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June 2016

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June 2016

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06 FRONT COVER OSCAR ACOUSTICS 6,500m2 of acoustic decorative finish to ceilings at Ice Arena Wales in Cardiff REFURBISHMENT & NEW BUILD 06-07 METSÄ GROUP, WORKING FOR A BETTER CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENT Maria Hodgetts and Hayley Murrell had the pleasure of visiting Metsä Wood in Espoo in Finland recently and were taken on a physical and visual tour and the most amazing journey in producing the finished article from a series of fascinating processes.


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Swimming pools present a notoriously aggressive environment for building materials including reinforced concrete, so it is a measure of Marmox Multiboard’s inherent durability and other attributes that it has been specified for an unusually challenging refurbishment contract at a leisure centre in Peterborough.

FLOORS, WALLS & CEILINGS 18 KÄHRS EXTENDS CLASSIC NOUVEAU COLLECTION WITH FOUR NEW COLOURS Kährs has introduced four new colours to its Classic Nouveau Collection. The new wood floors - in white, grey and earthy tones - join six bestselling designs within the rustic-contemporary range. All of the floors feature a variety of individual colour and texture finishes, which lift the graining and enhance the natural look.

DOORS, WINDOWS, ROOFLIGHTS & GLAZING 22 EXTERNAL DOOR-KITS WITH PAS24:2012... AND A 1O-YEAR GUARANTEE, CLASSIC! James Latham is now offering a range of super-thick, high-performance external door blanks that as well as having been tested to PAS24:2012 at Exova BMTrada, also boast a 10-year guarantee against bowing..



KITCHENS, BATHROOMS & WASHROOMS 29 LUXURY LINEAR DRAINAGE FOR WETROOMS One of the most important features to consider in a wetroom is the aesthetics of the systems used throughout the installation and how they will work together, for example, components from the sink and taps right down to the tile profiles and drain covering.

HEATING, PLUMBING & VENTILATION 30 VASCO LAUNCHES NEW FLATLINE DESIGNS Four years after launching the FlatLine, Vasco is now taking a step further in this success story with the introduction of the Vasco FlatLine Collection.




DRU Fires is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of contemporary gas fires, wood stoves and functional gas heating appliances.

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The new Community Treatment and Care Centre (CTCC) in Banbridge, County Down, Ireland is situated within the Banbridge Health Village on the Old Hospital site and provides a raft of healthcare facilities to the town and surrounding district. Ensuring that this new state-of-the-art healthcare centre would have the very latest products in terms of flooring would be key to their future plans. The new flooring would have to be of the highest quality, look fabulous and be fit for purpose. This crucial element of the project would be supplied by international flooring and interiors specialist Gerflor. The flooring solution specified for this new high profile healthcare project would be Gerflor’s Mipolam Elegance and some 3000m2 of this ultra-performing product would be needed to fulfil the projects requirements. GERFLOR

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IMPRESSIVE SCHOOL BUILDING SPORTS TIMBER CLADDING FROM A.PROCTOR GROUP A popular choice for schools and public building projects, Canjaere timber cladding from A. Proctor Group has been used in this impressive new sports hall and performing arts complex at Manor Lodge Independent School, set in the secluded Radlett countryside. The architects specifi ed Canjaere Classic Timber Cladding in a bespoke black colourway, in order to blend in with the surrounding environment. The timber is treated with a unique process, which improves its performance, and protects the wood against moisture and preserves the fi nished look, backed by a 30-year maintenance warranty against rot and decay. This means the product is ideal for projects within education, housing and a wide range of public buildings. Canjaere Classic comes in a range of natural colour fi nishes, and combined with its high performance properties, and 30 year warranty. A. PROCTOR GROUP


Manchester’s stunning new elliptical library walk link was designed to connect two of the city’s historic buildings – it needed doors that not only allowed people to enter and exit with ease, but reflected the dramatic glass architecture. GEZE UK was appointed by Waagner Biro to install Slimdrive SC automatic curved sliding doors to create the two main entrances in to the Library Walk Link, as well as four Slimdrive SL NT automatic sliding doors providing access in to Manchester’s Library and Town Hall. To reflect the unique curve of the building, two gently curved automatic bi-parting sliding glass doors were installed at either end of the building. GEZE LTD Enquiry No.401.

Flowcrete UK has undertaken the extensive refurbishment of a large garage and car park area owned by Cambridge Council alongside Total Protections, its exclusive applicator partner for social housing projects in the South of England. This project exemplifies the ability of resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete UK and specialist coatings contractor Total Protection to provide clients with every product and service required for a large-scale social housing flooring project. When Flowcrete UK and Total Protection reviewed the 1,580m2 site a number of issues were recorded, including water migrating from the car park’s top deck to the lower deck, cracking, leaking gullies and undulations in the concrete slab causing ponding. The Managing Director of Total Protection Ltd, Nick DiCienzo, said: “This project really showcases the benefits of our partnership with Flowcrete UK for the South’s social housing sector, as this was a difficult task that required a wealth of specialist knowledge as well as multiple high performance products. FLOWCRETE UK Enquiry No.405

Enquiry No.404.


STIRLING LLOYD’S DECSEAL STILL PERFORMS WELL 27 YEARS LATER West Street Car Park, a busy town centre MSCP in Leighton Buzzard is still benefitting from long-term protection offered by of Stirling Lloyd’s Decseal waterproofing and wearing course systems 27 years after the initial application. Originally installed in 1989 the system was found to still be well bonded and continuing to perform well in October 2015 when inspected by Bedfordshire CC and Term Contractors Amey. Decseal was still protecting the decks from water ingress and corrosion – with the refurbishment work only requiring the skid resistance to be enhanced by application of Decseal Wearing Course to the driving aisles where some wear had occurred in the intervening 27 years. The fact that Decseal was able to be overcoated after such a length of time, significantly reduced the cost and duration of the refurbishment work, saving money, disruption and enables clients to increase their car parks service life to over 50 years. STIRLING LLOYD Enquiry No.402.

Hospitals are failing to provide proper facilities for thousands of out-patients and visitors, yet that could be transformed simply by installing appropriate toilets. Some 30% of NHS users in the UK are disabled, and hospitals are the second most inaccessible buildings for them. One in 284 people in the UK need a Changing Places toilet. Yet of the UK’s 2300 hospitals, not even 1% have the ‘bigger and better’ accessible (disabled) facility, even though they are now included in ‘best practice’ Department of Health building guidelines (Health Building Notes 00-02 sanitary spaces). “On average we visit the toilet every couple of hours or so,” elaborates Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager. “Outpatients and visitors therefore often need to go to the toilet when on hospital premises. For many people, who need the help of a carer, a standard accessible toilet is inappropriate, lacking the space and equipment they need, or potentially unsafe. A Changing Places toilet meets their needs, and provides an appropriate, hygienic and safe environment.” TOTAL HYGIENE

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You make the next move! New Handrail & Flooring catalogue out now Offering the largest range of handrail components in the UK

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Wykamol, market leader in the development and supply of remedial treatment products for damp, insect infestation, and dry rot has launched a brand new corporate catalogue, featuring new innovations as well as timehonoured standards. Aimed at builders, contractors, specifiers and local authority purchasing departments, the compact 100-page booklet features every product in the current Wykamol portfolio, alongside

technical drawings, product guides, explanatory diagrams, and illustrations of products in application and in situ. Wykamol was founded in 1934 when Stanley Richardson was called to tackle a deathwatch beetle infestation at Winchester Cathedral. Recognising a niche for a company that could develop and manufacture remedial treatments for insect blight and similar complaints, Wykamol was born. Insecticides, fungicides and all manner of timber and surface treatments remain a major part of Wykamol's business, and its

comprehensive range is presented in its entirety in the new catalogue. It is, however, basement conversion, damp proofing and structural waterproofing with which the Wykamol name is now broadly tied.

product development lab. We're now able to prepare bespoke powder formulations to customer's exact specifications, such as cement waterproofing powders, thermal renders, specialist structural grouts and more.”

“There's no 'one size fits all' solution to water ingress in buildings”, explains Andrew Latimer, Sales Director for the Wykamol Group. “The varying nature of different constructions, in itself presents challenges in selecting the correct damp proofing method for the job. At Wykamol, no matter whether it's a 'two-up twodown' with a mouldy basement, or a newbuild multi-storey car park, constructed on a flood plain; we're confident in offering the product you require and can advise you in making the right decision.”

The catalogue's eye-catching design takes a light-hearted look at the restoration and waterproofing trade: “Above all, a catalogue is a functional document, but there's no reason practicality can't be entertaining!”, Andrew adds. “We've covered our design with bootprints, mortar splashes and coffee cup stains, for a look that many contractors will instantly feel at home with!”

Wykamol has invested £850k in 2016, extending its Burnley HQ to house a new powder processing and bagging plant. “We're always looking for ways to improve our offering to customers and increase the efficiency of our operations”, Andrew continues. “The new plant is our latest forward-thinking venture – others including our state-of-the-art, in-house

To find out more about Wykamol, visit and, to order your free copy of the new Wykamol catalogue, email or call 0845 400 6666.

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Maria Hodgetts and Hayley Murrell had the pleasure of visiting Metsä Wood in Espoo in Finland recently and were taken on a physical and visual tour and the most amazing journey in producing the finished article from a series of fascinating processes. "Firstly we were most impressed at the Metsä Wood headquarters in Espoo and the new addition of the canteen which certainly did not resemble any that I have seen, it was more like a restaurant with the most beautiful ergonomic shapes and acoustic design" said Maria. The meeting and conference facilities are also impressive with natural lighting when possible and again acoustics and design feature heavily with large screens to be seen from all angles and each seating section having a desk that can be pulled out from a concealed section and microphones for each desk.

The stage is easily seen with the sloped seating allowing for great visibility. After the visit to the headquarters, there was a trip to the forest where the trees are felled. The trees are then stripped of leaves and twigs and cut into transportable sizes. Although this seems like a harsh treatment of something so beautiful, it was likened to human life. We start off as a sapling and grow, we then have difficulties and problems in life that can be very harsh for us to bear but eventually we do come out of this stronger and an amazing transformation into something to cherish and protect. Wood has such an emotive quality to it with the ability to transform into so many uses and it is a natural and sustainable answer to most buildings. Metsä Wood is part of Metsä Group, a unique Finnish co-operative comprising some 116,000 forest owners with 5.2 million hectares of forest land under its control (about 46% of all private forests in Finland) and 9,500 employees globally across 20 countries.


