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Off Camera Flash Fill Flash Shutter Drag

• Off Camera Flash: when your flash is attached to your camera, the light source comes from a fixed perspective. Remove the flash from the camera hotshoe and hold it at various angles and see the effects. Try narrowing the beam of light so as to create concentrated areas of light. Try attaching it to a stand, essentially using like a studio strobe.

• Fill Flash is the technique of balancing the flash output to match the ambient light. Set shutter to synch with flash, take a light reading, adjust your aperture and flash to the same f-stop. When you shoot under midday sun, the flash will fill in the shadows and give good exposure to both foreground and background.

• Shutter Drag is when you use your flash with a slow shutter speed, creating an image with some sharpness and some blur, suggesting movement. Start in a dark environment and set your aperture to match your flash. Activate the light meter and slow your shutter until you have ‘correct’ exposure, then increase the speed one or two stops. You want the flash the be the key light and the ambient 1 or 2 stops underexposed, with a slow enough shutter to show blur.

Flash Techniques  

description of three techniques for using a camera flash.