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Plan architectureinteriorsdesignengineering November/December 2019




Peter Gamble from Holder Mathias on Ireland’s first Center Parcs




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Plan architectureinteriorsdesignengineering





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For this issue of Plan Magazine, we sat down for a chat with Peter Gamble, partner at Holder Mathias, about Ireland’s first Center Parcs. A mammoth undertaking, located in a forest in Longford, I asked him how much the environment in which these developments are located inform the brief and how he and his team have managed to give this Center Parcs a distinct identity, separate from its UK branches. He also talked about the engineering challenges on the project and how enthusiasm from the client shapes each Center Parcs project.

Workspace/Commercial is the theme for this issue with projects by Collins Maher Martin, Bright Design, ODOS, Butler Cammoranesi, MDO, Cook Architects and Jennings Design Studio. We also take a look at a house in Kinsale, extended and reorganised by Conneely Wessels Architects. This is the last issue of Plan for 2019. Thank you to all our readers and to all the practices that have submitted their projects for consideration. Myself, Catherine and Michael wish all our readers a Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year. Here’s to 2020!

If you have any comments or opinions on this issue’s content, drop me a line at denise@mcdmedia.ie. Enjoy! Plan Magazine January/February – Extensions/Refurbishments The January/February issue of Plan Magazine will include a special focus on extensions /refurbishment projects. Suitable projects should be completed in the last 12 – 18 months. Please include the following in your submission:

Design brief (approx 200 - 300 words) Details of project team 5-6 high res project images 5-6 plans and sections

Denise Maguire Editor

Executives for Builders Providers, Manufacturers and distributors of building materials and products.

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4 News

A round-up of what’s been happening in the industry

9 A room with a view

Designed by Conneely Wessels Architects, this bungalow in Kinsale has been extended and reorganised to afford its owners views over Kinsale Harbour

12 Parc Life

Peter Gamble, Partner at Holder Mathias, talks to Plan about creating a distinct identity for Ireland’s first Center Parcs

17 Workspace/Commercial Projects A selection of commercial projects from Irish architects

48 Delight

Designed by John Ronan Architects, a mixed-use building in Chicago features colourful balconies and a library

Plan architectureinteriorsdesignengineering


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Shaping Future Environments

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2019 FIRE DOOR SYMPOSIUM HIGHLIGHTS CONSEQUENCES OF IGNORING FIRE DOOR SAFETY Last week marked the 7th annual Fire Door Safety Week across the UK and Northern Ireland. The week-long campaign was supported by over 250 industry-related organisations this year. KCC played a huge role in educating architects, designers, building or facilities managers and other industry professionals on the importance of fire door safety this year as part of Fire Door Safety week, by organising and hosting the 2019 Fire Door Symposium in the Waterfoot Hotel in Derry/Londonderry on September 26th. The half-day event was specifically created to raise awareness of the correct specification, installation and maintenance of fire doors as a crucial part of any buildings fire protection strategy.

Ian Howell, representing KCC’s Fire Door Inspections closed the seminar with a presentation focusing on “Fire doors and their inspection� and gave attendees an understanding of the importance of fire door maintenance and inspection in order to ensure they function as intended, ie. as a life saving device in the event of a fire emergency. An introductory video clip showing the testing of three doors, two incorrectly specified, and what can happen in these instances created an eerie silence around the room as all

attendees witnessed the unavoidable truth - the consequences of poorlyinstalled or unmaintained fire doors can be deadly, with flames bursting through the first door in just four minutes.

NEOLITHŽ SQUARES UP WITH NEOCUBE-O Sintered Stone brand teams up with CB Stone-Tec for exclusive range of outdoor fireplaces Today, NeolithŽ, a market-leading brand of Sintered Stone, announces an exclusive collaboration with premium fireplace manufacturer CB Stone-Tech, neocube-o. Born from a mutual appreciation of each Neocompany’s innovative, forward-thinking and dynamic approaches, neocube-o is an outdoor gas fireplace developed to establish new dimensions in design, workmanship and material diversity.

The chic fireplace combines high quality gas firing technology in stainless steel and Schott glass with an elegant, Neolith-clad base. With a striking visual appearance, neocube-o is a sophisticated style statement, guaranteed to catch the eye. Manufactured in Germany to rigorously high standards, premium quality is at the essence of the system. www.planonline.ie

neocube-o is solely for outdoor use and is suitable for all gas types. The fireplace has the further advantage of being easy to move, set on four discreet rollers with a brake for fixing in position. This offers a welcome degree of flexibility as it can be quickly repositioned in an outdoor area according to specific requirements.

eocube-o is currently offered in 13 of Neolith’s most popular colours, including the award-winning La Bohème and Zaha Stone, as well as the brand’s latest patterns, New York – New York, Mont Blanc and Sofia Cuprum. It is available for purchase in Germany, Austria, Italy France, UK, Switzerland, Poland, Spain and The Netherlands, rolling out further across Europe imminently and internationally over the next 6-9 months.