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FAST, LIGHT AND GREEN PHOTO SERIES CAPTURES THE ESSENCE OF THE FUTURE OF BUILDING Metsä Wood’s photo series with award-winning Finnish photographer Kimmo Syväri captures the aesthetic features of wood from a new perspective, but also holds a deeper meaning. Megatrends such as urbanization and climate change present new challenges for construction sector. It is high time to see the possibilities of wood through new eyes. How we are building today and in the future is critical not only to climate and human wellbeing but to economic growth and prosperity. With an inspiring photo series Metsä Wood aims to challenge the global construction sector to join them in developing fast, light and green solutions for the construction industry. In practice this means actively seizing every opportunity to choose more sustainable, material-efficient and productive construction methods. The essence of fast, light and green building is manifested in Kimmo Syväri’s photographs, who hopes to inspire construction professionals through his art.

seemingly effortless and straightforward images required a lot of planning from the whole creative team. Each photograph in the series offers real insights relevant for building with wood, yet they also leave room for more personal responses and interpretations. For example, the famous New York city Wall Street view has quite many different associations, but in this context it reminds us that in the face of increasing urbanisation and migration to cities we need to start building higher, faster and more sustainably. An image of a piece of wood emblazoned with a flame-like pattern also has a deeper meaning in the context of bioenergy; today’s engineered wood can be produced in a way that generates more bioenergy than it uses. “These images are an interesting combination of the familiar and the unexpected. Well known buildings and recognisable forms and symbols re-imagined as made with wood create a contradiction, yet at the same time provide a different – hopefully inspirational – perspective on the future of building”, Syväri contemplates. A tribute to the aesthetics aspects of wood In the course of time Metsä Wood has realized that existing images of wood building do not fully showcase the aesthetic side of wood. The images were too often blunt, industrial and lacked any richer meaning. Syväri and his creative team expertly deepened the focus of the series so that it becomes a tribute to the beauty of wood – and the ways it can engage all of our senses.

“Buildings constructed today are long-lasting and have a major impact on the environment we live in. It’s my hope that my work speaks to architects, designers and other construction professionals and challenges them to raise their ambition levels. Wood is a great material: sustainable, aesthetic and more natural feeling than concrete or metal. Of course this isn’t to say that everything should be built of wood. However, due to its many amazing qualities wood should always be considered as a potential alternative”, Syväri asserts. Familiar architectural and conceptual approaches capture the eye The series includes photographs with both architectural and more conceptual themes. Syväri reveals that the

METSÄ WOOD, ARCHITECTS AND LSBU STUDENTS CHALLENGE THE PERCEPTIONS OF TIMBER CONSTRUCTION Environmentally friendly, easy to work with, adaptable, and extremely cost effective – these were just some of the major benefits of working with modern engineered timber, as defined by some of the UK’s leading architects, at a recent event hosted by London South Bank University (LSBU). The ‘Urban Wood: An Alternative Architecture’ event was attended by more than 100 practitioners, as

“Wood feels close to us because it is a living thing – just like us. Wooden structures effortlessly combine strength with aesthetics, and thermal protection with environmental benefits. Trees – the source of wood – are beautiful. They then pass through a quite industrial process, and come out again as aesthetic building elements. The photo series is a tribute to this ‘circle of beauty’ – how the right technology and design can recapture the intrinsic beauty of wood”, Syväri concludes. Kimmo Syväri is an award-winning Finnish photographer and graphic designer with over 16 years of experience. Syväri has worked with Metsä Group and Metsä Wood for several years in promoting wood construction. Fast, Light and Green photo series premiered in an exhibition on June 15th at Metsä Group headquarters in Espoo, Finland.

well as architecture students and professors, in a collaborative project between Metsä Wood and LSBU. The purpose of the event was to present and discuss alternatives to preferred materials, such as concrete, steel and brick. The event also marked the launch of an innovative design project between Metsä Wood and architectural students at LSBU. Students have been challenged to identify how timber, (as a more cost effective and flexible building material), could be used to restore old or iconic buildings in London. The idea being that communities can be cost effectively refurbished rather than torn down and rebuilt from scratch.

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SUSTAINABLE BUILDING MATERIALS PRODUCED WITH 100% BIOENERGY The global consumption of energy keeps increasing. The construction sector uses a significant share of global energy – and a large part of this goes to the production of building materials. The Metsä Wood mill in Lohja, Finland, produces Kerto® LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) in a way that actually generates more bioenergy than is used in the process. The rest of the bioenergy is used by the surrounding town. When it comes to energy efficiency in construction, the focus has so far been on the energy used to operate a building. “We have to evaluate the net energy balance of buildings over their whole life cycle and turn our attention to the production of the materials, which is the most energy intensive phase”, says Matti Kuittinen, architect and researcher from Aalto University. Over 100% energy self-sufficient mill: The Metsä Wood mill in Lohja is a great example of the joint production of construction products and bioenergy. First, as much of the wood as possible is used for Kerto LVL. Part of the sawdust and wood chips generated in processing the engineered wood are used for pulp, and the rest for bioenergy production. A bio heating plant has been built next to the mill in order to capture the full potential of the production. The heat energy produced at the plant covers the needs of the mill – and the excess is provided to help meet the needs of the surrounding town, which makes the Lohja Kerto LVL mill 100% energy self-sufficient. The heat produced for district heating compensates for the purchase of electricity needed for the mill’s operation. Powering a town as a by-product: The remaining heat from the Kerto LVL production process is sold for district heating to the town of Lohja. “The local bio heating plant is a significant support for reaching our ambitious low carbon energy goals,” says the mayor of Lohja, Mika Sivula. Lohja is part of Finland’s national scheme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2030. “Due to the bio heating plant, we have reached our first milestone: 15% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2016”, says Sivula.

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A project to bring new life to a landmark building in London’s Covent Garden has turned the spotlight on the products and technical expertise available from Sto Ltd. A variety of Sto products were used on the exterior of the Dukelease Properties Hop House building, which has already won the ‘Conversion, Restoration or Refurbishment’ category of the 2015 Sunday Times British Homes Awards. The project saw the 5-storey, 1980s office building converted into 29 luxury apartments, with a new twostorey penthouse roof extension added. The project architects - Brimelow McSweeney Architects – remodeled the exterior façade to enhance its original Viennese-style design, and this included re-defining the original cast stonework on the front elevation. STO

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Norbord’s SterlingOSB is traditionally associated with building sites and boarded up windows and shop fronts yet it is becoming increasingly popular as a design element in trendy retail outlets. Urban Outfitters is the latest outlet to have used SterlingOSB to create an industrial and raw feel throughout its UK stores. The material has been left exposed and is used for innovative, environmentally-friendly shelving, backing boards and window displays. David Connacher, Brand and Communications Manager of Norbord Europe, comments: “It’s great to see SterlingOSB being recognised in different industries.” NORBORD

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GEZE UK CREATES UPLIFTING ENTRANCE FOR SPITFIRE-SHAPED BUILDING The Wing, an eye-catching building designed to echo the shape and uplift of a Spitfire’s wings, features an expansive curved glass viewing platform on the first floor. So, it naturally needed an entrance that would reflect the style of the building and GEZE UK, renowned for its curved automatic sliding door systems, was top of the list. To echo the lines of the viewing platform, GEZE installed two of its popular Slimdrive SCR all-glass circular lobbies to create two impressive entrances to the Wing, which houses a new visitor and education centre for the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust at Capel-le-Ferne in Kent. The first provides access from the car park to the building and the second, directly opposite, provides access to the memorial outside. GEZE UK Enquiry No.411.

GKL DEVELOPMENTS OPTS FOR KINEDO IN VARITY HOUSE CONVERSION A large former office block in Peterborough was acquired by leading construction firm, GKL Developments, in 2015 for conversion into much needed living space in the growing East Midlands town. The company has specified the Kinedo Horizon cubicle from Saniflo for the en-suite bathrooms of the two bedroom apartments currently being converted in Varity House; the former Perkins Engines administration building. Karl Hunt, Project Manager, GKL has overseen the installation of the 800 x 800 integrated cubicles into the apartments and is very happy at the solution they have provided: “The first set of cubicles went together really well and they look very modern, which suits the style of the apartments. The service from Saniflo has been excellent. We had one small item that was broken on delivery, which we accept can happen out on the road. One of the technical team came out immediately with a replacement for us to help avoid any delays. Our sales representative has also been back to check progress, which is great as it shows they care about their customers.” SANIFLO Enquiry No.410.


Sika Everbuild are thrilled to announce that they have now been certified to the new international standard for quality ISO 9001:2015 by the British Standard Institute (BSI). The road to achieving ISO 9001 2015 began in 2014 with John Peers, Quality Manager and Andrew Stockill, Quality Assurance Co-Ordinator attending seminars on the changes. In 2015 a three day training course helped them to gain the knowledge of the auditing process, transition stages and how to implement the new standard within the company. An initial assessment was conducted by the BSI in February 2016 which established that they were taking the correct approach to meet the new standards requirements. All that was required then was to pass the BSIs audit to the new standard and be passed by their compliance team afterwards. Additionally, Sika Everbuild are also pleased to have achieved the environmental standard ISO 14001:2015 from Quay Audit UK, making them the first UK based Sika company to achieve both standards. SIKA EVERBUILD Enquiry No.409.

NEWLY UPDATED TUSCAN WOOD FLOORING COLLECTION IS ON POINT FOR INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS Featuring 15 new designs, the Tuscan wood flooring collection from IDS has been relaunched. The 37-strong collection includes their most popular sellers with the added injection of fashionable greys, smoked woods and herringbone parquet that keep it on point for the latest trends. Enhancing any new build or renovation project, the FSC certified collection comes with the assurance of a ten year warranty for solid wood and a 25 year warranty for all other décors. Offering wide design and installation flexibility, the complete Tuscan range offers solid wood, multiply, engineered and Elite engineered flooring, together with wide planked and agedistressed options in Vintage and Grandé. Tuscan Elite is industry-approved by BM Trada as suitable for use with water fed underfloor heating systems, with Tuscan Engineered and Multiply also suitable for installation with selected underfloor heating products. IDS

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ESSEX Flanges and Bosses Essex have been makers of flanges and bosses for over 80 years. The popular Essex flange is the easiest and fastest method of making reliable tank connections for all sizes of pipe work and immersion heaters.

Just the job! ESSEX Fix-a-Tap The kit that offers quick and easy tap fixing preventing damage and rotation. Available in different types for most forms of sinks, basins and baths. For a fast, easy, reliable connection turn to Essex!

Essex products stocked at all major plumbers merchants!

ESSEX Essex Partners Limited

T: 0151 709 6636 E: Enquiry No.204

asbestos present in the original lining panels, this meant a maintenance nightmare. Main contractor Amey was successful in tendering for the wider project, but brought in Commercial Rope Access with its team of abseillers to tackle relining the nine rooflights: each of which measures 8.5 x 4.5 metres and is five metres deep. Working at night, the four man team, with a fifth assisting on the ground, erected an ‘umbrella’ structure beneath each rooflight in turn to prevent any tools or debris falling into the water. Then following the specification for the upgrade, halfsize sheets of Marmox Multiboard, measuring 1250 x 600 mm, were able to be fixed directly over the top of the existing asbestos based substrate, the Multiboards also offer a greatly improved thermal performance which will help prevent problems of condensation forming. The boards had been treated with one coat of EP150 on the reverse side and received a further two coats on the visible face. Despite the working time restrictions, the difficulties of accessing the upstand areas and the care required in dealing with asbestos in such a public space, the refurbishment of the rooflights was successfully completed with three months.

MARMOX MULTIBOARD PETERBOROUGH POOL Swimming pools present a notoriously aggressive environment for building materials including reinforced concrete, so it is a measure of Marmox Multiboard’s inherent durability and other attributes that it has been specified for an unusually challenging refurbishment contract at a leisure centre in Peterborough.

