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June 2017

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most visited architectural design exhibitions in the world.

Visitors to the stunning 2017 Serpentine Pavilion in London’s Kensington Gardens will enjoy its spectacular effects unaware of the below ground water management solution right at its heart, provided by the sustainable drainage market-leader SDS. A dramatic rainwater cascade from the Pavilion’s arching tree-like roof canopy is a central feature of this year’s design by the award-winning Burkina Faso architect Diébédo Francis Kéré, which opens to the public on 23 June. The British climate and London’s everchanging weather patterns influenced Kéré’s creative interpretation of the Serpentine Galleries’ annual commission for a temporary pavilion, as a focal point for one of the top ten

Rain Collection: “At the centre of the Pavilion is a large opening in the canopy, creating an immediate connection with nature. In times of rain, the roof becomes a funnel channelling water into the heart of the structure. This rain collection acts symbolically, highlighting water as a fundamental resource for human survival,” explains Kéré. During peak summer storms, rainwater is designed to run off the Pavilion’s expansive roof into an open central courtyard, so an underground attenuation solution using GEOlight® geocellular storage from SDS was designed by the engineering project team from AECOM. The roof canopy is supported by a central steel framework and covered with a transparent twin-wall polycarbonate skin. With the roof pitch varying between 5° and 9°, the rainwater is conveyed quickly through a funnel before dropping into the centre of the courtyard.

“The architect’s tree-like concept is interpreted by central steel roof supports which required a strong reinforced concrete raft foundation. Also considering the clay ground conditions, it was necessary to design a central attenuation tank to capture rainwater and take it away from the foundations, allowing it to infiltrate slowly into the park’s existing soakaway system. “GEOlight® geocellular storage from SDS was the obvious choice for the water management solution designed by Ulrich Groenewald of the engineering project team from AECOM, in coordination with SDS. We were able to work with the architect to deliver a drainage design that satisfied regulations and reflected our analysis of what rainfall we might expect in the park during the summer months. Now all we need to do is wait for it to rain!” Community Hub: The Serpentine Pavilion is used as a community hub and café by day and a forum for learning, debate and entertainment by

night. Every year the Pavilion is sited on the Serpentine Gallery’s lawn for four months. SDS Limited was delighted to provide 6m3 of GEOlight® geocellular storage for the project, says Sales and Marketing Director Richard Averley: “SDS is honoured to have played our part in this prestigious project for the Serpentine Galleries. The relationship between nature, architecture and public space is central to Francis Kéré’s wonderful design. As is so often the case, it’s the engineering behind the scenes which has enabled a sustainable drainage concept to be realised. “As the public visit the Pavilion this year to try the café, take part in the activities and summer parties, little will they know that the water management under their feet is helping to make it all possible.” The Serpentine Pavilion is open to the public between 23 June and 8 October 2017.

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June 2017


Rainwater Management at the Centre of Spectacular Serpentine Pavilion

Underground Storage: The water cascades down from the roof onto a publicly-accessible, elliptical-shaped 21m2 area of 130mm-deep creamcoloured granular stone, before being conveyed to the GEOlight® storage tank beneath. The underground storage is designed to hold back up to 6,000 litres of water, sufficient to protect against a 1 in 100 year rainfall event. Water is then gravity-fed slowly away via two surface water pipes to an existing soakaway. AECOM has provided technical advisory services for the Serpentine Pavilion project for the past five years. Principal Engineer, Michael Orr explains: “This is the first time in recent years that a positive drainage design has been required for the Pavilion, as this time rainwater is part of the architectural concept and is featured by being directed into the centre of the structure.



We have built the ultimate can-do joist. By manufacturing to the highest specification our I-Joists are light, strong, thermally efficient, BIM compatible, FSC and PEFC certified and PAS 2050 accredited (to cut a long list short). But it’s also the back-up we offer that no one can equal. Our expert team of designers, engineers and regional technical support is always there to say ‘yes we can’. EMAIL: jji-joists @ Enquiry No.300

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The best choice to protect against the spread of fire ProtectaŽ is a market leader of Passive Fire Protection products and offer an extensive range of penetration and linear gap seals. Supplying systems which meet the harshest requirements of today’s building and construction projects and providing protection for people and property.

01484 421036 l l f /ProtectaFire l l @ProtectaFire Developed & manufactured in the UK by POLYSEAM LTD.

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Innovation Delivered

Comar 10 offers a new departure; a Passivhaus Certified “B” product with U-values as low as 0.66 coupled with processes that cut manufacturing costs by up to 70%. The Comar 10 window range includes: Inward opening, tilt & turn and fixed lights and are internally beaded and glazed. • U-values as low as 0.66 W/m2K • Cut manufacturing costs by 70% • Certified by Passivhaus Institute for cool temperature areas • Future-proof & energy saving • High thermal insulation with ground breaking technology • 90mm deep outer frames • Minimal care & maintenance

0 www .

For further information about Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, please visit call 020 8685 9685 or email

10 A

GET THE COMPLETE DOOR PACKAGE FROM GARADOR A matching front door and garage door can give a great first impression to the front of a house and also adds value to the property. Garador is the only manufacturer offering matching designs for its front doors and garage doors, with many of the styles in Garador’s most popular Up & Over and Sectional garage door ranges designed to complement its FrontGuard front door range. With a huge number of styles and colours available in both its FrontGuard front entrance doors range and its Up & Over and Sectional garage door ranges the choice of doors on offer is massive. There are 16 attractive colours for FrontGuard front doors, 19 colours for Up & Over garage doors and 19 colours to choose from on sectional garage doors. But it is not just in design and colour that Garador’s FrontGuard front entrance doors and garage doors excel, their precision engineered and manufactured design makes them a cut above the rest. Garador’s places high priority on security,


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a modern requirement in any house today. All Garador FrontGuard doors are RC2 Security Equipment certified indicating that these doors feature multi-point locking www . for extra security. FrontGuard doors are also built with shatterproof glazing as standard; the outside pane is laminated security glass, whilst the inside pane is safety glass, which means that should the pane ever burst, it will not break into sharp edged pieces. For those builders and specifiers looking for a garage door and front door package with great thermal insulation, Garador have a solution for that too. Its FrontGuard entrance door have a steel fascia, a thermal break built into the frame, quality rubber seals and a 46mm thick insulated door panel, helping to retain heat inside the house and keep heating bills down. A matching sectional garage door is also available for various designs, with 42mm insulation further contributing to heat retention in the garage, which is especially important for integral garages which are not separate from the main house. Available in a range of standard and purpose made sizes, Garador garage doors and front doors are precision engineered and built to last. To find out more about the full range of matching garage doors and front doors, ask your local Garador stockist for the new Garador Range brochure, visit or call us on 01935 443700. Enquiry No. 202

Superb modernist take on country house wins 2017 overall Schueco Excellence Award On 22 June 2017 on the 42nd Floor of London’s Leadenhall Building, a superb private residence was announced as the winner of both the Overall Schueco Excellence Award and the Individual House category in this year’s Schueco Excellence Awards for Design and Innovation.

constructed details … the glazed elements create a fantastic sculptural piece with transparency and audacity’.

Organised by Schueco UK in association with RIBA Journal, the Schueco Excellence Awards, now in their fourth year, were set up to identify and celebrate the very best in building design incorporating Schueco systems in Great Britain and Eire, supported by evidence of creative collaboration between all members of the build team. The winning entry, a stunning residence for a private client, is set in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside. It was designed by Richard Meier of the US-based practice, Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP. The first domestic commission in the UK for this renowned modernist, the property offers a whole new take on the traditional country house. The judges found themselves impressed by ‘the rigorous framing [that] demonstrates the potential of beautifully designed and Enquiry No. 203

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06 DOORS, WINDOWS, ROOFLIGHTS & GLAZING New Generation of Sliding Door Mechanisms

GEZE UK has enhanced its range of manual sliding door mechanisms with the addition of the Rollan 40 NT, the Rollan 80 NT and the Rollan 80 NT SoftStop – a new generation of fittings which are ideal for interior use in homes and businesses. They boast a smooth and simple operating action, are easy to fit and quiet to use. The systems can be used on doors weighing up to 40kg (Rollan 40 NT) or 80kg (Rollan 80 NT) and with any door material – wood, plastic, metal and even glass with clamped fittings. Perfect for use in schools, offices, hotels, residential centres as well as in the home, they are ideal space savers. GEZE

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Structurally glazed solution offering outstanding weather performance Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, with their approved fabricator LDG (Lancashire Double Glazing) completed the installation of aluminium curtain walling, windows and commercial doors to a new waterfront flagship office block and call centre. This project was also the Winner of Best Commercial Building at the 'RICS' 2016 Awards and the building achieved the BREEAM 'Excellent' rating for sustainability. To maximise natural daylight and facilitate the large glazed areas Comar 6EFT was specified as it offers architects a flexible system, providing a structurally glazed solution, with options for facets, concealed vents and an extensive range of profiles that cater for large structurally glazed panes. COMAR ARCHITECTURAL ALUMINIUM SYSTEMS

Tall, dark and handsome – That’s Dekordor 3D Black

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Leading internal door manufacturer Vicaima has extended its standard colour scheme to include 3D Black to its stunning collection of Dekordor 3D door models. With a choice of plain horizontal, grooved or by incorporating aluminium inlays in 5 contemporary designs, Vicaima have captured the trend towards a darker and more luxurious finish. Dekordor 3D, with its horizontal embossed finish creates an innovative and thoroughly modern door appearance which is ideally suited to a multitude of applications from homes to hotels and from offices to community buildings. The highly tactile surface and visual impact created by Dekordor 3D has proved to be a key reason why it is often selected to make a big impression, especially as an entrance door and frame system to apartments or hotel rooms. Now with a focus on black, this door is attracting even wider appeal. VICAIMA

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entertainment room showcasing its beaming equipment, as well as a cinema for its audio tech. Internal walls are finished with a taut, sleek appearance to become projection screens, immersing visitors in Barco’s products.

Reynaers systems unite form with function at Barco One

The new headquarters of Belgian technology giant Barco utilises an innovative design concept with aluminium window and curtain walling systems from Reynaers.

Alternatively known as ‘The Circle,’ the project uses transparency as a key theme. The glass facade was designed by Jaspers-Eyers Architects to form a skin around the circular building’s open plan central atrium space, where daily activities are illuminated with a full 360 degrees of natural light. Architect John Eyers explains that the circular form of Barco One contributes to its social function, as well as making it a centre point between other buildings on the campus in Kortrijk, Belgium.

“The unique rounded shapes and the internal connections ensure that employees bump into each other more often and create an active ambiance”, he said. “The oval-shaped ‘meeting decks’ stand out, appearing to float in space. Passerelles to the fixed core of the building balance the structure and ensure a constant level of activity.” The facade was also designed to reflect Barco’s brand and allow its technological innovations to be demonstrated. These include an

A total of 7,900 square meters of glass and aluminium systems were installed across Barco One in close collaboration between not only the architects and Reynaers, but also Cordeel as the contractor and aluminium construction experts Belgo Metal BV. Accounting for almost half the facade, a custom-made CW 50 reversed solution with slim profiles from Reynaers allows for a maximum entrance of daylight and adds complexity to the design. This means that the structural element of the wall is positioned to the exterior of the building, with only the narrow trim caps of the curtain wall itself visible to the interior.

Rebecca Cope, Marketing Manager at Reynaers, said: “This bespoke variant of our CW 50 curtain walling system improves transparency and outward sightlines to match the architect’s design goals. The addition of a glass roof means that The Circle is filled with light, reducing shadows in the atrium. Whilst an all-glass building makes energy-efficiency and temperature control a challenge, Reynaers’ systems offer a thermally efficient standard. “Challenging projects can be the most fulfilling, and this is a fantastic example of how we can produce bespoke solutions to make architects’ creative ambitions a reality. Barco One has achieved iconic status by combining clever design with ease of usability for staff and visitors that matches the Barco brand.”

