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Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry


THE University of Leicester is leading the way when it comes to sustainable estates in higher education following the certification of its new Centre for Medicine as the country’s largest non-residential Passivhaus, according to Willmott Dixon’s James Elliment who worked on the project.






Universities and educational institutions across the country have had their heads turned by the University of Leicester’s new Centre for Medicine thanks to its exceptional eco-credentials and the associated benefits. Passivhaus is one of the most stringent energy performance standards in the world and something that is incredibly challenging to achieve – but it is expected to reduce the University’s energy bill for this cutting edge teaching and learning facility by six times thanks to its excellent thermal performance. This comes after the University committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 2020. Willmott Dixon, along with Associated Architects, Bidwells, Gleeds, Ramboll and mechanical and electrical consultants CouchPerryWilkes, worked side by side with the University throughout the challenging build process to develop what is not only an incredibly eco-friendly building, but one that is led by good design principles – something that it is often said is stifled by striving to attain Passivhaus standards. From a green wall featuring 75,000 individual plants to CTB blinds that track the sun and automatically close to prevent solar gain, this is a highly intelligent building that has presented very real challenges to the team delivering it. For example, the industry standard for air tightness is 5 m3/hr/m2 but Passivhaus requires five times less than that. Gaining Passivhaus certification is actually so challenging that many building projects aim to

achieve it, but stop slightly short as the environmental benefits are already so strong. The Centre for Medicine has achieved BREEAM Excellent and Energy Performance Certificate rating A – but Passivhaus goes that extra mile. Often people ask – is it worth it? Will be make real savings? Though definitive answers cannot yet be provided as the data required is still being gathered at the Centre for Medicine, the indications are that the payback period will be considerably lessened. Despite many buildings achieving high energy performance ratings, the reality can be quite different as day-to-day usage is very different to that laid out in tests – sometimes as much as 200 to 500 per cent according to CIBSE. But with the Centre for Medicine, this performance gap is being closed. The building is subject to a full three year soft landings process, which will help us to really understand how to use it as efficiently as possible. Part of this has involved working very closely with the buildings’ users to educate them about how the building functions – explaining why the lights automatically dim, radiators know when it is too cold and blinds close themselves, so that the building can be allowed



PASSIVHAUS to lead the way in

the higher education to perform to its optimum levels. Without this education, the performance gap and payback period grow. This is a pioneering project for the higher education sector, which has attracted the attention of a number of institutions around the country as they are continually challenged to reduce their environmental impact. Achieving Passivhaus standard is not easy, and requires absolute buy in from the client,

but the benefits of adopting it are significant. The Centre for Medicine is one of the lowest energy facilities of its kind in the country and has illustrated beyond doubt that it is possible to meet the challenges of energy reduction while developing an estate. This project is an exemplar and benchmark for developments of this scale and is already turning heads across both the higher education and construction industries.

Seasonal & sustainable design in American Hard Maple


The commitment to seasonality and sustainability of Hunters’ Roots Café and Juice Bar in Melbourne’s Katherine Place is evident in its honest and fresh design. Kitayama K Architects were called on to create an environment which aligned with

the food philosophy of owners Jeffrey and Kerry Chew. Responding to a brief for a modern clean aesthetic, Architect Kei Kitayama has created an interior inspired by wooden fruit crates used in abstract form. The

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w w w. M c D e r m o t t P u b l i s h i n g . c o m

crates fill the spaces, creating an immersive, almost cave-like sculptural form, yet one that is produced from simple and straight geometric shapes. The result is a clean and controlled spatial experience. Continued on Page 02

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June 2016

Seasonal & sustainable design in American Hard Maple Continued from Page 01 The clever design also maximizes the limited space by turning practical fixtures into decorative features. The lights, cupboards and shelving contribute to the design concept and sculptural visual.




A light, yet warm colour palate has been achieved by using American hard maple and paulownia throughout the space, which have both been further lightened with a lime wash. Some of the crates suspended from the ceiling double as light fittings,

The Future of the Bathroom: Martin Walker, CEO at Methven UK, looks at the future of the bathroom industry. With the global population set to increase by a third to nearly 10 billion by 2050, the need to ensure we can cope with the increased strain on the planet’s resources is of grave importance. As such, designers and product developers working on new technologies are focusing their efforts on the areas facing the highest demand on natural resources. The challenges surrounding water usage are well documented, with demand for water set to jump by 55% in the next 30 years and so advancements in water efficiency must look to creatively address this.


One area we have already seen a high-level of creativity in is the increase in innovations informed by biological mechanisms, including the materiality of plants and animals. Biomimetic materials - those that mimic the properties of natural substances - are being

creating shadows that add depth and interest to the interior. Paulownia hardwood was chosen for the crates suspended from the ceiling. The lightweight timber did not require additional steel structure and installation was relatively simple. However, the remaining joinery and lower crates are formed from American hard maple. Kitayama was familiar with the robustness of hard maple from a previous project. It is a species that has a tight smooth grain and is popular for use in high traffic areas – most famously in basketball courts. Orio Bundi, from Arteveneta Joinery said that the choice of American hard maple was primarily for its light hue but also

describes the hard-wearing timber as “soft to the touch” which was important in achieving the overall immersive experience Kitayama says of his design: “Our decision was to use an abstract form of timber crates, to avoid being too literal. We wanted to give the patrons a chance to decide what they represented. Are they fruit and vegetable crates or do they look more like fruit peels. It’s a playful concept” Kerry Chew comments “Kei has exceeded our expectations. What we love most about our space is that it is striking when seen as a whole design yet clean, inviting and cozy for our customers to relax in”. She goes on to add that the hand finished joinery detail “adds a very tactile and solid feel to our small space”. 30/06/2016 13:56 Page 1

June 2016 £4.50





Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry







PASSIVHAUS to lead the way in



Seasonal & sustainable design in American Hard Maple


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w w w. M c D e r m o t t P u b l i s h i n g . c o m

Publisher McDermott Publishing Limited Executive Editor Maria Hodgetts

utilised more and more in everyday life for things as diverse as clothing, medical applications and the prevention of soil erosion. Editorial Co-Ordinator Hayley Murrell

In the bathroom sector, a great example of biomimicry being well implemented is the lotus leaf. For years scientists have studied the plant’s hydrophobic (waterrepellent) properties which allow it to self-cleanse. The micro and nanoscopic architecture of the leaf means that water droplets are not absorbed and instead collect on the surface and gather dirt before running it off the edge. This has now been mirrored in manmade materials and applied in product development – including in our patented Aurajet™ technology. The impinging surface, which the water jets onto, is made from Polypropylene, chosen specifically for its low surface energy, meaning it acts in a hydrophobic manner - repelling water and preserving spray-quality - saving water and energy but delivering a great shower experience. It also resists limescale build-up, reducing the time needed to clean. However, mimicking nature is not an easy option and it took our R&D team more than 200 iterations in the design process to perfect the final version. Circulation Manager Viv Fairclough Production Manager Wendy Harris


While water efficiency remains a priority, protecting the quality of water will also be key in the future. Eco Brass® - a lead and heavy metal-free, high-strength brass alloy with excellent forgeability – is being used in fastenings, fittings and valves across the globe. But it is its enhanced corrosion resistance and lead content below 0.1% that has led to its use in taps. With legislative pressure to reduce or remove the lead content from brasses, particularly in water fittings and especially from drinking water fittings and systems, we chose to use Eco Brass in our Aio brassware range.

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Careers in construction for young people given £1million boost as Lloyds Bank Construction Skills Centre is launched A £1million joint initiative between Lloyds Bank, property group Lendlease and Newham Council has launched to encourage more young people into a career in construction. The Lloyds Bank Construction Skills Centre is a pioneering new initiative delivered by Newham Council and Lendlease and funded by the £1million Lloyds Bank Construction Skills Fund announced last year. The Centre is based at International Quarter London, Lendlease’s £2.4billion

commercial development located at the gateway to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. The council will use the Centre through its successful job brokerage service Workplace to host a series of education, information and training activities, showcasing construction career opportunities. Operating as a hub for the coordination of construction professionals and operatives, the Lloyds Bank Construction Skills Centre will enable Workplace to increase the delivery of bespoke training for residents of Newham, to support them to gain construction skills in preparation for their first job on site. It will also fund in-work training for those residents who have shown an aptitude for construction work and who, upon completion, will

secure more sustainable and higher paid employment. Additionally, the Fund will deliver a programme of educational activity to inspire children and young people to become the next generation of construction workers through apprenticeships and higher education and training pathways. In order to develop this work, construction specialists will be asked to become ambassadors for the industry so they can visit schools and other educational organisations to inform, educate and inspire young people.

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The funding for the project was made available by Lloyds Bank through a competitive process as part of the Bank’s commitment to help Britain prosper by improving employability. It is also in response to housebuilders’ calls for more and better construction skills training.

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Marmoleum Striato - Compressed Time

MARMOLEUM DELIVERS MULTIPLE BENEFITS FOR NHS TAYSIDE’S NEW CAMHS UNIT Four designs and eight colourways from Forbo’s extensive Marmoleum floor collection have created a durable, design-led, resilient surface flooring solution for NHS Tayside’s new Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) unit. Built in Dundee, the new £8 million facility will provide roundthe-clock care for young people across the north of Scotland coping with mental health conditions. Director at Dundee-based Gauldie Wright & Partners and project architect for the CAMHS unit, Marmoleum Real - Summer Pudding

Peter Kingston, commented: “Designed with the complex needs of the users in mind, now and in the future, the building is bright and welcoming and we wanted to achieve a surface flooring solution that would enhance its design internally. The Marmoleum collection offers a great range of designs with the advantage of a large colour palette, allowing us to create exactly the finish we were looking for.” Adding an extra dimension to the corridors with its retro-yetmodern linear design, 600m2 of Marmoleum Striato in the warm tone of Compressed Time has been fitted throughout the building, whilst Colour Stream sets the tone perfectly for the Art Resource Room. In classroom areas the Lavender Field colourway has been

Did you know? Pupils spend almost 30% of their life in schools and about 70% of their school days inside a classroom. As such, classrooms are the second most important indoor environment for children, after their homes. Heating in schools must consider the pupils’ and teachers’ comfort and performance levels, whilst being energy efficient to compensate for the system’s extended use. Giacomini UK believes underfloor heating is the perfect solution for

the education sector. Sales and design manager, Michael Bennett, explains some of key benefits. “Many of the system advantages are associated with UFH’s low flow and return temperatures. The large surface area of the floor means the system does not have to be heated to the same high temperatures as a radiator. Distributing heat through the use of lower operating temperatures can reduce running costs by up to 30%, when compared to conventional radiator systems. It also allows underfloor heating to

combined with the complementary Donkey Island from the Marmoleum Vivace collection, to help to create a positive learning environment. In the bedroom wings, Marmoleum Real, with its classic marble structure, features in three contrasting colours in a floor scheme designed to help patients, visitors and staff with wayfinding. Peter continues: “Marmoleum is particularly versatile. Apart from achieving an A+ rating in healthcare, as assessed by BREEAM, it is especially good from a durability and cleaning perspective for general circulation areas like receptions and corridors, canteens and waiting areas. It also offers health and hygiene benefits thanks to its inherent anti-bacterial qualities, which for a healthcare environment is obviously essential.”

Working to a phased programme, specialist installer MacGregor Flooring Company Ltd installed the flooring over a 10-week period. Contracts manager Crawford MacGregor said: “We have worked with Forbo for over 30 years and are always delighted with the service provided. For this particular project, Forbo recommended particular roll sizes

to reduce joints in the installation. This is just the kind of advice we’re looking for as it delivers that professional finish our clients expect.” For more information on Forbo’s portfolio of floor coverings for healthcare environments please call 0844 822 3928 or visit Marmoleum Striato - Colour Stream

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successfully connect with many renewable technologies, for example heat pumps, biomass boilers or solar thermal systems. This allows for further reductions in energy costs and carbon footprint. UFH also avoids many of the risks associated with conventional radiators, in particular injuries from sharp edges and burns from high surface temperatures.” Giacomini UK has extensive experience designing and installing UFH for educational facilities, if you’d like to find out more please contact us on 01454 809100 or visit ❚ enquiry 101

For fuel, Portakabin announces more sustainability initiatives Portakabin Group, the UK’s leading modular building specialist, has announced more sustainability commitments and initiatives to help its customers further reduce their carbon footprint. Waste streams from the manufacture of its modular buildings at its international production centre in York have been increased from 18 to 26 and now include: Used vinyl flooring recycled for traffic cones and other plastic products. Take-back schemes for batteries, fluorescent bulbs, printer cartridges and new vinyl flooring offcuts Waste streams for plastics increased from 3 to 5 and mastic tubes are now recycled.

5 metal waste streams for recycling different grades of steel, aluminium and copper. Waste from solvents is re-used as furnace fuel. The Group has invested £100,000 in a new high-tech saw machine which uses advanced technology to optimise material usage, further reducing waste. Derek Carter, Chief Executive of the Portakabin Group said, “Our objective of zero waste to landfill at our York factory was successfully achieved in 2013 – and since then we have won a number of awards for environmental excellence. However, we are firmly committed to continually raising the bar and achieving even more improvements to our waste management processes and sustainability performance.” ❚ enquiry 102

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June 2016

SUSTAINABILITY IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR conversion, damp proofing and structural waterproofing with which the Wykamol name is now broadly tied. “There's no 'one size fits all' solution to water ingress in buildings”, explains Andrew Latimer, Sales Director for the Wykamol Group. “The varying nature of different constructions, in itself presents challenges in selecting the correct damp proofing method for the job. At Wykamol, no matter whether it's a 'two-up two-down' with a mouldy basement, or a new-build multi-storey car park, constructed on a flood plain; we're confident in offering the product you require and can advise you in making the right decision.”

