were thrilled that Bo Herring wanted to share his birthday with us again this year! Instead of gifts, his friends brought first aid kits to his party. Our foster parents need first aid kits in their homes, and so Bo’s gifts made it possible for us to provide these to our parents. Thanks Bo, and Happy Birthday! Sardis United Methodist Church blessed us with supplies to help stock our supply closet. Thanks to these members for blessing us with toiletries and diapers. Y’all are a blessing to us, and we appreciate your generosity so much!

A Huge thanks to the Suzanna Wesley group at Brandon UMC for providing 50 Christmas gifts to our children. Their wishes came true because of you, and we are extremely thankful for y’all.

Thanks to the employees at the FDIC Jackson Office for providing a room full of amazing Christmas gifts for our youth. They loved everything so much, and we appreciate you making their wishes come true, and for the smiles and happiness it brought them!

The members of Winborn Chapel UMC in Lucedale, MS provided Christmas items for the Seal home. Their gifts of household items were much needed, and gave this home a fresh, up to date look. Thanks for providing them with fun, new stuff and making them happy! We loved spending the day with Katherine Jordan and Frank Haynes and members of Christ UMC in Jackson this past October. They spent the morning landscaping our property. Thanks to everyone who helped to make our campus beautiful for our children!

McLaurin Heights UMC went above and beyond for the Waits home. They purchased everything on the home’s need list, everything from rocking chairs, kitchen pots to a karaoke machine. Thank you!


Making a difference

Employees at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi came and transformed our campus into a Christmas Dream in December. Thanks to everyone for decorating our offices, homes, and displaying our Christmas village in the cafeteria. It was a beautiful sight, and really put everyone into the Christmas spirit. You made Christmas a little more special for the youth at MCH, and we appreciate that! Aldersgate Methodist Men’s group provided our boy’s with gift cards to purchase new clothes and gift “goodie” bags for Christmas. Thanks for thinking and supporting our boys. They loved shopping and picking out their new clothes. You made their day!

Wow! The Crossgates United Methodist Women brought a carload (6,114) of diapers to MCH in November to help stock our supply closet…which they did! They also donated 37 pillows for our youth. We are thankful for their support of our youth and foster families and the love they always show!

Thanks to Walker Fielder and his Boy Scout Troop 302 for building an amazing walking bridge on our campus. Now, our youth can safely have access to the basketball court and picnic area. We appreciate your willingness to serve your community and make it better! You rock!

Things we Take for Granted... Most of our parents taught us right from wrong, how to make a bed, wash dishes and clothes, mow the lawn, and take out the garbage. But, for the children at the children’s homes, these simple tasks have never been taught to them. Thankfully, we have a staff that acts more like “mamas” and “daddies” rather than employees, and they are dedicated to teaching our children these basic life skills. The girl’s at the McCarty Home have expressed an interest in cooking, and so the staff have designated days that the girls can pick out their own recipes and cook. Some items on the menu are enchiladas, pot roast, chicken potpie, and chicken and dumplings.


The time preparing meals has been wonderful, and they are learning a life skill that they will use for the rest of their lives. They will always remember learning how to cook at the McCarty Home. McCarty Girl’s Favorite Dessert - Kool-Aid Pie 1 Graham cracker crust 1 Packet of Kool-Aid (any flavor you like best) 1 Can of condensed milk 1 8oz. Container of cool whip Mix all ingredients together and pour into graham cracker crust. Refrigerate for 6-8 hours. Enjoy!

Honor/Memorial Christmas in the Family Visitation Room In September, MCH opened the Family Visitation Room on our campus. This room was established as a place where families could visit, reconnect, and work on rebuilding relationships. We are so thankful to have this room, because without it, Kendall would not have had anywhere to spend Christmas with her 11 month old daughter. Kendall is one of our Independent Living residents and has been separated from her baby for the past 8 months. On Christmas Eve, her baby’s social worker drove her to MCH so that they could spend some time together. It was a beautiful reunion! Kendall had all of her daughter’s gifts wrapped, and they had so much fun opening them together. Although the “good-bye” was hard, Kendall has reassurance in knowing that sooner or later they will be together again. She has almost completed her GED and is looking into colleges and is employed at a local restaurant. Kendall is beyond thankful for you, your prayers and support. She is grateful to have the family visitation room, because without it, she would not have been able to spend Christmas with her daughter… and that was all she wanted for Christmas.

We are thankful that Kendall had the opportunity to use the Family Visitation Room to spend Christmas with her baby. This room has seen tears, heard laughs, and brought families together. Thanks to Miskelly’s Furniture and a grant received from the Connectional Ministries Mission Grant and Parkway Hills United Methodist Church for providing this life changing room for our youth and their families.