The Regional Fitness & Swimming Centre is just a short walk from Peterborough Cathedral in the city centre and is popular with families as well as clubs and schools, attracted by the facilities and modern styling. Unfortunately, however, the warm moist conditions had caused areas of the paintwork around insides of the very large skylights to peel. High above the water and with

Marmox Multiboards are manufactured from extruded polystyrene or XPS and offer a range of positive physical characteristics in addition to being fully waterproof. They are both light to handle and easy to cut, while still being able to sustain substantial loadings if required.

Web: Enquiry No.206.

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REYNAERS PROVIDES FAÇADES FOR IMPRESSIVE MANCHESTER DEVELOPMENT Manchester’s newest independent film hub and visual arts centre has an impressive façade using curtain wall products from Reynaers.

For more information visit our website:

The external cladding and roofing work on Home, found on the city’s First Street, was carried out by Prater. This was made possible due to funding from the European Union for a joint venture between Ask Developments and Manchester City Council. Overall, a total of 51 units of Reynaers’ curtain walling product CW 50 were installed, as well as Reynaers’ CS 68 aluminium windows. Reynaers was consulted about the design of the façade in the prefabrication stages to help ensure the system allowed for building movement and live loads. Rebecca Cope, Marketing Manager at Reynaers, said: “Lead architect Ernst ter Horst’s brief was to make the building of the highest quality and present itself as warm and welcoming. He was inspired by ideas of filling the building with life and the playful interaction with daylight.

“Our curtain walling system Concept Wall 50 offered unlimited design freedom and maximum transparency for this build.” Netherlands-based architects Mecanoo International wanted to ensure there was a strong connection between inside and out. Home also needed a strong identity, so it developed a dramatic cantilevering prow to mark the front entrance to the building and shelter an external café terrace. The building’s triangular shape combined with soft, curved corners sets it apart from the adjacent developments, with its elevations articulated to protect against solar gain. Ian McHale, project manager at Prater said: “We chose Reynaers because of the vast experience it has with bespoke high-end, complex commercial projects, as well as the team’s outstanding product knowledge and expertise.”

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alarm system. In normal operation the skylights remain closed until triggered and are then opened fully by the TGLA and SECO N 24 40 actuators, which have stroke lengths of 1000mm and 600mm respectively.

Dragon Mart 2, the recently completed 175,000 sq.metre extension to Dubai’s massive Dragon Mart Chinese trading hub, is using control solutions and more than 1100 actuators from SE Controls as part of the fire safety and smoke ventilation system at the 1.2 kilometre long retail centre.

SE Controls’ Middle East project manager, Madhava Prasad, commented: ”We have a tremendous amount of experience and

Designed by Dubai-based, Dar Al Handasah, the two-storey Dragon Mart 2 mall forms part of the International City development by master developers, Nakheel. In addition to being the largest trading hub for Chinese products outside mainland China, housing more than 1100 shops, it also includes a nine-screen cinema complex, two hotels and 1120 apartments.

Both types of actuator are 24 Volt DC units and are tested to EN12101-2. The fan cooled OS2 30 controllers also incorporate a battery backup to maintain operation in the event of a mains power failure.


expertise in retail smoke control and natural ventilation solutions in projects across the globe, so we can use this ability to support designers, fire consultants and engineers and ensure the systems are effective and help save lives by keeping escape routes clear of smoke.” Further information on SE Controls’ products, solutions and projects can be obtained by visiting or calling +44 (0) 1543 443060. Enquiry No.210.

Throughout the mall, a series of openable skylight panels not only provide natural light into the shopping area, but also act as smoke vents to keep escape route clear of smoke should a fire occur. The SE Controls’ system includes; 1160 TGLA 24 65 linear actuators, which are used to open the skylight panels and 24 SECO N 24 40 chain actuators for opening vertical top hung windows, which are triggered by 44 OS2 30A controllers once they receive a signal from the mall’s fire

When you find a great product,

STICK WITH IT! Unlike some building adhesives, PinkGrip doesn’t need gimmicks, bells or whistles to promote it. For Builders Nationwide are well aware of the remarkable grab WXVIRKXLKET½PPMRKERHWPYQTVIWMWXERGISJ4MRO+VMT%JXIVEPPMX is the country’s leading Direct Bond building adhesive. %RHFIMRKKMQQMGOJVIIMX´WRSXWYVTVMWMRKXVEHITVSJIWWMSREPW throughout Britain are using PinkGrip… and sticking with it. Everbuild Building Products Ltd. A Sika Company Site 41, Knowsthorpe Way, Cross Green Industrial Estate, Leeds LS9 0SW


Telephone: 0113 240 3456 Fax: 0113 240 0024 e-mail: website:


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Saint-Gobain PAM UK’s Blutop range of ductile iron pipes and fittings has achieved the internationally recognised ISO 16631:2016 certification. The attainment demonstrates the company’s commitment to the consistently high quality of its range of products. ISO 16631:2016 specifies the requirements and test methods applicable to ductile iron pipes, fittings, accessories and their joints with dimensions compatible with plastic (PVC or PE) piping systems. The Blutop range is fully compatible with these systems. ISO is the world’s largest developer and publisher of International Standards. The organisation consists of a network of national standards bodies from 161 countries, with a Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland. SAINT-GOBAIN PAM Enquiry No.414.

CHARCON INTRODUCES STONEMASTER RANGE EXTENSIONS Charcon, the commercial hard landscaping division of Aggregate Industries, has introduced mixed sized packs plus two additional long aspect pavers to its popular Stonemaster concrete flag and block paving range. The new packs are available in contemporary long aspect pavers in six shades. Normally a made-to-order product, the mixed sized packs will be stocked to allow customers greater flexibility to purchase the quantity they require when working on smaller schemes.

The mix of sizes in the packs also meet the demand for contemporary linear designs, and to further reflect this, two additional sizes (800x200x80 and 300x100x60) have been added to the core Stonemaster range. Stonemaster is a high quality range of flag and block paving with a pencil chamfer that offers all the inherent beauty of indigenous stone. Made from up to 50% reclaimed and recycled material, Stonemaster is more economical than natural stone for a cost effective solution, and permeable options are available. It is ideal for applications where heavier and more frequent trafficking is envisaged, such as town centres and pedestrianised areas. CHARCON HARD LANDSCAPING Enquiry No.412.

taking into account the aesthetic appearance of the channel run as well as its functional requirements.

galvanised steel, stainless steel or FIBRETEC®, a composite reinforced material (PA-GF) developed specifically by Hauraton.

HAURATON CUSTOMISED DRAINAGE SOLUTIONS Hauraton manufacture a vast selection of surface water drainage channels for Civil and Landscaping applications that cover all loading categories from Class A15 to F900 and storage volumes up to 443.0 litres per metre.

Although Hauraton’s FASERFIX® and RECYFIX® stock ranges cover most application, Architects, architectural technicians and engineers need not be constrained by the components offered. The company can provide customised solutions that achieve reliable drainage, and where necessary, provide designs that blend in with the desired aesthetic effect demanded. Their FASERFIX® channel components are cast from the company’s Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) whilst the RECYFIX® channels are moulded from 100% recycled polypropylene (PP). Both of these channels are available with a wide range of slot or mesh gratings made from ductile iron,

Where a customised solution would provide the answer, Hauraton Area Project Managers will document the designer’s specific requirements at an early stage of the pre-planning phase. A specialist team will then engineer the channel scheme

Tim Connolly, Managing Director of Hauraton Limited says, “Solving the many and diverse surface water drainage requirements requires in-depth knowledge, considerable expertise and comprehensive experience. Our technical office personnel and Area Project Managers have this technical and productspecific knowledge. If a specifier requires anything out of the ordinary with regard to functionality or design, we can support their individual requirements, from project-specific tender text, through to production, delivery and installation. For further information about Customised Drainage Solutions, customers can request a copy of our digital 48 page catalogue. Technical information including sizing and installation details for Hauraton stock ranges is available digitally on and for case studies go to “. Enquiry No.212.

QR code for

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Enquiry No. 213

Pumping Solutions for Every Location Synconta 700 L Fully packaged pumping station for single dwelling.

Sanimat 4002 Above ground fully packaged above ground lifting station for apartment blocks, hospitals and shopping precincts.

Sanim mat 1000 Above e ground fully packaged lifting station for small dwellin ngs, renovations and exxtensions to existing buildin ngs.

Sanisett Below ground fully packaged lifting station for patio areas, shower rooms and leisure centre changing rooms.

Nirolift Below ground fully packaged lifting station with single pump for patio areas and other areas subject to ƅRRGLQJ

Piranhamat 100 & 120 Compact pumping unit for direct connection to single WC with additional connections to accommodate wash-hand basin, shower and bidet.

Sulzer Pumps Wastew water Ltd Phone 01293 558140 Enquiry No.214

SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES USE BITUCHEM FOR BETTER LANDSCAPES Bituchem’s specialist hard-landscaping products have proved a popular choice across the education sector with numerous applications in both schools and universities being completed. The company has worked for instance with Reading University and Hertfordshire University, as well as a number of primary schools across the country to provide an attractive and maintenance-free landscape solution using its flagship Natratex and Colourtex materials. Bituchem’s Natratex buff coloured material has appeared to be the most popular choice amongst school and university redevelopments due to its modern aesthetics which complement the colours of Cotswold stone, which is being used more often for new buildings. The vivid colour allows architects and specifiers to create a striking landscape that is more aesthetically pleasing than standard black tarmac, with the same durable qualities, whether it is a brand new playground, pathway or staff car park.

Web: Enquiry No.215

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View our publication online at

NEW CLADDING OPPORTUNTIES FROM FREEFOAM Designed to meet the growing demand from consumers for exterior cladding products the site acts as an online portal to share product information about PVC cladding, offer ideas and inspiration for homeowners and gives quick and easy access to a FREE no obligation fitting quote from a local installer. PVC cladding is one of the fastest growing home improvement products becoming the main alternative to wood. With volume sales up by 61% year on year Freefoam are the first manufacturer to harness the power of the web to harness the online appetite for pvc cladding, to help grow business and generate leads for Freefoam Registered Installers.

Freefoam Building Products are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website,

With a fresh, clean look the clever design of helps visitors quickly navigate around the site. Featuring information about different cladding finishes and information on the benefits of using cladding to improve insulation and reduce maintenance the site gives homeowner the information they need to make an informed decision

IKOSLATE OFFERS GREEN – AND VANDAL PROOF - SOLUTION FOR GORSE HILL SCHOOL When a single sourced solution was required to replace the flat and pitched roofs at Gorse Hill Primary School in Stretford, Trafford Council turned to global waterproofing and roofing leader IKO plc. The old roof had suffered damage, some from vandalism and some from normal wear and tear. IKO’s Ultraprevent built-up bituminous system was specified for all flat roof areas, while IKO Polimar, a cold applied liquid, was used to deal with intricate details. Most importantly, all 16 dormers were redesigned using IKOslate, robust and durable polymer tiles with a natural looking finish. “The old roof was easily accessible to pupils retrieving lost footballs - or just larking about - and the tiles had become cracked and broken,” explains Paul Thompson, Divisional Sales Manager of IKO plc. “IKOslate was specified as the ideal solution for the pitched roof. Using traditional slate, wastage from breaks while cutting can be as much as 10%, but this doesn’t arise with IKOslate. There’s no need to over-order to allow for breakages, and little waste to dispose of – making IKOslate very economical product.” Enquiry a No.409.