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08 DOORS, WINDOWS, ROOFLIGHTS & GLAZING Getting Wise to Potential of Smart Buildings GEZE UK is encouraging architects and specifiers to ‘switch-on’ on to the benefits of developing smart buildings with the launch of a new brochure. Smart Solutions highlights safety systems and drive technology which can be used to create innovative networked and modular solutions which allows GEZE windows and doors to be controlled from a single source. Linked into GEZE’s new interface modules – the IO 420 and the IQ box KNX products can be integrated via widely used communication standards for homes and commercial buildings. Multifunctional GEZE products for doors and windows, combined with networked system solutions, guarantee effective smoke and heat extraction, fire compartmentation and clear escape routes. GEZE UK Enquiry No.403

Slimmest steel windows complying to regulations

Designed for energy efficiency, W30 steel windows from Steel Window Association members are the slimmest steel options currently on the market which comply to current Part L building regulations. For domestic applications, the W30 system is Brated by the BFRC. Each B-rated window incorporates an 18mm double glazed unit, comprising 4mm soft coat low e glass and 4mm clear low iron glass sandwiching a 10mm krypton gas-filled cavity with a warm edge spacer bar. In addition to the outstanding overall thermal performance of the window, the W30 is double weather-stripped to improve weather tightness and thermal efficiency while a chamfered aluminium beading system secures the double glazed units. SWA Enquiry No.404

New brochure showcases Aztec’s Prestige Collection in suitably classic style

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Halo fabricator Aztec Windows (Coventry Ltd.) is boosting awareness of its ‘timber alternative’ Prestige Collection® with an impressive new brochure, designed entirely in-house and delivered in its own wax-sealed envelope! The Coventry-based company, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary using Halo profile from The VEKA UK Group, was one of the first to fabricate the brand’s FlushSash window; a product whose understated design makes it particularly suitable for heritage and ‘character’ properties as well as more recent builds. Besides the Prestige Collection®’s standard colours and woodgrains, homeowners have the option to choose any RAL shade, or even a colour from the on-trend Farrow and Ball range. Additionally, they can specify a colour option for the outer face of the sash, offset with a different one for the interior. THE VEKA UK GROUP Enquiry No.405

Portolio collection from premdor, a study in detail When the Premdor product development team designed The Portfolio Collection, the range established new market standards for internal door design and in particular quality of construction and attention to finer detailing. The solid core door collection is faced using natural veneers and utilising Premdor’s innovative Veneer Match Technology, producing consistent colour and grain yet still allowing for natural variation, ensuring no two doors are ever identical. Each door is available with sophisticated, contemporary glazing options with fine detailing including colour co-ordinated glazing beads, presenting a perfect colour finish. FD30 and FD60 BWF certified Fire Doors are also available throughout the range. Further attention to detail is demonstrated by colour co-ordinated, solid lippings along the two long edges of each door, the lippings can be trimmed to size if necessary. PREMDOR

REHAU flush fitting windows chosen for luxury london development

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Beaufort Park is one of the UK’s largest residential projects offering high-quality apartments and penthouses, surrounded by eight acres of landscaped parkland and courtyards. REHAU windows have been used extensively throughout the development, which will feature 2,800 homes once its completed. On one of the most recent phases of the development, REHAU presented its new flush fitting window from the TOTAL70 range to St George, and the developers were so impressed with the aesthetics and performance of the window that it was specified for a brand new eight-storey apartment block. REHAU Commercial Manager Kevin O’Neill said: “We believe TOTAL70 offers the most versatile range of window and door styles in PVC-U, so there’s an option for every project. Our flush fitting window design is the latest addition to the TOTAL70 range, offering developers a sleek and contemporary looking window with slim sightlines, which also fits into standard reveals.” The flush fitting casement window from REHAU is a costeffective alternative to both aluminium composite and timber windows and can achieve U-Values as low as 0.8 if required. It is also available in a choice of 25 foils and finishes, to suit a variety of designs preferences. Almost 300 flush fitting casement windows have now been installed in the new apartment block at Beaufort Park by specialist commercial installer SEH Commercial. The windows, with a U-Value of 1.4, were fabricated and supplied by Southend-based Climatec Windows. REHAU

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Door Frame Damage Eliminated with Yeoman Shield Universal Frame Protector

Interior maintenance, such as repair, repainting and re-plastering in busy and well used buildings can be a financial burden.

With over 50 years in the business Yeoman Shield’s experience and knowledge of vulnerable areas in buildings such as walls, corners, doors and door frames, that are prone to damage has led to the honing of an outstanding, stylish yet functional range of 30+ wall and door protection systems to provide solutions to these predicaments. The Universal Frame Protector is the latest product to be added to this range helping clients to overcome the problem of split and splintered door frames that can be caused from people, wheeled equipment, trolleys and wheelchairs pushing through doorways. Manufactured with a 65 x 65mm leg length (though shorter options are available on request), with a 20mm formed corner designed especially to deflect damaging blows to wooden door frames and architraves. Supplied in 2.4m lengths and in the full range of 48 on trend colours, the Universal Frame Protector can accommodate most door frame configurations being both easy and quick to install. Once in place this product will offer protection to vulnerable frame work for many years to come whilst eliminating the need for repainting and repair, saving valuable time and money. Enquiry No.207 Enquiry No.208

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DigiGlaze Offers a Vision for Drab Doors

Intastop Ltd is renowned for providing products that meet the demanding needs of public buildings and its latest product to join its door protection range, the DigiGlaze Vision Panel, is no different. Based on the tried and tested INTAGlaze vision panel, DIGIGlaze offers more capabilities for design integration into current or proposed interior schemes. Marie Hanby, marketing manager for Intastop commented: “We understand how important the interior aesthetics are of any building. Evidence shows that mood, productivity and general wellbeing of building users can be greatly effected by the interior décor. It was this research that prompted us to offer capabilities to transform not only walls which we have been doing for a few years with our Digi-Print wall protection but now doors and in particular vision panels. Just because vision panels can be an essential element of a door set it doesn’t mean that they cannot be integrated into an interior design scheme or be used to highlight individual brands or departments. DigiGlaze gives us the ability to create

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any image onto the glass whether that be a simple logo or intricate design.” DigiGlaze Vision Panels benefit from a frameless design which gives flexibility in sizing and thickness, ideal for retrofit or new build projects. The unique design features of DigiGlaze Panels mean they can be tailored to individual requirements including antiligature. Additional features offered within this quiet manual operated panel include omni-directional (idea for both left and right handed users) option for operator comfort, dual or single lever operation on one or both sides, standard key, Lifeline Key or antiligature knob. “The varying operational choices plus variety of sizes or colours and print designs available does make DigiGlaze a truly a viable solution for, not only, assessing and preventing potential self-harm risks as well as ensuring staff privacy but for supporting the interior design and aesthetics of a building,” commented Marie.

Vision Panels are fire rated to FD30 and FD60 and tested to BS476:Part 20 and 22. They are available as rectangular 254 x 804mm, 254 x 404mm or 404 x 404mm square other sizes are available on request. Finishes include a variety of beading options such as hardwood timber, PVC-u in a range of colours and stainless steel frame for mental health applications. For further product information visit

As is standard with Intastop products, the DigiGlaze compliment the quality of the windows and found the ISO-BLOCO ONE an ideal one-fit solution. “The impregnated expansion sealing capability of the tape provides good protection against wind, rain and sound penetration, while also complementing the window system.”

ISO-CHEMIE’S High Rise Sealing Solution for London Flats HIGH performance foam tape from ISO-CHEMIE will provide improved sealing of dozens of new windows being installed as part of a multimillion pound residential refurbishment project in South London. The ISO-BLOCO ONE sealant tape has been specified by Northern Irelandbased window supplier Athena Windows for the Batimet aluminium clad wood windows its fitting at an apartment complex near Clapham Junction. There the tape, which is quick and easyto-use, is being used to effectively seal

window gaps to a 0.8W/M2k rating with added 63dB of sound reduction - the apartments face onto a busy main road - as an integral part of the windows’ eye-catching design. As well as providing a high performance and long lasting airtight solution, the tape ensures the windows, which each weigh up to 250 kg and have been hoisted into position by a crane mounted vacuum lifter, will remain weather proof to 1000 Pa – the equivalent to 130mph of constant driving rain. Colm O’Neill, managing director of Athena Windows, said: “We were looking for a sealing method to

Up to 70% cost savings can be achieved using the ISO-BLOCO ONE foam tape because it enables installers to seal windows from inside the building, avoiding the need to use time consuming and costly external access systems like scaffolding and ladders. The tape offers a single product ‘fit and

Enquiry No.210

forget’ solution for fast and effective sealing based around the European RAL principles of three level sealing the inside seal area is more airtight than the external one, allowing any trapped moisture inside the joint, or within the wall, to escape outwards rather than into the building. The external seal area provides weather resistance and breathability, while the intermediate seal area provides extra thermal and acoustic properties and the internal one air tightness and humidity regulation. All three levels are designed to accommodate movement between the adjacent materials. Enquiry No.211

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01296 48 81220


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P O LY X® - O I L R AW: R e t ai a n s the wo o d’s n atu r al l ig g h t c olo o ur











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14 PAINTS, COATINGS & PRESERVATIVES Add shine to your wood with OSMO

For house builders looking to add a bit of shine to wooden floors and furniture this summer, Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, offers Polyx®-Oil Clear Glossy which provides a gloss finish and adds a touch of class to any room. Polyx®-Oil Glossy is extremely easy to apply. Simply brush on to the wood surface to achieve deep, longlasting penetration. After treatment the wood is strengthened from within and retains its elasticity. It becomes water repellent, stain resistant and hard-wearing, because it meets the wood’s natural demands and does not crack, flake, peel or blister. OSMO UK

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Sandtex Trade High Build Textured Decorative Coating The outstanding qualities of Sandtex Trade High Build Textured Decorative Coating deliver a longterm solution for the protection of buildings, capable of ironing out surface level imperfections at a stroke. Ideal for covering fine cracks and regulating repaired and uneven surfaces, this advanced masonry product offers exceptional coverage and flexibility, providing both a decorative and protective textured coating with the reassurance of 15 years’ durability, independently certified by the British Board of Agrément. Along with a long-lasting finish, the paint is formulated to maintain its good looks with anti-carbonation properties which protect concrete and metal from atmospheric erosion. The product is ideal for exterior grade building boards, plywood and most exterior surfaces – as well as a solution to cover fine cracks. It can be applied by either trowel or spray or using the Sandtex Trade High Build roller. SANDTEX TRADE

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Expand your range with Constructa Pro The expanding foam range from Everbuild – A Sika Company is growing once again with the addition of Constructa-Pro; a high strength adhesive foam designed for use in a multitude of applications. Developed to be fast curing, Constructa-Pro is ideal for small jobs which require a quick fix as well as large applications including fixing plasterboard and insulations board, fixing skirting boards or as a mortar substitute for building rough garden walls. Once cured, it is also rot-proof and moisture and temperature resistant from -40˚C to +80˚C. Gun applied and available in 750ml tins, Constructa-Pro can be used on stone, brick, concrete blocks, wood, plasterboard, metal and much more making it a truly multi-purpose adhesive foam for the trade. For more information on Constructa-Pro or any other product within the Everbuild and Sika ranges visit

Enquiry No.407

Remmers Sets Sail at Red Wharf Bay

EVERBUILD Red Wharf Bay Sailing & Watersports Club is set in an area of outstanding beauty at Traeth Bychan on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. The member’s clubhouse has been sited here for over 50 years due to its suitable sailing waters. The members of the committee decided that the exterior of the building was looking a little tired and a refresh was needed before the new season started at Easter. Remmers Compact Opaque PU topcoat was selected for the job due to its performance characteristics and suitability to coastal locations. Over two weekends of good weather, the clubhouse was transformed and the new colour gave the clubhouse the refreshed look it deserved. REMMERS Enquiry No.410

Enquiry No.409

Testing, testing! Colour choice is vital to any paint specification. Now, anyone considering exterior masonry can sample Ecopro Silicate Masonry Paint with a new tester pot range. Available in 24 shades, Ecopro Silicate Masonry Paint is a highly durable and highly breathable masonry paint. It can be used on any porous mineral surface, such as brick, stone, concrete, render and limewash. It is especially suitable for renovations. The Ecopro silicate system from Earthborn is water based, oil and acrylic free, with minimal VOCs. It gives the same breathability as limewash but is far superior in terms of longevity and ease of use. Colin Jones, Earthborn’s Technical Sales Adviser, says: “The minimal maintenance and sustainability of our silicate system will make practical sense to many people. And now you can picture how it will look on a wall using our testers.” The system produces a very hard wearing, water and weather resistant barrier. Its crisp, classic matt finish does not discolour with time and is algae and mould resistant. To view the colours and order testers visit EARTHBORN

Enquiry No.411

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‘But equally important in making sure that timber remains a valued and important construction material choice is reminding important decision makers in the housing industry that timber needs protecting to last an expected 30 or 60 years when used in a new building.’

Lonza Wood Protection is launching a new promotional push to highlight the importance of correct preservative treatment of construction and joinery timbers as the building of new homes becomes a priority.

Andy Hodge, marketing director of Lonza explained. ‘Over the last few years a lot of work has been done by the timber treatment industry to make sure the protection levels of preservative treated fencing and landscaping timbers are where they should be to perform in the most extreme of environments – outdoors and often in direct ground contact.’

‘Our proven low pressure, double vacuum treatments which are tailored to suit close tolerance building and joinery timbers seem to have been neglected, which is really concerning bearing in mind that changes in our climate bring new threats from decay organisms that can attack and degrade these structural components.’ The latest generation of VAC-VAC treated timbers can still be used in Use Classes 1 and 2 internal construction applications as well as external Use Class 3 (above dpc level) with an appropriate protective coating added. Timber frame and truss material, general construction timbers and joinery components remain the key prime treatment elements.

The very latest VVAAC-VAC wood preser vative is designed to help you make the most of your construction timbers. Using triied and tested low pressure treatments, next generation VVAAC-VAC will givve you and your customers a cost effective long term protection agaiinst the threat of decay. REEAL WORLD THINKING. REAL WORLD PERFORMANCE.

Providing complete peace of mind protection and future proofinng for any new timber building.

VAC--VAC is a registered tradema Use wood preservatives safely. A


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Well-being The clean lines of DELABIE’s Be-Line® grab bars and shower seats provide a new aesthetic, replacing the institutional aspect of adapted washrooms. Concealed fixings and an ergonomic design heighten the impression of comfort and provide a necessary level of discretion. The facilities can be used by any user, at any life stage and regardless of their level of independence, promoting a sense of wellbeing. This makes the shared use of sanitary spaces more agreeable for everyone. Safe Public facilities accommodate all users, so DELABIE tests its grab bars and seats to over 200kg, guaranteeing stability and safety for all. Made from extruded and injection– moulded aluminium, the Be-line® range is durable and can withstand intensive use. The smooth, homogenous surface is also easy to clean and the lack of joints minimises niches where bacteria proliferate. Ergonomic Featuring a flat front face, Be-line® grab bars fit the hand’s natural curve perfectly. The ergonomic design prevents the hand from rotating, providing a comfortable and secure grip. This, combined with a minimal gap between the wall and the bar, reduces the risk of fracture since the hand cannot slip between the wall and the bar. The Be-line® range of grab bars and seats is available in two finishes, white aluminium or metallised anthracite, providing a good visual contrast, yet coordinating well with any style of washroom.

