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Everything is bigger at Agromek More than 500 exhibitors 路 237 approved product news 路 Professionel activities 路 Knowledge sharing

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Welcome to Agromek From Tuesday 27 to Friday 30 November 2012 Northern Europe’s largest agricultural fair will be in full swing at MCH Messecenter Herning. Here you will be able to see all the latest innovations within farming machinery and equipment and the entire green sector. Agromek is a large, combined exhibition displaying everything – from the smallest tractors and farming equipment to anything used in livestock buildings, together with consulting and services. More than 500 exhibitors are looking forward to meeting you! View the entire activity programme at Agromek is arranged by: Danish Agriculture & Food Council and Danish Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery.


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Gain knowledge and inspiration Visit Agromek and be inspired by the many exciting innovations.

Agromek can boast 91 two- and three-star New Product exhibits out of a total of 237 approved innovations – the largest number of two- and three-star New Product exhibits ever to be exhibited at Agromek. There are several new features, including Speakers’ Corner, which offers a large technical programme you can use to top up your knowledge of all the latest developments. View the programme at Behind Speakers’ Corner you will find the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture, Agro Business Park, the Danish Machinery Suppliers’ Association and Danish Farmers Abroad.


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Tractors and farming equipment If you want to see lots of large tractors then Agromek is definitely the place to be. This year we are presenting even more large tractors than ever before. You will find many well known brands, and all the tractor manufacturers will be queuing up to present their various innovations. In addition you will get the chance to see many innovations within machinery and cultivation equipment, which are often the product of close collaboration between farmers, engineers and machine manufacturers. You will also benefit greatly from viewing and comparing the many makes of drilling machines, harrows, rollers, trucks, sprays and manure-spreaders, all of which greatly improve the efficiency of cultivation work.


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Crop management Agromek will be exhibiting all the equipment you need to store, transport and dry crops – regardless of whether you are looking for large-scale industrial equipment or smaller equipment for mixing feed for your business. The industrial systems are intended for both the feedstuff industry and larger businesses with high volumes of farm animal production. Many exhibitors at Agromek will be displaying plant and machinery specifically adapted for businesses that mix their own feed. This means that at Agromek you will be able to view a large selection of silos, milling and cleaning equipment and many other machines for self-mixing, all of which will provide you with inspiration for your new workplace. In addition, many exhibitors will be displaying plants for drying and transporting crops and seeds.


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Livestock machinery If you are looking for new ideas for building, renovation and arrangement of livestock buildings, you need look no further than Agromek. Regardless of whether you are a pig, cattle, fur or poultry farmer, you will be able to view and compare a large selection of solutions – whether general equipment or feeding, ventilation, mucking out or manure management systems. You will also be able to view the large exhibition of milking equipment. For the first time in many years the entire milking machinery industry will be exhibiting at Agromek, allowing you to gain an insight into the most recent developments and gain inspiration to take home.


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Construction, roads and parks Agromek is this autumn’s designated meeting place for the construction industry and the entire green sector. Here you will find machinery and equipment – both for major construction assignments and for tending for gardens, parks and other green areas. Visit and be inspired by the many new products displayed at the exhibition. Many of these are among the two- and three-star Agromek New Product exhibits, which effectively means that they are new to the market. The Danish Association of Machine Suppliers will have its own stand with activities several times a day. All exhibitors who deal with contractors and the green sector will be gathered together in the large Hall C which covers more than 10,000 m2.


