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September/October 2013

GAS TICKET RKD Notches up 100 Years and Still Counting

Design Winners All Stirling Prize, Lubetkin and Manser Medal winners revealed

Urban Chic Dun Laoghaire plans new ‘floating’ pool and cool urban beach

Amazing Grace Daniel Libeskind’s vision for the Maze Prison Peace Centre

Bridge Over Troubled Waters Rintala Eggertsson Architects Høse Bridge is a calming and inspiring structure

Pop up Bar Cheers to Hugh Kelly Architects for the Lime Tree Bar

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Plan architectureinteriorsengineeringenvironmental



media ltd.


Suite 8, Sky Business Centre, 57 Clontarf Road, Dublin 3. Tel: 01 8537813 Publisher: MCD Media Ltd. Subscriptions and Circulation, Accounts / Administration Linda Doran Managing Editor Michael McDonnell Editor Michael Hayes Production/Design Catherine Kelleher Circulation: Plan’s circulation covers Architects, Planners, Interior Designers, Quantity Surveyors, Consulting Engineers, Developers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Acoustic and Lighting Consultants, Building Contractors and Sub-Contractors and Key Executives for Builders Providers, Manufacturers and distributors of building materials and products.

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Where’s the shopping trolley when you need one? Do you remember the Glen Dimplex Artists Awards? I must say I did always enjoy the jaunt out to Kilmainham and to the Irish Museum of Modern Art to see the exhibition. The inevitable shopping trolley in the middle of the floor was always a show stopper, and was guaranteed to have us standing around chatting about it, wondering if someone had left it there or if it was supposed to tell us something mystical and arty. I like that kind of esoteric stuff. I recall back in the day going to Tate Modern (or the Tate as it was when I last frequented it) to catch the Turner Prize – never mind your shopping trolley, there was one memorable exhibit by artist Chris Ofili which was a mound of Elephant Dung – I will leave that to you to work out what it meant in terms of artistic expression. Don’t you just love these kinds of exhibitions. Anyway, why am I going on about this. Well I was on to the IMMA website to see what is coming up and what a treat we have in store. IMMA is to present a major retrospective of the work of Eileen Gray, one of the most celebrated and influential designers and architects of the 20th-century. Designed and produced by the Centre Pompidou, Paris, in collaboration with IMMA, the event is a tribute to Gray’s career as a leading member of the modern design movement. The exhibition at IMMA celebrates Gray’s Irish roots and presents a number of previously unseen works that offer new insights into Gray’s extraordinary career. According to IMMA, significant focus is given to her landmark piece of modernist architecture the French villa E-1027, built in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin in 1926-1929, in close collaboration with Romanian architect Jean Badovici. The exhibition includes examples of furniture for E-1027, including the tubular steel designs with which Gray’s name has become synonymous. It is running from October to next January. Despite the lack of shopping trolleys, I think it will be on my ‘to do’ list before Christmas.

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24 Libeskind’s Maze design



Stirling Prize Winner

38 Manser Medal Winner

Glasses Raised to the Lime Tree Bar Hugh Kelly Architects bags an interior design award for its creation of the pop up Lime Tree Bar

48 Hose Bridge



Urban Cool in Dun Laoghaire

Dun Laoghaire Harbour is planning an eye-catching public ‘floating’ pool and urban beach similar to the Badeschiff in Berlin

6 8 54 56


Emailbag Fresh Specifier Delight


Leading architectural firm RKD has hit an amazing milestone of 100 years at the forefront of architectural practice

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Liffey Distributors Ltd, 309 Northwest Business Park, Ballycoolin, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 Ph. +353 (0)1 824 2600 Email Find us on Facebook and Twitter under ‘Husqvarna Ireland’

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Transforming Exterior Facades

Premium Swiss Quality Panel Systems for High End Architecture

Download the latest Magazine from Contact Anne Hurl. 087 3929559 Tel: 048 79632026 0044 (0) 75540 56930 Email:

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Swisspearl Perforated Panels

