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SME HOUSE BUILDERS HAVE NOWHERE TO BUILD Two thirds of SME house builders are struggling to identify land for development, according to new research from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).

For the second year in a row, the FMB’s annual House Builders’ Survey has shown a lack of available and viable land as the biggest barrier to SMEs delivering more new homes. • Two-thirds of SME house builders cite a ‘lack of available and viable

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land’ as the biggest barrier to increasing numbers • Half of SMEs see the planning system and difficulties accessing finance as other serious challenges • 40% believe the construction skills crisis is now presenting a major impediment to building more homes • The under-resourcing of local authority planning departments is the most important cause of delays in the planning process • A high proportion of SMEs believe that consumer demand for new homes remains resilient, even in the wake of Brexit Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said: “The biggest challenge facing SME house builders is the planning process. Councils need to find a way of allocating and granting planning permission for more small sites. The current focus on large sites is squeezing out smaller developers, which is reducing competition in the housing market at a time when we need more, not less, choice. The limited supply of opportunities for small scale development is one of a number of key structural constraints that has seen the number of homes built by SMEs decline from around two thirds in the late 1980s to less than a quarter today.” Berry continued: “It is absurd that the planning system treats a 300 home application in largely the same way it treats a three home application. While the Government has attempted to remove red tape in its drive to increase the number of homes being built, it would appear that its reforms have yet to make a difference. 95% of SME house builders report that the information demands being placed on them during the planning application process have either increased or remain as bad as they were before. Our survey shows that the primary cause of unnecessary delays is the planning process, with the under-resourcing of planning departments being the most important concern.” Berry concluded: “SME house builders must be seen as a key component of the Government’s housing strategy. This means a renewed focus on granting planning permission to small sites. At the same time, the Government needs to press ahead with its proposed planning reforms, including a presumption in favour of small scale development. Planning departments also need to be adequately resourced so that they have the capacity to engage more closely with SME house builders and ensure planning applications are processed through the system as speedily and efficiently as they can be.”

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A report says that the government’s housebuilding statistics under-report new build totals by as much as 20%.The Home Builders Federation (HBF) reportGhost towns shows how flawed methodology and poor returns from Local Authorities mean 30,000 new builds a year are not being counted in the official numbers. Analysis indicates that the house-building statistics published quarterly and annual by the Department of Communities & Local Government (DCLG) under-report new build completions in 75% of local authorities with an average of 153 new homes ‘lost’ in each of those areas. Continued on page 2

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September 2016 NEWS

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Any regular readers of this article (if there are any!) will note my disapproval of comparison websites – despite the fact that I own one for business insurance at They are fine if your requirements are straightforward and you know what you want. However, although they often save you money, I thoroughly believe that it is worth a few pounds extra to speak to an insurance expert and be confident that the policy that has been recommended to you will pay a claim, should the occasion arise. In the past few weeks I have been arranging my summer holiday and have trawled through a very large number of travel websites. I was horrified how many had very poor search engines, or terrible enquiry forms, and felt very smug about how much better we do things in the insurance industry. In fact, I ended up calling a travel agent and paying a little more, as I was very frustrated with my online experience, but appreciated their expert advice. As I left their office, I had the phrase “time is money” pop into my head.

'Business as usual for two thirds of SME House Builders Two thirds of SME house builders are yet to see any significant changes to their project pipelines in the wake of Brexit, new research from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has revealed. The survey - which is the first to be conducted among SME house builders since the EU referendum - found that 69% of firms are yet to see any changes to their businesses resulting from the referendum. Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said: “SME house builders are crucial to achieving the Government's ambition to build one million homes by 2020, so Ministers will no doubt be bolstered by these initial post-Brexit findings. Despite some fears that the referendum result might put new projects on hold, the overwhelming majority of SME house builders are reporting that no decisions have yet been influenced by the referendum result. This matches the view expressed by many small construction firms that so far, the market appears to suggest that it's ‘business as usual’. Only one quarter of small house builders have seen any negative effect on their projects from the Brexit decision, and most of these are the result of delayed decisions rather than actual project cancellations.” Berry continued: “Brexit aside, we should not paint an overly rosy picture of

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I had spent more than 5 hours researching the market. The travel agent sorted me out in 20 minutes. If I was being paid by the hour (such as many self employed people are), then I would have been far better off spending more money on my holiday and speaking to an expert, than trying to do the job myself (which I failed at anyway). And this is where we come full circle. Insurance is a complex subject and requires a huge amount of research to be undertaken if a proper job is to be done in arranging a suitable policy. Even for qualified insurance experts such as myself and my staff, it can take a while, and little bit of head scratching, to understand an insurance company’s website, paperwork and “small print.” With this in mind, I am even more resolute with my advice – always speak to an expert when you want insurance. Or a holiday! Ray Colenutt DipCII, the writer of this article, has over 35 years of arranging insurance in the construction industry and is the managing director of Versatile Insurance Professionals Ltd 01837 658955

the situation facing SME house builders. The barriers to building that existed prior to the referendum are still hindering delivery, and as the housing crisis continues to be a pressing concern, the need to empower smaller developers must be a priority for May's Government. To this end, it's worth noting that more than half of SME house builders state that the removal of unnecessary red tape should be the most important consideration for the new Government as they begin to negotiate the UK’s exit from the EU.” Berry concluded: “More than one fifth of SME house builders are demanding that the Government finds a way of ensuring a sufficient number of skilled tradespeople from the EU are still able to enter the UK. The Prime Minister insists that freedom of movement is now over and if this is not likely to be replaced by a points-based system as reported this week - crucial sectors like the construction industry must be reassured that whatever system does replace it, it is flexible enough to respond to our needs. Otherwise, the construction skills shortage will be exacerbated and ultimately, it will become a major barrier to delivering the housing and infrastructure projects we so desperately need."

Lies, damn lies and housebuilding statistics Continued from front cover More than half of new build homes in some areas, including Birmingham, Liverpool, Leicester, Salford and many London boroughs, are completely unaccounted for in the quarterly series, the HBF says. HBF executive chairman Stewart Baseley said: “Housebuilding has increased significantly in recent years but the continual publication and use of inaccurate statistics is painting a negative picture that is undermining the progress being made in tackling the housing shortage. The government's housing policies and the industry are delivering, and it is incredibly frustrating that official statistics are not reflecting what is happening on the ground but instead presenting an open goal for critics.” According to HBF analysis, the published data excluded: • At least 75% the London Boroughs of Brent, Wandsworth, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea, • 1,280 new homes in Birmingham (twothirds of all new build completions) • 920 new homes in Liverpool (63% of all new build completions) • 640 new homes in Salford (half of all new build completions) • 570 new homes in Leicester (6 out of 10 new build completions) • 570 new homes in Sheffield (40% of all new build completions) • 400 new homes in Chester West & Chester (29% of all new build completions)

Ucatt calls for more HSE visits

A survey of 1,000 union health and safety representatives found that only one in five construction sites ever gets a visit from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). Construction union Ucatt used the findings to take the opportunity to call for more funding for the HSE. It said that “with further cuts in the HSE budget the safety watchdog will barely be able to function”. Ucatt acting general secretary Brian Rye said: “This survey result is astonishing. What is the point of the HSE if they don’t inspect? Ucatt health and safety reps, shop stewards and convenors spend their working lives trying to protect British construction workers, the very least we could expect from our government is some support.” Mr Rye added: “If there are effectively no health and safety inspections by the HSE then unscrupulous employers will neglect the safety of their workers, if it means they can save money. This Tory government’s wilful neglect of the British worker is tantamount to creating a wild west in the workplace – and we all know the consequences of such neglect will be injuries and maybe lives lost for construction workers. It is utterly shameful.”

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September 2016


External wall insulation by Saint-Gobain Weber for Somerset new build External Wall Insulation (EWI) by SaintGobain Weber has been specified for a contemporary-style new build in a designated conservation area in South West England. The revolutionary weber.therm XP system has been used on the walls of the property while weber.pral M through-coloured render has been used extensively to long runs of concrete walling. The planning term ‘conservation area’ all too often results in unimaginative new build designs mimicking the surrounding aesthetics rather than offering creative architecture that enhances the area.

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Dampness complaints are a problem that, in the condensation season, plagues every Local Authority, Housing Association and private landlord throughout the Country. Mouldy is an animated DVD with accompanying booklet which takes a much softer approach to dampness in an attempt to help tenants understand the problem and save the landlord time and money in having to deal with these ever occurring complaints. For full information and sample DVD call Mould Growth Consultants Ltd on Freephone 0800 285 1624 or email I enquiry 502

Acoulite unveil Panel Piedra - a stunning range of decorative panels

Acoulite, the leader in light and acoustics, is the sole distributor in the UAE of Panel Piedra. With more than 40 years of experience in the wall paneling sector Panel Piedra is committed to design and quality using cutting edge technology to imitate stone and brick creating visually stunning walls to any environment. The light weight decorative stone panels have many advantages over actual stone coverings they are cost effective, durable and easy to install. Their unbelievable realism provides a fantastic focal point to any interior making them the perfect acoustic panel treatment for offices, F&B outlets, retail, private properties and hotels & hospitality. I enquiry 101

Sto glass façade solution helps create new London Archway Premier Inn The use of an eye-catching rainscreen façade solution from Sto has created the focal point for a major new £12million refurbishment project in London. StoVentec glass was used to remodel the exterior of a disused 1960s office building, which was converted into a 163-room Premier Inn hotel in the largest glass rainscreen project that Sto has ever completed in the UK. The original office block is one of three refurbished buildings which sit on a prominent site I enquiry 102 on London’s Archway Road.

Advanced Chosen For Atlantic Islands Centre Even the smallest buildings can be of critical importance to their users, especially in relatively isolated communities. The performance and reliability of Advanced’s MxPro fire alarm panels has seen them installed in another remote coastal location, the Atlantic Islands Centre on Luing, off the west coast of Scotland. Situated south of

OMNIE for Sutton Coldfield house The refurbishment of a substantial private house in one of the Midlands’ most popular areas has underlined not just the


Oban in the Firth of Lorne, the largely unspoilt 5.5 square mile Isle of Luing is one of the Slate Islands. The Atlantic Visitor Centre, in the village of Cullipool, is set to revitalise the island’s economy, raising awareness of Luing as a tourist destination and offering a range of outdoor activities. The Centre will also provide a community hub for the island’s 200 residents, providing workshops and office space. I enquiry 103

versatility and performance capabilities of the underfloor heating systems available from Omnie, but also the comprehensive design support available from one of the sector’s most eminent manufacturers. The entire ground floor of the property in Sutton Coldfield, close to parkland and a popular golf course, now benefits from the installation of the Omnie ClipPlate underfloor heating network. The rooms served include the spacious lounge, kitchen, family room, dining room, utility, hall, cloakroom and a guest suite. I enquiry 104

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Unit A, South Orbital Trading Estate, 140 Hedon Road, Kingston Upon Hull, HU9 1NJ

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September 2016

REFURBISHMENT, REPAIR & NEW BUILD says Stephen. “And having opened discussions with manufacturers in early December, Fulton was the only supplier able to survey, design, deliver and install a bespoke system within the three-month timescale required of the University.” To make The Diamond an integral part of the city centre and allow visitors to watch students studying, a large proportion of the building façade is glass and the plant room (pilot plant) within it also surrounded by a glass partition. Because the Fulton EFS electric flash steam boiler was placed within the laboratory and therefore on display to students and visitors alike, the system was skid-mounted with a blowdown vessel that was housed in an identical cabinet to the boiler. The system was then delivered to site and installed within the self-contained, glassfronted pilot plant, which also housed the Solaris fermenter. With the boiler system installed on the ground floor and located almost at the pointof-use for the laboratory, all safety and planning aspects were discussed with, and solved by Fulton, with excess steam from the system being vented to roof-level via convoluted risers.

Fulton installation at University of Sheffield is a real Diamond

Having successfully resolved the planning and health and safety aspects of the installation, Fulton was also tasked with discussing the fermenter’s requirements for process steam with Solaris, the Italian manufacturer. “Having no first-hand knowledge of fermenters or steam raising equipment, the University was delighted when Fulton took the lead on discussing its conceptual and detailed designs with Solaris, as the two companies were able to ensure that its systems worked seamlessly together.” says Stephen.

Opened in September 2015, the £81m Diamond building is the University of Sheffield’s largest ever investment in learning and teaching. It is home to students from its Faculty of Engineering and over its six floors, provides teaching facilities, library and IT services and state-of-the-art specialist engineering laboratories, including a clean room, a virtual reality suite and a project workshop.

The Diamond is a multi-disciplinary engineering teaching space, utilised by all seven departments and three interdisciplinary programme areas. Of the many disciplines taught at The Diamond – from materials science and aerospace to traditional mechanical engineering – the University’s bio-engineering degree is an innovative and technology-driven subject that uses engineering techniques to analyse and solve some of the most important questions in biology and medicine today. For this undertaking, the bio-engineering department required a source of low- and high-pressure steam and, having looked at numerous solutions and manufacturers from the UK and Europe, approached Fulton for advice and a solution.


Low and high pressure steam is used by the department for process control in the laboratory-scale Solaris bio fermenters. These are used to produce a variety of single-cell organisms that are used to break down cells, extract DNA and look at protein extraction and expression. High pressure steam is used for vessel sterilisation to ensure that both the vessels are bacteria-free and ready for the next broth batch.

started looking at laboratory steam generators, but couldn’t find a solution to provide the mass flow rate required for the faculty. It therefore became obvious that we needed some fairly serious steam-raising equipment and started looking at alternative boiler systems.” Having dismissed steam generators, Stephen and his team looked at fuel-fired steam boilers but, with their requirement for ancillary equipment, these ‘traditional’ systems would have taken up too much of the laboratory’s valuable space and also weren’t deemed compatible with the building’s existing infrastructure. Additionally, with steam load only being required during

teaching sessions, it was essential that a system could be powered-up and operational with 30 minutes and shut down again within just a few hours. So, the University’s operations team started looking at numerous alternatives from manufacturers in the UK and Europe and eventually opted for a bespoke, skidmounted EFS electric steam boiler system from Bristol-based Fulton Limited. “With the search for a suitable source of steam for the bio-engineering laboratory having taken longer than we had hoped, our principal performance requirement had moved from output and size, to lead time.”

Fulton’s four-model EFS range has been designed specifically to deliver the short period/high demand steam loads that are typical of laboratory applications. The fullyautomatic and self-contained steam boiler range incorporates an integrated feed water tank and feed water pump and provides short duration steam pulses at steady pressures. The EFS is able to meet fluctuations in steam loads and meets shortterm peak flow rates of a typical steriliser cycle. EFS boilers are designed to reduce entrainment of water droplets to a minimum and, as a result, produce high quality, contaminant-free steam. They are also quiet, clean and efficient and are protected with a fail-safe control system to ensure troublefree operation in medical environments. Working from a 400V 3ph 50Hz electrical supply, the University of Sheffield’s boiler system was designed by Fulton to BS1894 Class 2 and PED EC/97/23/EC and included an EFS54 automatic carbon steel electric flash steam boiler, rated at 86kg/h (F&A 100°C). This was skid-mounted with a Fulton model BDV2 blowdown vessel was constructed and certified to BS5500 Cat. 3.

E-mail: Web: I enquiry 505

Commenting for the University of Sheffield, The Diamond’s technical operations manager, Dr Stephen Mason says: “A method of raising steam wasn’t considered as part of the building’s original specification so we

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Appply. Paint. Done.

SX X Instant Paaintable Caulk Unique acrylic sealant developed to be over painted instantly • Instaantly paintable • No discolouration d of paint • Miniimal risk of cracking • Rem mains flexible • Easyy to apply • Baseed on UCA Technology

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Siroflex Limited Dodworth Business Paark | Dodworth | Barnsley | South Yorkshire | S75 3SP P T +44 (0)1226 7716000 | F +44 (0)1226 771601 i fl k

Quality Perfformance Products

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September 2016

ISO-Chemie’s IDS extends its flooring tapes seal it at portfolio with Malmo™ vinyl flooring Scotland Build luxury IDS has extended its flooring

The latest generation of high performance sealing solutions for the building sector will feature on the stand (D48) of ISOCHEMIE, one of Europe's leading suppliers of foam sealant tapes, at Scotland Build 2016. Among the products will be the recently launched ISO-BLOCO WIN2WALL multi-level sealing tape, which combines excellent performance with competitive cost and is designed for sealing the perimeter joint between windows, doors and walls in most UK buildings. I enquiry 105

portfolio with a brand new range of luxury vinyl flooring, Malmo™, offering a stylish, high performance flooring option that’s suitable for a wide variety of commercial and domestic applications. Malmo™ offers ten woodgrain designs including classic oak and on-trend greys, in a matt finish that’s high performance and easy maintenance. The competitively priced range offers all ten designs in 2.5mm design options with a 0.55mm wear layer achieving a heavy commercial classification of 33. Five of the designs


are also available in a 2mm option with a 0.3mm wear layer. Malmo™ is hardwearing and durable with the embossed surface offering the realistic look of wood. It is resistant to indentations, will not chip or crack and is easy to install. Malmo™ comes with a warranty of up to 25 years for residential applications and ten years for commercial applications.

I enquiry 106

Marmox Thermoblock specified for low energy extension to Kent School The construction of a new extension to the teaching facilities at Glebe School in West Wickham, Kent, has featured the use of 140 mm wide Thermoblock units manufactured by Marmox Limited, specified to carry the main structural envelope of the two-storey building. The incorporation of Thermoblocks

at the wall-floor junction results in the virtual elimination of the heat loss at this cold bridge. The new building will provide the secondary school with a number of facilities including an art-room, additional classrooms and new washrooms. Marmox Thermoblocks are ideally suited to this ‘Fabric First’

NEW SX Instant Paintable Caulk – Apply. Paint. Done Siroflex has developed a unique innovative sealant which is instantly over paintable. This high quality flexible acrylic sealant will save you time, money and effort. It is easy to apply, dries quickly and can be painted over immediately with water based and synthetic paints. It adheres perfectly without the use of a primer to most surfaces, has low odour, does not discolour paint and is

not corrosive towards metals. It can be used for the sealing and filling of gaps and cracks where movement can occur such as those between plasterwork and window frames, door frames, skirting boards, windowsills and architraves. You will obtain the best possible end result with SX Instant Paintable Caulk. I enquiry 108

approach and are regularly used to address the problem of perimeter heat loss at both ground and upper floor levels in either timber frame or more traditional masonry construction.

Introducing the New Purevision Classic Stove Range from Charlton & Jenrick Following the successful launch of the Purevision™ multi-fuel stove range in 2014 Charlton and Jenrick our very pleased to announce the launch of their new Classic range of stoves. The Classic Purevision™ Multi-fuel stoves have all the features of the current range making them ultra-efficient and designed to easily pass the strict Eco Design 2022 regulations that will ensure all stoves sold are clean, efficient and environmentally friendly. The Classic version offers a more traditional look to the current modern looking Purevision™. There are two models available the CPV5 & CPV5W both with 5kW nominal inputs so usually there’s no need for added ventilation in your room. The Classic stoves are heavy duty with a huge glass fire window for optimal viewing of the flames. They feature a high quality cast iron top plate, top blanking plate for rear flue connections, and base unit (prefitted) with adjustable feet for levelling and providing flexibility when installing the stove.

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Secure balcony with stunning coastal views thanks to C.R. Laurence's TAPER-LOC® System

Wanting to make the most of breath taking views over the Devon coast for their client, the team at 100% Stainless Ltd called on the advantages of the TAPER-LOC® system to ensure the perfect fit.


Part of a complete redevelopment project with an extension, a feature of the private residence is the creation of a beautiful balustrade to the rear of the property, perfect for relaxing and simply enjoying the stunning scenery.

“Uninterrupted views of the sea on a secure balustrade were the ultimate aim of this project”, explain 100% Stainless Manager James Lethbridge. “However, the installation needed to fulfil a number of other practical requirements. Ultimately, the customer wanted a secure balustrade that would not obscure their view, but be strong enough to withstand the wind rolling in from the sea and create shelter from the wind.”

LOC® is a dry glaze system with no need for cement, suitable for laminated toughened glass from 12 to 21.52mm thick. Tested to meet the strictest building code requirements such as BS6180:2011, CEBTP and AbZ, the system uses a horizontal design, which allows it to be adjusted, dismantled and re-set. The base shoe can be surface or side-mounted, and provided drilled or undrilled. It is available in 3m lengths and made from aluminium.

The solution was to use the innovative TAPER-LOC® System from CRL, the leading supplier to the glazing, railing, architectural and construction sectors. “To provide our client with the ideal solution we used a 15mm top mount heavy duty base shoe, with TAPERLOC® tapers, and a 48mm diameter slotted stainless steel handrail which sits on top of the 15mm glass with a rubber gasket,” explains James. “Installation was straight-forward thanks to the in house training of our installers and the specialist tooling from CRL.”

“Taper-Loc is a strong and calculated product that has been heavily tested and proved to work well, and ultimately for our client keeps the view of the coastline perfectly visible. The specialist tooling and tapers enable the glass to be perfectly in line and the result is fantastic. Thank you to our client Mr Lait for letting us use his property for this case study,” concludes James.

