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Gems Division G Newsletter October 2012, Volume 1, Issue 1

Meet your Division Team Division G Governor Heather SterlingMarriott, ACB, CL

Area 60 Governor Catherine Tremblay, CC Club excellence, Speak with Style, Mount Royal, SNC Lavalin

Area 61 Governor Emilio Morales, ACG, CL NDG Leaders, Golden Mile, Royal SpeakEasy and W.O.W. (Words on Wings)

Area 62 Governor Johanne Constantineau, ACS, CL Mercure, Eloquentia, RBC, Montreal, Dassault System

Highlights In this edition: Meet your Division Team Division Governor’s Vision Upcoming Area Contests District Conference Promotion The Movie “Speak” Promotion Division Contest Promotion

Division Governor’s Vision I am honoured and grateful to be elected as your Division G governor this term! Being involved in a leadership role in this community allows me to lead my team of area governors to the best of my ability, and to serve the membership and the clubs with excellence and integrity. I am confident that in the process, all clubs, areas and the division can attain the highest distinction for 2012-2013. My objective is for Division G to achieve President’s Distinguished Division status this term! Filled within Division G is diverse and charming membership. We are some 500 proud members within 21 distinct clubs throughout central Montreal. My vision is that all members be inspired to accomplish at least one significant milestone for themselves in their educational track, so each member experiences the fulfilment of a new level of competence and confidence. This is a gem we can each offer to ourselves and be proud of the time that we invested in ourselves and leave a grand legacy. May all your dreams and goals come true in life and in your Toastmasters journey 20122013! st

Accomplishments in 1 Quarter: Area 63 Governor Makram Defreige, ACS, ALB Olympia, Outremont, Expression Ahuntsic, Leaders en action

Area 64 Governor Sacha Pommepuy, ACB, CL McGill, Concordia, South Shore, Chateauguay

"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." --Bill Gates

District-sponsored officer training 93 club officers have been trained for the club officer roles & responsibilities. Officers are empowered with understanding of their independent role and appreciate the integral component they play in success of executive team. Result: Quality club meetings are run that best serve the interest of members in their educational growth and development. Contest Official & Judges training Successful delivery for contest official training workshop st 1 time in Montreal! 2 part series: th on Sept. 9 creating quality contest (via skype)


on Sept 14 judges training (live at the Kiné-Concept Institute) Collaborative effort of 3 division governors of Montreal: Allan Wong (Division F), Heather Sterling-Marriott (Division G) and Linda Charbonneau (Division H), Result: The participants in each of these workshops gained significant value to launch forward their organizational leadership skills! Contestants are given the best opportunity to move progressively through each level of competition with the most fair and just quality control procedures being maintained. Official club visits by the area governors Area governors are completing an official visit and submitting reports to TI and the district. Assess particular assets of club and needs of members within each club. Club and district officers can mobilize resources to fortify elements requiring attention. Congratulations to the leadership team that made these missions reality!

Upcoming Area Contests Area 61: October 10th Golden Mile Club, StJames Church on Ste-Catherine. Starting 7:00 pm. Admission: $5.00.

Area 64: October 12th at Concordia "John Molson School of Business” building 10th floor in the cafeteria at 7:00 pm. Admission: $5.00. th

Area 62: October 18 at 1210 rue Sherbrooke. Starting at 6:00 pm. Admission: $10.00. Come on out, everyone! Listen to the best speakers in the Area and have a great time with your fellow Toastmasters!

Conference Chair’s Message

Area 60 and 63 Winners A joint Area Contest was held on Tuesday, October 2 at HEC Toastmasters club. Here are the first place winners for Area 60:

Hey there fellow Rockin' & Rollin' Toastmasters! Just a quick note to remind everyone of the upcoming District 61 Fall conference, which will be held in the hometown of The Tragically Hip and Bryan Adams. Yes, you guessed it! None other than the Limestone City: Kingston, Ontario! Aptly fitting, our theme is "Rock Your World!". A call to action to impact those around us.... The Ambassador Conference Resort will host the festivities during 16-18 November 2012.

--Nora Hank, SNC Lavalin Evaluation contest in French -- Helen Peng, Speak with style Evaluation contest in English --Vitaly Terekhov, Speak with style Humorous speech contest in English

English Contest, from left to right: Bruno Regimbald, Leo Grogery, Vitaly Terekhov, Helen Peng, Martina Branagan The Area 63 winners are the following: - -Serge Bergeron, TM Olympia Evaluation contest in French - -Martin Champagne, TM Olympia Humorous speech contest in French -- Bruno Regimbald, Outremont Humorous speech contest in English

Come and see great workshops and awesome keynotes given by a stellar bunch of folks who have truly Rocked Their Worlds. World Champion of Public Speaking 2003 Jim Key, DTM; International Director Region 6 Lori Lococo, DTM; former International President Chris Ford, DTM; and a bevy of other home-grown orators! Contestants competing in humorous speeches and scintillating evaluations will dazzle your senses. Join the live rock band "Jack Shrapnel" to dance into the wee hours as all work and no play makes Johnny Rocker and Suzie Roller dull boys and girls. Legendary DJ Jack Thompson Services will spin the disks the following night. Juke Box Trivia, prizes for best rocker costumes, basket raffles, wine & cheese party, First Timers and DTM Receptions round out the festivities. Bring your banners and your dancing shoes! 'Cuz "We're Gonna Rock & Roll Around the Clock All Night"!!!! See you there!

SPEAK is a documentary film about the fear of public speaking, and the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. Filmmakers Paul Galichia and Brian Weidling embarked on an almost two year journey conducting hundreds of interviews about public speaking anxiety, and capturing every stage of the tense, highly competitive World Championship of Public Speaking. It all culminates in a week of fascinating human drama in Calgary, Alberta, after which one person is crowned “World Champion of Public Speaking”. Funny, inspiring, moving, and utterly absorbing, SPEAK follows the trail of those brave souls who take on the fear of public speaking – the world’s #1 fear – and live to tell the tale. Extract from website: Stay tuned: show time is coming to Montreal soon.

Division G Contest Saturday, Oct 20, 2012 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM College Rosemont 6400, 16E ave, Montréal, QC H1X 2S9 Metro Pie XI & Beaubien Come hear the best contenders of humorous and evaluation speeches in Division G Admission: $10.00

Book your rooms, they are going fast!!!

French Contest, from left to right: Serge Bergeron, Mohammed El-Hamraoui, Nora Hank, Martin Champagne, Heather Sterling-Marriott, David Rowley, Andrew Adaszkiewicz

Myra Stonier Conference Chair District 61 Fall Conference 2012

Editor: Angela He (McGill Toastmasters)

October - Toastmaster Month

Thanks to Division E, District 72, New Zealand Toastmasters for their help.


We are now at the 88 anniversary of Toastmasters. It was on October 22, 1924, that a leader we know as Ralph Smedley started this great organization. Will your club hold an open house commemorate this month?

Please send your feedback, comments and creative ideas for future issues to:

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