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Plan architectureinteriorsdesignengineering July/August 2017


Stirling Prize

Limerick on Song

Global Recognition

Shortlist for 2017 award announced

Limerick's Opera site takes off

Irish firms stand out in international awards

Mad Designs

5-Star Make-Over

Cork Renaissance

Futuristic building for car of the future

The new look Adare Manor Hotel

Developing the iconic Metropole Hotel

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media ltd.


Unit 1, 62A Grange Close, Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Baldoyle, Dublin 13. Tel: 01 8324341 Mobile: 087 4184353

People Power is Alive and well in Dundrum!

Publisher: MCD Media Ltd. Subscriptions and Circulation, Accounts / Administration Linda Doran

Talk about taking the initiative. I read with real interest in the Indo, moves by local residents in Dundrum in South County Dublin that show the pioneering spirit is alive and well. Local businesses and residents have decided that rather than wait for a developer to submit plans to develop the older Dundrum centre (nearer the LUAS), they have forged ahead and come up with their own plans and development ideas for the area.

Managing Editor Michael McDonnell

The step is unusual for sure given that it is fair to say the norm is for locals to spot the developer’s plans, circle the wagon and focus on reasons why said development plans need to be curtailed, modified or scrapped. A bit simplistic of a view granted but you get the point.

Editor Michael Hayes

I am impressed with the name they have come up with, namely ‘Imagine Dundrum’. The group has come up with its own plans for the older section of Dundrum village

Production/Design Catherine Kelleher Circulation: Plan’s circulation covers Architects, Planners, Interior Designers, Quantity Surveyors, Consulting Engineers, Developers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Acoustic and Lighting Consultants, Building Contractors and Sub-Contractors and Key Executives for Builders Providers, Manufacturers and distributors of building materials and products. &&&%!"#&" !% !& &&%#!$% % !&#!"#&#%#%&&!%&$%#$& % %$&% #%$$%&#%& "!& %%$$#&!"$%&&% &!%&$%#& "#&$&!%&$%#&#%$" $% "#&!%$%&" " $&"#&$!!%% !$&%%#% %&

This local people power approach is not without precedent, if you cast your eye to places like New York. According to property experts CBRE, the term ‘Placemaking’ is well accepted jargon Stateside and entails trying to create vibrant urban spaces that offer wellbeing, pleasure and inspiration. To get a sense of what the property firms are talking about, why not google High Line as a perfect example of Placemaking in action. I am blessed to have 3 ‘Shopping in Dundrum’ offspring in my house, but I am not even sure they have ever hung around in the old village of Dundrum, save to walk to the LUAS stop. There is much to admire in the old village with its artisan style cottages and churches. Let’s hope this display of people’s imagination reaps its reward and inspires other local communities to take a lead in developing and revitalising their own patches of turf.

Micha el H ay es Editor

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%%$$#&" $!!!%&"#&&!$&% "#$%% ! #%"% !" & "#& "# & &   %& %& %$&  & " " $& "& !"#$  & " !#!"#$& % #%$$%& %#% & "&


%%$$#& $!!%& "#& #%%!& !"$%& "&   %& "#&"%$&!&$$%& &%&! "#&#%$" $!&"#&!%&#&"%!% %$$ "#& $% %$$& "& !%&  "#!" & " ! %& "# $!!% If you would like to subscribe to Plan Magazine, please email Linda -

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21 Opera House on song


30 Stirling Prize Shortlist revealed

5 Star Design

Adare Manor reveals its lavish new interior design

44 MAD Designs

52 Limerick Rejuvenation


Irish shine on Global Stage Talent of Irish Architects recognised in prestigious international architecture awards



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Fresh Specifier Delight

ON THE COVER: The National Gallery of Ireland


Plan Magazine - July/August 2017

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Plan Magazine - July/August 2017



Plan Magazine - July/August 2017


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FULL METAL PACKAGE &'$(($'(''%('"#$!&"'("&%'(

