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good recent movies from 2004-2014 any genre? Rise regarding and Dawn associated with Your Planet in the Apes (Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action) Guardians of the Galaxy (Sci-Fi, Fantasy) Super Troopers (Comedy) Ted (Comedy) Thor 1 + two (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action) The Avengers (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action) 50/50 (Comedy) Toy Story three (Animated, Comedy) The Hitchhikers guide For The Galaxy (Sci-Fi, Comedy) Both Hobbit movies (Fantasy, Adventure) Arn: the Knight Templar (Action, Fantasy) Amazing Spiderman (Fantasy,Action) Harlock: Area Pirate (Anime, Fantasy) 3:10 to Yuma (Western, Action)

Apocloypto (Action,Adventure) Transformers 1 and dark of the Moon (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action) Iron Man 1,2,3 (Sci-Fi, Action) Sherlock Holmes one and a pair of (Action, Mystery)

Source(s): Yeah I such as my Sci-Fi and also Fantasy. Statement pirates kings hack Abuse

good recent movies from 2004-2014 any genre?  
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