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I am always full of admiration for the Irish building sector; its resilience, its talent, its workers and its output. But sometimes something special happens that just makes you stand back and think well done, very well done indeed one and all. I have long been an admirer of the Trojan work that the Peter McVerry Trust does and when I heard that the CIF and Peter McVerry Trust have launched a collaborative partnership aimed at supporting the trust’s efforts to house the homeless, I immediately thought it appropriate for us all in Irish Construction Industry Magazine to acknowledge this laudable initiative right at the start of another packed issue. Hence the choice of topic for this issue’s comments. What admirable news it is that throughout 2017 the CIF will encourage its members to lend their resources and skills to Peter McVerry projects around the country. Speaking at Hogan Court, a complex that the CIF and Peter McVerry Trust refurbished, delivering homes for 12 individuals last year, Pat Doyle CEO of PMVT stated: “we’re standing in front of is evidence of effective collaboration between industry, NGO and the community here in Hogan Court. 12 vacant houses were transformed into homes in 2015. 12 people left homelessness and became tenants of Peter McVerry Trust. We’re working hard to help those who need it the most. We hope that this successful and very worthwhile initiative will encourage CIF members to lend their experience, time and labour to transforming our projects into homes and communities.� At a time when there are seemingly dark clouds around in terms of Brexit and the uncertainty about President Trump’s policies towards Europe, a reminder to us all that when you are down on your luck and sleeping rough, who really gives tuppence ha'penny about BREXIT etc. There are positives everywhere and we just need to see them and the building sector is providing one such positive.

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Cover Story


The European Investment Bank is to invest in social housing totalling €405 million that will construct and improve thousands of properties across Ireland.


6 6



Industry Output – Rates of growth in total activity and new orders

accelerated in the Irish construction sector during February, while job creation remained at a near-record pace.


Norther Ireland – Confidence in the 12-month outlook for Northern

14 18

Modular Construction – The wider modular accommodation sector has struggled to gain mass appeal in Ireland over the past 18 months.


Innovation – Advances in both digital technology and connectivity has


Property Management - Irish Construction Industry Magazine was delighted to catch up with Louise Philips, the newly appointed Director of Property at Aramark.


Dublin Office Market – Property firm HWBC expects prime office rents to rise 8% in 2017, continuing the more modest growth experienced in 2016, when Grade A office rents rose 9% to end the year at €60 per sq. ft..


Global Construction – Construction employs about 7 percent of the

Ireland’s construction sector is at a 9-quarter high, according to the latest RICS and Tughans Northern Ireland Construction Market Survey.

House Building – There were some promising signs in the trends that occurred throughout 2016 which paves the way for a cautiously optimistic outlook for 2017. created the much needed drive for innovation in the construction sector, writes Mazars, the leading professional services firm.

world’s working age population and is one of the world economy’s largest sectors, with $10 trillion spent on construction goods and services every


38 30

40 45

Technology – Alistair Kell of BDP says that in a world that is increasingly

replacing personal communication with digital technologies, Building

Information Technology (BIM) presents itself as an interesting paradox.

Legal Focus – The Mediation Bill 2017 obliges parties to a dispute to

seriously consider mediation as a route to resolution, writes leading law firm William Fry.

Passive Housing – What happens if your efficient home is a little too

efficient, and parts are too warm? The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has some interesting answers.

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Mar/Apr 2017


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Killeen Road Depot Kileen Road, Dublin 12 TEL: 01 601 1500 WEB:

Santry Depot Old Airport Road, Cloghran, Co. Dublin TEL: 01 9018690 WEB:

Cork Depot Unit 10, Sarsfield Court, Silver Bullet Industrial Estate, Glanmire, Co. Cork TEL: 021 486 6400 FAX: 021 486 6610 WEB:

Galway Depot Airglooney Industrial Estate, Ballygaddy Road, Tuam, Co. Galway TEL: 093 60470 FAX: 093 60477 WEB:

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kIrBy: DaTa CeNTre exCeLLeNCe FrOM GrID CONNeCTION TO Server CONNeCTION 3AC=D4@=CDA8>BD 'D2C>=<D?BD/7<?BC<<-D ?=/2D8><DC>=BC9D>D8?58D=C67A>A?@BD3@=D C;C::CB;CD?BD4C;8>B?;>:D>B9DC:C;A=?;>:DCB5?BCC=?B5D>B9D;@B<A=7;A?@B.D!>B2D;:?CBA< >=CD>AA=>;AC9D/2DA8C?=D;>6>/?:?A2DA@D6C=3@=4D>D4>?BD;@BA=>;A@=D37B;A?@BD7B9C=D37::D<@:C <@7=;CD<C=0?;C.D


ig players including Interxion, Equinix Telecity, IBM, ACI Worldwide and Ericsson have chosen Kirby to install and commission key infrastructure to support their mission-critical data centre facilities. “Our work on UTI-designed and accredited Tier 3 data centres and above shows how Kirby has developed a deep understanding of the data centre sector. We have the technical know-how and capability to deliver high quality, efficient and resilient mission critical systems” says John Fleming, Kirby’s data centre delivery specialist. Fleming, who has significant experience in delivering complex, large scale data centres in Ireland and across Northern Europe, attributes Kirby’s ability to provide a full end-to-end project delivery service from grid connection through to Integrated System Testing to facility handover as one of the main reasons why clients choose Kirby: “Clients value our expertise and turnkey capabilities. Kirby is one of only a handful of contractors who can provide full turnkey services to data centre clients. Our data centre expertise is complemented by the capability of our in-house BIM, transmission and distribution (T&D) and commissioning teams, allowing us to deliver a comprehensive range of services. We offer design, installation, commissioning and testing, all of which adds value for our clients.”

valuable experience to serve utilities and private clients alike. The rise of high demand users like data centres drives a significant portion of our programme of work. We bring value to the client at every stage in project delivery, even from the earliest in the development, for example when identifying suitable locations for their data centre facilities” says Alan McHugh, Head of Kirby’s T&D division. “And what really sets us apart is our ability to design, build and commission the connection required to bring utility power to the data centre”, continued McHugh.

“grid connection and start-up of data centres is absolutely critical so being able to draw on the expertise of our in-house HV/mV, commissioning and resilience-testing teams enables us to deliver resilient, efficient systems for our clients” says John grogan, associate director – Engineering at Kirby.

Kirby’s T&D division is key to its full-service capability. Kirby is the market leader in providing specialist high voltage (HV) and medium voltage (MV) design and construction services to industry. “As market leaders in the T&D field, we have delivered an extensive range of projects at medium and high voltage. Our expert design and construction teams bring many years of


Mar/Apr 2017

“Grid connection and start-up of data centres is absolutely critical so being able to draw on the expertise of our in-house HV/MV, commissioning and resilience-testing teams enables us to deliver resilient, efficient systems for our clients” says John Grogan, Associate Director – Engineering at Kirby. “Given that, on average, power costs exceed a third of data centre spend, clients are continually looking at ways to improve power usage effectiveness (PUE) through design and operating efficiency. We apply our expertise and adopt a variety of ASHRAE-based design philosophies to deliver sector-leading PUE performance” adds Grogan.

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Recently, Kirby undertook an energy consumption reduction project for one of its data centre clients. Kirby successfully delivered an overall reduction in CO2 emissions by 918,000kgs per annum; a reduction in energy consumption equating to 1,723,996kWh per annum; and the related decrease in lifecycle cost for the plant. Key to driving efficiencies for its clients is Kirby’s BIM team and its adoption of LEAN construction techniques. Kirby’s extensive BIM capability allows detailed analysis of options for

Offsite Fabrication and Modularisation to be evaluated throughout the project. The use of offsite fabrication and its benefits to the project schedule, safety and quality are an inherent part of Kirby’s data centre business. “Challenging schedules and complex build environments are often associated with data centre projects. Kirby utilises its BIM expertise to overcome these challenges” explains Grogan.

