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June 2014

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A Proctor Roofshield The inconvenient truth of air permeable underlays

Roofshield is the best performing breather membrane on the market. It has the highest vapour permeability of any roofing membrane and is also air permeable, making the formation of condensation virtually impossible. An independent 3rd party report by Hardies Property & Construction Consultants now also confirms that using Roofshield can result in significant cost savings. Due to the exceptional performance of the membrane, Roofshield remains fully BBA & NHBC compliant, in both warm & cold roofs, without the need for vents or a VCL. By using Roofshield, a roofing underlay that is both air and vapour permeable, the ventilation comes free as does the cost of buying and installing a vapour control layer. As Roofshield is accepted by the NHBC without the requirement of ventilation or a VCL, even in cold pitched roof constructions, the choice of underlay becomes simple. Recent independent research shows that the use of Roofshield without ventilation or a VCL is the most economical choice. Things become even simpler when looking for the best vapour permeability, combined with the added benefit of air permeability – Roofshield is the only membrane that meets both these criteria. For years the debate regarding how to achieve a truly ventilation free cold pitched roof has been held in many offices, committee rooms and building sites, but the industry is rapidly educating themselves about the subtle differences in roofing underlays performance. It is an inconvenient truth that air permeable membranes do significantly reduce condensation risk, because most manufacturers produce air tight membranes. Independent research reaching back to the early 2000’s including the PII

(Partners In Innovation) findings by Caledonian University demonstrate the benefits beyond any doubt. The majority now realise that not all underlays are the same. Roofing underlays come in all manner of different colours, but it’s what you can’t see that does most of the work – the middle layer. Whilst the colour of the top surface or underside is useful for identification, it is irrelevant in terms of performance. This middle layer can be likened to the same robustness as normal kitchen cling film and needs the protection of the sandwich construction to make this suitable and fit for purpose in a pitched roof. Taking a microscopic view of the middle layer clarifies the difference between an air tight and air permeable membrane. Fig.1 shows our Roofshield membrane, Fig.2 shows a typical air tight roofing underlay. The difference between air permeability and air tightness is fundamental to the products performance and use. In a traditional UK cold pitched roof construction, the large cold void above the horizontal insulation requires the quick release of vapour laden air that is reaching its dew point and potentially causing damaging condensation; Roofshield is certified by the BBA and accepted by the NHBC for use without ventilation or a VCL in even these most demanding circumstances. This is particularly advantageous in refurbishment projects where the installation of the VCL can lead to owners or tenants having to move out if a non-ventilated roof strategy is adopted.

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VEKA UK Imagine the perfect Bi-Fold Door System The VEKA UK Group has further demonstrated its position as the industry leader in PVC-U systems with the unveiling of the innovative 'Imagine' Bi-Fold Door. The technical experts at The VEKA UK Group chose to go back to the drawing board with this product and 'reimagine' what we have come to think of as a standard Bi-Fold Door. The official launch, following the FIT Show, comes after a successful appearance at Fensterbau. Sales and Marketing Director Colin Torley explains: “The new Bi-Fold was on display at Fensterbau and visitors to the event were very impressed; we received some extremely positive feedback. “The Imagine Bi-Fold Door has been designed in the UK, for the UK market and our Technical Team are extremely proud of it. The system has been designed 'from the ground up' so there are no compromises. When it comes to components, everything has been newly designed specifically for this product. “The result is a technically-advanced bespoke product - available in numerous different configurations - with custom-designed hardware from ERA housed neatly within the profile. “VEKA will be carrying the hardware as well as manufacturing the profile, so the Burnley HQ will act as a 'one-stop-shop' and customers can expect excellent lead times. “The system has been designed with security in mind. It features ERA locks and can achieve the PAS24 and Secured by Design accreditations as standard, with no need for additional modification. “Extremely energy-efficient, the Imagine Bi-Fold Door

is being launched with the potential to achieve the highest DSER available. It has been designed to be 'future proof' thanks to the fact that it is triple glazing ready. With triple glazing fitted, the door is capable of achieving a U-value of below 1.0. “VEKA is offering a choice of sculptured or bevelled sashes and glazing beads on this type of system. As you would expect from an industry-leading supplier, VEKA also offers a choice of three threshold options on its new Bi-Fold. Customers can choose a standard outerframe, a Part M low threshold option or an ultra-low internal room divider. “The sashes for these doors will be wider and taller than most on the market, and will have slim sightlines on the profile. “VEKA has always demonstrated an impressive level of attention to detail. This door illustrates our commitment to quality with details such as the premium quality magnets that keep the doors in place and prevent them creeping back when opened. Handles are low profile so sashes collect virtually flush against each other, meaning minimal loss of space. “This system is so unique, there are virtually too many benefits to mention! Every aspect has been analysed and redesigned, where necessary, to create a Bi-Fold Door that could previously only be imagined! We're looking forward to sharing our innovations with customers old and new who will surely appreciate every little detail: from the fully adjustable hinges that can be altered in situ - to the reversible guide wheels and much, much more.”

