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Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry

Internationally renowned architect Richard George Rogers brings his "urban renaissance" to Deptford RISE development Colour is used for a variety of reasons, including to affect the mood of the building and to humanise and change the apparent nature of materials."






Globally renowned architect, Richard George Rogers (Baron Rogers of Riverside), brings his vision of "urban renaissance" to the emerging Greater London hotspot of Deptford. Deptford, SE8 is fast overtaking the popularity of its neighbouring Greenwich, SE10, to become the lifestyle and cultural Mecca of south east London.

The British architect is noted for his work on the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Lloyd's building and Millennium Dome in London, the Senedd in Cardiff and the European Court of Human Rights building in Strasbourg. He is winner of the RIBA Gold Medal, the Thomas Jefferson Medal, the RIBA Stirling Prize, the Minerva Medal and the Pritzker Prize.

£1 billion plus regeneration schemes for "the new Shoreditch" The RISE residential development from Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners (RSHP) is just one of many regeneration projects totalling over £1 billion in Deptford. Designed over eight floors, the development is a mixture of studios, one-and-two

bedroom apartments, executive suites and penthouse suites. The building will follow a high spec, with modern communal areas, state-of-the-art kitchens, contemporary bathrooms and high tech security systems.

Located in the heart of Deptford, with a one minute walk to the overground station, the RISE development is in an excellent location for the influx of City and Canary Wharf professionals who are moving into the area.

A £1 billion riverside regeneration scheme, swish new accommodation projects and a flagship Waitrose look set to turn Deptford into "the new Shoreditch." The New Capital Quay development will feature an art gallery, museum, crèche, design studios, bars and restaurants; and even Deptford train station and its surrounding areas are benefitting from a £42 million mixed used development with apartments, town houses, workshops and retail outlets.

engine of our economy and the heart of our culture. In England, one of the three most densely populated countries in the world, 90% of the population live in cities, but many of our urban areas are not sustainable. Compact polycentric cities are the only sustainable form of development and should be designed to attract people. If we don't get urban regeneration right then all our work on cities - buildings and public spaces, education, health, employment, social inclusion and economic growth - will be undermined." He continues: "The structure of buildings set the scale, form and rhythm of the architectural environment, within which change and improvisation can take place. Scale is given as much by the design of the details as the building as a whole. Lightness of structure, transparency and layering are dominant design factors in the work of the practice.

A social vision for one of the most desirable London postcodes Rogers concludes: "Over the last thirty years, it has become clear that the risk associated with climate change will pose serious challenges to society. Architects are constantly presented with the challenge of creating durable buildings that respond to a changing environment. Buildings, neighbourhoods and cities should be designed to minimise pollution and carbon emissions. Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners believe that a strong social vision is the driving force which is critical for the development of a sustainable civil society." The off-plan RISE development is already attracting British investors with entry levels from £430,000 for a 2 bedroom apartment and yields delivering up to 4.75% yields (higher than the London average of 3.42%). Ray Withers, CEO of Property Frontiers, comments: "It was excellent to discover the great Richard Rogers is one of the architects behind the RISE development. Adding this level of acclaim and expertise to Deptford's booming regeneration just proves SE8 is one of the most desirable London postcodes right now. As with all emerging areas, though, the optimum time to get involved is right at the start of the boom. Now is that time in Deptford and the RISE development is a superb example of a sustainable investment which will deliver now and in the future."

Sustainable development designed to attract people Rogers says: "Cities are the physical framework of our society, the generator of civil values, the

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June 2014

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge walks in her Grandmother’s footsteps at Bletchley Park

Celebrating completion of the £8m, Heritage Lottery Fund-supported restoration 06 EXTERNAL WORKS & URBAN REGENERATION





HRH The Duchess of Cambridge has walked in her grandmother’s footsteps at Bletchley Park, meeting Veterans who worked alongside her in the newly restored Codebreaking Hut 6.

Valerie Glassborow, The Duchess of Cambridge’s paternal grandmother, worked in Hut 16 (as Hut 6 was renamed) towards the end of the war, as a Foreign Office Civilian. Few records of her work for the Government Code and Cypher School survive.

Today, as she visited Bletchley Park to mark the completion of the £8 million restoration – supported with a £4.9m Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) grant, The Duchess of Cambridge also saw the vibrant new Block C Visitor 19/06/2014 11:02 Page 1

June 2014 £4.50




Iain Standen, CEO, Bletchley Park Trust, said “Our many visitors can now experience the conditions in which the Codebreakers worked during World War Two. During her visit, The Duchess of Cambridge was able to hear firsthand memories of her grandmother from her Bletchley Park colleagues, demonstrating how Veterans’ recollections are central to telling this remarkable story, which is why they are embedded throughout our new displays.”

Internationally renowned architect Richard George Rogers brings his "urban renaissance" to Deptford RISE development

George Osborne is relying on the Bank of England, but this is not just macro-economics. There are policy changes needed too. BSRIA has always viewed a significant increase in housing stock as imperative for our industry - yes, Help to Buy is giving first-time buyers a foothold on the housing ladder, but many economists feel that it is just increasing pressure on the demand side when so little is being done about a critical lack of supply.

The latest statistics seem to show that the take-up of Help to Buy is less dramatic than first believed (sales through the scheme currently equate to less than 3% of housing transactions since the launch 13 months ago). However, the scheme does seem to be encouraging riskier lending - there is a rise once more in competition amongst banks to provide high loan-to-value 95% mortgages. So, we would advocate a change in

focus towards schemes that provide more long-term stability in the housing market. New housing starts now need not only to reach 200,000 a year, they will need to stay there for more than a decade if we are to get anywhere remotely near the supply of new dwellings that we need. But a lot more will need to change to build at that rate. Many argue that the supply is being held back by planning and other restrictions. Be that as it may, if the plots are released we need skilled people to do the building. One way is to recruit more people and the other, probably more sustainable in the long term is to improve productivity. In the same report, the IMF notes the need for better productivity growth in the UK economy. UK National Accounts data shows that over the last decade, construction productivity grew by only 0.5, well below the average of 1.8 for all industries and services (Multi-factor Productivity - Indicative Estimates, 2010; John Appleton and Mark Franklin, ONS, Sept 2012). The industry is now investing enough to produce good productivity growth, but this is only just adequate to offset the decline in intrinsic labour efficiency.

Colour is used for a variety of reasons, including to affect the mood of the building and to humanise and change the apparent nature of materials."






Globally renowned architect, Richard George Rogers (Baron Rogers of Riverside), brings his vision of "urban renaissance" to the emerging Greater London hotspot of Deptford. Deptford, SE8 is fast overtaking the popularity of its neighbouring Greenwich, SE10, to become the lifestyle and cultural Mecca of south east London.

The British architect is noted for his work on the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Lloyd's building and Millennium Dome in London, the Senedd in Cardiff and the European Court of Human Rights building in Strasbourg. He is winner of the RIBA Gold Medal, the Thomas Jefferson Medal, the RIBA Stirling Prize, the Minerva Medal and the Pritzker Prize. £1 billion plus regeneration schemes for "the new Shoreditch" The RISE residential development from Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners (RSHP) is just one of many regeneration projects totalling over £1 billion in Deptford. Designed over eight floors, the development is a mixture of studios, one-and-two

bedroom apartments, executive suites and penthouse suites. The building will follow a high spec, with modern communal areas, state-of-the-art kitchens, contemporary bathrooms and high tech security systems. Located in the heart of Deptford, with a one minute walk to the overground station, the RISE development is in an excellent location for the influx of City and Canary Wharf professionals who are moving into the area.

A £1 billion riverside regeneration scheme, swish new accommodation projects and a flagship Waitrose look set to turn Deptford into "the new Shoreditch." The New Capital Quay development will feature an art gallery, museum, crèche, design studios, bars and restaurants; and even Deptford train station and its surrounding areas are benefitting from a £42 million mixed used development with apartments, town houses, workshops and retail outlets.

engine of our economy and the heart of our culture. In England, one of the three most densely populated countries in the world, 90% of the population live in cities, but many of our urban areas are not sustainable. Compact polycentric cities are the only sustainable form of development and should be designed to attract people. If we don't get urban regeneration right then all our work on cities - buildings and public spaces, education, health, employment, social inclusion and economic growth - will be undermined."

He continues: "The structure of buildings set the scale, form and rhythm of the architectural environment, within which change and improvisation can take place. Scale is given as much by the design of the details as the building as a whole. Lightness of structure, transparency and layering are dominant design factors in the work of the practice.

A social vision for one of the most desirable London postcodes Rogers concludes: "Over the last thirty years, it has become clear that the risk associated with climate change will pose serious challenges to society. Architects are constantly presented with the challenge of creating durable buildings that respond to a changing environment. Buildings, neighbourhoods and cities should be designed to minimise pollution and carbon emissions. Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners believe that a strong social vision is the driving force which is critical for the development of a sustainable civil society." The off-plan RISE development is already attracting British investors with entry levels from £430,000 for a 2 bedroom apartment and yields delivering up to 4.75% yields (higher than the London average of 3.42%).

Ray Withers, CEO of Property Frontiers, comments: "It was excellent to discover the great Richard Rogers is one of the architects behind the RISE development. Adding this level of acclaim and expertise to Deptford's booming regeneration just proves SE8 is one of the most desirable London postcodes right now. As with all emerging areas, though, the optimum time to get involved is right at the start of the boom. Now is that time in Deptford and the RISE development is a superb example of a sustainable investment which will deliver now and in the future."

Sustainable development designed to attract people Rogers says: "Cities are the physical framework of our society, the generator of civil values, the


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Publisher McDermott Publishing Limited Executive Editor Maria Hodgetts

Carole Souter, Chief Executive of HLF, said “The Bletchley story is fascinating: all the more so because of the level of secrecy that surrounded the house and park until relatively recently. The Heritage Lottery Fund is proud to be associated with Bletchley Park, a place that speaks of quiet dedication, honour and excellence. We congratulate the Trust and its team for completing this major redevelopment project, a fitting memorial to all who worked at Bletchley during the Second World War.”

Meeting the demand for housing

Everyone seems to be agreeing over the growing housing bubble. First the European Commission warned us, now Christine Lagarde has said the same at the IMF and George Osborne agrees*. But, what is to be done?


Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry

Centre and planted a tree to commemorate the occasion.

Sir John Scarlett, Chairman, Bletchley Park Trust, said “The work at Bletchley Park made an immense contribution to the victory of Great Britain and our Allies in World War Two. It was a great honour to welcome The Duchess of Cambridge and to show her where her grandmother worked, especially now that Hut 6, along with other fragile buildings, has been restored to create a permanent and fitting tribute to the thousands of men and women whose work helped to shorten the war.”


We have certainly learnt some, but not yet enough, of the lessons of twenty years ago when BSRIA reported that almost half of a typical operative’s day could be considered as fully productive. Time was wasted on many unnecessary things such as waiting for materials, or for other trades to complete a task, on rework, or on dealing with variations. (Hawkins, G. Improving site productivity, BSRIA 1997). We need to tackle this housing bubble from both the supply and demand side and although some of this is in government hands much of it lies with us in industry.

*IMF sounds alarm on UK house prices but changes its tune on austerity, Phillip Inman, The Guardian, 6 June 14.

Editorial Co-Ordinator Charlie Zeall Circulation Manager Viv Fairclough Production Manager Carla Evans Production Wendy Harris

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June 2014

Stuart Burns, Director at Dura Composites, looks at a real life case study where composite timber cladding has been used to renovate the look of an older office and factory building.

1960’s brick façade awaits transformation

Battening and first Cladding Panels


Composite Timber Cladding Case Study Feature

Deciding on a look for a new build or renovation can be a seriously stressful experience for the end client, whether they be a self builder or a multi-national organisation. Many wrestle with the dilemma of using modern materials for a sleek and fresh look or the use traditional materials such as wood. Whilst natural wood cladding represents a sizeable chunk of the wall cladding and façade market place, it is an area that must be fully understood if you are to achieve the look you want for a long period of time. That is because most timber cladding will fade significantly and begin to rot over time unless it is treated with the appropriate paint or stain at regular intervals.

An alternative to using natural timber comes in the form of a fast growing new product made using timber composites. That is where natural timber is used within a composite mix to create a material that is more suited to battling the elements over an extended life cycle in all weather conditions. Dura Cladding is one such product on the market where selected recycled wood and recycled high density polyethylene is used to create a cladding range that offer the natural appearance of wooden cladding but without the hassle or expense of periodic maintenance to preserve the wood. Timber composite cladding still represents a tiny margin of the overall market, and UK suppliers are few and far between, but it seems key decision makers are finally realising its’ true value for new builds or refurbishments.

Cladding goes up starting from centre

One of the main points to note for the eco-minded is that a quality timber composite product like Dura Cladding can be just as green as wood, if not more.

A report from CERAM UK confirmed that Dura Cladding meets the highest sustainability specifications. It is made of 87% recycled materials, and was the first timber composite supplier to become FSC ® 100% certified.

Whereas traditional wood planks require regular painting or staining to preserve their natural beauty and protect them, UV inhibitors can be added to a quality timber

The transformation is complete

composite at the point of manufacture to protect against the elements. Another thing to remember when choosing a supplier is that the best ones offer warranties of up to 25 years – at least a decade longer than the life-cycle of the average hardwood alternative. Quality timber composite cladding is further characterised by the fact that it won’t crack, shrink, warp or rot.

To illustrate how Dura Cladding can be used both traditionally and also in a more contemporary format, the Dura premises were recently fitted with the recently launched 150/21 Weatherboard product in Barn Black for the main factory and 200/21 Flush in Pale Grey for the more contemporary office building at the front of the premises. The series of photos taken during the installation help illustrate not only how relatively simple the material is to install for professionals, but also how much of a transformation can be accomplished across a large area with a relatively small outlay. Most visitors to the premises do not believe that natural wood has not be used to create a such a traditional barn look, and are excited about the prospect of having little maintenance to do and are attracted by the fact that according to accelerated UV test results, the material will retain the vast proportion of its colour throughout its 25 year design life.

Aesthetics are always subjective and can be a highly emotive subject for the façade of a building. What is not subjective though is life cycle costs. Due to the lack of maintenance required, and the long design life, although composite cladding purchase costs may be higher than some natural wood cladding, it can actually work out significantly cheaper when life cycle costs are considered. Being 87% recycled and available as FSC © 100% the green aspect is thoroughly covered as well.

Tel: +44 (0)1255 423601 Email: Web:

Cladding goes up starting from centre

Vertical cladding starts on office building


External window trims in position

Weatherboard cladding on side wall begins

❚ enquiry 100

Trims and finishing touches

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June 2014

Mitsubishi Electric’s range of Mr Slim heat pump air curtains has now demonstrated the energy saving criteria needed to be included on the Government’s Energy Technology List (ETL). This enables companies using the air curtains to offset the capital costs against the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme – a key part of the Government’s programme to manage climate change.

The incentive provides businesses with enhanced tax relief for investments in equipment that meets published energy-saving criteria. It allows a business to write off the entire cost of any green technology included on the list against taxable profits. The ECA-listed models offer several innovative improvements over traditional air curtains, including the addition of Thermoscreens’ Ecopower Air Technology, which enhances the air velocity projection and uniformity and the energy effectiveness/savings – delivered through an air plenum, converging nozzle and active cellular grille. “Buildings with a busy entrance will immediately benefit from an air curtain as they lower energy usage by reducing the amount of heating that is lost through the open door,” explains Sebastien Desmottes, Product Marketing Manager for Mitsubishi Electric. “Now, they can also benefit from one of the most advance products on the market and offset the capital costs against their annual tax bill.”

The air curtain is available on both the Mr Slim and City Multi ranges as either a recessed or free-standing unit and comes in standard lengths of 1m, 1.5m or 2m, to make the product suitable for almost any front door. Air curtains are ideal for any frequently used commercial entrance, including high street stores, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, banks, factories, warehouses, pubs and clubs, restaurants and airports. The range of heat pump air curtains has been developed by Mitsubishi Electric in conjunction with air curtain manufacturer Thermoscreens, to offer even greater energy and carbon savings, easier installation, servicing and maintenance and lower noise levels. The simple to use App offers an easy way for individuals or businesses to see what a heat pump can offer them in terms of reductions in running costs and emissions over gas, oil, LPG and direct electric heating.

For homeowners retrofitting renewable heating or for selfbuilders, the selection tool clearly illustrates how much they can save on energy bills, what the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will mean for their house and how quickly the renewable system will pay for itself. For businesses, the extension also calculates the relevant two tier RHI figure payable for ground or water source on non-Domestic properties, whether that is in a school, an office, a farm, an industrial building, a high-rise, or across an entire estate.

“The launch of the RHI scheme has increased awareness of heat pumps in general and this tool shows exactly what a heat pump can do for almost any building,” explained John Kellett, General Manager of the company’s Heating Systems. “By extending the range of devices that our selection tool can be used on, as well as increasing the functionality to include ground and water source applications on non-domestic situations, we are helping people to make an informed decision.” The App is now available for both Android phones and tablets via Google Play, in addition to iPhones via the App Store, as well as continuing on the iPad and the web.