Fifty per cent faster to install than traditional alternatives, TAPER-

I enquiry 507

For more details visit, email or call 00800 0421 6144

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SNICKERS JACKETS DESIGNED TO FIT YOUR WORKDAY. Snickers NEXT GENERATION Work Jackets are superbly equipped for any task at hand. Their contemporary designs are packed with must-have features that focus on fit, comfort and freedom of movement. What’s more they’re hardwearing, water resistant and combine high performance fabrics with hardwearing reinforcements to deliver advanced functionality. So, if you’re working hard in demanding environments, check out Snickers’ NEXT GENERATION Work Jackets - the optimal choice for craft smen facing a multitude of everchanging challenges on site.

I enquiry 508

For more information, advice and to locate your nearest Snickers stockist, please call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788 Snickers Workwear Limited Unit N3 Gate 4 | Meltham Mills Industrial Estate | Meltham | Holmfirth | HD9 4DS Tel: 01484 854488 | Fax: 01484 854733 Email: Web:


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September 2016


Altro’s flooring and wall cladding systems are proving their clinical capabilities in a new state-of-the-art primary healthcare facility in Maidstone, Kent, where safety and infection control are paramount.

ALTRO SETS CLINICAL STANDARD FOR NEW MEDICAL CENTRE Altro Wood Safety creates a homely, comforting and familiar look without compromising on safety. There are 16 wood-look designs, including classic, contemporary classic and on-trend. The product works well with contemporary décor such as metal and glass areas, mood lighting, vibrant colours and monotone themes. In the consulting rooms throughout the medical centre, GDM Architects chose Altro Zodiac SmoothTM flooring. “This product is a good choice for areas where infection control and high standards of cleaning are important. We chose Nirvana green and Oxygen blue, which complemented the colour scheme.” Altro Zodiac Smooth provides an adaptable design that works anywhere, and hits the mark on durability. It’s ideal for large areas, from care homes to student accommodation. It comes in a range of 24 colours, chosen to reflect any mood: warm, cool, neutral or vibrant. It’s easy to maintain and can be welded to provide a hygienic surface. Altro SupremaTM safety flooring was specified for the staff changing area, very much with design in mind. Ben explains: “Here, we wanted to use bold design, while also providing excellent slip resistance. We combined three shades of Altro SupremaWolf, Caspian and Platinum.” The three-storey medical centre - procured by specialist medical facility developer GPIC Ltd - was designed by GDM Architects, whose priorities for the selection of flooring and wall cladding were clear. “Our key drivers for the new medical centre were safety and infection control, so the flooring and wall cladding had to meet very stringent requirements,” says senior architect Ben Jugoo. We chose Altro’s range of products because of their suitability for clinical environments in terms of safety and hygiene. They also offer a great range of colours, tones and textures, which gives us the flexibility to create an appealing, modern, design-led environment, while keeping within strict health guidelines.


“Robustness was also a priority - our aim was to create a facility that would stand the test of time, and where the flooring and wall cladding wouldn’t need to be replaced in five years. Low maintenance was another important consideration.” For the circulation spaces on all three floors of the medical centre, and on the staircase, Ben and his team selected Altro Wood SafetyTM safety flooring in Oak Traditions. “We have specified this product before for a medical facility and it proved very successful,” says Ben.

Altro Suprema is safety flooring with a designer feel. This stunning, non-sparkle safety flooring gives complete design freedom, with 40 colours including three ‘flake’ designs, to choose from. Altro WalkwayTM 20 SD (static dissipative) safety flooring, in the shade Fog, was chosen for the computer server room. Altro Walkway 20 is a hugely popular, hard-wearing 2mm safety flooring which provides lifelong slip and abrasion resistance. It comes in a range has 42 colours, and has a SD version to minimize risk of damage to static-sensitive equipment. To minimise the damage from trolleys and buggies in circulation areas, GDM specified Altro FortisTM corner protection for all external corners in the building. “Equipment banging into walls can quickly cause scuffs and worse damage, so we wanted to give corners a tough extra layer,” explains Ben. Part of the Altro Fortis system, ready-made Altro Fortis corner protection gives added protection to vulnerable corners. Constructed from a highly

durable semi-rigid sheet which is a dense, impervious material, resistant to bumps it features a lightly textured surface, which camouflages existing scuffs and prevents further damage. For the medical centre’s showers and hand basin splashbacks, GDM opted for Altro Whiterock ChameleonTM in Pure Innocence. Altro Whiterock has a grout-free surface, which means a vastly reduced chance of harbouring infection, and makes it easy to clean. The Altro Whiterock and Altro Fortis were installed at the medical centre by Goss Environmental Coatings. Managing director George Goss comments: “The Altro Fortis corner protection was very easy to fit, as they come in ready-cut strips of 1.22m x 75mm x 75mm, which can simply be adhered on to corners with AltroFix adhesive. Altro also provides colour matched silicon sealant, so that a seamless, watertight seal can be made around the corner protection / wall junctions, which looks very professional. Many other manufacturers don’t provide colour matched accessories with their products; it’s what sets Altro apart. We installed 45 corner protectors throughout the medical centre. George Goss continues: “For the showers and hand basins, we thermoformed the Altro Whiterock to fit around corners, the joints welded, and colour matched silicon used again for a seamless finish. We were on site for two weeks with two installers. Altro’s excellent customer service and reliability helped the project to go very smoothly.” The Altro flooring was installed in the new medical centre by Maurice Blackman Contract Floors and Walls. Contracts Manager Jamie Andrews says: “The Altro Wood Safety was flat laid, but elsewhere in the building we used a coved skirting and took the flooring up the wall by 100mm. This creates a seamless, neat solution at the junction where the floor meets the wall. “All the Altro flooring is very easy to work with, and for us it was a straightforward project, although the treads and risers on the staircases took a little longer. Overall we installed 920m2 of Altro Wood Safety, 236m2 of Altro Zodiac Smooth, 271m2 of Altro Suprema, and 19m2 of Altro Walkway SD. We were on site for about three months with two teams of two installers.” I enquiry 509

For more information please visit:

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DAMAGE LIMITATION Our new ASBO antivandal product range features high quality products including Anti-Climb Paint, Anti-Graffiti Coating and a Graffiti Remover. Together these products provide the perfect solution to aid prevention of vandalism and graffiti.

Everbuild Building Products Ltd. - A Sika Company Site 41, Knowsthorpe Way, Cross Green Industrial Estate, Leeds LS9 0SW Telephone: 0113 240 3456 Fax: 0113 240 0024 e-mail: website:

A SIKA COMPANY I enquiry 510

I enquiry 511 1

12/09/2016 12:38


I enquiry 512

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September 2016

REFURBISHMENT, REPAIR & NEW BUILD shopping area, but also act as smoke vents to keep escape route clear of smoke should a fire occur. The SE Controls’ system includes; 1160 TGLA 24 65 linear actuators, which are used to open the skylight panels and 24 SECO N 24 40 chain actuators for opening vertical top hung windows, which are triggered by 44 OS2 30A controllers once they receive a signal from the mall’s fire alarm system. In normal operation the skylights remain closed until triggered and are then opened fully by the TGLA and SECO N 24 40 actuators, which have stroke lengths of 1000mm and 600mm respectively. Both types of actuator are 24 Volt DC units and are tested to EN12101-2. The fan cooled OS2 30 controllers also incorporate a battery backup to maintain operation in the event of a mains power failure.

SE Controls helps keep Dragon’s fire under control Dragon Mart 2, the recently completed 175,000 sq.metre extension to Dubai’s massive Dragon Mart Chinese trading hub, is using control solutions and more than 1100 actuators from SE Controls as part of the fire safety and smoke ventilation system at the 1.2 kilometre long retail centre.

Designed by Dubai-based, Dar Al Handasah, the two-storey Dragon Mart 2 mall forms part of the International City development by master developers, Nakheel, and in addition to being the largest trading hub for Chinese products outside mainland China, housing more than 1100 shops, it also includes a nine-screen cinema complex, two hotels and 1120 apartments. Throughout the mall, a series of openable skylight panels not only provide natural light into the

Wrightstyle hired, not fired Wrightstyle were definitely hired to supply advanced glazing systems for a high-end apartment complex in Camden Town, London which featured in the last series of TV’s The Apprentice. The company supplied internal screens and door systems to Avdon Bristol Limited, a glazing specialist, for the prestigious Carlow House development, a former Edwardian warehouse. In the TV programme, Lord Sugar’s apprentices were given the task of selling the new apartments, set within a refurbished 1930s art


SE Controls’ Middle East project manager, Madhava Prasad, commented: ”We have a tremendous amount of experience and expertise in retail smoke control and natural ventilation solutions in projects across the globe, so we can use this ability to support designers, fire consultants and engineers and ensure the systems are effective and help save lives by keeping escape routes clear of smoke.” Further information on SE Controls’ products, solutions and projects can be obtained by visiting I enquiry 513

deco building – which were officially opened by Sir Alan earlier this year. The imposing building has been transformed by Galliard Homes into a range of 85 one and two bedroom apartments. The Wrightstyle contract was for unlatched thermal and acoustic doors in 17 different configurations, and for glassto-glass jointed screens in the main lobby area. The main lobby sits under a fourstorey atrium which is designed to be a multi-faceted chandelier, illuminating each apartment with natural light. “Advanced glazing systems are increasingly being installed in residential buildings, not simply to protect against fire, but to provide acoustic or thermal performance,” said Lee Coates, Wrightstyle’s technical director. “With residential specifications becoming increasingly stringent, the glazed components now have to deliver against a range of advanced characteristics, and our systems ranges have been designed to do just that,” he said. T: +44 (0) 1380 722 239 E: W: I enquiry 514

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TOUPRET UK T 2 North Row - London W1K 6DJ 25 P Phone: +44 (0)203 691 6747 F Fax: +44 (0)20 3691 6751 E Email: I enquiry 515

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September 2016


modulates airflow to allow the new, fresh air to mix with the warm exhaust air, thus extracting its heat without the need for an exchanger. The integrated low energy fan energises to blend the internal air, ensuring an even distribution of airflow, with control over temperature and CO2 levels within, and maintenance of a comfortable internal environment for occupants.


Just 2 no Mistrale MFS128 single-sided units will ventilate a standard 32 person classroom, achieving the 8litres/sec/person fresh air required by current Department of Education Building Bulletin (BB101) and PBSP guidelines. Each unit also achieves relevant acoustic considerations: its operational ‘noise’ is less than 30dbA, and it has been engineered to absorb external noise to keep within the classroom criteria required by BB93. Gilberts has further taken care to attain

compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document L: Mistrale MFS attains air leakage better than legislative requirements- 5m3/HR/m2, and a U value of 1W/m2/°C. As with all Gilberts’ ventilation solutions, it delivers efficient weather performance via its bespoke louvre system. Founded 50+ years ago, privately owned Gilberts is unique in having its own, on-site (85,000ft2) manufacturing facility, producing engineered solutions, with an in-house test centre. Technical expertise is supported with full in-house testing addressing air movement andcombining with computational fluid dynamics CFD). Web: Email: I enquiry 516

Effective, compliant ventilation of multi-occupancy rooms is simplified with an innovative concept from Gilberts of Blackpool. The air movement specialist’s Mistrale Fusion (MFS)Terminal delivers optimum internal air control for less than £5.00/room/annum1. The initial singlesided through-structure unit provides a one box, stand-alone solution, requiring no additional ductwork or plant. The Mistrale MFS is, says Gilberts, the first in a new series that revolutionises energy-efficient ventilation in non-domestic buildings.

“There is nothing else like it on the market,” says Gilberts’ Sales Director Ian Rogers. “In one unit, it ticks all the boxes in terms of natural ventilation criteria in multi-occupancy rooms such as classrooms.” Installed through the external façade or window, Mistrale MFS mixes internal and external air to ventilate the internal space. A mixing damper within

Pegler Yorkshire completes static valve offering To ensure heating and ventilation systems work to their optimum efficiency valves are a key element. Pegler Yorkshire with its foundations held in the development and manufacturing of valves, is increasing its Static Valve offering which incorporates ultra low and medium flow static products to compliment all flow variables. “Standard practice of installed HVAC systems is to ensure minimal loss of hydraulic flow. Therefore, regulating flow and keeping pressure loss to a minimum is essential in the optimum efficiency of a system,” said Sindar Singh, Climate Control Market Manager for Pegler Yorkshire. “With the expansion of our 1260 static balancing valve range we are confident that all flow requirements and system optimisation, which includes the conservation of energy, are covered within the Ballorex portfolio.”

I enquiry 110


A year round solution with Xpelair’s Digitemp Air Xpelair has extended its range of Digitemp climate control units with the launch of Digitemp Air, a unique cooling, heating and dehumidification system ideal for use in the home. Digitemp Air integrates a high efficiency compact compressor with

the latest generation slim battery, in order to keep dimensions to an absolute minimum. With a thickness of only 16cm, a length of 50cm and a width of 98cm, the Digitemp Air is ideally suited to smaller environments in the home. Thanks to Ghost Air Movement Technology with inner chamber soundproofing by means of sound-absorbing and anti-vibration materials, Digitemp Air has a sound pressure of 27 dBA – ideal for use in the bedroom. Lee Stones, Category Manager for Xpelair, said: “With houses becoming increasingly air tight, we are seeing a demand from homeowners for air conditioning units that allow for year round climate control. I enquiry 111

Inta lands prestigious CarbonNeutral accreditation Inta has been awarded the reputable CarbonNeutral certification after it reduced its carbon footprint to net zero. Based in Staffordshire, the manufacturer worked with Natural Capital Partners - one of the world’s leading carbon offset and carbon management businesses who issue the CarbonNeutral certificates - to measure and reduce the greenhouse gases it produces to net zero. To achieve this, Inta ensures that every tonne of CO2 it emits is balanced by saving an equivalent amount elsewhere in the business.

Stokvis offers efficiency and flexibility with Econo-Air The Econo-Air gas-fired heating and ventilation systems from Stokvis offer excellent indoor air quality and optimum energy efficiency for large buildings across a range of industrial and commercial applications. Available as both direct

I enquiry 112

fired and indirect fired units, the Econo-Air range is flexible and highly adaptable to the end-user's requirements. Stokvis has developed the EconoAir range specifically for large open interior spaces such as warehouses, factories, sports centres and theatres. A choice of air distribution heads is available to give designers the option of ductless air distribution,

Vanguard aluminium radiators now with ceramic core – a leak-proof electric heating solution

Electrorad - one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electric heating systems - has upgraded its popular oil-filled Vanguard range with new aluminium models. These incorporate a mica-coated ceramic plate to help deliver improved heat retention and to provide a totally leak-proof electric heating solution. Whilst the mica coating acts as an efficient electrical insulator and thermal conductor, the thermostats have also been upgraded from relay to triac to ensure even greater accuracy of the room temperature control. Triac also guarantees a completely silent operation with no clicking sounds when switching on or off. I enquiry 113

thereby eliminating the need for complex ductwork and high level de-stratification fan units. Where ductwork is required, the systems can be configured to allow for ductwork resistance of up to 2,000 Pascals. They are therefore ideal for use with air induction systems. I enquiry 114

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The Posi--Joist open web floor system makes a difficult job simple.

The Outsstanding Joist SSystem

With Possi-Joist you can install all your ventilation and heat recovery systems with ease and deliver the right amount of ventilatio on to the right rooms in the right location.

The ad dvantages are simple: • Open web w design provides easy access for the design and in nstallation of services • Improvved quality of service fitting, eliminating costly remed dial work • Greateer clear spans for design flexibility • Clear p profit from savings in labourr,, time, materials and caall-backs • For the e largest network of licensed manufacturers throug ghout the UK and Ireland visit: www i k .uk/Manufactur it k/Manufacturers/P /Posi-J i Joists/P i t /Posi-J i Joist-Manufactur i t M f t ers//

CPD No ow available for Posi-Joist

Contact MiiT Tek ek today or visit for full deta tails and an on-line prresentation esentation.

MiTTek House, Housse, Grazebrook Industrial Park Peartree Lan ne, Dudleyy,, DY2 0XW W,, UK Telephone: 01384 0 451400 I enquiry 517

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September 2016


PENDOCK produces bespoke collars for Berkeley’s Vista apartment development Renowned British manufacturer, Pendock has been based in Telford since 1987 and has developed a wide range of encasement solutions such as Pipe Boxing, Column Casings, Radiator Guards and specialist Perimeter Casings for heating. Not surprisingly in its time, Pendock has provided casement solutions for applications ranging from schools to hospitals, from train stations to hotels. But its most recent contract has focused on a high-end property development, where Pendock was tasked with helping to achieve the architect’s highest – or lowest – aesthetic ambitions. In fact, some 69 GRP Circular Skirting Collars – plus spares - have been specially produced for Berkeley Homes’ high profile new project at Chelsea Bridge overlooking Battersea Park, known as the Vista Project. They are being installed around the base of 400 and 500mm diameter concrete columns to match the skirtings used throughout

the 453 apartments; many of which will command multimillion purchase prices. P.M.J. Construction were contracted to install skirting around the bases of the columns concerned, they had originally tried to get their carpenters to fashion them employing MDF. They used small sections of a standard 18mm skirting to form the collar. They then sanded to form the desired smooth circular shape. Unfortunately, this process took many man hours and the finish was rejected by Berkeley Homes. Defeated, the contractor approached Pendock for help, leading the encasement specialist to produce sets of molds so that the collars required could be cast from much more hardwearing glass reinforced gypsum. The molds for the two sizes were manufactured in two halves and shaped to mirror the detail on the main skirtings. Then on site it took just a matter of minutes to fill the joints before being decorated to match the rest of the interior décor. A Berkeley spokesperson, said of Pendock, “nobody else seemed to offer a solution.” Pendock is, in fact, well known for its bespoke solutions, with its highly skilled in-house design teams offering everything from telephone support and technical guidance to full CAD drawings. For Berkeley Homes’ prestigious Vista project, Pendock was able to provide a start to finish service, which included the site survey, design of the collars and then an installation package – thus ensuring that the project went as smoothly as possible.

PENDOCK, HALESFIELD 19, T ELFORD, SHROPSHIRE, TF7 4QT. TEL: 01952 580 590 FAX: 01952 587 805 EMAIL: WEB:

I enquiry 519

VENTILATION SPECIALIST : Vectaire Ltd 01494 522333: Vectaire Ltd’s range of residential ventilation is one of the most comprehensive available: low energy products with EC motors are manufactured (mostly in the UK to ISO9001) using the latest technologies.


They combine efficient ventilation with low noise levels, running costs and excellent SFP ratings. A continuous mechanical extract system is the ideal way to ventilate. Units maintain a constant trickle of fresh air; remove moisture, odours and pollutants; meet the latest requirements for energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and economy. WHHRs (whole house heat recovery) are for in-line or upright installation including small units for one/two roomed apartments (WHHR Mini for student accommodation, hotel rooms, extra care facilities etc), and models for areas up to 230m2, recovering up to 94% of heat extracted from up to seven rooms, with SFPs from 0.40 w/l/sec (the WHHR Maxi). New to the range are the EVO200DC (198mm deep), and the EVO250DC (250mm deep). All models have several control options including summer bypass and integral humidistat, with a variable choice of trickle and boost speeds, often with delay-on timers and integral frost-stats. Two fans with EC motors are available for single room ventilation (axial or centrifugal). They operate continuously, almost silently and very economically in any wet room (with a choice of two trickle speeds and options of delay timer, humidistat and low voltage). Lastly the new HREC 1003 single room heat recovery unit is for

both new-build and refurbishment. It provides low level and continuous, energy saving ventilation, combined with high performance and efficiency. It saves up to 75% of potential heat loss and includes an integral summer mode and a frost-stat. The HREC 1003 has the option of three tube lengths (100mm dia), a terminal kit incorporating both a weather louvre and a condensate outlet, and will shortly be available with an additional, discrete filter box to ensure maximum pollutant removal. It is available in standard, timer, humidity control and SELV models. All these products are detailed in the latest version of Vectaire’s Low Energy Catalogue. I enquiry 518

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For more information, email:, tel: 01646 692172 or fax: 01646 695195.

w.aelheati n ww



Enhanced with one of the latest low energy consumption EC motors, these smart heaters also operate on a lower noise level compared to their predecessors. They are available in 6kW to 15kW rating with a heat throw of up to 11 meters. All models come complete with a multi directional wall bracket and a remote switch, which can control multiple heaters.

m • Drawin co g g.

Die Cast Aluminium Radiators

Consort Claudgen has introduced an improved range of commercial fan heaters to its extensive portfolio of products. Each robustly designed heater is now equipped with intelligent fan control which detects the temperature in the environment and automatically adjusts its fan speed to quickly achieve a warm airflow temperature. This allows the heater to immediately blow hot air, even when initially powered on in a very cold room, for the user’s comfort.

