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Plan architectureinteriorsdesignengineering November/December 2018


Classy Design

Rucking and Rolling

Re-thinking the Atrium

Getty research funding goes to Birr school

Connacht’s impressive new Sportsgrounds

Creative use of space by Fingal County Council

Go-to Address

Stirling winner

Pitch perfect at Druids Glen

Devlin Hotel opens

This year's coveted Stirling Prize Winner

Latest fit-out at Famous Golf resort

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media ltd.


Unit 1, 62A Grange Close, Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Baldoyle, Dublin 13. Tel: 01 8324341 Mobile: 087 4184353

The New Nigella!

Publisher: MCD Media Ltd. Subscriptions and Circulation, Accounts / Administration Linda Doran

It’s not that long ago when the TV airwaves only seemed to reverberate to the sounds and smells of foodie programmes with the goddess of food, Nigella, providing a daily diet of culinary delights that fed an audience hungry for her recipes.

Managing Editor Michael McDonnell

But it’s not about tamarind paste and soba noodles anymore. There’s a new challenger on the airwaves. The viewing public now loves their home design and renovation programmes and if it comes in a reality TV-style formula, even better.

Editor Michael Hayes

And the darling of the airwaves is more Nigel than Nigella. Dermot Bannon, in cool jeans and a zip-up jumper, is bringing architectural cool into our living rooms - Duncan Stewart was a trail blazer for sure, but Dermot is bringing it to a different, hipper level.

Production/Design Catherine Kelleher Circulation: Plan’s circulation covers Architects, Planners, Interior Designers, Quantity Surveyors, Consulting Engineers, Developers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Acoustic and Lighting Consultants, Building Contractors and Sub-Contractors and Key Executives for Builders Providers, Manufacturers and distributors of building materials and products. & & & %!"#& " !% !&  &  %#!$%% !& #!"#& #%#%& & !% $%#$& %& %$& % #%$$%& #%&


%%$$#&!"$%&&%&&!%&$%#& "#&$ !%&$%#&#%$" $%&"#&!%$%&" " $&"# $!!%% !$& %%#% %&  & !$& !" & !"

A pal who works in the reality TV production space informs me that the appetite for this reality architecture programme continues to be a huge draw. People love to see how architects can reimagine a home and they see the value that such creative expertise brings to the equation. Throw in a bit of soap opera drama courtesy of a certain famous country singer from Donegal, and it becomes an even bigger hit. There is a serious aspect to all of this. Young people in schools are seeing architecture as trendy and cool and this can only be a good thing as they wonder about study and career options when they go to college. Today, the demand for architecture and building-related college courses is in a healthy place and that’s encouraging. And if they become the next big thing they might even get to tell us how vital a particular mobile phone service is to the creative process that is life!

Micha el H ay es Editor

"%#& #"!$& #"%$$& "#& $%#%&  !#%& %&!#%#& !#%#&"#&"!%# $%&"%$& "!& %%$$#&" $!!!%&"#&&!$ % "#$%% !&#%"% !" &"#&"# &

 &   %& %& %$&  & " " $& " !"#$& &" !#!"#$&% #%$$%&%#% &" "!& %%$$#& $!!%& "#& #%%!& !"$%& "&    %& "#&"%$&!&$$%& &%&! "#&#%$" $!&"#&!%&#&"%!% %$$ "#& $% %$$& "& !%&  "#!" & " ! %& "# $!!% If you would like to subscribe to Plan Magazine, please email Linda -

Periodical Publishers Association of Ireland 2008 Magazine Awards Business to Business Magazine of the year Winner Want news updates fast and to your PC or device? Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed and up-to-date email:

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10 Hip design for Devlin Hotel


14 Birr school

Pitch perfect at Druids Glen Henry J Lyons' latest fit-out at the world Famous Golf resort

18 O'Donnell + Tuomey Lauded

26 Stirling winner



Re-thinking the Atrium Creative use of space in Fingal County Council's award winning county hall


7 45 48

Fresh Specifier Delight

ON THE COVER: 2019 RIBA Royal Gold Medal Recipient

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FIRE DOORS – A LIFE-SAVING DEVICE THAT SHOULDN’T BE OVERLOOKED In October Minister John Paul Phelan launched the annual National Fire Safety week and grimly advised that on average 36 people die each year as a result of fire in Ireland. He added that most people who die in fires, die from smoke inhalation and not from burns and it can take as little as three minutes to die from smoke inhalation. Irish building regulations have stated that fire safety measures such as automated fire detection and alarm systems, smoke and heat ventilation systems or automated suppression systems may play a critical role in the fire safety strategy of a building and therefore should be managed effectively during the lifetime of the building. It should also be considered equally important to manage ‘passive’ fire safety systems, i.e. anything within the fabric and construction of the building that provides fire protection, including components such as fire doors, shutters, dampers etc. This is to ensure that the natural deterioration of a building over time will not impair the effectiveness of such fire safety measures.

responsibility lies with the building owner. An important question to ask ourselves is, do you know who is responsible in your premises and when was the last time you had your fire doors checked?

Fire Doors are an integral part of any building and are considered a fire safety device that save lives and protect property. Although fire doors are a vital part of a building’s passive fire protection strategy, they are unfortunately neglected. In 2017 KCC Architectural launched their Fire Door Inspection service across Ireland and Northern Ireland and Managing Director Chris Kilpatrick says “It is alarming to see the number of incorrectly installed and improperly maintained fire doors in publicly-occupied buildings across Ireland, including hospitals, shopping centres, hotels and most alarming of all, schools. As a parent and grandparent, that scares me the most.”

