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Arts and Humanities: Form and Theory 319 B Creative Writing Workshop: Prose Colloquium Instructor Jesse Brooks Fall 2013, Monday. 5:30-8:00, Dorchester 0128d Office Hours: Tuesdays 12:00-3:00, or by appointment Contact: Course Description: This course is designed to further advance your creative writing techniques through the workshop milieu: regular one-page submissions, the collective analyses from the symposium critiquing your work, required short story readings from published authors, as well as the astute understanding and incisive critical remarks regarding the works of your peers are the essential facets constituting our main focus for this course. Remember, good readers make good writers, so an in-depth evaluation of the work of others is equally important for the maturation of your writing as the act of writing itself. Course Requirements: Two submissions will be required from two individual students for each workshop, biweekly submissions of flash fiction works, and the readings of a weekly assigned short story. Each story can be accessed via elms blackboard; all of which are immediately available for download. Grading System: 25% Participation: This constitutes contributing to the round-table critiques and demonstrating a deep understanding of the assigned readings through classroom discussion. 25% Biweekly Flash Fiction Submissions: These assignments are intended to practice building narrative elements within a very small space. ‘What is the shape of this story’ and ‘what tools will be necessary’ are the general questions I would like you to ask yourselves. These submissions will be given directly to me and returned with comments the following week. * Space these stories in 1.5, please. 25% Workshop pieces: Earnest attempts and punctual submissions of your works are required for full credit. 25% Final Portfolio: Includes revisions of submitted works along with other completed pieces. Attendance & Participation: You are expected to attend all classes on time and, as prenominated, to listen, comment, and question what you hear. Your feedback is crucial to the workshop and its discussion. Cellphones; those who use mobile phones in class will receive a deduction towards their participation grade for the day. If you have an emergency that necessitates a response, you may go outside to make or receive a call.

Academic Integrity: You are expected to uphold the principles of academic honesty. Plagiarism carries severe consequences. As defined by the University of Maryland’s Undergraduate Catalogue, plagiarism is: “intentionally or knowingly representing the words or ideas of another as one's own in any academic exercise.” –Charles Manekin Assigned Readings: Paul Bowles’s “A Distant Episode” Virginia Woolf’s “A Haunted House” Michael Jaime-Becerra’s “Practice Tattoos” Jhumpra Lahiri’s “A Real Durwan” Martin Amis’s “Einstein’s Monsters” Don Delillo’s “Human Moments in WWIII” Karen Russell’s “Vampires in the Lemon Grove” Anton Checkhov’s “The Darling” Elliot Holt’s “Fem Care” David Foster Wallace’s “Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature” Junot Diaz’s TBD Alice Munro’s TBD Schedule September 9th: Syllabus overview; discussion on Checkov’s “The Darling”; discussion on Lia Purpura’s “On Sensibility” and how to provide a constructive critique September 16th: First critique; discussion on Russell’s “Vampires in the Lemon Grove”; September 23rd: Critique; submission of short-short fiction works; discussion on Elliot Holt’s “Fem Care” September 30th: Critique; discussion on Don DeLillo’s “Human Moments in WWIII” and on the shape of the text it’s function in short fiction October 7th: Critique; short-short fiction stories due; discussion on Martin Amis’s “Einstein’s Monsters”

October 14th: Critique; discussion on Michael Jaime-Becerra’s “Practice Tattoos” October 21th:Critique; discussion on Jhumpra Lahiri’s “A Real Durwan”; short-short stories due October 28th: Critique; discussion on Virginia Wolf’s “A Haunted House” November 4th: Critique; discussion on narrative transitions and DFW’s “Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature”; short-short stories due November 11th: Critique; discussion on Bowles’s “A Distant Episode” November 18th: Critique; discussion on Alice Munro’s “TBD”; short-short stories due November 25th: Critique; discussion on Junot Diaz’s “TBD” December 2nd: Critique; short-short stories due December 9th: WH questionnaire; pizza and TBD shenanigans

Creative Writing Workshop: Prose Colloquium  

319 B syllabus Fall 2013

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