As with any home improvement product choice can be difficult, colours vary and styles differ so it’s essential to be able to see exactly what you are buying. Freefoam have added some clever features to to really help the decision making process. An online tool to help the homeowner visualise how cladding will enhance the look of their home with colour options superimposed on a variety of house types, this is backed up by a sample request service and a handy calculator to estimate the number of cladding boards needed for your project. Louise Sanderson, Marketing Manager summarised “Analysing and responding to trends in the building industry has always been a strength of Freefoam Building Products and this new site is a great example of how this strategy works to drive sales. We’ve put in place an attractive, highly visual site to inspire and inform consumers and are looking forward to generating high quality ‘purchase ready’ leads for our network of Registered Installers.”

It’s a green product too - IKOslate is manufactured from mineral reinforced 99% recycled and re-engineered materials. The tiles safe to cut on site, don’t need specialist tools to fix and any offcuts are 100% recyclable. Martin Richards of JDK Roofing, the contractor on the project was very impressed. “It’s a brilliant product,” he says, “second to none when it comes to schools or buildings with accessible roofs. IKOslates are much lighter than traditional slates, easier to handle and there’s much less waste. ” For more information on IKOslate, Ultraprevent, IKO Polimar and other products visit or call 01257 255 771. Enquiry No.217.

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You can rely on JJI-Joists to succeed–whatever the challenge, because JJI-Joists are jam packed with features to make your life easier, and the job quicker. We are the most popular I-Joist in the UK and the I-joist most specified by architects and engineers. So, whether designing or building, choose JJI-Joists with confidence. You’ll find there’s so much more to them than meets the eye.


EMAIL: jji-joists @

Enquiry No.218

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15/05/2015 09:15

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Websters have developed a method of Polyurethane Sprayed Foam Insulation that is suitable for both old and new buildings. This continuous polyurethane foam membrane adheres to almost all surfaces and reduces heat loss by up to 80-90%.

Enquiry No.420.

It is an exceptional alternative to dry lining as it provides a continuous membrane of unrivalled properties. Sprayed foam insulation is particularly popular as it not only reduces heat loss but can also help keep out wind and wind driven snow; prevent tiles slipping, stops condensation and can even obviate the need for a replacement roof. Also: Cavity Foam Injection, including “hard to treat homes” WEBSTERS INSULATION LTD Enquiry No.415.

Enquiry No.416.

Canjaere timber cladding from the A. Proctor Group has been supplied for an impressive offi ce development, which is being promoted as Aberdeen’s premier business location. Canjaere Classic Timber Cladding in the golden natural colourway, Tongue and Groove fi nish was specifi ed by architects, Halliday Fraser Munro, and installed by contractor Robertson Construction Group. The timber is treated with a unique process, which improves its performance, and protects the wood against moisture and preserves the fi nished look, backed by a 30-year maintenance warranty against rot and decay. A. PROCTOR GROUP

STIRLING LLOYD’S INTEGRITANK WATERPROOFING OF CHOICE FOR PRIORITY SCHOOLS BUILDING PROGRAMME Stirling Lloyd’s Integritank system has been specified for the waterproofing for the North West phase of the Priority Schools Building Programme. Authorised Contractor VolkerLaser applied the system as part of their role to provide specialist structural protection works – applying between 1,000 and 2,000m2 of Integritank at each school. Throughout the first construction phase, as well as approximately 8,500m2 of Stirling Lloyd Integritank waterproofing being applied, over a thousand paving slabs have been laid and over 8,000m2 of vertical insulation and 20,000m2 of horizontal insulation slabs placed. Main contractor Morgan Sindall was responsible for the design and construction of the 12 new schools, appointed by the Education Funding Agency (EFA). STIRLING LLOYD

Enquiry No.419.



REHAU has posted a new animation on its dedicated YouTube channel to show specifiers that, while its Polytec composite curtain walling system might look just like aluminium systems from the outside, its real secret lies underneath. The animation literally lifts the aluminium exterior off the curtain walling to reveal the steel sections which are at the core of the system and the PVC-U which is on the inside. It explains the structural benefits which come from using steel, which is up to three times stronger than aluminium sections with the same geometry, and the fact that the PVC-U interior is low maintenance, warm to the touch and available in any RAL colour. REHAU LTD

View our publication online at

WRAPTITE-SA PROTECTS HISTORIC CHURCH BUILDING IN TOKYO Wraptite-SA airtight membrane has demonstrated its outstanding fl exibility to offer high performance protection to the building envelope, in the restoration of a historic church building, which was damaged by the giant earthquake, which hit Japan in 2011. The arched windows are a key feature of the church, and presented a challenge when specifying a suitable water resistant membrane, which was fl exible, yet resilient to resist punctures and tears, and provide high performance protection for the building. Mr Kusumoto selected Wraptite-SA, which was perfectly suited to work around the window arches, achieving full water protection. Wraptite-SA, is a self-adhering, airtight, yet vapor permeable barrier, which is fully water resistant and was applied externally to the walls, and the windows. The self-adhesive benefi ts of Wraptite-SA removed any risk of failure through leakage, as compared with membranes requiring mechanical fixing with staples. A.PROCTOR Enquiry No.417.

IKO plc has won the UK Roofing Award for Best Mastic Asphalt/Hot-Melt project for its work on Westminster Cathedral with Knight Asphalte. The Westminster project involved replacing 600-700sqft of the existing asphalt with IKO Permaphalt, a polymer modified mastic asphalt. A particular challenge was working around the historic roof’s spectacular slopes and numerous curves. It required outstanding workmanship and craftsmanship to complete it, with the material hand-laid on the exposed roof while the building was in constant use. “The Roofing Awards showcase some of the most intricate and challenging roofing projects from across the country; we are delighted to win - Westminster Cathedral is a fantastic example of what can be achieved,” comments Marcus Lee, Sales Director of IKO’s Specification Division. IKO PLC

Enquiry No.418.

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Forbo’s Create Space carpet tiles have been installed as part of an integrated floor scheme at the Matalan HQ

An integrated range of Forbo floor coverings has been specified and installed throughout Maro Developments’ prestigious bespoke new office headquarters for Matalan at Knowsley. Forbo worked collaboratively with the developer, the main contractor Morgan Sindall, and Manchesterbased project architect Fletcher Rae to agree the final specification.

Enquiry No.220.

The Create Space tiles were deemed superior in terms of quality

FORBO’S FLOOR COVERINGS ADD STYLE AT MATALAN’S NEW HQ The key objective for office areas was to deliver a high-quality finish with a ‘wow’ factor. The Create Space collection of plain and linear patterned Tessera carpet tile ranges was selected as it met all construction and performance demands and was deemed superior to other products under consideration in terms of quality, overall finish and the design flexibility offered. The plain, single colourway of Create Space 1 in Ebonite was combined with the distinctive striped loop design of Create Space 2 in Licorice to deliver a visually

interesting floor layout to fit with the shape of the building and flow of the furniture throughout the offices. Surestep and Safestep safety vinyls were installed in shower rooms, kitchens and other back of house areas where clean, crisp and slip resistant finishes were needed. For more public spaces and common front of house areas such as stairwells, where durable, resilient flooring with a more prestigious feel was required, linoleum from the Marmoleum Piano and Fresco collections was used.

Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles in an oak wood effect offered an ideal option for the staff canteen

The combination of performance, value for money and realism made Forbo’s Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles in an oak wood effect an ideal solution for the staff canteen. Completing the integrated floor scheme, Eternal General Purpose Vinyl was fitted in one of the meeting rooms and 12mm grey Nuway Tuftiguard was installed at the main entrance to the headquarters. Commenting on Forbo’s products and service, John Schofield, Morgan Sindall Senior Design Manager, said: “The Forbo materials met Maro’s brief in terms of quality, life expectancy plus ease of maintenance and cleaning requirements. Forbo put a lot of time and effort into the project in terms of providing numerous samples and alternative colours. Over the last 10 years or so, whenever I have worked with Forbo on various projects, they have always provided exemplary customer service and have been great to work with.” For more information please call 0844 822 3928 or visit

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View our publication online at










w w w. d r- s c h u t z .co m C a l l u s o n 012 9 6 4 3 7 8 2 7

a brand of









NMC – Copley Leyburn Business Park Leyburn - North Yorkshire DL8 5QA Email:

D r S c h u t z U K · U n i t 2 4 A n g l o B u s i n e s s P a r k · S m e a t o n C l o s e · Ayl e s b u r y · B u c k s ·H P19 8 U P

Enquiry No.221

Kährs has introduced four new colours to its Classic Nouveau Collection. The new wood floors - in white, grey and earthy tones - join six best-selling designs within the rustic-contemporary range. All of the floors feature a variety of individual colour and texture finishes, which lift the graining and enhance the natural look.

Enquiry No.222


The four new designs include pearly white Nouveau Blonde, smoky tinged Nouveau Gray, chestnut coloured Nouveau Rich and chocolate toned Nouveau Tawny. They complete Kährs’ natural spectrum, which spans snowy white to ebony tones. Tactile surface treatments include brushing, staining and smoking, and all of the designs have a durable matt prefinish, which gives the surface a distinct lustre. All Classic Nouveau floors are made from sustainable oak and have a multi-layered construction for optimum stability. Individual boards measure 2200/2420x187/200x15mm and feature Kährs glueless Woodloc® joint for a fast, gap-free installation.

For more information and stockist details, please contact Kährs (UK) Ltd on tel. 023 9245 3045, email or visit To create a virtual furnished room, combining tones from Earthborn’s Claypaint range, please visit Enquiry No.223.

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The new 1,600m2 workshop facilities at The Trade Centre Wales in Neath, required a breathable anti-slip system to be installed due to the uncertain moisture levels of the relatively new substrate. The installers TPS360, measured the moisture levels during the installation and to facilitate the curing process, temporary heating and ventilation systems were used to reduce any moisture present. A FeRFA Type 3 high build floor coating system was then applied in two coats. Remmers BS3000 SG was selected as a high quality, damp tolerant resin, with a wide application spectrum and VOC free properties. ADD 250 Polymer Beads were then added to provide an anti-slip, textured finish to give a surface that remained easy to clean. REMMERS Enquiry No.421.

View our publication online at

HUNTER DOUGLAS FLOATING CEILING ADORNS THE IMPOSING SIR IAN WOOD BUILDING Hunter Douglas has created an impressive 450 sq m circular floating ceiling in the reception area at the Sir Ian Wood Building, part of the £120m Garthdee Campus at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. The open linear ceiling in multi-width module American Red Oak provides a natural feel within an ultra-modern building that is otherwise constructed from glass, hard masonry and cladding. Architects BDP of Glasgow asked Hunter Douglas to provide three widths – 63mm, 90mm and 117mm – to provide depth and visual interest. The linear system comprised a 15mm gap with an overall module of 105mm average and the gaps were infilled with 15mm acoustic fleece. HUNTER DOUGLAS Enquiry No.422.