In Honor of

(Given 5/5/2016 – 2/5/2017) Mr. and Mrs. Billy Ables By Joe Woodard Bob and Barbara Adams By Billie J. Wilhite Jack and Ann Alexander By John D. Sadler Mr. and Mrs. Roger Alford By Ted Kendall Dr. and Mrs. Frank Allison By Mike Dickson Judy Allison By Jamie Lou Erwin By Brenda Cobb Noel Andrews By Amity Class, Adams UMC Mike and Debbie Ariano By W. Stan Pratt Sue Armstrong By Clarence M. Shannon Joy Arnold By H. V. Pittman Tommy and Paula Artman By Luke Cowan Bible Class, Heritage UMC Tommy and Paula Artmann By Jack Ramsey Perry and Patsy Atherton By Charles Craig James and Anglea Avery By Florence Box Joyce Aycock By McCondy United Methodist Church Sandra Babbit By Scott Street Paul Baham By Maribeth Gibson Sue Baird By Joe Matthews Brenda Barnes By Tommy E. Box Melissa Barrett By David G. Wasson Bruce and Ann Bartling By Alice Quimby By Meg L. Hanes Brad Batson By Marjorie G. Batson Mr. and Mrs. Ben Berggren By James T. Rowell Glenneth Berry By Magnolia United Methodist Church Letty Biedenlarn By Samuel Bryan Owen Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Black By Frances Myers Rev. Warren and Janice Black By Phillip J. Bailey Warren and Janice Black By Gerald M. Bond Mike and Mary Blackwell By W. Stan Pratt Molly Boa By John G. Jackson Austin Boggan By Natalie May Iris Boggan By Cydney M. Foster Frankie and Trish Box By Terry West Ray Boyd By Ted Kendall Judson Brace By Frances K. Stringer Mary Frances Brace By Frances K. Stringer Betty Breland By Katherine Furr Alvin and Becky Brent By W. Stan Pratt John M. Brindley By Aldersgate SSC Bobby and Patsy Brock By Bob Kyzar Gertrude Broome By Louie Ruffin Darrell and Paula Brown By Charles Nicholson Kendall Brown By Frances K. Stringer

Michelle Brown By Frances K. Stringer Wade and Vicky Brown By Bob Kyzar Mr. and Mrs. Billy Browne By Ted Kendall Troy and Robin Browning By W. Stan Pratt Stan Burks By Cecelia Burks J.B. and Kenelia Burns By Jimmy C. Smith Lamar and Sylvia Burrow By Bob Kyzar Adrian Caine By James T. Rowell Alex Caine By James T. Rowell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Caine By James T. Rowell Phyliss Campbell By Brock O’Leary Shannon and Chris Canard By Jim Ormon Jimmie Cannon By Jamie H. Bray Jackie Cantrell By Steve Newman Capitol Street United Methodist Church By Joseph R. Huggins BeBe Carey By Louie Ruffin Robert Carter By W M. Wright Jeremy and Amanda Cascio By Richard Henley Dr. and Mrs. David Chandler By Giles K. Ward Betty Jane Chatham By United Methodist Women Circle, Covenant UMC Betty Jane Chatham By Anne Sanford Betty Jane Chatham By Jim Ormon Jesus Christ By Michael A. Nowell By Barbara Cranford James A. Clanton By Robert O. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. John Clark By Garth D. Kemp Caroline Cochran By Julie Caldwell Kristin Cochran By Julie Caldwell Warren Coile By Charles Nicholson Carol Conn and Mike Pastore By Tucker Mikell Gwen Lindsey By Gwen A. Lindsey Kathleen Cooper By Bobby Greer Steven and Melissa Cox By Zachery S. Cox Mary Darby By Patricia Triplett Kim and Margaret Davis By Katy and Mike Hall Kim and Margaret Davis By Landon Davis Rev. and Mrs. Eric Davis By Ted Kendall The Davis Family By Mildred Davis Allen and Debra Dearing By Brandon Lee Dr. and Mrs. S. H. Dees By Mike Dickson Randy Delmas By Katherine Landrum Mr. and Mrs. Kris Dickson and Boys By Jerry Rowzee Lee Dixon By United Methodist Women Harry and Fran Donovan By Harry Donovan Rev. Stacy Douglas By Mary B. Aycock Dr. and Mrs. John Drake By Mike Dickson Penny Dralle By David G. Wasson Mr. and Mrs. Bob Drummond By Harold B. White Mike and Chelsey Duggar By Melissa Nack Mike and Chelsey Duggar By The Nack Family Trust