Original FARAL Aluminium Radiators, always appreciated, often imitated since 1966 The choice of many Architects and local authorities for over 50 years, Faral radiators provide the highest heat output achievable from one of the most energy efficient low water content aluminium radiators available today.

mat compat b for

Consort Claudgen Introduces Smart Commercial Fan Heaters!


View our publication online at

Autoca with d le


Longo 80

White TA8W15 thermostatic valve set

Tropical 95

Detailed drawings of AEL radiators and valves in a CAD drawing format that is also compatible with AUTOCAD is available on digital disc or via e-mail: Tel: 01928 579068 I enquiry 520

THE NEW Standards in Electric Fires Featuring Technology

©AEL copyright all photographs & CAD drawings

Flat Front Sill Line

I enquiry 581

With today’s highly efficient homes it’s not always essential, or sometimes even possible to have a gas or wood burning fire fitted. However, if you want the warmth, plus the look and feel of such a fireplace, then an electric suite is perfect for you. The two new Infinity electric fires are based on our best-selling gas fires, and are available to fit frameless in the wall or into a fireplace suite. There are Infinite possibilities of how you can present these fires. The fires feature the new 3D Ecoflame™ technology from Charlton & Jenrick Ltd, which offer a very exciting realistic flame effect with four mood settings. The fires come complete with a loose realistic log fuel bed and fire bed media kit, to be arranged as desired, although a suggested layout is provided. The fires are remote controlled with a timer and built in thermostat. They also have high level buttons for easy manual access if required. Ultra-low running costs for the LED flame effect means it can run for 6 hours or more using one penny of electricity. Two generous 100% efficient heat settings are offered; low 1kW and high 2kW, all controlled from the wireless handset. For ultimate ease the appliances can all be fully serviced and maintained from the front, with no requirement to remove from the wall or fireplace.


To find your nearest stockist please visit e-locator/ I enquiry 521 I enquiry 582

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September 2016


RINNAI goes solo for continuous flow with a store….

The Rinnai Infinity Solo condensing and low NOX water heater is the first of its kind for the UK to combine the advanced technology of wall mounted continuous flow water heaters with a stainless steel storage cylinder, all in one compact footprint. The design parameters of this product empowers specifiers, designers, installers and engineers to benefit from unique Rinnai technology in applications it was once not previously possible. For instance, the Infinity Solo will have both 35kW and 54kW sized appliances, ensuring sites with a smaller gas meter can readily use this technology. The larger Infinity Solo model will also act as a highefficiency alternative to gas fired storage appliances that exist in today’s market. The cylinder is stainless steel and this reduces the weight compared to glass lined models, and it makes transportation and installation a lot easier. As well as the difference in weight, the cylinders also have extremely low heat loss figures (as low as 1.41kW/h day), so the user pays less to maintain the heat within the tank. One other benefit of the Infinity Solo using a stainless steel cylinder is that the life expectancy of the material is far greater than that of a glass-lined equivalent as glass suffers from thermal shock causing it to crack after a period of time. The Infinity Solo range is also renewables compatible and supplied pre-fitted with a coil, meaning that the primary energy source will always be from renewable gains and the complementary Rinnai water heater will only apply the precise amount of gas to boost the difference in temperature. Rinnai manufactures the energy efficient Infinity range of gas fired continuous flow water heaters and space heaters. The Infinity brand carries the widest range of condensing water heaters on the market today with the most impressive efficiencies in operation, leading the field in technological innovation.


Rinnai’s latest innovation in the energy efficient fast delivery of instantly useable hot water is the Infinity Solo Re-Circulator water heater. I enquiry 522

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

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I enquiry 523

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September 2016


Summit new from SUMMIT. Exra wide capping board Trade roofline specialist Summit has introduced four more colours into its range of 405mm wide, double ended capping boards.

The 405mm wide board, known as a “double ended cover board”, is 9mm thick. With the introduction of the new colours, Cream, White, Anthracite Grey and Irish Oak, it is now available in the full range of eight Summit colourways, all in a range of widths from 150mm to 405mm. The 405mm board is specifically designed for deeper roofline applications, typically for the gable side of the box end, where a smooth, one-piece unit can be formed without the unsightly joints usually required when two boards are fitted

together. Because of its superior durability and maintenancefree characteristics, Cellular PVC is widely used as a capping board for timber fascia boards that are still sound. Summit cellular PVC is a highly cost effective material for use at the roofline because it costs roughly the same as timber to install, requires no maintenance and so suits the exposed and inaccessible location at the eaves. I enquiry 525

Market-leading waterproofing and roofing manufacturer IKO PLC has launched five new liquid products for waterproofing and protecting roofs, floors, paving and patios. The full range of IKOpro liquids are supported with a new brochure with clear, easy-to-read instructions and images for each product which can be downloaded at I enquiry 116

Using Cembrit Alphina nautral roof slates is a breeze on the Devon Coast Cembrit’s Alpina natural slates have been used to great effect in the redevelopment of an award-winning holiday park in North Devon. The aesthetically pleasing material harmonises seamlessly with the coastal surroundings. A recent construction project saw £4m redevelopment and extension of the resort’s entertainment complex. This included a brand new roof with the Cembrit Alpina slates providing an impressive, stylish roof covering.

UK’s largest lead survey reveals lack of accreditation knowledge in construction sector


I enquiry 115

Summit Roofline Products 01827 317 200

New IKO liquids protect roofs, floors paving & patios

Heraklith Roof Board respecified for restoration of Richard Rogers House A detailed refurbishment project to conserve an architecturally significant residential property is making use of a special composite woodwool board from the range supplied by Marmox Limited to ensure not just the integrity of the work, but also the building’s long term performance. The house in Wimbledon was originally designed and built by acclaimed architect, Richard Rogers to serve as his parents’ home and takes inspiration from some of the Modern Movement buildings of the early 20th century. Completed in the late sixties, the property features extensive glazed elevations and a flat roof of minimal depth, where the designer of such iconic structures as Lloyds insurance offices in the City of London, chose to employ Heraklith woodwool “Roof Board” to help regulate humidity levels within the occupied space. Basically the depth of the roof did not provide sufficient space for ventilation and instead Rogers specified the special grade woodwool board to absorb moisture from the air when humidity levels are high. But then when the air is dry, it will release moisture back into the air.

I w

Britain’s largest industry survey of its kind has exposed a lack of accreditation knowledge among

I enquiry 117

those working with lead in the construction industry. This is one of the key takeaways from the UKwide survey of more than 250 lead merchants and end users, commissioned by Midland Lead and conducted by Firebrand Insight, an independent research consultancy. Of the 250 construction professionals surveyed – from roofing, timber and builders

FAKRO Balcony Window – the ultimate, contemporary alternative to a dormer

The FAKRO FGH-V Galeria balcony window provides a contemporary alternative to a dormer, particularly on plain tile roofs, at a fraction of the cost and weight. It has two sections, an innovative balanced hinge mechanism enabling the upper sash to be positioned, without support, at any point up to 45°. The lower sash then tilts forward to reveal built-in balustrades which, when closed, are neatly hidden beneath the outer cladding. This has been designed to have no high points or areas where débris can accumulate. Upper and lower sashes are both equipped with P2 laminated safety glazing and the window also has the patented topSafe® system of hinge and lock reinforcement, a multi-point locking system on either side of the frame and an automatic vent. I enquiry 118

merchants, through to specialist lead roofing contractors, roofers and general builders – the results revealed that while some do have product awareness, confusion and misunderstanding around the differences between machine cast lead and rolled lead is widespread.




Manufactured by passing a solid slab of lead back and forth on a rolling mill


Manufactured by dipping a rotating water-cooled drum into a bath of molten lead


pure lead

BBA 86/1764 BS EN 12588 : 2006


The British Standard applicable for rolled lead only

+/- 5%


British Board of Agreement standard for machine cast lead. There is currently no British Standard available for machine cast lead. Machine cast lead is made in accordance with BS12588 specification

+/- 5%







from 1.32 to 3.55mm thickness

from 0.44mm to 3.55mm thickness






• Roofing • Radiation shielding • Sound proofing

I enquiry 119



pure lead


• Roofing • Radiation shielding • Sound proofing


Note: This infographic compares Midland Lead BBA accredited machine cast lead with BS accredited rolled lead manufactured in the UK

Follow us:

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Sika Arrests Leaks at Paisley Police Divisional HQ Sika Liquid Plastics’ Decothane cold applied liquid membrane has been used to overlay a 1,000m2 police custody suite at Paisley Police’s divisional headquarters.

Originally constructed in 1964 as part of a mixed development that includes the police headquarters, Renfrewshire Council offices and the District Court, the single storey building contains police cells and accommodation for officers. The building was partially overlaid using Sika’s Decothane liquid system when polyurethane membranes were in their infancy 30 years ago, and the previous Decothane surface was still intact. However, two thirds of the roof still had an asphalt surface and, as this was failing, the decision was taken to overlay the entire 1,000m2 roof with Decothane 20-year single point guarantee system in slate grey. Decothane was specified by the scheme’s architect, Kenneth MacNaught, as a cold-applied liquid system that requires no hot works, providing an ideal solution for a building in which full occupation and security are business critical. Roofing contractor, MMPS Scotland Ltd,

prepared the roof by power washing both the asphalt and Decothane surfaces and carrying out patch repairs on the asphalt to create an even surface. An appropriate Sika primer was then applied to each area and allowed to cure overnight before the Decothane system was applied to each area of the roof surface. The client required a robust 20-year guarantee to ensure the police station would be sound for years to come. All works were checked on a weekly basis during progress by the Sika Liquid Plastics technical team to ensure correct application of the system, leading to a full 34-point final inspection signoff. The project also involved construction of a new raised concrete area on the roof to accommodate new plant and MMPS used the Decothane system to encapsulate the upstands, lifting each piece of plant to install the roofing system in phases across the rooftop plant area to ensure a completely watertight finish. To complete the installation, MMPS created non-slip maintenance team walkways by applying an additional layer of green Decothane top coat with fine sand and

sealant around the plant roof and access areas. Jim Killen from MMPS, said: “We have been using the Decothane system for around 12 years and were impressed to find that the Decothane surface laid onto this roof 30 years ago was still performing well. As a low odour system that requires no hot works, Decothane was the ideal solution for this building and, as always, the technical support we received from Sika was second to none.” Danny Quinn, senior area manager, from Sika Liquid Plastics adds: “Decothane has been used on many police station and custody suite projects in Scotland because of its excellent service life and ease of application. “We’re delighted but not surprised that the existing Decothane at Paisley divisional HQ’s custody suite was still intact and, following the overlay project, the whole building can now expect to remain leak free for decades to come. I enquiry 526


DISTIN CTLY DIF F ERENT I N D I V I D U A L LY D E S I G N E D A N D C R A F T E D F O R E A C H E N V I R O N M E N T Sunsquare Limited offer a range of skylights including solutions for fixed units, hinged opening with electrical opening mechanism, rooftop access and walk-on skylights. For more information telephone 01284 848 683, email or visit The first and only skylight manufacturers to be BSI verified and awarded a Kitemark.

I enquiry 527


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September 2016


ING specifies Formica Group VIVIX® for interior garden revamp

When SP Architecture Engineering was tasked with revamping the courtyard garden in the building offices of ING in Rozas, Madrid, they specified Formica Group’s VIVIX® for the facade. The comprehensive renovation project included a central pond and surrounding 15m2 patio with plant features. Inefficient ventilation had resulted in the condensation and eventual oxidisation of the steel structure and polycarbonate sheets covering the garden. The effects of humidity had also left its mark, causing the premature aging of the painted brick façade which was in desperate need of maintenance. Additional factors such as excess moisture resulting from vegetation and the passage of time also contributed to the garden’s slump into a state of deterioration. To tackle the problem, the

truss structure was replaced, a moisture detector was added, and large plywood beams were used to cover the photovoltaic glass panels. As part of the renovation, the office façade surrounding the garden interior was replaced with 8mm thick VIVIX panels in Porcelana. Formica Group’s VIVIX was specified for the façade due to its rainscreen properties, ability to limit excessive moisture and ease of maintenance. Selected façade panels featured a perforated pattern containing Clementine from the Formica® Collection; thereby accentuating the design through the incorporation of ING’s brand colours. Website: I enquiry 528

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Plastic building product manufacturer Freefoam Building Products report success in delivering support for homeowners and leads for local installers. Making a strategic decision several years ago to reach through the supply chain and engage with end users is paying dividends for all. Using Freefoam’s handy online cladding sample request service they received a range of boards and colours to make their selection from the convenience of their home. Finding a reputable local installer was also handled online using Freefoam’s website www.mycladding .com. Freefoam Registered Installer Simply Roofline installed white fascia, soffit and Misty Grey Double Shiplap Cladding to create a low maintenance, neat, professional, smart new look.


Using the power of the web Freefoam put in place a range of tools to make choosing building products easy and getting home improvements completed a simple straight forward process. is the latest innovation. Designed to meet the growing demand from consumers for exterior cladding products the site acts as an online portal to share product information about PVC

cladding, offer ideas and inspiration for homeowners and gives quick and easy access to a FREE no obligation fitting quote from a local installer. When Mr and Mrs Bowell in Spalding wanted to refurbish the front elevation of their bungalow they turned to Freefoam for help and support throughout the process from samples to fitting.

PVC cladding is one of the fastest growing home improvement products becoming the main alternative to wood. With volume sales up by 61% year on year Freefoam are the first manufacturer to harness the power of the web to harness the online appetite for PVC cladding, to help grow business and generate leads for Freefoam Registered Installers. Commercial Director, Colin St John, explains “At Freefoam we have always recognised and accepted that our Customers success was our success. Creating the ultimate win win has been our driver over the years. Developing winning


products for winning stockists and installers and being part of the whole sales process has been key to continued growth.” For further information please contact us on +44(0)1604 591110 or visit our website at I enquiry 529


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NXT Silicone Roof Coatings can be applied to virtually any surface including felt/bitumen, steel, concrete, fibreglass, wood, asbestos, fibre cement, epdm, lead and many more. Ideal for roof & gutter repair and refurbishment. Some of the most common uses are for flat roof repair, garage roof repair and industrial gutter coating please contact us if you need any advice.

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Passionate about Polycarbonate Northwest based Birchwood Trading is on a mission to spread their love for polycarbonate throughout the UK. As a tried and trusted roofing material polycarbonate has some clear advantages over glass and can be used in a variety of applications beyond conservatory roofs, including canopies, industrial and commercial roof repairs, carports, lean-to roofs, pergolas and greenhouses. cuts their waste to a minimum and makes handling and transporting their sheets much easier, saving them both time and money. Whilst multiwall polycarbonate is easy to cut yourself, customers find that they benefit from getting the specific dimensions that they need without the possible contamination issues of cutting on site. Multiwall sheets are cut in a clean environment and are blown free of dust and taped.

Multiwall polycarbonate has high-impact strength, superior insulation properties and good light transmission. Its light weight makes it easier to transport and install. Use solid polycarbonate for unbreakable strength and a glass like appearance. Choose from their wide variety of both multiwall and solid polycarbonate in a variety of thicknesses

and tints. It’s important to choose the right type of polycarbonate for your application and with their wealth of experience in this field you can rest assured that quality advice is only a phone call or email away. Why not take advantage of their free of charge cut-to-size and deliver service? Customers have commented that this

Recycled multiwall polycarbonate is proving to be a popular choice for those on a budget. Made with regrind resin recycled sheet offers full UV coating and has the same manufacturing tolerances and load strength as sheet made with virgin resin. All this at a fraction of the price. To complement their polycarbonate offering and making Birchwood Trading your one stop shop, a full range of rafter and structural glazing bar systems and fixing accessories suitable for both polycarbonate and glass is also available. Placing an order couldn’t be easier. Visit their website

and enter your requirements into their easy to use online cut-to-size tool, or get in touch by phone, fax or email. 01925 826314

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September 2016


The project, by Penrith Tile Centre, includes porcelain and stone surfaces from Ca’ Pietra, Marshalls Tile and Stone Interiors and Verona. FILA Cleaner was used to carry out the initial clean on all surfaces – and specified for ongoing maintenance - whilst porous stone surfaces were sealed with solvent-free FILAW68. Cumbrian Homes’ Carleton Manor Park includes 44 luxury apartments and houses located in Penrith’s Eden Valley. All porcelain and stone surfaces were installed by Paul Birkett Construction, using Tilemaster adhesives and grouts. The installation followed full specification checks by John Williams from Penrith Tile Centre, who helped design the spaces with the team at Cumbrian Homes.

FILA cleans and protects at Cumbrian Homes development

Throughout the development, main bathrooms featured Marshalls’ Tasman wood-effect porcelain

and Verona’s Kenyan Grey Mosaics. Lunar tumbled limestone was chosen for ensuites and Astro tumbled marble for kitchens; each supplied by Ca’ Pietra. After installation, FILA Cleaner removed all factory and fixing residues; the highly concentrated, pH-neutral solution can be used at a variety of dilutions for safe daily and deep cleaning of all surfaces. Stone and mosaics were then treated with water-based stain proofer, FILAW68, which seals and protects without altering appearance or forming a film. To find our more, please contact: Email or visit, and Penrith Tile Centre at

I enquiry 533

Surface care solutions, from FILA’s award-winning Green Line, have been specified as part of an extensive tiling project at Cumbrian Homes’ exclusive Carleton Manor Park development.

Bostik cures Hope Health Centre’s flooring requirements A range of subfloor preparation and adhesive products from Bostik have been chosen by OSS Commercial Flooring Ltd for the development of a new health centre, which serves the communities of Hope and Caergwrle in Flintshire, North-West Wales.


Castlemead Group was taken on as the main contractor for the centre’s two-story development, who then subcontracted the 1300 square metres of flooring required. Following a technical survey by Bostik, OSS Commercial Flooring selected the company’s Screedmaster One Coat Membrane to protect the new floor coverings from subfloor moisture. Bostik’s Screedmaster Universal Primer was then applied to the surface membrane, before the Screedmaster Flow and Ultimate smoothing compounds were floated out to a 3mm thickness in various areas of the development. Bostik’s Laybond Pressure Sensitive adhesive was then used to adhere the vinyl floor coverings. Technical support: As it was running throughout the winter months, the project provided OSS with some challenging working conditions.

Bostik’s wide product and service offering, including analytical support and on-site testing, was therefore a key driver in winning the project. The company’s technical team conducted a site visit, including moisture testing, prior to the installation of the new floor. This indicated that moisture levels in the screed were well above 75% relative humidity, so the use of a surface damp proof membrane (DPM) was recommended. David Caldwell, Managing Director of OSS commented: “Having used them on a number of previous projects, we were confident in the quality of Bostik’s products. However, it was Bostik’s team of technical experts that really added value to this job. They were pro-actively offering technical advice, measurement surveys and the ideal product package in the build up to the install. The value added by these additional practices cannot be underestimated; it really gave us an added sense of security as to when we could proceed with the job.” Under-floor heating was present on both levels of the development, which made the testing more complex, but Bostik was on hand to provide advice throughout the process. James Stacey, Floor Layer for OSS added: “Bostik’s advice to use a surface DPM meant we could suppress the residual moisture quickly. This allowed us to install the vinyl floor coverings throughout the new building, safe in the knowledge that moisture would not be able to compromise their performance.” Specialist products: When the Screedmaster One Coat

Membrane had cured, a uniform coating of Screedmaster Universal Primer was applied to enhance interaction between the subfloor and the smoothing compound. “Screedmaster Flow was deemed the most appropriate smoothing compound in the large reception area because of its excellent workability and flow characteristics, which made it quick and easy to use,” said James. In other areas we used Screedmaster Ultimate, which has exceptional curing characteristics, meaning we had a high quality finish throughout on which to bond the vinyl floor coverings. Bostik’s Laybond Pressure Sensitive adhesive was then chosen to bond the vinyl floor coverings because of its high level of tack and flexible open time.” David Caldwell concludes: “Bostik provided OSS Commercial Flooring Ltd with excellent support from initial pre-start meeting right to delivering the final product to the client. The conditions were testing for all concerned but the products stood up to the task admirably and ensured we could deliver a project on time, on budget and to a high standard." For further information on the extensive range of subfloor preparation and adhesive products available from Bostik, please email or call 01785 272625.

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e m i t e v y a e S nd mon a Lay with


Save up to

No DPM ve No adhesi

s s e r p X o r




a eld W

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flooring y t fe Sa e esiv h Ad

nd mastic a eld W pressLay X tro Al

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sh rs fini e d il Bu

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Altro XpressLay™ installation

Standard safety flooring installation

Half the time to install without compromising on quality Contact us to find out more about this revolutionary, adhesive-free safety floor utilising Altro Looselay Technology TM

* based on 100m2, 2 installers on site and allowing for curing times.

