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Affordable housing development benefits from Magply performance Continued on Pages 08-09

February 2018

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The ‘Ultimet’ Energy Saving Blind 3 Window Blinds in 1 Insulation improved – reducing heating costs Heat gain from the sun reduced – lowering cooling costs Lighting costs down – controlled levels of natural light

All in One Blind The Ultimetal fabric with the high levels of solar reflectance and low levels of emissivity afforded by its metallised coating provide industry leading levels of shading performance. The 50+ years’ experience of weaving glass-fibre based shading fabrics producing the highest levels of performance from the thinnest of materials. The Ultimetal fabric is less than one quarter of a millimetre thick, permitting a blind of over 3.0 metres in height to be stored in a cassette of less than 55mm square. Powder coated to match the window frames, the blinds become almost invisible.

Reflex-Rol supplying demonstrably scientific shading solutions. Contact us today 01989 750704

Light transmission levels for the fabric in single figures can remove glare, improving workspaces and comfort zones alike. Solar reflectance (Rs) of over 70% can reduce heat gain through the glass by 25%, 40% to over 50% dependant on glass properties. The blinds also improve the insulation of the window by 15%, 20%, 30% or more, reducing temperature loss.

on tr light in c



, View to the ou led l o


% 50

He at


e id ts


educed by u nr p i a t o


mproved b ni y1 o i t 5 0% -5

In su l ❚ Enquiry Number • • 01989-750704 • Ryeford Hall, Ryeford, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7PU

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Hello and welcome to the first issue of Public Sector News! Packed full of products and stories we hope you enjoy it and please use our reader enquiry service to obtain more information on any of our advertisements, case studies and news pieces. We have been publishing for over 30 years now so this new title is a great addition to our portfolio. We have four issues a year and we will be focusing on all products pertaining to the public sector industry and any exhibitions that we need to highlight for you, our readers.

Public Sector NEWS

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JJI-Joists have an answer for everything built-in. No matter how demanding your job, JJI-Joists are in a class of their own. Solid timber flanges and OSB web make them light but very strong and easy to work with (creating service holes couldn’t be simpler). Our environmental credentials are also second to none. Add to that our technical brains on hand to answer questions - and our design software that gives smart cost-effective answers, and your choice has to be intelligent JJI-Joists. Well, you’d be daft not to.

EMAIL: jji-joists @ ❚ Enquiry Number


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Heating & Ventilation Be relaxed about building services design Much of the complexity of designing, installing and maintaining central heating in multi-occupancy low-rise buildings can potentially now be eliminated.

Consort Claudgen have introduced three new wireless controllers which can be connected to one or multiple SL heaters to form an SL heating system. All controllers have comfort and setback temperatures settings.

Innovative developments at Gilberts have created a room-byroom solution that combines appropriate ventilation with heat boost. The concept means that in effect, there is no need to provide radiators in the rooms in which the new option is fitted. Further, because the solution is fitted at ceiling height, it liberates interior design and optimises use of floor space. The solution focuses around Gilberts’ unique Mistrale Fusion (MFS) unit with an integrated LPHW coil. Just 2 x standard MFS128 (one at either end of the room), or 1 x MFS256, will ventilate, and, warm, a standard 32 pupil-classroom to all Regulatory requirements re air quality. “The energy cost of running the unit for morning warm-up has been calculated at just

Consort Claudgen launches SL single-zone controllers

£2.19/annum/room,” says Gilberts Technical Director Roy Jones. “And there’s all the initial capital savings attained from the purchase and installation of a central heating system, with all the radiators, ductwork, thermostats. MFS heat coil delivers a win-win strategy.”

The SLPB and SLVT controllers have a control button with status indicators and a 4-stage runback timer where a heating period remains active until the run-back timer expires. There is a choice of three time periods available: 5, 15 or 30 minutes. When the button is

pressed four times, this takes the run-back time period to 20, 60 or 120 minutes. Additionally, the SLVT has temperature control buttons and a digital display to show the room temperature. The SLTI, however, features a 7-day timer with three heating periods per day and is designed with four large control buttons with an electronic lock to prevent tampering with controls. For details, visit or call Sales at 01646 692172.

❚ Enquiry Number 101

The stand-alone unit is installed as normal through the building façade. The core MFS appliance provides natural ventilation and uniquely blends the incoming fresh air with the warmth from the exhaust air without the need for a heat exchanger.

❚ Enquiry Number 100

Rauthermex chosen for Riverside Installation REHAU’s RAUTHERMEX pipes have been chosen for a major district heating project in Glasgow, where four tower blocks are being upgraded to provide efficient and affordable heating to more than 300 social housing properties.

SSE won the contract to design and install the district heating system in the tower blocks, replacing exsiting stoarge heaters, which were expensive and inflexible to the needs of the tenants. To reduce the pipe size and minimise heat loss, they designed a radial system with a central energy centre powered by 12 new commercial gas boilers. The heat from the boilers will be delivered to plant rooms in each tower block, and from there, the heat can be transferred to interfaces installed in individual flats.


The original performance specification, written by

consultants HKA, suggested an exemplar using steel piping throughout the installation, but after consideration SSE proposed polymer piping for a more cost-effective solution without compromising on performance or ease of installation. Craig Dalrymple, project manager for SSE, said: “The radial design required more than 500m of pipework to run heat from the new energy centre to the four individual tower block plant rooms. To save time on the install and to minimise heat losses over the longer distance, polymer pipes were definitely the better option on paper, so we went with RAUTHERMEX for the installation.” REHAU’s RAUTHERMEX preinsulated PE-Xa pipework is specially designed for applications where low heat losses are critical, making it ideal for large district heating systems over long distances. Available in single (UNO) or double (DUO) pipe variations in diameter sizes of up to 160mm, the pipes are surrounded by an outer layer of PU foam which is

both highly insulating and prevents water from getting in.

use of polymer pipework and we are happy with the change.

RAUTHERMEX comes in coils of up to 570m, allowing for faster and more cost-effective installation. The Glasgow district heating installation required 75mm DUO pipework to be fitted and joined with FUSAPEX fusion joints. The fusion weld joints are chemical and corrosion resistant, extending the life of the installation.

“Our primary concerns were to uphold the performance of the district heating system and ensure it would have a lifespan of at least 30 years.”

Craig continued: “We had used REHAU products previously on underfloor heating installations, but had not worked with the RAUTHERMEX piping before. Thankfully it was really quick and easy to install on site as it is lightweight and flexible and because of the longer pipe lengths available, we needed fewer joints.”

Steve Richmond from REHAU said: “This particular district heating project is a great example of how polymer pipework is a proven alternative to steel pipework. As well as matching steel for performance, PE-Xa pipes are easier to install as they are lighter and more flexible, and they are much more costeffective which is particularly important for Housing Associations, where funding for improvements is limited.”

❚ Enquiry Number 102

Jim Macdonald, consultant engineer at HKA, said: “When we were asked by the Housing Association to consult on the district heating installation for the four tower blocks, we originally suggested steel pipework but our performance specification didn’t preclude the February 2018

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Polypipe launches Single Zone Electric Boiler for standalone projects Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of underfloor heating systems, has launched the Single Zone Electric Boiler. The new boiler removes the need for single room underfloor heating applications to be plumbed into the existing home heating system, providing an easier way for installers to fit underfloor heating systems into new extensions or conversions.

The new boiler offers a solution for smaller, standalone projects where it would be impractical to plumb into a main system. The unit is designed to provide a completely self-sufficient underfloor heating solution for a range of projects, from standard applications such as bathroom conversions, kitchens and extensions, through to more unusual uses such as garden buildings, log cabins, or loft conversions. For the installer, the Single Zone Electric Boiler has been designed with speed and ease of installation in mind. The compact unit is a ‘one box solution’ which includes all the components required to run underfloor heating, and comes complete with simple push-fit connections, and fill and drain ports. The 3kw boiler can supply the hot water to service Polypipe ❚ Enquiry Number


Heating & Ventilation Underfloor Heating systems installed in an area of up to 38m2 (based on a requirement of 80w/m2) with a temperature range of between 24° and 56°, offering improved efficiency over an equivalent radiator system. The boiler’s compact design ensures that it can be accommodated into smaller areas, helping to maximise space while providing a more even and comfortable heat than radiators. The boiler also enhances energy efficiency for the end user. Electric underfloor heating systems have historically been a strong option for one-off or single area projects, however as they remain independent to other heating systems, when the underfloor heating is on the electricity is constantly in use, meaning that they can be costly to run. However, the Single Zone Electric Boiler initially draws on the homeowner’s electricity to heat up the required water, and once the water is circulating through the system, the boiler only draws electricity intermittently to maintain the temperature. Overall, this offers

significant cost and efficiency savings compared to a full electric underfloor heating system. The Single Zone Electric Boiler holds British Standards Kitemark (KM 59690) and conforms to all relevant BSI and European directives. Inside the Single Zone Electric Boiler Included within the compact module is all the required components for plumbing into the Polypipe Underfloor Heating System: • 3kw heating element • 2 port push-fit manifold • Pump • Expansion • Pressure relief • Pressure gauge • Filling connections • Air vent The electric boiler features: Simple wiring to standard 13amp connection • Simple push-fit pipe connections • A temperature range from 24º to 56° - ideal for UFH • Compatibility with Polypipe’s standard controls • Dimensions of 580mm in height, 360mm in width, and 168mm in depth singlezoneboiler ❚ Enquiry Number

❚ Enquiry Number 103



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Heating & Ventilation Rinnai Solo - a specifier’s & installer’s flexible friend Infinity Solo condensing low NOX water heater is the first Rinnai product for the UK that combines the advanced technology of wall mounted continuous flow water heaters with a stainless-steel storage cylinder in one compact footprint. When the product was first introduced Solo was adopted as a single installation product for light commercial operations such as small hotels and schools. However, Rinnai is now seeing greater penetration as installers are beginning to use them in multiples on larger projects - one installer has utilised three units for a major school academy installation. It seems the market is identifying other areas for the Solo, beyond the target market of new build and refurbishment housing projects, where it is proving its worth in larger three/four-bed dwellings where one can expect to find a family bathroom, ensuite and a downstairs cloakroom/shower. The Rinnai Solo is a versatile product - it is renewables ready so the business/building owner

