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Data Center Management Simplified with Unified Storage Unified storage is a rage right in the storage industry. The storage of large volumes of data that has led to the development of data centers solutions. The data centers offer the organization innovative computing and storage solutions with quality, reliability and performance. The premise of the dedicated unified storage platform is that it is inexpensive, easy to use and fast for file sharing. Unified storage implies that it will simplify storage management by having a single platform to deploy storage services (NAS or SAN) from. The area to look at in unified storage is how well the two services are integrated how that integration makes it easier. The main attraction of a unified storage product lies in the underlying disks that can be presented as multiple storage protocols. This can be done in a way that does not need a number of disk resources for each storage domain. Unified storage also offers a lot of features beyond simple storage resources. This generally includes replication, snapshots, and cloud integration, to name a few. There is a reduction in hardware and management requirements as unified storage enables both block and file data to be stored in a single enterprise storage server. Unified storage has a number of advantages and addresses various issues. Besides enabling block and file access, it also reduces the complexity within the datacenter. With a single platform, the unified solution provides users the facility of one system, one footprint in the datacenter to realize the power, cooling and space advantages. Most likely to become the standard storage platform in the data center unified storage is said to be both the present and the future of data storage. This storage platform fits the current environment perfectly mostly due to its lower initial capital investment and reasonably low operation cost. Centralizing and sharing of the unified storage resources among multiple application servers consolidates data storage, improves storage utilization and reduces administrative effort. It also helps small enterprises as well as large businesses to store, safeguard, optimize, and leverage information, from a single e-mail to production databases besides keeping them secure. With the right storage server, enterprises can build an efficient information infrastructure that lets them store, protect, optimize, and leverage their information, from a single e-mail to production databases. Unified storage is an important tool that helps in addressing many existing data center challenges. It also aids in getting power, cooling and space utilization under control. With a unified storage platform, there is a combination of both modes to offer a single solution, thus making it the most advantageous solution. Click here for more on high performance computing cluster

Data Center Management Simplified with Unified Storage