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April 2016

Pocket Doors Same Space More Room

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Why swing when you can slide? Whether you use them to make a statement in a room or to solve a layout problem, pocket doors are a practical, eye-catching alternative to traditional hinged doors.

PRODUCT NEWS WETHERBY BUILDING SYSTEMS are proud to announce that they have gained BBA (British Board of Agrément) certification for External Wall Insulation onto Timber Framed buildings.


The steel framework of the pocket door system becomes part of the wall. This allows the door to slide effortlessly into the wall, offering the maximum opening, without encroaching upon room space. No cutting is of the steel is required, as there is an Eclisse pocket door system to fit each specific standard UK door

size so it fits first time. A fully extractable track allows the removal of the door and running system at anytime without damaging the wall. The Eclisse pocket door system is a complete system with a full timber lining (jamb) kit including dust brushes,

rubber bumpers and a recessed door post. A frameless, architrave free range is also available. For more information visit ENQUIRY-Card 164

Promising start to 2016 for UK tradesmen DOORS & WINDOWS VEKA - Masterframe returns to Troon for a great view of the 17th! Following the precedent set by Royal Troon Golf Club's beautiful return to glory. Publisher Lawrence McDermott Sales Manager David Steade Production Manager Wendy Harris Please send PR to: Editorial Co-Ordinator Circulation Manager Jackie Quarterman For magazine information, advertising rates or to subscribe please visit our website at : www.McDermott McDermott Publishing Limited The Builder, McDermott Chambers, 2 The Green, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8SD Enquiries Tel: 0121 451 3037 . Fax: 0121 459 2179 Subscriptions & Delivery The Builder is available to non-qualifying UK readers for an annual subscription of £23.50 including postage ($49 US for all other countries). Single copies UK £4.00 overseas $5 US.A financial contribution has been made towards the cost of certain articles appearing in this publication.All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by means without the express prior written consent of the publisher. The contents of The Builder are subject to reproduction information storage and retrieval systems.© 2016 MBR Publications Ltd

2016 has got off to an encouraging start for UK tradespeople as they declare revenues are up, according to new research. Ironmonger Direct’s Annual Industry Review, which was compiled to gain a snapshot of the construction industry, found that 61% of trade professionals expect their business’s revenue to increase in 2016. When asked the reasons why, tradespeople stated it was because they already had a lot of work pre-booked for 2016, they are now witnessing an increase in enquiries and demand; and that the market and economy is strong, especially in the house-building sector. The majority of tradespeople said they were busy and as a result their job

waiting lists were getting longer. Only 11% said they could take on a job straight away, with 22% saying they would be able to start a job in 1-2 weeks, and 29% of tradespeople saying their waiting lists were around 3-4 weeks. 17% said their waiting lists were around 5-7 weeks and a large percentage, 21%, said they would be able to start a job in more than eight weeks’ time. To cope with the increase in demand, 24% of tradespeople said they expect to take on more staff and apprentices this year.

The report revealed that tradespeople are very optimistic about their work, with a significant 91% saying they expect 2016 will be a good year for business. What’s more, 91% also reported being very happy in their jobs. The study of 600 tradespeople, conducted by IronmongeryDirect, was undertaken to gain an insight into what the industry has been like for trade professionals in 2015 and what predictions this holds for the industry in 2016. Wayne Lysaght-Mason, managing director at IronmongeryDirect, said: “It’s fantastic to see that 2016 has started out as a good year for tradespeople and that revenues are expected to increase even further. “With so many tradespeople expecting 2016 to be a positive year for business, we are focused on supporting them where we can. It’s really important that tradespeople are able to order and receive the products they need to complete a job quickly and easily. As a result, we have just introduced a seven-day a week delivery service so tradespeople can now receive goods on a Sunday, helping them to maximise their working week and be prepared for any job.” For more information visit /industry-review ENQUIRY-Card 165

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04 Product & Company News . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Arches, Pinch Points & Cavity Walls An example where a preformed Type BA Barrier Arch may successfully protect

Rain blown against a cavity wall will gradually permeate the exterior masonry skin and gravitate downwardly. Where the cavity wall incorporates an arched opening, the downward flow is interrupted and water is prevented from permeating in and around the arch opening by a preformed DPC cavitray known as the Type BA (Barrier Arch). The cavitray is ready-shaped to match the opening design, and arrests the water that is then evacuated out of the structure via caviweeps, normally located both sides of the arch on the springing line - away from the opening itself. However, where a number of arches are linked or the distance between each arch is minimal, the discharge arrangement should be reviewed to prevent the usual water exit path flowing into a converging point – commonly called a restricted point or pinch. A typical example where review is necessary is where arches rise off columns, mullions, piers or cavity walling where the cavity width reduces. The water needs to be managed so flow to pinch points is minimised. This is easily achieved by incorporating what is termed an Arresting Barrier. The Type Q Arresting Barrier invisibly reduces water-wash from cavity walling above a given feature or construction detail, and channels it to discharge away from its usual

gravitational path. By so doing the residual onward downward water flow is minimised before any feature or construction detail is reached. In the case of multiple arches, the shelter and evacuation benefit of a higher level barrier can commonly result in less than 15% of the original water volume actually reaching converging pinch points. Cavity Trays Ltd of Yeovil is the only UK cavity tray manufacturer awarded European Technical Approval. Water penetration and management advice is available free of charge under its Protecting the Building Envelope service. Cavity Trays Ltd Yeovil ENQUIRY-Card 500

s Type BA barrier arches are offered in many styles & sizes.

s Type Q Arresting Barrier ENQUIRY-Card 501

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06 Product & Company News . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Nicobond Launch ScreedPro

Nicobond have introduced ScreedPro, a new high performance range of smoothing compounds for easy, efficient and effective levelling of the floor prior to applying the floor covering. Nicobond ScreedPro offers clients fast drying capabilities and exceptional handling characteristics, as well as high levels of flow compared with other manufactures’ offerings. The latest range has been developed by the experts at Nicobond, for use by professional flooring contractors across the UK. Our chemists have been successful in formulating a high performance range of products that can be used within commercial, industrial and domestic projects. Nicobond’s portfolio is vast and offers features such as rapid drying capabilities, OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) free formulations that are fast drying, giving walk on times as low as 30 minutes, with the ability to lay ceramic tiles only 45 minutes after application, the ideal solution for fast track projects. Many of our smoothing compounds are pumpable and are therefore used within large commercial projects in areas such as the retail and leisure industry. N&C Nicobond are manufacturers and distributors

Metsä Wood’s Plan B for Germany: Constructing the Reichstag from Wood

In the Plan B project, Metsä Wood explores the possibilities of wood by planning how to construct iconic buildings out of wood. The third case is the Reichstag, the home of the German parliament. The design was created together with Metsä Wood’s customer and partner, the leading German timber construction company FH Finnholz, specifically their construction engineer Andreas Rutschmann. “Wood construction is the ideal way to both battle climate change and house a growing urban population. As a large part of the German Parliament’s work is about environmental legislation, it really makes sense that its home is as sustainable as possible. It was great to hear that Plan B will be presented to the parliament’s department of Energy policy”, said Andreas Rutschmann. As the Reichstag is a combination of different styles, this historical ENQUIRY-Card 100

Oscrete, Christeyns construction division, takes delivery of new super tanker Oscrete Construction Products, a division of Christeyns UK Ltd, has invested in a new multi-compartment tanker unit that is capable of carrying 30,000 litres. The tanker is currently on site at company’s head quarters in Bradford undergoing final testing and risk assessment checks and will be out on the road by mid April. This is the first tanker purchase for Oscrete and over £220k has been invested in this state of the art tanker and cab unit, which will be used to streamline its construction chemical deliveries. Currently the company carries out bulk deliveries using a standard rigid lorry. This new tanker will mean that Oscrete can offer a much quicker and more efficient service, which will also provide health and safety benefits for the driver and delivery teams. ENQUIRY-Card 101

of high quality products since 1958, with over 40 years experience in the development and manufacture of high performance smoothing compounds and other flooring systems. Nicobond offer a lifetime warranty to all Nicobond products giving contractors the ultimate confidence in the quality and reliability of the products, used throughout the UK and exported worldwide. For more information, speak to your local branch by calling 0208 586 4600 or visiting ENQUIRY-Card 503

Wetherby Building Systems are proud to announce that they have gained BBA (British Board of Agrément) certification for External Wall Insulation onto Timber Framed buildings. Wetherby’s Epsitec system for sheathed Timber Framed buildings is suitable for new and existing domestic or nondomestic buildings up to four storeys in height. The certificate provides a range of insulation options to be used including; Wetherby’s Epsitherm (enhanced EPS), expanded polystyrene (EPS) and phenolic insulation. Epsitec rails are mechanically fixed to the sheathed substrate to create a cavity to protect the timber frame whilst ensuring the thermal benefits of the system are maintained. The reinforced basecoat and silicone render provides a flexible high impact finish, ideal for timber frame projects.

It’s Groundhog Day at Mobile Mini Company exclusively launches cost and energy efficient mobile welfare units Mobile Mini, a leading hirer of portable accommodation and secure storage containers, has strengthened its green credentials by launching a new range of industry-leading energy efficient mobile welfare units. The company, with a network of 16 branches across the country, is now offering its construction industry customers the new Groundhog GP360 Fusion unit - the most innovative, cost effective and environmentally efficient mobile welfare unit of its kind. The market leading Groundhog unit, manufactured by South Wales-based Genquip Groundhog, has been purpose built for sites without water or electricity connections and offers costeffective, robust and easy to use, antivandal site accommodation, while guaranteeing the lowest emissions and fuel consumption of any similar unit. ENQUIRY-Card 102 ENQUIRY-Card 103

Wetherby’s Epsitec Timber Frame BBA Has Arrived!

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With outstanding total load capacity, performance, 4WD ability, manoeuvrability, economy, emissions & safety, we’ve shown the world how it’s done now it’s your turn to drive the award winning legend. Take on the world | Visit to find out more. ENQUIRY-Card 504

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08 Product & Company News . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

50 Golden Years for Harrison Thompson & Co. Ltd Established in November 1966, family run company, Harrison Thompson & Co. Ltd. are celebrating 50 years of trading. Started by Peter Brumwell and partners the company initially offered a limited range of protection rails in a choice of just 2 colours - White and Charcoal Grey. Over the years Harrison Thompson has certainly evolved and now supply and install their market leading brand of Yeoman Shield wall and door protection in a choice of systems and an array of nearly 50 colours to health, education, retail and industrial buildings. Yeoman Rainguard was also created and joined the fold supplying high quality

rainwater systems into the selfbuild and construction sectors. With staff numbers now nearing 70, having reached a turnover of £8 million and with continually expanding product ranges, things have certainly changed over the years – apart from the ethics that lie at the very core of the company. “Family values have always been at the heart of our business,” explained Graeme Brumwell, Partner and director “and I believe that excellent quality of service, product and staff have been key to our company flourishing over the years and surviving the many downturns in the construction market along the way.” Harrison Thompson will be celebrating their golden year in

various ways in 2016, one being to pledge their support to employees who throughout the year are embarking on sponsored events for worthy causes. These include a team of ladies from the accounts department running the Race for Life, a solo ½ marathon runner from the export sales department and an Area Sales Manager running a 10K race over sand dunes all in aid of cancer charities. Harrison Thompson look forward to another prosperous year in 2016 and would like to thank staff and customers alike for their support over the last 50 years. ENQUIRY-Card 505

New flexible waterproofing WETROOM SYSTEM from Instarmac WETROOM SYSTEM is the newest addition to both the UltraTile and Granfix premium tile adhesives and grout brands from the Instarmac Group. The product is a flexible waterproof coating for the protection of water sensitive backgrounds, ideal for use in wetrooms, domestic bathrooms, kitchens and showers. Wetrooms are very much an in vogue feature which offer a stylish and contemporary addition to the home increasing property value and creating space, not to mention, their practical commercial use in the health and social care sectors. The new Instarmac WETROOM SYSTEM can be used to prepare areas prior to tiling, waterproofing whilst providing strength and flexibility and still enabling tiles to adhere.

Wondertex launch new rapid setting filler and smoother.

New Aico 160e series smoke alarms installed by Red Kite

Finish in half the time with the new prem fill & finish rapid from Wondertex Wondertex the internal finishing brand from the Instarmac Group, has added this exciting new product to their jointing range. prem fill & finish rapid is a powder blend rapid setting filler and smoother designed for filling and finishing plasterboard joints and smoothing unwanted textured surfaces. The product has been specially formulated for plasterers and decorators as a multi-use, one product does all. prem fill & finish rapid offers a quick turnaround for plasterboard jointing, surface smoothing, repair and snagging work. What's more, prem fill & finish rapid can be applied to painted surfaces saving time, the most valuable resource of all contractors.

Red Kite Community Housing in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, has specified Aico’s new 160e Series of mains powered smoke alarms for its entire housing stock of 6000 properties. Aico’s new 160e Series alarms are being used for the Grade D, LD2 installations – in compliance with BS 5839-6:2013, the British Standard for domestic smoke alarm installation. The LD2 Category requires alarms in escape routes and high risk areas to occupants. The alarms will be installed during Red Kite’s ongoing programme of electrical testing, which initially covers voids and mutual exchanges, and during major works such as kitchen and bathroom refurbishments.Heat alarms from the 160e Series alarms, Ei164e, are being fit into the kitchens and Optical alarms, Ei166e.

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Popular Commercial Tap Range Extended and Enhanced A popular commercial tap range has undergone a major design and functionality overhaul to ensure modern water saving efficiency and design credentials are met. The ‘Performa’ range by leading plumbing and heating manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire has seen amendments to the classic design as well as the range extended to provide further options for commercial specifiers, plumbers and end users. “Our Performa range continues to be hugely popular in educational, healthcare, leisure and commercial settings and these new additions will only serve to reinforce its market position,” said Mike Johnson Taps and Washroom Manager Pegler Yorkshire.

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Estimating Software Easyy, Accurate, Save 80% of time spent pricing

I am the only one that has this unique problem, so will just grin and bear it

A program can’t possibly know judgment elements of a buuild

How can a purpose made program made and sold across the UK possibly know how I price Estimating is so complex it can’t be made eeasy New computer programs will be too difficult to use my estimating is far too difficult icult for any program to work it out

How can any estimating program help me?

Do all estimators Likee this? L ENQUIRY-Card 508

03333 321502

For a FREE deemo and FREE E tria trial al email: thebu uilder@easypricepr

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10 Product & Company News . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

The VEKA UK Group

takes a stand on quality Industry-leading systems supplier The VEKA UK Group is celebrating another successful stint at the popular FIT Show in Telford. More than 8,502 people visited the show over the course of the three-day event, and the Burnley-based company had a steady stream of interested visitors to the expansive stand. The VEKA UK Group team were concepts, including a brand this stylish and innovative flush keen to demonstrate the new Slide & Swing Window and collection. quality of their products on the Door which both offer a host of One of the most exciting stand and allow customers to benefits such as: optional triple developments unveiled at this approach them for glazing, low U-values and year's FIT Show was the unique, #JustTheFacts about their concealed hardware - all new offering from Assure. many high-spec systems and without the need for additional Technical and Compliance Manager Austin Greene tooling. services. Representatives of the award- The complete Imagine suite explains: “As an official, trusted, winning company unveiled a was fitted on stand 150, for UKAS-accredited certification host of new products and customers to get to grips with body, Assure is unique in being

able to offer Certification Services direct to customers. “Assure Certification Services will be able to offer certification of windows, doors, glass units, CE Marking, SBD and more, and Assure membership is not a requirement. “VEKA and Halo fabricators will no longer need to pay to have each of their products type tested individually. Assure Certification Services will ‘cascade’ test data down and fabricators will only need to send one sample product for

physical testing per year. “This service makes the certification process simple and straightforward, potentially saving companies thousands of pounds on certification. “Understandably, this attracted a lot of interest at the show! We're looking forward to discussing the benefits with even more companies, of any profile system, in the coming months.”

ENQUIRY-Card 509

Award-winning industry experts to judge inaugural Multi-Skill Competition Grand Final

Blue Diamond uses latest 3D scanning technology Blue Diamond uses latest 3D scanning technology to reverse-engineer metal and plastic components with complex curves and shapes Hampshire-based engineering company Blue Diamond Technologies is now using the latest 3D scanning technologies to extend its range of reverse-engineering services to cover non-rectilinear components that feature complex curves and shapes. Reverse engineering is a process used to reproduce a part where the customer is only able to provide an example of a finished component. Manufacturing companies would normally require engineering drawings and material specifications to enable a duplicate product to be manufactured. However, the reverse engineering techniques used by Blue Diamond enable an existing part to be replicated by capturing its physical dimensions and analysing the composition and properties of the materials used. ENQUIRY-Card 104 ENQUIRY-Card 105

Dunlop – the pioneering manufacturer of tile adhesives, grouts and decorating products – has announced the judging panel for the Grand Final of its MultiSkill Champion Competition 2016. Throughout the year, FE colleges providing the City & Guilds Construction Skills qualification (6219) have been invited to enter an outstanding individual to compete in the competition, with Dunlop supporting the college with training and materials. Twenty-five college winners from across the UK will converge at Dunlop’s state-of-the-art Innovation and Technology Centre on 16th June to compete in a series of decorating and tiling challenges to determine the Dunlop Multi-Skill Champion 2016.

