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January/February 2017


Bringing Down the House Winning Ways

Rebel with a Cause

A look at the House of the Year

Grafton Architects land another prestigious accolade

Cork scheme to be a focal point for attracting business

Middle Eastern Promise

Park Life

Boxing Clever

Atkins hits the right note in Dubai

DCC’s exciting plans for new park in the Liberties

White Clouds Social housing shows French Flair

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media ltd.


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This Looks the Real Deal!

Publisher: MCD Media Ltd. Subscriptions and Circulation, Accounts / Administration Linda Doran

Do you remember a previous Government’s masterplan to give rural Ireland and regional towns a shot in the arm when it came to sustainable and economic development? The phrase Decentralisation was coined for the exercise and while in theory it was a sound idea, it’s fair to say that decentralisation was really the way for local politicians to secure the local vote. Bring a Government department or state body to the local town and sit back and wait for the slaps on the back; smacked of Stroke Politics.

Managing Editor Michael McDonnell

I am not saying the “Ireland 2040 – Our Plan�, the new National Planning Framework is not genuine. Far from it, its ambition to secure sustained, long-term and regionally balanced progress on social, economic and environmental fronts is based on wholesale engagement with a myriad of stakeholders. It contains measured ideas and proposals that have a realistic chance of being implemented.

Editor Michael Hayes Production/Design Catherine Kelleher

At the grand plan and at the fan-fair launch, it was most reassuring to see that one of the key contributors to a panel debate about the whole plan was Carole Pollard, the President of the RIAI.


It is imperative that any discussion and debate about the future of our state includes those who will be challenged to design the infrastructure that will ultimately realise the Government's big aspiration and dream - and architects must be to the fore on this regard.

Plan’s circulation covers Architects, Planners, Interior Designers, Quantity Surveyors, Consulting Engineers, Developers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Acoustic and Lighting Consultants, Building Contractors and Sub-Contractors and Key Executives for Builders Providers, Manufacturers and distributors of building materials and products. &&&%!"#&" !% !& &&%#!$% % !&#!"#&#%#%&&!%&$%#$& % %$&% #%$$%&#%& "!& %%$$#&!"$%&&% &!%&$%#& "#&$&!%&$%#&#%$" $% "#&!%$%&" " $&"#&$!!%% !$&%%#% %& !$&!" &!"&"%#&#"!$&&&&&#"

And as if to demonstrative the point, the creative impetus from the design side of the construction industry is already hard at work. Currently under development is the RIAI Town and Village Toolkit, designed to inform, support and inspire the future development of Irish towns. The Toolkit, which will be launched later this year, is aimed at empowering and supporting councils, chambers of commerce and communities in their endeavours to improve the quality of their town or village. The Toolkit is architect and design-led and has been funded by the Government Policy on Architecture - this bodes well for the future. Carole Pollard says: “the role of the architect is essential to ensure good design and quality delivery is at the heart of initiatives to improve the living and working environment of rural dwellers.�

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Somehow one feels that this ambitious plan by the Government could deliver meaningful results, and will not be consigned to the bin as yet another vote gathering ploy for the local incumbent politician.

Micha el H ay es Editor

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12 Grafton scoop international award


28 House of the Year

Socially Aware

French architecture firms Poggi & More Architecture and have come up with this chic and ultra-contemporary design for a social housing

30 Loyly project indeed

42 Dubai project on song


16 Park Life

Dublin City Council’s ambitious plans for new park in Dublin’s Liberties


10 46 48

Fresh Specifier Delight

ON THE COVER: Mies van der Rohe award


Plan Magazine January/February 2017



Plan Magazine January/February 2017

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Plan Magazine January/February 2017


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Plan Magazine January/February 2017

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Plan Magazine January/February 2017

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Innovative prefab façade system for Saxion University Saxion is a major university in the eastern part of the Netherlands, with campuses in Apeldoorn, Deventer and Enschede. The university recently constructed a new building due to the growth in the number of students and research activities on the Enschede campus. The façades radiate innovation. A new, prefabricated curtain wall façade structure is combined with facing bricks from Vandersanden Group. IAA Architects of Enschede decided to build part of the building underground so that Saxion’s new university building should not have four separate entrances. A large ‘cellar area’ serves as a connecting element between the separate structures. The architects used a special pattern of bricks to reflect the historic context of Enschede, a place noted for its variety of brick patterns and ornaments. Specialists and experts met at an early stage to work out how to implement a special form of brickwork. There were continuous synergies between various design techniques to display the patterns for the building in the design phase.

