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BuildingNews June 2017

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IMMIGRATION BILL IS PRIORITY FOR CONSTRUCTION The Government’s Immigration Bill must ensure that British business has access to sufficient levels of EU workers or major

construction projects will grind to a halt, the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has said in response to the Queen’s Speech.

Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said: "In terms of today’s Queen’s Speech and the focus of British business, all eyes are on the Immigration Bill. As suspected, we now know that the Bill will end the free movement of

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people but that begs the question: what will replace it? The Government has not set out what our post-Brexit immigration system will look like but it is crucial that key strategic industries, such as construction, are able to draw upon sufficient numbers of EU workers. EU tradespeople have come to play a crucial part in plugging the industry’s chronic skills shortages and if the ability to employ non-UK workers is curtailed, the Government’s housing and infrastructure plans will be no more than a pipe dream.” Berry continued: “Already, we’re starting to see a dramatic drop off in immigration from the kinds of countries that have typically supplied the construction sector with skilled talent. Statistics released today by the Oxford University's Migration Observatory show a 35% fall in the number of national insurance numbers being issued to nationals from the ‘EU8’ countries that joined the EU in 2003. A lack of certainty over what rights EU citizens will have in the country post-Brexit will undoubtedly be a factor behind this decline. Given the ongoing need to recruit from abroad, we need a clear message from the Government that non-UK skilled workers are welcome now, and will be welcome come what May.” Berry concluded: “The sector stands ready to work with MPs to shape the Immigration Bill into something that serves the economy and provides vital human resource to British business. The construction industry is also ready to significantly upscale the training and recruitment of UK construction workers so we welcome the recommitment to a proper industrial strategy and high skilled learning. In the longer term, being able to train more of our own workforce is without question part of the solution to our enduring skills deficit. Nevertheless, the Government must be pragmatic and introduce an immigration flexible system that allows skilled EU nationals to work in the UK with relative ease.”

Grenfell cladding taken off the market for tower blocks The US manufacturer of the cladding panels used to refurbish Grenfell Tower has said that it will no longer make the product available for high-rise buildings. Cladding panel manufacturer Arconic has spoken out to distance itself from the 14th June blaze in the London tower block that took at least 79 lives. It said that how the panels are used is outside of its control but it would do what it could to prevent them being used again as they were at Grenfell Tower. Arconic issued the following statement on 26th June: “The loss of lives, injuries and destruction following the Grenfell Tower fire are devastating, and our deepest condolences are with everyone affected by this tragedy. We have offered our full support to the authorities as they conduct their investigations. “While the official inquiry is continuing and all the facts concerning the causes of the fire are not yet known, we want to make sure that certain information is clear. Continued on page 2

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Grenfell cladding taken off the market for tower blocks Continued on page 2



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“Arconic supplied one of our products, Reynobond PE, to our customer, a fabricator, which used the product as one component of the overall cladding system on Grenfell Tower. The fabricator supplied its portion of the cladding system to the façade installer, who delivered it to the general contractor. The other parts of the cladding system, including the insulation, were supplied by other parties. We were not involved in the installation of the system, nor did we have a role in any other aspect of the building’s refurbishment or original design. “While we provided general parameters for potential usage universally, we sold our products with the expectation that they would be used in compliance with the various and different local building codes and regulations. Current regulations within the United States, Europe and the UK permit the use of aluminum [sic] composite material in various architectural applications, including in high-rise buildings depending on the cladding system and overall building design. Our product is one component in the overall cladding system; we don’t control the overall system or its compliance. “Nevertheless, in light of this tragedy, we have taken the decision to no longer provide this product in any high-rise applications, regardless of local codes and regulations.”

Further growth for builders' merchants' sales in first quarter Sales of building products and materials were up 5.9% by value in the first quarter of 2017 compared to a year earlier. The latest figures from the Builders Merchants Building Index (BMBI) confirmed a strong start to 2017 thanks to relatively mild and dry weather in the first three months. The overall result of 5.9% growth for the quarter was boosted by a particularly strong performance in March. Sales in March 2017 were 11.4% higher than in March 2016, thanks in part to a late Easter giving an additional two trading days. The adjusted growth figure was +2.6% per trading day for the whole quarter. Fastest growing product categories in the Q1 2017 were: tools (+8.8%), ironmongery (+7.2%) and plumbing, heating & electrical (+6.8%). The ability to start external works in a warmer, drier winter lifted sales in other areas with timber & joinery up 6.7%, landscaping up 6.7% (largely due to sales of block paving and kerbs), and heavy building materials up 6.2% on the back of higher sales of bricks, blocks and insulation. The Builders Merchants Building Index (BMBI) tracks builders’ merchants’ actual sales to builders and contractors using GfK’s Builders’ Merchant Point of Sale Tracking Data. The BMBI represents more than 80% of the value of the builders' merchants' market.

First quarter up but April output drops Construction industry new orders in Great Britain rose by 0.7% in the first quarter of 2017, rebounding after two consecutive quarters of decline. The increase in new orders during the first quarter of 2017 was driven by rises in both private housing and private commercial work. According to latest data from the Office for National Statistics, construction output also grew in the first quarter of 2017, and by more than previously thought. Construction output for Q1 (January to March) 2017 has been revised up, from 0.2% to 1.1%. March growth has been revised to 0.7%, having previously been published as a fall of 0.7%. January 2017 has also been revised upwards, from minus 0.1% to plus 0.3%. However in April 2017 construction output was down 1.6% on March, driven by falls in both repair and maintenance, and all new work. The fall in all new work in April 2017 was offset by a

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June 2017 NEWS

5.7% rise in infrastructure. Will Waller, market intelligence lead at Arcadis, commented: “Construction new orders data for Q1 is relatively positive, rising 4.2% in the year to Q1 on the previous year. However, construction and particularly speculative commercial and infrastructure sectors face significant challenges in the coming months and years due to the renewed melee of volatility for decision makers in both government and the private sector that could threaten planned projects. However, despite the disquieting election result this morning, UK construction has clearly weathered the preceding year of uncertainty relatively well and there is therefore reason to have hope that it can continue to do so, with clear long term investment opportunities transcending relatively shorter term tumultuary for many investors.” Michael Thirkettle, chief executive of

John Newcomb, managing director of the Builders Merchants Federation, said: “The good news is that the positive market trend experienced throughout the last three years continued into 2017. Trading was undoubtedly helped by a mild, dry winter, but if you look at these results in conjunction with the Federation of Master Builders’ Q1 State of Trade Survey of SME builders, the sentiment both amongst builders’ merchants and their SME builder customers is optimistic. “However, all Q1 data was gathered before Theresa May called a snap election. There is always a period of uncertainty leading up to a national vote when people put plans on hold pending the outcome. We may well see a degree of stagnation in Q2 until the colour and shape of the new government is clear. “Another potential fly in the ointment is the spectre of price inflation. In addition to its impact on building material prices, it may also curtail the spending power of consumers in the home improvement market. “Looking further ahead, stability in the property market is required. Every one of the major political parties has acknowledged the need for many thousands of new homes for sale and rent. We need to see those promises being delivered, which ever party comes to power.”

property consultant McBains Cooper, said: “This continuing decline in output, coming after last month’s fall, is a further sign of the current fragility of the construction industry. “With Brexit in 2019 on the horizon and the uncertainty of what this will mean for new orders, the industry remains concerned about the future. It also remains to be seen what the new government will propose in terms of skilled EU migrant workers – because of skills shortages in the industry the construction sector is heavily reliant on highly skilled migrant labour and an exodus of such workers would further stifle any growth and housebuilding targets. “Three general elections in the space of little over seven years have also done nothing for stability in terms of policies affecting the industry. The new government needs to ensure that housebuilding is at the top of its agenda and give the construction industry the tools to succeed, such as streamlining planning laws and investing in public projects."

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MAPEI render system used for Plymouth housing project

Mapei’s external render system has been installed on a plot of 10 new build properties for a Housing project in Plymouth. Richard Brown Plastering Contractors Ltd hand applied 3000m2 of Mapei’s render only system, using Mapewall GPR reinforced with Mapetherm Net to provide a water repellent basecoat. Finishing products Silancolor Base Coat Primer and Silancolor Tonachino 1.5mm Silicon Topcoat were then applied to the houses, which are constructed of a medium density blockwork. Richard from Richard Brown Plastering Contractors Ltd (Plymouth) commented “We have been using Mapei’s range of renders now for many years, the new Mapewall GPR render is a pre blended bagged product which

when mixed to the required consistency is a dream to use. We experienced no shrinkage cracks and the product sponges up well if a painted finish is required.” Mapewall GPR is a general purpose render suitable for rendering and levelling internal and external masonry substrates, in thicknesses up to 15mm per layer, to an overall maximum thickness of 40mm. Mapetherm Net can be applied between layers. The glass fibre mesh is suitable for reinforcing Mapei render only systems, and Mapetherm thermal insulation systems. Mapei’s Silancolor Tonachino plus provides a final, decorative highly water repellent coating, resistant to mould and fungal growth. Silancolor Base Coat is used to prevent sporadic drying, aid adhesion and give a greater depth of colour when tinted to the same colour as the finishing coat. I enquiry 100

STOCRETEC makes its mark in the UK with a range of concrete repair solutions StoCretec is a market leader for concrete restoration and protection systems in many European countries, and is now introducing its product portfolio to the UK market. Based on over 40 years’ experience and expertise in this field, StoCretec’s full range of systems is available for anything from small concrete patch repairs, through to large-scale, sprayed mortar projects and high-performance industrial floor-coating systems. “Concrete structures are subject to constant attack from various sources including carbonation, chlorides and aggressive chemicals, and this can lead to significant damage,” explains Greg Astill, StoCretec Market and Product Manager for

Lucideon releases New DIC White Paper for Masonry Research 04

Lucideon, the international materials development and commercialization organization, has released a new white paper for the construction sector. The paper entitled ‘The Use of Digital Image Correlation in Masonry Research’ is cowritten by Dr Geoff Edgell, director and principal consultant for construction at Lucideon, and Cliff Fudge, technical director at H+H UK Limited. The paper discusses the use of Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

the UK. “Effective restoration and protection solutions are essential and that’s why we are really excited to launch StoCretec products and systems to our customers in the UK. Repair mortars, coatings, hydrophobic impregnation and floor screeds are just some of our products which have all been thoroughly proven in use on many projects across Europe.” I enquiry 101

in recent projects on concrete masonry and was initially presented at the 13th Canadian Masonry Symposium, Nova Scotia, Canada on 06 June 2017. DIC is an advanced visual analysis technique which provides insights and understanding into the performance, durability and failure analysis of materials and products when interacting with external forces, weights, strains and stresses. Lucideon has recently used the technique on concrete masonry for the first time with some extraordinary results. Geoff Edgell said: “We are always looking to push the limits of construction materials, processes and structures. In order to make this happen, we need reliable data that can analyzed so that we can understand how test specimens are performing and being influenced by applied forces or conditions. DIC allows us to capture real time measurements of strains on individual components or complete structures, and to visualize where these are critical. Additionally, this technology allows us to perform non-destructive testing. As the technique is also non-contacting and nondestructive, it enables testing to be carried out without damaging the materials, I enquiry 102


Think outside the 215x102.5x65mm box!

In response to the growing trend for architects and designers exploring a wider variety of brick sizes, Wienerberger, the UK’s leading provider of building material solutions, has announced the launch of seven new long format bricks to its Roman range. The introduction of these seven new bricks is in direct response to the rising popularity of longer, thinner brick formats. Each of the new bricks are 400x100x40mm offering a very long, slender design option and they all have a desirable waterstruck texture that adds distinctiveness and character to builds. Wienerberger’s Roman range now includes ten products with size options up to 510mm long available. The wide range of colours available open up ample aesthetic possibilities. The Roman Range is ideal for design projects looking to make a statement. Whether it be for a whole facade or to help give a distinguished feature to specific areas of a building, the new bricks provide a versatile and striking brick solution that can benefit many types of architectural projects. As well as the enhanced Roman range, Wienerberger offers its Megaline range which also provides longer, thinner formats but with a very different look to the Roman range. I enquiry 103

Hydro-Québec entrusts its flagship data centre to Advanced fire systems To protect Hydro-Québec’s new data centre being built near Montréal, intelligent fire systems manufacturer Advanced has teamed up with Roberts Fire Protection (a division of Vipond Inc.) to provide fire protection to the installation. The world’s largest hydroelectric producer, Hydro-Québec generates over 99 percent of its electricity from water. Requiring a dedicated data centre for its operations, the company commissioned a consortium including Veolia, Pomerleau Inc. and Ehvert Mission Critical to finance, design, build and operate a new centre. Located outside Montréal, the centre will see its power capacity expand progressively from 1.6 to 4.5 megawatts (MW) over the 20-year contract period.

Data centres are dedicated spaces where companies can keep and operate their ICT infrastructure. The environment is strictly controlled in terms of temperature and humidity and facilities usually include power supplies, backup power, chillers, cabling, fire and water detection systems and security controls. I enquiry 104

Cambridge International Airport’s spraypainting hangar protected by FFE’s Talentum flame detectors To protect workers during aircraft spray-painting, Cambridge International Airport has installed nine Talentum flame detectors and one Fireray beam detector from FFE. “Because of the explosive nature of the paint used in the hangar, explosion-proof flame detectors were necessary,” commented Brian Myall, Fire Safety Officer for Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group, the company which manages the airport. “Our chosen installer specified Talentum UV/IR2 flame detectors and we are very impressed by their performance and reliability so far.” In addition to the hazardous area of the hangar, a Fireray 5000 beam smoke detector is installed at ceiling level for general smoke detection. Flame detectors are ideally suited to this type of installation as they detect almost all types of flickering flames. This is especially important in this application, where flames can originate from the paint and many other sources, including plastics, composites and even metals. By utilising infra-red (IR) sensing, they can also identify flames through dust, steam or smoke and are immune to the effects of wind or draughts. The Talentum UV/IR2 also gives the highest immunity to false flame sources, with internal self-test sources that check the detector’s operation when remotely instructed. The maximum ambient

temperature is normally 55°C or 85°C for the higher temperature specification detectors. For general smoke detection in large indoor spaces with high ceilings, like aircraft hangars, conventional point smoke detectors are not suitable as they can only be used at heights of up to 10.5 metres. Beam smoke detectors on the other hand can be used up to 40 metres. Wall-mounted, they transmit a beam of invisible infrared light across the building space to be protected and a receiver detects and measures the light and can recognise smoke interference anywhere along the beam path. All types of aircraft, both civilian and military are painted at the site, which is capable of accommodating planes as large as a Boeing 747. The FFE units were installed by EFire of Norfolk.

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June 2017


Metsä Wood launches ‘Open Source Wood’ A pioneering open innovation project to accelerate growth in large scale wood construction. Metsä Wood’s Open Source Wood initiative is a call to action to architects, designers and engineers to join forces, share innovation and contribute knowledge about large-scale, modular wood construction. By creating an open innovation platform around modular wood construction, Metsä Wood’s aim is to connect the local wood construction industry with global knowledge to facilitate collaboration and growth. Today the construction industry is dominated by two materials – steel and concrete. Only a fraction (5-10%) of global urban construction is wood, due in part to the fact that the industry is fragmented and local. Wood, however, is an optimal material for urban construction as it enables faster building processes; its lightness leads to more affordable structures and it is the most environmentally friendly building material, battling climate change through carbon storage. Metsä Wood’s Executive Vice President, Esa Kaikkonen, explains: “Not enough knowledge about modular wood design and building is shared, so wood construction remains niche. There is plenty of innovation but it is difficult to find, so Open Source Wood is our solution. We believe that with open collaboration the industry can achieve significant growth.” Inspired by open source ideology The initiative takes its inspiration from open source ideology, championed by the software industry, to drive innovation further and faster,

and to increase speed to market. Metsä Wood is taking the first step by sharing its own intellectual property for modular Kerto® LVL wood elements, making them available freely for everyone.

Metsä Wood to award €30,000 prize Additionally, Metsä Wood will award innovation in modular element design by offering 30k euro in prize money during 2017 to exceptional designs, submitted as part of the initiative, using its Kerto LVL material. By 2050, approximately 70% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas. This means that we need living space for billions. At the same time, cities contribute to up to 70% of the total greenhouse gas emissions and we need to fight climate change. One way to fight climate change is to make construction more sustainable and that’s possible when building with wood on a global scale. Eric Karsh, an engineer at Vancouver-based Equilibrium Consulting, adds: “We fundamentally need to challenge the way we build. Timber technology is now progressing so fast that knowledge transfer is often the bottleneck. Those of us who have expertise have a responsibility to share, and the fastest way is an open source approach promoting knowledge and innovation from all corners of the world. That’s why Metsä Wood is launching the initiative and makes the first

step in giving away knowledge and intellectual property for prefabricated elements, allowing systematic creativity and efficiency in building.” Open Source Wood is a continuation of Metsä Wood’s project Plan B, launched in 2015 as an ambitious blueprint to explore the possibilities of using wood in urban construction. I enquiry 503

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The photograph shows the Snickers 6202 Work Trousers in the 5804 colour option. The safety shoes shown are recommended by Snickers Workwear - the Hydra GTX from Solid Gear,

Snickers WorkTrousers Are Getting ‘Smarter’ #Inventing Workwear With good looks, body-mapping designs and hi-tech fabrics, Snickers Workwear has always been at the forefront of delivering the ultimate in working comfort and freedom of movement. That’s why Snickers WorkTrousers will be getting even ‘Smarter’ with the integration of Wearable Technology to improve users’ performance and wellbeing on site. With a patented KneeGuard System and 37.5™ Fabric Technology, it will all add up to the ultimate in performance and functionality – and the ‘smartest’ WorkTrousers available today. Check out independent reviews of our products at, search for ‘Snickers’ and then make your choices at

For more information, advice and to locate your nearest Snickers stockist, please call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788 Snickers Workwear Limited Unit N3 Gate 4 | Meltham Mills Industrial Estate | Meltham | Holmfirth | HD9 4DS | Tel: 01484 854488 | Fax: 01484 854733 Email: Web: I enquiry 504

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VISQUEEN’S new gas barrier membranes provide the ultimate solution for Brownfield


Visqueen Building Products – part of RPC bpi recycled products – has launched a new range of Ultimate Gas membranes for protection against dangerous gases and chemicals, in compliance with the latest standards for building on brownfield or contaminated land. Utilising Visqueen’s advanced barrier technology the new membranes are the result of an extensive R&D programme and testing regime to ensure the membranes are both the best in class and comply in particular with the exacting requirements of both BS8485:2015 and CIRIA C748. Brownfield areas, by their nature, present a number of challenges including contamination by hazardous waste or pollution, and effective barriers are therefore an essential part of their redevelopment. Building regulations and codes of practice have evolved over the years to ensure safety during the development process. Understanding these standards has formed a key part of Visqueen’s R&D programme with the creation of a range of products specifically designed for different applications – from radon gas protection through to VOC immersions and full waterproofing. As part of this, the company has prepared a new brochure with a test checklist to

Greece’s Biggest Mobile Operator Chooses Advanced Protection An industry-leading intelligent fire system from Advanced is now protecting one of the most prominent buildings in Greece’s second city, Thessaloniki. Founded in 1998, Cosmote is the largest mobile network operator in Greece, and the company’s complex in the centre of Thessaloniki houses

its offices and data centre for the whole of northern Greece. The five-storey building has two basement levels, and all seven floors are now protected by an Advanced Axis EN fire system. Dimitris Ioannidis, spokesperson for Zarifopoulous Security and Control Services, the company that installed the system, commented: “We have used Advanced systems on many of our installations as they are renowned for their performance, quality and ease of use. For the Cosmote Central building we needed a system that met completely with the client’s requirements, and the Advanced panel features ticked all the boxes.” The contract for the installation was awarded to the team at Zarifopoulous, a long-term Advanced partner, who specified Axis EN panels and associated components, covering five detection loops and over 700 peripheral devices, including 620 smoke detectors. I enquiry 106

New brochure showcases Aztec’s Prestige Collection in suitably classic style


Halo fabricator Aztec Windows (Coventry Ltd.) is boosting awareness of its ‘timber alternative’ Prestige Collection® of windows and composite doors with an impressive new brochure, designed entirely in-house and delivered in its own wax-sealed envelope!