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OPERATION TRANSFORMATION FOR DERG VALLEY LEISURE CENTRE SWISSPEARL is the leading European manufacturer of fibre cement facade systems for quality, high-end architecture and worldwide leaders in coloration technology, façade technology and system competence for reinforced cement panels. They are extensively used in Ireland with Swiss Facades ltd the sole Distributor in the country If you had to select a current project that highlights the design, build and project management advantages of Swiss Facades solutions, the newly refurbished Derg Valley Leisure Centre in the County Tyrone town of Castlederg is an excellent case in point. The centre looks like it has been completely rebuilt; such is the attractive nature of the finish, having used sophisticated Swisspearl panels. The main contractor was Lowry Bros and the architect was Tracey Architects. Although it originally opened in the early 1980s, with an image based on an industrial functional aesthetic – a steel framed structure with robust brown brick cladding to the ground floor and lightweight metal cladding and roof to the upper floor – there’s very little of that original facade still visible in the summer of 2013.


Industry users would be familiar with the older generation of the Swisspearl range marketed and sold as Pelicolor. Swisspearl are now able to offer the latest innovative integrally coloured panels creating elegance and authentic sober materials in various finishes, colours and textures to create stunning visual finishes.

Anne explains: “One of our aims is to assess the environmental impact of materials used through reducing wastage. By liaising with both the Architect and builder, this was achieved through careful optimisation of panel design by calculating the percentage waste in order to gain maximum panel yield. By initiating this procedure the percentage wastage on the project was reduced to 11.65%. Panels were manufactured (JIT) in advance and held in stock.This enabled the builder to carry on with work. A final cutting schedule was compiled after the supporting frame was installed and by using a computerised ordering and cutting system, panels were then delivered to site pre-cut and ready to install.

Anne Hurl, Project Manager of Swiss Facades explains that there has been a real interest and buzz from Architects and others in the industry about the latest innovative ranges from Swisspearl.There is also real the interest and appreciation of how Swiss Facades approach and handle projects which is proving a winning formula.

“Some 792 metres were cut and fabricated in the factory, rather than on site - in fact more than 80% of the total cladding contract was pre-cut before delivered to site. It also meant much less debris generated when the contractors are working on site as well as there being vastly less dust exposure for workers,” declares Anne.

Plan Magazine - September/October 2013

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John Lowry of Lowry Brothers points to Anne’s project management of the façade envelopment and delivery on schedule and onsite installation guidance as proving very effective in meeting the overall Contract Programme. “Prior installation of the framing and use of pre-cut cladding boards,” he explains,“saved both time and labour costs, and reduced waste onsite in compliance with Lowry Bros’ Environmental Management System business and achieving ‘Chartered Building Company’ status.

Anne adds: “Swiss Facades management of projects is vital to its successes. Close collaboration onsite with other project team members of the building envelope ensures that the schedule of works is accommodated within the time-scale given. Our aim is to provide onsite solutions and to make the installation of the panels made simple.”

this success has been the professionalism and dedicated of one Swiss Facades Limited. Visit our website: Contact Anne Hurl. 087 3929559 Tel: 048 79632026 0044 (0) 75540 56930 Email:

Peter Tracey of Tracey Architects explained their approach was to open up the front façade to give the Fitness Suite and Spinning Rooms a shop window to advertise the Centre’s new activities using floor to ceiling curtain wall glazing. “The profiled metal cladding has been replaced with a lightweight fibre cement rainscreen cladding arranged in a seemingly haphazard harmony, its blue and grey tones give the centre a new dynamic and cool energy and provides a striking statement along the main road to Strabane.” Peter Tracey also makes the point that Anne Hurl of Swiss Facades worked diligently with them in the layout of the panels and her presence on site during construction and installation ensured excellent quality control. John Stewart, the Chief District Building Control Officer explains:“the façade of the building has been transformed with the installation of the Eternit Swisspearl panels. We now have a modern contemporary look as well as achieving environmental and durability gains.The graduated colour scheme gives the building a new sense of character and a much improved aesthetic,” he adds. It is fair to say that this project has generated considerable positive feedback from all the stakeholders involved; it is equally fair to say that central to