Eric and Katie Leech By Jane Leech Rick and Donna Ebers By Eric Ebers Bernie Edwards By Friendship Sunday SSC, Carthage UMC Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ehrlicher By Mike Dickson Jim Elliot By W. Stan Pratt Donny English By Barbara English Pat Farmer By J O Wood Dr. and Mrs. Milton Farr By Ted Kendall Nancy Farrar By Wanza Anderson Sherry Farrell By Anne Sanford Camille and Reid Felder By Richard Henley Charlie and Cindy Felder, Jaycee Felder By Richard Henley David Felder, Camille and Reid Felder By Richard Henley Kristin and Jaycie Felder By Richard Henley Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson By Marcie Schrock First United Methodist Church By Bryce Griffis Fred and Ruth Foster By Mildred Humphries Noran French By Ted Kendall Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fry By Ted Kendall Members of FUMC Baldwyn, MS By James W. Robertson Katherine Furr By B. C. Wolverton Katherine Furr By Marcie Schrock Katherine Furr By Charles Marquette Donald Gant By Ted Kendall Don Garforth By Ezra Garforth Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Garraway By Ted Kendall Char Gatlin By Tammy Green Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gelvin By Frances Myers Rev. and Mrs. Genesse By Oscar C. Dauenhauer Don and Sarah Glisson By Don L. Glisson Dr. James and Mrs. Glisson By Don L. Glisson Lois Goodwin By Jerry Jackson Prentiss Gordon By William Eastman Prentiss Gordon By United Methodist Women, Newhebron UMC Prentiss Gordon By Ron Stephens Rev. Prentiss Gordon By George G. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Graham By Mike Dickson Tim and Jeanine Gray By Charles Nicholson Adrienne Green By Scott Street Dale & Brenda Green By Eva Nell Green Robin Greenlee By Larry Greenlee Jean Greenway By St Andrews United Methodist Church Rebecca Grier By James A. Bryant Elene Grissett By Peggy Grissett Mansel Guerry By Scott Guerry Thomas Guerry By Scott Guerry Ann Guice By Mike Dickson Jan Gwin By The McGarrh Agency, Inc. Tom Hailes By Heyward C. Green Lyn Hailey By Florence Box


Honor/Memorial John Hand Family By Ted Kendall Meg Leech Hanes By Jane Leech Alana Harmon By Glenn Harmon Zach Harmon By Glenn Harmon Jim and Lynn Harper By W. Stan Pratt John and Shirley Harper By Joy Morgan Shirley Harper By The Wesley Fellowship Class Mr. and Mrs. John Hartlein By William C. Reeves Craig and Brenda Haskins By Bob Kyzar Ernestine Haskins By Bob Kyzar David Hathorne By Mt Zion United Methodist Church Will and Martha Hays By United Methodist Women Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hearin By Mike Dickson Bobbye Henderson By Friendship Sunday SSC, Carthage UMC The Augie Henderson Family By Jim Ormon Ann Henley By Richard Henley Lucy Henley By Richard Henley Richard and Lucy Henley By Ann Henley Ross and Rebecca Henley By Jerry Mitchell Heritage United Methodist Women By Robert Ellis Adrian, Lola, Brooks and Carpenter Hill By Vivian L. Hill Frances Hines By Kenneth L. Hines Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hines By Kenneth L. Hines John and Thelma Hoffman By Cecil Grisham David and Betty Hollingsworth By Followers SSC Mr. and Mrs Randy Howarth By Mike Dickson Carly Howell By Terrie Howell John Howell By Ken C. Howell Trace Howell By Terrie Howell Lela Hudson By William M. Fry The Matt Humphryes Family By Jim Ormon Dr. and Mrs. V. G. Hurt By Ted Kendall Mary Hutson By Betty Skinner JD and Bettie Ingram By W. Stan Pratt Betty Jo Ison By Tucker Mikell Beth Jacks By Reed Givens Bruce and Marie Jackson By Larry Clark George Jackson By Cynthia Williams Gladys Jackson By Edward J. Lee Jimmie Lou Jackson By Paul Wright Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Jackson By Norma Fulcher Waz Jackson By Jerry Jackson Bryan Jameson By Ted Kendall Temeka Jefferson By Temeka Jefferson Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Jinks By Mike Dickson Anita Johnson By David Walker Anita Johnson By Willie Varnado Kim and Judy Johnson By Samuel Bryan Owen Carleslie Jones By Scott Street


