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Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry






















Foster + Partners and FR-EE Fernando Romero to design new international airport for Mexico City  





































Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto, in the presence of the Governor of the State of Mexico, government ministers, the Mayor of Mexico City, Lord Foster and Fernando Romero, announced that a collaboration between Foster + Partners, FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise) and NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants) has won the international competition to design Mexico City’s new international airport. At 470,000 square metres, it will be one of the world’s largest airports. Conceived with Foster + Partners engineering team, the project revolutionises airport design – the entire terminal is enclosed within a continuous lightweight gridshell, embracing walls and roof in a single, flowing form, evocative of flight. 



Designed to be the world’s most sustainable airport, the compact single terminal uses less materials and energy than a cluster of buildings. The design ensures short walking distances and few level changes, it is easy to

navigate, and passengers will not have to use internal trains or underground tunnels – it is a celebration of space and light. Flexible in operation, its design anticipates the predicted increase in passenger numbers to 2028 and beyond, and its development will be the catalyst for the regeneration of the surrounding area. The airport is planned on a new site with three runways, and an expansion plan up to 2062 with an eventual six runways. 15:36

With spans in excess of 100 metres, three times the span of a conventional airport, it has a monumental scale inspired by Mexican architecture and symbolism. The maximum span internally is 170 metres. The lightweight glass and steel structure and soaring vaulted roof are designed for Mexico City’s challenging soil conditions. Its unique pre-fabricated system can be constructed rapidly, without the need for scaffolding – the airport will be a showcase for Mexican innovation, built by Mexican contractors and

engineers. The entire building is serviced from beneath, freeing the roof of ducts and pipes and revealing the environmental skin. This hardworking structure harnesses the power of the sun, collects rainwater, provides shading, directs daylight and enables views – all while achieving a high performance envelope that meets high thermal and acoustic standards. The LEED Platinum design works with Mexico City’s temperate, dry climate to fill the terminal spaces with fresh air using displacement ventilation principles. For a large part of the year, comfortable temperatures will be maintained by almost 100% outside air, with little or no additional heating or cooling required.

Lord Foster said: “Stansted Airport’s reinvention of the conventional terminal in the 1990s was emulated worldwide – this breaks with that model for the first time. It pioneers a new concept for a large-span, single airport enclosure, which will achieve new levels of efficiency and flexibility – and it will be beautiful. The experience for passengers will be unique. Its design provides the most flexible enclosure possible to accommodate internal change and an increase in capacity. Mexico has really seized the initiative in investing in its national airport, understanding its social and economic importance and planning for the future. There will be nothing else like it in the world.”

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October 2014


October 2014 £4.50



Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry











• Households could be better off by up to £3,400 a year by installing a renewable heating system, but say cost and disruption puts them off






























But more than half of all Scots (51%) say the cost of installation would put them off and nearly a fifth (18%) say installation would be too disruptive – despite an annual benefit of up to £3,400ii per household being possible. Energy Saving Trust Scotland director Mike Thornton said: “People are letting myths and outdated information cloud their judgement when it comes to renewable energy – and many people wrongly believe renewables are too expensive for little gain. “The technology is better and more affordable now than it’s ever been and the incentives available mean households could be hundreds or even thousands of pounds better off every year. Long-term interest-free loans are also available, meaning you don’t have to stretch the budget to take advantage of the significant savings you could make.”

“Talking to someone who has been through the process eliminates the myths surrounding owning and living with a renewable system, proving that any short-term disruption is far outweighed by the financial and environmental benefits.” Offering further help, renewable specialists will be on hand at the open day properties to help you decide which system could be right for your home and outlining the incentives available to help you get it. Mike added: “When you install a renewable heating or renewable electricity solution, there are a number of incentives you can take advantage of, including the UK Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed-in Tariffs schemes.














Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto, in the presence of the Governor of the State of Mexico, government ministers, the Mayor of Mexico City, Lord Foster and Fernando Romero, announced that a collaboration between Foster + Partners, FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise) and NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants) has won the international competition to design Mexico City’s new international airport. At 470,000 square metres, it will be one of the world’s largest airports. Conceived with Foster + Partners engineering team, the project revolutionises airport design – the entire terminal is enclosed within a continuous lightweight gridshell, embracing walls and roof in a single, flowing form, evocative of flight. 

Estimates from the Energy Saving Trust Scotland suggest some households could be better off by up to £3,400 per year by installing a biomass boiler, while an airsource heat pump system could result in £1,200 more for the annual budgetii.





Foster + Partners and FR-EE Fernando Romero to design new international airport for Mexico City 

Estimates suggest households could be better off by upwards of £150millioni every year just by installing a biomass boiler, while significant savings are also possible using other technology such as heat pumps or solar panels.





“Both of these schemes pay you depending on how much renewable energy you generate, with the rate fixed for years so you know exactly how much you’ll be paid. “There is also an interest-free loan of up to £10,000, funded by the Scottish Government, which can provide financial support to help you take action now.”


Mike said: “It offers terrific opportunity to have a look behind doors that are normally closed to see how the technology works in practice, both at home and in the workplace. Many of the owners will be on hand too, who can give you an invaluable insight into their renewables systems and energy efficiency improvements like solid wall insulation, their experience of installation and what savings they are making.


Famously frugal Scots are showing their fickle side by missing out on hundreds of millions pounds – because they say renewable heating is too expensive or too disruptive to install.



• Open homes event showcases real-life examples of renewable technologies in homes this weekend





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With a few extra thousand pounds available per year, a household could: • Enjoy a luxury two week eco-holiday in Scotland for a family of four, with some cash leftover for spending. • Enjoy a day ticket to play all of Gleneagles’ golf courses every weekend between May and October, with money left over for a new set of clubs. • Upgrade your kitchen with a top-of-the-line energy-efficient fridge freezer, washer dryer and full size dishwasher, with cash leftover for shopping.

Carla Evans Production Wendy Harris

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34 green homes and 14 businesses across Scotland are taking part in the Energy Saving Trust’s free Green Network open days, demonstrating how renewable technology works in practice.

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Amber Rudd confirmed as keynote speaker for Heat 2014

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Energy Minister Amber Rudd will address the vital issue of heat in our energy economy at the Heat 2014 conference on 5 November. Heat accounts for almost one half of UK energy use and the cost of heat continues to rise. The Combined Heat and Power

Association (CHPA) and the Energy Institute are joining forces for the third time for Heat 2014, a one-day conference dedicated to discussing ways in which we can create “lean heat”, which cuts waste, reduces costs, improves security of supply and cuts carbon emissions.

Heat 2014 will take place on Wednesday 5 November in Central London. You can book online at x.php/booknow. Significant discounts are available for public sector organisations, academics, charities and SMEs.

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October 2014

NOx class 5 Condensing Boilers for Refurbished Residential Care Home The Avondale Mental Care home in Liverpool is a 50 bedded registered mental nursing home and was established in 1991 by charity Delphside. The centre provides care, support and rehabilitation for adults with a wide range of mental health related issues. When first built the centre was fitted with Atlantic Boiler’s worldleading ‘Optimagaz’ and ‘Condensagaz’ E Series gas condensing boilers. The centre has

High performance, high specification: Dimplex air heat pumps at Celtic Manor resort A collection of new, eco-friendly log houses at the prestigious fivestar Celtic Manor Resort combine luxury accommodation with energy efficient heating thanks to the installation of Dimplex air source heat pumps.

just undergone a complete refurbishment and two of these long life boilers have been replaced by the latest technology. Two VF 100kW pre-mix low NOX gas condensing boilers computer-controlled and programmed for continuous comfort and maximum economy. The advanced method of control allows the reduction in boilerplant and energy input. The changeover was designed by Rodney Environmental Consultants of

New testimonial videos highlight heat pump benefits Mitsubishi Electric has released four new testimonial videos to highlight the benefits of Ecodan renewable heating in everyday situations. “We want real people to describe how they have found Ecodan in their own words”, explains Graham Temple, Marketing Manager for the company’s heating systems. “It’s always easy for us as the manufacturer to tell people the savings we know can be achieved with Ecodan but it’s a far stronger message if you can hear from existing users of heat pump technology”. The four new videos feature the views and experience of a social housing tenant from Gloucestershire; a specialist renewable consultant; a professional couple refurbishing a Victorian pumping station; and the Services

Liverpool and carried out by J J Rhodes & Sons of Ainsdale. The VF 100 boiler is wallmounted, constructed entirely of austenitic stainless steel with a seasonal efficiency of 94%GCV

Manager from Stroud District Council. As the market-leader in heat pumps, Ecodan has now been installed in thousands of homes across the land and the company is slowly building a series of testimonials to highlight how versatile the technology can be for any property in the UK. “We plan to add testimonials covering all parts of the nation, from Scotland to the Midlands and Norfolk and the Home Counties”, adds Temple.

Installing the RHIght Cylinder for the Installation By Jason Hobson, managing director at Gledhill, the cylinder specialist

throughout its modulating range of 25kW to 100kW. It is very quiet in operation and easy to lift into position. Up to four boilers can be erected and operated together. ❚ enquiry 102

Ecodan qualifies for the Renewable Heat Incentive which can see households receive quarterly payments for the next seven years. The system is proven to reduce both running costs and emissions over traditional carbonintensive heating and is particularly suited to off-gas areas which are heavily reliant on oil. “With winter not too far away, there will be many people looking at the increasing price of oil and wondering if now is the time to switch”, says Temple. “Whether they want to replace their existing system or add an Ecodan to it, they can still benefit from the RHI payments which can really help reduce monthly bills”. To view the testimonials, visit the company’s dedicated video page on the website oads/Pages/Customer-Testimonials.aspx ❚ enquiry 103

When the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was finally introduced last April, the sector was optimistic that it would kickstart uptake of renewable technologies. Four months on, the first figures were released detailing the number of accreditations. Whilst it was a slow start, momentum is growing with numbers having increased month on month, demonstrating that the installer and consumer is becoming more knowledgeable about RHI, and subsequent savings, which can be achieved through the scheme. As RHI accreditations continue to gather pace, there are a number of opportunities for installers, both to drive new business with renewables installations and also gain new skills and installation techniques for the technologies included in the initiative. As part of that training, it’s essential to be up to speed with the specific cylinders available for use with renewables systems, such as the Gledhill range of cylinders. Heat Pumps Heat pumps have proved to be the most popular technology under RHI with ground and air source heat pumps accounting for more than 48 per cent of accreditations. For hot water-only installations, it is essential to choose an unvented hot water cylinder that contains a heat exchanger designed to

The installation of Dimplex air source heat pumps and underfloor heating has ensured that the heating system delivers low running costs, flexible operation to fit in with occupancy and a high specification to match the prestige of the accommodation. Rob Clarke from Lodgico said: “By their nature log houses are energy efficient because the logs have the ability to absorb heat and release it back into the air when it becomes cooler inside. Additional insulation measures were also included on each property, including triple glazed windows, but we knew that the heating system design would be key to further maximise the energy performance of each lodge. “ ❚ enquiry 104

maximise the lower temperatures available from the heat pump. Where space is limited, a slimline model designed specifically for heat pump installations will be required.

add in additional energy sources at installation or at a later date can be used as an effective future proofing measure.

A heat pump-compatible open vented thermal store can be used for when both heat and hot water is required from the heat pump. The water in the store is heated without a heat exchanger or coil, ensuring that the full heat pump output is delivered directly to the thermal store. The store can also act as a buffer, allowing the heat pump to run for longer without cycling.

Solar Solar energy accounts for around 26 per cent of accreditations during the first quarter and is most effective when installed with a solar-compatible thermal store to contribute to both the heating and hot water system in the property. To maximise the input of solar energy and reduce reliance on conventional power, the thermal store used should incorporate a high efficiency solar coil and work in conjunction with either an open vented or sealed boiler as a backup if insufficient heat has been generated by the solar input during the day One of the key advantages of a thermal store is that it can be used to combine energy from multiple renewables sources, so selecting a thermal store that can be used to

Solar energy can also be installed with either vented or unvented cylinders it is essential that the chosen model features heat exchangers specifically designed for solar applications, with a large surface area for maximum heat transfer from the solar circuit to the stored water. In retrofit installations, space restrictions may call for a horizontal, solar-compatible unvented cylinder that can be installed in the loft, or a slimline, stainless steel unvented model designed specifically for small cupboard spaces.

Biomass Almost 24 per cent of accreditations during the first four months following the launch of RHI were for biomass boilers. For uncontrolled energy sources including wood burners and solid fuel-based systems, a correctly specified open-vented thermal store, providing both heating and hot water to the property, ensures safety and maximises the benefit to the end user with the flexibility to add in other energy sources.

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October 2014

approach to delivering heat and hot water and while not a new concept, the latest products offer a range of features that leave many older systems looking obsolete.”

Have Greater Control of Your Building’s Performance

The efficiency of a heating and hot water system is paramount to the energy compliance of a building and specifiers, contractors and local authorities alike are turning to the latest technology available to address this pressing issue. Pegler Yorkshire has developed an energy management solution that simplifies the emerging technology and delivers results. Sindar Singh, Climate Control Market Manager for Pegler Yorkshire said: “The traditional method primarily chosen for meeting the needs of a multioccupancy or district heating system has been through


decentralised systems with individual gas fired boilers but while this system is effective, it can be prone to so many problems and inefficiencies. The development of the Heat Interface Unit (HIU) has revolutionised the

Pegler Yorkshire’s energy efficient solutions for centralised boiler plants include HIUs from the globally renowned Meibes range. A HIU offers many benefits over decentralised systems such as improved energy efficiency, improvement to SAP ratings, no gas installation throughout the building, ease of access to heating plant for maintenance and a simple integrated solution of low carbon and renewable heat sources, making it easier for planning consent. ❚ enquiry 105

Renewables firm makes Sharp impression with customers A renewable energy firm is celebrating after being named this year's highest achieving solar panel installer with European technology experts Sharp. Solarlec, which has offices in Burnley, Carlisle and Exeter as well as energy advisors and installers throughout the UK, has been announced as Sharp's best performing domestic solar panel installer for the second consecutive six-month period. This marks a winning first year for Solarlec's partnership with Sharp, which began in September

2013. Solarlec installed 3,120 Sharp solar panels over the past six months, with an overall value of €480,000. This is in addition to hundreds of other systems from the world's leading solar PV manufacturers. Andrew Watts, Sharp UK's solar residential sales account manager

said: "These figures represent a significant part of our business and reflect the stability in our long term relationship [with Solarlec]. I hope this continues and that the business can grow as we introduce more new products. We thank Solarlec for their support." ❚ enquiry 101

Golf Club improves green credentials and saves money with biomass

Southmoor Golf Club in County Durham has converted to biomass heating with a Windhager woodpellet BioWIN boiler to reduce energy bills and improve its carbon footprint. A 60 kW BioWIN Excel is providing heating to the clubhouse and surrounding buildings, replacing an old and expensive oil heating system. Peter Johnson, secretary of Southmoor Golf Club, initiated the change to biomass having recognised the benefits of cheaper fuel bills and the RHI payments. A quick installation with little disruption was carried out within a month and the switch to greener energy could see the club saving as much as £10,000 a year. It was vital to find a more sustainable energy source that could deliver the same high standard of heating for the 400 members that regularly use the facilities. Windhager’s biomass boilers enable the user to closely control the boilers’ outputs through easy to use monitoring technology, allowing the system to be finely tuned to the specific requirements of the club. After consultations with Windhager approved installers Nu Heat North East, and financial help

RHI early adopters now heat a third of their housing stock with GSHP

Shropshire Rural Housing Association report significant tenant savings Shropshire Rural Housing and Kensa Heat Pumps’ ambitious round of retrofit heating works under the Government’s Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme for Social Landlords have reported significant savings for tenants following a bi-annual review.

The installation of 63 ground source heat pumps installed under the RHPP social landlords programme has resulted in tenants experiencing immediate savings on their heating costs, as Bryan Powell, Chief Executive of SRHA, explains: “The objective of undertaking the installation of ground source heat pump systems in our homes is to give our tenants control over their heating, reduce their energy costs and invest in modern low carbon technology to reduce our carbon footprint. Feedback from our tenants has confirmed that this has been

achieved as they now have control over their heating using the system to deliver better comfort levels at a reduced cost.”

efficiently and cost effectively transform the heating in a third of their housing stock.

