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Issue 5 Spring 2010


D65 News ESB Choose Komatsu Woridwide premiere of the new

Komatsu D65-16EX, Wx, Px Dozers Komatsu WA600-6

Takes productivity to new heights at Lagan Cement

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Issue 5 Spring 2010


elcome to the latest addition of McHale Plant Sales newsletter. I hope you will find this issue informative and enjoyable. We have attempted to compile some useful machine and service information which may help your business become more productive and cost efficient.

From the world of Komatsu we have two customer features. They focus on recent interesting deliveries of a D155AX bulldozer for coal duties to ESB power station at Moneypoint, Co Clare and a WA600 Wheel Loader for a bulk load and carry operation at Lagan Cement's plant at Kinnegad in Co Meath. We also introduce the new Komatsu D65 bulldozer and outline the extra features and benefits of what has become Ireland's favorite bulldozer. Other pieces deal with more innovative applications of Komatsu technology from around the world. Kleemann and McCloskey products are also dealt with extensively including a review of an interesting application of a MR130 from our US Subsidiary, McHale inc. The importance of competitive maintenance and servicing is emphasised with an article dealing with some of our new offerings in this regard. We hope this short review of our products and services helps demonstrate our commitment to continually provide you, our customers, with industry leading technology and back up service.

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E.S.B Choose Komatsu Rental solutions Komatsu Sends Second WA1200 Delivery to Europe Komatsu Introduces the D65-16 Crawler Dozer


Kleeman Mobile Processing Replaces Stationary Plant

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Engine Repair Options


McCloskey S190 Profile

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Pays for itself over time

Komatsu WA600 Takes Productivity To A New Height At Lagan Cement

Komtrax : Makes Fleet Management More Efficient Read McHale Used Equipment Information direct to you McHale Inc

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McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 5 Spring 2010

Komatsu D155AX-6 for ESB Moneypoint Moneypoint generating station is one of Ireland’s largest electricity generation stations. The facility is located on the Shannon Estuary in County Clare. Moneypoint is one of the most efficient generating stations of its kind in the world, with all its operations computerised and automated. The station operates almost exclusively on coal, making it unique in the context of Irish electricity production. The station has taken delivery of a new Komatsu D155AX-6 Crawler Dozer fitted with a 22 M3 special blade for managing its coal stockpile. The machine is employed pushing material to within reach of the reclaimers and daily grading of the stockpiles. Tony Darcy Bulk Materials Line Manager pictured with John Casey Bulk Materials Manager And Tomas O Flaherty Bulk Materials Foreman says that “their decision to choose the D155AX-6 has proved to be a good choice of machine and the operators are very happy with the handling and ease of work rate. Service Back-UP from McHale Plant Sales is excellent”. The new D155AX-6 incorporates a number of innovative design and performance enhancements, new powertrain improvements and the move to a K-bogie undercarriage combine to deliver a unique dozer with unique features. As a result the D155AX-6 offers overall efficiency gains, delivering fuel and productivity benefits to all applications. The new dozer is powered by the Komatsu 320HP/1900RPM SAA6D140E engine which incorporates advanced High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) injection and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Systems, as part of

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Komatsu’s ECOT3 family the engines fully compliant with EU Stage IIIA emissions regulations. An automatic transmission with a fully automated Lock-Up torque converter ensures that the D155AX-6 delivers the right balance between drive and torque at all times, constant monitoring of the torque converter lets the system either engage the torque converter when most torque is needed or automatically lock-up the torque converter and supply 100% direct drive, particularly useful during less demanding workings conditions. Combining the benefits of the fully automated lock-up torque converter with the continuous power transfer of the automatic transmission reduces fuel consumption by up to 10%. The enhanced power train also improves operator comfort by smoothly applying power and reducing noise levels in the cab. Adding to the durability of the D155AX-6 is the switch to proven K-bogie undercarriage system, as used on large class Komatsu dozers. Komatsu K-bogie design ensures that track rollers are always in contact with the track links, helping reduce the impact load on undercarriage components. The K-bogie system and longer contact length mean higher operating stability; longer component life and more power full traction transfer as well as greater operator comfort through reduced vibration on rough terrain. K-bogie undercarriage systems have also demonstrated improved grading performance.

McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 5 Spring 2010

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McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 5 Spring 2010

Rental Solutions At McHale Plant Sales we offer you a dedicated package of products, services, know-how and technology ideally suited to meet the requirements of the rental sector. Mini or midi excavators, skid steer loaders, mini wheel loaders and telescopic handlers, we have the product you and your customers are looking for. Service contracts are available to keep your equipment well maintained and ready to rent. Komtrax™: Komatsu’s GPS based machine tracking and fleet management system is available on most machines and will give you the necessary tools and data to add real value to your business. Financial Solutions: Flexible and specifically designed to help you manage your rental customers’ demands, are also provided.

Mini Excavators

Compact and powerful Komatsu’s new range of compact and powerful MR-3 mini excavators can work anywhere in total safety, particularly in confined spaces, thanks to their ability to rotate within their track width.

Skid Steer Loaders

All our Utility machines share a number of key features that guarantee an excellent return on your investment. Your Rental Advantage: • New series of Utility equipment: Easy to transport, easy to operate, easy to service • Outstanding Komatsu comfort and reliability • Flexible financing • Komtrax™ fleet management system

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Exceptional manoeuvrability characterizes Komatsu’s Skid Steer Loaders. Their PPC servo controls make them fast and easy to use, with natural movements and minimum effort.

McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 5 Spring 2010

Backhole Loaders

Available in 2 versions, both the WB93 and the WB97 come in Standard or in 4 wheel steer.

Compact Wheel Loaders

Compact dimensions, a tight turning circle and large tyres make Komatsu's compact wheel loaders ideal for a broad range of industrial and construction applications, and invaluable in confined spaces or hard-to-access locations.

Telescopic Handlers

A unique frame design, the hinging point of the boom - the lowest on the market - together with the extending cylinder which is inside the boom, ensures a 360째 visibility, an unparalleled feature.

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McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 5 Spring 2010

2nd Komatsu WA1200-3

Delivered in Europe. In July 2008, Komatsu Ltd handed over the first Komatsu WA1200-3 “Mountain Mover” wheel loader ever delivered in Europe to the Talvivaara Mining Corp. The Talvivaara mine is located in Sotkamo in Eastern Finland, and it is considered as one of the largest known nickel sulphide deposits in Europe. Already very popular in Japan, the United States and Australia, the WA1200-3 is the biggest mechanical drive wheel loader in the world, and features the largest bucket in its class. To ensure maximum productivity in all work conditions, it is built around leading edge technology with travel speed and drive force limiters, tire slip control, manual and automatic transmission selectors and wheel traction control. The WA1200-3 is powered by a water-cooled, four-cycle, turbo charged/aftercooled Cummins QSK60 diesel engine with outstanding performance, high fuel efficiency, low emissions and low noise levels.

Main features of the WA1200-3 include: -H  ighest dumping clearance in its class - easily loads dump trucks up to 300 tonnes. - Komatsu's Electronic Control Modulation Valve (ECMV) system. The ECMV system automatically selects the optimal gear depending on load conditions, travel speed and engine speed. The full powershift with modulated clutch transmission has three forward speeds and three in reverse. -T  otal Management System (TMS): manages the machine’s operating condition to minimize downtime and reduce operational costs, and assures accurate maintenance and efficient use of service time. -V  ehicle Health Monitoring System (VHMS): covers strategic operating, production and maintenance functions. -T  he Komatsu tyre-saver electronically senses wheel slippage to control rim pull and stop tyre slippage and so extends tyre life. -G  ood stability and ride comfort also substantially reduce rolling when steering with a fully loaded bucket. The second “European” WA1200-3 was delivered to Norway at the end of 2008.

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McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 5 Spring 2010