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Project details: Client: Saxion, Enschede (NL) Architect: Marko Matic, IAA Architects, Enschede (NL) Prefab façade system: Signa Facing bricks: Bordeaux, Bordeaux Water-struck and Rivièra Water-struck

During development of these patterns, the original dimensions of the grid – 1200 mm – evolved to 1260 mm because the size of a Water-struck brick is 210 mm. IAA Architects incorporated that fact in the drawings and the engineering of the building. “The choice of brick on the outside was logical. Brickwork fits in very well with the building culture in the Netherlands. The ‘genius loci’, the ‘spirit’ of a place is essential to us. Every place demands a different approach,” says architect Marko Matic of IAA Architects. Along with advisers from ARUP Amsterdam and designers from AD Develop, they opted for Vandersanden Group’s Signa system. Curtain wall element for high-rise buildings Vandersanden Group has had very little presence in the field of high-rise buildings, whilst the demand for prefab curtain wall systems is increasing. In Signa, the brick manufacturer’s innovation team have come up with a curtain wall element that can be used in high-rise buildings. Bricks are not laid in a traditional way in this environment. Since the bricks are glued to a backing panel, the architect can ‘rotate’ the bricks during the design process, both in depth and in relief, and he can also play with colours and patterns. It is an attractive and flexible system with many possibilities. The panels can still be dismantled even after the bricks are laid. ‘Zigzag slalom’ The brick pattern at Saxion satisfies a number of constraints. The school building is surrounded by beautiful buildings with ornamental brickwork. The architects wanted to reflect that element in the building. You will also find a lot of decorative brickwork throughout Enschede, originally associated with the town’s history in the textile industry. IAA Architects wanted to incorporate that history as a tangible aspect of the façade in one way or another. The zigzag slalom is a metaphor for the weave of textiles. The flexibility of the range was also a critical factor for choosing a vertical division in the façade, and that was also continued through in the pattern. For more information on Vandersanden brick contact distributor Kingscourt Country Manor Bricks on 018441200, email or visit Alternatively, visit our showrooms at Unit 26, Airways Industrial Estate, Santry, Dublin 17, D17 TH93.

Plan Magazine January/February 2017



Plan Magazine January/February 2017



Plan Magazine January/February 2017



Plan Magazine January/February 2017


Plan Magazine January/February 2017


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Plan Magazine January/February 2017



Plan Magazine January/February 2017



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SCHUECO CALLS FOR ENTRIES FOR 2017 EXCELLENCE AWARDS Leading sustainable building envelope specialist Schueco UK is now seeking entries for the 2017 Schueco Excellence Awards for Design and Innovation, its annual celebration of the very best in building design in Great Britain and Eire. Now in their fourth year, the Awards – which are run in association with RIBA Journal – have won the respect of the UK building industry because of the high quality of the submissions they routinely attract. The only stipulation for entry is that a project should utilise at least one Schueco system and involve a Schueco UK Partner specialist contractor. For 2017 the on-line entry form on the RIBA Journal website has been streamlined to make submissions easier. Entries can now be submitted: the closing date is 10th April. In addition to creativity and design innovation in the use of Schueco systems, the judges will be looking for evidence of a close and fruitful

collaboration between the architect, specialist contractor and Schueco UK. The names of the judges for the 2017 competition will be announced shortly, but the panel will be made up of leading British architects augmented by two specialists in façade technology. The 2017 Awards will be presented at a prestigious luncheon to be held for a second year at the iconic Leadenhall Building in London on 22nd June. Every company that submits an entry will be invited to attend. Winning submissions will be included in a special RIBA Journal supplement circulated to 30,000 industry professionals and will also be promoted in both Partner and Resi magazines, two Schueco publications with a combined circulation of 25,000. A pdf of the Awards supplement will be available to download from the Schueco website after the presentation

lunch, giving finalists an excellent opportunity to showcase their expertise directly to some of the most influential people in the industry. Full details of the categories for 2017 and the entry criteria may be found on the RIBA Journal website. ïïïKêáÄ~àKÅçã

ACTAVO ANNOUNCES APPOINTMENT TO BOARD OF DIRECTORS Actavo, a leading international engineering solutions company headquartered in Dublin, is pleased to announce the appointment of Margaret Clandillon as a Non-Executive Director. Ms Clandillon is a lawyer with over 25 years’ commercial and legal experience working in the International leasing and financing sectors. She started her career with GPA Group plc, where she became General Counsel. She co-founded the leasing company, Pembroke Capital Limited (subsequently acquired by Standard Chartered Bank). Since selling her interests in Pembroke Capital, Ms Clandillon has concentrated on serving as an independent non-executive director. Current Directorships include FPG Amentum Limited, Sky Aviation Leasing