Flexible low temperature performance makes George Fischer’s Cool-Fit 2.0 first choice for chilled water Extending the performance potential of GF’s renowned pipework products into new territory, the manufacturer’s COOL-FIT 2.0 collection offers the speed and versatility of a three-in-one system for the circulation of chilled water or other low temperature liquids.

or householder can very easily extend the system to make fuel savings by adding solar thermal later. The 24kW-59.5kW Infinity Solo range is renewables compatible and supplied prefitted with a coil, meaning that the primary energy source can be renewable gains such as solar thermal, and the complementary Rinnai water heater will only apply the precise amount of gas to boost the difference in temperature. ❚ Enquiry Number 106

In fact the COOL-FIT 2.0 pipe, insulation and jacket combination can carry saline, glycol or alcohol – as alternatives to pure water – at temperatures down to freezing point. Furthermore, this adaptability is matched by excellent energy conservation characteristics, as well as ease of installation and total corrosion resistance: delivering ultimate reliability as customers worldwide have come to expect from GF Piping Systems. Pipes range from 32-140 mm in diameter and are tested to 16 bar, while the installed weight is as little as one sixth of that of metal alternatives. The benefits extend from 25% higher energy efficiency and 50% faster fitting to excellent chemical & UV

resistance and reduced maintenance implications. At the core of the offer is a carrier pipe formed from industrial grade polyethylene (PE) to provide strength at low temperatures. All components are factory insulated with closed cell, GF’s High Efficiency (GFHE) insulation offering a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mK; while the outer sheathing is of black high density polyethylene (HDPE) or stainless steel. This combination provides good load-carrying strength, UV resistance and durability as well as combating condensation and mould growth.

❚ Enquiry Number 107

Kensa Heat Pumps Shortlisted For Four H&V News Awards Kensa Heat Pumps, the UK’s largest supplier and manufacturer of ground source heat pumps, has broken its record at the H&V News Awards by securing four shortlisted entries at the prestigious awards to be announced in April. The H&V News Awards are the longest running and largest ceremony devoted to heating and ventilating services in the UK. Kensa’s winning track record at the awards includes District Heating Project of the Year and Retrofit Project of the Year in 2017, and Renewable Project of the Year and Retrofit Project of the Year in 2013. All four previous wins were a result of social housing projects featuring Kensa’s unique micro district heat networks solution.


The 2018 H&V News Awards sees Kensa shortlisted in the following categories: · Retrofit Project of the Year. In partnership with South Shropshire Housing Association. · District Heating Project of the Year. In partnership with Stonewater Housing. · Renewable Project of the Year.

Assets (West) at Stonewater Housing, shortlisted with Kensa for Retrofit Project of the Year.

In partnership with Northumberland County Council. · Domestic Heating Product of the Year - HIUS, Heat Pumps and Heat Recovery. For the Kensa Evo ground source heat pump series. Kensa’s 2018 shortlisted schemes feature UK wide district ground source heat pump upgrades in social housing flats, bungalows and houses, fire stations, council depots, and an educational facility for the blind.

“We’ve had some really positive feedback from our residents already, with some describing the new system as ‘lifechanging’. They’ve gone from struggling with uncontrollable expensive heating – which often would have run out by the time they needed it in the evening – to fully-controllable, affordable warmth. “We’re really pleased with the outcome of this project and are already looking at further opportunities to upgrade heating

“We are delighted that our exciting scheme has been shortlisted for this award,” says Leon Storer, Assistant Director of

systems at our other Stonewater homes.” David Broom, Technical Sales Manager at Kensa, says:

"Individual heat pumps help residents with the lowest possible running costs and individual billing, while the communal ground array allows the housing association access to the Non-Domestic RHI, whilst maximising efficiency as there are no system distribution losses. It’s great to have the innovation and hard work that goes into these schemes recognised and shortlisted for these prestigious awards." The Kensa Evo Series, shortlisted for Domestic Heating Product of the Year, was recently crowned Heat Pump Product Of The Year at the National ACR & Heat Pump Awards and the Built It! Awards. ❚ Enquiry Number 108

February 2018

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Warm r Air He H ating

IS HOT OT STUF FF F ... so you can still enjoy all a it has s to offerr..

The Johnson & Starley WarmCair heating system is now Don’t be elieve ever ything you hear … Warm air heating’s pulse is still beating! Our new condensing range, WarmCair has been designed to meet all new legislations. There is also the ground breaking QuanTec boiler and Aquair warm air package, giving a versatile solution to space heating.


To find out mo ore, get in tou uch today: 01604 762881

❚ Enquiry Number 109


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Editorial Spotlight : Magply

Affordable housing development benefits from Magply Performance Off-site timber frame systems are evolving with an increasing market share in the construction industry with speed of build becoming a major factor along with fire risk and weather damaged products during the construction phase. One supplier addresses all three factors, including an affordable housing development in Essex, utilising Magply boards as an internal lining board to internal and external walls. The project at Buckingham Green, Basildon, has seen T.T.F.C Ltd. erect a total of six new homes. The two two-storey and four three-storey houses have been supplied in panel form by Wexford - based T.T.F.C Ltd. We are steadily increasing our work across the UK and Ireland building care homes, schools and apartment blocks, as well as low rise housing� says James Mason, Director of T.T.F.C Ltd. “For this reason we are seeking to use the ultimate board product, with Basildon being one of the first projects where we have used Magply." "Most importantly the 12mm Magply is strong enough to withstand being transported to site and the erection process without damage, while it is also very resistant to being exposed to bad weather before the building is completed. Basically for the exterior walls we will use the Magply as an interior lining and for both sides of the internal partitions or dividing walls, instead of plasterboard."


T.T.F.C Ltd. now routinely installs 99 per cent of the Magply boards

within its Wexford factory, before they are shipped to site and assembled by fully trained erection teams. They then use additional sheets of the strong and durable material to protect and complete interfaces, including within stairwells to flats and houses. This provides immediate continuity and fire resistance, while keeping the timber and insulation dry. The site manager for Swan Housing on the Basildon project confirmed Magply's accreditations confirming the boards' ability to performance capabilities adding: "We have been very pleased with the quality of the timber frame units provided, while the Magply has also proved its worth. We had a very heavy downpour soon after erection work began and if the wall had been lined with conventional plasterboard they

would likely have sagged - ending up on the floor. "As a high performance, multi-functional board, Magply features a formulation that provides a fire-safe and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plywood or OSB products. Additionally, the unique production process ensures chloride content at a negligible level of around 0.03%, ensuring Magply remains dry and non-corrosive whilst enhancing both stability and long-term durability.

Furthermore, the range offers excellent racking strength, impact or pull-out resistance and all round ease of use in a variety of applications. Magply has been tested under BS 476 Part 22 for timber frame applications and parts 6&7 (Class O) surface spread of flame together with other approvals such as EN 1364-1 and EN 1365-1 for unloaded or loaded wall applications.

Crucially, Magply carries internationally recognised EN Standard, UKAS accredited certification confirming 90 minutes fire integrity and insulation under test conditions and Euro class A1 non-combustibility.

â?š Enquiry Number 185

February 2018

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Editorial Spotlight : Magply

A high performance, multi-functional board, Magply features a formulation that provides a fire-safe and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plywood or OSB products. 09

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Social Housing & Affordable Living

Encasement’s simple solution to conceal fire sprinkler system pipework Page 1

Where fire sprinkler systems are being installed or retro-fitted in social housing tower blocks and flats, Encasement’s ‘Versa’ pipe boxing range provides the perfect cost effective solution for concealing sprinkler pipework.

p a

Manufactured from pre-formed FSC® certified plywood and pre-finished in a durable white melamine, Versa ‘L’ shaped boxing is available in either 5mm or 8mm thicknesses for use within flats and communal areas, such as stairs and lift lobbies where sprinklers are It contains ceiling required.

Established in 1992 by John

Versa boxing can be used with standard sprinkler heads or concealed ‘pop-out’ units with cover caps. Available in a wide range of sizes, Versa sprinkler pipe boxing helps save on installation time, as there’s no need for fabrication or painting on site. All that’s required is for the boxing to be cut to length and holes drilled for the sprinkler heads before securing to the wall or ceiling.

Encasement’s Managing Director, Martin Taylor, commented: “Our fire sprinkler boxing has already been installed on a large number of number of high rise refurbishment projects, where pipework and sprinklers need to be concealed for both aesthetic and practical reasons. “Not only are they cost effective and easy to install, but Encasement also holds a full FSC® ‘Chain of Custody’ certification, which certifies that our products are manufactured from sustainable timbers. “This means that local authorities can meet their compliance obligations under UK government procurement guidance.” ❚ Enquiry Number 111

STAND ALONE Energy Saving Class 0&1 is not good enough Controls for Heating & Cooling DANLERS design and manufacture a range of high quality controls for switching a wide variety of HVAC loads. The switches are wall mounted, hard wired and easy to install. PIR Thermostat Controls for Heating loads These controls combine an adjustable room thermostat with a passive infra-red person detector. If somebody is present in the room, the heating unit is switched on to achieve the selected thermostat temperature. When nobody is present, the room temperature is allowed to fall to a set back temperature; reducing energy consumption by restricting the time when the heating is switched on. Versions of the above are also available for cooling loads.


Heater Boost Switches for Simply Saving Energy DANLERS heater boost switches for the control of heating loads automatically turn the load off after a selected period has

elapsed. Designed for use with immersion heaters, heated towel rails and other suitable electrical loads. Versions are available with different time settings, additionally there are options for switching air conditioning loads. DANLERS energy saving controls are manufactured in the UK and come with a 5-year warranty. Tel: 01249 443377 Fax: 01249 443388 Email: Website:

❚ Enquiry Number 188

For years we have spoken of Class 0&1 BS476 Parts 6&7. Now is the time we asked for 30 & 60 minutes fire protection. Once fire get to a product it is only one minute & it will burn even with Class 0&1. The recent fire at Grenfell Tower had insulation for Class 0&1. This also happened in China a few years ago with the collapse of a 38 storey building. Fire protection for 30 or 60 minutes allows time for most building to be evacuated. Over the years more plastic, UPVC, now a more dangerous product polypropylene. All burning ferociously & giving off toxic smoke.