GRANORTE REINVENT UK STOCK & IMPROVE SERVICE Granorte has revealed a new UK stock collection, as it looks to give retailers improved service levels for its range of cork flooring and wall products. The new collection simplifies the instock offering from the manufacturer with six new product families available with no minimum order required. “The beauty and quality of our products has never been in question and now with a threeday delivery time and no minimum order, we’ve dramatically improved our ability to service retailers to a standard in keeping with our status,” comments Scott Brady, Granorte UK. In Original and Original+, Granorte is introducing 20 designs for glue-down use covering a range of natural cork aesthetics, while GFix features 12 different cork-look options with fast and easy click installation. Alongside, Vinyl provides wood-effects with the acoustic, comfort and thermal benefits of a cork construction, again with the benefits of click technology. Wall brings cork wall tiles in a 600x300mm format and eight stock decors, while Leather brings a real hide top and cork construction, available to order in any of six decors. GRANORTE UK Enquiry No.423.

QUIETLY BROADCASTING AT BBC WORLDWIDE reverberation time reduced to ensure a pleasant and calm environment over very large areas. The solution was high performance Troldtekt acoustic panels which were used to line all the ceilings and the soffit around the circular atrium. The panels were fitted to wood battens fixed to the concrete ceiling as ceiling panels. Prior to fixing, the fine structure panels were factory painted by Troldtekt in a light grey finish.

The BBC TV Centre at Wood Lane London is world renowned for its television output over many years. Completed in February last year, much of the interior was extensively redesigned by HOK architects, with refurbishment and construction carried out by the BDL Group, one of the largest specialist dry-lining contractors in the UK. One of the key factors was to ensure that noise was kept to a minimum and

Commenting on the finished project, BDL managing surveyor Elliot Bryant said, “We found that these panels were very easy to handle and install. We were also impressed with their acoustic performance and attractive unifying appearance.” Danish manufactured Troldtekt acoustic tiles are specified throughout the UK and Europe and can be delivered as either FSC or PEFC certified panels. They are manufactured using 100% natural wood fibres and their benefits are high sound absorption, high durability, natural breathability, low cost

life cycle performance and fire safety. They are used to improve acoustics in many different projects, such as schools, leisure centres, pools, commercial and public buildings. Available in various sizes and in three grades from ultrafine to coarse, they can be left unpainted or painted in virtually any RAL colour. As well as being awarded the coveted ‘Allergy Friendly Product Certificate’ by Allergy UK, Troldtekt’s sustainability has also been recognised with certification at Silver level within the Cradle to Cradle concept and earns gold on 4 out of 5 criteria in the Cradle to Cradle certification version 3.1. This international certification, amongst others, has been achieved because the panels do not contain hazardous substances and can be can be returned to nature as compost. For samples and comprehensive technical information tel 01978 664255 or visit

Enquiry No.224.

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The Posi--Joist open web floor system makes a difficult job simple.

The Outsstanding Joist S System

With Possi-Joist you can install all your ventilation and heat recovery systems with ease and deliver the right amount of on to the right rooms in the right location. ventilatio

The ad dvantages are simple: • Open web design provides easy access for the design and in nstallation of services • Improvved quality of service fitting, eliminating costly remed dial work • Greate er clear spans for design flexibility • Clear pr p ofit from savings in labourr, time, materials and ca all-backs • For the e largest network of licensed manufacturers throug ghout the UK and Ireland visit: www iit k .uk/Manufactur k/M f t ers/P /Posi-J i Joists/P i t /Posi-J i Joist-Manufactur i t M f t ers//

Enquiry No.225

CPD Now w available for Posi-Joist Contact MiiT Tek e today or visit for full deta ails and an on-line prresentation e .

MiT Te ek Housse, Grazebrook Industrial Park Peartree Lan ne, Dudleyy, DY2 0XW W, UK Te elephone: 01384 0 451400

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EXTERNAL DOOR-KITS WITH PAS24:2012 …. AND A 10-YEAR GUARANTEE, CLASSIC! James Latham is now offering a range of super-thick, highperformance external door blanks that as well as having been tested to PAS24:2012 at Exova BMTrada, also boast a 10year guarantee against bowing. Exclusively available on a short lead time though James Latham, FERRO KlassikPlus door blanks, which are manufactured by Moralt in Germany and are available in 68mm, 78mm, 88mm and 98mm thicknesses, can also be supplied as a complete door-kit which includes a 3-part frame, hinges, seals, threshold and multi-point lock, making it a bespoke offering. PAS24:2012 is an accepted UK standard for external doors as it covers a range of enhanced tests including extremes of weather, security and acoustics. Also, the ironmongery

used for the PAS24:2012 testing was Glutz which has an excellent reputation within the Architectural Ironmongery industry. In addition, this product has been comprehensively tested and certified to EN14351-1 - which is the CE marking standard for external windows and doors - plus, the 98mm door blank is certified by the PassivHaus Institute in Darmstadt, Germany. Steven Dennard, Group Door Manager for James Latham explained, “As the UK market comes to appreciate the impact that a more substantial and impressive front door has to the entrance of a dwelling, it is our strong belief that FERRO KlassikPlus will quickly become the door blank of choice for architects and specifiers looking for a product that is not only on-trend but, from a technical and security point of view, will consistently perform to an extremely high level.” The list of technical features and benefits and certification for the FERRO KlassikPlus is

impressive and this is particularly evidenced by the 10-year bowing guarantee which is down to Moralt's patented flat steel stabiliser running down the lock side of the door. This is not something that could normally be achieved with a timber door because if the door bows it diminishes its weather, security and acoustic performance. Finally, James Latham has also put the FERRO KlassikPlus into the BM Trada QMark Enhanced Security Door scheme. This scheme - like the QMark fire door scheme - is recognised by architects and specifiers as one of the UK's best third party schemes for doors. Entry into this scheme is possible only with, for example, PAS24 certification.

Enquiry No.226.

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Enquiry No.228.

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When the Premdor product development team created the Portfolio collection, exhaustive research confirmed that cutting edge interior surface designs were rapidly emerging in boutique hotels, stylish restaurants, trendy bars and clubs and new style retail establishments. The brief for the Portfolio product development team therefore, was to not only develop exciting modern colours, textures and styles reflective of new trends, but to fully utilise Premdor’s manufacturing technologies to produce a range of ground breaking internal door designs both for now and in the future. Further, the new collection should embody the use of the finest raw materials, with outstanding levels of craftsmanship to satisfy the most discerning Interior Designer, Architectural Technologist or Building professional. Created around four distinct themes, Natural, Exotic, Contemporary and Classic the collection presents nineteen aspirational designs delivering new twists in colour palette


and grain combinations. Made in the UK, utilising veneers engineered in Italy, from sustainable sources, the solid core door range is faced using Premdor’s innovative Veneer Match technology, producing consistent colour and grain, yet still allowing for natural variation, ensuring no two doors are ever identical. The Natural range comprises Scandinavian inspired horizontal veneers with a unique light coloured soft natural grain, whereas the Scandinavian two stile presents a striking cross grain framed by vertical grained stiles, both doors are suited to a cool elegant spaces. Bold, dramatic and exciting are the underlying themes for the Exotic range, Ebony, with a rich, eye-catching vertical grain exudes a contemporary, sophisticated look, as does Wenge, ideally suited to an exotic interior. The Contemporary range is centred around four sub-ranges all equally versatile and each Individually striking. Mocha horizontal grain is characterised by rich modern tones. In contrast, Charcoal grey is presented in three options, horizontal grain, vertical grain and a horizontal with an elegant four line black inlay. Lastly in the Contemporary


collection is the Light grey range. With an extensive choice of five unique looks this range is designed to excite. Finally within the Portfolio collection comes Classic, highlighting Durador, Walnut, Ash and the timeless Oak. With stylish and simple shades, this range will add sophistication to any decorative effect. The entire collection benefits from a range of sophisticated glazing options, each with colour co-ordinating glazing beads and FD30, FD60 BWF certified fire door options complete with PEFC or FSC® accreditation. And, because detail matters, all doors have colour co-ordinated lippings along the two long edges, solid in colour throughout for the ability to trim. To see more of the exciting PORTFOLIO collection, request a catalogue by calling 0844 209 0008 or visit Enquiry No.229.

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80% of orders are now received through Safedoors new Door Selector design and pricing engine. The Safedoors Door Selector feature that appears on the company’s website has become an instant success with its trade customers, with more than 80% of all orders now received through the system, such is its ease of use. Designed to take trade customers through the enormous number of options available from Safedoors but in a way that simplifies the process whilst allowing control and in a relaxed environment, it has been an instant success. Simplicity is the key: a simple log on also offers the option of showing prices or not, thus extending the use of Door Selector as a tool to allow homeowner customers to style their door, even with the facility to model their choices against an image of their home scanned in during the process. SAFEDOORS Enquiry No.424.


Enquiry No.425.

HIGH performance foam tapes from ISO-CHEMIE have been specified for improved all round sealing at a stunning new private house near Fareham on the Hampshire coast. Villa Aalto, designed by architect Carl Leroy Smith, will benefit from ISOCHEMIE BLOCO 600 tapes to provide a highly effective sealing solution with weather protection to over 600pascals, equivalent to force 11 driving rain. The tape has been installed as an integral part of the Velfac 200 aluminium and wood composite windows' contemporary styling. Quick and easy-to-apply, the self-adhesive ISO BLOCO 600 tapes can be used to seal joints ranging in width from 1mm to 42mm providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties it can accommodate a temperature range of -30° to +90° and is impermeable to driving rain with a minimum of 600 Pa, making it one of the best performing tapes in its class. ISO-CHEMIE Enquiry No.429.

COLOUR UP FOR SUMMER Get the deepest colour possible for your garage door thanks to Garador’s choice of premium coloured options on steel Up & Over garage doors. Garador’s powder coating process incorporates the latest electrostatic techniques to produce the most vibrant and resilient colours in a huge range of shades for its ever popular Up & Over doors. Take this summer’s favourite new shade for instance; soft and subtle grey is a new top seller. But with Garador, you don’t just choose grey…you can choose from five different shades of grey, ensuring customers can get exactly the colour they envisage. GARADOR Enquiry No.428.

REFURBISHMENT HELPS REALISE GLASSHOUSE STREET POTENTIAL Part of the Crown Estate’s regeneration of the Regent Street Quadrant in Central London, 21 Glasshouse Street is a Grade II listed building that has recently undergone major refurbishment, resulting in the scheme being awarded BREEAM excellent. A notable feature of the building is its 176 large steel windows which were successfully repaired and overhauled by Steel Window Association member, Associated Steel Window Services (ASWS). The average size of the windows at 21 Glasshouse Street is 2.6m x 1.4m wide. ASWS was asked to undertake a condition survey and then worked with Barr Gazetas, the architect, to generate a full specification for the windows over four floors of both the Glasshouse Street and Regent Street facades, together with two light wells within the building. SWA

View our publication online at


STRIKING NEW ENTRANCE Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems; with their approved fabricator Window & Door Solutions (WDS) completed a striking and memorable new entrance and reception area at the Ashton 6th Form College. This main road entrance features a series of dramatic fins showcasing the point of arrival and bringing together the old and the new architecture, creating a dynamic and naturally lit space. Comar 6EFT stick build curtain walling was specified for this project, which provides a capped curtain walling solution and offers architects the opportunity to maximise large glazed areas as it has the slimmest sightlines available. In a busy education environment, Comar 7 doors sets are a natural choice. Not only are they available in swing, pivot, sliding, auto-sliding and sliding folding, they have been designed specifically for applications where high traffic solutions are required. For safety, the Comar 7 doors were fitted with antifinger trap stiles, Axim soft touch panic exit devices and Axim concealed transom closers which were hung directly from the Comar 6EFT frame and complied with the Disability & Equality Act 2010. COMAR ARCHITECTURAL ALUMINIUM SYSTEMS Enquiry No.426.