The Coventry-based company, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary using Halo profile from The VEKA UK Group, was one of the first to fabricate the brand’s FlushSash window; a product whose understated design makes it particularly suitable for heritage and ‘character’ properties as well as more recent builds. Michael Hagan, Director at Aztec Windows explains: “More and more homeowners are looking to maintain the authentic style of timber windows and doors while benefiting from the superior all-round performance of PVCU. Equally, there are those who have existing PVC-U or aluminium systems but wish to update and upgrade with a more pared-back looking system”. I enquiry 107

enable developers to easily select the Visqueen product that meets their specific requirements and delivers the relevant compliance. Visqueen’s comprehensive service also includes the availability of the company’s design specialists to provide bespoke CAD drawings to help with complex detailing on a project. Together with access to a dedicated team of highly knowledgeable field based technical support managers, this provides a complete solution for the delivery of the appropriate gas protection system for each application. “The pressures of population growth and housing shortages have driven the development of brownfield sites and with this has come the need to meet much more stringent building regulations”, comments Phil Bull, Sales Director, Visqueen Building Products. “With new advanced barrier technology, the Ultimate range will form an integral part of our gas protection solutions. The range is completely unique in the marketplace and with real world testing, we can be certain they are compliant with all of the requirements outlined in both CIRCA C748 and BS8485:2015”. I enquiry 505

Transform a house to a Chateau with Osmo Esco Flooring

Cembrit BBA certified slates rise to the challenge The flexibility, aesthetically pleasing and easy to install attributes of Cembrit Jutland fibre cement slates have been illustrated on a newly built apartment block in Poole, as the slates have provided a stunning finish to what was a challenging roof. Inverclyde House is a newly built three storey development that consists of 18 two and three bedroom flats. Located on the south coast of England in Poole, the apartments are central to schools, hospitals and the town centre. Bournemouth-based contractor, AST Roofing installed 7,000 600x300mm blue/black Cembrit Jutland fibre cement slates, covering approximately 450m2. The roof on this project was interesting, yet challenging for the contractor, as it included a number of pitches and a turret. This unique roof demanded a high quality roofing product that would be easy to handle, install and wouldn’t require any sorting or grading. I enquiry 108

For over two years, Osmo UK and rustic European oak flooring specialists, ESCO, have formed a successful partnership, creating a collection of nine solid oak flooring styles pre-finished with Osmo’s renowned wood finishing product, Polyx®-Oil. Ready to install from purchase, Osmo’s ESCO collection is favoured by architects and interior designers. European wood is regarded as some of the finest wood in world due to its attractive colour, figuring and durability properties. The finest wood requires the best protection and finish available. Developed from natural oils and waxes, Osmo Polyx-Oil is a premium wood finish guaranteed to keep wooden surfaces in best aesthetic and practical condition.

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REFURBISHMENT & NEW BUILD June 2017 View our publication online at www.

Internal Walls & Ceilings

installation painting is required. EGGER Protect can be installed during light rain conditions and is easily cleaned in preparation for handover to the customer. CE and FSC certified, the boards are produced from sustainable raw materials on one of the most sophisticated production lines in Europe. Each board has a tongue and groove profile, cut with unique diamond-tipped tooling, creating stronger and consistently tighter fitting joints.

EGGER Protects builders from the weather for longer New research and rigorous testing of EGGER’s flagship flooring product, EGGER Protect, has shown that the structural board can remain exposed to the elements for 60 days. This is a substantial increase on the previously cited 42 days, is unrivalled in the industry, and gives UK house builders peace of mind when dealing with unforeseen delays. Alan White, Director of Sales for Building Products at EGGER UK, explained the significance of this new development: The c“As a leading provider of domestic and commercial structural flooring applications, we respond to customer feedback and continually seek to improve and develop our products. We know there are many reasons why the building process can be delayed, leaving floors exposed and at risk of becoming structurally unsound. In response to this, I am delighted to announce that, in addition to the Lifetime Guarantee we offer on our Advanced Structural Flooring System, we also provide the only chipboard flooring on the market that, once laid, can be exposed to the British weather for up to 60 days. No matter the reason for the delay on-

site, whether it be material shortages or lack of skilled tradesmen, this extended protection period is significant for any builder.” EGGER Protect is manufactured from the company’s P5 flooring grade particleboard


with a weather resistant surface layer applied to both sides. As well as the 60 day protection, the board has a hard-wearing, anti-slip surface, is quick to install, and can be used with underfloor heating systems and tiles. Time-saving features include a concrete-effect finish, which means no post-

Over the last couple of y

To achieve optimal results, EGGER Joint & Joist D4 adhesive must be used. The correct application of this glue creates a fully sealed working deck, protection against moisture ingress and the wear and tear of heavy site traffic. No joint sealing tape is required. EGGER Protect is part of a portfolio of structural P5 grade flooring boards with enhanced moisture resistant properties, which also includes EGGER P5 and EGGER Peel Clean Xtra. These tongue and groove boards are part of the company’s innovative Advanced Structural Flooring System which is specifically designed to save time, money and manpower. The tried and tested system combines three components: EGGER tongue and groove structural flooring boards, EGGER D4 Joint and Joist Adhesive and a simple six-step installation process. When these are all used in accordance with EGGER’s recommended fitting process, the installation is backed by the EGGER Lifetime Guarantee. I enquiry 508


• Low Maintenance • Easy to install • • Slip Resistant • Long Lasting

Step On Safety Ltd,

Tel: 01206 396446 email: I enquiry 506


www RESDEV L LTD, TD, Pumaflo Pumaflor or House, Ainleys Industrial Estate Elland, Westt Y Yorkshir orkshir k hire, HX5 9JP 9J JP T Tel: el:l 01422 379131 Fax: 01422 370943 Email: I enquiry 507


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FLIR Systems Announces Availability of Third Generation FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging Cameras for Smartphones and Tablets The FLIR ONE Pro is FLIR’s Most Advanced Smartphone Camera to Date

FLIR Systems announce that the new third generation FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro thermal imaging cameras are available for pre-order worldwide with product deliveries starting in late June. Powered by FLIR’s Lepton® thermal microcamera core, the FLIR ONE builds upon a legacy of enabling thermal imaging on smartphones. The latest FLIR ONE is FLIR’s most affordable smartphone thermal camera while the first edition FLIR ONE Pro is the most advanced FLIR ONE to date. New Features: Like its predecessors, both new FLIR ONEs come equipped with a thermal and a high-definition visible camera. Using FLIR’s patented multispectral dynamic imaging (MSX®) technology, both FLIR One models emboss high-fidelity, visible-light details onto the thermal imagery to dramatically improve image quality. The FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro offer a breadth of

new and improved features including: OneFit™ adjustable connector enables the connection to be adjusted up to four millimetres to accommodate a variety of smartphone cases without the need to remove the case. This patent pending feature is available for both iOS and Android devices. Improved FLIR ONE app that now features in-app tips and tricks for problem solving and uses cases, a community for sharing images and videos. Smartwatch compatibility with the Apple Watch and select Android smartwatches, providing the ability to stream live thermal imagery to see around corners and take images or video from your smartwatch. FLIR ONE Pro: The all-new FLIR ONE Pro designed for professionals and consumers alike, is the most advanced FLIR ONE ever created. With a distinctive ruggedized design

that is drop tested to 1.8 metres, the FLIR ONE Pro is made to withstand work and outdoor environments. Combining FLIR’s MSX with FLIR’s video signal processing technology, VividIR™, the FLIR ONE Pro delivers the highest thermal image quality and clarity of all FLIR ONE generations. It also offers exclusive, advanced FLIR ONE App features, including multiple spot temperature meters and selectable onscreen temperature tracking regions. “Our goal with the third generation FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro is to equip more consumers and professionals alike with the ability to experience the power of thermal imaging and the world’s sixth sense,” said Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR Systems. “With continued research and development, we’ve combined the functionality of previous versions with greater affordability to provide a thermal camera

Total sales of unique new technology cavity wall spacer system surpass 500,000 mark as Somerset firm introduces new product with 2,500 lorries if concrete blocks were used instead of SureCav. SureCav has worked very successfully with Cavity Trays of Yeovil since 2011. Cavity Trays engineered the injection moulding templates that produce the SureCav system and also distribute SureCav throughout the country. Entrepreneur and inventor of SureCav, Charlie Ayers, explains more, "SureCav was something I developed back in 2000 when I was managing the construction of a large 3,500sq ft. timber frame bungalow with an outside skin of natural stone. The builder had decided to forego the use of a concrete backing block, and instead was using timber shutters to support the stonework.


Somerset business SureCav is celebrating with Yeovil firm Cavity Trays as it reaches production of its half millionth unit of this unique innovative technology designed for cavity wall construction that ensures clean and moisture free cavities, providing more floor space and allowing better insulation within the wall cavity.

This milestone marks a collaboration between two Somerset firms with SureCav inventing and patenting a system that not only protects the environment by using 100 per cent recycled plastic but also sees half a million sheets sold replacing the equivalent of 2.7 million 100mm concrete blocks. This equates to 700 tons of plastic replacing 50,000 tons of concrete. In terms of transportation, SureCav would require just 77 lorries compared

"This led to various problems including contamination of the cavity with mortar and slowing the build process. I realised there must be a better way to improve building quality."

accessory at just $199.99. Meanwhile, we have also created the more powerful FLIR ONE Pro for those who require more functionality and image clarity either at home, at play, or on the jobsite.” FLIR ONE, with an MSRP of £179.99 (ex. VAT), and FLIR ONE Pro, with an MSRP of £329.99 (ex. VAT), are available for preorder worldwide today for either iOS or Android (USB-C) at FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro, including a Micro-USB version for Android devices, will be available at established FLIR partners worldwide this summer.

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years to come to market, but in 2004 SureCav50 received its first BBA Certificate 04/4154. In 2005 Professional Builder magazine declared it as "product of the year". SureCav has now introduced SureCav25 forming a 25mm cavity, built to the high standards of SureCav50 with the same specification. SureCav25 is the only accepted way to form a protected 25mm cavity and is the answer to the problem of achieving lower U-Values by providing more space for insulation, thus reducing heat loss from the building. SureCav is sold throughout the UK and is currently used by a number of major housing developers including Taylor Wimpey, Redrow, Barratt Homes, Linden Homes, Persimmon Homes and Bloor Homes. Developers use it, not least because of the gaining of up to 7.6% extra floor space which now becomes available thanks to the fact that 100mm concrete backing blocks are no longer required. It is also a quicker, cheaper build with a saving of up to £15 per square metre against the cost of using backing blocks. For more information about SureCav, visit: or T/: 01963 34660 or E/:

Charlie sat down at his kitchen table with a few soft-drink bottle-necks stuck to a piece of cardboard. From this simple design, the unique SureCav system was born forming a wall of plastic that protects the cavity from moisture and mortar contamination. Like many brilliant ideas, this one took a few

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REFURBISHMENT & NEW BUILD June 2017 View our publication online at www.


ISD Solutions Completes New Coldstore Facility for Kuehne + Nagel in rapid time Coldstore and composite panel specialist ISD Solutions continues its close relationship with lead contractor JJL Design and Build with the completion of a second coldstore facility for Kuehne + Nagel, the UK’s market leading logistics provider. Designed to provide additional capacity at Kuehne + Nagel’s Greenford site in north west London, the £635,000 contract involved the construction of a new coldstore building providing 3,860 sq m of floor space operating at a temperature of minus 25 degrees. Under the contract ISD Solutions was responsible for the design and installation of the coldstore box and associated areas. These included loading docks together with a cage storage area and a battery re-charge space for forklift trucks. In total some 7,400 sq m of Kingspan KS1100CS panels were specified and installed to form the coldstore, together with 3,860 sq m of floor insulation. Union Industries Eiger coldstore traffic doors were also procured and installed as part of ISD’s package. Nine bespoke coldstore specification personnel doors, viewing windows plus all associated thresholds and powder coated galvanised trims used for the installation were designed and manufactured at ISD Solutions’ modern manufacturing facility in Gloucester. With a tight construction programme, speed was a key factor for the installation team. ISD was able to complete the main installation inside a five week period, allowing the concrete floor to be poured a week before the 30/08/2013 09:13 Page 1 Christmas 2016 shutdown so that it could cure over the holiday period. This enabled lead contractor JJL Design


and Build to complete and handover the new fully operational coldstore ahead of plan. Richard Bowden, Director Cold Stores and Special Projects said: “Meeting the tight construction schedule for this complex four month coldstore construction project was a prerequisite requirement. The combination of our strong supplier relationships together with in-house design and manufacturing ensured we could deliver on time and in budget. We are delighted to be continuing our relationship with JJL Design and Build and leading logistics companies like Kuehne + Nagel.” Handed over to Kuehne + Nagel earlier this year, the project at Greenford follows a similar coldstore installation for the logistics company at Reading in Berkshire. I enquiry 511



The only true “warm to the touch” DDA compliant handrail component system!

• High Quality Folding Sliding Doors

• British, German & Belgium Designed • A Fantastic Variety of Finishes & Colours



• Virtually Maintenance Free • State-of-the-Art Security Features • Full Fitting Available • Free Survey & Design Advice




Unit 26/3 Silicon Business Centre 26 Wadsworth Road Tel: 0208 997 2448 Perivale, Greenford Middlesex UB6 7JZ Fax: 0208 997 0611

email: I enquiry 575

Health & Safety

Building Regs


Warmagrip is a high quality PVC coated steel tube handrail system, offering the all important “warm to the touch” requirements set down in the current Building Regulations. It’s also quick and easy to install ZLWKLQWHUQDO¿WWLQJVIRUDVPRRWK continuous handrail. Available in grey and highly visible safety yellow. p p 01708 25 35 45 I enquiry 574


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June 2017



Peace prote cons timb chang Lonza Wood Protection is launching a new promotional push to highlight the importance of correct preservative

treatment of construction and joinery timbers as the building of new homes becomes a priority. A new ‘VAC-VAC is BACK’ campaign to designed to highlight the issue to architects, specifiers and house builders. Andy Hodge, marketing director of Lonza explained. ‘Over the last few years a lot of work has been done by the timber treatment industry to make sure the protection levels of preservative treated fencing and landscaping timbers are where they should be to perform in the most extreme of environments – outdoors and often in direct ground contact.’


‘But equally important in making sure that timber remains a valued and important construction material choice is reminding important decision makers in the housing industry that timber needs protecting to last an expected 30 or 60 years when used in a new building.’ ‘Our proven low pressure, double vacuum treatments which are tailored

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LONZA WOOD PROTECTION June 2017 View our publication online at www.

ce of mind tection for nstruction mbers in a nging world

to suit close tolerance building and joinery timbers seem to have been neglected, which is really concerning bearing in mind that changes in our climate bring new threats from decay organisms that can attack and degrade these structural components. It has been recognised by BRE, BSI and other key authorities that the forecast of a gradual increase in average temperatures in the UK must impact on building design and construction methods.’ ‘In particular, for our sector, the likely spread of insects such as the house longhorn beetle and the potential migration of termites into southern England should be reflected in standards being set for house building now. The preservative pre-treatment of structural timbers with insecticides in higher risk locations should, in theory, become more widespread. ‘ ‘In the years leading up to the recession, we had seen a strong trend within house building away from private architects who worked with builders, towards more ‘design & build’ contractors, who employed their own in-house architects. Whilst it is widely acknowledged that a private architect is more likely to specify treatment for timbers in Use Class1 & 2 situations as a peace of mind insurance


at a minimal cost, an architect employed by a ‘design & build’ contractor does not have to worry about personal liability in the same way and is driven much more by cost considerations.’ ‘There is also a durability question with the emerging trend of engineered wood products, the market has grown quickly to meet renewed demand and more innovation, education and discussion is required to find cost effective protection options for EWP manufacturers.’ Low pressure, double vacuum preservative treatments were first introduced by Lonza in the 1960s as a new and innovative choice for the protection of construction and joinery timbers against decay and insect attack. The process quickly became affectionately known as ‘VAC-VAC’ treated throughout the timber industry. The shorter and less intense treatment cycles were perfect for construction timbers. The latest generation of VACSOL wood preservative is designed with modern innovative technology to meet the industry regulations and performance needs - 30 years or even 60 years depending upon the end use. The treated timbers can still be used in Use

w w w. l o n z a w o o d p r o t e c t i o n . c o m / e u I enquiry 512

The very latest VA VAC-VAC wood preservative is designed to help you make the most of your construction timbers. Using triied and tested low pressure treatments, next generation VVAAC-VAC will givve you and your customers a cost effective long term protection again inst the threat of decay. REAL EAL WORLD THINKING. REAL WORLD PERFORMANCE.


Providing complete peace of mind protection and future proofinng for any new timber building.

VAC--VAC is a registered tradema Use wood preservatives safely. A


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June 2017


Walsall College student crowned Dunlop Multi-Skill Champion! Jason Skitt from Walsall College has been named as Dunlop’s Multi-Skill Champion 2017 after triumphing in a number of construction tests.

The Dunlop Multi-Skill Champion Competition is the only one of its kind in the UK to recognise students across the UK taking the City & Guilds Construction Skills (6219) qualification. The competition organised by the pioneering manufacturer of tiling, decorating and flooring products for the trade – supported by NoMorePly® - celebrates and supports students who are looking develop their practical skills before entering the construction industry. Eighteen college students from across the UK took part in tiling, decorating and carpentry challenges at the competition’s Grand Final which was held at Dunlop’s Innovation and Technology Centre in Stoke-on-Trent on Thursday 15th June. Following the challenges Jason was named the winner and presented with the winner’s trophy and approximately £1000 worth of tools and equipment kindly donated by a number of brands including; Redbacks Kneepads, Stakrak, Jobman, Picasso Brush, Obvious Solutions, Roller Squeegee, MarXMan, Catapiller, ZipWall, Gripper Cloth, LadderLimb, Big Wipes, Home Strip, Cyklone, Go!Paint, SureTile, Wallrock, Coral Tools, Buddy Tools, Drill Bit Kit, Raptor Wrap and Marcrist Tools. On being named the champion, the 37-year-old from Shelfield, Walsall, said: “I’m very surprised to win! I really didn’t expect it, but I tried my best and it’s played out so it’s great. “I’ve just signed up for Level 3 BTEC in Construction Skills which starts in September to build on the 6219 course which I have really enjoyed. “When I finish my course I hope to go into property surveying or something like this and hopefully it pans out – but this is a great start for my career!”


“The Dunlop Multi-Skill Champion competition is a great chance for construction students across the country to test their skills against their peers and win tools and products to give them a good start in the industry. “Multi-skill students are often overlooked and under supported compared with other trades and there is no equivalent national competition for them. Multi-skill traders play a vital role in construction in this country, and with the current skills shortage, supporting the next generation is vital for everyone in the industry.” Grand Final competitors were judged by Dunlop Training Manager and national SkillBuild judge Dave Rowley, Wayne de Wet, the awardwinning professional decorator, consultant and industry expert and Nicola Butcher – aka “The Female Chippy” – a multi-award winning carpenter. I enquiry 513

Debi Boulton, Dunlop Sales and Marketing Manager, said: “Congratulations to Jason who was a deserved winner of the competition.

For more information visit

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PAINTS, COATS, SEALANTS & ADHESIVES June 2017 View our publication online at www.

BuildingNews +,*+7$&.



Anti-Condensation Paint Our textured paint designed to prev vent the formation of condensation

:$7(55(6,67$17 /2:7(03(5$785(5(6,67$17 &21)250$%/(

+,*+7$&. ($6<7($5 7,*+781:,1'


Anti-Damp Paintt

500 0ML., 1L & 2.5L AVAILABLE A 9


Combines with moisture to preserrv ve a dry paint layer







It’s not just about the paint! aint! C pCleaning, aPrreparration

and Repair

Floorr, Sport and Line Marking

Saffety t and Security

Hamm merrc co ote and Prrroducts oducts for Me etal

Specialist Paints

Varnishes and Oils

Specialist Primers

01482 328053


www ww w.coo-v coo-v co uk

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01484 421036 l www w l

/GraftSealants l

@GraftSealants I enquiry 516

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View our publication online at June 2017

Why Geocel’s Painters Mate is the established brand leader of acrylic fillers

NEW SX Instant Paintable Caulk – Apply. Paint. Done Siroflex has developed a unique innovative sealant which is instantly over paintable. This high quality flexible acrylic sealant will save you time, money and effort. It is easy to apply, dries quickly and can be D painted over immediately with water based and synthetic paints. It adheres perfectly without the use of a primer to most surfaces, has low odour, does not discolour paint and is not corrosive towards metals. It can be used for the sealing and filling of gaps and cracks where movement can occur such as those between plasterwork and window frames, door frames, skirting boards, windowsills and architraves. You will

obtain the best possible end result with SX Instant Paintable Caulk.

