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ContraCting sustainability rmi infrastruCture l



D-Day for capital spenDing

it’s Decision time for some €4.1b in estimates 2018 & for capital investment over 2018-2021







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Sensory Overload It reminds me of that great scene in Monty Python’s Life of Brian where the People’s Front of Judea are hamstrung from making any class of decision by forming endless committees. ‘It’ being the fact that we seem to be going around in circles with so many different market reports about what the Government is doing, what it should be doing and whether any of them should be called Loretta! In all seriousness, the myriad of reports all proffering the best interpretation of the housing crisis, national planning or capital spending priorities seems more of a hindrance than an aid. I kid you not that in any given day, we have more reports flying around the office that you would see in a convention of school inspectors. And I am sure you would agree that some of these reports just come out with the blindingly obvious. If we could all move on from the committees or compiling endless reports, the speed bumps that the industry, Government and economy is facing would stand a far greater chance of being solved We need action now not a bunch of Lorettas.

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Cover Story



The Report of the Mid-Term Review of the Capital Plan: Building on Recovery 2016-2021 has been published and it sets the scene for decisions on the allocation of the additional €4.1 billion in Estimates 2018, for capital investment over the period 2018-2021.

Features Interview – We talk exclusively to Brid O’Connell, Director General of Guaranteed Irish to hear why construction companies will benefit from membership of the business organisation.


Property Focus – David Duffy, Director of Property Industry Ireland (PII), maintains that the property sector is facing a series of short and longer-term challenges such as the impact of Brexit and the need to urgently increase the supply of newly built homes into the market.


Construction Output – Growth in the Irish construction sector eased again, with slower rises in both activity and new orders recorded. That said, rates of expansion remained marked and firms upped their rate of job creation.


Northern Ireland – The latest Ulster Bank PMI report shows that Northern Ireland construction saw the sharpest rise in activity in 2017 so far.


Opinion – Government infrastructure spending needs to get more bang for its buck, says Professor Eoin Reeves, Head of the Department of Economics at University of Limerick.


Planning - ‘Ireland 2040 Our Plan’ - The draft National Planning Framework – is the Government’s proposed long-term strategic planning framework will guide national, regional and local planning and investment decisions over the next 25 years.


Project Management – Gareth McElhinney, Technical Director at RPS Group and member of the PMI explores the main challenges and opportunities now facing project managers within the industry across the country.


Commercial Property – There will be a busy autumn ahead for the commercial property market according to Marie Hunt, Executive Director and Head of Research, CBRE Ireland.


BREXIT – Since the Brexit vote, nearly half (45%) of Enterprise Ireland construction firms have reduced their exposure to the UK, with almost seven in 10 firms surveyed now viewing the Eurozone as providing key opportunities for growth.

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Sept/Oct 2017


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Killeen Road Depot Kileen Road, Dublin 12 TEL: 01 601 1500 WEB:

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Cork Depot Unit 10, Sarsfield Court, Silver Bullet Industrial Estate, Glanmire, Co. Cork TEL: 021 486 6400 FAX: 021 486 6610 WEB:

Galway Depot Airglooney Industrial Estate, Ballygaddy Road, Tuam, Co. Galway TEL: 093 60470 FAX: 093 60477 WEB:

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Sept/Oct 2017

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Sept/Oct 2017


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BRICK IS MAIN ATTRACTION AT BODY & SOUL FESTIVAL This year’s Body & Soul Festival saw a very different kind of VIP – a brick pavilion that played host to a range of intrigued visitors, from a roaming choir to festivalgoers simply sheltering from the rain. The ‘Funicular Folly’ was designed by architect Rae Moore as an art installation for the festival. With the help of construction firms including Arup, Bennett Construction and Kilsaran, the project was completed for just €400, with all bricks kindly donated by Kingscourt Country Manor Bricks. Brick was selected as the material of choice for the Funicular Folly for a variety of reasons. “The concept for the project was to take a familiar material, like brick which everyone is used to seeing, and make something completely new that people would never expect. In the context of a festival, it was about making something very surprising out of something very familiar,” says project architect Rae Moore. The project aims to challenge traditional perceptions of form and materials usually associated with the idea of shelter and dwelling. “The idea was to build a thin brick structure that mimics the form of tents typically seen at festivals, using traditional methods combined with the latest technologies.” Rae’s mission was to create an interactive piece that could be explored by festivalgoers; a curiosity and landmark that would also provide shelter to soggy music fans. The structure is remarkable for its strength and can hold incredible weight. According to Rae, it can be climbed upon and explored as a terrain, or even function as a podium for a performer.

