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lready used across a range of prestigious projects in the UK, Europe, Australia and the United States, CORIUM brick façade system is one of a unique range of façade solutions available to the Irish market that can all be found exclusively at outHaus Façades.

How it works Innovation is the hallmark of the CORIUM system, CORIUM was pioneering and Patent in 2001 as the first mechanically fixed brick system and is manufactured in Germany by Wienerbergers the world’s largest brick manufacturer. Not only is CORIUM innovative in its design and structure it allows architects the freedom to be innovative and adventurous in their projects. CORIUM is a brick façade system that combines the natural beauty of a genuine clay brick with cost-effective fast-track installation. Compared to traditional masonry construction, CORIUM is an extruded natural clay brick tile that forms part of a Ventilated Rainscreen façade system. Part of its uniqueness and innovation lies in its ease of use; it compromises a system of interlocking steel sections (carrier rails) that are mechanically fixed to a sub-frame. These specifically profiled rails are designed to allow profiled brick tiles of various dimensions to be mechanically clipped in, this can be done onsite or in an offsite environment if a unitised solutions is preferred. Unlike brick slips which rely on adhesives, this mechanical “clipping” feature is unique to CORIUM and ensures a high strength façade whilst enabling some adjustment of tile position during installation. The vertical and horizontal joints between the tiles are then pointed (using a pointing gun) providing that natural brickwork finish. A range of proprietary one piece pistol corners, window reveals, air bricks, soldier brick tiles and soffit brick tiles complement the system. Why CORIUM? CORIUM has been specified by architects and clients for a variety of projects thanks to the “no compromise” aspect of the system. With no building height restriction, genuine clay brick tiles means specifiers don’t have to choose between aesthetics and the convenience of a fast installation process – CORIUM provides both. The system can be mounted at any angle to achieve a more dynamic finish and can also be used overhead to create soffits and ceilings. Aesthetically, the system provides specifiers with huge scope; mosaic and decorative patterns are easily achieved, adding an extra dimension to any project.


As CORIUM is a natural clay brick, the innovative system will, over time, age just like a traditional wet built brick facade. An extensive colour range and textures that has been design to blend with or complement most new build or refurbishment projects also provides specifiers with a host of options including glazed finishes and larger brick tile formats. As CORIUM is a predominantly dry design system its easy installation and associated onsite logistics is three times faster than traditional brickwork, saving time and money on site. Featuring an ArcelorMittal Magnelis steel or Grade 304 stainless steel backing section and frost resistant brick tiles, CORIUM carries the highest fire rating per EN13501-1, A1 Non-Combustible and has an anticipated design life of 60 years in most applications. CORIUM is convenient and reliable and thanks to its industry accreditation such a CWCT, BRE135, BS8414-1, EN13501-1 and BBA, specifiers can be certain of its durability and strength. About Outhaus Façades outHaus Façades, part of the outHaus Group, offers natural finishes in clay brick and natural stone that can be used both internally and externally. When sourcing systems and products for our catalogue we prioritise quality, durability and reliability coupled with cutting edge design and state of the art concepts. Explore our top of the range collection of systems and products at outHaus Group – Interiors


o you need to mix concrete for a DIY project at home, like a path or a patio? Are you unsure about the correct ratio of cement, sand and gravel to mix? Would you know what to do if you have added too much water to the mix? Would you find a concrete calculator useful for your project? The answers to these and many more questions can be found by visiting Irish Cement’s new dedicated website You will find three helpful short videos on planning the job and how to mix concrete by either shovel or mixer. The site also has a handy ‘concrete calculator’ that lists out the materials you will need for general purpose concrete projects by simply entering the measurements of your project into three boxes. Video no. 1, deals with planning your concrete project. Taking a little time to properly plan the job will save you time and help make it a success. Depending on the scale of the concrete project the video provides guidance on how best to mix the concrete: by shovel, by mixer or if you should order ready-mix concrete. Video no. 2, demonstrates all you need to know about mixing concrete by hand, or more correctly using a shovel! You will get a ‘rule of thumb’ to help with the mix ratios, the importance of adding the right amount of water and advice on what to do if you have added too much water. Video no. 3, for slightly bigger concrete jobs, will show you how to mix concrete in a tumble mixer, the correct sequence to add your ingredients and what to watch out for to make sure you get the mix right. Irish Cement has launched these ‘how to’ videos and concrete calculator following feedback from customers. The videos are simple to follow and provide step by step guidance and useful tips for general purpose concrete to help you get started on that DIY concrete project. Irish Cement, a CRH company, is Ireland’s leading manufacturer and supplier of cement in bags and bulk for over 80 years. Irish Cement has been trusted by professionals for generations. For more information visit

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