($%($ '(#'(!'$&%("!&' ( &%"# &$!('%( &(! &%($%('#$!('"( #"(&%( '!$%((('(' (#' ##$!("!#&%( (!$# "($!$"($% $&!&%("#$& "(' &'#' ('%&%($% $#'"(&%(&!(#''!(#$&%!'""(#''!( $!$%&"'(((!&%&($%( (# "&#(%'( ('&"#&%( '& ''%#" Focusing on practical engineering solutions, supported with advanced technology and the latest in modern supply processes, Ridgeway have the capacity to handle large or small projects and the flexibility to deliver quality products on time and within budget. We supply a wide variety of bespoke architectural press gratings and perforated planks. These are widely used in construction, engineering and manufacturing environments due to their versatility, aesthetics and functionally. These are also often used in architectural applications such as faรงade cladding, brise soleil, sun screening or balustrade infills. The vast range of product applications means that the number of permutations is endless. We stock wide ranges of expanded metal mesh, welded wire mesh and perforated metals. Expanded Metal Mesh is a unique material with a fascinating production process, which can turn any ductile solid metal into thousands of varieties of mesh. Our weldmesh can be manufactured in both roll and panel forms with vertical and horizontal wires electrically welded at each intersection providing a very strong and versatile product. We stock a wide range of sheets, stocked in pallet quantities in a variety of wire diameters and mesh sizes. Precision Perforated Metal is one of the most exciting developments in architecture today. The very latest technology in laser perforation allows complex designs from photographs to be punched into steel panels creating unique facades and cladding for building exteriors. We supply woven architectural mesh, it is available in many different patterns. Each has its own characteristics and optional effect, with specific degrees of density, texture or transparency. In addition many of


Plan Magazine - July/August 2017

these patterns are self-supporting which therefore reduce both cost and complexity of fabrication and installation. Ridgeway also offer a wide range of perimeter fencing, temporary fencing and gabions solutions to suit your landscaping and specialist sports fencing needs. For more information on the full range of metal mesh products stocked by Ridgeway call our Ashbourne office on: +353 (01) 802 7173 or our Belfast office on: + 44 (0) 2890 454599 or email us on or visit Nationwide delivery available.

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NATIONAL SUCCESS STORY! Ask any architect, designer or construction professional what they think of National Tile and the answer is sure to be a positive affirmation of the company’s core values - making sure customers receive the attention they deserve, get first class professional and expert advice, whilst having the widest possible choice of the finest products at competitive prices. National Tile since 1980 has built its reputation and business on sourcing and distributing ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles for Ireland’s retailers, contractors, architects and designers. “Right from the outset,” explains Graham Purcell, Managing Director, “we offered a comprehensive and impressive range of bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, wall tiles and floor tiles to meet whatever design brief our clients were challenged with. As we evolved, we continued to broaden and build our product range. We also diversified our product offering to deliver more of what the industry was looking for and this saw us add engineered wooden flooring and laminates to our product portfolio.”

He continues: “National Tile also has an exciting wood flooring range called Caislean Oak which we finish in Ireland to our clients’ specification. We also offer raised access floor systems, pool systems, specialised tiles and Mosaics. The choice continues with such lines as external 20mm tiles, PTV 36 slip rated tiles, Laminate flooring and XXL large format tiles. We also provide tiles for building facades as well as cutting edge design.”

“We have always worked tirelessly to build up excellent relationships with key global suppliers, which means we can offer high stock availability and superb design choices. This is all supported by a dynamic logistics system that can provide next-day nationwide delivery. “It is particularly important to us – and most satisfying – that independently-conducted market research tells us that our customers are highly appreciative of the level of service we provide and that they are quick and happy to recommend us,” concludes Graham Purcell.

“All the while, we would be looking to find those lines that match customer demand and the vagaries of market trends. Working closely with designers and architects, we have been successfully offering tiling and flooring solutions from the most subtle and simple to the stunning and eye-catching, and from the most traditional to the latest contemporary looks and designs,” explains Graham. Coe’s Road, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland.


