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Welco Samuel holds a B.A. in International Relations by the Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM-CCM). Focusing his studies in international security, Samuel has coauthored several working papers such as “Co-Responsibility in US-Mexico Border Security” and recently published chapter “Liberal Trade Environment in Mexico: Competitiveness and Challenges”. He worked as an intern for the Global Issues Department of the Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry, covering issues such as terrorism, human security and natural disasters. Samuel currently works at the International Cooperation Department for the Mexican General Attorney’s office, where he oversees issues concerning multilateral regional organisms and topics such as drug and illegal arms trafficking, money laundering and cyber security, among others.


minion ust as the dawn shone brighter for Gotham when a

valiant vigilante took up on defending rightful justice, the panorama for politics gears towards the neon-bright era of lycra, leather and legendary. With the formalisation and realisation of this #PopPolitics mag, the defence of all those culturally embedded truths of political science, international affairs and moreover, power, becomes the mission of these writers. Thus, we take on the task of performing a valorous visitation to the vestiges and traces of politics in the realm of vox populi, previously vacant and vanquished by


unfoundedly formalized and overly academic discriminatory practices of scholars all over the world. We seek to retrieve every single manifested symptom of the force in an effort to validate, legitimize and expose the mindless philosophy applicable to international politics within them;

Alejandra is currently Head of the Department of Cooperation with the United Nations and Specialized International Organisms at the General Attorney's Office of Mexico. She has a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM-CCM), and during her studies she worked as a research assistant for the project against human trafficking in CEIDAS (Centro de Estudios e Investigación en Desarrollo y Asistencia Social), and also as an intern at the Global Issues Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She enjoys severely strong coffee, and has a super powerful sense of smell.

because, as we have very well learned from the respectable Dr. Jones, the quest for truth is not always rendered by a map where “x” marks the spot. This group is all about un-conventional and nontraditional, and would never have a bad feeling about it. We then welcome you to the maze of ideas dying to slip right outside of our minds and warn you against the standing kill order upon which we act, effective immediately.

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Kimbo Kim was born into a half-Alpine/half-mexican divine family of All-Genre Fiction fanatics. Before she was five she understood the importance of Forefathers and as she matured came to develop sycophantic aspirational ties with a mixed selection of dead and live fiction geniuses. It is safe to assume this character trait influenced Kim's career choice, as she ventured initially into the study of Historiography (Indiana Jones delusion) but eventually settled and obtained a Bachelor's degree in International Relations (Leia Organa role-modelling). During her undergraduate studies, Kim had several participations in research projects and conferences including her participation in the Intergalactic Annual Democratic Caucus for Naboo Younglings (NOT, but she wished she had). Currently, Kim works at a Public Policy think-tank in Oz, making sure that policy in the country does not stray from that ontological yellow brick road.

M Born and raised in a megalopolis, Mario has always seen the local as part of a whole. Decided that the world was not enough, he embarked on a journey in the international politics field. Holding a bachelor degree in international relations, Mario is to acquire a master of arts in international studies. This path has taken him not only to Mexico City, but also to Paris, Washington and Cambridge, shifting his interests more times than Lady Gaga changes his outfit in a concert. Being the football the constant in his life, it was the sport his approach to pop-politics. The relationship between the football and diverse forms of power and politics later evolved into the curio of creating broader links between the pop-culture and politics. After starting his career in electoral topics, currently Mario works in Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dealing with the international cooperation to counter terrorism, pirates in Somalia, and if there is need…zombies.

Tiks Mariana has a bachelor's degree in international relations and a master of arts in international studies, both degrees from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus. During her undergraduate studies, Mariana completed study abroad programs at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, and at UC Berkeley in the United States. Her graduate thesis is focused on the brokerage of power relations between the United States of America and the Middle East, through the principal and justification of war. Currently Mariana works at the Tecnologico de Monterrey Mexico City Campus as an assistant for the international Relations undergraduate program, and as a graduate research assistant in the subjects of US foreign policy, hemispheric security studies, and human security and global governance. In the near future Mariana has plans to attend Graduate school in the United Kingdom in order to focus on the relationship between conflict and development patterns in counter-terrorism, particularly in the case of Radical Islam in the Middle East.




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The news that kept us thinking during the month


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As the world continues spinning, some win and some lose. Who’s who in this roulette??

