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Ireland’s Exclusive Top Companies Listing 2016

Plus: Industry captains talk opportunities and leadership styles




ACEI’s Dr. Sarah Ingle charts a course for consulting engineers

The real costs of building houses has been revealed



Why you can’t ignore the Building Control (Amendment) Regs

New order growth eases but remains sharp


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The national mood is good at the moment. It certainly helps that we are enjoying a spell of sunshine. This upbeat mood is sure to continue as the Boys in Green take to the Euros in France and the nation prays for another Ray Houghton moment!

There is clear optimism in business circles too, and particularly in the country’s most important one, construction. By the time you have read and reached the back page in this unique Top Companies issue, I will pretty much guarantee that you will be inspired, impressed and motivated by the comments and performances of many of the industry’s companies - from the big established names to the emerging new kids on the block.

Consistent and sustainable is the kind of growth that is underpinning this optimism according to many of the people we spoke to in compiling this issue - God forbid we ever see the frantic and uncontrolled activity levels of the not so distant past. I also read that the great litmus test for activity, employment, is constantly increasing. I see that industry figures point to an increase of 9,500 new jobs, a rise of 7.8 percent in Q1 of this year. This represents an increase of 28,000 jobs since the first quarter of 2012. Good news!

Our industry has been adding jobs at a rate of about 1000 per month since the end of 2014 and this is across civil engineering, contracting and in trades more good news!. The growth in the economy with its infrastructure demands plus the Government’s ambitious housing plans should ensure the best laid foundations for future growth. Plus there are definite signs that more people are returning home from abroad - another reason to be optimistic for the future. Of course, there will be speed bumps along the way, but one gets the impression that lessons have been learnt and business and construction activity is more measured and strategic if the sentiments expressed in this issue is anything to go on.

All we need, of course, is the new Ray to put the ball in the net and Happy Days!

Micha el H ay es Editor


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The Top Companies 2016 issue of Irish Construction Industry Magazine is unique and is definite guide to the individual performances of companies within our industry. The listing which ranks companies by turnover is also accompanied by an in-depth editorial commentary again compiled and generated with the support and contributions from the industry. The combination of the listing and editorial insights is extremely revealing in terms of how much individual companies have come on during the past year, who is landing the projects, where the niche markets are and who is chasing them.

Exclusive – Top Construction Companies Listings



Industry Performance – Activity and new orders continued to rise

sharply in the Irish construction sector during May, despite further signs of a slowdown in growth, according to the latest Ulster Bank 6 Construction PMI

NAMA Spotlight – NAMA generated over €9billion in 2015 and aims to construct 20,000 residential units by 2020

House Building Costs – The cost of building a three bedroom

semi-detached house in the Greater Dublin Area is over €330K, reveals a new report by the SCSI

Global Construction – Booming markets like London, New York and Seattle report intense competition, rising costs and shrinking margins while construction costs in Beijing have slumped by 10 percent amid weaker demand

10 16


Legal Report – The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014

(“the 2014 Regulations”) has squarely imposed greater accountability on contractors or builders for breaches to the safety and structural integrity of any building they build

Consulting Engineering – Dr. Sarah Ingle talks, Secretary General,

Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland, talk about the challenges and opportunities facing the consulting engineers’ profession and the stances that the ACEI takes on key engineering and construction issues

Leadership Interview – We spoke to the Chief Executive Officer of

the Sammon Group Miceal Sammon about the qualities and attributes that make a successful business leader and how these traits in turn contribute to the successful development and operation of a company

Housing Strategy – Housing Minister Simon Coveney recently outlined 18



his plans to tackle the housing crisis to a Special Oireachtas Committee

on Housing and Homelessness, we look at the essential details and actions 30



May/June 2016





his work covers all aspects of Tree Surgery as well as Site Clearance, Motorway Maintenance, Railway Management, Hedge Cutting, Utility Line Clearance and a 24Hr Emergency Call-Out Service from bases in Dublin, Galway, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Tralee and Waterford. Ask those who have awarded the company contracts why they have done so why they are prepared to offer repeat business and the response tends to be the same. Much credit is given to the breadth of experience and expertise of the company as well as the extensive fleet of specialised plant and bank of equipment to cover all aspects of tree surgery. Mention too goes to the award winning team of certified arborists - all with extensive industrial experience and know-how and who are committed to excellence in service. One then begins to get an insight into just why the company has been so solid and successful and has amassed such an impressive client base. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have a loyal and satisfied customer base from large utility contracts to private garden jobs carried out Nationwide,â&#x20AC;? explains Managing Director Dermot Casey. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our Arborist services include tree surgery, tree removal, pruning, trimming, mulching, chipping, crown reduction and stump grinding. We also carry out site clearance works. Our specialist machinery can be used in a wide range of applications such as clearing sites with timber and thick vegetation, beneath high tension power lines and difficult terrain,â&#x20AC;? explains Dermot Casey.