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FRANKE New bespoke basins provide coporates with design edge Specialist Basin Service from a Robust, EcoSound, Made-to-Measure Solution designed to give Corporate washrooms the edge. A standard range of Miranit basins from Franke Washroom Systems have been available for specialist applications for 2 years. Now with the addition of Miranit Bespoke it is possible to have either a run of basins made to measure for use in washrooms situated in corporate receptions, for staff washroom facilities or in a board-directors personal bathroom. Miranit Bespoke provides tailored bowl choices, in a choice of Matte and High-Gloss white along with four styles of washbasins; straight, D shape, L shape and corner-convex and are available in lengths up to 3.6 metres. High Gloss white has a gelcoat surface made from 80% natural minerals and 20% unsaturated polyester resin. The smooth, nonporous surface means that lime scale and stains cannot cling – making the bowls easy and very quick to clean. The solid Matte finish is made from 2/3 aluminum hydroxide and 1/3 polyester resin and is the same material and colour right through. This means it is robust and resistant to scratches and importantly, extremely hygienic. Franke Washroom Systems has developed a new moulded manufacturing process which

allows designers and architects to specify both the size and the shape of the bowl/s. Bowls can be with or without a tap hole to allow for wall mounted or electronic taps, with or without a front apron and include a waste disposal barrel if required. Other options include; the distance between bowls, depth and width of basins and height of design. “We can now offer architects and specifiers the benefit of enormous choice,” says Victoria Himsworth, Product Marketing Manager. “Miranit is a tried and tested material for commercial applications. Our new bespoke product range extends the design possibilities and is especially valuable in corporate environments.” For further information about the Miranit product line-up from Franke Washroom Systems, please request a product guide, price list or individual brochure from Follow on Twitter @FrankeSissons.

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EASY PRICE PRO Flood Damage Repair The recent downpours and subsequent floods have left vast areas of the country in a sodden mess and the clean-up looks set to last a while… For many, the effects of flooding have been devastating; homes have been wrecked and lives have been turned upside down but, on a more positive note, insurance companies are appearing more willing and able than they were during the floods of 2007. After a summit, in response to the Prime Minister urging insurance companies to deal with flood claims quickly, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) reported that there are 2,000 loss adjusters to assess the damage caused by flood waters and 1,800 staff reassigned to deal with customer queries. With everyone who has been affected by flooding wanting to get back to normal as quickly as possible, the demand for post-flood remedial work is, quite understandably, high. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to provide a quick and professional quotation to secure the work; especially as a lot of the costs are being footed by insurance companies. Pricing remedial work for flood damage, where each job can be so varied and unknown, is not a simple task. Some corrective works will need floors taken up and replaced; these could be chipboard, floating, laminated or possibly even concrete floors. Some walls might need the bottom area of plaster removed and replaced, along with skirting and possibly architraves, door linings, door stops and maybe even doors and carpet steps. Some might have kitchens, soil pipe boxing - the list is endless... This is where Easy Price Pro’s Total Build Ultimate program really comes into its own; it has over 160 different estimating modules created to quickly and

easily price work with as little information from the user as possible. And, in light of recent events, Easy Price Pro has picked the relevant modules required for pricing remedial work and have created the Total Build – Flood Damage Repair™ program. They are also going that bit further so you can too… Easy Price Pro are making a new flood protection estimating job module, this new module will price flood gates to doors, fitting air vent covers, foul drainage, nonreturn valves and so on. The demand for flood protection work is likely to be extensive and it may not be something you’ve needed to price before – this new module is designed to help with that. Total Build – Flood Damage Repair™ works in the same straightforward way as all Easy Price Pro program; bring the relevant estimating job modules onto the pricing sheet, enter the basic information about the work into clearly marked boxes and the program will calculate all labour, plant and material costs for you. You can finetune details to suit your preferences and have complete control over the mark-ups and overheads. Once the work is priced the program will generate a complete set of professional reports including a written quotation, payment and work schedules, a bill of quantities, material order list and more – all at the click of a button! You have instant access to every possible professional report ready for your client or their insurance company.

