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PLAN MAGAZINE CELEBRATES 50 YEARS 2019 is a special year for Plan Magazine as it celebrates 50 years of chronicling the rich architectural and build heritage of Ireland and abroad and bringing it to you the reader. It has been a wonderful journey - as varied as the content that has gone into each and every issue. It is impossible to encapsulate what Plan Magazine has achieved in terms of charting the progress of Irish architecture but suffice to say that we believe that it has contributed enormously to the dissemination of news, opinion and developments in Ireland’s architecture and built space.

Central Bank

Victoria Quay, Cork

You can image how much pleasure it was to head into the elegant surroundings of the National Library of Ireland – designed by Thomas Newenham Deane – to sift through all of the archived issues of the magazine. Trying to select stories and buildings that made the news going back to five decades demanded serious concentration and stepping out for copious amounts of coffee, but it was so satisfying and we look forward to sharing these highlights with you.


So over the coming issues we will enjoy referring you back to those moments in Irish architecture and building that captured the imagination at the time. How about this little snapshot of project images, do you remember these projects? Do they bring you back? It has been a privilege to bring you Plan Magazine; we are merely custodians of this publishing treasure.

4 Plan Magazine I Jan/Feb 2019

St. Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin

Profile for MCD Media

Plan Magazine  

January/February 2019

Plan Magazine  

January/February 2019