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Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry Grosvenor Britain & Ireland (Grosvenor) has completed a ground breaking transformation of a Grade II listed building in Belgravia, Central London, creating three market leading sustainable rental apartments and setting a new environmental standard for the industry.


The property is designed to reduce carbon emissions by over 75% from the property predevelopment, 30 years ahead of the national target of 80% by 2050.

Grosvenor unveils the UK’s most sustainable period rental properties

It is also on track to become the first ever listed residential building in the UK to achieve BREEAM “Outstanding”, a globally recognised benchmark for sustainability, after initially receiving the accolade at design stage.




119 Ebury Street, a former hotel spanning 4,200 sq ft over five floors (now six), was selected by Grosvenor, in collaboration with Westminster City Council and Historic England, to investigate the extent to which listed, heritage buildings can be made more environmentally sustainable. Its performance will be monitored and compared with a neighbouring property enabling the team to accurately gauge the success of the project. As well as setting a new industry standard, the apartments also offer a number of benefits to residents including lower energy bills, improved indoor air quality and better sound proofing. Tenants living in sustainably retrofitted properties such as these can expect to save up to 50% per year on their heating bills due to better insulation. Will Bax, Director of Placemaking, London estate, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, said: “Improving the environmental performance of our properties is an integral part of our

stewardship across the estate and is critical to ensuring its long-term success for generations to come.” “119 Ebury Street proves it is possible to bring 21st century technology into heritage buildings, creating a better environment for living whilst retaining their character and charm.” Victoria Herring, Director of Refurbishment and Retrofit, London estate, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, said: “This marks an exciting milestone in our industry’s ongoing effort to reduce

emissions from heritage buildings in Central London and beyond, and dispels the misconception that energy efficiency in its highest form is only achievable in new-build properties.” The property, a previously rundown hotel in need of renovation, has been carefully reconfigured by David Morley Architects to create three bright and spacious apartments ranging in size from two to three bedrooms. The property’s original period features have been preserved and

enhanced, whilst innovative new sustainable designs have been introduced to help minimise emissions. These include internal wall insulation, rainwater harvesting, PV panels and whole house ventilation and heat recovery. Leading interior design practice, th2designs, a subsidiary of Taylor Howes, has thoughtfully dressed the property, with one of the apartments using a variety of recycled materials and designed exclusively using British-sourced furniture and fabrics.

Warwickshire company makes augmented reality (AR) available and affordable to all businesses Augmented reality, or AR has been big news across the gaming world in recent weeks and there are plenty of large corporations talking about how they’re going to use it. But a company in Warwickshire is making it available and affordable to businesses. Any businesses. Now.


Exhibit Interactive, a fresh thinking, technology-focused company is applying its decades of insight in the exhibitions sector to help businesses use augmented reality to

engage and immerse their customers – giving a never-seen-before, in-depth appreciation of their products. Augmented reality is technology which can overlay computer generated scenarios onto a live view of the real world. So, with a focus on making things as simple and accessible as possible, Exhibit Interactive has developed a free to download app called ‘Captivate’. Once that’s on your smartphone or tablet, all you need is the ‘WOW!’ box. This too is free to

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download from the Company’s website. Print it out (make it if you want to) and away you go. Continued on Page 02

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August 2016

Warwickshire company makes augmented reality (AR) available and affordable to all businesses Continued from Page 01 Augmented reality is technology which can overlay computer generated scenarios onto a live view of the real world. So, with a focus on making things as simple and accessible as possible, Exhibit Interactive has developed a free to download app called ‘Captivate’. Once that’s on your smartphone or tablet, all you need is the ‘WOW!’ box. This too is free to download from the Company’s website. Print it out (make it if you want to) and away you go. An augmented image will appear before your very eyes.

Ashton continued: “We appreciate water valves don’t float everyone’s boat, but this is just our starting point to demonstrate what’s possible. We’re currently working on different models to appeal to a wider range of industry sectors.”


Exhibit Interactive is offering three different applications for AR:


• Desktop AR - using a printed marker, camera and screen. Users hold a printed image in their hands and show this to a camera located by a large TV screen. The camera recognises the printed image and augments a 3D computer generated object onto






Of course, this is just a sample, but all Exhibit Interactive needs from any business wanting to bring its products to life in a virtual world, is a CAD (Computer aided design) drawing. If there isn’t one, they can help with that. They then model it and adapt it for AR, ready to be shown to potential customers, using the all important ‘Captivate’ app. Joe Ashton, director at Exhibit Interactive said: “One of the things I always struggle to accept with new technologies is how they seem to be so unobtainable or require heavy investment. That simply isn’t the case for AR. At Exhibit Interactive we have a skilled CAD team and we have the right software, so we really can make AR accessible to any business.” The downloadable ‘WOW’ box features an operating water valve on one side, flip it over and you can watch a showreel about AR in use at an exhibition – illustrating for example, how rooms in a building can be kitted out with underfloor heating.

the screen, giving the impression that the person is holding the actual object. This object could be a product and can also show moving parts.

There is nothing new about steelframed homes, which were widely used to tackle the housing shortage just after the Second World War – and many are still standing and are being refurbished by housing associations to bring them up to modern standards. Until fairly recently it was almost impossible to obtain a competitive mortgage on a steel-framed home because of corrosion problems and other perceived disadvantages, but that has all changed, say the BBA, who are working with key suppliers to raise standards and improve quality to meet the demand for offsite construction. The housing and residential sector

demands buildings that are energy efficient, that offer rapid construction potential and are of high quality. Steel and composite construction has achieved a significant market share in the medium-rise residential sector in the UK because of the need to build quickly, particularly in urban projects. The main market for steel is in multi-storey residential buildings where off-site manufacture and speed of construction is paramount. This is important in large urban projects in tight infill locations or in mixed-use buildings.

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August 2016 £4.50





• Presentation AR - a printed image is placed on a meeting table allowing the product to appear to be floating in mid air. It acts as a point of reference while attendees discuss the benefits of the product and works particularly well for products which haven’t been produced yet or that are too big to be transported. Presentation AR can also be used on a smartphone - using a live feed from the smartphone and an AR app, presenters can show their audience a printed presentation via the live camera and make it come alive with CAD products, audio and video clips. • Tablet and smartphone AR holding the device in their hands users can see products come to life by using the live feed from the camera. Ashton concluded: “’Wow!’ is the reaction we’ve come to expect when companies see their products in AR. Having an image seemingly appear from nowhere and with moving parts, blows brochures, product samples and presentations, completely out of the water. “AR captivates audiences, offers a completely immersive sales experience for customers, and businesses don’t need big budgets to make it a real life reality.” For further information on Exhibit Interactive visit ❚ enquiry 204

Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry


Grosvenor unveils the UK’s most sustainable period rental properties





Warwickshire company makes augmented reality (AR) available and affordable to all businesses


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Steel v Timber how will the housing market react? With an increased emphasis on modern methods of construction and the benefits of off-site manufacturing, the steel industry is increasingly developing new systems for homes of the future. Phil Bloomfield, Commercial Director at the British Board of Agrément (BBA), discusses how it could even challenge the dominance of timber-framed houses in the years to come.

McDermott Publishing Limited Eco Building News McDermott Chambers, 2 The Green, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8SD

new report on the state of the timber-frame market suggests that the industry continues to outperform the UK economy, despite slowing slightly from recent double-digit growth.

Enquiries Tel: 0121 451 3037 Fax: 0121 433 3082 Subscriptions & Delivery Eco Building News is available to non-qualifying

Rising volume demand for timberframed homes over the last few years has sustained optimism with increasing market opportunities at both lower and higher value ends of the market. This has underpinned the timber-frame market with a number of timberframe suppliers having good or excellent credit ratings in 2016. So the battle is on – timber or metal – they both have their place.

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All steel construction uses prefabricated components that are rapidly installed on site. Short construction periods lead to savings in site preliminaries, an earlier return on investment and reduced interest charges. Speed of construction in urban residential projects is important to minimise disturbance to adjoining properties. All good news for steel then – but that’s not to say that timberframed homes will lose out. A

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Building a better future for over 80 years

Manufactured buildings are the simple solution to accommodating a rise in pupil numbers. Modular buildings from Wernick provide a modern, spacious, energy efficient environment for pupils and staff to work in. Available space to site new buildings is also becoming an issue but with a Wernick building you can go up a storey or two giving you two or three times the space for the same footprint. What’s more, while the building is being manufactured, the foundation is being prepared on-site. This makes it possible for us to deliver a building of exceptional quality very quickly and with a saving of up to 50% when compared to a traditional building. With 80 years of modular building construction behind us we work hard to manufacture sustainable educational buildings to high quality standards for a better future.

Come see us at:

OFFSITE CONSTRUCTION SHOW ExCel, London 12 - 13th October 2016

Why Wernick Modular Buildings?


Speedy completion Lower cost than traditional build More dependable build programme 25 year structural Warranty Planning and building regulation service Full project management Sustainable form of building Choice of traditional or contemporary finishes HIRE and LEASE options available

EDUCATION ESTATES Manchester Central, Exchange Hall

18 - 19th October 2016

Sustainable construction without compromise

For additional information visit â?š enquiry 100

0800 18 18 22

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Wernick Awarded ISO14001 & FSC Accreditations Wernick’s main modular building manufacturing site in Kenfig, South Wales, has been awarded ISO 14001 and FSC accreditations. The ISO14001certifcate is the highest award presently available in the UK for environmental management systems. It holds our company to the same high environmental standards as used by a quarter of a million businesses across the world. The accreditation recognises Wernick’s efforts in reducing the waste produced during the manufacturing process, and our working towards mitigating our environmental impact. The very nature of our construction methods minimises the production of waste or carbon emissions, and most of the very little waste we produce is recycled. The FSC accreditation recognises our efforts towards a sustainable construction process. The certificate acknowledges that our timber is obtained from FSC approved sustainable sources, and is processed and distributed according to Forest Stewardship guidelines.

A lesson in timber systems as Stewart Milne Timber Systems completes £3.6m school Stewart Milne Timber Systems works with Cullinan Studio for Holy Cross in Swindon Stewart Milne Timber Systems, the UK’s leading timber systems designer and manufacturer, has provided the timber solutions for a £3.6m school development in Swindon alongside architect Cullinan Studio.

Holy Cross primary school is a two-form, single-storey school which was manufactured offsite, taking only three weeks to erect and 43 weeks to complete thanks to the fast build time afforded by offsite construction and timber systems. Stewart Milne Timber Systems was selected by Cullinan Studio to help reach a trio of project objectives, namely: a fast build time, high levels of energy efficiency and scope for adaptability. Cost efficiency was another fundamental goal for the project, as it

responded to the budget requirements of the education sector.

These awards add to Wernick’s growing list of accreditations, which includes the ISO 90001 for Quality Systems, The Competent Person Scheme for calculating Co2 emissions and CHAS recognition for Health and Safety policies. Wernick Buildings are part of the Wernick Group, the largest independent manufacturer and hirer of modular and portable buildings in Britain. The Group, which is family-owned was founded some 80 years ago.

Wernick Buildings are part of the Wernick Group, the largest independent manufacturer and hirer of modular and portable buildings in Britain. The Group, which is family-owned was founded some 80 years ago.

To learn more about the Company, please visit:

❚ enquiry 101 like a spine, with identical classroom clusters forming at either side.

The main design principle, like many modern education buildings today, was an open-plan look to enhance creativity and collaboration between pupils and teachers. Priority was also placed on ensuring the building increased circulation and flow around the school. To achieve this, Cullinan Studio designed a wide corridor running through the school

NOISE POLLUTION IN THE CLASSROOM? Forbo’s Sarlon collection offers the perfect solution Forbo’s newly revamped Sarlon Acoustic Vinyl flooring collection can help to create contemporary yet comfortable environments that are conducive to effective learning, right across the education sector. Reducing noise pollution is an essential prerequisite in any educational building where students are being taught in classroom settings, or are engaged in their own research and study. Forbo’s Sarlon

collection is now available in over 100 different design and colour combinations to suit a wide range of areas around the building, and is offered with two levels of impact sound reduction - 15dB and 19dB.

Sarlon Dégradé in Jungle At the heart of the collection are seven refined designs offering a variety of colours, from subtle and calming neutral shades to bright and stimulating ‘pops’. For specifiers looking to create a natural aesthetic, there are traditional wood effects and stone and concrete looks to choose from, and for more adventurous spaces, there are exciting signature designs that will add interest to any application area. In this category is Dégradé, Forbo’s new progressive gradient design, the fresh and modern aesthetics of Abstract Wood, and the organic Topography design. The Sarlon collection benefits from a PUR finish, which makes floors easy to clean and helps to keep them in prime condition, even under heavy traffic conditions.

Sarlon Abstract Wood in White

Manufactured to maximise impact and inroom sound reduction, Sarlon Acoustic Vinyl also retains a market leading minimum residual indentation rating, a key

Sarlon Resin in Ocean consideration when determining the choice of acoustic flooring. For more information please call 0844 822 3928, email or visit ❚ enquiry 102.

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August 2016



Fermacell set to debut at Education Estates Partitioning systems from fermacell will showcase at this year's Education Estates show. Specialist building board manufacturer Fermacell will debut its schools offer for new-build and refurbishment projects at this year's Education Estates event (October 18-19, Manchester Central).

Its stand (E17) will demonstrate the many ways in which German-engineered fermacell partitions are especially ideal for the education environment, being particularly robust and damage resistant. Even if they are damaged, they are exceptionally easy to repair. With this in mind, Fermacell is using the Education Estates exhibition, conference and award dinner event to launch its new lifetime "Impact Warranty" which guarantees Fermacell will supply repair materials or replacement boards in the extremely unlikely event of damage. In addition, the multiple acoustic and fire requirements as specified in BB100 and BB93 can be met with just six fermacell partition types, simplifying the specification and installation of the product. This compares to many more combinations with conventional drywall systems ❚ enquiry 103

University Challenge Nottingham & Essex

The challenge when developing new stateof-the-art university buildings, is negotiating the critical pathway between speed of construction, sustainability, reducing lifecycle costs and most importantly - creating the optimum learning environment. Designers of the new Carbon Neutral Laboratory of Sustainable Chemistry at Nottingham University and a three storey building with a lecture theatre at Essex

University, determined that the solution to meet these challenges lie with solid wood. Timber promotes well-being Cross laminated timber is fast becoming the material of choice for designers and architects for education developments because of its numerous benefits, such as the speed and accuracy of construction, robust structural properties, along with its excellent low-carbon credentials but more recently evidence has emerged of its calming benefits. The natural and inviting environment created by cross laminated timber has seen it become a prevalent choice for educational settings. The impact that cross laminated timber can have on its inhabitants is an area where more research is required.