Komatsu Introduces the

D65-WX 16 Crawler Dozer Worldwide premier of the new Komatsu D65-16 dozer Komatsu’s new D65-16 dozer, equipped with the patented SIGMA Dozer® blade and an optional PAT blade, made its worldwide premier at Intermat 2009. This 21 tonnes machine, available in three standard configurations (EX- WX –PX) offers highly increased fuel efficiency combined with top productivity and Komatsu reliability. A perfect choice for site preparation and work on general construction or home building sites, it includes a new cab, an improved power train with automatic gearshift transmission and a fully automatic lock-up torque converter. It also retains many of the innovative features of the popular Komatsu D155AX-6 dozer. The automatic gearshift transmission and full automatic lock-up torque converter are the key to the machine’s overall improved performance. Constant monitoring of application requirements allow the system to engage the torque converter when high torque is needed, or to lock - up the torque converter automatically and supply 100 % direct drive during less torque demanding working conditions, thus reducing the overall fuel consumption by up to 10%.. Power train components are sealed in a modular design that allows them to be removed and installed without oil spillage, thus making servicing work clean, smooth and easy. Taking advantage of experience acquired with the previous launch of the blade on the D155 in December 2005, Komatsu has improved the SIGMA Dozer® blade to make it a 100%

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versatile blade with the best performance in productivity, grading and spreading. Available on the EX and WX versions of the D6516, this original blade works like a V-shape bucket for ideal and aggressive penetration. Thanks to the standard pitch function it also offers a perfectly flat edge for top grading performance. The blade’s effective capacity and its rolling characteristics have been improved, with lateral edges helping to push the rolling material continuously towards the centre. The result is a 15% increase in dozing productivity when compared to a conventional Semi U blade. A straight Power Angle Tilt (PAT) dozer blade with a highly durable box structure is also available in option for all models (EX –PX –WX) making this dozer still more efficient in a wide range of applications

McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 5 Spring 2010

The D65-16 features Komatsu’s innovative Parallel Link Undercarriage System (PLUS), with rotating bushings combined with heavy duty double seals among other key enhancements. Sprockets, carrier rollers, track rollers and track guards have all been redesigned and are perfectly matched. Owners of PLUSequipped Komatsu dozers currently in the field confirm a much longer undercarriage life and significantly lower repair and maintenance costs compared to conventional systems available in the market.

The newly designed high rigidity cab - with a fully adjustable air suspension seat - is ROPS integrated and offers the best-in-class visibility. The cab spring and damper mounts isolate the operator from the machine body to suppress vibrations and lower irritating noise levels. High pressure rise and full automatic air conditioning prevent dust from entering the cab and provide a comfortable environment at all times. Finally, a large user- friendly, and multi-lingual LCD colour monitor enables safe, accurate and smooth work.

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McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 5 Spring 2010

Mobile processing repl

In the Scottish county of Lanarkshire, Paterson’s Quarries Ltd. gives a truly impressive demonstration of what comes of operating a mobile plant combination from Kleemann comprising a jaw crusher, two cone crushers and two screening plants: six high-quality end products in all specified grain sizes. IFine Feldspar Paterson’s Quarries Ltd. has been operating Dunduff Quarry in Kirkmuirhill since the beginning of the 1980s. The hard rock found in the quarry is dolerite originating from the Devonian period with inclusions of sandstone that has hardened under the influence of pressure and heat. The feldspar is of a reddish colour and is used as a decorative and highquality product on roads, car parks, driveways and in gardens. In addition, aggregate for concrete blocks as well as coarse-grained material for concrete and frost protection are also mined in Dunduff Quarry.

Stationary plant had served it's time When the time had come to replace the

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outdated stationary plant, the choice was soon made for a mobile plant from Kleemann. A mobile solution was preferred, since it would allow more flexibility in terms of location and also involved reasonable investment costs. “We chose Kleemann products for several reasons. For one, our experience with Kleemann plants in the past has been very positive. We also know that Kleemann simply has a profound process knowledge gained in several decades of experience in stationary plant construction, which they have often successfully transferred to mobile projects. Therefore, we were sure that we’d achieve precisely those results we were looking for,” explains Phil Doherty, the Mine Manager at Paterson’s Quarries Ltd. in charge of Dunduff Quarry.

McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 5 Spring 2010

laces stationary plant

Teamwork is a key to success

“The requirements did pose a great challenge, of course. A team of specialists is needed when switching from a stationary plant to a mobile system,” says David Norris, General Manager of the Mineral Technologies Division at Lincoln based sales and service company Wirtgen Limited that attends to Paterson’s Quarries. Today, the mobile plant combination from Kleemann successfully produces the six specified highquality end products. The new process design even requires no more than two cone crushers – unlike the old stationary plant which had required three – while producing an end product of higher quality at the same time. In addition to high-performance plants, many years of experience in applications technology are needed to be able to implement such processes successfully. Based on previously built mobile plant combinations and know-how from stationary plant construction, the engineers at Kleemann devised a coherent concept and made sure that it was implemented with maximum efficiency. And in the final analysis, both the excellent performance of the overall system and high quality of the end products are proof of the successful collaboration between Paterson’s Quarries Ltd., Wirtgen Limited and the Kleemann main plant.

