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LEVER May 2022

Senior Edition

Table of Contents Meet Joe, Our President by Jana Hofmann...............................3 Senior Wills by Juliette Saiz and Boscoe Slann.........................4 Graduation Horoscopes by Boscoe Slann.................................5 Favorite Teachers by Jaiden Flowers........................................6-7 The Next Chapter by Jonah Chlebus.........................................8 Seniors Most Likely To by Amilyana Ruiz................................9 The IB Program by Sarah Wilson............................................10-11 Palmer in Pictures by Juliette Saiz..........................................12-13 Staff Superlatives by Edan Reilly............................................14-15 Picture Perfect Senior Stories by Calandra McLaughlin........16-17 Oh the Places Seniors Will Go! by Calandra McLaughlin......18-19 Palmer HS’s Retiring Staff of 2022 by Edan Reilly................20-23 End of Year Thoughts by JaLyn Castro....................................24 25

Meet Joe, Our President

After two years of online and hybrid learning, Joseph Van Dyk, our Student Body

President, has helped the students of Palmer enjoy school once again. His position as President includes meeting with the alumni and principal to discuss a variety of school news and events. He also helps with planning events such as the Color Jamboree, Homecoming and Powder Puff. Joe’s family has always taken on leadership roles to help their communities. This has inspired him to follow in their footsteps to become class President and help Palmer’s community for the greater good. Throughout the school year, Joe had made many good memories, his favorite memory was being the DJ at the Color Jamboree. He really enjoyed seeing everyone dancing to the music he played and seeing the freshman get out of their comfort zones, especially after the pandemic. Joe will be attending the United States Naval Academy to major in mechanical or aerospace engineering. He hopes to be assigned to pilot school after graduating from USNA. At the conclusion of our conversation, Joe was asked what he would like to say to the students of Palmer. He stated, “Simply just be kind to one another. Kindness can create a community full of tightly bonded relationships that could potentially last you a life time.” It also should be noted that it’s important “to give everything you do a purpose especially during your time in high school. If your actions lack purpose, then there is little room for learning, and improvement. Purpose can also make things more fun and tolerable during times where it doesn’t seem possible.”

Joe and student council members at the Color Jamboree


SENIOR WILLS The place where Seniors let out their last testaments I, Jayda Martinez, leave my pencils to the hallways of Palmer High School. Since apparently you needed them more than I did.

I, Logan Kuhlman, leave Greg Egbert all of my band t-shirts. Even though they are too big for you, I know you’ll put them to good use.

I, Samara Thompson, leave my younger brother D’von Thompson, who will be attending Palmer next year, all the love and support needed to have a successful four years at Palmer. And I hope he makes it worth while, because he will be out before he knows it. I, Rebecca Hermanson, to my exwife Magda, I leave children. But she knows that it’s dealt with. As for my collection of Styx albums, I leave that to no one. Because that’s who appreciated Styx as much as me.

To Esperanza Thornton, I leave my many thanks for buying my lunch... many, many times.

I, Andrew Mandabach, leave my internal rage to. Maxwell Pearson

We, the Lever, leave all these chaotic and confusing Wills for your enjoyment. I, Nathaniel Morris, leave my height to Lenore/Edgar Carty. The rest of my assets shall be forfeited to the person or animal who caused my downfall. I, Ryleagh Bralick, leave Mr. Wybrant several therapy sessions and all of the patience in the world for next year’s 7th period. Godspeed. I, Samuel Prince, leave Mr. Wybrant a coupon for therapy sessions.

I, Gregory Egbert, leave the future Terror TV cast the gorilla costume for use in Terror TV. It doesn’t smell that bad yet, and the mask is kind of falling apart, but make sure to use it for good and not evil. I, Matthew Bush, leave my soul to Becca Frazer so that she can constantly torment the choir teacher Mr. Peckham. I, C-dawg, leave K-Dawg my ultimate quad throwing skills that you could never match! Watch your free hands. I, Emily Norman Campbell, leave all my lost pencils and pens to Alex for every time I did his notes. I leave Caeden my pink and baby blue bear backpack. And to the freshman, I leave my unfinished projects and homework. 4

BRUTALLY HONEST GRADUATION HOROSCOPES Are you having issues seeing how life will be past high school? We‘ve consulted with our top astrologists and here are some likely answers for what’s to come. Aries (March 21 - April 19) Don’t get too excited, you’ll just be in your parent’s house for another 5 years.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) Being stubborn will get you nowhere.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20) You’re already indecisive enough. Maybe you should give up.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22) *obligatory cancer joke here*

Leo (July 23 - August 22) With how self centered are, maybe you should chase your dreams of being a CEO.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22) Being a perfectionist is just going to lead to you overworking yourself.