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Energy Agromek will host an extensive exhibition of energy systems. Regardless of whether you are looking for a new boiler, an undersoil or other heating system, a broad range of exhibitors will give you the opportunity to view and compare their solutions. And if you are considering establishing a biogas plant, Agromek is also the right place to look for ideas and inspiration. Agromek’s two- and three-star New Product exhibits include several exciting new developments within energy. See more at


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Consulting Whether technical advice or strategic consultancy for your business, there will be no shortage of opportunities to obtain expert advice at Agromek. If you are curious to learn more about study schemes for farming, Agromek is just the place to be. Here you will meet colleges and learn about study schemes ranging from basic farming training to universitybased research.You can also meet financial advisors who will be happy to discuss your ideas and plans. A wide range of exhibitors will be looking forward to presenting the latest innovations within IT, which are making it constantly easier to document the assignments to be performed in arable and livestock farming. At the same time the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture will be happy to inform you of many new and exciting solutions which could give you ideas and inspiration for your business. In Hall Q you can see some of Denmark’s best milking cows and beef cattle, and will be able to learn more about cattle breeding.


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Hall overview

Cattle exhibition EAST ENTRANCE Q

Pit test drive

C A2











tractors and farming equipment

crop management

livestock machinery


construction, roads and parks





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Exhibitor list (per 8 October 2012. See the continuously updated list at 3F, Den Grønne Gruppe 3S A/S A/S Mortalin A/S N.P. Trucks A/S Niels Larsen A/S S. A. Christensen & Co. ABM Stål ApS ACO Funki A/S A-Consult Agro A/S Advokatfirma Kühnel Kringelbach AGA Saat GmbH & Co. KG Agri 2.0 Precision Farming Agri-Gro Europe A/S Agrima v/Johannes Jensen AgriScandi AB Agrisys Agro Business Park Agro-Link AgroMatch Agrometer A/S Agroskolen Agro-Top A/S Agrotop Kaczmarek Sp. ZO.O. AL-2 Agro A/S Alcon A/S AL-Laser A/S Allflex dan-mark ApS Alm. Brand A/S Almas Ålborg ALO Danmark A/S Alois Pöttinger Maschinenfabrik GmbH Alulette Vision America A/S AMU Center Midtjylland ApS Andersen & Nielsen A/S

Andreasagro Anico - animal control Animal Care ApS Anteco Mobile Units A/S AP Company af 2009 A/S AP Gyllevogne A/S Ariens Danmark Aps ASA-LIFT A/S ASE Assentoft Silo A/S Astute ApS ATR Landhandel DK ApS Avalon Innovation PD A-Z Trading Azelis Denmarks A/S Baltic Manure c/o Agro Park Business Baltic Workforce SMBA Bay & Kjærsgaard Import A/S BDO ScanRevision BG Biovarme A/S Big Dutchman (Skandinavien) A/S BioCover A/S Bionagro Danmark & Wind Agro Bionutria Danmark Birk-Dahl Staldindretning A/S BJ-Agro APS Blåhøj Vandfilter BM Silofabrik ApS Bogballe A/S BoPil A/S Bosch Beton B.V BouMatic Bovi-Denmark A/S Brdr. Holst Sørensen A/S Brdr. Toft A/S BREDAL A/S

BreednCare Danmark Briand - Claire Fontaine SA Bridgestone Danmark A/S Brocken Broekema B.V. Crop Conveyor Belts Brugerdata ApS Brøns Maskinforretning ApS Brørup Traktor- & Maskincenter Aps BSM Bio Fyringsanlæg Buchtrup Agro ApS Bulldog Agri ApS BVL van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG BVS Varmeservice Byggeri & Teknik I/S Bygholm Landbrugsskole Baastrup Vognen ApS / Novatech ApS Calvex A/S Catrinelunds Gård Carsten Borg Betonvarefabrikker A/S Challenger Forhandler Danmark CEJN Danmark Ceno-Top CHAPEL Hydraulique GmbH Clena high-pressure systems A/S CMN maskintec A/S CN Agro ApS CN Maskinfabrik A/S Compex-Gruppen Cormall A/S Cow-Welfare A/S C-Service ApS Dansk Benekov Importør D.P. International Dairy Spares Dairy Systems Danmark ApS