New catalogue & state-of-the-art processing plant for Wykamol Wykamol, market leader in the development and supply of remedial treatment products for damp, insect infestation, and dry rot has launched a brand new corporate catalogue, featuring new innovations as well as time-honoured standards. Aimed at builders, contractors, specifiers and local authority purchasing departments, the

compact 100-page booklet features every product in the current Wykamol portfolio, alongside technical drawings, product guides, explanatory diagrams, and illustrations of products in application and in situ. Wykamol was founded in 1934 when Stanley Richardson was called to tackle a deathwatch beetle infestation at Winchester Cathedral. Recognising a niche for

a company that could develop and manufacture remedial treatments for insect blight and similar complaints, Wykamol was born. Insecticides, fungicides and all manner of timber and surface treatments remain a major part of Wykamol's business, and its comprehensive range is presented in its entirety in the new catalogue. It is, however, basement


Wykamol has invested £850k in 2016, extending its Burnley HQ to house a new powder processing and bagging plant. “We're always looking for ways to improve our offering to customers and increase the efficiency of our operations”, Andrew continues.


specialist structural grouts and more.” The catalogue's eye-catching design takes a light-hearted look at the restoration and waterproofing trade: “Above all, a catalogue is a functional document, but there's no reason practicality can't be entertaining!”, Andrew adds. “We've covered our design with bootprints, mortar splashes and coffee cup stains, for a look that many contractors will instantly feel at home with!” To find out more about Wykamol, visit and, to order your free copy of the new Wykamol catalogue, email or call 0845 400 6666. ❚ enquiry 104

“The new plant is our latest forward-thinking venture – others including our state-of-the-art, inhouse product development lab. We're now able to prepare bespoke powder formulations to customer's exact specifications, such as cement waterproofing powders, thermal renders,




· Call for industry to define future sustainability goals · Campaign gives industry opportunity to define the 2017 Ecobuild event programme

Ecobuild organisers are calling on professionals across the built environment to redefine sustainability as part of a campaign to explore how the construction sector conducts business in 2016 and beyond. The organisers of the UK’s largest exhibition and conference for construction, design and energy in the built environment are asking the industry to answer the question: what does sustainability mean now, and in the future? “Sustainability is still very much on the agenda – in fact, a recent poll of over 2,000 industry figures[1] found that sustainability was at the top of their list of interests, above construction, architecture and technology,” says Martin Hurn, brand director for Ecobuild. “We’ve seen the Government withdraw financial incentives for green products and the renewables sector, but that shouldn’t affect our progress. Sustainability means so much more in 2016. We need a shared understanding of the sustainability drivers and objectives for every stage of the

specification and supply chain. Then we can work together more effectively to deliver buildings and places that are energy efficient and enhance quality of life in a cost effective way. “The #SustainabilityIs campaign will focus on the business case for sustainable construction from a macro level and the delivery of construction processes, through to how places, buildings and infrastructure are designed and used by occupiers and communities. We’re asking the industry to define a set of common sustainability goals for the future. I urge everybody to unite to help us do this. With over 33,000 professionals attending Ecobuild, it’s the perfect platform for industry collaboration.” From today, Ecobuild will begin canvassing built environment professionals – from architects and designers, to contractors and engineers – to get their views on the evolution of sustainability and what it should stand for. Responses and questions submitted via #SustainabilityIs will contribute to an industry-wide roundtable discussion on 22 June that will be chaired by Julie Hirigoyen, chief executive of the UK-GBC.

t Blackout, Screen & Anti- Microbial Fabrics

t Reducing Solar Heat gain t Reducing the cost of Air condition

t Remote Electric & Manual operation

t Fire resistant fabrics B E S P O K E S H A D I N G S YS T E M S

T: 01684 593957 F: 01684 591502 E:

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June 2016


MOUNTAIN BOARDWALK. RTD. Crawford Ltd MicroPro treated timber has been used for one of the longest wooden boardwalks in the world in Northern Ireland Cuilcagh Mountain Park in County Fermanagh is a “Wetland of International Importance” as designated by the Ramsar Convention as well as being a Special Area of Conservation (SAC), an Area of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI) and a Natura 2000 site. So when the next stage of development for this area was planned, one of the longest wooden boardwalks in the world, it was vital that timber used would be of the highest quality and an environmentally sound choice. Local Company RTD Crawford Ltd was ideally suited to supply the MicroPro® treated timber with the new MicroShades® brown colour additive to full the specication for this 1.6km boardwalk, as it is the only producer of MicroPro treated timber in Ireland. Robert Allen, general manager, at RTD Crawford, stated: “The MicroPro treated timber process is the only timber treatment that is certified as an Environmentally Preferable Product based on Life Cycle Assessment studies. MicroPro is the preferred timber treatment to be used in environmentally sensitive areas.”

The design of the MicroPro treated timber boardwalk means that it sits or “oats” above the terrain leaving it undisturbed. The new treated timber boardwalk protects the rare blanket bog from erosion caused by walkers. MicroPro treated timber was used throughout the project to protect the boardwalk from difficult weather conditions and to protect the sensitive environment of the park. The boardwalk provides visitors with breath-taking views of the area with the most impressive site being Lough Atona, a lake nestled at the foot of the mountain which was carved out by a glacier during the last ice age approximately 13,000 years ago. RTD Crawford Ltd is located on a 44-acre site in the heart of Lisbellaw in County Fermanagh. The site is home to a modern timber milling facility, producing planned timber for all end uses. The company despatches timber throughout Ireland on a daily basis. For more information, contact its professional sales team on 0044 (0)28 6638 7315.

“This path is solely to protect the habitat. It has taken thousands of years to develop this naturally. The area is botanically rich with a very diverse range of species of birds, plants and insects,” says Richard Watson, manager of the Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark, which is located near the entrance of the new boardwalk. “This is another chapter in the development of the area which continues to bring thousands of visitors to enjoy the outdoor environment which is particularly special in terms of landscape features.”

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Photography: The MicroPro treated timber decking Courtesy of R.T.D Crawford Limited

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Pencil Bin gets top of the class for recycling The new pencil bins from Leafield Environmental have been attracting a lot of attention in schools nationwide, encouraging children to recycle and volunteer to be ‘litter pickers’ according to Abbey Catholic Primary School. The brightly coloured pencil range have been specifically for children aged 3-8 years. Ideal for both indoors and outside, and manufactured in durable polyethylene for a long and useful life, each pencil bin has a 70 litre plastic liner inside to assist easy and clean emptying and disposal. Optional extras include: WRAP compliant recycling label, a lock, steel liner and ground fixing kit.

The range is priced from £153.00. Email: Web: Tel: 01225 816541 ❚ enquiry 106 .

Cow ‘Flyover’ Keeps Everyone Moo-ving An expert team led by Bell Ingram Design has completed one of its most unusual projects to date - to create a ‘flyover’ for cattle at the Royal Highland Show. The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland approached Perthshirebased Bell Ingram Design with the challenge to resolve a traffic issue involving livestock and visitors at the main show ring at the Ingliston showground. In previous years, the main pedestrian

walkway would be temporarily closed at intervals throughout the day to allow livestock to pass from the holding ring into the show ring. That forced hundreds of visitors to stop and wait until it reopened, which in turn caused blockages. This year, thanks to Bell Ingram Design’s innovative solution, cattle were able to travel via the new flyover, while the crowd was free to move through an underpass without delay. Iain Cram, Director of a team of architects at Bell Ingram Design, spoke of the intricate geometry required to complete this one-ofa-kind project while taking up as little valuable space as possible.

Iain said: “It’s fair to say that it’s not every day you get asked to design a flyover for large numbers of prizewinning livestock. “This commission was all about creating a better user experience for the thousands of people who visited the Royal Highland Show. “The project was more than a little different to the norm, so was not without its challenges. For example, we were very concerned to be sure that the animals would be happy to use the flyover. “So we had to take this into consideration and designed the ground of the crossing as a stone farm track, so that it felt natural under hoof. “This was unusual and significant win for Bell Ingram and we were very excited to

work Alltec Construction to complete the works.” Willie Gill, Chairman of The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, said the underpass was part of a £1.6m investment of improvements for this year’s show.

SPORTFIX® components installed at redeveloped UCC Mardyke Athletics Track, Cork City, Republic of Ireland Excessive rain water has to be removed quickly and reliably from sports fields and competition areas. The SPORTFIX® drainage channels and other components offered by Hauraton comply with the latest standards and also

meet IAAF requirements. It is essential sports facilities are designed and equipped to prevent serious injury to sports people if falls or accidents occur.

additional gym areas with over 140 additional pieces of the latest gym equipment and three additional fitness studios.

components for artificial turf playing fields, service channels and retractable shafts for cable management with drainage systems for grassed football fields”.

The University College Cork (UCC) has redeveloped their Mardyke Athletics Track in Cork City, Republic of Ireland.

Hauraton SPORTFIX® drainage channels with aluminium finishing edges were installed around the perimeter of the IAAF, 400 metre track and along its straight.

Specification information for the SPORTFIX® range, showing sizing and installation details, is available digitally on – under the SPORT tabs.

The new facility is part of a €10 million budget included a new synthetic eight lane, fully floodlit, running track built to the IAAF standard with an additional 3720 m² (40,000 ft²) added to the original arena. The arena now includes an indoor 60 metre running track, a performance analysis suite, two

A steeple chase water jump kit was also installed plus Hauraton SPORTFIX® Sand traps and soft edging were installed around the long jump pit. Tim Connolly, Managing Director of Hauraton Limited points out, “Our SPORTFIX® range offers products that not only meet the requirements of the IAAF for athletic tracks, there are drainage

SPORT - SPORTFIX® Digital catalogue available on request via For case studies go to . ❚ enquiry 107

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June 2016

STO helps keep heat in for Exotic Zoo Residents A comprehensive external wall insulation (EWI) system provided by Sto UK has helped Chester Zoo open the doors of its latest ‘Islands’ exhibit area to the public. The project posed many challenges which were successfully overcome thanks to Sto’s technical and product expertise, and ability to work in close collaboration with the other parties involved. The new Monsoon Forest display area is the UK’s largest zoological building, and forms part of the Zoo’s £40m ‘Islands’ project - the biggest development in UK zoo history and so it was subjected to particular scrutiny and had to be completed to the very highest standards. “This was a very complex project which demanded great flexibility and technical expertise from us, but we were able to overcome all the obstacles and the finished result is very impressive,” comments Sto Technical Consultant Phill Mattatia. Designed by Berlin-based architects dan pearlman, the concrete building covers an area as large as a football pitch, and now


houses a number of endangered species from Southeast Asia, including snakes, giant tortoises and crocodiles. This requires a constant internal temperature to be maintained, so the StoTherm Mineral EWI system that was chosen had a vital role to play in achieving the correct U-value of 0.23W/m²K. There were many curves and changes of level in the external concrete surfaces which the insulation was applied to. This required the use of different thicknesses of insulation and a high degree of on-site problemsolving, along with close collaboration between Sto, the insulation contractor and the architect. Eventually, an adhesively fixed system was used, suited to the high wind loadings caused by the height of the building. “The Sto EWI system provides excellent thermal performance and great fire protection so it was an excellent choice for this project,” adds Steve McGowan, Managing Director of Wigan-based Astley Facades who installed the insulation. “There were many challenges, but Sto were there on site whenever we needed them to help devise solutions. Their technical assistance was very valuable and they were with us every step of the way.” Above the damp-proof course the EWI system was finished with Sto’s water repellent and weather resistant Stolit K multi-purpose render, which was given an attractive stippled texture. Sto Superlit acrylic render was used below this level, as its exposed, natural stone aggregate surface offers high resistance to mechanical stress, and even greater impact resistance for the more vulnerable surface areas.


A broken ½” tap can consume £70 of water per day Our SPED Standpipe prevents damage Permanent, tamperproof, frost resistant Hose Union Tap with Fluid Category 3 protection > Free standing – no wall required > Bottom entry > Suitable for mounting in soft ground > Padlock provides security

Model SPED

Tel: 01442 823 123 Email: The Water Regulations Solution Specialist

❚ enquiry 109 .

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Oslo’s Fjord City regeneration project demonstrates sustainable design with Kebony decking Oslo is currently embarking upon one of the most adventurous harbour regeneration projects ever undertaken in Europe. The downtown waterfront, located in the centre of Norway’s capital, has already begun its transformation into a new cultural and social hub and has recently seen the new sea bath in Sørenga completed. This publically accessible park and bathing complex is entirely decked in sustainable Kebony wood and offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a 190m long seawater pool, along with a recreation area, stairs down to the sea as well as a separate children’s pool. All parts of the area are designed with full disability access. The structure weighs 4,650 tons and is about 3,700 square meters large. The waterfront renewal project, known as

‘Fjord City’, comprises of more than 2,260 km², spanning from Frognerkilen, West of the city, to Sydhavna in the South. The regeneration will transform the area into a cultural centre for the city - home to the iconic Oslo Opera House - and aims to reconnect the city with the sea; providing residents and visitors alike with greater access to public spaces, in addition to creating new housing, recreational and commercial areas. The developments are due to be completed in 2030. The scale of this development is so vast that the work will continue for a number of years, although some new districts, such as Bjørvika which will provide 5,000 new homes, 20,000 local jobs and the new sea bath, have already seen a large proportion of regeneration work completed. Beyond the provision of new homes, the area has seen significant investment in infrastructure, with a new harbour-front

promenade, made from sustainable Kebony wood, providing space for shops, cafés and restaurants alongside a marina. The Sørenga area is an especially unique part of the Bjørvika district as it is built on an old harbour pier, which stretches out into the Fjord looking out over the water on three sides and boasting spectacular views of the city and the Opera House. All public areas were designed to be eyecatching but also long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Therefore the decision was made to build the decking surrounding the sea bath and throughout the park from sustainable Kebony timber. Developed in Norway, the patented Kebony technology is an environmentally friendly process, which modifies sustainably sourced softwoods by heating the wood with a bio-based liquid. By polymerising the wood’s cell wall, the softwoods permanently take on the attributes of

tropical hardwood including high durability, hardness and dimensional stability. The park furniture is also made using Kebony and is built into the deck itself as an integral part of the structure. Beyond environmental concerns, Kebony was chosen to enhance the modern aesthetic and complement the restrained colour pallet of the development with its dappled silvergrey patina, which has developed over time due to natural weathering. Mette Valen, Team Leader Norway at Kebony added: “We at Kebony are very happy to have been a part of such an important, large scale development in Oslo. The finished project looks wonderful and the combination of a really clear design idea and high quality material does a lot to show the ambition and flair of Norwegian design and innovation.”

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METSA GROUP working for a better climate & environment

BA Journal with Isabelle Priest from RI for the forest ing par pre ll rre Hayley Mu

Maria Hodgetts and Hayley Murrell had the pleasure of visiting Metsä Wood in Espoo in Finland recently and were taken on a physical and visual tour and the most amazing journey in producing the finished article from a series of fascinating processes.

Firstly we were most impressed at the Metsä Wood headquarters in Espoo and the new addition of the canteen which certainly did not resemble any that I have seen, it was more like a restaurant with the most beautiful ergonomic shapes and acoustic design" said Maria. The meeting and conference facilities are also impressive with natural lighting when possible and again acoustics and design feature heavily with large screens to be seen from all angles and each seating section having a desk that can be pulled out from a concealed section and microphones for each desk.

The stage is easily seen with the sloped seating allowing for great visibility. After the visit to the headquarters, there was a trip to the forest where the trees are felled. The trees are then stripped of leaves and twigs and cut into transportable sizes. Although this seems like a harsh treatment of something so beautiful, it was likened to human life. We start off as a sapling and grow, we then have difficulties and problems in life that can be very harsh for us to bear but eventually we do come out of this stronger and an amazing transformation into something to cherish and protect. Wood has such an emotive quality to it with the ability to transform into so many uses and it is a natural and sustainable answer to most buildings.

Metsä Wood is part of Metsä Group, a unique Finnish co-operative comprising some 116,000 forest owners with 5.2 million hectares of forest land under its control (about 46% of all private forests in Finland) and 9,500 employees globally across 20 countries.

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Sustainable building materials produced with 100% bioenergy The global consumption of energy keeps increasing. The construction sector uses a significant share of global energy – and a large part of this goes to the production of building materials. The Metsä Wood mill in Lohja, Finland, produces Kerto® LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) in a way that actually generates more bioenergy than is used in the process. The rest of the bioenergy is used by the surrounding town. When it comes to energy efficiency in construction, the focus has so far been on the energy used to operate a building. “We have to evaluate the net energy balance of buildings over their whole life cycle and turn our attention to the production of the materials, which is the most energy intensive phase”, says Matti Kuittinen, architect and researcher from Aalto University.

Over 100% energy self-sufficient mill The Metsä Wood mill in Lohja is a great example of the joint production of construction products and bioenergy. First, as much of the wood as possible is used for Kerto LVL. Part of the sawdust and wood chips generated in processing the engineered wood are used for pulp, and the rest for bioenergy production. A bio heating plant has been built next to the mill in order to capture the full potential of the production. The heat energy produced at the plant covers the needs of the mill – and the excess is provided to help meet the needs of the surrounding town, which makes the Lohja Kerto LVL mill 100% energy selfsufficient. The heat produced for district heating compensates for the purchase of electricity needed for the mill’s operation.