Libra (September 23 - October 22) You’re never going to get anything if you keep flaking on everything.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) Your honesty is gonna end up in a lot of beatings.

Sagitarrius (November 22 - December 21) Your optimism is going to make you fly too close to the sun.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) Manipulation will get you really far in law school.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) Don’t get too full of yourself.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20) Maybe don’t go after that degree in psychology.


Favorite Teachers Throughout our high school career, we’ve all had so many different teachers that we’ve created strong bonds with. With graduation near, it is a great to time to reminisce about some of our favorite teachers. This year, we’ve decided to highlight some of our seniors’ favorite teachers and include their reasoning why.

Mr. Wybrant

“He is the most chill, kind, caring, funny and patient teacher I’ve ever had. Even though I haven’t been the best student in his class, he has always put up with me.” - Xion Tippie

Mr. Ward

“He pushed me not only to be a better percussionist, but also to be a better human. I can go to him on advice with school and life and he’s always there. He may be a young teacher, but he’s developing his program into something that will be incredible sooner than later.” - Juan Lozano

Ms. Stevens

“Ms. Stevens is kind of strict, but she notices when something is wrong and has always been there for me.” - Zaria Carr

Mr. Lohman

“He’s fun to be around, makes physics enjoyable, and everybody loves him.” - Levi McCarson

Mr. Peckham

“He cares, he’s always got a quip ready to go, we can spend half an hour in his class just laughing at nothing, or we can get a lot of work done to prep for our next concert, and no matter what, it’s always fun.” - Juliette Lynn

Mr. Sisneros

“He always made me feel at home in his class and it was like I had nothing to be afraid of. He made the work less stressful and didn’t let it pile up on his students. He cares for his students greatly.” - Emily Norman-Campbell

Mr. Lohman

“Mr. Lohman is by far my favorite teacher Mr. Ward because he creates personal relationships “Mr. Ward is 100% the most fly teacher with his students and both takes and dishes in the history of Palmer High School. He out jokes. He creates a safe environment for comes in with the best color coordinated his students where they feel comfortable to outfits with his shoes. I mean, he wore the be themselves and thrive academically. He Kobe 6 Grinches to the last assembly, what is a selfless teacher who is great at what he more can you ask for in terms of shoe does.” game?” - Joe Van Dyk - Andrew Mandabach 6

Mr. Grantz

Ms. Stevens

Mrs. Osborne

Ms. Logan

“He is a fun teacher who teaches well and is a joy to be around.” - Sam Prince “She takes the time to really engage with everyone and puts thought into all of our activities, and that is reflected in her effective teaching. Also, she is rather funny and down-to-earth.” - Logan Kuhlman

Ms. Cline

“She cares about her students’ life outside of school and also cares about everyone’s education. She often thanks her students for feedback or just anything in general. She makes it known she cares about you and your well being.” - Spencer Abila

Mrs. Roberson

“She is always so helpful in class and always comes to work with a great attitude.” - Samara Thompson

Mr. Wybrant

“He’s caring and jokes around with all of us.” - Mia Miller

“She’s easy to talk to and helps you with anything.” - Maddie Bennett “I’ve had her every year and I always look forward to her class.” - Joshua Wheeler

Mr. Carlson

“He’s probably my favorite because he’s one of the few teachers I still mess with and talk to.” - Noah Lancaster

Mr. Ferguson

“Mr. Ferguson has always been extremely caring and dedicated to Palmer and his students.” - Mya Valdez

Mr. Carlson

“He made high school life easier.” - Charlie Dennings Mrs. Logan “She always makes me laugh even if I’m sad and always has a good attitude.” - Dallas Clements

Mr. McNeil

“He’s a really cool guy with fun stories.” - Greg Egbert Foreign language teachers complete escape room for PD.