A new fabric for interior blinds, which combines light and heat control properties and retains good indoor to outdoor visibility, has been unveiled by Hunter Douglas. Sunscreen Panama Chrome uses fibreglass and PVC to provide high levels of durability and also achieves a solar reflectance value of more than 75% - the highest degree for indoor solar control fabrics. Available in five colours – white, white linen, white pearl, black pearl and black – the range has BREEAMNL/EN145032-based Glare Control 3, which is the highest class for indoor blinds with indoor-to-outdoor visibility, achieved thanks to its special metal coating, which ensures an essential diffuse light transmission value of less than 2%. Thanks to the 3% openness factor, users can also see outside. HUNTER DOUGLAS

Enquiry No.427.

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COMAR 5P.I ADVANCED WINDOW SYSTEM Using latest thermal break technology to produce windows for the next generation of solutions Integration is the key factor which underpins the latest new product launch from Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems. Their market leading Comar 9P.i Framing system offers fast-track semi unitised construction for floor to ceiling glazing, allowing tilt/turn or casement windows to hang direct from the Comar 9P.i Frame as well as rebated doors. With the addition of thermal foam and triple glazing Comar 9P.i offers U-values down to 0.77, creating a future proof solution for their architectural, contractor and fabricator partners. Comar announce they have incorporated the technology from their Comar 9P.i system into the Comar 5P.i window range, and are now launching the Comar 5P.i Advanced Casement and Tilt/Turn window system which integrates seamlessly into Comar 9P.i creating the option for standalone high performance windows. The brief to Comar’s Design Team was to specifically meet architectural demands; low Uvalues, matching slim sight lines for both the casement and tilt/turn, large glazing pocket for acoustic glass, secured by design and large sizes. For their contractor and fabricator partners, performance with built in fast-track fabrication and installation. For further information, contact the Marketing Department 0208 685 9685 • - Enquiry No. 230


To view the new website, go to

Vufold has radically transformed its website to offer customers new ordering services and enhanced functions that allows them greater control when purchasing and browsing. The new site has been developed over several months following feedback from customers on what they would like from the site when viewing and ordering. Key new benefits and developments to the website include: • Customers can now create and register an online personal account. This allows them to follow the progress of their purchase from initial order right up to dispatch point. It also makes it easier for them when it comes to making further purchases. • The addition of a new section featuring over 50 different types of windows that complement the Ultra and Supreme ranges of bi-fold doors. • Increased options of choosing and selecting from a wide range of accessories, including handles for all doors and windows, and blinds for external, internal and French doors. • The whole website is now more tablet and mobile friendly with easy “touch” navigation buttons. • The addition of a “Wish List” so that visitors can identify and record products they are interested in, so that on returning to the website they can easily be found again. Marketing Manager for Vufold, Kerry Murphy-Kaytan says the transformation of the website reflects the company’s “customer-first” approach and brings the on-line service right up to date with technical developments. Enquiry No.231

SUNCREEN FOR YOUR WOOD Maintains the natural colour of the wood and limits the greying process. • Prolongs wood lifetime • Algae and fungal decay protection • Transparent 425 Oak fi nish and 428 Cedar finish now available Call or visit the web for stockists.

Tel: +44 (0)1296 481 220 Web:

UV Protection Factor 12 Enquiry No.232

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Bushboard’s award-winning Nuance bathroom wall panelling range has been upgraded with the launch of seven new decors responding to the mainline trends in woodgrains, industrial finishes and neutral stones. Available from June, the Nuance range will feature a total of 29 panel designs complemented by worksurfaces and upstands. There are Concrete Formwood, Salvage Planked Elm, Weathered Beamwood and Natural Grey Stone for a modern, urban look, while the range’s luxury granites have been augmented with the addition of Crema Mascarello, Pearl Marble and Marbled Cappuccino. Many designs feature the renowned True Scale printing technique where there is no pattern repeat in the panel amplifying the aesthetics. BUSHBOARD Enquiry No.430.

Thomas Dudley Ltd - the market-leading bathroom and washroom products manufacturer based in the West Midlands has officially become BIM compliant. Dudley products have been trusted by the trade for over 40 years and are designed for simple installation and servicing. Spares are also readily available all to maximise the working life and minimise costs of every application on site. Simon Fleet, Thomas Dudley’s Sales & Marketing Director said: “This is a great achievement and milestone within Thomas Dudley. We are extremely proud to be able to offer specifiers BIM data and model files, and will continue to drive further innovation and product development.” THOMAS DUDLEY LTD Enquiry No.436.

METHVEN UNVEILS NEXT PHASE IN AURAJET™ SHOWERING TECHNOLOGY Methven, the global designer and manufacturer of premium showers, has unveiled the next phase of its patented Aurajet technology shower range with the release of two new Aio products. Featuring Methven’s patented Aurajet technology, the 220mm Aio Overhead Shower, which is almost 70% larger than the standard handset, brings the superior spray and unique ‘halo’ design into ultrawide coverage for all-over warmth and maximum body contact. The large Overhead Shower is designed for mains or high-pressures and is available in all-over chrome or chrome and white options. The other new addition is the dual head Aio Shower System, which comprises the fully-immersive Aio Overhead Shower and the Aio Shower Handset, for a more directed and concentrated spray. The system comes with an integrated diverter to allow for easy switching between the two outlets. METHVEN


The June relaunch of Showerwall sees it get a major design update with seven new décors added to the standard range, together with the introduction of a brand new designer-led Infinity Collection. The 100% waterproof Showerwall system caters for a wide range of tastes and demographics, providing the opportunity to put an individual design stamp on any project. Infinity offers 14 distinctive designs with a departure into bold colours, metallics and graphic prints to create a modern, edgier look. There is also the option of totally bespoke digital print designs. It is a stand-alone collection, with a separate display stand, and is aimed at retailers looking to offer something different. SHOWERWALL Enquiry No.432.

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The clean lines of the square base on the new Elena from Carron Phoenix, combined with its elegantly curved ribbon spout, offer a distinctively-designed tap to suit any modern or contemporary kitchen. The monobloc Elena in chrome is available now, competitively priced at an RRP inc VAT of £259. It comes with the assurance of a five year guarantee. The tap features a swivel spout which rotates through 3600 and the design of the square base is complemented by a single joystick-style square side lever. It has an overall height of 375mm and a spout reach of 230mm. The Elena operates on a minimum 0.5 bar pressure so is suitable for both combination boiler and most gravity fed water systems. It takes the Carron Phoenix mixer tap portfolio to a choice of 28 models, to suit all styles and tastes. CARRON PHOENIX Enquiry No.433.

Enquiry No.435.

TALIS S FLOORSTANDING BATH MIXER Hansgrohe, the leading innovator in technology, design and sustainability for bathrooms, has extended its Talis range with the new floor-standing bath and shower mixer. With minimalist lines, easy-to-use pin handle and baton style hand shower, it is the perfect partner for a freestanding bath as part of a modern and luxurious bathroom. For a co-ordinated scheme, there are matching polished chrome basin mixers including the latest Talis S Select with intuitive and convenient push on/off control. HANSGROHE

Enquiry No.434.

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LUXURY LINEAR DRAINAGE FOR WETROOMS One of the most important features to consider in a wetroom is the aesthetics of the systems used throughout the installation and how they will work together, for example, components from the sink and taps right down to the tile profiles and drain covering. The shower area and drain in particular, can act as a focal point and enhance the overall appearance of the room.


The Encasement Specialist

Pendock manufactures a unique range of casings and enclosure systems and is recognised as the UK market leader. For many years specifiers and contractors have recognised the versatility of Pendock's products. Pendock have developed comprehensive solutions to the challenges of enclosing structures for building interiors. All Pendock products are manufactured in Britain.

Schlüter-Systems offers a complete solution for a CE marked waterproof floor-level shower area. The tile covering in the shower area must be sufficiently sloped to allow for proper drainage. This is easily achieved with the prefabricated levelling and shower tray components of Schlüter®-KERDI-SHOWER. Schlüter®-KERDISHOWER is available with the point drainage system, Schlüter®-KERDI-DRAIN, and the linear drainage system, Schlüter®-KERDI-LINE. Schlüter®-KERDI-LINE is a component linear drainage system for the construction of floor-level showers with ceramic tiles and natural stone. It consists of a formed stainless steel channel body with a grate and frame structure that can be seamlessly adjusted to the thickness of the covering from 3 to 25 mm. For the ultimate finish with a continued field of tile or natural stone, Schlüter®-KERDI-LINE-D was introduced to the range; this offers a frameless covering support specifically designed for showers made from tile and natural stone. All of the systems in the Schlüter®-KERDI-SHOWER range are designed for quick and simple installation of floor-level showers. Schlüter-Systems provides you with all the tools you need to create barrier free, floor-level showers guaranteed by one manufacturer. For more information email, Tel: 01530 813396 or visit

Benefits of Schlüter®KERDI-LINE: • Prefabricated grate and frame combinations made of brushed stainless steel • Available in 8 lengths from 50 to 120 cm in 10 cm increments • Seamlessly adjustable stainless steel insertion frame, available in two versions, to accommodate covering materials in thicknesses from 3 mm to 25 mm • Four variations of designer grate: (a) Closed, stainless steel with lateral drainage slits (b) Square perforated stainless steel with lateral drainage slits (c) Tile pan for tile inserts with lateral drainage slits (d) Frameless grate • No silicone joint required between covering and frame • Suitable for wheelchair use

Enquiry No.233

Wood/Metal/uPVC Pipe Boxing Boiler Pipe Casings Wood/Metal/GRP/GRG Column Casings Washroom Cubicles Radiator Guards Bespoke Casings Metal and uPVC Floor Ducting

Call us now for more information

01952 580 590 • Enquiry No.234

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Following on from the successful launch of the Paragon P4 a number of years ago Charlton and Jenrick have introduced a new highly realistic log set which further enhances the appearance of the fire. The fire is available in either Natural Gas or LPG fuels and offers an 82% efficiency meaning it is not only pleasing on the eye but also the pocket! The versatile fire can be fitted into a fireplace, frameless in the wall or in the wall with a trim or slip around it. Controlling the fire is made easy using the infra red remote handset provided. In addition to the new log fuel bed which comes as standard with the P4 there is now an option on firebox liners: the existing black ceramic or the new beige vermiculite liners. CHARLTON AND JENRICK Enquiry No.436.