Dal-Bo A/S Daltec A/S Dalum Landbrugsskole Damas A/S Dan Egtved A/S DanAdvice ApS Danbox Danmark ApS Dan-Corn A/S Danfoil A/S Dani Trading A/S Dania Brandteknik Danish Crown A/S Dankvic ApS Danling Growing Danregn Vandingsanlæg A/S Dansk ABS Dansk Dyrestimuli a/s Dansk Farmer IT Dansk Landbrugsbyggeri A/S Dansk Mikrobølge Teknik Dansk Tagbearbejdning Danske Bank Danske Landbrugsskoler Danske Leasing Danske Maskinstationer og Entreprenører Danvet K/S Danvægt A/S DataLogisk A/S Daugbjerg Maskiner DeLaval A/S Denrex Aps Destron Fearing A/S Digi-Star Europe B.V. Djebel-96 OOD DK-TEC A/S Dyrlæger & Ko

Ecolab ApS EcoWind A/S Effektivt Landbrug, Landbrug FYN EK Agro Maskiner Ekko Maskiner A/S Eksportrådet Udenrigsministeriet Elektro Partner ApS Electrolux Professional Elkær Maskiner Embassy of Poland Economic and Commercial Section Envirologic Epoke A/S Erhversakademi Aarhus Erik Jacobsen A/S Eurofins Steins Laboratorium A/S EuroVet ApS EWH BioProduction ApS F. Berthelsen Fabrikken Unni ApS Falcks Redningskorps Farmsaat Fasterholt Maskinfabrik A/S Filterteknik A/S Fiona Maskinfabrik A/S Flex Gødning A/S Flex Trading A/S Fliegl Ibérica / Fliegl International Dep. FM Majs FM Maskiner ApS Fog Agroteknik A/S Forstmiljø A/S Fransgård Maskinfabrik A/S FrigorTec GmbH 17

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Exhibitor list (continued) FSI power-tech aps FUMO v. LSM Steel ApS G.K.M Aktieselskab Gartner-Kemi A/S, COntan2 GEA Farm Technologies Mullerup A/S Gejs Stoker & Solvarme ApS Geoteam A/S German Pellets Denmark Give Elementfabrik A/S Gjensidige Forsikring Gjøl Vakuum-Anlæg A/S GKN Driveline Service Scandinavia GMC.EU ApS GMR Maskiner A/S Grain Wood A/S Gram Slotssmedie Granit Parts Danmark Green Green-Tec Grene Grimme Skandinavien A/S Gråkjær Staldbyg A/S Guldhammer Engineering ApS Gøma Viborg ApS H. Andersen A/S & MVJ Kartoffelteknik H.C. Petersen Danmark A/S H.G. Enemark A/S H.P. Ståltag ApS Hammerum Service Center / Gotia Redskab Hans Nielsens Eftf. Hansen & Larsen A/S Hansenberg Hanskamp AgroTech Hardi International A/S HARDMAN Havemaskiner ApS

Harsø Maskiner A/S Hastrac A/S Hatting-KS Helms TMT-Centret A/S Henrik A. Fog A/S He-Va ApS H.G. Enemark A/S Hi-Spec / DANATEK HL Muffer ApS Hornsyld Købmandsgaard A/S Horsens Maskiner A/S Hoven Smede- og Maskinforretning A/S HPH Totalbyg A/S Hvidevejs Traktor ApS Hydra-Comp A/S Hydra-Grene A/S Hydrema Danmark A/S Hydro Service A/S Hydrocat Hydroscand A/S Højgårds Maskinfabrik ApS Igra Service IH Maskiner A/S Ikadan System A/S Indkøbskæden KOM-PLET A.m.b.a. Industriehof Scherenbostel GmbH Infarm A/S Ingemann Larsen A/S InterHeat Inc. ITE GmbH ITW Novadan Ivar Haahr A/S Jakobs Smedie ApS JAMAS A/S Jelling VVS & Maskinteknik ApS Jema Agro A/S