The Next Chapter For a lot of our athletes, playing collegiate sports is one of their biggest dreams. A big step for our athletes here at Palmer is getting those prestigous althetic scholorship offers to play sports for colleges. Here at Palmer, a lot of our top tier athletes get offers from multiple different schools. Below you will find our athletes that have commited to colleges and what they are going to play. Jaiden Flowers has committed North Central University located in Minneapolis, Minnesota to play Men’s Basketball. We asked Jaiden what he was most excited about going to college to play sports and he said “There are so many great aspects of playing college sports. The crowds always bring high energy which makes for a great atmosphere during the game. You also get to play the sport you love at a higher level which only pushes you to get better and become the best player that you can.” We also asked Jaiden what he was looking foward to. Jaiden said that with the unlimited access athletes get to the gym and weight room, it is easy to go workout whenever he wants which is a huge benefit to playing college sports. He said that he was most looking forward to meeting new people and creating a good bond with his future teammates and friends. He also said that he is very excited to see what Minneapolis has to offer and learning about business and sports management to hopefully set himself up for a successful future. Overall, he thinks he has prepared himself well for college and is “excited to see where I go from here.” Savannah Everett has committed to Trinidad State Junior College to play Women’s Volleyball. Savannah is an outside hitter that has played Palmer Volleyball since she was a freshman. We asked Savannah what she thought was one of the most exciting aspects of play collegiate sports and she said, “One of the most exciting aspect of playing college sports would definitely be meeting new people!” She is thrilled to meet new people from around the world. Another thing that she is really happy about is playing at a college level. College is definitely another level of competition, In college you play against other students from new places and the intensity level is insane and it creates the drive to win and to do better. The last question we got to ask her was what she was looking foward to most and she stated that, “One thing I’m looking forward to most going into college is definitely being in a new environment and community and just seeing how it’s like. I’ve heard from others how close people get in such a short amount of time especially since the campus is pretty small and easy to access.” Mya Valdez has commited to Oberlin College located in Ohio to play Women’s Lacrosse. She plays defensive midfield for Palmer’s varsity team. We asked Mya what she was most exited about playing at the collegiate level. She said “That at the collegiate level she is for the rule changes and new rules that come with college lacrosse. With the high school to college rules changing the game becomes more aggressive and fast which in turn makes it more exciting.” Mya also said that she is looking forward to Oberlin College’s 8 community environment and getting to move to a new state.

Senior most likely to... (Voted by Palmer Staff)

Become a stand up comedian

Win a Nobel prize

Damien Butcher

Henry Stevens

Break a world record

Become a professional athlete

Joe VanDyk

Cody Myers

Bring home a stray animal

Ellie VanDyk

The Lever wants to give a big thank you to the Yearbook crew for sharing some of their photos with us. 9

The IB Program Palmer is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school. This program “empowers students to ownership in their own learning” and to “develop inquiring, knowledgable, confident, and caring young people”. These programs are the IB Diploma Program and the IB Career-Related Program. Both of these programs are available to take during junior year to senior year, and provide helpful resources to get you going throughout the rest of students school careers. In addition, students may take individual Diploma classes for credit.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

•After successful completion, students earn an IB Diploma along with their High School diploma. •Helps prepare for college, and has opportunities to earn college credits. •Guaranteed to receive 24+ credits after earning the IB Diploma when attending a public Colorado College or University. •Must meet core requirements in Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS). •Must complete courses Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals & Societies, Sciences, Math, and Arts. •In the end, students must accumulate a minimum of 24 total points to earn an IB diploma -At least 12 points from Higher Level (HL) subjects, at least 9 points have been gained on Standard Level (SL) classes). •IB Course Candidacy: Students can enroll in 1 or more IB Diploma Classes with the opportunity to earn college credit with scores of 4 – 7 on IB exams.