Envirograf developed Product 42. HW02/E Clear & HW01 White intumescent coating that is giving both 30 & 60 minutes fire protection to timber according to thickness & type of timber or timber related products. These products can upgrade old panelled doors to fire doors. Can be coated over existing paints or varnish. These coatings can also be used externally such as stable, sheds & facing timbers. February 2018

Product 105. A 2 coat white system to upgrade 9mm, 12.5mm plasterboard to over 60 & 70 minutes fire protection. Lath-and-plaster walls and ceilings to 74 minutes fire protection. An ideal product for listed buildings, hotels & guest houses where fire protection is important. British Standard 476 Part 22 1987 state all ironmongery on fire doors should be protected with intumescent product, intumescent paper for behind hinges, round lock areas & behind steel door closers.

❚ Enquiry Number 110

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Beautiful balconies made easy


CRL Juliette Juliette Balcony Connector

12m mm to 25.52mm

TO REQUEST YO YOUR FREE COPY Call FREE on 00 800 0421 6144 or visit â?š Enquiry Number


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Editorial Spotlight : Wienerberger

Wienerberger launch new brick and paver slip products to satisfy growing demand Wienerberger, the UK’s leading manufacturer of wall, roof and landscaping innovations, has announced the launch of a complete brick slip and paver slip solution, as well as a new website to showcase the offer. The use of brick slips has been a growing trend in the UK for some time, for both internal and external use. Whether they are being used to achieve the desirable look of a real brick finish where the use of full bricks is either not practical


or possible, improving the external façade of a building or creating internal feature walls within a residential setting or an exposed brickwork look in a commercial environment, brick slips make it possible to achieve a wide range of styles from traditional to ultra-modern.

But it’s not just the use of brick slips that is a growing trend. More recently we have seen a growing popularity of paver slips. Natural clay paver slips are an increasingly popular flooring solution to add character to internal environments as more

February 2018

designers are looking to ‘bring the outside in’. Wienerberger’s new brick and paver slips solutions include a wide range of different options in terms of colours, sizes and textures to suit any design style. They are an authentic and easy way to achieve a great looking clay finish to any wall or internal floor. To support the launch, Wienerberger has also developed an online platform to showcase the offering as well as provide some inspiration to designers. The tool gives users access to interactive functions that allow them to view the slips in use in both residential and commercial settings. Whilst also being able to test out a number of aesthetic combinations to give the user a foresight as to how the brick and paver slips may work with their surrounding environments as well as in contrast with each other. This allows architects and designers to experiment during the design stages of a project to be as bold or traditional as they like.

12-13.qxp_Layout 1 06/02/2018 09:29 Page 2 February 2018

Editorial Spotlight : Wienerberger

Richard Brown, Category Manager – Wall at Wienerberger commented: “We are very excited to be launching our new brick and paver slips offering. We see the use of slips as a growing market that offers a great deal of creative potential for architects and designers. Our market-leading range means that we are able to provide something to suit every design taste. We are also very pleased with our new online tool that has been designed to demonstrate how beautiful brick and paver slips can look both in domestic and non-domestic settings. I would encourage anyone considering designing a project using slips to visit the site and have some fun selecting different slip options in a range of environments to see how the different combinations work together. The site is now live and can be reached at: http://brickslips.

WIENERBERGER APP Wienerberger offers a huge range of products and services across the building envelope, combining traditional techniques with the latest in manufacturing innovation. But with such a vast portfolio, we know it can be a challenge finding the perfect product solution for you. With that in mind, we’ve created the Wienerberger App, allowing users to quickly filter and search for products according to their individual criteria. Available on both Apple and Google Play, the app includes all of our bricks, roof tiles and clay pavers, as well as our clay block walling system, Porotherm.

FEATURES • Search hundreds of products to quickly find what you’re looking for • Filter results based on colour, texture and style • View technical properties for products • Order samples directly from the app • View case studies of projects • Find local stockists

To download the app visit:

To find out more about Wienerberger Apps visit:

❚ Enquiry Number 113 Tel: 0161 491 8200 email:


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Kitchens, Bathrooms & Washrooms

Accessible design for commercial washrooms DELABIE will showcase its new range of grab bars and shower seats at Ecobuild. Adapted washrooms tend to promote function over form. To challenge this, DELABIE has launched the Be-Line® range with design at its core to remove the institutional feel of public sector washrooms. However, there is no compromise on functionality since the Be-Line® range combines aesthetics with ergonomics, providing user safety for accessible washrooms in the public and commercial sector. Well-being The clean lines of DELABIE’s Be-Line® grab bars and shower seats provide a new aesthetic, replacing the institutional aspect of adapted washrooms. Concealed fixings and an ergonomic design heighten the impression of comfort and provide a necessary level of discretion. The facilities can be used by any user, at any life stage and regardless of their level of independence, promoting a sense of well-being. This makes the shared use of sanitary spaces more agreeable for everyone. Safe Public facilities accommodate all users, so DELABIE tests its

REHAU provides rooms with a view for Retirement Complex When designing high quality retirement properties, it is important to strike the balance between the provision of practical spaces that facilitate independent living and an attention to detail which meets the needs of a generation where style is important.

So when contractors SEH Commercial were asked to specify the windows and doors for a retirement complex on the Essex coast, they opted for grey laminated TOTAL70 windows and doors from REHAU for a both practical and stylish finish to the vibrant Beaumont House development.


Beaumont House is a new build apartment block of 60 one and two-bedroom apartments, situated in the historic coastal town of Walton-on-the-Naze.

grab bars and seats to over 200kg, guaranteeing stability and safety for all. Made from extruded and injection–moulded aluminium, the Be-line® range is durable and can withstand intensive use. The smooth, homogenous surface is easy to clean and the lack of joints minimises niches where bacteria proliferate. Ergonomic Featuring a flat front face, Beline® grab bars fit the hand’s natural curve perfectly. The ergonomic design prevents the hand from rotating, providing a comfortable and secure grip. This, combined with a minimal gap between the wall and the bar, reduces the risk of fracture Built on the former site of the Martello Caravan park, the complex is close to shops, cafes, local transport links and amenities and provides high quality yet affordable modern homes for the over 55s. Architects for Beaumont House, EJ Taylor, created a contemporary and modern look for the retirement complex, with the use of colour louvers next to grey windows to add interest and vibrancy to the exterior of the building. The use of large windows with fixed side lights and patio doors leading onto private terrace areas were integral to the design and flood living spaces with natural light. With a growing reputation in the residential care sector, SEH Commercial were brought in to work on the specification and fit the windows and doors at Beaumont House. The TOTAL70 Window and Door System offers a range of multichambered profiles, designed to meet the requirements of the new build, commercial and domestic refurbishment markets.

❚ Enquiry Number 115

since the hand cannot slip between the wall and the bar.

coordinating well with any style of washroom.

The Be-line® range of grab bars and seats is available in two finishes, white aluminium or metallised anthracite, providing a good visual contrast, yet

Visit DELABIE at Ecobuild on stand B122 to find out more.

❚ Enquiry Number 116

Help lift accessible housing issue Creating accessible homes can alleviate pressure on health and social care, ease the 1.2million days lost through delayed discharge (bed-blocking).

So says leading social housing provider Habinteg, in its latest Accessible Housing Policy Update. And with the portfolio from Closomat, key features in the bathroom are simple to achieve, maintain- and easy to evolve as the occupant’s needs change. “Accessible toileting is proven to make a huge difference in the demands on health and social February 2018

care services,” says Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “The bathroom is the most commonly adapted space. Our equipment is proven to enable people to be discharged from hospital without the need to provide as much, or any, care support. And research shows people who are enabled to live independently, remain in their own homes, require less social care support, and have better health and wellbeing, reducing pressure on health services.” Habinteg’s figures claim some 1.8million people need accessible housing. Yet only 7% of homes in England offer even minimum accessibility features. The provider is calling for the Government to make accessible and adaptable homes(*) the default standard for new build. In the bathroom, the called-for criteria are a WC with a flush away from the adjacent wall, walls strong enough to support addition of grab rails, and ceilings strong enough to support a hoist.

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Kitchens, Bathrooms & Washrooms

The Strongest Wet Room Deck Available

The comprehensive wet room kit that provides all you need to create your perfeect wet room space

Strong, durable and support a massive 470kgs load when installed over joists. Only 22mm thick. Can be trimmed on site if required. Fast and easy 1 hour install of the deck as there is no need to under-board. Can be used fo or tile or vinyl installations. Next day delivery. UK Stock. Kits include deck, drain and tanking system. All goods are available separately.

Request Your Free Brochure!

wetroominnovations@ho h

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February 2018




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Kitchens, Bathrooms & Washrooms

GROHE Essence E and Eurocube E: new touchless taps for the bathroom Already a well-known feature in public and commercial washrooms, touchless taps are also gaining popularity in residential bathrooms due to their unique combination of comfort and hygiene thanks to hands-free activation. GROHE has just launched its new Essence E and Eurocube E touchless taps so that now the homeowner can also enjoy the many benefits of GROHE infra-red in the comfort of their home.

The stylish infra-red Essence E and Eurocube E from GROHE are a perfect choice for any bathroom, combining a statement design with ecofriendly and hygienic credentials. Through the touchless, sensor activated control, the taps minimise the

spread of bacteria to contribute to a healthy bathroom. This also helps to keep the tap sparkling clean for longer, reducing maintenance and maximising product life. The taps have been designed to ensure optimum comfort with ample space under the spout for hand-washing. Their intuitive design means they are a perfect choice for bathrooms used by any member of the family. The Essence E is designed with softly rounded shapes ensuring an elegant and classic design. The tap also features a swivel spout to make cleaning the washbasin easy –an unusual feature with infra-red taps. Models of various heights are available with and without a mixing lever to suit requirements and the bathroom décor. Meanwhile, Eurocube E features a contemporary and minimalist design that makes a confident eye-catching statement in the bathroom. All of the tap’s detailing has been engineered to share the same design language,

resulting in a sleek and modern shape. State-of-the-art technology Both taps can be optimally paired with numerous washbasin variants. Their bi-directional sensors are positioned for flawless functionality even when mounted on washbasins with elevated edges. For added versatility, the modern infra-red units can be adjusted to the user’s needs using GROHE’s universal remote control or simply select one of the seven pre-programmed standard settings. In addition, facility managers can retrieve important information on water consumption and tap usage via the same remote control to ensure sustainable and effective operation. A sustainable choice To reduce water wastage, the sensor-controlled start-stop function automatically ensures that water only flows if a user’s hands are detected below the spout. At the same time, the taps economise on water usage by capping consumption at 5.7 litres per minute without compromising on user comfort. For the ultimate in sustainability


DALLMER showcases new drainage solutions at KBB Hoping to repeat the success of its previous appearance at the venue, Dallmer will be showcasing its industry leading floor drain solutions at KBB this year, taking place at the NEC, Birmingham from March 47th2018. The commercial and top end residential manufacturer’s stand number G75 will provide specifiers and installers, as well as other customers, with the chance to view its renowned DallFlex and recently revamped CeraLine series of products.