Maximum benefits from MAXX With the new additions to the MAXX family, Delta Membrane Systems offer a range of products that bring to the market the most secure basement pumping systems for type C (cavity drain) waterproofing. Specifically designed for the basement waterproofing industry, MAXX technology takes an ‘intelligent’ approach in the design of the product range, resulting in optimum functionality, high levels of efficiency and ease of installation and service. Included in the range are the DMS270 for ground water and surface water

applications, and the DMS269 for foul water use. ENQUIRY-Card 106

Marmox Heraklith Panels help restore post war church Hundreds of square metres of thermoacoustic woodwool boards made by Heraklith and supplied by by Marmox have been employed in the restoration of a significant church building, located in East London, following weather damage. St. Paul’s Church, Bow Common has been described as the most significant church built in Britain since the Second World War, having been completed in 1960 to the designs of architect, Robert Maguire, along with interior designer, Keith Murray. The brick built structure with its geometric lantern light stands on a prominent site and is Grade II* listed. Having celebrated the 50th anniversary of its consecration in 2010 – a relatively short time-span in ecclesiastical terms – water ingress led to a sudden and serious collapse of some of the existing woodwool ceiling panels during 2013. ENQUIRY-Card 107

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GENERATORS Quality machines great for trade and leisure use KVA 2.4 1.0 2.8 2.2 3 4.5 5.5

HP 6.5 7 8 11 13

EXC.VAT £189.98 £229.98 £239.98 £359.98 £369.00 £479.00 £569.00


# was £389.98 exc.VAT




*Inverters produce pure sine wave & stable power, essential for computers and sensitive equipment



s Auto ON/OFF float switch

Provides essential home, garage and roadside £ CC014 EX.VAT 119.98 assistance s Fast accurate cutting Integral of ferrous metals, brick, work light stone etc s Cuts material 910 includes air up to 115mm thick compressor s Adjusts 0-45º for angled cutting Long life battery ONLY


*Handlessolidsupto30mmdiameter 29EX.VAT † Sewage cutter pump MODEL MAXFLOW MAX EXC. LPM HEAD VAT CSE400A 115 8.0m £29.98 PSV3A 133 8.0m £34.99 PSV1A* 140 5.8m £44.99 258 PVP11A 11.0m £69.98 430 HSEC1400A† NEW 13.0m £299.98


s Mix plaster, paint, mortar, artex, cement etc. ONLY s Variable speed .99 control s 1100W motor £82EX.VAT Massive torque 31.5Nm

START START BOOST 400A 400A 700A 1000A@12V 500A@24V

900 910 4000 12/24


PEAK PEAK 52EX.VAT AMPS EXC.VAT 900A £52.99 900A £59.98 1500A £114.99 2000A@12V £129.98 1000A@24V


EX.VAT 109.98








EX.VAT 119.98

MOTOR MAX CUT 90/45° EXC.VAT 1800W 72/65mm £119.98 1500W 78/55mm £159.98


EX.VAT 109.98









Offering low cost, efficient heating PROPANE MODEL MAX EXC. WAS GAS FIRED MODEL BLADE DIA/ MAX CUT EXC. OUTPUT KW VAT EXC.VAT BORE (mm) DEPTH/CROSS VAT Little Devil 10 £64.99 — Einhell 210/30 55/120mm £56.99 s Quality Little Devil SSII* 10.3 £79.98 — Range TH-MS 2112 Devil 650 15 £74.99 — Evolution 210/25.4 60/220mm £119.98 of Sliding Devil 660660 SS* SS15 £99.98 £109.98 compound Devil 900 NEW 24.9 *stainless Fury 3 £129.98 — steel Einhell 250/30 75/340mm £159.98 Mitre Devil 860SS*# *# 31 £149.98 — 860SS saws #Dual NEW 36.6 TH-SM2534 Devil 1600 1600 £159.98 — and Volt NEW Makita 260/30 95/130mm £199.98 49.8 £249.98 — Devil 2100 blades LS1040 Devil 4000 70–131 £379.00 £399.98 110V/ in stock 230V CMS10S2 254/30 78/340mm £129.98 Devil 3150# 46 – 100 £469.98 — V


01226 732297 0121 358 7977 0121 7713433 01204 365799 01274 390962 01273 915999 0117 935 1060 01283 564 708 01223 322675 029 2046 5424 01228 591666 01242 514 402 01244 311258 01206 762831 024 7622 4227 020 8763 0640 01325 380 841 01304 373 434 01332 290 931 01302 245 999 01382 225 140 0131 659 5919

MODEL Tiger1800 Tiger2600 Tiger3000 PLS195 PLS265

Honda & Diesel engine models in stock PRESSURE BAR/PSI 110/1595 170/2465 200/2900 260/3771 260/3770

ENGINE HP 2.6 4 6.5 6.5 13

EXC. VAT £199.00 £259.98 £329.98 £399.00 £599.00


ONLY s Nubuck uppers NEW £ s Top Quality EX.VAT 39.98 RANGE s Fabric Lining AVAILABLE IN s Midsole SIZES 7-12 protection STEEL s Full length TOECAP footbed SAFETY s Extra BOOT tough s Steel BOULEVARD 200J £ ONLY HONEY .99 toe-cap 36EX.VAT ANKLE BOOT FROM ONLY



MODEL MIX CAP DRIVE CCM50 30L 230V CCM110 NEW 90L 230V CCM125C 90L 230V 90L 230V CCM134L** Belle Mini mix 140 90L 230V Belle Mini 150# 90L 240V Belle Mini 150 90L 2.5HP HONDA

EXC. VAT £159.98 £159.98 £179.98 £209.00 £319.00 £339.00 £599.00


EX.VAT 179.98



# 110V in stock * Inc. swivel stand

Ideal for fast efficient heating Extra-long run fuel tanks – up to 53 litres Variable heat output with thermostat control

EXETER 16 Trusham Rd. EX2 8QG 01392 256 744 GATESHEAD 50 Lobley Hill Rd. NE8 4YJ 0191 493 2520 GLASGOW 280 Gt Western Rd. G4 9EJ 0141 332 9231 GLOUCESTER 221A Barton St. GL1 4HY 01452 417 948 GRIMSBY ELLIS WAY, DN32 9BD 01472 354435 HULL 8-10 Holderness Rd. HU9 1EG 01482 223161 ILFORD 746-748 Eastern Ave. IG2 7HU 0208 518 4286 IPSWICH Unit 1 Ipswich Trade Centre, Commercial Road 01473 221253 LEEDS 227-229 Kirkstall Rd. LS4 2AS 0113 231 0400 LEICESTER 69 Melton Rd. LE4 6PN 0116 261 0688 LINCOLN Unit 5. The Pelham Centre. LN5 8HG 01522 543 036 LIVERPOOL 80-88 London Rd. L3 5NF 0151 709 4484 LONDON CATFORD 289/291 Southend Lane SE6 3RS 0208 695 5684 LONDON 6 Kendal Parade, Edmonton N18 020 8803 0861 LONDON 503-507 Lea Bridge Rd. Leyton, E10 020 8558 8284 LONDON 100 The Highway, Docklands 020 7488 2129 LUTON Unit 1, 326 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU4 8JS 01582 728 063 MAIDSTONE 57 Upper Stone St. ME15 6HE 01622 769 572 MANCHESTER ALTRINCHAM 71 Manchester Rd. Altrincham 0161 9412 666 MANCHESTER CENTRAL 209 Bury New Road M8 8DU 0161 241 1851 MANCHESTER OPENSHAW Unit 5, Tower Mill, Ashton Old Rd 0161 223 8376 MANSFIELD 169 Chesterfi eld Rd. South 01623 622160

EX.VAT 79.98

18V CORDLESS DRILLS s 10mm chuck s 2 Speed s 2 Lithium-Ion batteries


EX.VAT 59.98

CON18LI MODEL BATTERYS NOW EXC.VAT CON18Ni 2 Ni-Cd £59.98 CON18Li 2 Li-Ion £84.99



39EX.VAT CRD1250

* was £66.99 exc.VAT MODEL MAX CAP CONCRETE EXC.VAT Clarke CON400RHD 10mm £39.98 Clarke CRD620 26mm £49.98 Clarke CRD1250* 32mm £62.99 26mm £74.99 Clarke CON720RHD


.00 99EXC.VAT

XR80 MODEL MAX OUTPUT EXC.VAT XR60 14.7kW £179.98 XR80 20.5kW £229.98 XR110 29.3kW £279.98 XR160 46.9kW £329.98 XR210 61.5kW £369.98







PROP LENGTH CONCENTRIC LOAD EX SIZE (M) 1°-30° OUT OF PLUMB VAT 0 closed 1.041 3.57 tonnes SWL £24.99 0 open 1.829 3.57 tonnes SWL 1 closed 1.753 3.57 tonnes SWL £31.99 1 open 3.124 1.73 tonnes SWL 3.57 tonnes SWL £36.99 2 closed 1.981 2 open 3.352 1.53 tonnes SWL

s Heavy duty for tough pro use s Nail length 50-90mm s 80 magazine capacity

s Tough Steel Construction sFully Lockable



EX.VAT 109.98




Designed for vertical or s raking support applications


BARNSLEY Pontefract Rd, Barnsley, S71 1EZ B’HAM GREAT BARR 4 Birmingham Rd. B’HAM HAY MILLS 1152 Coventry Rd, Hay Mills BOLTON 1 Thynne St. BL3 6BD BRADFORD 105-107 Manningham Lane. BD1 3BN BRIGHTON 123 Lewes Rd, BN2 3QB BRISTOL 1-3 Church Rd, Lawrence Hill. BS5 9JJ BURTON UPON TRENT 12a Lichfield St. DE14 3QZ CAMBRIDGE 181-183 Histon Road, Cambridge. CB4 3HL CARDIFF 44-46 City Rd. CF24 3DN CARLISLE 85 London Rd. CA1 2LG CHELTENHAM 84 Fairview Road. GL52 2EH CHESTER 43-45 St. James Street. CH1 3EY COLCHESTER 4 North Station Rd. CO1 1RE COVENTRY Bishop St. CV1 1HT CROYDON 423-427 Brighton Rd, Sth Croydon DARLINGTON 214 Northgate. DL1 1RB DEAL (KENT) 182-186 High St. CT14 6BQ DERBY Derwent St. DE1 2ED DONCASTER Wheatley Hall Road DUNDEE 24-26 Trades Lane. DD1 3ET EDINBURGH 163-171 Piersfield Terrace


EX.VAT 109.98

One engine powers three separate outputs, a generator, pressure washer and a water pump. s6.5HP, 4 stroke engine unit s175 bar (2500psi) pressure washer output s2.4kW generator output s3" dirty water pump output


EX.VAT 199.00




Swage fitting HULK 279EX.VAT makes erecting and PLATE DIMS ONLY dismantling quicker £ .00 MODEL WxLmm MOTOR EX VAT Galvanised 199EXC.VAT Evolution Hulk 320x400 2.4HP £279.00 corrosion resistance BELLE MINIPAC 300 300x470 2.5HP £539.00 MODEL EXC.VAT ELECTRIC 305mm 3'11" x 3'11" Steel Work tower - £199.00 4 adjustable legs £54.99 DISC CUTTER 4 Castor Wheels £59.98 s For cutting applications such as stone, concrete & paving FROM ONLY stones s100mm maximum £ EX.VAT 56.99 cutting depth sIncludes Diamond Blade









s Plunge depth up to 60mm s Variable speed s Inc. 15pc bit set ONLY




Built-in fluorescent work light

EXC.VAT EXC.VAT £179.98 £214.99 GAS, £239.98 TIPS, £269.98 SHROUDS £339.00 & WIRE £399.00 IN STOCK £429.00




MODEL MIN-MAX MODEL MIN-MAXAMPS AMPS PRO90 24-90 110E 30-100 135TE Turbo 30-130 151TE Turbo 30-150 165TEM Turbo 30-155 175TECM Turbo 30-170 205TE Turbo 30-185












Quality machines from Britain’s 135TE leading supplier See online for included FROM ONLY accessories £ .98








s 2 light modes, s Inc. 12V DC socket


UP TO 650kVA output available

POWER SOCKETS WEIGHT EX RATING OUTLETS (KG) VAT GENERAL DUTY CTR750/1 750VA 1 9 £49.98 CTR1500/2 1500VA 2 12 £64.99 CTR2250/2 2250VA 2 17 £66.99 CTR3300/2 3300VA 2 19 £64.99 HEAVY DUTY CTR3000 3300VA 2 17 £59.98 CTR4000/2 4000VA 2 20 £119.98 CTR6300/3 6300VA 2/1 40 £219.98


MODEL DIMS (LxWxH) NOW EX VAT WAS EX VAT CSB25 810x485x360mm £99.00 — £189.00 CSB85 1067x508x595mm £179.00 £229.00 CSB100 1220x615x682mm £219.00







s Portable compressors ideal onsite s Air storage in protective steel frame (No Cert. Req.) * was £529.00 exc.VAT #Honda engine MODEL DISPL MAX WORKING RECEIVER CFM MOTOR PRESSURE CAP EXC.VAT Champ 3 NEW 7 2HP 8 Bar 4 ltr £139.98 Champ (110V) 7.6 2HP 10 Bar 2.4 ltr £209.98 CFP9HND*# 9 5HP 7 Bar 2.65 ltr £499.00


OPEN MON-FRI 8.30-6.00, SAT 8.30-5.30, SUN 10.00-4.00

MIDDLESBROUGH Mandale Triangle, Thornaby NORWICH 282a Heigham St. NR2 4LZ NOTTINGHAM 211 Lower Parliament St. PETERBOROUGH 417 Lincoln Rd. Millfield PLYMOUTH 58-64 Embankment Rd. PL4 9HY POOLE 137-139 Bournemouth Rd. Parkstone PORTSMOUTH 277-283 Copnor Rd. Copnor PRESTON 53 Blackpool Rd. PR2 6BU SHEFFIELD 453 London Rd. Heeley. S2 4HJ SIDCUP 13 Blackfen Parade, Blackfen Rd SOUTHAMPTON 516-518 Portswood Rd. SOUTHEND 1139-1141 London Rd. Leigh on Sea STOKE-ON-TRENT 382-396 Waterloo Rd. Hanley SUNDERLAND 13-15 Ryhope Rd. Grangetown SWANSEA 7 Samlet Rd. Llansamlet. SA7 9AG SWINDON 21 Victoria Rd. SN1 3AW TWICKENHAM 83-85 Heath Rd.TW1 4AW WARRINGTON Unit 3, Hawley’s Trade Pk. WIGAN 2 Harrison Street, WN5 9AU WOLVERHAMPTON Parkfield Rd. Bilston WORCESTER 48a Upper Tything. WR1 1JZ

01642 677881 01603 766402 0115 956 1811 01733 311770 01752 254050 01202 717913 023 9265 4777 01772 703263 0114 258 0831 0208 3042069 023 8055 7788 01702 483 742 01782 287321 0191 510 8773 01792 792969 01793 491717 020 8892 9117 01925 630 937 01942 323 785 01902 494186 01905 723451


ONLINE MAIL ORDER 0115 956 5555


MODEL FG2500 IG1000* FG3005 IG2200*# FG3050 FG4050ES FG5100ES



115/230V in stock

Calls to the catalogue request number above (0844 880 1265) cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge For security reasons, calls may be monitored. All prices correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to change products and prices at any time. All offers subject to availability, E&OE.