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Plan Magazine - July/August 2017

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BRICKS HELP MAKE AWARD-WINNING PROJECT COME ALIVE Bricks supplied by Kingscourt Country Manor Bricks have helped make the Military Archives building in Dublin the award-winning, sustainable and beautiful project it is today. Designed by McCullough Mulvin Architects, the Military Archives scooped the Best Cultural/Public/Community Building at the RIAI Architecture Awards 2017, thanks in part to the aesthetically pleasing, durable range of bricks supplied by the Santry-based brick firm. The Military Archives in Rathmines, Dublin 6 is a historic building with a rich and diverse heritage. Made up of two sections, the new part is made of brick and comprises two large archive rooms while the old part is one half of an old stone and brick hospital block dating from the early years of the barracks. Architects Niall Mulvin and Corán McCullough have turned this section on its end and added a new entrance that now leads to a new public library and reading room. The building has been transformed into a high class National Military Archive facility for both Department of Defence and Defence Forces’ material. Selecting a brick that complemented and blended seamlessly with the existing façade was of the utmost importance to the architects. With such a wide-ranging and diverse product portfolio available to them, the architects had no difficulty in selecting the right brick for the job. ‘Lithium’ facing bricks in grey with a bucket handle finish were the architect’s brick of choice, a perfect match for the existing brickwork. Aesthetically, the new bricks work extremely well but were also chosen for their natural and sustainable qualities.

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The ‘Lithium’ bricks used on the Military Archives building were manufactured by the Vandersanden Group, a trend-setting brick manufacturer with over 90 years’ experience in creating more than 100 facing bricks and brick slips in various colours, textures and sizes. Unique and very specific bricks like those found in the ‘Lithium’ range proved the perfect choice for this very special project, which has been designed to house the extensive archive built up by the Irish Army over the years since the foundation of the State. The Military Archives is now home to Army records, depositions concerning the War of Independence, maps and films. McCullough Mulvin Architects’ big win at this year’s RIAI Awards is testament to the architect’s commitment to creating an inviting and user-friendly facility that has remained sympathetic to the existing, historic buildings. All elements of the building work in harmony with each other, including the new bricks which beautifully complement the existing façade and will continue to do so for many years to come. For more information on Lithium bricks contact distributor Kingscourt Country Manor Bricks on 01 844 1200, email or visit Alternatively, visit our showrooms at Unit 26, Airways Industrial Estate, Santry, Dublin 17, D17 TH93.

Project Details: Client: Department of Defence Architect: McCullough Mulvin Architects Contractor: Gem Construction Brick Brand: Vandersanden Brick Brick Used: Lithium Year built: 2016 Award: Best Cultural/Public/Community Building at the RIAI Architecture Awards 2017


Plan Magazine - July/August 2017


Plan Magazine - July/August 2017

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Plan Magazine - July/August 2017



Plan Magazine - July/August 2017

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Plan Magazine - July/August 2017


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Sliding, Cantilever and Swing gates for every location.

Irish Fencing Services can provide railing solutions for large and small projects.

Tullamore Dew used Irish Fencing Services to enhance their new facility.

Irish Fencing Services can bring experience and choice to a Housing Development.



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KCC WINNER AT THE SCHUECO EXCELLENCE AWARDS The Schueco Excellence Awards for design and innovation have become an annual event firmly established in the industry’s calendar, and continue to feature brilliantly designed and constructed buildings right across Ireland and the UK. The awards – which are run in association with RIBA Journal in the UK – have won the respect of the UK and Irish building industry because of the high quality of the submissions they routinely attract. The only stipulation for entry is that each project should utilise at least one Schueco system and involve a Schueco UK Partner specialist contractor. This year, the Cultural Award was awarded to Irish company KCC Architectural for their work on the prestigious Newport Street Gallery in London. Designed by Caruso St John for Damien Hirst, Newport Street Gallery has already won multiple awards including the prestigious 2016 Stirling Prize for Architecture. KCC Architectural were subcontracted to manage the glazing element of the prestigious project and did so by introducing oversized Schueco glazing systems, which became a key design element of the building. Each of these pieces weighed almost 570kg. According to KCC, the most challenging piece of the project was the seven structurally glazed secondary glazing units, fitted with bonded glass in Gallery 1 in the Victorian part of the building. They also fitted four further special secondary windows in Gallery 3.