International Limited and Waypoint Leasing Limited and she has previously held nonexecutive directorships on behalf of China Development Bank and BAE, in respect of their aviation platforms. Ms Clandillon qualified as a solicitor with the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland and holds an honours law degree from Trinity College, Dublin. She is a member of the International Directors Programme at INSEAD, France. Speaking of her appointment, Actavo Chairman and CEO, Sean Corkery, said “Margaret brings immense experience, ability and a stellar track record in international business to the company. We are delighted to welcome her to our Board.”


JOHN PAUL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT The Board of John Paul Construction are pleased to announce the appointment of Peter O’Grady Walshe as Chairman. Peter succeeds Donal O’Brien who has recently retired after 48 years of invaluable service and leadership of the company. Peter has served on numerous boards across a wide range of industries and brings enormous business acumen and experience that will complement our senior team. In line with the further development of the senior management team, the Board are also pleased to announce the appointment of John Moran as Associate Director – Contracts. Pictured: Peter O’Grady Walshe (Chairman), Eamon Booth (Managing Director) and John Moran (Associate Director - Contracts)


Plan Magazine - January/February 2017

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SIG ROOFING NEW WEBSITE 2017 - WWW.SIGROOFING.IE Ireland's leading Roofing distributor – SIG ROOFING has just launched a brand new website: Making the right choice is important, whether you are a seasoned house developer or building your dream home. We want to ensure that any decisions you make, will be informed ones. Our extensive sales team work closely with customers, designers, builder’s merchants and manufacturers, to ensure an efficient service, assisting with design, technical and installation issues. We understand it’s more than just colour you need to know, we can help you identify: profiles, minimum pitch, coverage rate per tile, nail size required, finish required: smooth, sand faced, weathered or alternative options. We offer more than just a single brand; we offer the right solution for you. That’s why we’re perfectly positioned to support all of your needs. Visit our new website and take a look at some of the range of roofing products we have available.


WATERFORD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY TO HOST SIXTH ALL IRELAND ARCHITECTURE RESEARCH GROUP (AIARG) On 27-28 January 2017 the Architectural Research Group (aRCH) at Waterford Institute of Technology hosted the sixth annual AIARG conference. The aim of the conference is to highlight new areas of architectural research, encourage collaboration and facilitate dissemination of findings as well as encouraging the participation of practicing architects who wish to further their research interests. Aleksandar Kostić, Acting Head of the Department of Architecture and Chair of the AIARG 2017 Organising Committee, said, “WIT is delighted and honoured to host this renowned conference, which gives us the opportunity to showcase the great work done within the Department of Architecture as well as the city of Waterford.” The All-Ireland Architecture Research Group (AIARG) is an organisation that aims to promote architectural research within practice and academia. The group was founded in 2010 through the collaboration of the seven schools of architecture in Ireland, both north and south, including WIT and continues to be made up of members of the seven schools of architecture and professionals interested in architectural research. Each year an architecture conference is held in one of the

schools – this is the first time it is to be held in Waterford. There are a range of themes organised for the conference such as Minor Woods of Ireland, Intertidal Infrastructure, Domesticity at the Crossroads; Irish Housing Design 19551980 as well as Architectural Education in the Age of Globalisation, which has attracted around 70 speakers and session Chairs from inter alia UK, US, China and Spain from both the world of academia as well as industry. There are four keynote speakers attending: Peter Buchanan, celebrated author of Renzo Piano Building Workshop: Complete Works, Ten Shades of Green and most recently, The Big Rethink series in The Architectural Review; Jane Rendell, prolific author and Professor of Architecture and Art, and Vice Dean of Research at the Bartlett, UCL; Jonathan Hale, architect and Associate Professor & Reader in Architectural Theory; and Shane O’Toole, cofounder of Group 91 Architects, co-founder of DoCoMoMo Ireland, inaugural director of the Irish Architecture Foundation and twice Ireland’s Commissioner for the Venice Biennale. RIAI approved CPD points are accredited to the conference. Financial support has been provided by the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural

and Gaeltacht Affairs under the Government Policy on Architecture 2009 – 2015 Implementation Programme (GPA).

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Plan Magazine  

January/February 2017

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