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September 2016

Listed presbytery uses Earthborn Ecopro

A Grade II listed Victorian residence has been substantially refurbished to house a high tech health research facility. Owned by the University of Manchester, it was built in 1875 as the presbytery to the Church of the Holy Name. With its Ecolabel approval, Ecopro Lo Sheen Emulsion on new lime plaster perfectly fitted the University’s sustainability ethos. Architect Gordon Broady said "Lime plaster has a prolonged curing time and we required paint systems that would both allow the walls and ceilings to dry out gradually and also self-regulate moisture in the walls when the building is occupied. “The University of Manchester Directorate of Estates and Facilities promotes the use of water based breathable paint systems as part of their long standing and wide reaching commitment to

environmental sustainability. Earthborn Ecopro Midsheen Emulsion which combines high permeability together with durability and ease of maintenance, all esse ntial requirements for this project.” Ecopro Lo Sheen is a durable and washable water based emulsion that dries to a low sheen finish. It is especially suitable for use on walls and ceilings in higher traffic commercial areas. Its unique formulation is totally free of oils and acrylics. Being virtually VOC free, it is not only eco friendly but also helps create a healthier, more comfortable living or working environment. I enquiry 536

Anti Condensation Paint a Our textured paint designed to reduce condensation densation


Nullifire's intumescent coatings detailed in new brochure Nullifire, part of the tremco illbruck Group, has produced a comprehensive, easyto-read brochure which details the proven intumescent coatings range which provides passive fire protection solutions across a wide range of building structures. The recent relaunch of Nullifire makes product selection simpler for specifiers, specialist contractors and stockists; and the brochure reflects this objective. For example, colourcoded packaging has been designed to assist with product recognition - in particular, the periods of fire protection provided are clearly identified. Each product is detailed in the brochure with photographs showing the colour coding and name clearly, along with technical data, real-life applications, accreditations and certifications, and service and support backup. As well as the new literature and poin t of sale material, Nullifire's website has been refreshed to support the changes.

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Hamilton, the leading professional decorating sundries company, has added the new Oval Angle Synthetic brush to its popular Prestige range. Suitable for use with both solvent and water-based paints, the Prestige Oval Angle Synthetic brush is a blend of synthetic filaments which give a superior finish and are excellent for cutting in. Compatible for use a vapour box, the synthetic filaments aid easy cleaning whilst the oval shape increases paint pick up for great paint coverage over larger areas.

Toupret the trade filler company have launched several new products to complement their range of professional fillers range . The latest being EXTREM WOOD a unique repair 2 pack filler that incorporates leading edge technology in the manufacturing process .EXTREM WOOD is very flexible and is very resistant to cracking and has very good water resistance . Another new product is a ready to use joint filler DECORATORS SKIMCOAT FILLER its very easy to sand and requires no PVA. Another benefit is it can be used over paintwork .

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Vandalism and graffiti is a growing concern within the UK, costing over £1 billion a year to remove. To combat the trend, Everbuild – A Sika Company have launched a new ASBO range, providing both the prevention and cure to the problem. Within the range is ASBO Anti-Graffiti Coating, a semi-gloss, clear coating designed to protect against costly damage caused by spray paints, marker pens and fly posting. Once applied, the coating prevents paint from bonding, causing it to crack allowing for easy removal using just water and detergent, eliminating the need for any harsh chemicals, whilst posters will fall off on their own after a few days. The coating can be brush or roller applied to concrete, brick, render, masonry and previously painted surfaces. ASBO Anti-Climb Paint is a non-drying, solvent free paint which remains slippery and greasy making climbing virtually impossible. The thick black paint also marks anyone who touches the surface making the intruder easily identifiable. I enquiry 124

New Prestige Oval Angle Synthetic brush from Hamilton

New products to professional range


Fight back against vandalism with ASBO

I enquiry 121

Available in two sizes – 25 mm and 35 mm – the Prestige Oval Angle Synthetic brush comes with a wooden handle. I enquiry 120

Dunlop Interior Filler The heavy-weight of the filler world, this fast-drying gypsum-based interior filler for smoothing, plastering and filling large surface damage, holes or cracks. Part of the Dunlop Pro Décor range of wall fillers and smoothers, Interior Filler is brilliant white and easy to use. Ready in no time at all, it can be built up to 30mm thick and is tension free. Once applied, the filler creates a smooth finish and will not crack. The surface can be smoothed with a damp sponge and then re trowelled if necessary once hardening commences eliminating the need for sanding. Even at very thin bed depths the product creates a hard, crack free and sound surface which is not affected by wallpaper adhesives, water or solvent based paints.

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Meet the Multi-Tasking new generation grab adhesive that has been created by the Professionals for the Professionals.

Supplied in stylish 350ml plastic cartridges SikaBondŽ-141 MULTI STICK is the first hybrid polymer grab adhesive that has been especially created with the Trade User in mind. While being solvent free, this product still boasts incredible initial grab and high bonding strength (anti-slip), and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications as it is completely waterproof and weatherproof. This superior adhesive has the ability to bond virtually anything to everything, porous and non-porous in both wet and dry conditions, and even underwater or in the rain – great for the British weather.





With almost limitless applications and many benefits, no tradesman should be without a tube of this next generation, multi-talented adhesive.



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Everbuild Building Products Ltd - A Sika Company Site 41, Knowsthorpe Way, Cross Green Industrial Estate, Leeds LS9 0SW. Tel: 0113 240 3456 Fax: 0113 240 0024 email: website:

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September 2016


Neat box end with minimal joints, no pins or silicone

Raising the Roofline

WITH SWISH As we all know, the performance of even high quality building products can be let down dramatically by poor installation practice. Here we take a look at Roofline Systems and get the lowdown from one of the UK’s leading experts in what’s good and what’s bad in this important area of construction. Dave Osborne has been Technical Services Manager at Swish Building Products – the people that make PVC cladding, fascia and soffit boards, rainwater systems and all the sundry fixtures and fittings for more years than he cares to remember. When it comes to roofline installations, both domestic and commercial, good and bad, he’s seen it all. From his long experience, Dave sets out some pointers to ensure best use of materials and a good installation every time and tells us about some of his installation hates!


A couple of years ago I was asked to visit the beautiful home of a retired couple to sort out a dispute with their installer. As I approached the house and looked up, I got that sinking feeling. Sure enough, here was the roofline from hell, pushing all my pet hate buttons. There was silicone everywhere, nail heads littered the joints and corners, the fascia had started to bow, there was no evidence of ventilation; and I was going to have to sort it out for the nice lady waving at me from the doorstep. Now I bet, just as I was, you’re thinking the worst about the idiot who stuck that lot up. He’d probably high-tailed it with the nice lady’s money ready to fleece some other poor

I enquiry 539

Positively fix joints to one fascia end only

punter, just like the dodgy tradesmen you see in “Cowboy Builders” on TV. So imagine my surprise when a young lad in a smart polo shirt with his business logo across his chest and back stepped into view. He looked a bit sheepish, as he had every reason to. I was good and ready for a showdown, but he took the wind out of my sails by holding out his hand, apologising sincerely for putting me and everyone else to a lot of trouble and asking if I could help him sort it out. So the story goes that he’d previously done some work with a mate, thought he’d got a handle on it, stuck fliers through some doors, fluked this job on his first day out and bitten off more than he could chew. I told him what to do, he listened, and now I’m happy to say he’s earning good money and is a great fitter. So over the years I’ve seen a lot of time and money thrown down the drain, not just by shoddy installers but also by well-meaning and sincere guys who haven’t quite understood the problems involved in the job they’re working on.

PVC is a g it accepts security. It requireme lifespan is f Once you rest starts more com greater lin a bit more In an artic need but y

Roofl • Get you boards yo nice and ta up your fa

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September 2016

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Fascia Joint with pins and silicone

Take care with rafter hanger alignment

And now I’m going to throw in my two pet hates; 1) silicone being sprayed around like crazy-foam 2) pins or super glue used to externally secure joints and corners.

Box end with silicone, pins & badly jointed hanger alignment

• Nail or screw down your boards with two fixings at each fixing centre; maximum 600mm centres for white and 400mm for colours and foils. This will make sure any expansion is contained in local sections and so kept to a minimum. • Allow the recommended expansion gaps between the ends of boards, 8mm between two 5m boards, so that they don’t push against each other in hot weather. • Use a deeper board for box end fabrication as this minimises the number of joints you have to make and looks cleaner.

VC is a great material. It cuts like timber, using the same tools and accepts nails and screws in the same way with just as much ecurity. It also knocks timber for six with regard to maintenance equirement – because basically there is none – and so its expected espan is far greater than timber, and its lifetime cost is much lower.

• Finally, in the case of a roofline installation, observe the Building Regs. requirements for ventilation of the roof void. This last one has little to do with expansion or contraction of the roofline boards, I throw it in because it’s the only Regs requirement for roofline and it’s quite often ignored.


Silicone looks great on the day of installation but soon picks up dirt and rapidly exposes shoddy workmanship. I know of some installers who refuse to use it, which is very laudable but a bit extreme in my opinion. However, if you set out to do the job without silicone you’ll find that it’s a sharper, cleaner installation and what silicone you do use will be minimal. Pinning or gluing joints is poor practice because you’re positively fixing a cover across an expansion gap. Two things happen as a result: firstly, the trim can be split by the movement of the board ends and secondly, pins warp the surface of the trim, look ugly and highlight the location of a unit that is designed to blend into the boards. Fascia joints should be only be pinned or glued into the butt end of one board (i.e. secretly fixed) with the other side free floating to take up the expansion gap. Alternatively face fix your joints and corners with good quality silicone sealant, as once cured the silicone provides an elastic seal. I may be preaching to the converted here but I wouldn’t mention all the above if they didn’t cause installers, their customers and ultimately yours truly significant distress on a regular basis. So if you’re uncertain about any part of an installation, whether you’re sticking 5m of fascia on an extension or doing a full makeover of a five bed detached, the word is – pick up the ‘phone and ask; it may save you a lot of time and money. Dave Osborne is Technical Services Manager for Swish Building Products.

• White boards fix every 600mm max. nce you understand a couple of important things about PVC the est starts to slot into place. The facts are that PVC profiles are ore compliant (more bendy) than timber, and they have slightly eater linear co-efficient of expansion (they expand and contract bit more). an article like this I can’t give you all the little details you may eed but you won’t go far wrong if you remember this:

Roofline Get your substrate straight, level and true to ensure the PVC oards you’re fixing on to it will all line up. Use string lines that are ce and taught to guide you in fixing hangers to the rafters to pick p your fascia and soffit.

• Colour and foil boards fix every 400mm max. • Make sure you allow heat to escape from behind cladding boards, with a continuous, vertical ventilation gap behind the profile. The gap is created by the battens on which the board is mounted. • For white cladding - the ventilation gap behind the boards must be 25mm min. • For coloured or foiled cladding - the ventilation gap must be 50mm min. •Where the board terminates at a corner or at the edge of a cladding area ensure the board end is fixed. This is really important with cladding because of the larger exposed surface area involved.

Swish Building Products: 01827 317 200 29

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September 2016

Work begins on major drainage survey of Severn Tunnel Lanes Group drainage engineers have begun the task of carrying out a survey of tunnel drainage along the 7km-long Severn Tunnel. The company has been commissioned by Amey, working for Network Rail, to carry out the surveys in the tunnel, which for over 100 years was the longest main line railway tunnel in the UK. The work is one of a number of enabling projects preparing the way for the electrification of the Great Western Main Line between London Paddington and the west of England and South Wales. In the first of yearly packages of examinations completing various sections, four teams of Lanes Group drainage engineers completed CCTV drainage surveys along 1,600m of track through the tunnel in 30 hours.

Give your garden the 5 star treatment Breathe life back into a tired looking garden with new Everbuild 5 Star Sprayable Shed and Fence Mate from Everbuild – A


Sika Company, a premium quality wood treatment designed to be spray applied for a fast and easy application. The superior wax and silicone enriched formula of 5 Star Sprayable Shed and Fence Mate gives an advanced double action water repellence for excellent long lasting colour and a weatherproof finish to all wooden garden structures. It is also perfect to use on sheds, pergolas and all other rough sawn timber structures. Available in five popular colours, in 5ltr jerry cans for easy pouring, this product can be applied using a standard pressurised garden sprayer enabling full fence panels to be easily covered in minutes, without any of the annoying drips made with a brush. I enquiry 126

Tackle the hazards of weather with Thompson’s Patio and Block Paving Anti Slip Thompson’s hardworking range will tackle even the hardest weatherproofing jobs, whether that’s long term protection, everyday maintenance or even emergency cover. Thompson’s latest addition, Patio and Block Paving Anti Slip, delivers invisible anti slip protection to patios, driveways and paved steps. Simply pour into Thompson’s Patio and Block Paving Seal, then stir and apply for guaranteed protection against slippery surfaces. I enquiry 127

Ten Storey Love Song for state of the art P.A.P.A. solution With more people choosing to live and work in city centres, the number of high rise builds is increasing at a great rate. With companies developing innovative technology to account for this increase, advances in drainage and ventilation pipework now means that secondary vent pipework systems, which are primarily used in high rise buildings, to manage air circulation in drainage systems can be replaced with an alternate system of control. Polypipe Terrain’s P.A.P.A. (positive air pressure attenuation) and Pleura valves are a proven alternative to traditional secondary vented drainage systems. The P.A.P.A. valve is designed to react to and attenuate positive pressure transients within the drainage stack of high rise developments, providing a perfect venting solution for any multi-storey building over 10 storeys high. I enquiry 128

Wrekin articulates the answer to highway gully performance

I enquiry 125

Wrekin Products has a patented articulated coupling for its new Highway gully grate range. The design delivers the ideal combination of double-triangular non-rock stability with a captive hinge for easy maintenance and long-term security. Part of the comprehensive Highway range, the gully grates are designed to be simple for specifiers and users to select as well as far exceeding

compliance with relevant standards, including BS EN 124 and HA104/09. Traditionally, gullies tend to be one of two basic designs. A double-triangle format means highway operators benefit from three-point suspension for non-rock stability, but they are not hinged making them less theft resistant and more awkward for gully cleaning.

I enquiry 129

Hauraton drainage channels used at Maritime Transport Headquarters in Felixstowe steel top edges which house the ductile iron gratings. Complying with the requirements of EN 1433, the PP is given its UV resistance by adding just sufficient carbon black as a stabiliser so that the structural strength of the material is unaffected and a consistent appearance is maintained. The PP is also naturally resistant to de-icing salt. Ken Burgess, Hauraton‘s Project Manager comments; “The main contractor, E.L. Construction Limited liked the product for its ease of installation, each RECYFIX® PLUS 150 one metre unit, complete with its grating only weighs 12.8 kg, so its easy to position and robust enough to withstand building site conditions”.


The Maritime Transport Limited new £5 million headquarters in Felixstowe has received the accolade of “Winner-Design (Non residential)” at the Suffolk Coastal Quality of Place awards held in October 2015. Designed by Architects, Wincer Kievenaar, the Maritime Headquarters office provides an impressive gateway to Felixstowe Port.

The Headquarters extensive car park, set with composite grey blocks is drained by 98 metres of Hauraton RECYFIX® PLUS 150 channels fitted with Class C250, HEELSAFE ductile iron gratings. A further 47 metres of RECYFIX® PLUS 100 channels were also installed in other locations on site. The RECYFIX® PLUS channel unit is made of tough, virtually unbreakable recycled polypropylene (PP) formulated to be very resistant to daily temperature fluctuations from frost conditions to strong sunlight, including the Ultra Violet (UV) spectrum. The channel unit also features galvanised

Technical information for all the RECYFIX® ranges, showing sizing and installation details, is available digitally on – LANDSCAPING tab, as is a video “Why is RECYFIX® breakproof”.

For case studies go to I enquiry 540

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ynergy S

The choice of the Construction Industry Professional Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products are an independent, privately owned manufacturer of wastewater treatment products. They are also distributors for other major companies within the industry. Pumping Stations Standard and bespoke systems are offered to pump both foul and surface water. Pump stations are used to raise the level of the discharge to the invert of a local gravity mains or private system.

Single pump systems are generally available from stock, to serve the smaller domestic project. Larger capacity duplex systems manufactured to meet site-specific criteria are also readily available on short lead times. Building Regulations require that the pump chamber should have sufficient storage volume to contain a 24 hour inflow. In the case of domestic systems, a figure of 150 litres per person per day is used to determine the chamber capacity. Bypass Separators Bypass Separator NSB3 & Extension Turret held in stock for immediate despatch Nationally. Bypass Separator are used in hard

standing areas where there is a light risk of hydrocarbon contamination to the surface water run off, i.e. Car Parks, Roadways, Industrial Estates, Goods Yards etc. These units are designed to treat the influent up to the design nominal size of the Separator. A standard set of sixteen models are available, ranging from the NSB3, which drains an area of 1,667 M2, to the NSB 100, which can drain an area of 55,556 M2. Larger models up to NSB 1000 are also available to order.

pumped discharge, again sized to the permitted outflow criteria. Above Ground Storage Tanks

Low Profile Septic Tank

Through our network of trading partners, we are able to supply both vertical and cylindrical tanks for installation above ground. These can be manufactured with chemical resin rich liners, in a variety of different capacities. Please contact us with your requirements. Sewage Treatment Plants Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products supply Package Sewage Treatment Plants in one piece tanks from 6 Pe (person) through to 175 Pe. A range of some 21 different models.Over and above 175 Pe, we supply modular two tank systems serving from 190 Pe through to 400 Pe.

Storm Water Attenuation Tanks Storm Water Attenuation Tanks a substantial range of one piece vessels, from 1,000L to 275,000L, are offered. These tanks can be supplied with baffles, access ladders, multiple access shafts etc. if required. Alternatively, the FCD can be fitted into a separate chamber, or supplied loose to be installed into an existing outlet manhole chamber by others. The attenuation tank can be manufactured with an integral Flow Control Device (FCD) sized to the specific outflow requirement. Where levels prevent the use of a gravity fed (FCD) the Attenuation tank can be supplied with a

Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant

Spherical Septic Tank

The aerobic biological treatment process used in all of the systems offered is ‘Submerged Aerated Filter’ (SAF) sometimes referred to as biological aerated filters. Synergy NS10 Full Rentention Separator

The SAF process is a well proven method used widely across the world by municipal authorities for the treatment of domestic waste. The benefits are principally, simplicity of operation, small footprint, and the resulting economic advantage.

Synergy Robusta 4600 Litre Tank

Tricel P12 UK Gravity Sewage-Treatment Plant

I enquiry 542

Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products is an independent family owned British manufacturing business.

Tel: 01278 671927 Web:

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★★★★★ STAR

5 PERFORMANCE 5 Star Sprayable Shed and Fence Mate is a premium quality, easy to use shed and fence treatment specifically designed to be applied using a standard pressurized garden sprayer.








This superior quality wax and silicone enriched formula with an advanced double action water repellency gives excellent long term colour and weatherproof finishes to all wooden garden structures.


A SIKA COMPANY Everbuild Building Products Ltd. - A Sika Company Site 41, Knowsthorpe Way, Cross Green Industrial Estate, Leeds LS9 0SW Telephone: 0113 240 3456 Fax: 0113 240 0024 e-mail: website:

0 12 9 6 3 2 3 7 7 0 w w I enquiry 543

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Zaun DUO O6 Welded Mesh System S from only

£ 1.77 £1 1 77 per metre



(t): +44 (0)1902 796 6699 | | z I enquiry 545


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September 2016


Interpave at Flood Expo The trade association Interpave is exhibiting on Stand F270 at Flood Expo in ExCeL, London on 12th – 13th October and hosting an important presentation by SuDS guru Bob Bray. As the driving force behind concrete block permeable paving, Interpave will be promoting the latest innovations with this important SuDS technique. Winner of the 2015 Exhibition News Awards’ Show Rising Star, Flood Expo is the largest event of its kind in the world presenting solutions to flooding problems. It includes 80 seminars from leading experts in the field, 200 exhibitors showcasing cutting edge products and unparalleled opportunities for networking. Entry tickets are free and you can register online at Hosted by Interpave, SuDS guru Bob Bray’s presentation is on Thursday 13th October at 12.30 in Theatre 3 of Flood Expo. He will discuss new approaches to SuDS for flood prevention and enhanced water quality while reducing costs, minimising land-take and maximising landscape design and masterplanning opportunities, illustrated with recent exemplar case studies. Visitors and journalists can also ‘meet the expert’ at Interpave’s Stand F270 where Bob Bray will be available for further discussions. A fresh approach to permeable paving will be promoted, using straightforward orifice flow control chambers to demonstrate water storage deployed around developments

without dedicated storage occupying valuable land. As an established technology with proven performance, concrete block permeable paving is uniquely placed to play a key role in SuDS as a source control and storage facility, requiring no additional land-take. Not only can it reduce, attenuate, store and treat rainwater runoff near the surface, meeting current SuDS guidance, it also provides completely level, well drained and slip-resistance surfaces accessible to all. The latest developments with SuDS and urban design are summarised in Interpave’s new ‘Hard Landscape Today’ brochure and a video which dramatically demonstrates the performance of concrete block permeable paving. Both are available via where you can also request regular e:Bulletins from Interpave. E-mail: Website: I enquiry 546

Polypipe picked for large scale inland port project Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of engineered sustainable drainage solutions, is proud to be a key supplier for an exciting new inland port and logistics hub, iPort, Doncaster; supplying its Ridgistorm-XL large diameter piping system, Ridgidrain surface water drainage and cable protection products.