GROHE touchless products provide improved control of all functions: In addition to simple setting by hand via sensors as we know it, our one eye infrared models now also offer the option of changing settings using the remote control or an app on a smartphone or tablet. That makes it easier to set or adjust functions such as running time and regular, automatic flushes. Even changing or activating functions such as thermal disinfection or automatic flushing is now comprehensive, simple and intuitive. Visit


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over 100 years, Dallmer sets the standard in terms of quality and flexibility, facilitating the installation of stylish showers and wet rooms for such situations as hotels, swimming pools and other leisure destinations, as well as luxury homes and medical facilities.


GROHE offer the Powerbox, a range of touchless basin mixers equipped with innovative technology which harnesses the tap’s own water flow to drive a turbine, concealed in a small box installed below the basin. This converts the energy from the flowing water into storable electrical energy which then powers the tap’s infrared function. Just 60 seconds of running water delivers and stores enough energy to power the mixer for 24 hours- saving water, energy, and money for your project.


Supplying the industry with innovative drainage systems for February 2018

The DallFlex range is the most adaptable on the market, offering one drain body with adjustable legs and fully flexible outlet, which can be combined with any of seven different shower channels. They are CeraFloor Select, CeraFloor Pure, CeraWall Select, CeraWall Individual and CeraWall Pure, as well as the centrally located Zentrix and CeraNiveau models. Functional and hygienic as well as attractive in appearance, the DallFlex body features an easily removable and cleanable trap which is simply rinsed off then replaced. The enhanced selection of finishes available in the classic CeraLine series extends to standard, brushed or polished stainless steel, black or white glass, a range of PVD colours including Anthracite and Rose Gold, plus a channel which can be lined with the surrounding floor finish.

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Kitchens, Bathrooms & Washrooms

GROHE ceramic collections offer versatility for all project specifications GROHE has recently launched their first ceramic offerings, comprising of two collections of basins, toilets and bidets, in varying styles and sizes, which complement the brand’s extensive range of leading sanitaryware products. With an already prominent reputation within the housebuilder and specification sector, the addition of the new ceramics collections will now offer a fully comprehensive solution and cohesive design that will be attractive for major contracts and projects, with many already in the pipeline. Precision within the design process of the ceramics was paramount in creating a guaranteed seamless design aesthetic. Rigorous testing procedures conducted by GROHE’s design team assessed each individual product to determine which basin mixer and basin shape were most

aesthetically compatible. To ensure the combination offered the perfect match, the products had to satisfy three criteria: easy installation, no splashing during handwashing, and plenty of space for optimum comfort. This has all been achieved. A selection of Perfect Match combinations have been made available on GROHE’s BestMatch app, in order to support its customers with achieving the very best finish for a project and its end users. GROHE offers two ceramic ranges; Bau and Euro, which each deliver unique benefits and features, designed to cater for a vast array of budgets, projects and interior spaces, whilst

offering more freedom of choice for specifiers. The Bau range is GROHE’s entry level collection which was developed with streamlined aesthetics and functionality in mind. It offers a contemporary yet versatile design with soft, round forms that can work within any bathroom interior. Despite its affordable price point, the range still offers on trend designs such as wall hung toilets and the latest technologies. All Bau ceramic toilets come complete with rimless technology as standard, making them effortless to clean. Such an understated yet versatile design is the perfect solution for public building specifications such as schools, as well as for social housing projects. The range has also proved very popular with consumers working on DIY projects due to its ease of installation, accessible price

point and all-round suitability to complement existing interior décor. Euro ceramics, created with the design-conscious client in mind, is characterised by its sophisticated, contemporary and visually distinctive style which works perfectly within hotel projects and new build apartments. The Euro collection benefits from additional upgraded technology such as GROHE PureGuard, an anti-stick coating and anti-bacterial glazing. The two work in harmony to provide a repellent layer against stains and dirt, whilst protecting against lime scale and bacteria for a long and hygienic product life. Toilets within the Euro range offer a unique Triple Vortex flush, which releases water from three different outlets creating a powerful suction that leaves nothing behind. The Euro collection offers everything you need for bathroom solutions, especially small ones as all the basins and toilets in this range have a compact size and design in order to use space most effectively. This makes them an excellent choice when specifying ceramics for residential cloakrooms, ensuites, guest bathrooms and other interiors where space is at a premium.

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Education & Healthcare A sensible and practical level of security is essential to a successful teaching and learning environment, according to Secured by Design (SBD), the national police crime prevention initiative. SBD works with around 200 SBD trained police officers and staff in Police Forces around the country to ‘design out crime’ at the planning stage in a wide range of new-build developments and major refurbishments in many sectors, including education. These Designing Out Crime Officers give advice to architects, developers and local

Two co-located primary schools on the Bellsmyre Education Campus, near Dumbarton, opened in November 2016, with no crimes reported to police since

authority planners on how security can be incorporated into the design and construction of a new school without adversely affecting its day-to-day management. One of the many key security considerations is a clearly defined perimeter, such as welded mesh fencing or prickly hedging like Hawthorn, or both, to limit trespass and to channel visitors to the site, without creating a fortress impression. A single entrance area at the perimeter of the site serving both vehicles and pedestrians is preferred, or separate entrances that are located in close proximity to one another to aide mutual supervision. These may be monitored by CCTV. School building main entrances may incorporate two sets of doors - one set for volume

access for students, and possibly staff, and another set for parents and visitors. An ‘airlock’ door system can be used whereby two sets of automatic doors are controlled from reception. There are many other considerations too, ranging from the design of corridors and stairwells to increase surveillance through to external lights, preventing access to the roof, and storage of sports equipment within the main building, where possible. Schools that follow police advice will be awarded SBD police accreditation to recognise that it

has addressed safety and security through both the built environment, such as layout and landscaping, and the physical security, such as using SBD accredited products on doors, windows and locks. Stuart Ward, National Designing Out Crime Manager of Police Scotland, who has done a great deal of work with schools, said: “It’s about keeping the ‘uninvited out’ whilst providing a safe and secure place for children, staff and visitors like parents.”

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Whatriggs Primary School Campus, which opened in Kilmarnock at the start of Autumn Term 2017, shows off its SBD accreditation

Get to the Bowels of Toilet Provision Life Is Sweeter with Advanced Protection Toilet support is more of an issue than schools realise, according to leading campaign group ERIC: 1 in 12 pupils have continence issues, and schools have a statutory duty to support them. And its not just children with continence issues that need support: Islamic Qadaa' alHaajah requires washing one’s intimate parts with water after toileting, affecting a further 1 in 12 schoolchildren in England and Wales- a figure that has almost doubled in a decade . Closomat, Britain’s leading provider of helpful toilet solutions at home and away, has thus developed a solution that enables schools to meet all these needs, in one. The Closomat Palma Vita looks like a conventional WC, and has integrated douching and drying. Thus there is no need to manually cleanse with toilet tissue- by pupil or staff, and it satisfies Qadaa' al-Haajah criteria.


The shower action also cleans more thoroughly, consistently and hygienically than wipingespecially valid if dealing with a

soiling incident- and the subsequent dying action ensures the pupil is comfortable afterwards. The washing and drying delivers more dignity and improved hygiene for all involved, and can play a key role in helping any of the 1.3m (15%) of pupils with special needs learn to self manage their toileting. Closomat has devised a range of accessories for the Palma Vita that enables its adaptation to paediatric requirements, including support systems and smaller seats. Further, in conjunction with its partner Pressalit, it can equip a complete hygiene room with ceiling track hoist, height adjustable changing bench, privacy screen, shower and shower seat.

The Chocolate Quarter, one of the UK’s most stylish retirement complexes, is now protected by industry-leading fire panels from Advanced.

network of 19 MxPro 5 singleloop, four-loop and repeater panels with Hochiki smoke and heat detectors, multi-sensors and heat detection cable.

Originally the home of Fry’s chocolate, the iconic collection of 1920s buildings has been sympathetically developed by KWL Architects and Andrew Wilson Developments for Bristolbased charity, the St Monica Trust. The result is an impressive complex of high-spec apartments, elegant living spaces and a range of leisure facilities. As well as protecting the multi-tenant retirement apartments and care home, the Advanced system also covers a doctors’ surgery, offices, spa, retail space and car park.

The installation of MxPro 5 means that the fire system is also linked to the site’s DECT using an ESPA interface, which allows live fire system status information to be passed to staff pagers.

MFS designed, installed and commissioned the Advanced system, which comprises a

Speaking about the installation, Rick Coles, Managing Director at MFS, said: “The project required complicated cause and effect because of the buildings’ wide variety of uses. The sheltered accommodation and extra care areas needed a completely different approach to the communal areas, shops and restaurants. The complex also has a spa and hydro pool, so we faced an entirely different set of challenges in those areas. “We chose Advanced panels because of their reliability and the high level of flexibility and ease they offer when programming cause and effect.”

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February 2018

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IP65 Rated Toilet Alarm Kit Announced Baldwin Boxall has announced the availability of IP65 rated toilet alarm products. Fully tested and certified, users can connect the units to the manufacturer’s fourway toilet alarm panel or one of their EVC systems – Omnicare or Care2. There are four products in the range: a ceiling pull cord, reset button, call button and call & reset point. The units, available separately, are designed so that they can be combined with the UK manufacturer’s standard toilet alarm products. This makes it possible for installers to fit the IP65 rated items where required, such as the pull cord and reset button in a shower with a standard overdoor light outside the room. The new products are believed to be the first of their kind to

Education & Healthcare


Blackout, Screen & Anti- Microbial Fabrics Reducing Solar Heat gain Reducing the cost of Air condition

market and provide a longawaited solution. Users of standard toilet alarm kits have historically faced the problems of failed units in humid areas with frequent replacements or inoperative systems. These new products will be welcomed as they will provide a long term solution – saving valuable time and money.