❚ enquiry 104 .


Beam am & Block / Poly y Flooring g Holllowcore Flooring g Sta airs & Landings Ground o Beams

^^ ^^MWTJJHUUJV\RÅ ^^ ÅVVYPUN 0133 35 361269 | l @ @f k ❚ enquiry 105 .

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GEC Anderson ‘Series A’ Sinks Steal The Show Vortice supplies Series A sinks from GEC Anderson, the stainless steel specialists, are now available individually. Series A sinks are available in an unrivalled range of standard sizes and are suitable for all installation types, including for inset, undermount and flushmount fixing. Their distinctive 15mm

corner radius and 20mm flat flange provides a neat and contemporary appearance whilst ensuring they are easy to clean and maintain. This makes them ideal for all situations where high quality and practical sinks are required. There are eight single sizes, ranging from 180mm to 700mm as well as nine double and combination sizes. Therefore, there are, currently, 18 models in the range. Plans exist already to further enhance the range through the introduction of models with drainers and others with tap holes. With their superb aesthetics and practicality, Series A sinks are of

the very finest quality and finish and are made using EN 1.4301 grade bright satin stainless steel. The Series A sinks are very competitively priced. For example, the A50 (500x400x200mm), sells at £450, including VAT. Managing Director of GEC Anderson, Martin Tye, says: “The introduction of the Series A sinks, for inset, undermount and flushmount applications is a really exciting development. Series A sinks provide a great combination of unmatched quality, beautiful appearance, a tremendous range of sizes and real value for money.” ❚ enquiry 108

Pressalit Care aligns with new ISO Standard 17966 New Worldwide Standard Addresses Assistive Products for Personal Hygiene. Pressalit Care, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of accessible bathroom and kitchen solutions, has announced the company’s alignment with the recently issued worldwide disability standard ISO 17966. The new standard addresses requirements and test methods for assistive personal hygiene products that support users with disabilities. Pressalit Care also participated in development of the standard as a member of the Assistive Products Technical Committee. Among the criteria covered by the committee were functionality requirements, load requirements, and methods for testing products to meet specifications. ISO 17966:2016 specifies requirements and associated test methods for assistive products for personal hygiene that support users and which are intended by the manufacturer to alleviate or

Saniflo roadshow already a success Saniflo UK, a leading designer and manufacturer of pumps, macerators and shower cubicles, is reporting a flying start to its ‘Building better bathrooms’ UK roadshow with installers, landlords, builders, plumbers and merchants turning out to get up close and personal with a range of Saniflo and Kinedo products. The roadshow, which started in May and ends in October, is already leading to direct sales of Saniflo products, including numerous orders for Kinedo shower cubicles. The brand new, purpose-built

compensate for disability. Work environments and safety aspects for assistants are also included. The standard also specifies safety and performance requirements that apply during normal use and foreseeable misuse and failure. It further specifies methods of measurement of the forces necessary to operate controls and specifies limits on the forces needed for some operations. ISO (the International Organisation for Standardisation) is a global federation of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies). The work of preparing International Standards is carried out through ISO technical committees. Each member body interested in a subject for which a technical committee has been established has the right to be represented on that committee. International organisations, governmental and nongovernmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in the work.

Vortice has supplied energy efficient ventilation fans to Newland Homes’ new Grenville Place site in Bideford. Grenville Place is a thoughtfully planned development incorporating 67 individually designed homes. Located half a mile from the town centre with its wealth of historic buildings, the central streets lead to a tree-lined quay, which is regularly bustling with working fishing vessels and cargo boats. Architecturally inspired by the eye-catching Victorian and Edwardian villas, Grenville Place is poised to become one of Bideford’s most desirable addresses.

Care, “Our company’s participation in development of this important new standard further identifies us as a global leader in assistive products for people with disabilities. We have been very pleased to be able to contribute to this noteworthy standard designed to ensure greater safety for users.” Pressalit Care is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of flexible bathroom and kitchen solutions for installation in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities and private homes. Among the Pressalit Care products covered by ISO 17966 are shower seats, changing tables, raised toilet seats, handrails/grab bars, support arms, and height adjustable brackets.

According to Andrew Lowndes, UK sales manager for Pressalit roadshow truck is making its way from the south to the north of the country over the next few months parking up every day at a merchant offering visitors the chance to chat with the Saniflo technical and sales teams who are on hand to answer questions and discuss how installers can improve their earnings by fitting Kinedo cubicles – often in just a couple of hours. The sessions feature installation demonstrations of the Kinemagic Design shower cubicle and product showcases of the latest Kinemagic Serenity cubicle and a customisable Kineduo shower bath. Ann Boardman, Saniflo UK Customer Services and Marketing Manager, comments: “The roadshow is already a huge success. Visitors are very impressed with the ease and speed of installing a Kinedo shower cubicle and this is leading to direct sales as installers realise

ventilation at the former Grenville College in Bidford

Vortice has supplied the stylish Punto Filo and the ultra-modern Vort Quadro fans to this development. Both these ranges of fans offer the houses an energy efficient and sleek design within the kitchen, utilities and bathrooms, ensuring the desired ventilation rates are achieved but not compromising on style. Technical and Marketing Manager Jennifer Quinn says ‘It is apparent from working alongside Newland Homes that they take an innovative approach in the location, design and the environmental sustainability of the homes they build. Vortice wanted to ensure the products it is supplying meet these needs and demands.

Inclusive Design Martin Walker, CEO at Methven UK, discusses the role played by technology and design in the creation of usable bathrooms for the ageing population and what this means for builders and installers.

The UK’s population is living longer, with more than 11 million people now aged over 65. This demographic shift means that society needs to be prepared to meet the requirements of the elderly, and bathrooms in existing properties is one area that definitely needs improvement. Manufacturers and designers are working to develop products that improve accessibility and safety for older consumers, such as looped or longer, more ergonomically designed lever handles, which make showers and taps easier to operate. Taps with ceramic disc valves are also becoming more popular as they allow for smoother movement, offering easier operation to those with limited dexterity. In showering, technology that creates an optimum water droplet size – such as Satinjet® by Methven – is a great benefit, as it provides greater warmth and coverage whilst still being suitable for users with sensitive skin. Amongst the ageing population, protection from hot water is vital, as it can cause a serious scald injury within seconds, and adults over the age of 65 are especially vulnerable to this. According to the ‘Hot Water Burns like Fire’ campaign, there are 570 serious bath water scald injuries, and more than 20 related deaths, in the UK every year. Thermostatically controlled products can help here, as they accurately control water temperature, maintaining a pre-set temperature even if the water pressure varies when other appliances are used, significantly reducing the risk of scalding in the home.

that by specifying Kinedo they can really boost their income whilst offering their customers a swift and hassle-free showering solution without the need for grout or silicone.” A practical, smart Kinedo jacket can be won at each event by entering a simple competition whilst all those staying for the full demonstration receive a complimentary gift bag full of goodies as a thank you for their

time. Refreshments are served from the truck following the demonstration giving customers further time to ask the questions about the full range of Saniflo and Kinedo products. Any merchants wishing to book the truck for a day at their premises can contact their local Saniflo Sales Manager or ring Nathalie Moe on 020 8842 0033. For a full list of current venues please see the Saniflo website .

The elderly can also benefit from cool-to-touch bar shower technology which ensures that the temperature of the valve never exceeds that of the mixed water. Being safe to touch, users can enjoy the showering experience and still rest assured that they won’t scald themselves if they accidentally come into contact with the body of the shower.

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August 2016




Wetrooms made easy


Stainless steel worktops from GEC Anderson are made to your precise specificationand requirements using top quality, brushed satin, stainless steel

With our featured Maxxus Wet Deck Kit (the strongest on the market), easy-to-use tanking kits or membranes, and a wide selection of drains, it’s easy to install a luxurious wetroom anywhere in the home. Add on our designer grids and extensive range of stylish accessories and it’s easy to find the right product for any environment. Ask for our latest Price List today!

With our wide choice of edge profiles, sink bowl sizes and other details, made-to-measure stainless steel worktops are long lasting, durable and highly attractive, making them ideal for use in domestic, commercial and public environments. GEC Anderson Limited Oakengrove Shire Lane Hastoe Tring Her tfordshire HP23 6LY Tel 01442 826999 ❚ enquiry 116 . 01629 815500

❚ enquiry 117 .

Celebrating 25 years of service

❚ enquiry 119 .

❚ enquiry 118 .

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PatioMaster manufacturers of patio doors PatioMaster is rapidly becoming the leading manufacturer of in-line sliding doors and works through a small network of local craftsmen. Precision made, in the colours and configuration you require. Choose features, choose your finish and choose hardware – you will always be choosing craftsman built quality. Millennium Windows and Doors, a customer of PatioMaster, has recently finished a sliding door installation on a modern coastal property, the results of which are spectacular, as Sales Manager Steve Rushton explains. “The customer did originally want bi-folding doors, but we recommended he look at sliders as the view would be obscured with bi-fold pillars. The 2 x four pane and 2 x two pane doors now maximise the view

and flood light into the property, giving a complete wall-to-wall view of the sea. “The customer also choose 6mm self-cleaning glass, as due to the property’s location it gets a lot of spray from the sea. Extremely pleased with the finished result, the customer requested an additional 4 pane door be fitted around a built-in outdoor BBQ area, which complements the overall look brilliantly.”

“Millennium Windows has been working with PatioMaster for around 14 years now, and as Steve says, has never experienced any production issues. “PatioMaster offers a premium quality product, with superior performance and design flexibility, and that suits our brand in PVC perfectly. “The wide range of colours enables us to colour match to our windows and other PVC products and

08-09.qxp_Layout 1 31/08/2016 15:29 Page 2

August 2016

we like the motion of the doors, plus the guarantees are great, with ten years on mechanisms. All these factors attribute to us using, and recommending, PatioMaster doors. We install a lot of PatioMaster sliding doors and never experience issues with installation or the production.” PatioMaster works through a small network of local craftsmen, to offer homeowners the reassurance of a trusted major brand, with the support and knowledge of a local company. With their low profile frames, quality construction and security features, PatioMaster inline sliding doors are available in a range of 28 colours and finishes, from Anthracite Grey and Rosewood through to vibrant pastel shades and Irish Oak. For more information about Millennium Windows, call 01534 491108 or visit PatioMaster has recently completed a £25k showroom refurb, with modern sliding door displays. Northern Ireland’s Budget Windows & Conservatories has been a customer of PatioMaster Northern Ireland since 2010, when they were recommended to PatioMaster from another customer, and haven’t looked back since, as Managing Director David Evans explains.

“Since we started installing PatioMaster sliding doors, we’ve had none of the issues that we have experienced with other manufacturers. In fact, once they are installed we can almost forget about them; they are virtually indestructible! Since we started trading 22 years ago we have changed fabricator four times, but four years ago we made the decision to use PatioMaster Northern Ireland for 100%, and we really believe that no other PVC-U manufacturer can offer the reliability that PatioMaster does.” Initially the company were going to build a display of aluminium bi-folding doors in the 10,000 sq ft showroom, but after a consultation with PatioMaster, they decided to go for grey on grey 4 pane sliders, which fit in with the modern flat roof extension that was built in place of a large, old conservatory.


The company are already at four times the amount they were trading at last year, and David believes this is attributed to the ease and popularity of the PatioMaster sliding doors. “Across the board the whole package is appealing. You can find cheaper doors sure, but the quality and reliability of PatioMaster is unbeatable. Our association with the brand and the choice of products has given us a competitive edge, and allowed us to offer something a little more exciting and unique. The refurbishment has resulted in a huge increase, not just in the amount of orders we receive but also the order value.”

PatioMaster is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of in-line sliding doors and works through a small network of local craftsmen.

“Customer feedback told us that people are moving away from bi-folds and towards patio sliders and since the refurb sales have increased over 400%, with special order colours up 6%. We used to shy away from sliders but they are the preferred choice of door now for customers, as opposed to being a product they end up getting talked into. We are installing four a week now, from 2, 3 and 4 pane options.” David continues.

To find out more visit

❚ enquiry 107

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Gilgen Sectional Doors improve warehouse efficiency Warehouses, garages and workshops are often forgotten about when it comes to energy efficiency. Gilgen Door Systems, however, has supplied a comprehensive range of industrial doors and shutters for many years that combine to enhance total building efficiency. Gilgen’s range of Sectional Overhead Doors, for example, allow for a flexibility of design through a variety of insulated solid panel and glazed panel arrangements which combine to improve energy efficiency and maximise natural light. It is also possible to incorporate a pass door into the design to allow easy pedestrian access without opening the main door. The slide-over design maximises available space by parking the open door in the internal roof space and the doors provide fast vehicular access to loading bays, garages, showrooms, emergency services and similar facilities.