A small rural housing association with over 270 deeply rural homes throughout the county, SRHA’s asset management strategy demands an improvement in the thermal efficiency of their properties due to the largely off gas grid profile of their stock, which use night storage heaters as the primary heat source. Tenant complaints regarding the heaters’ running costs and lack of controllability – not delivering heat when needed – prompted SRHA to undertake a retrofit programme with the support of South West manufacturer, Kensa Heat Pumps, recently announced as the 10th fastest growing business in the South West’s Fast Growth 75 list.

Kensa co-ordinated the delivery of the works to a time sensitive schedule to ensure eligibility for the funding. Bryan Powell, Chief Executive of SRHA, said: “This was an ambitious programme, for a business of our size, to help deliver affordable warmth to our customers. We feel that the substantial investment has proved to be very worthwhile and has met our objectives. We now have 89 homes – a third of our stock - heated in this manner delivering real benefits to our customers the Association and the environment.”

Utilising the Renewable Heat Premium Payment Social Landlords Competition a scheme set up as a precursor to the full Renewable Heat Incentive, which was subsequently launched in April), the initial cost of the ground source heat pumps were reduced, whilst attracting an income for 7 years through the Domestic RHI, creating an opportunity for Shropshire Rural Housing Association to


from one of the golf club’s members, a Windhager BioWIN Excel 60 kW woodpellet boiler was installed with associated pipe work running underground to the clubhouse cellar where it could be connected to the existing heating system. The ladies trolley shed and part of the pro-shop was annexed to house the woodpellet boiler and the 10 tonne capacity pellet storage bunker, in turn saving the club money by not having to erect a new structure purely for this purpose. Maintenance requirements are significantly reduced with the BioWIN Excel’s option of an automated pellet feeding system and stainless steel combustion burner bowl that has a patented cleaning mechanism, removing much of the necessity for manual upkeep. Its compact design enables the BioWIN Excel to be installed in the smallest of boiler rooms while the pellet storage area’s flexible requirements allow a variety of buildings to be adopted. The golf club will submit quarterly readings online to regulators Ofgem under the RHI scheme which will see them receiving payments for the amount of energy produced by the Windhager biomass system. Kensa’s Commercial Director, Chris Davis, says that social housing providers can profitably address their housing stock’s efficiency thanks to creative approaches to new Government incentives:

“The success SHRA and Kensa have achieved under RHPP Social Landlords competitions demonstrate that renewables, and in our case ground source heat pumps, have a big part to play in improving tenant comfort and lowering fuel bills whilst delivering on key objectives for the housing association. To build on this success, Kensa has explored ways that housing associations can effectively ‘crosssubsidise’ through the RHI and ECO, notably through the innovative application of micro district heating schemes in retrofit homes, allowing housing associations to access 20 years of RHI income plus an ECO subsidy to lower the initial investment cost in the heating system. Kensa would like to invite any social landlord looking at ways to tackle fuel poverty and heating system replacement in off gas grid areas to speak to us to see whether this might work for them.”

To find out more about ground source in social housing, visit

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Carlota IN-ROOM BOILER from Eurobiostove Eurobiostove has introduced a new range of pellet-burning back-boilers for residential heating in the UK. The Bronpi pellet range includes the new Carlota model which has a number of advantageous features that make it both very efficient and user friendly. Chief among these are a 2day hopper capacity with full automatic cleaning. The refactory designed stainless steel crucible moves into “auto clean” mode every 6 hours and maintains cleanliness of the exhaust gas “heat exchangers” at the same time. The chamber is thermally insulated with an

automatic air vent and there is an LCD display with backlighting for easy operation in a dark room. Finally it is equipped with height adjustable leveling feet. The Bronpi Carlota represents the new generation progress in sustainable energy woodburning where biomass fuels are the eco-efficient way forward for future home heating. Major progress is being made by Bronpi in innovating ease of operation into their designs. Carlota is available in White, Black and Black with an attractive teak-stone trim. Eurobiostove are national distributors for the Bronpi

ranges and can give full advice on installation and regulations via which various cost incentives are available. The entire range of Bronpi biomass boilers are now fully MCS accredited, which means that anyone now replacing an existing boiler with a Bronpi biomass boiler becomes eligible for the Government RHI scheme.

❚ enquiry 106

New website aids specification of renewable heat products Thermal Integration, whose products are marketed and distributed by Specflue, has unveiled a new website. brings together and shares Thermal Integration’s 20 years’ experience in the continual development and improvement of its product range. The website offers a number of free, customerfriendly on-line tools which aim to help specifiers and installers working in the renewable heating market. Within the products section, ‘PRODUCT SELECTOR’ uses a filtering tool to identify the most appropriate appliances to meet heating and hot water demands. In addition, the technical area of the site houses both a ‘DESIGN TOOL’, which enables sizing of cylinders and expansion vessels as well as

Vortice HRUs at Gleneagles railway station

Vortice heat recovery units have been used for the refurbishment of the Gleneagles railway station in time for the 2014 Ryder Cup. The station, which was opened by the Scottish Central Railway on 14 March 1856 was originally called Crieff Junction and

New evaporative humidifier Condair ME JS Humidifiers is launching the new Condair ME evaporative humidifier, offering low energy humidification and evaporative cooling to an air handling unit or duct. Its innovative and patented features position it firmly as the world’s leading humidifier of its type. A single unit can deliver up to 1,000kg/hr of moisture and 630kW of evaporative cooling to an air stream while operating on less than 0.3kW of electricity. The Condair ME consists of an evaporative module that is located inside the AHU, a patented self-contained hydraulic unit and an intuitive touch-screen control panel. The hydraulic unit pumps water to the top of the evaporative module where it flows down the corrugated surface of its evaporative media. As air passes through the wetted media it is humidified and cooled. The humidifier’s patented hydraulic unit has many unique features that differentiate the system from other evaporative humidifiers on the market. The compact unit is made of toughened glassreinforced plastic and features a water tank, up to five water pumps and a pumped drain. It can be located either inside or outside of the AHU. Exterior mounting enables all mechanical components to be

Grant UK launches Vortex Mag-One Magnetic Filter Grant UK, the leading offgas heating specialist, has announced the launch of its installer friendly Vortex Mag-One Magnetic Filter, which when fitted, provides protection for all types of central heating systems up to 36kW.

providing calculators to work out heat loss and water loads, and ‘SYSTEM DESIGNER’, which can provide estimates of potential RHI payments

and help in the preparation of quotations and system designs.

was renamed Gleneagles on 1 April 1912. The station was rebuilt and the junction remodelled by the Caledonian Railway in 1919 following their takeover of Scottish Central Railway. It was the Caledonian Railway which built the Gleneagles Hotel and this is now the scene of many a political summit and golf extravaganza, with the precursor to the Ryder Cup taking place there in 1921. The role of this lovely old railway station has been

vital throughout. Vortice NRG heat recovery units were specified by Glasgowbased consultants SVM and will be installed by contractor Kentallen. This is the first major refurbishment of Gleneagles station since 1919, whilst retaining its historical features, the station will be brought up to date and part of that is specifying the latest in energy efficient ventilation systems by Vortice.

❚ enquiry 109

Gary Kerr from SVM said: “We were impressed with the breadth of heat recovery technology offered by Vortice and chose the NRG commercial heat recovery units as they were ideal for the project at Gleneagles.”

❚ enquiry 110

October 2014

Using a simple to install, triple action filtration design, the Vortex Mag-One filters magnetite and nonferrous debris from central heating systems with a 12000 gauss neodymium magnet. Easy to clean and drain, with a clever design which enables 360°

located outside the duct and most maintenance to take place without any AHU downtime. The system’s water pumps, each incorporating 32W magnetic drive impellors, allow the Condair ME to provide up to five-stage control as standard. Unlike other evaporative humidifiers that use a large single pump, typically needing around 400W, the Condair ME’s multiple low energy pumps keep its energy consumption proportional to the required output. Also, as the Condair ME’s pumps have no mechanically connected parts they provide exceptionally quiet operation that is barely audible. ❚ enquiry 107

installation, the product is extremely installer friendly. Features include an installation and servicing date wheel, 28mm isolation valves, manual air bleed and a 500ml dosing capacity. For added convenience the Vortex Mag-One is supplied with spare sealing washers and O-rings and to provide effective cleaning in central heating systems larger than 36kW, more than one filter can be used in a parallel circuit. Compatible with all system inhibitors and glycol solutions, the Vortex MagOne operates at a maximum working pressure of 6 bar

Cut heating and hot water costs with the new Danfoss 3-channel programmer

Danfoss has launched a new electronic 3Channel Programmer offering independent control of domestic heating and hot water consumption for optimum energy savings. Easy to install and to operate, the FP735Si Programmer allows users to set separate timings for two heating zones and the hot water supply in their home. Danfoss’ single unit solution offers up to six ‘ON-to-OFF’ or ‘OFF-to-ON’ changes each day, which can be set independently for each zone, so heat is directed only where and when it is needed. With a clear, easy to follow display

and a maximum working temperature of 120°C. Subject to terms and conditions, the product carries a two year parts guarantee. ❚ enquiry 108

the new FP735Si can be set to suit the user’s daily schedule down to the minute. This latest addition to Danfoss’ world-class range of heating controls offers benefits for homeowners, says Marketing Director, Bjorn Sejr Nielsen: He comments: “Offering flexible control of both heating and hot water, our 3-Channel Programmer is a simple and cost-effective way for households to save money on their energy bills.” Danfoss’ FP735Si 3-Channel Programmer comes ready to use with a number of preprogrammed settings that will suit many households. All settings, however, are easy to change via the user-friendly back-lit digital display screen. Override buttons are also available to jump to the next ON/OFF event or to extend the heating for a longer period if a temporary change is required. The Programmer operates in either 7-day mode, 5/2 day mode or 24-hour mode for maximum flexibility. ❚ enquiry 111

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October 2014



c h a r n wood

Offering the widest range of clean-burning, British made inset and freestanding stoves


❚ enquiry 112.

❚ enquiry 113.

r K ou O it O e is L it V W bs E e N W

Cleaar view Stoves offffers the comp plete solu ution ffor or homeb builders & reenovators Clear view Stoves are the largest dedicat ated manufacturer of clean bur urning wood stoves. We We have been designing, manufacturing ng and distributing from ou ur site in the heart of Shropshire since 1987. Our installation ation and product knowledge ge is unequalled in the industr y and we have thousands of accessories and flue componentts in stock, so whether you are building a new house or ren novating an old one we can provide the kind of expert advvice that results in a trouble free installation.

Thh e Woodbu rnn i n g Stt o ve pe rffee ctt ed

for smokeless zones. t First to have a multi fuel stove certified for t Over 70% efficient (most open fires are only 10%). t Take control of your fuel supplyy,, don’t rely on gas and oil. or long periods unattended. t Easy to lighht and burns ffor n way to heat your hom me. t A carbon neutral n air supply, t Can be directly connected to an external so complyying with recent building regu ulations.

STOCKIS O TS THROUGHOUT T THE UK Brochure Line: ne: 01588 650 123 www.cclear

❚ enquiry 114.

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The Sky’s the limit with Stovax’s new View 5 Midline multi-fuel stove!

October 2014

The Dovre cast iron stove with a difference!

Elevating the sleek lines of the Stovax View 5, the new View  0LGOLQH PXOWLIXHO VWRYH LQ corporates an integral log store into the design. With the same KLJK H΀ FLHQF\ DQG N: RXW put as the existing View 5, this QHZ PXOWLIXHO VWRYH UDLVHV WKH ÀUHER[SURYLGLQJDQHYHQEHWWHU YLHZ RI WKH VWXQQLQJ à DPH SLF ture. This design enhancement not only provides ample storage space for logs beneath, but also FUHDWHV DQ H\HFDWFKLQJ FRQWUDVW between the steel surround and the natural grain of the wood it contains. Featuring the latest Cleanburn and Airwash systems, this highly H΀ FLHQW VWRYH LV DYDLODEOH IURP your local Stovax retailer. Visit WR ÀQG RXW more information.

Dovre Tai multi-fuel stove

This year, Dovre has introduced the wonderful Tai stove to its JURZLQJ VHOHFWLRQ RI KLJKO\ H΀  cient product range.

Stovax View 5 Midline

Yeoman range expands with 16� gas fire: CL7 Inset Yeoman CL7 Gas Inset

7KH'RYUH7DLLVDSRZHUIXOKHDW LQJDSSOLDQFHZLWKDWKHUPRVWDWL cally controlled heat output. It ZLOOFRQWLQXHWRUDGLDWHKHDWDI ter burning anthracite coal, long DIWHUWKHÀUHKDVGLHGGRZQGXH to the heat retention qualities of cast iron. The Tai when burning anthracite FRDO DOVR RͿHUV JRRG EXUQ GX rations, giving the option of an overnight burn if required. All these, combine to make the Tai DQH΀ FLHQWDQGDWWUDFWLYHVRXUFH of warmth for your home.

This versatile stove can suit both traditional and contemporary interiors with its elegant design and curving details, and is ideal for those who desire something a OLWWOHGLͿHUHQWWRFUHDWHDQDWWUDF tive feature for your living space. Dovre takes its company name from a range of Norwegian mountains, and has more than  \HDUV¡ H[SHULHQFH LQ PDQX IDFWXULQJ VWRYHV DQG ÀUHSODFHV for the harshest of Artic winters. The Dovre range consists of both traditional and contemporary PRGHOV DQG RͿHU VROLG IXHO JDV and electric appliances. For more information,


Highly efficient Nordpeis N-20F cassette fire for larger spaces Nordpeis N-20F with Dublin Surround & concrete slatted front

Yeoman CL8 Electric



Yeoman CL530 with Black Reeded Lining

subtly curving cast iron frame is the perfect complement to its JODVVIURQWHGKLJKHÎ&#x20AC; FLHQF\Ă&#x20AC;UH ZLWKXSWRN:RIKHDWRXWSXW and a realistic coal fuel bed. The CL7 Inset sits at home with the current Yeoman CL 530 and &/LQVHWĂ&#x20AC;UHVWRRÍżHUDZLGH selection of sizes and styles of <HRPDQ JDV Ă&#x20AC;UHV IRU KRPHRZQ HUV $OVR DYDLODEOH LQ ERWK EDO

DQFHG DQG FRQYHQWLRQDO Ă XH models. From its humble origins over 25 \HDUV DJR RQ D IDUP QHDU 'DUW PRRUUHQRZQHGIRULWVFROGZLQ ters, Yeoman has grown WREHFRPHRQHRIWKH8.¡VOHDG LQJ VWRYH DQG Ă&#x20AC;UHSODFH PDQX facturers. For more information,

)HDWXULQJ D IDQWDVWLF N: RXW SXWWKH1RUGSHLV1)LVDZLGH IRUPDW FDVVHWWH Ă&#x20AC;UH FDSDEOH RI heating larger spaces and has a KLJKHÎ&#x20AC; FLHQF\RIXSWR:LWK a maximum log length of up to FPWKH1)LVDFRPSDFW\HW SRZHUIXOFDVVHWWHĂ&#x20AC;UH 7KH'XEOLQLVDPXOWLIDFHWHGGH VLJQVWDWHPHQWFDSDEOHRISURYLG LQJPDQ\GLÍżHUHQWĂ&#x20AC;QLVKHVXSRQ the same surround. With smooth, clean lines providing a minimalist Ă&#x20AC;QLVKLQLWVRZQULJKWWKH'XEOLQ can be personalised with optional log stores to create the perfect set

up for a truly individual home. Following a successful launch of Nordpeis range of woodburning Ă&#x20AC;UHV DQG VWRYHV LQ WKH VXPPHU of 2013, Nordpeis is also pleased WR DQQRXQFH D IXUWKHU FROOHF FLHQW Ă&#x20AC;UHV ZLWK WLRQ RI KLJKO\ HÎ&#x20AC; complementary surrounds to sit DORQJVLGH DQG HQKDQFH WKH H[LVW ing family. Find out more information about these recent additions, visit www.

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Firing imaginations for over 30 years...

Over 30 years of British design and engineering have gone into creating the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most comprehensive range of high quality woodburning, solid-fuel, gas and electric stoves and fireplaces.

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October 2014

Modern flooring mix for company with industrial heritage

Allura Flex in Ash Oak

When Cummins Generator Technologies moved its global headquarters to Peterborough, architects at James Cubitt & Partners used a wide range of Forbo’s flooring products to transform empty and dated premises into a modern, invigorating and productive office environment.