Scan to watch our demonstration video.

Geocel Painters Mate is the original brand of choice in the decorator’s filler market. Filling voids both internally and externally has never been easier thanks to Painters Mate. Ideal for use on door and window frames, skirting boards, ceilings, walls, architraves and plasterboard. Application is easy, with no sanding required, Painters Mate is easy to use and ideal for hairline cracks, as well as being extremely flexible. Painters Mate Flexible Filler can be painted over in one hour, and will resist mould growth after application. Painters Mate is available in three different colours: Brilliant White, Brown and Magnolia.

For more information about this unique solution call us on 01226 771600 or email

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Expand your range with Constructa Pro


The expanding foam range from Everbuild – A Sika Company is growing once again with the addition of Constructa-Pro; a high strength adhesive foam designed for use in a multitude of applications. Developed to be fast curing, Constructa-Pro is ideal for small jobs which require a quick fix as well as large applications including fixing plasterboard and insulations board, fixing skirting boards or as a mortar substitute for building rough garden walls. Once cured, it is also rot-proof and moisture and temperature resistant from -40˚C to +80˚C. Gun applied and available in 750ml tins, Constructa-Pro can be used on stone, brick, concrete blocks, wood, plasterboard, metal and much more making it a truly multi-purpose adhesive foam for the trade. For more information on Constructa-Pro or any other product within the Everbuild and Sika range visit I enquiry 112


Quick-Drying, rust inhibiting Fastrac coating from Bradite


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Earthborn SKA compliant in 100 colours Specifiers seeking to certify a fit-out for sustainability best practice increasingly use the SKA Rating system operated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Earthborn's Ecopro Matt Emulsion, Lo Sheen Emulsion and Eggshell are all now compliant. Available in all 98 shades of BS4800, plus black and white, they are all made in the UK and also comply with the strict EU Ecolabel standards. The extensive palette offers a huge choice and enables colour matching with other decorating features. Ecopro Emulsions are available in 5l and

10l plastic tubs while the Eggshell is in 750ml and 2.5l tins. The Ecopro range is uniquely formulated for high performance and all three products are totally oil and acrylic free, with minimal VOCs.

Fastrac from Bradite is a single pack fast drying, high gloss coating based on modified silicone and polyurethane alkyd resins which also contains rust inhibiting pigmentation for extra protection.

chemicals, oils and hydrocarbons. With superior opacity and flow out it is suitable as a one or two coat finish or as a part of a protective system for steel or suitably primed nonferrous metal.

Direct to metal Fastrac is surface dry in 2 hours and its fast drying time combines with a tough flexible finish which is resistant to spillage of mild

Heat resistant to 120 C and giving an excellent coverage rate of 13sq m per litre it is available in either a gloss or satin finish and the full BS and RAL colour

I enquiry 113

range. Pack size is 250ml, 1lt or 2.5lt. Bradite is an ISO9001 quality assured company and also holds ISO14001 environmental approval. I enquiry 517

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PAINTS, COATS, SEALANTS & ADHESIVES June 2017 View our publication online at www.


Ultimate rewards for Crown Decorating Centre champions Crown Decorating Centres across the UK are gearing up for their most popular promotion of the year with the return of Champions Rewards. After its most successful year in 2016, the Champions Rewards loyalty scheme kicks off on Monday June 5th. The network of 122 UK-wide stores gives painting professionals the opportunity to earn the ultimate bonuses while stocking up on essentials from June, right through to the end of November. Quite simply, the more decorators spend on an account at their local Crown Decorating Centre, the bigger the financial benefits. And the scheme is as easy as 123.

rewards to our customers than ever before - showing just how much customers appreciate the scheme. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is a great chance for account holders to earn cash for their business or themselves and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d urge everyone to come into their local store to find out more about the benefits.

3. Get 10 per cent of your growth back

â&#x20AC;&#x153;There are such a wide range of top brands available in store now that it is even more attractive to use your local CDC. As well as all the Crown Paints, Sandtex and Sadolin products there are top names such as Hamilton, Purdy, Coo-var, Zinsser, Graham and Brown wallcoverings and dozens more, all of which are included in the Champions Rewards promotion.

Decorators earn cashback of 10 per cent on their spending growth between June 5th and November 30th, 2017 which can be taken as either credit for their in-store account or taken in gift vouchers.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Many decorators see the promotion as the ideal opportunity to stock up on essentials, then once they have earned a minimum of ÂŁ50 on their spending growth the account holder qualifies for the payout.

Available at each store in the network of 122 Crown Decorating Centres in the UK and Northern Ireland, the scheme is open to existing cash or credit account-holders as well as painters and decorators who open a new in-store account.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;When Champions Rewards ends in November, the amount earned back will be given either as credit to the account so you can save on any goods bought in store, or it can be taken in One4All card vouchers which can be spent at over 21,000 stores across the UK.â&#x20AC;?

Danielle Holmes, Marketing Manager at Crown Decorating Centres, said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;We really value the loyalty of our decorating professional customers. Last year saw us return more cash

For more information about Champions Rewards, please visit your local Crown Decorating Centre or visit

1. Sign up in store 2. Grow your account

To have details of your nearest Crown Decorating Centre sent straight to your mobile, text â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;CROWNâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; to 83332. Texts cost one standard message rate. I enquiry 518

+($ 9 <'877< <(/$6720(5,&)/2253 $,17 $9< 9< $9 3$ â&#x20AC;ŤÚ&#x201D;Ú&#x17D;Ú&#x201D;Ú&#x152;ŮťŰ&#x20AC;ÚžŰ&#x2030;Ű&#x201E;Ű&#x17D;ŮťÚŚÚ°ŮťŰ&#x20AC;Ű&#x192;Ű?ŮťŰ&#x2030;Ű&#x201E;ŮťŰ&#x17D;Ű?Ű&#x2030;Ű&#x201E;ÚźÚŤŮťŰ?Ű&#x17D;Ű&#x201E;Ű&#x2021;ÚźŰ&#x201E;ÚžŰ&#x20AC;Ű&#x2039;ÚŽŮťŰ&#x201A;Ű&#x2030;Ű&#x201E;Ű?Ű?Ű?ÚžÚźŰ Ű?Ű&#x2030;ÚźÚ¨â&#x20AC;Ź




 ´,W¡VYHU\VWURQJSDLQW¾ ´,W¡VYH HU\ \VWUR URQJ JSDLQW¾ $11$%(//(3(&./(,&(67(5


I enquiry 520


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View our publication online at

June 2017


Polyseam was officially opened on Friday 16th June 2017 by The Honourable Mayor of Kirklees Cllr Christine Iredale, accompanied by her consort Richard Iredale. Madam Mayor unveiled the corporate plaque then ushered the 200 guests who came from all over the globe into the new state of the art facility. Guests were treated to a guided tour of not it, but I would not change a thing the factory and had an opportunity to because I get to work with the greatest team of people, to create top quality products that helps save lives all over this planet and I could not be happier.”

Polyseam’s new factory opening

Guest speaker Nick Patrick Head of International Trade at the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, gave an inspirational speech and said: “The opening of the brand new and very impressive POLYSEAM factory was a grand and elaborate celebration of excellent cuisine, top quality and plentiful chat and network before the official beverage and music to jive all night. proceeding commenced. The evening kicked off with a ‘thank you’ speech from The guests many of whom were invited the CEO Mr Kjetil Bogstad, followed by customers, agents and distributors from the honourable Mayor Iredale, all over the world made for very manufacturing Director Andrew Sutulic international event, especially the and guest speaker Nick Patrick from contingent from Norway, the home Sheffield Chamber of Commerce. Guests country of Polyseam’s CEO, Kjetil. were then treated to live entertainment, great food and drinks, it was truly an The evening proved to be a wonderful showcase of True Yorkshire (and evening to remember! Norwegian) grit in these uncertain times Since 1993 Polyseam maintained an and fantastic platform to launch this enviable reputation for product exciting and positive future for innovation and quality. Now have a POLYSEAM.” global presence with offices in Norway, Sweden, Poland and the UK plus an Contact Details: extensive network of international Website: distributors. Tel: +44(0) 1484 421036


I enquiry 520

Kjetil Bogstad said: “When I was younger I had a dream and owning a factory was

Our Brands: GRAFT / Protecta

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The Posi--Joist open web floor system makes a difficult job j simple.

The Outsstanding Joist SSystem

With Possi-Joist you can install all your ventilation and heat recovery systems with ease and deliver the right amount of ventilatio on to the right rooms in the right location.

The ad dvantages are simple: • Open web design pr ovides easy access for the design and innstallation of services • Improvved quality of service fitting, eliminating costly r emed dial work • Greateer clear spans for design flexibility • Clear profit from savings in labourr, time, materials and ca all-backs • For thee largest network of licensed manufacturers throug ghout the UK and Ireland visit: www i k .uk/Manufactur it k/M f t ers/P /Posi-J i Joists/P i t /Posi-J i Joist-Manufactur i t M f t ers//

CPD No ow available for Posi-Joist I enquiry 522

Contact MiiT Tek ek today or visit for full detaails and an on-line pr e esentation.

MiTTek Hous House, se, Grazebrook Industrial Park Peartree Lan ne, Dudleyy,, DY2 0XW W,, UK Telephone: 01384 451400

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View our publication online at June 2017

Gaia warms up Berkeley’s Woodhurst Park development Berkeley Homes is now employing Gaia’s underfloor heating system across its Woodhurst Park development. The underfloor heating provides hidden added comfort and, by dispensing the need for radiators, Berkeley is able to free up wall space to create crisp, useable and appealing interiors. As well as supplying all the necessary components of the underfloor heating systems, Gaia’s own specialist teams are undertaking the installation, testing and commissioning on site. The team works closely with Berkeley to ensure that the work is carried out to programme as the

plots become available, usually working on three or four homes at any one time.

Boiler-Hire Saves LA District Heating Supply

housing. When the new properties where added to the district heating system, one that was already operating close to capacity, three separate 500kW modules eventually broke down under the increased load. It was imperative to find an alternative heat source to support the existing system, enabling faulty units to be taken offline for servicing, replacing if necessary. With one of the largest boiler hire fleets and an extensive network of depots the boiler division of Andrews Sykes was an obvious choice to supply a workable solution. It could respond extremely quickly to prevent further disruption to the Local Authority’s district heating system. Contacted by the area's energy supplier who sought a temporary rental solution, engineers from Andrews Boiler Hire conduct a thorough survey of the site. The decision was supply a high capacity 1,500kW containerised boiler which was then connected to their existing system.

Temporary hire of a 1,500kW boiler from Andrews Boiler Hire ensured that a new property development would continue to receive heat and hot water despite a breakdown in the local district heating system. The problem arose as several local authorities in East London embarked on a construction project that would create additional housing in an attempt to solve the ever-increasing demand for affordable

I enquiry 114

I enquiry 115

Decentralised continuous flow hot water heating system - an alternative to central plant

Centralised plant rooms for heating and hot water systems are a traditional solution and have been so for many years. But we live in different times where economic and energy efficiency – and legislative compliance – are demanded by users, premises owners and managers in both public and private sectors.


An alternative solution that marries high efficiency and wide ranges of modulation with simplicity of installation and design is the gas fired continuous flow hot water heating unit. These can be manifolded into a hot water system capable of coping with virtually any size of site or application. This system is a process of delivering a continuous flow of hot water at a constant temperature, without the need for storage. Continuous flow will only ever utilise energy whenever heat is needed i.e., the turning on of a tap in a washroom or a kitchen. When the units are in operation and heating water - gas is used - when the user is finished, so is the energy usage. With continuous flow systems, the user can set the required temperature of hot water to suit the needs and demands of the site. So, vulnerable users, such as children, the elderly or less able, can be safeguarded from the risk of scalding. Also, where the site has a secondary recirculating system the temperatures can be set at a level to further


Consort Claudgen introduces RXREC wireless control conversion unit Consort Claudgen have introduced the RXREC receiver unit that enables commercial fan heaters and large air curtains to be wirelessly controlled by a separately purchased CRX2 controller. With an RXREC installed, the CRX2 controller replaces the existing remote switch, expanding the heating control options to include 7-day time control with up to 6 temperature settings per day. Additionally, the Time/Manual mode in a CRX2 controller takes advantage of the RXREC long range performance to allow heaters to be controlled from a different room. The RXREC can be retrofitted to existing compatible Claudgen products. Multiple heaters can be controlled by a CRX2 provided each heater is connected to an RXREC.

I enquiry 116

minimise the possibility of the proliferation of Legionella bacteria. Condensing continuous flow hot water solutions qualify for additional energy efficiency points, boosting building energy performance as they far exceed energy efficiencies called for in Part L Building Regulations (Conservation of fuel and power). The systems are also ‘A’ rated under ErP. Current thinking on the design of systems is moving towards separating the hot water production from the heating system completely as it can give better efficiencies all round. Buildings need hot water all year round. However, better insulation in most buildings, and a greater awareness of energy efficiency, means there is a reduced need for heating input. In large commercial buildings, centralised heating and hot water systems have traditionally adopted the thermal storage design. These systems are frequently over-sized at the design stage in relation to actual usage on the not too scientific basis of ‘just in case’. This ‘hedging of bets’ approach to system design often leads to excessive safety margins, which in turn adds to the expense of purchase, installation and running costs. A storage type, conventional system of hot water that must be heated 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure hot water is always available is an anachronism in today’s energy and costconscious world. Even if no hot water is drawn off, a standard cylinder, just for example, can lose a maximum of 3Kw of heat a day as a standing loss. All cylinders suffer from this to some extent and it equates, over a year, to 1095Kw of energy wasted. If you also look at the gas saving alone it equates to 101.8m of gas used. Decentralised hot water provision was recently installed at a luxury country club and spa in the leafy and very affluent Cheshire countryside. The site operators, having both the contractor and the consultant make calculations on usage and life cycle costings, was adamant that a stored hot water system was not in the frame for the new fit out as it would be “inefficient and expensive”. The company went on to specify 19 gas fired condensing continuous flow units over the whole site to fulfil its huge demand for 20,000 litres per hour of safe, temperature controlled hot water. The heavyduty units feed executive soaker showers, poolside showers

Saniflo keeps pace with climate change

As Britain basks in the hottest June in 40 years, the heat is on to keep the nation cool. The sale of air conditioning units in the UK has been growing steadily the past few years, particularly in the commercial sector, and now more house builders include air conditioning as standard and a growing number of private households are turning to air conditioning to stay cool. With temperatures set to continue to rise as scientists predict extreme temperatures as a result of climate change, Saniflo – the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of macerators, pumps and shower cubicles – is predicting a continued upturn in the air conditioning market for commercial and domestic markets, and advises people to ensure efficient condensate removal. Gravity drain units can be problematic because they must be installed on the nearest outside wall, they require space and they can cause potential water damage to a building’s façade resulting in expensive repairs. I enquiry 117

and all changing room ablutions. Within this complex, the water heaters feed the showers directly so there is no need for re-circulation around the building. With no centralised boiler room having to be incorporated into the plans. Elsewhere, one local authority in North Wales is currently in the process of replacing its stored hot water systems with manifolded continuous flow systems. The council is set to make considerable savings on running costs. When the water isn’t running the continuous flow, system is not using fuel, which is ideal for the schools’ shut down during the holidays, for example. These claims and assertions have been borne out by independent scrutiny. Recent independent testing by AECOM - of continuous flow hot water systems showed a clear advantage in terms of initial capital costs, as well as life cycle costs over 20 years, when compared with indirect stored and stored hot water systems. The AECOM findings, after extensive deliberation, found that the brand’s continuous flow water heaters are 7.5% more economical than ‘traditional’ stored hot water systems. Decentralised water heating saves energy and money, but it also offers flexibility. If, for example, a hot water store cylinder should burst or break down, the whole system is shut down - no more hot water until the problem is fixed. With a manifolded system one unit may be at fault but this doesn’t stop the whole system shutting down. I enquiry 521

HEATING, PLUMBING & VENTILATION June 2017 View our publication online at www.


Which glass of water would you drink? “Midi-Break” prevents contamination Wall mounted Break Tank & Booster Set providing Fluid Category 5 backflow protection The neat and compact stainless steel cabinet is unobtrusive and hygienic – ideal for installation in kitchens and bathrooms Applications: Single waste bin washing tap, sinks with hoses, clothes / dish washing machines and showers in healthcare premises Once a water company supplies water… They don’t want it back! Three models BTMIDI 1/2A/3A – up to 0.28 Lt/s – see “Boost-A-Break” for higher demand applications

The Water Regulations Solution Specialist Tel: 01442 823 123 Email: I enquiry 523

I enquiry 524










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View our publication online at June 2017

Rinnai launches into the commercial boiler marketplace Rinnai has launched new products into the commercial gasfired boiler marketplace with an initial introduction of three condensing models. The new boilers, German-manufactured to high specification in materials, build and components are built to last and offer high quality construction and engineering

alongside top of the range energy efficiencies. The Rinnai Infinity condensing boiler range is available for natural gas and LPG


operation and comes with innovative controls maximizing energy efficiencies through class-leading weather compensation technology. The Infinity boiler is A rated under the ErP directive, meaning customers can make an informed decision when purchasing. The Rinnai Infinity condensing boilers come in 50kW, 75kW and 100kW versions and are both maintenance and installer friendly. The appliances are accessed from the front and require minimal space for installation, thus helping to reduce cost and time required on site. Some of the units also feature a fully removable pivoting heat exchanger and burner for easy inspection

and cleaning. New combustion control technology also imbues the units with the capability to selfcalibrate so avoiding manual setting and automatically adapts to suit the gas quality. The boilers also offer a range of ancillary options including pressurisation units, manifold pipework assemblies, mounting frames, heating system separators, boiler and water heater combination packs, ancillary control options, external temperature sensor and advanced boiler controls. The 50kW, 75kW and 100kW versions all have an efficiency of 93%. The CGB-50 measures 855mm x 440mm x 393mm, while the CGB-75 and CGB-100 both present at 1020mm x 565mm x 548mm. For more details on RINNAI products visit I enquiry 527



Landlord Control Heating Syste em Wireless Control

Ideal heating system for student accommodation, dation, hotels or anyw where where a central control unit is required to conntrol the temperature of all heeaters in a building or rooms. It consists of an a MRXLC controller and one or o more CRXLC conttrollers connected to Consort’’s RX heaters.

· 2 opera ating modes: · 7-dayy programme - When temperature on CRXLC controller oller is adjusted d, the new temperature is maintained intained until the e next programme overrides it. t.

MRXLC Masterr Landlord Wirelesss Controller

· Mains powered · Controls an unlimited* number of CRXLC controllers · Sets the same 7-day prrogramme and time for all CRXLC contrrollers

· Const C tant t t temperature t t - When temperature on CRXLC controller oller is adjusted d, the new temperature is maintained intained for land dlord set period of up to 4 hou urs. It then revverts to the fixed temperature. · Simple to t set up and easy to programme mme

CRXLC Landlorrd

Wireless Controller



· Mains or batter y powered · Allows user to tempora arily increase or decrease the room temperature




Master landlord controller ontroller controls temperature of all heaters in a building via CRXLC controllers.

· Can control multiple he eaters in a room

t: 01646 692172

f: 01646 695195

* Only limited by building construction. nstruction. I enquiry 526

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BUSHBOARD June 2017 View our publication online at www.


The new splashbacks in Bushboard’s Options range are designed to span key interiors trends

The Bushboard Options splashback and worktop in Black Oak have been paired with the complementary Turin Marble breakfast bar, all in an Ultramatt texture which enhances the aesthetics and realism of the designs.

Bushboard’s premium new laminate worksurface range, Options, includes a comprehensive choice of 34 new splashbacks designed to span the key interior trends for sophisticated greys, characterful woodgrains, natural stones, metallics and plain colours.