Sherry Jones By David Taylor Wyman and Kim Jones By Charles Nicholson Zerrick and JoAnn Jones By Bob Kyzar Jubilee Circle By Patrice Turner Darby Kendall By Frances K. Stringer Emerson Kendall By Frances K. Stringer Khan Children By Zobia Khan Betty Kilgore By Ted Kendall Jean Kimberly By Dan Young Helen Klemm By Friendship Sunday SSC, Carthage UMC Bobby Knox By Charles Nicholson Rev. and Mrs. CC Koskie By Toni Woodruff John and Mary Kramer By Kenneth W. Stubbs Sarah Kretchmar By Thomas J. Cain Madeline Lago By Ted Kendall Mr. and Mrs. Stan Lambert By Clarence M. Shannon Trish Lambert By Clarence M. Shannon David Lancaster By Jason C. Jordan Linda Lane By Gail Fulton Megan Langley By Steven Langley Al Lee By Dan Young Clay Leech By Jane Leech Jane Leech By Meg L. Hanes Jane Leech By Brian Bartling Jane Leech By Bruce Bartling Jim and Martha Lightsey By Gail Fulton Gwen Lindsey By Glenn Harmon Kacky Lines By Scott Guerry Willa Lloyd By W A. Spencer Stan Long By Amity Class, Adams UMC David Loposer By Betty Vowell Bryan Lott By Kathy McPherson Gibson Sarah Love By Evelyn B. Wofford Aubrey Lucas By Carol L. Pittman Aubrey Lucas By Carol L. Pittman Mr. and Mrs. John Lundy By Ted Kendall Bob and Dana Lyle By Randall Sanders Mot Lyons By Wanza Anderson Eric Mabowitz By Eric Mabowitz Reggie Magee By Ted Kendall Mr. and Mrs. Dan Magruder By Mike Dickson Rev. and Mrs. Harold Manning By Marcie Schrock Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Marquette By Marcie Schrock David Martin By Murray Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mashburn By Ted Kendall Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mason By Ted Kendall The Mathias Family By Belinda Jo Mathias Larry Maugh By Jamie Lou Erwin Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Mayeu By James T. Rowell Katie Rose McClendon By Rebecca M. Grantham

Mr. and Mrs. Mike McCormick By Ted Kendall Alyssa McDill By Barbara McDill Connor McDill By Barbara McDill Jamie McKay By Gail McKay Bill and Marni McKenzie By Frances Seale Thad and Sandra McLaurin By W. Stan Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Mercer By Louie Ruffin Fran and Mary Miksa By Leonard Jones Laurns and LeVera Miller By Jerry Miller James Mills By Friendship Sunday SSC, Carthage UMC Mrs. Betty Mills By Ted Kendall Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency Employees By Sue E. Lowe Bill adn Lucy Mitchell By W. Stan Pratt Rev. and Mrs. Jerry Mitchell By Ross E. Henley Dr. Nell Moore By Bryce D. Jordan James and Ann Morgan By Cecil Grisham George Mounger By Robert O. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Jack Murihead By Ted Kendall Sherman and Celia Muths By B.F. Walton Joan Nance By Robert G. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Bob Nance By Robert E. Bobo Ernestine Nicholson By Louie Ruffin Mr. and Mrs. Billy Nowell By Mark Koonce Jodie Oake By Dale R. Green Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Olive and family By Marcie Schrock Shane Ormon Family By Jim Ormon Tom and Georgia Ott By Bob Kyzar Malcolm Outlaw and Family By Anita L. Johnson Britton Owen By Letty Bidenharn Hilda Owen By Charles Marquette Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Parker By James T. Rowell Frank Patty By Katherine Phillips Frank Patty By H. V. Pittman Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Pearigen By Newt P. Harrison Jackie Peden By Robert O. Phillips Sara Pendleton By Celeste Maugh Billy and Becky Perry By Margaret Nowell Bro. Macon Phillips and Family By Bobbye Taylor Marc Robert Phillips By Marcie Schrock Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Phillips and Family By Marcie Schrock Mr. and Mrs. Robert Phillips By Marcie Schrock John and Gail Pittman By W. Stan Pratt Mary and George Pollitz, III By Charles Marquette Porters Chapel UMC By Hayes Carlisle Debbie Powell By Janet Marie Smith Stephen Powell By Tom Powell Matthew and Kristen Pratt By Richard Henley Vivian Presley By Evelyn B. Wofford

