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Lakes and ponds serve a vital function in the environment. They provide a basin to capture surface water after rainstorms and augment the drinking water in our aquifer.

Waterway maintenance needs the skilled knowledge of professionals. Allstate specializes in maintaining lakes by controlling weeds and algae, monitoring water quality, stocking native fish, debris removal and helping to control aquatic pests.

Creating sanctuary areas by introducing native plant species helps to restore the natural beauty of lakes and preserve areas.

Aquatic plants stabilize shorelines, improve water quality and induce clarity through filtration. Allstate specializes in native plantings that accomplish environmental objectives.

The aesthetic and wildlife value of lakes, ponds and stormwater retention basins can be greatly enhanced by maintaining preserves and creating sanctuary areas planted with beneficial aquatic vegetation.

Preventative weed control is the most effective means of preserve care, and perpetuates the value of a property.

Weed control must start with clean planting areas that are maintained through an integrated program of best management practices.

Floating fountains with decorative spray patterns help to beautify highly visible waterways while assisting nature with many biological benefits.

Allstate can add beauty and function. Our experts will design the ideal fountain or aeration system for your lake or pond.

Increased dissolved oxygen levels help to sustain fish populations, assist in controlling undesirable bacteria and improve the overall health of a waterway system.

Bottom diffuser aeration systems help to speed the decomposition of organic sediments, improve circulation, and reduce the potential for fish kills in a waterbody.

A balanced, healthy fish population can help to absorb excess nutrients in the water, control undesirable weeds, insects, and other aquatic pests. They also provide a recreational asset for enjoyment.

Whether it is triploid grass carp for assistance in weed control, or largemouth bass for the avid angler, Allstate is equipped to handle all your fish stocking needs.

Natural wave action and storm events take a toll on the banks of lakes and ponds. In time, these physical actions can erode shorelines. This can result in property loss, potential safety hazards, and liability exposure.

Allstate has the knowledge and expertise to manage various types of erosion problems. Whether it is erosion control or the repair of damaged shorelines, Allstate can help.

Stormwater systems accomplish many vital functions. Their primary purpose is to prevent flooding by rapidly removing surface water.

A properly functioning drainage system helps to maintain water quality, capture pollutants, and contributes to balancing Florida's precious drinking water supply.

Various government agencies in Florida have specific regulations regarding the maintenance of these complex stormwater systems.

Allstate's team of experts will keep your stormwater system operating properly and in compliance with government standards.

Non-compliance of jurisdictional agencies can result in fines and unnecessary expenses.

A detailed water quality program is a very useful tool.

Data collection indicates seasonal fluctuations in nutrient levels which can positively or negatively influence an aquatic ecosystem.

Sufficient and appropriate water quality information is crucial in order to make important management decisions concerning waterway systems and care.

Water testing is critical if the waterbody is used for swimming or fishing.

There is nothing like mosquito bites to take the fun out of water-related activities. There are many weapons in the war against mosquitoes and midges.

Instead of waging the war in the air, the attack has to be delivered to the insect's breeding ground.

For speed and effectiveness, few techniques compare to larvicides; substances that control larvae, the preadult insects that feed and mature in water.

Stocking lakes and ponds with mosquitofish, is a method of long-term biological control, which is environmentally sensitive.

Litter, trash, and debris removal helps to eliminate pollutants in lakes and ponds.

Drainage outfalls and stormwater components can become clogged, causing flooding when debris collects in flow patterns.

The unsightly collection of debris in the water can influence the aesthetic value of your lakes, ponds, and preserves.

Allstate has a debris team ready to assist you in handling all debris related concerns.

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- Native Plantings

- Wetland Management

- Fountains

- Fish Stocking

- Erosion Control

- Stormwater Systems

- Water Quality

- Aquatic Pest Control

- Debris Removal

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Allstate Resource Management  

Allstate Resource Management has over 25 years of experience in maintaining the health of lakes, ponds, wetlands, and stormwater systems. We...

Allstate Resource Management  

Allstate Resource Management has over 25 years of experience in maintaining the health of lakes, ponds, wetlands, and stormwater systems. We...