MM1 The Builder 300x230 indd 1

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12 Product & Company News . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

JSP donates over £16K to the Construction Industry Helpline JSP is proud to announce that the company is donating over £16,000 to the Lighthouse Club, the charity that supports the construction industry, to promote and support its Construction Industry Helpline. JSP launched its Lighthouse range of safety products in April 2015 as it revealed its exclusive partnership with the Lighthouse Club. For every product sold in the UK from the selected range, JSP makes a contribution to this worthwhile charity. Mark Johnstone, CEO of JSP, said he was delighted to hand over this large donation to the Lighthouse Club’s CEO Bill Hill at the annual JSP Construction Industry Charity Pro-Am Golf Tournament on 21 April held at Foxhills Golf Club, Surrey. This was a superb golf event, fielding teams from the construction

Industry with a PGA Pro attached to each team, which raised around £25,000 in total for the charity. “JSP is very pleased to continue to be involved in this initiative,” said Mark. “Donations are invited against each product in our Lighthouse range. We hope that with the continued backing of the construction industry specifying Lighthouse PPE products, JSP will carry on raising a considerable amount of money over the next 12 months to support the extremely valuable work of the Lighthouse Helpline.” JSP's premium, highperformance Lighthouse range of personal protective products includes the EvoLite® CR2 helmet, the lightest and strongest EN397 helmet on the market, quickly and easily adjustable by its Revolution™ Wheel Ratchet system; JSP's Force 8™ half-mask with Press

to Check™ P3 filters, giving daily face-fit reassurance; and JSP’s Pro-Fit™ Construction Height Safety Kits including its 2-Point Pro-Fit™ Harness and 2m Retractable Fall Limiter. Bill Hill said he was very grateful to JSP for supporting the Lighthouse Club. “We send a huge thank you to our sponsors JSP who have agreed to sponsor us again next year and continue to raise funds for the charity through the sales of their range of high quality safety equipment,” he commented. For more information and details of the full Lighthouse Range of PPE, email , call +44 (0)1993 826050 or visit

ENQUIRY-Card 583

Fiat Professional tradesman trials launched to find the next tradesman Pro Footballer · Winning tradesman will receive a one month trial at a Football League club with the opportunity of realising their dream of becoming a professional football player Former tradesman turned professional footballers in The Football League: Stuart Pearce (electrician), Dean Windass (hod carrier) & Geoff Horsfield (builder) kick start campaign by taking part in the Fiat Professional Tradesman Challenge London, 25 April 2016: Fiat Professional, official partner of The Football League, has today launched the Fiat Professional Tradesman Trials, a nationwide search to find a current tradesman who has the talent to make it as a professional footballer in The Football League. The move from the trades to professional football is a well-trodden path. There is a long list of past and present players starting out as tradesmen

including current Southampton striker and ex-Burnley and Queens Park Rangers striker, Charlie Austin who was a builder and former Wigan midfielder, Jimmy Bullard who worked for his father’s painting and decorating company before he hit the big time. Tradesmen who think they’ve got what it takes to win the one month trial at a Football League club have until 12th June to showcase their skills by submitting videos of their footballing talent to . The best entries will then be invited to attend an exclusive Tradesman Trials day, in association with The Football League that will take place by the end of June, where they will be put through their paces in front of a selection of scouts and Fiat Professional’s football ambassadors. The winner will then select his preferred club from those signed up to the campaign* and receive a £2,000 prize. Former tradesmen turned professional footballers, Stuart Pearce (electrician), Dean Windass (hod carrier) & Geoff Horsfield (builder) kick started the

campaign by taking part in a Tradesman Challenge to see if they have still got their tradesman skills. The series of challenges included plastering, painting and wallpapering, re-wiring a plug and building a brick wall. Ex-referee Dermot Gallagher was on hand to keep everyone in check throughout, while comedian Ian Smith provided commentary on the players’ efforts. For tradesmen who don’t think they have what it takes to make it in professional football, Fiat Professional is also running a competition to win a Fiat Professional van for two years. The winner will be able to choose from any model in the current Fiat Professional range including the Ducato, Doblo’ and the brand new Talento, Fiorino and Fullback pick-up launching in June. This prize also includes servicing and maintenance.

ENQUIRY-Card 512

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. View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Product & Company News 13










NMC – Copley Leyburn Business Park Leyburn - North Yorkshire DL8 5QA Email: ENQUIRY-Card 513

Soundproofing for floors

Reduce your noise with

Marmox Soundboard reduces the noise that is transmitted through the floor. It effectively removes the link between where the impact happens (i.e. the footfall on the tile) and the ceiling below. ENQUIRY-Card 514 ENQUIRY-Card 515

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14 Tools, Site Equipment & Workwear . View our publication online at . April 2016 . Snickers’ Kneepads Top Quality Knee Protection. ENQUIRY-Card 112

Hultafors’ Next Generation Spirit Levels

Give yourself the best possible protection with a range of kneepads that are tough on impact and effective on protection. If you work a lot on your knees, Snickers’ range of revolutionary Kneepads will deliver cutting edge protection. Whether you’re a craftsman or woman working in tough working environments, floorlaying or just need all-round knee protection, there’s a Kneepad in the Snickers range to suit the job you’re doing. They’re all ergonomically designed to suit a wide range of on-site working environments and will mold around your knees for maximum comfort on rough, damp ground and help ward off niggly knee problems and long term injuries. Now available in the UK with a new modern design, better-focus vials for easier reading and end protectors with an anti-slip function. It’s always been Hultafors' mission to give professional tradesmen and women the best quality tools for optimal on-site performance. That’s why the company’s high-quality spirit levels have been redesigned to perform at a higher level than other similar products. The new, modern design includes an upgraded crushproof vial with an improved focus for easier reading. There’s also a strong aluminium profile and effective shockabsorbent end protectors and a new anti-slip function to keep the device firmly in place. ENQUIRY-Card 113

Makita’s new 150mm brushless metal saw & new drills

Strike a Pose with Carl Kammerling’s Blue Steel

Makita. In the UK there are now over 110 individual products offered to the market that can be powered by the 18V battery – albeit there are now 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah and 5.0Ah variants of this iconic battery platform. The latest tools to be added to this ever-expanding range include the new LXT 150mm Brushless metal saw with an impressive cutting capacity of 57.5mm at 0° , as well as two improved versions of the popular 13mm combi drill and drill driver version. The new Makita DCS551ZJ metal saw will enhance productivity for cladding installers, metal workers and engineers. This LXT machine capitalises on the latest Makita Brushless motor technology, powering the 150mm blade up to 3,900 rpm whilst providing extended operating time, improved power delivery and less battery energy drain. At just 158mm overall length this compact metal saw benefits from electric blade brake, soft start initial starting.

Strutting its stuff in product innovation, C.K tools is reinvigorating the market with its C.K Blue Steel Impact Bits, designed to meet growing demand for impact drills. The C.K Blue Steel Impact Bits have been manufactured from exceptionally tough, specially formulated V8 alloy steel, providing a vastly extended working life compared to standard screwdriver bits. With impact drills combining much higher rotational torque than traditional drills, the C.K Blue Steel Impact Bits feature torsion control technology to withstand the stresses of high torque applications, resulting in less bit breakage. Understanding that durability, accuracy and strength are key requirements for professional results, the C.K Blue Steel Impact Bits have been designed to dramatically increase speed and productivity on the job and provide unparalleled performance. ENQUIRY-Card 114 ENQUIRY-Card 115


SPRAY Now the renowned cleaning power of the Nation’s No.1 Builders Wipe, Wonder Wipes, is available in a handy spray. Ideal for cleaning large surfaces areas, or refreshing a Multi-Use Wonder Wipe, you can be assured that this fantastic spray will clean up everything the wipes will, including wet and semi-cured paints, sealants, adhesives, bitumens, expanding foam polyurethanes, expanding foams, polyester fillers and epoxies from tools, surfaces and hands.

YOU’VE USED THE WIPES, NOW TRY THE SPRAY! Everbuild Building Products Ltd. - A Sika Company Site 41, Knowsthorpe Way, Cross Green Industrial Estate, Leeds LS9 0SW


Telephone: 0113 240 3456 Fax: 0113 240 0024 e-mail: website: ENQUIRY-Card 516 11:13

15a.qxp_Layout 1 25/04/2016 16:25 Page 1 ENQUIRY-Card 517

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16 Tools, Site Equipment & Workwear . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Ultex PRYMATE Ultex just got wild!

Dickies spring into action keeping you looking professional Dickies workwear keeps you cool and still looking the part this spring. Popular for all workers, and particularly for company employee uniforms, the men's Dickies polo shirt, is along with the great range of work trousers a key piece in the Dickies clothing range. For 2016 Dickies have introduced two-tone polo shirts and the Riverton Polo with a tipped collar shirt alongside the two-tone softshell jacket. Available in a host of colours these polos and jackets are ideal for embroidered workwear. Dickies Oxford Weave short sleeved shirt is a classic style, which is ideal for a wide range of business trades. The Oxford shirt is available in numerous colours and sizes; this smart design is suitable for everyone and perfect for uniforms. Work shorts are the perfect option for either outdoor summer work or working in hot conditions Dickies workwear shorts are manufactured using the same fabric and features as the most popular work trousers and therefore are very durable and practical for a variety of tasks.

Introducing the new PRYMATE range from ULTEX. No tradesmen likes to see their tools fail on a job, or even worse… no tradesmen likes to see their tools break on the job! You wouldn’t crack under pressure half way through, and you expect your tools to be just as tough. PRYMATE by ULTEX is designed and manufactured for the toughest jobs. Constructed with the highest quality and made using the strongest materials; the new PRYMATE range is virtually indestructible! Tools in the PRYMATE elite include a full range of pry bars and hammers, each passing the extreme ULTEX quality and strength test to earn the PRYMATE label. But the products don’t just stop at strength! Ultex continue to provide the best out of their tools such as the new 3-way ‘LOW-VIBE' shock absorbing system within the hammers. The unique head design channels initial vibrations away from the shaft, with a cushion pin within the shaft to absorb the majority of vibrations, finally any excess vibration is absorbed by the cushioned ergonomic grip. Don’t limit yourself, it’s time your tools stepped up to tough jobs as reliably as you do! Exclusively sold from ITS, visit prymate and order yours today! ENQUIRY-Card 116 ENQUIRY-Card 117 ENQUIRY-Card 518

Get shortly for Summer Keep cool and get the job done this summer with the Scruffs Trade Shorts. Built for technical performance on site, these shorts are both durable and lightweight. With easy to access cargo pocket, phone pocket, rule pocket and tuck away holster pocket, the shorts offer tough functionality with reinforcement in key stress areas. Setting the standard since 2003, Scruffs designs workwear and safety footwear for a new generation of trade professionals. Engineered with technical expertise for comfort, durability and functionality, Scruffs workwear is made to work as hard as you do. For ultimate performance on the job and everyday style, Scruffs is smart enough for business, strong enough for work and #SCRUFFSENOUGH for anything. For full range info and to find out more about the 2016 Spring/Summer Product Guide, call 0115 938 9000 or email ENQUIRY-Card 118

Abracs brand new range of Reciprocating Saw Blades is now available. We now stock a full range of Expert-line Reciprocating Saw Blades for a wide variety of applications. Blade types range from coarse cutting wood blades, precision cutting ultra flexible Metal blades, combination Wood and Metal cutting blades for use on materials like nail embedded wood and Demolition Blades for heavy duty cutting on a wide variety of construction materials. Our new blade range is packed with product features such as ultra flexible for flush cutting, heavy duty for strength & durability and progressive cutting for a smooth start to cutting hard materials. We have selected high carbon steel, bimetal and HSS material blade construction within our product ranges to ensure maximum performance when used on the intended application. ENQUIRY-Card 119 ENQUIRY-Card 519

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Order By Phone 020 8532 5000

Order Online



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18 Tools, Site Equipment & Workwear . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

The Trend 2016 Routing & Woodworking Catalogue is out now!


Including Trend’s Router Cutter ranges, Power Tools, Jigs, Accessories, Sawblades, Trend Snappy Drill Bit Systems, Sharpening and clamping products

To request a copy please visit ENQUIRY-Card 521

Blåkläder going to extremes in the UK

Blåkläder workwear is launching a dynamic new marketing campaign to raise its profile in the UK and Ireland. Under the banner of ‘Go to the extreme with Blåkläder’ this major push to the construction industry highlights the quality and durability of their wide range. “Blåkläder is the top selling workwear in Sweden,’ says Keith LaRoche, Managing Director UK & Ireland. ‘If we can be market leaders in our home country, where extreme conditions are the norm, then I’m excited about what our workwear can do for construction workers in the UK and Ireland.’ ENQUIRY-Card 120

Hitachi new Product Catalogue

Hitachi Power Tools’ comprehensive new product catalogue features its entire range of power tools, including its range of mains-powered products, cordless tools and outdoor power equipment too. “This is the first time we have brought all of our power tools and outdoor power products into one definitive catalogue,” explains Simon Miller, Brand and Product Manager for Hitachi Power Tools. “The catalogue shows that we offer a wide range of professional power tool solutions, with outstanding technology and fantastic warranty cover combining to deliver affordability, flexibility and choice to get the job done.” ENQUIRY-Card 121

New addition for Hitachi Hitachi adds powerful and super efficient 18V Cordless Band Saw to brushless motor range Hitachi Power Tools has launched the CB18DBL 18V Band Saw, featuring a brushless motor for greater power onsite and quicker cutting time than ever before. The powerful CB18DBL 18V Band Saw has been designed by Hitachi for ease of use and operator safety. The LED work light illuminates the blade edge or work material for use in dark areas, and the guide plate is adjustable from 20mm to 45mm to match the work material width. The 3.6kg of weight is evenly distributed with the battery and motor placed on opposite sides of the tool and the handle positioned near the centre of gravity, reducing user fatigue and increasing control. ENQUIRY-Card 122

Makita right in the groove with new aluminium groove cutter Makita recognise the rapid advances in many spheres of the construction industry and there are none moving faster than the interior décor, shop fitting and external aluminium cladding operations. New, lightweight decorative materials are being introduced constantly to make more appealing building interiors, faster completion of build and interior refurbishments and, better still, more accurate fascia finishes. Aluminium sandwich panel systems are high on this list of innovative materials, light, attractive and easy to style. But how do you work with them? How do you cut and bend them in the fast and accurate method? designed to appeal to modern offices, hotels and schools and even domestic architecture? Makita has researched this new trend over recent years and worked with the panel manufactures and installers. ENQUIRY-Card 123

19a.qxp_Layout 1 25/04/2016 16:30 Page 1 ENQUIRY-Card 522

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20 Tools, Site Equipment & Workwear . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Quality pays off, from head to toe With such a wide array of tools and workwear to choose from, you would be forgiven for being driven largely by your wallet when stocking up your tool bag. However, doing so is often a false economy and investing time and cash in quality branded products is a far wiser decision. Not only will equipment at the cheaper end of the shelf see you back in the merchants to find replacements much sooner than you would like, it can actually even be bad for your health. Hand tools It is general wear and tear that really differentiates quality tools from the cheaper competition. Tools should be manufactured and designed to last, but sadly not all manufacturers take this long-term approach. Spirit levels in particular tend to get dropped frequently, which with cheaper models can be a problem as the vial is often held in by glue, making it prone to moving or even falling out completely. The best advice is to invest in a spirit level where the vial is moulded in to the surround, so it won’t fall out and will last a lifetime. Also, look out spirit levels with a large viewing window rather than a magnifier, which can leave ghost images of the bubble and lead to inaccuracies when marking out.

To really get your money’s worth, the liquid inside the vial should stay green for the best part of a decade to ensure an easily readable bubble with movements that aren’t too slow or too fast. Quality tools that carry some kind of guarantee offer peace of mind when it comes to safety too, particularly

when it comes to carrying out work on electrics with screwdrivers and pliers. Cheaper tools are simply made to price, with no investment available for safety testing. For the same reason, it is unlikely that ‘cheaper’ tools will be able to offer the same level of innovation as those that carry a slightly higher price tag. This is because no cash is left to spend on research and development so what you see is what you get; a basic tool that may well slow down or hinder the job at hand.

for a brand that gives the same emphasis on user comfort as it does on safety – both are vital for installers.

Toolbags With the right tools chosen and comfortable work boots purchased, spare a thought for how you carry them – has your tool bag seen better days? Here too, spending out on a quality brand now is a sensible choice in the long-run.

User comfort is a major factor when it comes to choosing tools and workwear, yet it is one of those things that you don’t fully appreciate until it is not there. Cheaper hand tools, for example, are less likely to be ergonomically designed, while paying that little bit more will get you soft grip handles on tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and tape measures, which is particularly helpful in avoiding painful blisters and general discomfort.


While much focus is given to hand tools and the effect they can have on your ability to work efficiently, thought also needs to be paid to what you wear on your feet. The average tradesman will take in the region of 1,500 steps an hour, which makes investing in comfortable work boots a must. How many times have you purchased a new pair of work boots or shoes without trying them on? You may assume that the level of comfort offered between brands won’t really differ all that much, particular as steel toe cap safety boots don’t lend themselves to being comfortable in the first place. However, with so much strain being put on your feet daily, you run the risk of serious foot fatigue setting in if your work boots aren’t just safe, but comfortable too. It is important therefore to look

The tool bag, box or belt you store your tools in can have a huge impact on your efficiency on site, not to mention on the longevity of the tools themselves. Let’s face it; tools aren’t cheap and more often than not, despite our best efforts, smaller items of equipment can be found lurking on the floor of the van or lost and never to be seen again under larger items in our tool boxes. Investing in a tool bag that has multiple compartments, and that is made from a hard-wearing, long-lasting material is therefore well worth that extra investment. Tempting as it may be to opt for some of the cheaper tools and workwear on the market, the reality is that this can turn out to be a costly mistake. Investing in branded tools makes sense in the long-term, not only because they are likely to last longer, but also because they will make it much easier for you to carry out a quality job in comfort, saving you time and money in the process. For more information on the wide range of quality tools available from Hyde call 0121 705 7987 or visit ENQUIRY-Card 523

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. View our publication online at . April 2016 .

7KH0D[7UXFN i &$55,(68372.* /%6&8)7


i i i i i


+21'$*;9&200(5&,$/(1*,1( 3((5/(6675$160,66,21 &/,0%6$26/23()8//</2$'(' :+((/'5,9( ($6<),7$&&(6625,(6$9$,/$%/(

Tools, Site Equipment & Workwear 21

DO ONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T


DU UST ST 13,0 000 deaths

Around every year from occupational al lung disease and cancer.


Construction dustt can cause to lungs and airways.

Tel: 01566 777140

damage Over 500 d deaths every year from exposure to silica dust. Around 4,00 00 deaths every year from COPD D due to past workplace exposures. ENQUIRY-Card 524

The AllSaw is the perfect tool for your trade.