It took 7,000 brick slips to complete the thin brick shell structure. All bricks were cut at the brick cutting unit at Kingscourt Country Manor Bricks. A variety of bricks were inspected before a colour was settled on. “We eventually went for a brick called ‘Kingscourt Brown Smooth’, recently used on student accommodation in Gardiner Street, Dublin 1. As the Folly would be situated in a woodland setting, everyone was keen not to use anything that would stand out too much. The ‘Brown Smooth’ brick blends in perfectly with the natural tones of the woodland,” says Rae.

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The structure was built using two layers of brick work. The first layer used plaster, which set quickly to allow the structure take shape with ease. The second layer of bricks were set using cement, for added strength. A permanent fixture at Body & Soul, the Funicular Folly is set to be integrated fully into the festival and may be used for small performances. “There was huge relief when we learned it wouldn’t be knocked down, considering the amount of work that went into its design and construction. The concept, which was to take an ancient construction technique and combine it with new technologies and a familiar material to create something new and fresh, worked out really well for us. We’re delighted with the result.” For more information on Kingscourt Brown Smooth Brick contact distributor Kingscourt Country Manor Bricks on 01 844 1200, email or visit Alternatively, visit our showrooms at Unit 26, Airways Industrial Estate, Santry, Dublin 17, D17 TH93. Project Details: Client: Body & Soul, Music and Arts Festival Location: Ballinlough Castle, Co Westmeath Architect: Rae Moore Engineers: Arup Contractor: Bennett Construction Brick Supplier: Kingscourt Country Manor Bricks Brick Used: Kingscourt Brown Smooth Cement Supplier: Kilsaran

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COMBINED PROTECTION ROBUST WATERPROOFING #?@58BC;=6>:BC;=86A?=@C &;C!74>63B <@7C&>B4>63B :=2/?@B7C4>=AB:A?=@C4>=.?7B;C>=/6;A 0<AB>4>==3?@5C3=>C/><@7C@B0C@?.B>;?A1C=3C8;AB>C:<246;C?@C)B83<;A-C=>A9B>@C,>B8<@7C


he University of Ulsterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new ÂŁ250 million Belfast City campus will provide approximately 14,000 students and 1,500 staff with state of the art teaching and learning facilities. When added to the existing York Streetbased Belfast City campus, the total site will cover 75,000 square metres. Construction on the campus began in 2014 and is expected to complete in 2018. Tasked with providing a waterproofing solution that ensured the structure to be watertight throughout the horizontal and vertical interfaces, GCP Applied Technologies reached into an extensive portfolio of high performing waterproofing systems. The chosen solution - combined waterproofing protection - a combination of AdprufeÂŽ watertight concrete and PreprufeÂŽ pre-applied membrane ensuring the highest level of waterproofing protection performance. AdprufeÂŽ 100 liquid admixture enhances concrete performance by reducing water absorption and drying shrinkage to produce integrally waterproofed concrete while AT waterstop system ServititeÂŽ AT 200 uses coextruded hydrophilic bulbs to provide a unique combination of active and passive protection for joints in concrete. PreprufeÂŽâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Advanced Bond Technologyâ&#x201E;˘ creates a permanent and integral bond to concrete preventing ingress or migration of water into and around the structure. PreprufeÂŽ 300R features a robust HDPE film providing high resistance to chemicals, moisture and gases such as methane and radon, an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive and a weather resistant protective coating. While flexible membrane PreprufeÂŽ 160 Flex conforms around an irregular surface, as long as it is reasonably smooth within the tolerances.