Plan Magazine - September/October 2013



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Evolving Storage Bisley Office Furniture On Thursday 28th November, Bisley Office Furniture, Europe’s leading steel storage manufacturer, spanning both consumer and professional markets, will open the doors to it’s new Irish showroom Unit B, IDA Bray Business Park, Southern Cross Road, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland Paul Dunne MD of Bisley Ireland has invited a number of experts comprising FM’s and architects and designers to discuss the future of workplace to an invited audience. Here Paul gives us a brief insight from Bisley’s perspective. Office storage has changed out of all recognition. This change has been driven as much by the shift in emphasis of what is required to be stored as it has by alterations in working practice. While less paper in the form of general filing might be being stored, there has been a corresponding growth in demand for personal storage provision. The latter is as much about the blurring of distinctions between what constitutes home and work lifestyle as it is about organisational change. The tools required to undertake new ways of working has had a marked effect on the type of storage provided.While not wholly nomadic, many individuals work in constantly changing and evolving teams, often from more than one office location. To achieve this they must travel with many communication devices and the ephemera that go with these; chargers, spare batteries etc. When touching down in a new location they need storage provision that enables them to be up and running as quickly as possible and to feel comfortable and relaxed in what feels like a familiar environment. Here overall standardisation with the option to personalise is the key to success. Personal lockers equipped with part-portable locks empower staff with the self-selection of available space, as close to their workstation as possible. Card-holders enable them to identify these for their period of tenure. Mail can then be delivered by colleagues or other staff via posting slots provided. Interiors can be personalised by moving internal fittings and using magnetic pins to attach pictures . Elsewhere more conventional storage is undergoing a quiet revolution. Although, since the dawn of the open-plan office, storage has been used as a visual/traffic barrier between groups and departments, this is now being exploited in ever more

enhanced and sophisticated ways.The tops of counter-height storage blocks are now equipped with power-managed tops, so that they can be used as touch-down meeting areas. At a more frivolous level, storage is even being used to support leisure activities such as table football. Be by Bisley has pushed this one step further. Driven by advances in technology, lifestyle changes as well as a shifting demographic in the workplace, the requirements for office furniture and how we expect it to perform have progressed immeasurably over the last 20 years. Key issues include:

• Communication enabled by technology that require power • Blurring lines between home and the office that are reflected in the design of a space.

• An aging workforce, means that environments need to accommodate the needs of different generations in one place.

• The need for paper storage reduces whilst the requirement for other types of storage increases. Enlightened organisations understand that to get the best from their employees, they need to provide an environment that supports the new workplace agenda and create an environment that is based on activity, output and variety. So, where historically storage has been seen as a sedentary element of a workplace that is purely functional. Be by Bisley challenges this perceived wisdom, presenting storage as the pivotal and dynamic element of the office landscape. Uniquely, Be by Bisley is a powered piece of office furniture - simply a LIVE box, which means it brings a plethora of applications and opportunity to support a modern working environment. Bisley believe that this exciting new product addresses many of the workplace issues that face architects, designer and end users and has the ability to deliver a solution for numerous scenarios. For further information relating to the launch please contact


Plan Magazine - September/October 2013

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Grace Construction P Products roducts oducts

Hidden Protection Pr rotection otection for walls Introducing oducing Perm-A-Barrier, Perm-A-Barrier, an a advanced range of self adhesive, air and vapour barrier sheet membranes from om world leader Grace Construction Products. P

Call now to find out more:

+353 1 4010 222

Available in breathable Available b eathable and impermeable applications, p ovides an airtight solution for a wide Perm-A-Barrier provides range of design situations.


• • • •

Self-adhering for easy application Long term durability educe energy consumption Proven oven to reduce Prevents events water migration

• T ransmits wind loads Transmits ransm

Grace Construction Products Limited C/O Longs Specialist Construction 42 O’Casey Avenue Parkwest Industrial Estate Nangor Road, Dublin TEL: +353 1 4010 222

www.p e

@gracepreprufe reprufe e

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TileStyle’s Revamped Bathroom Showroom & Water Saving Solutions

Keeping up with the latest in design trends, TileStyle has recently revamped it’s Bathroom Showroom with exciting new displays incorporating both contemporary and traditional bathroom products Having recently extended the showroom, clients can now view an even wider range of products including radiators, Geberit frames, commercial washroom solutions and lots more.

difference to water consumption eg changing to a dual-flush toilet can save up to 10,000 litres of water per year and selecting an eco-flush mechanism can save a further 25%.