Saves you time and money

See it in action:

Very low dust output Cut faster with a clear view Easy single brick removal No kick back or overrun 120mm depth of cut Addex Group Unit C, Longmead Business Centre Blenheim Road, Epsom, Surrey KT19 9QQ T 0845 0500 595 m Tel: 01993 82605 50

W ENQUIRY-Card 525 ENQUIRY-Card 526

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22 Tools, Site Equipment & Workwear . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

New Draper Expert 15kg Breaker takes on the toughest jobs

Brand new to the Draper Expert range is a powerful breaker delivering an impressive 45 joules of force. The new breaker has a robust metal construction, making it an effective and efficient solution for most breaking jobs. It’s powerful, hardwearing and portable.

This new Draper Expert Breaker is ideal for general demolition work and great for breaking old tarmac driveways, paths and heavier duty concrete slabs and footings. A durable, heavy duty carrying case comes with the breaker for protection and easy transportation. Several other handy accessories come with the breaker too, including a flat

chisel, a pointed chisel, an oil bottle, a spare pair of carbon brushes and a spanner. Customers looking for a powerful breaking performance that’s also convenient to transport, carry and store, should look no further than the new Draper Expert 1600W 230V 15kg Breaker. Don’t forget Draper Tools also

offers all the personal protective clothing and accessories you will need when using a breaker, including ear and eye protection, safety gloves and dust masks. For more information visit

ENQUIRY-Card 581 ENQUIRY-Card 527

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ailable until 31st May 2016 va Av A W e Stocks Last. or Whil


)ČšLÉ&#x152;KČžXÉ&#x201E;O$É&#x201E;O6É&#x152;HČ˝O 'É&#x160;DÉ QÉ QČż6É&#x20AC;RÉ&#x17D;HÉ&#x201E;

uarantee Year Guarantee 5-Y 8â&#x20AC;?) Handle 70cm (28â&#x20AC;?) ng drainage channels, For creating preparing g trenches for drainage pipes or making straight sided fence post st holes this shovel has a carbon steel head with a tubular steel teel shaft. Blade: 380x150-90mm 0x150-90mm (15x6-3½â&#x20AC;?) WAS ÂŁ24.99 .99

NO OW ÂŁ16.99 6

e v a S over

0 9 ÂŁ


,É&#x160;ZÉ QÉ&#x2026;3É&#x2021;UÉ&#x152;DČşOČ˝6ČšIȽȽWÉ&#x2018;%ČšUÉ&#x160;LČ˝U


)ČšLÉ&#x152;KČžXÉ&#x201E;O$É&#x201E;O6É&#x152;HČ˝O 'É JČżLÉ&#x2020;J6É&#x2C6;DČźH

NOW ÂŁ325.00 0

uarantee Year Guarantee 5-Y 8â&#x20AC;?) Handle 70cm (28â&#x20AC;?) om carbon Forged from ese steel for extra manganese strength this shovel is ideal planting and site work. for transplanting h an MYD hilt with a Fitted with wooden ccross dowel on the PHWDOVKDIWDQGČľDWWUHDGVRQ the blade e for comfort. Blade: 280x180mm 0x180mm (11x 7â&#x20AC;?)

ČŹ$Č&#x2030;Č&#x2C6;Č&#x2030;$ČŽ&Č&#x2030;Č&#x2C6;Č&#x2018; 6ČŹ$ 6É&#x152;DÉ&#x2020;OČ˝\)É&#x2021;OČźLÉ&#x2020;J 6ČšZÉ&#x20AC;RÉ&#x160;VČ˝7É?LÉ&#x2020;3ČšFÉ&#x192; ZÉ WÉ&#x20AC;)ČŞ(Č?Č?FÉ&#x2026; Č&#x160;ÉŚ  6É&#x20AC;DÉ&#x160;SČťXÉ&#x152;+ČšQČźVČšZ ČŻRÉ&#x160;WÉ&#x20AC;2É&#x17D;HÉ&#x160;~Č&#x2030;Č

Tool Tray and Side Cable Hangers Inclu uded! Robu ust polypropylene construction with rubbe er pads on top to prevent slipping. )ROGČľDWIRUHDV\WUDQVSRUWDWLRQDQG storage. Max load limit 450Kg per pair. WAS ÂŁ48.99

NOW N 39.99 ÂŁ3

WAS ÂŁ34.99 .99

NO OW ÂŁ16.99 6 SAVE

ÂŁ9 ÂŁ 9


18 ÂŁ18 ÂŁ ÂŁ1

Visit: ENQUIRY-Card 528

indd 1 16 ind Aprril 16 A Mag April Builderr Mag RD Builder R

9//04//2016 08:50:57 119/04/2016

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24 Doors & Windows . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

AGILA – THE NEW SPECIALIST DOOR RANGE FROM REHAU The FIT Show marks the official launch of AGILA – the exciting new brand from REHAU for its range of specialist door systems which give fabricators and installers a solution for every possible door application.

There are initially five products in the AGILA range and these will all be on display on stand 346. Alongside a composite door, there will be a Passivhaus door for applications where energy performance is the key criteria, a fire door for areas where high level of protection is required and both multi-fold and sliding doors to give a wider choice to consumers who want to open up their home to the garden. All of the AGILA doors come with the REHAU guarantees of quality, finish and performance and, for REHAU customers, they fill in potential gaps in their ranges which mean they can now offer a complete installation in REHAU. Probably the most talked about product on the stand will be the new AGILA sliding door which offers contemporary slim sight lines to let more light in, and competes head on with aluminium with larger maximum sizes and multi-pane configurations. Like all of the AGILA range, the sliding door is designed to meet the requirements of fabricators, installers and consumers. It is fast and easy to manufacture and install with clever innovations such as a clip-in, universal straight cut infill strip, pre-routed hardware options and preinserted gasket and brush pile. It

Turn a home into a smart house - thanks to Garador In recent years, there has been no real choice of affordable solution for stylish garage doors on modern buildings in the UK.

So Garador introduced the Design Range, an ultra-modern steel Up & Over garage door collection. Available in a choice of contemporary designs and

colour finishes they provide a more individualistic looks for both new builds and also for refurbishment projects. So it’s no surprise that sales of these doors are on the up.

The Design Range comprises Series 100, constructed from four wide horizontal skins; and Series 200, constructed from three wide vertical skins. The wider panelling in both Series offers a clean minimalistic styling that sits well with modern looks and architectural styles. All Design Range doors incorporate the same innovative engineering and production techniques used in other Garador steel Up & Over doors; including secure euro cylinder with solid locking rods, a strong box section chassis with superior lifting gear and a smooth rivet free panel. Like all Garador doors, they are low maintenance and can be fitted with canopy, retractable and retractable plus operating gear. But it is in design where they really stand out. Doors in both the 100 and 200 Design Range Series come in a wide selection of colours available as standard. This covers the full spectre of glorious deep colours from ruby red to signal blue and more subtle shades including ivory and grey. There is also a new Titan Metallic colour with a structured metallic finish that is exclusive to Garador’s Design Range doors.

also comes in a choice of eight standard foil options including grey, black/brown and cream to appeal to homeowners and provide a perfect match with REHAU’s window range. Before its official launch in the summer, final stages of development for the door will include a designated PAS24 compliant hardware solution with 12 locking points and a Part M compliant low threshold and handle option. Along with its affordability, these, REHAU says, will make it a great tool for selling into the new build sector. For customers who want a multifold option as well, the AGILA Multi-Fold will also be on display for the first time with a new clip on low threshold designed for easy installation.. REHAU’s Marketing and Technical Director Gareth Jones said: “The AGILA range encompasses all of those specialist door systems which can be made in addition to standard PVC-U window profiles. We have invested in a range which allows fabricators to target exciting new market opportunities. In fact, we have already got manufacturers in place for all five of the doors we are showing at FIT.” ENQUIRY-Card 529

On top of that there is a range of design elements that can be added to give a truly individual look to any property. These designs, featuring a number of clean looking shapes and patterns, can be added to either side of the door and are cut out of 2mm thick brushed stainless steel to ensure durability and a lasting strong look to the door. Many of the Design Range doors have been designed to match Garador’s range of modern FrontGuard front doors, so you can buy a matching garage door and front door from one place. The FrontGuard range comes in a variety of styles and colours, as well as featuring excellent thermal insulation, security and a functional door design that will work time and again. The FGS 700 FrontGuard front door, for example, is a great match for the Design Range 210 garage door, and both come in a selection of matching colours. Find out more about Garador’s Design Range collection at www.garador. or call 01935 443710 ENQUIRY-Card 530

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. View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Doors & Windows 25

Better than ever!

Relationships mean everything to us!

Building Product Solutions are meeting the demands of a growing market. We are proud to be leading the way on manufacturing new build window products that are easy and trouble free to install. Our onsite glass plant improves the speed from order to delivery focusing on working together with our customers for a better future.

Building Product SOLUTIONS


Unit 30 Goldthorpe Industrial Estate, Goldthorpe, Rotherham S63 9BL

Tel: 01709 882080 Onsite glass plant P

Unrivalled onsite support

New build windows

Excellent customer care ENQUIRY-Card 531



• High Quality Folding Sliding Doors

All Windows & Doors CE Marked

• British, German & Belgium Designed • A Fantastic Variety of Finishes & Colours



• Virtually Maintenance Free • State-of-the-Art Security Features • Full Fitting Available • Free Survey & Design Advice




Unit 26/3 Silicon Business Centre 26 Wadsworth Road Tel: 0208 997 2448 Perivale, Greenford Middlesex UB6 7JZ Fax: 0208 997 0611

email: ENQUIRY-Card 532 ENQUIRY-Card 533

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26 Doors & Windows . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

PORTFOLIO Collection from Premdor, the Classic range The exciting, new innovative PORTFOLIO collection of internal doors from Premdor consists of four themed ranges, comprising of Natural, Exotic, Contemporary and Classic. All are made in the UK using sustainable natural veneers engineered in Italy and all utilise Premdor’s cutting- edge Veneer Match technology presenting real veneers with consistent grain and colour. Within the Classic range may be found Oak, Walnut, Ash and Durador, all crafted from the finest materials and each produced to the highest standard of immaculate finish. By combining rich, attention grabbing shades with timeless graining the collection will add sophistication to any interior decorative finish. The Oak Vertical door and the White Oak Two Stile model demonstrate the unique Premdor Veneer Match technology, as does Walnut Vertical and Walnut Two Stile both presenting a bold, rich, contemporary look. To complete the Classic range comes elegant Ash vertical and trend proof Durador with it’s simple clean grain pattern. The Classic collection is complemented by a stylish range of modern glazing designs, 30 and 60 minute fire door models, all supplied with PEFC chain of custody as standard. To see more of the exciting PORTFOLIO collection, request a catalogue by ringing 0844 209 0008 or visit ENQUIRY-Card 534

Masterframe returns to Troon for a great view of the 17th!

Just add profit…The Innovative alternative to Bi-Fold Doors

Following the precedent set by Royal Troon Golf Club's beautiful return to glory, Mokoia House – a distinctively styled and architecturally important residence overlooking the course's 17th hole – has received a fresh installation of PVC-U sash windows produced by Halo fabricator, Masterframe (Veka Plc). The Essex-based company is nationally renowned for specialising in only sash windows, and fabricated an extensive package of windows for the refurbishment of the historic Royal Troon clubhouse in summer 2015. “It was touch-and-go as to whether South Ayrshire would approve the installation of 16 PVC-U windows on the third floor flat in this particular property as, alongside numerous other councils, they favour the use of traditional materials in significant buildings”, explains Sales and Operations Director for Masterframe, Carol Slade. ENQUIRY-Card 128

Brand new from Mighton Products, the Panoramic Door System. A timber/aluminium Hybrid patio door that combines the thermal efficiency of a PVCu door with the elegance of timber. The Mighton Panoramic Door is a timber clad alternative to a PVCu, aluminium or timber bi-fold. The most obvious difference is that the panels can be moved and operated independently and are not fixed together like a bi-fold. As the door panels are independent, there is no connecting hardware. There are no unsightly hinges, handles or shootbolts, just beautiful smooth seamless sightlines. A Mighton Panoramic Door can be positioned anywhere in the track you choose and unlike a bi-fold, the doors don’t encroach into your living space or patio space. The Mighton Panoramic Door comes with security and thermal efficiency built in.

P C Henderson is a finalist in the Housebuilder Product Awards 2016 P C Henderson has been shortlisted in the ‘Best Building Fabric Product’ category at the Housebuilder Product Awards 2016 for its innovative Securefold Ultra sliding door hardware. Award winners will be announced at a gala lunch at Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham on 29th June. The Housebuilder Product Awards reward excellence and innovation, celebrating products and systems which aid new home development in the UK. P C Henderson’s Securefold Ultra was shortlisted by the judging panel looking for products that offer a solution to the challenges, regulations and standards facing housebuilders. Housebuilders are now required to build homes to a unified security standard under Building Regulations - Part Q: Security. The Securefold Ultra system can help meet the requirements of Approved Document Q as it has been certified to UK specific PAS 24.

Senior extends PURe® range with new low U-value doors ENQUIRY-Card 129 ENQUIRY-Card 130 ENQUIRY-Card 131

Following on from the success of its thermally advanced PURe® window system, leading fenestration designer and manufacturer Senior Architectural Systems is once again set to break the mould with the launch of its innovative new PURe® door range. Available as folding sliding, inline sliding, lift & slide, single and double options, the new patent-pending PURe® range features the pioneering use of an enhanced thermal barrier manufactured from expanded polyurethane foam (PUR). When calculated as a CEN standard door, the new PURe® system can achieve Uvalues as low as 0.93 w/m2k. By offering significantly lower U-values than other aluminium doors currently available, PURe® doors can make a substantial improvement to the overall carbon footprint of a building which in turn can lead to a reduction in energy bills.

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. View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Doors & WIndows 27 High Pressurre Laminate Range

High qu ualit ality, Sash Windows ws

36mm ultrraa Slim-line ne meeting rrail ail The first with original al â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Putty Lineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; styling Optional decorative horn - Patented Patent pendingg

Ideal for Schools, Heritage and Conservation Areas Powder coated finish h with upto a 30 year guarantee Exclusive concealed d balance cover

Traditional Parting Bead (Retractable) * Choice of 43mm or traditional 90mm deep eep bottom rail Document L compliaant Fire exit window available

The Premdor range of High Pressure Laminates es (HPL) offer, du urability a , strength, excellent impact ct and scrattch resistance with superior perforrmance.

Sealed units 30db rating 24mm (4--1 16-4 4)

Full gloss white RAL 9910 or any Std Ral

Caappturing the latest colour trends, realistic wood o grain effects, deep textures and raised patterns, this superb range exudees elegance. Totally suited to high traffic enviironments such as hotels and self-serviced apartments where cleaning is essential and regular im mpact is expected.

Easy-Tilt clean featurre with full sash removal

The he HPL range is manufactured witth a 35mm solidd core, with FD30 and FD60 fire door options, plus a wide w variety of glazing designs available with this stunning ingg range. For a copy our lat l tesstt range guide id or to request colour sw watches,, please call 0844 209 0008

Call 01778 347147

Fo or more information

www w.clearvie

Birthwaite Business Park, Huddersfield Rd, Darton, Barnsley, S75 5JSS

E: sales@clearviewg F: 01778 341363

Email: ukmarketing@prem


au al

@AlumathermUK 16-37-346

Original Easy y-Til lt Sa S sh M Manu anufacturer Since 1959 1967 0116 ENQUIRY-Card 587 ENQUIRY-Card 588

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28 Roofing . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

REPAIRS, REFURBISHMENT & WATER INGRESS BY THE SEA Stuart Hicks, from cold liquid-applied waterproofing specialist, Kemper System, discusses how a change of membrane addressed failing waterproofing at a luxury residential development in Saltdean, near Brighton. The Grand Ocean Hotel in Saltdean, near Brighton, epitomises a bygone era of glamourous seaside elegance. First opened in 1938, the Grade II listed building’s crescent-shaped white façade makes it a classic of Art Deco architectural design. Once a popular honeymoon destination owned by Billy Butlin it is now the central building from which a development of luxury apartments takes its name. The scheme has seen the refurbishment of the original structure and construction of four new build blocks designed in keeping with the former hotel. Problems with the integrity of the waterproofing system that was

originally specified for the project became apparent even before the scheme was completed, leading to a change of both roofing contractor and, eventually, roofing system. Integrity Issues Both the existing hotel building and the new builds have flat roofs and architect, Rolfe Judd, had specified a liquid waterproofing membrane. Unfortunately, the system selected was not robust enough to adhere seamlessly to the roof substrate and the assumption was made that the issue lay with the quality of installation rather than the suitability of the membrane. A new roofing contractor, Cawston Roofing, was brought in to carry out repairs to the membrane but, as the existing roof build up was still under warranty, Cawston Roofing was required to carry out repairs using the same product. The majority of the problems with the roofing material were around the upstands. While repairs using the same membrane seemed to address the issue briefly, the same issues recurred following the repairs. Inverted Refurbishment Having used Kemper Systems’ Kemperol membranes on a wide variety of construction projects in the past, Cawston Roofing was confident in recommending Kemperol V210, a cold liquid-applied waterproofing membrane.