“On one such data centre project, we deployed our BIM team early to overcome a very challenging time schedule as well as site restrictions in the form of overhead grid lines. Through early client engagement, collaborating effectively and identifying and resolving critical design issues we minimised any rework or delays on site. Through the use of BIM, we were able to prefabricate 90% of the pipework off-site. This was then delivered to site just in time and installed, thereby minimising the need for on-site welding which in turn reduced costs significantly and saved time” continues Grogan. Kirby’s effective use of BIM on this particular project was recognised at last year’s Irish Building & Design Awards where it was awarded BIM Initiative of the Year. Recently, Kirby delivered full MEP services on ACI Worldwide’s new 2MW Tier 3 data centre located in Limerick. BIM played a critical role in the delivery of services: “Due to space limitations and the large number of electrical and mechanical services, containment, piping and duct work, AC units etc. located in the ceiling void in the office area, we coordinated services using 3D modelling to insure correct installation and minimise lost time ahead of start date” explains Fleming. Similarly, BIM played a significant role in the delivery of a new 4MW Tier 3 data centre where Kirby delivered the full MEP services for the confidential client. Kirby applied its BIM expertise and having a comprehensive understanding of the construction deliverables, it successfully delivered upon the challenging 10 month schedule.

As with all projects, Kirby employs an integrated project delivery approach to its mission critical projects. A key component of this is early engagement. Kirby deploys its inhouse BIM resource, HV/MV and commissioning teams at a very early stage in the project lifecycle. Overall design can be influenced with commissioning in mind, leading to greater project coordination and efficient project delivery. “For example on a recent data centre project, we deployed our commissioning team shortly after appointment. This allowed us to develop a commissioning plan during the pre-construction phase and integrate it into the overall construction schedule leading to a timely handover to our client” explains Grogan. Kirby’s mission critical team also supports clients to increase capacity and upgrade the resilience of current facilities to meet existing and future demands on their services. This sensitive work not only requires them to liaise closely with their client representatives but also necessitates a level of innovation, expertise, planning and project execution which their clients have become accustomed to with Kirby. As John Fleming observes: “from grid connection to server connection, Kirby has the capability in even the most challenging of mission critical environments”. Mar/Apr 2017


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BRICK SLIPS What's the story behind this penthouse in Serbia? Read the architect's inspired narrative about the result. Ten years ago, architect Aleksandar Savikin designed the building with the penthouse. He also had the opportunity to create the interior. He tells us: “In certain respects this work was made easier, as I was fully aware of all the architectural lines and possible positioning of the furniture. It's always such a pleasure to design the building first and then to decorate the interior afterwards.” Brick slips for the interior The architect created open spaces that flow into each other to form one large integrated space. The choice of brick slips not only stands for a distinct style, but it also brings all the different areas together. Aleksandar Savikin: “I decided on bricks because I love the contrast of modern and minimalistic furniture against the rough surface of the bricks. The furniture and lighting seem more sculptural and special against a brick background.”

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Dark colour Douro facing bricks provide this kind of contrast thanks to the powerful texture and dark colour. The joint-free brickwork adds a modern touch. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I must admit that it took a lot of courage to choose this colour for an area of 100 sqm. But it was love at first sight. Douro bricks have a complex colour, and they are in perfect harmony with the idea I had for the interior. The result is even better than I expected,â&#x20AC;? explains the architect.

Kingscourt Country Manor Bricks provide a large range of brick slips, for more information contact us on 01 844 1200, email; or visit Alternatively, visit our showrooms at Unit 26, Airways Industrial Estate, Santry, Dublin 17, D17 TH93.

