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Dear respectability politics, I don't know how else to say this   other than fuck off and fuck you.   Yes the two   both of them   because you are no longer welcome   not here   not with me   not in my space   not in my body.  

But I'm not silly. I know how respectability politics works   how it exists   how it hurts   like a relentless disease   in an attempt to seize   eating away   like a parasite in my brain   without my okay   chewing and spitting out my remains   day by day.  

Never free from its rabid bite just like that bitch called white supremacy.   Yes, it's one of those   so now’s the time if you want to go   Don't worry I'll wait.   No?   Okay great, stay.  

As I was saying I know how you operate respectability politics   and as much as I want you out of my life   you're like a nine-inch knife   wedged into my spine   making a home   in between bone and flesh   again without my consent   but still you are there.   Deep enough to hurt,   but not quite deep enough to kill,   but oh how you fill up my life with your shit respectability politics   You invade my mind and the way I think;   you invade my mouth and the way I speak;   you invade my eyes and the way I see;   you invade my body and you haven't paid the fee.   I am not free  

Black McGill (No. 2)  

The second annual issue of the zine put out by the McGill Black Students' Network. A compilation zine featuring writing, photography, painti...

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