May/June 2016

He goes on to point out that the company also specialises in the removal of hazardous trees along public roadways, development and industrial sites, graveyards, school playgrounds and other commercial properties. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We also carry out surveys and reports by trained professional arborists who can carry out a variety of inspections and surveys to BS 5837 standard, which are the approved level for planning applications. We also offer Piccus non-invasive tree decay detection testing. All work is carried out to the highest standards by our fully qualified tree surgeons using the most current arboricultural methods and equipment. The companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s expertise is frequently called upon by utility organisations when line clearance work is demanded and this has led to many large scale contracts throughout Ireland. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Working on behalf of electricity network distribution operators, our services mean that utility operators are able to maintain a reliable and ongoing service to their customers,â&#x20AC;? says Dermot Casey. Another important development that has benefited business growth is The Forestry

Programme 2014-2020 for Ireland which outlines a range of measures to promote Forestry to landowners over the 5-year period. Recognising the importance of upskilling and constant improvement, another important dimension to the business has been its training centre which delivers Lantra & NPTC certified tree surgery courses as well as refresher courses and tailor made courses. Another opportunity that has also been resourced and developed comes from the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s extensive background and experience in the climbing, pruning and managing trees combined with years of practical experience and technical knowledge. The establishment of a Tree Expert Legal Service within the Group is frequently called upon in a wide array of cases from Court claims to Planning and Development Site inquiries. As the company approaches 50 years in business, it is fair to say that Dermot Casey Tree Careâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s growth to new heights is based on firm roots in excellence and hard work.







leader must be equipped with a set of competences necessary to perform their role. Which ones would you say are the most important attributes that a business leader should have? The ability to adapt, change and to manage a complex changing environment. An effective leader must be an excellent communicator and be able to communicate the message and strategy of the company to all the stake holders and motivate his people Briefly chart your career path to your present role. I set up my first company in 1986 – a joinery manufacturing company in Co. Leitrim. Because of the lack of volume of activity I moved to Dublin in 1989. Initially I built houses in south Dublin and later went on to run a joinery manufacturing workshop. This led us to specialise in the manufacturing and installation of “the Irish pub” around the world. We manufactured pub interiors in Ireland and shipped them around the world following on to fitting them and opening up the “Irish pub” complete with memorabilia from Ireland. In the mid to late 90s when the economy was improving in Ireland we got involved in some of the Irish superpubs which led to us building hotels in Ireland some of which we owned and operated. By the year 2000 we were an established contractor building residential, commercial and retail buildings all across Ireland. In 2005/6 the Department of Education ran a D&B competition to build schools in rapidly developing areas – a competition which we won and we started to build precast off-site manufactured 8 and 16 classroom schools. These particular schools received a lot of acclaim for their quality, fast build times, air tightness etc. and as a result we were asked to build 12 schools in Dubai. We built 12 schools in Dubai from 2008-2011 – contracts which was worth over € 250 million. This meant setting up a new company in the Middle East and at 24

May/June 2016

its peak we had over 3,000 employees working on our projects. Over the past number of years we have been focused on Ireland and have teamed up with the construction giant Carillion plc and have successfully won our first PPP contract in Ireland. We currently employ 180 full time staff based in Kilcock, Co. Kildare and over 1000 people from our subcontractors and supply chain working across our live sites. Our revenue in 2015 was €45 million and we have a pipeline to enable us to double the size of the business this year.