Under the non-domestic RHI scheme the owner of a building receives regular payments for every

kWh of renewable heat they use, if generated by a ground, water or air source heat pump. Tariffs are available for air source heat pumps at 2.5p/kWh and ground source heat pumps at a Tier 1 rate of 8.7p/kWh and Tier 2 rate of 2.6 p/kWh. Tier 1 is paid for the first 1,314 full-load equivalent hours, and Tier 2 for all remaining output. Homeowners get regular RHI payments for seven years whilst businesses will receive payments for the next 20 years. These can amount to quarterly cheques for hundreds if not thousands of pounds and help make the case for heat pumps much stronger, especially against traditional fossil fuel heating.

They minimise the amount of cold air entering a building, while keeping the warm air inside – providing a comfortable environment within the building and reducing the amount of heating required, which lowers energy bills and carbon emissions. Rather than deriving warm air from conventional sources such as direct electric heating or low, medium or high pressure hot water, the Mitsubishi Electric range is linked to an inverterdriven, outdoor heat pump compressor unit, which significantly minimises the energy used. “We already know we have one of the most comprehensive product ranges on the market and the ECA listing enables customers to justify the initial expense and recoup the on-going savings in energy use,” adds Desmottes.

“We’ve already had a huge level of interest in our selection tool because it is so easy to use and helps show exactly what a heat pump can do for our customers,” added Kellett. “This extension will help bring the benefits to an even wider audience.” The market-leading Ecodan range offers capacities from 4kW to 960kW with either air source or ground/water source options available. Mitsubishi Electric has also designed Ecodan to work on its own or with existing gas or oil boilers as a fully controllable hybrid system. The company has produced a dedicated website which demonstrates how much a home or businesses can receive in RHI payments and how much they will save over gas, oil and LPG heating. For further information visit our website:

For further information visit: or and to check the ECA list, please visit

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June 2014


new Allura collection offers planks up to 1.5m in length, conveying an overall natural effect with excellent dimensional stability. This works particularly well in spacious interiors where an understated but effective design is required to create a welcoming atmosphere, where customers will want to spend time.

FORBO’S Alluring luxury Vinyl Tiles

Forbo has responded to continuing growth in demand for luxury vinyl tiles with a cutting edge floor covering collection that pushes aesthetic and manufacturing boundaries and captures the very essence of LVT design.

The Allura brand represents best quality on all levels, with European manufacturing advances opening up new possibilities to deliver bigger XL sizes and formats, innovative embossed finishes and creative colours; from reclaimed and vintage woods with paint effects to bright linear abstract designs, ideal for mixing and matching with new textured tiles. Responding to the trend for more open, brighter spaces within the retail, hospitality

and leisure sectors, there’s a move away from dark and tropical wood types to much lighter hues. This subtle natural-look provides the perfect backdrop in any large open space for an injection of colour, via deep and rich supporting shades or colour pops from fittings, furnishings, signage or merchandising.

The larger tile and plank formats together with the introduction of large scale designs really helps to open up interior spaces. The



Accoya®, which spans eight decades of research, is highly durable and dimensionally stable certified softwood which can be used for virtually any joinery project, from windows to doors, decking to cladding and siding. It can even be used for applications which were once only feasible with non-sustainable materials. Accoya is one of the most advanced wood products on the market and uses Accsys’ proprietary wood acetylation technology to deliver outstanding levels of performance and stability as well as delivering the same levels of durability as the highest quality tropical hardwoods. Plus, Accoya is also highly sustainable. Produced using modified, fast growing species, this long lasting product also helps to protect the world’s precious hardwood resources and can be safely recycled.


OF PANEL PRODUCTS Specialist timber importer and distributor James Latham, is now offering the next generation of panel products through all nine of its nationwide panel depots with both Accoya® and Medite®Tricoya®.




Characterised by its durability, dimensional stability and reliability, the new design and application possibilities offered by Medite®Tricoya® - which sees the marriage of acetylated wood fibre with the manufacturing technology of Medite MDF - has already excited and stimulated composite product manufacturers, designers, architects and the construction industry alike, opening up new possibilities and solutions for outdoor projects.

The proprietary technology behind Medite Tricoya is based on wood acetylation, a process that has been studied by scientists around the world for more than 80 years. This method of improving wood has been proven to deliver such superior performance that it has long been used as the "gold standard" against which other methods are measured.

Sustainable as well as stylish, every Allura product is produced in Europe using 100 per cent electricity from renewable sources, with each component complying with REACH. Allura now contains up to 30 per cent of controlled recycled waste in its backing layer and thanks to the introduction of new technology, such as ultrasonic cutting directly from the roll, Forbo has reduced trim waste to less than 5 per cent - significantly less than traditional press cutting methods. ❚ enquiry 102

For more information please telephone 0844 822 3928, email or visit

Medite Tricoya combines this science with years of proprietary research and investment by Accsys Technologies.

Commenting on both products, Paul Leach, Group Product Champion at James Latham, said: “As well as our established customer base of joiners who are increasingly opting for Accoya, we’ve also seen it open up opportunities with new customers as demand for sustainably modified products continues to grow. Whether for windows, doors, decking, cladding or other joinery applications, it’s a fantastic material for external specification and fits perfectly with our already established range of sustainable products.

Regarding Medite Tricoya, he said, "The potential applications for Medite Tricoya are far ranging and will inspire creativity and discovery, particularly in areas where wood would not traditionally have been considered, and especially in environments where humidity and weather are usually concerns. He added, “Architects and designers are now looking for products which are not only more dimensionally stable and durable but also sustainable and both Accoya and Medite Tricoya tick all the boxes.”


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June 2014

CASE STUDY : Alton Towers Treehouses

Blue Forest Design Fairytale Style Treehouses for Alton Towers Resort Blue Forest are delighted to be working on the development of 5 luxury treehouses for Alton Towers Resort

With a strong emphasis on fun, play and adventure, the treehouse village will be accessible by decked footpaths and high level rope bridges. Each magically themed treehouse will sleep up to 8 people and will include an open plan living space, family and en-suite bathrooms and children’s bunk rooms and sleeping lofts. The treehouses themselves will be designed to fit into the surrounding environment with very little impact and will be constructed using environmentally friendly building materials and construction techniques wherever possible.

The treehouse scheme is part of a wider development at Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire which includes 120 unique fairytale lodges aimed at increasing the Resort’s foothold in the short-break market. The location of the planned expansion, which also includes a new restaurant, is on what is currently undeveloped land next to the site’s existing hotel complex. “Alton Towers Resort is located in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside which puts certain restrictions on developments within the park. Part of our design challenge was to create a scheme that sympathised with this and camouflaged the accommodation to fit in with the landscape.” Andy Payne, Blue Forest Managing Director.

Offering an unrivalled selection of theme park rides and attractions for the whole family, Alton Towers Resort is the UK’s leading theme park . The origins of the Towers themselves date back to the 8th century, although the theme park and hotels are slightly less historic. In addition, the Resort offers an extraordinary collection of conference and corporate event venues available for occasions of all shapes and sizes, alongside a variety of school visits that challenge pupils, fill them with enthusiasm and let them experience the thrill of practical learning. “Tourism represents a £1.8 billion industry to Staffordshire and we

want to be part of the ongoing growth of that figure through our planned future development.”

“It’s a very exciting concept for us and one that we believe will create real opportunities for the surrounding area. “Further accommodation has been in our Long Term Plan since 2009 and we’ve worked incredibly hard over the past 20 years with Staffordshire county tourism to grow the appeal of Staffordshire as a holiday location, resulting in an increase in the overnight stay market volumes of 21% from 20082012.” “We firmly believe therefore given the overall increase in this wider short breaks market there is ample opportunity for both the Alton Towers Resort and the local area to benefit from our even more focused positioning as a two or three-day destination.” Mark Kerrigan, Alton Towers Resort’s Development Director. Blue Forest are delighted to have employed the services of Jerry Tate Architects in the development of this scheme. Web:

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FACE FIX I UR FSC C108450 The mark of responsible forestry Now Available as 100% FSC Certified on Request

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The Sloop

June 2014

Commercial Road, Poole, Dorset Sudcape appointed approved installers TMS who are based in Bath

Client: Hall & Woodhouse Duration: 6 Weeks Value: £100,000 - £150,000

The project was to refurbish and extend the bar areas and redesign the garden. This included grit blasting all the internal timber framing, altering the internal layout and bar, new flooring and complete internal and external decoration. Externally the works included forming a new external garden and seating area including timber pergolas and laying artificial grass and fencing. The works involved close coordination and programming with the clients and new tenants to allow for the opening in time for the summer trade. This project was completed in time for a grand opening by the Mayor of Poole with members of the Woodhouse family present.

The Sloop is a recently refurbished pub in Parkstone , Poole. The Sloops’ car park has a problem with water running towards the garden but the Sudscape surface soaks away water preventing it entering the garden.

Sudscape comprises a unique recycled tyre sub base and a hard wearing resin and stone wearing top course. Fully Suds compliant and virtually maintenances free. Sudscape has undergone tests at the British research establishment for both freeze thaw and impact.

"All went very well at the opening party a good turnout (including the Mayor & Mayoress of Poole!), a nice sunny evening (helping the garden look fab), and all guests really love the scheme! A great project overall, well done and thank you! Please pass on my thanks to Tom again who did another great foreman job and the rest of the guys too." Tim Jones – Hall & Woodhouse Surveyor

❚ enquiry 106 . 0161 212 1617

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June 2014

Brett permeable paving expertise proves key for developing a challenging site

The experience of Brett Landscaping & Building Products in permeable pavements has played a vital role in ensuring the viability of a high density housing project on a site with difficult drainage and ground conditions.

Brett Landscaping worked closely with the main contractor Cocksedge Building Contractors and groundwork contractor Bowie Construction to enable the laying of Brett Omega Flow permeable block paving, after the implementation of an ingenious engineering strategy at the site. Only one derelict home was standing on the very steep slope in Linton, Cambridgeshire, when the well-known local developer Yelcon/Camstead Homes commissioned Cocksedge to build nine new properties, an access road and driveways. With this proposed increase in building on the site, drainage was an issue,


as Dave Pearson of Cocksedge explains, “As there was no stormwater system available to drain the proposed road or driveways, it was a requirement of planning consent that a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) was implemented for this project. It was not feasible to channel surface water run-off into soakways and there was no space for swales or ponds, therefore permeable pavements became the only viable option.” The solution developed by the engineer incorporated several novel elements to strengthen the pavement as well as to protect the permeable sub base during construction. Given the technical challenge, the contractors needed a paving supplier whose products and service could meet the complex site requirements. Brett Landscaping, a regular supplier to Cocksedge Construction, was consulted on the engineering plans and provided invaluable construction advice to Bowie Construction to ensure the smooth implementation of the plans.

At the same time, Brett supplied two variants of their Omega Flow permeable block paving – 80mm Autumn Gold for the access road and 60mm Burnt Oak for the driveways – for visual contrast and varying thickness to suit the different traffic volumes across the site. The bold aesthetics of the Brett paving solution gives no hint of the complex engineering taking place underneath. Infiltration into the ground was the only option to drain the permeable pavements so the engineering designer had to improve the stiffness of the pavement to compensate for the low permeability and potential softening of the sub grade. ❚ enquiry 107


Sunscreen for your wood

UV Protection Factor 12

Maintains the natural colour of the wood and limits the greying process > Prolongs wood lifetime > Algae and fungal decay protection > Transparent 425 Oak finish and 428 Cedar finish now available Call or visit the web for stockists.

+44 (0)1296 481 220 ❚ enquiry 108 . Millboard. Inspired by nature. Designed for living. ·

Luxury wood free decking


Anti slip to BS79.76


Low maintenance


Manufactured in the UK

Tel: 02476 439 943 Web: ❚ enquiry 109 .

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June 2014

Birmingham City Council speeds up refurbishment with fabrication Residents were able to remain in their homes throughout Birmingham City Council’s large scale ‘Live Stack Replacement’ works thanks to a timesaving solution from Polypipe, the UK’s leading plastic piping systems manufacturer. Having worked closely with M&E Contractor IDS and Birmingham City Council on a refurbishment programme since 2009, Polypipe Terrain’s fabrications team devised a solution which would enable residents to stay in their homes while essential works were undertaken to replace the original cast iron soil and waste pipes across three separate high rise towers.

Birmingham City Council since 2009 and have made use of the company’s off-site manufacturing capabilities. Thanks to the quick turnaround of the Polypipe team and the unique features of the soil and waste solution they provided, the number of joints and cuts were kept to a minimum, meaning average installation times per property were reduced from five hours to just three.

Scott Johnstone, Director at IDS, said: “We have been specifying Polypipe products for our work with

Chris Moyes, Business Development Manager for Polypipe Terrain, added: “We’ve long been proud of our ability to deliver high quality products to tight timescales, and our work in King’s Norton is testament to the benefits of off-site fabrication. The challenges presented

Polypipe manufactured 200metres of 110mm Terrain dB12 and 75mm Terrain Fuze fabricated soil and waste stacks to exact specifications and delivered them to the site in Kings Norton, where sub-contractor Lovell was able to complete installations across the 96 properties 40% faster than the average for such works.

Keeping residents in place during works was a challenge, but one that we were able to meet, which greatly pleased Birmingham City Council.”

on this project, not only with residents in place but also a lack of space for installation teams to work, were easily overcome thanks to our ability to provide a ‘one fitting solution’.”

Martin Fallon, Contract Works Officer at Birmingham City Council, said: “As with all necessary refurbishment works it is always our intention to do so with as little intrusion as possible. As a result of a the type of works programme we put into place with IDS, Polypipe and Lovell, it has been possible to successfully deliver live stack replacements across 96 individual properties ahead of the timescales set out, with minimum disruption to residents.”

Caro Flood Protection Barriers Never has flooding been in the news as much as it is now and never have the Caro WaterWall and WaterDoor Flood Barriers been as popular as they are now!

UK’s leading Flood Defence manufacturer is your solution to flooding. Offering affordable, easy to install barrier systems for: • Residential Properties • Industrial Sites • Commercial Sites

With many years manufacturing experience, the Caro Group can offer bespoke solutions for almost any scenario, be it for a Listed Building, an angled barrier on a slope or powder coating to a colour of your choice. A proven and successful system!

A full brochure and very informative video can be found on the Caro Flood Defence Systems, website at To discuss any requirements you may have, please call 01763 244446 or email ❚ enquiry 110.

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It’s raining, it’s pouring g...

But you u are saving g!



❚ enquiry 112 .



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F i r i ng Fi g Imaag agination a a onss for o o ovver e 30 yyea years... years s

Over 30 yea ars of British design and a engineering have e gone into creating the he UK’s most comprehenssive range of high qu ality wood, solid-fuel, el, gas and electric stoves & fireplaces.

www m

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June 2014

All-new highly efficientt Gazco Eclipse e 100 Ga azco Eclipse 100 Icon XS ^P[O3LKNLZ[VULLɈLJ[SPUPUN

Bringing togetheer the latest in heating technolo ogy and the ultimate visual eexperience, the EUHDWKWDNLQJ (FOLSVH  LV WKH mostt recentt ad dditi ddition d t the to th growing collectio on of highly efÀFLHQW*D]FRJDVÀUHV Featuring a dua al burner engine IRU JUHDWHU à DPH FRQWURO DQ LQtegral convection n fan air system,

an impressiive controllable heat RXWSXW RI XS WR N: DQG D KLJK H΀FLHQF\ RI  WKLV H[FLWLQJ QHZ JDV ÀUH ZLOO PDNH D bi stateme big t t entt to t homeowners h ORRNLQJ WR KHDW ODUJHU OLYLQJ DUHDVDVZHOODVPDNLQJDVWXQQLQJ feature. With a choiice of luxury linings DQG IDEXORXV IUDPHV WKH (FOLSVH

can be tailored to a wide variety RI LQWHULRU WDVWH 7KH (FOLSVH DOVR comes complete with a remote FRQWURO WKDW RͿHUV WKHUPRVWDWLF and d tim timer programming i featur f t es to enssure homes are always warm a and welcoming. 7R ÀQG RXW PRUH DERXW WKH (FOLSVHJDVÀUHYLVLW\RXUORFDO*D]FRUHWDLOHU

RI ZRRG LQ 6PRNH &RQWURO $Ueas. Together Togeth herr, both Varde and 1RUGSHLVRÍżHUDFRPSUHKHQVLYH range of ccontemporary stoves capable of b being sold in city and suburban arreas to give a superb, PRGHUQĂ€QLVKWRDQ\URRP

Please visit the folllowing websittes for more in nformation:

Gazco’s premium Riva2 range expands with Riva2 750!

Gazco Riva2 750 0 Edge with ith Grafton G ft stone t mantel t l

With larger logs, larger embers bers DQG KHLJKWHQHG Ă DPH HÍżHFW WKLV VHDVRQ¡VQHZ5LYDLVDQDWXral and commanding extension WR WKH KLJKO\ H΀FLHQW 5LYD JDV Ă€UH UDQJH 7KH VWULNLQJ ORJ GHsign with realistic glowing ember bed provides increased imSDFW HÍżHFW DQG VW\OH ZKLOVW WKH Ă DPHVFDQEHFRQWUROOHGWRFUHDWH the perfect ambiance.



With a choice of liningss coupled ZLWK IDQWDVWLF Ă DPH YLVXDOV WKH 5LYD  ZLOO FUHDWH D VWXQQLQJ addition to your home!

$SRZHUIXON:KHDWRXWSXWDQG D KLJK H΀FLHQF\ RI  HQVXUHV no compromise has been en made on performance and with ith a Programmable Thermostatic atic RePRWH WKH 5LYD  RÍżHUV WRWDO control with ease.


