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International architecture, design and planning firm Gensler has provided a first look inside its radical concept for a temporary Houses of Parliament on the River Thames. The idea has been ‘floated’ as a solution to enable a full decant of the Palace of Westminster to allow long overdue refurbishment works to proceed. SUSTAINABILITY IN THE RETAIL SECTOR PAGE 04




The internal architecture mirrors familiar features from the Palace of Westminster and is inspired by the magnificent hammer-beam roof of Westminster Hall. The two iconic chambers of the House of Commons and House of Lords will be replicated to the same dimensions to ensure familiarity with the aim of reducing disruption to MPs and Peers. The Royal Gallery and Central Lobby, which play an important role in parliamentary traditions including state receptions and ceremonies, will also be reproduced in the temporary structure. Built on a series of steel platforms, the building will be a dramatic high tech wooden framed structure covering 8,600 square metres. A light trough will run around the base of the chambers to enable a glow that will illuminate the building at night and the space between the outer bubble and inner box, known as the ‘Inner Deck’, will be filled with plants. Skylights – another feature of the Palace of Westminster – will ensure the chambers are bathed in daylight whilst maintaining the privacy and safety of members. A basalt stone walkway will run between the structure’s exterior and the chambers, which will be clad in white painted metal panels that are both cost effective and understated.





Overall the inside of each chamber will be pared down to make the space as effective and flexible as possible. In order to keep the space column free, the mezzanine will be hung with steel tension rods from clear space beams above. Light coves between the edge of the mezzanine and the perimeter wall will emphasise the ethereal quality of the space and create visual relief. Perforated wood panels with acoustic backing will provide sound absorption and will be finished in semi-gloss white lacquer to further create the impression of space and airiness. The clean and simple interiors will use the same colour palette as


GENSLER’S TEMPORARY PARLIAMENT ON THAMES Parliament’s historic home. As is traditional, green will be used for the House of Commons and red for the House of Lords with the familiar leather benches central to the design.

Parliament and to ensure the space is easy for MPs and Peers to adapt to and use. The simplicity of the interiors also gives the structure flexibility, which will be important for legacy use.”

Philippe Paré, design principal at Gensler, said: “It is important that the design is true to the iconic interiors that people are so familiar with to ensure our concept is still recognisable as Parliament, but we wanted to give it a modern twist. Building a new structure from the ground up creates an opportunity to incorporate workplace design principles that are proven to improve productivity, well-being and collaboration. We have tried to maximise access to natural light, provided areas of planting to increase oxygenation and leverage the ‘Inner Deck’ as place where impromptu interaction and dialogue can occur.

Ian Mulcahey, managing director at Gensler, said: “In an uncertain world, The Houses of Parliament have proved to be an enduring symbol of stability and democracy. Their iconic status at the heart of Government is recognised the world over and by the many thousands of visitors who come to visit a year. This concept powerfully expresses the necessity for the continuity of Government in this historic location in Westminster. The pressing need to refurbish the Palace of Westminster provides a unique opportunity for the UK to demonstrate its resilience and celebrate its design creativity.”

“We are conscious that any solution enabling a parliamentary decant will use public funds, so we have focused on restraint and efficiency. We have also been sensitive to the Palace of Westminster, so that our solution continues to be recognisable as

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the urgent repair works to proceed. It could be built in less than three years in shipyards across the UK and floated along the Thames to be secured and assembled on the river some 10 metres from the Palace of Westminster. Once the refurbishment of the Palace is complete, the modular structure could be relocated and adapted to provide a permanent legacy, such as a Museum for Democracy or alternatively a new parliament for an emerging overseas democracy.

Gensler unveiled its concept for temporary Houses of Parliament located on the River Thames in October 2016. The proposed modular structure located on the River Thames could provide a flexible and secure home that helps save the British taxpayer more than £1.8 billion, and allows

acebook • w w w . M c D e r m o t t P u b l i s h i n g . c o m

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October / November 2016

Announcing Architect@work 2017: The latest architectural innovations revealed ARCHITECT@WORK, the carefully curated two-day trade fair aimed at architects, designers and specifiers, will return to Olympia National Hall for its 2017 edition on 25th and 26th January. 120 leading European architectural suppliers will be showing innovative new products and offering the latest innovations in surface solutions, lighting technology as well as interior and exterior fixtures and fittings. All of these companies have gone through a rigorous selection process, with an external judging panel overseeing the product selection, to ensure that this is one of the UK’s most highly respected trade shows of its kind.

WATER THEME The theme for ARCHITECT@ WORK UK 2017 is water. To honour this the SCIN GALLERY will present an exhibition focusing on four aspects. The Material Source: Materials that come from Water will examine the natural elements that come from water such as seaweed, shells and Neptune balls as well as solutions to the material waste that is floating in our seas like Bionic Yarn. The Physical Connection: Interacting with Water will explore how water is incorporated into design from tiles that redirect water to prevent flooding to creating a weathered





The exhibition urges the construction trade to use more “grey matter” so as to use fewer raw materials.





Milliken underlines its commitment to the environment by partnering with Healthy Seas Leading global designer and manufacturer of floor coverings, Milliken, has joined 'Healthy Seas, a Journey from Waste to Wear'. Healthy Seas aims to recover discarded fishing nets from the seas and to regenerate them into high-quality ECONYL® yarn, which is subsequently turned into brand-new products such as Milliken carpets.


EXHIBITION Another feature of this year’s edition is the exhibition Matière grise (GREY MATTER, Materials, Reuse, Architecture) by Pavillon de l'Arsenal. Architects Julien Choppin and Nicola Delon from the Encore Heureux architectural design agency explore the reuse of building materials at a time when architecture is aspiring to reinvent itself but restricted by economic and environmental constraints.



look by putting materials in contact with water. The Chemical Reaction: Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic will look at materials that naturally repel water (hydrophilic) and materials that absorb water (hydrophobic). Hydrophilic materials are often incorporated into coatings and paints to protect surfaces while hydrophobic substances are used to create meltable bio-plastics, expanding resins and dissolvable paper. The Aesthetic Inspiration: Looking like Water will show how water’s shine, bubbles and waves are imitated in design elements from glass and acrylic to fabric and marble.

ghostnets, and this has a negative effect on marine ecosystems.