What’s been the biggest factor in the company’s success and how have you as CEO influenced this? The success of the company was our ability to quickly deal with adversity, our ability to attract repeat clients over the years. I believe that our company has integrity in “doing what we say we will do” and putting our clients first. The quality of our products over the years, whether they were joinery, rapid build schools or commercial buildings today has always been the hallmark of our success. In terms of what influence I try to

Interview exert I have always been focused on instilling a sense of self-belief in the team to ensure they had the resilience to get through the economic recession. I am a firm believer that in adversity opportunities abound so I have focused on recruiting, developing and retaining a team of people with problemsolving abilities. I have always tried to be approachable to all and ensure that I and those who work for Sammon treat everyone with dignity. What big industry (school building, commercial, residential healthcare etc) trends have you seen and how do you try to stay ahead of the curve in terms of service provision? During the latter years of the boom we had to come up with a solution to building schools in rapidly developing areas. We came up with a precast off-site manufacturing model which was very successful. As a result of this other contractors have adopted our strategy and many of the schools today are built in precast concrete. We feel that this trend will continue as there is a lack of resources in some of the trades due to lack of training during the recession. What are your business targets and priorities - where will the most significant growth occur in the next few years? Our business target is to grow a top ten sustainable contracting company with a broad portfolio of contracts across all sectors of construction. I feel there will be significant growth in tertiary level campuses and both private and social affordable housing. Following the wholesale failure of the “pillar” construction companies during the recession there is now a significant supply gap in the market and the market needs a company such as Sammon to fill this gap and help deliver on the building deficit that has accumulated over the last number of years What is your view on tender prices and input costs? Tender prices currently are too tight and only when enough contracting volume is in the market is this likely to change. Resource costs are escalating and it is my view that there will be tender price increases within the next 12 months. What are the top challenges facing construction and engineering companies and what solutions can Sammon offer to best meet these challenges Some of the challenges facing construction 26

May/June 2016

companies today is a spin-off of the financial crisis from 2008 to 2013. During this period the construction industry in Ireland lost a lot of resources, especially human resources, with a limited number of engineering students and tradesmen being educated during those years. This has now manifested itself into a shortage of supply on the sites. Another challenge is the lack of financial liquidity throughout the supply chain. It is our opinion that this is a banking issue and we would encourage the construction bodies to lobby the government, who own some of the biggest banks in the country to find a solution to the situation to allow growth in our industry.

“I believe that our company has integrity in doing what we say we will do and putting clients first.” How much of the construction and engineering process can Sammon add value to? Again we look here at our in-house, off-site contribution to our construction projects. Our precast concrete construction has given us an edge not only in deliverability but in quality. We also have an in-house aluminium, curtain walling and joinery factory which gives us an added advantage to a supply chain area that is under-resourced. Are there particular aspects of the Sammon Group’s business model that are you constantly trying to develop? We are constantly trying to develop our human resources and trying to build and train confident management teams and structures within the Sammon Group to deliver on time, on quality projects while maintaining a strong health & safety environment. Who were some of your biggest role models growing up? My father and mother are my biggest role models. I grew up in a family construction business in Co. Leitrim and I have huge admiration for the way that they conducted the business and grew it in the 1970s and 80s. What would you be if you weren’t a Construction CEO? I feel I was always going to be a Construction CEO.

What is something that most people do not know about Sammon? Sammon have carried out projects in many countries throughout Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America and we are very proud of our geographical spread. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? Be true to yourself and have confidence in your own decisions and believe in yourself even when others are doubting you. What do you value most about Sammon employees? We have a great group of highly educated men and women working at Sammon. I rank work ethic and loyalty at the top of the qualities I would expect from a Sammon employee. What’s the best advice you would give a manager? Be sensible in your actions and be true to your personal character. Be understanding to your direct reports and “get it done”. Should construction be represented at full Ministerial level and why? Absolutely. We believe that there should be a Minister for Construction. The construction industry employs 150,000 people and it has the same GDP level as agriculture so therefore it should have representation at the cabinet table especially now that there is a crisis in housing and bank funding. It is also widely publicised that in order for an economy to be considered sustainable that the construction output should be at least 12% of overall economic output. Construction output in Ireland is significantly below this metric and considerable structural change is needed in the market which the Government could play a key role in before we can get back to this level. What ambitions do you have for the future? Our ambition is to grow Sammon Group to a top 10 construction company in Ireland. How do you start your ordinary day? How does it end? I start early each morning and I go for a walk around my hobby farm in north Kildare and I end the day in the very same way. How do you relax? I enjoy vegetable gardening, farming and playing golf.

