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Liferay Portal

Technical Specifications

Deployment Operating Systems

Application Servers

Linux Mac OS X Unix Windows


Borland ES Apache Geronimo Sun GlassFish 2 UR1 JBoss JOnAS JRun 4 Updater OracleAS Orion Pramati RexIP SUN JSAS WebLogic WebSphere

Servlet Containers Jetty Resin Tomcat

Apache Derby IBM DB2 Firebird Hypersonic Informix InterBase JDataStore MySQL Oracle PostgresSQL SAP SQL Server Sybase

*Based onPortal sales to date of Enterprise Subscription and Support Contracts only in one year period, pre-commission. Liferay **Must provide First Line support.

Technologies AJAX Apache ServiceMix Docbook ehcache Groovy Hibernate ICEfaces Java J2EE/JEE jBPM JGroups jQuery JavaScript Framework Lucene MuleSource ESB PHP Ruby Seam Spring & AOP Struts & Tiles Tapestry Velocity

Standards AJAX iCalendar & Microformat JSR-168 JSR-127 JSR-170 JSR-286 (Portlet 2.0)* JSF-314 (JSF 2.0) OpenSearch *Full integration with the Sun Microsystem portlet container.

Web Services JSON Hessian Burlap REST RMI Spring HTTP WSRP (full support for 1.0 and 2.0) WebDAV

Architecture Hierarchical and extensible system of communities and organizations Mule or ServiceMix ESB Single Sign On (Yale CAS and Siteminder out of the box) Also supports JAAS, LDAP, Netegrity, Microsoft Exchange Security (DES, MD5, RSA)

Performance & Scalability Multi-tier clustering at any combination of multiple tiers (presentation, service, business logic, and database) Terracotta DSO integration Advanced Caching Page Caching Load Balancing Session Replication Distributed Cache Static Content Export *Liferay Portal has been deployed to Amazon EC2, which uses virtualization and cloud computing technologies to scale dynamically to geographically specifi c areas of demand.

Security Liferay Portal uses industry standard, government-grade encryption technologies including advanced algorithms such as DES, MD5 and RSA. Liferay was benchmarked as among the most secure portal platforms using LogicLibrary’s Logiscan suite. Pluggable Authentication Email Verifi cation Granular Permissioning LDAP Authentication Session Management

Content Management Document Library

Web & Workspace Publishing

JSR-170 compliant Java Content Repository Check in / check out Integration with Microsoft Offi ce 速, leveraging publicly available SharePoint 速 protocols Versioning Workfl ow Fine-grained permissioning Multi-file uploads File format conversion among common formats like Microsoft Offi ce, PDF, TXT and HTML (import and export) WebDAV enabled Image gallery

Rich (WYSIWG) text editors Separation of content from layout Reusable content CSS Logical content templates using either Velocity or XSL Bookmarks Dynamically generated site taxonomy Drag and droppable site map

Sitemaps protocol support Search Engine Optimization (SEO) OpenSearch Live page editing Staging and scheduling to remote servers Friendly URLs Meta tagging

Knowledge Management Themes & Layout Bootstrap knowledge base via Docbook file import Taxonomy (categorization) framework Framework to add taxonomies to custom portlets Journal, Wiki, Knowledge Base Taxonomy-enabled Category-based navigation

User group page templates Automatic page structure inheritance jQuery standardized Semantic & nonobtrusive markup LAR import / export of themes Hot-deployable

Collaboration & Social Wikis Rich text editor (WYSIWYG) Versioning & reversion Creole syntax support File attachments Threaded comments Recent changes tracking LDAP integration Tag-based navigation RSS

Blogs Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG) Social bookmarking Threaded comments Tags and Labels Social Bookmarking Rating system Trackback URLs RSS

Message Boards Role-based permissioning User data display Rich text editor (WYSIWYG) Threaded comments and categories management Versioning Statistics Recent posts Email based subscriptions RSS

Presence AJAX chat client Dynamic friend list Activity wall Activity tracker with Activity Tracker API

Mashups & Integration User location map Facebook OpenSocial iGoogle / Google Gadget

Instant Messaging AJAX-based IM client User profile pictures User controlled status updates Jabber protocol Chat sessions persist across all pages

Calendar AJAX-based interface iCal and Microformats support Task lists for event creation, management, and search Events sharing across communities Event reminders via email, IM, or SMS

Webmail Client Rich text editor (WYSIWYG) AJAX-based interface Multiple email accounts Supports IMAP and SMTP Custom preconfigured accounts

Alerts & Announcements AJAX-based Targeted group delivery Remote delivery (email, SMS)