Jimmy and Penny Purnell By Brock O’Leary Carolyn Purvis By Marcie Schrock Pat Purvis By Norma Fulcher Julia Puryear By Rachel N. Baas Dana Quiroz By Clarence M. Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Jim Raines By Mike Dickson Rev. and Mrs. Bob Rambo By Henry D. Bufkin Rachel, Ben, and Scott Rawls By Doug Beard Stanley Rawson By Joy Brown Wayne Richards By Edward J. Lee Bro. and Mrs. Donny Riley By Rutledge Salem United Methodist Church Mrs. Gene Roark By G. Allen Roark Laura Sue Roberson By Patricia Triplett Jim and Gail Roberts By Robert Heath Katie Robertson By United Methodist Women Flora Gene Robinson By Gaylord Long Sheryl Rodgers By Nancy K. Ketchum Amy and Paul Roller By W. K. McCaskill Amy Roller By Dean Wilson Amelia Rose By David Byrd Elmer Rosemann By Frances Myers Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rowell By James T. Rowell John and Joyce Sadler By Jack Alexander David and Cheryl Sanders By Clinton R. Yoste Rev. & Mrs. Mike Saylor By Maurice Dantin Marcie Schrock By Charles Marquette Bill and Carolyn Shelton By Ruby Shelton Nathan and Virginia Sherrer By Scott Harris Mr. and Mrs. Albert Simmons By Mike Dickson Rev. and Mrs. Charlie Simmons By United Methodist Women Walter Simmons By Jerry Rowzee Jack Sistrunk By Elizabeth Sistrunk Emery and Ann Skelton By William Eastman Harvey Smith By Cecil Grisham J. J. and Skye Smith By Michael Hutton Levonne Smith By Frances McEwen Marge Smith By Bob Kyzar Steve and Jane Smith By Gail Fulton Stephen Sparks By Leslie R. Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. Tony Spruiell By W A. Spencer Staff of St. Marks UMC By St Mark’s United Methodist Church Jewel Stewart By Crusaders SSC Scott and Cynthia Street By Sue Brooks Pat and Amanda Sullivan By W. Stan Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Mike Summerford By William C. Reeves Mr. and Mrs. Alan Tanguay By W. Stan Pratt Mary Margaret Tatum By Lowell Heinmiller Carol Taylor By Clifton Taylor

Cleo Taylor By Donna Taylor Clifton Taylor By Donna Taylor Donnie and Carol Taylor By Clifton Taylor Carol Terrell By Edward S. Terrell Shea Terrell By Carol W. Terrell Patrick and Betts Theriot By Richard Henley Nona Tillman By Carol Leggett Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Townes By Ted Kendall Alden, Anisten, and Easton Tracy By Terrie Howell Kevin Trantham By Friendship Sunday SSC, Carthage UMC Alyssa Travani By Kai Peterson Ronie and Kathy Tubertin By W. Stan Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Utley By Mike Dickson Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Vance By Mike Dickson Berend Jan Veenstra By Jacob H. Veenstra Stan Viner By Nancy Baumann Upper Elementary SS Class By Mark Mize Bill and Jean Voss By Bob Kyzar Tom Wagner By Mike Duggar Ann Walker By Harold & Lisa Newcomb Norma Wallace By Kathryn Henderson Bobbie Ward By Jerry W. Irwin Helen Webb By Patricia Triplett Dzell Weems Family By Judith Kilpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Weems By Norma Fulcher Margo West By Hugh Carr Amy Whitten By Charles Nicholson Bobbie Wicker By Dale R. Green Karen Efnor Williams By Larry A. Williams Kate Williams By Patrick Blanchard Lynn Williams By Explorers SSC Rev. Don Williams and Family By Porters Chapel United Methodist Church Virginia Williams By Friendship Sunday SSC, Carthage UMC West Williamson By West Williamson SSC, FUMC Canton Eddie Wilson By Evelyn B. Wofford The Women at the Gate By George Buell Sid Worthy By Charles Marquette Martha Wright By Emmett Mitcham Scott and Denise Wright By Hollis Cheek Alice Wygant By Kathy McPherson Gibson James Young By Robert O. Phillips

In Memory of

(Given 5/5/2016 – 2/5/2017) Flora Harrell Abraham By Allen Wood Edgar Adams By Don Conger Martha Ainsworth By Kathleen Milano Stephen Christopher Albritton, III By Chris Albritton Margaret Aldridge By Walter N. Jones Marion Allmon By Marilyn P. Tilghman James Foster Anderson