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MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME USED ON FLOATING HOUSEBOAT Designer, Julius Taminiau, has created a floating house equipped with office space using MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME. First discovered during an exhibition in London, where he worked on an open source plan for houses, Julius took his findings back to the Netherlands and set about designing his dream build. “The boat will cover 100 square metres and consists of two floors,” says Julius. “The rooftop will be half filled with solar panels, which will be concealed by the balustrade. Apart from the living and sleeping rooms, one of the spaces on the floating house will have a double height and will be a working space with flexible layout. In the open space, a mezzanine floor enables the creation of separate work and meeting areas.” The floating house idea had to fulfil two key objectives that the architect had in mind: ingenuity and sustainability. “The budget for this project was tight and therefore we decided to rationalise the design and make it as clever as possible”, says Julius. “The solution was found in a design with a fixed grid basis on the size of panel material. The sizes of the rooms, cladding, windows and other materials had to match precisely and be well proportioned. It also reduced the amount of waste material, avoiding unnecessary impact on the environment while also reducing costs.” The lay-out of the MDF cladding follows a tatami grid system and is applied in a fish-scale pattern. By emulating nature’s time-tested pattern, the architect underlines the secondary key principle of sustainability, which played such an important role in the design. “The facade of the floating house will be continuously exposed to wet and damp conditions”, says Julius. “Therefore, we chose the durable MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME as cladding.” “The acetylated wood fibre makes the resultant panel extremely durable, resistant to decay and dimensionally very stable. The panel will not rot and expands minimally in length or width, even when in contact with water. It’s also guaranteed for use in these conditions for up to 50 years.” The floating house and office was built by Oranje Arkenbouw, Hardenber in the Netherlands and the panel material was supplied by local distributor, RET in Utrecht. The finished product was coated in a water-based matte paint and, due to the unique qualities of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, can be left for 15 years without the need to reapply. “The dark colour of the coating gives the floating house added character and underlines the eastern mystique,” says Julius. “Added to this, the panel


material can be sawed, coated, painted, sanded, nailed and mounted just like any other wood material. The class 1 durability classification makes the panel material as durable as hard timber types, such as teak. It’s a product with multiple possibilities, ideal for a project as ambitious as mine.” With such a wide variety of possible applications, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME’s potential can match any designer’s imagination. Even in situations where humidity and weather are usually a concern for the use of timber panels

Mar/Apr 2017

3 41

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FOrwarD THINkING OFFerS SOLuTION TO CerTIFICaTION ISSue $>3C5>=9D$2<AC4<D?<D<8@1?B5D>::DA8C 8>::4>=)<D@3D?BB@0>A?@BD>B9D3@=1>=9 A8?B)?B5DA8>AD8><D<CCBD?ADC<A>/:?<8D?A<C:3 ><D>D@BCD@3D7=@6C&<D:C>9?B5D9>46C= ;@BA=@:D<@:7A?@B<D<6C;?>:?<A<.D


he company is now offering a new service with the purpose of combating a huge and growing problem on site of non-compliance when it comes to fire damper installation. Over the years, Safegard has encountered many sites where CE and BCAR compliance is difficult due to the physical space restriction and limitation of the building's design. "It's a huge problem on site," says Conor Walsh, Sales and Marketing Director of Safegard. What can the industry do when compliance is not possible? "Up until now, it has been a real engineering headache," adds Conor. "Following three or four years of frustrating site meetings to find solutions to these noncompliant situations, where nobody seems to want to step forward and take responsibility. So Safegard decided to put ourselves forward as specialist advisors to design team,” remarks Conor. In other words, Safegard

trouble in terms of meeting stringent CE & BCAR legislation. We strongly recommend that contractors, engineers and architects allow for the required space and a separation for the installation and maintenance of dampers which will facilitate installation compliance. We also believe that this new service from Safegard is another way that we can support our customers to the best degree possible,” states Conor.

