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Plan architectureinteriorsdesignengineering March/April 2019


‘UNDER’ – WHAT A TASTY DESIGN! Snøhetta create a stunning underwater restaurant

KEVIN ROCHE RIP Iconic Architect passes away


Henry J Lyons Seaview project




Thomas Heatherwick unveils The Vessel



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Plan architectureinteriorsdesignengineering




Women are doing it for themselves…!


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We have only just finished lauding the exploits and accomplishments of Shelly McNamara and Yvonne Farrell of Grafton Architects as they were recently named as Cultural Ambassadors for Ireland on top of their already full mantelpiece of various accolades and awards.

Now we see that Sheila O'Donnell of O'Donnell + Tuomey has been named Woman Architect of the Year 2019 to add to her well stocked award’s cabinet.

These are but a few examples of modern Irish women who are transforming architecture here and abroad. There is so many more we could mention and you frequently read about them in Plan.

A recent report by EY to mark the recent 2019 International Women’s Day made a number of interesting observations, including the point that equality for women in the labour force would add $28 trillion to the global economy by 2025. Businesses with women at the top are worth on average $40m more than those without. Boards with 30% or more women could add up to 6% to their net margin. When led by a woman, countries achieve an average of 5.4% GDP growth in the subsequent year, compared to 1.1% if led by a man.

That said, there is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality in society, in the workplace and in the economy. According to the World Economic Forum, it will take some 108 years to close the overall global gender gap; 202 years to close the economic gender gap; and 107 years to close the political gender gap. For sure, gender balance is on the agenda but it’s taken a long time to find its way there.

Michael Hayes Editor Ps The great layouts and design of Plan is also down to another great woman – thanks from the XY side of the team!

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4 Making Waves 16 LEAF Awards

Henry J Lyon’s Seamark Building

Port House take the top prize

30 The Vessel

Thomas Heatherwick makes a statement in NY

38 Pritzker Winner 20 ‘Under’

Arata Isozaki

Snøhetta’s underwater restaurant

Plan architectureinteriorsdesignengineering


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Offsite Manufacturer of Rapid Build Housing

FastHouse is a major player in offsite timber frame construction, producing high quality, precision-engineered homes from its 200,000 sq ft factory in Limavady, Northern Ireland.

Performance Values: • Air tightness: 3 m³/h.m² at 100 Pa • U-Value: 0.12-0.24 W/m2k • Fire Certification: REI 60

99 Dowland Road

Design Manufacture Install Limavady N Ireland +44 (0) 28 7744 6363


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KILSARAN INTERNATIONAL ANNOUNCE NEW SPECIFICATION TEAM FOR PAVING & WALLING Kilsaran International have recently announced the appointment of Chris O’Reilly to the role of Specification Sales Manager (Paving & Walling) and Mark Harewood to the role of Specification Sales Representative (Paving & Walling). Chris joined Kilsaran in September 2006 and has worked in a number of roles with the company ever since. In 2008 he was appointed to the role of Quality Control Supervisor, a role he held until 2014. He was then appointed to the role of Technical Manager. Chris has developed a wealth of experience and knowledge within the Paving & Walling business. Chris has over 16 years’ experience within the building and construction industry and holds primary qualifications in Quality & Project Management. Mark joined the company in April 2011. Since then he has held the role of Paving & Landscape Designer. Over the years Mark has developed strong relationships with clients and he has an excellent knowledge of Kilsaran’s extensive range of products. He has over 20 years’ experience working has an Architectural

AutoCAD Technician and holds a BTEC HND from the University of Ulster. In his new role as Specification Sales Representative Mark will be responsible for the geographical area of Meath to Galway North including Northern Ireland. This new team have been working hard on the development of K-Seal, the new range of factory presealed paving from Kilsaran. Pre-sealing reduces surface degradation and prevents airborne dirt including chewing gum and graffiti from adhering to the surface as well as leaving the surface UV resistant. One of the major benefits of sealing paving products is the massive reduction in maintenance time and associated costs, up to 80% in some cases. ‘The appointment of Chris and Mark to these roles comes as an exciting time for Kilsaran as we prepare to launch our new pre-sealed paving range K-Seal to the market. Both Chris and Mark have a wealth of knowledge and experience of our extensive paving and walling range, quality control, design, manufacture and installation’ Says Andrew Goode, Head of Sales Paving & Walling (Ire + UK) for Kilsaran. To book a CPD with Chris or Mark, order some paving samples or indeed find out more about the new K-Seal pre-sealed paving range contact cpd@kilsaran.ie or visit www.kilsaran.ie