The architects set out to create a professional HQ with collaborative working spaces and meeting areas for its customers and global teams. Chere Waddington, interior Design Director says: “We wanted to provide a bright and fun workspace which also expressed our client’s branding and manufacturing heritage. We met this brief by installing a multitude of products from Forbo’s large portfolio in the company’s brand colours and complementing shades.” a striking ‘wow feature’ in the reception area reflects the company’s one hundred years’ experience in building electrical machines. as Chere explains:“a red ribbon ‘swoosh’ glides alongside the grey floor and wraps up the wall, behind the desk and

along the ceiling. This continual, freeflowing feature depicts the journey or ‘conveyor belt’ of development and progress that the company’s manufacturing process has made over the decades.” Forbo’s luxurious Westbond carpet tiles in vibrant Poppy were used to create the ‘swoosh’, contrasting starkly with Forbo’s

Tessera Alignment Highlights in Blaze

Westbbond in Poppy, Allura Flex in Concrete and Coral Welcome entrace matting allura Flex in Concrete, specified for its robust and durable nature. The architects wanted to fuse industrial elements of the interior design with the more modern working environment, and create easily identifiable spaces, zones and breakout areas throughout the headquarters. To achieve this they used colour blocks of carpet tiles from Forbo’s Tessera alignment and alignment Highlight ranges. These carpet tiles in turn merge seamlessly with the allura Flex tiles in ash oak and Concrete that provide an easy to maintain flooring for office tea points and kitchen areas. To complete the floor scheme and keep interior floor coverings clean and dry, Forbo’s Coral and nuway entrance flooring

systems were installed adjacent to the entrance areas to the building. Chere concluded: “With a variety of high quality products and the excellent relationship we have with Forbo, we had everything needed to create an engaging aesthetic that’s thoroughly contemporary in its approach, but with a nod to the client’s history. by obtaining floor coverings from one supplier it also meant that we could save time and money on the project, and provide our client with less maintenance in the future.” For more information please visit

❚ enquiry 115

it also offers an environmentally-friendly choice being 100% recyclable and manufactured with a minimum 48% recycled content. Steve Urwin, Tarkett Uk Marketing Manager, said: “our LVT flooring range is proving extremely popular with designers, architects and specifiers. and, as this project shows, it’s incredibly versatile. being so hard-wearing it is suited for use in a wide variety of sectors – including retail, leisure and care. “The team we have here are amazingly talented and i’m yet to see anyone come to them with a design that they haven’t be able to do.”

Virgin banking on TarkeTT IT’S strictly Tarkett for a new Virgin Money Lounge that comes complete with dance floor. rather than having the look and feel of a traditional bank, the new Virgin Money Store in glasgow has opted for a concept centred on home and leisure. Using artwork supplied via allen international, Tarkett’s Floorcraft Design Team created the dance floor complete with the Virgin Money logo. at four metres in diameter, the intricate and highly detailed design uses contrasting shades of Tarkett’s Luxury Vinyl Tile iD inspiration 70 flooring in light oak and dark walnut. The design was specified by emma Hunter, senior designer at Spacelab. emma said: “The Virgin Money glasgow Store and Lounge is not your usual bank and installing a dance floor was a big part in creating the relaxed feel we were going for. Tarkett’s Floorcraft Design team were able to combine the intricate, visually appealing logo with the solid, hard wearing flooring we were looking for. What they offered met our needs exactly and the result is a visually impressive floor that we know will stand the test of time. We’re really happy with it.”

instead of being printed, each piece of the design is individually cut using a precision sonic blade that oscillates at 20,000 cycles per second. The pieces are then assembled onto a solid vinyl core like a jigsaw puzzle, before having a thick layer of transparent PVC added onto the top. Leading the project was Samantha Jones, Head of Tarkett’s Floorcraft Design team. Samantha said: “We’ve created all sorts for architects and designers in the past but this was certainly one of the most challenging. The lettering on the curve, rounded hearts, and the repeating V and M pattern all required an incredibly high degree of accuracy and attention to detail. “Thanks to the skill and artistry of the team, and the hightech cutting equipment we have here at Tarkett, we were able to produce a stunning floor.” Tarkett’s iD inspiration 70 range was introduced to the market back in 2013 and has proved hugely popular across a variety of sectors thanks to its versatility, easy installation and hard wearing properties. For designers and specifiers

nigel rees, Virgin Money’s national Properties and Facilities Manager said: “Lots of customers using the Virgin Money Store and Lounge in glasgow have remarked just how amazing the dance floor looks. The Store and Lounge facility is a unique concept to banking and the floor laid by Tarkett certainly stands out as being unique as well as an excellent piece of craftsmanship.”

For more information about Tarkett’s range of flooring solutions email: or call: 01622 854 040.

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October 2014

New Enhanced Range from Ultra Floor

Ultra Floor’s specialist range of contract flooring solutions is now ever better than before! Over the past few months the technical and commercial experts at Ultra Floor have been working hard to further develop the range to include some great new products, performance enhancements and vibrant new packaging.

HIGH FLOW: Level IT TWO is now 30% faster and can be overlaid in just 12 hours. Reputed to be the ‘easiest latex’ to apply, it offers superior flow and handling.

ALL PURPOSE: Level IT BOND is our brand new multi-purpose smoothing underlayment replacing Level IT Three Super Bond. It offers exceptional adhesion characteristics enabling it to be used over adhesive residues, eliminating the need for priming and reducing time on site! FAST TRACK: Level IT SUPER30, our market leading formulation enabling you to level and lay in a day, is now available in bold new packing! It sets to walk on in as little as 30 minutes whilst enabling impervious floor coverings to be laid after just 3 hours. VIBRATION AND MOVEMENT: NEW FOR 2014 Level IT FLEX, a rapid drying, two component system ideal for use on



Five hours is all it takes with Gerflor substrates where lateral movement and vibration is likely. It has a 30 minute walk on time and can be overlaid in just 90 minutes.

FINE FLOW: Level IT SMOOTH (formerly Level IT SmoothFlow) – same great formula with a vibrant new look! Its fine flow gives the smoothest possible finish and is particularly suited to installations of vinyl, rubber and linoleum where imperfections in subfloor preparation can result in poor aesthetics. DEEP FILL: Level IT BASE is our new enhanced product replacing Level IT One HDB, containing recycled material. This moisture tolerant, heavy duty smoothing underlayment is designed to build depths of up to 50mm.

ABRASIVE RESISTANT: Level IT TOP is our new enhanced, moisture tolerant product replacing Level IT HD TOP. Ideal for use as a finished wearing course, it is ready to receive forklift traffic at 36 hours and its faster strength gain allows for earlier application of resin flooring coatings. It also contains recycled material. ❚ enquiry 117

In 1992 Huddersfield Polytechnic changed its name to The University of Huddersfield. The writing was on the wall that this centre of learning would indeed surpass all academic expectations on both delivery and student environment. In January 2014, the University opened Student Central, a £22.5m development which brought together the University’s support services, access to the library, computing facilities, sport and leisure, together with a range of eating and social spaces all under one roof. The University was recently named the Times Higher Education University of the Year. This follows on from a highly successful 2013 in which the University was awarded two Queen's Awards for Enterprise and in 2012 was awarded prestigious Entrepreneurial University of the Year at the Times Higher Education Awards. Today, student numbers have

reached over 24,000 and students from over 130 countries are represented on campus. And like most red brick universities the sports and leisure facilities feature very heavily in student life. These sports areas take a hammering and needed to be both resilient and functional. The Gerflor brief had to offer a suitable solution for an ‘under rig’ flooring area which was positioned directly underneath the sports centres ‘Technogym Omnia’ system. Chosen for its comfort and safety performance properties TaraflexTM Sport M Evolution (7mm) in Anthracite, Gold and Beige would be the specified product. Laurie Nettleton, Sport and Leisure Centre Manager commented, ‘Gerflor recently installed a bespoke flooring solution

at our Sports Centre in order to provide protection underneath the functional rig. The floor was fitted in less than 5 hours and the team were efficient, friendly and professional’. TaraflexTM has been used in every summer Olympics since 1976 and is available in 17 colours and two wood- effect designs. The Sport M Evolution product offers a P1 category shock absorbency 25% to 35% and meets the EN 14904 Standard for indoor sports surfaces. TaraflexTM is also recognised for providing durability, safety and comfort without impairing performance. The range offers greater than 45% force reduction, making it unrivalled in the marketplace in terms of offering comfort for users.

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Magical Bathroom Makeovers Reflect ‘Improve Not Move’ Trend

Barbara Osborne, Product Manager at Methven UK discusses the challenge of water efficiency and what it means for the bathroom industry.

historically, some of these products were poorly designed, unattractive and noisy, it’s not surprising that the industry as a whole has found it difficult to convert consumers. Latest innovations, such as Satinjet® shower technology and smart water controls such as ceramic disc brassware, combine water saving credentials with stylish good looks, but the real issue is raising awareness among consumers, not just about their environmental impact; but how leaking pipes and the common dripping tap or shower is costing them money.

Recent reports have revealed that adding a bathroom can increase a property’s value by six per cent, equating to almost £11,000 on top of the £173,467 average UK house price. This, coupled with a further study showing buyers are looking for a ratio of two bathrooms for every three bedrooms, means the bathroom is proving to be a deal-breaker in the housing market. This can be seen as great news for homeowners and the wider housing market. However, as the bathroom equates to 66 per cent of daily water consumption, increasing the number of bathrooms could cause problems for savvy consumers who are being forced to pay attention to their water usage to keep household costs down. Water is often taken for granted as an essential part of personal

hygiene and cleaning, not to mention food and drink, and many people view it as an abundant and never-ending resource. Many people still use high-consumption showers, let the water run whilst brushing teeth, have fuller baths and wash up without a bowl – leaving the industry faced with the challenge of how to convert consumers to saving water. When it comes to water efficiency, many people tend to assume that switching from baths to showers is enough. In fact, some power showers use much more water than an average bath. It is also often assumed that water-efficient products will fall short and have a negative impact on the showering experience, meaning there can be reluctance to purchase them. And as,

October 2014

According to the Future Water Report, the Government’s water strategy for England, a single dripping tap wastes 15 litres of water a day, or almost 5,500 litres per year. A clever solution for the money-conscious consumer is ceramic disc technology. The discs can be used in mixer showers, bathroom and kitchen taps, potentially saving thousands of litres of water every year, having a direct positive impact on the consumers bank balance, Furthermore, eco-friendly technology has been applied to showers to enable the delivery of optimum performance and a superior end-user experience. Delivering more than 300,000 water droplets per second, Satinjet® showers are optimised at just nine litres per minute, utilising twin jets of water that collide to create an invigorating shower at a fraction of the cost – so the experience is not marred by the water saving benefits. So, while the industry still has a way to go, progress is being made thanks to products such as these which enhance experience and save consumers money.

Kitchen and bathroom makeovers brand Granite Transformations confirms that the ‘improve not move’ boom continues, with record numbers of householders opting to upgrade where they live, rather than up sticks and move house. According to the latest Lloyds Bank research, over 14 million people have undertaken major work on their property or plan to do so within the next year, to improve or add value to their homes. New kitchens (40%) and bathrooms (30%) are high on the list of priorities for home owners looking to improve, according to the research. Typical of this ‘improve not move’ makeover boom is Granite Transformations client Susan Williams of Chestfield, in the Canterbury district of Kent. Mindful of record lower interest rates, she took the view that the

family’s savings were best invested in upgrading three bathrooms and a downstairs cloakroom, with a view to increasing the value of her 4-bedroom detached property. Granite Transformations took care of the total makeovers, installing its own luxurious, non-porous agglomerate finishes and Trend authentic Italian glass mosaic, while Ripples supplied top quality bathroom fittings. The resulting transformations are outstanding, the formerly staid décor being elevated into upscale layouts that would not look out of place in a boutique hotel. ❚ enquiry 119

Zip pioneers radical new design for instant boiling and chilled filtered water

Zip has been leading the way in the filtered boiling and chilled water market since it launched its iconic HydroTap filtered boiling model in 2000. Now, pushing this growing sector even further, Zip has launched the most advanced drinking water appliance on the market to date, the HydroTap G4. Designed to deliver even greater performance, the latest evolution of the instant boiling and chilled filtered water system has been repackaged into the smallest footprint on the market to make it the perfect choice for commercial and residential applications. The new HydroTap G4 maintains its stylish and sophisticated finish, however, the all new under sink “command centre” has undergone a great deal of development to give greater efficiency and more superior control. The WRAS approved G4 cuts standby operating power

A New Collection of

Thermostatic Mixer


■ Stylish looks and attractively priced ■ High performance TMV2 approvals where applicable ■ Up to 5 year guaranteed products The MX Group* Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 8JF. Tel: 01684 293311

substantially, when compared to other systems of similar delivery performance. This saving is due to the G4’s improved power saving technology and increases in energy efficiency through enhanced thermal insulation. Zip’s Powerpulse® technology also maintains the boiling water to within 0.2ºC of set temperature to reduce the amount of energy required to heat water from standby. The G4 offers a sculptured chrome tap with a red “boiling water” lever and blue “chilled water” lever. All G4 taps also feature a “safety” button to eliminate accidental use. The built in safety system is operated by pressing the button and the red boiling lever at the same time to dispense boiling water. ❚ enquiry 120

Atmos Options

*Marleton Cross Limited Trading as The MX Group


EASY FIT KIT ❚ enquiry 121.

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October 2014



Carillion installs innovative clean technology SAVORTEX LTD (, has won a contract with Carillion Facilities Management and Property Services to install new, greener washroom technology, saving 50% of carbon emissions for one of its high profile blue chip clients. Carillion plc will install the SAVORTEX EcoCurveTM Smart hand dryer (link to: which has the lowest carbon footprint and includes a revolutionary data intelligence portal that helps facilities managers lower cost, evidence energy savings, and better manage washroom maintenance. Euan Burns, Chief Engineer at Carillion plc said: “Big Data is critical to managing facilities and improving resource efficiency, and the SAVORTEX Data Intelligence Portal

will help us manage and reduce the hidden costs in our clients’ washrooms. We will use the data, for washroom management and trend analysis over long periods of time. This supports our sustainable procurement policy, allowing us to make decisions based on the intelligence provided. With its ultra-low energy technology, SAVORTEX has developed a smart hand dryer that allows us to reduce carbon, waste and costs while improving our service to our clients.” ❚ enquiry 122 . w

For more information visit:

The Twyford Energy es400 shower enclosures offers enhanced features as The new es400 range of shower enclosures from Twyford Bathrooms offers a value-added specification with some premium features being included as standard, with the benefit of highly competitive pricing. es400 offers a design collection of 16 bifold, pivot and sliding doors and 3 side panels. All enclosures feature the valueadded specification of 6mm toughened safety glass and include a protective ProClean anti-limescale coating which also helps prevent the build-up of soap scum, stains and dirt. The enclosures are 1900mm high and have spring-loaded door buffers, meaning soft opening and cushioned closing, and double top and bottom rollers ensure smooth door movement and no visible fixings inside ensure easy cleaning. Solid stainless steel handles complete the stylish looks of the range, which offers exceptional quality and value for money.

Bath screens are also available in the es400 range and an entry-level range of shower enclosures – es200 – has also been introduced. All come with the added assurance of a Twyford lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults. Twyford’s unique Total Install™ wall bracket system, making installation quicker and simpler than standard wall fixings, is available as standard on all Energy showering collections in the form of a click lock mechanism for the quick assembly of horizontal profiles. For further information on Twyford Bathrooms, contact tel: 01270 879777 or visit

es400 is part of the new Energy Collection from Twyford, which also includes the super-value e100, spacesaving e200 and fashion-forward e500 ranges of sanitaryware and furniture.