McDermott Publishing Limited Executive Editor Maria Hodgetts Editorial Co-Ordinator Hayley Murrell Circulation Manager Viv Fairclough Production Manager Wendy Harris

“We are extremely proud to have Milliken on board”, said Maria Giovanna Sandrini, member of the Healthy Seas Steering Committee. “Thanks to the support of partners like Milliken, the initiative has the possibility to grow and reach its goals such as raising awareness about the problem of marine litter and possible solutions.” For many years Milliken has been using ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon to make their carpet tiles. Milliken now offers over 500 designs and colour options made with ECONYL® fiber. In 2016 Milliken launched its own Global Annual Sustainability Report, to provide complete transparency and accountaibility to all its stakeholders and communities.


For magazine information, advertising rates or to subscribe please visit our website at :

McDermott Publishing Limited Eco Building News McDermott Chambers, 2 The Green, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8SD Enquiries Tel: 0121 451 3037 Fax: 0121 433 3082 Subscriptions & Delivery Eco Building News is available to non-qualifying


Alison Kitchingman, Director of Marketing and Design at Milliken said: “In line with our commitment to making a positive impact on workplace health, wellbeing and the environment we are delighted to now be a part of the Healthy Seas inititaive. Joining enables us to demonstrate our support to this worthwhile project. We look forward to contributing in a practical handson manner to future clean-up operations. Milliken’s journey towards sustainability is always evolving and we are proud to continually challenge ourselves not only to improve, but also to be transparent and fully accountable to all our stakeholders and communities.” Healthy Seas is an international initiative that recovers abandoned

fishing nets that pollute our seas and coasts and thanks to the ECONYL ® Regeneration System the contained nylon is regenerated into high-quality yarn which is then turned into brand new sustainable textiles. According to a joint report by the FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation) and UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), an estimated 640,000 tonnes of fishing nets are left in our oceans each year, accounting for one-tenth of all marine litter. These nets, sometimes called “ghost fishing nets”, can often be found on and around shipwrecks. The nets remain in the marine ecosystem for hundreds of years. Many marine animals including whales, turtles and birds are captured and killed in the

“Milliken has been a leader in environmental sustainability for more than a century. In fact, Milliken’s first recycling policy was established in 1900, and we began investing in renewable energy in 1912. By 1960, Milliken had formal policies in place to protect natural resources. Sustainability is at the core of Milliken’s philosophy to ‘do good’ for the world. With our unique combination of resources passionate and talented associates around the world, unparalleled technological capabilities, and unique insights into what constitutes meaningful design - we are able to create revolutionary products and practices that improve productivity, preserve resources, and make the world a better place.” Jim McCallum, President of the global Milliken Floor Covering Division. ❚ enquiry 100

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When it comes to site hoarrdings arre e you forgetting something critical?

Only y FSC® certification guarantees provenance.

From the ground up. Make sure your project is fully sustainable starting with your site hoarding. SITEPROTECT has full FSC® certification, grown and manufactured in Ireland. To To feel just how smooth our pre-primed board is, order a FREE sample www.smartply

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Neaco handrails and balustrade featured at award-winning scheme

Neaco’s contemporary handrails and balustrade have contributed to an award-winning development at the new Barker’s Furniture Store in Northallerton. Designed by SP&Architects and constructed by Wharton Construction Ltd, the store’s mixture of new build and refurbishment won Best commercial building/scheme in the North & East Yorkshire region at Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Building Excellence Awards 2016. Neaco’s Quad stanchion was specified with tubular toprails and toughened glass infills to provide a contemporary solution on an internal stairway and mezzanine floor.

site meetings to discuss the installation details and dealt with any issues quickly and effectively.” Neaco’s eco-friendly balustrade and balconies are ideal for sustainable building. The systems are extremely durable with modular components preengineered at the factory stage and assembled using internal fixtures, rather than welding or hot works, thereby reducing noise, time and energy consumption on site. Some of the company’s balustrade and aluminium open grille systems are 100% recyclable. The products are virtually maintenancefree, saving on manpower and cost during the lifecycle of a building.

Nigel Peacock of SP&Architects said: “We are very pleased with the excellent aesthetic of Neaco’s balustrade which contributed significantly to the urban industrial themed interior design. The development has now been forwarded as a finalist in the LABC’s national awards which are taking place in November.” Jeff Cutting of Wharton Construction said: “The client is over the moon with the result of the redevelopment and Neaco’s service was very involved from start to finish. They attended regular on-

SIG Roofing announces regional winners in its competition to find Britain’s Best Cafe With tens of thousands of public votes cast and 500 cafes entering, SIG Roofing’s hugely popular competition to find Britain’s Best Cafe is

approaching its final stage with the announcement of its 14 regional winners. The lucky proprietors and staff now head to London for a grand celebration lunch where the national winner will be announced, with the top prize of a fabulous 4-night trip to New York City and a visit to the

famous Ellen’s Diner on Broadway. The competition has been run to recognise the outstanding job local cafes do in the working lives of SIG Roofing customers and the local community and to underline the ‘local accent’ of the company’s services through its national network of 120 branches. SIG Roofing’s Marketing Manager,

SE Controls helps keep Dragon’s fire under control Dragon Mart 2, the recently completed 175,000 sq.metre extension to Dubai’s massive Dragon Mart Chinese trading hub, is using control solutions and more than 1100 actuators from SE Controls as part of the fire safety and smoke ventilation system at the 1.2 kilometre long retail centre.

For more information please visit or email:

❚ enquiry 102

Janine Brady, explains. “Roofing and building contractors are some of the most loyal and regular customers of Britain’s cafes. For many they are a daily place to meet, eat and enjoy both great food and service with a smile. Our branches offer a local service that’s very different in content - but with the same type of engagement and good humour.

