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Greg McDonnell

Paint Splatter Panels

The pattern in this panel design was made by splattering paint onto the board then tilting it vertically, allowing the colors to run down. The original base is a light green-blue color with red and yellow paint added on. The red and yellow were mixed with water to make it runny, and as the two colors ran down the board they blended to form orange. Additional color matchings were created in photoshop to offer a variety of schemes.

In similar fashion to the previous panels, I chose a green base with red, yellow, and orange paints splattered on. However, this base color has a much darker value and has much more blue than before. The pattern was made by hitting the brush against my wrist and letting the paints spray randomly onto the board. I progressively hit the brush harder to get larger droplets, creating a layered effect with heavier splatters on top and smaller, lighter ones underneath. The original panel has a very autumn-like feel to it, perfect for the New England October weather. Again, I experimented with additional color schemes in photoshop to create new festive designs.

Metallic Leaf on Masonite Board

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