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A Curve on the Horizon

Delivering a contemporary, sustainable entrance at AmicusHorizon, the head offices for one of the largest housing associations in the South-East of England, TORMAX UK has installed a bespoke 360° glass, curved-sliding automatic door system as part of a significant refurbishment programme. A cost-effective and low-energy solution, staff and visitors are welcomed on approach by an outer set of glass doors which slide smoothly apart to give access to a small lobby, from which the second set of doors automatically open into a stunning new reception area. This ingenious configuration encourages the smooth flow of pedestrian traffic whilst efficiently minimising heatloss from the building. Working closely with commercial fit-out specialist Cube Interiors

Solutions and glass and aluminium specialists Openwood Group, the TORMAX entrance is set within a full-height glass façade to create a visually impressive frontage and a light and vibrant interior. The new Croydon AmicusHorizon offices have received a Gold RICS Ska Rating. Contributing to the sustainability of the development, the TORMAX entrance is manufactured from 95% recyclable materials whilst the curved-sliding doors are powered by the efficient TORMAX 2201 low-energy operator. This deliberately high torque door drive is powerful and reliable, delivering exceptional performance even under near constant use. As with all TORMAX operators, the 2201 is tested to well in excess of current industry requirements and has proven to require minimal maintenance over its long lifespan. Ideal for glass facades such as AmicusHorizon, the 2201 operator is extremely compact and requires only a 100mm installation height by 142mm installation depth. This ensures the aesthetics of the entrance are maintained without any compromise to functionality of the entrance. ❚ enquiry 123

Levolux restores light in Islington glazed elevations. Levolux’s popular 680 Skyvane II system, which was revamped in 2013, was chosen for its flexibility and impressive light control characteristics.

The Business Design Centre (formerly the Royal Agricultural Hall), which is a Grade II listed building in London’s Islington district, performs better than ever, with two refurbished gable ends now equipped with a motorised Skyvane Solar Shading solution from Levolux. Following several years of consultation, a final scheme, designed by Simon Powell Architects was finally commissioned in 2013. The architects, who are based at the BDC, turned to Levolux to develop an attractive, yet cost effective form of solar shading, to complement the replacement glazed curtain walling. As the leading solar shading and screening specialist contractor, Levolux engineered a solution comprising non-retractable motorised louvre blinds, applied internally across the two arched

Solid 80mm wide, aluminium rollformed slats are connected to a series of extruded aluminium rack arms. These allow the slats to be simultaneously rotated from a fully closed, to a fully open position. By linking all blinds across each elevation together using drive shafts and connecting them to electric tubular motors, the entire array of blinds filling each gable end, can be adjusted at the flick of a switch. Levolux also configured the Skyvane II control system to accommodate two wireless handsets. These allow staff to operate the blinds while moving around the venue, to control daylight levels as and when required. All aluminium slats feature a light grey stove enamel finish, giving them a cool, glossy appearance. Supporting aluminium components, such as the rack arms and drive shafts feature a light grey powder coating and a natural anodised finish, respectively. In addition, for maximum durability and strength, stainless steel fixings are used. ❚ enquiry 124

Extensive range of profiles creates options for large glazed framing areas Alu-Timber and their approved fabricator Fleetwood Architectural Aluminium Ltd completed a new build school in Southall, London. Dormer Wells School is a high-performing mathematics and computing college and leading edge comprehensive school for 11-19 year olds. Design freedom and solutions to modern environmental issues are a complex requirement. Alu-Timber EFT is a 60mm aluminium/timber curtain walling system which offers Capped, 2sided

Bowater Projects celebrates Green Deal Installer status Bowater Projects has had cause for celebration after being awarded Green Deal Installer status. The company, which is part of The VEKA UK Group, achieved the accreditation following a tough confirmation process, as Head of Operations Andy Knight explains: “This is something we have been working towards for a long time and to say we are happy would be an understatement! The whole team is absolutely thrilled with the achievement.“Green Deal Installers are high quality, environmentallyfocussed installers and can use the

October 2014

Structural Glazing with vertical or horizontal capping and 4sided Structural Glazing. Alu-Timber EFT provides internal thermally efficient Larch timber with time tested external aluminium for protection. To maximise spans and centres, a wide range of timber mullions and transoms are available and the inherent properties of timber provide two advantages: high strength and low U-values. All profiles are kept in stock which means challenging site deadlines can always be met. The extensive range of profiles creates options for large glazed framing areas which integrate seamlessly with AluTimber windows and doors. The complete AluTimber range includes casement, tilt & turn windows, open-in and open-out doors, framing and curtain walling. All Alu-Timber approved fabricators are required to have the technical expertise to attend presite meetings and provide detailing. Fleetwood Aluminium liaised closely with the specifiers to provide design advice and detailing which ensured the project ran smoothly and met site deadlines. ❚ enquiry 125

Green Deal Quality Standard – a vital tool in new tendering work.” Only an authorised Green Deal Installer can install energyefficiency improvements under the Green Deal finance mechanism, and in order to become an approved Green Deal installer, a company must be a member of the accreditation body that certified them and must comply with the Green Deal Code of Practice. The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and the British Standards Institutions also set out detailed assessment criteria, which applicants must have passed to be eligible to carry out Green Deal installations.

❚ enquiry 126

A range of sliding panels called Loggia® These Loggia® sliding panels can also be delivered with integrated wind tight screens (LoggiaScreen4Fix) or wooden blades (Loggiawood®). Today, RENSON® has launched the Loggiawood® Paro 0140 Privacy, which combines the quality of aluminium and the natural aspect of wood in an aesthetic and efficient modern concept. This special version includes blades suitable for manual tilting from closed to open position, or vice versa and divided into two operating areas, which allows the blades to be in the position above and closed below.

In reply to the growing demand for aesthetic, multifunctional façade elements, RENSON® offers a range of sliding panels, called Loggia®. These systems open a wide range of possibilities as sun shading system, visual screen or fence, but also for intensive ventilation, daylight control or partial shading. The Loggia® sliding panels consist of a solid aluminium frame, fitted with aluminium blades. Different types of blades can be used. Depending on the desired enclosure and the required see-through visibility, the blades can be positioned at different inclinations and with different blade pitches. Equipping the Loggia® type LG.130 with manually moving blades, the system not only allows the panel to be moved into the desired position, but the blades can also be rotated into their ideal position, according to the position of the sun and the desired level of shading. ❚ enquiry 127 .

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❚ enquiry 128.

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Specialist products key to fresh look for homes scheme A SHELTERED housing scheme has been given a new lease of life thanks to a combination of specialist wood and metal protection from Crown Paints. City Mills, in York - a three-storey building which houses 36 selfcontained flats - was given an exterior makeover using products from Crown Paints exterior brands, Sadolin and Sandtex Trade. Contractors Anderson Marriott & Co carried out the project on behalf of City of York Council. John Kehoe, Managing Director of Anderson Marriott & Co, said:

“City Mills is a sheltered housing scheme within the city walls at the side of the River Ouse. Access was a challenge as the building has the river on one side, and car parks and a road on the other sides. “The project required external repairs including the treatment of balconies, decking, windows, doors and benches. We have a reputation for quality workmanship as well as more than 50 years of experience and our operatives tackled the project professionally and effectively, using a range of Sandtex Trade and Sadolin products.”

Not only is the production and processing of wood energy-efficient, giving wood products an ultra-low carbon footprint, but wood can often be substituted for materials like steel, aluminium, concrete or plastics, which require large amounts of energy to produce. Based on current figures, a 10% increase in the percentage of timber-built

houses in Europe would produce sufficient CO2 savings to account for about

The project included two viewing balconies over the river which required tarpaulins beneath to ensure no debris could enter the watercourse. A video of the scheme can be viewed at 5c6aBDwI& Usman Akhtar, Specification Sector Support Manager for Crown Paints, said: “The City Mills complex is right on the River Ouse and while that makes it a beautiful place to live, it also exposes the exterior of the building to the full force of the weather. To combat the effects of weathering on the wood and metal exterior surfaces, we recommended a combination of Sadolin products and trim

25% of the reductions prescribed by the Kyoto Protocol*. Using wood also helps to save energy over the life of a building because its cellular structure provides superior thermal insulation: 15 times better than concrete, 400 times better than steel and 1,770 times better than aluminium.* With the demands of building regulations becoming even tougher when it comes to thermal performance, wood is the only sensible solution.

October 2014

coatings from the Sandtex Trade range.” The contractors tackled a range of preparatory tasks ahead of the painting work, scrutinising the trims and joinery for any defects which were remedied using Sadolin Stainable Woodfiller and Sadolin Wood Preserver before the application of products including Sadolin Ultra®, Sadolin Extra, Sadolin Classic and the opaque wood protection system, Sadolin Superdec. To fully cater for all the building’s trims, exterior joinery

Plasterboard maximises positive synergies with steel frame construction Using drywall building systems can contribute to the time, cost and sustainability advantages associated with steel frame construction, according to the Gypsum Products Development Association (GPDA), which represents the UK and Ireland’s plasterboard manufacturers. Steel frame’s relatively low cost, strength,

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Helifix SockFix, the new grouted sock anchor for stabilising damaged masonry HELIFIX has introduced SockFix, a grouted sock anchor for stabilising damaged masonry in a variety of heavy duty, high load applications. It provides an economical, rapidly installed and efficient means of restoring structural integrity, particularly in situations where high levels of performance are required in bending. Like all Helifix

repair products, it is a nondisruptive, fully concealed system that retains the building’s original appearance. The new SockFix system comprises a stainless steel threaded bar and heavy duty plastic grout feed tube housed in a durable fabric mesh sleeve. Once inserted into a core-drilled clearance hole, the sock is pumped full of SockFix Grout and expands to fill the hole and any voids in the substrate. A shut off valve simplifies installation and prevents excessive grout use. The specially formulated

thixotropic cementitious grout cures in a composite action with the threaded bar and the host material to form a strong mechanicalchemical bond, ensuring the system becomes an integral part of the structure. SockFix can be used for stabilising rubble-filled walls, stitching cracked solid and multi-leaf walls, securing external walls to internal hollow concrete floor slabs and securing unstable parapet walls and arches.

❚ enquiry 131

and features such as the viewing balconies, Crown Paints’ specification team also recommended the use of products from the Sandtex Trade range. Sandtex Trade Flexigloss X-tra was used over Sandtex Trade Flexible Primer Undercoat for some of the wood features, as this will deliver a proven performance of up to 10 years and has been awarded a British Board of Agrément Certificate. ❚ enquiry 129

durability, design flexibility, adaptability and recyclability, coupled with fast construction, make it the increasing choice in building construction. The flexibility of modern gypsum-based products and systems offer a fast, high performing solution for all types of construction project, says GPDA Secretary, Crispin DunnMeynell. “Already used extensively in steel frame buildings, drywall offers quick and costeffective installation which complements the speed of construction, flexibility of design and recyclability of steel frame,” he comments. In addition to the enhanced properties of today’s technical boards, from effective sound separation to superior fire resistance and thermal insulation systems, the fixings to steel frame can allow deconstruction rather than demolition of a building at the end of its life, which is becoming an increasingly important factor. This improves overall sustainability by enabling the selective dismantling of materials, such as plasterboard and steel components, for re-use and recycling. Any modifications to interior layouts based on changing space usage are also easier to accommodate in steel frame buildings, particularly when structural support is required, which utilise plasterboard systems for internal walls, ceilings and partitions. ❚ enquiry 132

Solar helps build sustainable future for Wickes

A new Wickes store in Sutton is set to build a sustainable and profitable future after installing solar panels to generate its own green energy.

energy firm with offices, energy advisors and fitters throughout the UK. Darryl Redhead, UK sales manager for Solarlec, said: "Solarlec is delighted to be an approved installer for the Travis Perkins Group - this is an exciting project for us to undertake on behalf of Wickes and the solar panel systems will generate significant savings and a guaranteed income from the Government FIT scheme.

The Travis Perkins Group, which owns Wickes, has had four solar PV systems installed across four buildings at newly built premises on the K2 Trade Park. One of the systems is on the roof of the brand new Wickes store, while the other three have been fitted onto buildings occupied by Travis Perkins-owned Tool Station, Benchmark and City Plumbing. The solar panel systems - supplied by Soflex, another company in the Travis Perkins Group, have been installed by Solarlec, a Lancashire-based renewable

❚ enquiry 133

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October 2014



Modified and Engineered Timber PROVIDES THE ANSWER Increasingly, the joinery and construction sectors are looking to specify products which are not only dimensionally stable and durable but also legal and sustainable and both Accoya® and WoodEx® which are supplied by James Latham - offer an attractive solution. Accoya® One of the most advanced wood products on the market, Accoya® is a modified, highly durable and dimensionally stable certified softwood, incorporating Accsys’ proprietary wood acetylation technology which delivers outstanding levels of performance, stability and durability. Guaranteed for 50 years in exterior use and 25 years when used in the ground, Accoya® is produced using modified, fast growing species and can be safely recycled. As impressively durable as the highest quality tropical hardwoods, Accoya® is a quality, long lasting product that is

suitable for a wide range of external joinery applications including windows, doors, decking, structural and much more. Plus, Accoya® is a perfect solution for exterior cladding, siding and façades where aesthetics, less frequent maintenance, dimensional stability, durability and insulation value are key factors. Accoya®’s versatility makes it ideal for use in residential, commercial and industrial structures.

WoodEx® Produced from laminated Oak, Sapele and European Redwood,

WoodEx® offers numerous features and benefits. It has two high quality, clear faces for use in joinery applications and is ideally suitable for use in timber doors and windows as the product offers greater dimensional stability. In addition, WoodEx® is made from finger jointed lamells which are glued together, and James Latham can supply the product either as finger jointed or as one piece. James Latham’s Group Product Sales & Development Manager, Paul Leach, commented: “As demand for sustainably modified

wood continues to grow, whether for windows, doors, decking, cladding or other joinery applications, Accoya® is a fantastic material for external specification. Having introduced WoodEx® to the market last year, we have had a fantastic reaction from the joinery and construction sectors due to the options it offers. In line with growing demand, our stock of WoodEx® now covers a wide range of sizes and species and provides a versatile addition to our already extensive timber range.” WoodEx® is available ex-stock in lengths of 0.8m to 3m, (6.0m in finger jointed faced Redwood)

and in sizes ranging from 48mm x 95mm to 72mm x 120mm. Special sizes and lengths are also available to order. To learn more about Latham’s complete product range please visit

❚ enquiry 135

Yeoman Rainguard High Quality Rainwater System Chosen FOR LUXURY HOMES DEVELOPMENT

Yeoman Rainguard Rainwater Systems provided the perfect finishing touch for a high specification development in Wetherby by developers Mulbrand Ltd.

With four plots in all, each with a very individual and opulent style residence being built on them, Mulbrand required a quality rainwater system which would complement the high specification finish to the properties. “Yeoman Rainguard products ticked all the boxes for us on quality, style and ease of installation”, explained Tony Robinson of Mulbrand. “We are offering people a luxury home and not only is design very important but also the functionality and longevity of products involved in the build”. Yeoman Rainguard XL Aluminium 125 x 100mm MOG gutters were chosen along with 75mm round downpipes in an Anthracite Grey colour. Plain Cast Aluminium Hoppers were also installed on some of the properties.

Free services such as surveys, drawing take-offs and itemised quotations are also available by contacting rainguard on 0113 279 5854.

XL Aluminium gutters are designed to be joined using an internal push fix joint clip which does not require any mechanical fixings saving time with onsite installation. Unsusceptible to colour bleaching from the sun with its powder coated textured finish the gutters and downpipes stay looking pristine for years to come offering peace of mind and added value to the home owner.

Requiring no maintenance and having a life span of up to 25 years gives the XL Aluminium range high sustainability and ecological credentials with 90% of the materials being recyclable. Yeoman Rainguard also supply rainwater systems in Cast Iron, Copper, Zinc, Stainless Steel and GRP along with Cornice & Fascia and clock towers. ❚ enquiry 136

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Sandtex Trade 365 chosen for hotel and spa winter makeover

Last year, the 4 star Cottons Hotel and Spa, in Knutsford, owned and operated by Shire Hotels, underwent a £500,000 interior re-fit followed by an exterior overhaul using Sandtex Trade 365 All Weather Masonry Paint. Painters from CLC Group Ltd spent eight weeks at the site, completing the exterior of the hotel complex with the masonry paint, which features high performance Pliolite Resin to combat difficult weather conditions. A video of the project can be viewed at

A video charting the story of a winter make-over at a prestigious Cheshire hotel, using a masonry paint specially formulated for use in adverse weather conditions, has been produced by Sandtex Trade.