Yeoman CL8 electric goes Large! arge!



For homeowneers wanting to install a woodburning stove in their property y, Nordpeis and Varde, de recent Nordic brand adGLWLRQV WR WKH 6WRYD[ *URXS have many mod dels that are now fully approved for the burning

Va arde e Aura 1



Nordpeis Duo 4


Smoke C Control Approval for Nordpeis & V Varde arde models




Nordp peis: Varde:

Stovax extends e styling options for Riv va Studio The new Steel XS S frame is available for all sizes in n the Riva Studio woodburning ca assette range. Offering simple an nd slim proportions to give a mor m e contemporary styling, thiss frame comes in D VPDUW JUDSKLWH ÀQLVK RU FDQ EH VSHFLÀHG ZLWK RQH RI WKUHH VWULNing additional colour options (Metallic Red, Metallic M Bronze or Ivory), to suit a range r of interior tastes. Featuring the veery latest Cleanburn and Airwa ash systems, the Riva Studio ran nge will enable you to experience exceptional à DPH SLFWXUHV DQG VXSHULRU KHDWLQJ H΀FLHQFLHV 'HVLJQHG for burning wood w only y, this premium range uses an energy source that is carrbon neutral,

Stova ax Riva Studio 3 Steel XS

Ye eoman CL8 Electric

With the same cast iron constr truction and stylish curving form m as their gas & solid fuel equivalents, ents, WKH <HRPDQ &/ (OHFWULF UDQJH LV suitable for virtually any room m in the home such as conservatories, KDOOZD\V DQG VWXGLHV WKDQNV WR their simple plug in installation. ion. UHQHZDEOH DQG LQĂ&#x20AC;QLWHO\ EHWWHU for our enviironment.

a heartt warming focal point to your home!

:LWK Ă&#x20AC;YH DYDLODEOH VL]HV LQFOXGing the doub ble-sided Riva Studio  'XSOH[ WR FKRRVH IURP RZQLQJD5LYD6WXGLRZLOOPDNHDGHsign statem ment that will become

Find o out more about the Steel XS fram me & Riva Studio range by visiiting your local Stovax retailer or www

7KLV KLJKO\ HÎ&#x20AC;FLHQW HOHFWULF VWRYH  HÎ&#x20AC;FLHQW  RÍżHUV LQstant glow w,, heat and impact with WKUHH GLÍżHUHQW Ă DPH EULJKWQHVV levels, plus an additional blue Ă DPH HÍżHFW 7KH UHĂ HFWLYH VLGH panels ensure that the stunn ning

VeriFlameâ&#x201E;˘ visuals can n be enjoyed from all angles. Supplied with a remote control for complete ease of use, the VWRYHV DUH Ă&#x20AC;QLVKHG LQ -HW %ODFN Metallic and lend themselves mselves to both traditional and contempo ontemporary interiors. 7R Ă&#x20AC;QG RXU PRUH DERXW RXU Yeoman products, visit www .uk for more information and to locate your nearest Yeoman rettailer.

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Elta residential fan unit achieves top test results

One of the central products in Elta’s new residential range of ventilation products has achieved exceptional performance results under independent, third party testing by the BRE (Building Research Establishment).

In the tests conducted by BRE, the MORI dMEV unit outperformed anything currently available on the market. In the analysis of the unit’s performance with both rigid ducting and flexible ducting, an SFP (Specific Fan Power) rating of 0.09 W/(L/s) was

Atlantic Boilers have installed its super-efficient electric boilers at a new development of a period building. Breakspear House in Harefield, Middlesex is a magnificent Grade I listed building. Work to convert this historic building into apartments and luxury houses was carried out by Clancy Developments. Phase 1 of the development consisted of the main building being converted into 9 luxury apartments. Ideal for each of these

achieved in both cases at an air flow of 13 L/s measured through the wall. When the same air flow rate was generated in the room, the SFP rating rose to just 0.13 W/(L/s).

Alan Macklin, Technical Director of the Elta Group, is delighted at the results. He said – “We have a lot of knowledge developed over many years of supplying

ventilation solutions for a wide range of applications and we have brought this experience to bear in this new product range. We were confident that the unit would perform well but it is very satisfying that the performance values we achieved in our own inhouse tests have now been independently verified by one of the world’s most respected third party testing facilities. HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) systems have a vital role to play in ensuring effective indoor air quality as we come to better understand the potential impact of pollutants on health. ❚ enquiry 114

June 2014

Absolut XPERT System Chimney


Luxury Development benefits from fluefree, silent heating solution. highly insulated rooms were the Atlantic Multi-Elec Compacte boilers each rated at 36kW. These units are robustly made to a working pressure of 4BARS and temperatures from 40°C to 95°C. The boiler body has 50mm thick rockwool thermal insulation and a seasonal efficiency greater than 99% GCV. The boiler bodies have a 5 year warranty.

The boilers were ideal for the luxury surroundings with silent operation and no flue requirement to cause difficulties in the development of the Grade I listed building. ❚ enquiry 115

The new Yutaki-ST is available to order now from Hitachi Direct Sales or the extensive Hitachi distributor network.

Air-tight homes and modern heating technologies place enormous demands SREGLMQRI]W]WXIQ*SVI\EQTPIIRIVK]IJ½GMIRXW]WXIQW[MXLPS[¾YI gas temperatures can lead to condensation. With its integrated and insulated combustion air shaft, Absolut XPERT from Schiedel is the ideal system to EZSMHHEQEKIXSXLIJEFVMGSJXLIFYMPHMRKHYIXSGSRHIRWEXI[LMPIEGLMIZMRK QE\MQYQIJ½GMIRG]ERH[EVQXL-XWTVS½PIHPMRIVEPWSQEOIWMXGETEFPI SJ[MXLWXERHMRKGLMQRI]½VIWERHGSVVSWMSR)EW]XSMRWXEPPERH&MSQEWW compatible its the Absolut XPERT solution for stress free heating. 8S½RHSYXQSVIEFSYX%FWSPYX<4)68ZMWMXYWEX[[[WGLMIHIPGSYO EN 13063-1/2/3


❚ enquiry 116 .

Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe launches new Yutaki air source heat pump Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe SAS is proud to announce the launch of its latest addition to the Yutaki family of air source heat pumps (ASHP), which extends the Yutaki-S split system product line-up.

The new Yutaki-ST is an all-in-one compact indoor unit which provides heating and domestic hot water up to 60oC and comfort cooling – perfect for European Summer weather conditions.

Available from 2HP~6HP (single and three-phase) with capacities from 2.3kW to 17.8kW - with either a 200L or 260L integrated stainless steel hot water tank - there’s a size to suit every home from compact bungalows to large detached properties.

Using energy from the outside air and transforming it into heat, every 1kW of electricity used to power the A-rated heat pump is capable of providing up to 5kW of energy in a wellinsulated home – helping to reduce heating bills by up to 60% and cutting CO2 emissions by up to 75% compared to traditional boiler-led systems. In keeping with its ‘green’ credentials, the Yutaki-ST ASHP utilises environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant. Yutaki-ST combines a 600mm wide, floor standing unit - which can easily be accommodated in a standard kitchen or utility room layout – with a

separate outdoor unit. The clever, compact indoor unit design reduces installation space by around 70% compared to a standalone boiler and hot water tank set up, perfect for homeowners looking to save valuable space inside their home.

It’s also a great choice for installers; all Yutaki-ST components are factory wired and pre-installed saving around 8 hours on an average installation and is priced at approximately 18% cheaper than an equivalent separate water module, tank and 3-way valve. A redesigned flow meter allows Yutaki ST to control the water flow for maximum efficiency of operation, and a new LCD controller displays heating, cooling and hot water capacities, water flow (for easier commissioning and servicing) and - when connected to a power meter - will also show energy consumption to give the homeowner a clear indication of where energy is being used. “This is just one of a range of new products we are launching in 2014 and we’re delighted it’s now available all around Europe” commented Rodolphe Jacson, European Product Manager at Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe. “With clear benefits to both homeowners and installers, we expect the new Yutaki-ST to be very popular in the UK and right across Europe.” Visit

❚ enquiry 117

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ts are c u d o r P All oved

pr MCS Ap d an ible g i l E I H R

Accredited d Installer Netw work

Design Service

Trraining C Centre

Simple Installation

Install with Confidence

Serviice Team Te m

9Wbb_djeoekhbeYWbjhWZ[Yekdj[h\ehZ[jW_bi ehf^ed[ki\ehceh[_d\e0

&.*+(,&&(+.=8 &(.).),*+&&?HB

â?&#x161; enquiry 118 .


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The future of central heating today! Daikin Altherma air to water heat pump range available in Split, Mono and Multi type systems.

Space Air Daikin Altherma NEW generation LT system ®

The new generation of air to water heat pump systems from Space Air. The Daikin Altherma outdoor unit has been completely redesigned, the wall-hung indoor unit even more compact, energy efficient and stylish, plus a new intuitive controller. Contact Space Air Solutions for more information! Phone 01483 252 252 or email © 2014 Space Airconditioning plc. SA102135-06.14 † Low Temperature * The Certification Mark for Onsite Sustainable Energy Technologies


N o b o d y k n o ws D a ik in b e tte r

❚ enquiry 119 .

June 2014

Space Air and the RHI Space Air Solutions ltd, based in Guildford, Surrey, is an MCS registered company specialising in the supply of Daikin Altherma Air Source Heat Pumps, that have been specifically designed to replace existing fossil fuel central heating systems.

Daikin Altherma heat pumps supplied by Space Air Solutions qualify for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme. The RHI has been developed to stimulate the take up of renewable heating systems such as air source heat pumps. RHI support will be paid at a set rate per unit of renewable heat produced (kilowatt hour or kWh), for seven years, to the owner of the heating system – the tariff for Air to water Heat Pumps has been set at 7.3p/kWh. Applicants installing heat pumps will also receive an extra £230 if they install heat metering and monitoring service packages. RHI applicants are required to complete a Green Deal Assessment to ensure that they meet minimum energy efficiency requirements. The general idea is that the Green Deal and the RHI co-exist to encourage investment in energy efficiency improvements not only through better insulation but also by incentivising the adoption of renewable heat technologies. To qualify Heat pumps must be MCS certified and installed by an MCS registered company, this provides consumer assurance that both have gone through rigorous, independent assessment processes. In most cases, subject to ensuring your

property has a reasonable level of insulation, it is a simple matter of selecting a system that suits your requirements and adapting to a different physical and visual concept for achieving heating in the home. Some heat pumps can be combined with solar thermal energy, thus saving even more on energy bills.

Homeowners, private and social landlords, third party owners of heating systems and people who build their own homes are all eligible to apply for RHI, even those that have already installed renewable heat technology (since 15th July 2009) and meets the scheme eligibility criteria. For more information about Daikin Altherma heat pumps and the RHI scheme contact Space Air on 01483 252 252 or visit

❚ enquiry 120

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June 2014



INNOVATIVE NATURAL VENTILATION FROM SE CONTROLS HELPS KEEP PUPILS ALERT A new £2 million science centre at Moreton Hall School in Oswestry, is using an advanced NVLogiQ natural ventilation monitoring and control solution from SE Controls to maintain classroom indoor air quality while providing a stimulating and comfortable environment for pupils.

Founded more than 100 years ago, Moreton Hall is one of the UK’s highest achieving independent schools, providing education for girls from age 3 to 18 and boys from 3 to 11, together with accommodation and facilities for boarding.

The new two-storey science building provides high quality teaching laboratories for the school’s junior science, GCSE and A

level students and was designed by Shrewsbury based architects, Baart Harries Newall who were keen to ensure that the building’s indoor air quality was maintained within national standards and its energy consumption was minimised.

To achieve the designer’s objectives, SE Controls worked closely with the architects and main contractors, Jones Brothers Weston Rhyn, to develop an assisted natural ventilation solution. Using compact NVLogiQ room controllers linked to automatic opening windows and a low energy cross flow fan in each of the eight lab classrooms, the system manages ventilation as well as the operation of radiators to provide a fully integrated low energy system.

The NVLogiQ room controllers constantly monitor carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in each classroom alongside indoor air temperature and relative humidity, as well as outside temperature, wind and rain via external sensors. Each NVLoqiQ unit also incorporates an integral data logger to allow

the recording and analysis of all key aspects of the room environment. The sophisticated monitoring and control algorithm used within the compact NVLogiQ system was developed in conjunction with Loughborough University’s School of Civil and Building Engineering to ensure indoor CO2 levels and temperatures are precisely controlled while minimising building energy losses.

In addition to the eight NVLogiQ controllers and PSUs, 18 SECO N 24 40 400N twin chain compact actuators were also installed by SE Controls together with PIR finger trap sensors and all the appropriate cabling to control the automatic opening of windows and the small cross flow fans in each lab.

During normal operation, as CO2 levels increase within each individual science lab, the NVLogiQ controller triggers SE Controls’ SECO N 24 40 compact chain actuators to begin the incremental opening of the windows to allow fresh air to enter the classroom. Simultaneously, small

dampers located on the wall opposite the windows are signalled to open and the low energy fans start to draw air from the room to stimulate cross flow and aid ventilation.

Dr. Chris Iddon, SE Controls’ Design Manager, explained: “There are already a significant number of high quality studies that have identified a clear link between increased internal CO2 levels and a reduction in the ability of students to learn and perform optimally. He added: “Post occupancy monitoring of the Moreton Hall classroom environment has shown excellent indoor air quality proving that the design is an example of how having a clearly defined, controlled and executed ventilation strategy can maintain a high quality and stimulating classroom environment for students.

Further information on SE Controls’ products, solutions and projects can be obtained by visiting or calling +44 (0) 1543 443060. ❚ enquiry 121 .

❚ enquiry 122 .

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LINKE LINE wetrooms





A cost-effective, time-saving channel drain for large scale projects

Purus outlet/gulleys 500mm


■ Made in England. ■ Purus NOOD gulley 36–72 lit/min. ■ Rigid, heavy 1.5mm stainless (700mm unit weighs 2.5kg.) ■ Timber joist or concrete. ■ Next day delivery singles or quantity.















72 Litre 1300mm

92 Litre 01629 815500 wetrooms






The ‘Superloos’ are located in the central core of the building and are designed to slot in between the core walls of the structure on each floor level. A total of 162 pods comprising a mix of individual WC, showers and accessible WC facilities have been installed. The height of each pod has been minimised for ease of installation and to accommodate M&E services in the ceiling void. Binary or double pods were

The Flushwise® dual flush system is available on seven out of the company’s 12 ranges covering all sectors of the market from entry level to top end with a choice of designs and price points. These are 3D, Galerie Plan, Galerie, Grace, Refresh, Moda and Alcona. It is also available on the Rimfree™ toilet in the Moda range.

Flushwise offers two options for flushing the toilet with a lighter 2.6 litre flush and a stronger 4 litre flush, both ensuring effective flushing of waste, with the benefit of water saving. Flushwise delivers a 60% saving on water compared with a standard toilet. The 2.6 litre flush uses less than half the water

utilised to minimise waste service on site connections. The binary pods also allowed a quicker install process.

Jayne Gray, Director of CBP said; ‘Contributing to a BREEAM Excellent rating through a water and energy saving specification and sustainable manufacture was key. ‘Offsite manufacture shortened the construction programme as a full suite of pods can be craned in and positioned in a day to a single floor, reducing the number of onsite trades and associated snagging issues. ‘Caledonian Bathroom Pods offer a turkey solution to developers and builders. We manufacture instant bathroom facilities so all the builder has to do is to connect the services – and just add water!’

of most toilets currently in use in the UK.

For households on water meters, this technology reduces water consumption and cost, while in a wider context appeals to consumers mindful of their environmental impact. ❚ enquiry 123

Specflue first to launch Eco cookers to the UK market

❚ enquiry 126 .

Caledonian space-saver ‘Superloos’ specified for Argent’s Grade A office space

Caledonian Bathroom Pods (CBP) has provided a bespoke, space saving configuration of bathroom pods to one of Argent’s latest commercial office developments in the heart of Manchester. One St. Peter’s Square (OSPS) offers 268,000 sq. ft. of BREEAM ‘Excellent’, Grade ‘A’ office space.

Twyford Bathrooms were the pioneers of Flushwise®, the dual flush 4/2.6 litre technology for toilets that has since become widely adopted across the bathroom industry.


A winning combination of top quality and amazing affordability


Twyfords Flushwise® dual flush technology offers optimum water efficiency





June 2014



72 Litre





52mm 36 Litre

Specflue is launching a first for the UK domestic market this autumn, a smarter, more eco-friendly addition to the family of range cookers, the Neos Pellet

Twyford’s SpecMaster – the unique ‘no software’ online specification system

Twyford Bathrooms has released a newly-upgraded version of SpecMaster, its online product specification tool for architects, designers, specifiers and contractors – and the only specification tool to allow its specifications to be imported into a fuller project spec in either NBS Create or NBS Building. Since its launch in November 2013 Specmaster now has 1200 professional registered users.