Designed by Dubai-based, Dar Al Handasah, the two-storey Dragon Mart 2 mall forms part of the International City development by master developers, Nakheel, and in addition to being the largest trading hub for Chinese products outside mainland China, housing more than 1100 shops, it also includes a nine-screen cinema complex, two hotels and 1120 apartments. Throughout the mall, a series of openable skylight panels not only provide natural light into the shopping area, but also act as smoke vents to keep escape route clear of smoke should a fire occur. The SE Controls’ system includes; 1160 TGLA 24 65 linear actuators, which are used to open the skylight panels and 24 SECO N 24 40 chain actuators for opening vertical top hung windows, which are triggered by 44 OS2 30A controllers once they receive a signal from the mall’s fire alarm system. In normal operation the skylights remain closed until triggered and

are then opened fully by the TGLA and SECO N 24 40 actuators, which have stroke lengths of 1000mm and 600mm respectively. Both types of actuator are 24 Volt DC units and are tested to EN12101-2. The fan cooled OS2 30 controllers also incorporate a battery backup to maintain operation in the event of a mains power failure. SE Controls’ Middle East project manager, Madhava Prasad, commented: ”We have a tremendous amount of experience and expertise in retail smoke control and natural ventilation solutions in projects across the globe, so we can use this ability to support designers, fire consultants and engineers and ensure the systems are effective and help save lives by keeping escape routes clear of smoke.” Further information on SE Controls’ products, solutions and projects can be obtained by visiting or calling +44 (0) 1543 443060.

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October / November 2016


Inspired interior design is all about the choice With one of the biggest and most varied collections of decorative surface solutions in the UK, three of James Latham’s most popular materials continue to grow in popularity with interior designers, architects and furniture makers in the retail sector, inspiring the freedom to create distinctive designs that define spaces.


XyloCleaf Available through James Latham and unlike anything else on the UK market, XyloCleaf is an exclusive and highly textured range of decors which includes a variety of wood grains, linens and other unique materials. With over 60 colours and patterns in MFC and more than 20 in HPL laminate, all of which come with ABS edging as standard, the sensational XyloCleaf collection is suited to high-end premium design schemes within either the commercial or residential sectors and is perfect for furniture, fixtures and wall panelling. Losan Real Wood Veneers James Latham’s new and exciting range of real wood veneers allow designers to create environments with stunning effects and finishes, bringing together a particular depth, texture and individuality impossible to achieve with artificial materials. The authentic, warm and natural beauty shines through in this new range of veneers, highlighting the unique characteristics, grain and tone of the wood. The portfolio of veneers - which are all from FSC certified stock – include such on trend species as Smoked Figured, Crown and Rough-Cut Eucalyptus as well as Cracked Oak, Smoked Larch and Satin Walnut. Shinnoki 2.0 Shinnoki 2.0 is a range of ready to use, high quality veneered panels that are supplied already stained and lacquered, requiring no further finishing. One key aspect of Shinnoki 2.0 is its stability. The veneers are mismatched, but stained and textured to create a consistent finish that shows the natural aspects and beauty of the species.


The extensive Shinnoki 2.0 portfolio is supplied in designs which are completely in tune with current design trends and includes matching realwood and ABS edge banding.   The 17 designs are also supplied in separate 3-ply veneer sheets, perfect for curved surfaces, doors or other interior requirements.

For more information on Latham’s full range of surface materials: phone 0116 257 3415, or visit ❚ enquiry 104 .

Losan Real Wood


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Sound Environmental Credentials from Swish For Roofline and rainwater goods specialists, Swish Building Products, environmental responsibility goes hand in hand with efficient manufacture, supply and distribution. Eco Building News takes a look. The basic design principles of UK housing stock have changed very little over the last hundred years or so.

Cellular PVC has similar working characteristics to timber but is far more durable.

Our favourite style is a rectangular masonry box topped by a pitched, tiled roof with a network of troughing and pipework to channel away the large quantities of rainwater that characterise the country’s climate. Like it or not, “an Englishman’s home is his castle” and until some major innovation changes his mind, the preference for a pretty, brick-and-tile box with roses around door, will surely remain! Over the years, frequent changes to regulatory policies have done much to improve the standards of house construction in terms of materials, amenities and energy efficiency. Furthermore, despite the demise of the Decent Homes Policy, a great deal has been achieved with environmental issues such as sustainability, long term maintenance and carbon neutrality. Where the roof meets the vertical walls, the area known as the Roofline, construction innovation has also moved on significantly. Traditionally, Roofline construction was dominated by timber – used for fascias, soffits, weatherboarding and so on. It was a simple, easy to manipulate material that was readily available and low in cost. It also ticked the sustainability box from an environmental perspective – up to a point. The fact that it deteriorates rapidly if not installed correctly and requires re-painting every four to five years to prevent Swish, high capacity rainwater system.

inevitable decay and eventual complete replacement, was frequently ignored. A more practical and environmentally sound solution for these harsh environmental conditions is cellular PVC. Cellular PVC has similar working characteristics to timber, it is installed using the same tools and skills but is far more durable than timber, requires no maintenance and will last the whole life cycle of the building. What’s also important is that, unlike timber, Cellular PVC can be fully re-cycled at the end of its service life. So far, you would expect that it’s game, set and match to PVC and the end of timber as a roofline material. But back to reality, as timber will always have its die-hard supporters. The service life of a material is an important consideration but what is just as crucial in today’s eco-focussed world are factors such as efficient use of energy and natural resources, environmental performance in the manufacturing process and driving down waste. Here, one company which has been almost evangelical in its approach to making its manufacturing and distribution operations one of the most efficient in the industry, is Swish Building Products.

Production of cellular PVC fascia boards

environmentally responsible and delivering the attendant product quality gains can add real value to a brand. Swish has made real progress here and since achieving ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification in 2007, they have worked continuously to improve the environmental performance of their manufacturing and distribution operations. Benefits have included significant reductions in energy inputs, water usage and scrappage rates during manufacture.

Swish, part of the Epwin Group, manufactures Cellular PVC Roofline products and rainwater drainage systems, supplying new-build and refurbishment projects across both public and private sector.

Marked improvements in transport efficiency, better levels of service and reductions in fuel usage have also been realised.