Acutely aware of the looming water charges, TileStyle is also delighted to offer clients a wide range of products with water saving solutions in mind. Some simple changes can make a world of

Choosing tapware with eco-consumption buttons can also help to reduce water consumption by up to 50%.


For further details, visit TileStyle, Ballymount Retail Centre, Ballymount Road Upper, Dublin 24, which is open 7 days a week. Alternatively contact our Bathroom Manager, Tony Murphy, email or call 087-4158804 or visit

Plan Magazine - September/October 2013

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UK Mechanical - Electrical - Power - Instrumentation - Calibrations - Data Comms


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‘Kreate Without Compromise’ With New Benchmark Kreate Introducing BENCHMARK Kreate; a groundbreaking new metal cassette façade system that is fully integrated with an insulated panel, that offers architects unprecedented design freedom BENCHMARK Kreate is the first and only system of its type on the market, successfully blending superior insulated performance with limitless possibilities for architects to let their imaginations run free in the buildings they design. The unique seamless, single-component cassette façade system allows architects to combine colours, finishes and arrangements in an almost infinite variety of ways. Individual cassettes, each with their own size, colour or finish as desired, are cleverly integrated into a single insulated panel. This puts an end to the age-old compromise between performance and aesthetics; satisfying both in equal measure. Architects can choose from an extensive array of colours, panel lengths, widths, core thicknesses, cassette sizes and arrangements for their project. Each individual cassette on the same BENCHMARK Kreate panel can be of a different size as well as finished in a different post-powder coating in any BS or RAL colour.This paves the way for creative multicoloured, multi-textured façades to brighten up offices, customise commercial buildings, or even add a splash of inspiration to schools and hospitals. Unlike the angular corners found on traditional cassettes, BENCHMARK Kreate cassettes have been engineered with rounded corners. These provide a smooth, contoured finish and give each façade a fresh and contemporary appearance. In addition to this, the joints between each panel are fitted with a factory-applied seal to ensure an airtight fit with leakage of less than 5m3/hr/m2. Along with its design flexibility, BENCHMARK Kreate offers all the advantages of an insulated panel system, which include ease and speed of build and exceptional lifetime performance for durability, fire prevention, sustainability, thermal integrity and thermal insulation, all backed up by the BENCHMARK Total Guarantee. Traditional building envelope products feature multiple components, which take a long time to install and have multiple potential points of failure. BENCHMARK Kreate is a single-component panel that can be supplied and delivered by just one company. It can be quickly and easily installed with the aid of mechanical lifting equipment in one step; meaning buildings are weather-tight sooner and overall project times are significantly reduced.There is also a reduced risk of accidents as less time is spent working at height. BENCHMARK Kreate isn’t just a safer and more aesthetically flexible product, it also offers the same high performance standards architects


have come to expect from the BENCHMARK products. Depending on individual specification, it can achieve u-values as low as 0.13 W/m2K, while the product itself is ECOsafe with a polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation core that contains no CFC’s or HCFC’s. The system also complies with current building regulations, and has been tested and FIREsafe approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB); an essential consideration for building owners and investors. At the end of the building’s life, all components in the system can be fully recycled. “The ‘perfect’ façade solution is hard to come by” explains Fraser Brown, Sales Director at BENCHMARK. “Investors want products that deliver strong ROI, contractors want products that are quick and easy to install, and architects want products that let them create new and exciting designs. It’s not easy to tick all of these boxes, but with the launch of BENCHMARK Kreate, we think we’ve done it. Now architects have complete freedom to design cassette façades in any way they like, while the product offers the performance and easy-install that keeps investors and contractors delighted. It’s a real game changer, and we’re looking forward to seeing how our customers use BENCHMARK Kreate to change the face of our buildings forever.” All BENCHMARK Kreate Integrated Façade Systems are supplie with the BENCHMARK Total Guarantee. This ensures the structural and thermal performance of the unit for up to 25 years. To find more about BENCHMARK Kreate and its possibilities, visit the website at or take a look at the BENCHMARK Kreate configurator demo at Plan Magazine - September/October 2013