SpecMaster Online is the result of two years’ extensive research and collaboration with the NBS (National Building Specification), part of RIBA

Cooker. Manufactured by J.Corradi through MCZ, one of the first companies in Europe to introduce pellet technology, the cookers will be Enterprises, which included system testing with a peer group panel of architects and specifiers. Feature-rich yet userfriendly, SpecMaster enables users to create and manage projects online with no software installation required. An intuitive and user-friendly application, it provides a straightforward, hassle-free experience when specifying sanitaryware and furniture. The application also allows users to share projects with colleagues securely from any internet access point. Not only does SpecMaster offer an easy product search and advanced browsing features, it also allows different ways of adding specification to projects, from drag-and-drop to selecting multiple items. Furthermore, the tool enables the download of detailed product information and industry standard reporting and

distributed solely by Specflue. Competitively priced and, as biomass pellets are the fuel source, energy efficient, they can be installed in any home as long as there is the necessary space for the flue. They are also controllable and can be turned on and off as required. Initially, two models will be available; the Neos 90P with a pellet oven only and the Neos 155PGE, a combined model with pellet and electric ovens; eliminating the need for another cooker in the kitchen to use during the summer. ❚ enquiry 124 schedules compatible with NBS.

Joanne Elliott, e-marketing manager at Twyford Bathrooms comments: “By combining the quality of Twyford’s products, service and supply, with industry know-how from RIBA Enterprises and the NBS, SpecMaster Online ensures that we maintain our dialogue with architects, designers and specifiers. It also strengthens Twyford’s position as a competitive brand in the market.”

❚ enquiry 125

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sZ/K>/E ^^KZ/^ hZ>h<



hŶŝƚϭ͕tĂŬĞĮĞůĚƵƐŝŶĞƐƐ ĞŶƚƌĞ͕ĞŶďLJĂůĞZŽĂĚ͕ tĂŬĞĮĞůĚ͕t&Ϯϳ dĞů͘ϬϭϵϮϰϯϲϬϭϭϬ ŝŶĨŽΛĚƵƌĂů͘ĐŽ͘ƵŬ ǁǁǁ͘ĚƵƌĂůƵŬ͘ĐŽ͘ƵŬ ǁǁ ❚ enquiry 128 .

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June 2014

As a provider of hybrid solutions, B & K Structures takes full advantage of offsite manufacturing techniques by exploiting Design for Manufacturer and Assembly (DfMA) protocols. DfMA is used as the foundation for concurrent engineering processes to simplify and fully optimise the structure wherever possible, to reduce manufacturing and assembly costs and to quantify improvements. This process helps to identify, calculate and eliminate waste or inefficiency and improve sustainability in the building design.

To ensure that DfMA is integrated at every opportunity during the design and development path, B & K Structures have developed some innovative tools to support and quantify design decisions. Optimising Structural Specification Performance

Working with the Austrian based cross laminated timber (CLT) manufacturer, Binderholz, B & K Structures formed the X-LAM Alliance in 2011. At the forefront of CLT research and development, the X-LAM Alliance has made considerable investment in developing technology to aide specification and design.

The CLT Construction Specifier is a groundbreaking online specifying system developed to help validate and support early stage calculations. Winning Product of the Year in the Timber in Construction Awards – the CLT Specifier provides a risk and cost free way for designers, engineers and architects to investigate cross laminated timber (CLT) as a sustainable structural solution. The lack of CLT performance information has been a barrier to specification and this open

source online tool will enable construction professionals to meet prerequisites of the build to deliver exacting thermal, fire and acoustic performance – eliminating the gap between design expectations and as-built results, whilst eradicating the costly risk of over-engineering. This system is freely available to use, visit:

Low Carbon Design Using the Carbon Calculator

B & K’s Carbon Calculator is an innovative digital resource which delivers carbon estimates to help clients assess the most viable low carbon solution. All the relevant information is entered into the system by inhouse specialists - such as material volumes and transport factors influencing the calculation. The Calculator takes into consideration packaging waste and provides 'on site and not in the factory values’ including delivery transport and waste


20-21.qxp_Layout 1 19/06/2014 13:49 Page 2

June 2014



Supporting Your Design Decisions disposal.   The Carbon Calculator produces carbon estimates to act as guidelines for different project scenarios - enabling professionals to gain early information about the environmental impact of their proposed development. 

Integrated Design – it’s all about taking a holistic approach

Crucial to information transfer and share, designing with Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative way of working, underpinned by the digital technologies which unlock more efficient methods of creating and maintaining assets. BIM embeds key product details and asset data to create 3D Models that can be used for effective management of information throughout a project lifecycle – from earliest concept through to operation.

The 3D Model can be shared by the construction partners with further detailing being added along the design journey – data is passed between the professional design team through .ifc and .sat file sharing.

This is of particularrelevance in hybrid structures where bespoke connections are designed to join different materials. For example, the Scunthorpe Academy project, where every glulam member and every node consisted of different dimensions and geometry. The Scunthorpe Academy comprises geodesic structures consisting of five intersecting domes - the structural solution proposed for the Academy had been successfully executed on the continent, but this design was a first for the UK to be constructed on such a large and complex scale - classically incorporating geodesic geometry - a series of polygonal or triangular shapes to achieve a curved surface similar to a leather football.

The B & K team worked closely with the internationally acclaimed consulting engineers, Buro Happold in refining the five geodesic domes. Designing faceted domes in this manner is a geometry based solution to achieving curved surfaces such as these. They designed an innovative method to fix together the structural elements and developed 3D models to help overcome interface issues and any challenges of assembling the frame.

The design team led by architects Andrew Wright Associates picked up a RIBA Award for the design of the Scunthorpe Sports Academy. The judging panel took into consideration the feedback gained during the public consultation process and concluded that the winning design represented not only the choice of the panel but also the local community. BIM ensures timescales are optimised, problems relating to non-compliance and dimensional inaccuracies or clashes are kept to an absolute minimum, for fast and reliable erection.

Supporting Your Design Decisions B & K Structures offer an unrivalled source of information in the highly specialised field of hybrid structures and have a genuine knowledge sharing philosophy - our ethos is to engage, inform and empower. For detailed up to date information, or to book a CPD optimised hybrid structural session visit:

❚ enquiry 130 .

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STYROFOAM insulation stockist network extended

STYROFOAM and XENERGY extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation products are now available from a wider stockist network, offering improved UKwide coverage for builders and contractors. Distributors now include CCF, Encon, Essex Insulation, Malcolm Insulation, Minster, Panel Systems, the Proctor Group, Radmat, SIG Insulation and Undercover Roofing. Products are also distributed by Corcoran Products,

A better roof faster with UNILIN roof panels UNILIN Structural Insulated Roof

Panels by UNILIN, division insulation are providing a growing number of domestic buildings in the UK with the advantages of better thermal performance, more space and less material in the roof structure. Widely used in continental Europe, UNILIN roof panels facilitate faster construction of the roof while creating an airtight structure that also provides more internal space by eliminating the need for rafters. Achieving a conventional roof appearance, UNILIN roof panels are capable of accepting a variety of different roof finishes, including slate and tiles. Immediately watertight, the panels also reduce any thermal bridging and condensation. Meeting all UK building



Equitone specified for Bell Green

EQUITONE [natura] and [pictura] from Marley Eternit have been used on a social housing development at Bell Green, South London. Metropolitan, the client, was looking to create 23 mixed tenure affordable residential homes and a ground floor commercial unit without compromising on quality, aesthetics and sustainability.

Insulation Distributors Tennants in Ireland.


Manufacturer Dow Building Solutions has made the list available on its website at via a handy stockist finder, which enables those looking for the XPS products to quickly search for branches by postcode or location.

“Our distributor network is very important to us, and regularly acts as the interface between us as manufacturers and our customers – contractors and building designers,” said Chris Gimson, Commercial Director for Dow Building Solutions.

Prestigious Award Nomination for ScreedBoard® Flooring

Highly regarded for its outstanding sound and under floor heating performance, ScreedBoard has been nominated in the prestigious Housebuilder Product Awards 2014. Recognised in the “Best Internal/Interior Product” category ScreedBoard features a wealth of benefits to developers and property owners. 9000m2 of ScreedBoard has recently been installed in the student accommodation

“It is important that we continue to offer those customers choice and breadth of UK supply, particularly as we’re beginning to see an upturn in the construction industry with rising demand likely to follow.” ❚ enquiry 131 regulations UNILIN structural insulated roof panels can be employed at any stage in the construction process, but are best implemented at the design stage where the full benefits of the system can be realised. Cost-effective, fast and providing improved thermal performance, UNILIN roof panels are factory made to exacting tolerances. Insulation performance can be tailored through different panels and insulation thickness and the system can work with different pitch roofs and allow the simple installation of rooflights and openings.

❚ enquiry 133



EQUITONE helped achieve these objectives by creating a visually engaging lowmaintenance rainscreen facade that offers enhanced weather performance benefits. The fibre cement facade also enabled the incorporation of high performance insulation to create a thermally efficient building. Both EQUITONE [natura] and EQUITONE [pictura] were used on the exterior of the buildings. Sage coloured EQUITONE [natura] was used for the majority of the building’s facades, whilst EQUITONE [pictura] in Olive was used to create a contrast with eyecatching feature panels throughout the development.

A natural combination from Granorte

Combining two natural flooring materials to give the best of both worlds, Linocork from Granorte brings a unique aesthetic to the home, perfect for making a contemporary style statement.

Featuring a linoleum surface with the acoustic, thermal and comfort benefits of an agglomerated cork base and integrated cork underlay, Linocork breathes new life into a once hugely popular domestic

development at Oxford University and in 169 new homes at the award winning Merton housing scheme in Brenley Park, Mitcham. As a dry screed, interlocking (no screws) floor board, installation times are considerably reduced, allowing developments to be completed more quickly and efficiently. Optimum living conditions for occupants are delivered via the boards excellent noise reduction and underfloor heating properties. ❚ enquiry 132

flooring material, introducing it to a new design-conscious audience.

In a range of traditional marbleised and linear linoleum looks, as well as a palette of solid shades that are ideal for maximum impact in LinocorkUNI, the floor comes in a tile format and with uniclic, making it suitable for DIY installation. Featuring Microban® antibacterial protection and with a 15-year residential warranty, Linocork comes with JointShield® edge protection to resist prolonged exposure to standing water and helping to create a more impervious floor finish. Made from renewable ingredients including linseed oil, pine rosin, cork dust and wood flour, linoleum is enjoying a renaissance as it offers consumers an easy to look after floor that is both good for the environment and indoor air quality. Combined with the advantages of another natural material in cork, the result is one that achieves GREENGUARD and A+ Emissions Dans L’Air Intérieur certification, underlining its positive wide and immediate environmental benefits. ❚ enquiry 134

IKO launch IKOpro Sprayfast, fast and economical bonding without the backache

IKO has introduced a range of spray-applied PU bonding adhesives specifically developed to offer fast-track, effective bonding of both insulation boards and polymeric membranes. The introduction of a new canister application system enables IKOpro Sprayfast to be applied quickly and accurately. The controlled bead size function eliminates waste ensuring economical coverage rates, whilst the 3-meter long spray hose applicator ensures that operatives

June 2014

work in an upright position to reduce discomfort. IKO has produced three different formulas to suit a range of applications, from installing insulation boards and VCL’s to single ply polymeric membranes.

Insulation boards IKOpro Sprayfast IBA moisturecuring polyurethane adhesive can

Devoran School, Cornwall

The recent upgrade of the solid walls at Devoran School in Cornwall required a solution for the window openings with mimimum loss of space, but maintaining the low U-value required. Primary Conservation Ltd contacted the A. Proctor Group who recommended Spacetherm P (Spacetherm bonded to Plasterboard). Spacetherm P is for use in applications where low u-values are required with limited space. Spacetherm can be supplied as a blanket or laminated to a number of facings to suit your individual requirements. Its’ remarkable performance is achieved through the use of flexible aerogel blankets. The insulation used in Spacetherm is material derived from silica gel. ❚ enquiry 135

be applied faster and more accurately than standard handpoured PU adhesives and benefits from rapid cure times. Fleece-Backed Roofing Membranes This Sprayfast system can be applied four times faster than standard roller-applied PU adhesives and has a cover rate of up to 180m2 per canister. IKOpro Sprayfast FMA is suitable for both large-scale fieldwork as well as detailing. Excellent bond and wind uplift resistance, independently tested by the BRE, means that it can be relied upon to securely bond fleece-backed membranes. ❚ enquiry 136

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June 2014


Design a better roof with UNILIN, division insulation

June 2014 £4.50

Roof Solutions


Promoting energy


efficient, healthy &


UNILIN Structural Insulated Roof Panels by UNILIN, division insulation offer a fast-track roof solution that is best incorporated at the design stage of new build, helping to maximise their many advantages.


sustainable building


products for the constru

ction industry


Internationally renowned George Rogers brings his architect Richard to Deptford RISE develo "urban renaissance" pment Colour is used for a variety of reasons, includin g to mood of the buildingaffect the and to humanise and change the apparent nature of materials."

A social vision for one of the most desirable London postcodes Rogers conclude s: "Over the last thirty years, it has become that the risk associate clear d with climate change will pose serious challenges to society. Architects are constantly presente d challenge of creating with the durable buildings that respond to a changing environm ent. Buildings, neighbourhoods and cities be designed to minimise should and carbon emission pollution s. Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners believe that a strong social vision is the driving force which is critical for the developm ent of a sustainable civil society."


Globally renown ed architect, Richard George Rogers (Baron Rogers of Riverside), brings his vision of "urban renaissance" to the emerging Greater London hotspot of Deptford.

bedroom apartme nts, executive engine suites and penthou se suites. The heart of our economy and the The off-plan RISE building will follow of our culture. In development is England, already a high spec, one with modern commun of the three most attracting British investors densely with al areas, populate state-of-the-art entry levels from d countries in the £430,000 for world, a 2 kitchens, 90% bedroom apartmen contemporary of the populati bathrooms and on live in t and yields cities, but many of delivering up to high tech security PAGE 25 our urban areas 4.75% yields systems. are not sustaina (higher than the London ble. Compac average Deptford, SE8 is t of 3.42%). polycentric cities fast overtaking Located in the heart of Deptford are the only the popularity of , sustainab its neighbouring with a one minute walk le form of developm to the and ent Ray Withers, Greenwich, SE10, should be designed to become the overground station, the CEO of Property to attract RISE lifestyle and cultural Mecca of development is in an excellent people. If we don't get urban Frontiers, comments: "It was south east London. regeneration right location for the influx excellent to discover then all our of City and the great work on cities Canary Wharf professio - buildings and Richard Rogers is one of the nals who public The British architect are moving into architects behind spaces, educatio is the area. the RISE n, health, his work on the Pompidonoted for employment, social development. Adding u Centre inclusion and this level of in Paris, the Lloyd's acclaim and building and A £1 billion riverside regeneration economic growth - will expertise to be Deptford Millennium Dome undermined." 's booming regenera in London, the scheme, swish new tion Senedd accomm just in proves SE8 is one odation projects LEVOLUX IMPRESS Cardiff and the of the most and a IN European Court WASHINGTON desirable London He continues: "The of Human Rights flagship Waitrose look set to postcodes right PAGE 26 structure of turn building building in Strasbou Deptford now. s set the scale, form into rg. He is "the new and winner of the RIBA Shoreditch." The Gold Medal, New Capital rhythm of the architectural the Thomas Jefferson Quay development environment, As with all emergin Medal, the will within which g areas, RIBA Stirling Prize, art gallery, museum feature an change and though, the optimum time to the improvisation can , crèche, get Medal and the Pritzker Minerva design studios, take place. Scale Prize. is given as much involved is right at the start of the bars and restaurants; and even Deptford by the design of the details as the boom. Now is that time £1 billion plus in building as Deptford regeneration train station and its surround and the ing structure a whole. Lightness of developm schemes for "the RISE new Shoreditch" areas are benefitting from ent is a superb example a £42 layering , transparency and of The RISE residentia a sustainable investme l development million mixed used developm are dominant design nt which ent from Rogers Stirk will deliver now Harbour and with apartments, town houses, factors in the work of the and in the practice. future." Partners (RSHP) is just one of workshops and retail outlets. many regenera tion projects totalling over Sustaina ble £1 billion in development Deptford. Designed designed to attract over eight people floors, the developm Rogers says: "Cities EUROBIOSTOVE ANNOUNCE ent is a are the FULL MCS ACCRED mixture of studios, ITATION one-and-two physical framework of our society, the generator of PAGE 35 civil values, the MAKE FIRST IMPRESS IONS COUNT


Airtightness moves outside

Wraptite-SA has been supplied to the recent new development at Drums of Park, Cornhill, Aberdeenshire. The self-adhering Wraptite-SA enabled Sylvan Stuart of Insch, Aberdeenshire to easily install the membrane onto the walls compared to traditional methods. The self-adhesive qualities meant that savings were made by eliminating the need for flashings and other sealants around the windows and doors.

vial of the finest alluv abundant reserves e plains of the are made using o from the flood ago Our UK clay tiles thousands of years clay, formed many w River Humber. ange of tiles we dtoft Handcrafted r In the Sand x es, colours and textur already knew that. But, you probably plain tiles in beautiful dable affor and durable have created highly already knew But, you probably that will never fade. ons,, proccess p p oducts,, specificati y g about our pr g anything changed o see,, we haven’t You to. we don’t think we need materials because innovating. old Sandtoft, always We’re still the same

that too.

e 0845 121 8699 Tel: Email: handcrafted@wiene ed eb: www.wienerbe We geruk w er: @wienerber Twitt


T enquiry 801 . www.mclin

A McDermott Publicati


June 2014 £4.50

Simply fill out the grid with the enquiry numbers you are interested in, cut out this box and post to : Ecobuilding News, FREEPOST BM 680, Kings Norton, Birmingham











Name: Position:

For architects and specifiers looking to maximise thermal performance of the roof structure there are few systems that are as effective as UNILIN structural insulated roof panels as they can be specified at different thicknesses to achieve the insulation value required. UNILIN, division insulation recommends the use of PIR foam for maximum thermal advantage, which can be up to 30% thinner than other available insulators to achieve the same thermal performance. ❚ enquiry 137

Wraptite-SA airtight membrane prevents lateral air movement enhancing the buildings thermal performance. It also provides high vapour permeability in a continously sealed, self-adhered, airtight membrane. In this instance, a result of better than 2.5m3/m2/hr was achieved. The membrane fully bonds (no mechanical attachment) to almost any substrate for improved airtightness and ease of installation, offering labour savings to any project.

