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Unified Storage – Benefits of Unified Storage Solutions Unified storage is sometimes referred, as Network Unified Storage (NUS) and is a type of storage system that helps in managing and operating applications and files from one device. This system consolidates block-based and file-based access within one storage platform and assists in IP-base SAN, fibre channel SAN and NAS, i.e. Network attached storage. Unified storage systems manage the block-based input/output and simultaneously enable data storage. In reality, it is often deployed as a NAS platform that is renovated to include block-mode support. The new age unified storage solutions helps in reducing hardware requirements for an organization. In place of different storage platforms, such as RAID disk array for block-based storage and NAS for file-based storage, unified storage brings together, both modes in one device. Similarly, the single device can be implemented either for block or file storage as needed. Service providers of unified storage systems have introduced customized recovery, unified storage and back up solutions, that enables organizations to minimize back up expenses, enhance protection and streamline data recovery. The innovative Deduplication storage system significantly minimizes the quantity of disk storage required to secure and maintain enterprise information. By recognizing the outmoded data and files while they are stored, the unified storage offers a storage footprint that is about 10x – 30x small on an average as compared to the original dataset. The back up data is effectively retrieved and replicated over present networks for simplifying consolidated tape operations and disaster recovery. Speaking about unified storage it is important to discuss about storage consolidation as well. This is the concept of sharing and consolidating storage resources amidst several application servers. This consolidation offers a common platform to manage and assign increasing demands for data storage while minimizing administrative attempts and enhancing storage utilization. Service providers of unified storage have also introduced storage consolidation solutions that use innovative technologies and are created in order to enhance efficiencies, maximize storage assets, carry on operations with the present infrastructure and provide elasticity to influence future technologies.

Unified Storage – Benefits of Unified Storage Solutions