Developed by Verdion, the iPort will consist of logistic parks with over six million square feet of warehousing, and will boast a new access road to provide direct access from the M18 and a dedicated new on-site 35-acre rail freight terminal. Polypipe were approached by the project’s Main Contractor, Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd and Consulting Engineer BWB to assist and offer an alternative infrastructure drainage system for the first phase of the project. The initial drainage design consisted of soft SuDS, which took up vital land which could alternatively

be used for development. The purposively designed drainage system offered as a solution is RidgistormXL large diameter pipe in diameters 750mm and 1500mm. This drainage solution was developed to deal efficiently with conveyance and attenuation of stormwater from the development. Following consultation with Buckingham Group and BWB Consulting, project specific structural calculations for the pipes were carried out for the project, taking advantage of the high quality engineering fill that was readily available. This has provided considerable installation savings by minimising the volume of imported granular fill otherwise needed for other types of pipes. The Ridgistorm-XL pipes were manufactured based on stiffness classification of the pipework, the ground conditions and loading considerations on site. The Ridgistorm-XL system also incorporated pre-fabricated RIDGISTORM Access Multiple Pipe Manholes, allowing for inspection access and

connecting dual runs of pipe. Polypipe also supplied its BBA HAPAS approved Ridgidrain surface water drainage piping system, as well as Ridgigullys and Ridgiflex. The project has also used Ridgiduct Power, Ridgiduct Lighting and Ridgiduct Power HV to complete the basic infrastructure requirement. Adam Smith, Project Manager, at Buckingham Group Contract Ltd, said: “The initial designs we had did not make best use of the land available, which was of paramount importance to the client, Verdion. BGCL and BWB have invited Polypipe to provide a versatile drainage system that is able to replace efficiently the hydraulic function of the swales within a very short timeframe. From our initial meeting to design, approval, manufacture and delivery, Polypipe supplied it’s Ridgistorm-XL within two weeks to allow us to hit the extremely tight schedule we had to work towards. Their fully planned delivery schedules and attention to detail allowed us

to install the Ridgistorm-XL system considerable quicker than a traditional drainage design using concrete pipes and manholes.” Emma Nicholls, Marketing Manager at Polypipe, said: “We provided a solution, for a unique project, that used the space available in the most efficient way. The last minute changes meant that the turnaround period was very short, however thanks to our ability to manufacture unique products in our own pre-fabrications facility, we were able to accommodate and provide an engineered solution for iPort, Doncaster.” Following the successful installation and strong relationships developed between Polypipe, Buckingham Group and BWB Consulting Ltd, Polypipe will continue to see its products being installed on further phases of this project. I enquiry 547

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EXTERNAL WORKS & DRAINAGE September 2016 VView our publication online at


The UK’s LARGEST RANGE of Access Covers & Drain nage Gratings An EJ Company

t: 024 7664 1777

f: 024 7637 5250

t: 01924 258 381

f: 01924 258 382


Tel: 0845 2600024 • Fax: 0845 2600025

Email: • Peter Savage Ltd are part of EJ I enquiry 548



Rainwater Harvestin ng Specialists RainSava® Domestic harvesting systems A complete range of high quality systems for domestic and garden use, suitable for most private homes, including aboveFQNTMCQDSQN jSRNKTSHNMR ,TKSH GNLD systems also available suitable for local authoritiess and GNTRHMF@RRNBH@SHNMR 




See our new look website for 2016 - Rainharvesting Systems Ltd. Calf Way, Bisley, Gloucestershire GL6 7BX 01452 772000 I enquiry 576

Handcrafted fine cast stone. Bespoke Architectural solutions from restoration to new builds. 01892 740866 Victoria Park, Fordcombe Road, Langton Green, Turnbridge Wells, Kent TN3 0RD I enquiry 578



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September 2016


Water, water everywhere but 100% dry and comfortable feet with BASE safety boots

Instarmac Products at the Touch of a Button Instarmac are proud to announce the launch of their new product planner App. The App has been developed using the latest mobile app development technology and has been designed with their customers' needs in mind. Have you ever been stuck on site with no internet connection and need to find out how quickly your tile adhesive will set? When your pothole repair can be trafficked? Which smoothing underlayment you should use? The new Instarmac Product Planner App completely solves this problem! Each of Instarmac's 6 brands - UltraCrete, UltraScape, UltraTile, UltraFloor, Wondertex and Granfix - have dedicated product pages allowing the user to find information easily and quickly. What's more, each product has its own enhanced product calculator and technical and safety datasheets which can be

accessed and downloaded without the need for an internet connection. The App boasts many features including tutorial videos, an easy to use search function and a 'Favourites' list where the user can keep a list of their most favoured products and brands, allowing them to access information even more quickly when on-site. Users can also be kept up-to-date with all the latest product developments at Instarmac via the App notifications. The Instarmac Product Planner is FREE to download on Google Play and in the App Store now. For further information please email You can also follow Instarmac on Twitter @InstarmacGroup.

No matter how wet conditions may get underfoot, feet stay dry as a bone with BeDry and Be-Powerful, the latest safety work boots from BASE featuring the latest technology to make them 100% waterproof and ultra-comfortable. Thanks to OutDry technology® the footwear features an outer waterproof and light-weight breathable barrier that keeps feet dry, cool and comfortable. For the Be-Powerful range a patented TPU Skin outer sole, combined with an Air Tech mid sole ensure the boots stay comfortable all day long, even in the toughest conditions. Tradesmen can choose

Reinforced, comfortable and tough for hardwearing comfort Part of the Next Generation Workwear range, Snickers’ RUFFWork working clothes are modern, heavy-duty garments that combine an amazing fit with reinforced features throughout. Packed with loads of functionality, the trousers are specially designed for those professional craftsmen who really rely on their gear in demanding on-site working conditions. The special ‘Dobby Pro’ fabric used in these garments provides a unique combination of comfort and durability. What’s more, the ‘Cordura 1000’ reinforcements are up to 3 times more durable than regular Cordura and, with a

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Ejecting the core problem for hole saw operators Following extensive product testing at its Scottish Borders manufacturing facility, tool and hole saw specialist Starrett, has launched its new Core Ejector tool. The two-part instrument

Kee Klamp® expands its range of tubular fittings The Einhell reciprocating saw really does provide tradesmen with a quick and efficient solution to many awkward tasks. With the variety of blades available, this variable speed machine will enable you to perform flush cutting of pipes, fast removal of windows, joists and a host of other jobs such a pruning and cutting reinforcement bars. It has a slim, soft-grip front end for extra control during use and a metal swivel plate to butt up to the workpiece. It has a tool-free blade change, comes with a 2 year guarantee and is available at just £49.99 for a limited period.

Kee Safety has expanded its Kee Klamp® range with the introduction of 12 new types of tubular fittings. Designed for installation on steeper gradients, the new slope fittings offer builders and specifiers an aesthetically pleasing option. The latest addition to the Kee Klamp® portfolio is an extension to the current range of slope fittings. The new components have been designed to enhance the building of guardrail along staircases and ramps, particularly when the slope is greater than 30 degrees. The new range introduces single fittings to cater for situations where currently a combination of fittings is required. Not only does this improve the aesthetics of the finished guardrail but it also allows for a quicker and easier installation.

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addresses a common problem for contractors by removing the cut away disc of material that would usually remain inside the hole saw after it has completed the cut. Hole saw operators will be familiar with the problem of extracting the material that often becomes jammed inside the hole saw after cutting. I enquiry 135

special DWR coating to repel oil and moisture, these trousers will stay looking good for longer.

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Hultafors NEW range of craftsman’s knives

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A great addition to any tool kit

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Snickers RUFFWork – Heavy Duty Working Clothes

All new Abracs launched a brand new in August to showcase their extensive range of abrasive consumable products and top quality service to the online market. The all new is primarily product focussed but also showcases and solidifys the professional young fun personality of Abracs as a company. From the staff images that change from “serious business” to “party time” when clicked, to the news section detailing all of the adventurous fundraising challenges that happen behind the scenes. Find out more about Abracs products and services at - the cutting edge of abrasives is at your fingertips.

between three new safety boots in the BASE range, available in the UK exclusively through Hyde – Be-Dry Mid, Be-Dry Top and BePowerful – each of which not only keep feet dry in wet conditions, but also feature a wealth of other benefits to increase comfort levels even further.

Precision, quality and long-lasting sharpness are the hallmarks of these superb new products. Hultafors Tools has extended its range of Knives for professional craftsmen and women. With a selection of Heavy Duty Knives, Safety Knives, Chisel Knives and Utility Knives already available from Hultafors in the UK, there’s also specially designed and developed products for Electricians, Plumbers and Painters. The new Knives include those for general-purpose outdoor use as well as ones for precision tasks. They’re all are ergonomically designed and made from the highest quality Japanese steel, which is honed and sharpened for durability and effectiveness.

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Abracs Goes To “Great Lengths” For Kickstart - The Tools To End Poverty Abracs are swimming the english channel to fund raise for Kickstart. The challenge: 21miles shortest distance, a water temperature of around 15 degrees & wave height of up to 2m. We aim to Fund raise £5,000 for KICKSTART through both Abracs Super 6 promotions and traditional fundraising methods. Abracs will also support KICKSTART by gifting Abracs Abrasive

products to be used in Kickstarts maintenance and development workshops. Follow our story at I enquiry 136

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Look closer at smarter control of fuel costs Taking a closer look at fuel cards should reveal that they have much more to offer fleet managers than savings on diesel and petrol. The whole point of finding the right fuel card, however, is to save money and

time. No other way of buying fuel offers the advantages of fuel cards. With commercial rate fuel cards, you always know in advance exactly how much your fuel will cost, regardless of where a driver fills up, and the price is typically up to 4p per litre less than the national average pump price. Your fixed price applies at thousands of filling stations nationwide, from

September 2016

city centres to rural back roads. It even applies to motorway service stations, where the saving is up to 10p per litre. You refuel now and pay later, with the interval between refuelling and being invoiced meaning anywhere up to two weeks of interest-free credit.

range of footwear with GORE-TEX® fabric that keeps hard working feet dry, cool, and fully protected so that you can focus on the job at hand. The new Graft GTX, Grind GTX and Grip GTX are expertly designed with GORE-TEX® fabric, so you can be sure that you’re protected by the best quality materials available. Tested under strict laboratory conditions the range is fully waterproof and breathable, keeping you completely dry from the outside AND inside, come rain or shine. I enquiry 139

Racking solutions revisited Autumn 2016 sees the re-launch of Simpson-Strong-Tie’s unique racking solution for timber frame structures - new products, improved performance and increased availability. Since the launch of Strong-Portal and Strong-Wall, more than 400 timber framed homes have benefitted from increased build flexibility in terms of wider openings (and more of them), yet with none of the issues

Solid Gear Athletic Safety Trainers from Hultafors

I enquiry 138

All-day comfort, come rain or shine Your feet are an essential tool for your trade. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad preparation, so investing in quality technical footwear is the smart decision. Scruffs has engineered an intelligent new

surrounding racking resistance that goes with them.

I enquiry 140

Tight and secure flooring with Draper Tools Tie Down Straps has

Draper just


introduced 5m Flooring Tie Down Straps to its range. These brand new strap clamps are ideal for joining laminate and hardwood flooring without damaging the boards. Smart flooring, whether it’s laminated or wooden, is all about precision, accuracy and a professional finish. It requires smooth straight lines, even distances and no gaps or breaks. That’s why the new Draper Tools Tie Down Straps are an absolute essential for anyone installing flooring. Designed to ensure tight and secure flooring with no gaps, they’ll really help to make light work of laying flooring. Durable and easyto-use, the Draper Tools Flooring Tie Down Straps are perfect for the professional’s toolbox and also well-suited to keen or experienced home improvement enthusiasts. I enquiry 141

The power of the tool industry Power tool sector set for growth to USD 34 billion by 2020

38 Power – something that no superhero would be very super without. Superman’s strength and Spiderman’s abilities to climb walls is what makes them great, and the same can be said for contractors and their power tools. The latest Global Power Tool Market report


brings promising news for contractors, predicting growth at a continued annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.74 percent over the next four years reaching a revenue of over USD 34 billion by 2020. Here, John Cove, marketing manager of power tool accessories

Ultimate safety and performance – recommended by Snickers Workwear Part of the Hulafors Group UK, Solid Gear delivers top quality safety footwear for professional craftsmen. With modern, sporty looks, it’s Athletic range of Safety Trainers brings together superb functionality and top class safety in a range of styles, designs and colours to create versatile safety shoes that are well suited to a variety of work tasks. Superlight high performance EVA midsoles combine with anti-slip rubber outsoles and lightweight, breathable uppers to ensure optimal comfort and functionality. What’s more, all the shoes in the athletic safety range are made using a composite plate with aluminium toecaps to ensure maximum protection on site. Designed with ultimate performance and shock absorption in mind, there’s 6 different styles in the Safety Trainers range with sizes from 3 to 13, all of which deliver market-leading comfort whatever you need and wherever you are on site.

I enquiry 142

and hand tool specialist, Starrett, explores how the power tool industry is set to keep contractors super. Nearly a decade on from the 2008 recession, the construction industry is once again powering ahead. The Global Power Tool Market report for 2016–2020 predicts sustained growth for the power tool sector between now and 2020 due, primarily, to increased investment in construction and aerospace engineering. As demand for commercial and industrial buildings increases, further employment opportunities are being generated for apprentices, installers and contractors as well as encouraging technology advancements. Released at the beginning of August, the 2016–2020 Global Power Tool Market report shows how the rejuvenation of the construction industry across Europe, Asia and America is creating promising opportunities for the power tool industry. In particular, the rise in residential construction projects across the UK, partly fuelled by the government’s current house building scheme, has created strong demand for power tools. Build it and they will come This new flush of construction activity is about more than simply recovering from the economic crash. The industry is evolving, changing the way it operates to incorporate the latest materials and

technologies into buildings and projects. Modern methods of construction (MMC) rely on applying new techniques to meet increasingly complex design demands — and power tools and their accessories need to keep up. Power tool accessory manufacturers such as Starrett can’t take demand for granted, they need to match innovation in other sectors to take advantage of the projected market growth. That’s why we invest continuously in developing tools that can keep up with modern construction and engineering techniques. This includes exploring how materials like carbide, diamond and bimetal can be enhanced and developed to produce power tool accessories capable of performing in the modern landscape. If you want something done well... pay a professional The healing economy also means more disposable income, leading to homeowners downing tools and turning away from the DIY trend, seeking the professional touch instead. This means that plumbers, electricians and installers are looking to invest in power tools and accessories that can keep up with demand and provide return on investment. For more information vist: I enquiry 552

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GENERATORS Quality machines great for trade and leisure use


HP 6.5 7 8 11 13

EXC.VAT £189.98 £239.98 FG3005 £ FROM ONLY .98 189EXC.VAT £369.00 £479.00 UP TO 650kVA output available £569.00 *Inverters produce pure sine wave & stable power, essential for computers and sensitive equipment ENGINE MODELS IN STOCK





QUIET RUNNING 69dBA at 7m (1/4 LOAD)











IG2000 s Produces pure sine wave & stable power, essential sProduces for computers & sensitive equipment s sGreat for boats, caravans, motorhomes, camping, etc. s sLow noise s MAX WEIGHT EXC. Fuel Efficient Eco MODEL OUTPUT KG VAT Throttle s12V IG950 NEW 800W 9.3 £159.98 battery charging IG1000 1000W 15 £229.98 facility sUp to 7 IG1200 NEW 1200W 12.4 £229.98 hours running time IG2000 NEW 2000W 19.4 £339.00 on 3/4 load IG2200** 2200W 26.6 £359.98


s For cutting applications such as stone, concrete & paving stones s100mm maximum cutting depth sIncludes Diamond Blade



s 2 light modes, s Inc. 12V DC socket











Built-in fluorescent work light





EX.VAT 279.00


PLATE DIMS Swage fitting MODEL WxLmm MOTOR EX VAT makes erecting and 320x400 2.4HP £279.00 Evolution Hulk ONLY dismantling quicker BELLE MINIPAC 300 300x470 2.5HP £539.00 £ .00 Galvanised 199EXC.VAT corrosion resistance MODEL EXC.VAT ABRASIVE 3'11" x 3'11" Steel Work tower - £199.00 4 adjustable legs £54.99 CUT OFF SAW ONLY 4 Castor Wheels £59.98


s Auto ON/OFF float switch











s Perfect for fast, accurate cross, bevel and mitre cutting *Handles s 1800W motor solids up to 30mm diameter † Sewage cutter pump s Laser MODEL MAX FLOW MAX EXC. guide ONLY .98 £ LPM HEAD VAT CMS10S2 EX.VAT 129 CSE400A 115 8.0m £29.98 PSV3A 133 8.0m £34.99 POWER PSV1A* 140 5.8m £44.99 PVP11A 258 11.0m £69.98 s Mix plaster, paint,MIXERS CSV2A (110V) 200 8.0m £119.98 mortar, artex, cement HSEC650A 290 9.5m £184.99 etc. s Variable speed £ ONLY .99 HSEC651A (110V) 290 9.5m £189.98 control s 1100W motor 82EX.VAT DWP210A (110V) NEW 600 10.8m £269.98 Massive torque 31.5Nm 110V/230V HSEC1400A† 13.0m £299.98 NEW 430 V


EX.VAT 189.00


EXC.VAT £179.98 £214.99 £239.98 GAS, TIPS, £269.98 SHROUDS £339.00 £399.00 & WIRE £429.00 IN STOCK

EX.VAT 109.98



Honda & Diesel engine models in stock PLS195 PRESSURE ENGINE EXC. GENERATOR SAVE £35 MODEL BAR/PSI HP VAT WHEN Tiger1800 110/1595 2.6 £199.00 BUYING 170/2465 4 £259.98 Tiger2600 ENGINE AND Tiger3000 200/2900 6.5 £329.98 OUTPUT 260/3771 6.5 £399.00 WATER TOGETHER! PLS195 PLS265 260/3770 13 £599.00 PUMP ONLY ONLY BOULEVARD+ £ £ EX.VAT 109.98 HONEY EX.VAT 109.98 RIGGER BOOT One engine powers three separate outputs, a ONLY generator, pressure washer and a water pump. s Nubuck uppers NEW s Top Quality RANGE £39.98 EX.VAT s6.5HP, 4 stroke engine unit s175 bar (2500psi) s Fabric Lining pressure washer output s2.4kW generator output AVAILABLE IN s Midsole s3" dirty water pump output SIZES 7-12 protection STEEL s Full length CEMENT MIXERS TOECAP footbed SAFETY RUBBER s Extra BOOT TYRES tough s Steel BOULEVARD 200J £ ONLY HONEY .99 EX.VAT 36 toe-cap ANKLE BOOT CAN DRAW OWN WATER





# 110V in stock


MODEL MIX CAP DRIVE CCM50 30L 230V NEW CCM110 90L 230V CCM125C 90L 230V Belle Mini mix 140 90L 230V Belle Mini 150# 90L 240V Belle Mini 150 90L 2.5HP HONDA


.98 179EXC.VAT .98 215INC.VAT





EXC. VAT £159.98 £159.98 £179.98 £319.00 £339.00 £599.00

efficient heating Extra-long run fuel tanks – up to 53 litres Variable heat output with thermostat control

MODEL MAX OUTPUT EXC.VAT XR60 14.7kW £179.98 XR80 20.5kW £229.98 XR110 29.3kW £279.98 XR160 46.9kW £329.98 XR210 61.5kW £369.98