Powering a town as a by-product The remaining heat from the Kerto LVL production process is sold for district heating to the town of Lohja. “The local bio heating plant is a significant support for reaching our ambitious low carbon energy goals,” says the mayor of Lohja, Mika Sivula. Lohja is part of Finland’s national scheme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2030. “Due to the bio heating plant, we have reached our first milestone: 15% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2016”, says Sivula. The plant covers 80% of Lohja’s heating.

Sustainable buildings require sustainability in material production The focus of improving efficiency has to shift from the energy used to operate a building to the production of the construction materials – the most energy intensive phase in a building’s life cycle. The European “Energy Performance of Buildings Directive” (EPBD) requires all new buildings to reach nearly zero energy class by 2020. However, zero energy buildings are not enough. Architect Kuittinen says, “The energy used to produce the materials for a building is 50 times more than the energy used to

operate it for a year. As the production of engineered wood actually produces an energy surplus, the implications are clear: wood should be used whenever possible.”

Metsä Wood, Architects & LSBU Students challenge the perceptions of Timber Construction Environmentally friendly, easy to work with, adaptable, and extremely cost effective – these were just some of the major benefits of working with modern engineered timber, as defined by some of the UK’s leading architects, at a recent event hosted by London South Bank University (LSBU). The ‘Urban Wood: An Alternative Architecture’ event was attended by more than 100 practitioners, as well as architecture students and professors, in a collaborative project between Metsä Wood and LSBU. The purpose of the event was to present and discuss alternatives to preferred materials, such as concrete, steel and brick. The event also marked the launch of an innovative design project between Metsä Wood and architectural students at LSBU. Students have been challenged to identify how timber, (as a more cost effective and flexible building material), could be used to restore old or iconic buildings in London. The idea being that communities can be cost effectively refurbished rather than torn down and rebuilt from scratch. The project is designed to challenge perceptions of the next generation of architects so that timber is seen as a true alternative in everything from structures to exteriors and its potential for the city buildings of the future. Students will present their designs in June, with Metsä Wood awarding a prize for the winning concept. The thought provoking seminar began with a brief introduction from Metsä Wood’s Head of Technical, Engineering and Design, Frank Werling, who presented some of the types of modern engineered timber materials available, including the innovative KERTO® Laminated Veneer Lumbar (LVL) range, I-BEAM Joists and Glulam beams. Werling spoke of the innovative Plan B project and how Metsä Wood is re-imagining famous architectural designs, including the Empire State Building, the Reichstag and the Coliseum, explaining how these iconic buildings could be constructed using modern day engineered wood. Guest speakers included Jon Broome (Jon Broome Architects), Andrew Waugh (Waugh Thistleton), and Professor Alex de Rijke (dRMM Architects). These industry-leading architects presented how engineered wood is being used in some of their most innovative projects and how this sustainable, flexible and cost effective material is becoming more widely adopted in modern day construction. ❚ enquiry 111

Fast, Light and Green photo series captures the essence of the future of building Metsä Wood’s photo series with award-winning Finnish photographer Kimmo Syväri captures the aesthetic features of wood from a new perspective, but also holds a deeper meaning. Megatrends such as urbanization and climate change present new challenges for construction sector. It is high time to see the possibilities of wood through new eyes. How we are building today and in the future is critical not only to climate and human wellbeing but to economic growth and prosperity. With an inspiring photo series Metsä Wood aims to challenge the global construction sector to join them in developing fast, light and green solutions for the construction industry. In practice this means actively seizing every opportunity to choose more sustainable, material-efficient and productive construction methods. The essence of fast, light and green building is manifested in Kimmo Syväri’s photographs, who hopes to inspire construction professionals through his art. “Buildings constructed today are long-lasting and have a major impact on the environment we live in. It’s my hope that my work speaks to architects, designers and other construction professionals and challenges them to raise their ambition levels. Wood is a great material: sustainable, aesthetic and more natural feeling than concrete or metal. Of course this isn’t to say that everything should be built of wood. However, due to its many amazing qualities wood should always be considered as a potential alternative”, Syväri asserts. Familiar architectural and conceptual approaches capture the eye The series includes photographs with both architectural and more conceptual themes. Syväri reveals that the seemingly effortless and straightforward images required a lot of planning from the whole creative team. Each photograph in the series offers real insights relevant for building with wood, yet they also leave room for more personal responses and interpretations. For example, the famous New York city Wall Street view has quite many different associations, but in this context it reminds us that in the face of increasing urbanisation and migration to cities we need to start building higher, faster and more sustainably. An image of a piece of wood emblazoned with a flame-like pattern also has a deeper meaning in the context of bioenergy; today’s engineered wood can be produced in a way that generates more bioenergy than it uses. “These images are an interesting combination of the familiar and the unexpected. Well known buildings and recognisable forms and symbols re-imagined as made with wood create a contradiction, yet at the same time provide a different – hopefully inspirational – perspective on the future of building”, Syväri contemplates. A tribute to the aesthetics aspects of wood

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Shanghai Art & Design Exhibition Permission granted for modern eco-home in disused reservoir A Sussex design and planning consultant and his clients are celebrating after gaining planning approval to turn a disused reservoir site into a post-modern home. Hailsham-based Glenn Moore of Glenn Moore Associates is well known for his sustainable, striking designs and dealing with challenging planning issues. The former reservoir is in Straight Half Mile in Maresfield and offered the site’s owners a rare opportunity to use previously developed land to construct a sustainable family home that makes an architectural statement while respecting the site’s industrial origins and setting. Glenn explains: “I have taken the opportunity to turn a boring concrete-lined hole in the ground into an architectural form which tests boundaries in domestic architecture, will provide a focal point, and will encourage a debate about architecture. “The technical design is based on Passiv Haus standards. The architectural design

ethic pays homage to Art Deco and Bauhaus styles and the use and placement of glazing is influenced by the Modernist architectural movement. The result is a 21st century overtly modern interpretation of these influences while maintaining the agro/industrial links to the past. “My design will certainly not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it has already received glowing support from Wealden District Council officers, has made my clients happy, and is receiving support across social media. Formed from standing seam profiled zinc and glass, the roof is a geometric interpretation of the low rolling hills associated with the lower Sussex Weald. The walls combine ‘Viroc’, a compressed mixture of pinewood and cement, which provides visual interest to the wall cladding. Window and door frames will be dark grey aluminium and the glazing will be triple-glazed, argon-filled low E units. Inside the home there is a combination of conventional plasterboard with natural timber, stone and ceramics. ‘ECT’ stretch ceilings and wall partitions will also be incorporated. Flooring includes timber, stone and ceramics. ❚ enquiry 112 .

Wraptite-SA airtight membrane has been selected by RIBA award winning development pioneers ZEDfactory in an innovative solution to deliver zero carbon housing to China. The ZED Pod home has been built as part of the Shanghai Art & Design Exhibition at the Shanghai West Bund Art Centre. The ZEDfactory concept suggests that as major cities expand they do so from the centre outwards, with the addition of a ring road every 15 years or less. Land value increases concentrically on the inner rings, leading to large-scale demolition and rebuilding at higher densities. To feed the hunger for urban expansion, it is estimated the construction materials

Metsa Wood hits the high note with structural panels Timber specialist Metsä Wood’s cross laminated Kerto-Q product has enabled the nearly complete Sunbeams Music Centre to be built quickly, efficiently and sustainably. Kerto-Q’s inherent strength and large sheet sizes has allowed the building’s key complex features to be built with ease. In a stunning rural spot near Penrith, the gateway to the Lakes in Cumbria, is the nearly complete Sunbeams Music Centre. Partially embedded into a sloping hillside to minimise its impact on the landscape, the single-storey building will provide a much-needed home for the music charity.

needed can account for nearly 50% of the economy’s annual carbon footprint. Instead of large areas of demolition, ZEDfactory has designed a building, which can be easily moved into the next available ring, when required. Wraptite-SA, self-adhering vapour permeable air barrier was installed as part of the panel construction of the home. The use of Wraptite-SA in the construction makes a signifi cant contribution to a building’s thermal performance by preventing air leakage. ❚ enquiry 113

The timber building will provide a permanent music therapy and training base for people with disabilities. The aim of Sunbeams, which was founded by harpist and singer, Annie Mawson in 1992, is to improve the health and well-being of people with special needs through the creative power of music.

❚ enquiry 114

New Shanghai Disneyland Futuristic Tomorrowland Built Using Scott Bader’s Crestapol® Resin & Crystic® FR Gelcoat Since breaking ground in 2011 the grand opening by Disney and Shanghai Shendi Group of the new Shanghai Disneyland resort took place on 16 June

2016. The spectacular new Disney resort in China has six themed lands including ‘Tomorrowland’ with future world Disney characters including Tron, Lilo and Stich, and Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear. Extensive sections of both the interior and exterior of the buildings and rides in Tomorrowland, covering an area of over 2,300 m2, were constructed from fire retardant (FR) gelcoated FRP composite moulded parts in several hundred different shaped and sized components. All of the FRP components needed for Tomorrowland were hand lay-up manufactured by the specialist composites fabricator E-Grow using a fire approved laminate system comprising Scott Bader’s Crestapol® 1212 high performance ATH filled urethane acrylate resin, with the fire retardant pre-accelerated Iso-NPG polyester gelcoat Crystic® 967 FR, supplied in a variety of specified custom colours.

Several hundred different sized and shaped gelcoated FRP parts were produced by EGrow for Tomorrowland. The FRP composite parts supplied included facades, passenger sections of the Tron roller-coaster, parts of the Buzz Lightyear ride, the Lilo & Stitch Theatre, outdoor dining furniture and exterior cladding on the concourse and surrounding facilities. To cost effectively produce all of the different sizes and shapes for the Tomorrowland project, E-Grow used a unique, patented wax mould process. Using a 3D CAM file, individual plugs are CNC milled directly from wax blocks to produce the mould plug; wax has proved itself an ideal material for producing curved parts as very exact radii are relatively easy to machine. The wax plugs, which include surface texture and design details, are then used to cast large gypsum based mould tools for the hand lay-up process. Once all

the FRP parts are produced, the wax plug is melted down and reused. By recycling the wax, very large custom shaped FRP parts can be produced with very little waste at highly competitive prices. The production process is also more environmentally friendly since it includes material recycling. All FRP used in the park had to meet the Chinese B1 ‘reaction to fire’ classification for fully assembled composite parts, as stipulated and tested by the Chinese National Inspection and Testing Centre for Building and Engineering Materials. To ensure that the fire specification was met, E–Grow used Crestapol 1212 high performance urethane acrylate loaded with 170phr aluminum trihydrate (ATH) as the backup resin.450 gsm CSM and 450 gsm woven rovings glass fibre reinforcements were added as needed.

Another Disney requirement was that all gelcoat be both fire-resistant and match the paint system so that should there be any damage to the paint surface the part would maintain its appearance. To meet these requirements E-Grow used eight custom colors of Crystic Gelcoat 967 FR fire retardant pre-accelerated, thixotropic IsoNPG polyester airless spray gelcoat. Crystic Gelcoat 967FR was specially designed by Scott Bader for the production of GRP parts in the building and transportation industry in areas where fire resistance is a key requirement. Scott Bader’s Asia Pacific team in Shanghai supplied E-Grow with materials according to a planned production call off schedule for each of the build phases of the construction project.

❚ enquiry 115

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Prevent thermal bridging

June 2016




Without Thermoblock


w w w. d r- s c h u t z .co m C a l l u s o n 012 9 6 4 3 7 8 2 7

D r S c h u t z U K · U n i t 2 4 A n g l o B u si n e s s P a r k · S m e a t o n C l o s e · Ayl e s b u r y · B u c k s ·H P19 8 U P

❚ enquiry 116 .

With Thermoblock

One of the worst areas of heat loss through a thermal bridge is where the floor meets the wall. Up to 30% of heat, in a well-insulated room, can be lost this way. Thermoblock prevents that heat loss. ❚ enquiry 117 .

Mod dular Build ding S lutions Solu ti At FP McCann, we believe in working ng with you as HWHY[ULYMYVT[OLZ[HY[^OPJOTLHUZVќLYPUNV\Y expertise p in dessigning g g and manufacturing turing g rooms to suit every ind dividual project. Far frrom being an Vќ[OLZOLSMZVS\[PVUV\YTVK\SHYI\PSKPUNZVS\[PVUZ HYLTHKL[VTLHZ\YL^OPSZ[THPU[HPUPUNV\Y design philosop phies and standard details. etails. Our precast concr ncrete crosswall consstruction is a fast and convenient ^H``[VWYVK\JLT\S[P\UP[Z[Y\J[\YLZ such as hotels, education, student, secure and health accommodation, odation, private and social housing in a fraction of the e time of traditionally built structures. 01476 562277 | 01606 0 843500 | ❚ enquiry 118 .

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Sundolitt XPS - waterproof, loading-bearing ECO Insulation for the roof of one of Edinburgh’s most prestigious developments Romag roof PV technology at UK’s largest zero carbon housing scheme Dozens of new homes on the UK’s largest zero carbon housing development are benefitting from new roof integrated photovoltaics (PV) used to produce sustainable solar energy. The integrated PV roof tiles supplied by Romag have been installed as part of the £12m Park Dale housing development in

Castleford, West Yorkshire, where over 90 homes for social and intermediate rent have been built to comply with Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. The new roof-top solar technology at Park Dale combines renewable energy generation with a glass laminate design to enable the PV cells to blend sympathetically into the fabric of the housing scheme. The system is watertight and complies with building standards as well as fire control and airtightness regulations. Heating demand at Park Dale is

Sundolitt XPS 300 (extruded polystyrene) forms the core of a waterproof, load-bearing, high insulation roof system at South St Andrew Square - a prestigious £75 million, 190,000 sq ft mixed office, retail and residential scheme in the heart of Edinburgh’s historic ‘New Town’ area. Following the demolition of the former B-listed building on the site, the new development – expected to be completed by the end of this year – features a bold collaborative design from CDA and Gareth Hoskins Architects which won the backing of the City of Edinburgh planners for its “high-quality contemporary architectural expression”. According to Bryan Mawer, sales manager for Sundolitt XPS, the cost-effective material is designed for inverted roofing applications alongside its established use in flooring where its load-bearing and high thermal performance are critical. “We are proud to play a part in this exceptional architectural statement in a prestigious location in Edinburgh. XPS ticks all the boxes for this kind of roofing installation – it’s a expected to be one fifth of the average UK home with associated energy bills around 40% lower than an average household. June 2016

lightweight product , yet provides a high strength solution which is very easily transported to site where it can be used as a siteready, weather resistant insulant”. South St Andrew Square is a joint venture between Standard Life Investments Pooled Pension Property Fund and partner Peveril Securities. The main contractor is Bowmer and Kirkland. The retail opportunities in the development have already attracted three restaurant chains to open their first branches in the UK outside London including a New York contemporary steak house, a barbecue lobster shack and a Bombay-style café. This led Councillor Frank Ross, the city’s economy leader, to say “St Andrew Square looks set to become one of the top leisure destinations in the capital.”

resistance from 200 – 700 kPa (EN826) and offers exceptionally low moisture absorption through its closed-pore system - making it an ideal thermal insulator for a wide range of commercial and domestic construction applications. It is available ex stock from Sundolitt in the UK in square or shiplap edge. Sundolitt’s UK expert team can help and advise architects, specifiers and contractors on the most appropriate XPS specification for their needs. Specifiers can call the Sundolitt UK Head Office on 01786 471 586. ❚ enquiry 119

Sundolitt XPS is manufactured in a wide range of thicknesses and sheet sizes, the primary range having a thermal conductivity of 0.033 – 0.037 W/mK (EN 13164). According to the type of use, it achieves outstanding compression

Granorte publishes Vita Décor look book

The PV technology has been designed to seamlessly integrate with regular slate tiles to form an eye-catching central feature on the south facing roof of each of the two, three and four bedroomed houses on the development. Beco, one of the UK’s leading PV designers and installers, commissioned Romag to produce the 562mm x 1247mm panels to produce upwards of 83W of power. Nigel Brunton-Reed, managing director at Beco, said: “Romag’s PV solution met the requirement for advanced technology to deliver not only a cutting edge, large scale zero carbon development, but also one that’s realistic, affordable and can be replicated across the UK.” Product comes with a 20 year performance guarantee. More details at ❚ enquiry 120

Granorte has published an impressive look book for its equally innovative Vita Décor direct digital print cork floors. Showcasing the collection’s array of vintage ceramic and intriguing parquet designs, the Vita Décor Sample Book demonstrates the unique style and depth of the collection, illustrated through beautiful photography. “We’ve introduced the Vita Décor Sample Book as we felt the range deserved its own space to really shine,” says Scott Brady, Granorte UK. “Not only is Vita Décor technically advanced, but it really has changed the

❚ enquiry 122

design possibilities of cork. Digital printing straight onto cork’s organic aesthetic yields some really fantastic and intriguing results. The renewable material’s natural visual qualities subtly radiate through the digital designs giving each a unique patina.” The book features all 21 Vita Décor designs and is now available from Granorte. The manufacturer is also working on a new POS concept featuring Vita Décor and designed to fulfil the needs of UK retailers.