Tel. 01491 824449 Enquiry No.215

Accessible design in public places Accessible washrooms are not known for their aesthetics. To comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (2005), function often takes precedence over form. However, DELABIE, the leading European manufacturer for water controls and sanitary ware, has launched a range of grab bars and shower seats with design at its core.

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Swish cast iron effect guttering – faithful reproductions of the real thing

Swish range of cast iron effect rainwater goods.

Devilish Detail from

SWISH Most professionals working in the design and creative industries, be it fashion, automotive or construction, recognise the importance of detail. The widely-quoted idiom, “The devil

In construction, choosing the right product or material for a specific task can mean the difference between a design solution that is right and one that is very much wrong. Roofline and rainwater specialists, Swish Building Products support this crusade for excellence in detail and offers a range of guttering and downpipe systems for housing commercial and industrial applications, all designed to complement the nuances of contemporary and traditional architecture.

Swish’s “cast iron” range was developed as a result of extensive trade and consumer research. Attention to detailing of bracketry and fixings and high quality surface finish were front on mind in the development of the range.

For contemporary, the slick minimalist lines of round, ogee, square and deep section gutter profiles work beautifully on houses designed for modern lifestyles in new build as well as refurbishment projects.

Strength, durability and authentic appearance of all components, right down to small caps designed to cover wall fixings, make the system the ideal choice where traditional architectural styles need to be followed.

Where more traditional detail is required, Swish has a range of PVC rainwater goods in designs that faithfully reflect the old-world charm of cast iron guttering and pipework, popular since preVictorian times.

The spray applied coating applied to all components is permanently bonded during manufacture, ensuring each retains the excellent ductile qualities associated with all Swish rainwater goods.

Swish cast iron style rainwater goods are authentic reproductions of original designs, accurately made in all the traditional profiles, sections and sizes and with a surface texture that makes them highly appealing and cost effective alternatives to the hugely more expensive, real thing!

Swish’s range of cast iron reproduction rainwater goods is available in black semi-gloss finish, in ogee, half round and deep-flow gutter profiles, together with square and round section down pipes and associated fittings. All components come with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee.

is in the detail” means that attention paid to small things can have big rewards and that details are important.

For further information on the full range of Swish roofline and rainwater systems contact: Swish Building Products: 01827 317 200 Enquiry No.216

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View our publication online at

Innovative and practical, SchlüterSystems’ intelligent wetroom solutions allow you to meet the functional requirements of wetroom substrate preparation whilst retaining freedom for design. All the components of a Schlüter®-WETROOM system are manufactured to complement each other, resulting in a long-lasting solution for a demanding area. The Schlüter®-KERDI range provides an extensive selection of products to create a CE marked bonded waterproof installation - including installation boards, membranes, drains and more. Thicker versions of the multifunctional installation board Schlüter®KERDI-BOARD can be used to construct major features such as seats, vanities and partition walls, and are suitable for natural stone and large format tiles. For contractors, Schlüter products save time, hassle and manpower, ensuring a quick installation process and minimising material wastage. With your entire solution obtained from one source, troubleshooting is easier and

mind. Use of the right system at the point of specification pays off in the long-term, preserving reputations and avoiding costly remedial works. Full product specs and comprehensive sets of NBS Clauses and BIM assets are available from the company website, allowing for quick specification time after time. With Schlüter-Systems you’re in safe hands; for more information call 01530 813396, email or visit

A winning wetroom solution from Schlüter-Systems there is a clear point of contact for any advice. The guarantees provided by manufacturers can make or break the decision to specify. Schlüter-Systems Ltd stands by its complete system solutions, and provides advice,

Schöck retrofit solution for major office-to-residential conversion The Kellogg Tower in North West London, previously the London headquarters of international contractor M.W Kellogg, is being transformed into a contemporary residential scheme known as Atrium Point.

The existing buildings are being sustainably refurbished, with solar panels, air source pumps and heat recovery units, all contributing to meet CO2 reductions in the redevelopment. It is currently one of the largest office-

specification, and product warranties where required. Where a member of the Schlüter Approved Installer Network has been used, product and application warranties can be extended, for even greater peace of to-residential schemes in the capital with a mix of a 290 studios, one and two bedroom apartments. Many of the units will have a cantilevered steel balcony, supported to the existing reinforced concrete slab – and structural thermal performance is a key consideration. Market-leading thermal break suppliers Schöck, have the ideal solution for this specification, with their innovative Isokorb type RKS for refurbishment applications. The product is fully certified as an “Energy saving component” by the Passivhaus Institute in Darmstadt, Germany, which highlights the importance of thermal performance, even for refurbishment projects of this type. The type RKS is a load-bearing thermal break with a 120mm insulation element thickness that allows the replacement, or addition, of balconies to an existing

Want to see our products in situ? Next time you’re in London, take a wander to Clerkenwell, the scene of one of our latest collaborations - 49 Leather Lane. Here you can experience a complete Schlüter®-WETROOM system, book out meeting rooms and explore the Porcelain Gallery, which features a multitude of Schlüter products, both installed and in sample form. For booking enquiries, please email

Enquiry No.217

building by connecting cantilevered steel balconies to the reinforced concrete slab. It minimises thermal bridges at concrete-to-steel connections on cantilever balconies and transfers negative moments and positive shear forces. This offers a number of different options for integrated, energy-efficient building renovation and guarantees enormous scope for design. The RKS also provides LABC registration, the highest level of BBA Certification and easily meets the necessary Building Regulations. For your free copy of the new Thermal Bridging Guide and / or the Schöck Specifiers Guide – contact the company on 01865 290 890 or visit Enquiry No.218

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View our publication online at ! !

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

0800 7833 228 ! The new range of WALLSTYL® baseboards : design, quality and functionality.

! ! ! !

HRPROF is manufactured and approved to ISO 9001-2008!




! !

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

! Water based - does not leach! ! Allows wood to breathe naturally! ! Internal/external application! ! Colourless - Odourless! ! EN 13501 - 1! ! Non Toxic - No Solvents! ! BS 476 part 6 & BS 476 part 7! ! Euro-class B-s1-d0 and C-s1-d0! ! BM TRADA ISO 9001 Certificate! ! Meets the highest EU standards!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

No HR Prof!

architecture & design


With HR Prof! ®


Classification Reports & Certificates; Pine, Spruce, Scots/Siberian Larch, West Red Cedar, Oak & More!

100 % waterproof

Primed, ready for painting

Ideal for concealing cables

Eco - friendly

Fast installation

Smooth surface

Shock - proof

Dimensionally stable


NMC Copley Unit 1 East, NYT Yard, Bridge Road, Brompton on Swale, DL10 7HS Tel: 01969 623410 email: !

To view our range of skirting’s visit our website:

0800 7833 228!

Enquiry No.220

Enquiry No.219

FRON NTIER P PITTS Protecting Your World o



+44 (0)1293 4228 2800



PEDESTRIAN Enquiry No.221

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20 REFURBISHMENT & NEW BUILD A room with a view

A pavilion designed and built by architecture students at Kingston University, Surrey, under the watchful eyes of tutors, Takeshi Hayatsu and Simon Jones, was shortlisted in the Architectural Journal’s 2017 Small Projects Awards. The structure, entitled Seminar House Pavilion, was constructed in the grounds of Dorich House Museum in Kingston, Surrey. Spanning three storeys, it incorporates a meeting room and viewing deck complete with picnic area. The entire structure was constructed from 100 sheets of SterlingOSB, the supporting legs clad in decorative zinc, a middle tier with attractive timber lattice sections and chestnut wood shingles and the top tier sporting planks of charred timber, all linked by internal ladders. Takeshi Hayatsu explained the reasons for turning to SterlingOSB: “On this project we wanted to look at a contemporary method of timber construction and also wanted to use materials sourced in the UK. We needed a light-weight panel due to limited funds and machinery and SterlingOSB is much lighter in comparison to plywood and easier to handle”. The Seminar House Pavilion was one of twenty projects shortlisted from nearly two hundred entries.

Blockley Brick Manufacturer uses Marmox Boards to Speed Production Cycle

One of the country’s oldest established brickworks, located in an idyllic Cotswold village, has updated its production facilities saving not only time and money but significant amounts of energy – thanks to the use of Marmox Multiboards for the refurbishment of its drying chambers. Ten separate drying kilns have now been upgraded at Northcot Brick’s premises in Blockley, Gloucestershire, with two different thicknesses of the high performance, moisture resisting insulation boards having been employed to infill their walls and roofs. Northcot’s Maintenance Manager, Tim Nicklin, sought an alternative to the use of metal panels with a rock mineral wool core for the chambers’ roofs and walls as they typically lasted little more than a year.

While Marmox Multiboards are typically utilised in building work as a floating floor beneath tiles and other finishes or as the lining to shower rooms and other wet environments, Northcot identified their rugged long life potential as potentially offering a solution to its persistent problems. Tim Nicklin explained: “The drying chambers are some 2.7 metres tall to the roof and vary in width up to 6.5 metres depending on the design, but had all caused us something of a maintenance headache. Our works manager discovered the Marmox Multiboards on line and the switch to their use has allowed us to operate the driers in a more controlled environment.” MARMOX Enquiry No.222

MAPEI render system used for Plymouth Housing Project Mapei’s external render system has been installed on a plot of 10 new build properties for a Housing project in Plymouth. Richard Brown Plastering Contractors Ltd hand applied 3000m2 of Mapei’s render only system, using Mapewall GPR reinforced with Mapetherm Net to provide a water repellent basecoat. Finishing products Silancolor Base Primer and Silancolor Tonachino 1.5mm Silicon Topcoat were then applied to the houses, which are constructed of a medium density blockwork. Richard from Richard Brown Plastering Contractors Ltd (Plymouth) commented “We have been using Mapei’s range of renders now for many years, the new Mapewall GPR render is a pre blended bagged product which when mixed to the required consistency is a dream to use. We experienced no shrinkage cracks and the product sponges up well if a painted finish is required.” MAPEI


Enquiry No.413

View our publication online at

Enquiry No.414

CATS College uses Metrame to complete project ahead of tight schedule Founded nearly 65 years ago, CATS College is an innovative independent education provider with four campuses across the UK and USA, and provides residential education to students studying GCSEs, A Levels and International Baccalaureates. With the continued success of CATS College and its growing number of students, the Canterbury campus identified the need to expand its accommodation facilities as well as its social and catering spaces. A new student accommodation block was commissioned to offer 87 en-suite rooms, a café, common room and flexible social areas for the students. The project had a tight timeline to ensure a handover date to coincide with the academic year, and needed to be completed within just 14 weeks, so speed of build was paramount. Another key consideration of the project was the design. With CATS College’s prestigious locations and buildings, it was important that the features of the new building complemented the existing architecture and blended in. METSEC

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The Posi-Joist -Joist open web floor system makes a difficult job simple.

The Outsstanding Joist SSystem

With Possi-Joist you can install all your ventilation and heat recovery systems with ease and deliver the right amount of ventilatio on to the right rooms in the right location.

The ad dvantages are simple: • Open w web design pr ovides easy access for the design and innstallation of services • Improvved quality of service fitting, eliminating costly r emed dial work • Greate er clear spans for design flexibility • Clear p profit from savings in labourr,, time, materials and ca all-backs • For thee largest network of licensed manufacturers throug ghout the UK and Ir eland visit: www i k .uk/Manufactur it k/Manufacturers/P /Posi-J i Joists/P i t /Posi-J i Joist-Manufactur i t M f t ers//

Enquiry No.223

CPD Now w available for Posi-Joist Contact MiiT Tek ek today or visit for full deta ails and an on-line prresentation esentation.

MiT Tek Hous House, se, Grazebrook Industrial Park Peartree Lan ne, Dudleyy,, DY2 0XW W,, UK Telephone: 0 01384 451400

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STUDOR SHOWS THE WAY TO HEALTH AND HYGIENE IN THE BATHROOM Drainage smells are not only unpleasant, but also a potential health risk Whilst unpleasant, a bad smell in the bathroom is not in itself dangerous. However, it may well be indicative of a more serious and potentially life-threatening issue. The smell can indicate that the water trap seal – the only barrier between the drainage system and the living space – has been lost, potentially posing

serious health risks. Water trap seals started being fitted on bathroom and kitchen fixtures after the 1854 cholera outbreak in London, in which hundreds of people died. Today, cholera is not a risk in the UK, but within all

our drainage systems sewer gases and pathogens such as SARS, legionnaires, norovirus and others are always present. For the last 40 years, drainage ventilation expert Studor has been solely focused on developing products that maintain the water trap seals in our buildings.

22-23.qxp_Layout 1 26/06/2017 16:49 Page 2


View our publication online at

Studor’s Trap-Vent solution, the combination of a water trap and Air Admittance Valve (AAV), can easily be retrofitted to an existing bathroom, and is also ideal for small group venting in, for example, hotels, care homes and hospitals. It protects the water trap seal between the drainage system and the room, stopping bad odours and pathogens escaping from empty traps. Studor’s UK Managing Director Stephen Taylor comments, “The Trap-Vent comes with a lifetime guarantee and also reduces siphonage noise, providing a 20dB noise reduction compared to conventional traps. Furthermore, it allows freedom of design for engineers and architects to enable multiple drainage fixtures to link together. It is also highly styled, so eminently suitable for installation in environments where aesthetics is of high importance.”