EXETER 16 Trusham Rd. EX2 8QG 01392 256 744 GATESHEAD 50 Lobley Hill Rd. NE8 4YJ 0191 493 2520 GLASGOW 280 Gt Western Rd. G4 9EJ 0141 332 9231 GLOUCESTER 221A Barton St. GL1 4HY 01452 417 948 GRIMSBY ELLIS WAY, DN32 9BD 01472 354435 HULL 8-10 Holderness Rd. HU9 1EG 01482 223161 ILFORD 746-748 Eastern Ave. IG2 7HU 0208 518 4286 IPSWICH Unit 1 Ipswich Trade Centre, Commercial Road 01473 221253 LEEDS 227-229 Kirkstall Rd. LS4 2AS 0113 231 0400 LEICESTER 69 Melton Rd. LE4 6PN 0116 261 0688 LINCOLN Unit 5. The Pelham Centre. LN5 8HG 01522 543 036 LIVERPOOL 80-88 London Rd. L3 5NF 0151 709 4484 LONDON CATFORD 289/291 Southend Lane SE6 3RS 0208 695 5684 LONDON 6 Kendal Parade, Edmonton N18 020 8803 0861 LONDON 503-507 Lea Bridge Rd. Leyton, E10 020 8558 8284 LONDON 100 The Highway, Docklands 020 7488 2129 LUTON Unit 1, 326 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU4 8JS 01582 728 063 MAIDSTONE 57 Upper Stone St. ME15 6HE 01622 769 572 MANCHESTER ALTRINCHAM 71 Manchester Rd. Altrincham 0161 9412 666 MANCHESTER CENTRAL 209 Bury New Road M8 8DU 0161 241 1851 MANCHESTER OPENSHAW Unit 5, Tower Mill, Ashton Old Rd 0161 223 8376 MANSFIELD 169 Chesterfield Rd. South 01623 622160

s Plunge depth up to 60mm s Variable speed s Inc. 15pc bit set ONLY EX.VAT 109.98




s Heavy duty for tough pro use s Nail length 50-90mm s 80 magazine capacity

EX.VAT 199.00







BARNSLEY Pontefract Rd, Barnsley, S71 1EZ 01226 732297 B’HAM GREAT BARR 4 Birmingham Rd. 0121 358 7977 B’HAM HAY MILLS 1152 Coventry Rd, Hay Mills 0121 7713433 BOLTON 1 Thynne St. BL3 6BD 01204 365799 BRADFORD 105-107 Manningham Lane. BD1 3BN 01274 390962 BRIGHTON 123 Lewes Rd, BN2 3QB 01273 915999 BRISTOL 1-3 Church Rd, Lawrence Hill. BS5 9JJ 0117 935 1060 BURTON UPON TRENT 12a Lichfield St. DE14 3QZ 01283 564 708 CAMBRIDGE 181-183 Histon Road, Cambridge. CB4 3HL 01223 322675 CARDIFF 44-46 City Rd. CF24 3DN 029 2046 5424 CARLISLE 85 London Rd. CA1 2LG 01228 591666 CHELTENHAM 84 Fairview Road. GL52 2EH 01242 514 402 CHESTER 43-45 St. James Street. CH1 3EY 01244 311258 COLCHESTER 4 North Station Rd. CO1 1RE 01206 762831 COVENTRY Bishop St. CV1 1HT 024 7622 4227 CROYDON 423-427 Brighton Rd, Sth Croydon 020 8763 0640 DARLINGTON 214 Northgate. DL1 1RB 01325 380 841 DEAL (KENT) 182-186 High St. CT14 6BQ 01304 373 434 DERBY Derwent St. DE1 2ED 01332 290 931 DONCASTER Wheatley Hall Road 01302 245 999 DUNDEE 24-26 Trades Lane. DD1 3ET 01382 225 140 EDINBURGH 163-171 Piersfield Terrace 0131 659 5919

MODEL MIN-MAX AMPS PRO90 24-90 110E 30-100 30-130 135TE Turbo 151TE Turbo 30-150 165TEM Turbo 30-155 175TECM Turbo 30-170 205TE Turbo 30-185


EX.VAT 119.98

s Fast accurate cutting of ferrous metals, brick, stone etc s Cuts material up to 115mm thick s Adjusts 0-45º for angled cutting


PEAK 52EX.VAT AMPS EXC.VAT 900A £52.99 900A £59.98 1500A £114.99 2000A@12V £129.98 1000A@24V

START BOOST 400A 400A 700A 1000A@12V 500A@24V

900 910 4000 12/24




s Includes TCT blade s Dust extraction s Extra large 37" table CTS10D

EX.VAT 199.75

Quality machines from Britain’s 135TE leading supplier See online for included FROM ONLY accessories £ .98

Provides essential home, garage and roadside assistance Integral work light 910 includes air compressor Long life battery







Designed for vertical or s raking support applications FROM ONLY .99 £



PROP LENGTH CONCENTRIC LOAD EX SIZE (M) 1°-30° OUT OF PLUMB VAT 0 closed 1.041 3.57 tonnes SWL £24.99 0 open 1.829 3.57 tonnes SWL 3.57 tonnes SWL £31.99 1 closed 1.753 1 open 3.124 1.73 tonnes SWL 3.57 tonnes SWL £36.99 2 closed 1.981 2 open 3.352 1.53 tonnes SWL FROM ONLY .98 £




POWER SOCKETS WEIGHT EX RATING OUTLETS (KG) VAT GENERAL DUTY 750VA 1 9 £49.98 CTR750/1 CTR1500/2 1500VA 2 12 £64.99 CTR2250/2 2250VA 2 17 £66.99 CTR3300/2 3300VA 2 19 £64.99 HEAVY DUTY 3300VA 2 17 £59.98 CTR3000 CTR4000/2 4000VA 2 20 £119.98 CTR6300/3 6300VA 2/1 40 £219.98


EX.VAT 79.98

18V CORDLESS DRILLS s 10mm chuck s 2 Speed s 2 Lithium-Ion batteries


EX.VAT 59.98

CON18LI MODEL BATTERYS NOW EXC.VAT CON18Ni 2 Ni-Cd £59.98 £84.99 CON18Li 2 Li-Ion


sPowerful heavy duty professional drill ideal for trade use



CON1500RDV + * was £66.99 exc.VAT MODEL MAX CAP CONCRETE EXC.VAT Clarke CON400RHD 10mm £39.98 26mm £49.98 Clarke CRD620 32mm £62.99 Clarke CRD1250* Clarke CON720RHD 26mm £74.99 36mm £79.98 Clarke CON1500RDV


s Tough Steel Construction sFully Lockable FROM ONLY .00 99EXC.VAT



MODEL DIMS (LxWxH) NOW EX VAT WAS EX VAT — CSB25 810x485x360mm £99.00 £189.00 CSB85 1067x508x595mm £179.00 £229.00 CSB100 1220x615x682mm £219.00



EX.VAT 189.98


s Portable compressors ideal onsite s Air storage in protective steel frame (No Cert. Req.) * was £529.00 exc.VAT #Honda engine MODEL DISPL MAX WORKING RECEIVER CFM MOTOR PRESSURE CAP EXC.VAT Champ 3 NEW 7 2HP 8 Bar 4 ltr £139.98 Champ (110V) 7.6 2HP 10 Bar 2.4 ltr £209.98 CFP9HND*# 9 5HP 7 Bar 2.65 ltr £499.00


OPEN MON-FRI 8.30-6.00, SAT 8.30-5.30, SUN 10.00-4.00

MIDDLESBROUGH Mandale Triangle, Thornaby NORWICH 282a Heigham St. NR2 4LZ NOTTINGHAM 211 Lower Parliament St. PETERBOROUGH 417 Lincoln Rd. Millfield PLYMOUTH 58-64 Embankment Rd. PL4 9HY POOLE 137-139 Bournemouth Rd. Parkstone PORTSMOUTH 277-283 Copnor Rd. Copnor PRESTON 53 Blackpool Rd. PR2 6BU SHEFFIELD 453 London Rd. Heeley. S2 4HJ SIDCUP 13 Blackfen Parade, Blackfen Rd SOUTHAMPTON 516-518 Portswood Rd. SOUTHEND 1139-1141 London Rd. Leigh on Sea STOKE-ON-TRENT 382-396 Waterloo Rd. Hanley SUNDERLAND 13-15 Ryhope Rd. Grangetown SWANSEA 7 Samlet Rd. Llansamlet. SA7 9AG SWINDON 21 Victoria Rd. SN1 3AW TWICKENHAM 83-85 Heath Rd.TW1 4AW WARRINGTON Unit 3, Hawley’s Trade Pk. WIGAN 2 Harrison Street, WN5 9AU WOLVERHAMPTON Parkfield Rd. Bilston WORCESTER 48a Upper Tything. WR1 1JZ

01642 677881 01603 766402 0115 956 1811 01733 311770 01752 254050 01202 717913 023 9265 4777 01772 703263 0114 258 0831 0208 3042069 023 8055 7788 01702 483 742 01782 287321 0191 510 8773 01792 792969 01793 491717 020 8892 9117 01925 630 937 01942 323 785 01902 494186 01905 723451


ONLINE MAIL ORDER 0115 956 5555


I enquiry 554

*110V in stock MODEL KVA FG2500 2.4 FG3005 2.8 FG3050* 3 FG4050ES* 4.5 FG5100ES* 5.5




Calls to the catalogue request number above (0844 880 1265) cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge For security reasons, calls may be monitored. All prices correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to change products and prices at any time. All offers subject to availability, E&OE.

MM1 Building News 270x380.indd 1

16/09/2016 15:13


FEIN dusts off powerful new extractor range

Power tool expert FEIN has added two new premium class models, including M Class, to its range of dust extractors. FEIN’s family of extractors is expanding with the addition of two new premium class, wet and dry extractors. Both are powerful and for the first time are equipped with automatic filter cleaning. The Dustex 35 MX AC is an M Class approved extractor (WEL > 0.1 mg/m 3) whilst the FEIN Dustex 35 LX AC is rated for L-classification extraction (WEL > 1.0 mg/m 3). Both machines come with a large number of special equipment features and extensive accessories making the tools suitable for multiple professional tasks on site or in the workshop. Safety extractors for tradespeople are split into dust classes: L (Low), M (Medium) and H (High) depending on the risks associated with the dusts involved. Some wood dusts (such as beech and ash) and mineral dusts

containing quartz fall under the M class. Since recognizing substances can be difficult, a safety extractor is advised on most sites. The launch is also the first time FEIN has equipped its extractors with a fully automatic filter cleaning system. The innovative new AutoClean technology reverses the airflow every 15 seconds, blowing away any fine dust that may have settled in the filter back into the secondary deposable bag. Fitting the extractors with AutoClean allows for a consistently high suction force, meaning even large volumes of hazardous dust can be removed. Both dust extractors will work across wet and dry applications, reliably absorbing fine dusts and liquids. This Auto clean system also extends the filter’s life considerably, meaning the machine can work continuously and uninterrupted for much longer because of less frequent filter changes. This approach is far more effective than the traditional closed filter bag system and makes the extractors more costeffective. As well as being economical the premium class extractors guarantee aboveaverage suction power with a 1380W turbine, a volumetric flow of 4,320 litres a minute and a 254-millibar vacuum. Furthermore, FEIN has designed the new extractors so that its toolboxes and those from other manufacturers can be easily fitted onto the box holder. This special new design will allow users to move around site freely without complication. Toolboxes can also be secured with tension belts and the extractor’s 7.5m rubber cable and 4m hose provide users with a large working radius. Web: I enquiry 555

View our publication online at


Blükläder’s new trousers are just as at home on the building site as they are after work It’s not often you find workwear that keeps you looking good whether you’re onsite or out with your mates. But Blükläder’s 1999 Craftsmen Stretch Trousers hit the spot wherever they are worn, giving younger construction workers a great way to combine comfort and functionality with the latest style. A low crotch and tapered legs mean fashion-conscious younger workers no longer have to compromise between a great look and practical, hardwearing features – now they can enjoy both. More than just a pretty face, the new 1999 Craftsmen Stretch Trousers come with a lifetime guarantee on all seams and are engineered for ease of use. For instance, the tough CorduraŽ Denim is cut to hang easily on the hip. Stretch panels in the crotch and wthe calves make movement more comfortable, While the zippered nail pockets can either be loose or fixed to the leg to prevent trapping, for instance when climbing a ladder.

bending or crouching, making you more comfortable and ensuring the loops don’t fail.� Blükläder have gone to the extremes to make their workwear hardwearing, comfortable and functional for generations of tradespeople. Now, with the stylish design of their 1999 Craftsmen Stretch Trousers things are looking even better for younger wearers.

“It’s often the small details that make a big difference,â€? says Keith La Roche, BlĂĽkläder’s Managing Director UK & Ireland. “Take the belt loops. We’ve designed them to be thicker at rear than the front. This gives better weight distribution through a belt and greater strength when you’re

To discover more on the Blükläder range or to find the nearest stockist visit I enquiry 556

20 Watt SMD Folding Rechargeable Site Light ht XMS16FOLD20W

See it in action tion online!


• Super white 20 watt SM MD • 1,800 lumens ouutput Õ)ROGà DWVWDQGIRUHDV\VWRUDJH • Adjustable head d angle • Waterproof to IP 44 standard

ÂŁ59.99 99 RRP ÂŁ99.9 99

s opic Mobile sc fffold To ower

La ates

Tech 3 Back Pac XMS16BACKPA AK

• Dual T Tech3 ech3 and MotoGPŽ log • Heavy-duty 600 denier fabric • Rigid waterproof plastic bas • Separate internal compartment is ideal for laptop storage

• Teelescopic mechaanism allows seven different platform o heights from 0.33 to 2.00 0 metres • Fully erected in undeer three minutes Ă•2IIHUVDVDIHUPRUHHIĂ&#x;FLHQWDQGORZHU FRVWDOWHUQDWLYHWRĂ&#x;[HGVFDIIROGLQJ podiums nd other mobile bile access towers • Conforms to EN1004

ÂŁ29.99 RRP ÂŁ59 99

ÂŁ799 9.99


ÂŁ 0 ÂŁ70

RRP ÂŁ1,499.00 0

Viisit: w ww.reealdealsfo e Avvailable until 31st Dec D ember 2016 or While Stocks Last.

I enquiry 557


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September 2016


The Revolution in Knee Protection The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body and there are different types injuries that are of particular concern to anyone who works on their knees. The most common is probably Housemaid's Knee or Bursitis, which is caused by kneeling for long periods of time or by repetitive knee movements such as crouching down and standing up. Fluid builds up in the Bursa which is the sack of fluid that cushions the knee joints – causing swelling, soreness and stiffness in the joint. So what is the answer? Effective knee protection on site is, as you might expect, covered by EU legislation. The EN 14404 Knee Protection Standard deals with the size, force-distribution and penetration-resistance of kneepads.

Knee injuries are commonplace among builders. Sore and swollen knee joints are something that they all suffer from at one time or another. It’s a perennial problem and highly aggravating, but prevention is far easier than cure by taking the proper steps to look after your knees.

Type 2, Level 1 protection ensures reliable knee protection for craftsmen in a mobile working environment that involves regular kneeling to perform their job. This protection level is designed to protect the knees in all types of working environments with rough, hard and damp surfaces from small objects and debris up to 1 cm. The Type 2, Level 0 standard designates effective knee protection for craftsmen who need to work on their knees indoors – but only occasionally. Designed to protect the knees on flat surfaces. There have been various types of knee guards over the years. Strap-on pads that cut into the back of your knees, foam rubber mats and basic protection. But effective protection really only comes from a kneeguard system that has been thoroughly researched, tested and manufactured using materials that perform to the highest standard day in, day out.

42 For more information visit: I enquiry 558

The most effective kneepads have to work efficiently and in tandem with the Work Trousers they’re used with, staying in precisely the right position to ensure reliable knee protection. That is exactly what you’ll get with a properly designed knee guard positioning system. Properly designed kneepad pockets should include special seams that allow you to adjust your kneepads into different positions to ensure superior knee protection.

Effective kneepads should also feature a hard-wearing materials on the outside edges and softer materials in the centre to combine efficient pressure distribution and protection against sharp and rough objects with maximum comfort. The design should also feature high sides to prevent your knees from sliding off the kneepads. This design approach will also ensure the kneepads extremely flexible when you walk, while closing around your knees when you kneel down. Most workwear manufacturers supply kneepads for their Work Trousers. They vary in price, quality and effectiveness. For instance, you can now get a pair of rubber kneepads for as little as a £3.99 in a UK high street supermarket. It will come as no surprise to most that they have no guarantee

of comfort or protection. However, the more discerning tradesmen – those particularly concerned with their health and welfare on site – will be more interested in the world’s first ‘active’ kneepads that are proven to last twice as long as other kneepads and take cutting-edge knee protection to a completely new level with the revolutionary D3O® materials. High-tech D3O® material. D3O® is an active and specially engineered rubbery material comprising intelligent molecules which ‘flow’ with you as you move. On shock they lock together to absorb the impact energy to provide highfrequency protection. The durable D3O® material also features an extremely slow compression rate, ensuring that the kneepads keep their shape during hard work and over a long period of time. And, given that Knees are not flat, the shape of kneepads with the D3O® material is important. That's why kneepads with an ergonomic, pre-bent design that makes the kneepad close around your knee when kneeling. So, when you work a lot on your knees, this material will give you by far the best, long lasting knee protection available. David Clark is Managing Director of the Hultafors Group UK Ltd which owns Snickers Workwear.

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Leica DISTO D2 (BT) High Accuracy Laser Distance Measurer Measure on site with the handy Leica D2 (BT) and produce plans on your smartphone or tablet with the free DISTO sketch app. Range: 100m Accuracy: 1.5mm

Offer Price £139.00 +VAT Free UK delivery from the UK’s leading laser measuring specialist

To order now call: 01302 310099 Order online: www.a1- A1 Equipment - Authorised Leica Geosystems Dealer I enquiry 579

I enquiry 580


General, new residential and remodelling contractors will appreciate the simple set up and Aaccurate layout for basements concrete slab and decks.




ϭϭϬǀůĞĐƚƌŝĐ ϮϰϬǀůĞĐƚƌŝĐ


43 0121 506 6095 I enquiry 559

I enquiry 560

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September 2016

Glass Louvre Windows Bring Winter Garden Revival to London Apartments Combining luxury with spectacular river views, St James’ Riverlight development on the south bank of the Thames at Nine Elms, features balconies with Fieger louvre windows to extend seasonal use. Updating the concept of the winter garden for the 21st Century, architects Rogers Stirk Harbour aims to set a high benchmark for premium city living where the innovation features on pavilions one and two.

The Fieger glazed louvres, installed by ventilation contractor Adexsi UK, form an integral element of the glazed facade by Alumet Systems.

More styles, more Visionary styling from colours, more hardware Premdor Inspired by the latest interior design choices… Safedoors has given a major boost to its popular Diamond range with two new door styles, double the choice of colours and significantly extended hardware options. Leading the enhanced range are the two new styles, the contemporary Ascot and the art-deco York, which have already proved their worth with similar designs in Safedoors’ Platinum series of thermoplastic-faced engineered timber doors. All the additions come in response to feedback from trade customers, as Trade Sales Director, Lorna Rose explained: “The two styles are popular choices in our Platinum range and installers tell us they would like the option of offering the two in the Diamond range of GRP doors.” Demand for more and more colours and woodgrains is still growing in doors, just as it is in windows, she added: “In response to this, we have doubled the choices from six to 12. This gives homeowners not only a much wider palette to choose from but also far more opportunities to blend in with their existing windows, and of course gives Safedoors installers another major differentiation above their competitors.”

influences and fashion colour trends, Premdor has launched Portfolio, a range of


Lindsay Eccles, MD at Fieger UK commented, “Balconies enhance urban living, especially in such a dramatic riverside setting, but UK weather and the intrusion of city noise can often limit their enjoyment. By enclosing the indoor/outdoor space with floor to ceiling glass louvres a buffer is created that extends seasonal enjoyment of the balcony, with minimal obstruction to light and the spectacular views down the Thames.” The glazed louvres, installed by ventilation contractor Adexsi UK, form an integral element of the glazed facade by Alumet Systems, so the glass frontage is continuous. The single glazed laminated glass louvres give a clear view with an ability to open the louvres for cooling airflow in summer or close them to protect from external noise and the extremes of weather. The trapped air between the louvres and the French windows enhances energy saving in the apartments. A total of 400 Fieger FLM louvre panels have been installed. Each has 12.76mm safety glass blades built into an aluminium frame, finished in matt black to match other elements of the facade. The installation complies with the requirement of The Building Regulations Approved Document K with a fixed bottom louvre and lower louvres up to a height of 1100 mm having a maximum 100mm opening. Louvres above 1100mm are able to be rotated by up to 85 degrees for increased ventilation. Individual manual control of each louvre bank gives occupants complete flexibility to vary the opening as they wish. Specialising in bespoke architectural louvres, Fieger can offer a wide choice of glazing, finish and controls to suit the needs of any project. Winter gardens typically use single glazed units. Double glazed units are employed to meet Building Regulations luxury veneer internal doors created around four distinctive themes, Natural, Exotic, Contemporary and Classic. All ranges utilise Premdor’s Veneer Match technology which engineers real veneers into a consistent grain and colour yet still allows for natural variation within each door. All Portfolio door designs may be enhanced by adding glazed models, the ideal solution when more light is required in a room, corridor or entrance. A large selection of contemporary glazing styles exist with both commercial and domestic options available, as are glazed FD30 and FD60 Fire doors complete with wired, clear or obscure glass styles available to specify. Non-fire doors with clear glass are toughened to BS EN 12600.

400 Fieger FLM louvre panels have been installed, each has 12.76mm safety glass blades built into an aluminium frame. requirements, while triple glazed louvres are available for eco-buildings that are designed for high thermal performance, exceeding current UK Building Regulations. Fieger also produce smoke ventilation louvres systems for the protection of stairwells and common circulation spaces in apartment buildings and workplaces. All systems are engineered to provide a precision seal so air infiltration is negligible, even when subject to high wind pressure as is typical in high rise buildings. I enquiry 561

Spectus steps up its window range with new spec’ guide

because every window needs different angles,” explains Craig Miller, Managing Director at AluFoldDirect.