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ID SYSTEMS THE SF75 thermally broken aluminium folding sliding doors Sunflex’s design team are continually improving

the performance of its systems, and the SF75 has been specifically evolved with a chambered thermal break which systematically reduces the cold transfer from outside to inside until it is practically eliminated, offering a thermally superior, eco friendly folding door system. This market leading system provides the lowest in CO2 emissions associated with reduced energy consumption and considerable savings in heating bills. Benefiting from the best of both worlds, this system is also produced with a timber clad to the inside (SF75C) giving you the best of both worlds with maintenance free aluminium to the exterior and the natural beauty and warmth of wood to the interior.

and unbeatable reassuring test results. (900 Pascal’s Water Tightness) • Extremely versatile, up to1100mm wide panels, 3500mm high, open in / out flush or weathered track option • Mushroom locking into side jamb coupled with top and bottom metal shootbolt rods, excellent security. (WK2 Security Package Available) The system is entirely bespoke to your requirements, with an unbeatable range of powder coating colours available to aluminium, a choice of moulding design to the timber interior and timber finishes.

Special Features • One of the most thermally efficient folding door systems on the market with overall U-Values less than 1.0 W/m²k • Revolutionary narrow sight lines (114mm) Slimmest composite folding door available • Triple gasket for finger cushioning and tight compression seals. The most weather tight folding door available • Severely weather rated with weathered track

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KNAUF INSULATION A cheerior Exterior Knauf Insulation’s ThermoShell® External Wall Insulation (EWI) rock system has helped to transform four residential blocks at Peregrine Road in Spelthorne, Surrey, as part of a £1.7m scheme undertaken by housing association, A2 Dominion. The EWI system has improved not only the energy efficiency of the 34 homes, it has also saved money on the residents’ energy bills and enhanced the appearance of the area. Laura Donovan, project manager at A2 Dominion commented: “Over the past few years we have decided to embrace the challenge of improving the energy efficiency of our housing stock and so we chose to tackle our properties in Spelthorne. Throughout the project we had a working partnership between the residents, suppliers and contractors. This ultimately made the renovation process easier for everyone working on site and those living in the homes. “Although we were ineligible for ECO funding having already received support under the CERT scheme, we still chose to install EWI to the residential blocks as it offered a range of attractive solutions, including the energy performance of the system and the ability to upgrade the aesthetics of a property.” Knauf Insulation’s ThermoShell EWI system using rock mineral wool insulation, was installed to the four residential blocks and rendered using a combination of colours: blue and white – which were chosen by the residents from an engagement programme organised by A2 Dominion at the beginning of the project. Johan Van Zyl, regional operations manager at Mitie, said: “Due to the concrete beam construction, the buildings were facing problems of cold bridging causing damp spots. Finding a solution to the cold bridging was a starting point of the project and originally we thought of installing an Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) system. However, after meetings with A2 Dominion we came to

the conclusion that the building itself needed a facelift and so we decided that an EWI system would be a better option. We therefore opted to install Knauf Insulation’s ThermoShell system and we already had an existing relationship with the company.” The ThermoShell EWI rock system is a cost effective solid wall insulation solution, designed for the lifetime of a property. The system shields the existing exterior façade, whether brick, stonework, concrete or clay blockwork, from the effects of weathering – extending the longevity of the building but also providing the opportunity to enhance and upgrade the appearance of the building. The innovative system has also achieved a British Board of Agrément (BBA) certificate, which provides contractors and specifiers with peace of mind that the system is under full guarantee and warranty. Johan continued: “As we had never used Knauf Insulation’s ThermoShell EWI system before, we sent our team to its training centre in Cheltenham to learn how to install the products and to learn about the theory behind it. The training offered our colleagues confidence in both the product and their own ability to undertake the project. “What’s more, throughout the installation the technical sales manager, Kevin O’Keefe, regularly visited the site to check on the progress and offer assistance to anyone that required it. As the project continued, Kevin did not need to visit as often but if we called him, he would be with us the next day”.

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DISCRETE HEAT Roofspace used to discretely store rainwater The new AquAttic rainwater harvesting system is a new innovation from Discrete Heat, which is cleverly designed to capture rainwater and store it in the roof space of a house or small building. It uses rainwater catchers on the roof and low profile water storage tanks fitted into the unused space in the eaves. It’s a great way of conserving and recycling water as well as making savings on water bills. AquAttic uses gravity to collect and run the rainwater through the system unlike more traditional models that require electric pumps. By eliminating any electrics AquAttic has no running costs or any controls to fail or service. 50% of water usage in households is for applications other than human consumption such as washing machines, dishwashers, toilets and gardening. The AquAttic system can provide up to 50% of a household’s water needs providing non-potable applications with free, recycled water. The system comprises rainwater catchers that are located across the width of the roof and roughly a third of the way up and are available in varying lengths up to 2.4 m ensuring maximum harvest. Any debris gathered during dry spells is immediately washed with the next rainfall due to the specifically designed shape and any smaller particles within the water are filtered out through the 120-micron filter each inlet has, preventing damage to internal plumbing.