The International Baccalaureate Career-Related Program

•Students select one Career strand for which they will study and fulfill course requirements (4 semesters of CTE classes in a strand) •Strands can be Media Arts, Graphic Illustration, Computer Science and Programming, Sports Medicine and Health Sciences, Graphic Art, and more. •Requires completion of 2 Diploma-level courses, SL or HL -Higher level is 2-year classes whereas Standard Level is 1-2 year classes •Must complete 4 CORE CP requirements; -Personal and Professional Skills class (enrolled in 11th and 12th grade) -Reflective project -Service learning 10 -Language development

Fernando Hernandez is a senior graduating this year in the IB Program. He decided to do the IB Diploma Program (IBDP) in order to help him grow as a student and person. He said that it has helped him to get ahead on learning academic material so when he reaches a higher education level he is not surprised by the workload or difficulty. Fernando said that the IBDP is intense in a good way. It’s a lot of pressure trying to keep up, but as long as you manage your time well, you will do just fine. “The work levels are very collegiate”, Fernando said. “In every class they expect a lot from you because you are getting college credit in the end (if you pass the exams).” He said that IB wants you to demonstrate that you know and understand college level work! Fernando said that the class, “Theory of Knowledge”, which is only available to seniors in the diploma program, has been one of the best classes he has had the privilege to take. “This course has definitely changed my perspective on life.” Out of all the classes he has taken, Fernando’s favorite class is HL art, a two-year course. Instead of a two-hour exam, he said they put up an exhibition with a coherent body of work that they have created throughout the course of the two-year class period. Overall, the IB Program has given him great experiences, skills, and knowlegde that will help him for the rest of his life. “It has helped me become well spoken; at times it is required for me to keep it professional.” Fernando also said that the IB program has helped him get everywhere on time, and become a more responsible person in and out of school! The IB Program and classes looked great on his college application and helped him get into a great college. The IB Career Program (IBCP) is new to Palmer. This is the first year it has been offered, so there are no seniors in the program yet! Bee Gall is a junior, in the career program. Bee’s career strand is Media Art. They take Art and Design, which focuses on fine art and the fundamentals of art. Bee said that they chose the career program because they, “Thought it was the best fit for the academic track I saw myself pursuing.” They weren’t sure if college was what they wanted to do after high school, and the IBCP gave them a specific field to study. They said that if they decide to go to college, it would most likely be for art, and the IBCP has prepared them for that. “Having a strong sense of the basics I’ve learned from this program will help me to pick up on more complicated techniques in the future.” Out of all the classes that Bee has taken so far, Bee said that their favorite has been Personal and Professional Skills. “I will never be able to say I didn’t learn how to do taxes in high school.” The important life skills taught in this class will be useful for the rest of their school and work career. Bee described this class as a “breath of fresh air after a long day.” The IBCP’s work level is not easy, but manageable, according to Bee. “With having to take muliple IB classes and pass the IB exams, it can get overwhelming, but with the right worth ethic and time management, its do-able,” said Bee. All in all, Bee doesn’t regret joining the IBCP. “It took a lot of deliberation, because I felt like joining the IB Diploma Program is what has always been expected of me, and it was what all my friends were doing.” Choosing the new program was one of the biggest decisons they have had to make. Bee said the IBCP is great for anyone who doesn’t know if they want to go to college, but still want to focus on a specific field. “I’m incredibly thankful that I was able to join this program!”


Palmer In

“Capturing memorie

In Pictures

ries in the timeless rhythm of life..”

-Aashna Rajput

Staff Superlatives As Voted by the senior class of 2022

Most Parent-Like

Most Caring

Hardest Tests

Ms. Waltz

Mr. Sisneros

Mr. Lewis

Most Likely to Make A Student Cry

Most Popular

Most Likely to Cry From a Student

Mr. McNeil

Mr. Hienton

Ms. Choi


Most Likely to Show Up Late

Ms. Stemper

Best Storyteller

Mr. McNeil

Most Likely to Ditch the Lesson Plan

Mr. Wybrant

Best Dressed

Worst Dressed

Mr. Ward

Mr. Lohman

Makes Fun of Students Most

Made Fun of by Students Most

Most Likely to Ditch Class

Most Likely to Still be at Palmer in 20 Years

Mr. Johnson

Ms. Gay

Mr. Wybrant

Mr. Schulzki


Picture Perfect Senior Stories

Senior class of 2022 has had many difficulties in their high school career. They started as struggling 9th graders and then not even a year later, after somewhat getting an idea of how high school works, a global pandemic was thrown at them. Now, two years later, they are moving on to new and bigger experiences! However, before they graduate, they would like to share with you some of their favorite and most memorable senior moments that were just picture perfect to them! Mya Valdez’s Senior Story: “My favorite senior story from this year would have to be all the football games with student council, cheering on the side lines!”