10 The football season is over, and we have two new champs. A rising star and the one destined to be the greatest of all


Some free time?? Try the new edition of Ahmed Rashid “Descent into Chaos. Maybe it is too much terrorism, but let’s assume it, it was the AfPak month

As Janis Joplin’s song, a tornado blew up the city of Joplin, MO. Disaster risk reduction must be now a common goal.

21 Hey Arnold (Dad)!! We were in shock when we heard the new. And not because the Governator was cheating his wife.. why eating tofu when you have kobe back home??

The kings of Europe


Blow my mind

Osama bitches He’s down and out. Some impressions from our collaborators over the biggest, fiercest and most expensive manhunt ever.



The Borgias is the miniseries you’re missing. Italy in the XVth Century, Macchiavelli, Lucrezia Borgia and the struggles to maintain power. Put on latest Assasin’s Creed and read some Italian newspapers to complete the experience.

1 Osama bin Laden is killed

1 Thousands gathered at the Vatican for the beatification of Pope John Paul II.

2 Elections in Canada give victory to the Conservatives

3 The UN projects that the world's population will pass 7 billion on October 31, 2011.

2 Sony advises that hackers may have stolen personal details of 24.6 million in the Play Station Network.

25 More than 270 people are hospitalised after anE coli outbreak in Germany, originated from Spanish cucumbers.

8 Thousands of people march in Mexico City to protest the 38,000 people that have died in drugrelated violence since 2006.

6 27 people are killed in a "day of defiance" against the regime in Syria.

22 The city of Joplin, Missouri, is hit by a tornado, resulting in 139 deaths.

25 Oprah Winfrey presents her final Oprah Winfrey Show after 25 years on air.

9 Yemeni security forces opened fire on a teacher's protest in the city of Taiz.

9 More than 400 Libyan migrants were rescued at sea by the Italian Coast Guard.

11 At least ten people are killed and dozens injured in the Spanish city of Lorca following a 5.3 magnitude earthquake

10 Qatar allowed women to vote for the first time.

17 Queen Elizabeth II starts her first state visit to the Ireland, the first visit of a British monarch since Ireland's independence in 1921.

21 The 2011 end times prediction made by Harold Camping stated that the Rapture and Judgment Day would take place on May 21 & the end of the world five months later

15 The 15-M Movement started as a series of ongoing demonstrations in Spain demanding a radical change in Spanish politics.

14 Dominique Strauss-Kahn is arrested at JKF for alleged sexual assault.

14 Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew resigns from the cabinet after 52 years

30 Voters in Milan and Naples go to the polls with candidates supported by Berlusconi losing in both cities

30 Angela Merkel pledges to end all nuclear power by 2022.


31 The Dalai Lama formally relinquishes his political and administrative powers.

31 The WHO classifies cell phone radiation as a "carcinogenic hazard" and "possibly carcinogenic to humans."

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REPORT Osama Bitches There are dates that change everything. It doesn’t matter if we refer to 1648, June 1815, 6/1944, 11/9 or 9/11, all those moments shaped the world we live in, and the one we’re heading to. So it couldn’t have been said in any other way; it was a warm Tuesday morning in September when suddenly the world as we knew it changed right before our eyes. It wasn’t relevant if you liked or disliked the United States of America; if you watched the news on a regular basis; or if you were interested in the coming and goings of the American intelligence community, everyone remembers where they were on that day in September. And everyone will remember what he or she was doing that evening in May when President Barack Obama pronounced the death of Osama Bin Laden.

What does the death of Osama Bin Laden really means?? There are as multiple conclusions as interpretations and it is not our role to make Delphi’s oracle work. Even that, there is one thing we all agree. Osama’s death represents a closure, the end of one of the darkest periods of US’ history, and everyone at @itsalreadytoday has its own particular vision. Saying that, we present different interpretations of Bin Laden’s finale, proving that not even us can coincide in everything.

Ding, Dong, The witch is dead Kimbo


ews travels fast, and from the

emerald city the ripples of victory chants reached every corner of the world “Ding Dong’ the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.Let them know the Wicked Witch is dead!”. And yet, an ominous pronouncement shadowed these melodious rhymes; in the mind of every conscious political barrister one verse dug in deeper than the rest: “But we’ve got to verify it legally, to see if she is morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably Dead.” I’m sorry to say it Munchkins, but at least here in Oz, we can’t pronounce the absolute death of the Witch. The reason why? because the Witch is less a tangible thing than a bearded goblin in striped knickers or long taliban robes; no wicker figure burnt to the ground will keep us from her, really, since she occupies all aforementioned dimensions and manifestations of liveliness. Everyone who acknowledges anyone in history will grasp the concept that any witch hunt is never about the witch herself, but about what she embodies. As Dan Drezner says, the psychological fundamental attribution error behind every policy move or campaign is strictly related to what we perceive as a threat to a standardised rule of law and scope of living.