Levolux gets the all clear in Cardiff The new £44 million Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC) building at Cardiff University’s Innovation Campus, which is equipped with an attractive Timber Fin Screening Solution from Levolux, is specially designed to facilitate brain research. In line with the previous project, IBI Group architects again specified a Levolux external solar shading and screening solution, this time incorporating vertical Timber Fins in addition to Ventilation and Acoustic Louvres. These were applied in different parts of the building. The most visual aspect of the solution is the Timber Fin screening structure that is located at the centre of the development, accommodating the main reception, a staircase and circulation areas. ❚ enquiry 121


Industrial grade composite rigid door panels are constructed of steel with an insulated foam injection core providing an excellent thermal barrier. They are available in two standard thicknesses depending on application requirements for energy efficiency and fire safety. Glazed doors panels consist of an aluminium frame with glazed in-fills to allow the transference of natural light and increased vision. Each door consists of a number of fields which can be glazed or infilled. Options include a wide range of infill materials, frame finishes, single or double glazing, locking and track arrangements giving customers the ideal balance of practical performance and energy efficient design. For further information call 0800 316 6994 or visit ❚ enquiry 120

Patiomaster member supplies doors for impressive Llandudno house re-model A North-Wales based Architect called in the services of PatioMaster North West recently, when re-modelling his home. The project, a modern garden room extension with an atrium roof light, was at the home of Matthew Jones, who owns his own Architects Practice. PatioMaster North West, one of PatioMaster’s nine dealers across the UK and Ireland, fabricated the 4 pane patio doors in slate grey on white sliding doors, while local installer company, A55 Plastics, completed the installation and as homeowner Matthew explains, the results are stunning: “We are really pleased with the finished results, the doors met all

Photographys: The Broad museum's lobby with interior veil; photo by Iwan Baan, courtesy of The Broad and Diller Scofidio + Renfro

TESSTM 660 Blackout Shades Provide the Ambience for The Broad Museum, Los Angeles Guthrie Douglas’ TESSTM 660 was recently installed by Hunter Douglas Architectural USA on the spectacular vaulted skylights of downtown Los Angeles’s new museum, The Broad. The TESSTM 660 automated blackout shading system, renowned for its strength and reliability, can discretely shade the most difficult to cover areas, internally and externally, whatever the angle of the glass. Combined with Serge Ferrari’s Soltis B92 external blackout fabric and automation based on Somfy’s industry leading Sonesse quiet motor, the TESSTM 660 is one of the most versatile automated fabric shading systems ever designed. The Broad, which opened in September 2015, takes its name from its founders, philanthropists Eli and Edythe Broad. The museum houses the Broad collection of over 2,000 works of contemporary art spanning five decades from post 2nd World War to the present. The collection is one of the most prominent of its kind in the world and is housed in a 120,000-square-foot new building that was commissioned to be as unique as the collection itself. The collection is exquisitely encapsulated in Diller Scofidio + Renfro’s ‘veil and vault’ design which allows filtered natural light into the museum, generating different atmospheres throughout the galleries as the day draws out. In order to control the ambient light levels, and give the museum the ability to block out the light entirely when required, each of the uniquely shaped skylights was fitted with a Guthrie Douglas’ TESSTM 660 tensioned blackout shade. The shading supplier for The Broad museum project, Hunter Douglas Architectural USA, proposed the TESSTM 660 for its unique ability to provide blackout

our expectations in terms of fit, finish and quality and the project was completed on time and within budget; one of the reasons we choose PatioMaster North West in the first place.” ❚ enquiry 122

in almost any context. Tom Roberson, general manager of HD Architectural Specialty division, said ‘Architects love the 660 for its discrete design and the way it blends in with the glazing surround. Shading engineers love it for its reliability and efficiency, with just a single motor and the ability to fit it inside and out.’ With its inconspicuous design the TessTM 660 fits neatly over the sloped external skylights of The Broad museum. When it comes to blackout shading one of the most important aspects is the quality of the fabric used to create the effect. Serge Ferrari’s Soltis B92 fabric is recognised in the industry as one of the best blackout fabrics available for external applications. Its ‘Précontraint’ technology gives exceptional dimensional stability, flatness and strength, making it a perfect companion to the high tension of the TESSTM 660 System. As Guthrie Douglas’ Sales Manager Jim Gregory attests ‘When it comes to external blackout fabric for technical shading systems, Serge Ferrari prove themselves project after project’. The TESSTM 660 is designed around Somfy’s quietest motor, the Sonesse. ‘Designed for silence’, Sonesse motors are the industry leaders in quiet building automation. An essential consideration when creating a space to contemplate and reflect on some of the world’s most renowned artwork. To cover the entire roof Hunter Douglas Architectural supplied over 318 TESSTM 660 systems in a wide range of sizes and were supported for the 7 week installation on site by Guthrie Douglas technicians from the UK. The shades were connected to a single wireless network that covers the roof allowing the owners to close them quickly and easily from inside the building as part of the Building Management System. Guthrie Douglas are world leaders in the design and manufacture of technical shading solutions for challenging spaces. The TESSTM range of retractable tension blinds is distributed in over 45 countries worldwide and installed on many of the world’s highest profile architectural projects. Visit us: Email us: Talk to us: 0044 1926 310 850 ❚ enquiry 123

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August 2016



Levolux Fin-t astic al!

High qu ualit a ty, Sash Wind alit dows 36mm ultrraa Slim-line meeting raail The first with original ‘Putty Line’ styling Optional decorative hor orn - Patented Traditional Parting Bead d (Retractable)* * Patent p pending g

Choice of 43mm or traditiional 90mm deep C bottom rail Document L compliant Fire exit window available ailablle , k Insti tute Fran cis Cric

Sealed units 30db rating g 24mm (4--1 16-4)


Full gloss white RAL 9910 or any Std Ral Easy-Tilt clean featur e e with full sash removal

Arch Lond on –


itect with PLP Arch itect : HOK


LCONIES / Visit: www.le

Ideal ffor or Schools, Heritag ge e and Conservvation Areas Powder coated finish with h upto a 30 year guarantee

g f Scre enin ure – Roo

icate d 2389 Fabr Solu tion with


E-mail: info@l

ding Fins , inclu



3 9111 Tel: 020 886

August 2016 £4.50

Exclusive concealed balance ance cover

Call 01778 347 7147 For more i ormation inf

Simply fill out the grid with the enquiry numbers you are interested in, cut out this box and post to: Ecobuilding News, McDermott Publishing,





Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8SD or FAX direct on: 0121 433 3461.


Original Easy sy-Til T lt Sa as sh Manu Manufacturer Sin i ce 1959

Position: 2030 0416

❚ enquiry 124 .


Company: Address:

Postcode: Tel No: Website: Email: By providing your details, you are consenting for McDermott Publishing Ltd to keep you up-to-date with news and offers via email. If you wish to opt out of this service, please tick the box provided.


• High Quality Folding Sliding Doors

• British, German & Belgium Designed • A Fantastic Variety of Finishes & Colours



• Virtually Maintenance Free • State-of-the-Art Security Features • Full Fitting Available • Free Survey & Design Advice




Unit 26/3 Silicon Business Centre 26 Wadsworth Road Tel: 0208 997 2448 Perivale, Greenford Middlesex UB6 7JZ Fax: 0208 997 0611


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ORGANOWOOD®: the new name in sustainable wood protection

Osmo meets the demands for wooden decking

pressure treatment, minus the harmful ecological effects to the timber and environment alike. In the UK, architects, professionals and end users look favourably on environmentally friendly products, and the OrganoWood range ticks this box and many more. Launching OrganoWood allows us to provide this audience with a high quality product range that is reliable.”

With a strong reputation in the Nordic countries, OrganoWood is the latest name to hit the wood treatment market in the UK. OrganoWood offers architects, professionals and end users the next generation of environmentally friendly wood protection. The complete system offers flame, rot and fungal protection, as well as extreme water and dirt repellence for any exterior wood surface. A tried and tested ecological alternative to pressure treated finishes, the OrganoWood solution is both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable, and is suitable for domestic and commercial use.

The OrganoWood wood protection system consists of OrganoWood® 01. Protection which offers rot and flame protection, OrganoWood® 02. Repellent to provide a dirt and water repellent surface and OrganoWood® 03. Cleaner, an organic wood cleaner for general and intensive cleaning and maintenance of the wood. For use on all exterior wood, including decking,

cladding, fences and garden furniture, OrganoWood products are a low cost, sustainable alternative to chemical treatment. Through its proprietary technology, which mimics the natural fossilisation process, the wood is modified by the attachment of protective silicon compounds to the wood fibres. As well as protecting the wood, OrganoWood gradually ages with an aesthetically pleasing silver-grey hue over time. “Following its success in the Nordic region, we are excited to launch this product range to the UK market,” comments Steve Grimwood, Managing Director of OrganoWood UK. “OrganoWood prides itself on providing the same long term wood treatment that is achieved through

Sadolin Superdec ambassador puts colour outdoors in perspective Dedicated Sadolin Superdec user Gary Davies has gone on camera to talk about his passion for colour using the premium wood protection product. Gary, the owner of Lyme Bay Cabins which manufactures and installs quality log cabin garden buildings across the South West - shares his experiences of bringing colour to life in a short film available to view at The video showcases a number of projects carried out in Devon, and includes an insight into how the colour choices were made at each site. Gary is a strong advocate of Sadolin Superdec and, since launching Lyme Bay Cabins five years ago, has specified its use to all his clients. He believes the superiority of the selfpriming product in term of its application and finish, coupled with outstanding colour choice and longevity, make it the only

product of choice. Gary said: “There’s a growing focus on really defining spaces outdoors and putting great personality into projects, and for this the choice of shades is really important. “It enables people to create their own unique buildings with great charm and great character. “Whether making an outdoor building really bold and beautiful, or just using a tone that blends into the surroundings, Sadolin Superdec has got fantastic colours within the range. “The options are absolutely endless and the quality of the product means the colour is going to last for the long-term.” Available in over 300 shades, Sadolin Superdec is renowned for its

Manufactured in Sweden, OrganoWood has employed some of nature’s own tricks to develop lasting, effective and unique wood protection that is entirely non-toxic without the use of harmful heavy metals, biocides and solvents. OrganoWood products are classed as a Good Environmental Choice by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, one of the highest eco-classifications in the industry. The test proven products from OrganoWood® meets all relevant European environmental and performance standards and has received EN113 and EN 13501-1 certification for rot and fire protection respectively. All OrganoWood® products are ecologically sustainable according to FSC® (FSC-C120532) and PEFC™ (05-35168). For stockists and more information on OrganoWood®, please call 01296 323770 or visit

comprehensive colour palette, as well as its outstanding protective qualities, which together make it one of the most popular ranges within the Sadolin brand for specifiers. Sadolin Superdec offers a highly durable opaque finish which erodes naturally by weathering, ensuring the coating remains flexible and resists cracking, peeling and flaking. This flexibility enables Sadolin Superdec to offer up to 8 years’ protection against the elements. The product is also self-priming and undercoating, thus reducing the need for an extra product on new wood. It also requires little preparation, and can be applied over previously decorated surfaces. This latest video builds on another short film about Sadolin Superdec and its use by Lyme Bay Cabins, which was produced several years ago at More details about Sadolin Superdec can also be found in the series of videos in the established ‘This Is Sadolin’ series, available to view on the Sadolin website at or on the Sadolin Woodcare YouTube channel at Sadolin Superdec is featured in episode three - ‘The Colour Palette’ which can be seen at QqeeGymVaFs For further details please contact the Crown Paints’ Specification Team by calling 0330 0240310, email or visit the specification website at Alternatively, please visit ❚ enquiry 130.

Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, offers a range of decking oils to protect and maintain the beauty and quality of exterior decking. The product range, provides resistance against water and dirt, while also offering an appealing satin oil-based protective finish. Made from natural plant oils, organic pigments and water-repellent additives, the micro-porous finish allows the wood to breathe, a factor that is essential for exterior wood. The eco-friendly ingredients help to regulate the wood’s moisture content, reducing swelling or shrinking, whilst enhancing the natural characteristics of the wood. The finish also prevents the wood from cracking, flaking, peeling or blistering. Available in range of 10 different shades and one clear Teak-Oil, there is a Decking Oil to complement and protect a number of wood species, including Bangkirai, Cedar, Douglas Fir and Oak. To apply, simply brush the oil onto a clean, dry surface using a stiff bristle brush. For a quick and easy application, we recommend using an Osmo 150mm Floor Brush, which is designed for decking applications, allowing the user to apply the finish while standing. ❚ enquiry 129

AkzoNobel and Sprayfine big hit for Big Yellow

When Hampshire-based spray paint contractor Sprayfine needed to undertake a large contract for one of their most prestigious clients they turned to coatings manufacturer and supplier AkzoNobel to supply a number of products from their SteelSeal range. Sprayfine have worked directly for Big Yellow for a number of years now. Big Yellow have substantial yearly budgets for maintaining their stores and a key factor for them is sustaining the buildings. AkzoNobel has led the development and supply of organic coatings to the major cladding producers for over 25 years. SteelSeal is specially formulated for application to architectural cladding materials including coil coated finishes such as; PVC, polyester, silicone polyester and Pvf2 coated substrates and primed aluminium. ❚ enquiry 128

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August 2016

New Polyvine exterior wood finishes deliver performance superior to anything else in the market



HR HR PROF Eco Friendly

British paint, varnish and wood care

Clear & Odourless


Water Based



launched a new professional exterior

Non Toxic

wood finishes range which is VOC-

No Solvents

free, quick-drying and which has the

Apply with Brush or Spray

highest oils solids content of any

Euro-class B-s1-d0

product in the market. This makes

Internal or External Use

it the best formula for long term durability and appearance retention available in the UK. The seven product range is made from 100% oil solids. This refers to the minute oil particle content undiluted by other materials, which ensures thorough coverage, long lasting protection, durability of finish, appearance retention and low maintenance.

year offered by competitors, the Polyvine range also guarantees excellent water repellence, low odour, the flexibility to mitigate against blistering and peeling, UV filters which prevent fading and weathering and microporous breathability to prevent mould, mildew, algae and fungal attack.

Oil solid content in all competitive wood care products is circa 50% at the maximum with many being less than that. This gives the new Polyvine range an enormous performance advantage against anything else in the exterior wood care market.

The range comprises:

Ensuring appearance retention of up to five years as opposed to the six months to one

HR Prof Also tested to BS 476-6 & BS 476 part 7 Also Classification Also ttReports & Certificates Pine,Spruce,

Scottish & Siberian Larch, Western Red Cedar, Oak 0800 7833 228

â?š enquiry 133 .

• Exterior wood oil in a translucent finish 2

• Exterior woodstain oil in a silky sheen finish and eleven colours • Antislip oil • Exterior wood varnish in satin and dead flat finishes • Exterior woodstain in silky satin finish and eight colours • Hickson DÊcor wood stain in translucent satin finish and thirteen colours • Hickson DÊcor waxcoat water repellent

WEDGE GROUP GALVANIZING Your Galvanizing Partner

The range benefits from attractive all new tin designs in sizes from 500ml to 2.5 litres. RRPs start from ÂŁ9.74.

For more information, visit the website at or contact +44 (0) 845 017 1671 or


E: T: 01902 600704 @wedgegalv


â?&#x161; enquiry 134 .

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Lime Green’s ecofriendly mortars used on RIBA Stirling Prize nominated building, Newport Street Gallery Founders of British lime company, Lime Green, brothers James and Simon Ayres, are delighted to hear that one of the many projects they’ve been involved in has recently been shortlisted for the prestigious 2016 RIBA Stirling Prize for the UK’s best new building.

Newport Street Gallery in Vauxhall involved the conversion of a terrace of listed industrial buildings, formerly used as workshops for theatre carpentry and scenery painting. Forming the whole length of the street, the gallery, designed by the Caruso St John Architects team, comprises three listed Victorian buildings flanked at either end by new builds. The floors within the buildings are continuous allowing them to be used flexibly to accommodate large and smaller exhibitions. Lime Green’s lime mortars, produced in Shropshire, were used for the spiral staircase and external brickwork. The judges praised the approach to conservation on the project, marrying the host older August 2016

terraces and the new buildings and called the staircases, for which Lime Green’s Natural Lime Mortar was used, “outrageously virtuosic”. They also praised the “strong sense of traditional craftsmanship using contemporary technologies,” something the Lime Green team are also passionate about. The same mortar was also used for building and pointing, in different colours outside (to match existing mortar) and inside (to match the bricks in the staircase). Simon Ayres said: “It’s a bold and confident project and we were delighted that our lime mortars are a permanent part of this fantastic gallery. We’re really pleased that the team behind the design have rightly been shortlisted for this prestigious award and we’ll be crossing our fingers for them on 6th October when the winner is announced.” Nigel Wright from The Lime Centre, who collaborated with Lime Green on the project, said: “The architects had a clear idea of the colour and texture required for the mortar to the existing brickwork and the brickwork to the new staircases. Large scale trials with various pre-blended colours and sand grades were carried out by The Lime Centre and the brick contractors to ensure the required colour was achieved and to ensure the joints were finished to achieve the required texture and profile.” The six shortlisted buildings will now go head-to-head for architecture’s highest accolade, to be awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) on Thursday 6 October 2016. For more information on Lime Green’s products, visit or call the team on 01952 728611.