Wraptite-SA’s high vapour permeability allows damp sheathing to dry quickly and moisture vapour to escape. This ensures good indoor air quality and reduces the likelihood of mould, mildew, condensation, timber distortion and metal corrosion. ❚ enquiry 138

Warming the inside from the outside

Company: Address: Postcode: Tel No: Website: Email: By providing your details, you are consenting for McDermott Publishing Ltd to keep you up-to-date with news and offers via email. If you wish to opt out of this service, please tick the box provided.



Savotherm external wall insulation has recently been installed on a previously uninsulated home in Bristol. This quick and easy-toinstall system has transformed a cold terraced house into a warm and welcoming environment radically reducing energy costs and providing a fresh and aesthetically pleasing exterior finish.

Savotherm purpose-made, laminated insulation boards which form the basis of the proprietary EWI (External Wall Insulation) system.



Equitone fuses nature and nostalgia at Austrian festival hall

A fibre cement EQUITONE [natura] facade on The Festival Hall in Erl, Austria, has created an architectural fusion between the sites impressive mountainous setting and neighbouring historical building. The lightweight yet strong properties of the EQUITONE facade, which allow the


Manufactured in one square metre size, the boards are available in a variety of thicknesses from 50 to 150mm offering an improved thermal efficiency for 9” brick walls from 2.08W/m2K up to 0.24W/m2K. The EWI system is a perfect solution for retrofit applications as its exterior application negates any interior mess and disruption and the associated expense and time required for internal redecorating. ❚ enquiry 139


creation of complex, geometric forms, enabled the architects, Delugan Meissi Associated Architects, to create an angular design that remained sympathetic with the topological landscape. Aside from the material’s geometric possibilities, the Charcoal coloured EQUITONE material complemented the existing historic white coloured building on site. The material allows the texture of the fibre cement to show through and its tactile, smooth surface further accentuated the symbiotic relationship between the two buildings. EQUITONE is a sustainable and low maintenance exterior rainscreen facade material that combines excellent aesthetics with durability and impact resistance.

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June 2014

SSE Hydro’s Green Roof challenges solved by Blackdown n e re G n w o A striking Blackd green Roof has boosted the an ded credentials and provi attractive feature, at dmark Glasgow’s newest lan venue.

The SSE Hydro is a £125million entertainment and sporting venue, which, since its opening in late 2013, has already achieved “Most stylish Entertainment Venue” at the 2013 Scottish Style Awards and the ‘Architectural Excellence Award (Public Building)” at the Scottish Property Awards. REASON FOR SPECIFICATION The Blackdown Intensive Green Roof system was specified by architects Foster and Partners, who were looking for a sustainable solution to complement the strong design features of the building’s main entrance. The system comprised of 37,000 Lonicera Nitida ‘Maygreen’ shrubs, planted to form a thick, hardy green mat

over the low level ‘skirt’ above the entrance of the arena. CHALLENGES AND AIMS The installation at the SSE Hydro presented a number of challenges, due to the varying pitch of the roof and the requirement for the planting system to be fed on a regular basis.

RESULTS Paul Otway, Head of Contracts at Blackdown Green Roofs, explains: “Due to the undulating profile of the roof, varying in pitch between 8 and 52 degrees, we had to devise an innovative green roof solution; not least for the delivery and application of 1,020m3 of substrate. The methodology that we employed maximised efficiency, minimising manual handling of materials and ensuring completion of the installation within the timescales agreed. “Blackdown also supplied an automatic irrigation system to ensure that the shrubs are permanently fed and watered with minimal manpower requirements.”

BLACKDOWN GREEN ROOF SYSTEMS Blackdown Green Roofs are constructed from a range of components that replicate the natural growing environment for plants, without requiring the same depth and weight of construction.

Green roof plants are cultivated at Blackdown’s nurseries in Somerset and form part of the company’s intensive, extensive and bio-diverse systems. Blackdown specialise in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of roof planting systems, capitalising on their

horticultural expertise and green roof experience.

Green roofs improve a building's thermal performance, increase rainwater retention (thereby reducing storm water run-off), and they reduce the life-cycle costs of a roof by protecting it from climatic changes, UV light and mechanical damage. In addition, they provide wider benefits, such as helping to reduce the heat island effect within cities, increasing both the absorption of CO2 and biodiversity levels. ❚ enquiry 148

Conamor completes work on John Lewis Roof Garden Local building and refurbishment specialist, Conamar, has completed work on John Lewis’ new roof garden at its flagship store on Oxford Street. To celebrate its 150th anniversary this year, John Lewis partnered with Tony Woods, the 2013 winner of the Royal Horticultural Society's National Young Designer of the Year, to install one of the largest roof gardens in London.

The 750 sq m (8,072 sq ft) garden space located on the sixth floor of the building, opened on 3 May, and will host a variety of events, including a pop-up cinema, sit-down restaurant and sports nights.

Conamar was the main contractor on the project, completing all works within a six week period. It was responsible for installing the scaffolding around the building, completing the concrete repairs and undertaking the electrical and plumping services, as well as managing all sub-contractors.

There were a number of associated challenges on this project, including the short time frame and accessibility. However, the greatest challenge was delivering materials onto the roof, which is located on the sixth floor. In order to manage the delivery of larger materials safely and securely, Conamar had to

close side roads around the building, and use a 250-tonne crane to lift materials into place. Neil Dower, Managing Director at Conamar, said: “The new roof garden has created a unique and contemporary space at John Lewis’ flagship store. It has not only helped celebrate the company’s heritage, but it has also created an important legacy for the future.”

The roof garden houses permanent features, including a band-stand, a fresh juice bar from Joe and the Juice, and a children’s vegetable patch.

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June 2014

Lakua-Arriaga health clinic. Gerardo


Zarrabeitia. Spain.

Make first impressions count with the expanded range of VIVIX® by Formica Group architectural panels Formica Group has also introduced Younique®, a custom service that takes exterior cladding design to the next level, allowing creation of stunning individual visuals beyond natural or man-made materials. With the ability to replicate any design or image, Younique combines the practicality and hard wearing characteristics of Formica® High Pressure Laminate (HPL) with limitless options for customised patterns, images, as well as corporate branding logos.

St. James’s Hospital, Dublin. Equator Architects

Innovative designs for exterior applications Based on extensive research, the refreshed VIVIX range introduces eight new Woods decors and eight new Patterns all in True Scale, nine additional Plain Colours, as well as the Younique service to provide architects, designers and specifiers with unlimited design potential.

Eva Hoernisch, Design Manager, Formica Group explains: “We have completely renovated our woodgrain range of VIVIX panels and developed unique visuals in True Scale. With this technique there is no repetition across the width of the panel, capturing the subtle variations inherent in such natural materials. We have also broadened the range of pattern options to include new visuals such as bronze and steel ‘materials’.


Specification support The new VIVIX range also benefits from additional technical content such as BIM objects compatible with all major architectural drawing packages, and available to download from the National Building Specification (NBS) Library.

Sustainability The full promoted Vivix range is available as FSC Certified. Manufactured in the United Kingdom to ISO 9001 standards, VIVIX panels cause minimal environmental impact as determined by Formica Group's Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). VIVIX panels have fire class B-s1, d0 (EDF 6 mm)

Harthill House, Wolverhampton. BM3 Architecture. UK

Etone College, Baily Garner LLP, UK

according to European standard EN135011. Formica Group is also the first laminate manufacturer in the world to be awarded the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label.

Formica Group, a leading global manufacturer of surfacing products, continues its innovative approach to rainscreen cladding with a new range of VIVIX® exterior façade panels. Featuring 25 new decors developed specifically for exterior applications, the range also introduces Younique® by Formica Group a custom laminate service which allows specifiers, designers and contractors to create a truly bespoke look.

Practicality VIVIX panels can be fabricated away from the building for efficiency, but if required they can be easily cut on site. Lightweight and easily transported, VIVIX panels do not create dust when being cut, are easy to clean and maintain. A recent project where VIVIX architectural panels were specified is the air traffic control tower at Kristiansand Airport in Kjevik, Norway.

Wiig og Horgmo Architects explain: “The control towers are at least 30 metres above ground; the material we used for cladding had to be lightweight for ease of installation and safety as well as versatile and flexible to allow us to realize the design concept.VIVIX panels proved ideal thanks to the colour choice, versatility, durability and quality offered.” ❚ enquiry 145 .

Morrisons Kiddicare stores in Nottingham, Merry Hill, Thurrock, Aintree and Rotherham. Astley.

For more information visit the Formica website:

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Levolux impresses in Washington

Conceived by a group of artists more than 10 years ago, the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art in Washington state, USA recently opened to critical acclaim, showcasing the very latest eco-building technology, including a motorised solar

shading solution from Levolux. The custom solution comprised 32 bays of single-piece, extruded aluminium Aerofoil Fins, applied externally across a curved, south-facing glazed elevation. The Fins, each measuring 250mm wide by 50mm thick, are motorised, allowing them to be opened or closed, rotating through 90 degrees. Each bay of Aerofoil Fins is linked by a vertical link arm to a motor which rotates the Fins smoothly and quietly. The Fins in each bay are faceted to create clean, continuous lines as they follow the curved contour of the building. Aerofoil Fins operate in two groups, responding automatically as the sun passes overhead from east to west. The Fins are carefully rotated to maintain the optimum level of shade at any given time. ❚ enquiry 146

Permo® air for £3m school extension

June 2014

The £3m development of two blocks for sixth-form boarding in Housman Hall at Bromsgrove School will create 49 new ensuite study bedrooms. The first building

was completed in October 2013 with the second due to be finished by the end of August. Robothams Architects specified Klober’s air-open roofing underlay Permo® air as one of only two membranes approved by the NHBC Standard for use without supporting high level ventilation. The old central house at Housman Hall, formerly the home of Old Bromsgrovian poet AE Housman, is listed with the site overall in a conservation area. Permo air therefore enables both long span roofs to be unaffected by vents within a roofline which is in the vernacular style. As such, Permo air made a tangible contribution to a development which preserves and enhances the character of Housman Hall by replacing the former boarding wings with a more sympathetic development. ❚ enquiry 147

Contemporary and Heritage Roofline • Rainwater • Cladding Long lasting, sustainable PVC systems for exposed and inaccessible locations. • Responsibly sourced and manufactured • Maximum CSH points for new build • Minimum lifetime costs for refurbishment BUILDING PRODUCTS

primer to the substrate to seal the concrete and provide the ideal key for the liquid waterproofing membrane to bond to. Once cured, the installation team then applied the Kemperol V210 resin to the primed substrate, completing the roofs one section at a time.

A greener approach to Private/Social Schemes Telford Homes’ Parkside Quarter development on the outskirts of Canary Wharf, is the latest residential development to launch on Stebondale Street, E14 3DF, Isle of Dogs.

The 64 apartments in the development’s main five-story block will be marketed to private buyers by Telford Homes, while a separate 4-storey block containing 17 apartments will be let by EastendHomes and the housing association will also offer five apartments in a further four-storey block for shared-ownership. While the target market for the private

and social housing elements of the scheme may be very different, many elements of the specification are the same; including the green roofs that will feature on all three blocks. Green Surroundings Designed by David Wood Architects, the Parkside Quarter scheme is named after the acres of parkland that lies adjacent to it on the Isle of Dogs, in an enviable location that is only a few minutes’ walk away from the banks of the Thames. The use of green roofs on all three apartment buildings, therefore, connects the

residential scheme to its location, creating synergy with its green surroundings. The green roofs were installed by roofing contractor Cawston Roofing using the cold liquidapplied waterproofing membrane, Kemperol V210, from Kemper System. This was used to waterproof the concrete deck and provide an ideal base for the inverted roof insulation and green roof elements of the project.

Roof Build Up Cawston Roofing began by applying Kemper System’s EP

Explains Stuart Hicks from Kemper System: “The Kemperol V210 resin saturates a polyester reinforcement fleece and cures to form a tough and durable, monolithic, seamless membrane with no laminations. It remains permanently flexible to cope with building movement and has a BBA certified service life in excess of 25 years.” Once the roofs had been waterproofed using the Kemperol V210 system, Cawston installed 240mm insulation directly on top followed by a 25ml deep attenuation layer; this enables rainwater to be stored to irrigate the green roof planting while allowing any excess water to drain off the roof. Finally the growing medium was installed along with plug plants to create the finished green roofs.

❚ enquiry 148 .

❚ enquiry 149

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June 2014


Solar Slate’s Planning friendly Roof Slate matches natural slate whilst giving unobtrusive free Solar PV Electricity and 20 Years Government Feed-in-Tariff earnings. Solar Slate is changing the face of Solar Photovoltaics.

Our planning-friendly range of technologies provide solar power from a traditional slate roof with:

• No planning headaches • No complaints from the neighbours • No unsightly solar panels • Helping you achieve Code 4,5 or 6 standard build

Start your journey today and allow:

• Green energy to be generated at the property • No hard visual impact • Energy cost protection long term • Free electricity at the property • Earning from the Government feed in Tariff • Protect our heritage


Channel 4 host and design guru, Kevin McCloud was impressed with new Solar Slate Multi and said; "It is the ideal solution for generating electricity without affecting the aesthetics"

Solar Slate Traditional product is designed to match standard 20” x 10” ‘Countess’ slate and provides a close colour match to many types of historically relevant natural slates including Welsh blue-grey. Now alongside it, the Solar Slate Multi offers the superior aesthetic that the Solar Slate Traditional boasts but in a larger format.

For the first time, it’s possible to take advantage of solar power without compromise. Unhook from the fossil-fuelled lifestyle and make a real reduction in your carbon footprint.

As a technology, ours is unlike anything else that’s available, truly taking the concept of a solar slate to a new dimension. Even homes in historic or conservation areas can now tap into an endless supply of free, clean energy, with the added longterm financial benefit of guaranteed payments from the government’s Feed-In Tariffs. British-designed and European-manufactured, all of our products are backed with a wealth of experience and a wide install base. Every project is a journey so we support our customers every step of the way, from supply and design through to installation and warranty.

The larger format has reduced costs, allows faster and simpler installation giving all round better value. The panel is manufactured to match standard 24” x 12” ‘Duchess’ slates and is effectively 4 slates in a single panel.

Solar Slate is ideal for use in in conservation areas, on historical buildings, new builds, sites where standard solar panels are not an option, renovation projects and has an unrivalled track record in gaining planning approval. These projects, being grade II listed buildings in conservation areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty, challenged Planners. Standard solar panels were refused by the LPA so samples of Solar Slate were submitted by the homeowners, which gained approval. We have a permanent display at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon which you can visit at any time for free and we will be at a number of shows this summer including the Yorkshire Show in July and others to follow.

For more information: please visit email, or better still call us on 01454 627841.

❚ enquiry 150 .

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Kawneer systems help WWF achieve a carbon first

Aluminium systems from Kawneer feature on the new headquarters of the World Wildlife Fund.

Timber door canopies designed by George Woods

Glazing systems from leading architectural aluminium system supplier Kawneer were used on the new headquarters of the World Wildlife Fund for many reasons, not least their ability to enable savings in terms of energy and impact on the environment. Kawneer’s AA®100 mullion-drained and

June 2014

AA®100 SSG (Structurally Silicone Glazed) curtain walling with 50mm sightlines and concealed vents, AA®3110 horizontal sliding doors and 190 heavy-duty commercial entrance doors feature on the façade and roof of the £14million Living Planet Centre on the site of a former car park in Woking, Surrey. The systems were put forward by approved specialist sub-contractor JPJ Installations for main contractor Willmott Dixon who, to meet the brief from the leading conservation charity, forensically tracked the carbon content of every

Imagine the perfect Bi-Fold Door System

Our door canopy range comes in many designs to suit the style of your property and improve the appearance of your house – from flat roof canopies to ‘a’ frame door canopies and mono pitch.

Our canopies are suitable for front doors, porches and windows and are made from high quality timber by our highly skilled craftsmen. All door canopies are quick and easy to fix.

The VEKA UK Group has further demonstrated its position as the industry leader in PVC-U systems with the unveiling of the innovative 'Imagine' Bi-Fold Door.





Tel: 01363 884218

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Comar - Designed for Performance, Backed by Delivery

Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, with their approved fabricator PAGE Group (Peterborough) Ltd recently completed a new build 6th Form centre at the Deepings School in Cambridgeshire. Comar 5P.i ECO casement windows, Comar 6 framing and Comar 7 Doors were selected for this project.