Painter Dean Shepherd said: “Sandtex Trade 365 was chosen on the strength of its reputation and because any exterior paint job in winter needs to have a paint which you can apply in colder temperatures and wintry weather. It’s a product that has been good to work with as it’s nice to apply and

October 2014

gives great coverage. We used Sandtex Trade 365 in County Cream on the rough render walls and a complimentary Sandtex Trade 365 in Light Cotswold on the window surrounds.” The hotel and spa is an elegantly-styled building with interesting architectural features and a number of secluded courtyards around the property. Sandtex Trade 365 features exceptional adhesion, giving a long-lasting finish which has been independently certified by the British Board of Agrément. With excellent opacity, Sandtex Trade 365 can be used on most exterior masonry surfaces and exterior grade building boards. Sharon Smith, brand manager for Sandtex Trade, said: “Sandtex Trade 365 masonry paint has been specifically formulated for professionals to use in adverse weather conditions. The paint is rain-resistant in 20 minutes so can be applied when there is a

New compact Power Driver Attachment for InSkew warm roof batten fixings Innovative helical fixings manufacturer, HELIFIX, has developed a more compact version of its Power Driver Attachment (PDA) used to install its high performance InSkew warm roof batten fixings. The new PDA is a third shorter than the original design, simplifying InSkew installation, with the added advantage of a lower price tag too. With the shorter PDA fitted to an SDS drill, roofing contractors start closer to the batten providing greater control, making InSkew safer and easier to install. Furthermore, those contractors who previously opted to

slight threat of rain. Exterior paint work in winter can be a challenge, which is why Sandtex Trade 365 is an ideal product for winter use as it can be applied at temperatures as low as -10ºC giving businesses the option of a make-over ahead of a busy tourist season. “Sandtex Trade also has 15 years’ proven durability and that’s another advantage for businesses as it reduces the maintenance cycle, offering greater value for money as well as the versatility to schedule an exterior spruce-up at any time of year.” Web: ❚ enquiry 137

use a hand-held installation tool with a hammer may now decide to upgrade to the new PDA which enables rapid power-driven installation at a highly competitive price. InSkew is specifically designed for pitched warm roof constructions to secure counter battens to rafters and passes through the insulation layer without adversely affecting its thermal properties. Offering various benefits over standard roofing nails, this self-tapping headless fixing, avoids batten bouncing, splitting of timbers and minimises cold bridging. A simple, one-piece, stainless steel fixing, InSkew has been independently tested for loadings and pull out. It withstands structural loads from both roof weight and wind suction and has excellent holding power in both tension and compression. Consequently, fewer fixings are required minimising installation costs. ❚ enquiry 138

DREAM DESIGN MADE A REALITY WITH ORIENTED STRAND BOARD Oriented Strand Board (OSB) continues to provide designers and architects with the ideal material for their projects thanks to its strength as a construction material and various design credentials. Here, Amira Idris-Town, partner at IPT Architects, explains why OSB played such an important role in the winning design for an international architectural project organised and sponsored largely by Arch Triumph. “We found a beauty in the aesthetics of the OSB (together with its sustainability and cost efficiency credentials) and

started specifying it for finishes on some buildings and structures. For the pavilion we chose OSB because of its unique layered composition and engineered look, which seemed fitting within a natural setting and really helped the design stand out against the background of wildlife and green space. “I would definitely recommend OSB to other architects. The fact that it is cost-effective alternative to plywood and also has approved origin and chain of custody is vitally important to ensure it meet with codes in the industry. The

origin on OSB from FSC accredited forests and low carbon emissions during manufacture ensures the material is environmentally sound and this really is a key value of our company and the architecture industry as a whole.”

For further information on OSB and the JOSB Done campaign visit or visit the Twitter page @JosbDoneUK. For further information on IPT Architects and to view the latest projects, visit or call 020 7703 0022.

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October 2014



"3/04 1-"/ 4503"(& 4"-&    QS PNPU J PO FOET     T BW F VQ U P    XIJ M F T U PDLT  M BT U

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530--&: #6/%-&4 b  'S PN FY 7"5

8"-- 3"$, #6/%-&4 b  'S PN FY 7"5

T FZ M PM S 5  F H B S P 4U OPT "S FF 'S

 3BDLT  M BM 8  T P O "S  '3&&

#VZ   #J OEFS T  HFU  B '3&& 1PS U G PM J P

#VZ   #J OEFS T  HFU  B '3&& 5 S PM M FZ

#VZ   #J OEFS T  HFU  B '3&& 8BM M  3BDL

"  "  " 4J [ FT "W BJ M BCM F

"  " 4J [ FT "W BJ M BCM F

"  " 4J [ FT "W BJ M BCM F




$BM M  VT PO   


❚ enquiry 140 .

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After all, these safety and security lights are likely, by definition, more likely to be in high and relatively inaccessible places! However, successful as the first NIGHTeyes were, the market soon let it be known that nothing is ever going to displace the original, traditional bulkhead design altogether. So then Timeguard designed new LED bulkhead lights that are compact, strong and attractive, with the same design edge as the original


Choice of floodlight and bulkhead design means all outside lighting can now be replaced with the lowest energy option. LED lighting should now be the norm, there’s no excuse for fitting energy-guzzling CFL, halogen and even incandescent bulbs in our schools, offices, public buildings or homes.

The original ultra-compact pan-and-tilt Timeguard LED NIGHTeyes broke the mould and were a completely new concept in outdoor lighting design. Small and yet remarkably powerful, these floodlights are compact and stylish enough to be used anywhere. A range of more business-like looking floodlights followed, with precisiondesigned lenses and reflector plates to ensure that the light that is emitted is not only diffused and more pleasing to the eye, but also give more comprehensive coverage for security. The polycarbonate casing and easy wiring, from the main body onto the back plate, make these lights an installers’ favorite. NIGHTeye models. Clever lens diffusers ensure that they emit an even spread light ideal for both safety and security Lighting, making them a direct replacement for oldstyle bulkheads.

One of the names you are most likely to hear when you enquire about replacing outdoor lighting with LEDs, is NIGHTeye from Timeguard, the firm that has consistently led the way with its combinations of innovative design and superior quality.

Autumn 2014 sees the addition of New super slim options to the range. IMAGE new LED Die-Cast Bulkheads) Made from solid die-cast metal they are tough enough for industrial and commercial installations and benefit from the even light

Outdoor LED lighting: traditional designs brought up to date pattern as do other models in the NIGHTeye range, thanks to the layout of the individual diodes behind the frosted light-diffusing lenses. Schools, colleges, offices and back yards everywhere win all-round: energy saving with faster payback, good looks, good quality and a straightforward installation job to replace old energy-guzzling bulkheads.


While the main advantage of LEDs is cited as their energy efficiency, the quality of light emitted is important too, especially now the

technology is being used in our homes and offices. The quality of light emitted by LEDs can vary between the stark glare of a light which is no more than an array of LED ‘dots’ and units with lenses designed to create a more gentle, diffused light, as with the NIGHTeye range. Of course an LED lamp requires a lot more than the diodes – there is also a driver and a heat sink to dissipate the energy spike produced on switching, and the allimportant PIR detectors. The quality of these components is as important as that of the diode in building a long-lasting product. For instance, relatively few of the PIRs on the market are actually rated to switch

LEDs which, despite their low rating, do generate a significant spike in switching. Some Led lamps do not even have proper cooling fins. Very cheap is rarely very cheerful. The most economical lighting of all is the lighting made from quality components which can be fitted and forgotten, and that usually means a trusted brand name like Timeguard.

Check out the whole range at ❚ enquiry 143 .

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Energy Saving LED Wide Beam Floodlights Save Money . Save Energy . Save Time

90% saving on energy!


Timeguard’s range of 10, 20 & 30W LED Energy Saving Wide Beam Floodlights – equivalent to up to 250W of halogen lighting with only 10% of the running costs.

For our complete Energy S aving LED PIR Lighting Range. Victory Park, 400 Edgware Road, London NW2 6ND

Sales Office Direct Line: 020 8452 1112


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October 2014






Contemporary and Heritage Roofline • Rainwater • Cladding


Long lasting, sustainable PVC systems for exposed and inaccessible locations. • Responsibly sourced and manufactured • Maximum CSH points for new build • Minimum lifetime costs for refurbishment BUILDING PRODUCTS

❚ enquiry 144 .

Rockwool, the world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation, will be attending this year’s RCI Show

ROCKWOOL, the world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation, will be attending this year’s rci Show (29th & 30th October) highlighting the importance of acoustic and thermal systems through a range of system demonstrations and seminars. The main focus will be on flat roofing and guest speaker, Andrew Parkin, Acoustics Partner at Cundall Acoustics, will co-host their seminar highlighting the importance of acoustics within construction. During this two-day event ROCKWOOL’s technical experts will be available to offer advice on their full range of roofing, cladding and insulation solutions schools, offices and public buildings including the flat roofing solution, HARDROCK® Multi-Fix [DD], RAINSCREEN cladding system, and the REDArt™ range of external wall

solutions. Within the demonstration area, visitors will have the opportunity to view the HARDROCK® MultiFix [DD] solution witnessing firsthand just how fast and easy it is to install acoustic insulation systems. Theory behind the practice For visitors seeking to further their understanding of acoustics, ROCKWOOL will host two half hour seminar sessions (29th October at 3pm and 30th October at 10.30am) in conjunction with guest speaker Andrew Parkin, Acoustics Partner at Cundall Acoustics.

Paul Barrett, Product Manager at ROCKWOOL Ltd, concludes: “As an independent and experienced acoustic consultant, Andrew Parkin’s seminar will provide invaluable insight into the theory that sits behind acoustic practice. Focussing on the fundamentals, the seminar will equip visitors with an essential understanding that can ultimately translate into time and cost savings. These align themselves with ROCKWOOL’s approach and our products and enable visitors to experience firsthand how our systems and solutions can support potentially complex and costly projects.” The rci Show is the perfect showcase for all roofing, cladding and insulation products and services for trade professionals and specifiers. ❚ enquiry 145

Jet Cox at the 2014 RCI Show

Jet Cox Ltd. will be exhibiting at the RCI show in the RICOH Arena in Coventry on 29th and 30th October 2014 on stand G10. The company has been manufacturing roof lights since 1954 and will be showing a range of these on its stand including the Coxdome Trade Range, Circular, Pyramid, the 2000 Range, Glass roof lights, Pyramid, Trapezoid and many more. All products manufactured at Jet Cox are

quality tested to the highest standards. With professional accreditations and ISO9001 -2008, all aspects of its manufacturing and operational process is stringently audited to ensure that the processes maintain consistency and the production constantly meets the requirements of its customers. Jet Cox staff will be on hand to offer a full sales and technical advice and could assist with any project on the stand or later at its headquarters in the Midlands. ❚ enquiry 146

Dallmer shows off its roof drainage products at the RCI SHOW Dallmer will be exhibiting at the RCI show in the RICOH Arena in Coventry on 29th and 30th October 2014 on stand I08A. Dallmer has been a world-leading specialist company on products for draining water from and around buildings for 100 years. Dallmer will be showing a range of its products including the RenovaDrain, ideal for retrofit. When reroofing, a major problem encountered is often the removal of existing roof drains before installing new

ones and connecting them inside the building to existing drain-pipes. Dallmer’s Renova 63T Roof Drain is a product, which overcomes this problem completely and therefore reduces the overall cost of roof renovation dramatically. Dallmer staff will be on hand to offer a full sales and technical advice and could assist with any project on the stand or later at the company’s headquarters in Lavenham. ❚ enquiry 147

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October 2014



Scott Bader exhiBiting BBa approved crySticrooF® grp rooFing SyStemS at rci 2014 Show, ricoh arena, coventry 29-30 octoBer (Stand e03)

During the RCI Show, Scott Bader will be promoting its CrysticROOF® BBA Premier resin system, designed for producing seamless flat and pitched roofs, balconies, dorma windows and walkways, along with specialist fire rated and cold weather CrysticROOF topcoat products.

crysticrooF® ‘BBa premier’ is a cold-applied grp roofing system, fully BBa approved, which is proven as a longlasting, leak-free alternative to traditional roofing materials, such as bitumen, felt and lead, and comes with a 25 year guarantee if installed by a certified contractor. the full range of crysticrooF® products is exclusively stocked by Sig roofing Supplies in the UK, available nationally to roofing installers via local Sig outlets. Scott Bader is an associate member of the national Federation of roofing contractors and crysticrooF® BBa premier is a recognised system under the competent roofer scheme. a new crysticrooF® fire retardant (Fr) product, which is a specially formulated isophthalic Fr topcoat, is now part of the ‘standard’ crysticrooF® system. according to Scott Bader, by offering an Fr rated grp flat roof system as

standard, it helps specifiers and contractors to avoid the risk of installing a system which does not meet the required fire safety and building regulations; the new standard crysticrooF® system with this Fr topcoat now included meets BS476 part 3, as well as providing guaranteed long term Uv resistance and weathering performance. installers can lengthen the building season later in winter and earlier in the spring by using crysticrooF® cooLcure resin, providing approved installation procedures and guidelines are strictly followed. crysticrooF® cooLcure resin is chemically designed to fully react and harden even when applied in conditions as low as 50c when used with a suitable hBo-50 winter catalyst.

08/08/2014 12:29 Page 1

all crysticrooF® resins and topcoats have been developed by Scott Bader’s r & d team of chemists, and are manufactured in Scott Bader’s UK plant in northamptonshire to iSo 9001, iSo14001 and ohSaS 18001 standards and procedures. Scott Bader has over 60 years’ experience in polyester chemistry and advanced grp systems for demanding building and construction, marine and transportation applications. Scott Bader is also an established speciality chemical emulsions supplier to major manufacturers of finished products for the building and decoration market such as: ceramic tile adhesives, sealants and caulks, primer systems, construction coatings and cement modifiers.



❚ enquiry 148.



29-30 OCTOBER 2014 Ricoh Arena, Coventry


(Spons ARKING or FREE C ed by SIG)



(Spons H ON ARRI ored by V Welwyn AL Tool) FR

EE PLUS O WIFI FFERS and dis coun

exclusiv t vouchers e rci show to the visitor

● 130 EXHIBITORS including manufacturers, suppliers, merchants and key associations offering advice and showcasing their latest industry products and materials, with some even offering discount vouchers to you the visitor. ● LARGE DEMO AREA where 13 companies will showcase their latest products and systems for you to try out and test. ● LISTEN & LEARN in the Technical Centre, hosted by the NFRC, where best practice and the latest technical issues will be discussed. Also make the most of the “drop in clinic” service where experts will offer solutions to your queries. ● TWO SEMINAR THEATRES - sponsored by Rockwool & SIG - hosting a comprehensive seminar programme where speakers from DECC, the Zero Carbon Hub, UKGBC, CITB and Balfour Beatty, amongst others, will discuss all the key issues for the built environment, and how these affect you in your daily business. ● ALL THE KEY INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS will be on hand to discuss any queries and membership benefits.



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CENTER PARCS FLIP FOR THE PANCAKE HOUSE’S NEW GREEN ROOF A sustainable green roof at the new £250 million Center Parcs is set to thrive after Shropshire-based Boningale Nurseries supplied more than 7,000 plants for the extensive green roof.