By Eugene Elmore Frances Antley By Eugene B. Antley George Antley By Eugene B. Antley Gerry and Frances Antley By Eugene B. Antley John O. Baas By Genevieve Harris Wilma Baggett By Robert Alderman Sue Baird By Curt Matthews By Anita Mcarty By Joe Matthews By Kathryn England By Craig Baird Archie Baldwin By Bonnie Baldwin Mark Aden Barber By Patsy Barber Harold Barkley By Nellie B. Kornegay Nell B. Barkley By Nellie B. Kornegay Catherine Bartee By Harvey S. Lewis William Darryl Barton By Carole C. Milner Mary Jo Beard By Willilam M. Beard Trammel Beavers By Keath Denley Kelly Belk By Gene Ward Bill Bell By Mary D. Hartford Espernola Bell By Frank Spires Dave Bennett By Debra M. McCaffrey Alma Harper Berry By William E. Berry Louie Bevill By Jimmy Langley Patsy Black By Joe P. Cox Molly Vinzant Boa By John G. Jackson Molly Tyner Boland By Fred H. Tyner Eunice Bowden By Joseph T. Green Liz Bowman By Coffeeville United Methodist Church Pat Box By Susan D. Keith Ventrice Box By Tommy E. Box Barry Bradley By Don Jackson John M. Brindley By Larry A. Williams Jerry Brown By Carl Summerford Larry Brown By Mike Kemp By Mary Cull Leona and Know Brown By Danny Mooney Newberry Brown By Jimmie L. Whitt Patricia “Pat” Brown By Patricia J. Blakely Frances Burke By Martha E. Cavin Bert Burnham, Jr. By William Lancaster Gina Burns By Walter M. Burns Tom Burrage, Sr. By Lois G. Smith Thomas Burrow By Elaine and Larry Lambert Everett Busby By Charlotte B. Harding Michael Butler By Bill Burrow David Cain By Thomas J. Cain Holmes Carlisle By Ross E. Henley Earlie Mae Carothers By Evelyn B. Wofford Earlene Carrubba By Lois G. Smith Julia Carter By Clifton Taylor Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Catoe By Bobo Catoe Louise Chambers By Alan Chambers Mildred Chamblee By Bill Burrow

Rachel Chipley By Curt Raymer Dorothy Clark By George Jackson Gene Clark By Bill Spragins By Thomas G. Clark Jimmy Cockroft By Joyce Craig Aust Gladys Johnson Coggins By Charles Flynn Frances Collins By Suzanne Coke By Betty Furr By Cheryl Hinton Doris Cooper By Treves H. Cooper Charlene Cotton By Jane C. Hanes Brendon Cousino By Richard Cousino Norma Jean Cowan By Janis K. Sanders Marie Cox By Jason Bailey Marvin M. Cox By John S. Smith Wilma Crawford By Billie Hughey James W Crosby By James W. Crosby Jimbo Crosby By James W. Crosby Pauline Crum By Bob Crum Kent Michael Curtis By W. Edwin Curtis Martha Curtis By Michael Easterling William Curtis By Allen Wood W.W. Dannenberg By William L. Dannenberg Ruth Daugherty By Dan Young Catherine Blackmon Davis By C F. Brittenum James Davis By Dennis H. Perkins Jerry Davis By Ted Skipper John Day By F. R. Clark John Dean, III By John F. Dean Chad Dennis By Bill Spragins Emily Dickens By Eva Ellis David Dillard By W. O. Dillard Bobbye Jean Dodds By Jerry Barnes Mary Donald By E. J. Dennis Dr. John Downer By Doris Ellison Diane Cash Dunnaway By Doris Ellison Carol Dupy By Fellowship Class, Inverness UMC Royce Durham By Jerry Autry Bill Earnest By Doris B. Earnest George and Virginia Eaton By Billy I. Ware Paul Efnor By Larry A. Williams Mary Ellard By Robert J. Bracken Louise Ellis By Allen Wood Cheryl Ewing By Jason Bailey Margaret Falkenheiner By Lyn Falkenheiner Don Faulkner By Hayes Carlisle Marvin Fitzgerald By Frances S. Hill Graydon Flowers By Hembree Brandon Gladys Flynn By Allison Flynn Gladys Flynn By Allison Flynn Anthony Foretich By Mary Foretiich Kannon Fortenberry By Cynthia Smith Natalie Frady By Genevieve Harris Christine Morris Freeman By James F. Freeman

Jerry French By James R. French Wanda Gandy By Anita Thomas Edna Ann Garforth By Ezra Garforth Dee Garner By Evelyn B. Wofford Deyampert Garner By Joyce W. Whitaker Brenda Long George By Grace M. Ackle Frances Gilliland By Robert N. Gilliland Maurice Farrer Gillioz By Kirk Graves Juanita Glaze By Jerry and Jan Davis Edwina Goodman By William F. Goodman Joy Goudy By Falba L. Hill Maxine Graham By Grace M. Harber Mary Miles Green By Joanne Keeton Paul Grice By Robert Hembree Geynell Hagood By Donna Reed Laura Hamilton By E. J. Dennis Mary Hamilton By Lucy H. Senter Jon Hammerlund By Jerry and Jan Davis Iva Nell Hammett By Barry Hammett Lillie Hannon By Robert W. Stringer Brian Heard By Frances S. Hill Marguarite Henry By Hembree Brandon Burce Hill By Alma Hill Harry Paul Hoffman By Marilyn Hoffman Jo and Bill Holladay By Robert Lawson Holladay Chuck Hollingsworth By Jack Bailey Martha Hughes By Wesley Hughes Molly Johnson By Thomas G. Clark Arthur Lee Jones By Rusty Healy Agency, Inc. Bernice Jones By John E. Dees Rev. Harris C. Jones By Harris C. Jones Jason Jordan By Coffeeville United Methodist Church By Louise McCaskill By Steve Bailey By Ken Bowman Jill Jourdan By Dan Young John “Skeet” Kendrick By Joe R. Moore Grady Ketchum By Nancy K. Ketchum Susan Ketchum By Nancy K. Ketchum James Kimbrough By Walter W. Blain Dr. Aaron S. King, Jr By Beverly P. King Richard King By Kirk Graves Art Kinstley By Rebecca H. Boswell Curtis Knight By Larry Tyler By Marie Barksdale By Beth Andrews By Irwin Bell By Don Newcomb By Vickie M. Cook By Barbara Plunkett By John Sumner By Laura Smith By Judson Watson By Thomas Windham By David Duddleson By Pat McClure Realty, Inc Dana Tillman Lamb By Polly M. Marshall Walter Lance By William R. Yordy Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Landrum By Thomas M. Landrum James Larson By Waurene Roberson

