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BASiC 2012-2013 Appointed Positions This year is an exciting one for BASiC and we would love for you to be a part of it! There are tons of opportunities to suit your interests between party planning, introducing new academic programs, and presidential politics. Our application follows for all committee positions, including NiRC and Ampersand conference planning committees. Please email your application to the listed address and include a CV with the application document. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email either the listed address or We look forward to having you! Note: If applying to multiple positions and/or committees please fill out one application and email it to all portfolios involved.

Freshman Arts & Science Committee This committee focuses on reaching out to freshman Arts & Science students with social and academic events and consists of the VP FYA and Members-at-Large. By joining, members can suggest and run events specifically for their fellow first years! In addition to planning freshman events, the committee discusses strategies to enhance the BASiC Buddy Program and improve the relationship between BASiC and freshman BA&Sc students. Note, students in U0/U1 are preferred but all students can apply. This committee meets bi-weekly throughout the year and forms in mid-September. Applications to

Academic Committee The Academic Committee exists to aid the VP Academic with all portfolio related matters. This includes helping with the preparation of career information seminars, offering feedback on academic program changes, and working to come up with suggestions for new major combinations or interfaculty programs. This is a great opportunity to learn more about and make a real difference to the BA&Sc program! The academic committee also organizes Town Hall and First Year information sessions. Committee forms mid-September. Applications to

Events Planning Committee Do you like planning events such as our infamous beer pong night? Do you have a knack for creating the parties everyone wants to be at? Lend your creativity to events such as the semi-formal, grad cocktails, fun excursions, and fundraising events. This committee meets bi-weekly throughout the year, members will work both as a team and individually. Many opportunities involve marketing, promotional design, money management and logistics. Applications to

Presidential Affairs Committee Members assist with projects under the BASiC President's portfolio, a great way to learn about how BASiC operates, help shape BASiC's identity as a representative body, and engage with the wider McGill community. These could include: working to enhance BASiC's relationship with the administration or other campus groups, drafting documents such as ArtSci surveys or constitutional amendments, and organizing student consultations on pertinent issues. No specific experience is necessary. Commitment varies throughout the year, and may average approximately 1-2 hours a week. Applications to

Sponsorship Director (1 Position Available) The BASiC Sponsorship Director will oversee all of BASiC's sponsorship-related endeavors and will work closely with the BASiC VP Finance over the course of the year. His/her main responsibility will be to work with the Ampersand and NiRC planning committees to seek sponsors for both conferences, held annually in March. Responsibilities include: putting together sponsorship packages, contacting businesses that rely on students and convincing them to sponsor an event (either through providing free services or providing money), and keeping track of which organizations have been contacted. Knowledge of French and experience with finances/sponsorship are assets, but are not required. The position will also provide valuable experience working with companies, particularly if one plans on moving into the private sector. Note: The sponsorship director will NOT be responsible for putting together funding applications for specific BASiC-affiliated events or groups; these must be done by the groups themselves with the assistance of the BASiC VP Finance. Applications to

2012 -2013 Planning Committee Under the BASiC VP Academic's portfolio, the committee will work with the NiRC Chair on the successful execution of the annual research conference. Presenters from across the country will be invited to share their integrative research with the McGill community and any other students who wish to attend this weekend conference. Committee duties will include finding speakers and undergraduate research submissions, obtaining funding and sponsorship, organizing event logistics and promotion. The committee will be looking to form each year in mid-September. Time commitments for this committee will consist of bi-weekly meetings throughout the Fall semester and weekly meetings during the Winter semester. Applications to

2012 Planning Committee Descriptions Director of Logistics (1 Positions) The Directors of Logistics will be responsible for booking venues and assist the committee members with various tasks throughout the year for the conference. Organization and interpersonal skills are valuable. Previous experiences are also assets

Director of Publicity (1 Position) The Director of Publicity will have to ensure that all information will be circulating fluidly within the McGill community. He/she will be in charge of applying for funds outside of the campus and advertising of the conference. Efficient communication skills (oral and written) are required.

Director of Communications (1 Position) The Director of Communications will be the main liaison officer between McGill and other universities/CEGEPs. He/she will be sending out invitations and corresponding with the guest institutions. Bilingual candidates are welcomed.

Director of Research (1 Position) The Director of Research will be responsible for selecting the researchers who will be presenting at NiRC. He/She will go through all the research papers that are submitted to decide which ones are suitable for the conference. Great organization and comprehension skills are assets. Also broad knowledge of integrative research can be a key.