Matthew Bush’s Senior Story: “The color dance was super fun and it was actually my first school activity!”


Andy Mandabach & Antonio Lozano’s Senior Story: “Our favorite memory from senior year so far would definitely be, winning the “Best Percussion” award at the Friendship Cup Competition with the rest of drumline at Fountain Fort Carson High School!”

Mia Miller’s Senior Story: “When I got to work with the kids in the last show I did with Palmer’s theater program!”

Callie McLaughlin’s Senior Story: “My favorite memory from this year would 10 out of 10 have to be, being head captain for color guard! Being able to lead them through our circle up tradition at our State Championship Finals, and just taking in the moment right before preforming was one of the most rewarding and fullfilling experiences!” 17

From here, there, and everywhere seniors are leaving high school and moving on to new endeavors! Though we are sad to see them go, we are also excited to watch them grow! Today is their day, they are off to great places, so they must get on their way and go!

2022 Senior Post-Grad Plans


Student Survey Responses 4- Year Colleges: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Oberlin College Colorado University of Boulder Washington University University of Northern Colorado Whitworth University Colorado School of Mines Pacific Lutheran University Colorado State University University of Portland Colorado Mesa University Louisiana State University Colorado State University, Fort Collins Chapman University Adams State University St. Olaf College Arizona State University North Central University University of Oregon Oberlin College Oregon State University John Cabot University Macalester College



College Military Working

Out of State

Travel Colorado

2-Year Colleges: Pikes peak Community College Western Colorado University Trinidad State Military: United States Naval Academy United States Air Force United States Marine Corps

Other: International Salon and Spa Academy Traveling Internationally 19

Palmer High Schools’OF 2 0

Retiring Staff 2 2

This year, Palmer High School is wishing congratulations to the Palmer staff graduating on to the next stages of their lives. After years of watching their students move along through their high school careers, these staff members are finishing theirs. Here, we celebrate the staff retiring from Palmer in 2022wishing them smooth transitions, happiness, and health.

Griselle Duval D11 ELL Community Liason Mrs. Duval has worked at Palmer High School for 19 years. Currently, she holds the position of English Language Learning community liaison. This position requires her to not only work with ELL students across Palmer but across D11- including Coronado and Mitchell High School. During her time in D11, she has worked with ELL students and families, aided in communication, provided students and families with support and resources, as well as handled cultural relations. Before working for Palmer, Mrs. Duval lived in Puerto Rico and Spain, something she believes is very helpful in relating and forming relationships with her students. After going to college, and studying public relations, she was hired for a job in the military family support center where she aided military families in distress. She held this position living in Florida, and then at Peterson Air Force Base. After being offered a job by D11, Mrs. Duval accepted and has since served as the D11 Community Liason. “Palmer supports ELL kids and that means the world to me,” she tells me. During her time here, she has formed relationships with her students beyond what could be imagined. “I attend funerals, weddings, baptisms, family gatherings, and quinceaneras,” elaborating, “I conduct home visits, and these parents trust that I have their children’s best intentions at heart.” She tells me she remains in touch with many of her students, visiting with ones from years ago. Mrs. Duval says her favorite part of this job has been her ability to form relationships with her students. “Being able to support them is a huge privilege to me,” she tells me. Throughout her career, she has been able to form close bonds with 20

students from all over the world. This aspect of her job at Palmer is what she says she will miss the most in retirement. Mrs. Duval says she is looking forward to many things during retirement, one of them being her health. She is very excited to get back to hiking, biking, climbing, and the outdoors. She says the idea of living with less stress is something she looks forward to. In addition to this, she looks forward to spending time with her granddaughters, hoping to take care of her husband, herself, as well as the rest of her family. She plans on volunteering throughout D11, in order to prevent completely disconnecting from her students, while also helping others in need.