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To celebrate 30 years of innovation, Humanscale will launch the Diffrient World chair to the international market, further reinforcing the company’s status as the pioneer in the field of ergonomics Since its founding in 1983, Humanscale has upheld its commitment to performance, simplicity and beauty, with every product designed building on the ethos that work tools should adjust to the user, not the other way around. From the outset, Humanscale has created groundbreaking products that make work more comfortable. Beginning with the introduction of ergonomic accessories in the early 1980s, Humanscale followed with its high-performance keyboard systems in 1993. Featuring the first self-locking negative-tilt keyboard systems and eliminating knee-clearance issues, the keyboard systems marked the beginnings of Humanscale’s rise as an ergonomics innovator. Humanscale revolutionized task seating with the launch of the Freedom chair in 1999, designed by the esteemed Niels Diffrient.With effortless use, unprecedented functionality and a timeless aesthetic, Freedom wowed the furniture industry and put Humanscale on the map as a true pioneer for workplace ergonomics. In 2002, Humanscale introduced monitor arms to its range with the M7. Helping to clear valuable desk space by lifting the monitor off the work surface and offering flexible positioning, the monitor arms confirmed Humanscale’s reputation for producing innovative ergonomic designs. Humanscale entered the healthcare market in 2008, applying ergonomics to the point of care. Offering solutions to support caregivers and facilitate patient-caregiver interactions, Humanscale’s healthcare products maximize comfort and minimize health risks, so caregivers can focus on what matters most: the patient. The following year, Humanscale branched into lighting with the Element LED task light. A landmark design, the Element light overcame the weaknesses of traditional LEDs by using single-source LED technology, setting a new benchmark for task lighting in work environments. With the launch of the Float table in 2012, Humanscale solved the fundamental problem with height-adjustable tables: people do not use them as they were intended to be used. Float’s constant-force technology makes the transition between sitting and standing completely effortless, making adjusting the table as easy as standing up. Since the beginning, Humanscale has been a leader in the field of ergonomics. With each design added to its range, Humanscale products help to make work, home and healthcare spaces more comfortable, productive and healthy. For more information about Humanscale and its high-performing, ergonomic innovations, visit Plan Magazine - September/October 2013


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International Concrete Design Competition The International Concrete Design Competition is a biennial competition for students of architecture and design related disciplines. It is organized and funded by a consortium of European cement and concrete associations and is open to students registered in a 3rd level educational institute in one of the participating countries. The competition is now entering its 6th cycle and the countries currently participating include Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium and Ireland. The competition is funded in Ireland by Cement Manufacturers Ireland (CMI). The Concrete Design Competition aims to promote innovative design attitudes related to the use of concrete as a material and a technology. It is characterized by its format; each competition cycle is framed by a theme designating a specific property of concrete. Nationally chosen laureates are invited to participate in an international workshop. This workshop continues the investigation of the theme. Cycle 6 of the competition formally launches at the start of the academic year in September 2013, and for the first time the competition will be hosted by Ireland. The theme for cycle 6 is “Elegance – exploring intelligent solutions”. For further details on the competition see website.


Kingspan Insulation Fills A Vacuum Kingspan Insulation has always been at the forefront in developing high performing insulation solutions for the construction industry, and is proud now to extend its product range by offering a Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP), this product is aimed at providing solutions to problem areas where space or technical detailing is an issue. Vacuum Insulation Panels are made from a micro-porous core, which is capable of being evacuated, encased and sealed in a thin, gas-tight envelope. The structure has to be capable of withstanding atmospheric pressure, and of maintaining the vacuum over time. With a typical aged lambda of 0.008 W/m.K, the resulting panels can provide an insulating performance that is up to ten times better than other commonly available insulation materials. VIPs are becoming increasingly common in Germany and Switzerland – countries that have a history of successfully embracing new methods of achieving very high levels of energy efficiency in buildings. With Kingspan Insulation adopting this technology it is now easier to design with VIP solutions in the Ireland, helping to address difficult specification issues and meet energy efficiency requirements.