Enemies will be assigned and allocated witchlike characteristics that hinder us from developing any relatable sentiments towards them. And the particular thing about this human mechanical response is that it remains essential to the development and betterment of our own human security — in bio-security terms—.

“Tonight, I can report to the American people and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama Bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda...” Barack Obama, 1-v-2011

So in this heightened sense of roman fashion, I’d like to see all the nonbelievers taking a step back and reconsidering the implications of this event. In terms of what lies ahead, I’d like them to describe the future embodiment of this witch, because, as all fiction savvy policymakers suspect, its when you kill the witch when fear becomes faceless. It is really now time for the clean-up to shine it all up. Will we enforce new walls since we can’t really tear down any of the ones we built (unlike Berlin) or will we hone tall towers over the ones already standing? Will we ride on the wave of timeliness and commend the watchfulness of an ever vigilant eye over the middle-man meddling of the middle east and its arab spring?

Found! M What a weekend!! We had a Royal Wedding, a Pope’s canonization and in words of Peru’s President, the death of the, I quote: “demon embodiment of the crime, evil and hate”, aka Inquisition. I just needed my dinner in Medieval Times to completely feel in the XV Century!!

But let’s get serious; if our previous generation was witness of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Rocky’s victory over Drago and the End of History, we can proudly say that we’re witnesses of another history’s watershed. The fall of the Twin Towers, the war on terror and the revitalization of the Clash of Civilizations’ arguments, are moments that marked the beginning of the XXI Century. We will always remember what we were doing while the 9/11 terrorist attacks, as we would not forget the instant when Obama was announcing the death of one of the most recognizable but elusive men ever.

So following Osama bin Laden’s demise, there are four possible interpretations about its meaning. Without deepen too much we can find 1) the ones that argue that bin Laden’s death does not change anything, 2) people that see Osama’s death as the Tipping Point for ending terrorism, 3) the dudes with the conspiracy theories and 4) the mixture of’em all. So if my lack of imagination makes me incapable of developing nice convincing aliens/evil jews/vampires/nazi zombiestheories, and I’m not the kind of person who sees everything in black and white, I am picking option number four.

I believe that the death of bin Laden won’t represent a real shift in the way al-Qaeda and other terrorists networks were operating. Of course the guy was the leader of the organization and an inspiration for radical Muslims; but let’s face it: in recent times, we hear a less about al-Qaeda and more about its franchises. I think that when Barber stated that the Jihad and the McWorld had just one thing in common, the threat it represented for democracy, he never thought an organization like al-Qaeda was capable of merge the “best of two worlds” and develop the McJihadization, the globalization of tribalism, the exportation of radical ideals with one goal in familiar, reshaping the very foundations of world as we know it.