❚ enquiry 121

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June 2016



KEMPER SYSTEM ANSWERS TOWERING CHALLENGE IN NEW YORK Kemper System’s Kemperol 2K-PUR cold liquid applied membrane has been used as the waterproofing system for the tallest building in the Western hemisphere: the 1,776ft One World Trade Centre in New York. Rising to 104 storeys and constructed in a $3.9

billion project lasting more than a decade, the One World Trade Centre, also known as the “Freedom Tower” is the centrepiece of the rebuilt World Trade Centre complex constructed on the site of ground zero.

membrane across the entire roof. As the coldapplied resin bonds directly to the substrate it is particularly effective in coping with winduplift which was a major consideration for the chosen system. In line with US Building Code requirements, the system was completed with a white reflective coating to reduce the urban heat island effect.

The 1800m2 roof is not only extremely high, but also features extensive exposed steel details and up to 400 penetrations, including the spire, with no area larger than 10ft x 10ft without some form of penetration; all of which had to be sealed effectively using a system that could be applied by a small team, with restricted access and without the use of hot works or heavy equipment.

Kemper System’s Kemperol 2K-PUR liquidapplied resin membrane was specified for the main roof and the louvre areas on lower floors. The penetrations, drains, curbs and perimeters were all protected and then overlapped by the membrane in the larger expanse to provide a seamless, durable and reinforced waterproofing

Stuart Hicks from Kemper System comments: “Few projects are as iconic or as challenging as the One World Trade Centre scheme but Kemperol 2K-PUR’s ease of application and long-term waterproofing performance made it ideally suited to both the installation challenges and the long-term requirements of the building.” Sustainability Kemperol 2K-PUR resin system is 80 percent from renewable materials, which fit with the overall design goals for the project. Nearly 75

percent of 1 WTC is made from recycled or ecofriendly building materials, and the building’s green design earned LEED Gold Certification.

For product enquiries or technical advice contact: Kemper System Tel: 01925 445532

❚ enquiry 123

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Dura Cladding Chosen for New Eco-Office Concept Boasting Quality Business Accommodation with Low Running Costs Dura Cladding Composite Timber Cladding has been selected for an attractive new development in Newport, East Yorkshire known as Green Park. A 20 acre, mixed-use business park consisting of prime office, industrial and leisure space, Green Park is situated at junction 38 on the M62 where the motorway ends and joins the A63 the main arterial route in to Kingston Upon Hull. Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Green Park provides local companies in East Yorkshire with modern and energy efficient business space in the right location – benefits that are usually only reserved for large organisations.

Unusually shaped, the architecturally stunning Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen in Scotland is designed to assist in the psychological and emotional healing process for those affected by cancer. A Licensed Icynene contractor installed both Icynene H2Foam Forte™ and Icynene H2 Foam Lite™ in the pebble shaped structure. Situated on the southern boundary of the Foresterhill site of the Royal Infirmary in Aberdeen, Scotland, Maggie’s Cancer Centre is the latest such centre to provide emotional and practical support to anyone affected by cancer. The centre, designed to be homely and full of warmth, aims to provide an environment where those facing cancer can gain support. The centre also intends to inspire imagination from visitors and has contributed to the architecture of the Aberdeen city area.

Being 100% water blown, Icynene H2Foam ForteTM has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 1 - the lowest GWP available. In addition to providing structural strength, the closed cell product also can reject bulk water penetrating through the building envelope.


As a result of using spray foam insulation throughout the design, an extremely high R-value was achieved. With a high Rvalue, staff and visitors to Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen will be able to work and heal in comfort all year round regardless of the season.

Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, together with Scottish firm, Halliday Fraser Munro, took on the challenge to create a visually stunning structure in the shape of a pebble. The unusually-shaped single storey structure features a reinforced concrete exterior and timber interior. Steel reinforcements were used to form the structure’s unique shape. With activity and meeting rooms located on the ground floor and office space on the mezzanine, the centre features high-end interior finishes and manages to create a peaceful, welcoming and beautiful space for anyone who visits.

Above the 2.5m mark and across the curved roofline, spray foam crews applied Icynene H2Foam LiteTM. Due to the unique curvature of the roofline, crews had to aid the rise of the foam by hand to ensure consistent and even coverage.

Both Icynene H2Foam Lite™ and Icynene H2Foam Forte™ contribute to creating a positive, peaceful and comfortable environment for visitors to the new centre in Aberdeen. THE RESULT

INSULATING MAGGIE’S CANCER CENTRE A Licensed local Icynene contractor was enlisted by Halliday Fraser Munro to help insulate the centre in February 2013 using two high performance Icynene spray foam insulation products. The spray foam insulation crew used five sets of the 100% water-blown closed cell medium density Icynene H2Foam ForteTM and used seven sets of the open cell Icynene H2Foam LiteTM throughout the curved structure. Spray foam crews applied the medium density material on the lower part of the structure to a height of 2.5m in an effort to provide additional structural strength.

Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen was completed and opened in September 2013. The structure, set apart by a small landscaped area, is open to anyone requiring its services and support. The unusual shape and highly visual design has been receiving attention from the architecture community and the greater Aberdeen community. In November 2013, the centre was awarded a Commendation by Aberdeen’s Civic Society and in March 2014, GMS Insulations Ltd, the Icynene distributor in the UK, was awarded the Best Architectural Project – International at the Icynene 2014 Global Conference for their involvement in the project. ❚ enquiry124

The developer behind the concept is the Horncastle Group who are specialists in creating innovative property solutions for modern businesses. The Harris Partnership, as architects for Horncastle Group, selected Composite Timber Dura Cladding in Type 150 Cedar as the exterior wall covering for the Eco Offices within the development in recognition of its low maintenance and environmentally friendly properties. Dura Composites’ composite timber cladding is produced by combining natural wood flour and high density polyethylene with specially selected additives and a suitable binding agent to create a composite material that looks just like natural wood but doesn’t ever require treating, painting or staining. It is ideal for battling the UK weather and offers a fantastic 25 year life cycle thanks to its durable nature and low maintenance requirements. Dura Cladding also offers fantastic eco-friendly properties as the range is 100% Forest Stewardship

Introducing the New Bond Acting on intelligence out in the field, undercover fixing specialist Ancon has launched a new super-Bond, ultra-low thermal conductivity wall tie that even SPECTRE would find hard to crack! Based on the company’s multi-award winning TeploTie with a conductivity of 00.7W/mK which virtually eliminates heat loss through thermal bridging in cavity wall construction, the new Teplo-BF basalt fibre wall tie features specially moulded safety ends that improve buildability and enhance mortar bond strength by up to 80%. The new user-friendly design has exceptional mortar grabbing capability, making Teplo-BF particularly suitable for use with lime and other slow-drying mortars. The Teplo-BF, like the original TeploTie which was introduced into the UK and

Council® (FSC®) certified and is manufactured from up to 87% recycled materials, making it the ideal choice for the Green Park Development. Speaking about the project, Ian Hodges, managing director of Horncastle Group PLC said; “The overarching concept behind the development was to ensure it was as architecturally attractive, environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, and selecting Dura Cladding for the exterior walls has played a significant role in helping us achieve that. The resulting buildings look great, are extremely energy efficient and all have Energy Performance Certificate ratings of A and we also have a wind turbine on site that feeds electricity into the national grid to offset usage on the park. ❚ enquiry 126 Ireland by Ancon in 2010 and since used on a number of ground-breaking PassivHaus and Zero-Carbon buildings, is created by the setting of innovative pultruded basalt fibres in a resin matrix. This composite material provides a combination of high strength and outstanding thermal efficiency. The ultra-low thermal conductivity, twenty times below that of stainless steel, means that Teplo-BF ties are excluded from Uvalue calculations to BS EN ISO 6946, helping to minimise insulation and wall thickness, a particular benefit in modern low-energy construction applications. Available in the same wide range of lengths and types as the original TeploTie, the new Teplo-BF wall tie is suitable for cavities up to 450mm wide and buildings up to 18 metres in height, and carry BBA and NHBC technical approvals. ❚ enquiry 127

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❚ enquiry 125

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June 2016



❚ enquiry 130.



ďĞƐƉŽŬĞŽƉƟŽŶǁŚĞŶŝƚĐŽŵĞƐƚŽŇĂƚƌŽŽĮŶŐĂŶĚŇŽŽƌŝŶŐ Based in Colchesterr, Esse E x, we have had the pleasurre of working with hundreds of businesses, ŵĂŶLJŽĨǁŚŝĐŚƌĞƚƵƌŶƟŵĞĂŶĚƟŵĞĂŐĂŝŶ͘&ƌŽŵ>ĂŶĚ͛ƐŶĚƚŽ:ŽŚŶŽ͛'ƌŽĂƚƐ͕ǁĞŽƉĞƌĂƚĞ ŶĂƟŽŶǁŝĚĞĂŝŵŝŶŐƚŽŽīĞƌLJŽƵƚŚĞƐŽůƵƟŽŶLJŽƵŶĞĞĚ͘ tŚLJĐŚŽŽƐĞ^ƉĂƌƚĂŶWƌŽŵĞŶĂĚĞdŝůĞƐ>ƚĚ͍ ͻ Custom price based d upon requirements ͻ ŶǀŝƌŽŶŵĞŶƚĂůůLJĨƌŝĞŶĚůLJŽƉƟŽŶƐĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞ͕ƐŽLJŽƵĐĂŶŚĞůƉƚŚĞĞŶǀŝƌŽŶŵĞŶƚĂŶĚƐƟůůĂĐŚŝĞǀĞƚŚĞ ůŽŽŬLJŽƵ͛ƌĞĂŌĞƌ &ŽƌĂ&ZƋƵŽƚĞĨŽƌLJŽƵƌŇĂƚƌŽŽĮŶŐŶĞĞĚƐ͕ ĐĂůů^ƉĂƌƚĂŶWƌŽŵĞŶĂĚĞdŝůĞƐ>ƚĚŽŶ

01206 230 553

ǁǁǁ͘ƐƉĂƌƚĂŶƉƌŽŵĞŶĂĚĞƟůĞƐ͘ĐŽ͘ƵŬ ❚ enquiry 129 .

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Why we are warming to the idea of heat pumps By Steve Rooney, Sales Director with Gaia Climate Solutions

A decade ago, most people wouldn’t have had a clue what a heat pump was or what it could be used for. However, today, with fuel prices soaring and the Government subsidising renewable energy schemes, things have changed.

Geberit helps stately home go green Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel has been chosen for its ease of installation and no hot works credentials to install a biomass system at Saltram House, a magnificent National Trust owned Stately Home in Plymouth. One of many National Trust premises to get a renewable makeover as part of a general drive to improve the environmental credentials of its buildings, Saltram now enjoys heating and hot water courtesy of a biomass system, consisting of 220kW and 95kW boilers fuelled June 2016

Now it’s not only building services engineers who wax lyrical about heat pumps but also designers, developers and even homeowners. With the Renewable Heat Incentive, building occupiers can see massive benefits in being subsidised to produce low-cost ‘green’ heat.

It’s hard to imagine that there’s any ‘heat’ stored in a litre of milk, let alone the chilly air or soil outside your house. And it is true that the kind of heat pump used for heating buildings will not produce temperatures anywhere near those obtained from your oilor gas-fired central heating boiler.

For the non-technical enthusiast, heat pumps seem almost too good to be true. You take the background temperature of the air or the ground and ‘amplify’ it with your heat pump to warm your house. The best analogy for the layman is a fridge, which sucks the heat energy out of the food stored within and radiates it to the environment via the black metal grille at the back.

A domestic heat pump typically generates flow temperatures (the temperature of the water being circulated) of between 35 – 50 deg C. This is significantly lower than the flow temperature produced by a domestic gas or oil-fired boiler which is generally in the region of 60 – 70 deg C.

by pellets. A district heating system services the main house and the majority of other buildings on the site.

with narrow doorways and cramped spaces, Geberit Mapress was the ideal solution.

The installers' choice "We use Geberit Mapress on 95% of our jobs," said James Howard, from Dunster Biomass, which installed the system at Saltram House. "It's quick to install, easy to use and reliable. The fact there's no need for hot works makes it ideal for historic buildings.

❚ enquiry 132

"The age of the building and cramped environment also meant that solder was just not an option because of the fire risk. Geberit Mapress and its press fit assembly is particularly well-suited to jobs of this nature."

"At Saltram House, the new biomass system had to be installed within the confines of the existing building and its heating system, while ensuring that it could be easily removed if required. Faced

Why exploring the solar system makes perfect commercial sense Energy costs in a typical sports centre are second only to labour, accounting for as much as 30% of total running costs. Paul Sands of Stokvis Energy Systems explains how solar thermal water heating can help cut energy usage and fuel bills in the leisure sector All the numbers relating to the sun are mind-numbingly large. For example, it's ancient - 4.6 billion years old to be precise. It's hot - with a surface temperature around 5,500 deg C and a core temperature of 15,000,000 deg C. And it's big - the sun's mass is a staggering1,989,100,000,000,000,00 0,000 billion kg and the Earth could fit inside it around a million times. But, one of the most compelling statistics about the sun from a

building services perspective is that the solar energy received by the Earth in just 30 minutes is the equivalent to all the energy used by the entire human population in a year. Harnessing just a fraction of this energy can cut fossil-fuel derived energy output dramatically as well as shrink carbon emissions and slash fuel bills. And that is where solar thermal water heating comes in, especially when it comes to leisure centres and sports facilities. Leisure centres require enormous quantities of heat, not only to ensure a comfortable space, but also for hot water to service showers, cafés, swimming pools, and so on. Solar heating can supplement the water heating requirements. ❚ enquiry 133

New heat pump product line-up from Hitachi Completely redesigned to meet the needs of specifiers, installers and homeowners, Hitachi’s expanded Yutaki air source heat pump product range is one of the widest on the market. Utilising common components, common outdoor units and simplified design to benefit both end users and installers, the extended line-up includes a total of 70 new models which are more compact for small installation spaces and are lighter weight for easier handling. The introduction of common components and controllers, streamlines product training requirements, reduces the need for carrying multiple spares, and lowers installation and maintenance time. Performances have also been improved, with higher COPs, better seasonal efficiencies and higher capacities. Yutaki-S has three new 4.3kW, 6.0kW and 7.5kW indoor units with dimensions of 600 x 792 x 300mm to fit a standard kitchen cupboard space. Efficiency has also been improved with COPs up to 5.25 and with an Energy Class Rating up to A+++. YutakiS is suitable for the heating and domestic hot water requirements of small to large properties, and is ideal for both new build

and renovation projects. The new all-in-one Yutaki-SCombi integrated solution has been designed specifically for the UK market. The indoor unit has a built-in 200 or 260L stainless steel hot water cylinder, as well as the main hydraulic components such as the pump, filter and back up heater, plus a newlydesigned controller. The indoor unit is preplumbed and pre-wired, making the installation simpler with less internal space needed. High temperature Yutaki-S80, which generates domestic hot water at up to 80oC, has been completely redesigned with easier connections at the top of the indoor unit for simpler installation. Utilising Hitachi’s unique ‘smart cascade’ design, the YutakiS80 can be used as a replacement for inefficient boilers without changing radiator sizes or any existing hot water tank. The all-new compact monobloc Yutaki-M requires no refrigeration pipework or internal unit. With a new controller, reduced

noise levels, greater outputs up to 16kW and improved efficiencies, with COPs up to 5.0 and an Energy Class Rating of up to A++, Yutaki-M has been completely redesigned to meet the needs of the UK market.

a single menu for all Yutaki products with a dedicated installer view, wizard start up configuration and a more intuitive menu for quick and simple commissioning. The alarm history is also logged to assist engineers with troubleshooting.