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Remote Electric & Manual operation Fire resistant fabrics


T: 01684 593957 F: 01684 591502 E: ❚ Enquiry Number



The Optimum 100 Enclosed Platform Lift à à à à Ã

Glazing to all four sides if required Special colours available Platform size - 1120mm x 1480mm EN81-41 and Machinery Directive compliant Market leading warranty period

Tel: 0845 006 8803 Email: Web: ❚ Enquiry Number

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Education & Healthcare

Education in Modular for Trinity St David’s Students from University of Wales Trinity St David’s School of Architecture and Built Environment were treated to an in-depth tour of the construction process behind the UK’s first energy positive office building. The project, led by SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre at Swansea University, funded by Innovate UK and procured through the Fusion 21 modular buildings framework, is being manufactured offsite by Wernick Buildings. The 40 students were initially taken on a tour of SPECIFIC’s Active Classroom in Swansea University’s Bay Campus, which is capable of generating, storing and releasing its own solar energy. The students were shown the innovative technologies being used as well as the energy saving features of the classroom. They were also shown the construction site for the new Active Office where groundworks are being undertaken. Once built, the Active Office with share energy

and information with the adjacent Active Classroom using one smart, integrated system. Finally, the group visited Wernick Buildings’ specialist manufacturing facility only 12 miles from the site. The factory tour enabled the students to see the whole modular process, from design stage to component manufacture to module assembly. The group was led by Wernick Buildings Key Account Manager and project lead Rob Townsend,

Harmonious access from Tormax Part of Birmingham City University, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire is a £57 million teaching and performance facility that attracts internationally renowned performers and teachers, as well as the highest calibre students. Delivering contemporary access solutions to this significant new development, TORMAX was contracted to install prestigious automatic revolving doors to the two main entrances as well as an automatic swing pass door and set of sliding doors. Consisting of 9,000m² of purpose designed teaching, rehearsal and state of the art performance space, the Conservatoire is a world class environment that inspires and impresses. The five performance venues and seven recording studios enable new ways of teaching, learning and practising.


Working with main contractor Galliford Try, TORMAX created an elegant lobby by positioning a set of automatic sliding doors between the three-wing revolving door and main foyer. To one side of the revolving door is located an automatic swing door,

offering an alternative for less able users and to make deliveries easier. This combination is intensely practical, helping maintain the ambient internal temperature by minimising heat loss from the building. To the south of the building, another three-wing revolving door is also located. This project clearly demonstrates the full scope of the TORMAX range of technologically advanced automatic door operators. Tried and tested in busy locations worldwide, TORMAX 5251 door drives power the two revolving doors. Deliberately high torque, the TORMAX 5251 is designed for reliability, with sensors automatically adapting performance to take account of external factors, such as a build of dirt or strong winds.

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and featured a presentation on modular construction by Wernick Buildings Deputy Managing Director Andy King. Trevor Franics, Senior Lecturer & Programme Director at the School of Architecture & Built Environment told us “The tour of the Active Classroom & the Wernick manufacturing facility was most informative. The students found it very helpful to see the Active Office through every aspect of the construction process; from seeing the

foundations on site, to the units being made in the factory ready for installation. Whilst there will always be a need for traditional construction, well designed and built modular construction is key to successfully attaining many of the UK’s, current built environment challenges. We are grateful to Wernick & SPECIFIC for allowing us to learn more about how this innovative project is coming to fruition.”

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Greenwich Peninsula school set to benefit from Frametite airtightness system The impressive construction of a £45 million all-through school on the Greenwich Peninsula in London is set to benefit from first-grade airtightness performance thanks to the installation of the Frametite air barrier system from the A. Proctor Group.

Designed by architects Penoyre & Prasad, the ‘St Mary Magdalene C of E School’ will provide educational facilities for up to 1,646 hildren from ages 3 to 19 and around 200 staff. Part of one of the largest regeneration projects in London the development includes facilities for nursery, primary, secondary and sixth form education, along February 2018

with community-use sports facilities and landscaping. BAM Construction has been chosen to build and manage the project which spans approximately two hectares. The development aims to reach BREEAM Excellent assessment and to achieve a 35 per cent reduction of carbon dioxide emissions above building regulation requirements. Sub-contractor Bellwood Interiors required a high-quality air ightness membrane and chose the Frametite System as an external air barrier and alternative to a traditional standard breather membrane with EDPM for the steel detailing. The Frametite System comprises Frametite, a lowresistance vapour permeable air barrier for walls plus Wraptite Tape. In addition, Wraptite selfadhesive membrane was applied externally, quickly and easily to the external envelope in continuous pieces.

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S A i G E L o n g l i f e D e c k i n g Lt d a r e s u p p l i e r s of e nv ir o n m e nt a l l y s o u r ce d co m p o si te d e c k in g .  o‰Ŋl - b m|; m - m 1; ķv r Ѵ b m|; uŊ= u ; ;- m 7- mঞŊv Ѵ b r a r e j u s t s o m e o f i t s ke y f e a t u r e s .




visit us onlin e at W W W.CO M P O S IT E D E C K I N G .CO.U K o r c a l l 0178 9 721 576

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External Works & Landscaping

Caro Flood Defence Systems is one of the UK's leading Flood Defence manufacturers and is your solution to flooding Offering affordable, easy to install barrier systems for Residential Properties, Industrial Sites and Commercial Sites.

With well over 15 years manufacturing experience, CaroFDS can offer bespoke solutions for almost any scenario giving a proven and successful system and with Quality Assured to ISO 9001:2008

For more information call 01763 244446, email or visit

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Flexible external flooring solution from The Deck Tile Co Levato Mono Porcelain paver system from The Deck Tile Co. ltd is a flexible external flooring solution for the design conscious with over 40 stone, timber and cementitious effects to choose from plus co-ordinating internal tiles. The system enables fast, cost effective installation over most

surfaces including; single ply membranes, roofing felt and other delicate waterproofing systems. Available in standard 600x600 size and now larger formats, the porcelain pavers offer high abrasion and stain resistance, are frost proof and achieve R11

slip resistance. With it’s key beneficial features such as height adjustable and slope correcting supports; high load

bearing and weighing only 45kgs per m2; low on-going maintenance; Levato Mono is the ideal system for balconies, roof terraces, patios and piazzas – for both residential and commercial use alike. Visit our new website for our full range of pavers and coordinating tiling and lots of useful information

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February 2018

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Flush away health & safety concerns Telescopic 15mm Hose Union Tap > Flush when closed Ideal for schools and public buildings > Minimises risk of injury > Vandal-proof > Frost resistant Applications: > Recesses into any > Filling buckets e.g. campsites thickness of wall > cans e.g. cemetaries > Filling Specialwatering key > Vehicle extendswashdown assembly areas > Garden centres > Gardens â?š Enquiry Number


To view the range of external taps visit our website

Tel: 01442 823 123 Email: The Water Regulations Solution Specialist

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External Works & Landscaping Popular Heritage Bin has New Suit of Clothes Leafield Environmental’s Square Heritage hooded litter bin is being re-launched with a host of new features but still maintaining the traditional style that has made it so popular.

A 930 m² (10,000 ft²) Farmfood store opened its doors to customers this Spring (2017) on the Crompton Retail Park, Doncaster, West Yorkshire. For this new section of the Retail Park’s car park the 150 spaces, was drained by some 73 metres of RECYFIX® MONOTEC, Hauraton’s high capacity channel drainage system.

One of the most durable litter bins available, thanks to the double wall construction throughout the entire bin, the Heritage’s outer walls now sport ridges to prevent unwanted fly posting but the improvements are more than just skin deep. Personalisation panels now feature on each of the four faces and each can now be enhanced with a framed polycarbonate poster cover to carry advertising promotional material or sponsorship. All four faces have moulded chamfered apertures with extended lips that direct the litter into the 115litre plastic liner, although a galvanised steel liner is available as an option. Now, for the first time, a plate is available to blank off an aperture when the bin is to be sited 6against a wall. For those sited in coastal areas, optional pest flaps deter nuisance seagull intruders.

RECYFIX MONOTEC® drains car park at Crompton Retail Park, Doncaster

For smokers, optional metal stubber plates and a new 1litre ashtray with quick release emptying mechanism are offered. The ashtray covers can now be coloured gold to match the popular decorative external banding. To bring the Square Heritage bins completely up-to-date they are ‘sensor ready’. They can now accommodate the fill-level sensors that turn them into Smart Bins and provide authorities with the intelligence Page 1 Number 137 necessary. ❚ Enquiry


The store joins a Dunelm outlet at 3720 m² (40,000 ft²) a Marston’s Public House, a Goals Soccer Centre and other retail and leisure facilities on the 13 acre site located just off the Wheatley Hall Road (A630). Hauraton Limited introduced the RECYFIX® MONOTEC, system in January 2016.The new Home Bargains store joins the numerous installations successfully completed in the United Kingdom. Two RECYFIX® MONOTEC 100 models were installed in the car park’s asphalt surface, both channels having a grating width of 100mm (Channel internal dimension). The larger channel has an overall height of 380mm and provides a

cross-section of 355.5cm2. The smaller channel has an overall height of 280mm and provides a cross-section of 245.5cm2. The 73 metres of channel installed has a total water capacity of just over 2444 litres. The MONOTEC one metre long channel component is of a sturdy monolithic design where the HEELSAFE grating and the tongue and groove linking system are integral to the channel moulding. The whole unit is made of tough, virtually unbreakable polypropylene (PP) formulated to be very resistant to daily temperature fluctuations from frost conditions to strong sunlight, including the Ultra Violet (UV) spectrum.