Sept/Oct 2017

GCPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s AdprufeÂŽ enhanced watertight concrete, PVC waterstop system ServititeÂŽ AT 200, PreprufeÂŽ 300R were proposed on the horizontal concrete slabs and pile caps, PreprufeÂŽ 160 Flex on the secant piled walls, and selfadhesive, fully bonded air and vapour control layer Perm-A-BarrierÂŽ VC20 to be used in conjunction with the external cladding system.

preprufeÂŽâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s advanced bond technologyâ&#x201E;˘ creates a permanent and integral bond to concrete preventing ingress or migration of water into and around the structure. GCPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s combined waterproofing protection system complies with British Standardsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; code of practice: BS 8102: 2009, and meets the requirements of NHBC Chapter 5.4. Through its AdprufeÂŽ System and PreprufeÂŽ membranes, GCP Applied Technologies provides a certified, combined, robust and reliable approach from one single manufacturer. GCP Applied Technologies is the leading global provider of products and technology solutions for customers in the specialty building materials and specialty construction chemicals industries. For more information about AdprufeÂŽ and Preprufe ÂŽ products, visit

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GROUNDFORCE SHORCO DELIVERS SWEDISH SOLUTION >=6@73=>:BC#9=>:=C917><68?:C4>=44?@5CB6?42B@AC?;C=@:BC<5<?@C9B84?@5CA= ;A>B<28?@BC:=@;A>6:A?=@C=3C<C8<>5BC/<;B2B@AC?@C#:<@7?@<.?<+


orking for the first time for main contractor Skanska, Groundforce has supplied its MP150 modular hydraulic props in a raking configuration to support the large basement excavation on the Valand Quarter 6 project in Kungsbacka, a few kilometres south of the Swedish city of Gothenburg. The project, for local developer Aranäs, comprises an office building with a deep basement housing a car-park, a restaurant and other leisure facilities. The large footprint of the building is approximately 50m x 50m. With such distances between the piled retaining walls, it was clearly impossible to brace the excavation across its width. Groundforce reputation on other Scandinavian projects (notably the massive “Barcode” project in Oslo) brought the company’s expertise to the attention of the Skanska team. Consultation with the main contractor soon resulted in a bespoke solution for the project. Groundforce specified its 150-tonne capacity MP150 raking props to support the sides of the excavation, with the loads transferred to steel upstand supports driven into the ground. “None of the props are perpendicular to the waling beam, so corbel connections were needed at the top to connect the props onto the waling beam,” explains Groundforce European Sales Manager, Sam Oldroyd. The location of each upstand, and hence the length of each prop, was determined by the design of the basement and the need to minimise obstructions inside the excavation. “Each prop had to be drawn to establish the overall


Sept/Oct 2017

length,” explains Sam. In total, 13 of the MP150 props were installed, eight of them positioned in a fan-shape to support a broad curve that forms one corner of the site. According to Skanska, the standard solution for an excavation of this size would have been a temporary structural steel frame, specially designed and erected piece-by-piece on site – an expensive and very timeconsuming solution. “none of the props are perpendicular to the waling beam, so corbel connections were needed at the top to connect the props onto the waling beam,” explains groundforce european sales manager, sam oldroyd. “We decided to use Groundforce Shorco to reduce the need for welding,” explains Skanska’s project engineer Johanna Fridhagen. “Welding in our projects is very demanding and costly, which means that if we can avoid this to a large extent, the project will benefit economically.” The only pieces of steelwork ultimately used in the design were the steel beams welded across the three remaining corners of the excavation to act as kneebraces. The equipment was delivered ready for installation on site in February 2017. The basement is expected to be completed later this summer.


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ASK YOURSELF - HOW SECURE IS YOUR PREMISES ?.?@5C;A<33C<::B;;CA=C;4B:?3?:C<>B<;C=3CA9BC/6?87?@5C<@7C8?2?A?@5C <::B;;CB8;B09B>BC?;C.?A<881C?24=>A<@AC/6AC:<@C/B:=2BC<C@6?;<@:BB;4B:?<881C3=>CA9BC3<:?8?A?B;C2<@<5B>C=>C:<>BA<*B>C09=C26;AC:<>>1 <>=6@7C<C965BC/6@:9C=3C*B1;CA=C9<.BC<::B;;CA=CA9BC09=8BC/6?87?@5+CCCC


CC Architectural Service & Maintenance Consultant Ray Bradley sees this as a problem for many companies – “We are noticing an increase in the number of companies using their Master Key Suite system incorrectly, leaving their building and the internal areas less secure. The idea of a tailor-made Master Key Suite is that is it specific to your building and requirements and can maximize security, simplify access restrictions for your premises, and minimize the number of keys required.” Twenty years ago, a Master Key system for a building such as a school, would normally have been hierarchical.