The Studor Trap-Vent is a combined trap with a 50mm water seal and an integral AAV. It reduces the need for secondary ventilating in small fixture groups and replaces conventional S traps and P traps. It is height adjustable for fully flexible installation, has integrated self-cleaning, and is suitable for bath and shower rooms, providing an excellent solution for problem solving in new builds as well as the retrofit market. Studor has more than one million products installed each year across six continents, and its worldwide distribution network extends to more than 50 countries. The company has a rich history and specialist knowledge, making it well placed to help architects, engineers, specifiers, plumbers, and end-users solve their drainage ventilation issues. Enquiry No.224

For more information call 0845 6013292; email or visit

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24 KITCHENS, BATHROOMS & WASHROOMS Panelling is fast to fit from start to finish

To demonstrate the genuine speed and ease of installation of its Nuance laminate bathroom wall panels, Bushboard has carried out a series of time trials based on the most popular bathroom configurations, with none of them taking more than 3 hours. The bathroom layouts tested included fitting the Nuance panels in a 1000 x 800mm corner shower, a standard shower-over-bath combination and a spacious 2400m x 1200mm level access wetroom. Each installation was timed from start to finish including scribing, dry fitting, applying adhesive, fitting panels, creating cut outs for services where required and final finishing with beading and clean down. BUSHBOARD

Miena: fine-edged washbasin bowls from Kaldewei Kaldewei have produced yet another iconic bathroom design with the new Miena washbasin bowls. The washbasin bowls, designed by Anke Salomon, are made of superior single layer of steel enamel combining the highest standards of minimalist design with a unique fine-edged quality. The Miena washbasin bowls are round or rectangular and come in two different sizes. What is completely new is the diversity of colour: customers can choose from the exclusive Coordinated Colours Collection, such as Oyster Grey and Lava Black allowing for greater individuality. Since the Miena washbasin bowls are fitted with an enamelled waste cover, they can be combined with a wide range of bathtubs and

Carron Phoenix adds Onda sink range to its packs The Onda range of polished stainless steel inset sinks is the latest addition to the popular Carron Phoenix Sink and Tap

Enquiry No.417

and ventilation, plus solar photovoltaic panels to provide electricity. Twyford products installed include an air button dual flush concealed cistern, helping to save water and contributing to the BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’. In addition, Twyford E100 round basins incorporating Sola non concussive taps were chosen, with the push button action preventing water wastage by turning off automatically – well-suited to public bathrooms, and easy for children to use.

BREEAM rated ‘Excellent’, Gwenfro has been constructed in a highly sustainable way, including ‘fabric first’ design, good use of natural daylight

enamelled shower surfaces from the Kaldewei portfolio – entirely in keeping with the “Perfect Match” approach. KALDEWEI

Enquiry No.419

Value Packs, which offer generous savings against individual retail prices. The Onda sinks are also two of 22 sink models available in the new dual-branded Housebuilder Range from Carron Phoenix and Franke, complete with BIM codes. The compact, single bowl Onda 90 neatly fits a 500mm cabinet and is ideal for apartments or utility rooms, measuring 860 x 500mm. The Onda 100 features an extralarge single bowl and measures 1000 x 500mm and the Onda 150 1.5 bowl model is also 1000 x 500mm, both fitting a 600mm cabinet. The angular shaping of the drainers and the curvaceous bowl design give the Onda range an elegant look at prices ideally suited to the value-conscious consumer, backed by a lifetime guarantee. CARRON PHOENIX Enquiry No.418

Practical plumbing for 21st century schools

Geberit has provided a total plumbing solution at Gwenfro Primary School in Wrexham, which has undergone a £4.9 million makeover funded by the Welsh Government’s 21st Century Schools and Education Programme.

View our publication online at

Twyford’s Sola school rimless WCs, both closed and open fronted, have been installed throughout the new facilities. Rimless pans offer optimised hygiene and easier cleaning; key for high volume areas where pupil health and safety is paramount. The open fronted models have been designed for younger children, ideal for nursery and early years’ pupils. Gwenfro also includes on ambulant Doc M cubicle, featuring Twyford’s Avalon back-to-wall rimless WC and

grab rails. The grab rails are in a contrasting colour to ensure ease of use for partially sighted users, as well as those with mobility issues. Apart from Twyford, all plumbing (heating, hot and potable water) comes courtesy of Geberit Mepla multi-layered pipe, which combines the advantages of synthetic and metallic materials. Corrosion-resistant and light, Geberit Mepla is more inherently stable and durable than plastic pipes. Enabling fast work progress and subsequent economic advantages Geberit Mepla also ensures peace of mind as it is permanently leak proof. “We were very keen on the idea of getting everything from one source and we haven’t been disappointed. The quality, ease of installation, availability of the supply chain and customer support is excellent,” said John Roberts from Margden Heating, the plumbing and heating installers at Gwenfro. “Margden has been installing Geberit Mepla for a number of years; its speed and efficiency is ideal for the school environment. Using Twyford has been a new experience for us. We’re extremely happy with the results – the breadth of product available and the quality is impressive. Twyford offers everything a school needs, from water

saving flushing and easy-to-use taps, to more hygienic rimless WCs and products specifically designed for younger children,” John concluded. Providing a one-stop solution for piping and washrooms, Geberit and Twyford offer the ideal combination for today’s school projects where time constraints, budget considerations, sustainability, downtime and the practicality of the end product are all high on the agenda. Geberit - / 01926 516800 Enquiry No.225

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3 5 ( ) $ % 5 , & $ 7 ( ' % %$7+5220

32'6 l

3 5 ( ) $ % 5 , & $ 7 ( ' 6 6+2:(5 &8%,&/(6

The new Design Solutions range from AQATA AQATA has launched a brand new range of luxury shower enclosures and screens, offering the ultimate in contemporary showering.

individual preferences, with a choice of wall fixings, glass type, etched design and handle options to create a truly personalised design.

The new range, Design Solutions, offers maximum minimalism, with a reduced design that provides uninterrupted spans of 10mm toughened glass, creating a feeling of space and five star luxury. The new collection is the company’s most versatile range to date and can be almost entirely customised to suit

The Design Solutions DS440 double entry shower screen (shown here with bronze tinted glass) is understated yet striking and is the perfect solution for wetroom style showering. For information about the new Design Solutions range contact Tel: 01455 896500 or visit







) 8 / / < 5 5(&<&/$%/(


6 , 0 3 / ( 7 7 2 ,, 1 6 7 $ / /


   < ( $ 5 * *8$5$17((


0 $ ' ( ,, 1 < <25.6+,5(




Enquiry No.227

so the addition of the Pewter Grey design will bolster our offering and is set to be a huge hit with retailers, who are also experiencing a surge in demand for grey products and interiors.


, 6 2             $ $ & & 5 ( ' , 7 ( ' 7 2 7 $ / / < / / ( $ . 3 3522)

Enquiry No.226

Double delight for new



“Meanwhile, our Pure White design is the perfect alternative to solid white quartz, which is usually offered at a significant premium price, pushing it beyond the budget of many projects. Pure White, however, is supplied directly from the distributor’s stock and is as cost-effective as the remainder of the Maxtop Quartz range.”

The new designs will replace the company’s existing Emerald and Ochre finishes, which will be phased out in order to make way for new, on-trend Kitchen and bathroom worktop preferences, the launch is in response to surfaces, meaning customers will still specialist, Maxtop Quartz Ltd, has market demand, providing quality have a wide choice but won’t be unveiled two brand new surface alternatives to solid stone surfaces. overloaded with options. designs to complement its existing Stephen Moss, managing director of range of pre-finished worktops. Maxtop Quartz Ltd, commented: “The Available now, Pure White and Pewter introduction of pure white and sparkling Grey will ensure the Maxtop Quartz grey surfaces not only means our range offers a modern selection of both portfolio offers something for everyone, sparkling and plain finishes, keeping the but also means we’re providing surfaces that complement the very latest interior product portfolio fresh and on-trend. trends. “Sparkling surfaces have proven Inspired by customer needs and extremely popular in the existing range,

All Maxtop Quartz surfaces benefit from engineered enhancements, such as a patented polypropylene interior honeycomb core, which provides enhanced impact resistance, lightweight ergonomics and waterproof qualities. Providing all the beauty and strength of a solid quartz surface, without any of the drawbacks of traditional solid stone. Stephen concluded: “We’re delighted the new surfaces are finally available and have developed some striking point of sale to support the launch.” The company has also developed a limited-time offer for displaying retailers through its network of distributors throughout the UK and Ireland. For more information, please contact Maxtop on

For more information about Maxtop Quartz Ltd, please visit or call 0161 224 0333. Enquiry No.228

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| GAS |

| M U LT I - F U E L | E L E C T R I C

27.qxp_Layout 1 26/06/2017 16:56 Page 1

View our publication online at


New heights with the Gazco Vogue Gas

Boasting tall, elegant lines and a bevelled cast iron exterior, the brand-new Gazco Vogue Midi T offers homeowners an impressive three-sided view of the dancing flames. Featuring a highly realistic log-effect fuel bed, the Midi T’s flames are reflected about the sides of the interior thanks to Gazco’s EchoFlame Black Glass lining. The Midi T series presents a wealth of installation choices, including a wall-mounted option that provides a contemporary floating

aesthetic. With a Midline model also available, homeowners can complete the woodburner look by filling the integral log store with real logs. Highly efficient, and available as conventional or balanced flue models, this stove is an ideal focal point for any modern-styled interior.

Powerful heat and cast iron design from Dovre

Ensuring a high efficiency burn, and generating a powerful 9kW of heat, the new woodburning Dovre Rock 500 makes a striking feature stove and excels in large living areas. Demonstrating Dovre’s proud Scandinavian stove design, the Rock 500’s cast iron exterior features smooth curves and minimalist detailing. Available as a legged, tablet or woodbox base model, there is an option to suit any modern interior. Alongside its heating performance, the Rock 500 employs the latest woodburning technology allowing for an uninterrupted view of the vivid flames through an expansive landscape window. This stove’s clean aesthetics and bright flame picture are also complemented by a polished pebble shaped door handle that can be removed to suit the homeowner’s preference.

The Stovax Heating Group is one the UK’s leading stove and fireplace manufacturers, offering a huge range of solid fuel, gas and electric products. Stovax is also the UK and Republic of Ireland distributor for a number of additional fireplaces and stove brands including Dovre, Lotus, Nordpeis & Varde. For more information, please visit:

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View our publication online at

Schiedel wins Best Flueing Paragon Conventional and Balanced Flue Gas Stoves and Ventilation Product

Schiedel Chimney System's ICID Plus Double Wall Adjustable Starter Section, a quick and easy way of disconnecting a stove for inspection, has won ‘Best Flueing and Ventilation Product' at this year's Hearth & Home exhibition, which took place from 11th - 13th June at the Harrogate International Centre. As well as being easy to remove, the product is also extremely simple to install and as part of Schiedel's new improved ICID Plus range, comes with a lifetime warranty. David Wright, Residential Sales & Marketing Manager from Schiedel, said: "We are delighted to win this award for a product that has been specifically designed to make life easier for the installer. “ SCHIEDEL

SALUS adds Smartphone thermostat to range

A new, affordable and easy-to-use Smartphone digital thermostat, RT310i, is the latest heating control to join SALUS’ expansive portfolio. Connecting to the existing router, the new thermostat enables homeowners to control their heating from wherever they may be from their Smartphone, Tablet or PC, and via the RT310i App that is available on both IOS and Android. RT310i packs a punch with several easy to use functions that make it simple to add heating or cooling schedules including All, 5/2, and individual days. Pre-synced to ‘plug and play’, the thermostat can run in either manual or schedule mode, and comes complete with a Holiday function, together with Geo Location that sends alerts when the homeowner is a set distance from their home. SALUS Enquiry No.422

Paragon branded efficient, realistic high quality gas flame technology is now available in a freestanding stove design both for conventional and balanced flue systems. The new Paragon gas stove models are manufactured with heavy-duty, seam-welded steel bodies and doors in keeping with high quality solid fuel originals. Being gas fired, all the aesthetic advantages of a freestanding stove can be enjoyed without the effort of starting and maintaining a fire or having wood and ash to deal with. Conventional flue models can be fitted into Class 1, Class 2 and Pre-cast flues and come complete with an innovative closure plate system for existing 16” fireplace openings. BF models have a rear mounted “through the wall” flue system supplied with the unit.

Additional extension pipes are available to cope with exterior wall applications up to a useful 970mm thickness. Both the CF and BF models are available in either natural or LPG gas. CHARLTON & JENRICK Enquiry No.423

New dehumidifier range from Condair

Condair, the world’s leading humidification specialist, is expanding its product portfolio with a range of advanced commercial and industrial dehumidifiers. The new Condair dehumidifier range comprehensively covers both desiccant and condensing technologies with extensive standard capacities from 0.5kg/h to 182kg/h (@20°C/60%RH). Custom units are also available, which are capable of providing even greater dehumidification or operating under specific or extreme environmental conditions required by an application. Condair desiccant dehumidifiers use a silicacoated sorption rotor to absorb moisture from the air. This type of technology is ideal for low temperature conditions or applications that require very dry air, below 50%RH.