Responding to the ongoing demand for elegant stones in a warm grey palette, are designs such as Pescara Marble, Turin Marble, Veneto, Calacatta Statuario and Lightning Graphite. Alternatively, for a more rustic aesthetic, there are the Italianinspired Warm Mazzarino, Soft Mazzarino and Aged Mazzarino. Through high print definition and advanced surface textures, they combine the luxurious look of natural stone with the easy maintenance and performance benefits of laminate. There are four woodgrain splashback designs, Black Oak, Brocante Oak, Mondego Oak and Pitch Pine, in the Options range, all in Ultramatt texture to mirror the look of real timber. Contrasting splashbacks in a choice of 11 plain colours are also available, with a varied colour palette ranging from the bold Grenadine and richness of Espresso to the softer hues of Stone and Verdigris.

easier maintenance.” Options splashbacks are available as midway and hob panels in 3000 x 600 x 8mm and 1500 x 1200 x 8mm sizes. Bushboard can also supply colour-matched BB Complete adhesives to all of its laminate products assuring a professional looking and long-lasting installation.

The 50-strong bespoke Options collection also features worksurfaces, breakfast bars and upstands and is available now. For more information on the new Options range, please contact the Customer Services Team on t: 01933 232272, e: or w: I enquiry 528

With metallics continuing to be in vogue in kitchen design, the luxurious Brushed Copper and Brushed Aluminium complete the Options splashback collection.

The elegant Pescara splashback and worktop in Glaze texture, from Bushboard’s premium Options laminate worksurface range, recreate the beauty of natural stone in a high-performance material that’s easy to install and maintain.

Says Jo Gilhooly, Marketing Director at Bushboard: “In design terms, splashbacks have come much more to the fore with retailers recognising their versatility for creating either a seamless aesthetic with the worktop, or for a material mix look. They are faster and easier to install than tiling and, as a material, laminate can mirror the look of elegant stones and glass, which are highly prized by the consumer, but with the benefits of much lower costs and far


The richness of this Bushboard Options Espresso splashback perfectly complements the Pitch Pine woodgrain worktop.


View our publication online at June 2017

Saniflo 2017 roadshow showcases new products Saniflo UK is taking its roadshow on tour again after the success of 2016 – which took in 80 venues in England, Wales and Ireland – to visit independents and merchants nationwide. From now through the autumn, the Saniflo roadshow will educate industry professionals about the company’s 2017 launch of the new products for domestic and commercial markets, which offer greater accessibility than ever before. The 2017 ‘Saniflo Up’ product launch is Saniflo’s biggest in 30 years. Attendees receive live product demonstrations from a member of the Saniflo Field Service team and they have an opportunity to ask any questions. This year, the roadshow truck displays two static Kinedo shower cubicle displays – the Eden and the Kinemagic – plus a working display of a Sanicubic 2 Pro and Sanicom 2. These working displays sit on opposite sides of the van and are connected up via pipework in the roof, which runs down to each unit. Static displays include the new Saniflo Up domestic products and the Sanishower +. Saniflo is inviting all respondents to the recent installer campaign and attendees of Phex + who filled in a form on the stand. Visitors receive a Fill Up goodie bag and

there’s a daily draw to win a £50 fuel voucher. Ann Boardman, Saniflo UK Customer Services and Marketing Manager, comments: “This is a fantastic opportunity for industry professionals to receive a crash course in our new products and see just how easy they are to understand and fit. It’s our biggest launch in 30 years, and we’ve gone to huge lengths to improve and simplify the technology and we’re sure industry professionals will be delighted with the enhancements to our domestic and commercial ranges. I enquiry 118

Drainage without compromising design Geberit's siphonic drainage solution, Pluvia, has been used on the roof of London's new Design Museum (previously the Commonwealth Institute), allowing its unusual parabolic shape to remain intact, while providing exceptional water drainage.The Design Museum forms part of the Hollandgreen development, located off Kensington High Street, which is a mixed use residential and public sector project, incorporating 56 high-end apartments grouped around the museum. In addition to Geberit Pluvia the project also features Geberit Mapress piping, Geberit Silent-db20, a sound-deadening drainage solution, and luxury shower-toilets, Geberit AquaClean Sela. To prevent noisy drainage, Geberit Silent-db20, with sound minimisation builtin, has been used throughout the

Franke adds more Spark to its best-selling Pro Value range


Franke’s Spark single and 1.5 bowl inset stainless steel sinks are the latest contemporary designs to be added to bestselling Pro-Value range, designed to offer exceptional quality and style at prices within most budgets. The Spark sinks are also two of 22 sink models available in the new dualbranded Housebuilder Range from Franke and Carron Phoenix, complete with BIM codes. The sinks are precision-engineered with a silk finish and feature a sleek, linear design.


Stylish solution to assist supported living Carron Phoenix adds Onda sink range to its popular Sink and Tap Value Packs Britain’s brand leader in helpful toileting solutions has developed a stylish solution to help developers of assisted and supported living communities future-proof the homes. Clos-o-Mat, the British-based manufacturer of the Clos-o-Mat range of bidet (wash & dry) toilets, has introduced a new range, designed to enable elderly and disabled people have a stylish bathroom that can be easily adapted, evolved to meet immediate, and future, needs. The Vita range of bidet toilets looks like, and can be used as, conventional WCs. All have built-in douching and drying, so, if required/ preferred, the user is hygienically and consistently cleaned afterwards without they – or their carerhaving to clean with toilet tissue. Further, as the occupant’s needs change, accessories can be added(*) to help them retain their ability to toilet without help. The UK’s biggest-selling bidet toilet, the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita, is floor-mounted; the Lima Vita gives a wall-hung variant; the Lima Lifter has integrated, fully automatic, height adjustability. I enquiry 121

apartments, considerably reducing the acoustic impact of water running through the pipes, helping to ensure residents aren't disturbed. In communal spaces and in the basement and car parks, Geberit HDPE drainage pipe was installed. I enquiry 119

For added flexibility, both models are fully reversible to suit many different kitchen layouts and include the assurance of a 50 year guarantee. The Spark SKX 611-86 single bowl model measures 860 x 500mm and fits neatly into a 450mm cabinet, with a generously-sized 340 x 420 x 160mm bowl. The 1.5 bowl Spark SKX 651 measures 1000 x 500mm and fits a 600mm cabinet, with a sizable 340 x 420 x 160mm main bowl plus a useful half-bowl measuring 170 x 280 x 80mm. I enquiry 120

Studor shows the way to health and hygiene in the bathroom Drainage smells are not only unpleasant, but also a potential health risk Whilst unpleasant, a bad smell in the bathroom is not in itself dangerous. However, it may well be indicative of a more serious and potentially life-threatening issue. The smell can indicate that the water trap seal – the only barrier between the drainage system and the living space – has been lost, potentially posing serious health risks. Water trap seals started being fitted on bathroom and kitchen fixtures after the 1854 cholera outbreak in London, in which hundreds of people died. Today, cholera is not a risk in the UK, but within all our drainage systems sewer gases and pathogens such as SARS, legionnaires, norovirus and others are always present. For the last 40 years, drainage ventilation expert Studor has been solely focused on developing products that maintain the water trap seals in our buildings. Studor’s Trap-Vent solution, the combination of a water trap and Air Admittance Valve (AAV), can easily be retrofitted to an existing bathroom, and is also ideal for small group venting in, for example, hotels, care homes and hospitals. It

The Onda range of polished stainless steel inset sinks is the latest addition to the popular Carron Phoenix Sink and Tap Value Packs, which offer generous savings against individual retail prices. The Onda sinks are also two of 22 sink models available in the new dual-branded Housebuilder Range from Carron Phoenix and Franke, complete with BIM codes. The angular shaping of the drainers and the curvaceous bowl design give the Onda range an elegant look at prices ideally suited to the value-conscious consumer, backed by a lifetime guarantee. The high performance inset sinks are easy to install, with optional accessories available including a bamboo chopping board, wire baskets and a strainer bowl to further enhance the functionality of the Onda range. There are now 18 sinks included as part of the Value Packs and retailers can combine them with any of the six taps in the range for a single, easy-to-calculate fixed price. I enquiry 122

protects the water trap seal between the drainage system and the room, stopping bad odours and pathogens escaping from empty traps. Studor’s UK Managing Director Stephen Taylor comments, “The Trap-Vent comes with a lifetime guarantee and also reduces siphonage noise, providing a 20dB noise reduction compared to conventional traps. Furthermore, it allows freedom of design for engineers and architects to enable multiple drainage fixtures to link together. It is also highly styled, so eminently suitable for installation in environments where aesthetics is of high importance.” The Studor Trap-Vent is a combined trap with a 50mm water seal and an integral AAV. It reduces the need for secondary ventilating in small fixture groups and replaces conventional S traps and P traps. It is height adjustable for fully flexible installation, has integrated self-cleaning, and is suitable for bath and shower rooms, providing an excellent solution for problem solving in new builds as well as the retrofit market. I enquiry 123

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View our our publication publicationonline onlineatatwww. BATHROOMS, WASHROOMS & KITCHENS June 2017 View

BuildingNews Learn m more

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Mini kitchens


Wall beds



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T O P O I L : H i g he s t q ua l it y f oo od s a f e p r o te c t i on f or w ood w or k top s









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I enquiry 531

Double delight for new Maxtop designs Available now, Pure White and Pewter Grey will ensure the Maxtop Quartz range offers a modern selection of both sparkling and plain finishes, keeping the product portfolio fresh and on-trend. Jonathan TInspired by customer needs and preferences, the launch is in response to market demand, providing quality alternatives to solid stone surfaces. Stephen Moss, managing director of Maxtop Quartz Ltd, commented: “The introduction of pure white and sparkling grey surfaces not only means our portfolio offers something for everyone, but also means we’re providing surfaces that complement the very latest interior trends. “Sparkling surfaces have proven extremely popular in the existing range, so the addition of the Pewter Grey design will bolster our offering and is set to be a huge hit with retailers, who are also experiencing a surge in demand for grey products and interiors. Meanwhile, our Pure White design is the perfect alternative to solid white quartz, which is usually offered at a significant

Kitchen and bathroom worktop specialist, Maxtop Quartz Ltd, has unveiled two brand new surface designs to complement its existing range of pre-finished worktops. premium price, pushing it beyond the budget of many projects. Pure White, however, is supplied directly from the distributor’s stock and is as cost-effective as the remainder of the Maxtop Quartz range.” The new designs will replace the company’s existing Emerald and Ochre finishes, which will be phased out in order to make way for new, on-trend surfaces, meaning customers will still have a wide choice but won’t be overloaded with options. All Maxtop Quartz surfaces benefit from engineered enhancements, such as a patented polypropylene interior honeycomb core, which provides enhanced impact resistance, lightweight ergonomics and waterproof qualities. Providing all the beauty and strength of a solid quartz surface, without any of the drawbacks of traditional solid stone. Stephen concluded: “We’re delighted the new surfaces are finally available and have

25 developed some striking point of sale to support the launch.” The company has also developed a limitedtime offer for displaying retailers through its network of distributors throughout the UK

and Ireland. For more information, please contact Maxtop on I enquiry 529

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View our publication online at June 2017


Festool launches Cycle Challenge with charity to promote lung health to UK tradespeople Festool, the leading supplier of high-end power tools and accessories, has launched a new Cycle Challenge to raise money for the British Lung Foundation (BLF) and to promote lung health to UK tradespeople. The Cycle Challenge will feature two static Wattbikes that will join Festool’s impressive UK roadshow on its European leg in July. Members of the trade will have the chance to win £500 of Festool prizes if they bike the fastest mile, three miles or five miles. Featuring Festool’s premium range of tools, the fully equipped truck will also provide visitors the opportunity to receive information, get hands-on with the tools and learn from a team of experts. With approximately 200 sq m of space, visitors will find new products for 2017, as well as Festool’s complete range of dust extractors that help safeguard a dust-free work environment. The company has been selling top quality cycling tops as a fundraising initiative on its eBay page here: and will be raising thousands of pounds for the BLF as part of the Breathe Easy with Festool Dust Extraction campaign. The truck tour will begin in Portsmouth on 5th July and will call at Twickenham, Sittingbourne, Leyton, St Albans, High Wycombe, Nuneaton, Derby, North Shields, Glasgow, Dunfermline, Blackburn, Warrington, Belfast and Dublin. See the full list here: Jonathon Burcham, Marketing Manager at Festool, said: “With carpenters and joiners four times more likely to contract asthma compared to other workers, the HSE says tradespeople must always use dust extraction. “We’ve previously promoted the importance of safer, dustfree working conditions with the help of the BLF. Our latest Breathe Easy campaign is attempting to raise awareness of lung health amongst tradesmen who are most at risk of lung problems.” The money made from the limited edition cycle shirts will go towards research into life threatening lung diseases, as well as the care provided by the BLF for those suffering from conditions like asbestosis, asthma, lung cancer, COPD, IPF, mesothelioma and more. Dr Penny Woods, Chief Executive of the British Lung Foundation, said: “We are so grateful to Festool and to everyone using pedal-power in their Cycle Challenge, raising money to help us fight lung disease. This generous support will allow us to continue investing in research into new treatments and cures, and provide support to help people affected by lung disease,

MAKITA introduces new LXT Drywall Screwdriver, TEK Screwdriver Version and Pin Nailer Makita’s latest version of the popular 18v cordless drywall screwdriver runs up to an impressive maximum 2500rpm - lower than its predecessor - but delivers greater driving torque from the innovative Brushless motor. A TEK screwdriver version is now available for the first time from Makita which is sure to appeal to cladding contractors. This new Makita drywall screwdriver features Push Drive Technology where, with the lock-on button engaged the motor will not rotate under noload conditions, resulting in reduced overall power consumption. The drive will start rotating at full speed only when the screw is I enquiry 124 pressured on the board surface.

Summer ready with Scruffs

26 Beat the heat - get all-day freshness with the Scruffs Pro Active Polo. This lightweight polo shirt uses a moisture management system that wicks away sweat to keep you cool, dry and comfortable during a hard day’s graft.

Available in 5 colours and sizes from S to XXL this eye-catching regular fit polo also features a secure zip pocket to keep your valuables safe while you work, and a blank left chest for you to position your own company profiling. Setting the standard since 2003, Scruffs designs workwear and safety footwear for a new generation of trade professionals. Engineered with technical expertise to deliver outstanding comfort, durability and functionality, Scruffs workwear is made to work as hard as they do. Scruffs. For the masters at work, by the masters of workwear. I enquiry 125

throughout the UK.” Exposure to wood dust, a known carcinogen, can also increase the risk of lung cancer. Alongside heart disease and non-respiratory cancer, lung disease is one of the UK’s three biggest killers. The British Lung Foundation’s Battle for Breath study found that more than 43,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer each year. Around 12 million people, one in five of the UK population, have been diagnosed with lung disease. Respiratory disease costs the UK £11 billion each year. Last year, the BLF’s report found that lung disease mortality rates haven’t improved in the last 10 years and the UK now has the fourth highest mortality rate in Europe. Ideal for mobile use and assembly, the Festool range of safe and robust dust extractors are lightweight and compact, ideal to transport from job to job, again saving time for the tradesperson. Festool offers a range of dust extractors which are suitable for any job from low to high class dust, including general work to anything that is a known carcinogen including lead, cadmium and asbestos. To find the right dust extractor for you, visit for more information.

Find the Festool truck at the following dealers: 5th July - Elliott’s, The Pompey Centre, Dickinson Rd, Portsmouth PO4 8ER 6th July - Harlequins, The Twickenham Stoop, Langhorn Drive, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 7SX 7th July - Axminster Sittingbourne, Sheppey Way, Bobbing, Sittingbourne ME9 8QP 10th July - Lee Valley Ice Centre, Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, London E10 7QL 11th July - Elsons, Unit 1 Brick Knoll Park, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 5UG 12th July - Isaac Lord, 185 Desborough Rd, High Wycombe HP11 2QN 13th July - Axminster Nuneaton, Bermuda Trade Centre, Hamilton Way, Nuneaton CV10 7RA 14th July - DIPT Derby, Sidney Robinson Business Park, Ascot Drive, Derby DE24 8EH 17th and 18th July - Axminster North Shields, North Shields Retail Park, Norham Rd, North Shields NE29 7UJ 19th and 20th July - Kelvin Power Tools, 22 Kelvin Avenue, Hillington Park, Glasgow G52 4LT 21st July - Engineering Agencies, 78 Halbeath Rd, Dunfermline KY12 7RS 24th July - Mercers, Pump St, Blackburn BB2 1PG 25th July - Axminster Warrington, Gateway 49 Trade Park, Kerfoot St, Warrington WA2 8NT 27th July - SIA Belfast, 2, 96 Beechill Rd, Belfast BT8 7QN 28th July - Hafele, Unit N3, North Ring Business Park, Santry, Dublin 9

I enquiry 532

DEWALT XR Flexvolt 54V range sets a new standard for cordless power tool performance DEWALT is launching the industry’s most powerful range of cordless power tools to guarantee sustained, all-day onsite performance without the need for mains power supply. The new range – XR FLEXVOLT – offers busy professional tradesmen the ability to confidently and conveniently tackle heavy duty applications thanks to an innovative 54V battery offering mains equivalent power without the cord. The XR FLEXVOLT batteries are created using three 18V batteries that switch up to 54V when attached to any XR FLEXVOLT tool. This makes it entirely compatible with the existing DEWALT XR power tools range and provides tradesmen with a complete ‘one stop shop’ cordless power tool solution. The XR FLEXVOLT cordless technology range incorporates many of the essential tools tradesmen require.

I enquiry 126

All bases covered Leading construction connector manufacturer Simpson Strong-Tie has expanded it’s range of post bases to include additonal solutions for new and retrofit applications. • The range includes • Concealed post bases. • Bases with site-adjustable heights from 100 – 150mm. • Bases which can be adjusted even after the colmns have been installed. • Options to cast into concrete or to fix down using studs. A brochure is available for download, which includes installation advice, performance characteristics and safe working loads. Sales Director, Jon Head explains: “With the off-site construction footprint increasing all the time, we’ve seen a growing demand for post base and column support solutions, prompting us to not only make more options availble ‘off the shelf’ but ot expand our ‘made to order’ service to cope with ever mor intesting and unique house design.”.

I enquiry 127

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View our publication online at

June 2017


Kärcher UK Celebrates New Home The pioneering German cleaning technology company officially opens purpose-built UK Headquarters. Marking the end of a 5 year project to relocate the UK operations of the rapidly expanding cleaning technology giant, the Official Opening was presided over by Hartmut Jenner, Kärcher's Global Chief Executive & Chairman of the Kärcher Management Board. At almost 7,500m2 and accommodating office, warehouse and conference facilities, as well as Kärcher's all-important training Academy and retail space, the new premises is, it turns out, a far cry from the

company’s very humble beginnings. Today Kärcher UK employs over 300 UK staff and has sold over 15 million machines - but speaking at the official opening earlier this month, Hartmut Jenner explained how it very nearly didn’t happen; In the 1970s a lone salesman was trying to promote the use of pressure washers to build a network of UK dealers - without success. And the UK’s Kärcher story could so easily have ended there, had it not been for this man taking a chance; unprompted,

28-29.qxp_Layout 1 28/06/2017 14:06 Page 2

KARCHER June 2017 View our publication online at www.

he turned on his pressure washer at a busy York cattle market and started washing down muddy trucks. By lunchtime that day he’d sold his first machine. This valuable lesson - that discussing cleaning challenges with customers and showing them products in action was vital - has been pivotal to the UKs growth, and still holds true today. Kärcher prides itself not on selling machines, but on providing solutions; its machines, accessories, detergents (specifically designed to optimise the performance of the machine) and after sales service all combine to deliver ideal cleaning solutions. It’s why the new building includes a training Academy 3 times larger than its predecessor and the premises include the UK’s 19th Kärcher Center - the 562nd Kärcher Center in the world.

place to allow people to use the latest machines and learn how to master difficult cleaning tasks; the Academy here has 27 different floor types to help replicate many different cleaning situations.”

Competence Centers for all things cleaning, Kärcher Centers are open to both commercial users and consumers. Staffed by friendly, knowledgeable Kärcher people who are happy to provide advice on specific cleaning challenges, it’s a place to get hands-on with the product to ensure it’s exactly right for your needs and to see firsthand how a Kärcher solution ‘makes a difference’.

Commenting on the opening, Region President and UK Managing Director Simon Keeping said, “The opening of our new UK HQ was fantastic. It was a great opportunity to thank everyone for the part they played in the move to Brookhill Way. I am very proud of our new Kärcher Head Office – and all the people who work there.”