❚ enquiry 136

Permission granted for modern dwelling in national park A Sussex design and planning consultant has won approval for a partially underground, ultra-modern, low-carbon building in the South Downs National Park. It is hard to get approval for new buildings in the South Downs National Park but planning officers from Lewes District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority accepted the importance, after being convinced by Glenn Moore & Associates on behalf of their client, of making an architectural statement. The new building will replace a 1930s bungalow that had been extended over the years and had little architectural merit, according to Glenn Moore. With views from the site to the coast between Newhaven and Seaford, the design is influenced by the topography and the post-modernist movement, while paying homage to light houses, silos and Anglo-Saxon roundhouses. Glenn’s design evolved to respect the existing contours of the site. The lower floor sleeping wings have been cut into the slope to reduce visual bulk and use the natural insulation properties of the chalk strata. A green wildflower roof has been incorporated to soften visual impact. The central circular turret provides internal access to the sleeping quarters at the lower

level and gives access to the extensive grassed natural landscape outside. The central level contains the kitchen and living areas with access to the drive, garaging and storage wing which also has a green roof. The upper level contains a seating area and viewing balcony overlooking the sea. The turret roof is conical and clad in copper which will be left to weather naturally. Glenn explains: “The aim of the design is to be highly sensitive to the landscape setting. The dwelling is designed to directly respond to its setting within the plot. As such it complies with the National Planning Policy Framework which states that development should function well and add to the overall quality of the area, and be visually attractive as a result of good architecture. “The majority of the ground floor area lies tucked into the contour line and partially underground, meaning that little will be seen from the north east, from the village and in longer views. The circular roundel might be seen from these views, but it will be a smaller element than the existing dwelling.” The floor area of the proposed dwelling is 375

GEZE UK’s entrance for the Whitworth Gallery is a work of art When the Whitworth, part of The University of Manchester, launched an architectural competition for its extension, it wanted a design that would make its important collection accessible to a wider range of visitors and re-establish the relationship with its grounds, home of England’s first gallery in a park. The winning design, by McInnes Usher McKnight Architects (MUMA), is both sensitive and inspirational – glass, stainless steel and brick have been married with the Grade II listed building to create an elegant exhibition space overlooking the park. And with over 440,000 people visiting each year, GEZE UK were chosen to create an automatic entrance to ensure that the building – and therefore the art - is accessible to all. The new glass entrance connects the gallery to the surrounding park and features two sets of sliding glass doors powered by GEZE’s Slimdrive SL NT automatic operators. The doors have been positioned directly opposite each other to create a lobby. This contributes to sustainability by ensuring heat loss and gain is minimised without limiting accessibility. It also helps to ensure a pleasant even temperature for visitors and staff without blasts of hot or cold air when the doors are opened.

simulated stainless steel finish as the porch structure and two 130mm diameter stainless steel bollards with push pads have been installed to allow visitors to activate the doors. Pocket screens have been installed to ensure the safety of visitors to the gallery. As with all GEZE’s automatic operators the Slimdrive SL NT enables compliance to the Equality Act and BS 8300. The Whitworth’s £15m extension project has already been recognised by the architectural community scooping a RIBA National Award 2015, Building of the Year in the RIBA North West Regional Awards and two AJ Retrofit Awards – Cultural & Public Buildings and Heritage & Listed Buildings. It has also been awarded the Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year 2015 for ‘redefining the way that it engages with its public, connecting the building and surrounding park’. It was also was shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling Prize.

Thanks to its slim design and a drive unit height of just 7cm, the Slimdrive SL NT operator has been discretely installed so it is barely noticeable to the user. The operators are finished in the same brushed

Andy Howland, sales director of GEZE UK added: “The Whitworth is a culturally significant building with a collection of huge national importance, so it was a privilege to be involved in creating an entrance that would help make it easily accessible to the thousands of people that visit each year.

m² including the upper viewing gallery. The building provides adaptable family accommodation for parents and teenagers’ accommodation, or guest accommodation. The design brief was to provide a flexible, inclusive, modern dwelling that respected its setting and would have a level of sustainability consistent with Passiv Haus standards. A key feature of the interior of the building is the spiral staircase acting as the central core and spine to the dwelling, filled with light. Inspired by the organic forms produced by nature and spirals of stairs within tall round structures or curved architectural buildings.

pump; mechanical heat recovery and ventilation system; wet underfloor heating system; high levels of insulation; rainwater harvesting; grey water recycling; triple glazing with non-reflective glass and lowenergy lighting.

The lower floor incorporating sleeping accommodation is set into the existing slope while following the curved contours of the site. This, together with the green level roof linked to the car parking and reception levels ameliorates the visual prominence of this element. The overhang of the green roof, the use of non-reflective glazing and setting the fenestration to the inner wall plane will further reduce the visual impact and reduce solar gain. Sustainable technologies have been incorporated such as: a ground source heat

Client John Percival said: “Glenn’s many years of experience in Sussex and working in the National Park, and his Aussie sense of humour, was a great help, in working through the complexities of planning and design, and coming up with a successful result.”

The site is being sold through Winkworth’s Lewes branch. You can view the particulars here ❚ enquiry 138.

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❚ enquiry 139.

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façade allows daylight through, making the building appear open and inviting, while a PVC roof was chosen for its acoustic qualities.

championing PVC in European sports stadiums

According to the stadium’s architect Marco Punzi from Wilmotte & Associés, extensive use of PVC enabled ‘state-of-the-art design with environmental stewardship’. He comments: “For us, PVC was a natural choice. It allowed us to design a fifthgeneration stadium that functions well and is aesthetically-pleasing. PVC was used throughout the building, since it is long-lasting and can be recycled.”

Host of several football games in the recent UEFA Euro 2016 Championships, the impressive Allianz Riviera Stadium in Nice, France features on the front cover of a new brochure from VinylPlus celebrating the prominent role played by PVC in the construction of modern sports venues.

One of the most versatile materials available, vinyl is used for everything from roofing and façade membranes over piping for freshwater to irrigation systems, profiles, cables, flooring and seating in modern stadiums development across Europe. PVC products supplied for the London 2012 Olympic Games met strict sustainability requirements specified by the Olympic Delivery Authority, including recycling or reuse after the event. For example, the Shooting Venue’s PVC membrane was reused in Glasgow for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and vinyl flooring trod by athletes has been installed at a Kent school.

Published by VinylPlus, the European PVC sustainability programme, ‘Vinyl in European Stadiums’ charts the path to sustainable development for PVC and how the use of vinyl combines environmental responsibility and architectural greatness in present-day sports complexes. The brochure covers advances in building materials and techniques, spanning the centuries from Marble used in classic amphitheatres of Ancient Greece to the comprehensive contribution made by PVC in today’s sports arenas. The Nice stadium, seating 35,000 people and completed in 2013, is among several case studies highlighting PVC’s advantages as a modern, versatile and sustainable material for such large public venues. A transparent PVC tensile fabric membrane for the

Brigitte Dero, VinylPlus General Manager commented: “This brochure showcases how PVC’s versatility can combine demanding architectural and technical design requirements with sustainable objectives. The preference for PVC in London, the ‘Greenest Olympics in history’, affirms the successful path to sustainable development the industry has taken over the past two decades”. VinylPlus is the renewed ten-year Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC industry. The programme establishes a long-term framework for the sustainable development of the PVC industry by tackling a number of critical challenges in the EU-28, Norway and Switzerland. More information on the Vinyl in Stadiums brochure can be found at ments/vinyl-in-european-stadiums-180416.pdf ❚ enquiry 140.

Why a ‘Wood First’ Policy Stacks Up As construction makes up a total of 45% of carbon emissions in the UK, sustainability is an important issue for the industry and one that should be addressed throughout every aspect of the build - from the sourcing of materials through to the long term impact of the final structure. As one of the most renewable mainstream construction materials, the increased use of engineered timber as the core structural component enhances the construction industries credentials not only from a sustainable perspective but equally from achieving optimum speed and performance.

Ventilated façade specialist Shackerley has supplied 800m2 of SureClad® ceramic granite cladding to replace the travertine facades of a prestigious office complex in the heart of Birmingham’s civic and business quarter, overcoming planning sensitivities in a designated conservation zone.

When we consider the whole manufacturing processes for the production of each m3 of CLT, 676kg of CO2 will still be stored after the production process.

We may commonly hear the term ‘carbon sequestration’, which is

Over time, the office block’s original travertine cladding had weathered significantly and the external envelope required substantial refurbishment. Rainwater ingress had damaged the concrete frame and caused panel fixings to become badly corroded. Partially stripped back and with a new concrete substrate installed, the building required a cost effective, long lasting replacement façade system. New quarried stone was ruled out because of its porosity, but the City Council’s planners were keen to ensure that any replacement solution replicated the look of the original travertine.

Shackerley meets conservation area requirements with ceramic granite cladding

When compared to other building materials such as concrete or steel, the environmental credentials of CLT are far superior. Not only is it a renewable material, it involves very little waste during production and is extremely carbon efficient to transport.

Greg Cooper, Pre-Construction Manager of the X-LAM Alliance, discusses the positive impact of cross laminated timber (CLT) within the built environment: “Identifying and measuring carbon properties are now a fundamental part of any construction business. There are two ways of decreasing CO2 in the atmosphere – either by reducing emissions, or by removing CO2 and storing it. Wood has the unique ability to do both.

43 Temple Row, a seven-storey building in the Colmore Business District, is part of Birmingham’s most important conservation area, renowned for its rich mix of architectural styles. Constructed in 1980 with quarried travertine and granite façades, the office block is one of several modern developments that present a contrast with the baroque St Philips Cathedral and the many well preserved period properties in the neighbourhood.

43 Temple Row is part of one of Birmingham’s most important conservation areas

the process of capturing and longterm storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). Solid wood products such as cross laminated timber (CLT) are natural, renewable and are far less energyintensive to produce and apply.

‘No matter how complex the façade design, everything we need is supplied to site by Shackerley, fully prefabricated, from their ISO 9001 quality controlled factory. This is a big benefit. In this case, the cladding design incorporated intricate returns into the existing window detail. These complex profiles were precisely engineered to slot straight into the façades. From procurement through to delivery, we’ve found Shackerley to be an excellent partner to work with.’ For further details please contact Shackerley on 0800 783 0391 or visit ❚ enquiry 141

Shackerley offered a ceramic granite façade panel in a style and colourway virtually indistinguishable from the original stone, reproducing the same visual contrast with the retained quarried granite. A versatile engineered construction material with exceptional strength and hardness, ceramic granite is fully vitrified, and unlike quarried stone, boasts almost zero porosity. Shackerley’s Queen’s Award winning SureClad® Access system was recommended for its speed and flexibility of installation and the unique facility to install façade panels non-sequentially. The replacement facades were installed by Task Contractors Ltd. Commercial Manager Ian Blakemore commented: ‘We’ve installed Shackerley’s SureClad® ceramic granite façades on many new buildings but as the Temple Row project demonstrates, these systems are ideal for retro-fit installations too.’

Shackerley’s ceramic granite has provided an excellent replacement for the original quarried travertine

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Prevent thermal bridging

August 2016

Without Thermoblock



With Thermoblock

One of the worst areas of heat loss through a thermal bridge is where the floor meets the wall. Up to 30% of heat, in a well-insulated room, can be lost this way. Thermoblock prevents that heat loss. ❚ enquiry 142 .

❚ enquiry 143 .

❚ enquiry 144 .

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EOS Facades Shortlisted Four Times for the 2016 Offsite Construction Awards

Cembrit fibre cement cladding achieves top marks in Liverpool Cembrit’s through-coloured Cembonit cladding boards have been installed on a ten storey mixed use development in the heart of Merseyside, providing accommodation to students of Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Hope University and the University of Liverpool. Paramount is a newly built development comprising top quality student accommodation, a spa and gym, as well as commercial space. Built on a site that once featured a landmark cinema, the building has been developed to house a number of the 50,000 students flocking to Liverpool each year. The accommodation, which incorporates 440 units over 10 floors, is located within short walking distance to all three university campuses, and backs onto the Empire Theatre and Lime August 2016

Director of EOS Facades said of the award nominations: "It's fantastic to be nominated across three categories for these prestigious awards - especially taking into consideration the calibre of the competition and variety of projects! These awards provide a fantastic platform to showcase the benefits of offsite construction!"

The judges have spoken and the shortlist for this year's Offsite Awards has been announced. The awards have seen fierce competition with a host of entries from high profile names, competing to be crowned as industry leaders of the offsite construction market.

Street station. North West Developer, PHD1 Construction’s aim was to regenerate the 3500sq m2plot to meet the needs of the community. Due to its central location, the appearance of the external envelope was extremely important, and one which led to the specification of a cladding solution that could achieve a varied finish. Bak Cladding Solutions was the sub-contractor on this project and sourced the Cembrit Cembonit cladding in Flint through Vivalda in Manchester.

With over 160 entries across 11 categories, the Awards have been packed full of outstanding, ground breaking projects, products and people.