New monastery in Liverpool strikes architectural high note Showcasing intricate brickwork, the new Carmelite Monastery in Liverpool boasts ethereal qualities on the outside as well as inside, giving the building an eye-catching, elegant and modern appearance rarely associated with monasteries. Project: Carmelite Monastery, Liverpool Client: Carmelite Sisters Architect: Austin-Smith:Lord Brickwork Contractor: Nobles Construction Product: Con Mosso facing bricks

The unique architectural design has captured the imagination of architects across the country. Indeed, so much so, that it was awarded the Architect’s Choice award at the 2013 Brick Development Awards (BDA). The brickwork itself embodies a sense of timelessness, tradition and calmness in keeping with the monastic way of life. Indeed, this aspect of the project was specifically chosen to compliment other elements of the architecture, and to continue to project a sense of both silence and light that would reflect the building’s purpose. With the monastery located in a traditional village, the use of a singular material

also serves to ensure the building is coherent and expresses a sense of community appropriate to the area. Of course, in order to deliver the effect intended by the architects, Austin-Smith Lord, the project required the brickwork to be delicately matched to the designs. Wienerberger’s Con Mosso brick was chosen for its soft and textured appearance, which makes it equally suitable for internal as well as external use. As such, the brick was used internally most notably within the chapel and the cloister. On the façade, the appearance subtly changes according to the time of day and weather conditions; the changing shape of the

shadows deliberately exudes a sense of calmness and tranquility. Whilst the building is modern in its expression, it also showcases a traditional monastic design in its form and layout that has successfully created a striking but harmonious transition between internal and external living. The garden is a wildlife haven, which leads through to a kitchen, garden and orchard that provides homegrown fruit and vegetables. Within the chapel interior, the headers project is at a higher level in order to break up sound reflections and maintain the peaceful atmosphere.

In addition to the chapel and the cloister, the building also has a refectory, community room, library, workspaces, guest house, 24 cells, two hermitage cells and six fully accessible infirmary cells. As with everything on this project, each space was made to the highest quality, while being both comfortable and modest, befitting the Carmelite philosophy. Beyond the brickwork, the building was recognised for its minimal energy requirements. By incorporating natural ventilation, improved insulation, maximised daylight and renewable energy - such as ground source heating pumps and solar water heating - it is able to function as a sustainable community. For centuries past, monasteries have been built of brick and the Carmelite Monastery is no different in this respect. However, the bricks provided by Wienerberger allowed the building to deliver from both a traditional and a

modern architectural aesthetic through the cumulative effect of its textured brickwork. The result was a project that Wienerberger was extremely proud to have been a part of; a building of gentle integrity, perfectly executed to provide a home for the Carmelite Sisters in Liverpool long into the future. Kingscourt Country Manor Bricks distributors of Wienerberger products in Ireland ADDRESS - DUBLIN Unit 26, Airways Industrial Estate, Santry, Dublin 17. TEL: (01) 842 1277 FAX (01) 857 9743 EMAIL: Web site: ADDRESS - BELFAST 12 Herdman Channel Rd, Belfast, County Antrim BT3 9BL, UK. TEL: (028) 90 777321 EMAIL:


JJ Rhatigan & Company wins prestigious 2016 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Contractor of the Yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Award *ID:I;M9IELCM9AGDCGJ?M@HJKFI@KHF5MM(BIKG?IJMM6H><IJ;M (!MBIEM:HJM6HJKFI@KHFM H=MKBLMLIF$MIKMKBLMFL@LJKM.41#M8FGEBM-AGDCGJ?MIJCM+LEG?JM3:IFCEMBHEKLCM9;M60* As the biggest annual awards ceremony in the industry, the Awards recognise and acknowledge the best and most innovative in Irelandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Building and Design projects over the past year. With a growing staff of over 300 people and a vast portfolio of high quality, sustainable construction projects across all sectors including various local projects on the NUI Galway campus, GMIT, Medtronic Customer Innovation Centre and Bon Secours Hospital Galway to name but a few, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy to see why JJ Rhatigan & Company is going from strength to strength. This is further evident by their continued expansion nationwide, now with offices in Dublin, Cork and Sligo, as well as an office in London. Notably, the company has recently commenced work on a new â&#x201A;Ź25m Galway Regional and Divisional Garda Headquarters on the Dublin Road. The construction of this Gateway Project to the city will result in the creation of ca. 200 jobs over a sustained 2 year period, and provide a 5-storey civic building housing 21st century facilities. Other key projects the company is currently involved in include Kevin Street Garda Headquarters, St. Patrickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s College, Drumcondra, Wexford Hospital, UCC Beaufort Maritime & Energy Research Building, Cork and Lord Edward Street, Limerick. Later this