In this competitive commercial market where creating a clear differentiation seems to be important; being more efficient, creating less waste and being more

This attention to environmental detail has also translated into consistent improvements in quality stability, which itself is part of the waste reduction initiative.

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October / November 2016



Swish roofline systems are widely used in the Public Sector Housing market

During this period Swish also became the first plastics company to achieve BES6001 Responsible Sourcing certification in order to engage with its suppliers and ensure their capabilities in environmental matters. So what? You might say. Well, quite a lot, actually. In the highly competitive world of construction materials, manufacture and supply, production and distribution efficiency are King. Minimising waste and employing efficient methods of production to make products with long a working life and next to no maintenance requirement, creates something of a virtuous circle. 1000m2 of Swish cladding forms the soffit to a covered walkway at Blackpool Football Club

Swish Cellular PVC Roofline products and rainwater drainage system – a stylish enhancement to this modern new-build property.

Swish recognised how important efficient use materials and energy resources had become, with greater regard to the environmental effects that flow from their use. In light of this, Swish conceived a corporate Resource Use Policy in 2014.

industry’s own commitment to meaningful environmental action over the period to 2020.

The Swish Resource Use Policy sets out the Company’s commitment to reducing and refining its use of resources based on the principles of Vinyl Plus, the European PVC


In 2015, Swish then achieved ISO50001 Energy Management Certification, to further demonstrate its commitment to continuing environmental improvement. * Swish’s environmental achievements during 2014 and since 2008 look like this see table below:

Emissions of Greenhouse Gasses (GHG) from operation


2015 Actual

Change since 2008

Direct Impacts Fixed (Production) Moving Impacts (Transportation)

Electricity, Gas, Heater Fuel Transport Vehicle Fuel, LPG









Combined Fixed and Moving Water

Consumption of water

Combine this with the wider programme of activities that the Swish Resource Use policy holds for the future; including short, medium and long term resource usage, alternate material sourcing, staff, supply-chain and installer engagement and a system that allows the return of damaged or misshapen boards for recycling, it all bodes well for the Company. The Code for Sustainable Homes may be a thing of the past but its spirit continues to guide important principles for the housebuilding industry: Responsible use of raw materials, efficiency in production and minimal environmental impact. Full details of the Swish’s Environmental Performance and Policies are available on the Swish website,

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Step up battery recycling A new WRAP compliant bin range has been designed and manufactured by Leafield Environmental to collect old batteries in three different capacities (30, 18 or 10 litres), making them ideal for small, medium or large companies within different locations. The bright WRAP compliant pink label and lid allows the user to clearly identify the battery waste stream. The lid features a 48mm hole, allowing the end user to collect different size batteries. The black base has cut out handles for easy emptying and is made from 100% recycled plastic (subject to availability) Price: £44 (10 litre), £55 (18 litre) and £65 (30 litre). For further information: Tel: 01225 816541 Facebook: Twitter: ❚ enquiry 106.

Green developer unveils exciting plans for new homes in East Kent


Development of 14 low-carbon homes will be good for the environment and help fund new training programmes for young people entering the worlds of horticulture and green construction.

the eco-friendly way to remove Japanese knotweed

Proposals include a new public open space for villagers to enjoy Traffic calming and road safety measures also planned The regeneration of land and properties owned by The Bay Trust in St Margaret’s at Cliffe is a step closer following the announcement of plans to create 14 eco-friendly homes in the village. The exciting scheme at St George’s Place promises to set new standards in the design of healthy, low-energy lifetime homes. In 2013 following the culmination of years of meticulous planning and local consultations the charity agreed the sale of the land to a green developer.

Japanese knotweed is a highly invasive non-native plant that is spreading throughout the UK at an alarming rate. Introduced to the UK in the 1850’s, knotweed causes structural damage to buildings, adds significant time delays to development sites and can prevent the sale of land. When the ground is going to be disturbed for a development, it is crucial the knotweed is physically removed quickly and efficiently to allow the works to continue hassle free. The traditional Dig & Dump method of removing Japanese knotweed is now referred to by the Environment Agency as ‘the method of last resort’. Other eco-innovative alternatives exist, such as Xtract™. Concerned about the environmental impacts of Dig & Dump, Environet UK,

one of the longest established Japanese knotweed removal specialists, developed the Xtract™ method to rapidly remove knotweed in an eco-friendly way. The Xtract™ process screens the infested soil to remove all of the viable rhizomes, allowing the clean soil to be re-used on site. This reduces haulage and waste to landfill, causes less disruption than Dig & Dump and uses no chemicals. Typically half the cost of Dig & Dump, not only is Xtract™ beneficial to the environment, it is crucial to keeping costs down on developments. It is advisable for any treatment or removal work on Japanese knotweed to be guaranteed, as this is often a requirement of lending institutions. Make sure that

whoever carries out the work is able to provide full evidence of their removal plan together with an insurance backed guarantee. The eradication work that Environet carries out is fully guaranteed and underwritten by ‘A’ rated Lloyd’s, providing the highest level of security. Since its launch in 2008, Xtract™ has been used by major builders and developers on sites across the UK. For further information, please visit or call 01932 868 700.

Since then Pete Halsall and his team have shaped their plans resulting in a housing scheme that provides a variety of healthy and sustainable ‘lifetime homes’ for local people while ensuring the biodiversity of the site where the development is taking place is actually enhanced. The scheme involves building 14 homes on a one acre patch of open land behind St Margaret’s Millennium Village Hall in Reach Road. To compensate for the loss of this private green space, the Bay Trust is proposing to spend around £160,000 creating a new public open space on land it owns north west of Sea Street, adjoining the village primary school. Separate proposals are being

created for traffic calming measures to address congestion and traffic safety concerns relating to the school’s pupils. The new public open space on Sea Street is nearly twice the size of the current private open space site in St George’s Place and is part of an area of farmland that, since 2009, the Bay Trust has managed organically for enhanced biodiversity and diversified local food production. The Bay Trust has chosen one of the UK’s leading ‘green’ developers to lead the project. Former Deal schoolboy Pete Halsall is a nationally acclaimed expert in sustainable design and build schemes. The architect is Rod Springett who has years of experience in designing low energy homes in the UK and overseas. Rod is a resident of the village and has created a landscaped layout to follow the Bay Trust’s own strict environmental requirements. The charity has stipulated that any scheme must result in an actual enhancement of biodiversity of the site. This will be monitored and supported by the Trust’s own team of experienced ecologists and horticulturalists and goes significantly beyond the statutory environmental requirements. A planning application for St George’s Place has now been submitted to Dover District Council. If approved, work is expected to begin by the end of the year.