So it was fitting that the ceremonies commenced in Kärcher Center Banbury with employees, the project’s building contractors, journalists and local dignitaries gathering to formally mark the occasion. The facilities, conveniently located off the M40 between London and Birmingham, are already proving a hit with customers; they are invited to make use of the training Academy and conference spaces. Jenner went on to explain, “An innovation-driven company like Kärcher has an ever-evolving portfolio so it’s important to provide a

When it comes to cleaning solutions there is no one quite like Kärcher. With the largest range in the industry bar none, the family owned enterprise has come a long way since Alfred Kärcher's first inventions and is now 12,000 employees strong with an unrivalled portfolio of over 3000 machines - providing solutions from industrial concrete stripping, municipal road sweepers and floor scrubbers to domestic window cleaning and garden watering solutions. And of course, pressure washers; after all, they're where the Kärcher story first began.

Whatever the task Kärcher has the perfect cleaning solution! I enquiry 534



View our publication online at June 2017

Onl ny

£49 9.90 RSP S

MA AX SP PEC EC. MA AX VA ALUE. Buckler Boots Nubuck z. For the user it doesn’t get much bet ter than this - non-metallic full spec safet y boots cer tified to S3 HR0 SRC EN standards, all at a groundbreaking RSP of £49.90zr. • • • •

Water resistant Max slip resistant non marking rubber outsoles S p e c i al a b r a s i o n r e s i s t a n t a n t i - s c u f f t o e p r o t e c t o r L a t e s t c o m f o r t in s o l e t e c h n o l o g y

Nubuck z utilise an injection moulded construction process which provides cost savings without compromise - all backed by Buckler Boots unsurpassed reputation for rigorous testing and qualit y plus our unique guarantee - Body and Sole Together Forever.


FEIN Power Tools launches the Supercut, the most powerful mains oscillating multi tool in the world Following the successful launch of the AFSC18QSL FEIN is now proud to announce the release of the new SuperCut Construction FSC500QSL. Both versions of the SuperCut are the most powerful OMT’s available and are equipped with FEIN’s innovative Starlock Max tool mounting system. The Starlock Max system allows the user to change accessories in less than three seconds, so more time can be devoted to the task in hand. In addition the FSC500QSL can now use all types of Starlock blades (Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max) whereas its predecessor (the FSC2.0Q) was restricted to just the SuperCut blades unless an adaptor was fitted. Both the corded and cordless FEIN SuperCut machines feature the latest innovative design, which fully decouples the self-supported motor from the motor housing by using flexible dampening elements.

Order today - call 01382 82 82 00 or email m I enquiry 132

I enquiry 576

Hultafors’ New Knives and Hand Axes for Craftsmen and Outdoor Enthusiasts Robustness, quality and long-lasting sharpness are the hallmarks of these superb products. With a selection of toughened, corrosion-proof Heavy Duty Knives, Safety Knives, Chisel Knives and Utility Knives for general purpose tasks on site, there’s also precision products for Electricians, Plumbers and Painters. The latest additions to the range are the Outdoor Knives for tougher tasks on-site or for those who need a cutting-edge companion out in the bush. They’re all are ergonomically designed with comfortable, secure grips and, made from the highest quality Japanese steel, which is honed and sharpened for durability, effectiveness and to withstand corrosion. Hultafors Hand Axes for Felling, Carpentry and Trekking activities are all hand-forged with dense, steel heads and hickory handles. They’re all top quality products, highly durable suitable for small-scale felling, lopping branches or clearing bushes and brushwood - and certainly a cut above the rest! I enquiry 131

Hultafors Group Acquires Puvab-to complement the Snickers Workwear Range ĞĞƉƵƚƐ x ^ƋƵĂƌĞƵƚƐ x EŽKǀĞƌĐƵƚƐ x




The Hultafors Group has acquired Puvab – the specialist in protective clothing for workers in energy and utility markets as well as those in other industries that need flame resistant safety wear. The acquisition is part of the growth strategy for the Hultafors Group, and further strengthens and compliments the Snickers Workwear brand in the UK. Puvab is a Swedish company established in 1989, specialising in designing and developing functional and certified high-quality garments with innovative designs and functionality for work in demanding conditions. David Clark, managing director of the Hultafors Group in the UK which owns Snickers Workwear says, ”We are extending our range of protective wear for professional tradesmen and women with even more market-leading products.”

CONCRETE / STON NE / MASONRY ǀĂŝůĂďůĞĂƐ ϴϬŽƌϵϱĐĐWĞƚƌŽůDŽĚĞůƐΘϭϭϬǀŽƌϮϰϬǀůĞĐƚƌŝĐDŽĚĞůƐ 0121 506 6095 I enquiry 536

I enquiry 129

Caterpillar introduces new line of Cat® Portable Generators Caterpillar is expanding into the home and outdoor power category with the introduction of the Cat® RP Series of portable generators that includes three standard models, ranging from 2.5 to 4.4 kW. The RP Series is designed to provide reliable, convenient power for both professional contractors and retail consumers. Caterpillar engineering teams designed the new portable generators, guided by extensive testing and research to identify the design and usability features that customers value the most. Everything needed to operate the generator is easily accessible in one convenient, LED lit control panel. A multi-function display enables users to toggle between lifetime running hours, session running hours, voltage and run time to easily monitor generator performance and to determine when it’s time to re-fuel or service the unit. I enquiry 130

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Instead of takin ng 8 hours to price a 4 bedroom hou use do it in just 45 minu i tes wit ith h our easy to use e software!

I enquiry 535


PLUS enjoy the benefits of our automaticc reports p proven to win more work!

Easily create comprehensive and clear report rt and let scribbled e quotations a thing of the past.

Or try our estimatin ng service first, from just £73! Email plans to for a free quotation.

Estimating Software are

Estimating Service e t.03333 321520 e. t.03333 321518 e.

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View our publication online at June 2017


Compatibility is key when selecting combined Head and Hearing Protection

JSP have developed a new range of Sonis® Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders which peak at an unbeaten SNR of 36.This new range is specially designed to be compatible to work with the company’s Evo range of industrial head protection.

The new Sonis ® range of Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders easily attach and detach from the universal slot of JSP Helmets and through rigorous testing JSP can guarantee that correct SNR’s are reached when worn with their EVOlite, EVO 2, EVO3, Global Standard EVO5 Olympus Helmet and Skyworker Helmet. Compatibility is key when fitting accessories to Personal Protective Equipment. This new Sonis® range of Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders feature adjustable steel arms so the wearer can tilt and adjust the position of the cup to give an excellent fit to the ear. The force the helmet adaptor applies and the cushion surface area work together to provide optimum cushion pressure and comfort. With 360O rotation onto the Helmet, the wearer can keep the ear defenders neatly parked onto the helmet when not in use but remaining in easy reach. The low profile cups allows for compatibility with other Personal Protective Equipment including the JSP SurefitTM visor system for maximum protection. Manufactured in Oxfordshire, the Sonis® helmet mounted cups can be coloured to meet a corporate identity and can also be printed with a company logo for improved brand recognition and to prevent theft. This exceptional range of Sonis® Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders is Kitemarked, and meets EN352-3.

Often users of Personal Protective Equipment need a combination of items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to make sure they are adequately protected in work environments. A very common combination is head and hearing protection. To work properly, however, the different types of PPE must be compatible. I enquiry 538

Stabila LAX 300G laser measure is beaming with accuracy and precision Identifying laser markings when working in a brightly lit building can prove tricky, but not with the Stabila LAX 300G laser, now available from Hyde. With green laser lines for optimum visibility in bright indoor lighting conditions, the new cross line laser is a must for any tradesman’s tool bag. In fact, Stabila GREENBEAM technology means that the laser lines are four times more visible to the human eye than red lines, ensuring greater accuracy and fewer marking errors no matter what the conditions. Thanks to high-performance optics, the green laser is focused into a fine, sharp line for precision every time, while the outstanding clarity of the lines enables accurate work to be carried out with a visible measuring range up to 30m. The Stabila GREENBEAM technology provides better visibility at a distance, making the LAX 300G far superior to conventional red lasers, even over longer distances.


The self-levelling line laser is the ideal tool for all interior construction tasks, from fitting and aligning electrical installations, drywall construction and marking out tile layouts, to levelling window heights, constructing kitchen cupboards and aligning worktops. The versatile technology provides crossline, independent horizontal or vertical lines which covers almost the entire room, with plumb-line dots upwards and

downwards. Pendulum technology designed for the construction site ensures quick self-levelling for maximum efficiency, while the compact yet shock absorbent housing has an extendable foot for height adjustment for working directly on U-profiles. Operating the LAX 300G is simple too, with a singlebutton operation for easy changeover of functions. The laser can be used all day without needing to be recharged, thanks to the latest generation of energysaving laser diodes, while a handy belt pouch means the tool can be kept conveniently close to hand, while a two-year guarantee provides complete peace of mind. For more information call Hyde on 0121 705 7987 or visit I enquiry 537

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I enquiry 540

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GENERATORS Quality machines great for trade and leisure use




EXC.VAT £179.98 UP TO £239.98 650kVA £289.00 output £499.00 available




110 VOLT






230 &

MODEL SIZE CAM24 24" CAM30 30" CAM36 36" CAM5002 24" CAM6000 30" CAM110* 30”

110 VOLT





*110V EXC.VAT £119.00 £149.98 £199.00 £159.00 £199.00 £209.00

CIRCULAR SAW Cuts steel, aluminium & wood 1200W motor 6mm max. Cutting thickness (mild AVAILABLE IN steel) 230 0-45° & bevel tilt

110 VOLT



110 VOLT


AVAILABLE IN • For cutting applications such 230 & as stone, concrete & paving stones VOLT •100mm maximum cutting depth • Includes Diamond Blade








MOTOR 600W 1500W 1500W

BLADE 200mm 254mm 254mm











# MIX MODEL CAP. CCM50 30L 90L CCM110 90L CCM125C NEW 130L Draper CM170 Belle Mini mix 140 90L Belle Mini 150# 90L 90L Belle Mini 150

110V NOW EXC.VAT £179.98 £169.00 £199.98 £269.00 INCLUDES METAL 230V £319.00 £299.00 CUTTING 240V £339.00 £329.00 DISC 2.5HP £599.00 £589.00 HONDA WAS DRIVE EXC. VAT 230V 230V £179.98 230V 230V -


• Auto ON/OFF float switch







MODEL EXC.VAT 150KG 3'11" x 3'11" Steel Work tower £209.00 SAFE WORKING 4 adjustable legs £54.99 LOAD 4 Castor Wheels £59.98


*Moulded base EXC.VAT £72.99 £149.98 £169.98

CCO14B in





EX.VAT 139.98






TIGER 2600




.98 149EXC.VAT

PETROL OUTPUT MAX EXC.VAT NEW ENGINE HEAD PW50 NEW 6.5HP 550 ltr/min 30m £149.98 PW2 6.5HP 416 ltr/min 26m £179.98 PW3 6.5HP 800 ltr/min 30m £199.98 CHS2E 4.0HP 700 ltr/min 23m £369.00






*Handles solids up to 30mm diameter † Sewage cutter pump MODEL MAX FLOW MAX EXC. LPM HEAD VAT CSE400A 115 8.0m £33.99 PSV1A* 140 5.8m £49.98 CSV2A (110V) 200 8.0m £129.00 HSEC651A (110V) 290 9.5m £199.00 DWP210A (110V) 600 10.8m £279.00 HSEC1400A† 430 13.0m £319.00

* Fitted with protective steel frame MODEL AIR MOTOR AIR EXC. DISP. CFM (HP) RECEIVER VAT XPPV11/50 9 Honda/5.5HP 50ltr £649.00 XPPVH11/50* 9 Honda/5.5HP 50ltr £699.00 XPP15/50 15 Honda/6.5HP 50ltr £669.00 XPPH15/50* 15 Honda/6.5HP 50ltr £729.00




+ CON1500RDV *Was £43.99 exc.VAT MODEL POWER (W) CAP (MM) CON400RHD* 400 10-30 CRD620 620 13-30 CON1200RD NEW 1200 13-40 CON720RHD 720 13-40 CON1500RDV 1500 13-40

EXC.VAT £39.98 £56.99 £65.99 £84.99 £89.98

SITE BOXES • Tough Steel Construction • Fully Lockable FROM ONLY HEADER .00 109 FOOTEREXC.VAT CSB100





DIMS (LxWxH) 810x485x360mm 1067x508x595mm 1220x615x682mm



EXC. VAT £109.00 £189.00 £229.00 CSL1400-A



175 KG




EX.VAT 139.98






BARNSLEY Pontefract Rd, Barnsley, S71 1EZ 01226 732297 B’HAM GREAT BARR 4 Birmingham Rd. 0121 358 7977 B’HAM HAY MILLS 1152 Coventry Rd, Hay Mills 0121 7713433 BLACKPOOL NEW STORE OPENS 6TH JULY 2017! BOLTON 1 Thynne St. BL3 6BD 01204 365799 BRADFORD 105-107 Manningham Lane. BD1 3BN 01274 390962 BRIGHTON 123 Lewes Rd, BN2 3QB 01273 915999 BRISTOL 1-3 Church Rd, Lawrence Hill. BS5 9JJ 0117 935 1060 BURTON UPON TRENT 12a Lichfield St. DE14 3QZ 01283 564 708 CAMBRIDGE 181-183 Histon Road, Cambridge. CB4 3HL 01223 322675 CARDIFF 44-46 City Rd. CF24 3DN 029 2046 5424 CARLISLE 85 London Rd. CA1 2LG 01228 591666 CHELTENHAM 84 Fairview Road. GL52 2EH 01242 514 402 CHESTER 43-45 St. James Street. CH1 3EY 01244 311258 COLCHESTER 4 North Station Rd. CO1 1RE 01206 762831 COVENTRY Bishop St. CV1 1HT 024 7622 4227 CROYDON 423-427 Brighton Rd, Sth Croydon 020 8763 0640 DARLINGTON 214 Northgate. DL1 1RB 01325 380 841 DEAL (KENT) 182-186 High St. CT14 6BQ 01304 373 434 DERBY Derwent St. DE1 2ED 01332 290 931 DONCASTER Wheatley Hall Road 01302 245 999 DUNDEE 24-26 Trades Lane. DD1 3ET 01382 225 140

EX.VAT 89.98



• 1800W motor • Laser guide • 78mm max. depth of cut


LENGTH SWL WHEN LOADED EX POSITION (M) CONCENTRICALLY (T) VAT 0 Closed 1.04 3.2 tonnes £26.99 2.1 tonnes 0 Extended 1.83 1 Closed 1.75 3.2 tonnes £33.99 1 Extended 3.12 1.7 tonnes 2 Closed 1.98 3.2 tonnes £38.99 1.7 tonnes 2 Extended 3.35



EX VAT £159.98 £279.00 £539.00

•Designed for vertical or raking support applications




Delivery & Suction hose available 3/4" - 8" Bulk quantities from only £1/metre FROM ONLY

EX.VAT 159.98

PLATE DIMS MODEL WxLmm MOTOR Evolution Hulk Electro 320x400 1.05HP Evolution Hulk Petrol 320x400 2.4HP BELLE MINIPAC 300 300x470 2.5HP



Powerful heavy duty professional drill ideal for trade use


• Heavy duty for tough pro use • Nail length 50-90mm • 80 magazine capacity



• Portable compressors ideal onsite • Air storage in protective steel frame (No Cert. Req.) #Honda engine MODEL DISPL MAX WORKING RECEIVER stock CFM MOTOR PRESSURE CAP EXC.VAT Champ 3 7 2HP 8 Bar 4 ltr £139.98 Champ (110V) 7.6 2HP 10 Bar 2.4 ltr £239.00 CFP9HND# 9 5HP 7 Bar 2.65 ltr £569.00



• 10mm chuck FROM ONLY • 2 Speed £ EX.VAT 69.98 • 2 Lithium-Ion batteries CON18LI MODEL BATTERYS NOW EXC.VAT CON18Ni 2 Ni-Cd £69.98 CON18Li 2 Li-Ion £89.98

• Mix plaster, paint, mortar, artex, cement ONLY etc. • Variable speed £82.99 EX.VAT control • 1100W motor Massive torque 31.5Nm 110V/230V


EX.VAT 139.98

• Fast accurate cutting of ferrous metals • Cuts material up to 100mm thick • Tough steel guard & base • Adjusts 0-45º for angled cutting

MOTOR MAX CUT FROM ONLY 90/45 £ EX.VAT 41.99 (mm) EXC.VAT CCS185B 1200W 65/44 £41.99 *Includes CON185* 1600W 60/40 £62.99 laser guide CCS2 1300W 60/45 £59.98

Honda & Diesel engine models in stock PRESSURE ENGINE EXC. MODEL BAR/PSI HP VAT Tiger1800 110/1595 2.6 £219.00 170/2465 4 £289.00 Tiger2600 Tiger3000 200/2900 6.5 £349.00 186/2698 6.5 £439.00 PLS195 260/3770 13 £669.00 PLS265







Great range of DIY and professional saws Ideal for bevel cutting (0-45°)









2000W motor No load speed 6600rpm Inc. diamond blade, lock nut wrench, side handle & kit box GA9020KD




EDINBURGH 163-171 Piersfield Terrace 0131 659 5919 EXETER 16 Trusham Rd. EX2 8QG 01392 256 744 GATESHEAD 50 Lobley Hill Rd. NE8 4YJ 0191 493 2520 GLASGOW 280 Gt Western Rd. G4 9EJ 0141 332 9231 GLOUCESTER 221A Barton St. GL1 4HY 01452 417 948 GRIMSBY ELLIS WAY, DN32 9BD 01472 354435 HULL 8-10 Holderness Rd. HU9 1EG 01482 223161 ILFORD 746-748 Eastern Ave. IG2 7HU 0208 518 4286 IPSWICH Unit 1 Ipswich Trade Centre, Commercial Road 01473 221253 LEEDS 227-229 Kirkstall Rd. LS4 2AS 0113 231 0400 LEICESTER 69 Melton Rd. LE4 6PN 0116 261 0688 LINCOLN Unit 5. The Pelham Centre. LN5 8HG 01522 543 036 LIVERPOOL 80-88 London Rd. L3 5NF 0151 709 4484 LONDON CATFORD 289/291 Southend Lane SE6 3RS 0208 695 5684 LONDON 6 Kendal Parade, Edmonton N18 020 8803 0861 LONDON 503-507 Lea Bridge Rd. Leyton, E10 020 8558 8284 LONDON 100 The Highway, Docklands 020 7488 2129 LUTON Unit 1, 326 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU4 8JS 01582 728 063 MAIDSTONE 57 Upper Stone St. ME15 6HE 01622 769 572 MANCHESTER ALTRINCHAM 71 Manchester Rd. Altrincham 0161 9412 666 MANCHESTER CENTRAL 209 Bury New Road M8 8DU 0161 241 1851 MANCHESTER OPENSHAW Unit 5, Tower Mill, Ashton Old Rd 0161 223 8376

POWER SOCKETS WEIGHT EX RATING OUTLETS (KG) VAT GENERAL DUTY 750VA 1 9 £52.99 CTR750/1 CTR1500/2 1500VA 2 12 £67.99 CTR2250/2 2250VA 2 17 £69.98 CTR3300/2 3300VA 2 19 £67.99 HEAVY DUTY 3300VA 2 17 £62.99 CTR3000 CTR4000/2 4000VA 2 20 £124.99 CTR6300/3 6300VA 2/1 40 £229.98

OPEN MON-FRI 8.30-6.00, SAT 8.30-5.30, SUN 10.00-4.00

MANSFIELD 169 Chesterfi eld Rd. South MIDDLESBROUGH Mandale Triangle, Thornaby NORWICH 282a Heigham St. NR2 4LZ NOTTINGHAM 211 Lower Parliament St. PETERBOROUGH 417 Lincoln Rd. Millfield PLYMOUTH 58-64 Embankment Rd. PL4 9HY POOLE 137-139 Bournemouth Rd. Parkstone PORTSMOUTH 277-283 Copnor Rd. Copnor PRESTON 53 Blackpool Rd. PR2 6BU SHEFFIELD 453 London Rd. Heeley. S2 4HJ SIDCUP 13 Blackfen Parade, Blackfen Rd SOUTHAMPTON 516-518 Portswood Rd. SOUTHEND 1139-1141 London Rd. Leigh on Sea STOKE-ON-TRENT 382-396 Waterloo Rd. Hanley SUNDERLAND 13-15 Ryhope Rd. Grangetown SWANSEA 7 Samlet Rd. Llansamlet. SA7 9AG SWINDON 21 Victoria Rd. SN1 3AW TWICKENHAM 83-85 Heath Rd.TW1 4AW WARRINGTON Unit 3, Hawley’s Trade Pk. WIGAN 2 Harrison Street, WN5 9AU WOLVERHAMPTON Parkfield Rd. Bilston WORCESTER 48a Upper Tything. WR1 1JZ

01623 622160 01642 677881 01603 766402 0115 956 1811 01733 311770 01752 254050 01202 717913 023 9265 4777 01772 703263 0114 258 0831 0208 3042069 023 8055 7788 01702 483 742 01782 287321 0191 510 8773 01792 792969 01793 491717 020 8892 9117 01925 630 937 01942 323 785 01902 494186 01905 723451

500 KG


Ideal for use by builders, maintenance workers, etc. Multi-position height adjustment with spring bolt safety lock Leg brace for stability

CSL1410-A MODEL SUPPORT HEIGHT EXC.VAT WIDTH RANGE CSL1400-A 730mm 660-930mm £18.99 CSL1410-A 1100mm 995-1410mm £34.99


ONLINE MAIL ORDER 0115 956 5555



I enquiry 541

*Was £299.00 inc.VAT #Was £569.00 inc.VAT MODEL KVA HP PG2500 2.2 6.5 3 7 PG3800 PG3800DV* 3 7 PG6500DVES# 5.5 13




Calls to the catalogue request number above (0844 880 1265) cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge For security reasons, calls may be monitored. All prices correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to change products and prices at any time. All offers subject to availability, E&OE.