year, work is anticipated to commence on the first Primary Care Centre PPP Project in Ireland with the construction of 14 Primary Care facilities nationwide, which has a total capital value in excess of â&#x201A;Ź120m. Commenting on the award, Padraic Rhatigan, Managing Director of JJ Rhatigan & Company said â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are delighted to have won this prestigious award, which is a great recognition of the hard work and commitment of all the team at JJR, and underpins the strong collaborative partnerships we have built up over

the years with clients, design teams and subcontractors across Irelandâ&#x20AC;?. It is clear the company sticks to its ethos of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Setting Standardsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; in the industry through the speed and quality of their construction. Always staying ahead of the curve, JJR was the first Irish contractor to invest in a Building Information Modelling (BIM) 360 Enterprise License, as part of the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s drive for Sustainable Design, Innovation and Construction Excellence, a factor which no doubt contributed to its success in winning this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s award.

Two years in a row win for Project/Construction Management 3KMKBLM.41#M8FGEBM-AGDCGJ?MIJCM+LEG?JM3:IFCEM@LFL>HJ;MGJM+A9DGJMDIEKM FGCI;5M%0M*FHA<M:IE JI>LC 6HJEKFA@KGHJMM%FHL@KM0IJI?L>LJKM GF>MH=M/BLMLIF =HFMKBLMEL@HJCM;LIFMGJMIMFH: Alexion Pharmaceuticals College Park facility was also named Healthcare Project of the Year and Grifols International Logistics Centre at Grange Castle won the Manufacturing Project of the Year Award. Acknowledging the best in all areas of construction and design, The Irish Building and Design Awards recognise the finest and most innovative projects and firms over the past 12 months. â&#x20AC;&#x153;2015 saw the successful delivery of a number of significant construction projects across a range of sectors including Pharma, Food, Mission Critical, Med Tech and Advanced Manufacturing. During the year we were managing 30 complex projects and 11.5 million manhours across 12 countries. This achievement was made possible only through the professionalism of our staff and their determination to successfully deliver for our clients - regardless of project location.â&#x20AC;? Said Colm Fitzgerald, PM Group Head of Construction Services, at the event. John Brophy, Head of Architecture, PM


May/June 2016

Group added; â&#x20AC;&#x153;It's an honour to be recognised with Awards for the Alexion and Grifols projects. Great multi-discipline design can only be achieved in collaboration with the vision of a client. Alexion Pharmaceuticals and Grifols

International are two exceptional clients who aspired to deliver an excellent working environment for their staff and inspired us to deliver projects which exceeded their expectations".


The Irish Building and Design Awards 2016 4 Awards for Stewart Construction 6HJEKFA@KGHJM@H><IJ;5M,KL:IFK5M:HJMI:IFCEMGJM=HAFM@IKL?HFGLEMIKM/BLM8FGEB -AGDCGJ?MIJCM+LEG?JM3:IFCEM.41#


he awards took place on Friday 22nd April in the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin where more than 500 people from the world of architecture, engineering, construction and design attended the biggest annual awards ceremony in the industry to date, to recognise and acknowledge the best in Ireland's Building & Design projects over the last 12 months. The 2016 judging panel consisted of some of the leading professionals in their fields and was an opportunity to showcase some of the best Irish Building and Design Projects. Being one of the most competitive years so far, the family run company were more than content to be recognized for their delivery of prestigious projects such as the elegantly refurbished Knock Basilica, the Design and Build Roscommon County Council Headquarters building and for GRIFOLS International Logistics Centre in Grange Castle, Dublin. Knock received the Interior Architectural Project award which was well received with the design and construction transforming this religious landmark into a warm meditative space that can accommodate large numbers and has ensured the enhancement of the visitor experience and provided a significant boost to the region. Roscommon County Council Headquarters had double success with the awarding of both the Architectural Project of the Year and Sustainable Project of the Year. The new, high-quality council offices designed by ABK Architects are exemplary in terms of architectural design, workplace environment, sustainability and energy conservation and were delivered to the highest quality standards by Stewart Construction, achieving the global environmental standard of BREEAM Excellent