Carol Jean Lavertt By Kirk Graves Elizabeth Lee By Nancy K. Ketchum Tom Lester By Jimmy Langley Lynette Lewis By James Pendergrass Mozell Lewis By Harvey S. Lewis Bill Liston By Hembree Brandon Frederick Long By Louise W. Long Nils Lundgren By Lisa Axthelm Boyd Malone By Rachel Malone Mema Mannon By Bettie Cummings Michael Issac Mapp By Patty Mapp Jesse Martin By Merle Dickerson Taylor Martin By Wayne Potter Wes Brook Martin, III By Kirk Graves Donna Maxwell By William C. Reeves Jimmie Mayfield By Mary Kathryn Mayfield Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Mayfield By Mary Kathryn Mayfield Tyson McAlexander By Joyce Craig Aust Charles McDaniel By Allen Wood Eva McEwen By Frances McEwen Lloyd McGaha By Maury P. Harris Catherine Irene McGhan By Kirk Graves Sambo McLeod By Anne Davis Marcia Ray McMurry By Allen Wood Helen McNeely By Anita Thomas William McQuinn By William Wallace By J. Murray Underwood By Jan Wofford By Michael West By Charles Clark Richard McRae By Mary Ann Miller John Meador, Jr. By John Meador Joe Milano By Ted Kendall Deacon Millard By Grace Terpstra Dale Minton By Carl Grubbs Janet Mitchell By Edrel Coleman Miles C. Mitchell By Mona Harrison Christy Montgomery By Audrane Montgomery Lorette Monts By Ike W. Savelle Janice Moody By Dan Young Murry and Marie Mooney By Danny Mooney Clinton Moore By Miffy Woods James Moore By Miffy Woods Gladys Morris By James F. Freeman Virginia Morris By Fred Morris John H. Morrow, Jr. By Ira Harvey By Laura Harvey Marion Morrow By Laura Harvey By Ira Harvey Rev. and Mrs. John H. Morrow, Jr. By Rowell B. Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Walter Murphy By Thomas S. Williams Bud Nix By Gene Ward Charles Nordan By David Hollis

Dr. Darrell O’Quinn By Jack Alexander Dorothy Odom By Wilton Sanders By Frank Odom By Jeffrey S. Boyce By Shirley Newell By J. Chris Coutras By Debbie Hall By Henry Flautt By John F. Lucas By Elizabeth Abbott By Melinda Walker By Gregory L. Cowan By James H. McShan By Noel Barrett By Thomas R. Travis By George Nassar By American Paper and Twine Co. By Glenn Carson Mary Odom By D. W. Sturdivant Chellie Ormon By Jim Ormon J Page By Debra M. McCaffrey Edwin “Pal” Parker By Edwin L. Parker Abbie Patterson By Edwin McDonald Tena Pellegrine By Louis J. Pellegrine Michael and Kim Perry By Joanne Keeton Michael and Kim Perry By Gary Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Phillips By William E. Phillips Billy Pickett By Dorothy J. Crocker James L. Pierce By Paul J. Salvo Al Pitts By John Meades Al Pitts By James H. Middleton Albert Pitts By Sam A. Pittman Albert Pitts By Delta Electric Power Assoc. Albert Pitts By James H. Griffin Albert Pitts By Kathy Kearney Albert Pitts By William Cannon Albert Pitts By James Foy Albert Pitts By James and June Kenwright Albert Pitts By Billie Ford Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Poole By Norma Fulcher Mr. and Mrs. L.R. Poole By Dennis H. Perkins John Frank Porter By Kirk Graves Ann Potter By Wayne Potter Ken Pouncey By Alice Pouncey John Pressgrove By Peggy Gunter G. O’Shea Ben and Irma Price By Bobbie P. Rhodes Irma Price By Bobbie P. Rhodes Mrs. John Price By Doris Ellison Levi Prisock By Mancil W. Ray Ed Purvis By Floyd Robertson Harley E. Purvis By Frank Givens Harley Edward Purvis, Jr. By Carol Lipman Marian Quinn By Betty J. Rigby Henderson Rasberry By J. Ken Stringer Franklin Wilson Ray By Allen Wood Virginia Read By Dale G. Read Joyce Red By Van Fowler By Cynthia L. Correro