All Yutaki models can now be supplied with a new Cooling Kit accessory to enable both heating and cooling modes. A new multi-function wired remote control is common to all Yutaki models – meaning

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June 2016




ReCooler HP No N o C Chiller hiller, N No o C Co ondenser o ndenser, N No o Boiler Boile err, N No o Pipe ipework work Our ReCooler® H HP P iis s a DX DX h heat eat p pump ump u unit nit tthat hat iis s o optimised ptimised ffor or indoor air a ir ttemper emperature ature ((Summer Summer a and nd W Winter) inter)) llocated ocated within within our our e exc xceptional eptional e eQ QA Air ir Handling H andling U Unit nit ra range. nge. T The he ReCooler eCooler e Cooler g giv ive es s yo you u a compact ompac ctt design esign that hat deliv delive ers rs a an n easy y,, lo low wc cost ost installation. installation.

• EEco co D Design esign 2016 016 & 2 2018 018 c compliant omplia ant nt • SSimp imp ple le “plug-and-pl “plug-and-pla ay” iinstallation nstallatio on n • Integ Integr grated gra ted heating eating a and nd cooling ooling rre e very eco ecovery • IInn HHeat eat e at rrecovery ecovery the he u unit nit deliv delive ers rs a COP iin n iin n ex exc xcess ess off 10

• IInn CCooling ooling o oling recovery recovery the he u unit nit d deliv elive vers rs a SEER iin n ex exc xcess ess off 7

• PPipe iped d,, char harg ged ed & tested ested b befor efore e dispatch dispatch • NNoo ssepar epara ate te condenser ondenser rrequired equired d • EEasi asilly ya accessible ccessible for or s ser ervicing vicing g • LLoowe we err e ener nerg gy y consumption onsumption

ReCo ooler® HP

intergrated intergra ted within within our our eQ eQ rra ange nge of of Air Air Handling Handling units units offers offers total total ener energ gy y rrecovery ecovery with integr with nteg grra ated ted D DX X cooling ooling and and heating. heatin ng. g. With With our our SEMCO SEMCO sorption sorption rrotary otary heat heat e exc xchanger hanger which hich hich offers offfers ’Best ’Best in in Class’ Class’ heating h eating an nd dc cooling ooling rrecovery, ecovery y,, and nd with wiith th the the addition addition of of heat heat pump pum mp p technology ttechnology, echnology y,, w we e can an enhance enhance ance y yo our ur o overa verallll ener energy gy efficienc effi ficiency y - Fläkt Fläktt W Wo oods, ods, y yo our ur perfect perfec ctt partner parttner in in vve entilation ntilation and and ener nerg gy y sa saving! ving!

www.fl www .flaktw ❚ enquiry 136 .

NEW APP BRINGS EXTRACTOR FAN TO LIFE Specifiers and tradespeople can now see exactly how an extractor fan will look in a kitchen or bathroom, thanks to an innovative new app released by EnviroVent. A UK first for the ventilation industry, AugVent ( makes use of Augmented Reality to enable users to clearly visualise what an extract fan or other ventilation system will look like in a building. The App is now available to download in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

extractor fans, all of which can help to control condensation and alleviate allergy triggers. Users can select from a number of different colours and models and also save an image of how the unit would look, once they have chosen their desired model, for reference afterwards.

The app, which is available for Android and iPhone, brings the image to life in 3D with a 3600 product view so that users can see the unit from a wide range of angles. This means that users know exactly what each product will look like before they decide to make a purchase.

Rebecca McLean, Marketing and Product Director for EnviroVent, said: “This new AugVent app is set to revolutionise the whole process of buying an extract fan as specifiers and customers will be able to visualise how it will look in a property. We are really excited to be the first UK ventilation manufacturer to be able to bring this latest technology to the market. It’s a real breakthrough as it helps customers to make the right decision when choosing a new extractor fan or ventilation system.”

The full suite of products on the app includes positive input ventilation, heat recovery systems, kitchen and bathroom

Extremely easy to use, AugVent features a visualisation marker which is placed on the wall. All the user needs to do is to choose

the ventilation units which they would like to see in Augmented Reality then scan the marker and the extract fan will appear on the image of the wall. Specifiers and contractors can also browse different EnviroVent products, styles and colours of the untis. Once they have found the product combination they like best, they have the ability to easily share their choices

on social media or request a quotation directly from EnviroVent.

For anyone who would like to download the new, free AugVent App visit or find it on the App store or Google Play . For additional information please contact 0345 27 27 807 or email

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High Efficiency Heating Appliances CVO Fire has extended the range of High Efficiency Heating Appliances with the addition of a new range of modern space heaters. Available in both wall and ceiling mounted versions and various finishes to complement any interior décor. Models are available with 3Kw, 5Kw, 7Kw or 9kw heat outputs. The heaters can be operated manually or via a thermostatic remote control which will control all heaters within a given area to maximise heat distribution and reduce energy bills. Space heaters are easy to install and have an efficiency rating of 92%. The product range includes many

energy efficient heating solutions. Choose from Balanced Flue, Power Flue and Chimney models. All products have class 1 energy efficiency ratings. Installation is straightforward with options for using existing chimneys, flue liners, and vertical or horizontal flue runs. There are also options

to run flue pipes under the floor if required. The CVO Fire brand was established in 1999 and has grown into a premium UK heating appliance manufacturing Company which has won awards for design and technology. The

most revolutionary design being the unique “open flamed” flueless gas fire which does not require a chimney. Visit web site for full product range or call for brochure. Trade terms are available along with volume discounts.

Electric thermal Store The ETS 160 electric thermal store by Advance Appliances has been by tested by a third party company to make sure it conforms to the EU regulation for energy labelling of water heaters and hot water storage tanks.

Mitsubishi Electric announces full scale entry into UK chiller market Mitsubishi Electric has announced that it will begin marketing and selling Climaveneta branded chillers in the UK, following the acquisition of the Climaveneta brand earlier in the year. The move allows the company to offer a chiller solution across a much broader and more diverse range of projects. From the 4thof July, the Climaveneta NX range of air source and water cooled chillers will be available from Mitsubishi Electric. The expansive portfolio of energy-saving, low-noise and innovative chiller solutions increases the choice available and extends the range of customisable cooling options that the company is now able to offer. Each chiller model in the NX range is offered in up to six

different configurations, allowing bespoke application design for individual projects. There are two levels of efficiency available and then a further three options on sound emission levels: standard, low noise, and super low noise. Capacities range from 39 to 371kW with a choice of plate or shell and tube heat exchanger. “Climaveneta is a well-respected and high quality European chiller brand and we are proud to be able

The store has been confirmed to have an energy rating of C, which is the highest an electric water heater can achieve by the store on its own. The rating can only be improved by adding smart

devices to the store. Advance ETS 160 is designed to provide one shower plus one bath with one overnight off-peak charge. The ETS 160 is perfect for allelectric homes and modern

CVO FIRE, 4 Beaumont Square, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 6XN Tel: 01325 301020

❚ enquiry 138

apartments. With its attractive and compact design it’s easy to install in an airing cupboard. With the thermal store’s low maintenance, stainless steel design and ten year guarantee the ETS 160 is something to keep your baths and showers hot for years to come. ❚ enquiry 139

to add these products to our portfolio”, explains Donald Daw, Mitsubishi Electric’s Commercial Director. “This addition allows us to deliver a comprehensive and versatile range of solutions for our customers, whatever their need and regardless of whether they are involved in a new-build or retrofit situation.” “We have had a lot of interest following the initial purchase of Climaveneta and with the range available from the 4th of July; we are expecting to be busy”, adds Daw. “Mitsubishi Electric will be working in partnership with Climaveneta Powermaster, the current outlet for all Climaveneta products in the UK, to ensure that customers are offered the best solution for their chiller projects.” Mitsubishi Electric has manufactured chillers for over 40 years and has already combined this extensive experience with advanced component technology from the commercial air conditioning sector to introduce the innovative e-series modular chiller range in 2015. The purchase of Climaveneta adds over 45 years of experience and knowledge of this industry sector and marks Mitsubishi Electric’s full scale entry into the UK chiller market.

“We re-entered the chiller market in the UK with our e-series product last year and it has proved to be extremely successful”, explains Daw. “The e-series product and the Climaveneta NX range make a compelling offering and complement each other with

features and specifications that can match almost any application”. Further details on the comprehensive range is available by calling 01707 282880 or emailing . ❚ enquiry 140

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June 2016

Omnie Systems help selfbuilder achieve low energy profile

This results in a property with high standards of indoor air quality and comfort. The dwelling has been constructed as a single storey, deep plan structure within a walled garden in the village of Bradninch in Devon.

Exeter based Timóleon has provided a heating and ventilation solution for a self-builder to achieve his ambition of creating a new home, with a very low level of environmental impact and running costs.

throughout. Now with the rural retreat completed the Omnie equipment is fulfilling on all of the design intentions, as the owner of the property commented: “I wanted to build a home that was as low energy as possible and to take a responsible approach to the specification of its building services so that it would not only provide peace of mind for myself in terms of future running costs, but also make a positive contribution in respect of concerns over carbon reduction and our energy security.”

also qualifying for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

The accommodation comprises a spacious lounge-dining area orientated to a courtyard garden with two bedrooms plus a further office/third bedroom.

Timóleon supported its design & supply with technical assistance at the specification stage, plus full installation drawings & heating schematics identifying information such as ideal positions for the manifolds for the UFH and the location for the HRU distribution using 75 mm diameter air ducts

There is also a main bathroom with shower and bath, a separate cloakroom close to the kitchen and a plant room containing all of the Omnie equipment. The LWD 70 ASX ASHP is ideal for installations where there are other properties within close proximity; generating as it does a noise level of just 45 dB at a distance of one metre. This single phase machine is very efficient, with a typical Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 4.24 at design conditions A7/W35 which ensure low running costs whilst

Representing the latest in heat pump technology from renowned German specialist, Alpha InnoTec, the unit can achieve flow temperatures of up to 70 degrees centigrade using a low Global Warming Potential refrigerant (R290). The LWD70 ASX has a corrosion proof coating, which prolongs the life of the heat pump making it suitable for coastal areas, all Omnie heat pumps come with a 5 year parts warranty as standard.

Additional technical support is provided with every heat pump with final commissioning and the 1 year back up (Gold) support service, which includes remote access package making it easy to monitor the performance of the heat pump. ❚ enquiry 145



Die Cast Aluminium Radiators

w.aelheati n ww

The ultra-sustainable design features not just an Omnie 7kW Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP), delivering domestic hot water and warmth via the manufacturer’s Omnie Foilboard Floating UFH System, but also an Omnie Compact 185 Heat Recovery Unit (HRU), supplying pre- warmed air


m • Drawin co g g.

mat compat b for

Original FARAL Aluminium Radiators, always appreciated, often imitated since 1966 The choice of many Architects and local authorities for over 50 years, Faral radiators provide the highest heat output achievable from one of the most energy efficient low water content aluminium radiators available today.


Autoca with d le

Longo 80

White TA8W15 thermostatic valve set

Tropical 95

Detailed drawings of AEL radiators and valves in a CAD drawing format that is also compatible with AUTOCAD is available on digital disc or via e-mail: Tel: 01928 579068

©AEL copyright all photographs & CAD drawings

Flat Front Sill Line

❚ enquiry 143.

❚ enquiry 144 .

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Gazco Studio Slimline: Designer Gas Fires with a Difference

Modern Charm and Easy Living with Yeoman CL5 Gas Stoves

Yeoman CL5 Gas Stove

Gazco Studio 2 Slimline Edge with Black Glass Lining
























































Unique Possibilities with the Lotus Unico

Lotus Unico 13


Dovre Sense 113 in Pure White Enamel

A Sense of Style – Distinctive Stoves from Dovre 3DLULQJ XOWUDFRQWHPSRUDU\ GH-






























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NEW Elise Wood & Multi-fuel Fir ires



Fi r i ng g imaag agination a a onss for o o ovver e 30 years... yyea s      

Over 30 yea rs of British design and e engineering have gone into nto creating the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mosst comprehensive range of high h quality woodbur ning, solid-fuel, gas and ele ectric stoves and fireplaces. ces.


www m

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John Rays Infant School completed using Comar 5P.i Top Hung Windows Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, with their approved fabricator Anglia Fixing Ltd; completed an extended rebuild of John Ray Infants School which was burnt to the ground during a 12 hour fire, days before the pupils returned from summer holidays. This extended new build project has enabled the school to increase its intake from 285 to 360 pupils providing much needed extra school places in the local community. This project was completed using Comar 5P.i ECO Top Hung

Levolux touches down at the ESA The £12 million Roy Gibson building, which will host the European Space Agency’s (ESA) UK branch – the European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications (ECSAT), has been fitted with an adaptable solar shading solution, courtesy of Levolux. Located on the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire, the 4,500m2 Roy Gibson building accommodates cellular offices, a lecture theatre, gymnasium and a canteen area, arranged over fivestoreys. British architects Wilson Mason adapted a German design to create a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rated building. The building incorporates a host of innovative, energy-saving technologies, including ground source heat exchangers and a fully automated solar shading solution from June 2016

Windows. The aluminium P.i & P.i ECO window and door systems use trademarked Polyamide Insulated (P.i) that provides exceptional thermal performance and reduces heat loss through the thermal break ensuring low U-values and therefore ensuring energy bills are minimised. Comar 7P.i Commercial Doors are a natural choice in a busy school environment and were selected for the main entrance and external doors. The doors and windows were hung directly into the Comar 9P.i Framing system which was also used to install a large glazed area to the schools front facade. All Comar approved fabricators are required to have the technical expertise to attend pre-site meetings and provide detailing. Anglia Fixing liaised closely with the specifiers to provide design advice and detailing which ensured the project ran smoothly and met site deadlines. ❚ enquiry 147 Levolux. Following a challenging brief, Levolux developed a custom solar shading and screening solution, applied internally and externally. A combination of external Venetian blinds and curved Aerofoil Fins have been incorporated into the façade, providing shade to office areas and the building’s reception and conference wing, respectively. ❚ enquiry 148