Process chain tailored to precision

mm in size, is pre-crushed to 0 to 260 mm in size by a MOBICAT MC 120 Z mobile jaw crusher directly at the quarry face. It is particularly important at this stage to effectively screen the fines contained in the feed material as, in the next crushing stage, the material is fed to a mobile cone crusher type MOBICONE MCO 11 by means of wheel loaders. The MCO 11 crushes around 220 tons per hour of material to approximately 0 to 75 mm in size, and then transfers it immediately to the second cone crusher, a MOBICONE MCO 11 S, where the material is reduced to grain sizes ranging from 0 to 31.75 mm. Upstream of the crushing unit, the MCO 11 S is equipped with a triple-deck screen that immediately transfers the 0 to 6 mm grain sizes to the next plant, a MOBISCREEN MS 17 Z double-deck screening machine. In addition, the MOBICONE’s 2,000 x 6,000 mm screen decks ensure that the crushing chamber in the cone crusher is filled steadily and effectively. The MS 17 Z screens two end products of 20 to 31.5 mm and 14 to 20 mm in size, passing the remaining material smaller than 14 mm to the MOBISCREEN MS 20 D mobile triple-deck screening machine. This extremely powerful plant separates and stockpiles a total quantity of more than 150 tons per hour of material into high-quality final aggregate fractions of grain sizes 10 to 14 mm, 6 to 10 mm, 3 to 6 mm and 0 to 3 mm.

The feed material, which ranges from 0 to 600

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McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 4 Spring 2009

Always Repair before Failure

Engine Repair Options Now more then ever, it is vital that you keep your machines engine operating at peak performance. Always repair before failure. For the keenest price available for minor overhaul to complete engine overhaul, using only Genuine Komatsu Parts with a full 12 months warranty - contact our Service Department directly for a quote.



Excessive Black Smoke indicates hot unspent fuel Blue Smoke may indicate excessive oil consumption White Smoke indicates water in combustion chamber Oil Consumption may indicate broken or worn rings or liners Unusual Noises may indicate worn bearings Loss of Power may indicate dirty filters or poor fuel High fuel consumption may indicate incorrect machine operation Overheating may indicate worn belts, bad radiator core or low coolant Difficult Starting may indicate poor fuel or bad injectors Rising Oil Level may be the result of coolant or fuel leaking into the crankcase Debris in the Oil Filter indicates contaminant entry or internal leakage

Level 1 Before Failure Minor Overhaul

OTHER INDICATORS : Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis Engine Service Meter Hours may also be used to determine when to repair before failure

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o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Steam Clean Engine Replace Fuel Injector Nozzles Visually Inspect Crankshaft Rebuild Oil Pump Replace Cylinders Pistons & Liners Exchange Turbocharger Exchange Cylinder Head Exchange Water Pump New Main, Rod, And Thrust Bearings New Gaskets and Seals Clean Crankcase Breather New Water Temperature Regulators Performance Test Lubricants, Filters & Oil

AVAILABLE AT ADDITONAL COST : o Transportation or Hauling Charges o Labour to Remove and Install Engine o Fuel Pump Repairs o Fan Drive and Belt Replacement o Front or Rear Cover Repairs including Crankshaft Seals

McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 5 Spring 2010

Keep track of your Undercarriage Condition. Remember McHale Plant Sales is here to support you through these difficult days and we will! Contact our Parts department for the best deals available for Genuine Komatsu undercarriage Parts. FACTS 50 to 60% of the total life machine maintenance cost is undercarriage replacement and -servicing cost. A proper understanding of the causes of wear, methodical checks and correct maintenance practices can help minimise the effects of increase the working life of the undercarriage. All parts of the undercarriage are designed to work and wear as a system. As soon as one of the components starts to wear, this will have some effect on the rest of the system. Mixing new and worn undercarriage components may not be a good option. The only way to ensure that the track life is maximised is by accurate and scheduled measuring. Regular undercarriage measurements fed into Komatsu’s Wear Analysis Computor will allow to predict replacements that are meeting your equipment planning and offer taylored repair options, keeping your costs down. A “Run to Destruction” approach is not always the best solution. Manage your undercarriage correctly and extend its service life and your machine productivity.