the harvesting system to blend in with the look of the existing roof and surrounding area. Maintenance can be kept to a minimum with the options of self-cleaning (SC) systems or annual maintenance (AM) designs. The SC system uses a tipping mechanism to collect and store water that flows at high speed through internal pipes and flushes through the external inlet filter, dislodging any debris or build up that may cause a blockage. Alternatively the AM system has a cartridge filter and mains flushing connection allowing easy manual cleaning from inside the property. The elimination of the secondary top water catchers and SC system significantly reduces instalment costs and changing of the filter cartridge is required only once a year. Designed and manufactured in the UK, AquAttic fully complies with BS EN 8515 (2009) and is eligible for The Code for Sustainable Homes as well as BREEAM points. The extended warranty of up to 10 years assures the customer of a safe investment in the renewable market.

The storage tanks have the capacity of 18 days usage, are plumbed into the toilet and washing machine supply and a back up control tank allows a minimal amount of mains water through in the very unlikely event of a long dry spell. Recommended for new builds or renovations, AquAttic is available with a range of rain catcher colours allowing

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EGGER UK Egger enhances its flooring portfolio with the launch of an improved foil for Peel Clean Xtra EGGER UK has improved its flooring portfolio with the creation of a new protective cover for EGGER Peel Clean Xtra. Backed by the EGGER Advanced Lifetime Guarantee, Peel Clean Xtra is an enhanced moisture-resistant, P5 flooring grade chipboard covered with a new stronger and more robust foil. It provides added underfoot surface grip and offers up to 42 days protection against the effects of site traffic, wet trades and weathering on installation. Equally well-suited to new-build or refurbishment projects, Peel Clean Xtra is supplied as tongue and grooved panels covered with an enhanced anti-slip, easy-to-peel, polythene foil.

Joint & Joist D4 Adhesive and the Advanced Structural Fitting Method. EGGER building specification manager, Daniel Clarke, explains: “Our new tougher foil offers extra protection from the rigours of a working site before revealing a floor that’s clean and well-presented prior to customer handover. “Because Peel Clean Xtra is part of EGGER’s Advanced Structural Flooring System it doesn’t require the use of joint sealing tape, which can save valuable time and money at the installation stage. It also comes with our unique Lifetime guarantee, which has been specifically designed to give customers complete peace of mind on every chipboard floor they lay.”

By design the new advanced foil has a tighter fit to board edges to help prevent lifting and because it’s stronger, it’s also less likely to tear under general site conditions, which protects the integrity and overall performance of the board, even when used in damp or light rain conditions. Once the building is wind and water tight and general interior work is complete, the foil is easily peeled away to reveal a permanent and consistent waxed surface finish, which also helps to provide a moisture barrier for added protection. The foil can be easily recycled through a polythene recycling process. The Peel Clean Xtra boards are profiled using diamond tipped tooling for greater precision and stronger, tighter fitting joints when used in conjunction with EGGER’s

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XTRALITE Shedding light on the popularity of glass Leading independent rooflight manufacturer Xtralite Rooflights has seen demand for glass soar, and in particular, for more innovative products such as walkon rooflights. Here Xtralite’s Technical Services Manager Richard Lowe draws upon his 35 years of experience in the industry to share his top tips for designing with glass…. As identified by The National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers (NARM), when it comes to aesthetics, high performance and long working life, glass is often the preferred material for rooflight specifiers undertaking domestic, commercial and retail projects. From the appeal of bringing daylight indoors, to the aesthetics and functional acoustic performance and low G-Values of glass, this material offers a long list of benefits to designers, specifiers and home owners. Whilst it’s always been popular, in recent years we’ve seen a noticeable increase in demand for glass rooflights.

living spaces with higher volumes of glazing. Similarly glass can be treated to control solar gain, thus providing high light transmission levels without it feeling too hot and uncomfortable for occupants in the summer months.

This could be in part, due to more people opting to upgrade existing properties during the recession rather than moving – a trend we are seeing a lot within the M25 where properties are very expensive – but arguably it could also be down to people taking advantage of the advancements in rooflight technology now available. Take for example walk-on-rooflights which allow foot traffic on areas such as terraces and roof gardens, or ground floor areas over basement rooms as a highly effective means of introducing natural daylight into the rooms beneath. These can be manufactured to a range of strengths and sizes to fit a project’s exact requirements at the cost of an off-the-shelf product, albeit with a slightly longer lead time. Specialist coatings can be applied during manufacture to reduce heat loss, which is especially useful in larger

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