The originally-specified membrane had been installed beneath the insulation as an inverted roof build up for the new apartment blocks. Cawston Roofing removed the paving slabs and green roof medium along with the insulation and, where possible, this was stored for re-use. Hotel Roof The damage caused by the failed waterproofing membrane on the roof and balconies of the former hotel building was even more significant because the original roof build-up was not inverted. The balconies were tackled first, with strip out of the entire roof build-up. Here, not only had the originallyspecified membrane failed, but the insulation below it had begun to rot too. Having completed the strip out, Cawston Roofing allowed the concrete substrate to dry on each balcony and the decision was taken to reinstate the build-up for each balcony as an inverted warm roof. New insulation had to be cut to size and shape and this was done while the Kemperol V210 membrane was being installed so that the balconies could be completed as quickly as possible. The team then moved onto the 8,500m2 former hotel roof, which comprises five ‘fingers’ with a central core. Water ingress around the roof outlets meant that the recently installed warm roof insulation was already sodden and the roof had to be stripped back to the vapour barrier. Holiday Heritage Thanks to the replacement of the originally-specified waterproofing system with Kemperol V210, the building not only provides a stylish address on the coast that is warm and dry for residents but also protects a slice of the UK’s holidaymaking heritage and an iconic listed building. ENQUIRY-Card 536

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30 Roofing . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Alumasc “Single Point” waterproofing system protects school roofs The Alumasc waterproofing system-protected

roof at Brownmead Primary Academy

Following numerous historic patchwork repairs to the school’s previous waterproofing system, Educational Support Services West Midlands (ESSWM) commissioned Alumasc to perform a detailed site survey of all flat roof areas. The resulting Roof Condition Report stated that the original system integrity was seriously compromised, with high levels of entrapped moisture identified within the insulation to the main roof area. Varying levels of deterioration across the roof areas were recorded and clear recommendations for how these would be addressed were given within the site specific specification.

ESSWM appointed approved installer Clarendon Roofing to refurbish 1,200m2 of existing roof areas with Alumasc’s Euroroof BUR (built-up roof) waterproofing system, to deliver highperformance waterproofing and a fully engineered Cut to falls insulation scheme. All internal drainage locations were also to be refurbished with the Roof Pro PRODRAIN refurbishment RWO (Rain Water Outlet), to ensure effective water management was maintained throughout. The waterproofing system also included the refurbishment of the original roof lights with Alumasc Type A Roof lights - to provide a fully Part L2B compliant

A new Alumasc Euroroof waterproofing system has been installed on nine refurbished roof areas at Brownmead Primary Academy, providing an effective long-term solution for this Junior and Infant school in Shard End, Birmingham. system. The first step was the complete strip and removal of the deteriorated waterproofing system from the concrete screed beneath. Appropriate surface preparation to the screed was then undertaken prior to the installation of the Euroroof Torchtite Vapour Control Layer; providing immediate protection against water ingress into the main hall, classrooms and kitchen below. Areas identified as suitable for “upgrade” received necessary preparation works and surface conditioning, prior to the application of the proposed specification. The Alumasc Cut to falls scheme was

designed to enhance and overcome the existing design falls to each respective roof area. The design brief for the drainage plan was to utilise the existing drainage locations, remove standing water from all roof areas and meet the target u-value of an average 0.18W/m2K. Clarendon Roofing then applied the Euroroof waterproofing system, which comprised a Hi Ten Universal Torchapplied underlay and Euroroof MG4 capping sheet. ENQUIRY-Card 538

Install with ease! Quality products from the roofing specialist • A broad range of products designed for ease of handling and installing • Sustainable and high performing products • Comprehensive technical support • Nationwide merchant network • Look out for new products during 2015!

Call us on 01604 433000 or visit our website for details. ENQUIRY-Card 539

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The Clement Conservation Rooflight Crafted by experts in steel fenestration and building restoration. The Clement Conservation Rooflight is a replica of a Victorian original. Designed to lie flush with the roofline and in keeping with the character of your property, it is the only conservation rooflight that is available from stock in two profiles – for slate or clay tiles - to ensure the best finish.

VXSHUEFRQVHUYDWLRQURR°LJKWV Clement House, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1HR 01428 643393 ENQUIRY-Card 540

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32 Roofing . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

All you could want from a rooflight…and more The recently launched rooflight range from Alumen has been enjoying huge interest. The range comprises three families – Aether, Helios and Olympus

The traditional expectation of a rooflight is in line with our Aether flat, fixed option with a simple, clean design, glazed edge to edge. But this doesn’t mean it is basic or too boring – the options on size and shape are endless and it is also available as a walk over option. The Helios has all the same capabilities as Aether but with a raised, chamfered edge it adds a more contemporary feel to the rooflight. The fact it is available as a manual or electric opener using smooth chain operation, adds further to its appeal. Last but no means least is the pyramid option Olympus which offers all the grandeur you would expect from a pyramid rooflight. This is also available as fixed, manual or electric opening in a variety of sizes. Upgrades like weather packs, glazing options including Activ blue glass and triple glazing and integral lighting are also available. Standard sizes ranging up to 3000mm x 1000mm are in stock and available on next day delivery across the UK. Prices start from as little as £595 and delivery is free of charge during our introductory period. We are now also extending our rooflight range to include lanterns. Our unique lantern range is available as Slimline, offering an ultra-sleek contemporary look with minimal width eaves, rafters and ridges, or Large Span ideal for larger roofs available up to 6000mm x 3500mm.

Ordering online is easy and delivery is free for limited time. With over 45 standard options in stock across the entire range why not visit Shop/Shop-Home.aspx or call us on 01536 737377 Twitter @AlumenLtd ENQUIRY-Card 541

FAKRO roof terrace window The FAKRO DXW roof window has been designed to take heavy foot traffic, a specially strengthened sash, frame and laminated, P2A anti-burglary glazing enabling it to be fitted flush within the roofline. It combines contemporary styling with a wearresistant, anti-slip surface which will maintain its performance even when wet. The glazing unit has a U-value of 0.5W/m2K while the multi-chamber PVC frame is filled with polystyrene insulation and has a white inner surface. Eight standard sizes are available from 600 x 600mm to 1200 x 1200. See the DXW being put to the test at . ENQUIRY-Card 132

New catalogue for Freefoam Freefoam announce the launch of a brand new Product Catalogue. The new version contains the complete range of Freefoam products including PVC-U and PVC-UE fascia, soffit, rainwater systems, exterior cladding, interior panelling and decking. With over 2000 product items a clear concise catalogue is essential for Freefoam stockists to promote the range and its A5 compact format is ideal for buildering professionals roofline fitters and roofers to keep a copy handy with all the product information they need. The new catalogue features a more contemporary design with clear lifestyle imagery and some clever new features. ENQUIRY-Card 133

IKO Polymeric launches pre-fab Armourdek roof panel

Take a solid approach to increased profitability

The UK’s only PVC and TPE single ply manufacturer, IKO Polymeric, has officially launched Armourdek, a prefabricated long spanning roof deck for fast track installation. Factory finished with BBA certified Armourplan PVC or Spectraplan TPE single ply membrane, Armourdek is ideal for high performance waterproof roofing. With excellent thermal and acoustic properties it offers superb air tightness and its ‘zero waste’ manufacturing approach means no material used goes to landfill. It can be used in all construction sectors and is suitable for steel, concrete and timber frames. The way it’s made means big savings in time and resources to construction projects.

‘Flat’ roofers are being offered an innovative opportunity to increase their profitability. Protan- one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of single ply membraneis pointing out that refiurbishment and upgrading of conservatories and orangeries offers huge potential to flat roofers. “Estimates suggest there are now over 3million conservatories in the UK, the majority of which were put up in the boom period up to 2006, and whose polycarbonate glazing is now failing. Then there are those glazed with polycarbonate where the owners are finding it too cold in winter, and too hot in summer,” points out Protan Domestic Business Development Manager Martin Shave. ENQUIRY-Card 134 ENQUIRY-Card 135

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. View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Suitable for new build & older constructions including renovations and barn conversions, hard to treat buildings & cavities and agricultural change of use e.g workshops. Bonds to most surfaces. Exceptional alternative to dry lining non-cavity walls. Creates a continuous membrane throughout.


• Stops condensation • Can prevent slipping • Can literally remove the need for & cost of new roof • Eliminates frozen plumbing • Prevents entry of occasional wind blown rain/snow • Insulates & reduces fuel bills Tel: 01405 812682 • Fax: 01405 817201 • Freephone: 0800 581 247 email: • • Building Society approved Office: Crow Tree Farm, Crow Tree Bank, Thorne Levels, Doncaster DN8 5FT • Frost Protection




NXT Silicone Roof Coatings can be applied to virtually any surface including felt/bitumen, steel, concrete, fibreglass, wood, asbestos, fibre cement, epdm, lead and many more. Ideal for roof & gutter repair and refurbishment. Some of the most common uses are for flat roof repair, garage roof repair and industrial gutter coating please contact us if you need any advice.

Save Energy & Co2 Emissions

Invaluable for Roof Insulation:



for Domestic, Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural & Marine purposes. Solves most roof problems



Roofing 33

Tel: 01505 863 863 ENQUIRY-Card 544 ENQUIRY-Card 543







Speccialist aluminium fabricators of doors & windowss, shop fronts, conservatories o & roofs

Adding choice & value to your roofs OLYYMPUS

Fixed, Manual or Eleectric Oppeningg



tClear or Activ Blue glass g tOver 45 diffeerent Roooflight combinations in stock o tCustom sizes and colours available





A N G E!

www.alum ENQUIRY-Card 542

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34 Drainage / External Works & Landscaping . View our publication online at . April 2016 .


New RECYFIX MONOTEC drains car park at the new Travelodge Weston Super Mare Hauraton Limited introduced the RECYFIX® MONOTEC, their new high capacity channel system in January, the new Western Super Mare Travelodge being the first installation of the system in the United Kingdom. The MONOTEC channels installed in the Travelodge, 47 space, main car park have a nominal grating width of 100mm, an overall height of 380mm and are suitable for a loading category

of up to Class D400. The channels provide a cross-section of 355.5cm2 and have a high attenuation volume. The RECYFIX® MONOTEC one metre long channel component is of a sturdy monolithic design where the HEELSAFE grating and the tongue and groove linking system are integral to the channel moulding. The whole unit is made of tough, virtually unbreakable polypropylene (PP) formulated to be very resistant to daily temperature fluctuations from frost conditions to strong sunlight, including the Ultra Violet (UV) spectrum. PP is naturally resistant to de-icing salt. Complying with the requirements of EN 1433, the PP is given its UV resistance by adding just sufficient carbon black as a stabiliser so that the structural strength of the material is unaffected and a consistent appearance is maintained. ENQUIRY-Card 584

Domestic driveways with sustainable grass reinforcement As the push for permeable paving gathers pace the available range of products, particularly grass paving types can become something of a selection headache for buyers to overcome.

Grass Concrete takes a nononsense approach to customer enquiries with an open and friendly “tell it as it is” response. This is fuelled by over 40 years of industry experience and a product portfolio that covers both plastic and concrete. In seeking out a grass paver it can be natural to look for one that offers the highest percentage of grass cover. A promise of high grass percentage can draw a customer towards a plastic type paver with its network of narrow ribbed cells and indeed Grass Concrete’s own Grassroad® offering will suggest a 95% grass cover. In reality however the ability to sustain grass cover will be influenced by a number of factors such as root structure, permeability and frequency of traffic - a thin layer structure that relies on grass for stability might not be the best choice for intensive use. For more frequent trafficking Grass Concrete recommends the selection of a concrete system; the grass content may be less but the growth is likely to be more sustainable under regularly use. For concrete applications Grass Concrete

offers both: Grassblock® precast units or a cast on site, reinforced Grasscrete® system. Grasscrete® will cater for regular loads than can go all the way up to heavy goods vehicles - its exceptional performance characteristic in both traffic and water flow applications have made this perhaps the most specified grass paving type in the world and yet it remains surprisingly economical in cost. Each type offers excellent permeability and can be incorporated into a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS)

Further information can be found at: ENQUIRY-Card 585

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The all weather solution Cyclone – a steel rainwater system designed to add long-life value to your homes STRONG Galvanised high-strength steel can withstand the toughest weather conditions, keeping its smart and fresh appearance for many years.

LONG-LASTING Durable and long-lasting Cyclone systems are made from galvanised Swedish steel, with a hard-wearing Polyester coating, which is guaranteed for 15 years with a system life expectancy in excess of 40 years.

COST-EFFECTIVE Cyclone rainwater systems are virtually maintenance free, they will not fade or crack, even under extreme temperature conditions, whilst the cost is competitive when compared to many PVC systems.

ECO-FRIENDLY Studies have shown that steel has the lowest carbon footprint of any other rainwater system material and is 100% recyclable.


RAL 9011


Metallic RAL 9006


RAL 9002

Dark Grey

RAL 7011

AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES Gutters: 100/125/150mm Downpipes: 75/87/100mm FREE SITE VISITS & TAKE–OFF SERVICE

T: 0115 930 0681 E: ENQUIRY-Card 545

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36 Drainage / External Works & Landscaping . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Get ready for spring with Shed & Fence Mate Spring has finally sprung so why not spruce up your garden with new Shed and Fence Mate from Everbuild – A Sika Company – a new wood treatment giving lasting protection to fences, sheds, gates and all rough sawn timber. Available in 5 stunning colours, Shed and Fence Mate is packed full of water repellent waxes and carefully selected UV resistant pigments meaning the colour will last up to six times longer than standard creosote. It is also totally harmless to plants and animals both during and after application allowing it to be used on kennels and hutches. Attractive shelf strips and display boards are available containing applied samples of each colour, highlighting the rich tones achieved thanks to the advanced colour pigmentation within the product. For more information on Shed and Fence Mate or any other product within the Everbuild and Sika ranges contact your local sales representative, call the sales office on 0113 240 2424 or visit

Saint-Gobain PAM UK Extends Vortx Roof Drainage Range

New Bostik All Weather Wide Jointing Compound Global adhesives specialist Bostik has launched a new All Weather Wide Jointing Compound for paths and patios, specially formulated for use in wet and dry weather conditions. Suitable for joints from 5mm to 30mm in width, the new jointing compound requires no mixing or special tools during installation; it can simply be brushed and compacted into the joints. Once cured, it forms a solid joint that resists weed growth and enables power washing or mechanical cleaning. Supplied in a 20kg tub containing two 10kg foil packs, Bostik All Weather Wide Jointing Compound is designed for use with most paving types and is unaffected by salt or freezing conditions. Applied wet, the new compound eliminates the staining associated with traditional cement methods. Its fast drying properties allow surfaces to hold foot traffic in as little as ten hours. ENQUIRY-Card 136

A lasting legacy in Woodland Landscaping A major outdoor holiday complex in Central England is looking to secure the future of its attractive woodland setting with natural looking landscaping materials that are destined to last for at least three decades. M&M’s Unilog Pro landscaping timbers are perfect for a wide variety of projects Leading timber products manufacturer M&M Timber reports that it will be supplying a bulk order of its Unilog Pro landscaping timbers, each measuring 2.4 metres x 150mm diameter and with a guaranteed service life of 30 years, to be used in a new natural landscaping development at a major Central England forestry adventure venue. The company’s market leading Unilog Pro landscaping timbers have been specified for some of the most prestigious and adventurous landscaping projects undertaken in the UK. ENQUIRY-Card 137

Saint Gobain PAM UK has extended its range of cast iron Vortx roof outlets to include two-way outlets suitable for parapet wall applications. The new range of two way outlets has a cast iron body with a 100mm BSP threaded joint and a stainless steel angled, boxed or flat grating design. A spigot adaptor allows the outlet to be attached to either a 50mm, 75mm or 100mm spigot. Says Mike Rawlings, marketing manager for Saint-Gobain PAM: “With an epoxy coated cast iron body and stainless steel grate, these

ENQUIRY-Card 546

new outlets provide a hard wearing and anticorrosive finish for a long life. In common with other Vortx roof outlets, the new range has been flow tested and will connect to most drainage systems on the market.” The Vortx range consists of floor, roof and shower drainage products and a range of stainless steel channels and gullies. ENQUIRY-Card 138

Marley Innovation flows through capacity Marley Plumbing & Drainage rainwater system has been assisted living Project Rainwater system offers complete roof drainage solution for housing development for older people. Residents of a new £5m Extra Care scheme for older people in Swindon are certain to be dry because a high

installed on site. A Marley Deepflow 150 system has been incorporated on the roof of Dairy View in Cloatley Crescent, Royal Wootton Bassett, providing a complete drainage solution for the five-storey property. Social enterprise Housing & Care 21 are developing the scheme which comprises 48 one and two-bedroom apartments featuring purpose-built facilities such as level access showers and wheelchair access. A 24-hour care service will be offered on site along with a range of communal facilities. ENQUIRY-Card 139

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. View our publication online at . April 2016 .