BENEFITS o Recommendation of proper method of undercarriage operation and daily maintenance and thus extend the lifetime of your Undercarriage o Taylor-made solutions based on machine application, the amount and type of wear of each undercarriage component, resulting in a minimized undercarriage repair costs. o Predicted wear and lifetime of undercarriage parts, resulting on a

o o

scheduled Machine Downtime, meaning Maximized machine productivity, and Reduced Risk of Major breakdown

WHAT’S INCLUDED o Wear measurement of undercarriage components o Complete overview report of measured wear and predicted life time o Adjustment of track tension o Operator training on “best practice” AVAILABLE AT ADDITONAL COST : o Alignment of underdercarriage o Track repairs A few operational reminders : Avoid unnecessary high speed travel. Travelling at high speed means extra shocks, impacts and strain on the undercarriage parts, resulting in rapid wear, cracking, distortion or breaking of parts. Avoid track slip. Track slip is unproductive, wastes fuel and fastens shoe wear. Track shoes wider than necessary are harmful to pins and bushings and tends to increase shoe wear. Also track rollers, sprockets and idlers will suffer. Incorrect track tension will result in faster wear. An overtightened track chain reduces the life of bushings and sprockets. Proper alignment of undercarriage components to avoid accelerated and unbalanced wear and damage to roller treads, flanges, links and the sprocket segments and idler center flange. Avoid parking on sharp inclines. Parking the machine on a steep grade makes the gravity-induced thrust load distorts the o-rings in the floating seals of the track rollers, causing oil leaks. Clean the undercarriage as often as possible. Remove the packing material, abrasives and chemicals that are shortening the undercarriage life.

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McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 5 Spring 2010

Komatsu WA600-6 Wheel Loader takes productivity to new heights at Lagan Cement Lagan Cement have taken delivery of a new WA600-6 wheel loader at their state of the art plant and quarry at Kinnegad Co. Westmeath. The new loader is replacing the very reliable WA600-3 purchased in 2002, following a ‘’ Green Field’’ study of the equipment requirments using Komatsu (Optimum Fleet Recommendation) to match the equipment requirement to the application.

The target production is 500 tonnes per hour with a working range between the face and the hopper of a semi mobile crusher of 50 -70 metres. The WA600-6 features Komatsu SAAD170E-5 engine, part of Komatsu’s ECOT3 range of low-emission, EUStage IIIA-compliant engines. The engine is rated at 1800 rpm for quieter, More, comfortable operation. Combined with Komatsu’s unique ROPS/FOPS viscous cab mounts, this leads to noise levels of just 73dB(A) inside the cab-the lowest in this machine category.

The machine is employed on load and carry duty and is equipped with a 7.8 m3 bucket with Komatsu KVX profile edge.

The engine delivers an impressive 527 HP / 393 kW. Together with the Komatsu designed large–capacity

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McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 5 Spring 2010

sensing system (CLSS) hydraulics. Together, they deliver just the right hyrraulic flow for the task at hand, reducing fuel consumption. Furthermore, the operator can select different engine power modesand gear ratios to match the application, ensuring they have plenty of power when needed while maximizing fuel economy on lighter duties. torque converter this gives the the new loader best- in class rim pull for outstanding productivity. Productivity is further enhanced through a larger bucket capacity and the highest boom lifting force of any machine in its class. In addition,an optional longer boom (3990mm)is available, allowing the WA600-6 to load larger dump trucks for improved machine matching. For maximum fuel efficiency, the WA6006 includes a variable displacement pistonpump and closed-centre load

The main frame, loader linkage and front frame are reinforced for increased torsional rigidity. This extends the overall lifetime of the WA600-6, increases reliability and cuts maintenance costs. An easy-access ladder with a step light provides operators safe entry into the cab in all conditions - even at night. Other Komatsu machines at the location include a HD405-5 , 40 tonne Rigid Dump Truck and a WA480-6 Wheel Loader.