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Call us

Learn more

01296 481220 m

WOOD WO OD FLOORS FLO OOR ORS TIN NTED NTED TO TO PERFECTION PERF FEEC CTION Magma Safety Panels are pre-coated, heavy duty, skid resistant panels manufactured from Birch throughout plywood. They are fully encapsulated in epoxy resin and have a near diamond-hard aggregate bonded into the wearing surface giving excellent skid resistance properties. Magma Safety Panels are extremely durable

and designed for external applications such as footbridges, walkways, disabled access ramps, railway platforms, pontoons, etc., where they can be used as an overlay or as part of the structure. Custom made in a variety of thicknesses, colours and grades. Available exclusively from:

POLYX®-OIL TINTS: Highest quaality colour and protection for wood o MAGMA Safety Products Limited Unit 1, Sawston Park, London Road, Pampisford, Cambridge CB22 3EE


Tel: +44 (0)1223 836643 Fax: +44 (0)1223 834648 Email: Web: ❚ Enquiry Number











February 2018


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LEVA AT TO MON NO porcellain p paver system Trransform any outside sp pace with LEVA ATO MONO NO Porcelain paver p system fr The system offfers flexib bility and choice for even the most challenging of applications - fr terraces and balconies with w multiple falls to patios os and restau urant piazza’s wher With many finishes and d formats available, thee 20mm pavers combine incr properties with uncom mpromising aesthetics and a thanks to and slope correcting faacility on the support system, s it is possible to cover most waterpr membranes or uneven n sub-surfaces.

20mm porcelain paavers 40x80 45x90 60x60

Hig ghly abrasion and stain resistant

Ideal for balconies, roof o terraces and piazzas,

75x75 80x80 30x12 20 40x120 60x120 ‘Floating floor’ – instaallation over single ply

Hig ghly slip resistant ; R11 AB+C Lig ghtweight – 45kgs per m2

membranes Eternal product - zer z o maintenance required – offfering massive over--life savings

Hig gh load bearing and impact resistaance Tim mber, stone & cementitious efffectss

for both commercial and a residential use Frost proof Height adjustable/slope ope correcting support system ranging from 9mm up to 550mm

Co ompletely non porous

www.the h t: 0118 391 4120 e: info@thedec ❚ Enquiry Number



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External Works & Landscaping

Boost your sustainability credentials with Flowpoint ECO As global temperatures rise and natural materials decline, there is an increased amount of pressure from governments and industry bodies for businesses and individuals to boost their sustainability performance. UltraScape understands the importance of sustainable building solutions and that is why all product development is geared around delivering sustainable solutions for today’s requirements. They are constantly investing in research to continuously reduce their use of raw materials by testing new recycled materials. With this in mind, UltraScape’s team of technical experts enhanced the formulation of their world renowned flowable grout, Flowpoint, to create Flowpoint ECO – a flowable grout with a difference!

Launched over 20 years ago, Flowpoint ECO is a BS 7533 approved, environmentally friendly grout, which contains 20% recycled material. The addition of recycled material significantly reduces the consumption of virgin aggregates – an important feature for any projects aspiring to achieve a CEEQUAL award or for those looking to improve their BREEAM rating. Available in 2 colours – Natural Grey and Charcoal – Flowpoint ECO is suitable for most paving types and leaves a stain free finish every time, providing the perfect appearance for all paving schemes. With a rapid set time of just 15 minutes, paving grouted with Flowpoint ECO can be walked on in just 1 hour and driven over in 4 hours, allowing contractors to move on to the next part of the project quickly. What’s more, Flowpoint ECO is available for specification via the RIBA Product Selector and NBS Plus.

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From west to east with Howe Green access covers Howe Green has supplied over 400 access covers to Tier 1 contractors working on Europe’s largest construction project – Crossrail. Laing O’ Rourke specified over 60 of Howe Green’s 7500 Series Multipart Stainless Steel Floor Access Covers for Tottenham Court Road station. The large 4 part units were precision made to order to ensure that they would be a perfect fit. Installed by specialist stone contractor Vetter UK, the covers have been infilled with granite to match the surrounding area. Barrel lifting points ensure the covers fit flush with the flooring to reduce the risk of slip and trip hazards. The 7500 Series can withstand up to a 5 tonne pneumatic wheel loading and can be supplied as a

single cover, in duct runs or as a multipart. Options include a 3 hour fire rating BS 476: Part 20 1987 on stainless steel single covers or 2 hours on duct and multipart covers and a double seal. For more information please call 01920 463230 or visit

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Be a “pillar” of society and comply with the Water Regulations. Be a “pillar” of society and comply with the Water Regulations

A a broken 1/2 tap can consume in excess of £70 of water per day. Safeguard your water supply with the new lockable Pillar Standpipe from Arrow Valves Ltd.

Did you know that a broken 1/2″ tap can consume in excess of £70 of water per day?

When closed, all internal components, including the tap outlet, are concealed, ensuring a completely tamperproof, neat an d secure installation. The unit features a Double Check Valve, providing Fluid Category 3 protection. Internal insulation prevents tap fractures during frost and subsequent leakage. Operating this standpipe is easy

Safeguard your water supply with our new lockable Pillar Standpipe. Neat and secure installation that is completely tamperproof.

– inserting the tap outlet into the tap body automatically opens the flow of water with just one simple action. Resembling a Pillar, this Standpipe Assembly is perfect for providing water to public spaces, such as retail parks, car parks, schools, gardens, caravan sites, golf courses and bowling greens. The Pillar Standpipe is available to view online, or for further information, please contact us.

❚ Enquiry Number 145

Features a Double Check Valve, providing Fluid Category 3 protection. Perfect for providing water to public spaces. Model SPHUD

Tel: 01442 823 123 Email: The Water Regulations Solution Specialist 26 ❚ Enquiry Number

144 February 2018

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External Works & Landscaping



ǁǁǁ͘ĂƚŐĂĐĐĞƐƐ͘ĐŽŵ Ϭϴϰϱϲϳϱϳϱϳϰ


KƵƌĂŌĞƌƐĂůĞƐĐĂƌĞŝƐĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞϮϰͬϳ KƵƌ ❚ Enquiry Number


Designing driveways, car parks or even ,'sƉĂƌŬƐ͍͘͘͘tĞ͛ůůŚĂǀĞĂƐŽůƵƟŽŶĨŽƌLJŽƵ ^ƵƌĞŐƌĞĞŶŽīĞƌĂǁŝĚĞƌĂŶŐĞŽĨƉĞƌŵĞĂďůĞ͕^Ƶ^ĐŽŵƉůŝĂŶƚŐƌŽƵŶĚƌĞŝŶĨŽƌĐĞŵĞŶƚƐŽůƵƟŽŶƐ͘

PP25 Porous Paver

PP30 Porous Paver

25mm deep lightweight paver ŝĚĞĂůĨŽƌĚŽŵĞƐƟĐĂƉƉůŝĐĂƟŽŶƐ͘


PP40 Porous Paver

PP50 Porous Paver

The vast majority of our ƉƌŽĚƵĐƚƐĂƌĞĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞĨƌŽŵ ƐƚŽĐŬĂŶĚŝĨŽƌĚĞƌĞĚďĞĨŽƌĞ ϰƉŵĐĂŶďĞĚĞůŝǀĞƌĞĚƚŚĞ ŶĞdžƚǁŽƌŬŝŶŐĚĂLJ͊



Our heaviest duty porous paver ƉĞƌĨĞĐƚĨŽƌĐŽŵŵĞƌĐŝĂůũŽďƐ͘


To purchase:

To speak to a specialist:

Call: 01376 503869 email: Website:

Call: 07703 784558 email: Technical Website:


147 ❚ Enquiry Number



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External Works & Landscaping

Timberplay help bring play area to life A council initiative aimed at improving the health and fitness of young people has been launched thanks to the help of UK play specialists, Timberplay. Working alongside Winchester City Council, Timberplay created a play area that would work in partnership with the council’s Feet First Campaign – a project designed to encourage young people to walk from park to park.

concentration to improving balance and coordination.

invited to officially open the play area to the public.

The structure of the equipment is a mixture of steel and Mountain Larch, a slow growing species with close rings which ensures higher stability and enhanced durability. To mark the opening of the park, Olympic medallist Iwan Thomas was

Ben Harbottle, Sales Director at Timberplay commented:“We are proud to be working alongside the Council in their quest to encourage fitness and wellbeing amongst children. “All our play equipment is designed to challenge and

excite, making play time a learning experience as well as keeping fit and healthy. The council’s Wonky the Woodpecker is a fun way to get active and we jumped at the chance to be associated with such a unique project.”

❚ Enquiry Number 149

Each play area has a wooden totem of Wonky the Woodpecker featuring a hidden letter which children can collect to learn the names of Wonky’s friends at every play area owned by the council. The objective is that children visit other sites and search for the hidden letters. Sitting next to a nature reserve, the council needed a play area that would suit the surroundings, so Timberplay’s natural play equipment was ideal. The play area features slides, a twin swing, tarzan rope with pendulum seat, balance blocks and a climbing forest. Each piece of equipment is designed to encourage a range of different experiences and emotions - from decision making and

28 ❚ Enquiry Number

February 2018


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External Works & Landscaping

For the Complete Range of Fencing, Shelters & Site Protection

TEL: 01782 339320 ❚ Enquiry Number


In-Ground (Flip Lid) Units

Retractable Service electricity, water and Units supplying data points to public places Our Pop Up Power Units have been specified on: • Markets • Heritage • Town Centres • Universities • Recreational Areas • Sports Stadiums

Power Bollards

Pop Up Power Supplies® Ltd Telephone 020 8227 0208 Email Web

Pop Up Units

P O W E R W H E N Y O U N E E D I T. . . H I D D E N W H E N Y O U D O N ’ T ❚ Enquiry Number



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Roofs, Walls & Floors Fire & water resistance see Magply picked to play vital role for Bath Rugby

The Recreation Ground in Bath is one of the crucibles of English rugby, famous long before the professional era and still a venue other Premiership and European sides frequently find presents a challenge they cannot meet. It is also a location that posed specific physical and technical questions for the materials used in building the new West Stand, which Magply met in full. The new Gem Stand sponsored by brewery Bath Ales, backs onto the River Avon which is prone to periodic flooding, while the project architects, Arena 1865 also had to take several other

design criteria into consideration. These included the provision of fire protection to help safeguard the 4,500 spectators the steel framed structure can accommodate, while rigidity, all round durability and ease of installation were all important. Project Architect, Simon PughJones outlined the long term ambitions for the ground as a resource to serve the people of Bath rather than just the rugby club, as well as the way Magply aligned with the demands of the most recent building project. He commented: â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Recreation Ground is the spiritual home of Bath Rugby, but the game has grown and the facilities no longer match all the needs. Our long term objective is to redevelop the ground and a year ago we embarked on a planning process to give certainty over the next four years while the bigger plan is considered and this involved building a new â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;temporaryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; West Stand. This sits on the massive old base of the stand rebuilt after World War Two, with spreader plates to carry the steel frame.