MM1 Building News 270x380 indd 1

22/05/2017 17:08

TOOLS, SITE EQUIPMENT & SFAETY June 2017 View our publication online at www.



3M X 2M

Foldable and Free Stan nding g Vertical Panel Saws




 I enquiry 542



*Terms and Conditions apply


T: 0191 691 3044 E: I enquiry 543


I enquiry 544

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View our publication online at

June 2017


A STRONG CASE FOR SPECIFYING STEEL WINDOWS Crittall is the world’s longest established manufacturer and installer of steel windows dating back to 1849 when, from a modest Essex workshop, it began making blacksmith-type cast iron windows. Fast forward some 35 years to the invention of a revolutionary new iron-carbon alloy called mild steel, made possible by Henry Bessemer in 1884. This new technology was seized upon by the Crittall family who began fabricating steel window frames that could be made in much larger proportions as well as to a multiplicity of designs. The architectural world suddenly had more scope for creative development and this in turn helped fuel the art deco and modernist movements from the 1920s through to the 1940s when a barrage of new advances started to feed through: weatherstripping, double glazing, hot-rolled galvanizing, polyester powder coating and the introduction of tough window

test standards for wind, water and air penetration. But throughout this process of ongoing refinement and technological progress that brings us to the present day one underlying quality of steel windows has remained supreme: strength. Steel windows and doors utilise thin but strong profiles that provide a combination of security and elegance that no other materials can match. Designers can create large expanses of glazing to maximise daylight. And the material, which is now available in a truly enormous range of colours and finishes, is suited to both traditional and modern settings. And the craftsmanship and attention to detail that was a hallmark of Crittall’s earliest workshop has also

been carried through into the state-of-the-art manufacturing process that now produces the range of products in the company’s Braintree factory. For instance; in most of the ranges the hinges are welded on, not screwed, which makes them harder to tamper with; every frame corner is a fully welded unbroken profile meaning both a pleasing aesthetic and ultimate strength. The modern steel window is very different from its 1920s or 30s parent with which many people are familiar. The original putty sealant has been replaced by modern seals that provide clean lines, do not need redecoration and greatly enhance performance. Glazing types can be varied to exceed regulatory compliance


36-37.qxp_Layout 1 28/06/2017 14:10 Page 2


in solar gain, thermal insulation, privacy, acoustic control, security and safety.

View our publication online at

prestigious clients. These include major public organisations, international companies, leading hospitals and universities on both sides of the Atlantic.

The applications for which steel windows are specified by todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s architects and designers are infinitely varied. Traditional and heritage settings (where an original frame can be replaced appearing to be likefor-like, but incorporating the glazing and ventilation required to meet present day regulations); or contemporary and modern designs.

Steel windows are also fully compliant with current thermal insulation and energy efficiency requirements (Approved Document L of the Building Regulations). There is a common misconception that a nonthermally broken steel window cannot be thermally efficient.

Market sectors where Crittall steel windows and doors are found include residential, commercial, educational, healthcare and museums and galleries including many of the most iconic settings and

This is not the case. In fact, steel, relative to say aluminum, has a HIGH thermal Resistance R Value. And that means lower heat transference. Also, the inherent strength of steel profiles means a reduced

June 2017


cross section area further reducing relative heat transference. And, on elevation, the slim sightline of steel windows means a higher ratio of glass to steel which means lower U values and higher solar gain or G Values. It is well known that steel inherently resists fire making an excellent choice for both exterior and interior fire barriers; it can meet and exceed most acoustic regulations and has an impressive wind, water and air penetration performance. Steel is also the most universally recyclable of building materials including 100% recycled steel in the window manufacturing process and with the windows themselves being capable of recycling. A specifier needs to ensure that the products chosen for any job can be supplied from a respected and reliable source. Crittall has internationally recognised quality management and environmental management systems; its products comply with British Standards and it has all relevant accreditations and test certificates, not to mention a host of awards. A strong product from a strong company that continues to make a strong showing in the international marketplace. I enquiry 546


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View our publication online at June 2017



A matching front door and garage door can give a great first impression to the front of a house and also adds value to the property. Garador is the only manufacturer offering matching designs for its front doors and garage doors, with many of the styles in Garador’s most popular Up & Over and Sectional garage door ranges designed to complement its FrontGuard front door range. With a huge number of styles and colours available in both its FrontGuard front entrance doors range and its Up & Over and Sectional garage door ranges the choice of doors on offer is massive. There are 16 attractive colours for

NEW Exhibition Focusses the spotlight on Stoventec Glass A new exhibition in London is set to focus the attention of architects and developers on the tremendous design possibilities offered by StoVentec glass. The exhibition will run from 16th June – 29th September 2017, and will showcase the work of the Space Popular architecture and research practice. It will feature a unique installation designed using StoVentec glass, provided by Sto Ltd. Sto Werkstatt – the London showroom for the Sto Group - briefed Space Popular to work

FrontGuard front doors, 19 colours for Up & Over garage doors and 19 colours to choose from on sectional garage doors. But it is not just in design and colour that Garador’s FrontGuard front entrance doors and garage doors excel, their precision engineered and manufactured design makes them a cut above the rest. Garador’s places high priority on security, a modern requirement in any house today. All Garador FrontGuard doors are RC2 Security Equipment certified indicating that these doors feature multi-point locking for extra security. FrontGuard doors are also built with shatterproof glazing as standard; the outside pane is laminated security glass, whilst the inside pane is safety glass, which means that should the pane ever burst, it will not break into sharp edged pieces.

For those builders and specifiers looking for a garage door and front door package with great thermal insulation, Garador have a solution for that too. Its FrontGuard entrance door have a steel fascia, a thermal break built into the frame, quality rubber seals and a 46mm thick insulated door panel, helping to retain heat inside the house and keep heating bills down. A matching sectional garage door is also available for various designs, with 42mm insulation further contributing to heat retention in the garage, which is especially important for integral garages which are not separate from the main house. Available in a range of standard and purpose made sizes, Garador garage doors and front doors are precision engineered and built to last. To find out more about the full range of matching garage doors and front doors, ask your local Garador stockist for the new Garador Range brochure, visit or call us on 01935 443702.

I enquiry 547

with StoVentec Glass and emphasize the outstanding design possibilities offered by this material. Working with the extensive range of colour and size possibilities which are available, Space Popular created The Glass Chain - a display which explores an alternative future for glass in architecture. The Glass Chain from which the exhibition takes its name refers to the infamous exchange of letters by a group of German architects from 1919-1920. These explored the nature of glass and the potential it offered for creating fluid, organic and colourful buildings. I enquiry 134

Getting Wise to Potential of Smart Buildings GEZE UK is encouraging architects and specifiers to ‘switchon’ on to the benefits of developing smart buildings with the launch of a new brochure. Smart Solutions highlights safety systems and drive technology which can be used to

create innovative networked and modular solutions which allows GEZE windows and doors to be controlled from a single source. Linked into GEZE’s new interface modules – the IO 420 and the IQ box KNX - products can be integrated via widely used communication standards for homes and commercial buildings. Multifunctional GEZE products for doors and windows, combined

with networked system solutions, guarantee effective smoke and heat extraction, fire compartmentation and clear escape routes. And for buildings which have restricted areas, GEZE access control systems enable clear routes of escape – initiated when the system is triggered. I enquiry 135

W30 - the slimmest steel windows complying to current Part L building regulations


Designed for energy efficiency, W30 steel windows from Steel Window Association members are the slimmest steel options currently on the market which comply to current Part L building regulations. or domestic applications, the W30 system is B-rated by the BFRC. Each B-rated window incorporates an 18mm double glazed unit, comprising 4mm soft coat low e glass and 4mm clear low iron glass sandwiching a 10mm krypton gas-filled cavity with a warm edge spacer bar. In addition to the outstanding overall thermal performance of the window, the W30 is double weather-

stripped to improve weather tightness and thermal efficiency while a chamfered aluminium beading system secures the double glazed units. To prevent any rusting, the steel elements are galvanised and the windows are powder coated to stop further decoration being required. Various glazing decoration choices are available, including a special back-to-back spacer system to replicate original small or horizontal pane designs. Applied leading is available using a range of lead thicknesses to simulate traditional diamond or rectangle leaded lights in a double glazed window.

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Reynaers is a big hit at FIT

Leading aluminium systems company Reynaers made a big splash for the company’s first appearance at this year’s FiT Show. Reynaers showcased its range of aluminium window and door systems at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in May and showed off some big, brand new systems on its impressive 200 sq m stand. Hugh Moss, Head of Marketing at Reynaers, said: “We had one of the biggest aluminium stands at the show and had a huge amount of footfall. The show benefited from a record number of visitors and we certainly met up with a lot of potential new customers. “We had some spectacular applications of sliding, folding and open-corner patio doors at FIT, as well as windows in a range of design variants. We also showcased our impressive multi-level drainage curtain walling, as well as some European-inspired product exclusives.

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Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors Quote turnaround w within 2 hrs

from only

£350 per leaf

Up to 1200mm sash widths



Stock colours : White, Black, Grey, Grey on White




Working Days Lead Tim me


Working Days Lead e Time

Tel: 01642 610798 Fax: a 01642 671026

Tel: 01642 610799 Fax: 01642 615854 4

*Offer applicable to new customers on your first set of doors only. *Excludes Glass and Delivery. *Lead Time depending on delivery day to your area. *Based on a like for like quote.

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Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, with their approved fabricator LDG (Lancashire Double Glazing) completed the installation of aluminium curtain walling, windows and commercial doors to a new waterfront £8.6million flagship office block and call centre. Part of the Mersey Waters Enterprise Zone and the 500 acre Wirral Waters regeneration scheme, and built on previously derelict land, The Tower Wharf project saw the design of the 48,000 sq ft 4 storey office building which includes a roof terrace and office accommodation for around 800 staff. This project was also the Winner of Best Commercial Building at the 'RICS' 2016 Awards and the building achieved the BREEAM 'Excellent' rating for sustainability. To maximise natural daylight and facilitate the large glazed areas Comar 6EFT was specified as it offers architects a flexible system, providing a structurally glazed solution, with options for facets, concealed vents and an extensive range of profiles that cater for large structurally glazed panes. Comar 6EFT also offers the slimmest silicon or EPDM joints in the industry, which means the eye catching glazed area is maximised. LDG could ensure that this project could be completed within the restraints of the budget. Complying with the latest CWCT standards Comar 6EFT systems are mullion drained thermally broken structurally glazed curtain walling system with drained capping, pressure equalised and

drained is in accordance with BS6262. In a market where energy efficient designs and meeting the demands of the latest Building Regulations are paramount Comar 5P.i Auto Opening Vent, thermally efficient polyamide insulated windows were specified. These aluminium windows offer outstanding weather performance and reduce heat loss through the trademark P.i thermal break ensuring low U-values so energy bills are minimised. Comar 7P.i Commercial Door sets were the natural choice for this high traffic head office/call centre building. Comar 7P.i CD door sets can be hung from Comar 6EFT framing and are a natural choice for any busy environment. They are available in swing, pivot, sliding, auto-sliding and sliding folding options. I enquiry 549

A natural choice for any busy environment WE’RE IN! Network VEKA evolves into Independent Network

Size options for ISO-Chemie’s ISOTOP WINFRAMER


ISO CHEMIE’s ISO-TOP WINFRAMER thermal insulating and load bearing bracket system of the rapid and effective installation of windows, is now available in varying sizes from 80mm to 200mm to suit window depths. Having attained Passivhaus certified status, ISO-TOP WINFRAMER is a structurally solid, pre-fabricated installation frame manufactured in 1,200 mm lengths, which can be quickly cut to length on site and secured in position using a single component adhesive and, if necessary, fixing screws. This enables installers to position and fit windows into the insulation area between the inner and outer walls quickly and easily, avoiding the need to use metal brackets that cause non-repeating thermal bridging and give extensive problems when the windows need replacing. I enquiry 138

Network VEKA has announced the next phase in its evolution, rebranding as Independent Network. Built on a solid 20+ year heritage as a leading network of the UK’s most trusted independent installers, Network VEKA invested significantly in consumer research to identify opportunities to better connect with consumers. The research confirmed that the Network VEKA ‘recipe’ is fully aligned to consumer needs and exactly what they are looking for, however its ‘packaging’ required improvement to better engage with homeowners. Member companies – many of which have been part of the pioneering installer support organisation since its advent in 1996 – got their first look at Independent Network’s new branding at the recent Members’ Weekend.

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New Generation of Sliding Door Mechanisms

GEZE UK has enhanced its range of manual sliding door mechanisms with the addition of the Rollan 40 NT, the Rollan 80 NT and the Rollan 80 NT SoftStop – a new generation of fittings which are ideal for interior use in homes and businesses. They boast a smooth and simple operating action, are easy to fit and quiet to use. The systems can be used on doors weighing up to 40kg (Rollan 40 NT) or 80kg (Rollan 80 NT) and with any door material – wood, plastic, metal and even glass with clamped fittings. Perfect for use in schools, offices, hotels, residential centres as well as in the home, they are ideal space savers. In addition, they also provide the perfect solution for in-built storage requirements: cupboards, cloakrooms, walk-in wardrobes, or making bigger rooms more adaptable with the introduction of partition walls.

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New generation energy efficient steel windows from West Leigh Ideal for new build and renovation projects, where energy efficiency and aesthetics are key, the new MTS50 steel window offers narrow sight lines and a Uvalue as low as 1.4 W/m2K, depending on the glazing unit employed. The use of the system has been pioneered in the UK by West Leigh ( , working closely with Swiss designer and supplier, Ottostumm. It is based on highly engineered, thermally broken steel sections designed to closely replicate the character of the traditional W20 steel window. The design of the thermally broken profile means that MTS50 steel windows are manufactured differently from traditional solid, hot rolled steel section windows. With this in mind, West Leigh, a member of the Steel Window Association, developed new window manufacturing techniques and appropriate paint applications. In the twelve months since launching the MTS50 profile, the company has successfully employed it to fulfill over £1 million of supply and install orders.

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DOORS, WINDOWS & GLAZING June 2017 View our publication online at www.



LEAN--TO 3m x 2m

£382 +VAT


25mm Opal Poly 2

2.8m x 2.9m

£1014 +VAT Active Blue Glass

DOUB BLE HIP P 3.4m x 2.3m 3

Quote turnaroun nd within 2hrs rs Very competitive roof glass

in nc. Box Gutter

£1286 £ +VAT Active Blue Glass





Working Days Le ead Time

Tel: 016 642 610799 Fax: 016 642 615854

www.madefo *Offer applicable to new customers on your first roof only. **Based on a like for like comparison.

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June 2017

DOORS, WINDOWS & GLAZING ideal one-fit solution. The impregnated expansion sealing capability of the tape provides good protection against wind, rain and sound penetration, while also complementing the window system.” Up to 70% cost savings can be achieved using the ISOBLOCO ONE foam tape because it enables installers to seal windows from inside the building, avoiding the need to use time consuming and costly external access systems like scaffolding and ladders. The tape offers a single product ‘fit and forget’ solution for fast and effective sealing based around the European RAL principles of three level sealing - the inside seal area is more airtight than the external one, allowing any trapped moisture inside the joint, or within the wall, to escape outwards rather than into the building. The external seal area provides weather resistance and breathability, while the intermediate seal area provides extra thermal and acoustic properties and the internal one air tightness and humidity regulation. All three levels are designed to accommodate movement between the adjacent materials.

ISO-CHEMIE’S High Rise Sealing Solution for London Flats HIGH performance foam tape from ISO-CHEMIE will provide improved sealing of dozens of new windows being installed as part of a multi-million pound residential refurbishment project in South London.

The ISO-BLOCO ONE sealant tape has been specified by Northern Ireland-based window supplier Athena Windows for the Batimet aluminium clad wood windows its fitting at an apartment complex near Clapham Junction. There the tape, which is quick and easy-to-use, is being used to effectively seal window gaps to a 0.8W/M2k rating with added 63dB of sound reduction - the apartments face onto a busy main road - as an integral part of the windows’ eyecatching design. As well as providing a high performance and long lasting airtight solution, the tape ensures the windows, which each weigh up to 250 kg and have been hoisted into position by a crane mounted vacuum lifter, will remain weather proof to 1000 Pa – the equivalent to 130mph of constant driving rain. Colm O’Neill, managing director of Athena Windows, said: “We were looking for a sealing method to compliment the quality of the windows and found the ISO-BLOCO ONE an

The internal air tight seal has been tested at 1000 Pa pressure difference (20 times more than UK Building Regulations) and tested to achieve 0.00 m³ of air loss. At the same time, depending on tape width, it will also supply a U-Value as low as 0.55W/m2K and reduce sound by up to 63 dB, straight from the box. Product complies with energy saving regulations (EnEV) on windows and doors as well as the RAL quality assurance association and can accommodate extremes of temperature changes – from -30°C to + 80°C. I enquiry 552

REHAU Flush Fitting Windows chosen for Luxury London Development development, which will feature 2,800 homes once its completed. On one of the most recent phases of the development, REHAU presented its new flush fitting window from the TOTAL70 range to St George, and the developers were so impressed with the aesthetics and performance of the window that it was specified for a brand new eight-storey apartment block.

REHAU’s flush fitting casement windows have been specified for the new prestigious Beaufort Park development in Hendon, North West London.


Beaufort Park is one of the UK’s largest residential projects offering high-quality apartments and penthouses, surrounded by eight acres of landscaped parkland and courtyards. Developed by St George, Beaufort Park is designed to be a thriving community and also offers shops, bars, restaurants, a luxury spa and gym facilities for residents, all located within 30 minutes of Central London. REHAU windows have been used extensively throughout the

REHAU Commercial Manager Kevin O’Neill said: “We believe TOTAL70 offers the most versatile range of window and door styles in PVC-U, so there’s an option for every project. Our flush fitting window design is the latest addition to the TOTAL70 range, offering developers a sleek and contemporary looking window with slim sightlines, which also fits into standard reveals.” The flush fitting casement window from REHAU is a cost-effective alternative to both aluminium composite and timber windows and can achieve U-Values as low as 0.8 if required. It is also available in a choice of 25 foils and finishes, to suit a variety of designs preferences.

Almost 300 flush fitting casement windows have now been installed in the new apartment block at Beaufort Park by specialist commercial installer SEH Commercial. The windows, with a U-Value of 1.4, were fabricated and supplied by Southend-based Climatec Windows.

For more information please visit: I enquiry 553

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FD 30


IT’S A GREA AT T FEELING WHEN YOU’VE DONE NE A GREA AT T JOB, THA AT’S BEEN HASSLE FREE the FREE, th result lt iis SPOT ON and d your customer is happy!


COMPLETE WITH FULL TIMBER LINING KIT FOR A PERFECT FINISH That’s what you get with Eclisse. Pocket doors the way they should be …easy to install and great to use.