The winners will be announced at a relaxed drinks and nibbles reception, taking place on 18 October at the NEC, Birmingham

EOS Facades are proud to announce that they have been shortlisted for four awards this year. Their shortlisted entries include; the Sir David Attenborough building and Sanger Institute projects in the ‘Best Use of Steel' category, Skyliner Way in the ‘Commercial/Retail Project of the Year' category and Pembury Circus in the ‘Housing Project of the Year' category. Steve Thompson, Managing

Timber cladding  finishing  touch  adds   to contemporary urban village

VMZINC for Newcastle Uni tower refurb  





2900m2 of pre-weathered standing seam VMZINC® ANTHRA-ZINC® Bancon Homes has created the and QUARTZ-ZINC® façades and exciting new development, with roof have been used in the £18m Phase 1 consisting of a range of refurbishment    of  Newcastle   College’s   apartments    and villas from one to Parsons Tower. The project was three bedrooms. Maidencraig about rejuvenating the building offers a variety of apartments,  than  providing    a houses   and shops,  which gives the rather adesign for superficial refurbishment and will development the selfcontained feel extend the usable life of the 60s block of a small urban village within by around 40 years. Being such a easy reach of the city centre. dominant feature of the city landscape to it Contractors    and the approach    Bancon   Construction from the west a key element of the chose Silverwood Inspire timber design brief was to transform the cladding in the Sand natural    building   into  one with a colourway   an  impressive     for ugly distinctive visual aesthetic. The Red contemporary look. Box Design Group extended the              façade into the roofline using two Silverwood timber cladding is contrasting shades of zinc in curved regularly specified by architects profile. spokesman   Their   and  contractors  on the basis of its’ commented, “The building performance,     now proven     backed by a stands as a physical beacon which comprehensive 10 year paint   advertises  colleges           the  further finish guarantee, and its durability ambition to create exciting and                up  to 50 years  of as a result of the stimulating and     learning        combined environments."    timber treatment  ❚ enquiry 146 factory applied paint finish.           Silverwood Inspire combines the



- co-located with UK Construction Week. For more information about the Offsite Awards go to: Sir David Attenborough Building, University of Cambridge A major refurbishment & renovation of an iconic landmark in the heart of Cambridge - the building formerly known as the Arup Tower, is the result of a collaboration between the University of Cambridge & the Museum of Zoology.

look and feel of traditional cladding with a planed and brushed fi nish and is available in a modern palette of colours.

      In Phase 1 of the development a

total of 92 homes were completed in Silverwood Inspire timber cladding, with the next stage already planned. Another 36 homes are set to be built and receive the same beautiful finishing touch.

❚ enquiry 147

❚ enquiry 150.

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K mperol® Kem Liquid roofing and waterprroofing at its very best st ƒ

Ideal for flat roof refurbishment, repair and new w build roofing projects.


Complete solvent free and odourless waterpr p oo ofing g systems y available that can be laid whilst the building is operational - Ideal forr schools, hospitals, food factories and offfices. Have the work done when you want it or need it.


Kemperol® is a cold liquid application removing g the fire risk of hot works.


Laid in a single wet-on-wet process, our Kempe erol® waterproofing resin saturates a tough reinforcement fleece and cures to form a totally seamless, durable, UV stable, elastomeric waterproofing membrane that cann not delaminate and is fully bonded to the substrate.


With BBA Approval and a life expectancy in exccess of 25 years your roofing budget will ill never be better spent.


For more information visit

❚ enquiry 153 .

KEMPER SYSTEM LLTD. TD. Kemper House, 30 Kingsland Grange Woolston, Warrington, Cheshire United Kingdom W WA1 A1 4RW Tel: 01925 445532

Kem K Kemperol mperol Tabloid Tab bloiid Ad Ad M Master asterr 22016 016 3mm 3m mm Bleed.indd Blleeed.indd 1

Kemp perol Liquid Waterproofing

299/06/2016 29 /06/2016 0 /2016 11:49:34 11:49:34

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Concrete is dead. Long live concrete.

TLE, the latest addition to our concrete range, isn’t just our new concrete tile, it’s part of a whole concrete tiling system. We can provide the membrane, DryFix, ventilation, fittings, all the training you need, free roof surveys and dedicated account support. What’s more, if you purchase the whole system from Sandtoft, we will provide a 15 year guarantee*. Concrete has never been more alive. Tel: 0845 121 8704 Email: Web: Twitter: @wienerbergeruk *when purchasing the system as a whole

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August 2016




❚ enquiry 155 .

The Clement Conservation Rooflight Crafted by experts in steel fenestration and building restoration. The Clement Conservation Rooflight is a replica of a Victorian original. Designed to lie flush with the roofline and in keeping with the character of your property, it is the only conservation rooflight that is available from stock in two profiles – for slate or clay tiles - to ensure the best finish.

VXSHUEFRQVHUYDWLRQURR°LJKWV Clement House, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1HR 01428 643393

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Wraptite-SA conquers airtightness at 1066 Zero carbon homes Insulation gives new Wraptite-SA airtight membrane has been specifi ed to achieve a highly effi cient building fabric as part of a concept to create a terrace of 5 Zero Carbon homes in a site close to the historic Hastings Castle. The design,by award winning eco-architects ZED

factory, and their partner the Zero Bills Home Company, has transformed a derelict site into a modern development combining high quality with highly effi cient homes, during the year, which coincides with the 950th anniversary of the famous 1066 battle. The homes are built from prefabricated heavy weight timber frame panels, with Wraptite-SA, self-adhering vapour permeable air barrier being applied on site. T The use of Wraptite-SA makes a signifi cant contribution to a building’s thermal performance

by preventing lateral air movement. It also provides high vapour permeability in a continuously sealed, self-adhered, airtight membrane. Another key factor in the selection of materials was the requirement to meet the durability of being located in a marine environment. Wraptite- SA’s high vapour permeability allows damp sheathing to dry quickly and moisture vapour to escape. ❚ enquiry 157

Further Awards success for Ancon’s innovative Teplo Range After a string of Awards successes, Ancon’s innovative Teplo range of low thermal conductivity wall ties has done it again, with the news that the new Teplo-BF has been shortlisted in the ‘Best Innovation in Insulation” category of the 2016 Build It Awards. The latest addition to the Teplo range, Teplo-BF, features the same ultra-low conductivity basalt fibre body as the original bar-shaped TeploTie, with specially moulded safety ends which make the new

tie easier and safer to use and significantly enhanced mortar bond. As well as providing a thermal conductivity of just 0.7W/mK, meaning it is disregarded as a thermal bridge in ‘U’-value calculations, Teplo-BF offers an 80% increase in bond strength over the original TeploTie, making it particularly suitable for use with lime and other slow-drying mortars. Judged by a panel of industry

experts, the Build It Awards celebrate the latest developments in the self-build market; a construction sector which often pushes the boundaries of energy efficient design. Teplo-BF is one of 5 recent innovations that the judges will be considering for this year’s prestigious award. Teplo-BF’s selection follows similar recognition for its sister product, Teplo-L, in the 2014 Build It Awards; the shortlisting of Ancon’s Cavity Wall Tie Product Selector App in 2013, and top honours for the original TeploTie – voted “Best Innovation in Insulation” in the 2012 Awards. The ground-breaking range has also received recognition in other award programmes – including the 2010 Self-Build Product Innovation Awards and, more recently, the World Architecture News Product Innovation Awards. ❚ enquiry 159

Heating bills halved & property value increased thanks to Bostik Climatherm The installation of Bostik’s Climatherm external wall insulation (EWI) system has helped homeowners in Ystradowen, South Wales, to halve their heating bills and increase the value of their property by £10,000 in less than two weeks. EWI specialists, Greener Installation Solutions Ltd, were approached by the owners of the three bedroom property, who were looking at ways of lowering their heating bills while improving the overall aesthetics of the house. Having used the system on a number of other EWI projects in the area, the company specified the Bostik Climatherm system with grey EPS insulation and an Ashton Cream Spar dash finish. “We needed an EWI system that offered the right thermal performance and a very high level of durability as the area in which the property is located can often experience long spells of wet weather. In the past this has caused the render in other EWI systems to ‘wash off’, but we knew from experience that wouldn’t be the case with Climatherm,” said Dave Male, Managing Director of Greener Installation Solutions

lease of life to Cornish units in Wales Social housing provider, RCT Homes, has accessed Phase 2 Arbed funding to carry out a range of improvements on 30 Cornish Units in Cwmbach, Wales, including the installation of ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation to alleviate fuel poverty issues and improve living conditions for tenants. In the past, efforts to improve the insulation of Cornish Unit homes have foundered on the difficulties presented by the Mansard Roof design. Achieving a good fit within the timber frame using externally applied options has proved challenging. When insulation has been applied from inside this type of home, the approach taken has proved too

“As fuel prices have escalated in recent years, Cornish Units tenants have struggled to keep warm,” explains Dave Challenger at RCT Homes. “We worked with ROCKWOOL to come up with an effective, easy to install solution that is set to deliver a much improved thermal performance and enhance the aesthetics of these homes.” ❚ enquiry 158 Officially accepting the BRE’s findings, the BBA has confirmed that the fire resistance of these ties will be updated from 60 to 120 minutes in the next issue of Ancon’s Agrément Certificate (14/5160, PS2 and PS3).

Ancon Teplo reaches new heights

Following recent fire tests at BRE Global, Ancon is pleased to confirm that its innovative basaltfibre, low thermal conductivity wall ties, Teplo-BF and Teplo-L, offer 120 minute fire resistance, making them suitable for buildings of any height (subject to structural performance), in line with Building Regulations, Approved Document B.


intrusive and disruptive to the building fabric and tenants in occupancy.

This extended fire testing brings to an end the previous 18 metre building height restriction on these Teplo ties. Teplo-BF and Teplo-L ties are now fully comparable with the fire resistance of stainless steel wall ties which, being non-combustible, are also suitable for buildings of any height. However, being 24 times more thermally efficient than stainless steel, Teplo ties are the ideal choice for insulated cavity walls in low energy buildings. ❚ enquiry 160 AFTER

Ltd. “The Climatherm system was supplied by the local branch of AIS Insulation Supplies Ltd in two separate deliveries, which meant on site storage requirements were significantly reduced.” Reduced heating bills The project was funded by The Energy Company Obligation (ECO), a government scheme that aims to deliver energy efficiency measures to domestic premises throughout Britain. Having had their house valued prior to the EWI system being installed; the homeowners were pleasantly surprised when the property was valued again on completion of the project. “In less than two weeks the value of the house increased by £10,000 thanks to the installation of the Climatherm system”, said Dave. “In addition, the homeowners went from using eight bags of coal per week to heat their house to just four bags – effectively halving their heating bills.” Tailored solution Fully certified by the British Board of

Agremént (BBA), the Climatherm system can be tailored to individual property requirements and comprises three key components – insulation, mesh reinforced base coat and finish. These can be selected from a range of products that all meet Bostik’s strict performance requirements, allowing greater flexibility in both price and performance in comparison with other EWI systems. In addition, by offering an EWI system through distribution channels, Bostik provides customers with a system where the pricing is completely transparent, while lead times are significantly reduced. System of choice Dave concludes: “We’ve used Bostik Climatherm on a number of projects in the area since completing the company’s

approved installer course. “Our team finds the system very easy to use and it looks great, with many projects being specified because of its aesthetic appeal alone. “Bostik’s technical team is also on hand to make sure any issues are quickly resolved so that we get every job done on time and to a high standard. When it comes to EWI, Bostik Climatherm is definitely our system of choice.” For more information or to become an approved contractor or certified surveyor or installer of the Bostik Climatherm EWI system, visit or call +44 (0) 1785 272625.

❚ enquiry 161.

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August 2016





Unusually shaped, the architecturally stunning Maggieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen in Scotland is designed to assist in the psychological and emotional healing process for those affected by cancer. A Licensed Icynene contractor installed both Icynene H2Foam Forteâ&#x201E;˘ and Icynene H2 Foam Liteâ&#x201E;˘ in the pebble shaped structure.


CER RTIFIED and TESTED D in accordance with:

Situated on the southern boundary of the Foresterhill site of the Royal Infirmary in Aberdeen, Scotland, Maggieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cancer Centre is the latest such centre to provide emotional and practical support to anyone affected by cancer. The centre, designed to be homely and full of warmth, aims to provide an environment where those facing cancer can gain support. The centre also intends to inspire imagination from visitors and has contributed to the architecture of the Aberdeen city area.

Being 100% water blown, Icynene H2Foam ForteTM has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 1 - the lowest GWP available. In addition to providing structural strength, the closed cell product also can reject bulk water penetrating through the building envelope.


As a result of using spray foam insulation throughout the design, an extremely high R-value was achieved. With a high Rvalue, staff and visitors to Maggieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen will be able to work and heal in comfort all year round regardless of the season.

BS EN 476

Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, together with Scottish firm, Halliday Fraser Munro, took on the challenge to create a visually stunning structure in the shape of a pebble.

EN ISO 1182-2010

The unusually-shaped single storey structure features a reinforced concrete exterior and timber interior. Steel reinforcements were used to form the structureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unique shape.

(Parts 6&7) Class 0 Non-Combustible (surface spread)

Class A1 Non-Combustible

BS EN 476


BS EN 594

2011 Timber Structures

With activity and meeting rooms located on the ground floor and office space on the mezzanine, the centre features high-end interior finishes and manages to create a peaceful, welcoming and beautiful space for anyone who visits.

â?&#x161; enquiry162

Both Icynene H2Foam Liteâ&#x201E;˘ and Icynene H2Foam Forteâ&#x201E;˘ contribute to creating a positive, peaceful and comfortable environment for visitors to the new centre in Aberdeen. THE RESULT

INSULATING MAGGIEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CANCER CENTRE A Licensed local Icynene contractor was enlisted by Halliday Fraser Munro to help insulate the centre in February 2013 using two high performance Icynene spray foam insulation products.

For more infformation ormation call us on 017 01745 745 361911 or visit www.blackmountaininsula .blackmountaininsulation.c

Above the 2.5m mark and across the curved roofline, spray foam crews applied Icynene H2Foam LiteTM. Due to the unique curvature of the roofline, crews had to aid the rise of the foam by hand to ensure consistent and even coverage.

The spray foam insulation crew used five sets of the 100% water-blown closed cell medium density Icynene H2Foam ForteTM and used seven sets of the open cell Icynene H2Foam LiteTM throughout the curved structure. Spray foam crews applied the medium density material on the lower part of the structure to a height of 2.5m in an effort to provide additional structural strength.

Maggieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen was completed and opened in September 2013. The structure, set apart by a small landscaped area, is open to anyone requiring its services and support. The unusual shape and highly visual design has been receiving attention from the architecture community and the greater Aberdeen community. In November 2013, the centre was awarded a Commendation by Aberdeenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Civic Society and in March 2014, GMS Insulations Ltd, the Icynene distributor in the UK, was awarded the Best Architectural Project â&#x20AC;&#x201C; International at the Icynene 2014 Global Conference for their involvement in the project. â?&#x161; enquiry163

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Making recycling cups easier Leafield Environmental has launched a new EnvirocupXL recycling unit to collect larger coffee cups (up to 103mmm), providing a solution to prevent huge amounts going to landfill for facility managers. Suitable for food serving areas and offices. The cups can be dropped through the circular apertures and easily stacked inside the collection tubes, making it extremely easy to empty and clean. It also features a new improved liquid hub, to hold up to 7.5 litres of liquid reservoir to avoid access spillages. Dimensions: H: 803mm, W: 444mm, D: 444mm. The unit is available in black and ivory with a boat blue liquid hub and comes with a recycling label as standard. Black unit is made from 95% recycled plastic. An A4 signage kit is available as an optional extra, as well as bespoke personalisation labels and unit colours. The unit is priced RRP £169.99 per unit. For further information: Tel: 01225 816541 Facebook: Twitter:

❚ enquiry 165 August 2016

Sika provides a rapid decking solution at Potteries Car Park At the intu Potteries shopping centre in Stoke-onTrent, the asphalt deck on the annex level of the car park was showing signs of ageing and weathering. With removal and replacement costly and time-consuming, Sikafloor®-32 Pronto deck system from Sika was laid directly onto the existing asphalt to create a watertight, non-slip deck whilst minimising waste and returning the car park to full use within the shortest time possible.