“We strongly recommend that contractors, engineers and architects allow for the required space and a separation for the installation and maintenance of dampers which will facilitate installation compliance”,says conor Walsh, Sales and marketing director of Safegard. has taken the lead by offering a Safegard certification for non-standard/ non-compliant damper installations. The process entails site inspections and the examination of relevant technical details and drawings. “Our Certification is backed by our 25 years of damper specific experience and further supported by our Public Liability Insurance. We firmly believe that without this kind of practical and on- the-ground thinking, the industry would grind to a halt with more and more buildings and sites run into


Mar/Apr 2017

From its Wicklow base, Safegard specialises in the niche area of smoke and fire control / containment within the ducted ventilation systems of large buildings, typically hospitals, airports, multi-storey office blocks etc. The firm offers Addressable, Intelligent Smoke Fire Damper Control Panels plus the full complement of dampers which include smoke/fire, fire, volume control, high operating temperature, air smoke, smoke extract etc. Established in 1994 the company's principle focus has been to design, develop and bring to market an intelligent, PC based damper control & monitoring system, namely Safegard V4. This system is now exported throughout Europe, USA and the Middle East and is recognised as the most advanced damper control system available. Together with its proven experience, practical knowledge and range of market leading complementary products, Safegard offers the complete solution to the consulting engineer and contractor alike in the form of design advice, product selection, and product supply.

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GrOuNDFOrCe & MeIC DeLIver SeCure SOLuTION TO SeNSITIve waTer SCHeMe =@7B93@=;CD8><D<766:?C9D>BD?BA=?;>ACD;@33C=9>4D<@:7A?@BDA@D>::@1DA8CD;@B<A=7;A?@BD@3D> BC1D6746?B5D<A>A?@BD@BDA8CD?0C=D*:@9?>58DBC>=D@:2;=@<<-D*@7BA2D+?66C=>=2.


he new intake works is part of Phase 1 of the Thurles Regional Water Supply Scheme for Irish Water and will replace existing water supply sources that are vulnerable to contamination. Main contractor Glan Agua in conjunction with their Civil Engineering Partner MEIC Ltd have built the new intake chamber and pump house on a site directly alongside the river, upstream of the R661 Rathkennan road bridge. The new facility also includes an underground holding tank with associated pipework, power supply and service ducting, as well as landscaping around the installation. The site is within a Special Area of Conservation with unusually high numbers of otters, crayfish and lamprey in the river and badgers in the surrounding fields and woodland. Pollution control and habitat preservation were therefore given top priority. Approximately 50 x 15m-long precast concrete piles were required to support the concrete structures of the pump house, gravity main and intake chamber. These were installed by specialist contractor Taranto Ltd. Three interlinked cofferdams were required for the construction of the facility with a safe, dry working area inside despite the poor silty ground and the high water table. The excavations reached a depth of 6m with the water table at 1.5m below original ground level. The cofferdams utilised 7m long Larsen L603 sheet piles to enclose the intake chamber and gravity main. The holding tank â&#x20AC;&#x201C; which is located underneath the pump house itself â&#x20AC;&#x201C; required 11m-long Larsen L605 sheet piles. Support for these cofferdams was provided by Groundforceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; heavy duty hydraulic frame, Megabrace, with 150-tonne capacity HSK150 hydraulic props installed as knee-braces across the corners. In the deep excavation housing the holding tank and pumping station, Groundforce provided three levels of Megabrace and eight knee-braces. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Once the concrete piles had been installed and the base slab cast on top, MEIC Ltd


Mar/Apr 2017

were able to remove the two lower braces, giving a clear opening of almost 13m x 13m,â&#x20AC;? says Groundforce General Manager Joe Lenihan. The excavation linking the gravity main and the pumping station was also supported with two levels of Megabrace, with four 80-tonne capacity HSK80 hydraulic props used to provide lateral support. Groundforce also supplied MEIC with EdgeSafe edge protection, LadderSafe access ladders and pile-cropping equipment to trim the concrete piles ready for the base slab to be cast on top. MEIC Ltdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s main concern was to ensure safe working and environmental protection on the small and very confined site. After consulting with Groundforce, it was decided to use sheet piling to create the cofferdams which, in the end â&#x20AC;&#x153;proved to be the backbone for the safety and success of this project,â&#x20AC;? according to MEIC project manager Eoin Delaney. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The high water table was factored into the design of the shoring system with water ingress minimised to such an extent that is was much easier to dewater than anticipated,â&#x20AC;? comments Mr Delaney. He adds: â&#x20AC;&#x153;There was complete confidence in the safe access provided to the excavations themselves due to the strength system. And as the sheet-piles were kept in place for approximately three months it was crucial that workers could confidently work within these underground work-zones productively and safely.â&#x20AC;?