Jones Engineering Plumber Wins Gold At World Skills Competition In Germany The Jones Engineering Group is the leading Mechanical and Electrical Contractor operating in Ireland, with extensive activities overseas. The Group is delighted to announce that Ciaran Coady, a plumber working with the Group has won a gold medal in the World Skills Competition in Leipzig, Germany.

Having won the National Apprentice

Competition in 2012/13, Ciaran was selected to represent Ireland in the World Skills Competition. He overcame strong competition from competitors representing 25 of the most industrialized countries in the world to bring back gold for Ireland.



Pictured (right) left to right: Chief Financial Officer – John King, Director of Surveying – Ray Murphy, World Skills Medal Winner – Ciaran Coady, Director of Jones Engineering Group – Stephen McCabe, CEO of Jones Engineering Group – Jim Curley.

Plan Magazine - September/October 2013

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TileStyle At Business 2 Arts Awards, 2013 Leaders from the corporate and cultural sectors recently gathered at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre to celebrate the 2013 Allianz Business to Arts Awards,

with Arts Minister Jimmy Deenihan

presenting ten awards to organisations who achieved excellence in their collaborations. Playwright, Deirdre Kinahan won the Jim McNaughton/TileStyle €10,000 Artist’s Bursary. She will use the bursary to write a new large-scale play, God’s Hotel, which charts the journey of an Irish woman and her family after her diagnosis with terminal cancer. The Marker Hotel and its commission of 88

From left: Maureen Wolnik, Fire, Minister Jimmy Deenihan, Gerard McNaughton, hotel is inspired by the local Irish landscape and in particular the Irish Retail Director, TileStyle, Kevin McGillycuddy, Brehon Capital Partners, artist Enda Cavanagh and coastline. Enda’s work truly reflects the ethos of the building. Robert McCauley, McCauley Daye O’Connell Architects

pieces by Enda Cavanagh won the Jim McNaughton Perpetual Award for Best Commissioning Practice. The design of the Marker


SMART SIX: Smart Insulation Xpander System

The Smart Insulation Xpander System (SMART SIX) provides greater flexibility in the thermal refurbishment of existing buildings. The system can also be utilised in new buildings. SMART SIX creates additional insulation space for roofs, walls and floors in an effective, economical and safe manner. The system can be applied either internally or externally. Combining one of 2 engineered expanders with an engineered pocket, allows any element of the building fabric to be insulated over a broad range of depths. SMART SIX is lightweight and easy to handle on site, whether on walls or in confined attic spaces. A major limitation of retrofitting existing buildings can be the additional costs incurred to level up uneven walls or roofs prior to insulating. SMART SIX allows installers to rapidly level off walls or roofs safely and cost effectively. The SMART SIX system allows installers to more efficiently align rafters or joists and at the same time significantly increase insulation thicknesses in a cost effective manner. As the system is very lightweight it does not add significant weight to the roof structure.The system also provides an efficient solution for the thermal refurbishment of attic spaces. Homeowners often use attic spaces for storage which can lead to the compression of insulation which in turn, significantly reduces thermal performance. Applying high






also increases the difficulty of moving within the attic space. The SMART SIX Rafter Expander provides a lightweight engineered solution which allows home-

SMART SIX Universal Expander aligns and increases rafter depth to accommodate more

owners to efficiently increase joist depths, insulation from the outside of buildings ensures insulation performs to its optimum and also provides a stable platform for safe access and storage in the loft. The system also assists in significantly reducing repeating thermal bridges. This leads to a 15% improvement on U values compared to conventional solid timber studs or rafters. For further details concerning the

Smart Six Insulation Expander system

SMART SIX Rafter Expander aligns and increases rafter depth to accommodate more insulation from the inside of existing buildings

please contact Ecological Building Systems on 046 9432104 Plan Magazine - September/October 2013



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