Manufacturing Plant of the Year – Irish Building and Design Awards 2016 Grifols International Logistics Centredesigned by PM Group and built by Stewart Construction. Rachael Stewart, Paul Stewart (Stewart); Mike McDonald (PM Group); Roy Pickford (Stewart); Niall Brunswick, John Brophy (PM Group); Tim Brick (Executive Director, Irish Academy of Engineering); Marty Whelan (MC)

and a Building Energy Rating of A3. Rachael Stewart, Business Development Director, stated “it is easy to appreciate this projects success. This understated, yet strikingly elegant modern building greatly enhances the civic character of the town and offers complete council services for the public in one location and we are proud of our involvement in its’ delivery.” GRIFOLS International Logistics Centre can now add Manufacturing Project of the Year to its growing portfolio of awards. This flagship project for the pharmaceutical giant is a welcome addition to the thriving life sciences sector in Ireland and plays a vital role in attracting other investments from the European and worldwide marketplace. Not only will it provide over 140 jobs for the Irish economy, it has also been announced by Grifols that a

further €85 million investment is planned for the Dublin plant which formally opened last year. Paul Stewart, Managing Director of the family owned company founded in Galway since 1902 expressed the company’s appreciation at receiving such recognition for the hard work the company has put in saying “the delivery of these interesting and complex projects within tight timeframes involved true team work and a partnership approach from all, from the great clients with vision through to the innovative and hardworking design and construction teams on the ground”. Through a personable and leading edge approach to each and every project Stewart continues to grow pushing themselves and pushing the boundaries of the industry.

Architectural Project of the year – Irish Building and Design Awards 2016 Roscommon County Council Headquartersdesigned by ABK Architects and built by Stewart Construction. Matt Farrelly (PM Group); Conor Hayes (Homan O’Brien); Paul Stewart (Stewart); Tom Moloney (MD, CIS) Marty Whelan (MC)

May/June 2016





rganised and hosted by CMG, the black tie ceremony was held in the Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin. Over 500 Professionals from architecture, engineering, construction and design attended the industryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s blue ribbon event to celebrate the nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best building and design projects over the past 12 months. The judging panel for the 2016 ceremony included some of the leading industry professionals such as Martin Lang, CIF Director of Main Contracting and Tim Brick, Executive Director of the Irish Academy of Engineering. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s awards received the largest number of submissions since the eventâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s inception six years ago with each judge commenting on the high standard. Roadstone led the way in the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Best New Product Innovation of the Yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; category for its innovative Thermal Liteblock. Speaking about the success and their product Michael Toomey, Sales Operations Manager said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;This was a fantastic evening for Roadstone as everybody worked tirelessly to create a truly innovative product which stands us out from our competitors. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thermal Liteblock is a lightweight, durable and thermally efficient concrete block that

provides improved energy efficiency in construction of new buildings. The product was developed to meet new building regulations recently established by the Department of the Environment. . Launched in May 2015 it includes thermal modelling of a wide range of building junctions which means that we can provide our customers with design solutions and validated thermal performance calculations, through our technical support team.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our product launch program included a number of regional seminars throughout Ireland that were well attended by Architects, BER Assessors, Engineers and building contractors. We have even developed a designated page on our website for Thermal Liteblock that includes the product brochure, contact details for our technical support team and has many options that are now available for download.â&#x20AC;?

Kirby wins BIM Initiative of the Year award


irby enjoyed a very successful night at the Irish Building & Design Awards on Friday last where it was awarded the BIM Initiative of the Year award, an award which recognises innovative ways of working in a BIM-enabled environment to make project design, delivery and operation more effective. Commenting on the awards, Fergus Frawley, Kirby Group Managing Director said: â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;To receive the BIM Initiative of the Year award is a fantastic acknowledgement of the outstanding and innovative work carried out by our BIM team. The award recognises our strong capability in BIM and our commitment to finding innovative solutions to challenging build environments.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; At Kirby, we apply an innovative approach to all project design and delivery by using BIM on every project. This approach allows us to engage early with our clients, facilitate effective collaboration and enables critical design issues to be resolved at an early stage, which in turn ensures project milestones and budgets are met. The Irish Building & Design Awards were held at a gala event in Dublin on April 22nd.