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eSB OPeNS €820M CarrINGTON POwer STaTION-MaNCHeSTer ESB has officially opened its new 884MW gas fired power station at Carrington near Manchester. The €820m development is providing 40 permanent jobs on site and is powering more than one million homes and businesses in the Greater Manchester area. Following three years of construction, the plant became fully operational in September 2016. Carrington Power Station is one of the most efficient thermal plants in the UK at 58 per cent efficiency and generates four times more electricity than the coal plant formerly located on the site. Carrington is the first new large scale high efficiency gas plant to come onto the British electricity grid since 2013. Speaking at the opening of the station, Ellvena Graham, Chairman of ESB, said: “Carrington Power Station is a significant expansion in ESB’s operations in Great Britain and builds on our 25 year record of successful investments in the UK. Producing enough electricity to power over one million homes and businesses, this new power station comes into operation at a time when efficient, reliable and flexible power plants such as Carrington are increasingly needed to ensure security of electricity supplies into the future.“ Officiating at today’s ceremony, Jesse Norman MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, welcomed the commencement of operations: “This welcome investment by ESB in Carrington is already delivering secure electricity to over a million homes and businesses. New power stations like this complement low carbon wind and solar renewable energy by providing reliable electricity all year round, whatever the weather or time of day. And this investment has created skilled jobs for the area as well."

Pat O’Doherty, Chief Executive of ESB, said: "The official opening of the Carrington power station is a great day for ESB. It marks the successful delivery of a major project from our initial plans almost ten years ago through construction and to full commercial operation. Carrington is a key part of ESB’s overall strategy to maintain and grow a generation business of scale in today's highly competitive market.” ESB is currently constructing a £190million, 40MW waste wood biomass plant at Tilbury in Essex in partnership with the Green Investment Bank which will commence operations later this year. It also has plans for a 1,650MW gas fired power station at Knottingley in West Yorkshire and is pursuing a number of waste to energy developments.

LaNDMark New eDuCaTION INITIaTIve IS juST THe TICkeT FOr CONCreTe OPeraTIveS A new initiative to promote excellence in concrete practice has been unveiled which will see concrete operatives in Ireland offered a formally recognised education and guidance course on working with concrete. The ‘Concrete Ticket’, an initiative by the Irish Concrete Society, was officially launched in Dublin today by Minister of State for Housing and Urban Renewal, Damien English, TD. The Concrete Ticket aims to ensure that concrete construction is carried out to European and Irish standards by operatives with the necessary skill and training. Under the voluntary initiative, operatives are offered education in the form of a half-day course with guidance on the correct ordering, handling, finishing and curing of concrete for construction. Participants must then complete and pass a multiple choice test, with successful participants receiving an official photo ID card as proof of completion. A number of courses have already taken place, and some 20 courses are planned for 2017 in locations around the country. The Irish Concrete Society has launched a dedicated website about the Concrete Ticket with information on dates and venues of courses, available at The launch was attended by a wide range of companies and representative bodies from across the Irish concrete, construction and engineering sectors, as well as from Government Departments and State Agencies. Speaking at the launch of the Concrete Ticket, the Chair of the Irish Concrete Society, Jim Mansfield, said: “The Irish Concrete Society promotes excellence in concrete and ensures we continue to meet European and Irish standards. While up to now there has been no accredited education programme for

concrete operatives, I’m delighted that the Concrete Ticket will now help fill that gap. Anyone who works with concrete can now avail of formally recognised training. Those who complete the course will have demonstrated good technical knowledge of the material they work with, and they’ll have a greater appreciation and understanding of the role they plan in achieving excellence in concrete. Those interested in availing of our courses can access information on dates and venues at” Director General of the Construction Industry Federation, Tom Parlon said: “It is vital that we continue to maintain high standards in concrete for construction in order to assure the future success of the Irish construction sector.”