HELPFUL TECH SUPPORT Order by noon on a working day for delivery the next working day


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June 2017


Glazed Louvres Pass the Barrier Test Fieger UK report that three of their glazed louvre windows have passed BS6180 loading trials at the Lucideon test centre. The samples tested were single, double and triple glazed units. In accordance with the British Standard test procedure all units were subject to a minimum imposed load of 1.5kN. The procedure involved horizontal, point and distributed load tests.

The louvres are commonly used to provide natural light and smoke venting to residential buildings, within glazed facades and as a perimeter enclosure on fashionable apartment balcony winter gardens. The maximum deflection recorded was 16.37mm, against a permitted standard of 25mm. This was in the most severe test, the 1.5kN point loading of the single glazed louvre at its most vulnerable centre point. None of the tested louvre ventilators exceeded their elastic limits, even with a line load force of 3kN. All of the louvres remained functional after the tests. “We are delighted with these results. To put the tests in perspective, the most extreme test load is equal to the entire weight of two 23 stone men concentrated on a very small area in the centre of one louvre. In reality, should anyone fall against the ventilator the impact is likely to be distributed over a wide area. The distributed weight tests recorded

extremely low levels of deflection, the maximum being 3.3mm under a 1.5kN load,” noted Lindsay Eccles, Fieger’s UK managing director. Fieger glazed ventilation systems are used throughout the UK within glazed perimeter walling. Great care is taken in the manufacture of the units to ensure effective sealing between louvre blades to minimise heat loss by infiltration. In addition to singleglazed units, double and triple glazing, combined with insulated framework, can be used to achieve very low U values. Electrical actuation is generally deployed for positive opening and closure, although manual options are also available. Fieger equipment has been installed on many prestigious projects including the Riverlight development in Nine Elms, the Battersea Power Station redevelopment and the Student Hub at Queen’s University in Belfast.



on time. Various shortcut methods exist of course, such as using jointing clips, but none of these compare to an authentic cross joint,” he said.

The range of machinery from Mighton Products has grown again with the recent addition of the innovative XCut™ machine. Developed by Mighton’s in-house experts to improve the painstaking task of cross-jointing glazing bars, this compact semi-automatic milling machine measures just under 40cm wide and 45cm high. Mighton gave Tibby Singh, the former BBC Young Carpenter of the Year and now a professional tools and tech tester and reviewer, the opportunity to trial the XCut™ machine and see if mighty things really do come in small packages.

“There are a number of 45 degree angles incorporated in a traditional cross joint, making it a little more complex to achieve, so I was surprised how well the XCut™ machine simplifies the process. The machine itself was quick and easy to set up, the tools were easy to interchange and there was no lengthy manual or complicated computer program to learn before being able to get started,” he continued.

Tibby considered the task that the XCut™ has been produced to tackle: “Making any cross detail look strong and well finished can be a tricky task especially if you’re short

Once assembled, the X-Cut™ machine adjusts to accept bead profiles measuring anywhere from 9mm to 19mm in height and 12mm to 38mm wide. Any lengths over

500mm can be used with the option to add extending arms either side of the machine for ease of loading longer sections. “After slotting my chosen bead into place the machine’s three cutters then worked together to produce the cross cut,” explained Tibby. “Two cutters, one on either side, move up and down to produce two clean 45 degree cut outs whilst any dust is removed through the 63mm extraction outlet. This is followed by a third flute cutter gliding horizontally through the bead to create a hollowed-out section designed to accept other interlocking parts. Speed control is variable between 12,000 and 18,000 RPM to suit different materials, but on average it takes only 15 seconds before the cutting is complete. Tel: 01724 761111 I enquiry 555

“Even at this speed the X-Cut™ maintains a consistent high level of finish,” added Tibby, who writes about tool tech for trade magazines as well as demonstrating and evaluating products in the UK and overseas. “This is aided by features such as the thickness gauge tool. When setting the cutting depth required the X-Cut™ is designed to automatically increase measurements by half a millimetre, ensuring all components comfortably slot together every time.” Demonstrations of this and any other Mighton machines are available through the new Mighton Mobile Demonstration Vehicles. Available at home or work, this popular service gives customers the option to book a free appointment with a Mighton expert and receive a live demonstration showing how to get the most out of a potential purchase. Flexible finance options are also available making the Mighton XCut™ easily attainable for small to medium joinery companies. To learn more about the range of Mighton machinery or to order a new catalogue visit or call 01223 497097.

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DOORS, WINDOWS & GLAZING June 2017 View our publication online at www.


P700 Snap-Fit Timber Supported Glazing Bar System When margins are tight and you need to squeeze every penny out of a job the ͹ͲͲ•ƒ’Ǧϐ‹––‹„‡”•—’’‘”–‡† glazing bar could be just what you are looking for. Designed for installing multiwall polycarbonate in 10mm, 16mm or 25mm thicknesses onto a minimum rafter width of 45mm. ‡ƒŽ•‘Šƒ˜‡ƒ”ƒ‰‡‘ˆ— ƒ†’”‘ϐ‹Ž‡•ǡ™Š‹…Šƒ”‡ƒ…‘•– effective alternative to aluminium.


Each pack consists of: ȈͳšŽ—‹‹—„ƒ•‡„ƒ” Ȉͳš—•ƒ’Ǧϐ‹–…ƒ’

Ȉ ƒ•‡–• Ȉͳš†’Žƒ–‡™‹–Š•…”‡™

Check out our range of glazing bars, accessories, multiwall & solid polycarbonate at T: 01925 826314 | E: I enquiry 557

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PORTFOLIO COLLECTION FROM PREMDOR, A STUDY IN DETAIL. When the Premdor product development team designed The Portfolio Collection, the range established new market standards for internal door design and in particular quality of construction and attention to finer detailing. The solid core door collection is faced using natural veneers and utilising Premdor’s innovative Veneer Match Technology, producing consistent colour and grain yet still allowing for natural variation, ensuring no two doors are ever identical. Each door is available with sophisticated, contemporary glazing options with fine detailing including colour co-ordinated glazing beads, presenting a perfect colour finish. FD30 and FD60 BWF certified Fire

Doors are also available throughout the range. Further attention to detail is demonstrated by colour co-ordinated, solid lippings along the two long edges of each door, the lippings can be trimmed to size if necessary. The Portfolio Collection presents four distinct design themes comprising Natural, Exotic, Contemporary and Classic delivering nineteen aspirational designs with trend setting innovations in colour palette and grain combinations, sure to inspire Architects, Designers and Building Professionals alike, who maintain an eye for detail.

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45 To see more of the exciting PORTFOLIO collection, request a catalogue by ringing 0844 209 0008 or visit

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June 2017


Climaflex® made of NMC Naturefoam The new reference in climate protection NMC the leading international player in the development, production and marketing of synthetic foams has developed a foam based on renewable raw materials. This innovation significantly improved the climate and energy performance of NMC products and helps towards protecting the climate and resources. As a family company, NMC stands for quality and climate protection. Plant-based raw materials make the difference The new NMC Naturefoam® is made mainly from polyethylene manufactured from sugarcane. Sugarcane grows back every year absorbing CO2 as it grows and thereby saving finite resources such as oil. NMC Naturefoam® is available for NMC quality brands CLIMAFLEX® and EXZENTROFLEX®.

Environmental product declaration (EPD) for Climaflex® made of NMC Naturefoam® shows impressive results.


Top Class Product properties CLIMAFLEX® and EXZENTROFLEX® from NMC Naturefoam® have the same technical properties as the previous CLIMAFLEX® in terms of: • Insulation values • Fire performance • Simple installation by craftsman • Longevity

The EPD for the Climaflex range made of NMC Naturefoam® certified by the IBU (Institute for Construction & Environment) proves that the CO2 emission in the entire production process from cradle to the factory gate could be reduced to zero which is clearly better than initially estimated. In the production of the previous Climaflex formulation these emissions amounted to 62.8kg CO2 per m3 of foam whereas in common rubber insulation they can come between 200-220kg per m3 of foam.

Climate protection as a major driver in renovation and construction Politicians and consumers are demanding more sustainability in all areas of life, including in the construction industry. Consistent environmentally conscious construction and restoration thus means • Using materials which generate fewer greenhouse gases, • Contain a high percentage of renewable raw materials • Manufactured by means of environmentally sensitive production processes.

Pipe Insulation made NMC Naturefoam® offers double the contribution to climate protection Technical pipe insulation products carrying the proven NMC quality brands CLIMAFLEX® and EXZENTROFLEX® are improved by the use of at least 50% renewable materials. Recycled manufacturing scrap and additives to improve insulation values and fire protection complete the composition.

More information on NMC Naturefoam® is available from; nmc (uk) ltd Tel: 01495 713266 Fax: 01495 713277 Email: Web: I enquiry 561

ROOFING, CLADDING & INSULATION June 2017 View our publication online at www.


Cut to Size Polycarbonate Sheet Why give yourself the unnecessary hassle of trying to cut polycarbonate sheet yourself when we can do it for you? Cut your waste to a minimum and make handling and transporting your sheets much easier, saving you both time and money. t'SFFPGDIBSHFDVUUJOHTFSWJDF t(FUUIFTQFDJýDEJNFOTJPOTUIBU you need t"WPJEUIFQPTTJCMFDPOUBNJOBUJPO PGDVUUJOHPOTJUF


Ordering your sheet couldn't be easier. Visit our website and enter your requirements into our easy to use online cut-to-size tool, or get in touch by phone or email.

01925 826314 I enquiry 562

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The property in Leicestershire originally featured a render finish to the entire upper level. It had become patchy and discoloured and either needed replacing or covering. Likewise the white fascia and black guttering were also in need of updating. The homeowner was introduced to the Freefoam range by local supplier Tru Plastics Ltd. Fitting PVC cladding to the exterior gave the property an instant facelift. The homeowner chose Fortex Pro, a Double Shiplap style board, in Slate Grey. Adding a woodgrain foil finish fascia and soffit in Anthracite Grey and a gutter system in the same shade created an attractive co-ordinated look. Russell Skellett from Tru Plastics explained “Being able to offer homeowners a complete suite of products in coordinating and matching colours is a major USP for our company. Our customers are asking more and more for colour and the Freefoam range gives us the perfect solution” Trends are changing for external building products particularly doors, windows and roofline. For many years white was the only option and the only choice. Colour was rationed and difficult to get and often had

to be ordered well in advance and in large quantities. But things have changed. Developers, architects and specifiers have seen the advantages of using colour as a signature for their building projects. And homeowners, inspired by property and home improvement programmes, now regularly choose colour as they look to personalise their property and give it the ‘wow’ factor Freefoam is the colour specialist. Manufacturing fascia and soffit in eight stunning shades and eight woodgrain finishes alongside cladding products in ten beautiful contemporary shades gives customers a really wide choice. Colin St John, UK Commercial Director commented “Our colour range has been developed specifically to enable our customers to win business. It gives them a wide range of options to meet the demands of today’s market place. We have established ourselves as leaders in the manufacture of colour PVC building products and this case study is another example of how Freefoam products are delivering real solutions to customer needs” I enquiry 565

EVERYONE’S GOING GREY! Freefoam Building Products are delighted to showcase this recent installation using their complete range of grey PVC roofline and cladding products.

Alumasc’s VAEPLAN protects stunning development A new Alumasc VAEPLAN waterproofing membrane provides an effective, long-lasting roofing solution at Oyster Wharf, Mumbles, a stunning restaurant, retail and spa/gym development designed to transform and revitalise this prominent waterfront site at one of Wales’ most famous seaside destinations. A full Alumasc warm roof system, with VAEPLAN’S proven durability qualities, makes it resistant to the Swansea Bay sea air - a key factor in the system’s selection. Once the area/deck space had been

Metsec launches new wide flange Purlins product Voestalpine Metsec plc has launched its newest purlins product line, the wide flange purlin. Metsec is first to market with the product after identifying a need in the claddings market for a flange with a wider surface for fixing to. Previously, cladders working on a project that required a larger fixing face would have to engineer a solution


cleaned and primed, using Alumasc Primer, Alumasc’s South Wales-based registered contractor, Span Roofing Contractors Ltd, installed the vapour barriers and PIR Insulation. They then rolled the VAEPLAN single ply membrane over the insulation boards, flush with any upstands.

I enquiry 142

from existing products and work around the problem. The introduction of this product means that the roofing contractor has an onhand, bespoke, engineered solution which reduces the amount of materials and labour needed, as well as providing a cost saving. Kevin Jones, sales director for Metsec Purlins, said: “Our focus is on service and meeting our customers’ needs at all times. In speaking with our customers we realised claddings that needed a larger fixing face was a pain point for them, and so we developed our wide flange purlin product that would give an engineered, fit-for-purpose solution. “By introducing this into the market, we aim to save both time and money for our customers as well as providing an easy-touse solution that we hope will become the standard for claddings with larger fixing faces.” I enquiry 143

VELUX® adds three more sizes to curved glass rooflight range Roof window manufacturer VELUX® has added three more sizes to its world’s first curved glass rooflight range. The VELUX curved glass rooflight, designed for flat roofs, is now available in eight different sizes and features CurveTech, an innovative curve-shaped glass top that lets rainwater easily drain off the surface – even on completely flat roofs. That means daylight is able to shine through without raindrops getting in the way. The eight different sizes of rooflights provide homeowners with flexibility when looking for roof windows to match their room size. I enquiry 144

Xtralite joins BIM library

The national BIM (Building Information Modelling) library has proved hugely successful to architects and specifiers for both new build construction and retro-fit renovation projects with a wide variety of products available. Now, a leading rooflight manufacturer has added a range of its products to the library so that this important

element of allowing natural light into buildings, providing ventilation, and complying with associated standards and regulations can be addressed at the time of specification. “BIM is a very useful tool and one that we are proud to be associated with,” said Jim Lowther sales director Xtralite. “We appreciate the importance of the tool during the specification process and how it supports the digital construction process delivering greater efficiencies and flexibilities in building design.” Many products, including Xtralite’s X2 range, are featured with National NBS BIM library which also includes all technical specifications such as UV ratings, dimensions and suitability statistics. I enquiry 145

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ROOFING, CLADDING & INSULATION June 2017 View our publication online at www.


Heat Reflecting Membrane technology has proved its worth Cabins: Every square metre will save 23kg of CO2/annum when fitted within an uninsulated wall or roof. For over 15 years it has been successfully specified in cabins providing the most cost-efficient insulation method for this type of building.

Long-life Heat Reflecting Membranes made from a various sheet materials were conceived by NASA space scientists to protect orbiting craft from solar radiation. This heat control technology has spawned a variety of terrestrial applications. These include the famous “space” blankets that keep athletes and accident victim’s warm, heat-reflecting sheaths for water tanks, airconditioning ducts, heat-sensitive equipment and even racing car components. Colin Hawkes, Managing Director at UK based Apollo Energy Research provides an overview of his company’s membrane products that feature low emissivity surfaces. Established in 1995, the company developed mass production techniques allowing the manufacture of tough, cost-effective membranes for the construction sector. Successfully used worldwide within domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural

premises they reduce a building’s carbon footprint by blocking radiant heat, stabilise heat loss or heat gain, air movement and the ingress of humidity. In recent years Apollo Heat Reflecting Membranes (HRMs) have gained an international reputation for quality and performance as yet un-matched by any other company supplying these types of product. One of the first international distribution deals were with a Singapore based company that sold product in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Noteworthy projects where a HRM was installed included Raffles Hotel and Olympic venues. Apollo has developed a product range that now includes low emissivity Heat Reflecting

Membranes for lining various building types including warehouses, agricultural buildings, homes and cabins. Eco-Brite® is just one of the membranes developed by our company. BBA Certified, it is a 135 microns thick, composite laminate of aluminium foil, a tough polyethylene film and metallised polyester film finished with a non-tarnish coating. It prevents 96% of radiating energy passing through structures, is a vapour barrier and helps make buildings air-tight.

SafeGuard, the major supplier of glass related products and services across the UK, is delighted to be confirmed as glass supplier for the second phase of refurbishment work being carried out on the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

the past 14 years and have always received great products and service and have built up a strong relationship with them. Obviously a project like the Victoria & Albert Museum is high profile, so when we were awarded the contract for Phase One, we knew exactly who we could rely on to deliver what we needed, when we needed it - and we

To see the full range of membranes offered go to I enquiry 567

Timber frame, brick or block built homes and loft conversions: Every square metre will save 12.33kg of CO2/annum when fitted within a fibre insulated structure.

Roofglaze selects SafeGuard for second phase on Victoria & Albert Museum

Having already successfully partnered with Roofglaze on the supply of over 700m2 of glass for the first phase of the refurbishment project, Steve Vowles, Flatglass Commercial Manager at Roofglaze, explains why SafeGuard was the obvious choice to continue with the project: “We have worked with SafeGuard for

Colin Hawkes concludes, “Apollo HRMs have been used successfully within the fabric of portable and static cabins, prefabricated and modular building systems associated with site, domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural uses. In combination with fibre insulation, Eco-Brite provides the most costefficient insulating method available that meets the requirements of current Building Regulations”.

weren’t disappointed. Things went really well and as we embark on Phase Two we’re delighted it will include another 700m2 of 6mm toughened and heat soak tested Guardian Sunguard High Selective Super Neutral 70/37, backed with 6.8mm laminated clear glass, supplied by SafeGuard.

“SafeGuard is a great company to work with. Over the years we have built a strong relationship and we know we can rely on them to deliver, which is why they are our preferred glass supplier, who we would always use where the project specifications allow.” Nick Welsh, Managing Director of SafeGuard concludes: “We are delighted to partner with Roofglaze for the second phase at the Victoria & Albert Museum. They are a great customer of ours who supply superb products and whether that be to a domestic customer or main contractor they always take the same amount of care and attention to detail. There are a lot of parallels in the way we work and what we want to achieve for our customers, which is why I believe we’ve built such a strong relationship over the years – and we look forward to many more ahead.” For more information on the work carried out by Roofglaze at the Victoria & Albert Museum project, log on to ooflight-solutions-in-museums/ For more information on SafeGuard or its product offering call 01780 751442 or visit I enquiry 566


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Deck kit out! Liniar launches low maintenance, hassle-free decking kits

Whether you’re a builder looking to explore options to develop new markets, or an experienced decking installer keen to switch to a more efficient product, Liniar decking kits have been designed for a simple, stylish assembly. With more than 15 years of experience in the PVCu decking and fencing market, Liniar’s decking kits have been specifically devised to be easily installed in approximately half the time of a standard deck. Because each kit is made to order, on-site preparation and cutting is kept to a minimum, meaning each kit can be constructed with little waste to dispose of and no hassle. Made in the UK: The Liniar range is designed, modelled, tooled, manufactured, foiled and stocked at its own state-of-the-art facility in the heart of the UK. Well renowned for style, high quality, strength, low maintenance and durability, there’s a whole host of additional benefits to Liniar decking now that it’s available in kit form. Liniar’s galvanised steel sub-frame, unparalleled in the market, now comes part assembled and has been strength tested with a weight of 1.25 tonnes. No fiddly cutting: The only fully sculptured balustrade system available also comes pre-fabricated, meaning no more fiddly cutting and fitting of handrails with pickets. Available in seven colours, including four foiled finishes, from stock, alternative foil finishes are also available and made to order.

Liniar ’s woodgrain-effect deckboards are available in five attractive colours and cut to length for a hassle-free installation. Low maintenance : By reinforcing the posts and balustrades with steel, there’s no timber to create a fire risk or to rot in damp conditions. And with no sanding, staining or painting required, homeowners will love their low-maintenance and long-lasting decking area. You can even add matching gates and steps to your installation, which are delivered pre-fabricated – all saving the installer an incredible amount of time on site. Kits are supplied with all necessary fixings and required hardware to assemble the deck. Saving time all round: As well as saving time on installation, all of these benefits remove any issues finding sufficient space on site for cutting and assembly, keeping mess and noise to a minimum, while also removing the need for stock-holding. With a vast selection of standard designs to choose from, plus a bespoke facility available, along with a simple ordering system, Liniar decking kits have been specifically developed to save time all-round for busy installers. For more information go to or call 01332 883900. You can see for yourself just how simple Liniar decking kits are to assemble by watching our installation video on our website I enquiry 568


Liniar decking gives a stylish finish to any property

Liniar’s woodgrain-effect deckboards, cut to length for a hassle-free installation

Liniar’s galvanised steel sub-frame, unparalleled in the market

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The future of composite decking • 25 year residential warranty • Doesn’t look or feel plastic • Matt Finish • Brushed Feel • Low Maintenance • 90% Recycled • Easy to Fit Contact Hoppings Quality Decking for your free sample on 0800 849 6339 or visit

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New Pocket Commercial Landscaping Directory from Charcon

Charcon has published its 2017 trade directory in a new, handy 49-page pocketsized, spiral-bound format for complete ease of use. The pocket guide is filled with all the technical information that customers would need to know about the Charcon range and serves as a valuable reference tool for architects, specifiers, contractors, subcontractors and merchants alike. It covers the complete breadth of Charcon’s commercial landscaping range and includes sections on natural stone, flag paving, block paving, kerbs and water surface solutions. Whilst each section is marked with a coloured divider, allowing the user to flip easily to the product category required, each page accommodates a sliding scale of product data, offering a quick reference to

alternative products where required. Easily recognisable symbols accompany each page to clearly highlight key product features, indicating for example whether a product is BIM-enabled, durable, sustainable, ethically traded, BES 6001 accredited, etc. The directory is designed to work in conjunction with Charcon’s more in-depth 123-page A4 landscape commercial landscaping portfolio, cross-referencing to relevant pages which feature case studies and a wider selection of imagery which together showcase the products in application.