Traditional Master Key systems were designed for convenience rather than security. All of the doors would be operable by a ‘Grand Masterkey’. Additionally, doors would be arranged into area zones for which Zone Sub Masterkeys would be supplied, ie. A Masterkey for a group of locks would be supplied, with additional keys that operate an individual cylinder lock, which would then be allocated as required. “We are noticing an increase in the number of companies using their master Key suite system incorrectly, leaving their building and the internal areas less secure. “ However, this system has significant drawbacks, as it is incapable of accommodating situations where multiple departments need access to the same doors or areas. This issue would typically be overcome by multiple keys being issued to each individual, thus weakening the integrity of the system, as some users may inadvertently end up having access to all doors in an entire zone. Additional drawbacks include the stereotypical ‘Jailor Key Syndrome’ with individuals carrying multiple keys; increased costs stemming from the vast number of


Sept/Oct 2017

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individual keys created for each individual door; or that the system could become so complex that it becomes difficult to ascertain what keys are required and to whom they have been issued. A secure modern system matches control keys with various ‘user groups’, meaning the keys within the system are linked to groups of users who have identical access requirements, instead of through their location within the building. “Most users only carry one key”, advises Ray. “We work with our clients to arrange a full site survey to give us a better understanding of their needs. We assess each door within the building and ensure that the MasterKeyed cylinders are built to suit the clients’ requirements. We will then work with our client to design a customized key chart creating a Master Key suite that is specific to their building and that can incorporate multiple access or restriction requirements”, says Ray.

of keys. It is ideal for commercial property owners, offices, schools, hotels, retail spaces or property development owners. The KCC Masterkey system provides for a modern, streamline, secure access system which is easily

“most users only carry one key”, advises ray. “We work with our clients to arrange a full site survey to give us a better understanding of their needs.” KCC supply and install their own cylinders for extra security and peace of mind for the client. “If you lose a key or need additional copies, being able to purchase replacement keys on the ‘High Street’ is obviously convenient but it comes at the cost of security. An unrestricted cylinder means there is no control over the number of keys in existence and more importantly, who is in possession of them”, advises Ray. Our patented master key systems provide additional protection where keys are only available from KCC ensuring that you have greater control over who is issued with authorized keys. The KCC custom-made plans are applicable to anyone who has a property with multiple locks and who wants to control the security and access with the minimal number

adaptable to changing needs and new technology and is backed up by a full 24- hour service facility; a far cry from the stereotypical janitor!

Sept/Oct 2017

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A NEW ERA FOR COMET STONE In business since 1985, the Comet Stone team look back on the last thirty-two years, identifying its successes and learning from the challenges of the past, as their new strategy has seen H1 of 2017 exceed all expectations. “As a privately owned Irish business, Comet Stone has achieved great things over the last thirty-two years”, says Comet Stones new CEO, Ed Mulligan. “Since 1985 we have supplied over 1100SqKM of stone into Ireland, more than what it would take to cover the whole surface area of Dublin”. “Our focus at the beginning of 2017 was to reinvent Comet Stone, bringing on new product ranges, changing how we do business. We have invested heavily into facilitating a number of new routes to market”. In 2017, Comet Stone has become the single point of contact for architects, interior designers and quantity surveyors, seeking to find that unique stone. “We have a network of buyers placed around the world, who hand-pick every piece of stone we import into Ireland, ensuring we deliver a fast service, whilst supplying quality stone”, says Dave Byrne, Construction and Specification Director. “Our Fabricator client base hasn’t changed, but the way we create awareness of our products has proven to be very successful this year”. With the introduction of their Engineered Quartz partners “Cambria USA and Quarella Italy”, Comet Stone has positioned itself well in the marketplace, driving consumer awareness of its products. This, alongside their natural stone range of Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, Slate and Onyx, has certainly proven popular with the Construction sector.

Dave Byrne (Construction & Specification Director) & Ed Mulligan (Ceo)

“I believe what makes Comet Stone different is, our customer focus ethos”, says Ed.” We take the leg work out of sourcing stone from around the world and have samples with our clients, usually within 48 hours. As Comet Stone prepares to provide stone via their fabricator base, into some of Ireland’s largest commercial and residential projects over the next few months, the forecast for H2 and H1 2018 will see Comet Stone grow from strength to strength. “We’re excited about the next thirty-two years”, says Ed “and are looking forward to continuing and developing further, our client relationships”.