October 2014

UK CANADIAN Cedar Tree Construction specifies Acme clay tiles to replicate Canadian style in the UK

The new resort, which opened at Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire, in 2014, features a green roof on top of the Pancake House, one of the restaurants on site. The Albrighton-based nursery, one of the UK’s largest nurseries and environmental horticultural specialists, was asked by green roofing installers ABG to supply the SkyPlugs – robust plant plugs that Boningale Greensky, its green roof division, has developed specifically for green roofs – for the 353 m2 sustainable roof space. The company provided nine different species of sedum, each of which has a strong and developed rootball and is grown in the Boningale GreenSky substrate, a growing medium that is tailored to suit the environment in which the plants are being grown. Maggie Fennell, Manager of Boningale GreenSky, said the green roof would benefit the local environment, would be longlasting and be visually stunning for years to come with minimal maintenance. “Using a mix of plants, rather than planting large numbers of a single species

improves the roof’s performance by making it more resilient to changing weather patterns year on year; we also selected nine varieties with different foliage and flower colours that would look fantastic before the site was ready to open to the public,” she said. “They established themselves in the roof substrate very quickly and the roots spread into the substrate to ensure the plants will grow healthily without ongoing requirement for regular watering and feeding.” The living roof had to conform to a range of environmental

initiatives and also provide maximum value for money. A tight growing and delivery schedule saw Boningale Nurseries deliver the plants for the green roof in its own vehicles to ensure timing and paperwork requirements were met. Following delivery and planting, the site was awarded “considerate constructors’ approval”. To find out more, visit

❚ enquiry 149

An innovative Canadian style home, built as a showcase by Cedar Tree Construction, is using Marley Eternit’s Acme Grey Sandfaced clay plain tiles to replicate the style of the cedar shake roofs commonly seen in Vancouver. Greg Jones, the owner of Cedar Tree Construction, recently relocated back to Swansea in South Wales after spending four years in Canada, building superior homes. Inspired by the beautiful timber home designs, he decided to design and build his own family home as a showcase to demonstrate how the Canadian style of construction could be incorporated into new build and

renovation projects in the UK. Marley Eternit’s Acme Grey Sandfaced clay plain tiles in a single camber were specified to replicate the aesthetics of Canadian wooden shake roofs, as well as to complement the cedar shingles that were being used on vertical elements of the build. Greg Jones explains: “I’ve worked with Marley Eternit on roofing projects before and they were able to provide me with technical support to help me find the perfect roof tile, not only by providing a range of samples but also by identifying projects that I could visit to see how the tiles would look on a completed roof.

is unique in the way in which it transmits Museum-Quality Daylighting™, flooding the interior with natural diffused daylight while reducing the reliance on artificial lighting. It not only eliminates glare and shadows but creates a stunning interior ambience. Apart from being specified for all types of new build, Kalwall is increasingly used for the refurbishment of cladding or rooflights on aged buildings. Case studies and technical information are available from Structura UK Ltd - tel: 01233 501 504 or visit ❚ enquiry 150

Lighting Up


The Design Prototyping and Testing Centre (DPTC) is one of the latest buildings in Rotherham’s Advanced Manufacturing Park. Founded by the University of Sheffield in association with companies such as Boeing and Rolls-Royce, it was built to establish new standards for manufacturing research facilities worldwide. Designed by Bond Bryan architects, the building’s BREEAM Excellent rating was achieved

using a variety of concepts including Kalwall® translucent wall cladding. The Centre is designed as a people facility contained within a single rectilinear volume. Here researchers working at their desks are able to view the large scale workshops from a high-level office mezzanine thereby giving an intimate relationship between the two types of space. Widely used for cladding and roofing, the highly insulating Kalwall system

Project and technical information are available from Structura UK, the exclusive distributor for Kalwall translucent daylight building systems for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and a leading supplier, fabricator and installer of glass curtain walling, rainscreens, glass atria, windows and other architectural glass building products.

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October 2014


Solar Slate’s Planning friendly Roof Slate matches natural slate whilst giving unobtrusive free Solar PV Electricity and 20 Years Government Feed-in-Tariff earnings. Solar Slate is changing the face of Solar Photovoltaics.

Our planning-friendly range of technologies provide solar power from a traditional slate roof with: • No planning headaches • No complaints from the neighbours • No unsightly solar panels • Helping you achieve Code 4,5 or 6 standard build

Start your journey today and allow: • Green energy to be generated at the property • No hard visual impact • Energy cost protection long term • Free electricity at the property • Earning from the Government feed in Tariff • Protect our heritage


Channel 4 host and design guru, Kevin McCloud was impressed with new Solar Slate Multi and said; "It is the ideal solution for generating electricity without affecting the aesthetics"

Solar Slate Traditional product is designed to match standard 20” x 10” ‘Countess’ slate and provides a close colour match to many types of historically relevant natural slates including Welsh blue-grey. Now alongside it, the Solar Slate Multi offers the superior aesthetic that the Solar Slate Traditional boasts but in a larger format.

For the first time, it’s possible to take advantage of solar power without compromise. Unhook from the fossil-fuelled lifestyle and make a real reduction in your carbon footprint. As a technology, ours is unlike anything else that’s available, truly taking the concept of a solar slate to a new dimension. Even homes in historic or conservation areas can now tap into an endless supply of free, clean energy, with the added longterm financial benefit of guaranteed payments from the government’s Feed-In Tariffs. British-designed and European-manufactured, all of our products are backed with a wealth of experience and a wide install base. Every project is a journey so we support our customers every step of the way, from supply and design through to installation and warranty.

The larger format has reduced costs, allows faster and simpler installation giving all round better value. The panel is manufactured to match standard 24” x 12” ‘Duchess’ slates and is effectively 4 slates in a single panel. Solar Slate is ideal for use in in conservation areas, on historical buildings, new builds, sites where standard solar panels are not an option, renovation projects and has an unrivalled track record in gaining planning approval. These projects, being grade II listed buildings in conservation areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty, challenged Planners. Standard solar panels were refused by the LPA so samples of Solar Slate were submitted by the homeowners, which gained approval. We have a permanent display at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon which you can visit at any time for free and we will be at a number of shows in the forthcoming months – for more information check our website or register for updates.

For more information: please visit email, or better still call us on 01454 627841.

❚ enquiry 151 .

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A winning situation allround with UNILIN, division insulation UNILIN Structural Insulated Roof Panels by UNILIN, division insulation offer advantages for end users, specifiers and contractors in equal measure. For end users, UNILIN roof panels provide a highly efficient thermally insulated roof that helps to reduce ongoing energy costs while adding valuable extra space. The simple uncomplicated design means excellent durability and fully compliant with building regulations, the panels will provide a high performance roof for many years to come. Specifiers can benefit from a product that achieves reliable thermal performance by design, without the need for complex details and specification clauses. With a range of products and solutions for virtually any project, UNILIN roof panels can be integrated in the design phase to

produce cost-effective, fast-track and environmentally sound projects that will meet the expectations of end users. When it comes to the contractor, roofs made with UNILIN structural insulated roof panels provide a simple and fast way to build. As a sealed system that avoids thermal bridging problems, a UNILIN roof is trouble free and watertight from the moment it is built. No specialist trades or tools are required and the system has been successfully installed in Europe for over 35 years. Available in a range of different specifications, insulation materials, thickness and with a full custom programme available, UNILIN structural insulated roof panels are transforming the way UK roofs are created. With a system to meet the look of traditional UK domestic pitched roofs, UNILIN, division insulation is finding increasing use within new build residential developments. ❚ enquiry 152

October 2014

Get long term thermal insulation with Everbuild Thermofoam Heat can escape from buildings through windows, doors and other wall break through points, wasting energy and reducing efficiency. Thermofoam is a new, highly flexible PU expanding foam from Everbuild, specially formulated to absorb movement, giving an air tight seal to reduce heat loss and in turn improving energy efficiency in buildings. With global warming being one of today’s biggest concerns, all new buildings must be tested for air permeability ensuring the air tightness of the structure is up to standard. Any heated air lost though gaps and cracks must be replaced requiring additional energy, reducing efficiency and increasing carbon emissions which have been closely linked to global warming. Thermofoam has been tested to the latest standard and is not only air

permeability tested to EN12114:200-03 but also acoustic rated to EN ISO 717-1 up to 64Db, temperature resistant (-40 to 80°C) and finally fire rated to ISO 13501 Class E. The powerful bond strength and flexibility of Thermofoam gives excellent long term thermal and acoustic insulation by inhibiting cracks from occurring during the contraction of building materials in areas such as around window and door frames, giving a hermetically sealed barrier. Thermofoam is available in 750ml tins and is compatible with the Everbuild range of foam applicator guns to give the user more control to apply the foam in hard to reach places. ❚ enquiry 153 traditional brick and block. Due to the nature of the building method, high-performance airtight materials were required to optimise moisture management and thermal efficiency within the houses.

Isover Technology offers airtight solution for William May Developments Saint-Gobain Isover has provided housebuilder William May Developments with innovative airtightness membranes and highperformance insulation to optimise thermal efficiency and moisture management in a new development in Bestwood Village, Nottingham. The manufacturer’s

Vario Membrane System was selected for the construction of 18 timber framed housing units, following a decision by William May Developments to use sustainable timberframe construction, rather than

Capable of minimising air leakage from external walls and internal partitions, the Vario Membrane is ideal for enhancing thermal performance in timberframe homes.

Commercial insulation installer, Kershaw Contracting Services Limited has recently completed a series of insulation installation works into the refurbishment of the Diamond Room building, situated on the Cripps Court complex of Selwyn College, University of Cambridge.

Insulation Upgrade Makes Diamond Room Sparkle with Energy Efficiency The Diamond Room is a conference and meetings venue which has also been used by generations of students over the years. It’s set out over a single floor with a central, double height atrium and, as its name suggests, is an unusually shaped building. Each of the multiple external walls is punctuated at regular intervals by a strip of full length windows consisting of three panes, and each separate section of wall is clad with an impressive natural flint finish.

For Kershaw, there were three phases to the project. First, they installed cavity wall insulation into each of the wall sections, drilling the injection holes from the inside, rather than the conventional method of external access, in order to protect the flint. Next, the team applied internal wall insulation which they friction fitted between the joists. The final task was to install Knauf Earthwool Loft Roll 44, a flexible, light weight, glass mineral wool quilt, into the suspended ceiling

areas. Ian Macklin, Managing Director of Kershaw Contracting Services, said “The Diamond Room is the latest in a number of works we have carried out for Selywn College. We have previously installed loft insulation into student accommodation and dining hall areas, and are proud to continue our association with such a prestigious client.”

For further information visit:

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Permcalc gives Brett Landscaping the edge in SUDS specification at Carrington Place The convenience and performance of PermCalc, Brett landscaping’s design tool for permeable paving, has been instrumental in the specification of Brett omega Flow as part of a sustainable drainage solution (SuDS) for a new build project in East Sussex. The site offered limited soakage; as a result, an effective method of sustainable drainage was essential to match greenfield run-off rates. JMlA used PermCalc to devise a system to resolve this issue. The solution combines permeable paving with a system of concrete pipes for attenuation and discharge into an on-site stormwater sewer.

impact upon water quality. “We were given a demonstration of PermCalc by Brett landscaping, and felt that it offered a robust and intuitive method of formulating a sustainable drainage system,” explained John loades, Principal of JMlA ltd. The software is a delight to work with, because Brett landscaping understand the needs of structural engineers and can anticipate the types of problems commonly encountered with a site.” PermCalc users are taken through a step-by-step process which is based on the current British Standard guidance for designing permeable pavements. This requires them to enter structural and hydraulic data about the proposed site as well as average rainfall, the type of vehicle load the paving must withstand and any known pollutants that will

“The software is particularly useful for calculating the level of attenuation and the depth of subbase required to achieve it,” confirmed John loades. once the drainage designs had been confirmed, 700m2 of Brett omega Flow 80mm was specified in two colour variants – charcoal and brindle. The paving was installed by contractor AM Smith Groundworks in line with JMlA’s blueprint. “The success of the Carrington Place project could not have been achieved without effective sustainable drainage,” explains laurence Hulkes, Construction Management Consultant at The Park lane Group. “Thanks to PermCalc, we were able to harness the permeable paving expertise of Brett landscaping to devise an appropriate solution that has allowed us to build these highquality properties without compromising on the surrounding hard landscaping of the site.” JMlA now uses PermCalc on a regular basis to assist with the design of sites where permeable paving is required.

❚ enquiry 155


Hanson Formpave’s block and permeable paving has been specified by David Wilson Homes for its new £350m development, The Racecourse Newbury. Formpave is providing 8,000 square metres of Golden Brindle and Charcoal block paving as well as Red Brindle permeable paving incorporating its Aquaflow Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS). David Wilson Homes specified Formpave’s SUDS system to meet sustainable criteria under the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM. Commercial manager, Gary Williams, said: “We have provided paving solutions to David Wilson Homes on a range of developments and are committed to offering a solution to suit any project’s criteria.”

David Wilson Homes’ project manager, Daniel Pavely, said: “Formpave offers a large range of paving options and colours which meant they were able to provide the perfect paving to complement the new homes and the surrounding area.” The project is a joint venture by David Wilson Homes Southern and Newbury Racecourse and is expected to take up to 10 years to complete. Regeneration of the 106 year old site will include improvements to the racing, hospitality, conference and events facilities, and provide up to 1,500 new homes.

October 2014

International distribution helps conservation across the globe Wildlife World has expanded its international distribution to supply innovative conservation products to 21 different countries globally. The Cotswolds based company serves the entire UK and ireland to as far afield as the USA, Canada, Dubai and New Zealand. The vast range of hand made wildlife items reach the majority of Europe with areas including Scandinavia, the Danubian region as well as France, Spain, italy, Switzerland and Belgium having large customer bases. Wildlife World’s success on the international stage is due to the combination of the high quality and specialised products produced and the company’s efforts to raise awareness of the importance of conservation in all environments. Wildlife World draws upon the knowledge of conservation and wildlife experts to create carefully designed, innovative nesting habitats for a range of wildlife in varying environments. Boxes and feeders for birds, hedgehogs, small mammals, frogs and a wide variety of insects are hand crafted from ethically sourced materials, including only FSC certified timber, at its Gloucestershire workshop and production

partners before being distributed internationally. As part of Wildlife World’s environmental commitment it actively involves itself in wildlife awareness through financial and promotional support to various nature and environmental charities including the international Bee Research Association, Wildlife Rescue Centres and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society as well as Butterfly and Bat Conservation charities. ❚ enquiry 156

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October 2014


Sunscreen for your wood




PERMEABLEE / POROUS SOLUTIONSS FOR $"31"3,4t"$$&443065&4t%3*7&8":4

UV Protection Factor 12

Maintains the natural colour of the wood and limits the greying process > Prolongs wood lifetime > Algae and fungal decay protection > Transparent 425 Oak finish and 428 Cedar finish now available Call or visit the web for stockists.


T: 013776 503869 WWW W.SURE-GRO OUND.COM

+44 (0)1296 481 220 ❚ enquiry 157.

❚ enquiry 158. Millboard. Inspired by nature. Designed for living. ·

Luxury wood free decking


Anti slip to BS79.76


Low maintenance


Manufactured in the UK

Tel: 02476 439 943 Web: ❚ enquiry 159 .

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October 2014

Hazeley School. Photo: Chris Hodson

PAVING THE SUSTAINABLE WAY A new report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) highlights the need for wider use of permeable paving and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) now to help fight flooding and pollution.

Designers take the lead SuDS and permeable paving have now become local planning issues. Increasingly, sustainable drainage and paving requirements will be found in local policies and plans, master-plans, design codes and, particularly, Supplementary Planning Documents. This is also a clarion call for architects, masterplanners and other designers to take the lead in developing multifunctional SuDS as an integral part of place shaping. However, several recent schemes demonstrate missed opportunities – particularly for a wider use of permeable paving as a source control. Now is the time for designers to gain a closer understanding of techniques such as concrete block permeable paving, in line with the convergence of SuDS and other planning guidance at all levels. With good design as a priority, engineering then becomes a supporting function, not an end in itself. Concrete block permeable paving is uniquely placed to meet a wide range of sustainable drainage and urban design requirements. The growing choice of concrete block permeable paving products available from Interpave manufacturers - with numerous shapes, styles, finishes and colours - allows real design freedom. They can also be used in conjunction with conventional precast concrete paving products, sharing the same impressive performance including slip and skid resistance, durability and strength. At the same time, permeable paving can provide completely level, well-drained, firm and slipresistance ‘accessible’ surfaces without the need for cross-falls, channels, gulleys or other interruptions. Rainwater ‘ponding’ is eliminated, reducing the risk of ice forming on the surface and preventing splashing from standing water. Innovative design opportunities But its real strength is an ability to remove water-borne pollution offering the important – and often missed - opportunity of a gradual supply of treated water that can be

Abode, Cambridge. Photo: Simon Bunn

Although the 2010 Flood and Water Management Act will make SuDS mandatory for any construction work that affects the ability of land to absorb rainwater, these measures cannot be applied without the long-awaited National Standards and related Guidance. With no sign of action before the next election, the recently published CCC Adaptation SubCommittee Progress Report calls on government to implement the Act without further delay.

It also points out that The National Planning Policy Framework already encourages the use of SuDS but

most local planning authorities are still failing to follow national planning policy on sustainable drainage. And it demonstrates that planning regulations from 2008 for paving in gardens and around non-domestic premises are not being enforced by planners either. Here, permitted development rights were removed for new or replacement hard surfaces, such as drives and car parks, unless permeable paving or similar solutions are used. Clearly, local planning authorities must now prioritise sustainable drainage as a key element in development control.