Enquiry No.424


OMNIE MVHR Systems specified for Suffolk Eco-Homes Following the example of the German PassivHaus standard and Canadian Super-E systems, the consultants designing a development of highly energy efficient homes in Suffolk have opted to incorporate Omnie mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems as well as the manufacturer’s well proven TorFloor underfloor heating to help maintain optimum indoor conditions.

The three dwellings currently being built by Mainline Properties at Cedar’s Close in Thurston, near Bury St. Edmunds, feature a host of sustainable technologies – including solar thermal and PV panels – together with achieving excellent airtightness and insulation standards. The architects acting on behalf of Mainline Properties have therefore drawn on the expertise of Exeter based Omnie as the suppliers of whole-house heating and ventilation solutions, able to ensure a comfortable indoor living environment is created all year round. As a result the trio of three-storey, four bedroom eco-houses are being fitted with the MVHR units by local plumbing and heating specialist, All Aspects Plumbing, with the duct pipes being rapidly routed through the buildings’ metal web floor joists. In operation, the warm moist air extracted from the kitchen and other wet rooms will pass through each unit’s high efficiency heat exchanger to temper the incoming fresh air. Alternatively, during warm weather, the system can simply supply cooling ventilation to the living spaces and bedrooms.

Andy Vendall who runs All Aspects Plumbing recounted: “This is the first time we have used the Omnie systems, but things have been progressing well and now after a couple of months working on the three houses, we are moving from the first fix to second fix stage and will soon be ready to connect up to the air source heat pumps and the solar panels. In terms of the TorFloor the routed chipboard panels are going down easily – where we have managed to install three floors in as many days, fixing them down to the timber joists. Then with the heat recovery system, the installation is split between ourselves and Mainline Properties’ own electrician, but again the work is proving relatively straightforward.” The MVHR’s 75 mm diameter semi-rigid ducts are connected back through a manifold and to the low wattage fans, then to the external terminals. While the latter can exit through a roof cowl, in the case of the Thurston houses the design arrived at by Omnie and the architects makes use of wall outlets. Full colour isometric drawings are just part of the technical support offered by Omnie to ensure the success of the installation on site. Enquiry No.229

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A new, 59-bedroom building for Ronald McDonald House Charities is utilising a water-based air conditioning system to provide comfortable accommodation to families in their hour of need.

best overall fit in the accommodation rooms. The ground floor, designed as a communal area for resident families, is served by a City Multi VRF system and Lossnay Mechanical Ventilation with Heating Recovery (MVHR) units, whilst the first, second and third floors, accommodating individual residency rooms, benefit from a HVRF system. In total, 76 family rooms are served by the Hybrid solution.

ground floor, the Lossnay MVHR system provides energy efficient fresh air ventilation, improving air quality and comfort for residents. The Lossnay series of products use state-of-the-art heat exchange technology that enable CO2 reduction and energy saving. The newly installed Lossnay system extracts stale air from the Lambeth Road property, recovering heat energy through its paper core and transferring it into the fresh incoming air.

Mitsubishi Electric’s HVRF system No modern heating and cooling provides comfortable and stable air solution is complete without the temperature control, without using right controls to ensure that the refrigerant in occupied spaces. A system can be monitored and truly integrated solution, this two- adjusted with the minimum of fuss. pipe solution offers simultaneous The new charity house incorporates heating and cooling, flexible a touch screen centralised controls and high seasonal controller, capable of controlling up efficiency. However, in this case the to 50 units and providing detailed developers have also included leak analysis on energy consumption. In rooms. As part of this new build, project detection between the outdoor addition, individual wall mounted consultants Jones King identified the need unit and the HBC, due to the room controllers enable guest for an energy efficient heating and cooling extended pipe run connecting the families to alter the temperature in system and a regular supply of fresh air. VRF two parts of the system. On the their rooms. (Variable Refrigerant Flow) air conditioning Enquiry No.230 was initially considered for the entire building but it was eventually decided that Telephone: 01707 282880 Email: a Hybrid VRF system (HVRF) would be the Web:

Hybrid solution improves comfort for visiting families The house at Guy’s and St Thomas’ in London was the very first facility of this type and since it opened in 1990 it has helped thousands of families stay close to their child during a hospital stay. In 2015 alone 325 families made use of this vital facility and avoided having to make long distance journeys from home or pay for costly hotel


RXLC C Landlord Control Heating System Wireless Control

· 2 operating m modes: · 7-day programme ramme - When tempeerature on CRXLC controller is adjusted, the new n temperature is maintained until the next programme overrides it.

MRXLC Master Laandlord Wireless Co ontroller

· Mains powered · Controls an unlimited* num mber of CRXLC controllers · Sets the same 7-day progrramme and time for all CRXLC controlleers

Ideal heating system for stuudent accommodation, hotels or anywhere where a central control unit is required to control the temper p ature of all heaters in a building orr rooms. It consists of an MRXLC contr ntroller and one or more CRXLC controllers connected ected to Consortt’ss RX heaterrs.

· Constant temperature mperature - When tempeerature on CRXLC controller is adjusted, the new n temperature is maintained for landlord seet period of up to 4 hours. It then reverts to o the fixed temperature. · Simple to set u up and easy to programme

CRXLC Landlord

Wireless Controller ler

· Mains or batter y powered · Allows user to temporarily inccrease or decrease the room temperature · Can control multiple heaters in a room

t: 01646 692172

f 01646 f: 4 695195

sales@consor l @ t l com tepl.c t l





Master landlord controller controls ols temperature of all heaters in a building via CRXLC RXLC controllers. * Only limited ed d by b building construction. Enquiry No.231

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The heavily glazed north elevation framed by Shackerley’s SureClad® ceramic granite panels

At the University of Bath’s 10 West scheme, Shackerley has helped AWW Architects’ to deliver a contemporary building that also references the historic city’s ubiquitous Bath Stone. The University’s Claverton campus sits on the hillside high above the World Heritage City and is undergoing a major redevelopment as part of the University’s 25-year masterplan. The £100 million threeyear programme comprises construction of six buildings, including 10 West; a new home for the University’s expanding Department of Psychology and Institute of Policy Research. 

A mix of panel sizes has added visual interest on the south and east elevations

2900m2 of Shackerley’s SureClad® ceramic granite panels were used across the scheme 

Shackerley Gets Full Marks at University of Bath 10 West  10 West was designed to maximise both views of the city and natural light, with glazed edifices to the north elevation and a central atrium. For the remainder of the exterior elevations, AWW Architects specified Shackerley’s SureClad® ceramic granite ventilated façade system as it enabled them to use a premium quality material that would reflect the colour and patina of Bath’s stunning architecture while helping the building deliver contemporary impact, connecting it to the modernist architecture of the existing campus. The building’s north elevation overlooks Bath and features a heavily glazed façade to enhance views of the landscape. The glazing is framed by Shackerley’s smooth and semi polished ‘honed’ ceramic granite panels in a beige tone. Up close, the ceramic granite has a delicate, slightly textured surface, which gives the building a human scale. The west elevation is the section of the building most visible from the city and here the architect selected a slightly darker beige tone of SureClad®

ceramic granite in a natural, unpolished finish. This was specified to help the building blend in with the tree line and create synergy with the natural environment while continuing the aesthetic reference to Bath’s architectural heritage. Meanwhile, on the east and south elevations, ceramic granite panels in three beige colourways and a mix of sizes have been arranged in a configuration that includes both landscape and portrait formats to create natural variation and add visual interest to the building. The specification considerations for using a SureClad® ceramic granite façade system were not only aesthetic but also practical; both during the build phase and for legacy management of the building. Ceramic granite is an exceptionally hard, strong and impermeable material that will retain its attractive appearance for decades to come. Made entirely from inert elements it is noncombustible (Class 0), and with virtually zero porosity it is weatherproof, capable

of withstanding the most extreme climatic conditions. Resistant to UV light, airborne pollution, algae growth and graffiti, it offered an ideal exterior cladding solution for 10 West. Façade installation could be fast tracked as every SureClad® system is fully prefabricated off site in Shackerley’s ISO9001 quality accredited factory and delivered to site as a complete ‘installation ready’ package. The use of a ventilated cladding system has also provided a cavity behind the façade which has allowed the building to be super-insulated in order to enhance its energy efficiency, thermal performance and acoustic characteristics. The completed 10 West building is now occupied and both its users and the University’s estates department are delighted with the result. For further information please call 01257 273114, email or visit Enquiry No.232

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thhe world leader in timber preservation technology

looks different, because it is different new environmental benchmark ffor or timbe timber e preservatives er for high per formance timber Enquiry No.233


Call: +44 (0)1628 486644 Fax: +44 (0)1628 476757

Protim Solignum Limited, Fieldhouse Lane Marlow, Buckingghamshire SL7 1LS

*Registered Trademarks of Koppers Performance Chemicals Inc. Protim Solignum Limited is a Koppers company trades as Kopperss Performance Chemicals. Koppers is a registered Trademark of Koppers Delware, Inc. All products are produced by independently owned and operated wood processing facilities. All other trade demarks are trademarks of their respective owners. Registered England - Reg. 3037845

by Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers Of Wood Preservatives Protim Solignum Ltd Marlow, Buckinghamshire

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32 ROOFING, CLADDING & INSULATION Foam Insulation Websters have developed a method of Polyurethane Sprayed Foam Insulation that is suitable for both old and new buildings. This continuous polyurethane foam membrane adheres to almost all surfaces and reduces heat loss by up to 80-90%.

It is an exceptional alternative to dry lining as it provides a continuous membrane of unrivalled properties. Sprayed foam insulation is particularly popular as it not only reduces heat loss but can also help keep out wind and wind driven snow; prevent tiles slipping, stops condensation and can even obviate the need for a replacement roof. Also: Cavity Foam Injection, including “hard to treat homes”

View our publication online at

METSEC launches new wide flange purlins product Voestalpine Metsec plc has launched its newest purlins product line, the wide flange purlin. Metsec is first to market with the product after identifying a need in the claddings market for a flange with a wider surface for fixing to. Previously, cladders working on a project that required a larger fixing face would have to engineer a solution from existing products and work around the problem. The introduction of this product means that the roofing contractor has an on-hand, bespoke, engineered solution which reduces the amount of materials and labour needed, as well as providing a cost saving. METSEC

Alumasc’s VAEPLAN protects waterfront development


Enquiry No.427

A full Alumasc warm roof system, with a VAEPLAN waterproofing membrane that is resistant to the sea air, provides a long-lasting roofing solution at the stunning Oyster Wharf restaurant, retail and spa/gym development in Mumbles, one of Wales’ most famous seaside destinations. Registered Alumasc contractor Span Roofing Contractors cleaned and primed the area/deck space, installed the vapour barriers and PIR Insulation, and then rolled the VAEPLAN single ply membrane over the insulation boards - flush with any upstands. The membrane was mechanically fixed within the heat welded overlaps to provide added strength to the weld and increase resistance against the higher wind loads this coastal building will experience. ALUMASC

Enquiry No.425

JJ ROOFING SUPPLIES specialist roofing trade show

JJ Roofing Supplies is hosting one of the primary roofing trade shows of the year on Tuesday, July 4th at their Cricklewood branch, Staples Corner Business Park. Exhibiting the biggest brands in the business, new products and the latest in roofing innovations and practices, this is a leading event in the industry calendar and attendance is free of charge. All the key brands in the roofing industry will be showcased including Velux, IcoPal, Redlands, Marley Eternit, Cromar Building Products, FloPlast, Klober, Duratech Roof Windows and DeWalt among many others. Production demos will also be performed giving insight into supplier practices. JJ ROOFING SUPPLIES Enquiry No.426

Enquiry No.428

Breather foil FR brings benefits for Bishop Stortford Builder The performance potential and versatility of YBS Insulation’s Breather Foil FR for use in timber frame construction has been elegantly illustrated through a high specification residential development in an East Hertfordshire village. The project at Furneux Pelham, near Bishop Stortford, features an enclave of five homes priced at up to £1 million, whose elevations display a blend of timber cladding, render and brickwork, all employed to clad a factory fabricated timber frame system. Importantly, the Breather Foil FR specified by Land & County Development and the consultant, Helix Design will fulfil multiple roles. Fitted over the outer face of the sheathing board as the panels are fabricated, the breathable bubble membrane functions to not only allow moisture to escape from the fabric of the building, but protects the timber and insulation material from the elements as work proceeds. Crucially it is also flame retardant and acts to enhance the overall thermal performance of the building envelope. This thermal enhancement comes partly

from the insulating value of the sheet’s 4mm thick structure and also the reflectance of the foil face. While Breather Foil FR is frequently used to protect timber frame systems containing mineral wool or PIR insulation, in the case of the Land & Country Developments scheme in Furneux Pelham, the design team opted to utilise YBS Insulation’s SuperQuilt: a 19 ply material including layers of foil, expanded polyethylene and polyester wadding. YBS Insulation’s technical advisory service carried out a series of heat loss

calculations for Land & Country – reducing the size of timber stud required from a typical 140mm thickness to just 90mm. Together, the two materials supplied through Munster Insulation, help achieve an overall U-value for the wall of 0.18 W/m2: fully complying with the current version of Part L to the Building Regulations and creating valuable extra space within the rooms to the new homes. YBS INSULATION Enquiry No.234