With an annual footfall of over 12 million shoppers, intu Potteries is the largest shopping centre in Staffordshire and South Cheshire and one of the UK’s top 35 retail destinations. As part of a £20 million regeneration project by Intu Properties and main contractor Wates Construction, the site has been extended and remodelled to include seven restaurants and a nine screen cinema – attracting thousands more visitors and car park users every week. Following a successful trial to demonstrate its bond to the substrate, approximately 2,000m2 of Sikafloor®-32 Pronto was applied over the existing asphalt to provide a slip resistant and hard wearing waterproof surface. Utilising the fast setting properties of Sikafloor®32 Pronto decking system also ensured works could be completed quickly.

❚ enquiry167

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August 2016

A broken ½” tap can consume £70 of water per day


3 Eco-friendly

3 No Maintenance

3 An ideal replacement for wood

Our SPED Standpipe prevents damage

This is the ideal material for battens, studding, cladding, fascias and soffits, decking, gates, fencing, fishing pegs, sheds, boardwalks, benching and ground reinforcement grids. • UV STABLE

Permanent, tamperproof, frost resistant Hose Union Tap with Fluid Category 3 protection > Free standing – no wall required > Bottom entry > Suitable for mounting in soft ground > Padlock provides security

Recycled Plastic Building Materials




Model SPED

Tel: 01442 823 123 Email: The Water Regulations Solution Specialist ❚ enquiry170

For bespoke design and quotes, contact us today: 01282 861325

❚ enquiry171

BEST OF BOTH HEAVY DUTY STEEL FRAME RECYCLED PLASTIC PROFILES A VALUE FOR MONEY LEISURE SOLUTION Maintenance Free Recycled Plastic Never Chips, Cracks, Rots or Splinters Tough, Durable & Vandal Resistant Hot Dip Galvanised Frame Optional Polyester Powder Coat Black Finish

TEL: 01782 339320 FAX: 01782 339323 Mossfield Road, Adderley Green, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST3 5BW

❚ enquiry169

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Flow Controls Deliver SuDS Design for Challenging Llanelli Housing Development

The high-density development of 355 homes is situated in a coastal plain that could be prone to flooding. The consulting engineers QuadConsult Limited specified 29 Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls to control surface water and manage underground storage across the site. The area, on the western side of Llanelli town centre, is located near the River Loughor inlet with extensive coastal wetlands and could be threatened by flooding. As a result of the flat topography, drainage flow is a major concern. To help improve this, the whole site was built up by circa 900mm. Even so, the invert levels of the discharge points are three metres or more below development levels.

Situated on the historic former Llanelli Scarlets Rugby Football Club stadium pitch, the Parc-y-Strade site is being built in three phases, each phase discharging separately to the receiving watercourse – the Cille Stream, which was de-culverted as part of the development to provide an effective flood mitigation measure for the area as a whole.

Engineers took a pragmatic approach to designing surface water drainage at Taylor Wimpey’s new Parc-y-Strade housing development on the outskirts of Llanelli, South Wales. Using HydroBrake® vortex flow control technology to engineer distributed surface water storage and attenuation across the low-lying, flat site, the development infrastructure satisfies Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) principles.

impermeable areas will have a considerable amount of water to deal with,” he explains. “In such a high-density, flat site, with many hard surfaces, achieving the desired attenuation with a predominantly soft scheme using many ponds would have been difficult and would also have occupied valuable building land. “In addition, maintenance and adoption of such features can pose a problem to the relevant authorities, who are happier with the known characteristics of engineered drainage.

Consulting engineer Richard John of QuadConsult developed the detailed drainage solution for the development site: “It’s a typical coastal plain location with a high water table due to the tidal range and the estuary. Rainfall is about 1150 mm a “We specified the Hydro-Brake® Flow year, in winter, so an 8.7 hectare Controls to provide distributed storage and site with numerous access roads and attenuation throughout the site and

maintain discharge volume within the planning consent limits. Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls with their low maintenance requirements are accepted for adoption by Welsh Water, so were the obvious choice. “The final flow control is a Hydro-Brake® Optimum, which offered the best storage volume to discharge ratio with a limited 450 mm sump depth, allowing us to minimise storage requirements while meeting the 100-year storm event planning criteria, even with 30% added in for climate change.” ❚ enquiry 172

Hauraton Customised Drainage Solutions For further information about Customised Drainage Solutions, customers can request a copy of our digital 48 page catalogue. Technical information including sizing and installation details for Hauraton stock ranges is available digitally on and for case studies go to enquiry 173 132 ❚T enquiry

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❚ enquiry 174.

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UltraScape HelpS to Deliver WorlD claSS tranSport HUb UltraScape's bS 7533 compliant mortar paving system has played a major role in helping to transform one of the UK's busiest train stations.

The long awaited redevelopment of Birmingham New Street station has transformed what was previously a dark, overcrowded site with poor access for passengers, into a prestigious gateway to the UK's second city. Highlights include more space and better facilities for passengers, brighter and clearer platforms, a stunning new station facade and a grand concourse enclosed by a light filled atrium.

28-29.qxp_Layout 1 31/08/2016 15:24 Page 2

Work was carried out by one of the UK's premier concrete frame contractors, MPB Structures Ltd. It included reinstating existing station platforms as well as installing new structures, hardscaping around the station perimeter and the creation of Birmingham's version of the 'Spanish Steps.'

depths of up to 200mm in a single pass. It is fast and efficient to apply, leaving a perfect stain free finish.

removes the uncertainty of site batched mortars and offers a minimum construction life of 40 years.

The paving was installed using UltraScape's BS 7533 compliant Pro-Bed HS fine bedding concrete, Flowpoint rapid setting grout and Pro-Prime slurry primer.

UltraScape Pro-Bed HS provided a perfect bound base for the pavers. It can be laid up to 75mm in one pass, with greater depths achievable using successive layers. The fast strength gain of Pro-Bed HS allows pedestrian areas to be trafficked in as little as 12 hours. It is also available in 1 tonne bulk bags and 30 tonne silos, perfect for large pedestrianised or commercial regeneration projects.

The stunning new station opened its doors in September 2015 and has become a destination in its own right. UltraScape is proud to have been specified and involved in a project that has delivered a station fit for Britain's second city.

Construction was carried out in difficult circumstances as the station was fully operational throughout the project. It is the busiest interchange station in the UK with trains departing every 37 seconds and over 140,000 passengers passing through daily.

UltraScape Pro-Prime was applied between the paving elements and bedding mortar. The addition of a slurry primer is essential to yield a bond strength compliant with BS 7533 and helps prevent costly failures, thus increasing the life expectancy of your paved area.

UltraScape Flowpoint grout was ideal as its rapid setting properties enable areas to be open to foot traffic in just 1 hour, and vehicular traffic after only 4 hours, keeping downtime and disruption to a minimum. Simple to use, requiring only the addition of water on site, it is poured over the area and washed clean, filling all joints evenly, without staining. This slurry method provides an easy method of grouting large areas, quickly. The material is particularly suitable for use on irregular joints and can accommodate widths between 5mm and 50mm and

UltraScape’s Flowpoint and Pro-Bed HS are also available in 'ECO' which is ideal for use on schemes looking to achieve distinctive environmental performance in their work and recognition from the CEEQUAL award scheme.

Get it right first time and make UltraScape's BS 7533 Mortar Paving system your only choice. For further information on UltraScape’s BS 7533 compliant mortar paving system, please visit or call 01827 871871. A RIBA accredited CPD, 'Paving the Way' is available from UltraScape, to book please email

Projects incorporating BS 7533 compliant materials benefit from a reduction in failures and considerable whole life cost savings. The materials have been independently and rigorously tested by UKAS accredited laboratories to assess their performance capabilities. This method ❚ enquiry 175.

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Omnie Systems help self-builder achieve low energy profile Exeter based Timóleon has provided a heating and ventilation solution for a self-builder to achieve his ambition of creating a new home, with a very low level of environmental impact and

Evomax 150 packs power into a small package When a high output wall hung condensing boiler is needed for a commercial installation, look no further than Evomax 150 from Ideal Commercial Boilers. Offering a condensing output of 158kW, Evomax 150 is amongst the most powerful wall hung boilers available today. It succeeds

running costs. This results in a property with high standards of indoor air quality and comfort. The dwelling has been constructed as a single storey, deep plan structure within a walled garden in the village of Bradninch in Devon. The ultra-sustainable design features not just an Omnie 7kW Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP), delivering domestic hot water and warmth via the manufacturer’s Omnie Foilboard Floating UFH System, but also an Omnie Compact 185 Heat Recovery Unit (HRU), supplying pre- warmed air throughout. in combining this power with an impressive seasonal efficiency of 96.7% and a low NOx measurement of just 38.1 mg/kWh, offering installers and specifiers a boiler that delivers on a number of fronts, including already being compliant with Ecodesign (ErP) 2018. If more power is required, up to 4 Evomax 150s can be installed in a cascade (632kW condensing). Larger bespoke cascade systems are available upon request. August 2016

Now with the rural retreat completed the Omnie equipment is fulfilling on all of the design intentions, as the owner of the property commented: “I wanted to build a home that was as low energy as possible and to take a responsible approach to the specification of its building services so that it would not only provide peace of mind for myself in terms of future running costs, but also make a positive contribution in respect of concerns over carbon reduction and our energy security.” ❚ enquiry 177 For added peace of mind, and proof of its reliability, Evomax 150 comes with a five year warranty as standard*, something not matched in the high output wall hung boiler market. What really sets Evomax 150 apart from its competitors is its compact size. No other wall hung boiler offering this level of output takes up so little space; its overall volume is a mere 0.26m3, meaning it can be installed in the smallest of plant rooms. As well as taking up minimal space, Evomax 150 weighs less than 90kg. This can make a real difference when installing, especially when other high output wall hung boilers can weigh up to 39% more. ❚ enquiry 180

Gaia takes control of the whole house Gaia provides you the unique opportunity to control either your hydronic or electric underfloor heating system from a distance. Combining the wireless element with an app-able feature enables you to effortlessly control your home heating system via an app on your smartphone. The Gaialink system is based on an innovative, centrally-placed colour touch screen panel which enables all room temperatures and electrical devices within the home to be easily controlled individually or together. The system is aimed at multiple heating zone

Altecnic aims to end expansion vessels guesswork A significant proportion of installers are risking compromising the performance and reliability of central heating systems by relying on guesswork when choosing an essential component.

installations and is designed to deliver maximum heating comfort while reducing energy consumption. Simple and easy to install and commission, Gaialink communicates wirelessly with individual room sensors and floor thermostats to give precise temperature control. ❚ enquiry 178 Chris Brass, Technical Manager at Altecnic, explained: "Most installers recognise the importance of an expansion vessel to prevent damage when water in a heating system expands, but we were surprised at how many did not pay enough attention to sizing. ❚ enquiry 179

A recent survey by leading plumbing products company Altecnic found that nearly twothirds of installers made no thorough calculations before installing an expansion vessel. As a result, they may be compromising the efficiency and reliability of the system they are installing.

Hitachi showcases new heat pump product line-up at UK Construction Week Hitachi’s expanded Yutaki air source heat pump product range is one of the widest on the market and is being showcased at HVAC 2016 (part of UK Construction Week) at the NEC from 18th-20th October. "As a relatively new player in the UK air source heat pumps market, we're excited to be involved in the HVAC 2016 show which brings together thousands of industry professionals in one central venue. We'll be showcasing our full Yutaki range of products and the long-term benefits of heat pumps to an audience who we believe will be key in getting renewable energy sources out into the wider market," commented Andy Hooper, UK Heating Manager, Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning Solutions.

spaces and are lighter weight for easier handling. The introduction of common components and controllers, streamlines product training requirements, reduces the need for carrying multiple spares, and lowers installation and maintenance time. Performances have also been improved, with higher COPs, better seasonal efficiencies and higher capacities. All Yutaki models also be supplied with a new Cooling Kit accessory to enable both heating and cooling modes.

Some of the best seasonal performance figures

The Yutaki range comprises four models, Yutaki-S split, high temperature Yutaki-S80, Monobloc Yutaki-M and the new all-in-one Yutaki-SCombi. Hitachi’s innovative YutakiSCombi integrated solution has been designed specifically for the UK market. The indoor unit has a built-in 200 or 260L stainless steel hot water cylinder, as well as the main hydraulic components such as the pump, filter and back up heater, plus a

Four new models Completely redesigned to meet the needs of specifiers, installers and homeowners and utilising common components, common outdoor units and simplified design to benefit both end users and installers - the extended Yutaki product lineup includes a total of 70 new models which are more compact for small installation

newly-designed controller. The indoor unit is pre-plumbed and pre-wired, making the installation simpler with less internal space needed.

Single menu for all Yutaki models A new multi-function wired remote control is common to all Yutaki models – meaning a single menu for all Yutaki products with a dedicated installer view, wizard start up configuration and a more intuitive menu for quick and simple commissioning. The alarm history is also logged to assist engineers with troubleshooting. All Hitachi’s Yutaki air source heat pumps are MCS approved, eligible for the domestic and non-domestic RHI and have domestic hot water (DHW) Legionella Protection and a five-year warranty as standard.

❚ enquiry 181.

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August 2016



Die Cast Aluminium Radiators

w.aelheati n ww

m • Drawin co g g.

mat compat b for

Original FARAL Aluminium Radiators, always appreciated, often imitated since 1966 The choice of many Architects and local authorities for over 50 years, Faral radiators provide the highest heat output achievable from one of the most energy efficient low water content aluminium radiators available today.



High Efficiency Gas Fires by CVO Fire. UK manufacturing company CVO Fire has extended its range of high efficiency gas fires.