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October / November 2016



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When you’ve specified quality material throughout your project, why stop at your rainwater system? The NEW SL range, gives you all the quality of aluminium with it’s lightweight, corrosion resistant and low maintenance properties without blowing the budget.

And of course it’s 100% recyclable! Easy Fix. Available in 100mm and 75mm Dia. Pipe and 125 x 100mm MOG or 125 x 75mm HR gutters. For more information call 0113 279 5854 or email ❚ enquiry 107 .

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Aperam stainless steel shingles for Borders rail link

IKO Polymeric’s environmentally friendly roof for Buddhist Centre

Aperam UGINOX® TOP has been installed as shingles to provide a double-sided, durable matt façade on the new £5.2m Galashiels Transport Interchange. Forming part of the highest profile rail restoration project in Scotland since the Beeching closures, the statement building is the tourism entry point to the Scottish Borders for bus, rail and road.

Somerset contractor Single Ply Services recently finished a unique project in Herefordshire: re-roofing a Buddhist Centre in the most environmentally friendly way while unobtrusively comple-menting the character of the building and its surrounding 16th century Coach House.

would not only perform but also provide the client with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

showing through a slotted board was installed at 90 degrees to the roof slope.

IKO Polymeric’s Spectraplan TPE membrane achieved both these aims whilst also satisfying the client’s strong desire for it to be environmentally friendly.”

Jon adds: “The whole site uses as much alternative energy sourcing as possible and everything is designed to have minimal impact – including the roof! We fulfilled the brief and the client is delighted.”

IKO Polymeric’s Spectraplan single ply membrane, was chosen as the ideal material free from halogens, plasticisers, HCFCs and heavy metals and made in a British factory in accordance with the BES 6001 (responsible sourcing of products) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) standards. In addition, as the hot air welding process doesn’t require solvents or generate smoke it provides a fumeless, safe working environment.

The project involved removing an existing barrel-shaped poly-carbonate roof and replacing it with a new single ply roof. But as well as excellent performance and minimal environmental impact, the new roof had to look good both inside and out.

Jon Burgoyne, Contracts Manager for Single Ply Services, explains: “Our challenge on this project was to design and install a roof that

Externally this was achieved by using standing seams on the roof, while on the inside a curved PPC fascia was installed to mask the ends of the metal deck. White caps were also cut and placed on the ends of each fixing so nothing showed through into the building below. To prevent the joints of the insulation boards

VMZINC roofs the first Passivhaus school in Wales

ZINC® PLUS standing seam vented roof on plywood in a project which added two new timber-clad buildings and renovated the existing 1980s structure. The deck is covered by an aluminium foil-reinforced bituminous vapour barrier with a water vapour resistance which exceeds 4000MNsg. Zinc systems have proved popular with Passivhaus designs and for the way that the metal complements such a wide range of building materials.

The £3.8m Burry Port Community School is set to become the first Passivhaus school in Wales. The 1,993m2 timber-framed building is a collaborative design partnership between Carmarthenshire County Council and architects Architype.

Use in conjunction with exposed timber is a particularly popular option; in this case with larch cladding. The project has received RSAW Welsh Architecture, Sustainability and Project Architect awards.

They specified a VMZINC® QUARTZ-

❚ enquiry 111 .

Stainless steel was specified in preference to aluminium for its lasting appearance, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, sustainability and lower installed cost. Specialist contractor Longworth Metal Roofing fabricated the shingles off-site to minimise waste and ensure the highest standard of consistency.

The original Coddington Court House and Coach House were built in 1796. New buildings were added in the 1979 and 1999, the latter when it became a school specialising in autism. It is now renamed Adhisthana and used as a major retreat centre by the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community.   Contact IKO Polymeric 01257 488000 or visit

❚ enquiry 109 .

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We’re in the Zone! PAREX Render Systems Now hold Zone 4 Very Severe Wind Driven Rain Rating with LABC and Premier Guarantee.

Parex Renders and EWI Systems - Performance Guaranteed!! Tel: 01827 711755 Email: ❚ enquiry 112 .

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October / November 2016


we had no intention of compromising on quality or design,’ commented Director, Peter Hodges. ‘We selected Shackerley’s SureClad® ventilated façade system in contrasting colours and finishes for the Premier Inn, and a combination of render and SureClad® ceramic granite façade for the Vue Cinema.’

Shackerley delivers premium quality cladding for major North East development

The Premier Inn’s demanding acoustic and thermal specification called for additional insulation to be fused into the building’s structural panels. Shackerley’s SureClad® Access system was employed to overclad this high performance insulation with ceramic granite, fixing through to the structural framing system.

Shackerley’s ceramic granite cladding gives a cohesive look to the Premier Inn hotel and Vue cinema at the new leisure complex

Ventilated façade specialist Shackerley has supplied over 2100m2 of SureClad® ceramic granite cladding for a new Premier Inn hotel and Vue cinema at the £30 million Feethams leisure development in Darlington. Close to the town centre, and also boasting a lively mix of restaurants and bars, the landmark leisure complex is integral to Darlington’s regeneration strategy.