“Operationally, the general view seems But what actually changed During the second half of the to be that bin Laden was not in active after OBL’s death? In first 2000s decade this started to place, it is a closure. No happen. Faster than Subway operational control anymore. But matter how much money was restaurants, regional factions symbolically, as the head of the spent, how many lives lost or of al-Qaeda were sprouting in how discredited was the US’ everyplace where there was movement, his death has a blighting image in the world, they a radical Muslim available. effect,” Henry Kissinger achieved their objective. al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, It took ten years and two different Administrations, al-Qaeda in Iraq, al-Qaeda Organization in the but the explosion of joy witnessed in New York and Islamic Maghreb, are some of the branches that Washington was the reflection of the conclusion of emerged in those years, while other organizations ten years of frustration and impotence; finally the such as al-Shabab in what used to be a country enemy has been taken down. As clear as crystal, called Somalia were pledging allegiance to Bin Obama, as if he was Jigsaw, was watching the Laden’s organization. But like good franchises, operation in live stream, probably congratulating most of them work by themselves, have their own himself for the success of its revenge plan. means of financing and recruiting and only resort to the core for training or increasing its Thinking in the celebrations that took place all over commercial value. the US Sunday night, Jean Baudrillard comes to my mind. Just after September 11 he wrote that the Additionally, the way the world address terrorism, terrorist attacks represented the “mother of all except from the US, will not change substantially. events”, the essence of all the events that never America’s quest for seek and destroy bin Laden is far from being the strategy taken internationally. happened. Linked with his work in Simulacra and Simulation, bin Laden was the replacement of reality For example last EU Terrorism Situation and Trend and meaning with symbols and signs. Symbols of Report (Europol) reported that Islamist based fear, anger and terror that left US citizens living in a terrorism had the lowest rate in the region, and simulation of reality that did not really agreed with the focus is put on homegrown terrorism and the level of the actual threat. So Osama’s death aQIM. Also, the UN Strategy includes a broader represented a rupture, of course alert systems spectrum that goes far far away from al-Qaeda. It were increased, and some retaliation is expected, is true that they may have to change the name of but for the common individual, the perception of the 1267 Committee, but acquiring universal threat has diminished, the evil entity has gone. compliance of international instruments, capacity building and address the underlying causes of For realists, bin Laden’s demise was pure gold. terrorism will continue to occupy its core work. Arguing that actors in the international system are always looking for power and prestige, killing Osama Don’t get me wrong, I do not intend to go so far bin Laden puts the US in the top of the ladder. With as Mr. Zakaria, who argues that bin Laden’s death the attention of the world, that not even Megan represents “the end of al Qaeda in any meaningful Fox’s first topless had, the United States was not sense of the word”. But being realistic, the US is only able to dispose its “nemesis”, but also proved still in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Middle East that it continues to be the paramount in military continue to be a region of potential threat, with or and intelligence. Probably it took more than without Osama. More worried should be Pakistan, expected, but they had the job done. So the US is not because bin Laden was found there, but not only increasing its already excellent position in because they way it was founded, living in a the global arena, but also it has done it within its tourist city near to the Pakistan Military territory, because the success of this operation Academy. The AfPak has been a headache for the represents a morale boost for the entire country. US since 2001 and thanks to Wikileaks Pakistan’s double game is well known, but hiding US’ number one public enemy it’s maybe going too far. Greater tensions between the two countries are expected, and we haven’t heard anything of the data collected by the US SEAL team.

But don’t get cocky so easy. This morale boost could also be backfired. Osama is dead, but not his ideas, and this is a point that not only the US, but the entire international community has to take in consideration. We can be sure that, for some people, bin Laden has now become a martyr, and it is not necessary to say that there are some individuals that are more dangerous dead than alive. So it could be possible that as Orpheus’ lyre, Osama’s ideas could be heard from the Hades and the global response must be based on smart power using hard and soft power in a single winning strategy. A little thought before leaving. I just love American exceptionalism, not only because of the French fries and freedom fries’ debate, but also because the ease with which they fall in double discourses and double standards. Maybe justice is a relative term, but sovereignty is not. Getting into a foreign country to kill a man, and then consider that justice has been done, seems quite radical for me. Perhaps that is why the US values have always been linked more with Superman than with Batman. I don´t see the Dark Knight applying the kill first apprehend later policy, but the Man’o Steel fits perfectly in the pattern. But more interesting is that, for the US population, justice has been achieved. It seems like the “terrorist word” is the secret ingredient in Dr. Jekyll’s potion, capable of transforming a “democracy and liberty loving country” to a “cheer the murder of a man state”. The big beard bad guy has fallen; now let’s see how US’ foreign policy shifts.

In brightest day, in blackest night Atom The following is a press release from the

Empire’s so called Death Star PR: “Earth’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, may be dead but rest assured citizens, the Galactic Empire’s war against terror continues unabated. Emperor Palpatine has personally guaranteed that the “Mission Accomplished” banner will not fly until Luke Skywalker is brought to justice for his crimes against humanity”. We all have our heroes, our villains, our rebels, the good, the bad and the ugly. After 10 years of the greatest hide and seek game, evil mastermind number one was killed just miles from the Pakistani capital, yes, it is awfully convenient, yes it does wonders for reelection campaigns, but in the end, all conspiracies aside… he is deea. As they all gathered in the presidential Call of Duty LAN Party war room, Obama saw before his eyes the crumbling of the last known US’ enemy, the closing of an era, the destruction of Sauron and the reminder of why the US Navy SEALs are so freaking cool (seriously can we get “Mission Geronimo” in the next Call of Duty: Black Ops expansion pack?) In an era of a wavering US military stance, of stale diplomatic decisions, of budget cuts, of drones, of drug wars, the United States was reminded of why they fight, they were reminded of the thousands dead in that day, reminded of the promises made by its government, and watched as they were fulfilled, 10 years later but fulfilled. As Hillary Clinton so graciously puts it: ”This is America.