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EVERYONE’S GOING GREY! Freefoam Building Products are delighted to showcase this recent installation using their complete range of grey PVC roofline and cladding products. The property in Leicestershire originally featured a render finish to the entire upper level. It had become patchy and discoloured and either needed replacing or covering. Likewise the white fascia and black guttering were also in need of updating. The homeowner was introduced to the Freefoam range by local supplier Tru Plastics Ltd. Fitting PVC cladding to the exterior gave the property an instant facelift. The homeowner chose Fortex Pro, a Double Shiplap style board, in Slate Grey. Adding a woodgrain foil finish fascia and soffit in Anthracite Grey and a gutter system in the same shade created an attractive co-ordinated look. Russell Skellett from Tru Plastics explained “Being able to offer homeowners a complete suite of

products in coordinating and matching colours is a major USP for our company. Our customers are asking more and more for colour and the Freefoam range gives us the perfect solution” Trends are changing for external building products particularly doors, windows and roofline. For many years white was the only option and the only choice. Colour was rationed and difficult to get and often had to be ordered well in advance and in large quantities. But things have changed. Developers, architects and specifiers

have seen the advantages of using colour as a signature for their building projects. And homeowners, inspired by property and home improvement programmes, now regularly choose colour as they look to personalise their property and give it the ‘wow’ factor Freefoam is the colour specialist. Manufacturing fascia and soffit in eight stunning shades and eight woodgrain finishes alongside cladding products in ten beautiful contemporary shades gives customers a really wide choice. Colin St John, UK Commercial Director

commented “Our colour range has been developed specifically to enable our customers to win business. It gives them a wide range of options to meet the demands of today’s market place. We have established ourselves as leaders in the manufacture of colour PVC building products and this case study is another example of how Freefoam products are delivering real solutions to customer needs” Enquiry No.235

Icynene – the spray-fo oam thermal blanket A well-insulated building means a healthier, quieter and m more energy efficient environment with better comfort levels and lower heatingg bills. And nothing does a better job of insulation than Icynene – the first name in spray foam insulation. Icynene expands 100-fold when applied, sealing all gaps, service holes and hard to reach spaces, completely eliminating cold bridging ng and helping reduce energy bills. What’s more, its open cell structure lets the building breathe naturally. Icynene. It’s the modern way to insulate buildings, old and new.

For more information on the benefits of Icynene e visit

CE Mark Approval

Certificate No 08/4598 8

ISO 9001


Enquiry No.236

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View our publication online at


For more informa

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A World Architecture Festival Finalist in 2016, this apartment building designed by SJB, in a prominent Sydney location is defined by its restrained palette of quality materials, including Nordic Copper from Aurubis.

Commanding expansive views over

adjacent buildings. Nordic Standard

applied patinas have also been

Sydney Harbour, 10 Wylde Street is a 7-

copper was selected as a natural material

developed with properties and colours

storey contemporary building set in an

that will age gracefully.

based on the same brochantite

urban fabric originating from early

mineralogy found in natural patinas all

colonial grand residences and the first

Nordic Standard is produced by Aurubis,

apartment buildings in Australia. The

part of the world’s leading integrated



copper group and largest copper

Aurubis copper alloys include Nordic

neighbouring buildings is characterised

recycler. In addition to Nordic Standard,

Brass – now also available pre-weathered

by its transparency and fineness of

other Aurubis architectural surfaces

– Nordic Bronze and the innovative

detailing, with thin metal window

include Nordic Brown pre-oxidised

Nordic Royal with a long-lasting golden

framing, slender columns and folded

copper with either light or dark brown

colour. Aurubis is part of the world’s

copper edge details. This open elevation

oxidisation that otherwise takes time to

leading integrated copper group and

is contained by the elongated roman

develop in the environment. Various

largest copper recycler.

profile brick masonry forms of the other

Nordic Green and Nordic Blue factory-



over the world.

three facades. Distinctive copper ‘wings’ to the rear façade enable small triangular balconies to project from the monolithic masonry, screening them from the south and directing views towards the city and harbour. A subtle pattern of perforations in the Nordic Standard copper screens provides solar shading and privacy from Enquiry No.237

rmation visit:

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Championship team Ipswich Town Football Club has turned to Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of sustainable drainage, sewer, water management solutions and cable protection products, to provide a land drainage solution for its pitches at the club’s Playford Road training ground.

Polypipe picked for Ipswich Town Academy training facilities Polypipe has supplied over 2,000m of its PVCu Landcoil in 80mm and 100mm diameters, which will offer significant improvements to the existing pitches which suffered from waterlogging. The Landcoil system is specifically designed to aid in the successful management of

land water, offering significant improvements in areas where poor drainage negatively affects ground quality. The BSI Kitemarked Landcoil system was designed and installed by Les Cotton Contractors at the conclusion of the 2015/16 football season, so as not to interfere with the team’s match day preparations. The system includes a range of couplers and junctions, and is one of the most popular land drainage systems in the UK. In the system designed for the football club, the Landcoil pipes are connected together with integral couplers, with a three lug design to allow for an easy installation, whilst removing the possibility of the coils pulling away from each other during the installation process. Darren Cotton, at Les Cotton Contractors, comments: “Ipswich Town

FC needed to keep their training pitches in the best possible condition, in all weathers throughout the football season, and we knew that Polypipe’s Landcoil could solve the problem of waterlogging within the training ground. It is an easy system to install, and will keep players on the pitches for years to come.” Emma Nicholls, Marketing Manager, Polypipe Civils, comments: “Landcoil is ideal for use in locations where the ground needs to be kept in peak condition. It is a versatile solution that is tried and tested for sports and leisure projects which struggle with the impact of excess surface water.”

For more information please visit or call the technical team on +44 (0)1509 615100 Enquiry No.238

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Stylish rainwater systems complement unique development Cyden Homes engaged with national award winning architect, Jonathan Hendry Associates, to bring to fruition the innovative Par 3 in Humberston - a contemporary village development within a protected and managed environment.

rainwater goods to go with the contemporary external design. Our fitter, John Gothorpe had dealt with Yeoman Rainguard previously and recommended we got in contact.” Explained Peter Bond, sales & marketing director for Cyden Homes.

Among the fairways of the former Humberston Golf Course, meticulously designed residences were constructed by Cyden Homes to take maximum advantage of the natural environment.

Yeoman Rainguard’s SL Aluminium products were decided upon, in a milled finish, to complement the building materials used for the development.

With the different styles and finishes to the houses, reflecting the surrounding natural beauty, it was important that the chosen rainwater system emulated the uniqueness of the buildings’ exteriors. “In respect of the guttering and down pipes, the architect had specified milled finish aluminium

SL Aluminium half round 125 x 75mm gutters along with 75mm dia. down pipes were installed on the residences with Plain Cast Aluminium Hoppers added to some garage/out buildings.

Being a very durable product Rainguard SL Aluminium rainwater systems will offer a long and maintenance free lifecycle, added to the fact that it is a 100% recyclable material, it becomes an ecologically sound choice. “The style of finish on Yeoman Rainguard SL gutters and downpipes has been well received by the customers as it is a ‘noticeable’ addition, helping to affirm the uniqueness of the development.” Concluded Mr Bond.

Aluminium rainwater systems not only offer aesthetic advantages but are also easy and quick to fit saving on site installation times when fitting to multiple units.

Enquiry No.239

For more information on Yeoman Rainguard SL Aluminium range, or indeed any of their products then go to or call 0113 279 5854.

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38 EXTERNAL WORKS & DRAINAGE Resiblock is top of the list for Van Der Vlist Car Park

A new 250m2 Car Park for the employees of one of Europe’s leading Heavy Haulage specialists has been installed, and now sealed using Resiblock ‘22’. The Car park was part of a larger 3000m2 development of Van Der Vlist’s base on Burma Drive, Hull. Resiblock ‘22’ was selected following consultations between Resiblock, Keyline (Hull) and Contractors Wright Civil Engineers. The previous success of Resiblock ‘22’ at Port of Salalah, Oman, played a significant role in the selection of Resiblock ‘22’ for this transporter base. Port of Salalah, much like the Van Der Vlist site, expected large, regular volumes of traffic, with sand loss and paver destabilisation being a major concern. The long-lasting sealing, stabilising and paver protection provided by Resiblock ‘22’has led to the Resiblock ‘22’ product being used at multiple sites each year, now including Van Der Vlist in Hull. RESIBLOCK

View our publication online at

Flexseal demonstrate product quality with new WRc Approval The Unisaddle FA150U, a new lateral connection product made by Flexseal, has received WRc approval. The Unisaddle is designed to connect DN150 lateral pipes into a concrete or clay pipeline. Flexseal claim the product is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ connection when combined with a Flexseal Mulitbush, as a secure connection can be made between any DN150 lateral pipe material and any concrete or clay pipe from DN300 and above, providing the wall thickness of the larger pipe is a minimum or 27.5mm. “This is the most universal lateral connection ever launched by Flexseal and we’re proud to have the product outperform all of the strict testing criteria set out by WRc. FLEXSEAL

New Pocket Commercial Landscaping Directory Charcon has published its 2017 trade directory in a new, handy 49-page pocket-sized, spiral-bound format for complete ease of use. The pocket guide is filled with all the technical information that customers would need to know

Enquiry No.430

about the Charcon range and serves as a valuable reference tool for architects, specifiers, contractors, sub-contractors and merchants alike. It covers the complete breadth of Charcon’s commercial landscaping range and includes sections on natural stone, flag paving, block paving, kerbs and water surface solutions. Whilst each section is marked with a coloured divider, allowing the user to flip easily to the product category required, each page accommodates a sliding scale of product data, offering a quick reference to alternative products where required. Easily recognisable symbols accompany each page to clearly highlight key product features, indicating for example whether a product is BIM-enabled, durable, sustainable, ethically traded, BES 6001 accredited, etc. CHARCON Enquiry No.431

Enquiry No.429

from well managed forests. A signature cell-pattern design has been laser cut into modules throughout the range, and finished with either the unique twotone Corten Fossil, or the textured Pebble Shore, which both give the appearance of an ageing material which can be sympathetically blended with the surrounding area.

Natural Elements Range from Marshalls Marshalls is pleased to announce the latest edition to its Street Furniture portfolio. The Natural Elements range is a modular, coordinated range, inspired by biophilic design and elements from the natural environment. The range aims to introduce natural forms, patterns and materials into urban spaces, integrating planting areas within a modular seating system. Natural Elements incorporates this ethos into the range by having modular units which can be configured to suit any space, linking a combination of

seats, cycle stands and planters. Often projects require bespoke solutions in order to navigate more complex spaces, however with the addition of two 45° and 60° curved modules, snaking configurations can easily be created to make the most of the available space. The term biophilic design seeks to bring alive a love of nature, and suggests all humans have an intrinsic connection with nature. The form and design style of the Natural Elements range resembles patterns found in the natural environment, and the FSC certified timber is responsibly sourced

The focal point of the range is the distinctive seating styling, which creates a gentle wave effect when multiple convex and concave modules are connected; despite the differences in height, all points on the seating areas are still in-keeping with DDA guidelines. The Natural Elements range is made from FSC certified redwood timber, which has a subtle texture and accentuated grain formation which contributes to the inviting feel of the range. Available in two tones - Rustic Brown and Grey Mist. Low level lighting is also available throughout integrated LED lighting which creates a uniting, soft ambient glow. Enquiry No.240

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T--T manage the whole pumping station project from concept to completion. As industry experts T--T uunderstand both the requirements foor PRIVA AT A TE PUMPING STA AT TIONS and ADOPTA ABLE PUMPING STA AT TIONS, with a vast knowledge oof Sewers foor Adoption regulation.


Enquiry No.241


+44 (0) 1630 647200

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View our publication online at

Kalwall® sheds light on education Kalwall® translucent cladding has been extensively used for the impressive refurbishment of the main teaching block at Featherstone High School in Southall, Middlesex. The original 1958 concrete framed building was failing due to decay and ingress of water and needed structural stabilisation. DSP Architecture were appointed to repair and encapsulate the frame, resulting in a stunning transformation into a very modern teaching block befitting its ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rating and complementing the other new school buildings. The renovation required removal of the old concrete spandrel panels, repairs to the concrete structure and then over-cladding with Kalwall panels supported on a new steel frame which was added to extend the floor space . The build was completed in two phases over the course of a year while the school continued to operate. The ability to keep the school functioning while the work was

completed meant minimum disruption to staff and students. This meant there was minimal use of temporary classrooms during the works, thereby saving time and money. The two fully replaced elevations are a perfect example of how Kalwall can be used for the refurbishment of old and failing cladding and for aged buildings. The new façades allow floor to ceiling diffused and healthy daylight to flood the interior while providing privacy for students and removing any distractions. An integrated row of clerestory windows provides ventilation and limited views to the outside. Studies show there is a high correlation between daylighting and increased human comfort. Kalwall eliminates all shadows and glare and the stark contrasts of light and shade which not only reduces eye fatigue but also enhances concentration.

natural daylight, which means less artificial lighting and, because Kalwall is highly insulating, energy costs are reduced. The standard Kalwall 70mm thick panel offers insulation up to 0.28W/m2K - equivalent to a cavity filled solid wall.