BRETT MARTIN ADOPTABLE CHAMBER ASSEMBLIES MEET REVISED STANDARDS Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage is now offering a new range of high-performance Adoptable Access and Inspection Chamber Assemblies which are designed to meet the requirements of Sewers for Adoption (SfA7) whilst offering specifiers and water authorities a robust, cost-effective and superior drainage solution. Following the revised performance criteria and installation standards for all adoptable drainage networks, Brett Martin’s new range of Adoptable Access and Inspection Chamber Assemblies, carrying the BSI Kitemark KM 635998, are tested to EN13598-1 and satisfy both the requirements of Sewers for Adoption 7 and Building Regulations Part H1. With enhanced sealing capacity using captive seals to prevent dislodgement and five inlets offering builtin falls to prevent blockages, Brett Martin’s Adoptable Access and Inspection Chamber Assemblies are available in 315mm and 450mm diameters. Both offer superior structural strength, enhanced loading capability for long-term serviceability and improved heavy-duty risers. “This combination of strength, loading capabilities and exceptional sealing means that our high performance chamber assemblies offer a wide range of benefits to the installer and meet all of the latest regulatory requirements,” said Chris Dawson, Brett Martin Sales Director. Designed with the installer in mind, the lightweight chamber assemblies offer ease of installation due to watertight push-fit assemblies and a solid, stable connection using the additional connection points in the form of lugs featured on both base and riser. A stronger base allows for over 16 connection possibilities, reducing merchant stock-holding requirements for multiple base variants. The 315mm Shallow Access Chamber Assembly complies with Building Regulations Part H1 to a depth of 600mm and SfA7 to a


Sept/Oct 2017

depth of 900mm. Pedestrian covers for foot traffic areas or driveway covers to withstand heavier loads are available, while a height and tilt adjustable frame can accommodate a surface incline of up to 15°. For deeper applications, the 450mm Inspection Chamber Assembly complies with Building Regulations Part H1 to a depth of 3.0m and SfA7 to a depth of 1.2m. They are available with two base options for 110mm and 160mm drainage layouts and feature enhanced cross foot design for added stability. Ideal for tarmac, grass or gravel areas, the cover and frame is available in round or square options, with a safe and secure lid for compliance with Building Regulations Part H, clause 2.54. Brett Martin also offers a range of Non-Adoptable Access and Inspection Chamber Assemblies in 280mm, 315mm and 450mm diameters. All of Brett Martin’s products are underpinned by exceptional sales and technical support, ensuring that every merchant is guaranteed the highest quality of service.

for further details on brett martin’s range of adoptable inspection and access chamber assemblies visit

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In February 2017 the Concrete Ticket was formally launched by Minister of State for Housing and Urban Renewal, Damien English TD. This major new education initiative by the Irish Concrete Society is a half-day course providing guidance on the correct handling, finishing, curing and ordering of concrete for construction. The course is suitable for those who are involved and responsible for the receiving, transporting, placing and finishing concrete after its arrival on site. Over 200 people have now taken the course, passed the test and are now eligible to hold a Concrete Ticket that will be valid for five years. There is a fast growing demand for places on the courses, which are being delivered nationally. Bookings can made individually through the website or as part of a group of 15 or more on a date and location that suits. More information and booking details may be obtained from the dedicated booking website:

SIGA MAN-MADE: NO OTHER FIBRE CEMENT SLATE COMES CLOSE SIG Roofing, Ireland's leading distributor of roofing products for over 30 years, and synonymous in the Irish Construction Industry for their Capco Natural Slate range of products amongst other leading brands, have just brought to market their brand-new range of fibre cement roofing slate to the market. The New "SIGA Man-Made" range of roofing slates, especially commissioned by SIG Roofing has 5 new product lines incorporating 3 colours, from smooth surfaced square edge slates through to textured surface slates with a riven edge. Whether you are a once off self-builder or seasoned developer there is an appropriate product in the range to suit both your development and your budget. All SIGA Man-Made slates are coated with a high quality, durable acrylic paint finish which incorporates a moss inhibiting additive to ensure a perfect finish to every roof. Strength and durability are key features of our slates, which are an economical, authentic and easily installed alternative to natural slate, in addition all ranges are complimented by an extensive range of ridge tiles and other roofing accessories. "As the market leading distributor of roofing products in Ireland we were well positioned to commission the widest range of fibre cement products, which we know meet the demands of both the Irish climate and the discerning taste of the architectural community in Ireland. We are now delighted to share with the construction community in Ireland our brand-new range of "SIGA" slates which are backed up by their respective structural and colour guarantees.â&#x20AC;? Declan Duignan, SIG Roofing. contact sig roofing for more details, samples or to arrange a site visit from a member of our specialist technical team. Dublin: (01) 623 4541 cork: (021) 432 1868 belfast: (+44) 28 9068 6380 omagh: (028) 8224 6220