The SureClad® Access system allowed high performance thermal and acoustic insulation to be hidden behind the hotel façade


The ceramic granite cladding was specified by Darlington-based Niven Architects who were keen to give the development’s tallest and most prominent buildings a high quality external finish. ‘Although we were working within an affordability envelope,

Tony Blake, Commercial Director at specialist contractor Speedclad, said: ‘SureClad® ceramic granite cladding is a high quality, well engineered product and the Access system gives us complete flexibility on site. Being able to install panels non-sequentially makes it easier to set the building out, and if we need to leave any panels out we can come back to complete gaps later.’ ‘The Feethams complex is an important part of Darlington’s regeneration journey,’ commented Paul Spensley, Project Manager at Urban & Civic Plc, the property development and investment company responsible for the project, ‘We’re very proud of the development and believe it would be difficult to find a better leisure scheme in the UK in terms of quality of finish and operator line-up.’ For further details please contact Shackerley on 0800 783 0391 or visit ❚ enquiry 114 .



ďĞƐƉŽŬĞŽƉƟŽŶǁŚĞŶŝƚĐŽŵĞƐƚŽŇĂƚƌŽŽĮŶŐĂŶĚŇŽŽƌŝŶŐ Based in Colchesterr, Esse E x, we have had the pleasurre of working with hundreds of businesses, ŵĂŶLJŽĨǁŚŝĐŚƌĞƚƵƌŶƟŵĞĂŶĚƟŵĞĂŐĂŝŶ͘&ƌŽŵ>ĂŶĚ͛ƐŶĚƚŽ:ŽŚŶŽ͛'ƌŽĂƚƐ͕ǁĞŽƉĞƌĂƚĞ ŶĂƟŽŶǁŝĚĞĂŝŵŝŶŐƚŽŽīĞƌLJŽƵƚŚĞƐŽůƵƟŽŶLJŽƵŶĞĞĚ͘ tŚLJĐŚŽŽƐĞ^ƉĂƌƚĂŶWƌŽŵĞŶĂĚĞdŝůĞƐ>ƚĚ͍ ͻ Custom price based d upon requirements ͻ ŶǀŝƌŽŶŵĞŶƚĂůůLJĨƌŝĞŶĚůLJŽƉƟŽŶƐĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞ͕ƐŽLJŽƵĐĂŶŚĞůƉƚŚĞĞŶǀŝƌŽŶŵĞŶƚĂŶĚƐƟůůĂĐŚŝĞǀĞƚŚĞ ůŽŽŬLJŽƵ͛ƌĞĂŌĞƌ &ŽƌĂ&ZƋƵŽƚĞĨŽƌLJŽƵƌŇĂƚƌŽŽĮŶŐŶĞĞĚƐ͕ ĐĂůů^ƉĂƌƚĂŶWƌŽŵĞŶĂĚĞdŝůĞƐ>ƚĚŽŶ

01206 230 553

ǁǁǁ͘ƐƉĂƌƚĂŶƉƌŽŵĞŶĂĚĞƟůĞƐ͘ĐŽ͘ƵŬ ❚ enquiry 113

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For best sustainable development 400 Caledonian Road was once a hidden infill brownfield site, but has been rejuvenated into an energy efficient mixed use project. Igloo, specialists in sustainable property development bought the site in 2012; the plan was to create a sustainable, low energy, ecofocused scheme consisting of 25 apartments and 3 commercial studios. Being in a conservation area, the restoration of the Victorian townhouse had to be designed with a great deal of care as the exterior could not be changed. To meet the footprint requirements laid out by Igloo, the townhouse needed an alternative solution to make it a peaceful and warmer living space. Selectaglaze installed six slimline units from its Series 20 range which is a discreet solution ideal for heritage projects as it is a fully reversible adaptation. Secondary glazing traps an insulating layer of air, which markedly reduces heat loss and decreases energy waste. As well as reduced energy bills, the installation of secondary glazing reduced the ingress and egress of noise. When there is a gap of at least 100mm, 45dB can be achieved. As testament to this project, Igloo was awarded GOLD for the best sustainable development at ‘Whathouse? Awards 2015’ Established in 1966, Selectaglaze is the leading specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of secondary glazing. Selectaglaze has vast experience in working on all building types.

Rockwool takes insulation customers back to the beginning ROCKWOOL has launched “Origins”, a new integrated marketing campaign which takes customers on a journey to explore the deeper benefits of stone wool insulation alongside the innovation and exceptional service at the heart of the ROCKWOOL brand. “Not all mineral wool insulation is the same,” says Warren Dudding, Marketing Director at ROCKWOOL UK. “That may seem obvious to us, but to our customers, it’s sometimes difficult for them to appreciate where the distinctions lie, what benefits there might be and how the insulation choices they make can impact upon a project or application. “Origins” looks at where stone wool insulation begins. From this start-point, customers can see how the ROCKWOOL product range evolves into thermal, sound and fire safety insulation that’s easy to install and capable of impressive, long-lasting performance in a wide variety of applications.” ❚ enquiry 116

For further information, contact the marketing department on T: 01727 837271; E: or visit the website at ❚ enquiry 115

Products in practice UK’s first Passive House Oak Framed Home acoustic flooring solutions
















A new development of luxury apartments at 27 Box Lane, Boxmoor, near Hemel Hempstead, which required an acoustic performance between the separating floors, has achieved it thanks to the innovative Profloor Levelling System from The A. Proctor Group Ltd.  The project designed by David Coles Architects and built by privately owned building contractor Priory Gate provided 2 luxury apartment buildings, offering 10 flats, a basement car park and detached executive  home.            and   build  For conversions new developments of flats where impact and airborne sound        mandatory,   reduction    is     the Profloor Levelling System is ideal, easy to install, and enables developers and to     contractors    meet the     current legislative       performance requirements. At Box Lane, the differences in the level of the separating floors would have been too great to         accommodate a standardacoustic flooring system, and by        

introducing the Profloor Levelling System allowed a level finished fl oor to be achieved Profloor Levelling System was specifically developed to allow a level finished floor to be installed on a cambered, stepped, or uneven subfloor. The floor is levelled by inserting packers in each levelling base  to adjust the level of the timber battens, and create a level finished floor, with no need for wet trades in the process. Additional products supplied for the project included Frameshield 100 a wall breather membrane. Applied in the factory during manufacture or on site, Frameshield 100 affords effective protection of timber frames during construction against wind-driven rain, snow and dust. Once completed, the high water vapour permeability of Frameshield 100 allows the controlled escape of vapour from within the timber frame whilst restricting the ingress of rain and moisture. ❚ enquiry 117