Flexseal demonstrate product quality with new WRc Approval

a Flexseal Mulitbush, as a secure connection can be made between any DN150 lateral pipe material and any concrete or clay pipe from DN300 and above, providing the wall thickness of the larger pipe is a minimum or 27.5mm. “This is the most universal lateral connection ever launched by Flexseal and we’re proud to have the product outperform all of the strict testing criteria set out by WRc. We always develop products with customers in mind and endeavour to solve real site issues; having WRc’s backing will hopefully go a long way to reassuring those customers that the Unisaddle is a reliable option and that the Flexseal brand is one that contractors and merchants can trust” stated Ben Beatson, Product Development Manager for Flexseal.

The Unisaddle FA150U, a new lateral connection product made by Flexseal, has received WRc approval. The Unisaddle is designed to connect DN150 lateral pipes into a concrete or clay pipeline. Flexseal claim the product is a ‘onesize-fits-all’ connection when combined with


In these days of increasingly volatile weather, it is prudent to fit anti-flooding valves to any inlet water pipes below floodable level to prevent storm water, or at worst sewage, from back-flowing to inundate bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and wet rooms of all types. Dallmer, the German supplier of high quality, practical and often innovative drainage products manufactures a range of valves under the Stausafe name that, when fitted to the inlet pipe, offer instant protection against the very real dangers of backflow in times of storm or flood. All the models in Dallmer’s Stausafe range of valves have ABS housings but all moving parts are in high quality stainless steel to ensure precision operation at all times. The Stausafe E and H valves are designed to deal with rainwater only and operate via a pivoted flap in stainless steel that automatically closes when a surge in water supply occurs.

Harmer Drainage specified for new Hilton Hotel, Minories London Harmer Building Drainage, part of Alumasc Water Management Systems (AWMS), has recently supplied its leading SML below ground drainage system to a major London development. The project, sited at The Minories, Aldgate, sees the introduction of the first Canopy by Hilton hotel in the UK which is scheduled to open in 2018. Working with contractors PCW Drainage Ltd and A J Morrisroe, Harmer supplied below ground drainage for the hotel’s new double storey basement box. Harmer’s SML cast iron soil and waste pipes provide a lightweight, dry jointed system at the leading edge of cast iron technology. It’s a complete soil and waste below ground pipework system that is strong, durable, easy to install, noncombustible, and allows for direct connection from soil to drain to sewer.

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DALLMER Antiflooding valves give peace of mind


The RS model is remarkably robust valve operating with two pivoted flaps one behind the other in the pipe and is capable of withstanding severe flow increases with ease while the top of the range F valve designed specifically to deal with the rigours of sewage-ridden flood water. The Stausafe F is fitted with an electronic flood sensor linked to the first pivoted flap that closes automatically and is fitted with an electrically operated lock and has the back up of a second self-operating flap this time with the manual lock that is standard on he other models.

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TREX Decking Trex Company, the world’s No 1 decking brand, offers a simple and easy way to build with green materials whilst not compromising on look and feel. Comprised of more than 95 percent recycled materials, Trex composite decking provides the look and feel of real wood, without the environmental impact. Offering an elegant finish requiring minimal maintenance, Trex resists fading, scratching and mould growth so, unlike wooden decking, it won’t rot, warp, crack, split or splinter. Trex never needs sanding, oiling or staining – and spills and debris are easily washed away with soap and water.

12,000 PSI jet vac tanker takes on the cowboy pipe fillers Lanes Utilities is deploying a new 12,000 PSI jet vac tanker to tackle the menace of cowboy builders who dispose of concrete by pouring it down sewers. The new JHL high-pressure unit has the power to blast concrete from the inside of a sewer, preventing the need for a costly and time-consuming excavation to replace

Resiblock is top of the list for Van Der Vlist Car Park

A new 250m2 Car Park for the employees of one of Europe’s leading Heavy Haulage specialists has been installed, and now sealed using Resiblock ‘22’. The Car park was part of a larger 3000m2 development of Van Der Vlist’s base on Burma Drive, Hull. Resiblock ‘22’ was selected following consultations between Resiblock, Keyline (Hull) and Contractors Wright Civil Engineers. The previous success of Resiblock ‘22’ at Port of Salalah, Oman, played a significant role in the selection of Resiblock ‘22’ for this transporter base. Port of Salalah, much like the Van Der Vlist site, expected large, regular volumes of traffic, with sand loss and paver destabilisation being a major concern. The long-lasting sealing, stabilising and paver protection provided by Resiblock ‘22’has led to the Resiblock ‘22’ product being used at multiple sites each year, now including Van Der Vlist in Hull. I enquiry 148

Trex decking is available locally through Arbordeck stores with prices starting from £75m² including VAT (tax) and secret fixings.

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the blocked pipe. The specialist jet vac tanker is more than four times more powerful than a standard machine. It is supporting the work of Lanes Utilities, part of Lanes Group plc, as the wastewater network maintenance partner for Thames Water. Thames Water has become increasingly concerned about the instances of concrete, and other difficult-to-remove materials, causing sewer blockages that can disrupt services for hundreds of wastewater customers at a time. In February 2017, the company had to begin a major civil engineering project to remove a 10-metre section of main sewer under Hanover Park, Peckham, South London, which was found to be completed filled with concrete. Other construction materials, such as mortar, grout and mastic can get into drains and sewers. Once solidified, they create snagging points for other materials wrongly disposed of down drains, such as wet pipes and sanitary products. I enquiry 152

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EXTERNAL WORKS & DRAINAGE June 2017 View our publication online at www.

Nostell Priory Holiday Park on solid ground with BPC Fixings Blue Sky Resorts Ltd, operator of Nostell Priory Holiday Park, has specified BPC Fixings’ Powapost® Bolt Down Post Shoes for a new boundary fence at its venue in Nostell, West Yorkshire.

“Our post shoes take some beating and that is one of the reasons why Nostell Priory Holiday Park specified them,” said Gareth Simister, Managing Director at BPC. “Our range of Bolt Down Post Shoes are also available in 50, 60, 75, 90 and 100mm versions. All sizes are available in standard Twin Bolt and easyGrip design.”


The Twin Bolt arrangement allows the shoe to be securely tightened around timber posts, and also enables easy removal of damaged or rotten posts. Alternatively, the easyGrip version features a wedge type grip which allows quick and easy installation without the need for tightening bolts. Both are designed to be fixed to a solid substrate base such as concrete, timber or paving. BPC Fixings, based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, manufactures and supplies high quality fixings to merchants and stockists around the UK. 2017 is the 40th anniversary for the company, having been formed in 1977, since when it has grown into an established UK manufacturer of galvanised and stainless steel building and fencing components. For more information on BPC Building Products, or to find your local stockist, visit: I enquiry 572

BPC Fixing’s Powapost® Bolt Down Shoe range is designed for use when posts are required to be installed on an existing hard surface such as a concrete or timber base. Post shoes from BPC are ideally suited for use during construction of a wide range of landscaping projects such as fencing, gazebos, pergolas and many other garden and landscaping projects. Nostell Priory Holiday Park used BPC’s PowaPost® post shoes to install a timber post and rail fence alongside a new footpath at the park. The holiday park is located in a forest glade within the grounds of the National Trust’s Nostell Priory Estate. Specifiers in the procurement team at Blue Sky Resorts chose BPC Fixings’ 90 x 90mm post shoe (PS1/90) because they had used the company’s products previously and knew they were excellent quality. The items were sourced from Howarth Timber and Building Supplies’ branch in nearby Wakefield, with BPC Fixings delivering direct to the customer in packs of six. The company also offers a range of complementary PowaPost ® fencing, decking and gardening ranges. These include Drive-In Post Spikes, Flush Fit Bolt Down Shoes, Concrete-In Post Shoes, repair spikes, post extenders and supports.

Call: 01555 870003 Email: Web:

Recycled Rubber Playground Tiles

Artificial Grass Topped Rubber Tiles

EPDM Rubber Playground Tiles

Available in 500x500mm, 1000x1000mm, 25-100mm thick Tested In Accordance With EN1176 & EN1177


Tel: 0845 2600024 • Fax: 0845 2600025 Email: • MEADOWS MILL, BURNLEY ROAD, BACUP, LANCASHIRE OL13 8BZ I enquiry 570

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Going the extra mile to help recycling business get back on track

between them starting and finishing work it was amazing. The weather here in Cumbria was pretty bad during that period but they carried on and got the job done. By midFebruary the building was up and running.” Mr Parfitt said he was particularly impressed by the service from Spaciotempo. In particular how the company looked after all the paperwork and legislation for health and safety and installing the building - all at short notice and within budget. He said:” To give us what we wanted at such short notice was excellent. It is a good building too. We do eventually want to have a more permanent structure but for the short to medium term this really matches our needs. We will use the building for the next three years but it is so useful we are already talking to Spaciotempo about extending this period. We have no plans to return to the original recycling facility.”

With the danger of waste recycling piling up due to a fire at their main facility, Cumbria Waste Group needed a company which could work quickly, efficiently and cost effectively to get them back to business as usual. The problem was the destruction had been so complete there was no chance of getting the plant up and running again within a suitable timeframe. The business was able to divert the waste but ultimately needed a more sustainable and comprehensive way of dealing with the situation. The facility handles 24,000 tonnes of waste paper and card recycling every year. The fire at the plant destroyed the site and all the equipment which went with it. It left the company with a headache i.e. the danger of tonnes of recycling material with nowhere to go. A situation which would have been unacceptable to customers and the public. Ian Parfitt, Engineering Manager at Cumbria Waste Group said while the business had always had a Plan B in place it was uneconomical in the long term. Mr Parfitt said: “Waste doesn’t stop coming just because our facility isn’t working. We put our contingency plans in place to direct the waste to another site while we carried out the clean-up operation. But we knew it was going to be a long drawn out operation. If we had continued in that way the company and its business would have suffered.” The company did have another facility five miles north of Carlisle and decided to install a short to medium term temporary building at the site to provide a cost effective solution to diverting the waste. But there was a potential problem.

Mr Parfitt said:” Our biggest worry was whether we would be able to find a suitable building and get planning permission in time. We were now heading towards the Christmas break when local councils would shut down. But this is one of our busiest periods as people want to get rid of their waste during the holiday. We weren’t sure it could all be done in time. “We spoke to a number of companies but it was Spaciotempo who really stood out. They came up with a plan which met our requirements, was cost effective and could be delivered on time with the relevant permissions in place.” The Spaciotempo team began putting in the foundations to start with and within a few weeks the frame for the building was in place. The building was 35 metres x 25 metres and eight metres high. Mr Parfitt said: “The team were fantastic. Considering there was a two week Christmas break in

Scott Jameson, Managing Director of Spaciotempo said: “We were pleased to be able to help Cumbria Waste with the situation they found themselves in. We understood they had to have a quick turnaround but more than that it had to be a building which was sustainable in the short to medium term. It had to be robust enough to work as a recycling waste centre but also able to be installed quickly because we knew their clients and the public were relying on them. “We do take the headache away from companies like Cumbria Waste Group because we can look after all the relevant legislation like planning and health and safety. As for Ian’s praise for our team’s I can only say this. We knew it was important to them to be up and running as quickly as possible and therefore it was important to us. When we say our customers are our top priority we really do mean it.” Mr Parfitt added: “This was the first time we had used Spaciotempo and we would definitely use them again. They gave us what we wanted, when we wanted it and went the extra mile to make sure the whole process ran smoothly allowing us to get our business back on track.”

Web: I enquiry 573

The VEKA UK Group names Renolit 'Supplier of the Year' Renolit has scooped the top accolade in The VEKA UK Group's second annual Supplier of the Year awards. The VEKA UK Group is committed to quality in every aspect of product and service, and the team are proud to celebrate

RCM achieves top compliance accreditation

suppliers that go above and beyond in providing the materials needed for VEKA and Halo's industry-leading PVC-U profile systems. Other category winners included; Chick Plastics for 'Ancillaries' and EWS (Manufacturing) Ltd for 'Technical In-House Design'. Renolit won best 'Manufacturing Consumables', as well as being named 'Supplier of the Year'. The company provides the high spec foils that make up The VEKA UK Group's enviable 'Variations' colour collection. Renolit's CEO Dave Hall commented:

“We are honoured to have received The VEKA UK Group Supplier of the Year Award. We have a long-standing trading relationship with the Group of over 20 years. In this time, VEKA has grown and developed its business model significantly. This has naturally led to higher expectations in terms of service, quality and innovative products. VEKA’s collaborative and professional approach has allowed our business to develop, adapt and grow with them. For this reason in particular, we are proud to receive the award.”

RCM are proud to announce that they are now fully endorsed and accredited by Constructionline as an approved supplier to the construction industry. This achievement re-enforces RCM’s standards and capabilities in supplying quality building boards and

facades, as well as offering complete through wall solutions. Constructionline, which is part of Capita plc, brings together buyers and suppliers, helping customers achieve more. Building value from beginning to end in the supply chain and procurement cycle, Constructionline is the UK’s most connected and progressive provider of procurement and supply chain management services. Established in 2004, RCM is a major supplier of complete through wall solutions to the UK construction industry.


Bell Flow Systems has recently supplied a Stainless Steel Turbine Meter to Awash Winery in Ethiopia. Not only is this winery the largest in the country, but it is also part owned by UK equity firm chaired by Sir Bob

Geldof. Awash currently bottles seven million litres of wine annually. It plans to boost production under 12 brands, including the well-known Axumite, Awash and Gouder names. Gouder is a national brand Geldof first tasted in 1984, when he got back from areas of drought in the north that had taken the world by shock. The

Designer Contracts has been named ‘Take Back Partner of the Year’ by Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK) for the third time at the annual awards and conference held at Aston Villa Football Club.

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BLFT Turbine Installation for Sir Bob Geldof's Winery

Designer Contracts is recycling winner again

1984-85 Ethiopian famine had prompted many such as Geldof to galvanize the international community for help. He is known to be a force behind a LiveAid concert, a phenomenal event that was the first to get broadcast live across the world for the first time, and as a result raised over 100 million dollars for charity.

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Graham Kempton, Designer Contracts’ logistics director was also honoured with Highly Commended in the ‘Recycling Champion of the Year’ category, for an individual who has gone the extra mile to ensure as much carpet as possible is recycled at their organisation. Laurance Bird, director of Carpet Recycling UK said: “We are really pleased with all the hard work Designer Contracts has put into its recycling scheme and the results speak for themselves. The awards are much deserved.” The company initially trialled a recycling scheme, spearheaded by Louise Abbott, Designer Contracts’ merchandise and marketing manager, in conjunction with CRUK, at its central region based in Chesterfield before rolling it out to all 12 of Designer Contracts’ regional offices. I enquiry 157

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Designer Contracts invests in Designer Shades Designer Contracts - the UK’s largest flooring contractor has invested more than £30,000 in specialist blind making machinery to manufacture blinds through the new arm of the business - designer shades. The machinery to produce Venetian and roller blinds is now set up and in operation at the company’s national distribution facility in Kettering. Peter Kelsey, md of Designer Contracts said : “This investment further enhances our central curtain making facility which enables us to manage the production process from start to finish. It means that we keep our costs as low as possible to the benefit of all our customers, underpinning our promise of supplying our range of products at the most competitive price, as well as improving lead times by using our in-house transport fleet for efficient and speedy deliveries.” I enquiry 158

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GEZE UK appointment demonstrates commitment to specification

GEZE UK has strengthened its specification team with the appointment of Matthew Gregory who takes up the role of specification manager, covering the North region as part of the GEZE UK specification team expansion. Matthew will be responsible for providing product specification and technical support for architects and specifiers across tender documentation, CAD (Computer Aided Design) and BIM (Building Information Modelling) projects, whilst supporting the GEZE UK sales team. Prior to joining GEZE UK, he worked for BIG Group as

an industrial door installation and service engineer and as a senior automatic door engineer. Matthew’s career history also includes sales management experience with Axis Automatic Entrance Systems. Said Matthew: “I am delighted to be part of such a forward-thinking company with an excellent reputation within the construction industry. GEZE UK’s excellent product range gives architects and specifiers great choice and flexibility in the project design phase.” Sales director of GEZE UK, Andy Howland commented: “Matthew’s skills are ideal for his new role. With strong product knowledge and great interpersonal skills, he will help strengthen our commitment to specification excellence and joins us a close-knit, growing team.”

manufacturers. Plans also include the addition of paints and coatings for other, non-timber, applications. Mighton has been distributing Anker Stuy products to its specialist joinery customers with next day delivery and a simple pricing structure which, with the development of products specifically developed for the UK, has drawn excellent

response from customers resulting in significant sales growth. Mighton Chairman Mike Derham has now committed the company to develop additional markets such as for timber architectural façades, for which Anker Stuy products have been specified with great success. I enquiry 160

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Finally, some good news: fuel savings are easier than ever.

Hoskins Brick rebrands as Vandersanden Group Hoskins Brick, the wholly owned distributor of Vandersanden bricks in the UK, has today announced a full rebrand and unveiled its new corporate identity. Effective immediately Hoskins Brick will be known as Vandersanden Group, a name that better represents its company ownership. At the same time, the company unveiled a new identity and redesigned website, Vandersanden Group is one of the largest brick manufacturers in Europe, with a total annual production capacity of approximately 500 million bricks. The company consists of 8 brick factories, employing more than 600 employees. In the UK, there are 14 members of staff working from a newly relocated office in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. I enquiry 163

New warehouse space at Reynaers Birmingham HQ boosts capacity Leading aluminium systems company Reynaers has benefited from a brand new warehouse facility at its new premises in Birmingham. More than £6 million has been invested by Reynaers into the new HQ in Hollymoor Way, Northfield, thanks to ongoing success in the UK market. Hugh Moss, Head of Marketing at Reynaers, said: “The new warehouse has meant that our stock holding capacity has increased by almost 150%. This has allowed us to stock a more comprehensive range of systems and colours, reducing lead times to customers and increased our offerings in terms of stock.” A dedicated showroom featuring Reynaers’ commercial, trade and high-end domestic products is now being built, as well as a brand new Training Centre and new installation rig designed for development, training and testing.

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Mighton extends partnership with coatings producer Anker Stuy Mighton Products has extended its partnership with Anker Stuy Verven BV to include a larger range of the Dutch paint and coatings manufacturer’s products. Mighton will now add the full range of specialist timber treatments, including interior finishes, to its established range of paints and coatings that are finding increasing favour with joinery


There’s so much in the news we can’t control these days: the Brexit negotiations, Theresa May’s cabinet choices, senseless attacks in our cities. But there’s one thing we can help control: your business’ fuel spend. And, as the name says, The Fuelcard People are the people to help. The Fuelcard People offers a range of leadingbrand fuel cards and associated support services to enable you to purchase diesel and petrol at a discount. You have access to a wide range of fuel cards from BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco, Diesel Direct (Keyfuels) and UK Fuels, and can enjoy average savings of around 4p at the pumps – and up to 10p less on motorways. Customers say it’s the personal approach of The Fuelcard People that sets us apart from the competition. Like knowing you’ll receive the most appropriate card for your needs, because we’re not tied to any brand or network so we can give you completely impartial advice. Or how we notify you of our guaranteed nationwide fuel prices for the week ahead. Or how payments are made easy with direct debit, saving you hours of paperwork.

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