The UK’s leading online reta ailer & stockist of metal rainwater sy ystems Expert advice ice High qualitty systems Painted & Primed P Next day delivery elivery

Speak to our frien ndly, knowledgeable team eam now available from 8am am - 5pm





Call 0800 644 44 4 26 or visit



Drainage/External Works & Landscapes 37

Rainclear Introduce Deeper Aluminium Gutter  to  Cope Better with Wetter Winters       

 deepest     for  areas    higher   Dflow is their rainwater range -ideal prone to rainfall   extruded  NEW  Dflow   aluminium gutters offer an economical system for traditional   or contemporary    builds with a significantly higher capacity to accommodate the very worst of the British weather. Rainclear are offering the 125 x 100mm system in 3mtr lengths in a textured black for a heritage look or smooth black, anthracite grey or 22 other standard RAL colours for a stylish, contemporary look, in 10      working days.     Dflow is wet sealed and bolted but still simple and lightweight to install by this well proven method. In addition the deeper gutters can be paired with either 76mm Cast Aluminium round down-pipes with ears for an authentic heritage appearance and installation or ‘swaged’ round, dry jointed system downpipe and clips.



no n t

Aluminium nots decay decay butdoes oxidise and but andofthe theoxidises addition a addition factor y ofapplie a factory applied d po wder powder coated colour mak es it makes extreme ely coated colour it durable with an ewith xpectean d extremely durable life spanlife of 25 year with no expected span ofs25 years require to repaint. to with noment requirement Y o u can br o w se repaint. and buy online at ZYou Z Zcan  U Dbrowse L Q F O H Dand U  F buy RXN or call 0800 644 44 26 for online at advice from the friend dly, w w w .r a i n c l e a r .c o .u k experienced Rainclear team. (14<8,5<B&DUG

or call 0800 644 44 26 for advice from the friendly, ENQUIRY-Card 547 experienced Rainclear team.

lindab rainline | the steel rainwater system


Next day delivery for Rainline steel rainwater products! Rainwater products are often the final items to be installed before scaffolding can be removed from site. Lindab always aim to process customer orders efficiently and we’re proud of our ability to delivery consistently on-time-in-full but we know that there are occasions when this is not quick enough. The Lindab Express delivery service can guarantee next day delivery for a core range of Rainline items from our UK distribution centre which is great for those additional items needed to finish a job and can prevent excess scaffolding charges.

Ex Simply look for the Express logo next to applicable items in the Rainline Trade Price List which is available to download from: ENQUIRY-Card 548

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38 Drainage / External Works & Landscapes . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

New Season Boost For Outdoor Living Trade Specialists

GREENSQUARES, the home of TimberTech composite decking and PrimaPorcelain paving and tiling, has launched a new season trade incentive package for its full range of leading outdoor living products. The move follows a susbstantial increase in trade enquiries since the recent UK-wide promotion of new brand launches and a widening of the company’s well established TimberTech composite

decking range, its indoor and outdoor porcelain flooring offer, PrimaPorcelain and SunSpaces, its new garden building and veranda division. The company is also marking the first

anniversary of its Slough showrooms by opening sevendays-a-week in response to increasing demand from professionals and homeowners in the London and south east area. “Since we opening in Slough in March 215 we have had really great residential custom from London, the Home Counties and nearby territories, underpinned by a solid series of trade enquiries, but in recent months we’ve really seem a surge of interest from commercial, trade and landscape companies in the region,” said Managing Director Jason Cole. “Many have asked for advice on installations and to see the products in action and so the Slough showroom will warmly welcome trade visitors and talk them through a range of attractive support and incentive measures.”

discount on orders containing monthly website offers); •CREDIT ACCOUNT - 30-day, end of month following credit terms offered upon receive of third order* •FREE 3D design service ** •SALES presentation support •TECHNICAL support helpline; •FREE Concealoc gun on 3rd order *** •FREE Unlimited supply of product brochures and samples; •FREE TimberTech and PrimaPorcelain display materials; •FREE van graphics/decals showing Greensquares product range; •FREE Greensquares website content; •QUARTERLY HOLIDAY competition - just supply project into for a chance to win weekend break for two people. Call: 029 2080 3750 Visit:

The Greensquares Trade Scheme incentives include: •PRICING - 25% trade discount from List Price (30% trade ENQUIRY-Card 549

^ƵƐƚĂŝŶĂďůĞΘZĞĐLJĐůĞĚ Specialists in draining water from in and around buildings for over 100 years. Renovation roof outlets are just one of our specialties, see for our complete range of products.




Sofpave Recycle Ɣ Reform Ɣ Reuse

T: 01787 248244 ENQUIRY-Card 550

Join the new revolution in superior landscaping products from Sofpave Limited


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POINTING? It’d be rude not to

• Quick and easy to use • Can be used in the wet and dry • Sets hard • Still allows for the drainage of water • For use in wide paving joints (5mm or greater) • Available in buff and grey • Prevents weed growth • Compatible with Sika surface treatments.

Perfect pointing for paving, paths and patios, Sika® Pave Fix Plus is well-known for it’s simplicity and effectiveness. Far quicker and easier than traditional methods Sika® Pave Fix Plus just needs to be brushed into the joints and compacted. Suitable for use in both dry and wet conditions, even the British weather will not stop you perfecting your patio.

Everbuild Building Products Ltd - A Sika Company Site 41, Knowsthorpe Way, Cross Green Industrial Estate, Leeds LS9 0SW. Tel: 0113 240 3456 Fax: 0113 240 0024 email: website: ENQUIRY-Card 552

PaveFix Ad Full Page BUILDER (300x230)indd 1

04/04/2016 11:48

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40 Paints, Sealants, Fillers & Coatings . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Professional wall preparation with Dunlop Pro Décor fillers and smoothers Dunlop, specialist manufacturer of adhesives, grouts, sealants, fillers and smoothers, is providing builders with great filing technology to provide a superior finish prior to decorating in a faster time than ever before. Dunlop Pro Décor fillers and smoothers are formulated with ground-breaking Hydroloc TM technology, unique to Dunlop, which cuts out the problems associated with more traditional repair products such as slow drying times, slumping or cracking. Unique because the mix water is used

as part of a chemical reaction that dries the filler, HydrolocTM is unlike other products that dry via water evaporation. This means the product dries evenly, regardless of thickness, within 24 hours. Because the reaction occurs throughout the filler, its thickness plays no pivotal role in the waiting time. The drying

Call us

Learn more

01296 481220

process is not dependent on environmental factors either, making drying times more consistent.    There are a number of products in the Pro Décor range to cater for the variety of repair work that tradesmen may face before decorating, from its Fine Surface Filler for skim coats to its Deep Filling Compound that can repair damage up to 80mm deep. Dunlop has also launched a revolutionary decorator’s caulk. Dunlop Flexible Acrylic Filler is one of the most popular products on the range due to its non-cracking and non-crazing properties rarely found with


GAP/E X TERIOR SE ALER: The o nly s ealer that works w ith O smo




9 ENQUIRY-Card 553



similar products. Another recent addition to the range is its Rapid Rescue Repair Filler. Available in handy 1kg bags for easy storage, Dunlop Rapid Rescue Repair Filler can fill damage up to 50mm deep and is fully dry in only 90 minutes for quick repairs. For more information on the Dunlop Pro Décor range of fillers and smoother visit or follow @DunlopProDecor on Twitter.






6 KNOCKOUT REASONS TO CHOOSE ONE STRIKE:  It won’t slump (even overhead) Q Q It won’t shrink or crack Q It won’t need layers to fill

 It won’t need sanding Q Q It won’t take long to dry (30 min) Q It won’t break the bank

Everbuild Building Products Ltd. Tel: 0113 240 3456 Fax: 0113 240 0024 email: website: ENQUIRY-Card 555

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HUMI-BLOCK HUMI BLOCK DAMPR ROOF FILLER FOR WE ET MASONRY STOPS DAMPNESS KEEPS THE SUBSTR RATE WATER VAPOUR PERMEA ABLE • Levelss damp and wet raw surfaces • Ide Ideal for f cellars and basements • Moistuuree vap vapour permeable • Brush or trowel application

APID DRYING FILLER E ULTIMATE FILLER Exceptional adherence Excellent shaping qualities es No need to spot prime Will not flash or grin Can be painted in 3 HRS


TOUPRELITH® F MASON NRY Y REPAIR R FILLER EASY TO T SHAPE • Fill annd repair without formwork • Adheres on damp masonry • Will noot flash or grin • No staabilising solution or PVA required** • Grey

TOUPRELEX EXTER RIOR FAST DRYING LIGHT TWEIGHT FILLER LIGHT TWEIGHT • Lightt grey in colour • One coat fill • Rich in resin • Will not flash or grin • No sttabilising solution or PVA required

M MULTIPURPOSE FILLER FILL, JOINT AND FACE FILLER UK’S FINEST F JOINT FILLER • Adheres to painted surfaces • Exceellent coverage rate • Will not n t flash fl h or grin i • Tapinng and jointing plasterboards • Greaatt value • Easyy to sand

TOUPRET UK: 25 North Row, Lo ondon W1K 6DJ Phone: (+44) 020 3691 6747 Sales & Customer Service Phone: (+44) 020 3691 6750 Accounts Fax: (+44) 020 3691 6751 Email: m Please visit our website : WWW W.TOUPRET.CO.UK

ALL SUBSTRATES REPAIR FILLER ROCK HARD • Exceptional adherencee to all substrates • Will not flash or grin • White in colour • Paint in 24 HRS • No stabilising solutionn or PVA required* • White

FINE SURFAC CE FILLER A FINE ACER Y TO USE eres on paint work ances paint finish eed to spot prime eed to sand ptional smooth finish nish

FIIBACRYL® BLE FILLER CRACKS LASTING BILITY es with the substrate ate not crack eres to paint work eed to spot prime not flash or grin ENQUIRY-Card 556

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42 Paints, Sealants, Fillers & Coatings . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

TOUPRET UK have launched the first range of DECONTAMINATING skimming fillers which contain the active Toupret registered SANEO formulation. SURFACES/ PLASTERBOARD TOUPRET SKIMMING FILLERS WITH SANEO are unique in their ability to capture and destroy FORMALDEHYDE molecules that are present in the air in your home, work place, schools and other common areas.

• PLANEO G with SANEOThe first product /tools combination that successfully achieves perfect finishes when manually skim filling walls and ceilings prior to painting or wallcovering. Perfect for renovation and new work. Especially useful for the trades man who needs to quickly patch areas where traditional plastering is not cost effective. • QUICK TO APPLY • QUICK TO RECOAT • QUICK TO PAINT • CAN BE APPLIED OVER PAINTED SURFACES/ PLASTERBOARD

TOUPRET SANEO products take up to 24 hours to effectively start purifying the air inside, thereafter releasing clean air back into the environment. 2 • AIRSPRAY FINISH with SANEO The first AIRLESS spray product with SANEO that requires no trowelling! Also its machine flow of 2.6 litres per minute combined with a tip size of 4.19 means it can be put through smaller cost effective airless spray machines than most other ready to use or powder skimming fillers. • VERY WHITE • VERY EASY TO SAND • NO TROWELLING REQUIRED • PAINT AFTER 24 HOURS • IT CAN BE APPLIED OVER PAINTED

Protect against black mould with forever white hygienic paint The Forever White range from Everbuild – A Sika Company is expanding with the addition of Forever White Paint, a hygienic paint that protects against black mould growth in bathrooms and areas of high humidity. For use on walls and ceilings, Forever White Hygienic Paint is ideal for showers, bathrooms, wetrooms and kitchens and contains SteriTouch® Antibacterial Protection. Forever White Hygienic Paint is fast drying allowing two coats to be applied in one day and dries to an exceptionally hard wearing finish that resists cracking and flaking. Highly versatile, this paint can be applied on a variety of substrates including concrete, brick, timber and ceramic tiles. Available in Arctic White in a Satin and Matt finish, the 2.5ltr tubs are printed with a highly attractive design in keeping with the Forever White brand. For further information on Forever White Hygienic Paint or any other product in the Everbuild and Sika ranges contact your local representative, call the sales office on 0113 240 2424 or visit ENQUIRY-Card 557

This process continues for the life of Toupret skimming filler . The benefits of SANEO go further because it still works after being painted by any normal paint system or wallcovering . If combined with a decontaminating paint it reinforces its effectiveness. Toupret UK, s Jim Newark goes on to explain:“ FORMALDEHYDE is the NO.1 indoor pollutant recently classified as CMR in Europe and classified as carcinogenic by the World Health Organisation. FORMALDEHYDE is used in many manufacturing processes that end up in the home and workplace. Surprising to many of us normal folk,

Pinkgrip what goes up wont come down

PinkGrip from Everbuild – A Sika Company is, and always will be part of the winning team when it comes to adhesives, outperforming competitors when tested in the critical area of initial grab. Specifically formulated for the professional user, PinkGrip will stick just about anything on a building site both internally and externally. From concrete blocks and plaster coving to skirting boards and glass, if it needs sticking then you can trust PinkGrip to do the job. The incredible grabbing strength of PinkGrip not only removes the need to pin under the work piece but its revolutionary ‘Direct Bond’ eliminates the need for using the double-stick method, saving valuable time on a building site. Available in 350ml cartridges, the distinctive pink coloured

chemicals given off by scented candles, plug in scented devices and household cleaning products. give of LIMONENE. Unfortunately although smelling fresh and pleasant its chemical reaction with normal air in your house etc. can produce molecules of FORMALDEHYDE” A recent article in The Daily Mail by Jaya Narin reported on recent tests carried out by Professor Alaistair Lewis of The National Centre for Atmospheric Science at The University of York who explained the problem and the research that they did .The bottom line of these tests was made very clear in that Formaldehyde causes cancer particularly in the nose and throat .Many of the tests conclusions are in line with what TOUPRET external test laboratory [EUROFINS] have ratified in accordance with ISO 16000 Standard on the claims made by Toupret SANEOand the benefits of acting to reduce this pollutant . The two new TOUPRET SANEO skimming fillers are now available to be ordered through most professional trade Builders Merchants, Independent trade paint stores, Brewers Decorating centres, Crown Decorating centres, Dulux Decorating Centres and Johnstone Paints trade centres. Enquries Toupret office 0203 6916747 or email Website ENQUIRY-Card 582

adhesive is instantly recognisable and users can be assured that they are using a quality product that will become a toolbox staple as with PinkGrip, what goes up, won’t come down. For further information on Pinkgrip or any other product in the Everbuild and Sika ranges contact your local representative, call the sales office on 0113 240 2424 or visit ENQUIRY-Card 558

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. View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Paints, Sealants, Fillers & Coatings 43 ENQUIRY-Card 559

THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! • Easy & quick to apply apply trowel or spray • Extremely fast drying time • Universal use: internal or external and new & old buildings • Unbeatable flexibility • Excellent crack-bridging capability >2mm • Strong resistance to hydrostatic pressure • Highly adhesive to most common building substrates • Overcoat in just over 4 hours • UV-resistant • Can be over-coated with Remmers coatings • Extreme resistance to frost and salts • Solvent & bitumen free-low odour 01293 594 010 ENQUIRY-Card 560

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44 Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

RINNAI - STOP DOWNLOADING & START STREAMING HOT WATER ON PAY AS YOU GO Storing hot water can cost a lot more money than using on-demand heating appliances. The fuel bills can add up to seriously significant sums of money in fuel bills in light commercial sites such as restaurants, retail outlets, schools catering, leisure centres or any one of the numerous other possible applications. Stored hot water, because of the design of the systems, can find it difficult, to cope with demand, as the recovery times can be longer than the period of time in use. The length of time this type of product has been on the market – plus inertia due to technology recognition has ensured that the industry, especially the installer and the specifier, think hot water storage systems are a sustainable option. But like with the way we watch TV, movies and play games – eventually certain technology is ‘leapfrogged’ by more sustainable technologies compare real time base running costs for a continuous flow hot water heating system - all day every day, like for like in specific applications - with those for a stored system, they will find they can save between 25-30% in energy bills over the lifetime of that appliance. The only time a user pays for energy use is when there is a demand, in other words the system will only burn gas when a tap or shower is being run. Just like streaming movies or TV shows! The end-user will be paying ‘as they go’-

as opposed to paying for a store of hot water that has to be brought up to 60°C from cold and then constantly maintained at that temperature 24/7 even when it is not being used. When all the water is used up, cold water will be heated and then stored until it is needed - meaning continual standby losses and continued re-circulation via a pump around the building, creating losses – all so the store avoids stratification systems. Stored hot water systems are almost always designed to over-capacity because of the difficulty in sizing to any real accuracy. For example, how much store for peak loads? Estimated lengths of shower time per person? How many people? How much water? So systems are often oversized in compensation and they use too much gas and too much storage – wasted money. Rinnai recently completed a detailed study and report on a project to replace a fractioned storage system providing hot water only, no heating, for a school’s annexe kitchen. The kitchen was not in continual daily use and was shut over

weekends. A traditional storage system, which would have to heat and store water until it is needed, incurs cost and wastes valuable resources. But a continuous flow system would have no energy costs unless the units are being used – in other words, someone turns the tap ON and the water is heated. The water hasn’t been stored (and paid to be stored). A detailed plan showed costs on a likefor-like use would give payback for a continuous flow condensing unit system in a fraction over two years simply because of slashed running costs. The model illustrates that payback would be even sooner as in reality the system would actually use less gas. And continuous flow systems have many other significant advantages over stored. A condensing continuous flow water heater guarantees a constant flow of safe hot water at a precise temperature that helps prevent Legionella proliferation or there are limited standing bodies of water and the system is constantly turned over.