May/June 2016



The Top Companies issue of Irish Construction Industry Magazine is one that gives all of us here a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction in researching and compiling. We have been doing this format longer than anyone so the satisfaction as we put the finishing touches to yet another annual listing is all the more pleasing.

True we have been doing a fair bit of the donkey work for months, but I want to thank and acknowledge the time and effort that you our readers and captains of industry put into helping us put together this unique and definite guide to the individual performances of companies within our industry. This combined effort is what makes this issue of the magazine so valuable, important and real.

We have also traditionally included an in-depth editorial commentary again compiled and generated with the support and buy-in from you the industry. This element of the listing is extremely revealing in terms of how much individual companies have come on during the past year. This editorial insight provides a real context and meaning to the listing in terms of detailing which companies are most active, who is landing the projects, where the niche markets are and who is chasing them. These and many other opinions and observations are contained within the editorial commentary and I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t doubt that you will find it just as compelling a read as the listing themselves. So when you have digested all of the information in this issue, you will have a far greater insight into your peersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; financial and business performances, and how the traditional powerhouses of the sector have been doing, as well as a glimpse at the new players that are emerging over the past twelve months.

The shelf life of this issue is a year as far as we are concerned and the now that we have finished the 2016 edition; we will sit down, roll our sleeves and think of how we can make the 2017 edition even better.

If you feel your company should be included in our 2017 issue, contact me on the number or email below. In the meantime, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to share news of your business successes, appointments, product developments so Irish Construction Industry Magazine can continue to promote you and our industry. Michael McDonnell, Managing Editor

Mobile: 087 4184353 Email:

Industry Stand

A traditional and important element of Irish Construction Industry Magazineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s annual Top Companies Listing is the accompanying article detailing the opinions and thoughts of leading executives from across the construction spectrum on key challenges, opportunities and prospects for their companies and the industry in general 44

May/June 2016

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May/June 2016

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Progressive, dynamic and client focused, MMD Construction is an expert leader in the Construction Industry offering project completion to an exceptional standard in line with client expectations

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Success for Gyproc Ireland in the 10th Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy The 10th Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy Awards ceremony was held at the Žofín Palace in Prague, Czech Republic on Friday 03rd June 2016. The ceremony resulted in another success for Gyproc Ireland as St. Johns College Respond! Housing Association, represented by contractor Mythen Construction Ltd, was awarded runner up position in the Residential category. With eighty nine competing projects from thirty five different countries, this was truly a global event. With only winner and runner up positions from six categories competition was high, with ten projects entered in the Residential category alone. St. Johns College was a Catholic seminary founded in 1807 for the diocese of Waterford and Lismore, founded by Bishop John Power D, educating clerical students. St. John's closed as a seminary in June 1999 due to the decline in vocations and in 2007 the college building and some of the land was sold to the Respond! Housing Association. The college was completely refurbished by Respond! into 21 self-contained apartments for the elderly with a 10-bed group home, as well as a Day Centre that will cater for the wider Waterford community. The refurbishment project takes the history of the Gothic Revivalist style building into account, as its aim was to preserve and protect the old walls, fine stain glass windows and beautiful stonework. The building was a protected structure, which meant that there were substantial challenges in the both the design and implementation stages of the project. The Gyproc specification team worked closely with Mythen Construction and Respond! Housing Association to ensure the protected structure was maintained, whilst

ensuring that the relevant building regulations were met, in terms of acoustics and fire. A judge from the international jury commented that “this fantastic renovation achieved a very high quality finish and boasts superior aesthetics throughout. This was a very technically challenging project completed to a high standard using the best of the technical solutions Gyproc has to offer.” The Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy showcases how Gyproc high performance plasterboard systems and plasters, combined with skilled workmanship provide solutions for high quality, safe, comfortable, modular and sustainable interiors across a wide variety of applications. The six categories for the Trophy are: • Plaster • Plasterboard • Commercial • Residential • Innovation & Sustainability • Segment Solutions

The Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy campaign is organized over a two year period, starting with regional and national events, and culminating in an international awards ceremony. The competition is judged by an international jury, comprising of external specialists representing all of the industry's key professional, trade and client interests, as well as representatives from Saint-Gobain. Winners from Ireland’s national event went forward to compete in the international event in Prague: National Event Winners Plasterboard Winner: Eaton House, Dublin 8 Drylining Contractor – Platt & Reilly Architect – Michael Collins and Associates Residential Winner: St Johns College – Respond! Housing Contractor – Mythen Construction Limited Architect – Respond! Housing Association Innovation & Sustainability Winner: Analog Devices R&D Centre, Limerick Drylining Contractor – Castle Ceilings Architect – EML Architects

Gyproc Ireland which is part of Saint-Gobain is proud to partake in this International Trophy awards programme which is one of the largest competitions of its kind. Created in 1998 to recognize and reward the craftsmanship of drywall and plastering contractors, the Trophy aims to promote excellence and innovation in the use of sustainable and lightweight plasterboard systems and plasters.