‘The architect had the design intent and we had to make it happen,’ says one of KCC’s directors, David Skelly. ‘It was a significant challenge to work to almost zero tolerance on such complicated windows, and a lot of design work went into it because they were so large and heavy.’ Since the 1.7m wide x 2.3m high window size surpassed the maximum engineering constraints of the Schueco Jansen Janisol SG system, the project required design and engineering input from the team in KCC and the engineering company Clear Structures, which provided structural calculations. The thermally broken profiles required heavy and durable steel reinforcement which was achieved through the design of bespoke large brackets which helped carry the units. Project specific tests had to be carried out on windload, fixings, bonding of the glass to the system and condensation levels, the latter being of particular importance due to the type of building being constructed. KCC also created further windows in the

project, using the same system, for newly built parts of the gallery, such as the main entrance building. These pieces measured up to 3.5m x 3m. The gallery also features Schueco Jansen glazed and flush metal overclad doors. The Judges of the 2017 Excellence Awards for design and innovation awarded KCC with the Cultural award and commended them on overcoming the challenge of the oversized glazing requirements, as well as its contribution to the overall design and feel of the project, which blends the new build with a terrace of listed industrial buildings.


HERITAGE AND CONSERVATION SKILLS PART-TIME OPTION A STEP FORWARD FOR BUILDING AND ARCHITECTURAL PROFESSIONALS Growth in heritage tourism and new legislation is contributing to the need for more professionals with building conservation competence. Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) has re-launched its BSc in Applied Conservation Skills as a two-year part-time programme to meet the needs of the industry ahead of incoming legislation. The BSc in Applied Conservation Skills is hugely attractive to those working in all areas of conservation from architectural and construction firms specialising in conservation work to employees of local authorities. From September 2017, the BSc in Applied Conservation Skills will run over two years instead of one year. Students will attend WIT for one day a week in two 12 week blocks each year (typically September-December and January-May). “Offering the course part-time it makes it more accessible to people who are selfemployed e.g. carpenters, plasterers, and masons,” says course leader Terry Prenderville. “It is also a win win solution for businesses who are seeking a competitive edge in heritage and conservation tenders


Plan Magazine - July/August 2017

and contracts. They only have to release an employee for one day.” Ian O’Neill, who also leads the course explains an additional benefit. “A growth in heritage tourism and new legislation is contributing to the need for more professionals with competence in building conservation,” he says. “In recent years we’ve had students travel from as far away as Mayo to take this course, and we expect as a oneday-a-week commitment it will be very popular this year.” Colm Murray, Architecture Officer with The Heritage Council makes the point that the achievement of high standards of quality in building will not be achieved without formal educational opportunities at all levels. “Workers at all levels in the construction industry are now required to demonstrate their competency before being allowed to build, and for this reason, qualifications such as WIT’s BSc in Applied Conservation Skills are needed. This is the first accreditation that has been made available in Ireland for the onsite skills needed to take care of historic buildings.”

Jeanette Mair, Construction Industry Federation Executive and Manager of the Register of Heritage Contractors says there is an ever-increasing demand for main and specialist heritage contractors who have the competence, i.e. knowledge and skills, to conserve, repair and restore the wide range of heritage structures and sites in Ireland “Acquiring traditional building and conservation skills is vital for the on-going repair of our built heritage. Investment in this area results in the creation of sustainable construction jobs and contributes to economic regeneration,” she says.