Sept/Oct 2017

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LAUNCH OF INTERNATIONAL CONCRETE DESIGN COMPETITION 2017/2018 The International Concrete Design Competition is a biennial competition for students of architecture and design related disciplines. It is organized by a consortium of European cement and concrete associations and is open to students registered in a 3rd level educational institute in one of the participating countries. The competition is now entering its 8th cycle which will be hosted by Belgium. The competition is funded in Ireland by Cement Manufacturers Ireland (CMI). The Concrete Design Competition aims to promote innovative design attitudes related to the use of concrete as a material and a technology. It

is characterized by its format; each competition cycle is framed by a theme designating a specific property of concrete. Nationally chosen laureates will be invited to participate in an international Master Class in August 2018 in Brussels. This Master Class will continue the investigation of the theme. Cycle 8 of the competition formally launches at the start of the academic year in September 2017. The theme for 2017/2018 is “TACTILITY”. For further details on the competition see

SANBRA FYFFE AND HERRON & SON IN INTERNATIONAL DEAL WITH NEW ZEALAND WATER SOLUTION SPECIALIST A unique collaboration by two of the leading names in the Irish plumbing and hardware sectors has resulted in an unrivalled and internationally acclaimed range of products being launched for the Irish building market.Dublin-based manufacturer Sanbra Fyffe, is market leader in the supply of plumbing and heating products in Ireland and Herron & Son, Sligo, is Ireland’s leading hardware distributor The two companies have now teamed-up with Hansen of New Zealand to bring an unrivalled and internationally acclaimed range of products to the Irish market. The range of over 1,000 products from the New Zealand specialist manufacturer, who has been in business for over 60 years, includes poly compressions fittings for commercial and domestic plumbing applications. “There are no comparable products on the Irish market that can rival Hansen in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness or ease of use. Key benefits include the fact that one fitting can be used with all pipe types, are manufactured to withstand the harshest weather conditions and carry a lifetime guarantee.” said Noel Conroy, Sanbra Fyffes’s Commercial Manager. Colum Murphy of Herron said that the company is proud to bring Hansen’s range of proven and competitively priced products to the Irish markets which has up to now offered little variety in efficient cost-effective water systems solutions,” Six Hansen product ranges will now be available in Ireland. They include a new range of Easy Fit Compression fittings, specifically designed and manufactured for the Irish market. An impressive feature of these fitting is that they can be hand tightened to 40bar. Also available will be True Fit Threaded Fittings; True Fit Tank Fittings; Quick Connection Unions and Easy Fit Self Tapping Saddles. Another highly desirable product range available for agri, rural, horticultural and irrigation use is Hi-Flo Trough Valves (Fast, Super and Maxflo). Sanbra Fyffe and Herron & Son believe that the Hansen Superflo and Maxflo valves will quickly become the next industry standard for high performance float valves. Steve Sharpe, Director of Sales and marketing at Hansen said,


Sept/Oct 2017

Pictured at the announcement of the international deal with New Zealand

water solution specialists Hansen are; standing, Noel Conroy Sanbra Fyffe (left) and Colum Murphy, Herron & Son (right). Seated are Mark Fahy, and Ashley Molloy, Sanbra Fyffe Area Sales Managers.

“We are delighted to be working with Sanbra Fyffe and Herron. Our businesses operate very similarly and share core values and views on providing high performance, quality water system solutions for every need. We look forward to building a long-lasting business relationship together.” The Hansen products will be promoted in Ireland over the coming months with a high level marketing campaign including a tour of the country by the Hansen Demonstration Unit and a major display area at the National Ploughing Championships at the end of September. Detailed catalogues and specification sheets will be distributed through Builders Merchants, Co-Op stores and hardware stores throughout Ireland. The new partnership will also increase employment at Sanbra Fyffe and Herron with 5/6 people being added to their sales and marketing team initially.

further information can be obtained from tel 018426255 or tel. 071 913 3100.

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