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Constitution of the Student Association of Sustainability, Science and Society (SASSS) Â

TO BE RATIFIED in Winter 2012 BASiC Referendum

Article I: Name 1.0

The organization shall be called the McGill Students Association of Sustainability, Science and Society (SASSS), herein referred to as “SASSS”.

Article II: Aim 2.0

SASSS exists to represent all McGill students enrolled in the Sustainability, Science and Society program at McGill University, to provide activities and services to enhance the educational, cultural, and social opportunities of its members, and to promote their interests. 2.1 The society shall have jurisdiction and final authority over all and any affiliated activities. Article III: Membership 3.0

The society shall consist of all students registered in the McGill Sustainability, Science and Society program, from first to last year of study inclusive and who are in good standing with the university.

Article IV: Membership Fees 4.0

The society shall not collect membership fees aside from those paid as tuition fees.

Article V: Financial Restrictions 5.0 Control of all monies belonging to the society is under the jurisdiction of the society executive and its use must be agreed upon by unanimously by the society executives in the case of society activities and interests of any amount, including sponsorships and endorsements. 5.1

The spending of money shall reflect the aims of the society.

5.2 Any member of the society shall have access to the financial records of the society within a reasonable time after a request is made. 5.3 Sponsorships, endorsements and affiliations from sources outside McGill shall require unanimous approval of the society executive. Article VI: Powers and Duties of the Executive Council 6.1

The governing body of SASSS shall be known as the Executive Council (hereinafter, Council) and as such shall: (a) recognize the supremacy of the Constitution of SASSS and be bound by it; (b) be empowered to make all decisions and take action on behalf of SASSS; (c) adopt the SASSS annual budget (d) establish Committees of Council where and when it deems necessary; (e) have the power to mandate an of its representatives to adopt and defend a specific Page 1 of 5


stance. The terms of office for members of the Council shall be from the first (1) of May to the thirtieth (30) of April.

Article VII: Executives of SASSS 6.0 The executives of SASSS shall be: a) President b) The VP Academic c) The VP Internal d) The VP External 6.1 All executives of the society must be selected by the members of the previous year’s executive team in the spring prior to the academic year in which they will hold office. All other open positions will be filled at this time by the current executive. 6.2 The President shall be responsible for the general organization and administration of all society activities and shall reside as the chair at executive meetings. It is the ultimate responsibility of the President to ensure representation at Bachelor of Arts and Science Integrative Council meetings. The President shall be voted in by the previous year’s executive and shall be someone from within the executive. On the event that no one from within the executive wishes to serve as president or the majority of the executive does not vote for their instatement open elections will be held. 6.3 The VP Academic shall represent the academic concerns of those students in the Sustainability, Science and Society program. This includes voicing concerns and suggestions. They shall be responsible for organizing peer advising and be available upon request to discuss general degree requirement issues. 6.4 The VP Internal shall be responsible for coordinating events with the help of the rest of the executive, keeping an orderly record of activities within SASSS, and be responsible for the maintenance of SASSS e-mail account and listserv. This includes writing and sending out emails to all Sustainability, Science and Society students. 6.5 The VP External shall represent SASSS interests before the BASiC committee, attend the ArtSci assembly and discuss any matters and concerns of SASSS with BASiC, and will report any feedback to SASSS at the SASSS meeting. The VP External shall be responsible for all cash flow into and out of the society account and for keeping a record of financial transactions in a ledger kept for that purpose. The VP External and president have signing privileges. Any and all members of the executive have signing privileges and a minimum of two signatures is required to write all cheques and withdraw money from the account. Article VIII: General Elections

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All executive members of SASSS shall be eligible to vote in SASSS selection of the following year’s executive team.

8.2 Procedures: a) Selection of the following year’s executive team shall take place between February 15th and March 31st. Article IX: Candidate Eligibility 9.1 9.2

All members of SASSS shall be eligible apply for any position on the Executive Council. All selected individuals must remain members of SASSS throughout their mandate and within the Sustainability, Science and Society major program at McGill University.

Article X: Referenda 10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5

All members of SASSS shall be eligible to vote in SASSS referenda. Referenda shall be passed by majority. Each referendum question shall deal with one (1) issue only. Any fee imposed by referendum must be brought to a subsequent referendum in three (3) years. A referendum may be initiated by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Council or by a petition signed by at least fifteen (6) members of SASSS.

Article XI: Removal from Office 11.1 11.2 11.3

Any member of the Executive Council may be removed from office for impropriety, violation or the provisions of this Constitution and by-laws, delinquency of duties or misappropriation of funds. A motion to remove a member of the Executive Council shall require a two-third (2/3) majority vote of the Executive Council. Quorum for a motion to remove shall be two-thirds (2/3) of the Executive Council.

Article XII: Superceding Clause 12.1

This Constitution repeals and supercedes all previous versions.

Article XIII: Amendments to the Constitution 13.1

This Constitution may only be amended by a referendum conducted in accordance with this Constitution.

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SASSS Constitution  

This is the SASSS (Student Associaion of Sustainability, Science and Society) constitution, ratified in the Winter 2012 BASiC referendum.

SASSS Constitution  

This is the SASSS (Student Associaion of Sustainability, Science and Society) constitution, ratified in the Winter 2012 BASiC referendum.