Comar 5P.i. ECO casement windows are thermally efficient polyamide insulated aluminium window. These windows offer

The technical experts at The VEKA UK Group chose to go back to the drawing board with this product and 're-imagine' what we have come to think of as a standard Bi-Fold Door. Sales and Marketing Director Colin Torley

explains: “The new Bi-Fold was on display at Fensterbau and visitors to the event were very impressed; we received some extremely positive feedback. “The Imagine Bi-Fold Door has been designed in the UK, for the UK market and our Technical Team are extremely proud of it. The system has been designed 'from the ground up' so

outstanding weather performance and reduce heat loss through the trademark P.i thermal break ensuring low U-values so energy bills are minimised. Comar 5P.i ECO is a casement window system which includes a 55mm and 75mm option. Comar 6 curtain walling is a versatile thermally efficient system designed to integrate panels and glass of different widths into the façade with special profiles to include opening vents and doors. The design of Comar 6 makes it ideal for complex facetted curtain

single element of the 8,900m2, 18-month build.

The carbon budget had assumed that the aluminium framing included 30% recycled content but JPJ suggested an alternative supplier that could supply 80% recycled aluminium – and that was Kawneer.

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there are no compromises. When it comes to components, everything has been newly designed specifically for this product. “The result is a technicallyadvanced bespoke product - available in numerous different configurations with custom-designed hardware from ERA housed neatly within the profile. “VEKA will be carrying the hardware as well as manufacturing the profile, so the Burnley HQ will act as a 'one-stop-shop' and customers can expect excellent lead times. ❚ enquiry 154

walls as well as sheer glazed facades. Comar 6 was selected due to its slim 50mm profiles which maximised the glazed area for natural day lighting. In a busy education environment, Comar 7 sets are a natural choice. Not only are they available in swing, pivot, sliding, autosliding and sliding folding, they have been designed specifically for applications where high traffic solutions are required.

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Kawneer systems help to inspire students All types of Kawneer’s glazing systems feature on the new Spires Academy.

Elements of the whole portfolio of Kawneer systems have been used on a new school with indoor and outdoor teaching spaces that achieved a BREEAM “Very good” rating, Kawneer’s AA®110 and AA®100 (sloped) curtain walling were used on the main entrance and corridors of the predominately naturally-ventilated Spires Academy in Canterbury. These systems, with 65mm and 50mm sightlines respectively, are complemented by AA®541 casement

windows with both manual and automatic top-hung ventilators and by series 190 heavy-duty commercial entrance doors and AA®605 low/medium-duty swing doors. The windows and entrance doors were designed where necessary to Secured by Design standards.

The Kawneer systems were installed by approved specialist sub-contractor APiC UK for main contractor Carillion PLC to a design by architects Jestico + Whiles for Kent County Council. The school accommodates 600 students in six learning areas. The mixed two and three-storey radial

design has a gathering place, or heart, at its core. This dramatic central space functions as the assembly hall and café/dining area and provides space for display and performance, essential to the academy’s specialisms in Business and Enterprise and Visual Creative and Performing Arts. It mixes both standard teaching classrooms and specialist larger spaces with landscaped outdoor teaching zones as well as a sports hall, studios for dance and drama, and an enterprise suite.

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June 2014




• High Quality Folding Sliding Doors

• British, German & Belgium Designed • A Fantastic Variety of Finishes & Colours



• Virtually Maintenance Free • State-of-the-Art Security Features • Full Fitting Available • Free Survey & Design Advice




High qu ualit a ty, Sash Win alit ndows 36mm ultrraa Slim-line m-line meeting rrail ail The firrst st with original ‘Putty Line’ styling Optional i l decor orative horn* Traditional Parrting Bead (Retractable)* hoice of 43mm m or trraditional aditional 90mm ottom rail Document L compliant Fire exit window available e Sealed units 30db rating 24mm (4--1 16-4) Full gloss white RAL 9910 or any Std Ral Ideal for Heritage and Con nservation Areas Powder coated finish with upto a 30 year guarantee Exclusive concealed balance nce cover

Easy-Tilt clean feature with full sash removal

Call 01778 347147 For more information

Unit 26/3 Silicon Business Centre 26 Wadsworth Road Tel: 0208 997 2448 Perivale, Greenford Middlesex UB6 7JZ Fax: 0208 997 0611


www.clearvi l


E: sales@clearviewgroup u F: 01778 341363 PART OF THE CLEARVIEW W GROUP

@ @AlumathermUK

Original Easy-Til lt Sash M Manu anufacturer Sin nce 1959

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1123 0414

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Reynaers at Home offers one of the most thermally efficient aluminium window and door systems on the market Security, architectural design and energy efficiency are all essential elements in the homes of today, says Reynaers at Home. Durability and sustainability are two big trends in architecture, and aluminium is one of the most versatile building materials available. It has many benefits, including a high recycled content; long lifespan; low maintenance and high thermal efficiency with new thermal break technology. Head of Reynaers at Home Hugh Moss says: “According to the latest Reynaers at Home survey, 57% of British architects think that the most popular industry trend today in residential housing is energy efficiency.

“Not only does Reynaers at Home make efforts to reduce its own energy consumption and to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases; it also contributes to limiting the energy consumption of new and existing homes through the development of energy-efficient windows and doors.” With its CS104 window and door system, Reynaers at Home achieves optimum insulation values for aluminium that meets the stringent requirements for Passive House standards.

The high insulation levels of CS104, down to an Uf-value of 0.88 W/m²K, are achieved by the use of a patented insulation technology. Along with a set of specifically developed gaskets, the highest levels of insulation, wind and water tightness are assured. After insulation, air tightness is the most important factor

determining the energy efficiency of a window or door. Hugh Moss adds: “The low Uf value gives a staggering Uw value as low as 0.77W/m2K, meaning this product sets the benchmark and is one of the most thermally efficient aluminium window and door systems on the market today.”

In addition to high insulation values, CS104 offers extremely high performance when it comes to wind resistance. There are up to five levels of wind load resistance (from one to five) and three deflection classes (A to C), which measure a window or door’s structural strength. The higher the number, the better the performance and the CS104’s is the best in class, with the system achieving up to level five for wind load resistance and C for deflection. This makes CS104 ideal for even the toughest conditions, such as those experienced in coastal areas.

The increased built-in depth of the profiles – the vent is 104mm deep and the frame depth 95mm – contributes furthermore to their strength and stability. This gives architects the design benefits of large, expansive surfaces of triple glazing resulting in innovative, energy-efficient and yet sustainable designs. For more information see the website, email or call 0121 421 9707. ❚ enquiry 160.

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June 2014

SterlingOSB – perfect for refurbishment projects Contact Moelven now for your copy of our brochure which gives details of our comprehensive service incorporating design and supply of laminated beams and structures together with associated materials.

Sterling OSB (oriented strand board) is perfect for today’s building refurbishment projects. Increasingly, builders are substituting plywood for Sterling OSB; it’s more cost-effective, environmentallyefficient and highly versatile with many variations depending on the application.

SterlingOSB (Oriented Strand Board) is a multi-layered timber product but one which is very different from plywood. Instead of being made from alternate sheets of veneer placed at 90 degrees to each other, SterlingOSB is made from layering strands of wood in specific orientations and then bonding the layers with a resin.

Norbord, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engineered wood-based panels, now produces eight types of Sterling OSB – SterlingOSB2, Sterling OSB3, SterlingOSB T&G, SterlingOSB – Conti, SterlingOSB Roofcoat, SterlingOSB Sitecoat and a range of three new SterlingOSB fire solutions. Each has been developed for specific applications. Each panel is made from forest thinnings that are the byproduct when small diameter timber is felled; this give better quality trees space to reach maturity. Being produced in the UK from local, sustainable, FSC-accredited timber and produced to the criteria of the environmental standard ISO 14401, SterlingOSB can be employed with confidence when environmental credentials are demanded. ❚ enquiry 163

Tel: 023 8061 6857 or visit From our premises at Barton Farm we can supply standard and cut to size glulam beams and can manufacture metalwork fittings to suit your requirements.

Moelven Laminated Structures

Unit 1 Barton Farm Industrial Estate, Chickenhall Lane, EASTLEIGH, Hampshire SO50 6RP New Tel No: 023 8061 6857. New Fax No. 023 8061 1984. Website: . E-mail:

Shackerley scores in Brazil with Sureclad® Façade System Shackerley, the Lancashire manufacturer and prefabricator of ceramic granite ventilated cladding has forged an alliance with Brazil’s largest ceramic tile manufacturer, Eliane Revestimentos Cerâmicos, which will enable architects throughout Brazil to specify the UK’s market leading Sureclad® façade system.

Shackerley’s patented Sureclad ventilated façade system revolutionised the exterior facade market by opening up new opportunities for UK architects to fully exploit the benefits of large format ceramic granite as a cladding material. The system, which complies fully with all relevant British and European standards, CWCT standards for systemised building envelopes and NHBC technical requirements, comprises fully prefabricated panels, mechanically (and invisibly) fixed to a uniquely versatile framework of high grade aluminium horizontal support rails and brackets. The Sureclad® Access system stands apart from its competitors because of the facility to install panels non-sequentially and to remove and replace individual panels in isolation. This design feature gives contractors unprecedented flexibility during installation and, in the long term, allows for

straightforward maintenance access to services hidden behind the façade. Continuous investment in sophisticated bespoke engineering facilities and prefabrication processes at its Chorley manufacturing base has enabled Shackerley to maintain its leadership of this market sector and meet a level of demand for ceramic granite ventilated façades which has exceeded all original expectations.

Now, under the new deal signed with Eliane, Shackerley will share its extensive technical expertise and façade ‘know how’ so that its new South American partner can supply Sureclad® façades under licence across Brazil. The Sureclad® carrier system will be shipped from Lancashire whilst Eliane will prefabricate its own ceramic granite slabs to create installation-ready Sureclad® façade panels using the same bespoke engineering facilities, systems and processes that Shackerley has perfected. Initial carrier system stocks have already been shipped to Brazil and a Sureclad® prefabrication facility has been established in Eliane’s Sao Paulo factory under Shackerley’s expert guidance. With six factories, serving some 15000 domestic sales outlets and operating in five continents from its Sao Paulo Head Office and US and Canadian distribution centres, Eliane is the largest and most important ceramic manufacturer in Brazil.

❚ enquiry 164

Eliane is now introducing Brazilian specifiers to the benefits of the Sureclad® Access system – pictured here in the UK at the award winning Paragon Centre in Brentford

For further information please call 0800 783 0391 or visit

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June 2014

CASE STUDY Project: No1 Embankment Place, Charing Cross Project Outline: Updating and retrofitting of a nine storey post-modern office, designed by Sir Terry Farrell, to achieve a BREEAM outstanding rating.


One of London’s most iconic buildings is being refurbished using Knauf GIFAfloor in a programme that will bring the 1980s building right up to 21st century standards with a BREEAM Outstanding rating.

Products: Knauf GIFAfloor Summary: Knauf GIFAfloor was installed to replace part of the existing raised access flooring as part of a complete overhaul of the building’s internal infrastructure.

Knauf GIFAfloor has been installed to replace part of the existing raised access flooring by TFA Interior Projects as part of a complete overhaul of the building’s internal infrastructure, including refurbishment and fit-out of the offices, decommissioning of existing plant and installation of new central plant and


Knauf GIFAfloor helps London icon hit sustainability target

Contractor: TFA Interior Projects

No 1 Embankment Place, the nine-storey postmodern office designed by Sir Terry Farrell that spans the railway tracks of Charing Cross station, is the headquarters for PwC, which is updating and retrofitting its estate in line with sustainability targets having achieved a BREEAM outstanding rating for its More London office near Tower Bridge – the first building in London to do so.

engineering infrastructure, along with a new entrance area.

Non-combustible with an A1 fire rating, Knauf GIFAfloor’s high thermal conductivity makes the panels ideal in underfloor heating systems and optimises the benefit of air and ground source heat pumps over timber or cement base floors, reducing CO emissions as a result.

As a replacement for wet screed, the product also speeds up the construction programme said Tim Hudson, director for TFA Interior Projects.

“The board is solid and easy to handle, so it requires a minimum of effort to fit upon the pedestals that hold it in place and,

because it’s engineered, interlocks into place to form a firm, safe surface that other trades can use as a platform,” he said. “There is no waiting around for the screed to cure and then, when everyone else has finished, we can apply the final finish.”

The Knauf GIFAfloor system is a partialaccess raised floor system providing the ability to run services under the floor with ease. It is manufactured from natural gypsum based calcium sulphate and is ideal for raised floor areas requiring continuous finishes such as sheet vinyl or hard finishes such as stone and large format porcelain. The 1200 x 600mm panels are installed on a conventional 600mm grid access floor under structure. Due to the tongue and

groove design the Knauf GIFAfloor system is flat and smooth once installed, with the further advantage that joints will not track through the applied finish.

As a result finishes can be applied directly without having to screw fix panel to the pedestals and then fixing plywood – a necessity with traditional raised access flooring installations. Access to the floor void can be incorporated with conventional access floor panels or access frames.

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June 2014

Sadolin Ultra® is discussed in-depth in the fourth episode in the established ‘This Is Sadolin,’ series, entitled ‘Keeping Wood Natural.’

This episode - one of seven videos in the series can be viewed on the Sadolin website at and Sadolin Woodcare YouTube channel

Specifiers can also use PaintSpec Finder® the free on-line resource - launched last year by Crown Paints at - to generate tailor-made, accurate specifications for woodcare projects.

Sadolin Ultra® Protects The Natural Beauty Of Wood At Durham University Sadolin Ultra® offers wood outstanding defence against the elements for the long term – and years after application the product continues to preserve and protect a faculty building at Durham University. Wood is a key design feature at the Al-Qasimi Building, home to the university’s School of Government and International Affairs. Modernised under a refurbishment programme two years ago, Sadolin Ultra® was specified for all exterior wood at the centre. The product was chosen for its highly translucent qualities, which enable the natural beauty of wood to shine through. National painter and decorator contractor Bagnalls carried out the project, applying one coat of Sadolin Ultra® Base Coat followed by two topcoats of Sadolin Ultra® for optimum performance.

David Hope, Specification Sales Manager for Crown Paints, said: “One of the main objectives of the project was to preserve the natural beauty of the timber. Sadolin Ultra® is highly

translucent, which helps to highlight the natural features of the wood and preserve its original state. A darker woodstain was chosen for beams, while the panelling was left to look as light and natural as possible. The end result provides a stunning contrast and the wood still looks pristine years after the original application. Sadolin Ultra® provides exceptional durability, with up to seven years’ protection.”

This versatile tool may also be used to specify appropriate paint systems from the other professional brands in the Crown Paints family, including Crown Trade and Sandtex Trade, for use on a wide variety of additional substrates.

For more information on the full range of Sadolin products, please contact the Specification Support Team on 0845 034 1464, email or visit the website at

Its high performance formulation includes UV light absorbers, which help preserve the finish of the wood, even in areas with high sun exposure. Available in 14 shades, Sadolin Ultra® delivers superior colour retention and its alkyd formulation also requires less solvent, achieving 2010 VOC compliance, without compromising on the quality of the finish or its longevity.

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Flowcrete Backs China’s Green Car Concept with Sparkling Sustainable Floor for New Show

BMW Brilliance – the German-Sino joint venture – has cut the ribbon on the first brand showroom for its pioneering electric vehicle, the ZINORO 1E, located in downtown Beijing. The flagship showroom is located in a modern complex named the Sanlitun SOHO, which has been developed by Chinese real estate tycoon Pan Shiyi.

Often described as the point where Chinese culture and international fashion collide, the site represents the ideal location to introduce the world to BMW Brilliance’s first e-mobility concept.

Close to 200 square metres of the global resin flooring specialist Flowcrete’s sparkling terrazzo flooring material, Mondéco Crystal, was selected by the project architect for installation across the entire showroom in three contrasting bands of colour. The installation of the material represented a challenging undertaking for both Flowcrete and the

Børnekulturhus Ama’r is the first children’s cultural centre in Amager, Denmark. This is an interesting building which encourages children’s play and discovery by offering them daily workshops and events. The architects found solutions for the creative and technical challenges which the building brief required by designing a myriad of flexible and connected rooms of varying size.

company’s approved application team. A three-week turnaround in which to install the terrazzo material posed difficulties combined with plummeting temperatures as low as -10 degrees centigrade. Environmental temperatures are important in any application of in-situ resin floor coatings and systems. Flowcrete’s epoxy terrazzo system, Mondéco Crystal, has been specially formulated to combat such circumstances, providing a fully workable material that poses no risk of imperfections or damage to the final surface. The terrazzo material was specified on top of newly laid concrete exhibiting high moisture content, as such Flowcrete’s water-free moisture tolerant primer, Hydraseal DPM, was used prior to the application of the Mondéco to prevent moisture entrapment.