Jens Holm Smedie og Maskinværksted Jensen Seeds A/S JKL Teknik A/S JMA A/S John Boisen John Deere Johs. Møllers Maskiner A/S JSC Enim (Enim Lighting) Just Easy Tools Jydeland A/S Jyden Bur A/S Jydsk Tagrens Jyfa Maskinværksted Jysk Vandrensning A/S Jyske Finans A/S Jørgen Hyldgård Staldservice A/S K.I. Samen b.v. K-A-G Vognen Keenan System c/o Brdr. Holst Sørensen Kellfri ApS KF Halmfyr - Kaas Staalbyg A/S Kilian Water ApS Kissendrup Smedie & Maskinforretning Kjellerup Tagrenovering KJ Klimateknik A/S Klimadan (tidl. KH Nordtherm) Kongskilde Industries A/S KPMG Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab Kragmann A/S Kristelig Fagbevægelse KSM-Stoker A/S KT Maskiner

Kubota Motorer Danmark A/S KVA Diesel A/S Kverneland Group Denmark AS Kvikagro KVK Hydra Klov Kyndestoft Maskinfabrik ApS Kärcher A/S Köckerling GmbH & Co. KG c/o Mikael Jensen L Kemi og Handel ApS L.P. Weidemann A/S Landbogruppen A/S LandboUngdom Landbrugets Jobservice Landbrugsmedierne Landia A/S Landsforeningen af Danske Mælkeproducenter Landteknik-Andersen ApS Lars H. Grotrian A/S Larsen Porte ApS Leasing Fyn Bank A/S Lekea - Dan Trim ApS Lely Scandinavia A/S LEMKEN Skandinavien ApS Lemminkäinen A/S Letfarm I/S Limagrain A/S Lind Jensens Maskinfabrik A/S Linddana A/S LINDS AS Lindus Maskinhandel ApS Lin-Ka Maskinfabrik Ljungby Service LT Energiteknik AB Lubriq A/S Luftfoto Danmark

Luna Export AB Lunde Maskincenter A/S Lundsby Industri A/S Lundtofte Maskinservice A/S L.W. Bioenergie Lykketronic A/S Lynex Løkkes Maskinfabrik A/S MAFA i Ängelholm AB Makita Elværktøj Danmark Malco AB MaskinBladet/Dansk Agrar Forlag Maskinfabrikken Faust ApS Maskinhandler Indkøbsringen A.m.b.A Merko Danmark APS Merlin Malkeservice ApS MGM Boilers aps MHJ Agroteknik A/S Midtjydsk Aqua ApS Miele Professional A/S Miljø Fluen I/S Millag MKW Electronics GmbH MO Implements A/S Mosegård Silo A/S MPG Miljöprodukter AB MT Højgaard A/S Multione danmark / CSF SH Munters Turbovent Agro A/S Mørch Teknik NCC Roads A/S New Holland Danmark A/S NHS Maskinfabrik A/S Nicolaisen & Larsen A/S Nilfisk-ALTO Nimako Holland


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Exhibitor list (continued) Nordea Bank Danmark A/S Nordic Agro & Industri Kemi ApS Nordic Stald Kemi ApS Nordic Sugar A/S North Tec Biogas / 2G Station GmbH Nr. Hostrup Maskinhandel NT Industry Sp. z o.o. Ny Vraa Bioenergy I/S Nybolig Landbrug Nykredit A/S OG Maskiner A/S OK-Miljø A/S One2Feed ApS OPall - Agri s.r.o. Opicon Orla Hansen A/S Ornestation Mors ApS Overgaard Agro P.J. Skovværktøj ApS Panelbyg PanelTech A/S ParkLand Maskinfabrik A/S Passat Energi A/S PC Stål ApS Perstrup Beton Industri A/S Plus Tec ApS Poda A/S Pomi Industri ApS Pon Equipment A/S Porc-Ex A/S Pratec Group A/S Primo Vinduer A/S Proagria Landbrug A/S Præstbro Maskiner A/S Ramsta Robotics Rani Plast