Plan Magazine I Mar/Apr 2019 43

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THE ICING ON THE CAKE NeolithŽ is specified throughout the interior of master pâtissier CÊdric Grolet’s Paris apartment. CÊdric Grolet is one of the most exciting and creative talents in modern cookery. The meteoric rise of this inventive and original chef has seen him achieve multiple awards for his pastry work. Only last year he received the prestigious Gault Millau Pâtissier of the Year and was awarded Best Pastry Chef by 50 Best, the highest accolade of its kind in the profession.

the feeling of seeing your ideas become reality is intoxicating. It encourages me never to rest on my laurel. As such, I wanted a space which would give me the freedom to experiment without restricting my imagination.� He continues, “I completely remodelled my apartment from top to bottom. I wanted to give it that idiosyncratic ‘Cedric’ spirit, reflecting my personality and beliefs. This meant it had to be as simple and unfussy as possible, using the very best materials available on the market.� Grolet detests frippery, never adding unnecessary decoration or flourishes to his pastry work. This attitude was central to the overall design vision. To capture his intended look he wanted to combine simple, white marble-type surfaces with exposed stone walls and unvarnished wooden flooring throughout the property.

Grolet’s work is characterised by visually striking patisserie, including his iconic (and much imitated) Rubiks Cube Cake and his trompe-l’oeil desserts which accurately mimics freshly-plucked fruit. This playfulness is masterfully contrasted with his firm grounding in classical French cuisine, having trained under Fauchon’s legendary Christophe Adam and culinary superstar Alain Ducasse. His imaginative work is supported by a deep understanding of gastronomic absolutes and precise, correct cuisine. For Grolet, there is no place for gratuitousness or gimmickry. He regards himself as a guardian of France’s culinary heritage, constantly refining his art to bring his mouth-watering concepts to exquisite reality. His creativity, ambition and hard work make him one of the best pastry chefs of his generation. Grolet’s duality also applies to his approach to interior design, and was perfectly realised when he decided to renovate his Parisian apartment. The overall concept was developed by the chef himself, with an overarching vision of creating a space which delivered a big, aesthetic statement while allowing for a degree of practicality, essential for exercising his culinary genius. As Grolet explains, “The word ‘Creating’ is at the heart of everything I do. Bringing a gastronomic concept to life is so enriching and www.planonline.ie

Primarily, Grolet wanted to communicate a ‘closeness to nature’ which visitors to his apartment would sense the instance they stepped over the threshold. As such, it was essential to ensure these materials were 100% natural in their composition. Working with highly-skilled fabricators J. LĂŠger and La Marbrerie Contemporaine he set about bringing his dream to life. Having tested a number of different surfacing options, Grolet alighted on Neolith and was immediately impressed by its performance qualities. As he explains, “What I like about Neolith is that it is non-porous and very easy to clean, an essential requirement for precise pastry work. For example, I can knead and roll directly on the surface and it doesn’t stain or tarnish. It also offers a neutral, crisp backdrop which allows my cakes and desserts to stand out, perfect for my instagramming activity.â€? Neolith Estatuario Silk was specified for the kitchen island, worktops, and splashback. In an unusual twist, the island’s surface spills over onto the floor and up the wall creating a marmoreal feature which suggests organic continuity within the space. Contrasted with

parquet floors, a limestone wall and pure white cabinetry, Neolith works in harmony with the kitchen’s other elements to deliver a relaxed atmosphere without detracting from the room’s main purpose. Grolet’s philosophy also extends to other aspects of his property, particularly to the bathrooms, where a balance between the rapturous and the robust must be achieved. Materials which are waterproof and easy to clean are indispensable. Neolith Calacatta Polished was used for a minimalist, mounted vanity and wall-to-wall for a magnificent wetroom with a waterfall shower. Adding an element of contrast, Neolith Iron Frost was used for the guest bedroom’s walk-in shower, the unobtrusiveness of the surface’s colour creates a soft, gentle and relaxing effect. Neolith’s underlying ethos perfectly dovetails with Grolet’s, resulting in a serendipitous meeting of minds. The Sintered Stone brand’s dedication to creating surfaces of the highest quality, using the best, 100% natural, raw materials echoes the pastry chef’s commitment to sourcing the very best produce. Furthermore, akin to Grolet’s desserts, Neolith is the product of many years of accrued skill and experience, which yields an exceptional level of knowledge and creativity. This translates into surfaces which combine unrivalled beauty with unparalleled performance. Ever striving for perfection, Grolet sees this project as the start of an ongoing journey with Neolith. He concludes, “Having observed the potential and versatility of the material in my own home, I am already imagining specifying it for a future project; I will definitely use Neolith surfaces again for either a culinary laboratory or a patisserie.� www.neolith.com

Plan Magazine I Jan/Feb 2019 47

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