Mondéco Crystal is a highly decorative system and a popular choice for retail clients looking to impress visitors underfoot with recent installations at both Alexander McQueen’s and Emilio Pucci’s flagship stores in China. ❚ enquiry 167

For example, one room adjacent to a normal classroom has a flower meadow printed on its Troldtekt acoustic panel ceiling. These wood wool panels have been installed throughout the rooms not only to enhance their interconnection but also to provide essential dampening of sounds, echoes and bustling children’s activity. Made from 100% natural wood fibres, the benefits of Troldtekt panels include high sound absorption, high durability, natural breathability, low cost life cycle performance

Wolf Systems' easijoist solution to Grand Design

Wolf Systems' easi-joists have been chosen to support the suspended timber floors of a zero-carbon self-build in York (as featured in a series of Grand Designs).

and sustainability. Available in various sizes and in three grades from ultrafine to coarse, they can be left unpainted or can be painted in virtually any RAL colour. Their sustainability was recently recognised with certification at Silver level within the Cradle to Cradle concept. ❚ enquiry 168

Architect, Martin Walker, wanted a modern, spacious, low-energy house; his wife Kae wanted a cosy family home. The challenge was to satisfy both aspirations however conflicting they might seem. Martin's design used a structural frame of sustainable glulam beams with modern highlyinsulated panels supplied by Leeds-based timber-frame specialist, Shire Timber. Meeting the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations was not difficult

with this structure, yet Martin wanted to go further and build to Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. That means zerocarbon. Timber is a sustainable product and there was never any doubt that timber would provide all the structural elements of the building. Wolf Systems' easi-joists for the floors; these are lightweight metal-web joists, top-hung from the heavysection glulam beams. ❚ enquiry 169

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June 2014




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Underfloor heating brings the best from ground source heat pump

A beautifully refurbished but traditionally structured farmhouse has had its space heating requirements and comfort levels brought up to date through the use of two very contemporary technologies.

The private residence features brick and stone elevations around an original timber frame, where the spacious living accommodation and six bedrooms are heated using a ground source heat pump installed by ISO Energy. The output of this renewable heat source – offering a coefficient of performance close to 4 – has been made even more effective through the installation of a low water temperature underfloor heating system, part of the Hydronik range manufactured by Timoleon Limited.

The Hydronik ToronFloor system was an ideal solution as the insulation was fitted between the joists. This consists of engineered 22mm thick particleboard panels featuring pre-routed channels to accept the flexible and highly conductive PE pipe. Three separate 12mm pipe circuits – two for the bedroom and another in the bathroom - each one some 60 metres in length, were laid and connected to one of Timoleon’s smaller Axios manifold options that was neatly concealed within timber casings in the bathroom.

Meanwhile oak boarding was fixed down over the ToronFloor boards as the finished surface in both rooms. ❚ enquiry 172

Wood heating warms John Lewis spa

The John Lewis Partnership has shown its commitment to wood heating by installing a Euroheat biomass boiler at a new build spa and wellness centre in Snowdonia on the banks of Bala Lake, built specifically as a haven for John Lewis staff to take holidays and short-breaks.

The HDG Compact 50kW wood chip boiler now provides heat and hot water for the spa's swimming pool and underfloor heating systems, alongside the 1500 litre buffer tank FRA delivery system. The building is eligible to receive £5,500 per year thanks to non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments and is estimated to be saving some 27 tonnes in CO2 when compared to an oil system.

The biomass system will use approximately 26 tonnes of G30 wood chip, which is sourced from local woodland already owned by the John Lewis Partnership, helping to make the building as sustainable as possible; something the business was very keen on.

The HDG Compact boiler itself features a vertical heat exchanger, which combined with its automatic cleaning system, helps to maintain very high efficiency and only requires annual maintenance. It is designed to burn woodchips, pellets and shavings and is delivered completely assembled. Remote maintenance and SMS control functions are also available.

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June 2014

FCO Communications Centre uses latest heat and power technology

Atlantic Boilers have supplied two Atlantic Euromax 1455kW large hot water boilers at Hanslope Park, Buckinghamshire - the home of Her Majesty's Government

Ideal Commercial Boilers has supplied four Evomax high efficiency condensing wall hung boilers and two Frame and Header Kits to New Forest District Council, which have been installed to provide energy efficient space heating for two Older Persons Accommodation schemes in the New Forest.

Sarum House and Robertshaw House, built in 1971, are identical buildings each comprising 26 flats that are specially designed for older persons who wish to retain independent living. Space heating is particularly important for the older person and the previous non-condensing floor standing boilers were not only unreliable but also extremely costly to run. Rob Sowden, Commercial Gas Engineer for

The upgraded boilerplant was specified by Consulting Engineers WSP and installed by E V Bullen Ltd. The boilers come with Dunphy TH37 ZM RT digital modulation B100 bio-liquid burners which marry together for excellent green combustion and seasonal efficiency of 85% GCV.

The EUROMAX boiler and DUNPHY burner are also available with the RT yearround condensing economiser and the result is a seasonal efficiency in excess of 94% GCV. ❚ enquiry 174

New attack biomass boilers cater for larger heatloads

Attack has introduced two new models in the DP Profi range of wood gasifying boilers. The Slovakian built Attack log boilers, available from Thermal Earth, have outputs of 75kW and 95kW allowing them to cater for large heatloads and qualify for the non-domestic RHI scheme. These Attack DP Profi models feature a conventional fin type heat exchanger with electronic temperature control and with an efficiency of up to 86% they provide an outstanding capital cost to return ratio. The split log boilers can use both hard and soft wood in the larger fuel chamber that allows for a longer combustion time from one load. Approved and tested to European standard EN3035, the Attack DP Profi boilers boast simple

operation and cleaning with safety measures such as automatic shutdown after fuel is depleted and fireproof clays that are resistant to temperatures up to 1500°C. They are also equipped with a cooling circuit that protects the boiler from overheating, further adding to the system’s reliability and safety features.

The two part wood gasification process involves firstly the gasification of the flammable gases in wood and then the burning of the residual charcoal. The Syngas gas that is produced through the mixing of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen with a controlled amount of Oxygen is combusted inside the boiler where the hot gases are drawn up through the back of the boiler to pass through the heat exchanger. Exhaust gases are passed out through the boiler to a balanced flue that can either be vertical or horizontal as desired. The entire Attack heating system contributes

New Forest District Council, selected the Evomax boilers as he knew from experience they are reliable and exceptionally easy to install and maintain. He installed a 60kW and an 80kW Evomax on a Frame and Header Kit in the boiler room at Sarum House and repeated the installation at Robertshaw house. Rob also integrated sequence controllers to further minimise fuel use.


Communications Centre (HMGCC). The boiler’s three pass design gives balanced heat transfer and stable performance at low heat loads.

Rob commented, “With the high efficiency Evomax boilers and the new control system, I have calculated annual fuel savings of £4,000 for each building which, based on current rates, means a payback period of only 3 to 4 years. As usual I had excellent technical back up from Ideal Commercial Boilers, making this a very straightforward installation.” As testament to Ideal Commercial Boilers’ commitment to quality, the Evomax is fully supported with a two year parts and labour warranty. BIM components are also available for the entire Evomax range, both as single units and in cascade formation on frame and header kits. Engineers and building designers can download these direct from the website at Designed for ease of installation, commissioning and servicing, the Evomax

t o the overall high efficiency of the boiler, with the majority of installations consisting of an Attack boiler, an accumulator cylinder, expansion vessel with ancillary equipment and a twin walled flue. The accumulator tank is capable of retaining its high temperatures for long periods and the large volume of hot water it stores for heating and domestic hot water purposes means the boiler does not have to be lit all of the time. ❚ enquiry 175

expands the options for commercial applications, with available outputs ranging from 30kW to 150kW. In addition to its lightweight design, siting is made easy with a selection of room-sealed and open flue system choices. The option of insulated Frame and Header Kits allow the Evomax to be installed in cascade formation, either back-to-back or in-line depending on the requirements of the plantroom, with a combined top capacity of 600kW. Even more flexibility is provided with the option of Low Height Frame and Header Kits, which ensure installation of the Evomax is made simpler in instances where there is reduced headroom or sloping ceilings.

In addition to flexible installation options, Evomax is Ideal Commercial Boilers’ highest efficiency boiler to date with seasonal efficiencies of up to 97.2%, exceeding those stipulated in Part L2 of the Building Regulations. Each boiler is capable of wider output modulation of 5:1, which ensures the load is matched closely to the building’s requirements to maximise system efficiency. This market-leading performance combines with low NOx emissions of less than 40mg/kWh to offer a boiler solution that qualifies for maximum BREEAM points. ❚ enquiry 176

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June 2014



The Wilo-Stratos GIGA saves energy as early as the planning stage. Planning that is quick, easy and future-proof.



T: +44 (0) 1283 523000 | F: +44 (0) 1283 523099 E:

â?&#x161; enquiry 178 .


announce full MCS accreditation at Hearth & Home Following a highly successful exhibit at the recent Hearth & Home exhibition in Harrogate, Eurobiostove was extremely pleased to be able to announce that its entire range of Bronpi biomass heaters and boilers are now fully MCS accredited.

This covers a range of biomass boilers from 14 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 34 Kw covering product options from single residences to multiple small residential or light commercial/industrial use.

The significance of the accreditation announcement means that anyone now replacing an existing boiler with a Bronpi biomass boiler becomes eligible for the Government RHI scheme.

David Baines, MD of Eurobiostoves, says that the Bronpi range of biomass heaters and boilers available exclusively from them, offer builders and the subsequent homeowners some unique opportunities: â&#x20AC;&#x153;The two main incentives for initially installing a biomass boiler are the eco credentials over conventional heating fuel and the approximately 30% overall heating

savings which will repay the installation investment in 3 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 4 years. The wood pellets used are carbon neutral, meaning a significant saving of your â&#x20AC;&#x153;carbon footprintâ&#x20AC;? and the huge energy savings mean biomass boilers are an obvious choice. Installation is straightforward and more advanced models have large pellet hoppers or can be connected to existing pellet stores by gravity feed. The latest range of integrated boilers is equipped with auto cleaning of the crucible and heat exchanger-turbulators meaning less intervention is needed by the homeowner.â&#x20AC;? The Bronpi range also includes Biomass boilers that are able to supply energy to a small block of apartments or nursing home for example.

The special OASYS (Optimum Air System) Technology developed by the manufacturers, Bronpi, controls and analyses the main factors of wood burning in order to achieve perfect combustion. OASYS takes into consideration factors like pellet characteristics including type of wood, quality, density and moisture. It also factors in installation details like total length of flue pipes as well as diameter and number of bends and includes natural factors like altitude, wind and atmospheric pressure. Biomass energy provision is one of the fastest growing areas of heating and Eurobiostove is at the cutting edge of this technology. â?&#x161; enquiry 179

Eurobiostove Ltd 020 8090 9385

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Mat Lown debates the increasing need for asset owners and managers to address quickly the impact on their portfolio of increasingly stringent energy legislation.

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine heightens UK Plc's energy security concern. A recent report by the Global Sustainability Institute attested Britain has just 5.2 years of oil, 4.5 years of coal and three years of its own gas remaining. The UK's shortages would increase dependency on Norway, Qatar and Russia. Currently, 25% of EU member states gas originates from Russia; 80% of it reaches the EU via Ukraine.

To add to the energy security concerns, demanding, legally binding carbon related targets are not going away. Quite the opposite; they are incrementally increasing in most cases. A quick recap of current and impending legislation reveals the UK is committed to: -80% reduction in CO2 levels against 1990 levels by 2050 -EU legislation that mandates 20% of energy generated must be from renewables by 2020 -Nearly zero carbon target for UK commercial property by 2019 -Under Energy Act a proposal to disqualify (most likely) EPC F and G rated properties from being let from 1 April 2018.

Hot, cold, wet or windy - BRE's new conference focuses on protecting against extreme weather

BRE's new Resilience14 event will focus on positive and practical ways to defend the UK's built environment against weather related damage. Being held at Olympia London on 2627 November, Resilience14 is a two-day, content driven conference and exhibition, offering in-depth coverage of the solutions to the challenges posed to the built environment by the UK's more extreme weather. BRE has launched the event with a new website The winter of 2013-14 again emphasised the vulnerability of the built environment to storms and floods. It was the latest in a

TFT's own research, conducted in December 2013 on non-domestic existing properties located in a Central London, found 30% had an F or G rating. Significantly, the figure was halved when TFT inputted accurate, up-to-date data. The findings suggest that when a building was last certified and the quality of the data input at the time, can have a detrimental effect on the EPC rating. It's not all bad news for portfolio owners of F and G certified properties. TFT's study demonstrated that the installation of LED lighting and motion/daylight controls alone improved the EPC rating in the commercial properties from and F or G to a C in 90% of cases. Furthermore, when undertaken as part of cyclical repairs and refurbishment, the additional capital cost of installing LEDs (over previous incandescent lighting) was negligible. For the tenant, the plus side of a better EPC-rated property is reduced energy bills and in the case of LEDs, the longer service life of the fittings means lower maintenance costs. The upside for the landlord is a marketable property.

It's worth noting that the prospect that an F or G could be unrentable in future, could have an impact on capital value and the ability to secure funding as savvy investors are paying closer attention to EPC ratings.

Think about it this way: if a commercial property cannot be legally let then where is its value? It's no longer in the lettable space, and it's not in the bricks and mortar. The land and location, yes, but that's all. string of bad weather that has hit the UK in recent years and indicates that what were once considered once-in-a-lifetime events, could now become regular occurrences. Extreme seasonal temperatures, with harsher winters and drier summers, also pose serious risks to the health and wellbeing of buildings and their occupants. This two day exhibition showcases the technologies and the solutions that can protect and mitigate against flooding, storms and extreme temperatures. Supported by seminars and interactive sessions, the aim is to provide visitors with an understanding of resilience in the context of insurance and risk, design and build, health and wellbeing and repair, rebuild and rehabilitation of the built environment.

Chancellor’s ‘planning revolution’ will encourage investment in brownfield, says FMB

Small house building firms have welcomed moves to increase brownfield development outlined in the Chancellor’s Mansion House speech, the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has said.

Chris Carr, Chair of the FMB Home Builders Group, said: “Bringing forward planning applications remains an expensive and risky business for small house builders. Brownfield sites within our towns and cities are likely to be sites of a size and location that is attractive to local builders.


The NASC has launched a brand new logo for the expanding ‘Information Member’ section of its membership, designed to differentiate between information only and full member companies.

The new NASC ‘away strip’ logo is predominantly red, with a blue stripe, and incorporates the words ‘NASC Information Membership’ in white lettering. The logo has been created to serve a growing interest from companies wishing to join the NASC as information members, a group which now exceeds 40 businesses. Scaffold contracting organisations are not eligible for NASC information membership. Applications are welcomed from trading organisations which fit the description of ‘service providers

NIA and its members promote revamped Green Deal

Following the launch by Government of its new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) in England and Wales on 9th June, the National Insulation Association (NIA) is heavily promoting the scheme to consumers and encouraging them to contact its members to upgrade their property’s energy efficiency and be able to claim up to £6000 for Solid Wall Insulation (SWI).

Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the NIA commented: “The NIA welcomes the launch of the GDHIF and the Government’s continued commitment to helping households to address their cost of living. “The new GDHIF scheme provides a tremendous opportunity for both householders and the insulation industry and we are actively promoting the scheme to consumers, and recommending that they choose NIA members to carry out the work in order to obtain additional

June 2014

However, previously-used sites often come with additional costs and complexities that increase the upfront investment required at a time when finance remains very difficult to come by for small developers.”

Carr concluded: “The Chancellor’s announcement that councils will be required to place local development orders on more than 90% of suitable brownfield sites by 2020 is significant. It will reduce the risks involved and provide house builders with the certainty they need to invest in these sites. Where this is backed with funding to help make difficult brownfield sites viable for development then talk of an urban planning revolution may not be so far fetched.” to the UK access and scaffolding industry’ and are subject to NASC approval. NASC information members include training providers, scaffold designers, health and safety consultants, insurance, and providers of security and contractual expertise.

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, said: “With the growing number of companies applying for information membership status, we felt the time was right to give the group their own bespoke NASC logo, to showcase their membership and to make clear the distinction between full and information members.

“Pick-up and use of the new logo and feedback from the membership has been very positive, and we hope that the new logo will raise awareness of this strand of membership and encourage further applications.” peace of mind. NIA members are required to meet our robust membership criteria and sign up to a strict code of professional practice. “Since the launch of the GDHIF we have been actively communicating the scheme to consumers via the media, consumer groups and charities. We have also set up a new dedicated section on our website with links to our Green Deal Installer and Provider members and DECCs quick guides on the scheme. Marshall added: “We have also been actively promoting the scheme to our members and encouraging them to register for it.” Under the new GDHIF householders can apply for: 75% of the cost of Solid Wall Insulation up to a maximum of £6000, and; Up to £1000 for installing two measures from an approved list including cavity wall insulation Up to £100 refund for their Green Deal Assessment Report if at least one recommended measure is installed.

Saint-Gobain welcomes green deal incentives

Saint-Gobain, has spoken out on the Government’s Home Improvement Fund for Green Deal, which launched this week.

In a significant move to encourage more households to undertake efficiency measures, the Government’s launch of the scheme offers consumers grants of up to £7,600 for various insulation and heating solutions. The largest single grant is up to £6,000 for solid wall insulation, in effect providing payment of 75% of the cost of internal or external wall insulation for hard-to-treat homes. There is also £1,000 for a range of less expensive insulation and heating measures, provided that two separate measures are paid for. Homebuyers who install energy-saving measures within the first 12 months of moving into their new home will be also able to claim an additional £500 payment and all consumers benefitting from the grants can receive a further £100 off the cost of a Green Deal Assessment if they have required one for their property. Mark Weaver, Sector Marketing Director of Retrofit for SaintGobain, said: “Following a slow start to the Green Deal Cashback scheme and a disappointing uptake of the Green Deal generally, the Government has listened to industry and responded with a series of attractive financial incentives. This is a significant step in the right direction for retrofitting the UK housing stock, which is one of the poorest in Europe in terms of energy efficiency. “Consumers can now benefit from cashback on more expensive solutions such as solid wall insulation, as well as less expensive measures such as upgraded glazing and cavity wall insulation. This means that the payback on the sizeable energy saving benefits of these measures is hugely reduced, and this applies to homeowners as well as private landlords and tenants.