Abode, Cambridge. Photo: Simon Bunn

Abode, Cambridge. Photo: Simon Bunn

exploited for innovative landscape design, harvesting and ecology by imaginative designers. For example, at the pioneering Hazeley School, Milton Keynes, concrete block permeable paved car parks feed treated water to ponds for wildlife - notably indigenous great crested newts. In play areas, it collects and filters rainfall runoff from adjacent hard games surfaces and roofs for toilet flushing. Concrete block permeable paving also helps to define the character of the new Abode housing scheme in Cambridge - Winner of the Housing Design Awards 2014. Interpave has launched a new edition of a discussion document – SuDS and Permeable Paving Today, intended for all those involved with the development process. The document is freely available via: /commercial, where news of latest developments, further guidance documents and various case studies can also be found.


The Old Rectory, Main Street, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8DG Tel: 0116 232 5170 Fax: 0116 232 5197 E-mail: Website:

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October 2014


Brett Landscaping highlights added value services to go â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Beyond Pavingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Brett Landscaping has attributed the success of its commercial paving operation to a range of services and tools it offers to customers â&#x20AC;&#x201C; including bespoke technical assistance, groundbreaking design software, an ongoing focus on sustainability as well as its RIBA-approved CPD programme for architects and specifiers.

In a competitive marketplace, the responsibilities of a successful a hard landscaping supplier extend further than helping the customer to choose the right style of paving block. The aim, according to Brett Landscaping, is to go â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;beyond paving,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; as Marketing Manager Andrew Gill explains. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There is no 'one size fits all solution' for commercial paving - ambitious projects require bespoke designs,â&#x20AC;? points out Andrew Gill. We aim to save our customers time by providing expert advice to help them quickly achieve a solution to meet their specific objectives.â&#x20AC;?

develop bespoke solutions to specific landscaping challenges. Products including mobility kerbs and verge protection units have subsequently been successfully added to the standard Brett Landscaping product range. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are always receptive to unusual demands from customers because it is precisely these challenges that can help to drive new product development, and thereby determine solutions that can be translated to similar situations,â&#x20AC;? explains Andrew Gill.

The Brett Landscaping design and technical support service is well equipped to make life easier for specifiers, architects and developers. Amongst the services available are help with kerb cutting, flag detailing, bespoke paver design, site planning and installation advice as well as troubleshooting.

Other tools include PermCalc, the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s free-to-use software that enables engineers and planners to easily create fully costed permeable paving designs for commercial applications. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Permeable paving is becoming a much-sought after solution to sustainable drainage since it does not increase land take and provides a fantastic aesthetic,â&#x20AC;? explains Andrew Gill. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Across the country, numerous developments are underway or already completed that have been designed using PermCalc.â&#x20AC;?

Practical examples of Brett success in these areas include the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ability to

The companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s increased commercial focus also demanded greater emphasis on formalising our sustainability


credentials industry accreditations such as Sustainability BES 6001 for Responsible Sourcing. This drive for improvement saw Brett Landscaping become one of the first manufacturers in our sector to hold the full suite of ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001 and BES 6001 certification. Similarly, the Brett Trief kerb for vehicle containment was the first such kerb in the marketplace to be successfully tested by the TRL to the EN 1317-2 standard for Road Restraint Systems. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We believe that our technical knowhow rivals or even betters that of anyone in the industry, but it is important that such belief is reinforced by independent, third-party assessment,â&#x20AC;? explains Andrew Gill. Brett Landscaping also shares its knowledge, via its RIBA-accredited CPD programme. â&#x20AC;&#x153;With the latest advances in modern commercial landscaping, the skills you need are changing all of the time. That's why we offer a range of CPD presentations covering a number of key areas including: Paving Design for Urban Areas; SuDS and the Role of Permeable Paving; and Designing for Specialist Kerbs,â&#x20AC;? confirms Andrew Gill. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The breadth of choice we offer in terms of RIBA accredited CPD can help architects to make significant inroads into meeting their requirements for professional training,â&#x20AC;? concludes Andrew Gill.

5 I F  ' J S T U     5 I F  # F T U    "EK VT U B CM F  QF EF T U B M T  G PS 


7F S Z  D M F W F S     XXX C V [ P O V L  D P N   T B M F T !C V [ P O V L  D P N                        

â?&#x161; enquiry 161 .

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October 2014

October 2014 £4.50




Promoting energy




products for the constru

ction industry




sustainable building




efficient, healthy &


















































    Mexico’s Presiden t Enrique Nieto, in the presence Peña of the Governor of the State of Mexico, government ministers , the Mayor of Mexico City, Lord Foster and Fernando Romero, announced that a collabor ation between Foster + Partners , FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise) and NACO (Netherla nds Airport Consultants) has won the international competi tion to design Mexico City’s new international airport. At 470,000 square metres, it will be one of the world’s largest airports. Conceived with Foster + Partners engineering team, the revolutionises airport project design – the entire terminal is enclosed within a continuo us lightweight gridshell, embraci ng walls and roof in a single, flowing form, evocative of flight. 










Foster + Partners and FRto design new internation EE Fernando Romero al airport for Mexico City 

T enquiry 801. www.mclin



A McDermott Publicati


October 2014 £4.50

Simply fill out the grid with the enquiry numbers you are interested in, cut out this

adds Elegance to exclusive housing development

box and post to : Ecobuilding News, FREEPOST BM 680, Kings Norton, Birmingham











Name: Position: Company: Address: Postcode: Tel No: Website: Email: By providing your details, you are consenting for McDermott Publishing Ltd to keep you up-to-date with news and offers via email. If you wish to opt out of this service, please tick the box provided.


Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of above and below ground drainage, plastic plumbing and underfloor heating systems, has seen its Elegance rainwater system selected for use in a highly sought after residential project in the heart of Dartmoor National Park. Working closely with developer Selleck Nicholls Homes, Polypipe supplied the Elegance system as part of a scheme to develop seven new homes at the picturesque Stoneycliffe Place in Princetown, Devon. Situated within Dartmoor National Park, special consideration was required to ensure the exterior of the buildings and products selected, were aesthetically sensitive to the local area – which contains properties dating back to the early 19th Century. With the look of a traditional cast iron system and all of the product and installation benefits of PVC-U, Polypipe’s stylish Elegance Rainwater System provided the ideal drainage solution. In

this project the Elegance Ogee profile with in-built notches was specified, which ensures a secure fit for retaining clips and prevents guttering becoming dislodged due to heat expansion. David Selleck, Director at Selleck Nicholls Homes, said: “Developing a new site within a conservation area can have its complications, particularly when using modern building products, but with Elegance we were able to achieve a best of both solution combining aesthetics and performance, which will require minimal maintenance for homeowners in the years to come”. John Floyd, Regional Development Manager for Polypipe Building Products, added: “Elegance’s distinctive design style proved the perfect compliment to the Stoneycliffe Place development and we were delighted to work with the Selleck Nicholls team on this project. In addition to looking good, the Elegance range is easy to store, handle and install and is suitable for all residential new build and renovation projects.”

For more information visit

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October 2014

Quality drainage systems with

MARLEY PRODUCTS With a large portfolio of products, a full design team and outstanding service from its representatives, a range of Marley Plumbing and Drainage’s products have been installed to a new block of rented flats, designed specifically to support the needs of older residents in Argyll and Bute, Scotland.


at all with the Marley Soil and Waste Systems and when it came to installing Alutec’s products, thanks to how light they were, they were easy to install. However, if we needed advice or had a technical query, our reliable Marley representative working on the project was on hand with sound information and expert answers to our questions.”

Donny Pollock, Project Manager from Cruden Building and Renewables Ltd, commented: “We were contracted by Dunbritton Housing Association on a design and build basis to construct the new 39 self-contained flats, which would provide flexible care solutions to ensure that older people can remain independent for as long as possible. Therefore a good quality drainage system was required – a solution that could be installed and forgotten about which could withstand high daily usage and ultimately meet the project’s budget. “With a wide range of high quality products and a technical team that can provide schematic layouts in line with standard regulations from our CAD drawings and floor plans, we decided to install Marley’s soil and waste products.”


The schematic layouts produced by Marley’s technical team are formulated to give all the relevant product reference codes to make up the drainage design for a project. Marley’s soil and waste products are manufactured to high standards, including BS EN 4514, BS EN 1329 and BS EN 1566, which meet the industry needs and provides the level of durability required. They also offer an alternative solution to cast iron. The lightweight construction of the products also results in easy handling on site, which ensures a quick and clean installation. As well as requiring high quality soil and waste products, the project also needed an exceptional rainwater system. Therefore, aluminium rainwater products were chosen from Alutec’s large portfolio – providing a one-stop shop and an overall project solution from one manufacturer, Aliaxis. Gregg Findlay, Managing Director of Tom Findlay Ltd, commented upon the installation of Marley’s products: “Throughout this project, we had no issues

Marley’s Quantum sewer and Underground range were also specified for this project. The structured wall pipes of the products are suitable for public and large sewers at depths of up to 10m below ground, delivering the flexibility to tolerate ground movement without damage, whilst withstanding the combined effects of backfill and loading. What’s more, the large diameter pipes require fewer joints, which reduces the likelihood of leaks and blockages. The Quantum Sewer pipe is lightweight, enhancing site handling and installation, cost effective and a modern alternative to clay or concrete pipes – ideal for this new build project. Additionally, the Quantum Sewer system has been proven that once installed, it is virtually maintenance free. Donny continued: “Thanks to Marley’s high quality, extensive product offering and specification assistance, as well as the backup of their representative, it allowed us to complete the project on time and provide ourselves and the end users with confidence that the products are truly longperforming.” ❚ enquiry 162.

For more information please visit

Brake® Flow Controls were chosen. Downstream Defender® hydrodynamic vortex separators are installed at the inlets to the pond from each of the four catchments. They remove sediments, floating detritus and hydrocarbons, protecting the ponds’ ecology and preventing them from silting up. Pond 1 also incorporates a sedimentation forebay as additional protection, important during construction phases.

SuDS Infrastructure for Cambridge Homes Expansion BUILDING a sustainable drainage infrastructure for a development providing 1000s of new homes to serve the expanding Cambridge conurbation has delivered important lessons for housebuilders as they prepare for new regulations for SuDS in England and Wales – whilst demonstrating that the solution for every site must be individual.

stress that ground conditions and topography meant the drainage solution developed was very unique to the needs of the site: The SuDS solution at Great Kneighton shows how effective masterplanning, combined with a practical approach to designing effective trains of SuDS from a versatile toolbox of engineered and natural solutions, has delivered a workable solution despite challenging ground conditions. Following an £8 million infrastructure investment by Countryside Properties on the former farmland, over half of the development remains open space with a generous green corridor running through the site. Four large SuDS ponds form part of the open space, each providing a different type of amenity and ecology as part of a strategic drainage plan. Seeking a drainage solution: Consulting Engineers URS developed the drainage strategy and URS’ Tracey Neal is keen to

“Every site is individual and that puts different characteristics and demands on the surface water strategy, “ says Neal. “Like much of Cambridgeshire, the site is extremely flat. It has a very high water table and a band of clay with some sands running under much of the site just a metre below ground level. Consequently, an assumption of 60% impermeable area for the development parcels was used. The drainage strategy therefore had little opportunity to use infiltration as part of the solution and there was no option but to discharge the majority of the surface water offsite.” The Environment Agency set discharge limits to achieve greenfield run off rates of 2 l/s per hectare. Other important constraints for the drainage infrastructure included the 1 in 100 year storm event

parameter with an additional 30% climate change allowance. A further environmental constraint was the receiving watercourse, which is the carefully protected and historic Hobson’s Brook dating back to 1571. “Developing a drainage solution was quite a challenge as it is so flat in all directions and the water falls in a very flat gradation,” adds Nigel Borrell, Senior Technical Manager for Countryside Properties. We therefore ended up dividing the site into 4 separate stormwater drainage catchments. The Hobson’s Brook runs through each of the four catchments, with the development all built on one side and green open space on the other with surface water drainage centred on four attenuation ponds, each with its own distinct ecology. In these ponds, the area of permanent water covers 1.9 ha. The largest pond is a public amenity and wetland, one is a dry detention basin, and the others are relatively large with permanent water and shallow margins for controlled flooding. “ To control discharge and provide treatment and protection to these ponds, Hydro-

The four large SuDS attenuation ponds are fed from the Downstream Defender® units via syphonic drains (thrust bores) under the Brook. Treatment train strategy: “The Local Authority required three levels of treatment of the water in the SuDS train. The first at the individual plot level, rainwater harvesting and detention strips for example, Downstream Defender® units provide the second level and the ponds provide the third,” explains Neal.

As an important provision, it was essential that all of the strategic drainage for the site is being adopted by Anglian Water including the ponds and the Downstream Defender® separators for a regular inspection and maintenance programme. Early Master Planning was vital: It was important for Cambridge City Council to set out the needs of the site and the SuDS approach at early Master Plan stage. The Environment Agency took the early lead and the City Council’s Sustainable Drainage Team worked closely with them and the Hobson’s Conduit Trust.

Website: ❚ enquiry 163

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October 2014


helped Crown Paints play a part in a major multi-billion pound project at Heathrow Airport The manufacturer was chosen to supply its flame-retardant paint, Crown Trade Timonox, for use in the new Terminal 2B at Heathrow Airport.

Representing a £2bn investment, Terminal 2B is the largest airside project Heathrow Airport has ever undertaken. The specification was supported by Crown Paints’ pioneering carbon footprint reporting service, used throughout the project. Heathrow’s Terminal 2B has been constructed by Balfour Beatty and sets a benchmark in sustainability as the world’s first Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) certified airport terminal.

Balfour Beatty consulted with suppliers, including Crown Paints, to ensure complete sustainability throughout the project, something which was aided by Crown Paints’ carbon footprint reporting process.

The environmental team from Balfour Beatty gathered information about materials on site, to feed into their own Sustainability Action Plan. KPIs were measured in areas including energy and water usage and materials.

For more details and to find out about Crown Paints’ flame retard please contact the Crown Trade Specification Team by calling 08 or visit the website at www.crowntra

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October 2014



With Crown Paints having the ‘tried and tested’ information available about its products, from raw materials through to transport, Balfour Beatty was able to use best practice methodology in accordance with PAS2050.


Mohamed El Shazly, Balfour Beatty’s environmental advisor to the Heathrow T2B project, said: “Crown Paints knows the process that the paints have been through from raw materials through to transportation and their carbon footprint reporting has really helped us. “I found the service from Crown Paints to be really helpful and they were very forthcoming with the information.” Crown Trade Timonox was specified for the project by architect firm Grimshaw, with 5,000 litres applied by H&S Decorating Specialists. Paint was applied across a large swathe of the terminal – including storage plant rooms, arrivals, departures, the apron and through to the basement. Crown Paints are driving a carbon revolution across the company to meet an ambitious carbon reduction target of 10% for 2015 and 25% by 2020, through its Earthbalance® programme. Key to Crown’s success is its work to carbon footprint all Crown Paints’ products, which started in 2010, when the manufacturer launched its pioneering Carbon Portfolio Footprinting process. Representing significant investment and deployment of resources, the process places Crown as the only coatings manufacturer in the UK to have calculated the footprint of every one of its products. Very few companies in the UK and even Europe have this level of knowledge across their product range. Debbie Orr, Marketing Manager at Crown Paints, said: “We offer bespoke specifications for our range of Timonox systems and products because we understand that projects such as T2B, which will cater for millions of passengers a year, have a range of requirements which the products must fulfil. “We are delighted our carbon footprint reporting, as part of our commitment to sustainability, sets us apart from the competition and contributed to this world-leading project.” Crown Trade Timonox Flame Retardant Coatings offer the right paint for the job to underpin fire safety management programmes. When applied to non-combustible surfaces, Crown Trade Timonox Flame Retardant Coatings provide excellent flame retardant properties and can maintain the fire rating of the construction with subsequent applications. Debbie Orr added “Applied to the walls and ceilings of corridors, stairwells and other communal areas that form part of a circulation area or fire escape route in public buildings, Timonox can help provide additional time for a building to be safely evacuated. “All paints contain material that can burn – but Crown Trade Timonox products are specially formulated to slow down this process. This means they can help buy precious extra time for evacuation – with the potential to save lives. “The system reduces the risk of fire spread on walls and ceilings where multiple layers of conventional paint can

etardant paint CPD programme, g 0845 034 1464, email

create a flammable surface if they have built up over many years.

what products - from the specification brands of Crown Trade,

“This means that Timonox is generally used for refurbishment projects, where it basically spreads flame more slowly than traditional paint, whether water borne or solvent borne. Used over multiple layers of sound, standard paints, Timonox systems can re-instate the original fire rating of surfaces without the need to remove the existing coatings.