We rise to the challenge, we persevere and we get the job done” and who can say anything to disprove that? For Uncle Bobby Gates, it comes as a great retirement present, for the up and coming SoD Panetta, it’s a tap on the back for the hard work that involves turning a bureaucratic mess into a respectable intelligence center once again, for Clinton, it’s a breath of fresh air, for Biden, well it’s a big f***ing deal, for Obama… it’s better than Christmas. Nonetheless, as we stand on the sidelines and watch people parade over the death of man, the terrorist threat is more present than ever, because it doesn’t matter if you’re a democrat or a republican, pro gay rights, pro tax cuts, pro anything, you’re still a target. If anything, the death of Osama is the reminder that we must remain ever vigilant. As a green masked crusader puts it “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight” be that by drone surveillance, black ops infiltration missions, brave data analyst working from the comfort of their desks on a building in Langley or a middle eastern informant, it’s a 24/7 job. It is not about THE man, it’s about the fact that he is just A man, one of many, one of thousand, one of millions, because the threat is not linear, it is not predictable, it is not foreseeable, it is everywhere, all the time, anyone, anywhere.

In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!

Wwworld The Outrageous President Syndrome It is a thing we cyclically tend to forget, yet end up slapping ourselves in the forehead when we face it again. Every six years we establish by comparison a standard of Political Correctness, a degree of bearable political decency upon which a part of our next presidential choice is based. And what is it that we are comparing against?

Moreover, it scars and strains all sociability capacities of the affected, rendering him irrelevant, undesirable.

To be perfectly scientific about it, it is a behavioural condition inflicted upon every Mexican president on the year (or 18 months) prior to his end of term. It might be acquired through viral means, but a more logical explanation would suggest it is triggered environmentally by preset conditions such as a high density of critique and an elevated concentration of dissidence -present normally in the political environment during this specific period of time-. The generated symptoms include at initial stages profuse sweating, mood swings, tendency towards aggressive responses, agitation, anxiety and irritation; secondary and more consequential symptoms reveal a development of manic conduct that encompasses lightness of being, inconsequentiality, ludicrous behaviour, slurred speech and more importantly the voicing of delusional beliefs or statements.

”Bueno, mi amor, compañero, es amplio y total por las dos o por los dos acuerdos de libre comercio, por el MERCOSUR y por el ALCA, y si no existe ese amor o no existe ese sí a mi propuesta de matrimonio seguiré insistiendo y seguiré haciéndole más el amor al MERCOSUR y más el amor al ALCA.” Vicente Fox (2005).

In terms worthy of Hitchcock, it is a state of deeply induced Panic. This Panic Fever leads to the desecration of just about every worthy action within the presidential term and to the shaming of all involved or associated with the affected. and even scathed.

To the effect of illustrating the effect and implications of this condition, we compiled a set of declarations that just about exemplify every aspect of the previously described:

And the most recent and explanatory of this shameless, tasteless lack shedding of tact and PC: “La razón es que pueden morir en la violencia. Pero yo vi a miles, a miles de spring breakers, divirtiéndose en México. De lo que yo tengo entendido, los únicos shots que recibieron eran de tequila” Felipe Calderon. Las Vegas, Nevada. May 2011.

Who’s hot? Who’s not?

Seal Team 6: They guys just fckn killed Osama bin Laden, ending one the biggest manhunts ever. That’s why the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group occupies our first spot in the hot list. Barack Obama: he did not kill Osama, but he was able to say “it’s over”. Some presence in Middle East topics, an appearance in Oprah’s and an epic fail in his visit to the UK made him a constant popolitic in May. Nicolas Sarkozy: After having a rough beginning of the year, the things for our wannabe celebrity President are becoming clearer. His strategy in Libya has not been perfect, but it has not backfired, singer-former model-first lady Carla Bruni is pregnant, his most fearsome rival for the 2012 election is in jail, and one of his closest allies is in her way to become IMF’s Managing Director. Muammar Gaddafi: Nothing seems to happen with Gaddafi. Two months of airstrikes and he’s still in power. He’s not going up or down, actually he’s not going anywhere. Dominique Strauss Kahn: The Frenchman lost everything in one week, his liberty, his job, his possibility to become President and his reputation. When you’re paying for a 4 digit suite in NY, you don’t abuse of a maid, you just call Charlie Sheen to give you some useful phones. Ratko Mladić: Is not even funny to make jokes about this guy. He has been apprehended for war crimes and is