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McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 5 Spring 2010

McCloskey S190 Helps Rebuild Local Beach When Hurricane Ike hit, it left its mark causing widespread damage across the state of Texas. The full force of the Hurricane was seen by the residents, and businesses of Galveston, an island city on the gulf’s coast. The town relies heavily on the millions of dollars pumped into the local economy by tourists. According to a recent local study tourism provided nearly $15 million in hotel taxes and a third of all sales tax revenue was tied to visitors. After Ike, that income dropped by more than 50%. An ABC affiliate station in Houston, Texas reported on the effects of the Hurricane. ‘The beaches on which tourism is based have vanished along the seawall, the sand taken out to the gulf by the storm surge’. The town embarked on a massive project to reclaim and clean the sand that the storm stole, rebuild the beaches, and the island's economy. Through a temporary pipeline nearly a milelong, a mountain of sand is destined for the beachfront along the seawall. Eventually, 4,000 cubic yards will be mined just offshore and moved onshore. Matt Mahoney of the Texas General Land Office said, "It's a huge project. Over two miles of beaches will be restored in front of the Galveston seawall. This operation to dredge all this material out of here, it's a multimillion dollar operation to do this." Along the shoreline, the sand that did weather the storm

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is being cleaned and separated from the last remnants of debris. It's a giant sifting operation that is also being conducted by the state land office. The Land Office have invested in a McCloskey S190 tracked dry screener to remove the larger debris and produce high quality sand which tourist will want to come and enjoy during the summer. The S190 offers a high quality fine sand, and is able to meet the high tonnage requirements demanded for the project. "There's a lot of debris in this sand and what you're seeing back here is a screen where sand is being taken off the beach anywhere from 8 to 12 inches in depth," said John Gillen, of the Texas General Land Office. "It's being hauled by the large trucks to the screen. Clean sand is coming out one end and debris goes out the other two sides." When tourists do return, they'll have a beachfront of clean gulf coast sand to enjoy. The deadline for the project is the end of March when turtle nesting season begins the ABC affiliate station reported. Life and a lot of work goes on here as sand is being given back to preserve this barrier island called Galveston.

McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 4 Spring 2009

Invaluable Asset: The Right Information Komtrax was designed to give owners the information they need to make strategic business decisions regarding machines and their operations. The payoff is increased productivity and machine availability, as well as better management. Komtrax relays basic as well as critical performance data from the machine to the owner’s and the distributor’s computer. That way, the distributor is readily available for expert analysis and feedback. Using this information, distributors can best support customers’ parts, maintenance, and service needs. With accurate and timely information, distributors have improved their response time, which lowers owners’ costs and downtime. For example, machine cautions are transmitted to owners and distributor engineers so that the latter can troubleshoot the machine even before arriving at the jobsite. This allows distributors to provide a higher level of support by reducing travel expense and ensuring a prepared engineer arrives at the site — ultimately reducing the owner’s expense and unscheduled downtime. Machine operation monitoring can facilitate proper maintenance scheduling and can help identify a potential problem before failure occurs. Examples of the types of information the technology can relay include the following: • Service meter reading. Equipment hours can be tracked for a variety of uses, including service and maintenance scheduling. This eliminates the need to be at the jobsite or to rely on another party to log and call in current hours. • Operation maps. These maps tell owners what times of day their machines are operating and whether they are working when they should be. • Fuel level. Fuel level information helps owners better manage fuel service scheduling. A bar graph shows how much fuel is in the tank at the end of the day. • Average hourly fuel consumption. Taken from the fuel injection valve, owners can get a true reading of the actual fuel consumed and an average over the operating period, and can help determine which machines are working hardest. • Cautions. Owners will know if a caution light flashes in the cab. The caution explanation and time it occurred, as well as number of occurrences, are displayed on the Web site for owners’ review. • Working hours. Detailed operation information tells owners how and when the machine is being used, and how productive machines and operators are. Easy-to-follow bar charts show engine-on time, as well as actual working or non-idle time. • Load frequency. Knowing how hard the machine is working can help owners more accurately schedule component replacement and prevent major failures. Load frequency also works as an early warning sign for potential overload or underload situations and can tell the owner whether the proper-size machine is being used for the task at hand. • Machine operating info. Key operation information like excavation, travel, dig, relief, and hoist times can help monitor operator performance and assist with the training of new operators.