Katrin Haslwanter, Gyproc Austria, Marketing Manager (Jury Member), Leonard Daly Mythen Construction Ltd. and Sylvain Bredin, International Marketing Director Saint-Gobain Gypsum Activity

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Specifier ECO Design Stoves – Modern Technology for our oldest companion - Pat Murphy & Noel Gavigan WFQA Since the dawn of civilisation the fire has been a true friend to mankind, and regardless of all our developments of building design there is nothing to bring hearth to the home like a living flame. Ireland is committed under The National Action Renewable Plan to achieve 12% of heat use from renewable sources. The use of biomass (wood) in stoves and local space heaters will greatly assist in reaching this target, as well as bringing the irreplaceable ambience to the home. Wood, both in its raw and processed form, is the most sustainable fuel. As a forest is felled and partly or wholly used for combustion, the carbon dioxide released from this combustion is recaptured by existing and establishing forests. In turn, the felled forest itself must be re-planted. In recent years the EU introduced the Ecodesign standard for stoves; this standard ensures that modern stoves are highly efficient and are “clean burn” and reducing the emissions to air of particulates (smoke) to a minimal level. Ireland is committed to introducing these

Moisture Content 15% 20% 25% >25%

standards, and we can expect in the coming years that all stoves will meet these criteria. The authors note that Ecodesign stoves are highly effective at converting small quantities of wood into large volumes of heat, something of a pleasant surprise for the Irish punter used to far less efficient combustion. A critical component of the success of Ecodesign and indeed the success of any stove is the quality of the fuel used; wood must be properly seasoned to burn efficiently. Wood must be seasoned to below 25%, otherwise most of the heat energy is used to boil off the water!

Suitability to Burn Excellent for combustion, easily lights without even needing kindling Excellent for combustion in all appliances Good for combustion in most appliances Not suitable for combustion, generates too little heat and too much emissions

Quality in wood fuels centres around having firewood properly dried. Irish wood fuel producers set up the Wood Fuel Quality Assurance Scheme ( to certify wood pellets, firewood, woodchip and wood briquettes. Utilising EU standards we now have a supply of wood fuels available in Ireland quality marked and fit for purpose. We invite the reader to check out the YouTube WFQA channel for a demonstration in burning wet versus dry fuel, and to view many of the certified suppliers to see how supply of such basic products as firewood have developed into sophisticated businesses devoted to producing quality fuel. Did you know? Moisture content of firewood is singularly the most important aspect when it comes to getting value for money. Firewood can be air dried or kiln dried, air dried can effectively reduce the moisture content in 6-9 months, whereas Kilns can achieve the same in a matter of days. Kilns have the advantage of speed and being able to reduce the moisture to 15%, Air dried has the advantage of low cost and being environmentally friendly.

Buying WoodFuel – Look for the Label

Essential Learning Series by Kilsaran International The Essential Learning Series from Kilsaran International is a suite of training and professional development modules devised to enhance the core skills and knowledge of industry professionals. Designed to bridge the gap between the interpretation of industry standards and their implementation, this suite of sessions will provide a comprehensive overview of the evolving trends and common place issues currently affecting the construction industry. Training is intended to balance theory and practicality and to meet the day-to-day needs of the construction professional. This program will benefit all construction professionals who want to have a better understanding of today’s complex construction industry standards. It will examine the roles, responsibilities and perspectives of all parties. It will provide an overview of current industry standards, identify common issues and considerations, and offer practical tips


May/June 2016

and information for standard adherence and implementation.

For more information and to register your interest please contact is on äÉ~êåáåÖëÉêáÉë]âáäë~ê~åKáÉ

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May/June 2016

Irish Construction Industry Magazine  

May/June 2016