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KCC ARCHITECTURAL CHOSEN AS IRISH DISTRIBUTOR FOR SELO UK company Selo design products to simplify methods and processes that have historically been a headache for architects, developers and contractors alike. KCC Architectural were recently chosen as the Irish distributor for Selo in Ireland. KCC had identified a demand for functional yet aesthetically pleasing riser doors that were aligned with the architects’ design intent and partnered with UK company Selo who’s vision, and core belief behind their product development, is to simplify interior design and functionality. Selo wanted to develop a door system that would not only look good but also blend inconspicuously into the rest of the design. Therefore, the Selo riser door system offers an architecturally elegant solution for the requirement of riser doors in the modern commercial building. Architecturally the door is completely concealed, there are no visible hinges with only a sleek shadow gap on view as It is designed to completely conceal the door frame

and all fixings. Also, extensive testing has been carried out to cover for all fire and acoustic needs, offering the most extensive and versatile range on the market to date. The Selo riser door system consists of the Quadra metal door system and the Una timber leaf doorset, providing a solution to suit any application. The Quadra Metal Door combines usability with discreet design to provide easy access and a completely smooth wall profile, no visible hinges with fire resistance for up to 2 hours. A nice additional benefit to the system is that the system can then be painted with the same finish as the surrounding wall, creating a consistent, high-quality aesthetic finish. The Una door system utilises a timber door leave with a fully concealed metal frame for situations where you require a timber door leave rather than a metal one. Standard handles and locks can also be fitted to match the rest of the project. In addition to the many aesthetic and functional benefits, the system is also

remarkably quick and simple to install which can in turn increase productivity and efficiency for users. ïïïKâÅÅ~êÅÜáíÉÅíìê~äKÅçã

ARMOURPLAN® PVC ROOFING SYSTEM FROM SIG IRELAND PREMIUM WATERPROOFING WITH A PROVEN TRACK RECORD IKO Polymeric’s Armourplan® PVC roofing system offers flexible and lightweight waterproofing integrity across a wide range of building types. SIG Roofing in partnership with SIG Facades have recently brought Armourplan® to the Pitched Roofing, Roofing, & Cladding Sectors. Armourplan® PVC roofing membranes are suitable for use on a wide range of roofing applications, including specialist installations such as simulated metal roofs. The range comes in two standard colours; mid

grey (RAL 7046) and slate grey (RAL 7015), in addition, a wider range is also available to meet project requirements. Armourplan® is suitable for warm or cold roofs, whether the roof is flat, inverted or sloped. Armourplan® PVC roofing membranes can be mechanically fastened, adhered or ballasted providing maximum system flexibility. “SIG Roofing is delighted to partner with IKO to offer a range of superior quality flat roofing options, one popular option for example is the Armourplan Standing Seam profile which is manufactured from PVC and is hot welded to the installed Amourplan Membrane at a layout specified by the client. Increases in the cost of metal systems has seen a surge in the use of this cost effective standing seam imitation which is quick and easy to install providing an attractive roof finish at a fraction of the cost of a metal system! Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications

accommodating intricate design challenges, Armourplan Standing seam Profile is just one of a number of flat roof options from the IKO range available from SIG Roofing Ireland.” Declan Duignan, Sales & Marketing Manager, SIG Roofing.

sáëáí=çìê=åÉï=ïÉÄëáíÉ=~åÇ=í~âÉ=~=äççâ=~í ëçãÉ=çÑ=íÜÉ=ê~åÖÉ=çÑ=êççÑáåÖ=éêçÇìÅíë=ïÉ Ü~îÉ=~î~áä~ÄäÉK mÜçåÉW aìÄäáåW=EMNF=SOP=QRQN `çêâW=EMONF=QPO=NUSU _ÉäÑ~ëíW=EHQQF=OU=VMSU=SPUM lã~ÖÜW=EMOUF=UOOQ=SOOM tÉÄëáíÉW=ïïïKëáÖêççÑáåÖKáÉ==== bã~áäWÉåèìáêáÉë]ëáÖêççÑáåÖKáÉ=======


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Plan Magazine  

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