Continuous flow units can be operated via an easy to use built-in digital controller. Burners on these superior units use lean and rich technology allowing them to self-modulate down to an unbeatable 2.4 kW. In many commercial operations these heaters are the best of all possible options. Multiple condensing units can be linked via a manifold arrangement to provide a never-ending supply of heated water without costly storage in the most demanding situations. The units are available in internal and external appliance and suitable for natural gas or LPG.The unit also, cleverly, eliminates sudden changes in water temperature. The water temperature set via the digital temperature controller is the water temperature that is delivered. So, for example, in a commercial application, water can be guaranteed at 60 degrees C for ACOP L8. As a failsafe, the unit will automatically cut the heater off should the temperature rise by 3°C above the chosen set point. The condensing process delivers up to 95% thermal efficiency, which translates to significant energy savings when compared to standard ondemand water heaters. End users and specifiers, taking lifetime costs into the calculation, choose a product with quality engineering that uses only the best components available and is precision engineered, technically advanced and up to the job it needs to perform. “Simply replacing like with like, albeit a newer version may not be the best way to cut overall costs. Never buy on price alone even though the initial impression may be favourable. It really does pay to look beneath the surface and calculate all outgoings, not just the initial unit price,” says the study. For more details on RINNAI products visit ENQUIRY-Card 561



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0800 083 2677 or 01291 634 149 (50 lines)


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46 Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Rinnai Training Courses Dates 2016 Demand for Rinnai UK’s 2016 programme of training modules is rising steeply as the industry increasingly turn its sights on to the energy saving benefits of gas fired continuous flow water heaters.

New multi-function valves from Reliance Water Controls Leading manufacturer Reliance Worldwide Corporation (UK) Ltd (RWC UK) has enhanced its valve innovations under its Reliance Water Controls brand. The brand new Harron® valve and Tenant® valve have been designed to provide multiple functions, easing installation, use and maintenance. The Harron valve is a combination valve which incorporates a pressure reducing valve and thermal balancing valve in an all-in-one cartridge design. Used on circulating hot water systems, the valve reduces water pressure and balances the system by regulating the flow depending on the temperature. Often Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) and Thermal Balancing Valves (TBVs) are installed together, yet the PRV is regularly situated in the wrong position on the system to operate effectively as it requires back pressure. ENQUIRY-Card 144

Free 5 year guarantee to cover all Quantec Range of Boilers Johnson & Starley have extended the 5 Year free parts and labour guarantee* to cover all of its QuanTec boiler range. Until now, only the flagship QuanTec HR28C with Integral PFGHR qualified for a full 5 year guarantee*, but from 1st February 2016 the manufactures free 5 years parts and labour guarantee has now been extended to cover the whole range of QuanTec boilers**, and when installed as a package with any of the Johnson & Starley Aquair range the 5yr guarantee will also apply to the Aquair. Introduced in 2012 the Quantec boilers have proved reliable, easy to install and popular with installers and homeowners alike, with the range being further extended in 2016 to include an LPG version of the HR28C, again with integral PFGHR. The QuanTec HR28C is the smallest boiler on the market with integral Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery and also the only fully condensing boiler with efficiency’s not reached by other manufactures. ENQUIRY-Card 145

Rinnai has developed and manufactures the only complete and comprehensive range of highly efficient ErP labelled A-rated continuous flow water heaters on the market, from the smallest domestic model to industrial units. Tailor-made, flexible courses that allow engineers the opportunity to get hands-on experience and familiarise themselves with the technology from system design and installation though to maintenance have been designed by Rinnai’s expert training team. According to Rinnai’s Technical & Compliance Officer, Ian Jenkins, who has designed the Rinnai courses: “We are constantly responding to the ever changing demand by organising training for

Ideal commercial boilers pulls double duty with the new Imax Xtra Leading British manufacturer Ideal Commercial Boilers has extended the recently launched IMAX EL range with additional models ranging from 715kW to 1240kW. Pairing two Imax Xtra EL condensing and floor standing boilers side by side, the new extended range offers greater output flexibility in a compact and lightweight package for ease of installation, even within the trickiest of applications. Further expanding the flexibility whilst still retaining a compact size which, when delivered, fits through standard doorways and, once installed, has a small footprint, the range extension outperforms the 2015 ErP requirements as well as offering very low NOx Class 6 peformance for maximum points on the BREEAM scale. With twice the flexibility and convenience, the Imax Xtra EL extended range provides the solution to even the most challenging of commercial installations and, as testament to Ideal Commercial Boilers’ commitment to quality, the entire range is fully supported with a two year parts and labour warranty*. ENQUIRY-Card 146

engineers at Rinnai HQ is as follows – with multiple on-site training taking place in between: 28 April 26 May 23 June 28 July 25 August 22 September. “In addition to this we are happy to offer bespoke courses, either at Rinnai’s technical academy in Runcorn or at a place that suits our clients,” adds Mr Jenkins. For more information contact Ian Jenkins on +44 (0)1928 531 870 or email ianjenkins@ For more details on RINNAI products visit

ENQUIRY-Card 563

Introducing the Self-Learning Electric Radiator – which knows when you’re coming home! Yorkshire based e-tailer Electric Radiators Direct have announced the release of the all new Haverland Smartwave; an intelligent, adaptable electric radiator range which uses advanced motion sensor technology in order to learn your weekly routine and revolutionise the way you control your heating to conserve energy. Electric Radiators Direct, which launched in 2013, are a market leading supplier of energy efficient electric heating solutions, operating a number of specialist heating websites which provide innovative heating products throughout the UK. Essentially ‘getting to know you’ - the SmartWave’s innovative built in infrared sensor technology registers and records activity, learning when it needs to be heating your property and when it doesn’t. ENQUIRY-Card 147

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. View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation 47 •



Die Cast Aluminium Radiators

w.aelheati n ww

m • Drawin co g g.

mat compat b for

Original FARAL Aluminium Radiators, always appreciated, often imitated since 1966 The choice of many Architects and local authorities for over 50 years, Faral radiators provide the highest heat output achievable from one of the most energy efficient low water content aluminium radiators available today.

Autoca with d le

Longo 80

White TA8W15 thermostatic valve set

Tropical 95

! " " % # ! !


! !



Flat Front Sill Line


Detailed drawings of AEL radiators and valves in a CAD drawing format that is also compatible with AUTOCAD is available on digital disc or via e-mail: Tel: 01928 579068 ENQUIRY-Card 564 ENQUIRY-Card 565



22 Great Looking Styles

Selling Top Quality Stoves in the UK for over 20 years

System Chimneys & Liners

Naturally better

BurnWood or Coal

Made from volcanic pumice A natural insulator Lightweight Easy to install

Big Stocks of Flue Pipes & Accessories in-store



©AEL copyright all photographs & CAD drawings









WAS £298.80


All Stoves conform to EN13240






REGAL II £442.80


Isokern is made from natural pumice sourced from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland. Lightweight, simple to install and highly resistant to temperature change, Isokern reduces the possibility of cracking and structural damage due to expansion and contraction. What’s more, as a natural insulator pumice is highly effective at OIITMRK¾YIKEWIW[EVQ[LMPIRSXXVERWQMXXMRKLIEXXSXLISYXWMHI7QEPP[SRHIV it’s been the natural choice for new chimney systems and refurbishments for over 25 years. Why not see what it could do for your next project?


SEE THE FULL RANGE IN-STORE OR ONLINE Mon-Fri 8:30-6:00 Sat 8:30-5:30 Sun 10-4 MAIL ORDER: 0115 956 5555

To find out more about Isokern visit us at 24934


EN 1856-2 TUV 0036 CPD 90219 001


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48 Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation . View our publication online at . April 2016 .


THE TIMES THEY ARE A’CHANGING Chris Goggin, Associate Director of continuous flow water heater manufacturer Rinnai, looks at the fast pace of change in the industry as the Government demands evergreater efficiencies. Change in the H&V industry over the past decade has been accelerated and the rate is going even faster as pressure builds to find better and more efficient ways of heating and conserving hot water.

As soon as anybody says the word ‘change’ panic sets in. However, it is not change itself that people should be wary of, but the manner in which change is managed. In the case of change in the H&V world

the race to comply with Government goals to lower emissions and conserve energy can only be welcomed as we enter a period of fuel supply uncertainty. The way to future proofing

against rising energy bills and new legislation, both of which are inevitable, is to concentrate on the best available technologies for heating and hot water design and avoid the inertia that exists around simple direct replacement. For instance you wouldn’t upgrade your iphone to a pager as technology has moved on. Progressively, standards have decreed that building envelopes must be insulated to create greater ‘air tightness’ so that thermal insulation is much improved. Conversely, the demand for instant hot water has markedly increased and this means we need to adopt a new mindset that separates space heating from hot water provision. There is no need for a big hot water storage unit, for example, to satisfy the needs of large radiators as well as hot water. There is even guidance on the topic illustrating that considerations for separating heating from hot water should be a design consideration for energy conscious consultants. Consideration has to be given to best available technologies and how they can augment hot water supply. Consider an A-rated gas fired continuous flow hot water system, when used as a booster to renewables such as ASHP or solar thermal, an energy efficient gas powered continuous flow unit will be the modulate gas input maximising efficiencies lowering running costs and reducing emissions. However, if we take the domestic setting as a marker, even though demand has changed significantly, eight out of 10 installers will still want to install the biggest combi unit they can find to ensure hot water needs are met with the payback being heat generated for heating. It is not the best and most efficient way forward. For example, a well insulated house swapping from a hot water storage system such as

this to a gas fired continuous flow hot water system can save 3kW a day, which equates to around £220 a year. An A-rated gas fired continuous flow hot water system is a real consideration for large domestic properties when coined with a system boiler for domestic heat. Greater gains can come from commercial usage office buildings, large and small commercial premises, hotels, hospitals and care homes and on to leisure centres and caravan sites. A space-consuming and costly cylinder that has to be heated 24/7; 365 days a year to ensure hot water is always available is an anachronism in today’s energy and cost conscious world. Even if no hot water is drawn off, a standard cylinder can lose anything up to 6kW of heat a day. All cylinders suffer from this to some extent and it can equate to over a year, to 2190kW of energy wasted. If you also look at the gas saving alone it equates to in excess of 200m³ of gas used. So not only do we have to encourage a sea change in hot water provision we also have to open up minds to not always replacing like for like and turn to better and more effective systems. A North Wales Council is currently in the process of replacing its stored hot water systems with continuous flow set-ups. The council has done its sums and is set to make considerable savings on running costs. When the water isn’t running the continuous flow system is not using gas which makes it an ideal solution for schools for example that shut for holidays. And, no worries about Legionella proliferating in the lay-off. Even when a continuous flow system is chosen, more efficiencies can be built in by ditching the established mindset that always goes for overkill on hot water capacity

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. View our publication online at . April 2016

just in case it is needed. Litres of stored hot water just isn’t necessary when designing a gas fired storage system the mind set more often than not is to design in a 15% overcapacity buffer. It is high time we start sizing for actual demand and optimising efficiency for what’s been used, as opposed to sizing for what might happen at worse case and paying for what! – you wouldn’t leave your can running over night. Here is an example: An installer is called on to install a hot water system to serve 14 showers at a gym and some WHBS. SMART thinking will interpret that as needing three HDC1500i continuous flow units to ensure hot water at all times. The intelligence of the system means that the water heaters will only fire when demand increases i.e. only one heater fires when upto 5 showers are in use, ensuring optimum energy usage. If you consider that an A-rated continuous flow water heater will probably not be in use all of the time it is always going to outperform any A-rated storage system as it would by necessity be switched on at all times slowly leaking heat through the cylinder. The use of single or manifolded A-rated gas water heaters can really make a difference to running costs, but step up to a condensing

system with a secondary steel heat exchanger within the unit and that is where the very high efficiency figures kick in. The other advantage of a condensing unit is that there is a greater modulation range 58 to 2.4 kW. The condensing process can deliver up to 95% thermal efficiency, which translates to significant energy savings when compared to standard continuous flow water heaters. Controls are also a major step forward in achieving best efficiencies whether local or integrated into a building maintenance system. Finally, the implementation of the Energy Labelling Directive (ErP)* last year means for the first time there is transparency for buyers looking for the best energy efficient range of water heaters. In practice an A-rated continuous flow water heater has even more to offer in terms of efficiencies in operation as the A-rating applies only to when a unit is in use – ie when fuel is being burnt. * All water-heating products sold in the UK need to meet minimum energy performance criteria in order to be legally placed on the market, and require an energy label. For more information on the RINNAI product range visit ENQUIRY-Card 568

Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation 49

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50 Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

New Pre-insulated Pipe System Maincor are pleased to have partnered with Danish manufacturer LOGSTOR, to supply the Flextra range of preinsulated pipes in the UK. The systems are ideal for connecting buildings to external renewable heat sources such as heat pumps and biomass boilers. The extremely low heat loss of Flextra pipe, means that hot water or heating water can be supplied into the buildings from the remote heat source maintaining the water temperature as it travels underground, ensuring a high level of energy efficiency, and saving money on running costs for the end user. The range includes both heating (PexFlextra) and hot water (SaniFlextra) pipe solutions and is available with single or twin internal pipe configurations to provide flexibility around the project design. All Flextra pipes include a built-in diffusion barrier to retain full insulation properties throughout the entire service life of the pipe meaning that the thermal performance won’t degrade over time. ENQUIRY-Card 148

Zehnder Dispels the Myths about Radiant Heating in New FREE Ebook “Everything you need to know about Radiant Heating but didn’t dare ask” We have all experienced radiant heating – from the sun – when we feel it warming us, even when the air temperature is cold. The same principle has been applied to radiant heating technology for over 100 years and is a proven heating strategy in commercial and public buildings. Zehnder’s new, FREE e-book discusses 10 key factors around radiant heating; debunking some of the myths and misunderstandings to detail why radiant heating can be used to create the perfect indoor climate.

Giacomini’s HIU becomes first in the UK to meet BSRIA’s new test standard

In December 2015 BSRIA announced the launch of its new test method for Heat Interface Units. Following the announcement, Giacomini’s 49kW twin heat interface unit (the GE556Y172) was tested against the new standard. Thus making it the first HIU model in the UK to be tested in accordance with the new BSRIA Technical Standard. The new BTS 2/2015 standard fills a gap in the UK market to provide a means of testing the performance of HIUs to a British test standard. It creates a level playing field across industry and serves as a reference point for manufacturers, contractors and the end user. For more information about Giacomini’s Heat Interface Units visit ENQUIRY-Card 149 ENQUIRY-Card 151

Drayton Migenie receives great reviews

Heating controls specialist Drayton has received positive feedback from early adopters of its new miGenie range of internet connected heating controls. The collection of control packs – known as miGenie Wishes - utilise smart technology, enabled by an intuitive app that users download onto an iOS or Android smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch. This allows homeowners to regulate their heating and hot water from anywhere, at any time, using the app. For more information about miGenie and Drayton’s range of products, visit ENQUIRY-Card 150 ENQUIRY-Card 569

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Bathrooms & Kitchens 51 more than half (53.5%) of customers and 85% of these citing an aspect of service as the reason for such high scoring. The value of personal relationships at branch level and high levels of service was further highlighted by an increase across the board on all service aspects. From relationships with branch colleagues and understanding the needs of the tradesman to product knowledge, proactivity and making life easier, Benchmarx achieved its highest scores to date, with scores from 9.1 to 9.5 attributed by customers.

New for Spring This month, Benchmarx has unveiled three new kitchen looks for Spring, available in branch now and tapping into customer demand and current design trends. Warwick: Tongue and grooved ‘barrel’ effect centre panels are a traditional cabinet maker’s technique in door design and construction, and Benchmarx has updated this design by using a hard wearing PVC foil for the doors and drawers, to make a highly practical kitchen space suited to modern living.


With a soft ivory satin finish, homeowners can choose between modern or traditional cornice features, and radius posts or pillstars for a unique touch, plus break fronts lend a bespoke look to the whole design.