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Easy-to-Use Technology Owners can receive detailed information in easy-to-read daily, monthly, and annual summaries or reports about both basic and more advanced aspects of machine performance. Komtrax is web based and provides a wealth of information in a userfriendly format. The system also allows owners to enter and assign their own equipment numbers, jobsites, operators, machine-specific notes, and more. A variety of charts, maps, and graphs, as well as useful search and filter parameters, make it convenient for owners to find what they need quickly and easily. They can search for information about specific machines based on key factors, such as utilization rates, age, various notification messages, and more. Data can also be provided for custom office applications or can be downloaded directly into spreadsheet applications. In addition, access and viewing rights can be controlled so that the right people see the right information. Saving Fuel on a Significant Scale Lists and charts are great, but the key to a successful fleetmonitoring system is that owners can easily adapt that information to use their equipment more efficiently. An example of how to do that is by reducing machine idle time. Over the life of a machine, idle time typically accounts for nearly 20 percent of the machine’s total fuel burn. By eliminating 50 percent of non-productive idle time, fuel costs can be reduced by 10 percent, a significant reduction and savings in today’s environment of rising fuel costs and increased concern about engine emissions. Reducing idle time obviously saves on fuel costs, but one of the chief hidden costs of excessive idle time is reduced residual value of a machine. Because Komtrax measures idle time, users with multiple machines doing similar work can compare machine-to-machine idle times for insight into how much improvement is possible. For example, if two machines actually work 600 hours per year doing identical work, but one idles 40 percent of the time and the other idles 20 percent of the time, these machines will accumulate service meter hours at a different rate. After 5 years, the machine that idles 40 percent of the time will register 5,000 hours, while the one idling 20 percent will have less than 4,000 hours. All other things being equal, the machine with fewer hours is obviously worth more. In addition, the lower hour machine likely will have avoided two maintenance intervals, translating into increased availability, less operating expense, and more time to move material. Knowledge is power, and owners who have knowledge about their machines at their fingertips can make better daily and long-term strategic decisions. An equipment monitoring system should provide answers to critical questions about machines, including what they’re doing, when they did it, where they’re located, how they can be used more efficiently, and when they need to be serviced. If owners and managers can monitor machines on the Web anywhere and anytime, they have the power to make fact-based decisions that directly affect their bottom lines through increased efficiency and productivity, while lowering owning and operating costs

McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 4 Spring 2009

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Buying a new construction machine is a large capital investment. So you want to know that the machine is safe, making you money and in good working order. That’s exactly what Komtrax™, the Komatsu tracking system, is designed to address. It lets you remotely track and monitor your machine, giving you complete peace of mind. Komtrax™ is a satellite-based system that lets you download information from your machine via the Internet to a computer. It pinpoints the machine location using GPS and transmits machine information daily via a communications satellite. Basically, Komtrax™ offers you access to all the information available to the operator – no matter where the machine is.

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McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 4 Spring 2009


Mc Hale Plant Sales Ltd offers a full range of quality Komatsu and Kleeman low-hour used equipment

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McHale Plant Sales Ltd Used Equipment specialists have the connections and contacts, both internationally and within Ireland, to find the equipment you need, and back it up with the resources of the Komatsu network. For the latest list of Used Equipment available from McHale Plant Sales, including machine details, appraisals, condition reports and pricing, simply check out Tim Shanahan 087 2381329 our website Denis McGrath 086 3872881 Shanahan 087 2381329 our used equipment section Pat ShanahanunderTim 0868366739 Denis McGrath Pat Shanahan

086 3872881 0868366739

Tim Shanahan

087 2381329 086 3872881 0868366739

087 2381329

If youDenis are McGrath looking for any particular machine 086 3872881 Patdon’t Shanahan please hesitate to0868366739 contact us or email us on our dedicated used equipment Komatsu PC340LC-7Kemail S/No.K41008 year 2005 Hours 4,767 and we will send you our stock list or organize a meeting to discuss our available equipment. Contacts details