now facing trial in The Hague. Serbia is ready to start ascension to the EU Osama bin Laden: He’s cold as death.

Blow my mind It

is true that natural disasters have been

hitting since immemorial times, but these recent years have become something special. Without going too far, this 2011 we have seen it all. Earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes and floods are part of our daily diet, leaving behind a path of destruction. Of course Japan is the best example, giving us an earthquake that caused a tsunami that caused a nuclear malfunction that caused Godzilla to be ashamed.

But Japan is not the only country that has been affected by natural disasters this year. New Zealand’s earthquake in February, China’s hailstorm in April, Brazil’s mudslide in January or Australia’s flood in the same month are just some examples of the nature beating us up. The US is not the exception. The Mississippi River floods that took place between April and May were among the largest and most damaging in the history of the country passing through the states of Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana, making it not navigable even for Huckleberry Finn.

However, the event that took the spotlight this May was the EF5 multiple-vortex tornado (badass name, right??) that hit the city of Joplin, Missouri. As Janis Joplin’s song, the tornado blew up the entire town, turning itself in one the deadliest and costliest tornadoes in the history of the US (141 people killed and 3 billion estimated for reconstruction). With the damage landed, the question arises: What to do? These phenomena are inevitable, but work remains to be done in the fields of disaster risk reduction and resilience. The problem is that is difficult to start thinking in a natural disaster before it happens, but when it does, the damage can be immense. Maybe it is not perfect, but the Hyogo Framework for Actions gives us some guidelines in disaster risk reduction, early warning, resilience, reduction of risks and strengthening of the response that could be used for national plans for preparedness and response. But as in any matter, education is essential. It is useless for the Government to take actions and to reconstruct villages if people are still building their houses next to the river that floods every year.

Bookview On China Henry Kissinger

Kissinger could be loved or hated, but he will never leave anyone indifferent. On his book On China, the scholarofficer gives an insightful perspective of China0’s foreign policy. Being the bridge of the sino-american relations since the 1970’s, Kissinger is able to use his experience of multiple visits and interactions with officials to make a review of China’s diplomacy over the centuries with particular emphasis on the decades after Mao Zedong’s arrival. The book, with a particular view of the US-China relations designed for an American audience, does not ignore the challenge that China represents to the US hegemony. Also, the American dual perception of China as a threat and an opportunity is replicated, as another reality like Fringe’s, in China seeing the US as a model and as an obstacle. On that regard, Kissinger congratulates the normalization of both countries’ relations, but he is concerned about the possibility of shifting it to a zero sum game. Internationalist should not let the opportunity to see the emerging dragon from the eyes of one of the most important diplomats from the XX Century, the same man who played a pivotal role in the actual Chinese dynamics.

Descent into Chaos (New edition) Ahmed Rashid

Afghanistan has been a headache for the US and its allies within the ISAF. What started as retaliation with the aim of overthrow the Taliban regime, shifted in an endless war without a near conclusion. Ahmed Rashid, a journalist based in Afghanistan gives us his analysis of why the West is losing the war against the militants, holding his thesis on the abandonment by the US and Great Britain of Afghanistan, on detrimental of their campaign in Iraq, giving the chance to the Taliban to regroup and allowing them to create links with other forms of organized crime. The new edition of this book includes a chapter that narrates the death of an icon, the assassination of Benazir Buttho and its repercussion within the region. Rashid’s telling transport us to one of the most dangerous places in the world, the AfPak border, show us Karzai’s disenchantment with the US administration, points out Pakistan double game, and criticizes the actions taken by the Government of the United States, particularly during the Bush years. After re-becoming a trending topic in the international arena, this recount of trips, interviews and on field experience gives the Afghan’s situation a complementary perspective.

EntARTainment The Borgias The Borgias

Game of Thrones

Hey Arnold (Dad)!!


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