The system also enhances simplicity by doing away with the need for blinds, curtains or solar control. Even on cloudy days, the interior is flooded with

Case studies and technical information are available from Structura UK Ltd on tel: 01233 501 504 or by visiting

Education sector investment for the next generation Now in the second phase - £2.4 billion of the original £4.4 billion Priority School Building Programme (PSBP) budget has been allocated to PSBP2 to rebuild and refurbish individual blocks at 277 schools. The scale of the task is vast and only through using innovative construction solutions can the programme be delivered. The Priority School Building Programme relies heavily on standardisation to reduce costs. So, will the use of offsite manufactured classrooms and other education facilities increase? Richard Crosby, Director of Education at management consultant Blacc and an independent consultant to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) - believes it will, saying: “I see modular construction playing an even

greater role in PSBP2, this phase presents opportunities for modular construction. The ESFA understands the need to design and procure for offsite construction and they are working on a component solution of standard blocks that can be assembled to create bespoke schools without compromising on quality of design or specification. The ESFA’s modular schools will look and feel like traditionally built schools in a fraction of the time onsite.”

Enquiry No.242

Richard Crosby will be presenting at the Explore Offsite Education conference and exhibition, taking place on 11 July 2017 at Westminster, London. Joining him on the speaker platform will be Rachel Stephenson, Programme Director Education & Skills Funding Agency; Keith Waller, Senior Advisor at the Infrastructure & Projects Authority, Bryan Evans, PSBP2 Project Director. Plus, a host of experts from the offsite sector including Innovaré Systems, McAvoy Group, Portakabin and SIG Offsite.

This is your opportunity to hear direct from high profile clients about how they would like the offsite supply chain to step up to the plate and come forward with new solutions and extra capacity to deliver education buildings for the next generation. For details of the full speaker line and to book your place go to: Enquiry No.243

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A sound investment – minimises life cost Sioo are leaders in wood protection using silicate technology. We provide a highly effective proven system to protect wood of all types. It gives long life and a beautiful natural surface with even colouration and is friendly to people and the environment. An example of a Sioo project is Ålleberg High School, a low energy building in Falköping, Sweden.





Made in Sweden

Sioo Wood Protection AB | Tel: +44(0)7788 542859 | E: |

Environmentally y friendly endly

Enquiry No.244

Wo ork king wit i h natture ea

vironm i me ien ndly

Enquiry No.245

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Launch of new Polaris Collection Abet Ltd is delighted to announce the arrival of Polaris, a new collection launched in the UK at the Architect@Work Show in London’s Olympia. Polaris is a revolutionary new product with a smooth and velvety touch which is highly resistant to shock, scratches, heat and fingerprints as well as being antibacterial. The curious combination of durability and texture stemming from Abet Laminati’s stylistic and technical research gives Polaris a futuristic appeal. It leads the category of latest generation products by the company, serving as a sophisticated and durable reference point for inquisitive designers who seek unusual results. Polaris is the ideal choice for ultra-contemporary projects, delighting the senses with a pleasant and unique effect. The Collection is available in 10 tones from black, passing through soft muted and subtle colours to white. It is offered in two sheet sizes – 3050 x 1300mm and 4200 x 1300mm in thicknesses from 0.9mm through to 1.2mm and a compact grade 10mm and 12mm with a phenolic, black or coloured core.

Samples and technical literature are available from Abet Ltd's sample line on tel: 020 7473 6915 or visit Enquiry No.246

concrete, exposed bricks and plaster. The anti-fouling barrier it creates is certified by tests conducted in conformity to the UNI EN ISO 846: 1999 method, and the treatment also preserves breathability above 90%.

New FILA Hydrorep Eco joins award-winning Green Line Surface care specialist, FILA has introduced a new water-repellent protector to its award-winning Green Line. New FILA Hydrorep Eco is a solvent-free treatment for outdoor surfaces, from stone pavers to exposed brick walls. It protects against

water, weathering and efflorescence, without altering appearance, and hampers the build up of algae, moulds and lichen. FILA Hydrorep Eco is a ready-to-use one-coat treatment that can be applied

over residual moisture, for a fast application. The water-based formulation dries after just four hours, resists UV radiation and does not alter frost-resistant properties. It can be applied to unpolished stone and agglomerates, quarry tiles, terracotta,

FILA’s Green Line includes treatments for all surface installation and maintenance stages, from pre-grouting protectors and surface cleaners, to sealers and stain removers. Other new introductions include LEED-approved and GEV-EMICODE EC1PLUS certified stain-proofing protector – FILAMP90 ECO PLUS - which is developed for natural stone and polished porcelain, including food contact areas. Recent FILA Green Line projects include The Library of Birmingham and the Devonshire Club - London’s most glamorous Private Members destination. For more information, please contact Fila UK on tel. 01584 877286, email or visit Enquiry No.247

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Victoria Gate Leeds shopping centre (Andrews Marbles and Tiles)


MARBLE SELLS The secret of selling virtually anything is the way in which the goods are presented. When it comes to the retailing of more upmarket and luxury goods, the building’s interior design and ambience are also vital considerations. This is one reason why marble is increasingly specified by architects and designers for floors and walls. It not only meets the resurgence of interest in natural and sustainable materials but also meets the current trends for more colour.

The aim of the NFTMMS is to maintain and improve standards of craftsmanship and technical control throughout the industry. The NFTMMS can provide expert Technical Inspectors who will provide unbiased reports on both products and/or workmanship.

One of the best examples of this trend is the END flagship store located in the heart of Newcastle’s city centre, occupying a five storey Grade I listed building. The store was designed to serve as a showcase for the diverse collection of international brands, housing them in a contemporary, airy space. Furnished in Carrara marble and concrete, it features other elements such as brushed steel, reclaimed brickwork and natural maple wood. More recently, Arabescato, a grey marble with black veining, has been used to stunning effect in END’s latest store located in Glasgow’s ‘Style Mile’. While this marble is

often used for circular patterns, here it has been book matched to create a diagonal linear look. The very dramatic look was created by leading marble specialist Diespeker.

craftsmanship and technical control, together with detailed information about the history and specification of the products, are detailed on

There are many other important examples of marble in modern retail environments, such as the extensive marble floors laid in Leeds shopping centre supplied by Andrews Tiles.

It is extraordinary that so many natural building materials used thousands of years ago are growing in popularity today. The most dramatic are marble and terrazzo and it is very easy to see why these high performance, aesthetically led products are still so popular and specification demand for them is escalating.

Leading suppliers of marble, as well as terrazzo and other stones are all members of The Federation of Terrazzo Marble and Mosaic Specialists. The aims of the Federation to maintain standards of

Enquiry No.248

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New Dune eVo ceiling tile range helps architects meet targets around sustainability and acoustics Architects striving to design more sustainable and attractive modern buildings are being given a helping hand by Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, after the company launched a range of new ceiling tiles, all of which are 100% recyclable. The range has been designed to provide class leading visuals and improved acoustic performance through a new surface which is both brighter and smoother.

Light Grey

Classic Teak

• Low Maintenance • Easy to install • • Slip Resistant • Long Lasting

Step On Safety Ltd,

Tel: 01206 396446 email: Enquiry No.213

Armstrong’s new Dune eVo range is the next evolution in ceiling tiles. It includes a full mix and match ceiling portfolio: Dune eVo, Dune eVo dB and Dune eVo Max, giving architects complete acoustic and design flexibility for every space. Dune eVo is also the first ceiling system in the industry to gain *cradleto-cradle accreditation. The Dune eVo range has been designed to enable architects to specify ceiling systems

Bona Titan – a new generation of powerful adhesives Bona has launched Bona Titan, a new supreme performance, silane- based adhesive for high value projects, very wide or oversized solid wood boards - or any installation where the quality of the bond has to be guaranteed. Bona Titan contains Titanium Technology - a revolutionary new formula comprising quadruple crosslinking that delivers superior durability and an unbeatable initial bond speed - even under challenging subfloor conditions. Bona Titan can be specified with confidence to bond all types of wood flooring. Its superb shear strength makes installation easy and keeps even the largest, solid boards securely in place. If the subfloor is sound and dry, no primer is required. The hard, silane-based formula contains no ingredients that can migrate after curing, which eliminates all risk of discolouration at the joints. The smooth, thick consistency makes it easy to use and produces stable ribs, an extremely high initial grab and zero risk of hollow spots. The bond strength of Bona Titan will not diminish over time so the stability of the floor is guaranteed for the long term. Bona Titan meets ISO 17178 standards and, in line with Bona’s environmental strategy, is a safe, clean

which not only demonstrate high performance in use, but which also offer sustainability benefits through the choice of raw materials used in production. Furthermore, the range includes a full recycling offer, free to the user at the end of the ceiling tile’s life. Armstrong has designed the Dune eVo range to project a more modern appearance in building projects, with uniform finish, allowing architects to specify ceilings which are not only sustainable but which can enable modern buildings to achieve a premium aesthetic. This is particularly important as architects continue to design environments which positively affect occupant health, well-being, and productivity. The fifth evolution of Armstrong’s popular Dune tile, first launched in 1984, the Dune eVo range follows the Dune Supreme range and has been developed following feedback from customers.

formulation which also carries EC1-R Plus, DIBt, Greenguard and A+ low emission certifications. Bona Titan is compatible with underfloor heating and can be used directly on metal or tiles. Floors bonded with Bona Titan can be sanded after just 12 hours. Further technical information is available at or from Bona’s technical department on 01908 525 161. Enquiry No.250


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Now a product that can MATCH your vision

Too often, new interior products offer restricted choice and scope, asking interior designers and specifiers to compromise on their vision with restricted decorative patterns and potential applications. However MATCH decorative panels from Vicaima present a completely new scenario. The new designer panel range removes limitations experienced with more commonly used decorative finishes and allows limitless design possibilities with multiple applications ranging from wall panels to furniture. MATCH is a revolutionary decorative panel that uses innovative technology and advanced production processes to create tailor-made graphic solutions directly onto veneered and other base layers. With the ability to re-create natural materials like stone, textile, metal or unique surfaces. VICAIMA Enquiry No.436

Granorte’s bite matches its bark!

Granorte has commissioned two third party organisations to independently test its product, proving that cork is one of the leading flooring choices for acoustics, thermal insulation, comfort and shock absorption. First to be tested were Granorte’s acoustic credentials, a task carried out by EPH, a world-recognised certification body that focuses on woodwork, plastics and craft. The end results showed that Granorte cork is capable of offering up to 19dB of sound reduction, demonstrating its suitability for commercial environments such as restaurants and bars, where footfall and wheeled traffic can often result in significant noise levels. GRANORTE Enquiry No.437

Howe Green “raises the bar” at former Olympic site During the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympic Games the International Press and Broadcast Centre played host to the world’s media. Fast forward to 2017 and these key buildings are a commercial undergoing redevelopment to become Here East – the exciting digital quarter for East London.Howe Green supplied twelve Medium Duty 7500 Series Stainless Steel access covers to be fitted in a raised floor system in an office building. The covers were ordered with stainless steel Z profiles to provide support to the access cover within the raised floor. Installed in corridors throughout the building the covers provide safe and easy access to access junctions in the drainage systems. The 7500 Series were specified to match the existing raised floor system appearance and were initially covered with plywood and then infilled with a vinyl flooring finish. Over the years the use of raised floor systems has extended from data centres to commercial offices,

educational institutions and hospitals. Aesthetics, security and flexibility are more important in these environments. The demand for different floor finishes, improved security and the ability to easily reconfigure space has led to increased demand for Howe Green

Snow is here this summer!

But don’t worry, there’s no need to wrap up – it’s just BAL’s new brilliant white shade of Micromax2 Grout!

access covers in raised floor systems. If you are looking to “raise the bar” with your raised floor system installation Howe Green can help. HOWE GREEN Enquiry No.251

Formulated with the same built-in Microban antimicrobial protection for walls and floors, BAL Micromax2 Snow is highly flexible and rapid-setting in only 3 hours. Available in 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg bags and supported with a colour-matched silicone sealant, BAL Micromax2 Snow provides the perfect match with white tiles, or to contrast darker shades. The new brighter shade of white extends the Micromax2 core colour palette to 11 including its original shade of White, plus Manilla, Jasmine, Gunmetal, Pebble, Ebony, Smoke, Chocolate, Cocoa and Anthracite. Designed and developed with fixers, BAL Micromax2 provides ultimate all-round protection against mould and is recommended for domestic and commercial installations due to its enhanced durability and flexibility. It’s technologically enhanced formulation ensures enduring good look and consistent colour with no efflorescence, patchiness or shading, even across the largest areas. What’s more, its super smooth formulation allows for easy application into gaps as fine as 1mm, while its super strong and flexible characteristics mean it is suitable for joints as wide as 20mm. Because of its durability and flexibility, BAL Micromax2 is perfect for power showers, wet rooms, heated floors and timber screeds in a wide variety of projects ranging from domestic bathrooms to leisure centres, shopping centres, changing rooms and restaurants. As well as top product performance, fixers, contractors and specifiers can enjoy the benefits of BAL’s 25 year guarantee, on and off-site project support and expert technical advice to give them peace of mind that their projects will last the test of time. BAL Enquiry No.252

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Kidde customer Bond Housing Group is rapidly expanding its rented homes operation in Lincoln and is one of the founding landlords of the Lincoln Trusted Landlord Scheme. The Group specifies only Kidde products for its ‘Grade D’ fire alarm and CO alarm systems.