â?&#x161; Enquiry Number 153

Call us

Learn more

01296 481220


POLY XÂŽ- OIL: Highest qualit y colour and protection for wood d













Tel: 0115 941 1126 Email: 30 â?&#x161; Enquiry Number

February 2018


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Roofs, Walls & Floors



ďĞƐƉŽŬĞŽƉƟŽŶǁŚĞŶŝƚĐŽŵĞƐƚŽŇĂƚƌŽŽĮŶŐĂŶĚŇŽŽƌŝŶŐ Based in Colchesterr, Esse E x, we have had the pleasurre of working with hundreds of businesses, ŵĂŶLJŽĨǁŚŝĐŚƌĞƚƵƌŶƟŵĞĂŶĚƟŵĞĂŐĂŝŶ͘&ƌŽŵ>ĂŶĚ͛ƐŶĚƚŽ:ŽŚŶŽ͛'ƌŽĂƚƐ͕ǁĞŽƉĞƌĂƚĞ ŶĂƟŽŶǁŝĚĞĂŝŵŝŶŐƚŽŽīĞƌLJŽƵƚŚĞƐŽůƵƟŽŶLJŽƵŶĞĞĚ͘ tŚLJĐŚŽŽƐĞ^ƉĂƌƚĂŶWƌŽŵĞŶĂĚĞdŝůĞƐ>ƚĚ͍ ͻ Custom price based d upon requirements ͻ ŶǀŝƌŽŶŵĞŶƚĂůůLJĨƌŝĞŶĚůLJŽƉƟŽŶƐĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞ͕ƐŽLJŽƵĐĂŶŚĞůƉƚŚĞĞŶǀŝƌŽŶŵĞŶƚĂŶĚƐƟůůĂĐŚŝĞǀĞƚŚĞ ůŽŽŬLJŽƵ͛ƌĞĂŌĞƌ &ŽƌĂ&ZƋƵŽƚĞĨŽƌLJŽƵƌŇĂƚƌŽŽĮŶŐŶĞĞĚƐ͕ ĐĂůů^ƉĂƌƚĂŶWƌŽŵĞŶĂĚĞdŝůĞƐ>ƚĚŽŶ


01206 230 553 ❚ Enquiry Number


Imitation is always flattery... But none can match the excellence of a system that is truly complete THE UNIFOLD GUTTER LINING SYSTEM. Having faced and solved every problem experienced in its long life with consummate ease UNIFOLD remains THE GOLD STANDARD to which others aspire! UNIFOLD – Unrivalled excellence in Gutter Lining Technology. ❚ Enquiry Number


UNIFOLD ® Unrivalled excellence in gutter lining technology.


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Maintenance & Refurbishment Advanced emergency lighting system selected by centre of Sports Excellence Lux Intelligent, the leading emergency light testing system, has been specified to replace an obsolete system at Plas y Brenin, the National Mountain Sports Centre in the heart of Snowdonia. The Centre is the home of mountain sports, providing both residential and non-residential courses catering for all ages in a range of mountain and water sports. Advanced’s leading emergency lighting system Lux Intelligent – an addressable, automatic test system – was chosen for the 216-year-old facility because of its ease of installation and the performance benefits it delivers. The system allowed the existing wiring, exit signs and 300

luminaires to be kept, saving considerable time and cost. Installer Brian Jones, electrical engineer at Delta Fire and Security Limited, said: “Lux Intelligent was easy to install and network using the National Mountain Sports Centre’s LAN network. Its existing emergency lighting product became obsolete making repairs and finding replacement parts difficult. So when an alternative was being considered, Lux Intelligent was chosen for its renowned quality and costsaving benefits with the emergency lighting system installed using the Centre’s existing wiring and lights significantly reducing the costs of the upgrade.” Lux Intelligent ensures all emergency lighting is functioning and compliant to BS5266-1. It is one of the most flexible systems available with panels supporting 1-4 loops, 249 devices per loop and up to 200 panels in a network.

❚ Enquiry Number 158

Yeoman Shield Help Keep Interiors Looking Good at Care Centre To protect their interior walls and doors from unsightly damage Fulwell Community Centre chose to install Yeoman Shield protection products. Fire rated door protection products, including door edge protectors and protection panels were fitted to a selection of doors throughout the busy centre.

In the hydrotherapy pool room, Yeoman Shield Falmouthex 2.0mm thick wall protection panels were installed to 1250mm high to pool side walls. Yeoman Shield products refresh tired décor whilst future proofing against damage, reducing maintenance costs.

❚ Enquiry Number 159

Intastop offers easy installation door edge guard A popular PVC-u Door Edge Guard range from leading door protection specialists Intastop, who is credited with introducing the original aluminium door edge guard to the UK market and from which a highly-regarded business has been created, has been expanded, now offering even greater choice. Celebrating 25 years, the company continues to protect doors, people and places in this specialised field and now has a 10mm PVC-u Door Edge Guard version added to its extensive range, the largest in the UK.


“We are a forward-thinking company who look to find innovative solutions and develop our product range to give specifiers, facilities managers and installers a greater depth of choice and resilience when carrying out refurbishment or new build projects,” said Sarah Barsby Marketing Director Intastop Ltd. “With that in mind the new 10mm version of one of our most popular products, and one for which we are renowned, will continue to show Intastop as a committed business whose ethos of protecting doors, people and places is at its very heart.”

The PVC 10mm Door Edge Guard is fitted with intumescent fire and smoke seals which are vandal-resistant yet easy to replace making all Intastop PVCu Door Edge Guards ideal for maintaining fire integrity and door safety, an essential part of fire door safety maintenance in keeping people and buildings safe. It can be used on the front and back edges of fire resisting door sets. It has a fire rating of Class ‘O’, BS476 Parts 6 & 7 and is tested to EN135011:2010. Furthermore, it is impact and scratch resistant and

contains anti-bacterial properties to help reduce infection in healthcare establishments. “Ensuring the integrity of doors and fire doors in particular continues to be a high priority for all facility managers and building maintenance teams and with our busy and often heavy work loads, simplicity is the key to successful schemes to protect doors and building infrastructures,” said Sarah. “Coupled with our range of products to protect both doors and walls in healthcare February 2018

establishments and those that use them we are proud of the diversity we offer to solve issues commonly experienced across a wide variety of industries and situations.” The 10mm PVC-u Door Guard is available in a range of colours and finishes. Further information about Intastop and its products can be found by visiting

❚ Enquiry Number 160

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Maintenance & Refurbishment

Weatherproof your gutters at a cost you can afford. ECO-LINER from Ampteam. Another clever but cost effective product designed to last. Ampteam have created a family of innovative products that combat the ever increasing deluge of bad weather we have in the UK.

Unrivalled excellence in gutter lining technology. ❚ Enquiry Number




Retro-fit or o Neew Build proven in us u e tthroughout the UK aan nd Eur E ope



Thermally advancced, e highly decorativve Insulated Ren nder Systems





G ARANTEE GU ED TO PERFORM! 4-0014 04-0124

11-0110 13-0480


Zero Seal Systems Ltd Units 43 - 45 Ladford Covert, Seighford, Stafford, ST18 9QG, United Kingdom Tel : +44 (0)1785 282910 E-mail :


www.parex. x co.ukk | T Tel: el: 01827 01 711755 5 ❚ Enquiry Number


WWW.ZEROPLUS.CO.UK ❚ Enquiry Number



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Maintenance & Refurbishment

J.Banks No 1 for door & window safety restrictors Award winning UK hardware manufacturers J.Banks Ltd have been designing, developing and producing door and window products for over one hundred and sixty years.

Following the first design for a concealed window restricting device more than twenty years ago, the company has been actively involved in a continuous programme of design and development, which has now evolved into the most comprehensive range of door and window restrictors available from any European manufacturer. Working closely with the major distributors and window companies, J.Banks has developed a wide suite of products designed to meet a variety of applications and window profiles. In recent years the company’s R&D department has recognised the growing need for products that satisfy the new building regulation requirements and the possibility of even more demanding legislation likely in the near future. To address these safety requirements the company produces a variety of products for either face-fix or concealed applications including Tilt and Turn options. The J.Banks Restrictor range includes standard non-locking devices, through to the highly specified range of Res-Lok auto-locking, auto re-engage restrictors, all

Magply video launch Ice Cool Black Mountain has launched a new video presentation, which opens with the terrifying image and sound - of crackling flames, thereby vividly alluding to the purpose and the performance of its Magply, Euroclass A1 and non-combustible Fire Protection Boards. There follows a demonstration of 9mm thick Magply being exposed to a controlled flame burning at approximately 1200 degrees centigrade – with an ice cube having been suspended behind the board and a timer set. Whilst the latter is running in the background, the commentator outlines the sectors where the board will find applications, such as schools, colleges, hospitals and industrial, as well as in commercial and domestic properties.


We then hear the fact that for non-traditional construction, passive fire protection is a requirement for timber frame walls, modular systems and spandrel panels as well as beneath roofing and rainscreen cladding, high performance dry lining and even for the surrounds to wood-burners.

The video’s narrative returns to the fire test with the clock running at over 30 minutes and the suspended ice cube still intact - confirming the 9mm Magply board is still maintaining strength and resistance to the flame. The video then goes on to explain the unique chemical make-up of Magply, with its excellent fire resistant properties derived from the bond between the magnesium and oxygen atoms, which form magnesium oxide and the dual faced construction.