Tim Shanahan 087 2381329 Denis McGrath 086 3872881 r Komatsu PC340LC-7K S/No. K40699 Year 2007 Komatsu S/No.K41008 year 2005 086 PatPC340LC-7K Shanahan 8366739 Komatsu PC600LC-6K S/No.K30040 Year 2003 Hours 5,299 Hours 4,767 Hours 5,660

r Komatsu PC340LC-7K S/No. K40699 Year 2007 Komatsu PC340LC-7K S/No.K41008 year 2005 Komatsu PC340LC-7KKomatsu S/No. K40923 Year 2005 r PC600LC-6K S/No.K30040 Year 2003 Hours 5,299Komatsu PC340LC-7K S/No. K40699 Year 2007 Hours 4,767 Komatsu PC340LC-7K S/No.K41008 year 2005 Hours 5516 Komatsu PC340LC-7K S/No. K40923 Year 2005 Hours 5,660 Hours 5,299 Hours 4,767

Hours 5516

Komatsu PC600LC-6K S/No.K30040 YearPC600LC-6K 2003 Komatsu S/No.K30040 Year 2003 Komatsu PC600-6 S/No.PC240LC-7K 11043 Year 2001 Komatsu PC600-6 S/No. 11043Year Year2006 2001 Komatsu S/No. K40187 Komatsu PC600-6 S/No. K30004 YearPC600-6 2002 Hours Komatsu S/No. K30004 Year 2002 Hours Hours 5,660 Hours 5,660 Hours 8026 Hours 8026 9238 Hours 4,900 9238

Komatsu PC240LC-7K S/No. K40187 Year 2006

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Komatsu PC240LC-7K S/No.K40201 Year 2003

Komatsu PC210LC-7K S/No.K40346 Year 2002 Hours

7160 Hours 8108 Komatsu PC210LC-7K S/No.K40346 Year 2002 Hours Komatsu PC240LC-7K S/No.K40201 Year 2003 Komatsu PC240LC-7K S/No. K40187 Year 2006 Hours 4,900 7160 Hours 8108 Hours 4,900

Komatsu PC240LC-7K S/No. K40187 Year 2006 Komatsu PC600-6 S/No. K30004 Year 2002 Hours Hours 4,900 9238

Komatsu PC240LC-7K S/No.K40201 Year 2003 Hours 8108

Komatsu PC340LC-7K Hours

Komatsu PC340LCKomatsu PC600-6 S/No H

Komatsu PC240LC-7K KomatsuHour PC6 H

Komatsu PC210LC-7K

McHALE PLANT SALES NEWS Issue 4 Spring 2009

McHale Inc.

Kleemann MR130Z The Machine for the Job


cHale Inc, McHale Plant Sales US subsidiary, is poised with their fleet of Kleemann machines to benefit from the American Recovery and Investment Plan. The Obama Administration's allocation of significant stimulus funds for infrastructure revitalization has resulted in many highway upgrades within McHale Incs territory; nowhere is this more evident than in New York State. Currently, Thalle Industries, who are headquartered in Briarcliff Manor, New York, are using a Kleemann MR 130Z to make an asphalt recycled product to meet NY State Department of Transportation specifications for road building material. NY DOT requires that between 20 25% of material used in roadways is recycled product. Kleemann provides a choice of machines for the recycling market. Eric Billings of Thalle Industries explains that the company chose the Kleemann MR 130Z because its closed circuit design enables it to take reclaimed road surface and produce a final product with one machine, eliminating the need for a primary and secondary crusher. The company is happy with the TPH output of a high quality product, which is a consistent 10mm minus, and which meets NY DOT's strict requirements for product quality.

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John O’Brien 086 2527960 Tim Shanahan 087 2381329

Keith Carey (Limerick Depot) 087 6948932

Ger Costelloe 086 6058551

Sales Used: Denis McGrath (Dublin Region) 086 3872881 Patrick Shanahan (Limerick Region) 086 8366739

Frank Desay (Dublin Depot) 087 2522581

Niall Culligan (Service Supervisor) 086-8576640 Barry Lewis (Routine Service) 086-1738088 Colm Shortt (Warranty) 061-379112

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McHale Plant Sales - Newsletter issue 5 2010  

McHale Plant Sales National Distributor for Komatsu, Metso, Merlo and Zetor sales and service 5th annual newsletter.

McHale Plant Sales - Newsletter issue 5 2010  

McHale Plant Sales National Distributor for Komatsu, Metso, Merlo and Zetor sales and service 5th annual newsletter.