Growing Safely with Kidde Already a multi award-winning supplier of high quality HMO accommodation for over 20 years in North London, Place Group opened its Lincoln office in April 2014. Here it expanded quickly through the establishment of a fully operational letting management and development business – Bond Housing Group Lincoln – with the company already managing assets worth over £9 million. The company invests in refurbishing period houses in the city centre, offering a range of safe, secure studiostyle en-suite bedrooms plus communal kitchens and laundry rooms. Tenant safety is paramount and the company always specifies Kidde’s Firex and Slick ranges of hard-wired, interconnected smoke and heat alarms for BS 5839-6 ‘Grade D’ systems, as well as Kidde carbon monoxide alarms. Enquiry No.253

Bond Housing Group CEO Rob Hunter commented: “We choose Kidde because there is no second chance to get it right with refurbishment. We want to avoid any costly mistakes that could occur if we specified a less established brand and had to make changes later. Moreover, we know that Kidde will support us in future.” Bond Housing Group’s most recently completed HMO development in Lincoln – at West Parade – features Kidde’s Slick smoke and heat alarms, as well as the company’s CO alarms. This will be one of the first properties to be inspected and accredited under the city’s new ‘Lincoln Trusted Landlord

Scheme’, designed to improve standards of accommodation, management of tenants and neighbourhood relations. Rob Hunter added: “Bond Housing Group is now one of the leading Lincoln landlords and property developers, with 5 projects in hand at present. We plan to become a PLC by the end of the year”.

For more information, call: 01753 766392, email: or visit:

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Climaflex® made of NMC Naturefoam The new reference in climate protection

NMC the leading international player in the development, production and marketing of synthetic foams has developed a foam based on renewable raw materials. This innovation significantly improved the climate and energy performance of NMC products and helps towards protecting the climate and resources. As a family company, NMC stands for quality and climate protection.

Pipe Insulation made NMC Naturefoam® offers double the contribution to climate protection Technical pipe insulation products carrying the proven NMC quality brands CLIMAFLEX® and EXZENTROFLEX® are improved by the use of at least 50% renewable materials. Recycled manufacturing scrap and additives to improve insulation values and fire protection complete the composition.

Plant-based raw materials make the difference The new NMC Naturefoam® is made mainly from polyethylene manufactured from sugarcane. Sugarcane grows back every year absorbing CO2 as it grows and thereby saving finite resources such as oil. NMC Naturefoam® is available for NMC quality brands CLIMAFLEX® and EXZENTROFLEX®.

Top Class Product properties CLIMAFLEX® and EXZENTROFLEX® from NMC Naturefoam® have the same technical properties as the previous CLIMAFLEX® in terms of: • Insulation values • Fire performance • Simple installation by craftsman • Longevity

Environmental product declaration (EPD) for Climaflex® made of NMC Naturefoam® shows impressive results. The EPD for the Climaflex range made of NMC Naturefoam® certified by the IBU (Institute for Construction & Environment) proves that the CO2 emission in the entire production process from cradle to the factory gate could be reduced to zero which is clearly better than initially estimated. In the production of the previous Climaflex formulation these emissions amounted to 62.8kg CO2 per m3 of foam whereas in common rubber insulation they can come between 200-220kg per m3 of foam.

Climate protection as a major driver in renovation and construction Politicians and consumers are demanding more sustainability in all areas of life, including in the construction industry. Consistent environmentally conscious construction and restoration thus means • Using materials which generate fewer greenhouse gases, • Contain a high percentage of renewable raw materials • Manufactured by means of environmentally sensitive production processes. Enquiry No.254

More information on NMC Naturefoam® is available from; nmc (uk) ltd

Tel: 01495 713266 Fax: 01495 713277 Email: Web:

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48 PRODUCT & BUSINESS NEWS New soft seating collection provides a warm welcome

A new soft seating collection from Lyndon by Boss Design exemplifies how hospitality designs continue to influence the office environment, helping to create a softer, more relaxed workplace. Ideal for foyers and welcome areas, Manta subtly harmonises handcrafted luxury with a contemporary edge. Featuring a twoseater sofa with matching armchair, this new collection is designed to offer a compact and informal seating solution for corporate receptions and breakout areas, in addition to hotel lobbies. Manta presents the specifier with tremendous scope and choice. Whether it’s to coordinate with existing interior design schemes or to create the ultimate showpiece, Manta is available in a wide array of fabrics and leathers, and with a choice of leg finishes in polished or painted aluminium, and European Oak. BOSS DESIGN Enquiry No.438

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Benoy Releases 2016 Financial Report Benoy is delighted to announce that its global studios have posted a strong set of financial results for the year 2016. With a turnover of £48.2m, (2015 – £48m), delivering a profit before tax and bonus of £8.2m, (2015 – £7.8m), Benoy entered 2017, its 70th year, on a secure and highly successful platform. There is no doubt 2016 was a year which brought uncertainty to many markets. Operating on a global scale, Benoy was exposed to the changing and indeed challenging market conditions of the world’s economies but the company’s positive financial performance is a real demonstration of its achievements over the past 12 months.

increase in turnover as a proportion of overall turnover from 7% in 2015 to 13% in 2016. BENOY

Enquiry No.439

With Brexit and its impact in the UK economy still unfolding, Benoy is pleased to report that the UK Market delivered an

Do more with welded carbide teeth

Enquiry No.440

IRWIN® WeldTec™ Circular Saw Blades deliver 50% longer life and are extremely durable even under extreme working conditions. These IRWIN blades feature WeldTec™ Technology which means the welded tooth bond is up to 25% stronger than a brazed joint, so your blade will last longer if it hits foreign objects like nails and staples that could otherwise cause a blade to break. The sub-micro grain carbide teeth are also 70% stronger than standard carbide teeth. UC2 carbide stays sharper, longer because the carbide grains used to form the teeth are smaller, providing the tightest packing of carbide possible for a quality, durable cutting edge. This allows for ultra compact carbide teeth that provide best-in-class cut quality. IRWIN

Trade body awards celebrate top flight acoustic performance

The skills and ingenuity of UK-based acoustic professionals working on national and international projects across a variety of environments were celebrated at a trade body awards.

Sandy Brown Associates highly commended and SRL Technical Services commended in this category.

ANC, the Association of Noise Consultants, unveiled the winners of its acclaimed Acoustic Awards programme at the Hyatt Regency Birmingham.

‘Architectural Acoustics: Education Buildings,’ sponsored by Ecophon, was secured by Sandy Brown Associates, with Adrian James Acoustics receiving the highly commended accolade and a commended award for Pace Consult.

Promoting and recognising excellence among UK acoustic consultants, the awards showcased the skills of members across five categories. Hoare Lea secured the winning project in the award for ‘Architectural Acoustics: Commercial Buildings,’ sponsored by H & H Acoustic Technologies, with

‘Environmental Noise,’ sponsored by ANV Measurement Systems, was won by Apex Acoustics, with Southdowns Environmental Consultants taking highly commended and a commended title for AECOM in this category. It was another successful outcome for Apex Acoustics, the winners in the

‘Smaller Projects’ award sponsored by Bruel & Kjaer, with AECOM taking the highly commended award and Red Twin the commended title. The final award, ‘Vibration,’ sponsored by Pliteq, was won by Cole Jarman. WSP were highly commended and RBA Acoustics commended in this category. Full details about the winning entries, with a link to a brochure featuring case study information on each project, can be viewed at Enquiry No.255

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Finally, some good news: fuel savings are easier than ever. There’s so much in the news we can’t control these days: the Brexit negotiations, Theresa May’s cabinet choices, senseless attacks in our cities. But there’s one thing we can help control: your business’ fuel spend. And, as the name says, The Fuelcard People are the people to help. The Fuelcard People offers a range of leading-brand fuel cards and associated support services to enable you to purchase diesel and petrol at a discount. You have access to a wide range of fuel cards from BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco, Diesel Direct (Keyfuels) and UK Fuels, and can enjoy average savings of around 4p at the pumps – and up to 10p less on motorways. Customers say it’s the personal approach of The Fuelcard People that sets us apart from the competition. Like knowing you’ll receive the most appropriate card for your needs, because we’re not

tied to any brand or network so we can give you completely impartial advice. Or how we notify you of our guaranteed nationwide fuel prices for the week ahead. Or how payments are made easy with direct debit, saving you hours of paperwork. If your business spends more than £500 a month on fuel, on average, then The Fuelcard People can help save you money – and hassle. Want to see how much you could be saving with one of our fuel cards? Check out our Savings Calculator tool ( to see how much less you could be paying per month. Just move the sliders to your specific requirements to see what you could save – in seconds. Perhaps you already think that you’re pretty good at saving fuel? Why not put your thrift to the test with our quick quiz ( to find out.

Still undecided? For more reasons why using a fuel card makes sense, take a quick look on our website to see how the benefits add up. Advantages include interest-free credit and a weekly HMRC-compliant invoice. And there are no transaction fees, contracts, or minimum usage requirements. Ready to find the best card for your business? Simply choose what coverage you require, which pricing structure you would like, what types of vehicles your business runs and which types of fuel you use. Then see which cards we recommend for you. Visit us at

It's that simple. And it can guarantee you some good news. Enquiry No.256

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50 PRODUCT & BUSINESS NEWS Publisher: Lawrence McDermott Sales Director DABS Magazine: Maria Hodgetts

Editorial Co-Ordinator: Charlie Zeall

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UK’S Dark Homes contributing to ill-health • UK residents living in dark homes 27% more likely to report ill-health • VELUX Healthy Homes Barometer highlights daylight as key to preventing serious health conditions

Production Manager: Carla Evans

Circulation Manager: Jackie Quarterman

MBR Publications McDermott Chambers, 2 The Green, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8SD Enquiries Tel: 0121 451 3037 Fax: 0121 433 3082 Web: Subscriptions & Delivery: DABS is available to non-qualifying UK readers for an annual subscription of £23.00 including postage ($49 U.S. for all other countries). Single copies UK £2.50 overseas $5 U.S. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by means without the express prior written consent of the publisher. The contents of DABS are subject to reproduction information storage and retrieval systems. © 2017 MBR Publications Ltd. Typeset by MBR Publications Ltd, McDermott Chambers, 2 The Green, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8SD. Printed in the


Damp and dark homes across the UK are having a direct impact on the levels of serious health conditions being reported, according to a new report by leading roof window manufacturer VELUX®. This VELUX Healthy Homes Barometer highlights a clear correlation between poor housing stock and ill-health in all countries across Europe. UK residents living in dark homes are revealed to be 27% more likely to report poor health conditions including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In addition, people living in unhealthy buildings in the UK with damp are 34% more likely to be suffering from health conditions. Across Europe, one in six households are currently living in an “unhealthy” (meaning damp or mouldy) building, increasing their chances of illness by 66%. Developed in collaboration with Ecofys, a Navigant company, Fraunhofer IBP, and Copenhagen Economics, the VELUX Healthy Homes Barometer examines the effects of housing on the health of people living in countries across Europe, along with the

associated costs to society and ways to tackle the problem. On the back of the findings, VELUX is calling for buildings to become more energy efficient and for the UK’s housing stock to be brought up to par.

European governments and societies of just two of the many diseases associated with damp living environments – asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – reach a staggering EUR 82 billion per year.

Grant Sneddon, Product Manager at VELUX-GBI said: “We know instinctively that living in unhealthy surroundings is bad for our health. This study reveals to just what extent those in the UK and Europe are suffering on account of their homes; and also the staggering financial costs to society of not bringing our aging housing stock up to par.”

One solution is to modernise Europe’s existing buildings through energy efficient and healthy renovations. This would not only lead to improved health outcomes, lower societal costs and reduced CO2 emissions, but would also provide a much-needed catalyst to European economies. The Healthy Homes Barometer 2017 goes on to examine the level of private capital available for renovation in EU member states – EUR 30 trillion – and what would be required to help unlock some of that total to invest in renovation.

Europeans living in an “unhealthy” building are more than 1.5 times (66%) more likely to report poor health, and 40% more likely to suffer from asthma, as those who do not. Meanwhile, Europeans who suffer energy poverty - meaning they are unable to keep their homes comfortably warm in winter - are twice as likely to report poor health and nearly three times more likely to report damp in the home. The costs of unhealthy buildings are not just felt by individuals either. The overall (direct and indirect) costs to

For the first time, using data from the European Commission’s vast Eurostat Database, the analysis provides new evidence on the relationship between housing and health. The full report can be accessed by visiting Enquiry No.257

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The ‘Ultimet’ Energy Saving Blind 3 Window Blinds in 1 Insulation improved – reducing heating costs Heat gain from the sun reduced – lowering cooling costs Lighting costs down – controlled levels of natural light

All in One Blind The Ultimetal fabric with the high levels of solar reflectance and low levels of emissivity afforded by its metallised coating provide industry leading levels of shading performance. The 50+ years’ experience of weaving glass-fibre based shading fabrics producing the highest levels of performance from the thinnest of materials. The Ultimetal fabric is less than one quarter of a millimetre thick, permitting a blind of over 3.0 metres in height to be stored in a cassette of less than 55mm square. Powder coated to match the window frames, the blinds become almost invisible.

Reflex-Rol supplying demonstrably scientific shading solutions. Contact us today 01989 750704

Light transmission levels for the fabric in single figures can remove glare, improving workspaces and comfort zones alike. Solar reflectance (Rs) of over 70% can reduce heat gain through the glass by 25%, 40% to over 50% dependant on glass properties. The blinds also improve the insulation of the window by 15%, 20%, 30% or more, reducing temperature loss.

light in c Day on tr

ta main ined

% 50

He at

, View to the ou led l o

e id ts

ced by redu up in a t g


mproved b ni y1 io t 5 a

0% -5

In su l

Enquiry No.802 • • 01989-750704 • Ryeford Hall, Ryeford, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7PU

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Enquiry No.803