Trade only supplier Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery started 2016 with a network of more than 150 branches nationwide, plus further expansion plans scheduled. Their latest customer research shows the business is very much growing in the right direction. Eton Light Grey Gloss

d Warwick tongue an

groove ivory from

Through in-depth customer satisfaction research, Benchmarx has secured its position as leading kitchen suppliers, with its proposition of saving the trade


time and money resonating with installers and scoring highly across core categories. Crucially, when calculating the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is an accurate and comparable method of gauging customer perception, Benchmarx has achieved an industrybeating total of +76; an incredible result that is far ahead of competitors’ own scores and one that even global companies such as Amazon strive to achieve. Scoring high across product, pricing, service, delivery and end user marketing, this is the fourth year Benchmarx has conducted such vigorous research and the results are a testament to the investment made in all aspects of the business – whilst indicating where continued growth and satisfaction can be gained in the future. Qualities such as ‘reliable’, ‘professional’, ‘competitive’, ‘efficient’ and ‘helpful’ were all repeatedly reinforced by those trade customers questioned, with Benchmarx receiving a score of 9 or 10 out of 10 for overall satisfaction from

Eton: Modern styling with clean lines makes Eton a bright choice for any home. Offering a versatile and on trend light grey high gloss finish, this kitchen range looks smart and compliments many different looks as well as the demands of busy family life. The high gloss slab units are also coupled with durable ABS edging. Cream and white units are also available within this new kitchen family. Soho: Soho in Matt Dove Grey is an undeniably chic kitchen design but incredibly practical too. Featuring a PVC integrated handle, to create clean lines and give an unfussy edge, the super matt finish is highly durable and scuff-resistant, so it’s easy to clean and keep it looking its best, combined with durable ABS edging. Soft curved end posts and full curved doors add interest and complete this contemporary look. For more information on how Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery could save you time and money on your next job, visit the website: ENQUIRY-Card 586

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52 Bathrooms & Kitchens . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Achieve bathroom luxury with AKW’s easy to install TriForm wet room former

AKW’s hassle-free TriForm linear wet room former combines stunning design with incredible strength and reliability to deliver hotel-style luxury and quality AKW, the market leader in innovative and easy-installation wet room solutions, is helping to transform traditional bathrooms into luxurious yet leak-proof wet rooms thanks to

its impressive TriForm linear wet room former. The AKW TriForm is a robust under floor former solution ideal for use in luxury level access shower facilities. It features a built-in gradient that provides the best drainage rate in the industry at up to 78 litres per minute, making it ideal for drench showers. It also has a load capacity of 40 stone/254 kg, which makes it ideal for wheelchair users or those that require mobility aids. The reversible ‘two-in-one’ waste cover of the former offers a choice of two different stylish finishes – tiled or brushed stainless steel. Suitable for both wooden and concrete floor installations, the AKW TriForm is designed for quick and simple installation. The former comes ready to lay and any necessary resizing can be carried out on site using standard, non-specialist hand tools, ensuring the time and cost required for the installation process is kept to a minimum. It is suitable for use with tiles up to 25 mm thick and underboarding isn’t required as the robust TriForm fixes directly onto joists. The TriForm is available in five sizes with three waste options available to avoid joists. It is

maintenance free and comes with a lifetime (25 year) guarantee. For best results, the TriForm should be installed using AKW’s proven waste and tanking kits, which have been developed to ensure effective and reliable high flow-rate drainage and provide industrial strength waterproofing. “Although perceived to be more commonplace in upmarket hotels, or clinical care environments, the facts are there to show that wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular in domestic homes all over the country. Wet rooms are highly practical, with level access or step-free showering a safer option than alternatives. The trend for luxury in bathrooms is also evident - and wet rooms can achieve this by creating highly flexible rooms with a wow factor. With our new TriForm former, this look and feel can be achieved with ease in almost any wet room,” said James Dadd, Director of Marketing at AKW. “Thanks to solutions such as the AKW TriForm, installing a wet room is fast, simple and both leak and hassle-free.” ENQUIRY-Card 570

The Carron Phoenix Columba offers a coloured sink Twyford’s new X52 tap designed with water-saving in mind Twyford’s new X52 ‘low flow’ tap and mixer collection features double-click technology that allows the user to control water flow and consumption. The range includes four bathroom taps and is available now providing a stylish, flexible solution to enhance any bathroom design. All products in the X52 collection are made from WRASapproved materials and include a monobloc basin mixer, deck-mounted bath mixer tap, a bath shower mixer (pictured), and a bidet mixer, manufactured from solid brass and chrome plated. The range fully complies with BREEAM regulations. The basin and bidet taps deliver either four litres per minute or seven litres per minute, with one or two clicks of the lever. All of the taps and mixers are suitable for systems greater than 0.5 bar. ENQUIRY-Card 152

Coloured sinks continue to be a popular trend and the new Columba synthetic inset sink from Carron Phoenix gives cost-conscious consumers access to them, underscoring the company’s flair for delivering high performance, quality and value for money. The Columba is available in either Graphite or Arctic White. Its simple lines and gently curved corners offer a versatile, modern design to suit a wide range of kitchen styles. Utilising state-of-the-art synthetics technology, the sink is tough and durable, being resistant to heat, shock and impact and comes with the assurance of a lifetime guarantee. The Columba is available in single and 1.5 bowl options, both measuring 970mm x 500mm. They are fully reversible and both fit a standard 600mm cabinet. Representative of its exceptional value, the Columba retails at £164 RRP inc VAT for the single bowl model and £184 for the 1.5 model. ENQUIRY-Card 153

Ecobuild success for Saniflo Saniflo UK – a leading name in the plumbing & drainage sector – is reporting a successful exhibition at Ecobuild, which took place earlier this month at the Excel Centre in London. This was the company’s second time exhibiting at the show and this year the focus was on the prestigious Kinedo range of shower cubicles with a Kinedo Horizon shower cubicle, a Kinemagic Design shower cubicle and the Saniflo Sanifloor all on display. Saniflo UK Customer Services and Marketing Manager, Ann Boardman, comments: “Ecobuild was a great success for us. Showcasing the Kinedo range comes at a time when we’re noticing more specifiers, house builders and installers switching to cubicles from enclosures. “Ecobuild provides us with a great opportunity to reach a wide, live audience. It’s taken a while for the sector to latch onto cubicles and the benefits of them have often been misunderstood”. ENQUIRY-Card 154

Sustainable showering with new Crometta Combining responsible use of water with high-end design, the EcoSmart models from the new Crometta range of showerheads have special spray nozzles and a flow limitation system that reduce water flow to nine or even six litres per minute, depending on the model. With an attractive price point, the Crometta range comprises overhead and hand showers, shower sets and showerpipes. All available as water-saving EcoSmart models and in a choice of square (E) or round (S) designs. ENQUIRY-Card 155

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pietra solid surface worktops

Its all in the detail Deralam have now available large stocks of 25mm solid surface worktops ready for nationwide delivery. For samples and Display stands, please contact our national sales office Deralam Laminates Ltd, West Coast Park, Bradley Lane, Standish, Wigan WN6 0YR southern depot : Units 10 / 10a Woodside Park, Foster Av. Dunstable LU5 5TA National Sales Line: Tel: 01257 478540 Fax: 01257 478550 Email: ENQUIRY-Card 571

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54 Bathrooms, Washrooms & Kitchens . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Flomate iBoost

THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION TO LOW WATER PRESSURE AND FLOW Stuart Turnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s successful range of flomate mains boost pumps has been further extended with the introduction of the new flomate iBoost INTRODUCING THE NEW iBOOST Poor water pressure and limited flow rates can be a real problem for many households. In a larger property with multiple bathrooms and ensuites, these issues frequently result in poor performing showers at key times of day and can make showering a miserable event rather than the invigorating experience that it should be! flomate iBoost has been developed for larger domestic properties which have significant water pressure and flow demands. This new fully integrated

package combines a 200 litre cold water break tank which overcomes restricted mains water flow and a high performance multi-stage pump to dramatically boost pressure. The flomate iBoost is capable of delivering water at pressures up to 4.5 bar and peak flow rates in excess of 100 litres per minute. In normal use, the system will deliver 60 litres per minute at 3 bar which is adequate for four showers each delivering a more than satisfactory 15 litres per minute. Designed for use in conjunction with the latest high-flow combination boilers and pressurised hot water cylinder systems, the iBoost features a high gloss white front panel and wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t look out of place if standing amongst other appliances in a kitchen, utility room or garage. Alternatively, being less than

540mm wide and not requiring the large ventilation clearance gaps associated with some systems, it can be concealed within a 600mm width cabinet. The pump itself is an exceptionally reliable, vertically mounted, multi-stage unit, featuring brass and stainless steel construction and a smooth running, induction motor rated for continuous operation. The control panel on the front of the unit features clearly visible power and status indicators in addition to a reset button which protects the unit if the mains water supply is interrupted or disconnected for any reason. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The new flomate iBoost meets the water pressure and flow needs of larger domestic properties with multiple bathrooms.â&#x20AC;? An integral 8 litre pressure

6$/(  83 72

accumulator reduces the number of times that the pump needs to start, maximising its working life and minimising household disturbance if a tap is turned on briefly at night time.

Stuart Turner Limited Tel: 01491 572655 ENQUIRY-Card 572







63 2 (& )) ,$ (5 /



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Everyone likes a quick shower. That’s why they fit ours. ENQUIRY-Card 574

Years of research and development make the Horizon cubicle effortless to install. Completely transform your shower space, whatever the scenario, without the need for silicone, grout or tiles. We think that’s time well spent.






For more information or to request a brochure visit or call 020 8842 0033.

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56 Floors, Walls & Ceilings . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

New STEICOdurelisdek

boosts on site floor deck performance with triple protection Following a consultation and trial period market leading I Joist supplier STEICO have introduced a complimentary decking product which offers the very best on site protection for the timber floor and allows builders and developers to source the complete floor system from a single source. STEICOdurelisdek features triple protection avoiding excessive swelling of the board substrate even in the most hostile of situations on site.

(1) The Durelis board from Unilin Panels is a higher surface density P5 particle board with unique “Top Surface” technology making it far less

prone to moisture related swelling and thermal expansion. (2) The top surface has an additional wax sealer applied

which adds further protection and allows the finished floor to be cleaned easily for a pristine finish on handover. (3) A final proven slip resistant and durable blue peel off layer together with a customised fixing kit protects the floor for the exposed construction period. (4) STEICOdurelisdek is also available with a permanent waterproof acrylic surface sealer in place of a peel off layer which offers a similar level of protection speeds up the build process and avoids waste going to land fill. Andy Moore, STEICO UK Managing Director (Sales) says “For quite a time we have been concerned about the level of onsite deterioration on decking used externally with I Joist systems. Excessive swelling and movement of the decking following temporary exposure to the elements can lead to noisy squeaky floors, compromised acoustic integrity and in worst cases a loss of structural performance. Having to sand swollen joints and cut in additional expansion gaps is sadly an all too often necessity and adds additional costs for the builder. We have worked hard with our partners Price & Pierce (Unilin Panels) to

develop this new triple protected enhanced floor deck which builds in real durability and performance without adding significantly to cost. STEICOdurelisdek offers suppliers, users and developers peace of mind and the chance to purchase the complete floor system from one source with best in class performance assured”. Stephen Pitt, Director, Price & Pierce says “ Since taking on the Unilin Panels agency in 2011 we have worked hard to build the brand awareness of Durelis board in the UK and today many distributors and end users are experiencing the exceptional quality, durability and performance of Durelis in floor, wall and roof applications. The partnership with I Joist experts STEICO UK predominantly in the new build floor arena opens up a new and exciting market for us and one where the integral qualities of the Durelis board are perfectly suited”.

durelisdek enhanced floor deck protection

ENQUIRY-Card 575



,-* +

"'%& %" & "! !% & $ "( $ $ "$! %"'! #$"# $& %

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+ $ % &"' )& *

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%"$ % ! & ! $" &

'$ !& #

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*# !% "! " !& "'%& %&$' &'$

+'+'&" "$"& ,*"(

! $ ""


+'** "+ &+ % % , *" $ ,! , ' + &', '%(* ++ -& * &'*% $ '% +," +" & $' "&

$$-$ * ('$.% *

+'+'&" "$"& * # ,



& $


! "'! " $


%& $ " $

ISO 14001 Environmental

- !&--0# 1&# /'%&1 ./-"2!1 $-/ 5-2/ ./-(#!1 ! ** -/

** -2/


&#/+ *


#!&,'! *

#.1 -,

&#/+ * ',02* 1'-, ./-"2!10 3'0'1 444 1&#/+ * #!-,-+'!0 !- 2) ENQUIRY-Card 576

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. View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Floors, Walls & Ceilings 57


Bea am & Block / Poly y Flooring g Hollowcor llowcore e Flooring g Stairs airs & Landings Ground o Beams

^^ ^^MWTJJHUUJV\RÅ ^^ ÅVVYPUN 0133 35 361269 | l @ @f k ENQUIRY-Card 577



R 0UMAm mORAND0UMATTHANE Specialist Resin Floorrring Systems



www RESDEV L LTD, TD, Pumaflo Pumaflor or House, Ainleys Industrial Estate Elland, Westt Y Yorkshir orkshir k hi e, HX5 9JP 9J JP T Tel: el: l 01422 379131 Fax: 01422 370943 Email:


w w w. d r- s c h u t z .co m C a l l u s o n 012 9 6 4 3 7 8 2 7

D r S c h u t z U K · U n i t 2 4 A n g l o B u s i n e s s P a r k · S m e a t o n C l o s e · Ayl e s b u r y · B u c k s ·H P19 8 U P ENQUIRY-Card 578 ENQUIRY-Card 579

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58 Floors, Walls & Ceilings . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

Muddly footprints no more! With the UK’s changeable weather it is hard to avoid wet and mud indoors so keeping wood flooring in top condition is a priority. Osmo is answering the need for a good floor cleaner and protector with its environmentally friendly range A of combination quality products.of the Osmo’s cleaning and maintenance a wax-oils help keep wooden floors looking as good as the day they were first installed. Made from natural waxes and oils, these products are specifically tailored to the various properties of timber and to the specific demands of the areas in which wood is used. Osmo’s maintenance products penetrate deeply into the wood, maintaining its elasticity and allowing it to breathe. Osmo’s Liquid Wax Cleaner is designed for occasional intensive maintenance and reconditioning which revitalised, maintains and enhances wooden floors. Specifically developed to take care of stubborn stains on oil and wax treated flooring.

Altro brings drama and tough love to Jamaica Inn

EVO-STIK launches white floor and wall tile adhesive

Isosonic Dek Floor 30

Isosonic Dek Floor 30 is a new prime Altro flooring and walling are adding addition to the Thermal Economics. EVO-STIK has launched a new, white drama and showing off their tough Isorubber product range. floor and wall tile adhesive, ideal for use The board component ISOSONIC credentials in a new restaurant servery with ceramic, stone and porcelain tiles DEK30 forms a combined sound and kitchen at the infamous Jamaica with no risk of show through. insulation and structural deck, applied Inn, on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. Setting as little as two hours,T&G the planks Isosonic Screed Plank; high density, fibreinreinforced gypsum and directly to the floor joists. It is cement-based adhesive can be used to Steeped in the history of smugglers, A composed of 8 mm Isorubber resilient fix tiles to a range of materials including pirates and shipwrecks, the 16th layer bonded to V313 chipboard . wood, concrete and plaster. century coaching house made worldISORUBBER itself is a dense, durable Suitable for internal and external use famous by Daphne du Maurier's book A combination of the Isosonic Screed Plank; high density, fibre reinforced T&G planks and with low gypsum compression material the new adhesive is S1 rated, meaning and a recent BBC drama boasts 20 en a excellent impact and airborne sound it offers enhanced flexibility and suite bedrooms, an award-winning properties. It forms the main acoustic A combination of the Isosonic Screed Plank; high de making it ideal for use with under-floor restaurant, a souvenir shop and a a of six Robust Details. component heating and other applications where A combination Smugglers’ Museum. of the Isosonic Screed Plank; high density, fibre reinforced gypsum T&G planks and The system is designed to reduce the there may be some movement and a The popularity of this fascinating venue effects of workmanship error, that most vibration. continues to grow, and the inn is frequently occur in refurbishment Commenting on the launch, Katharine undergoing major expansion to meet work and has a tested acoustic Egerton, Product Manager at EVO-STIK demand comprising a brand new performance compliant with the said: “We’re seeing a growing market £600,000 kitchen and restaurant Approved Document E requirements trend for the use of porous tiles such as servery, and its new Round House for refurbishment. porcelain and natural stone, both in the function suite, which will be one of the For further details please refer to home and in commercial premises. biggest venues in Cornwall.

I ENQUIRY-Card 156 ENQUIRY-Card 157 ENQUIRY-Card 159 ENQUIRY-Card 158





Isorubber resilient layers

A combination of the Isosonic Screed Plank; high density, fibre reinforced gypsum T&G planks and structurally spanning planks, for use laid directly to the joist with a 5mm Isorubber Hi structurally spanning planks, for use an Isorubber resilient layer material.



A combination of the Isosonic Screed Plank; high density, fibre reinforced gypsum T&G planks and a structurally planks, for use laid to the joist with Under Floor Heating structurally spanning planks, for use laid spanning directly to the joist with adirectly 5mm Pack Isorubber Hi a 5mm Isorubber Hi

The high mass of the ISP combined with the durable resilience of Isorubber provides for the excellent long term airborne and impact sound insulation properties.



The floating floor version is supplied in a kit form which includes the ISP, the Isorubber HP3 and Isoedge 6/75 elements structurally spanning planks, foras use directly the joistinsulation with a 5mm Isorubber Hi as well thelaid under floortoheating where requried. Isoedge 6/75

Main Benefits;


· · · · ·

Dry Screed finish, eliminates the pumping and drying out. Reduced floor thickness. High acoustic insulation performance. Ideal for under floor heating; low thermal resistance. Available as a floating floor or as a single structural deck.


Isosonic Screed Plank (ISP)


Isorubber HP3

Enhanced Ceiling De-coupling The Isosonic Ceiling Cleats provide a further enhancement of the acoustic isolation performance.

Isosonic Screed Plank Variants ISP18 and ISP20 18 & 20mm thick planks for use as floating floors over a structural deck in combination with Isorubber HP3 underlay.


ISPS18 and ISPS25 18 & 25mm thick structurally spanning planks, for use laid directly to the joist with a 5mm Isorubber Hi Load acoustic separating strip below or with 3mm Isorubber Contract overlay.

e For further information please contact us.


01582 544255 info@thermal-economi

01582 544255

01582 544255

Under Floor Heating Pack

The floating floor version is supplied in a 544256 Sales Department: 01582 k 01582 544255 Technical Department: 01582 544255 e email: ENQUIRY-Card 580 E T

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