Spectus has capped one of its most dynamic years ever with the launch of its latest Specification Guide, with information on two completely new PVC-U systems, a vastly extended stock foil range and updates on specification, legislation and other features of the Spectus product range. The biggest additions in this 8th Issue Guide are Spectus’s all-new Flush Casement and Flush Tilt & Turn systems, both already winning the acclaim of architects and specifiers. The Flush Tilt & Turn system is Spectus’s challenge to aluminium for architects and specifiers looking for a high-specification but cost-effective alternative in the urban medium/high-rise environment.

I enquiry 145

I enquiry 146

I enquiry 144

Customers turn to AlufoldDirect for aluminium triangluar and gable windows AluFoldDirect is seeing a significant trend towards aluminium windows, and a growing percentage are large or unusually shaped windows. Customers benefit from AluFoldDirect’s precise manufacturing and fast lead times of 1 week unglazed, 2 weeks glazed. Triangular windows are an area where AluFoldDirect can make a difference. “These are hyper-modern and a real alternative to leaded lights, but require a detailed level of hand-made craftsmanship

Fieger louvre windows extend seasonal use of balconies on this London luxury appartment develoment.

REHAU fully reversible windows specificed for 10 storey block


I enquiry 143

Specialist commercial installer Campbell Mason has been awarded the contract to install more than 2000 REHAU TOTAL70R flush fitting fully reversible windows in five 11 storey blocks of flats in Stoke on Trent. The blocks in Bucknall New Road, owned by Stoke City Council, are being completely upgraded to make them more thermally efficient with new windows and external wall insulation and even new

roofs. REHAU’s Commercial Sales Manager Steve Tonkiss worked directly with project surveyors Faithful and Gould to get REHAU windows written into the specification based on the flush fitting aesthetics and thermal performance of the REHAU TOTAL70R system. I enquiry 147

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IT’S A GREA AT T FEELING WHEN YOU’VE DONE A GREA AT T JOB, THA AT’S S BEEN HASSLE FREE, the result is SPO OT ON and your custtomer is happy! That’s what you get et with Eclisse. Our products have been thoughtfully designed. Every detail has been con nsidered, which is why o our systems are pre-cut to size and come with a full timber lining kit for a perfect finish. Pocket doors the way they should be …easy to install and nd great to use. I enquiry 562



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September 2016


New methods of fixing COMAR ARCHITECTURAL ALUMINIUM SYSTEMS The University of Birmingham’s new Chamberlain Hall Student Accommodation is an impressive example of regeneration which is in keeping with the landscape as well as providing all essential capacity growth for the future. Consisting of 2 linked tall towers at 17 at & 21 stories and 5 “finger” blocks.

Feasibility studies indicated that to increasing the density could not be achieved with the existing floor-plan therefore a new building was commissioned. The design concept was to maintain the links to the previous building tower yet create a design that was modern, light; creating a place where students would want to live, socialise and study.

Making the façade work and integrate with all the cladding elements involved Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems designing new methods of fixing. The flush façade was a must and all the elements: Comar Glazing, Mesh and Copper panels needed to integrate. One of the engineering challenges on the project was the connection of the perforated copper cladding panels to the Comar 6EFT curtain walling. This connection had a few considerations, such as the metals being at opposite ends of the galvanic table, aesthetic demands, thermal performance and the structural considerations of loading panels to Comar 6EFT curtain walling Continental Installations worked closely with Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems and main contractor Balfour Beatty on the complex façade. The team designed a bespoke capping profile which was extruded with re-enforced walls capable of fixing the copper panels directly to it. A heavy duty pressure plate with a fixing port arrangement, was used to mechanically fix the capping to the pressure plate. Subsequent regular fixings then transmitted the applied

loads back to the rear structural mullion member to ensure there was no thermal bridging. All connections were fully isolated to prevent bi-metallic corrosion. This bespoke design then included inward full height opening windows which sat behind the façade, Comar 5Pi Advanced Tilt/Turn open in windows were selected. These windows were perfect for the application as they offer slim sight-lines, thus maximising daylighting as well as the profiles themselves have thicker walls that provide robustness and large spans to ensure they stand the test of time. On the window elements Comar 5Pi Advanced Tilt/Turn open in windows were selected. These tilt/turn windows are perfect for the application, they offer slim sight-lines to maximise day-lights as well as the profiles themselves have wide wall thicknesses that provide robustness to ensure they stand the test of time. The wire mesh fitted directly onto the window.

Web: I enquiry 563

Pure Class in Sheer Glass system enhances its functionality. The manual sliding wall (MSW) also incorporates a swing door with a polished stainless steel handle – making the two areas of the showroom accessible to customers and staff – without interrupting the fluidity of the glazing. In total, the wall spans seven metres in width and 3 metres in height.

Customers to a luxury car dealership in Birmingham will be able to reflect on the best of its brands with the installation of a glazed manual sliding wall defining the Bentley and Lamborghini areas of its showroom.


The eight panel arrangement, using GEZE’s Manual Sliding Wall (MSW) with SmartGuide system and Pureline cover profile, is a seamless space divider with no metal surrounds, which separates the two sales areas while maintaining an open feel. The MSW was the ideal choice for Glassedge, which was commissioned to install the feature at Bentley Sytner, in the city centre.

Fitted with 12 mm clear, low iron toughened glass which minimises sun reflection and so allows as much light in to the showroom as possible, the installation also features GEZE’s Pureline, a silver anodised profile with a modern angled design. Each panel discretely locks into the next one via a floor locking device, which is completely hidden from view. Above, the recessed roller track further enhances the sleek appearance whilst the SmartGuide

The MSW system is easy to handle when the wall is not needed, the panels can be pulled back, into a parking space where they sit at a 90-degree angle – a real space saver which minimizes impact upon the room, or as at Bentley Sytner they are completely hidden away inside a wall cupboard. The overall effect is a contemporary stylish finish which benefits from the light and airy feel needed for a showroom in which the cars themselves can take centre stage. Kaz Spiewakowski, managing director of GEZE UK said: “Our MSW system presents a fantastic solution for retailers who want to use their space creatively. They can be used to open out or separate areas in shops, cafes, offices and hotels as well as prestigious car showrooms. We are delighted that Glassedge chose the MSW with Pureline profile in delivering its requirements for the Sytner

showroom where the quality of Bentley and Lamborghini vehicles can be seen in all their glory and benefit from the flow of natural light.” Glassedge was delighted to have been specified by MCS Special Projects for this prestige project and found the GEZE MSW sliding stacking design ideally suited both its customer’s and client’s requirements. Said Chris Beckett, Managing Director of Glassedge Ltd: “It was very easy to install and when in place, the effort required to move the individual panels was minimal. “Glassedge will most definitely be using the GEZE MSW range again as our company is very confident in the products’ quality, robustness of the materials used, plus the excellent personal service we received from both GEZE UK’s sales and technical support staff.” For more information about GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic operators, manual door closers and window technology products call 01543 443000 or visit I enquiry 564

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ALI is on the up as Quickslide applies its touch to ALUMINIUM WINDOWS AND DOORS With homeowners rushing to install aluminium windows and doors in their homes the pressure is on to find suppliers that can offer product and service quality standards in keeping with those installers have come to expect from glazing products manufactured in PVC-U.

Tel: 0333 2412 236

Brighouse fabricator Quickslide set itself the challenge to match the quality and service levels it offers as standard for all of its PVCU windows and doors for frames supplied in aluminium. And now the company has announced that it can guarantee both with its Smart Systems based products. Managing Director Michael Connor says Quickslide now supplies a full range of windows and doors manufactured using the Smart Alitherm 800 system, but only after it had ensured that it could do so to the same lead times and product quality that it applies to all of the company’s existing products. “There is a belief within the industry, not entirely unjustified, that aluminium lead times are longer than those for PVC-U, something that is largely down to the service levels employed as standard throughout the aluminium system sector. Before we offered a full range of aluminium windows and doors Quickslide invested heavily and developed processes through which we could match lead times and product quality to those our customers have come to take for granted with all of our other products. “Quickslide customers need not make allowances for longer delivery and patchy service that have become the norm for aluminium elsewhere in the industry. We apply the same standards and service levels throughout our product range, something that was confirmed earlier this year when we gained the first 100% perfect score during the audit for the CMS Quality Mark EN 14351 for the manufacture of our aluminium bi-folding door. “ Quickslide aluminium windows offer the potential for WER ‘A’ performance and a UValue of 1.1W/m2k when installed with a basic soft-coat IGU and have been designed to achieve PAS24. Michael said: “Smart Alitherm 800 is one of the newer systems on

the market and the company continues to invest and develop new options including sash styles, sill choices and hardware variations with others coming on stream all the time. “The system is also equally well-suited to the domestic end-user and commercial applications, so installers have the widest ranges of opportunities and can quickly become very familiar with the system and its possibilities.

Quickslide has been producing aluminium doors at its Brighouse manufacturing unit for more than four years since the company launched the Smart bi-fold. Best-known for its acclaimed sliding sash windows, Quickslide has been instrumental in bringing this former niche product into the mainstream of the retrofit and newbuild markets, and has a reputation for pioneering new window and door products and also the processes through which they are manufactured and delivered.


I enquiry 565

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September 2016


Alumen Receives Schueco Excellence Award Alumen, the Kettering based aluminium fabricator is delighted to announce they have received a commendation from Schueco for their work at The Longfords, Teddington, London in association with customer QDevelopments. The awards, presented for excellence in the design and installation of Schueco systems, are a testament to Alumen’s knowledge and experience as a long-standing Schueco fabricator. Alan Robinson, MD of Alumen explains: “The Longfords - a mews development of 7 houses and a duplex apartment on a brownfield site in a suburb of Greater London - was designed by 5plus Architects to provide living spaces that have a seamless ’flow’ between the inside and outside. Set amongst Victorian properties, this new build project with QDevelopments, demanded a blend of both modern and traditional architectural styles to contrast against its surroundings. “The large apertures that made the project that much more challenging were perfectly suited to the Schueco product range, with their generous sizing capacity and slim sightlines. To the rear of the properties, Alumen fabricated and installed the ASS70HI Lift& Slide patio and ASS70FD bi-folding doorsets finished in metallic pearl/beige. Using the same finish, AWS75

tilt&turn windows were used throughout but every single window had a different configuration of how it fitted in the cavity; some were forward, others pushed back there wasn’t a standard way. Furthermore, the bi-folding profile ASS70FD was used to fabricate the single doors which measured up to 2.7m in height. “The judges’ appreciated the modesty of the development and its use of a variety of sliding and folded systems. Louise Cotter

said ‘It’s nicely restrained’, while Hugh Pearman commented: “This is a good example of a young practice revisiting the terrace typology.” Alumen’s well-made choice to use Schueco was based on the range’s clean and contemporary appearance, and phenomenal ability to offer maximum fabrication dimensions. Not just a Schueco fabricator, Alumen also manufacturer the SMART profile. They have recently also launched a

Leading UK developer Crest Nicholson chose energy efficient Scandinavian timber windows from NorDan for its development at Bath Riverside Victoria Bridge Road. From studios to penthouse apartments, the development has transformed Bath’s western riverfront into a modern residential quarter.


NorDan’s 1.2NTech inward opening tilt and turn windows and inward/outward pairs of doors have an additional aluminium cladding finish to extend their life in use. The aluminium protects the timber and is easy to replace if damaged. NorDan has been making timber windows in Norway for over 90 years, with a programme of continuous development seeing the firm innovate on the design of its products year after year. Sustainability and energy efficiency as well as safety and security are key features designed into every window and door product. Crest Nicholson is firmly established as one of the UK’s leading developers with a passion for creating vibrant and

sustainable communities. No surprise then, that NorDan’s aluminium clad timber windows were chosen for their sustainable credentials. With a Standard u value of 1.2w/m2K NorDan’s windows and doorsets keep heating bills to a minimum whilst letting in the maximum natural daylight. Says Scott Black, managing director Crest Nicholson Regeneration: "We have a strong working relationship with the Nor Dan team in the UK, and they deliver a first class product which meets all our criteria, which includes a strong sustainability element. Their attention to detail is excellent.” Crest Nicholson Regeneration has achieved many awards for its developments which have NorDan timber windows supplied as part of the building envelope.

range of rooflights that offer trade customers a quality, value for money, off the shelf product. Autumn will see another product launch as Alumen bring to market their own in-house designed and engineered bi-fold doors which aims to take the best of bi-fold systems currently available in terms of aesthetics, ease of installation and operation - and improve on them. I enquiry 566

NorDan was founded in Moi Norway in 1926. It is a family business. Today the third generation of the Rasmussen family run the business. The firm manufactures timber windows and composite doors across 8 factories in Europe making it one of the biggest in Europe. There is considerable annual spend on Research and Development with continuous improvement not only a focus for the production process for also for the design of the product and the sourcing of its raw materials. It is a highly respected business. NorDan has 6 project offices across the UK to be close to the customer.

For more information please visit: I enquiry 567

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BuildingNews TM

Demand-controlled ventilation by Renson® Real Veneers Consistent Grain Consistent Colour Never Identical

Renson provides ventilation systems that help homes reduce their energy consumption whilst creating a healthy indoor environment. Window vents provide fresh air in buildings and at the same time meet the acoustic requirements. A demand-controlled ventilation system ensures the house is optimally ventilated, according to the resident’s activities.

High End Craftsmanship Inspired by boutique interior design and the latest colour trends, Premdor has launched PORTFOLIO, a range of luxury veneer internal doors created around four distinct themes Natural, Exotic, Contemporary and Classic.

The Invisivent®EVO HR is a self-regulating thermally broken overframe flap ventilator, which offers a maximum airflow of 15.9 l/s/m at 2 Pa and a sound reduction in open position up to 42 dB. This solution is ideal for wind-impacted applications such as highrise buildings (up to 1200 Pa) and apartment buildings in coastal locations. It contains acoustic material that muffles external noises as much as possible. Renson Sonovent® is a thermally broken acoustic ventilator which can be installed on glass or at transom. This acoustic vent offers a maximum airflow of 26.7 l/m/s at 2 Pa.

Equipped with non-combustible mineral wool as noise-damping material, it provides an excellent sound attenuation figure whilst in open position: up to 56 dB. Demand-controlled ventilation Renson’s demand-controlled ventilation system combines the constant supply of fresh air through these self-regulating vents and the extraction on-demand of polluted air thanks to the central extraction unit Healthbox®. Dynamic sensors measure the extraction air 24 hours a day on CO2 or humidity and/or VOCs and adapt the ventilation level to the needs of the residents in an intelligent way. In this way, the system makes a healthy indoor environment possible. Renson Fabrications Ltd. Fairfax Units 1-5, Bircholt Road, Parkwood Industrial Estate Maidstone - Kent ME15 9SF

All PORTFOLIO ranges incorporate Premdor’s innovative technology utilising the finest veneers engineered in Italy, hand crafted in the UK. The quality of finish on all PORTFOLIO doors is exceptional, not only do the highest standards of veneer grains exudes style and sophistication, the intrinsic detailing such as co-ordinating lipping adds further creative and distinctive qualities. PORTFOLIO collection doors are lipped along the two long edges as standard. The lippings are colour co-ordinated to match the door face veneer and add both an aesthetic and robust finish to the doors. All lippings are solid colour throughout the thickness, ensuring that if trimming to size is necessary, the colour or grain is not compromised.

For a copy of our Portfolio brochure, or to request samples, please call 0844 209 0008

Birthwaite Business Park, Huddersfield Rd, Darton, Barnsley, S75 5JS



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September 2016


BRIO’S WEATHERFOLD BENCHMARKS SLIDING & EXTERIOR & INTERIOR FOLDING DOORS Now available from Brio - the leading global brand name in sliding and folding gear for exterior/interior doors hardware – is the complete Weatherfold range, specifically designed to be the solution to any problem in assisting architects and designers seamlessly create silent, secure and efficient door closings. Integral to the range is Weatherfold 4s which consists of three dedicated systems suitable for timber and aluminium doors weighing up to 150kg per panel. It is acknowledged to be a leading hardware model for bi-folding doors in timber, aluminium and Aluclad materials. Weatherfold 4s hardware is suitable for both residential and commercial inward or outward opening applications. The system is ideal for large openings with up to 8 panels folding in each direction achieving a span in excess of 16,000mm, and is capable of accommodating panels up to 1000mm wide, with a maximum door height of up to 3,300mm. It is available with mortice or nonmortice hinge and with a choice of four colour finishes, from the traditional Satin Stainless and PVD Brass to the contemporary Polished Stainless and PVD Black. Precision bearings achieve a low rolling resistance, while the concealed bottom channel improves aesthetics. The use of 316 cast stainless steel and 304 architectural grade stainless steel components offer high

resistance to corrosion, even in harsh coastal environments. Brio passivate their hardware as standard and it’s believed that they are the only manufacturer to do so. Passivation protects stainless steel against “tea staining” which can be unsightly and of course can lead to costly remedial work when using products that do not receive this process. Caution should be taken if using products that do not undergo this process. In addition to a complete timber folding door system fitted with Weatherfold 4s hardware undergoing endurance testing by a third party accredited laboratory, Brio undergoes extensive salt spray chamber corrosion testing. Windows are also part of the Weatherfold domain – Weatherfold Window 35 is designed for exterior folding windows in residential or light commercial applications with up to six panels folding in one direction. Each window sash can weigh 35kg by 900mm wide comfortably accommodating a span of 10 metres. Weatherfold 4s Window 35 is designed for exterior folding windows in residential and light commercial applications with up to six panels folding in each direction. The hardware has been upgraded to carry wider and heavier window sashes of up to 1000mm, weighing 35kg each. For serveries that open out to exterior dining areas, Brio’s Weatherfold Servery 35 top hung exterior folding servery windows fittings are ideal. As

Optima results for Epwin customer BBH Following their recent switch to the Profile 22 Optima system, Epwin Group customer BBH Ltd have reported great interest to the new system and one of their busiest year’s yet. Director Graham Norman explains: “We have been with Epwin and Profile 22 for many years now, and looked forward to fabricating the new Optima range. As we all know, technology doesn’t stand still and the industry continues to evolve and drive forward with the latest advances. And with that in

Spectus unveils major new ancillaries range

Allegion launches new AXA range for UK market

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“Architects, specifiers and manufacturers can rest assured that when they choose Brio Weatherfold 4s Window 35 and Weatherfold 4s Servery 35 hardware for their projects they are working with a quality product that will not let them down and will give many years of use,” says Dave Newton, general manager of Brio UK. “In common with other Brio products, they have stylish design and engineered to be around forever. These systems are built to last. We offer a 10-year warranty on all Weatherfold 4s Window 35

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AXA, part of the Allegion family of brands has launched its brand new range of door hardware products. AXA is a specialist manufacturer of door and window fittings for residential applications, offering effective solutions and high quality products. The new release of products includes: AXA Oyster ® 10, AXA Remote 2.0™, AXA Door Guard, AXAflex Combi-stays and Telescopic stays and are available to the UK market. I enquiry 149

Brio's R&D department continues to bring a strong design element to the business, developing and testing ground breaking concepts that continue to be at the forefront of the industry.

mind, the Optima range certainly didn’t disappoint. “So far it has been really well received, by both customers that have had Optima installed and also by potential customers that have seen our samples. The new design of the sculptured frame is a lot more modern and the 70mm depth lends a more sleek, strong and slim line look. As always, exceptional performance in energy efficiency and weather protection means the range is even more appealing to homeowners.

Spectus has delivered a major boost to fabricators and installers with the launch of 40 new ancillaries, more than doubling its existing offering and creating the most extensive and versatile range of its kind. From bay jacks to frame packers, Georgian bars to drip bars, couplers, lugs and architraves, the new Spectus ancillary range gives fabricators and installers more choices than ever and more opportunities to finish every single job exactly the way it is meant to be, in looks and functionality.


no sill or channel is required, the work surface is left completely unobstructed from one side to the other.

Centurion opens the door to new URFIC range Leading supplier of Hardware, Ironmongery and Tools, Centurion Europe, has launched a range of superior quality door handles under the URFIC brand. Manufactured in Portugal using cutting edge technology, the URFIC range includes a choice of traditional, contemporary and commercial designs, all benefitting from sea salt testing, spring cycle testing and a 25 year guarantee.

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and Weatherfold 4s Servery”, he adds. Brio Weatherfold 4s fixings have been developed for residential and commercial top hung exterior folding doors where weatherproofing of the opening is required. Brio Weatherfold 4s is a complete hardware solution that includes pivot sets, hanger sets, hinge sets, top track, bottom channel, seals, locking and flush bolt options. Weatherfold 4s 50 and 100 hardware is suitable for mortice and non-mortice timber applications and where extra corrosion resistance is required can be supplied with precision stainless steel bearings. The hardware will accommodate 8 panels folding in either direction. Web: I enquiry 570

Associated Plastic Components Ltd recently moved into a new 30,000sq ft manufacturing unit dedicated to our growing range of maintenance free building products. Managing Director Ron Beecroft who founded APC in October 1993 said thanks to our dedicated team of skilled craftsmen many of whom have worked for APC from the outset help our range of bespoke building products to continually grow. Our design team work closely with our customers to develop new ideas saving installation time and money on site.