Passive House (also known as Passivhaus) is the fastest growing energy performance standard in the world. Over the course of a year a Passive House typically uses up to 90% less heating and cooling energy compared to consumption in typical homes. Award winning oak framed house builders ‘Oakwrights’ of Hereford have carried out successful preliminary air pressure tests on the UK’s first Passive House oak framed home, which is being constructed in Yorkshire. Oakwrights Certified Passive House Consultant David Bryan said: “We are often asked about eco-friendly new build designs which meet the planning requirements for energy efficiency and constructing to the Passive House standard can be the ideal solution. “The key to the success of this type of building is having structural oak frame internally with an airtight, insulated envelope surrounding this, to avoid all penetration of this skin to reduce thermal bridging and possible issues with airtightness as the oak dries out.” The Oakwrights team found that the preliminary air pressure test result gained this week were 0.4ach @ 50Pa which is 33% better than that required for Passive House requirements and also below the design limits of the property which will mean that potentially even less energy will

be required than the original calculations in PHPP (the Passive House Planning Package) suggested.

“Passivhaus Design principals require a building to have a minimum airtightness standard of 0.6ach @ 50Pa (air changes per hour at 50 pascals); that means that a maximum of 60% of the entire volume of air in the building can be replaced by means of leakage around windows etc in one hour when the air pressure difference between inside and out is 50Pa. It is difficult to directly compare this to current Building Regulation standards as the units of measurement are different, however, this equates to slightly less than one tenth of the current requirement for new UK dwellings. As these tests were carried out without the final internal finishing in place, it is usual that this result will improve once the building is complete so the company is

looking forward to the final approval blower door test to see how much better it can get. Oakwrights frames can be tailored to be Barn Style, Contemporary or Post & Beam internally to suit all tastes with the common element being a suitably insulated envelope, such as our WrightWall Natural, which utilises JJI-Joists and Warmcel insulation amongst other components to provide wall and roof panels with minimum Uvalues of 0.15W/m2K and 0.12W/m2K respectively. In our climate these should be sufficient to provide a good starting point for a Passive House design. As is the case of any Passive House, or indeed a home built on the principles thereof, careful and thoughtful design can achieve an elegant, efficient building which can buck the perceived understanding that Passive Houses tend to be bland, boxy structures.

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Prevent thermal bridging

Without Thermoblock




With Thermoblock

One of the worst areas of heat loss through a thermal bridge is where the floor meets the wall. Up to 30% of heat, in a well-insulated room, can be lost this way. Thermoblock prevents that heat loss. ❚ enquiry 118 .

Heraklith roof board respected for restoration of Richard Rogers house

A detailed refurbishment project to conserve an architecturally significant residential property is making use of a special composite woodwool board from the range supplied by Marmox Limited to ensure not just the integrity of the work, but also the building’s long term performance. The house in Wimbledon was originally designed and built by acclaimed architect, Richard Rogers to serve as his parents’ home and takes inspiration from some of the Modern Movement buildings of the early 20th century. Completed in the late sixties, the property features extensive glazed elevations and a flat roof of minimal depth, where the designer of such iconic structures as Lloyds insurance offices in the City of London, chose to employ Heraklith woodwool “Roof Board” to help regulate humidity levels within the occupied space. Basically the depth of the roof did not provide sufficient space for ventilation and instead Rogers specified the special grade woodwool board to absorb moisture from the air when humidity levels are high. But then when the air is dry, it will release moisture back into the air. This keeps the room humidity constant and comfortable, while also reducing the risk of surface condensation which can lead to mould growth.   In fact the Roof Board was manufactured specifically for this project, incorporating timber slats to provide additional strengthen and allow them to sit

unsupported above the ceiling. The refurbishment of the single storey southwest London house has been carried out by Piperhill construction, with the Northern Irish company striving for authenticity in keeping with the design ethos of the Grade II listed dwelling. A spokesperson for the project team commented: “This has been a challenging contract where we have tried to keep faith with the original design and, of course, the listed status. Marmox was able to supply us with the identical woodwool product to the boards originally used for constructing the roof and it is certain that the new Heraklith Roof Boards will continue to perform well for another 50 plus years.” As well as helping to moderate the indoor environment, the Heraklith Roof Boards also offer a level of thermal and acoustic insulation to the build-up, with woodwool boards being a common specification for flat roofs of that era. They also provide a fire classification of B-s1, d0; while being easy to cut as well as fit and can comfortably support foot traffic during the build process.

Unusually shaped, the architecturally stunning Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen in Scotland is designed to assist in the psychological and emotional healing process for those affected by cancer. A Licensed Icynene contractor installed both Icynene H2Foam Forte™ and Icynene H2 Foam Lite™ in the pebble shaped structure. Situated on the southern boundary of the Foresterhill site of the Royal Infirmary in Aberdeen, Scotland, Maggie’s Cancer Centre is the latest such centre to provide emotional and practical support to anyone affected by cancer. The centre, designed to be homely and full of warmth, aims to provide an environment where those facing cancer can gain support. The centre also intends to inspire imagination from visitors and has contributed to the architecture of the Aberdeen city area.

Being 100% water blown, Icynene H2Foam ForteTM has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 1 - the lowest GWP available. In addition to providing structural strength, the closed cell product also can reject bulk water penetrating through the building envelope.


As a result of using spray foam insulation throughout the design, an extremely high R-value was achieved. With a high Rvalue, staff and visitors to Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen will be able to work and heal in comfort all year round regardless of the season.

Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, together with Scottish firm, Halliday Fraser Munro, took on the challenge to create a visually stunning structure in the shape of a pebble. The unusually-shaped single storey structure features a reinforced concrete exterior and timber interior. Steel reinforcements were used to form the structure’s unique shape. With activity and meeting rooms located on the ground floor and office space on the mezzanine, the centre features high-end interior finishes and manages to create a peaceful, welcoming and beautiful space for anyone who visits.