Autoca with d le

Longo 80

White TA8W15 thermostatic valve set

Tropical 95

Detailed drawings of AEL radiators and valves in a CAD drawing format that is also compatible with AUTOCAD is available on digital disc or via e-mail: Tel: 01928 579068

©AEL copyright all photographs & CAD drawings

Flat Front Sill Line

❚ enquiry182

The Tigers at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park Receive a New Underfloor Heating System

The range now includes models for all installation types; balanced flue gas fires, power flue gas fires, flueless gas fires and high efficiency chimney fires. These energy saving gas fires are tested to the latest CE safety standards and have class 1 efficiency ratings to comply with stricter building codes. All fires are operated by remote control with thermostatic control to automatically adjust the heat output from the appliance to reduce running costs. There are many design styles in sizes up to 2000mm wide. The range includes the Award Winning FIRELINE. This flueless gas fire requires no chimney and has 100% energy efficiency. Manufactured in the UK at the CVO factory in the North East this representatives, with UK Underfloor Heating's James Priestley acting on behalf of the firm to survey what the installation would require. The installation required unique pipework and the efforts of several team members, overseen by expert installer Daniel Knight from UK Underfloor Heating who was happy to work with Lincolnshire Wildlife Park for such a unique cause. "We jumped at the opportunity to design and install our system into these enclosures," advises James and Daniel, "And as it was for a very good cause, we decided to design, supply and install this free of charge." Engineers fitted and tested the system for potential pressure flaws and water flow, and as a result a fully-functional underfloor heating system is now in place for tigers at the Park - one which can be operated and overridden manually by Park staff and will also activate based upon a remote floor sensor and thermostat which turns the underfloor heating loops on and brings on the brand new boiler system. Lincolnshire Wildlife Park are pleased with the results of the consultation and hope that the system will provide their tigers with much-needed warmth during the colder months ahead.

Sheffield-based underfloor heating specialists UK Underfloor Heating announce that they have helped to provide a new heating system for tigers housed at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, as part of their recent new enclosure installation. The new underfloor heating system is a bespoke design installed and overseen by engineers with the firm that will allow for the Park's tigers to benefit from radiant heating technology during colder months,

in the hope that it will prove to offer them much comfort to the animals during the approaching winter months. The system was installed and tiger-proofed over a series of days in close conjunction with the Park's

UK Underfloor Heating were extremely grateful for the hospitality shown by the Park for their work, and were treated to free refreshments during their consultation. The Park showed the team immense positive hospitality during their visit, helping the engineers to feel at home while setting up the new system. Lincolnshire Wildlife Park are pleased with the results of the consultation and hope that the system will

product is the only open flame no chimney gas fire available in Europe. Having featured on many TV programs the FIRELINE is available in many design styles including wall mounted, recessed and with a traditional fire surround. Also included in the range are Power Flue Gas Fires which can be installed almost anywhere. Operated with small 54mm or 80mm pipes that can be routed up to 40m from the appliance, even under the floor. CVO FIRE TEL: 01325-301020 EMAIL: WEB: ❚ enquiry183 provide their tigers with much-needed warmth during the colder months ahead. UK Underfloor Heating were delighted to have been able to meet the tigers that were to be moving into the enclosures - and they even had the chance to feed the animals ahead of enjoying their new, bespoke heating system. Sheffield Born CEO Mr. Steve Nichols said: "After contacting UK Underfloor Heating for advice on getting new underfloor heating systems, we are delighted with the free consultation and installation services they provided for our ‘state of the art' world of tiger houses. I do have to say a massive Thank You to all the guys who worked relentlessly." ❚ enquiry184 About UK Underfloor Heating UK Underfloor Heating are a UK firm based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and have been supplying water and electricity based underfloor heating systems to homes throughout the country since 2002. They continue to offer specialist support, products, guides and physical help to clients who are interested in introducing underfloor heating into their homes.

For more information visit:

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Translate Vision into reality: The new and improved Vision Range from Stovax

Yeomanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Exe: The new electric stove with a traditional feel

Yeoman Exe Electric

Stovax Vision Medium Woodburning with optional Glass Top Plate, Plinth and Gloss Flue Pipe

Fireplaces continue to be a must-

emissions standards in mind,

focal point of any room. With the

have item this year, with many


choice of a Ceramic Glass Top

households styling their front

high performance heating. These

Plate, Glass Fronted Plinth Base as

rooms around these eye-catching

two models are clean burning and

well as bench mounting options


ultra-green, reducing their carbon

this stove range has the versatility



upgraded Vision stoves are the

footprint and promoting an eco-

perfect contemporary addition to

friendly lifestyle.

any room.

WRĂ&#x20AC;WLQWRDOPRVWDQ\KRXVH New Vision Small & Medium

The Vision range comes with a

models will be available this

The Small and Medium models

variety of styling options, and can

autumn. For more information,

in this range have now been re-

also be installed in the recess of


designed with future Ecodesign


The Exe, also available in solid fuel and gas, has now been released as an electric model. This hassle-free stove only requires a three pin plug socket for installation and can be enjoyed with or without heat for year-round enjoyment.

of a traditional woodburning Ă&#x20AC;UH 7KH WKHUPRVWDWLF FRQWURO allows for the stove to be turned on




temperatures keeping your room at just the right warmth. 7KH([HRÍżHUVDORZPDLQWHQDQFH way of heating your home,

Featuring Gazcoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s VeriFlameâ&#x201E;˘ technology, this elegant stove allows you to enjoy three Ă DPH EULJKWQHVV OHYHOV ZLWK D KDQG SDLQWHG IXHO EHG RÍżHULQJ EHDXWLIXO Ă DPH YLVXDOV WKLV electric stove creates the ambience

and is a great addition to any household. For more information on this new electric stove visit the Yeoman website:

Going for Bold with Dovreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new woodburning models

Gazco Reflex 75T Edge with Black glass lining. Shown with Claremont limestone mantel

Gazcoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Reflex 75T with Black Glass lining for a fuller experience This brand new model is part RI *D]FR¡V JDV Ă&#x20AC;UH IDPLO\ DQG features an innovative burner system for almost unmistakably UHDOLVWLF Ă DPH YLVXDOV WUXH WR life logs and an advanced LED Emberglow up-lighting system for authentic-looking embers. 7KH QRQUHĂ HFWLYH JODVV RQ WKH outside of this model ensures an

XQREVWUXFWHG YLHZ RI WKH Ă DPHV JLYLQJWKH5HĂ H[DPRUHRSHQĂ&#x20AC;UH aesthetic which mimics that of a traditional hearth. In addition, the new Black Glass lining enhances HYHU\ Ă DPH WKDQNV WR LWV PLUURU like qualities. The comfort and convenience alone of this model will make you fall in love. You can control the

the powerful 8.7kW heat output DQGWKH/('OLJKWLQJHÍżHFWVZLWK a thermostatic handset without having to get up from your IDYRXULWHVHDWWKHSHUIHFWJDVĂ&#x20AC;UH for any occasion. 7RĂ&#x20AC;QGRXWPRUHDQGWRZDWFKWKH video go to:

Dovre Bold 400 in Matt Black

Clean lines and minimalist design dominate many of the style guides this year, and have done so for a few years now. Nordic styled interiors are all the rage, and Dovreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s latest tall format stove range includes two VWRYHVWKDWĂ&#x20AC;WWKLVWUHQGSHUIHFWO\ making them a winning addition to any room.

with 7kW heat output, they are


fresh colour schemes, be sure to

capable of heating spacious, open plan rooms with ease. Available in a range of colours and styling options, these stoves are a great match for any kind of interior. If you too are inspired by the Nordic styling, subtle curves and browse Dovreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s range at:

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| GAS |

| M U LT I - F U E L | E L E C T R I C

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P4 launches new wireless communication emergency lighting Prestige LEDs - the easy, cost Leading self-testing emergency lighting company P4, specialising in addressable systems widely used in education and healthcare, as well as many public and commercial buildings has launched a new wireless communication system.

Emergency luminaires and signs all communicate over a mesh wireless network that ensures reliable collection of operating data and control of individual fittings.

efficient way to update T5s and T8s

It can be used alongside existing P4 wired systems and it is ideal for retrofitting into areas, to easily convert an existing key switch tested system to full addressability and self-testing, providing substantial labour savings. In common with all P4 emergency lighting, all products use high efficiency LEDs and batteries with a 6 year warranty to minimise carbon footprint. 01328 850555

Venture creates bespoke lighting solution for Costco underground car park

Venture Lighting Europe has supplied a purpose-made retrofit gear tray to help a Costco store in Birmingham reduce its energy consumption and improve the lighting of its underground car park. The company, working with lighting maintenance contractors Solent Lighting, developed a 50W LED retrofit gear tray to replace 300 150W Metal Halide lamps whilst still utilising the existing fittings to generate an estimated 70% energy saving. The 300 fittings are located in the store’s underground car park, which required high levels of light to promote a safe and customerfriendly environment. Due to the nature of the car park, fixture replacements would have been extremely expensive and would have required extra drilling into

the concrete structure, creating a lot of mess and disruption to the car park. Venture’s retrofit solution eliminated all of this whilst keeping the costs and installation time to a minimum. Baber Zaman, Store Manager at Costco Birmingham, commented “As part of a general improvement to the warehouse we decided to switch to LED with the help of Solent Lighting to reduce the running costs of the car park lighting, which was being used as much as 20 hours a day. Solent chose Venture’s LED gear trays as the best solution for our requirements. With the new LEDs we are now getting improved light levels at a lower usage and we are very pleased with the new lighting so far.”

❚ enquiry 185

the light and performance demanded by the car park, and is purposely designed to fit the existing luminaire body. Comprising three of Venture’s high performance linear LED modules and a 50W fixed output driver, the new gear tray delivers excellent and reliable light, with an efficacy of up to 148 lumens per circuit watt. The new LEDs also offer a light life beyond 60,000 hours to eliminate any lamp failures and replacements. In using the LED retrofit gear tray, the store was able to keep its existing IP65 non-corrosive fixture which is best suited for the application. Being an underground car park it was important to the store to use a robust luminaire that is dust and water resistant and can withstand various temperatures and conditions. The retrofit solution allowed the store to keep the existing fittings, all of which have proved effective since the original installation.

Originally designed as a flexible and easily adaptable system for fluorescent T5s and T8s, this latest Prestige iteration now incorporates energy efficient LEDs. The beauty of Prestige is that both old fluorescent and new LED units are modular, compatible and easy to upgrade with new lamps and a range of accessories, significantly reducing the complexity and cost of switching to LED. The system's modularity makes it ideal for complex lighting designs in industrial, warehouse, logistics, retail, education and leisure applications. Furthermore, as all past, current and future Prestige elements are compatible, the system simplifies upgrades, both now and for years to come. The Prestige LED LSK system incorporates high performance LEDs with lens-only optics. The system can be specified in both surface mounted and suspended variants and incorporates eight standard configurations: three width options, three depth options and two asymmetric options. In addition, the Prestige LED II system incorporates a diffuser, polished aluminium reflector and parabolic louvre. Again available in both surface mounted and suspended formats, Prestige LED II units can be specified in six

The 50W LED retrofit gear tray was created by Venture to meet UK lighting brand Integral LED is celebrating the accreditation of several new Which? Best Buys. Since the brand’s launch three years ago, the manufacturer has been recognised for quality on two previous occasions. Now, expert consumer reviewers Which? have judged three further Integral products as worthy of their prized ‘BEST BUY’.

Integral celebrate Which? highest badge of quality

Minimise Energy Lighting Technologies has added the OMS Prestige modular linear busbar LED System to its range of energy efficient lighting options.

Integral LED’s continued recognition for product quality and their rapid growth in the lighting sector has been attributed to their on-going investment in quality testing within their inhouse lighting laboratory. The

standard configurations: two widths, two depths and two asymmetric. The system has been designed for flexibility of application, allowing lighting designers to combine any Prestige luminaire variant in any configuration to deliver the desired lighting levels and effects. Further customisation is available by the easy addition of accessories including speaker systems, power outlets, emergency kits, energy saving sensors and track luminaires to highlight focus areas. Suitable for use with any lighting management system, Prestige units have a very high system efficacy rating of up to 138 lm/W and offer a CRI of up to 80+ RA as standard, with options to tailor the system up to CRI 90+. All have a lifetime of 50,000 hours / L80. Based on 20 hours of operation per day, 365 days per year, typical of a supermarket. This equates to more than 6 years of reliable service, and can be extended with the use of presence sensors of similar. The Prestige system is part of the Minimise Energy Lighting Technologies new OMS range. For more details, visit

company’s testing facility conducts a stringent regime of batch, spot checks, in-line and end of line tests in order to ensure consistency during the build.

Which? judged the following products:

Managing Director Sunil Kotecha commented: "We are very proud to have achieved the recognition of seven Which? "BEST BUYS" over recent years. We are further delighted that one of our GLS lamps has been selected over two successive surveys. We believe our growing reputation for quality is a testament to rigorous testing and our investment in the latest proven technology".

Best Buy - GLS 14W (100W Equivalent) LED lamp.

Best Buy - Glass GU10 4.4W (50W Equivalent) LED Spotlight.

Best Buy - GLS 8.2W (60W Equivalent) LED lamp. The UK manufacturer with a 25 year pedigree in semiconductor technology continues to expand its product range throughout residential and more recently into commercial lighting applications. Integral LED now offers a range of over 400 lighting products.

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August 2016

DANLERS range of Energy Saving Outdoor Security Switches just got Better.



DANLERS Outdoor Security Switches are neat and compact and now benefit from an IP66 rated polycarbonate enclosure. Each product has been reengineered for an even better performance ensuring an easier and more flexible installation. • IP66 Compact Person Detector with both improved time lag options and upgraded photocell range of 10-1000 lux plus new photocell inactive feature. • Twilight Switch turns lights ON from Dusk to Dawn. • NEW - IP66 Twilight Switch featuring DANLERS ‘Intelligent’ Photocell which learns the contribution of the artificial lighting it is controlling reducing the risk of hunting and over illumination. • IP66 Dusk Switch with new ‘Intelligent photocell’. Switches lights on for a timed duration (2-16 hours) and resets itself when sufficient light is available ensuring lights are not left on unnecessarily. Tel: 01249 443377 - Fax: 01249 443388 - Website: ❚ enquiry 193

HELVAR launches into orbit with the latest in lighting control Helvar, the lighting controls expert launch iDim Orbit, a complete room lighting control solution in a single sensor. Using the latest technology, and with a unique design, iDim Orbit offers features usually only found in more complex systems, whilst maintaining its simplicity and ease of use. Providing an intuitive user experience, iDim Orbit delivers simple, cost-effective and easy to install room-based lighting control. iDim Orbit is a flexible solution comprising either one PIR sensor which provides 7m diameter coverage or five PIR sensors for up to 15m coverage at 2.8m height, to cater for a range of commercial and public building applications. Its built-in light sensor provides constant light and bright out modes for maximum energy efficiency. The internal time-clock allows for profile scheduling, and it features mobile app connectivity for easy, quick application-specific configuration using Bluetooth® technology. “iDim Orbit is a revolutionary product for the industry,” says Nick Van Tromp, Product Manager at Helvar. “Much more than just a lighting sensor, it is a feature-packed energy saving solution that is both easy to install and simple to set-up. It has been developed with the electrical installer in mind, with pluggable connectors and screwfree terminals for fast and reliable installation. Its flexibility allows it to suit an array of environments, including open plan and cellular offices, as well as boardrooms and classrooms. The app is where the solution really comes into its own, providing a huge amount of customisation, all available at the user’s fingertips.” iDim Orbit’s mobile app features a library of standard application profiles, for example, classrooms, and offices as well as a profile scheduler which enables the sensor behaviour to be altered automatically during the day. Custom profiles can also be configured to suit each scenario, with the app able to adjust a 2 stage sensor timeout, absence or presence detection, light level adjustment and dimming channel offset.

iDim Orbit offers up to three control channel outputs: two DALI broadcast outputs with integral DALI power supply and one switched mains output. For further information on iDim Orbit or details on the company’s expertise and its range of lighting control solutions, please visit

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Desso awarded for impressive recycling levels by Cruk Desso, a Tarkett company, has been recognised for its impressive contribution to recycling and presented with a Recycler of the Year Award at this year’s Carpet Recycling UK Annual (CRUK) Conference on 29th June. In the UK last year approximately 1.3 million carpet tiles were recycled and Desso made a significant

contribution to the activity – recycling over 38 % of the total – more than 500,000 tiles. The awards, which are open to all Carpet Recycling UK members, champion organisations such as Desso that have developed and are continuing to develop new systems and processes to recycle fibres from carpet waste.