REHAU Passivhaus products chosen for innovation Social Housing Project REHAU’s expertise in the Passivhaus sector has been perfectly demonstrated with an installation of windows and doors in one of the UK’s first Passivhaus certified social housing projects. REHAU GENEO tilt and turn windows and French doors and the brand new AGILA Passivhaus entrance door were all fabricated by Passivhaus specialists GRM Innovations for the pilot development in Sarisbury Green, Fareham. They were specified by Kenn Scaddan Associates and installed by main contractors Interserve. There are six new two bedroom homes in total on the development, all of which have been built and funded by Fareham Borough Council with assistance from the Home and Communities Agency’s (HCA) 2015-2018 Affordable Homes Programme. They are intended to demonstrate and evaluate what can be achieved in terms of sustainability in the social and affordable housing sector. The homes have been rented to families on the council’s housing list, and, now that they are

Gilgen improves entrance efficiency at Brewood Practice

occupied, the energy performance will be monitored over the next 12 months. This is the first installation of the brand new AGILA Passivhaus contemporary styled entrance door which features a glazed in Rodenberg door panel. It achieves a Ud value of just 0.7 W/m²K, and comes pre-glazed and with high security hardware pre-fitted making it easy to install. There are a choice of panel styles available with GRP painted, GRP foil laminate or aluminium overlay skins polyester power coated in any standard RAL colour in the range. At Sarisbury Green, GRP foil laminate panels were specified in RAL7001 grey to coordinate with the REHAU GENEO windows and French doors in the same colour. REHAU’s GENEO windows were previously chosen for the landmark Interserve regional office in Syston, Leicestershire which was the first Zero Carbon office in the UK to be fully certified to Passivhaus standard. Manufactured using REHAU’s RAUFIPRO™ fibre composite material, they achieve Uw values as low as 0.73W/m²K. GRM Innovations is a new

Gilgen Door Systems has installed four SLX automatic single sliding doors at Brewood Medical Practice, improving the building’s accessibility and environmental performance. The new centre, set in a semi-rural location in Brewood, Staffordshire provides general medical services based on traditional family values for the local community. Prior to the installation Gilgen completed a risk assessment to ensure correct specification of the doors in compliance with BS EN16005 safety standards. Two sets of single sliding doors were installed to each entrance along with a fixed side panel, creating an internal lobby area which reduces heat loss and improves comfort in the waiting area; the outer doors being double glazed. The Swiss designed doors have been fitted with pocket screens which ensure pedestrians can’t accidently come in contact with

venture from established REHAU fabricator GRM Windows set up specifically to manufacture and supply the new REHAU AGILA Passivhaus door. REHAU’s specialist commercial team supported GRM Innovations on this project with sectional drawings and CAD details and wind loading reports. REHAU’s Commercial Sales Manager Steve Tonkiss commented: I am very proud that we have been successful with this Passivhaus project. Worldwide, from China to the US and Europe, REHAU has been involved in numerous Passivhaus buildings and we have built up a wealth of knowledge which we want to share with our customers.” ❚ enquiry 149

the moving door leaf when congregating in the lobby area. Motion and presence sensors continuously monitor the area and open the door on the approach of pedestrians and in the event of an obstruction the doors automatically stop and return to prevent any contact. The doors provide a clear walk through width of 1100mm which is ample to accommodate the wide range of visitors including wheel chair users, disabled persons, accompanied children and pensioners. David Rock, Business Development Manager at Gilgen comments “This application helps demonstrate the quality of Gilgen automatic doors in medical and community based applications”. For further information on the Gilgen automatic door range call 0800 316 6994 or visit ❚ enquiry 146

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June 2016


Optima from Profile 22: Future proof high performance windows

Relationships mean everything to us!

Months of rumours and speculation are now at an end as Profile 22 launches not one but two of the industry’s most eagerly awaited window and door systems. Hailed as the biggest new product introduction in the window industry for a decade, Profile 22 has unveiled Optima, developed to be the most advanced products of their type available in the UK today. Developed specifically with commercial sectors in mind, and backed by the Profile 22 Approved Window Contractors scheme, Optima offers a compelling choice for the professional specifier. Behind this launch is a radical rethink of each of the key processes in the production of a window and door system for the 21st Century: extrusion processes that ensure superb quality and consistency whilst protecting the environment through reduced energy and ecological impact and products that easily satisfy current technical and aesthetic demands by anticipating those of many years ahead. The two product streams are characterised by the Optima Chamfered System and the Optima Sculptured System, from which a large number of options are available including a brand new Flush Casement to compete in the burgeoning ‘heritage’ flush sash timber replacement sector. In basis the systems offer a 6 chamber outer frame (up to 8 with RCM inserts) and a 5 chamber sash (6 with RCM), structures that provide optimal thermal performance and

Kawneer systems help ESRI to achieve "Outstanding" BREEAM status A university building with multiple pioneering elements features glazing systems by Kawneer.

rigidity with the capability of U values as low as 0.8 W/m2K with appropriate Argon filled IGUs. Around these basic structures will be the widest range of ancillaries and add-ons of any system on the market to allow the production of windows in every style, for every property type. Important niche products such as a fully reversible window; a vertical sliding sash; flush tilt & turn; a flush casement; composite door; french door sets; and a patio door may be manufactured by combining existing profiles with the Optima suite. Performance is to A++ Window Energy Rating. The Profile 22 system that Optima replaces enjoyed huge popularity for its aesthetics and Optima retains a close similarity, but with a larger rebate and stylish slim upstand. The distinctiveness enjoyed by Profile 22 over other systems will therefore continue. ❚ enquiry 150

Architectural glazing systems from Kawneer have helped an exemplar building in sustainable, low-energy design become the first education building in the UK to achieve BREEAM "Outstanding". The £12.65 million Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) was the final project to be delivered through the 2009-2014 capital projects framework at Swansea University and is a unique centre of research innovation, facilitating ground-breaking work into the safe deployment of new renewable energy solutions.

The ESRI site was part of 40 hectares gifted by BP, one of the university's major industrial partners. Its funding through Central Government's UK Research Partnership Investment Fund was contingent on achieving a BREEAM Outstanding rating which made it the first education building to do so.

The Kawneer systems were used throughout the 4,500m2 building and comprise AA®541 top-hung casement windows, low/medium-duty swing doors and AA®100 zone-drained capped curtain walling featuring dressed aluminium feature beams. These mimic steel beams by being glazed into the system and insulated to create horizontal emphasis at varying levels.

One of its key innovations is a layout that inhibits any form of silo culture within the research areas by placing a strong emphasis on the shared space between research groups. Building users and visitors are able to see into the laboratory spaces from the circulation areas and gain a feel for the activities going on inside.

Ian Standen, associate architect with regular Kawneer specifiers Stride Treglown said:

Building Product Solutions are meeting the demands of a growing market. We are proud to be leading the way on manufacturing new build window products that are easy and trouble free to install. Our onsite glass plant improves the speed from order to delivery focusing on working together with our customers for a better future.

"The Kawneer systems are a key feature of the design as the window and curtain walling details became the focus of the Prince's Foundation for Building Community who were advising the university." Part of the 27,000m2 Engineering Quarter on the university's new Bay Campus, the building accommodates scientific testing and experimental laboratories, high-quality offices, communal areas, meeting rooms, research offices and a showcase lecture theatre.

They were installed on the brickwork and rainscreen-clad building with cavity and SFS inner wall construction by Kawneerapproved specialist sub-contractor Dudley's Aluminium for main contractor Bouygues UK.

Better than ever!

Onsite glass plant

Unrivalled onsite support

New build windows

Excellent customer care

Building Product SOLUTIONS

QUALITY NEWBUILD WINDOW SOLUTIONS Unit 30 Goldthorpe Industrial Estate, Goldthorpe, Rotherham S63 9BL

Tel: 01709 882080 Fax: 08458 622027 ❚ enquiry 151 .


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Sustainable showering Step up food hygiene checks, says Tristone with new Crometta in restaurants. Solid surface specialist Tristone is standards Combining responsible use of water with high-end design, the EcoSmart models from the new Crometta range of showerheads have special spray nozzles and a flow limitation system that reduce water flow to nine or even six litres per minute, depending on the model. With an attractive price point, the Crometta range comprises overhead and hand showers, shower sets and showerpipes. All available as water-saving EcoSmart models and in a choice of square (E) or round (S) designs. ❚ enquiry 153

Turn On The Heat Anytime The ideal bathroom towel warmer is a dual fuel radiator which works on the central heating system and also has an electric connection, giving the option for year round warmth even when the heating is switched off. Especially suited to bathrooms, Vasco’s towel warmers offer exceptionally high build quality with invisible weld seams and extensive colour choice, plus outstanding efficiency and extremely economical heat control whether using the central heating system or electricity.

urging the government to do more to root out bad hygiene in the restaurant trade, following recent research which show that inspections have fallen by 15 per cent since 2003.

However, the truth is that with 50,000 less inspections, many restaurants are simply slipping under the radar meaning food poisoning and other associated risks for customers.

Tristone has already thrown its weight behind calls for the display of hygiene ratings to be made compulsory and are asking government to do more to ensure that poor hygiene is stamped out entirely. The total number of inspections has fallen from 307,526 in 2003-04 to 260,765 in 2014-15, amounting to almost 50,000 less inspections, something which is a ‘growing concern’ for the Food Standards Agency watchdog. “I was very disappointed to read about this new research,” said Howard Noh, Managing Director of Tristone. “Hygiene in restaurants is not an area we can afford to make cuts in – it’s people’s health and potentially even their lives we are talking about here. The government should be increasing staff in this area, not making cuts.” With recent research showing that as many as 75 per cent of people have said they would not want to eat at a restaurant that had been implicated in a food hygiene incident, Howard says that taxpayers have every right to expect correctly regulated hygiene

There are numerous reasons that a restaurant might score a poor food hygiene rating. These can be as simple as storing and labelling food correctly, but can also extend to complex issues like cleanliness. For business operating on tight margins, corners might be cut when it comes to cleaning, to save on staff hours. “Cleaning needn’t be a big issue for restaurants,” says Howard. “Hygiene is essential, and all food outlets must accept it as a part of doing business and dedicate sufficient time to it. Poorly fitted out kitchens can make the job significantly harder and investing in better kitchen equipment will save businesses a lot of money, when you consider how many hours of cleaning this can help remove.”

Dramatic Water Savings by Ambassador Theatre Group. Six famous London Theatres have now installed Falcon Waterless Urinals in their gents’ toilets. The Savoy Theatre, The Harold Pinter Theatre, The Playhouse Theatre, The Duke of York’s, The Fortune and The Trafalgar Studios are now enjoying water savings of up to 150,000 litres of water per year, per urinal - a massive saving in water charges. They are soon to be joined by The Apollo Victoria. It must also be remembered that the water saving figures quoted here are based on normal efficient usage of a flushing urinal. A small steady leak from a cistern can waste a further 227,000 litres of water per year. Often, leaks go undetected in a flush urinal, escaping water spreads across the back of the bowl and is hard to see. A stuck urinal flush valve can waste 6,370 litres per day.

Supplied by Relcross via their distributor EcoAd, the Falcon Flax urinals are designed to optionally carry advertisements across the top of the urinal. This maximises the commercial opportunity presented by a captive audience while removing a hygiene problem of wall mounted advertisements. The urinal mounted ads are easily

cleaned with the urinals and offer no nooks or crannies to harbour bacteria. Venues such as theatres, sports stadia and conference centres are enthusiastic users of waterless urinals as so much water is currently wasted by automatically flushing urinals all day, every day but with actual usage concentrated into short, busy

periods followed by further inactivity. The Ambassador Theatre Group joins the Dolphin Stadium in Miami, the Nou Camp in Barcelona, the Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough and many others who have installed Falcon Waterless Urinals. But any urinals can be replaced with waterless ones and the advantages enjoyed from day one.

For more information call 01380 729600, email or visit

❚ enquiry 154

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June 2016



Designing quiet bathrooms – new RIBA approved CPD from Geberit Bathroom noises, caused by sanitaryware and behind-the-scenes pipework, can be an issue in multiple floored buildings, such as hotels, offices and apartments, disturbing guests and occupants trying to sleep or work in these environments. To help architects, specifiers and M&E contractors understand and combat this problem, Geberit has launched new RIBA approved CPD, Embedding Acoustics into Design. Providing a technical insight and definition of ‘noise’ and its causes, the CPD covers current British Standards relating to limiting bathroom sound, plus Geberit’s thorough approach to noise reduction; which starts with good design and ends with appropriate product choices and correct installation techniques. Backed-up by Geberit’s own UK installation techniques and research, which takes place in its dedicated sound laboratory, Embedding Acoustics into Design, provides a detailed guide to creating quiet British bathrooms. Embedding Acoustics in Design – what’s included: • Identification of the cause of ‘noise’ (cisterns, water in the soil stack etc.) • Importance of considering acoustics at the design stage

• How to design a ‘quiet’ bathroom, looking at pipe layout, piping and sanitaryware types • Overview of current legislation • Geberit’s own laboratory data detailing the decibels (dBs) of bathroom sounds and the effect design, product choices and installation techniques have on reducing dBs. Victoria Willis, Head of Piping and Product Management for Geberit commented. “According to Geberit’s own research, 90% of people* have been disturbed by waste water noise, with 55% of tenants stating they’d pay a little more rent if bathroom noises were reduced. This shows the importance of sound reduction; particularly in high end hotels and apartments. In our opinion, it is not always dealt with properly or even considered at any length at the design and planning stage, when in reality it’s incredibly important – getting a good night’s sleep is a priority for most people.”

S TA I N L E S S S T E E L 7-2/7ˆ;36/8347ˆ'%&-2)87ˆ7,)0:-2+


the stainless steel specialists

w w w. g e c a n d e r s o n . c o. u k

❚ enquiry 155 .

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Modular buildings for short-term use can now be supplied with an even wider range of architectural options and amenities to enhance the environment for work and study. Developed and installed by Portakabin, the range is designed to give interim buildings a more permanent feel and includes:

• Canopies and shelters for under-utilised outdoor spaces

• Covered walkways with curved, high barrel, low barrel or flat roofs

• Vinyl wraps, which are low maintenance and simple to install but can totally transform a building’s appearance with strong branding and graphics

• Free-standing outdoor structures • Cycle storage

• Smoking shelters

• Street furniture such as litter bins, benches, picnic tables, bollards and barriers.

Portakabin Constr Portakabin Constructs ‘Pop Up’ Learning Hub for UCL in just 2 days as pressure on universities increase to meet rising demand for higher education. With the end of the recruitment cap on undergraduate numbers in England now taking effect, the requirement for upgrading and expanding learning facilities continues to rise to meet the increased demand for higher education. An extra 30,000 student places have been made available in England this year, and the Russell Group has estimated that more than £9 billion is being spent on capital projects by its 24 worldclass universities, with a large proportion going towards new high quality learning facilities. One of the Russell Group of universities is University College London (UCL) where Portakabin constructed an innovative ‘pop up’ learning hub in central London in just nine weeks from receipt of order to handover. This is to help address the surge in student numbers

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tructs Pop Up Learning Centre and was achieved with no disruption to teaching. The two-storey modular building will be in use for two years until significant elements of UCL’s major capital programme to provide new permanent and refurbished teaching space is completed. The new learning hub was installed in just two days ready for the start of the academic year. It would have taken many weeks had the building been constructed using site-based building methods. Commenting on the project, Sam Williams, Capital Projects Manager at University College London, said, “We are really impressed with the performance of the Portakabin team. We needed facilities of the highest standard delivered in the shortest possible timescale. This was achieved and it is an excellent, robust building which has been positively

received and is being well used. The vinyl wrap has really enhanced the facility and internally we have varied room sizes to suit the type of learning – from large lectures to smaller seminar working groups.” “The project team was fast and responsive, which was key to the success of the project. We are also very happy with the quality of finish and the additional elements which give the building a permanent feel and further improve the student experience.” The learning hub accommodates a lecture theatre for up to 100 students and has three smaller seminar rooms. Portakabin supplied decking around the building, an access ramp, stairs up to the entrance, air conditioning, emergency lighting, and data communications. The building has a striking finish, created using a vinyl wrap with strong graphics that reflect and communicate UCL’s programme to transform its estate.