Director of Media (1 Position) Director of Media will be responsible for building and maintain the NiRC website. He/she will be in charge of facebook and twitter as well as the assistance with document formations. Previous experiences with web designing and extensive knowledge of graphic design are major assets.

Member at Large (1 Position) Member at large will be taking minutes during each meeting and document the records. He/She will work closely with the Directors and help out with various tasks during the planning process.

What is Ampersand: the Conference?

Ampersand: the Conference is an annual student-run, profit-neutral event produced by McGill’s Bachelor of Arts & Science Integrative Council (BASiC). Over the last three years, Ampersand: the Conference has seen some amazing speakers and incredibly unique workshops. Even though it is hosted by BASiC, it is by no means a conference specifically on issues that only pertain to Arts & Science. The goal of Ampersand is to produce an event that is unique, interactive, and most importantly, unforgettable. Ampersand brings speakers, performers, and workshop leaders of many diverse specialties together in an effort to promote an interest in learning that is often dampened upon entering post-secondary education. The conference format changes every year, and any ideas are welcome – the possibilities are endless! Applications to

Past Speakers and Conference Themes 2009: Balance • • •

Keynote Speaker: Sue Johanson, famed Canadian Sex Educator Presentations: Science & Art, Politics of Podcasting, Relationships in Postmodern Ghostland, Extraterrestrial Life Workshops: Stage Combat, Gender Communilogue, Bali-Gamelan Music, Yoga &Physiology

2010: Creativity in the Digital Age • •

Keynote Speakers: Christian Lander, creator of the blog Stuff White People Like, and Ben Huh, founder of the I Can Has Cheeseburger? Franchise Workshops: Digital Orchestra, Digital Marketing, Filmmaking and Stop Motion (with TVMcGill), and Science Communications and Graphic Design

2011: (no theme name for this year) • •

Keynote Speaker: Brooke Magnanti, also known as Belle de Jour, a former call girl who became a UK forensic pathologist and well-known author. Presentations: a group of students from circus school (they hope to one day participate in the Cirque du Soleil), a self-defence expert whose extensive resume includes work with the FBI and the Montreal Canadiens, and an Arts & Science alumni who spoke about the science of seduction.

2012: MultipliCITY •

Keynote Speakers: Journalist Charles Montgomery, author of the forthcoming book Happy City, and Ilana Gershon author of The Breakup: 2.0

Workshops: Rap performance and workshop by rapper and McGill Alum Jonathan Emile, and Social Acupuncture, a group which seeks to induce encounters between strangers

2012 Planning Committee Descriptions Director of Marketing and Media (2 Positions) The two Directors of Media will be responsible for building and maintaining the Ampersand website as well as spreading awareness of Ampersand throughout the McGill community. The Directors of Media will also be responsible for making and distributing event posters and utilizing social media to advertise the conference. Competence in social networking, written skills, and computer skills are required. Previous experiences with web design and extensive knowledge of graphic design are major assets. Candidates are encouraged to submit a portfolio if possible.

Director of Internal Communications and Logistics (1 Position) Responsible for setting meeting times, booking rooms and venues, taking meeting minutes, and establishing communication within the planning committee. Candidates should be organized and accountable.

Director of Finance (1 Position) The Director of Finance will be in charge of planning Ampersand’s budget, and will be working very closely with the VP Finance of BASiC and the Director of Finance for NIRC. Basic knowledge of accounting, budget-making, and good interpersonal skills are required.

Director of Content (1 Position) The Director of Content will be responsible for generating content for Ampersand as well as maintaining contact with guest speakers and ensuring that the conference runs smoothly. Professional manner, great interpersonal and organizational skills, as well as general knowledge of McGill and the Montreal area are required.

2012-2013 Appointed Positions Application Name: Phone Number: Email: Year and Program (e.g. U1 Cognitive Science):

Interested Position(s) and/or Committee(s) (Please list two director positions if applying to NiRC or Ampersand):

Please keep the following answers at a reasonable length. Be concise! Point form is fine. Don’t forget that we also have your CV, so there’s no need to repeat too much information. Why do you wish to be involved with BASiC? (Tailor your answer to your positions.)

What skills and/or experience will you bring to this/these position(s)?

Do you have any new ideas for events or initiatives pertaining to the position(s) you have applied for?

Thank you for your interest and good luck! All applications are due Sunday September 23, 2012 at midnight.

Appointed Positions Application 2012-2013  

For any committee or director position during the 2012-2013 academic year.

Appointed Positions Application 2012-2013  

For any committee or director position during the 2012-2013 academic year.