VASCO LAUNCHES NEW FLATLINE DESIGNS Four years after launching the FlatLine, Vasco is now taking a step further in this success story with the introduction of the Vasco FlatLine Collection. Besides the well-known FlatLine (horizontal), this collection now includes the new vertical Flat-V-Line and the new Flat-Plinth-Line which is designed to fit horizontally beneath windows or other objects where space is limited. The FlatLine radiators have impressive heat release because the flat front plate is in direct contact with the water channels in the radiator so the heat is released immediately, giving an excellent return. The vertical Flat-V-Line provides enormous levels of heat release up to 3251 watt. These designs are extremely versatile with numerous connection possibilities, a solid white finish in S600 structural varnish and the option of chrome towel rails for bathrooms and kitchens. VASCO

DRU Fires, based in the Netherlands, is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of contemporary gas fires, wood stoves and functional gas heating appliances. The company was awarded a contract to produce and install purpose-designed gas fires into Ebury Square, a prestigious development of luxury apartments by Berkeley Homes in Belgravia, London’s most exclusive residential enclave. The Ebury Square apartments are at the premium end of the London property market. Designed by leading architects Squire & Partners and renowned interior designer Martin Goddard. They

consist of one, two, three and four bedroom apartments and five bedroom penthouses where no expense has been spared in order to match their owners’ expectations. The gas fires, known as Prestige models, were selected for their contemporary design, versatile formats and high energy efficiency. They consist of single-sided and double-sided tunnel models depending on the layout of each individual apartment. They are balanced flue appliances. Air is drawn from outside the building for combustion, with waste gases expelled outside through a concentric flue. This results in effective, comfortable heating, with no depletion of air from inside the room.


Enquiry No.437. Enquiry No.235.

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Enquiry No.236

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GEZE UK has launched a new RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) approved CPD seminar focusing on the importance of fire safety on manual doors. ‘Specifying, Installing and Maintaining Ironmongery for Fire Doors’ defines what fire doors are, identifies their various components, how they work, why smoke is so dangerous and the standards and regulations which surround them. The seminar, is intended for Chartered members of RIBA, but is also suitable for facilities managers, property managers and architectural ironmongers. The subject is part of the core curriculum for RIBA and is included within two of its ten subject areas – being safe: health and safety and Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering. GEZE UK

SAFETY FIRST FOR ROMAG GLASS AT LIVERPOOL UNIVERSITY'S NEW FACTORY High performance architectural laminated safety glass from specialist manufacturer Romag has been specified for three aerial walkways at Liverpool University. More than 60 sq. m of clear glass has been supplied to provide stylish safety barriers on the three walkways that connect the two main sections of the university's new £65m Materials Innovation Factory (MIF) in Liverpool's Oxford Street. Opening in autumn 2016, the MIF will be home to world-leading, multi-disciplinary research expertise, unparalleled facilities and

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an infrastructure to support international new materials' development programmes. Installation work was completed by Warrington-based structural steelwork and architectural metalwork fabricators Shawton Engineering following delivery the glass was installed in the bridge off site and delivered to the client fully glazed this was carried out to eliminate the need of temporary handrail after the installation of the bridges Paul Hiscock, contracts manager at Shawton, said: "The high quality, high performance architectural glass will provide an impressive addition to the installation while significantly enhancing the impressive interior design and public safety."

Enquiry No.438.

FIRE SAFETY SEMINAR EXPOSES INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE GAP A survey following a series of in-depth presentations at the recent Housebuilders’ Fire Protection Seminar – hosted by leading European specialist supplier to the construction, building and industrial markets, SIG plc – has revealed that there may be a knowledge gap amongst housebuilders regarding the correct specification and installation of fire-stopping measures. Taking place at the impressive Saddlers’ Hall in London, the event saw SIG joined by the Children’s Burns Trust, the Chief Fire Officers Association and the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP), to speak about the threat of fire in residential buildings, and what this means for housebuilders. The topics covered included fire protection best practice, looking at the consequences of noncompliance and the need to have workers correctly assessed for competency in the installation of passive fire protection elements. Taking the stage to open the event, Paul Gordon, Managing Director of SIG Distribution asked the audience whether they believed their projects had appropriate firestopping, repeating the question once the event concluded. From the beginning to the end of the seminar, the number of attendees that agreed shifted from 72% to just 40%, showing the current knowledge gap in the industry. Speaking on the results, Mr Gordon stated: “It’s clear that there is uncertainty in the field of passive fire protection. “By hosting this unique seminar, with experts on hand to

provide insight into the issue, SIG is highlighting the steps that need to be taken by the trade and will work alongside it to make the country’s homes safer than ever.”

the skills and knowledge to bring these elements together, helping to deliver a truly robust fire protection package.”

Nigel Gillingham, SIG National Fire Protection Manager, commented: “Every residential occupant has the right to be protected from fire, and the responsibility to deliver this protection falls to each party involved in a project, from the design stage, to the property handover, and beyond. The use of appropriate, fully traceable, welltested and certified products, which have been installed by assessed and certified contractors is fundamental to delivering the correct level of protection. At SIG we have

Andrew Orriss, Sales Director at the SIG360 Technical Centre, which provides specialist advice on fire protection products for new build and retrofit projects, focused on the need for housebuilders to recognise the complexity of product installation. For more information, contact SIG’s Fire Protection Specialists at Enquiry No.238.

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• • • • • • • • •

Water based Allows wood to breath naturally Internal/external application Colourless and odourless Easy to apply Non Toxic No Solvents EU class B-s1-d0 (UK class O) Meets highest EU standards

Enquiry No.239

Enquiry No.240

TWO EASY WAYS TO KEEP COOL THIS SUMMER Cabinets Help Alleviate Temperature Concerns STI Protective Cabinets with air conditioning (STI7550AC or STI-7560AC) allow sensitive electronic equipment to be located in high temperature areas of a building. The AC unit permits devices to be installed in areas suffering from damaging high temperatures, dirty locations or experience high humidity, while also protecting against vandalism. The STI enclosures eliminate the expense of air conditioning an entire warehouse or constructing a climate controlled room for switches, routers, DVRs, control panels, etc. Cabinets are self-contained and allow for optimal central location of the protected equipment, reducing expensive long wiring runs and eliminating the need to wire to an isolated storage room. Can help installers save on equipment and wiring costs.

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National trade body The Property Care Association is to host an inaugural international conference dedicated to structural waterproofing. Of appeal to a broad audience including house building, construction, civils and architectural professionals, the event takes place at the Møller Centre, at the University of Cambridge on 6 July. Guest speakers from organisations including CITB, the Basement Information Centre and NHBC will be sharing insight with delegates. The event will also share best practice from across Europe, with German company Köster Bauchemie exploring how waterproofing can be introduced successfully within demanding infrastructure projects, including tunnels and bridges. PCA


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Product training from leading British Manufacturer Keston Boilers provides Installers and Heating Engineers with the necessary tools to ensure that all aspects of commissioning and servicing can be attended to quickly and efficiently. As an Installer or Heating Engineer, it is important to have the confidence and knowledge to be able to install and service a wide range of products and Keston’s specially designed product training courses are tailor made for the heating professional. From three centres of excellence in Leeds, Hull and Reading, Keston offers a one day training course on all of its domestic and commercial boilers. Providing a mix of hands-on and theory based classroom learning, each Keston training course has been designed specifically with the heating engineer in mind and courses include discussion with tutors, demonstrations with practical advice and lunch and refreshments are provided.. KESTON BOILERS Enquiry No.441.

EXOVA BM TRADA OFFERS FREE TRAINING ON THE IMPORTANCE OF FIRE PROTECTION MEASURES Expert industry training provider, Exova BM TRADA, will be holding its next free ‘Fire Protection Measures – understanding your responsibilities’ training on 12 July at Sheffield Hallam University. This popular event includes a number of short seminars over a half day which will provide participants with critical guidance on how to fulfil their obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO). Under the legislation, the ‘Responsible Person’, which can include the building’s owner, the employer where they have control over the building or if not the employer, the person who has control of the premises, have a legal requirement to comply with RRFSO

Enquiry No.439.


On Thursday 16thJune 2016, the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) hosted its fifth annual conference, entitled ‘Interior Identities’. Taking place at the magnificent Royal Geographical Society’s HQ in London, the conference attracted over 250 attendees from across the design spectrum, including BIID members, design professionals, academics, design students and media. This year’s programme was themed around concepts of identity in interior design. The talks explored the speakers’ perceptions of ‘interior identities’ and highlighted a plethora of inspiring concepts, creative ideas and contrasting perspectives. BIID

EXOVA BM TRADA OFFERS VSG TRAINING FOR TEMPERATE & TROPICAL HARDWOODS & EUROCODE 5 TRAINING Exova BM TRADA is to deliver its Visual Strength Grading course for temperate and tropical hardwoods from 13 – 15 July. The practical three day course is aimed at those who are involved in the selection and supply of hardwood for structural use and will be held at Exova BM TRADA’s High Wycombe site. The course will be delivered through a combination of both practical days spent in the timber yard and interactive learning in the classroom. The course will provide participants with a knowledge of the uses of strength graded timber and the meaning of strength classes and an understanding of the responsibilities of the grader and the grading company. Participants will also be taught the natural growth characteristics of wood using hand held samples and will undertake practical exercises for grading hardwood timber. The course will be delivered by Phil O’Leary, Exova BM TRADA’s timber technology investigations team lead. To book a place, go to: or contact 01494 569 750 or

Exova BM TRADA will be holding a one day workshop on the concept and essentials of Eurocode 5 in High Wycombe on Tuesday 5 July 2016. As a suite of European standards applicable to all construction work in all materials, Eurocodes are important industry standards. Eurocode 5 (EC5) is related to timber structures, replacing the British Standard BS5268. This course will compare and contrast the differences between these two standards and will enable delegates to understand and work to the design philosophy of the new standard. With examples used throughout the day and practical advice on working with Eurocodes, this course is an essential tool for engineers, engineering technicians or those interested in the design and checking of timber structures to EC5. At the end of the course delegates will have received an introduction to base and loadings Eurocodes and will have an understanding of BS EN 1995 (Eurocode 5, timber design). To book a place, go to: or contact 01494 569 750 or email

Enquiry No.443.

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LOVELL HOMES CASE STUDY – CHERRY HILL, LARKHALL, SOUTH LANARKSHIRE Residential construction specialist Lovell Homes, brought in Designer Contracts to add its interior design expertise to the four-bedroom Glenavon View show home at the developer’s Cherry Hill site in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire, on the edge of the scenic Clyde Valley. This has resulted in a chic, sophisticated interior design reflecting the high-quality build and featuring a neutral palette of rich creams and taupes, highlighted with glamorous gold and pewter metallics.

The development is home to 48 two, three, four and five-bedroom properties priced from £127,500. Cherry Hill is a perfect base for both families and young professionals, offering the ideal combination of rolling countryside and modern life amenities. With a reputation for designing show home properties that respond to a tight marketing brief and deliver a rapid ROI to developers, Designer Contracts was instructed to create a scheme that would appeal to families and young professionals looking for a luxurious and elegant home environment.