The new Portakabin building is sited in a complex location within an enclosed courtyard.

only centimetres to spare. One of the walls also had to be fire rated to 60 minutes due to the proximity to an adjacent brick building.

This required detailed logistical planning from the Portakabin hire team and great precision for the installation phase with

❚ enquiry 158

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Why wireless control brightens the effect of LED lighting LED lighting is revolutionising the lighting industry and creating completely new market conditions. However, unlocking its full potential has been hampered by a lack of simple and easy to install industry standard solutions enabling personal control, energy conservation and compliance with increasingly stringent building standards. To fulfil all of these requirements, LED control based on standardised wireless technology is the way forward.

CP Electronics’ new Vitesse Plus lighting control system with built-in pre-sets makes configuration easier than ever before CP Electronics, the industry-leading designer and manufacturer of energy-saving lighting controls, has unveilled its next generation of Vitesse Plus, a seven-channel lighting control system specially designed for educational and commercial applications, as well as retail spaces. Created in response to the recent implementation of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) mandate and Education Funding Agency (EFA) guidelines, as well as a growing need to find a costeffective solution which is easy to set up, Vitesse Plus meets the diverse needs of customers across a range of sectors. Comprised of seven channels spaced over 12 outputs, Vitesse Plus offers superior flexibility and control. It is a stand-alone system with a built-in pre-set configuration menu which enables

users to set up and re-configure spaces quickly and intuitively. The system is designed with the installer in mind; it offers multiple mounting options and simple plug-in connection of luminaires and peripheral devices such as occupancy detectors and scene plates. With 18 SELV inputs, up to five centre-biased retractive switches and a separate keyswitch for emergency lighting testing can be connected. This affords the installer and end user total control, as these can be configured individually or in groups, making Vitesse Plus one of the most adaptable and intuitive standalone lighting control systems on the market. Features such as graduated dimming and corridor hold are simple to set up and control, with photocell detectors making

adjustments that take advantage of natural light levels. The inclusion of dimming control switches, which interact with photocell detectors to alter the brightness of DALI or DSI luminaires in line with natural light levels, ensures greater energy efficiency. The core feature of the system is its simplicity to set to work. Stored within the lighting control module (LCM) is a list of pre-set configurations. Each pre-set configuration or “config” is a preprogrammed set of parameters allowing switches, detectors, and scene plates to work together based on a particular application. To view CP Electronics’ introductory Vitesse Plus video or for further information, please visit: Further information about the broader CP Electric at

❚ enquiry 159

By Matthias Kassner, Product Marketing Director, EnOcean With LEDs replacing old lighting technologies, new control capabilities enable building owners to achieve higher energy efficiency rates and increased comfort. Fulfilling this potential requires selecting a suitable control solution. As the lighting market is still evolving, different standards and architectures exist for lighting control to cover the comprehensive requirements of changing colours, dimming, occupancy-based on/off, demand response or sophisticated daylight harvesting. Stringent regulations Regulations, such as the EU Directive for the Energy Performance of Buildings, became a vital part of building regulations in a drive for greener buildings. It aims to make energy use in buildings transparent by issuing Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) as well as identifying and developing new opportunities for a reduced carbon footprint. Besides this, green building certification programmes such as LEED or BREEAM call for integrated control of building

areas for the achievement of the maximum number of points. The limits of wires One option for installing LED lighting control is a wired system. This is mainly suitable for simple use cases where all lights are connected to the same bus and set to the same light intensity. But wiring complexity grows significantly once the system is required to control a set of lights together. Wireless flexibility An alternative to a wired system is wireless control. It has increased in popularity in the last decade due to advances in radio technology and the emergence of standards which enable seamless communication between different devices. The key advantages of wireless control are the ease of upgrading existing buildings and expanding a system at any time. No new control wiring is required for existing lights; they simply have to be upgraded with wireless control units. Building standard Several standards already exist for wireless communication in a building automation system. The energy harvesting wireless or socalled EnOcean standard is one of the most established. It is defined by the EnOcean Alliance, a consortium of international companies of the building automation industry. The wireless communication uses the 868 MHz frequency, which delivers a distance of up to 30 metres in buildings and has no interference impacts from local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices.

DANLERS ControlZAPP – More than an Energy Saving Control • Programmable by Android phone or tablet • Real Time scheduling for switching, lux control or function changes • PIR occupancy switching and adjustable photocell for daylight control • Switching/dimming functions can be controlled by sunset and sunrise prediction • Automatic time adjustment for BST • Innovative twin level time lag function with short visit mode for even greater energy savings • Versions for switching only, DALI Dimming and 1-10V Dimming Tel: 01249 443377 - Fax: 01249 443388 Website: ❚ enquiry 160.

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June 2016



Now you CAN use smart wall switches with LED lamps with confidence Introducing the revolutionary Automatic Switch Load Controller that you can retrofit with nearly all makes of smart switch to get rid of glow and flicker.

We all like innovation and over the past

switching, timing, delay, photocell or

decade, LED development within the

remote control.

lighting industry has provided possibly one of the biggest leaps forward yet in our

Most of these automatic switches are

industry. Coupled with smart switches and

designed to operate as a replacement for a

home automation systems, LED has

standard 2-wire light switch where there is

revolutionised the lighting industry, in

normally no neutral connection available at

particular when it comes to energy saving.

the switch. On the face of it, that’s good



news and an easy install for you, but for

technologies in the past, LED brings its own





these switches to function a small amount

collection of problems for the installer.

of power is drawn down through the switched live connection to operate the

You only have to look on the internet

switch whilst in standby.

forums to see electricians desperately trying to find answers to the same problems with

That was never a problem for incandescent

LED lighting: more often than not they have

or halogen because the current was too

suffered the problem of replacing a

small to have any effect, but it has emerged

customer’s old incandescent lamps for new

as a big problem with LED lighting.

energy saving LED lamps only to find that

Another common problem arises when

the damn things will not switch off. No

LEDs are switched on: due to the circuitry

for automatic switches and LED lamps to

The features of this patented unit include:-

matter what you do they just glow or flash.

needed to power the actual LED chips a

operate in harmony without having to

• Eliminating LED & CFL glow and flicker

Or the customer asked for an automatic

momentary power surge is created.

modify the automatic switch or LED lamp

in 2- wire automatic light switches, IE:

light switch (PIR, timed, delay, or remote

Commonly known as an inrush current,

by diverting the current from the LED or

Timed, PIR, Delay/Timelag, Security,

control etc.) to be fitted to their state of the

and this can be enough to damage many

CFL lamp. This new device is called the

art LED lighting installation, only to find

switches and equipment controlling them.

Timeguard ZV900 Automatic Switch Load

the automatic switch has stopped working after a week.

Controller: it is small, inexpensive, easy to

Audio and Photocell automatic switches. • Built in surge & current inrush suppression

What’s the solution?

install, slips neatly through a standard

Until now, there hasn’t been much you can

50mm ceiling aperture and you only need

switching capabilities to 200W

What’s causing the problems?

do about it. Changing to a different LED

one per switching circuit – and it will work

• Under 1W power consumption

The main reason we all want to use LED

lamp manufacturer is the most commonly

with just about any make of smart switch

• No additional cabling to the switch

lighting is to save energy LED lamps use a

shared answer, but that rarely works. You

and LED or CFL lamps so you can go out

fraction of the power of incandescent or

can try changing the automatic light switch,

and fix existing customer problems at a

• Fits in the ceiling through a 50mm hole

halogen, so quite logically they only need

but you will only be going back to change


• Only 1 x ZV900 needed per switching

a fraction of the power for them to

it repeatedly if the switch has a low LED

illuminate. So any small voltage/current

rating or, as is usually the case, no properly

The Timeguard ZV900 is specifically

within the circuit will cause the LED lamps

tested LED rating at all.

designed to alleviate issues with switching

to glow or flash – just the sort of current

• Boosts 99% of automatic switches LED


circuit up to 200W LED/CFL

LED’s and CFL lamps without the need for

that is always present in the case of most 2-

Now Timeguard has developed a patented

extensive extra wiring and in most cases no

wire automatic switches offering PIR

device that creates an electrical environment

extra wiring at all.

Find out more at ❚ enquiry 161

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Revive wooden furniture with Osmo Wood has long been a popular material for furniture due to its durability, versatility and striking natural appearance. However, whether it’s 10 or 100 years old, every day wear and tear can take its toll on wood, deteriorating the furniture’s quality and look. Unknown to many, one of the most effective and common methods of restoring wooden furniture is simply reviving the surface. Worn wood can be sanded, cleaned and re-finished to present a fresh canvas with an as-new appearance. For furniture pieces that have a build-up of wax,

Latest Sandtex Trade video offers a guide to masonry paints Different types of masonry paint are introduced in the second episode of the ‘This Is Sandtex Trade’ video series. In the film Kevin O’Donnell, Product Trainer for Crown Paints, looks at the wide variety of masonry paints available and how different formulations can create June 2016

unsightly finger prints or white rings, an abrasion technique may be required. Many good furniture finishes are designed to be thick to prevent any impermeable damage from penetrating the wood. For example, white rings are a common wooden stain that has soiled the wax, polish or finish, rather than the wood itself. An abrasion technique will allow you to ‘wear’ away the damage that is on the finish, revealing the undamaged, original wood underneath. To achieve a smooth, consistent finish, the abrasion method will need to be applied on the entire surface of the wood before applying a finish. Once cleaned, it is important to examine the wood closely to see if there are any scuffs which need to be repaired. If there are any dents or small scrapes, use a wood filler product to even out the damaged wood surface. To finish, it is recommended to use a high quality product that is compatible with your specified finish. This will ensure that once the wood has been cleaned, sanded and the final finishing treatment is applied, the repaired surface will be camouflaged against the rest of the wood without leaving unsightly marks. ❚ enquiry 162 distinct finishes for every requirement. The information provided covers a broad subject area including the achievement of smooth and textured finishes, ideas to enhance architectural features and an insight into how to provide long-term protection against weather exposure. An overview of products including Sandtex Trade High Cover Smooth, Sandtex Trade Fine Textured Matt, Sandtex Trade X-treme X-posure and Sandtex Trade Classic Stone Gloss is also provided, as well as details about Sandtex Trade Dirt Repellent. Sharon Smith, Sandtex Trade Brand Manager, said: “Sandtex Trade masonry paints have been designed to deliver optimum performance and professional results that will stand the test of time. ❚ enquiry 163

Earthborn revamp

ECOPRO RANGE Ecopro Matt Emulsion, Lo Sheen Emulsion and Eggshell have been repackaged and are now available in all 98 shades of BS4800, plus black and white. The new palette offers a huge choice and enables colour matching with other decorating features.

Colour shines through in new Crown Trade guide Crown Trade has gone back to the drawing board to refresh its inspirational colour card. Reflecting its position as the industry experts in colour, the UK paint manufacturer has poured all its expertise into ‘Colour Schemes and Inspiration’ a new guide packed with ideas, insight and inspiration to help specifiers select the perfect shade. Taking centre stage in the booklet are 150 of the most popular colours in the Crown range. These are all placed into colour families – namely whites, creams, neutrals, yellows, greens, blues, reds and greys – for ease of reference. There’s then a description of the unique characteristics of each colour family and colour schemed roomsets illustrating each group in inspirational environments. Information on factors including light, space and colour psychology are also featured, along with guidance on Crown Trade’s colour mixing system and MyRoomPainter App. Available for free download from the App Store or Google Play, this app enables specifiers to take pictures of an area to see exactly how a finished project will look in whatever shade is chosen. Debbie Orr, Crown Paints Marketing Manager for Trade brands, said: “Colour Schemes and Inspiration’ pulls together a wide-range of guidance to help make the

The Ecopro Emulsions are available in 5l and 10l plastic tubs while the Eggshell is in 750ml and 2.5l tins. The Ecopro range is uniquely formulated for high performance and all three products are totally oil and acrylic free, with minimal VOCs. Eggshell is a new addition to the range. Suitable for use on interior walls, ceilings and woodwork, it’s a complete allrounder. It dries to an attractive sheen that is durable, washable and scuff resistant. Ecopro emulsions are water-based, low odour, environmentally sound alternatives to conventional wall and ceiling emulsions. The Matt option is particularly

selection of shades easy and effective. “We’ve used our knowledge and expertise, and considered the latest trends, to produce this guide, which ultimately helps specifiers get confident with colour. “The impact colour makes on our buildings cannot be overstated. It defines space, indicates function, influences mood and creates identity. “It’s an interesting subject and one that we’ve touched on more in-depth than in a usual colour card, to help people make informed choices.” All the shades featured in the guide are available in Crown Trade’s high quality, professional finishes. These include Crown Trade Clean Extreme, which is recognised throughout the industry for delivering a long-lasting finish that will stand the test of time and keep a fresh-looking appearance. Its high technology formulation provides a surface that is not only wipeable, but has the real bonus of offering a truly scrubbable finish. Marks and stains can be easily removed to ensure an attractive look is in place for the long term. This ensures a ‘just painted’ appearance is maintained, and surfaces are returned to their pristine condition time and time again. To order a copy of the Colour Schemes and Inspiration guide, please contact the Crown Trade Specification Team by calling 0330 0240310, email ❚ enquiry 165

suitable for use on new plaster, while Lo Sheen is formulated for enhanced durability and washability, making it suitable for higher traffic areas. Complying with the strict EU Ecolabel standards, the range is not only eco friendly but newly decorated rooms can be brought back into use quickly because the paints do not give off any harmful emissions or odours. For further information visit:

❚ enquiry 164

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June 2016 June 2016







energy effic

ient, healthy


& sustainable

building prod


ucts for the



n industry












lead the

the higher ed way in ucation


Seasonal & su stainable desig n in American Hard Maple PORTAKA BIN CON POP UP CEN STRUCTS TRE


Follow us @mcdermot tone or find w w w. M us on cDerm acebook • ottPub lishing .com



June 2016 £4.50







Simply fill out the grid with the enquiry numbers you are interested in, cut out this box and post to: Ecobuilding News, McDermott Publishing, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8SD or FAX direct on: 0121 433 3461.


0 12 9 6 3 2 3 7 7 0


w w ❚ enquiry 167 .

Company: Address:

Postcode: Tel No: Website: Email: By providing your details, you are consenting for McDermott Publishing Ltd to keep you up-to-date with news and offers via email. If you wish to opt out of this service, please tick the box provided.


HR HR PROF Eco Friendly Clear & Odourless


Water Based Non Toxic No Solvents Apply with Brush or Spray Euro-class B-s1-d0 Internal or External Use HR Prof Also tested to BS 476-6 & BS 476 part 7 Also Classification Also ttReports & Certificates Pine,Spruce,

Scottish & Siberian Larch, Western Red Cedar, Oak 0800 7833 228

❚ enquiry 168 .