APC operate ISO 9001 quality assured systems with every product barcoded and tailored to meet customer requirements. After 23 years of continual manufacturing our 10 year manufacturer warranty means you can have confidence your installation will last the extremes variations of our British weather . Many of our standard items are held in stock for next day delivery throughout the UK. Bow window canopies have always been popular but we are doing more bespoke bay tops in varicose fascia designs with rolled lead look tops. I enquiry 152

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Retractable Plus for today’s bigger cars Britain’s top garage door manufacturer offers a choice of lifting gear for Up & Over doors, including Canopy, Retractable and Retractable Plus. Its Retractable Plus lifting gear has specially designed lifting arms which allow for wider cars to use the full width of the garage door opening. Retractable lifting gear is a top choice for Garador’s Up & Over garage doors, as it provides extra drivethrough width for modern cars (which are often wider) and is perfectly suited for electric automaton, giving homeowners the added convenience of being able to drive into their garage without having to get out of the car to open their garage door.


In the last few years most cars have continued to get bigger while the sizes of many garages have tended to remain the same. The result - frustrated homeowners who can’t park their car inside their garage without the threat of damage or

View our publication online at

the daily nuisance of having to turn in the wing mirrors to get through the garage door. Step up Garador!

Garador’s Managing Director Simon Hipgrave says: “We are seeing a big surge in sales of Up and Over doors with Retractable Plus lifting gear, mainly because it provides the extra width needed to get larger saloon and estate cars into smaller garages.” No cables are used in the lifting process. Instead, they work by the door panels being raised by steel arms and a spring cassette

mounted at either side of the door panel to provide a smooth, controlled lift. Retractable Plus lifting gear is especially useful on standard width garage doors under 7'6" feet (2286mm) where that extra space can make all the difference, although it may not help the large 4 x 4s and vans, when the wing mirrors are usually higher up. Garador’s Retractable Plus are straightforward to install and are, along with normal retractable lifting gear, the easiest type of Up & Over door to automate. For a small extra investment, choosing a Garador Retractable Plus garage door will ensure the build is set up well for the modern cars of today – and tomorrow. Find out more about this and all Garador's garage doors by calling 01935 443702 or visit

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• High Quality Folding Sliding Doors

• British, German & Belgium Designed • A Fantastic Variety of Finishes & Colours



• Virtually Maintenance Free • State-of-the-Art Security Features • Full Fitting Available • Free Survey & Design Advice




Unit 26/3 Silicon Business Centre 26 Wadsworth Road Tel: 0208 997 2448 Perivale, Greenford Middlesex UB6 7JZ Fax: 0208 997 0611

email: I enquiry 573

• High Quality Aluminium bi-folding door in house manufacturing 24 year experience • £399+vat Glazed Supply Only • White, Grey and Black Colour in stock • 5 working day turnaround • Fitting Services available • Nationwide delivery available

51 JSP Aluminium Ltd

Unit 29, Popin Business Centre, South Way, Wembley, Middx, HA9 0HF Tel: 020 8902 1122 • Fax: 020 8900 2829 Emai: Website: I enquiry 572

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BuildingNews Bushboard’s Nuance bathroom panels offer the design freedom for all types of showering Bushboard’s Nuance range offers an ideal decorative surfacing material for any type of shower area and size. The 2420 x 1200mm large format panels can be fitted flush with any design of shower tray,

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whether in-line, slim low profile or standard, or installed straight down to a tiled floor for a wetroom. Assuring high performance and easy maintenance, the panels are guaranteed 100% waterproof as they are manufactured from a polyurethane core and there are no metal or plastic trims to harbour dirt or spoil the look.

September 2016

Showerwall launches the Hoisting compliance Sureseal system to with lifetime homes enhance waterproof protection, performance and aesthetics.

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Saniflo extends Kinedo Moonlight shower cubicle range Saniflo has further extended its range of prestigious Kinedo shower cubicles to include a quadrant version of its popular model, Moonlight. Previously only available as a corner unit, the extremely versatile design can be fitted with any shower, allowing for complete customisation and integration into any bathroom, whether traditional or contemporary. With its understated elegance and neutral styling, the Moonlight features a brushed aluminium effect panel that can be easily drilled for any fixings. Moonlight is perfect for those who want flexibility as well as great functionality. The sleek shower cubicle is easy to install and maintain, available in one size of 900mm x 900mm and comes with a smooth, sliding door. I enquiry 154

The new Lanark tap from Carron Phoenix offers design interest and value for money Carron Phoenix has extended its tap portfolio with the new Lanark, featuring a classic swan-neck and delicately curved ‘teardrop’ lever design that suit


Showerwall has launched Sureseal, a purpose-designed trim system that is fitted at the base of its bathroom panelling to enhance waterproof protection, long term performance and facilitate easier cleaning in busy shower areas. It is very easy and quick to fit and does not add time onto the overall installation speed which is one of the key benefits of Showerwall compared to tiling. The new Sureseal system comprises a base trim and a cover trim, both in white. The system works by fitting the Sureseal base trim on to the shower tray and adding sealant, before sliding a Showerwall panel into place.

I enquiry 155

both traditional and contemporary kitchens. The Lanark in Chrome has the ideal market blend of quality and value for money, retailing at an attractive £150 inc VAT. It is available now and comes with the assurance of a five year guarantee. The easy-to-operate single-lever, dual-flow tap features a swivel spout that rotates through 360 , which combined with a spout reach of 216mm, allows easy rinsing for single or multi-bowl sinks. The tap is 387mm in height, making an elegant design

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EXPLOSIVE PROMOTION FROM BENCHMARX The 19th September 2016 sees the trade-only supplier of high quality, pre-assembled kitchens, Benchmarx Kitchens & Joinery, launch this year’s Big Bang promotion period.

With the ongoing aim to ‘save the trade time and money’, this much-loved annual promotion runs until the 31st October and means that builders and tradesmen can benefit from a range of great deals across an array of appliances, accessories, flooring and ironmongery.


Although Benchmarx is a trade-only supplier, the company encourages builders and kitchen fitters to bring homeowners into their UK-wide branches to view the impressive range of on-trend kitchen designs first-hand to ensure that they find the right match for them. A dedicated team of design specialists are on

I enquiry 156

statement while not dominating the sink space. The Lanark operates on a minimum 0.5 bar pressure so is suitable for both combination boiler and most gravity fed water systems. It is the latest addition to the Carron Phoenix tap portfolio, which includes a choice of 31 mixer, filter and boiling water models to suit all styles and tastes.

Get set for the Big Bang:

Maintaining the high-quality you’d expect from Benchmarx, offers forming part of the Big Brand promotion include branded Neff multi-function ovens from £374.99, Suffolk White moulded doors from £19.99 and beautiful pre-oiled solid oak work tops with 18 – 24mm narrow staves starting at just £89.99, to name but a few.

With the continuing emphasis o n giving people the ability to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, housing providers are being offered a new resource to create lifetime homes- friendly bathrooms. Under updated design criteria for lifetime homes, bathrooms should be designed to be accessible, and provision should be made for the structure to be able to accommodate any future provision of a ceiling hoist, particularly between bedroom m and bathroom. To help architects, social housing providers and builders get it right from the outset, Clos-oMat- Britain’s leader in the provision of disabled and elderly toilet solutions in and out of the home- has produced a new white paper- Design Guidance & Considerations for a Domestic Accessible Toilet/Wetroom.

Ensuring fitters have everything they need to complete an outstanding kitchen project all from one location, September also sees a wide range of additions to the Benchmarx flooring and ironmongery collection. Stunning engineered oak wood floors from Elka and Kahrs are now available in host of shades. With the beauty of a real wood top layer but with greater stability than its solid wood counterpart, these engineered wood ranges are ideal for use where solid wood would not be suitable, for example in kitchens or conservatories. The locking system also makes it simple to fit, whilst the long planks ensure it is difficult to tell the difference from the solid versions. Customers can also enjoy guarantees of 25 – 30 years, depending on the range chosen. High-quality laminate flooring from the Kronospan and Quickstep Impressive ranges have also been added the Benchmarx offering. Both have been designed to give the effect of wood flooring and feature easyto-install locking systems. A durable finish make both perfect for high-traffic areas.

hand at each branch to provide advice and support to help alleviate the stress that can come with a kitchen renovation project. Now with over 170 branches and 10 years of experience under its belt, this expert knowledge and assistance can be found at showrooms right across the country. New for September 2016 Giving customers even greater scope to achieve their dream look, Benchmarx has added its latest Warwick Shaker Ivory to the popular Warwick range. Ideal for modern

and traditional properties alike, this new finish joins the Warwick Tongue and Groove Ivory, Soho Matt Dove Grey and Eton Light Grey options, which are all new for 2016.

The Quick-step range also includes Luxury Vinyl Wood and Stone designs, giving customers even greater options to suit a multitude of budgets, tastes and flooring needs. A new brochure showing the complete flooring range can be picked up in branch or viewed online as needed. For more information about Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery products, visit the website: I enquiry 574

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Kapp-ing off good design Installing wall-hung sanitaryware is made simple with the versatile Geberit Duofix Kappa 82cm WC frame. Offering a wealth of benefits, the Geberit Duofix Kappa frame is a popular option due to the flexibility it offers installers as Product Manager Graham Aird explains.

the design credentials of the bathroom, when the WC is being used the lid has complete clearance of the flush plate to make activation easier. The versatility of the Geberit Duofix Kappa 82cm WC frame continues through to the finishing touches, due to its compatibility with a wide range of stylish flush plates.

Although the frame sits at a minimum height of 82cm – the installation can be boxed up to the preferred shelf height, while the Duofix frame has flexibility in the feet too. This enables the height of the installation to be raised by up to 200mm, ensuring that the WC sits at the most comfortable height for the user. Further enhancing the user experience and

Geberit – 0800 032 9629

Step 1 – Mount Duofix WC frame to the wall

Step 4 – Protection

Position the frame ensuring it is set at 82cm from finished floor.

Ensure you protect the flush pipe, drainage connection, the metal rods and flush plate section with the protection covers provided. This will protect and stop debris build up in the plastering and tiling phase of your installation.

Step 2 – Level and secure Ensure the frame is level and secure it using the provided fixings for both the back and floor.

Step 5 – You are now ready to plaster and tile your installation When this is completed, you can cut down the protection housing flush with your tiles and remove the protection covers ready to fix the WC.

Step 3 - Connect

Step 6 – Install WC and flush plate

Connect the drainage and the isolation valve to the water supply.

Using the WC fixings provided by Geberit or your WC manufacturer, push the WC onto the metal rods and fasten the pan. Turn on the isolation valve and fit the flush plate for that finishing touch.


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BuildingNews New staff strengthen UK sales team A manufacturer of products to protect doors, people and places has strengthened its field sales team with the appointment of three new area sales managers. Intastop Ltd, based in Doncaster, but which operates nationally has appointed the new managers

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to enhance its regional presence in order to support existing and source new customers with its revolutionary product range across a range of industries including acute health, mental health, education and public buildings. “The appointment of our new area managers was essential to support the framework of the company as we extend our product range and increase our

September 2016

PE Dock Bumpers from Stertil ensure protection and quadruple working life

market penetration,” said Sarah Barsby HR Director Intastop Ltd. “We wish each of them every success and look forward to mutual benefits in the months and years ahead.” I enquiry 158

Filplastic doubles storage space in just two days Yorkshire racking specialist Filplastic has doubled the storage capacity at a busy builders’ merchant in less than two days. The company, based near Howden in East Yorkshire, installed a mezzanine floor in super-quick time at Lochaber Building Supplies (LBS), to accommodate an upturn in trade at the Fort William builders’ merchant.

New head for Actavo’s midlands flagship branch Actavo | Hire & Sales Solutions has appointed Paul Madders to head its Birmingham flagship branch. His appointment as branch manager coincides with a major expansion of activities including the opening of a new training facility designed to offer

AKW helps DIY SOS to keep families together by overcoming accessibility issues

Filplastic was appointed to survey the warehouse and design a solution which made the best possible use of the space LBS had available. After extensive design work, the company decided to fit a mezzanine floor to cover as much of the building as the eaves would allow, doubling the amount of storage space available. I enquiry 159


I enquiry 167

The latest generation of PE Dock Bumpers from Stertil Dock Products provides unrivalled protection for vehicles, loading bays and buildings. The PE dock bumpers’ innovative design also allows left and right bumpers to be simply interchanged and rotated to enable users to achieve four times the working life of traditional dock bumpers. Stertil PE dock bumpers combine a unique robust construction and patented materials to provide superior performance and longevity. Each bumper is housed within a solid galvanised steel frame mounted directly to the dock face using concealed fixings. This ensures that fixing bolts are completely covered, yet easily accessible, to prevent them being damaged by or causing damage to reversing lorries.

I enquiry 160

DfT Sustainability Committee misses opportunity

The Environmental Audit Committee’s new report on, ‘Sustainability in the Department for Transport,” is seriously flawed, according to Fuel Card Services. Steve Clarke, group marketing manager, said: “The select committee made some good long-term suggestions, but has missed an opportunity. It could have recommended action that would bring immediate benefits for fleet sustainability. In particular, it could have urged the introduction of measures compelling commercial road users to monitor and record fleet emissions.” I enquiry 161

both customer and in-house training courses. Paul joins Actavo from Birmingham City Council’s events department, where he was responsible for the management and allocation of equipment for public events across the wider Birmingham city region. Prior to that, he worked in the construction equipment hire business.

TRIO of G16 award shortlistings for GLASSOLUTIONS

I enquiry 162

ISD Solutions adds industrial insulation expertise with acquisition of PLG Insulations

specialist contractor in composite panel construction, cold stores, data centres, firewalls and industrial waterproofing, has acquired PLG Insulations, an industrial insulation company, in a move that extends the range of complementary services offered to clients.

Gloucester-based P&M Group, which owns ISD Solutions, the UK’s leading

I enquiry 163

Prestigious title of Britain’s Best Cafe for winner of SIG Roofing’s competition Voting is now underway in SIG Roofing’s national competition to find Britain’s Best Cafe. Customers of SIG Roofing, the UK’s leading roofing merchant, together with members of the public are being encouraged to vote for their favourite local cafe in recognition of their famous morning cuppa, Bacon Butties and legendary British Breakfast.

AKW expertise in home adaptations helps BBC’s DIY SOS team to keep families together by overcoming their everyday accessibility challenges. Adapted living specialist AKW has helped Nick Knowles and his team meet the accessibility needs of 17 year old Antonia and her family in a new episode of popular BBC show DIY SOS. AKW worked alongside the DIY SOS team to ensure the bathroom at the family home in Eckington, Worcestershire, was safe and fit for use for Antonia, who suffers from complex medical condition Ehlers-Danlos.


WEB: I enquiry 164

GLASSOLUTIONS is celebrating after being shortlisted for three G16 Awards, the annual glazing industry Oscars. The company’s new online service MyGlassolutions has reached the finals in two categories – Customer Care Initiative of the Year and Promotional Campaign of the Year – reflecting its original concept and GLASSOLUTIONS’ investment in launching the service into the market. The first online service of its kind in the UK market, MyGlassolutions enables anyone in the window and door trade, and building industry as a whole, to order a wide variety of glass through their mobiles, tablets or laptops 24/7. Attracting strong interest amongst a diverse range of trades, from sealed unit makers and glazing installers to bathroom fitters and furniture makers, MyGlassolutions has proved a hit with its product range, online configuration, ordering, payment and tracking functionality supported by GLASSOLUTIONS national branch network for easy collection and delivery capability. I enquiry 165

MRA Marketing joins the Construction Products Association MRA Marketing has joined the Construction Products Association (CPA) as an Associate. The CPA is the leading industry body that represents UK manufacturers and distributors of construction products and materials. It seeks to gain greater recognition for the sector, grow members’ businesses and reduce their regulatory risks and burden. MRA Managing Director Lucia Di Stazio comments: “We are extremely pleased to join the CPA. It is a highly focused and proactive association for its members and the wider construction industry. We have been attending CPA networking events for over 10 years, and actively encourage our manufacturing and distributor customers to do the same. We see this as an important step for MRA and

we look forward to taking advantage of the many resources and opportunities the CPA brings through membership and in strengthening our relationship with its team.” The CPA also acts as an ‘umbrella’ trade body for dozens of other industry trade associations including the Building Plastics Federation (BPF), Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB), Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF), Builders’ Merchants Federation (BMF), British Woodworking Federation (BWF), Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP), BRUFMA and NFRC, to mention a few. I enquiry 166


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BMBI launches new website The Builders Merchant Building Index (BMBI) new website is now live. The BMBI is a brand of the Builders’ Merchant Federation (BMF). Launched and managed by MRA Marketing, it fills a gap in the UK’s measure of building activity. The Index uses data from GfK’s General Builders’ Merchant Panel, with input from national and regional builders’ merchants accounting for over 80% of industry sales. Using sales-out data no other indicator in construction is as comprehensive, up to date or reliable.

I enquiry 168

Live welding demos & discounts at IKO Polymeric Build Show stand Live hot-air welding will show the remarkable qualities of IKO Polymeric’s Spectraplan TPE membrane on stand B4/1005 at the Build Show this October. The BBA certified single ply combines the best performance characteristics of PVC and EPDM membranes - and can be welded between 200-600˚C! IKO Polymeric Managing Director, Anthony Carlyle, gives further details: “Spectraplan is identical in look and feel to PVC but being able to weld at low temperatures means detailing is much easier. At high temperatures, it can be machine-welded at 6/7 linear metres a minute. Repairs (if required) can be made without a patch and, the weld becomes as strong as the membrane. Visitors can test it on stand to see!� Spectraplan also has very good environmental characteristics. It’s free from chlorine and plasticisers and doesn’t require solvents for installation. I enquiry 170

Lecico Re-Brand Selco Stock Lecico’s new Visual Merchandisers, Max 16/4/10 12:36 Page 1 and Josh, have just finished a major repackaging project for their customer Selco Builders Warehouse. Following a re-design of their ceramic packaging, Lecico was keen to ensure that stock on the shelves of this successful builders warehouse was quickly updated instead of waiting for the usual stock turn timing. The project required the re-packaging of all branch stock for their 40 depots. Tony Westwood, Sales Director for Lecico Bathrooms is delighted with the

WEDGE GROUP GALVANIZING Your Galvanizing Partner


E: T: 01902 600704 @wedgegalv



I enquiry 577

progress. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are delighted with the quality of our new packaging. Full colour images and product details on the packaging makes it really easy for the installer to see whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in each box. The Lecico sections of the Selco warehouse have never looked tidier.â&#x20AC;? I enquiry 171

Simply fill out the grid with the numbers you are interested in photocopy the page and post to:

Building News, FREEPOST BM 680, Kings Birmingham Building News, McDermott Publishing Ltd, 2a TheNorton, Green, Kings Norton, ORNO: FAX 0121 NO: 0121 3082 Birminghamâ&#x20AC;&#x2C6;B38 B38 8BR OR8SD FAX 433433 3082



Company: Address:

Green Gate launches UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first solar powered barrier and gate system The UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first mobile, solar powered barrier and gate system will be officially unveiled for the first time at the Construction Expo next month. Harnessing the sunâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s energy, SOSEC is a revolutionary new approach to securing work sites; without the need for a power source it can be used anywhere and easily moved wherever itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needed. Once delivered, it is quick and simple to install. SOSEC combines a five-metre automatic traffic barrier with optional drop skirt and LED lights to control vehicles, with a rugged, locked and self-closing gate for pedestrians. It can also be supplied as a gate or barrier on its own, depending on the siteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs. I enquiry 173

Postcode: Tel No:

Website: Email:



I enquiry 172

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t DEL AY Post TODAY

SEPTEMBER February 2016 2010


MAPEI range of Eco adhesives A commitment to sustainability in development and product manufacturing originates from the very foundations of the Mapei organisation. Technological advancements have been made in Mapeiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s line of eco products, including the development of eco adhesives for resilient flooring. Mapei eco range adhesives are suitable for all resilient flooring scenarios, such as in areas where under floor heating is used or where temperature fluctuations occur. High performance characteristics and low emissions of VOC make them ideal for areas of heavy foot traffic such as schools, hospitals and sports floors. One popular eco adhesive is Ultrabond Eco 4 LVT. The fibre-reinforced luxury vinyl tile adhesive has EC1 Plus accreditation, which makes it ideal for use in heavy traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, airports and shopping centres.



PRINCIPAL COMPANY ACTIVITIES PLEASE TICK APPROPRIATE BOX â?? Architect â?? Builder/Contractor â?? Roofing Contractor

â?? Interior Designer

â?? Tool Equipment Hire

â?? Building Estimator

â?? Builders Merchant â?? Shopfitter

â?? Electrical Contractor â?? Plumber â?? Other



â?? Quantity Surveyor

â?? Building Consultant â?? Carpenter/Joiner

â?? Maintenance Repairer

JOB TITLE - PLEASE TICK APPROPRIATE BOX â?? Director â?? Owner â?? Proprietor â?? Partner

â?? Manager

â?? Other (please specify)


Name......................................................................... Signed..................................................................... Date......................................................................


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470 I enquiry 801





03330 112 112