Honor/Memorial Jack Reed By Jamie H. Bray Pat Reese By Barbara Pittman James Roy Reeves By Frances S. Hill Andrew Regions By Russell D. Healy Bill Rhodes By Bobbie P. Rhodes John Rials By Nellie J. Rials Paul Rials By Nellie J. Rials Bertha Richardson By Aldersgate SSC Edith Richardson By Terry West Sidney Robinson, Jr. By Kirk Graves Dorotheann Rogers By V. O. Campbell Adaline Rokohl By Priscilla Potyok JoAnn Rosemann By Frances Myers Gwen Ross By Gwen Ross Jerry Lee Rushing By Dan Young Angela Schrieffer By William R. Yordy Helen Scott By Gerald A. Scott Emily Sessions By C. Dunbar McCurley George Shackelford By George Shackelford Gus Shelley By Laura F. Tucker Jack Sherard By John Moore Jeanette Shirley By Joe R. Moore Betty Shoemake By Woodsen C. Rogers James Short By Johanna C. Short James M. Shows By Woodsen C. Rogers Jim Sibley By Fellowship Class, Inverness UMC John Sims By Belinda Jo Mathias Pauline Skelton By Norma P. Caviness Joe Skinner By Betty Skinner Herb Slay By Woodsen C. Rogers Beatrice Smith By Joy Brown Wavel Smith By Woodsen C. Rogers Elizabeth M. Sparks By Charles H. McClatchy Howard Sparks By Dan Young Milton Sparrow By James M. Sparrow Kimberly Spencer By LaCrystal Evans Dr. Bill Spargins By Bill Spragins Franklin Spragins By Bill Spragins Marc Spragins By Bill Spragins Billy Stallings By Mack Stallings Angie Steadman By Tuxedo Junction Ed Hunter Steele By Allen Wood James and Clairee Stephens By James O. Stephens Rebecca Stone By T. A. Stone Joe Stoner By Joe Woodard Suzanne Stork By Kirk Graves Douglas Strahan By Wiley G. Strahan Sam Sullivan By Russell D. Healy Ethel Tadlock By Orpal E. England Lee Tartt By Larry A. Williams

Perry Tyner Tate By Fred H. Tyner Frances Walton Taylor By Edwin P. Taylor James Bernard “Sonny” Taylor By Thomas G. Clark Richard Thomas By Willie Bobo Gene Still Thornton By Carolyn Hale Susan Thurman By Sam L. Presley Grace Tollison By Jeff M. Tollison Pattye Sue Tucker By Charles F. Caraway Janette Turner By Friendship Sunday SSC, Carthage UMC Janette Turner By James L. Turner Rootie Underwood By Carole C. Milner Louis “Buddy” Vandevender By Ann C. Vandevender Delsi Villasmi By Bonnie J. Bond Mildred Viner By Nancy Baumann Louise Voyles By Thomas G. Clark Fred Waits By James L. Waits Brett Walker By Roger Graeber Ernie Walker By John B. Collier Irma Walter By James O’mara Irma Walter By Lane Allen Hugh and Kay Warren By Gaylord Long Benjamin Wax By James Friend Bill Weathers By Russell D. Healy Rev. Wayne Webster By Joe P. Cox Lorraine Wenzel By Louise W. Long Jack Weseli By David H. Cox Walley Wesley By Jerry Breakfield Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Whittington By Alice B. Whittington Jeff Wileman By Patricia Frederick Jimmy Wilkinson By Lamar L. Stokes Conay Williams By Merle Williams Gary Williams By Friendship Sunday SSC, Carthage UMC Sidney Wilson By Wilson’s Tire and Auto Service Inc Betty Wood By Patti Morris Deric Wood By Harvey S. Lewis Jackson Woodall By Thomas M. Landrum Tom Woodard By Hembree Brandon Charles and Nettie Woodruff By William R. Woodruff Jan Woods By Tommy Woods Harvey B. Wright By Joy Wright Donald Yarborough By Ruth Humphrey Joseph Yon By Evelyn Yon Richard and Helen Yordy By William R. Yordy Nan Young By Anita Thomas

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MCH Winter 2017 Newsletter  
MCH Winter 2017 Newsletter