New Architectural Seals brochure from Lorient Lorient, a respected designer and manufacturer of sealing systems for door assemblies has launched its new Architectural Seals brochure. With a fresh contemporary look, the brochure comprises Lorient’s largest selection of sealing systems to date; which includes perimeter seals, drop seals, threshold plates, door bottom seals, finger guard seals plus much more. Manufactured to the highest quality standards in the UK, Lorient Architectural Seals have been designed and tested for a host of different applications in a variety of sectors throughout commercial, industrial and public buildings. They can provide outstanding protection

available with the latest HoldOpen arm option. For the most comprehensive choice of Door and Window Restrictors, British made and fully compliant with the latest Building Regulations, J.Banks is the specifiers No 1 choice. email: or visit us at

❚ Enquiry Number 166 against sound, smoke, fire, rain, light, draught, dust and even insects. A number of innovative new products have been added to the ever-expanding range; these include high performance acoustic drop seals; a perimeter seal for glass doors; a durable safety finger guard; a robust drip guard; to name but a few. Products are etched using the latest laser technology and proudly display the Made in Britain marque. Lorient Architectural seals are aesthetically designed to complement a wide range of doorsets and floors; and are offered in a choice of either silver or bronze anodised aluminium as standard.

❚ Enquiry Number 165

The manufacturer has made the film to emphasize Magply’s superiority over other manufacturers’ boards, in terms of its strength, breathability and low carbon footprint.

❚ Enquiry Number 164 February 2018

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Maintenance & Refurbishment


Eme ergency access with security With our Cooperbolt range of door bolts the door is bolted except in an emergency and once opened the bolt can only be reset by the keyholder. W e have been supplying our Emergency Door Bolts and Door Alarms for over 20 years.


Our range • Alarmed and non-alarmed door bolts • Models for inward and outward opening doors • Two-way access models • Horizontal and vertical fit door alarms Features • Panic bolt alarms (to retrofit over • Quick & easy to fit. No wiring vertical panic bolts) • Robust diecast aluminium body • Strong 12mm steel bolt shoot The simple, modern emergency

• Loud 100db battery powered alarm


The The Emergency EmergencyBolt BoltCompany CompanyLtd Ltd

Unit Unit 6, 6, Vennland VennlandBusiness BusinessPark, Park

Mart Road, Road,Minehead MineheadTA24 TA245BJ 5DX Mart


T 01643 709591 E W www.theemergenc ❚ Enquiry Number


Saving for a rainy day... UNI-DAM, a rainwater management system designed to prevent heavy storm rainfall from overwhelming gutter systems and flooding into buildings. The system is fixed to the roof and once installed slows and controls the flow of rainfall into the gutter. For more information or quote please contact our office on 01384 252777. Unrivalled excellence in gutter lining technology. ❚ Enquiry Number



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Product News & Innovation Marmox Thermoblock tackles thermal bridging around Harrogates homes’ basement structure

Ancon to launch new products at Ecobuild 2018

Some 180 Marmox Thermoblocks have been supplied to a regional builder for the construction of a high specification home near Harrogate, with their unique combination of insulating and load-carrying properties being used to tackle cold bridging where the two storeys above ground meet the basement structure which contains a swimming pool and other recreation areas.

ANCON will be launching its latest fixing innovations at Ecobuild, 6th – 8th March, London ExCeL, stand number C62. Double winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and holder of a string of innovation and product development accolades, Ancon will continue to enhance its range in 2018.

The five bedroom property has been built by Dobson Construction with a beam and block ground floor being supported off the in-situ concrete basement walls. The partially filled external wall of dense concrete blockwork, with an outer leaf of quarried stone, was then raised on the continuous course of Thermoblocks. The 65mm x 215mm x 600mm Thermoblocks were supplied through a local stockist and have been laid on a mortar bed with the special Marmox Multibond adhesive being used to seal the stepped joints between the

Evac+Chair is the world’s leading supplier and original manufacturer of evacuation chairs With a wide range of Evac+Chairs to suit any need, each model is designed to help the mobility-impaired descend a staircase in any emergency with the helper neither needing to lift nor have great physical strength. With over 30 years’ experience, Evac+Chair is the leading specialist in emergency evacuation, ensuring customers comply fully with health and safety regulations ranging from providing products and

units. The Site Manager for Dobson Construction recounted: “The use of the Thermoblocks was specified by our project architect to tackle the issue of perimeter heat loss, around the perimeter of the basement and also at ground floor level, on top of the concrete wall. Our bricklayers carried out the work, using the Marmox adhesive and the installation went without any problems whatsoever.” As a loadbearing composite product Thermoblock has been developed to be incorporated into various wall constructions as a horizontal layer, equivalent to a course of bricks, in order to address a critical area of heat loss, thereby reducing energy bills and making a significant contribution to SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) calculations.

❚ Enquiry Number 170

The stand will feature new Teplo variants. Firstly, Teplo wall ties for use with Ancon 21/18, 25/14 and 28/15 Channels and secondly, the Teplo-BFR, featuring a plain end for resinfixing into an existing structure and a moulded safety end for building into a new masonry leaf – ideal for retrofit. Both product ranges will break new ground in the masonry fixings sector. Also under the spotlight will be Ancon’s comprehensive range of insulated connectors designed to limit heat loss at balcony locations.

❚ Enquiry Number 172

It will also showcase a brickfaced support system that allows designers to achieve exciting masonry façade aesthetics, quickly and easily on site. Heading up the displays will be Ancon’s unique, BBA-approved, multi-award winning Teplo wall tie range. Manufactured from pultruded basalt fibres set in a resin matrix (0.7W/mK), a material over sixty times more

deployment to specific training and regular maintenance. In support of Business Safety Week, Evac+Chair has launched its own guide to emergency evacuations to help businesses across the UK produce and monitor their own Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans (FEEP). Available to download from the Evac+Chair website today, the guide emphasises why businesses must provide an emergency plan for dealing with a situation involving fire. It details the main procedures under the Fire Safety Order that workplaces must adhere to including a fire risk assessment which will identify any possible dangers and consider those who may be especially at risk. The guide is available to download from the Evac+Chair International website:


Ancon’s Ecobuild stand will focus on structural fixings that are opening-up new possibilities in zero and ultra-low energy construction by minimising thermal bridging, including its insulated balcony connectors and ultra-low thermal conductivity cavity wall ties.

thermally efficient than steel (50W/mK), Teplo ties are widely specified in Passivhaus or similar low-energy developments.

❚ Enquiry Number 171

Public Sector

News FREE READER ENQUIRY SERVICE Please TICK  card numbers for further information / literature on any of the manufacturers.

Why not use our on-line enquiry service at

February 2018

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Product News SPOTLIGHT Bronze Plaque created for the local Priory Church

Drainage maintenance is “vital” to care delivery at NHS hospital Facilities managers at one of the largest mental health hospitals in the North East of England says drainage maintenance carried out by Lanes Group plc is vital to support the delivery of the best care. Lanes carries out planned and preventative maintenance (PPM) carried out on the drainage system at the 210-bed St George’s Park Hospital in Morpeth, Northumberland, on behalf of Robertson FM. Robertson Contract Manager Ian McKenzie said the work, delivered by drainage engineers from the Lanes Newcastle depot, was essential to the smooth running of the hospital. He added: “Our data clearly shows the drainage PPM work has a measurable positive impact in reducing the amount of reactive work our in-house teams have to do to tackle problems like drain blockages. ❚ Enquiry Number 175

In 2017 Signs of the Times Ltd was commissioned by Central Bedfordshire Council to produce a bronze plaque for the opening of their prestigious development Priory View. Cast in relief and based around the local Priory Church the plaque was designed and manufactured to a tight deadline. Providing accommodation for the over 55’s, Priory View won an award for the Best Independent Living Scheme and was officially opened by HM Queen Elizabeth. ❚ Enquiry Number 176

Calico Homes in Lancashire has changed its Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm specification to Aico Ei208 Lithium battery powered CO Alarms with AudioLINK data extraction technology. A registered charity, Calico Homes provides accommodation for families and older people, plus supported housing and services for homeless people, across Lancashire. Calico has been fitting Aico Smoke Alarms into its properties for some years but only made the decision to fit Aico CO Alarms across its 4,600 homes in September 2016 following a benchmark trial.

Emergency access with added security features The range of Cooperbolt emergency door bolts from The Emergency Bolt Company is an economical and effective option to securely lock and alarm single and double doors whilst allowing emergency access in one robust housing. Models are available for inward and outward opening doors, with or without a loud 100dB integral battery powered alarm. The Emergency Bolt Company also supplies a range of door alarms and panic bolt alarms which can be fitted to provide an alarm facility within minutes. Manufactured in the UK for domestic and international markets.

Spartan Promenade Tiles Spartan Promenade Tiles convert school roof top int a useful playground area. As space is so valuable this roof area is now a well used area for recreation use of the pupil with a maze, hop scotch, cheese-board and mini-tennis. Two colours Ivory background with Terracotta colour outlines depicting the patterns. This is one of five completed. Further information

❚ Enquiry Number 180

❚ Enquiry Number 177

CaberShieldPlus is the ideal flooring solution Based on Norbord’s popular moisture-resistant CaberFloor P5 tongue-and-groove particleboard flooring panel, CaberShieldPlus is specially designed to withstand exposure to wet conditions. Yet, unlike Norbord’s other protected flooring product CaberDek, which features a peelable film on the top surface, CaberShieldPlus has protection on both sides, not just the exposed upper surface. The top surface features a permanent non-slip coating that not only prevents damage to the board but also ensures a safe working platform.

❚ Enquiry Number 179

Aico audiolink data extraction seals the deal for Calico Homes

❚ Enquiry Number 178

If you are interested in promoting your products within this publication please contact us 0121 451 3037


February 2018

Pop Up Power Supplies® provide safe power solutions Public safety is always of paramount concern for architects, developers, and electrical engineers when considering external power supplies for outdoor spaces. Pedestrian access has to be clear as possible and the risk of electrocution has to be minimal, to ensure public areas are safe and comfortable for people. Increased safety in public places Pop Up Power Supplies® supply a range of innovative retractable service units that provide a reliable and effective power supply for outdoor spaces and events. Our retractable nature means they can be raised from the ground and lowered back again with minimal effort, ensuring walkways are clear and free from any form of tripping hazard or risk of electrocution. Our range of retractable service units include Pop Up Units, Flip Lid / InGround Units and Power Bollards, and feature various specifications, uses and benefits for powering outdoor spaces. ❚ Enquiry Number 182

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Backcover.qxp_Layout 1 06/02/2018 10:51 Page 1 â?&#x161; Enquiry Number


Public Sector News  
Public Sector News