“We are pleased that there is now more reason for homeowners to apply for Green Deal help – these new incentives mean a welcome boost for job prospects and business opportunities, benefitting the whole retrofit industry. “Much more needs to be done to simplify and incentivise the uptake of the Green Deal scheme, and energy efficiency retrofit in general if we are to reduce emissions from the built environment and meet our UK carbon reduction targets. We believe that to meet these targets, a long-term fabric first approach is needed for the Green Deal programme and any other retrofit schemes.”

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June 2014


Is fracking the Energy Eldorado? Protestors have attempted to turn David Cameron’s Oxfordshire home into a fracking site—proposed government reforms to the ‘fracking’ bill in the Queen’s speech are indeed contentious. The challenges around energy generation should be in the public mind, but is the focus on fracking detracting from other potential solutions to such a complex problem? constraints are higher and the workforce is more costly.

Shale gas extracted in the UK will be part of the European supply “pot” and will be traded on the EU market. It is likely that it will help stabilize the gas prices but not necessarily bring them down significantly. The US shale gas revolution has also taken nearly 30 years to come to its effective stage where it really impacts the US economics and consumers everyday life. It will probably take half of the time in the UK but we still have some 15 years where we will increasingly be subject to fuel imports and volatile energy prices. Does it all sound negative? No, the point is about establishing the right picture before taking too simplistic a view either way. It’s not helpful for the public or our industry to feel that we are either just round the corner of a relatively cheap fuel supply, or on the other side of the coin, in danger of our properties collapsing under an unstoppable fracking dystopia.

The reforms would allow firms more extraction and distribution rights with the objective of expediting the development of the industry (Greenpeace are thus concerned about changes to trespass laws leading to unwelcome fracking under private properties—“as ministers chase their imaginary energy Eldorado, the real solutions to boost our energy security, like slashing energy waste and backing renewables, are being sidelined”*).

Aside from the concern of property-owners who feel they’re at risk, the unintended consequence of widescale fracking might arguably be a reduction in the much-needed development of a renewable technology market for the 26 million existing homes that are using traditional heating technologies.

Fuel security and the development of local fuel supplies are key political issues, and sensitivities are high with the next election not far away on the horizon. Relying on a neighbouring nation for their fuel supply and the potential political compromise that could result from such a relationship is an unappealing one—something the government might hope to avoid by the extraction of shale gas at a wide variety of sites across the UK.

Looking at the US shale gas revolution, one is tempted to draw simple conclusions. For example, that shale gas extraction will bring the cost of fuel down significantly. It is true that in the US where fracking is already taking place at a large commercial scale there have been savings of up to 40% in consumer pricing. However the conditions of extraction are different in Europe than in the US. The fuel layers are located much deeper; the regulatory

Visions of fracking as the perfect solution would most probably lower installers’ and home owners’ interest to move towards the use of renewable technology. There are in the region of 1.5m boilers installed in the UK each year, around 150,000 are fitted into new build properties. The majority of the 1.3m boilers fitted in the existing housing stock are purchased as a distress purchase when the existing boiler has fired for the last time or moving beyond economic repair. In relative terms the replacement of a boiler with a comparable boiler is a cost effective option for home owners compared to the introduction of a newer technology. The government also has an ambition of reducing carbon emissions and it needs a clear policy and a strong strategy for addressing the existing stock as well as new build heating systems. Fracking is very much needed to boost the UK economy and European security of energy supply but efficiency and control of energy usage will remain increasingly important.

Energy prices will keep rising in the foreseeable future and our energy supply will be under pressure. In other words, renewables are needed from political as well as from consumers “everyday life” perspective.

Let’s not forget about it and get carried on the wave of political enthusiasm for “cheap” shale gas. * Simon Clydesdale, Greenpeace UK energy campaigner, David Cameron’s house ‘fracked’ by protesters, 4th June, The Telegraph


Endorsement from Worcester on Queen’s zero carbon homes stance A spokesperson for the UK’s leading manufacturer of heating and hot water technologies has sympathised with the disappointment surrounding the Queen’s speech on zero carbon homes, but ultimately considers the announcement commonsensical for the nation’s construction sector.

A spokesperson for the UK’s leading manufacturer of heating and hot water technologies has sympathised with the disappointment surrounding the Queen’s speech on zero carbon homes, but ultimately considers the announcement commonsensical for the nation’s construction sector. Amidst criticism of the alleged ‘watering down’ of zero carbon homes targets, Martyn Bridges, director of marketing and technical support at Worcester, Bosch Group, believes more pragmatic targets are necessary in order for the new build sector to double its output and overcome the UK’s housing shortage.

Martyn commented: “Despite the criticism levelled at the Government for its supposed abandonment of its zero carbon homes targets, there is pressure on the construction sector to increase the amount of new homes being built to meet the ever increasing demand. It is evident that to meet the ever-increasing need for new homes, it is both financially and technically difficult to achieve zero carbon in such high volumes, suggesting the treasury may have had an involvement in setting more achievable targets. “The impracticality and the additional cost of equipping all new homes with a whole host of renewable technologies risked burdening housebuilders with too many hurdles to overcome. By not being too prescriptive, the new proposals around allowable solutions give housebuilders themselves the option to take a more holistic approach to enhancing their overall environmental contribution. While there’s no doubt the revised targets themselves are a climb down, they are at least more realistic than those set before the recession – particularly given that renewables simply haven’t taken off in the way we would have liked.”

Martyn believes that a huge shift in the mindsets of UK homeowners will need to take place before the new build sector can consider the previous targets a realistic aim once more.

He added: “Whilst the regulations weren’t prescriptive in specifying the technologies required to meet the zero carbon target, the most likely way to achieve it was to install a heat pump system. Despite its billing as the future of efficient domestic heating, the heat pump is a concept most UK homeowners are yet to embrace. The very nature of a heat pump providing a low-temperature, trickle-based heating supply is so different to the manner in which we’re used to using a boiler that we need to bring homeowners around to this way of thinking before designing our homes around the concept. Ultimately, a properly controlled boiler is far more effective and efficient than a poorly-used heat pump, so we certainly welcome the decision to not prohibit the installation of gasor oil-fired boilers in new domestic properties.

Despite welcoming the general approach laid out by the Queen’s speech, Martyn echoes criticisms levelled at the decision to exempt smaller new build developments from the zero carbon standard, asking: “Why should a small residential development be given less of a carbon standard than a larger site? By having one rule for developments comprising fewer than 50 properties and another for larger sites, we are essentially leaving housebuilders free to divide their larger sites into multiple developments to avoid playing by the rules. This surely defeats the object of introducing a new zero homes standard in the first place.”

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HELIFIX moves to landmark London office building

Helical fixing manufacturer and masonry repair specialist, HELIFIX, is proud to announce that with effect from Monday 28th April 2014 it relocated to an impressive new office facility in London. The Helifix team is now located at The Mille, 1000 Great West Road, London TW8

9DW, just a few miles from its former premises in Acton. The company’s telephone numbers and email/web addresses are unchanged. John Heseltine, Helifix General Manager, said, “This move is great news for the business, especially for our office-based sales and technical team who will enjoy a greatly enhanced working environment; it demonstrates a significant corporate investment and a long-term commitment to maintaining a London base which has been Helifix’s home for almost 30 years.” The new premises are more accessible to visitors and

Fila surface care range receives TTA’s Eco Award

Fila’s Green Line surface care range has received The Tile Association’s ‘Best Environmental Initiative’ Award for 2014. The range includes 17 high performance products, suitable for a range of natural surfaces and procedures. All products are solvent-free and have a very low concentration of VOC’s or are VOC-free.

Fila’s Green Line is part of Fila’s Green Action brand. Products span from pre-grouting protectors and surface cleaners, to protection and stain removal solutions. Recent introductions to the range include LEED approved stain-proofing protector – FILAMP90

staff, offering easy access from the M4/A4 interchange, Boston Manor tube station, Brentford Rail Station and Heathrow Airport.

The move was well planned and implemented over a weekend to ensure there was no interruption to customer service. While a small stock of products is held at The Mille offices to assist those locally who require materials at short notice, orders for Helifix products will continue to be fulfilled from its UK manufacturing facilities in Deeside, North Wales. ❚ enquiry 180

Crown Paints’ team of colour specialists have taken in everything from fashion to film, as well as art and architecture, to produce three eye-catching schemes. Colours from three stunning new palettes – ‘Appreciation,’ ‘Colour

UK plasterboard manufacturers report rise in recycling

The latest figures for recycling of plasterboard waste show impressive performance by the UK’s plasterboard manufacturers, represented by the Gypsum Products Development Association (GPDA). GPDA member manufacturers are making good progress towards targets set out in the 2007 Ashdown Agreement, a voluntary initiative on plasterboard recycling, supported by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) and the Department for Environment, Food and

ECO PLUS - which is developed for polished and unpolished natural stone; its water-based formula cuts application time by up to 80% and it is also GEV-EMICODE EC1PLUS certified and suitable for use on food contact areas.

Rural Affairs. During 2013, GPDA UK member manufacturers British Gypsum, Knauf and Siniat, recycled 38.8% of new construction waste into plasterboard compared with 32.9% in the previous year. The percentage of this category of waste recycled into all environmentally beneficial uses also went up in 2013 to 49.4%, putting GPDA members on track to meet the target of 50% by 2015. There was also good news on recycling of production waste which remained at zero tonnes during 2013. This stood at 6,000 tonnes when the Ashdown Agreement was initiated in 2007 but was reduced to zero tonnes by mid-2010, five years ahead of the original target of 2015.

Supplier of sustainable and ecological products for the construction and refurbishment industries, Eco Materials Online, has launched a new super-fast website that is both informative and easy to navigate.

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Explosion’ and ‘Decadence’ – are available in products within the company’s Crown Trade, Sadolin and Sandtex Trade brands. Each colour scheme creates an atmospheric statement, while remaining versatile enough to transform any space – whether indoors or out.

Harnessing the rich hues and warm feel of beautifully sculpted wood, ‘Appreciation’ is a trend which celebrates natural craftsmanship and materials to create a palette that is both inspirational and inviting.

Deep caramel, tobacco and chocolate tones are brought into sharp relief by flashes of burnt orange, yellows and tan. Layers of brown tones work together in perfect harmony in this contemporary way of

making a simple statement with colours, wood and strong shapes.

In direct contrast, ‘Colour Explosion’ is a kaleidoscopic clash of visual cultures, taking influences from areas as disparate as science fiction, fashion and space. Vivid blocks of colour use light and shadow to dramatic effect with angular shapes and geometric designs leaping out in a captivating carnival of pattern and texture. For glamour and sensuality, ‘Decadence’ offers a shimmering and mysterious mix of indulgent dark tones shot through with a metallic opulence. Delicate hues combined with dramatic tones and oxidised metals create a sumptuous backdrop for a refined atmosphere completed by traditional polished wood, the sheen of satin and draped velvet.

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Since GPDA members signed the Ashdown Agreement seven years ago they have made year on year increases in plasterboard recycling. In 2007, plasterboard waste from new construction was calculated at 300,000 tonnes ❚ enquiry 181 annually.

The star of the show goes online

Recent Fila Green Line applications include The Library of Birmingham, where slate was protected and maintained with stain-proofing FILAW68 and FILA Cleaner. The iconic Fila project also received The Tile Association’s ‘Best use of tile in a commercial contract’ 2014 Award; flooring was installed and treated by W B Simpson & Sons (MIDLANDS) Ltd.

Colour predictions inspire new palettes at Crown COLOUR experts at Crown Paints have drawn inspiration from emerging trends and influences across the globe to forecast the new trends for Autumn/Winter 2014.

June 2014

IKO Polymeric wins prestigious roofing award

IKO Polymeric fought off fierce competition to win the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) Single Ply Award for the new Blacon Crematorium in Chester featuring an aesthetically pleasing curved roof design. The project was chosen for its excellent use of waterproofing materials, technical aptitude applied to the job, standard of workmanship and IKO’s ability to meet the demanding environmental specification.

The award was presented at The Roofing Awards Congress Luncheon in London and accepted by IKO Polymeric’s Managing Director, Anthony Carlyle and David Maginnis from BriggsAmasco, the contractors on the project. Interior designer and TV presenter, Linda Barker, hosted the Roofing Awards, which have become an industry-wide competition, recognising and rewarding outstanding standards of workmanship and safety within the roofing sector.

The curved roof structure of the new Crematorium building has an area of 950m2 and spans 25m x 45m. The curvature was fully waterproofed using IKO Armourplan SG reinforced PVC membrane, a high quality single ply roofing system incorporating IKO Enertherm insulation and a standing seam profile.

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The website, although of course a modern concept, features a product that has very much stood the test of time and is referenced under the two main headlines on the homepage of breathable insulation and acoustic insulation. Heraklith boards are the star of the show, and are breathable thermal and acoustic insulation panels, invented by Heraklith over 100 years ago; the product having recently received massive investment from KNAUF INSULATION to ensure that the genuine Heraklith panels remain the best quality woodwool boards available. The main component is shredded

wood, or ‘wood wool’, which gives the product its distinctive appearance. Previously magnesite was used to bind the wood wool, but the latest generation has been updated and now utilises cement to make them weather resistant and sufficiently durable to be used as external wall insulation; additionally offering passive fire protection for up to 90 minutes where required. Although the product has been around for a long time, it very much conforms to modern day requirements, being that the board is manufactured from PEFC certified wood. Heraklith is CE marked and conforms to European Standard for Wood Wool Insulation BS EN 13168. ❚ enquiry 185

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June 2014



Design and Technology Solutions to Close the Gap By-line Article , Darren Richards, MD Timber Expo

Now that an evidence based report has been published, both our industry and government have a structured review of how and where the performance gap occurs within the current house building process.

The report, ‘Closing the Gap between Design and Asbuilt Performance,’ researched and developed by the Zero Carbon Hub, has to date been used to prioritise the issues which are considered to be the major contributors. The prioritisation process has been based upon the extent of evidence found, and the implications this evidence has on the performance gap. This report may be new but the issues are not.

For the last decade innovators in the structural timber sector have been developing solutions to address areas of thermal bridging which occur when there is a gap between materials and the structural surfaces. By improving the airtightness of the building fabric and the thermal performance of the structure - cold bridging can be eliminated and thermal performance enhanced - reducing heat loss, carbon emissions and ultimately, offering vast savings on energy consumption to the home owner. Widely known as the Fabric First approach, engineered timber, timber frame and SIP manufactures are all technologies looking to maximise offsite manufacture and have embraced these building principles. They are now gaining traction with the end users - home owners and developers – particularly in the self-build and social housing sectors, where sustainability and ‘whole life costs’ of the building are crucial to the specifying decision process.

Within the traditional masonry housing construction sector, the Fabric First principles equally apply but have not gained as much momentum. In the main this is because it is more difficult to control the process and workmanship with the onsite build, which are often subject to skills level deficiencies, out of sequence working and adverse weather conditions.

Quality control can be managed within factory conditions - hence the resurgence of the offsite industry. The structural timber sector, even during the recession, has invested in research to bring new innovative products to market and these products are now commonly performance tested. The terms, ‘cost certainty’ and ‘assured performance’, are now a fundamental part of our dialogue. Factory fitted doors and windows with membranes to seal the gap to the structure, further enhance performance and when combined with highly insulated, structural timber systems, eliminate the need for bolt-on technologies such as solar panels.

Architects, designers and specifiers, now have a better understanding of the advantages of structural timber systems. Aside from wood being the most sustainable construction material, the benefits of speed, strength and assured performance, even up to Passiv Standards, if the brief demands, is now widely documented an understood. The research within this Zero Carbon Hub report presents a great opportunity for those operating in

the timber sector to further advance products and performance. More stringent building regulations play to the strengths of the industry, and with organisations such as the Structural Timber Association, planning activity programmes to share the learnings and advise members and clients on how to further address this national issue – the report is essential reading for all operating in the timber sector.

All aspects of the Zero Carbon Hub report will be addressed at the forthcoming Fabric First Event in Birmingham on 24 June, with Timber Expo sponsoring, and these issues will be further discussed in the Structural Timber Association seminar theatre at Timber Expo on 07 & 08 October at the NEC. For those interested to find out more visit, or to join the Structural Timber Association visit

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Roof Solutions

Our UK clay tiles are made using abundant reserves of the finest alluvial vial clay, formed many thousands of years ago o from the flood plains of the e River Humber. But, you probably already knew that. In the Sand dtoft Handcrafted range of tiles we have created highly durable and affordable plain ttiles in beautiful colours and textur x es, that will never fade. But, you probably already knew that too. You see,, we haven’t changed g anything y g about ou ourr p products,, specifications, p , proc cess or materials because we don’t think we need to. We e’re still the same old Sandtoft, always innovating. Tel: 0845 121 8699 Email: We eb: Twitter: @wienerbergeruk

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