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Social Media Marketing Mo Pemberton – Dare2Change 10th Feb 2011

Executive Summary We have just completed month 2 of your social media marketing strategy. Your profiles can be found at:!/Dare_2_Change

(your personal profile) (your business Fan Page)

During the second month, we built upon the work that we started in month 1. We have: 1.

Posted frequent, relevant content on your Twitter & Facebook profiles, using a combination of “approved Tweets� and relevant material about your business and your services (addressed to your target audience using your target keywords)

2. Cross-promoted your various profiles (i.e. encourage your Twitter follows to come and find you on Facebook, or your Facebook fans to come and see your YouTube channel, etc). 3. Increased your number of followers on Twitter and Facebook 4. Encouraged your followers to visit your website

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Screenshots of Your Social Media Profiles

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Twitter is a „micro-blogging‟ service, where you can write a message in 140 characters or less. The objective of creating a presence on Twitter is not to „sell‟ at people, but to build presence & credibility, and to create brand awareness through regular communication and interaction.

Followers We‟re following Total Tweets

Month 1 43 98 56

Month 2 129 298 101

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Facebook is a powerful medium for businesses, through the use Facebook Fan Pages. Again, the objective of creating a presence on Facebook is not to „sellâ€&#x; at people, but to build presence & credibility, and to create brand awareness through regular communication and interaction.

Friends Likes

Month 1 85 30

Month 2 93 41

The demographic of your current following:

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YouTube is a video sharing site, giving your business the opportunity to showcase relevant videos about your products & services in a far more interactive way. Users of the internet tend to find that video is a more appealing medium. Video is fast becoming a mainstream element of business marketing, appearing on many websites as well as YouTube and other video sharing sites.

No. views of your channel No. views of your videos

Month 1

Month 2





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LinkedIn is the networking site for business professionals. Think of LinkedIn as your online CV, and an opportunity to build trustworthy, credible networks with other business professionals and like-minded individuals. LinkedIn is also a powerful communications tool for your business, giving you the opportunity to become a leader in your field and a respected expert.

No. of personal connections Membership of groups % Profile completion Who has viewed your profile

95 11 90% 11 people in the last 30 days, for example:

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Website analytics


(This is really secondary to our Social Media work, but itâ€&#x;s a useful thing to measure, to understand how your website (and its visitors) compare and interact with your social media presence)

How did people find your website?

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are now 3 of the biggest referral sources for your website (with Faecbook being the single biggest). There are very few people finding your website organically (i.e. using a search engine such as Google), so you certainly have an opportunity here to better market your website.

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Mo's report  

Month 2 social media

Mo's report  

Month 2 social media