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New free e-book helps vehicle fleets to meet environmental challenges Ancon further extends Any organisation running road affects them. Now, any fleet alternatives to fossil fuels; its insulated balcony vehicles can benefit from the new manager, MD, FD or business sustainable procurement and connector portfolio e-book from The Green Journey. owner can see the most relevant Amazon deforestation. These are The free guidance series has been completely redesigned to make it even easier for fleet managers and others to go straight to the heart of the latest news on sustainability. Steve Clarke, Fuel Card Services group marketing manager, said: “Every size and type of fleet needs to be aware of the latest environmental news and how it

presented in the form of an eightframe e-book, for easy online reading or download as a .pdf file.

Each issue of The Green Journey highlights five current news topics of particular relevance to UK fleets, drawing input from countless sources worldwide. The salient points of the news are summarised, with links to the most important of the several original sources used for each item. Each of the five topics concludes with an ‘Impact Point’ that suggests appropriate action by the reader.

“No fleet manager has time to sift through the constant information flow on sustainability issues. We are already doing that and can present them with only the most immediately important news. Having been helping fleets of all types and sizes for many years, we understand exactly what they need and can take them straight to the essential points.” The Green Journey’s new e-book is available to read, free, at ❚ enquiry 169

Tarmac cement creates the perfect mix

construction, again with the benefits of click technology. Wall brings cork wall tiles in a 600x300mm format and eight stock decors, while Leather brings a real hide top and cork construction, available to order in any of six decors.

Tarmac, the UK’s leading sustainable solutions provider and one of the foremost producers of cement, has launched a 12.5kg Mastercrete Mixer Pack- the most convenient and sustainable bag on the market.

The five key topics within the new issue are air pollution and diesel vehicles; electric vehicles; other

Granorte Reinvent UK Stock and Improve Service Granorte has revealed a new UK stock collection, as it looks to give retailers improved service levels for its range of cork flooring and wall products. The new collection simplifies the in-stock offering from the manufacturer with six new product families available with no minimum order required.

Granorte is introducing 20 designs for glue-down use covering a range of natural cork aesthetics, while GFix features 12 different cork-look options with fast and easy click installation. Alongside, Vinyl provides woodeffects with the acoustic, comfort and thermal benefits of a cork

“The beauty and quality of our products has never been in question and now with a threeday delivery time and no minimum order, we’ve dramatically improved our ability to service retailers to a standard in keeping with our status,” comments Scott Brady, Granorte UK. In




HWM wins Manufacturing

Excellence Award Company achieves right-first-time rates above 98 per cent. Following significant improvements to several areas of its manufacturing process, multiutility monitoring and telemetry specialist HWM has won a coveted award from parent

ANCON has extended its STC steel-to-concrete balcony connector range with two new high performance products and a standard series of connectors manufactured from stainless steel.

recent news in seconds, together with advice on appropriate actions.”

company Halma. In Halma’s words, the Manufacturing Excellence Award for 2016 “recognises companies where major changes in manufacturing have resulted in sustainable, improved business performance.” Beating off competition from more than 40 other subsidiaries, HWM took the award thanks to rightfirst-time pass rates above 98 per

“By streamlining our UK collection through a rigorous product selection process, we’ve been able to introduce a collection that demonstrates cork’s wonderful natural aesthetic as well as its ability to provide improved performance when combined with other flooring materials,” continues Scott Brady. “This refined collection means we can hold higher stock levels and provide faster delivery, bringing the service expected of a leading brand.” ❚ enquiry 170

cent and on-time deliveries over 95 per cent. ❚ enquiry 171

Sika Everbuild achieve ISO ACCREDITATIONS Sika Everbuild are thrilled to announce that they have now been certified to the new international standard for quality ISO 9001:2015 by the British Standard Institute (BSI). The road to achieving ISO 9001 2015 began in 2014 with John Peers, Quality Manager and Andrew Stockill, Quality Assurance Co-Ordinator attending seminars on the changes. In 2015 a three day training course helped them to gain the knowledge of the auditing process, transition stages

The new Mixer Pack has been dubbed ‘the perfect mix’. It contains the

Midland Lead commits to emissions reductions with £122k supply chain investment Midland Lead, leading British manufacturer of machine cast lead, has invested £122,000 into supply chain upgrades, in a move that marks part of a wider drive to support emissions reductions in the UK. A substantial part of overall investment has seen the firm welcome five state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly forklifts on site, including four Hangcha XF25s and a Hangcha XAC425. Replacing older models, the new forklifts run on Autogas (LPG), known as a ‘green fuel’ due to its use reducing CO2  exhaust and how to implement the new standard within the company. An initial assessment was conducted by the BSI in February 2016 which established that they were taking the correct approach to meet the new standards requirements. All that was required then was to pass the BSIs audit to the new standard and be passed by their compliance team afterwards. Additionally, Sika Everbuild are also pleased to have achieved the environmental standard ISO 14001:2015 from Quay Audit UK, making them the first UK based Sika company to achieve both standards. The aim of the new standard is to improve leadership ‘buy in’ within the company and to move to a more risk based way of thinking. Gaining certification for the new Environmental Management Systems started with a gap analysis which identified procedures and processes that needed changes to meet the requirements of the new standard.

Ancon STC connectors anchor an external steel balcony to an internal concrete floor slab while minimising heat loss through thermal bridging at the interface. Two sizes have been added to the STC balcony connector range to provide a higher resistance to both moment and shear forces. Typical applications for these high performance products include large cantilever balconies and situations where column layout or rebar congestion limits the number of connectors that can be installed. ❚ enquiry 172 exact amount of cement needed for one standard 4:1 mix, meaning that bags will no longer be wastefully split. Traditionally, to make a 4:1 mix, a standard bag of cement would be cut in half using a builder’s shovel. The result? Dust, mess and cement that went to waste due to it being exposed to the elements, all costing builders’ time and money. The new Mastercrete Mixer Pack means that builders can now save money by buying the exact size they need. ❚ enquiry 173 emissions by around compared to petrol.


Managing director Boudewijn Tuinenburg explains the reasoning behind the company’s keen focus on reducing emissions: “There’s no doubt that greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise – and supply chains make up a substantial part of a company’s footprint that’s often much larger than operational emissions. ❚ enquiry 174

This was a great opportunity for David Whitford, EHS Manager at Sika Everbuild, to review and enhance many of the existing processes and assess opportunities to further enhance the sites environmental objectives. On gaining these globally recognised standards, Lisa Broadhead, Operations Manager, who was also involved in the project said ‘it has been a long process for the dedicated teams involved and is a huge achievement for the site. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved for their hard work to achieve these standards.’ And if that isn’t enough, a busy time continues for the EHS team at Sika Everbuild as they work towards certification for the Occupational Health & Safety standard, OHSAS18001, later this year. ❚ enquiry 175

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June 2016



National trade body The Property Care Association received a record number of entries for its annual awards event. The independent judging panel of Gerald Kelly of CITB, Graham Perrior of the National House Builders Council (NHBC) and Neil May, a Senior Research Fellow at UCL’s Institute of Environmental Design and Engineering and CEO of the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance, judged the Best Practice awards. Student of the Year awards were also awarded on the night, based on performance in the PCA’s industry-leading qualifications. The event marked the end of the association’s annual conference, held at the Møller Centre at the University of Cambridge. Project of the Year Biocraft

Noted for its training and technical expertise, the PCA has been in been in formation for more than 85 years. It represents the UK’s structural repair sector, as well as the structural waterproofing, wood preservation, damp-proofing, flood remediation and invasive weed control industries.

Student of the Year Award Winners: •CSRT Student of the Year: Faye Harmey, Richardson & Starling •CSSW Student of the Year:  Aimee-Jayne Goodes, Newton Waterproofing Systems •CSJK Student of the Year: Clare Smith, Aecom •Technician Student of the Year (Damp & Timber): Damian Wallis, Safeguard Europe •Technician Student of the Year (Japanese knotweed):  Simon Catchpole, Complete Weed Control Kent

Best new member application Abbey Pynford Geo Structures

Employee of the Year Biocraft

& Starling rmey Richardson the Year Faye Ha of t den Stu RT CS

Best Practice Award Winners: •Contractor of the Year (Damp & Timber): Richardson & Starling •Contractor of the Year (Structural Waterproofing):  Advanced Preservations •Contractor of the Year (Japanese knotweed):  Maydencroft •Innovation & Sustainability:  MJ Rooney Construction •Project of the Year:  Biocraft •Training & Staff Development:  Brick-Tie Ltd •Outstanding Customer Service:  Olympic Construction •Employee of the Year:  Jamie Lewendon, Biocraft •Best New Member Application:  Abbey Pynford Geo Structures •Website of the Year (small company 1 -10 employees):  Dryfix Preservation Ltd •Website of the Year (large company 11+ employees):  Timberwise

Contractor of the Year Structural Waterproofing Advanced Preservations

CSJK Student Clare Smith Aecom

Contractor of the Year Damp & Timber Richardson & Starling

Innovation and Sustainability MJ Rooney

PCAQT Damp & Tim ber Damian Wallis Safeguard Europe

CSSW Student Aimee-Jayne Goodes Newton Waterproofing

PCAQT Japanese KW Simon Catchpole Complete Weed Control

AWARD SPONSORS Student of the Year Award Sponsors •CSSW: Delta Membrane Systems Ltd •CSRT: Triton Systems •CSJK: PA Geotechnical Ltd •Technician Student of the Year (Damp & Timber):  Stallard Kane Ltd •Technician Student of the Year (Japanese knotweed):  Stallard Kane Ltd

Outstanding Customer Service Olympic Construction

Contractor of the Year Award Sponsors •Timber and Damp: Safeguard Europe Ltd •Structural Waterproofing: Newton Waterproofing Systems •Invasive Weed: PA Geotechnical Ltd •Best New Member application: PCA •Innovation & Sustainability: Shepherd PR •Project of the Year: Pam Ties Ltd •Training & Staff Development: CITB •Employee of Year: PCA •Website of Year: PCA •Outstanding Customer Service: Aquobex ❚ enquiry 176 .

Website larger company Timberwise

Training and Staff Development Brick-Tie Ltd

Website smaller company Dryfix

tweed Maydencroft Year Japanese kno Contractor of the

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James Latham

Supports Community Project with Accoya®

James Latham’s depot at Yate has supplied a community project with Accoya – the high performance, modified and long life wood – that has transformed an abandoned, overgrown area in Bristol into a thriving pocket park designed for storytelling.

“It has been a really rewarding project and we are extremely grateful to James Latham at Yate for having supplied Accoya wood. Accoya is an extensively proven and high performance wood and because of the modification technique that is used, it is ideal for outdoor use and challenging applications.  I know both the students and the team at Ooma Design have been really impressed with it.”

Andy Duffin, Operations Director of Lathams Limited said, “By creating this park, the team has inspired the community to engage with and maintain a unique area of green space within the urban street scape of Bedminster which otherwise would have remained an overgrown, disused space that was being used to store building waste. We were delighted to help and to see how Accoya had been used in such and imaginative and original application.”

The Accoya was used to create an eye-catching piece of sculpture in the form of a snaking bench which was designed by architecture students from UWE (University of the West of England) and was made by contemporary furniture makers Ooma Design of Corsham ( Through consultation with local residents in Bedminster, it was decided that sharing stories is a group activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and provide a platform for communication. Dr Rachel Sara, Associate Professor in Architecture at UWE commented, “The team wanted to create a piece of sculpture, that when placed on site, transformed the area into a space tailored for storytelling. The sculpture is expressed as a continuous curved bench containing and sheltering a focused story circle and the seating can accommodate small groups and individuals. ❚ enquiry 177 .

For more information:

phone 0 116 2 57 34 15 , e-mail



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June 2016


Heating and Ventilation Solutions to meet all local authority & social housing requirements Johnson & Starley, CIH Housing, 28-30 June 2016, Manchester Central, Stand D48 At the Chartered Institute of Housing's 2016 Exhibition, Johnson & Starley is exhibiting a comprehensive range of heating and ventilation products that meet the needs of housing associations, local authorities, housebuilders and contractors. Housing professionals involved in the specification of energy efficient H&V solutions will be able to discuss specific project requirements with a company that has unrivalled experience in this market through countless installations of its warm air heating, gas condensing boiler and ventilation products. Johnson & Starley's warm air heating range, for example, has traditionally been the most important element of the company's expertise, with local authorities and social housing providers continuing to specify

Spectus challenge aluminium with new PVC U flush tilt & turn Spectus has issued a direct challenge to aluminium windows in high-rise with the launch of its Flush Tilt & Turn PVC-U system, that has a similar look to the metal but with significant benefits including thermal performance and cost.

With U-Values as low as 0.8 W/m2K (WER A++) achievable, window openings up to 1,450mm wide X 2,300mm high, and many other unique features, the Spectus Flush Tilt & Turn is ideal for new-build apartments, housing, hotels, health education and public buildings, where aluminium or composites might otherwise have been first choice. Its sleek external flush styling and square edge appearance gives it a close visual match to aluminium, especially with the smooth grey foiled finish on grey base as a stock option, but the profile also benefits from Spectus’s extensive range of 28 other foils – one of the widest ranges of any PVCU system. As well as the obvious cost saving of PVC-U over aluminium, the Spectus Flush Tilt & Turn’s exceptional thermal performance can be achieved with Argon-filled triple glazed units

successive generations of these reliable, high efficiency units. The latest WarmCair condensing warm air heaters, with thermal efficiencies of up to 98%, combine high energy efficiency with low running costs, low NOx emissions and low operational noise levels. Models are available with or without DHW provision.


ideal for the replacement of old centralised heating and especially warm air systems. To extend the potential application range of QuanTec, an LPG version of the 28KW combination boiler has also been added to the line-up. The new Aquair downflow S-36 water to air space heater is designed for use with a vast range of renewables and traditional heating sources. It offers all the benefits of centralised heating and can replace a warm air heater whilst also making use of warm air ducting already installed. Alternatively, it can be run in conjunction with an existing wet heating system to provide heating to additional rooms such as extensions, loft or garage conversions, and also has the option of providing unheated air for cooling purposes in warmer weather.

Gas fired QuanTec condensing boilers are also now being widely specified for both new build and refurbishment projects, with the design of the highly energy efficient QuanTec HR28C with Integral Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery(PFGHR) condensing combi boiler particularly popular. The QuanTec HR28C is not only possibly the most efficient boiler on the market of its kind but also one of the smallest as it has no addition in height or add on for the PFGHR.

The housing market continues to specify Johnson & Starley's highly efficient ventilation technology for new build and refurbishment applications. Today's new housing developments are noteworthy for their high levels of insulation, which has the adverse effect of increasing the risk of condensation and mould growth. This can lead to potentially unhealthy living conditions and increased the risk of damage to the building's fabric.

This is now available in a combined package with the Aquair heating interface unit (HIU) and is

❚ enquiry 178


❚ enquiry 180 .

X1 the exchange, Salford Quays: PVC-U wins over aluminium in prestigious new-build More than 500 PVC-U windows were chosen for an 11-storey residential newbuild, X1 The Exchange, close to the prestigious Media City in Salford Quays after the developer was presented with specification and costings that showed the

material to be an economic alternative to the aluminium frames originally specified. The windows, as well as 100 doors, were made and installed by Spectus Approved Window Contractor Jade Windows using the Spectus Elite 70 bevelled system with 8.8mm laminated acoustic glass and additional EPDM seal. An untextured Anthracite grey (RAL 7016) foil was specified by planners as a close visual match when replacing aluminium, as Jade’s Ryan Fozard explained: “It is happening more and more that a client may change to PVC-U when they are shown the performance against the cost, so of course it is important to have a visual match as well, whether it is at the request of the client, the architect or planning authorities.” ❚ enquiry 181 .



❚ enquiry 179 .

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❚ enquiry 801.