RAVAK a.s. Strojírny Rozmitál RC Betonvarer A/S Realkredit Danmark Recticel Insulation Reka A/S Reno-FF A/S Ribers Maskinimport I/S Rigspolitiet Nationalt Færdselscenter Robert Bosch / IVT Naturvarme Rotor A/S Rovfluen ApS Runi Rytter Maskiner S.D. Kjærsgaard A/S Case Construction SAC Center Vest A/S Salfarm Danmark A/S Samson Agro A/S Sanovo Technology Group Scan-Agro A/S Scanboiler Varmeteknik A/S ScanEnergi A/S Scanlaser Scanmas A/S Scan-Plast Produktion A/S Scanregn a/s Scantruck A/S Schippers Export B.V. Seem Staldinventar A/S Servé - Maskinimport v/ Stephen Servé Silhorko-Eurowater A/S Simba Great Plains Ltd. Simon - Claire Fontaine SA SIWI Maskiner Skandinavisk Byggeplast ApS

Skandinavisk Landbrugsplast Skeltek Skiold A/S Skov A/S Skovdyrkerforeningerne Skovmek SKS Maskiner Skærbæk Maskinforretning Sloten BV Smedegården Nr. Vollum A/S Smedemesteren Sorring Maskinhandel A/S Spanvall A/S Spearhead A/S Special Maskiner Special-Butikken SPF - Selskabet Spæncom A/S Stach Agro Staldmæglerne A/S Star Spåner ApS Stemas Maskinsalg A/S Stenderup A/S STIF Stoll Stroco-Agro Aps STROM Export s.r.o. SundsAlfa Betonvarefabrik A/S Svend Aage Christiansen A/S Svenningsens Maskinforretning A/S Sydleasing Søby Maskinaktieselskab Søndergaard Maskinteknik Sønderup Maskinhandel A/S TBS Maskinpower Teejet Technologies Temahallen AB

Thisted-Fjerritslev Cementvarefabrik A/S Thorsen-Teknik Thyregod A/S Timan A/S Tjoelker Fourage B.V. TK Stål & Montage ApS TobiCo A/S Topdanmark A/S Top-Tek A/S TP Staldindretning Travel to Farm Trelleborg Wheel Systems Triova Tru-Test Scandinavia A/S Tryg Forsikring A/S Tunetanken A/S Turbodan Danmark Twin Heat A/S UBA-Uno Borgstrand AB Umega Uniq Cover ApS Unitron a/s Uno-X Energi A/S V.M. Såmaskiner Varde Køleservice ApS VeLamp A/S VengSystem A/S Vermeer Danmark A/S Vesla Gulve A/S Vestas Hydromann A/S Vestfyns Maskin Service ApS Videncentret for Landbrug Videncenter for Svineproduktion Vinderup Maskinforretning A/S Vissing Agro Vivet

VM Tarm a/s Vogelsang A/S VPL-System Vredestein Däck A/B VT Hallen A/S VVS Grossisten A/S Väderstad ApS Vådfodereksperten AS W. Domino A/S Watersystems A/S WeCare4U A/S Weibulls Horto Danmark A/S We-Tech ApS Wildlife Communication Technologies Winther Staldindretning Wisecon AS Workindenmark Yding Smedie A/S Øgendahls Maskinfabrik A/S Økologisk Landsforening AAG Aalborg Gummivarefabrik A/S Aalestrup Elektro ApS Aarhus Universitet - AU Foulum


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We look forward to meeting you in MCH Messecenter Herning Free admission for foreign visitors. More than 500 exhibitors – see who’ll be at

More than 500 exhibitors · 237 approved product news · Professional activities · Knowledge sharing

tractors and farming equipment

crop management

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livestock machinery

construction, roads and parks



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Everything is bigger at Agromek  

Agromek is a large, combined exhibition displaying everything – from the smallest tractors and farming equipment to anything used in livesto...