Sadolin and Sandtex Trade - they need for their chosen projects.

“However, at Heathrow Terminal 2B, the specifier is being very forward-thinking, as the use of Timonox here is maintaining the fire rating of the new construction from the start.

❚ enquiry 164 .

“In the long-term, providing Timonox is used when it is refurbished, it will continue to keep the original fire rating. Specifiers can enhance their selection of functional products such as Crown Trade Timonox with a powerful online resource launched by Crown Paints, PaintSpec Finder®. Available at the facility delivers instant and technically-detailed specification plans for exterior and interior projects, through a userfriendly format that allows the user to filter through a great deal of technical information to pinpoint exactly

PaintSpec Finder® then pulls together the specifications into a report, with a personalised cover sheet showing the customer’s name, the project and the user’s own details, which is then all ready for specifiers to hand to their client or add to their tender or reference documents.

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New appointment to take seat in Directors chair at Simpson

Integral LED launches “Metropol” easy-fit LED Downlights Integral LED has extended its impressive range of LED lamps, strips and panels by launching a much-anticipated line-up of ‘Metropol LED’ downlights. Extensive research and testing, which has become the hallmark of the Integral brand, has resulted in this new range of ultra-stylish downlights. Every aspect of the 32 models, which are available now, has been conceived with the electrician and maintenance professional in mind. The Metropol LED Downlight range delivers a no-fuss, no-nonsense solution, which reduces time spent on-site when installing a new lighting scheme or converting an existing installation. A thorough review of products currently available in the market place, combined with feedback from the trade and electricians steered the Integral LED design team toward a practical approach across a spectrum of important features. The products incorporate the excellent Sharp brand chip-onboard LED technology delivering uniform and consistent light levels whilst avoiding undesirable shadows. Special attention has been paid to the problem of glare which was one of the main problems identified; glare has been the most common complaint and cause of negative customer experience in residential and commercial applications. The

Anything but traditional with Tradition cork from Granorte

The practical qualities of cork make it an ideal flooring material while its unique aesthetic is enjoying renewed enthusiasm from designers on the hunt for a floor surface that turns up the style. Recycled from the waste of

October 2014

SIMPSON Strong-Tie is pleased to announce the appointment of Jon Head to the newly created role of Sales Director, in the Connectors UK division of the business. No stranger to the construction industry, prior to his most recent internal appointment, Jon spent a number of years as a Regional Manager for Simpson Strong-Tie, helping Builders merchants in the South West of England grow sales of building connectors.

accurate positioning of the recessed LED combined with a unique and optically designed reflector creates a range of low glare downlights with UGR rating of 10 or below, no more squinting.

provides a margin for error during installation. The robust heavyduty spring clips which are protected with durable protective covers were similarly inspired by the electrician’s on-site experience.

The range development, inspired by feedback from electricians and contractors has allowed Integral to incorporate many unique features and characteristics in to the range. Integral have continued the use of the simple ‘push and lock’ connector design, first introduced in their hugely successful LED panel lights.

The durable bevels are designed to withstand the knocks of a hectic installation and all of the new designs incorporate a clear diffuser to protect the LED, not just from the installation, dust etc., but also for the life of the product as the diffuser ensures the LED is kept clean, even in the most demanding environments, ensuring optimal lighting performance throughout the life of the product

Integral LED downlights have a generous amount of space between the cut-out and the trim, engineered to allow for the many variations of ceiling, this also the wine bottle stopper industry, Granorte’s Tradition collection is cork flooring at its purest, using a decorative veneered cork surface atop a highdensity agglomerated cork backing. The end results are striking, 48 completely different looks all with the familiar natural aesthetic that only cork can bring. In fact, the Tradition range is anything but traditional, taking a voyage through the incredible flexibility that cork offers as a design material. Available in three different tile formats – 600 x 300mm, 300 x 300mm, 600 x 450mm – Tradition benefits from the natural thermal insulation and acoustic absorption qualities of cork with 10-year residential and five-year commercial wear guarantees underlining its durability. Made

“The Granorte cork flooring portfolio includes several hybrid options, but there is something irresistibly appealing about the pure cork construction of Tradition,” believes Paulo Rocha, Granorte. “We’ve innovated and experimented with the material to create different looks ranging from the timeless and familiar look of Standard to more expressive interpretations such as Expression, Canyon, Fineline, Contour, Green and Midnight. The result is a collection that will undoubtedly appeal to designers wanting something different for their interior.” ❚ enquiry 169

Osmo is awarded ethical accreditation 2014/15 Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes experts, is celebrating its fifth year of gaining status as an Ethical Company. The Aylesbury-based company has once again scored highly in an analysis of its approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, demonstrating Osmo’s continued commitment to customers, staff, trade colleagues and shareholders. Applicants to the Ethical Company Accreditation Scheme are subject to a

More recently, as Head of the Engineered Products Division, he has overseen the development innovations for the new homes sector as well as enhanced the service levels to distributors and manufacturers involved in new home construction. Jon's new role as Sales Director Connectors, allows him to bring

❚ enquiry 165

Take part in the revolution with RE/COVER Green Parts

❚ enquiry 166 entirely from a renewable natural resource that has been recycled as a by-product of another industry, Tradition is also an excellent choice for designers looking for more sustainable flooring.

all of his experience to bear on the new build as well as the renovation, maintenance and improvement (RMI) sectors. Jon said: "The service requirements and product ranges applicable to the engineered product and RMI sectors are quite distinct, however I am looking forward to taking the best practices from each and seeing how they can be applied".

Vorwerk has envisioned the RE/COVER green PARTS collection, introducing a new wave of flooring that becomes at one with architecture. The RE/COVER green PARTS collection continues the ecological and design-orientated approach of RE/COVER green, available in three different dimensions that enable a combination of different decors and colours to create stunning flooring layouts. Wood decors in a plank format range from the realistic to the abstract, with natural stone and concrete in larger slabs bringing an architectural twist to the collection. The colour scheme of the collection sees deployable grey and beige, introducing striking hues of cognac, blue and violet. Free from plasticisers and

stringent evaluation under the categories of Environment, Animals and People, covering topics such as environmental reporting, animal testing, and employees’ rights. Ethical Company Accreditation is awarded to organisations which obtain an outstanding overall score in an evaluation of their Corporate Social Responsibility record, and which are successfully screened against other companies within their market sectors. Osmo can carry on displaying the Ethical Award and Ethical Company logos, providing consumers with a guarantee, that as a company, Osmo has

solvents, chlorine-free and predominantly made from renewable raw materials, RE/COVER green PARTS provides a sustainable alternative to traditional resilient floorings, with its PVC-free 100% biopolyurethane providing a durable and resistant surface. Easy to maintain and with a new backing system to facilitate fastinstallation, the collection is ideal for domestic and commercial projects looking for better environmental choices from their surface materials. “RE/COVER green PARTS sets the benchmark for resilient flooring that is at once inspirational and sustainable,” comments Ian Hammond, sales director UK, Vorwerk. “Made in Germany, using renewable raw materials and energy wherever possible and with excellent life cycle analysis, the collection is among the very best ecological flooring choices. With stunning wood, stone and concrete creations that replicate and create abstract spins on a theme, RE/COVER green PARTS also sets a new tone in resilient flooring as a significant design element in both residential and commercial interiors.” 0❚ enquiry 167

good ethical standards. The Ethical Company Organisation’s research and screening process also applies to the applicant’s ultimate holding company and any subsidiaries. The procedure is repeated annually to ensure that the record of companies holding the Ethical Company Accreditation award remains up to date. Successful applicants have license to use the Ethical Company Logo on letterheads, websites, and other promotional material. ❚ enquiry 168

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October 2014



Chandlers opens Sustainable Building Solutions showroom Chandlers Building Supplies is delighted to announce the opening of a Sustainable Building Solutions showroom at its Lewes branch. Showcasing a number of the latest sustainable, eco friendly and energy efficient products, customers are able to visit the showroom to find out more about rainwater harvesting systems, biomass boilers, Porotherm clay bocks, ventilation systems, solar panels and much more. Phil Barnard, Head of

Sustainability at Chandlers, commented: “There has been massive growth in the amount of products that come under the sustainability banner and those working in the trade can no longer ignore them. We’re delighted to open the showroom at the Lewes branch allowing tradesmen and women the opportunity to find out more information and see how the products work.”

Brent Hudson confirmed as new Head at Twyford

Pipelines and Biwater Industries. Says Brent Hudson: “I am delighted to be appointed at such an exciting and interesting time in Twyford’s history. With the recent launch of our Energy Collection we are looking to further grow our position in the UK market, and I am greatly looking forward to leading the company as we reaffirm the Twyford brand.”

Reporting to Anders Spetz, Chief Commercial Officer of Sanitec, Brent will have full responsibility for Twyford in the UK and Ireland. Brent joined Twyford in February 2013 to head up the Commercial Operations and Marketing departments. He has previously held board level positions with Valeo Service, Saint-Gobain

Chandlers Building

Sustainable Solutions

Brent’s appointment is with immediate effect.

❚ enquiry 171

showroom is located in its Lewes branch, which is based on Daveys Lane. ❚ enquiry 170

Global Schindler Award 2015 – Call for entries Schindler, the UK’s leading provider of lifts and escalators, has announced a new global design competition for architecture and design students with a total prize fund of US$150,000. Now open for entries, the competition is a unique opportunity for young architects from across the world to share their ideas for creating open and inclusive urban environments, based on the theme of ‘mobility’. In the award’s inaugural year, an actual site in Shenzhen  in China – a booming commercial and industrial area adjacent to Hong Kong – has been chosen as the subject for urban design proposals. Entrants are being asked to re-imagine the city as an inclusive environment and to examine the mobility systems that helped the city to grow from a fishing village to a global city of 10 million people. With good

urban design, the potential of the existing city can be realised to reduce sprawl, increase access and enhance the public realm. The Global Schindler Award will allow students to explore some of the most important challenges facing societies around the world – the provision of public spaces, the issue of sustainability and the better integration of economic and political concerns in the built environment. Commenting on the initiative, Richard Clarke, Sales and Marketing Director at Schindler UK said, “This is an excellent opportunity for architects and urban designers of the future to participate in the vital consideration of livable and sustainable urban environments – in all their complexities. Mobility networks provide access to basic human needs, such as housing, healthcare and welfare – and accessibility must be improved.” ❚ enquiry 172

Sovereign’s Auto ConCure 20/20 PIV (positive input ventilation) unit is the simplest and most effective retrofit solution to condensation and associated problems. Costing as little as 3 pence per day to operate, Auto ConCure 20/20 combines a low energy fan and pulse heater heating with a leading edge air sampling system to deliver a highly effective solution to condensation in the home. A wall mounted ConCure unit is basements. also available for flats and bungalows.


m a ki n g l i g h t w o r k o f c o n d e n sa t i o n

The Gold Standard in Building Products ❚ enquiry 173 .

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October 2014

Sustainable and Effective Door Protection As the Government remains committed to sustainable development and protecting the environment in which we live and work, leading door and wall protection company, Intastop Ltd, has produced a range of non PVC impact protection sheet that will fulfil environmental credentials and create a safe and stylish interior.

environmentally friendly it is also extremely cost effective and can be made to exacting colours or size requirements.”

Sustainable Solution The company launched Invirosheet onto the market following hugely successful trials. Sarah continued: "The non PVC version of our popular protection sheet is perfect for specifiers who wish to fulfil environmental credentials when sourcing their products. It looks identical to our standard PVC Impact Protection Sheet!” Invirosheet, contains no harmful chemicals and is made from 100% recyclable material and, is ideally suited to the healthcare, education and public building sectors and can be used for kick / push plates, complete encasement of doors and frames as well as

The non PVC version of our popular protection sheet is perfect for specifiers who wish to fulfil environmental credentials when sourcing their products. It looks identical to our standard PVC Impact Protection Sheet!

bespoke projects. Intastop’s specialist equipment means that any shape or object can be completely encased with its impact protection products, facilitating total or partial protection for doors and frames whilst meeting all legislative requirements for health and safety.

Where door protection and aesthetics are key to a refurbishment or new build project Intastop’s Invirosheet provides an ideal solution.

High Traffic Areas Doors in busy access zones and high traffic areas are subject to extremely high levels of wear and tear, which can rapidly lead to expensive repairs and frequent repetitive maintenance. By preventing the damage from occurring in the first place the cost of door replacement is greatly reduced plus there is no compromise on safety and security – huge factors to consider in any public building. Sarah Barsby, marketing director for Intastop Ltd commented: “Impact protection sheet and in particular Invirosheet is certainly one product where a building’s manager can maximise their budget whilst adhering to their sustainability targets. Not only is the sheet

Fixing Alternatives Intastop has also developed a range of adhesives for the application of their full impact protection products. The range includes water based contact, hygienic cladding and spray contact adhesives. To ensure a high level finish, Intastop has a range of coloured sealants that perfectly match both the standard and non PVC Invirosheet colours. Intastop remains a market leader in the healthcare and public sectors for door and wall protection having the knowledge, expertise and continuing ability to develop products that fulfil customer requirements. ❚ enquiry 174

For further information on the Intastop product range, visit

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October 2014

In order to enhance services provided to their outlying clinics and departments, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust invested in a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) from Trend Control Systems. As well as delivering the required operational efficiencies and enhancements, the investment quickly began to present an additional benefit in the form of a substantial reduction in energy use. David Crane, head of community contracts explains, ‘Traditionally, each building had been operated as a completely separate entity, with no cohesive, central management. In addition, most of them didn't have a dedicated onsite facilities manager to look after the building services infrastructure – such as the heating, lighting, ventilation and hot and cold running water. This lack of visibility made it very difficult to maintain a high quality patient care and working environment.’ The time spent travelling to, and attending the sites was also an issue as, in the event of a problem, multiple visits would often be required to identify and then subsequently rectify any issues. This meant that there was enormous pressure on time, financial and human resources – a situation that had to be resolved.

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust diagnose their ideal sustainability solution using Trend

PRODUCT NEWS & INNOVATIONS With the main objectives being to reduce the amount of time and money spent on travel and repeat visits, as well as the need to deal with issues in a proactive rather than reactive way, David Crane was convinced that a centrally managed estate would be the way forward. He contacted Beckenham based BEMS specialist and Trend Systems Integrator, Siemsatec, to explain the problem and discuss what could be done to address it. Nick Chinnery, director at Siemsatec, takes up the story and says, ‘With many years of experience in the specification, installation and maintenance of BEMS and maximising the effectiveness of the controlled environment, the issues that David wanted to overcome were nothing new to us. While BEMS have become synonymous with energy efficiency, the technology that is embedded within Trend’s products is intended to make dayto-day operations more streamlined. I was certain that a centrally managed system based around a Trend 963 Supervisor would offer the perfect solution.’ The Trend 963 Supervisor is a graphical, real-time user interface that enables users to monitor specific activities and make any necessary changes. Peter Moore, Trend’s key account manager, comments, ‘For Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, it is a vital component of the BEMS, as it brings all the


information from about 32 separate sites to one location and enables David and his team to identify any problems and qualify them before dispatching an engineer. What’s more, it enables the built environment and associated building services to be monitored in real time so that changes can be made where necessary. Furthermore, individuals are only presented with information and functions that are relevant to their authority or task, ensuring that consistent standards of operation are maintained.’ The system was initially trialled over four sites, which allowed Siemsatec to configure a workable template that could be rolled out to other locations. Nick Chinnery states, ‘This was a really useful exercise, as it allowed us to work closely with the IT department and allay any concerns regarding security and bandwidth provision. We set up the 963 Supervisor’s software and graphical user interface to make sure that David could access all the information he needed. It was a real partnership between us all, which was helped by the client having clearly defined objectives and Trend’s technical support personnel always being on-hand whenever we needed them.’ For further information please email

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