“Our clients are always looking for solutions which seamlessly balance form and function. A robust, reliable product is as important, if not more so, as one which looks great. This is especially the case for anything which needs to withstand the elements such as outdoor furniture and sculptural installations.� He continues, “We tested many different surface materials when designing neocube-o and found Neolith to be the one which perfectly matched the high-end fireplace system we manufacture. A simple design with clean lines, it has a quiet, understated beauty and can act as much as a standalone item as an important background player in any outdoor space. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with the Neolith team, and the success of our neocube-o collaboration.� For more information on neocube-o please visit: https://www.neolith.com/en/neocube-o/

Commenting on the collaboration Lorenz Gegler, CB Stone-Tec sales director, says: Plan Magazine I Nov/Dec 2019 45

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ROCKFON AT HEART OF FIRST CENTER PARCS IN IRELAND Rockfon is very excited and proud to have been specified in spaces throughout the first Center Parcs resort to open in Ireland. Holder Mathias Associate Director, David Gallimore, said: “Rockfon was specified for use in several spaces throughout the resort as they have the breadth of ceiling systems required to meet the particular needs of each, which included food preparation areas, wet rooms, retail, offices and the bowling hall. Good sound absorbency, moisture resistance and appearance were all important factors in agreeing the specification.� In areas experiencing high humidity, such as changing rooms and food preparation areas, Rockfon Hygienic more than fits the bill. Its specially treated non-hydroscopic surface can withstand pressure washing whilst coping with up to 100% humidity. Rockfon Color-all was the perfect fit for the resort’s bowling hall. These high quality

tiles are available in an exclusive standard range of 34 colours with almost any other colour available on request. Installed in the Forest Diner, Pancake House, Aqua Sauna and retail spaces, as well as the kitchens, changing rooms and toilets, Rockfon Koral supplied the Class A sound absorption and Class A1 fire safety

needed to help create clean and productive spaces. Elsewhere within the main building, Rockfon Blanka has been used to great effect. Its smooth, deep matt, super white, anti-static nondirectional surface saves on installation time, withstands site dust, every day dirt and general wear and tear.�

NEW MANAGING DIRECTOR APPOINTED AT TILESTYLE TileStyle are delighted to announce the appointment of Gerry Butler as their new Managing Director. Gerry is a highly experienced international CEO with over 30 years of experience growing companies such as retailers Xtra-vision and Blockbusters internationally, as well as leading companies including Sony Pictures and a number of technology & office equipment businesses. He has distinct knowledge of implementing

innovative, effective sales strategies and developing trusted partnerships with key clients. Robin McNaughton, Chairman at TileStyle commented: “Gerry brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this important Managing Director role and has an exceptional track record of growing businesses and delivering strategic transformation. Gerry is eminently qualified to take on this role and drive our business forward and retain its rightful

position as Irelands Number 1 Tile, Bathroom, Stone and Wood supplier, both residentially and commercially. His appointment reflects the ambition of TileStyle to grow our position in this important sector and to continue providing excellent customer propositions across all of our distribution channels. On behalf of the board, I’m delighted to welcome Gerry to TileStyle.� For further information please contact: Ruth O’ Sullivan. Email: ruthos@tilestyle.ie Tel: +353 1 465 8190 or visit www.tilestyle.ie.


Actavo has been awarded the CX in Speciality award at the recent Irish CX Impact Awards in Croke Park. This category recognises best-in-class customer experience delivery. For a second consecutive year, Actavo has been recognised for its continued commitment to its Customer Experience Programme, which places the customer at the centre of operations. Ann-Marie O'Donnell, Customer Strategy Director with Actavo said: "Actavo is delighted to be recognised and awarded at the annual CX Impact Awards. Customer experience continues to be the cornerstone of our service delivery model and it is a true differentiator in delivering value to our clients. This award recognition positions the company as strong leaders in this area." The Actavo team collecting the CX in Speciality award at the recent Irish CX Impact Awards in Croke Park 46 Plan Magazine I Nov/Dec 2019


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GO NZEB WITH KINGSPAN INSULATION KINGSPAN INSULATION HAS LAUNCHED ITS COMPLETE NZEB SOLUTION TO MEET THE INDUSTRY’S GROWING DEMAND FOR NZEB COMPLIANT BUILDINGS The Kingspan Insulation nZEB Solution enables architects and contractors to manage their construction projects more efficiently and effectively. By maximising the performance of the building fabric elements in construction projects, you can ensure that the new regulations are met. From 1st November 2019, nZEB or “Nearly Zero Energy Buildings” have become mandatory. Nearly Zero Energy Buildings are defined as buildings with a very high energy performance. According to the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD), “the nearly zero or very low amount of energy required should be covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources, including energy from renewable sources produced on-site or nearby.”

Key to nZEB is to minimise the energy demand from the outset. By using premium thermally efficient products, good detailing and attention to detail on site compliance can be achieved without excessive reliance on ‘bolt on’ mechanical and renewable technologies. Investing in the building fabric is a long term, low cost strategy requiring no maintenance or replacement for the functional life of the building, while guaranteeing complete thermal comfort. WHEN? The nZEB standard applies to all buildings occupied after 31st December 2020 - the time for action is now!

NZEB - WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Maximise the performance of the building fabric to significantly reduce energy demand, then use the most efficient method (using renewable energy) for heating, hot water and electrical requirements. A high performance building fabric is easy to achieve, a once off investment requiring no maintenance or replacement and will ensure the efficiency and longevity of the heating system and plant. WHY NZEB? nZEB represents a great challenge for the construction industry but also a huge opportunity to make a positive change in the way we construct our buildings and mitigate against the adverse effects of climate change. We cannot continue to waste energy and damage our environment for future generations – Kingspan is committed to providing solutions to protect that future and is committed to a net Zero Energy future.

As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, Kingspan Insulation has also incorporated sustainable practices into the day to day running of its business. Kingspan Insulation’s Lean journey began back in 2014, with sustainability and quality used as strategic incentives for its Lean journey. Kingspan Insulation was recently nominated in the Lean Business Awards and out of hundreds of entries, Kingspan Insulation was awarded the Lean Business Ireland 2019 category winner for “It’s a Team Effort”. This award recognises Kingspan Insulation as a leading organisation whose teams are most driven towards continuous improvement within the organisation.

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