Sally Kelly Administrative Assistant to the IB Program Mrs. Sally Kelly is another retiree the Palmer community will be missing next year. After working as the Administrative Assistant to the IB program at Palmer for 14 years, and as the Education Assistant at North middle school for six, she plans on retiring at the end of this school year. During her time at Palmer, she has helped countless IB students through their exams, extended essays, and personal projects. Without a doubt, her help in students’ academic careers has produced many successful alumni and is a “crucial part of making Palmer do the great things Palmer does,” as said by Mrs. McGilvray, Palmer teacher. Before her career within D11, Mrs. Kelly accumulated many achievements outside of the school system. Mrs. Kelly has worked since high school. After attending University, she graduated with degrees in Philosophy, Psychology, and as a Paralegal. After college, she worked for her husband for twenty years as an attorney. Even after earning her degrees, she says none of them were what she had seen for herself when she was young. Something she said she had always been interested in was becoming a part of the school system in some way, though she did not want to be a teacher. After her two children attended Palmer in high school, Mrs. Kelly decided she wanted to stay a part of D11. Without the desire to teach, she started her 20 year-long career within the school system as the Education Assistant and Administrative Assistant to the IB Program. 21

One thing Mrs. Kelly says is her favorite aspect of the job is the kids she interacts with on the daily. She says though she might not get to interact with them in the same way teachers do, moving with them through their years at Palmer allows her to interact in different ways. Another thing she talks about missing is, “the everyday hubbub in the office,” gesturing to the environment around us, noting she will miss the staff at Palmer in her retirement. One thing Mrs. Kelly says she will not miss is the daily five o’clock alarms, she told me jokingly. In addition to this, she will not miss having to watch kids cry, she says its the hardest and her least favorite part of her job. During retirement, Mrs. Kelly says she looks forwards to spending time with her new grandchildren and family. She also looks forward to learning to garden, and afterwards, beginning her own.

David Shackelford

Palmer Coach and Gym Teacher David Shackelford (aka Coach Shack) is retiring from teaching this year after spending the last 26 years at Palmer High School. He started teaching 32 years ago at Harrison, where he also began coaching girls basketball. During his teaching career, Coach Shack was in charge of physical education and helping students to engage in exercise, as well as pursuing general health and wellness. Before he began teaching, Mr. Shackelford sold office supplies. Afterward, he pursued a Master’s degree in administration at Western Colorado University. Though being in administration was a goal at the time, his degree was never used. When asked about how he got into coaching, Coach Shack told me he had a buddy who held the position of head coach of the girl’s basketball team at Harrison. After attending a practice or two, Shackelford took interest. He was offered the job of assistant coach and asked for time to think about taking the position. “Two minutes later I called him back and said I’ll take it.” “I always thought that coaches belonged in the [School] building.” He told me. This is part of what started his career in teaching. He credits his interest in teaching students how to engage in sports to his active childhood. As a kid, he had always played sports, mainly football and basketball. His main goal was to be a coach. He had always wanted to be in athletics. This became key in becoming a school teacher as he believes the two go hand-in-hand. “It’s a nice gig,” he tells me, referring to the benefits of his own building and the demands of the job, 22 “I get to play games- it keeps me young.”

Coach Shack says his favorite part of the job is interacting with students, and watching them grow and change from freshman to senior year. He will miss them, the friendships he’s made along the way, as well as the staff at Palmer. Something he won’t miss are the “hoops” teachers have to jump through as new changes show themselves within education- something he describes as ever-changing. When asked about what his plans for retirement are, Coach Shack said, “I have a regime of 26 years here, not showing up is something I’m going to have to get used to. Waking up every day and asking what is today going to bring me? And trying to figure that out.” In all, he doesn’t have many plans for retirement. He looks forward to subbing at Palmer, describing how tough things were during the pandemic for teachers. Though he believes his job completed him, he’s a big family guy and looks forward to spending time with his family. While he doesn’t know what his plans are, he anticipates a lot of free time to find things to do, “I look forward to seeing what’s on the horizon for me. It’s been fun.” Although Mr. Shackelford is retiring from teaching this year, he plans to keep coaching until next year.

We wish our staff good luck in moving on to the next steps in their lives, and keep open arms in hopes of seeing them soon. We congratulate them in their transition to retirement, celebrating their achievements in and outside of the D11 community. Lastly, we thank them for their time, efforts, and dedication to the Palmer student body and faculty. The Lever would also like to acknowledge retiring Palmer staff who did not wish to be included in the senior edition, due to privacy reasons- all of whom remain just as crucial, and just as celebrated in guiding students through their high school careers- appreciated and congratulated by the Palmer community.



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