In normal circumstances, fire doors won’t be to the forefront of a building managers mind because they provide the same function as any other door. It is not uncommon to find fire doors wedged open or damaged at multiple points and while this won’t be a problem in typical daily life, it can have serious and devastating repercussions in the event of an actual fire. A breakout of fire is never predictable and the fire door must be capable of providing its prime purpose – to protect lives and offer a guarded, secure passage to safety.

The fire door inspection service KCC offer to clients came as a natural add-on to their existing capabilities in service and maintenance. “We work with clients across all of these sectors and our knowledge of building regulations and compliance, in addition to our inspection qualifications, enables us to provide clients with a comprehensive report detailing all areas of non-compliance and any areas which may require repair or replacement”, advises Chris.

“Our teams in Dublin, Cork and Belfast operate nationwide and are available for site inspections and consultations if you want to find out if your fire doors are working effectively”, says Chris. “We should be able to feel safe in our workplace, our homes, apartment blocks, hotels, shopping centres, schools and everywhere else. It is the moral obligation of building owners to ensure that employees, guests and all other occupants have a safe escape route from a building in the event of a fire emergency. Far too often, these things are not looked at until it’s too late.”

Fire doors are manufactured to withstand the spread of fire for a given period of time, normally a minimum of 30 minutes. This allows time for inhabitants of a building to escape via a protected passageway. Each fire door is specifically built to resist the passage of smoke and fire for a set period of time, depending on its location and purpose within a building. Correctly maintaining fire doors will assist in containing the area affected by fire and will buy precious time during an emergency evacuation. According to UK and Irish legislation, Fire Doors should be inspected at least every 6 months and the

If you would like further information on the importance of maintaining fire doors in your building, you can contact KCC Architectural’s Inspection team on

Plan Magazine - November/December 2018


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SIMPLIFYING INTERIORS WITH CONCEALED FRAME DOOR SETS KCC Architectural introduce impressive Selo ‘Arriva’ and ‘Innova’ range to their portfolio. KCC Architectural are well known players in the provision of architectural and construction-related products including door hardware, fire-rated glazing, automatic doors and access control systems in addition to an in-house service and maintenance division that operates across all sectors nationwide. As the business continues to grow, they strive to meet the needs of their clients and customers by providing an impressive portfolio of their own and internationallyrecognised brands. Selo has become increasingly popular for their riser door systems and the first fully concealed automatic opening vent (AOV) system since KCC introduced them to the Irish market and KCC are now delighted to be bringing another innovative and stylish Selo door system to the market which provides both functionality and aesthetics. Like the other products designed and manufactured by Selo, their concealed

frame doorsets are born from the belief that it should be simple – so their design team have created systems that complement architectural design, are highly functional and are quick and easy to install. In order to create a more sleek, smooth interior, Selo sought to remove all protruding parts of a typical doorset to create a completely seamless transition between door and wall and with inward and outward opening options, they offer the flexibility to suit your living space. How do the concealed frame doorset systems work? The Selo concealed frame doorsets, Arriva & Innova, use Ezyjamb door jamb systems, and high performance folded steel frames with an integral perforated plasterbead to allow the plaster or tape and jointing compound to be applied right up to the edge, concealing the door frame and all fixings. This advanced design has made concealed doors in walls possible in a wide range of building types. The Range There are two variations in the concealed frame doorset range – the ‘Arriva’ and the ‘Innova’. The Arriva system is fire tested to FD30 and FD60, acoustically certified, is outward opening from the flush side. It is most commonly used in residential and other high-end projects where aesthetics and versatility are key. The system comes as a full doorset with the door leaf prepared to take hinges.

The Innova system is fire tested to FD30 and acoustically tested. It utilises a pivot hinge and opens inwards from the flush side. This is specifically designed for situations such as corridors and hallways where you might require the door to open into the rooms. The concealed frames manufactured from cold-rolled/folded mild steel can come pre-etched ready for painting on site, or polyester powder coated to a RAL colour. There are 4 door leaf finish options, manufactured from high-density solid timber core using the latest CNC technology. More information and availability KCC Architectural are the agent for Selo in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. For more information on any of the Selo product range or to arrange a consultation with a Selo specialist, you can contact KCC on ëçäìíáçåë]âÅÅ~êÅÜáíÉÅíìê~äKÅçã=çê= çå=MN=QRS=TQONK=

KINGSPAN LAUNCHES NEW FACADES BUSINESS Kingspan Group, the global leader in high performance insulation and building envelope solutions, has announced the launch of Kingspan Facades – a new business designed to help architects enhance their designs without compromising on technical performance. Combining systems and expertise from across the Group, Kingspan Facades is a service-led business providing specifiers with a comprehensive portfolio of advanced building envelope systems suitable for a multitude of applications and architectural styles. This aesthetic offering is supported with four robust substructure solutions that encompass Kingspan’s advanced core insulations alongside options using more traditional materials. Mel Courtney, Managing Director of Kingspan Facades explains the vision for the new business: “We’re noticing a real drive in the industry for more detailed and accessible

technical guidance, particularly around facade systems. By offering solutions incorporating all of Kingspan Group’s facade products under a single business, we are in a unique position to provide the most appropriate solution. We offer a single source approach from the Steel Framing System, insulation, right through to the external facade – one point of contact for customers for the full throughwall system solution, reinforced by the technical support that Kingspan is renowned for”. The new business will encompass the BENCHMARK by Kingspan brand, combining its architectural rainscreen facade systems, including Dri-Design, with a full spectrum of different insulation cores.

These range from traditional mineral fibre to advanced insulation products such as Kingspan’s innovative QuadCore Karrier System and proven Kooltherm K15 Rainscreen Board solution. The full range of products and technical services from Kingspan Facades can be explored at ïïïKâáåÖëé~åÑ~Å~ÇÉëKáÉ Plan Magazine - November/December 2018


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