Jan/Feb 2017

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MOre ‘weIGHTING’, LeSS ‘waITING’ aS aCTavO PrOvIDeS SHaNNON aIrPOrT MODuLar GyM IN uNDer 70 DayS Actavo | Building Solutions, a leading Irish supplier of modular buildings, has designed, built and delivered a 120m2 modular gym facility for Shannon Airport’s fire station in under 70 days. The new facility at Shannon Airport connects to the main fire station building and comfortably hosts a broad range of gym equipment including treadmills, rowing machines and cross-trainers. Commenting on the new gym, Chris O’Neill, Shannon Airport Aerodrome Fire Officer, explained: “There are physical fitness standards that members of the airport fire service are required to meet today. To meet these standards, the company has invested in the provision of a new modular facility and gym equipment to replace an older facility. The gym has been designed to fit a specific available site within the fire station complex and is a significant investment in staff in enhancing the overall fitness levels within the force.” Chris added: “The majority of our team uses the gym on a daily basis and we have trained up some members as personal training instructors to assist. The new modular facility is proving to be a great success and beneficial to everyone in the service.” Actavo constructed the facility offsite, and, using cranes, installed the structure without any disruption to the day-to-day running of the airport or fire station. The health and safety of the general public and airport staff, as well as protection of the airside/landside boundary, were of paramount importance throughout the incident-

Pictured recently at the newly-constructed modular gym at Shannon airport Fire Station (Back row, left-right: Chris O’Neill, Shannon airport aerodrome Fire Officer; Liam Brew, Operations Director, actavo Building Solutions; and Mark Brown, Shannon airport Station Officer; Front row, left-right: alan ryan and Sean Dinan, Shannon airport Fire Station Officers).

free installation period. Operations Director, Actavo | Building Solutions, Liam Brew said: “We are delighted to have worked on this exciting project for Shannon Airport and its Airport Fire Service. The project ran smoothly, and installation was efficiently executed. Increasingly, we are seeing modular facilities being embraced for a variety of purposes, be that healthcare, educational, residential, or, in this instance, health and wellbeing.”

kINGSPaN INSuLaTION LauNCH New LOwer LaMBDa PrODuCT IN THe avIva STaDIuM On rather windy and rainy Thursday morning people poured into The Aviva Stadium to attend a CPD on Kingspan Insulation’s New Lower Lambda Product. They were greeted with warm tea and coffee after registering for the event. Brian O’Driscoll arrived early to mingle and chat with all the guests. Everyone was then treated to a lovely breakfast which was then followed by a CDP on the New Lower Lambda Products by Kingspan Insulations Technical Manager Alan Macklin. The new & exciting Kingspan Kooltherm Lower Lambda Range achieves a lambda value of just 0.018 W/m.K. Kingspan Insulation has revolutionised their rigid insulation technology with the introduction of new low lambda products for floor, wall and soffit applications; delivering premium thermal performance with a minimal construction thickness. The advanced composition of Kingspan Kooltherm lower lambda products ensures architects and builders now have even greater freedom to achieve spectacular designs, with inherently outstanding fabric performance, without having to compromise on internal living or working space. The products are manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and very low Global Warming Potential (GWP). The insulation boards are non-deleterious, easy to handle and install, 48

Jan/Feb 2017

and are unaffected by air infiltration. Jim Loughran Kingspan Commercial Director says ‘At Kingspan Insulation we are very passionate about product development and exceeding expectations, we invest heavily in Research & Development. Our new lower lambda range adds another dimension to our product portfolio, allowing us to offer even higher value products from our already extensive range.”

for further information on the New Kingspan lower lambda Kooltherm Range, please call Kingspan Insulation ltd. tel: +353 (0) 42 979 5000 or visit

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