New PV200 combines solar PV tests with I-V cure analysis

recycling or energy recovery. Desso, a founding member of the not-for-profit recycling organisation, has been at the forefront of developing a number of sustainability initiatives as part of a shift towards the Circular Economy and Cradle to Cradle® principles. T

Each year, 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste arises and 70% of that is buried in UK landfill – a substantial amount, but the figure would have been higher without Carpet Recycling UK’s activity.

This includes the Desso TakeBack™ programme ReStart, which is a closed loop recycling system for used carpet materials. The business also offers an end-oflife international collection service for all types, and brands, of carpet and carpet tiles.

Since the organisation was established in 2008 it has managed to successfully divert 567,000 tonnes of carpet from landfill to

❚ enquiry 194

Aggregate Industries becomes first construction materials provider to achieve Constructing Excellence national membership status Aggregate Industries has become the first construction materials producer and supplier to achieve full national membership status of Constructing Excellence, the organisation charged with driving August 2016

the change agenda construction industry.



As a fully-fledged member, Aggregate Industries will play an important role in helping Constructing Excellence achieve its aim of improving industry performance in order to create a better built environment. Members have the opportunity to participate in a number of steering groups, covering topics such as BIM, sustainability and asset management, and input into policy consultations. In addition, members regularly represent Constructing Excellence on a A brand new concept in solar PV test instrumentation combines accurate I-V curve analysis with essential electrical testing for the fast and effective commissioning, O&M and diagnostic testing of all types of solar PV installations. Using simple push button operation, the new multi-function PV200 from Seaward carries out all the electrical tests required by IEC 62446, including open circuit voltage, short circuit current, maximum power point voltage,

number of high profile, strategic external groups. Brian Downes, Major Projects Director for Aggregate Industries, comments: “We’re delighted to become the first construction materials manufacturer and supplier to achieve national membership status. Much like our own organisation, Constructing Excellence places innovation, sustainability and collaborative working at the top of the agenda to drive best practice. As members, we’re looking forward to taking an active role over the coming months and years.” For further information about Aggregate Industries, visit ❚ enquiry 195 current and power, and insulation resistance. Uniquely, alongside the electrical tests, the PV200 also performs I-V curve measurements in accordance with IEC 61829 to determine if the measured curve deviates from the expected profile, highlighting the need for further analysis or fault finding. The fill factor can also be assessed.

❚ enquiry 196


Ashdown agreement announces final recycling results The Ashdown Agreement, a ground-breaking, voluntary initiative by UK plasterboard manufacturers on plasterboard recycling and sustainability, has announced the results for its final year. Since signing the Agreement in March 2007 the manufacturers, namely British Gypsum, Knauf and Siniat, have made significant progress in reducing plasterboard waste to landfill and increasing recycling.

Launched with support from WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Ashdown Agreement recognised that without setting targets progress could lack focus. The Agreement was reviewed on an annual basis to evaluate progress against the targets to ensure they remained realistic yet sufficiently ambitious. According to the Gypsum Products Development Association, which represents plasterboard manufacturers in the UK, figures for the Agreement’s final year reflect the great efforts that the industry continues to improve its ❚ enquiry 197 sustainability.

Figures for 2015 showed the overall total of recycled waste from production and construction activities was 45.9% to new plasterboard, cement and agricultural use, which is just short of the Agreement’s 50% target. This is a step-change from ten years ago when less than 20% of construction waste was recycled.

Norbord’s “Wise Owl” animation reveals the biomass nightmare Highlighting the environmental issues associated with burning virgin wood for biomass, Norbord, the leading manufacturer of wood panels, has launched its latest Use Wood Wisely campaign animation. The film features the “Wise Owl’s” nightmare of senseless waste, loss of forests and habitats and the release of CO2 into the atmosphere. You can enjoy the animation via the Better by Nature website http://betterb

only be incinerated at the end of its useful life.

Some 1.8 million tonnes of British grown wood are burnt by power generators every year*. Norbord and the Use Wood Wisely campaign argue that this precious resource can be better used for building materials and furniture making, ensuring CO2 stays locked up for decades. Campaigners believe wood should

A commitment to sustainability in development and product manufacturing originates from the very foundations of the Mapei organisation. Technological advancements have been made in Mapei’s line of eco products, including the development of eco adhesives for resilient flooring. Mapei’s eco range adhesives are suitable for all resilient flooring scenarios, such as in areas where under floor heating is used or where temperature fluctuations occur. High performance characteristics and low emissions of VOC make them ideal for areas of heavy foot traffic such as schools, hospitals and sports floors. One popular eco adhesive is Ultrabond Eco 4 LVT. The fibrereinforced luxury vinyl tile adhesive has EC1 Plus accreditation, which makes it ideal for use in heavy traffic areas such as schools, hospitals,

The Wise Owl is the face of the Use Wood Wisely campaign and, in the latest animation, is joined by other woodland creatures in a landscape where the trees have been cut down to be burnt to make electricity for humans. Before waking from the nightmare, the Wise Owl is joined by an American eagle who explains that, in the USA, forests are being cut down so the wood can be processed into pellets to be burnt by power companies. The eagle highlights the fact that gas heated air is used to dry the wood and further energy is used to transport the pellets to UK power stations. ❚ enquiry 198

airports and shopping centres. It has a very high shear resistance and the addition of fibres makes it ideal for areas with under floor heating, suitable for bonding synthetic backed Linoleum and Polyolefin based PUR floor coverings. Mapei has significantly invested in the research and development of products that are less harmful to the environment, installer, and end user since the 1970s. Today a large proportion of Mapei products are solvent-free and GEV Emicode certified for low emissions of VOC with no compromise to performance or quality. Email or tel. +44 (0)121 508 6970 for more information on the Ultrabond Eco adhesive range. Visit ❚ enquiry 199

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August 2016

Stokvis offers efficiency & flexibility with Econo-air

The Econo-Air gas-fired heating and ventilation systems from Stokvis offer excellent indoor air quality and optimum energy efficiency for large buildings across a range of industrial and commercial applications. Available as both direct fired and indirect fired units, the Econo-Air range is flexible and highly adaptable to the end-user's requirements. Stokvis has developed the Econo-Air range specifically for large open interior spaces such as warehouses, factories, sports centres and theatres. A choice of air distribution heads is available to give designers the option of ductless air distribution, thereby eliminating



the need for complex ductwork and high level de-stratification fan units. Where ductwork is required, the systems can be configured to allow for ductwork resistance of up to 2,000 Pascals. They are therefore ideal for use with air induction systems. Direct-fired units are available with outputs from 15kW to 900 kW and provide a fixed rate of heated fresh air into the building space. Where a constant-rate extract system is employed, these units supply make-up air to maintain a pressure balance and prevent a build up of negative pressure inside the building. Indirect gas-fired units offer several advantages over traditional heat exchangers, with reduced airflow resistance leading to lower fan power requirements and thus higher efficiencies. Indirect fired Econo-Air models are available with outputs from 30kW and 1,200kW. Variable air volume (VAV) models allow the volume of heated make-up air to vary in response to changing requirements. They supply 100% fresh air at all times but the volume is adjusted automatically, either by pressure or temperature sensors. Variable air recirculating (REC) models provide a constant air volume with up to 80% recirculated air for high energy efficiency. The proportions of fresh air to recirculated can be pre-set and is adjusted automatically. The units are Energy Technology listed by the Carbon Trust (depending on application) and as such allow qualifying users to claim 100% enhanced capital allowances. ❚ enquiry 200.

Plaswood Group launches Earth Brown to lumber range BPI Recycled Products - Plaswood Group has launched a new brown blend of its eco-friendly Plaswood lumber and extended the range of sizes and shapes of all Plaswood lumber available to builders’ merchants, civil engineering and construction contractors and local authority specifiers, including waterways management professionals. Plaswood high performance lumber is made from 100% recycled plastic and offers a no maintenance solution: unlike conventional wooden decking or lumber (aka timber), Plaswood doesn’t require annual maintenance, staining or painting. It is a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to using traditional materials such as hardwood, concrete and steel. The new brown blend of lumber, named Earth Brown, complements the popular Jet Black and six other colour options and provides long-lasting solutions for boardwalks, jetties, marinas, wetlands, flood barriers, fencing, furniture and structures located in wet, harsh or damp environments. The Plaswood range also includes signage, street name plates, signage posts, waymarker signage plus other street and

garden furniture such as planters, litter bins, picnic tables, benches, bollards and gates. The key benefits of using Plaswood are: • It does not degrade or rot with age. • It does not require any painting or chemical treatment prior to use or annual maintenance after installation (unlike wood). • It is tough, durable and strong – Plaswood will not splinter, crack or dry and is resistant to attacks by insects. • It is more resistant to vandalism, like graffiti, than alternatives due to its surface. • It is versatile – Plaswood can easily be designed for use in conjunction with other materials. Plaswood has been manufactured by BPI Recycled Products since 1983 through its Plaswood Group brand. BPI Recycled Products, which is also one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of refuse sacks and construction films receives up to 50,000 tonnes of scrap polythene each year and recycles it into finished goods. It supplies over 270,000 tonnes of polythene products to customers worldwide.

❚ enquiry 201.

‘Can do’ attitude is entrenched in S J Containers’ latest contract win for Groundforce Shorco A “can do” attitude from design engineers at shipping container specialist S Jones Containers proved the winning formula when they were asked to come up with a design for a workshop and test facility for Groundforce Shorco. Groundforce Shorco is one of the UK’s leading construction industry supplier of trenching and shoring equipment systems. The company was looking for a mobile but robust solution to act as a workshop and test facility for its heavy construction hydraulic parts in Derby. Major projects commercial manager James Burchell said: “We found S Jones Containers were extremely helpful from the first point of contact. The container modifications we required were quite bespoke and unusual. A number of other providers had tried to push us down a route that suited them, and not necessarily us. From our first

discussion I sensed that S Jones had a ‘can do’ attitude and following subsequent meetings we were able to achieve exactly what we were looking for, with the only modifications actually being improvements suggested by S Jones’ technical team to our original concept.” S Jones project manager Andy Capella said: “As well as partitioned work areas to allow testing in section and repairs and service in the other, a particular feature of this project was the incorporation of an overhead running beam to allow a hoist to operate throughout the full length of the container.” The steel beam allows Groundforce Shorco staff to transfer equipment at weights of up to 120kg through the container, enabling the technician to work on the equipment prior to calibration, and then easily move the equipment from the workshop to the test shop at minimum effort, removing the need to handle the item manually.

Andy Capella added: “The purpose of using a containerised solution was to create a dust-free environment that was both future-proof and moveable.

container industry stretching back over a century. The company is one of the UK’s leading specialists in sale, hire and conversion of shipping containers, and selfstorage under its ‘U Can Store It’ brand.

James Burchell said: “Once in production Andy kept us in touch with progress with updates and pictures detailing the progress with a final invitation to view the completed container. The container is now in place, functioning in its new role and providing exactly what we required. I would recommend them to any other business that is looking for a container solution.”

Bespoke conversions are carried out by the company’s team of specialist design engineers to transform containers into highly sophisticated containerised solutions for equipment and processes worldwide – for test facilities, power generation, solar farm electrical enclosures, restaurant complexes, water pumps, fire suppression, housing, and a host of other applications.

S Jones Containers is a family business based in Aldridge, West Midlands, with a long established heritage in the shipping

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August 2016


REHAU’s Thermally Activated Building Structure (TABS) system is at the heart of the newly opened £260m extension to Tate Modern on London’s South Bank. In what is the highest profile TABS installation in the UK yet, REHAU’s PE-Xa pipework has been embedded in the concrete slabs which make up each floor of the new building to circulate cooled water and provide environmentally sustainable comfort cooling throughout. Work began on the project in 2012 when REHAU originally began supplying the pipework and fittings to Byrne Bros Formwork who were producing all of the pre-cast concrete slabs for the 10 storey building off site at their facility in Beckton, East London.

performance, ‘soft cooling’ with no draughts and the ability to reduce the output of other cooling devices, are ideally suited to the requirements of the huge gallery spaces which are expected to receive in the region of 5m visitors per year.

Loops of more than 24,000m of pipework were installed on the reinforcement before the concrete was cast, and REHAU’s EVERLOC compression sleeve fittings were used to joint the embedded pipework when the slabs were delivered to site.

TABS was a key element in the M&E design of the building carried out by consultants Max Fordham, which also uses waste heat from the EDF Energy’s on-site transformers. Scoring a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating, the new Tate building is predicted to use 50% less energy than a typical gallery and generate 44% less carbon than current building regulations demand.

The TABS concrete core tempering solution effectively transforms the slabs into huge thermal stores for cooling of the gallery space. Groundwater is even being used to circulate through the pipework to optimise the sustainability of the installation. The benefits of the TABS technology - most notably low investment costs, high levels of comfort and

The TABS system was specified by Max Fordham and the REHAU solution was chosen in conjunction with Byrne Bros Formwork on the basis of the quality and durability of the pipework and fittings and REHAU’s proven experience on similar projects worldwide.

The new 64.5m high Tate Modern building with its distinctive perforated brick lattice façade was designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron and main contractors were MACE Ltd.

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Levolux Fin-tastical!

Francis Crick Institute, London – Architect: HOK with PLP Architecture – Roof Screening Solution with 2389 Fabricated Fins, including BIPV Fins



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