Said Helen Dow, regional sales manager, Lovell Homes: “The show home which Designer Contracts designed for us at our Larkhall site looks amazing and fully reflects the vision sold to us during our initial meetings. “The focus on luxurious living, combined with the attention to detail, make a strong impression on homeseekers who love the way the property successfully blends practicality and style. We’ve seen a fantastic response to homes at Cherry Hill from purchasers, with only two homes remaining for sale from the first phase of releases. The show property has played an important part in the development’s success, providing a superb showcase for the exceptional quality of homes on offer at this stunning development.”

The stand out feature of the spacious ground floor of the four-bedroom Glenavon View show home is the openplan kitchen in high gloss ivory and Orleans oak. The highlight of the dining space is a glass-topped table with sculptured base surrounded by elegant dining chairs and overlooked by dramatic crystal lighting. The light-filled garden room then opens onto the beautifully landscaped gardens. Said Designer Contracts interior designer, Lindsey Haystead: “We designed the Cherry Hill properties with luxury in mind, attracting the target market – families with small and teenage children and young professionals wanting a tasteful and sumptuously styled home.” The Glenavon View’s opulent living room, decorated in soft neutral shades, is adorned with subtle beaded wallpaper, velvet upholstery and chrome-detailed accessories, leading on to a stylish study area with marble-effect wallpaper and

dark wood furniture. Upstairs, the spacious master bedroom includes a tiled en-suite and features exquisite beaded wallpaper with chic, silver-embossed three-drawer chest cabinets. Taking centre stage is a king size bed with button-detailed bedstead in crushed velvet, dressed with layers of different textures including crisp cotton bed linen, taupe throws and co-ordinating cushions in a mixture of black velvets, soft creams and on-trend metallics. The guest room features a tall crystal decorated headboard and showcases stylish lighting. The third room is a twin and is designed to appeal to the younger set, styled with wood panel-effect wallpaper, pug dog print bed linen and prints on the walls. The distressed wooden bedside cabinets feature wooden tripod lamps and doggie-themed accessories. Finally, the fourth bedroom, designed to make any little girl feel like a princess, is styled with bows, hearts and crystal detail. Cherry Hill offers the rare opportunity to buy a high-quality, new-build home in an established community with excellent transport connections. For more information please ring the Lovell sales team on 01698 622 028. Designer Contracts is the UK’s largest flooring contractor. As well as a show home design service, the company is an expert in supplying and installing flooring to the new build industry and control flooring to commercial and public sector industries. It also supplies curtain, blind, lighting and furniture packs.

For more information please visit Enquiry No.242.

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IKO Polymeric, the UK’s market leading single ply manufacturer has launched a new website, It’s the site to visit for everything about single ply roofing systems, from details of the latest projects to information about products and technical advice. “Our new website is designed to give architects, specifiers, contractors and end-clients all the support they need for projects using single ply – whether that’s choosing between TPE or PVC membranes or exploring our unique prefabrication service,” explains IKO Polymeric’s Marketing Manager Buket Aydinlik. “The site has a clean, modern layout and is easy to navigate. Product details are accessible in just one click from the home page, while case studies show what can be achieved with single ply. “ IKO POLYMERIC


illbruck is celebrating its TP600 Compriband joint sealing tape’s 20th birthday. illbruck TP600 Compriband 600 is a joint sealing tape for outdoor use. It is highly flexible, which allows it to provide a weather-tight seal for façade joints with a depth of up to 40 mm. TP600 fulfils all the requirements of BG1 in accordance with DIN 18542 and bears the CE mark. tremco illbruck has been testing TP600 in real-life circumstances in Bodenwöhr, Germany since 1995 and, after 20 years of weathering, TP600 is still going strong. The tape has survived harsh weather conditions such as ice, snow, driving rain and UV radiation and still has the same movement qualities as it did 20 years ago. TREMCO ILLBRUCK

Enquiry No.444.

The appointment of two highly experienced recruits to the Sto UK technical sales team has underlined the increasing popularity of the company’s range of external wall insulation, rainscreen cladding and façade render products. Brendan Culleton and Melanie Hayman will expand Sto’s presence in the UK marketplace, and increase the level of support which the company supplies to architects, contractors, developers and applicators. “We have been steadily strengthening our position in the UK market and our products are being specified for more and more high-profile projects,” says Regional Sales Manager, Mark Dawling. “Adding Brendan and Melanie to the team will help increase Sto’s presence in the market whilst making it even easier for Architects to specify Sto systems, and customers to access our products and services.” STO UK Enquiry No.448.

THE VEKA UK GROUP JUMPS THE 'Q' WITH EVER-EVOLVING SYSTEMS The UK's industry-leading PVC-U systems supplier, The VEKA UK Group, has achieved further professional acclaim for the newly unveiled M70 system. The VKA UK Group has completed a major update of its BSI Kitemark accreditation with the inclusion of the new M70 and the system is already helping ensure that fabricators are Document Q-ready. The Matrix 70 Window System from VEKA led the industry for decades, with its classic good looks and impressive technical performance. Thanks to ongoing investment, the new, even more energy-efficient M70 system has been launched.

The system was among the numerous high quality VEKA products showcased at this year's FIT Show and BSI's Lorraine Balch was on hand to present the Kitemark certificate to Dave Jones, MD of The VEKA UK Group. M70 is just one of a number of systems from The VEKA UK Group that will help customers prepare for implementing Document Q. Dave Jones explains: “Security via Document Q is the most recent legislative challenge that the industry has faced, with many customers approaching us for advice on the various routes to compliance. Enquiry No.447.

Enquiry No.442.


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RODGER ALLAN JOINS GEZE UK’S AUTOMATIC SALES TEAM GEZE UK has reinforced its presence in Scotland with the appointment of Rodger Allan as area sales manager for automatic door systems. Rodger has 13 years’ industry experience encompassing all aspects of the sales process, from inspiration through to specification, design and purchase negotiation. Throughout his career he has specialised in developing markets for Scotland and Northern Ireland. In his new role, Rodger will be responsible for building and developing relationships with clients and working with them to find the best solution for each project. He will work closely with fabrication companies as well architects, specifiers and contractors to recommend the right products from the company’s comprehensive range. GEZE UK

SANICUBIC XL GOES OUT TO SEA One of Saniflo’s leading products for the commercial sector, the Sanicubic XL, continues to enjoy great success and is specified for some very unusual and heavy-duty projects. Three of the robust pumps, which feature Vortex technology, are now sitting out at sea on a drilling rig providing drainage from toilet and bathing facilities for up to 24 people at a time. Two Sanicubic XL pumps are in use at any one time with one as a back up. Dealing with waste on a drilling rig out at sea is no easy task given the constant exposure to the elements. Any solution has to be highly durable, reliable and more than up to the job. The biggest challenge with the project was that due to the design of the platform, it wasn’t possible to run the pipes beneath the unit due to lack of available fall. Fortunately, this proved not to be a problem as the Sanicubic XL has outlet points that enabled the installers to run the pipes upwards to where they are needed. SANIFLO

Enquiry No.445.

Enquiry No.446.

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Wa atch the video on Yo ouTu u ube



Using the latest hybrid polymer techhnology, stixall is the ultimate combined building adhesivve and sealant. Stixall will bond and seal virtually every substrate indoors or outdoors even in extremee and wet conditions, making it the ideal adheesive and sealant on a building site in all weaather conditions. Stixalls ultimate performance is baccked by a unique niq e 40 year ear guarantee. g arantee


Everbuild Building Products Ltd L - A Sika company Site 41, Knowsthorpe Way, Cro oss Gre een Industrial Estate, Leeds LS9 0SW Te el: 0113 240 3456 Fax: 0113 240 0024 We ebsite:

Enquiry No.243

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38 PRODUCT & BUSINESS NEWS Publisher: Lawrence McDermott Sales Director DABS Magazine: Maria Hodgetts

Editorial Co-Ordinator: Hayley Murrell

Production Manager: Carla Evans

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CONSTRUCTION UNITED WELCOMES MORGAN SINDALL PARTNERSHIP Construction United, a coalition of some of the construction industry’s key stakeholders which aims to change perceptions of the sector, has recently welcomed leading UK construction and regeneration group, Morgan Sindall plc, to its ranks.

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As one of the initiative’s partners, Morgan Sindall will support Construction United in its three key objectives; improving public perceptions of construction, encouraging young people to consider careers in the industry and maximising the health and wellbeing of its workers.

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Formed in February 2016, Construction United has already gained the support of influential product distributor SIG, trade bodies including the Finishes and Interiors Sector (FIS) and the Thermal Insulation Contractors Association (TICA), and leading skills certification scheme, CSCS.

The initiative has also selected The Prince’s Trust, Crash and Time to Change as its key charities, which it will support through fundraising activities which will be held from the 17th to the 23rd of October this year. Speaking on their involvement in Construction United, Graham Edgell, Director of Sustainability and Procurement at Morgan Sindall plc said: “Public perceptions of the industry have an effect on all of us, and it’s vital to address this if the sector is going to continue to grow. At Morgan Sindall we have a longstanding

dedication to both encouraging new talent through our apprenticeship/graduate programmes and facilitating the development of our existing workforce. “By becoming a Construction United partner we’re showing our support to the wider industry and supporting worthy charity causes by hosting and participating in October’s events, and we encourage firms at all levels in the construction industry to do the same.” Mark Tomlin, UK Group Sales and Marketing Director at one of Construction United’s major contributors, SIG Distribution, added: “It’s extremely encouraging to hear Graham’s passion for the work that we’re doing, and having Morgan Sindall on board will help to raise further awareness of our cause, we look forward to working with them in the coming months.” For more information on Construction United visit their website: or follow them on Twitter @ConstructionUtd Enquiry No.244.

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Re eflex-R Rol


ur eyes fr . . . pr rotect you f om harm mful glare and daz zzle Refle ex-Rol is a prove en solar shading system offering s state state-of-the-ar of the ar t glare g and dazzle control TING EDGE CUTT HEAT CONTROL


With g-values s as low as 0.23, Relex-Rol blin nds reflect up to 77% of incoming g solar energy*, compliant with EN14501(12) E and EN13363 3(13) standards.

Su uitable for ver tical blind installations i (rolling up or down), fo or unusually p shaped windows, as well as fo or angled or h izontal sky and rooflig hor ght windows. Choice of manual or automatic operation, including a photovoltaic option.

If you kno k w of another sunblind system m which offers all a this, then use e it! If not, contac ct us at:

5F FMtXX XXX XSFGMMFYSPMDPVL Reflex-Rol (UUK) Insulating Solar & Glare Control Systtems

Reflex-Rol (UK), ) Ryeford y Halll, Ryeford, y Ross-on--Wye, y Herefordshire HR9 7PU Tel: e 01989 750704 Fax: a 01989 750768 Email: Web: e

Enquiry No.802

* Accredited data reports from Sonner S gy of Oxffor o d - copies available on requ uest

Reflex-Rol is a division of D Leeuw Ltd De

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Concrete is dead. Long live concrete.

TLE, the latest addition to our concrete range, isn’t just our new concrete tile, it’s part of a whole concrete tiling system. We can provide the membrane, DryFix, ventilation, fittings, all the training you need, free roof surveys and dedicated account support. What’s more, if you purchase the whole system from Sandtoft, we will provide a 15 year guarantee*. Concrete has never been more alive. Tel: 0845 121 8704 Email: Web: Twitter: @wienerbergeruk *when purchasing the system as a whole

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