Both Icynene H2Foam Lite™ and Icynene H2Foam Forte™ contribute to creating a positive, peaceful and comfortable environment for visitors to the new centre in Aberdeen. THE RESULT

INSULATING MAGGIE’S CANCER CENTRE A Licensed local Icynene contractor was enlisted by Halliday Fraser Munro to help insulate the centre in February 2013 using two high performance Icynene spray foam insulation products. The spray foam insulation crew used five sets of the 100% water-blown closed cell medium density Icynene H2Foam ForteTM and used seven sets of the open cell Icynene H2Foam LiteTM throughout the curved structure.

❚ enquiry 119 .

Above the 2.5m mark and across the curved roofline, spray foam crews applied Icynene H2Foam LiteTM. Due to the unique curvature of the roofline, crews had to aid the rise of the foam by hand to ensure consistent and even coverage.

Spray foam crews applied the medium density material on the lower part of the structure to a height of 2.5m in an effort to provide additional structural strength.

Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen was completed and opened in September 2013. The structure, set apart by a small landscaped area, is open to anyone requiring its services and support. The unusual shape and highly visual design has been receiving attention from the architecture community and the greater Aberdeen community. In November 2013, the centre was awarded a Commendation by Aberdeen’s Civic Society and in March 2014, GMS Insulations Ltd, the Icynene distributor in the UK, was awarded the Best Architectural Project – International at the Icynene 2014 Global Conference for their involvement in the project. ❚ enquiry 120 .

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14 SUSTAINABLE FLOORING October / November 2016

Define spaces with Forbo’s new award winning Marmoleum Linear collection

Forbo’s new Marmoleum Linear sheet collection enables end users and specifiers to define spaces through intriguing floor designs, by playing with texture, colour and installation directions. Recently presented with the iF Design Award, recognised as a symbol of design excellence around the world, the collection is divided into three ranges that reflect the latest trends across the office, retail, leisure and hospitality sectors. Striato Original offers a natural, earthy colour palette of twelve shades that enhance the contemporary linear design that runs throughout the collection. The Striato Textura range amplifies the linear design further still, with two styles of embossing that create more tactile and captivating aesthetics – complementing the shades of Striato Original. For those wanting to inject colour into an interior, the Striato Colour range has four vibrant tones and four neutral shades that have a flash of bright colour across them. Julie Dempster, Marketing Manager at Forbo, commented: “The beauty of the new Marmoleum Linear collection is that individual products can be used on their own to create great effects, or can be mixed and matched with colourways from our other solid and patterned ranges.   “By playing with installation angles, a design that is as visually impactful as a chevron effect can be produced using a single colourway. Or, to create a quirky, boutique feel, circular, triangular or hexagonal shapes can be cut into the sheet product. Specifiers can also combine the new textures with smooth finishes to add an extra dimension.”

if Award winner As an if Award winner, The Marmoleum Linear collection will now be featured in the iF World Design Guide, the world’s largest design portal, and will be permanently presented in the Design Excellence collection in Hamburg. The collection was judged on three main criteria: aesthetics, innovation and environmental impact, by a jury of 58 highprofile international experts from across a variety of disciplines. Marmoleum is a wholly sustainable floor covering, made up of 97% natural raw materials, 72% rapidly renewable and 43% recycled content. The Topshield2 finish provides an easy to clean surface and helps to reduce maintenance costs. For more information please call 0844 822 3928, email or visit

❚ enquiry 121 .

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Mapei UK products used for refurbishment of Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal Departures the floor was left for 28 days before it was drop-hammer tested, where it received a Category A rating. 400 x 400 porcelain tiles and 600 x 300 conglomerate tiles were then laid with Mapei’s grey coloured Granirapid (which also carries an EC1 rating) – a rapid setting, high strength, flexible tile adhesive suitable for a busy airport environment. The floor tiles were grouted with Mapei’s popular Ultracolour Plus Grout in the ‘Cement Grey’ shade (113).

Mapei UK have recently helped complete a flooring refurbishment project in Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal Departure costing approximately £2million. DMC Contracts carried out the installation, leading the design between Mapei and Gatwick Airport to deliver a robust flooring system that would tolerate the demands of a busy airport terminal.

As the UK’s second largest airport and the most efficient single-runway airport in the world, Gatwick Airport required a screed that could endure the high volume of footfall which it encounters daily. Mapei specified a screed containing their Topcem binder, also including Mapefibre NS12 polypropylene fibres, to replace up to 9,000m2 of the previous flooring in the North Terminal Departures.

Topcem, which carries an EC1 rating, produces a perfect screed to use prior to the installation of any flooring where rapid drying is required – allowing light foot traffic after just 12 hours, ensuring the airport experienced minimal disruption. Mapefibre NS12 helps to create a strong matrix within the screed which is more resistant to the stresses induced by the setting and hardening process. Once laid,

Kährs Design Studio opens in Clerkenwell Kährs has opened its new Design Studio in Clerkenwell, London’s architectural and interior design district.

Located on Albemarle Way - with a roof terrace overlooking The Priory Church of the Order of St John - the Design Studio will provide a central hub for Kährs award-winning wood flooring range. It will also showcase décor styles, furnishings and heating technology from brand partners - Earthborn, BoConcept and Nu-Heat - with Kährs’ resident interior design team on-hand to provide help and expertise. “We’re very excited to be joining Clerkenwell’s thriving design community. We hope that we can provide something a little different. By combining our own floor designs with other key décor elements, we can provide a wealth of inspiration under one roof. As we’re tucked away, just off Clerkenwell Road, we’ve also been able to create an intimate, sanctuary-like space and we’re looking forward to sharing it with visitors, indoors and on our roof terrace,” explained Harvey Booth, Kährs Country Manager.

Within the inspirational space, Kährs’ wood floors will be shown in room settings, with a strong focus on colour. Claypaints from Earthborn’s palette of 72 colours have been chosen to complement the natureinspired interior, whilst carefully chosen pieces from BoConcept’s furniture range will further reflect the contemporary Scandi-style. Meanwhile, Nu-Heat underfloor heating, installed throughout, provides a working demonstration and comfort for the winter ahead. Throughout the coming months, Kährs will host a series of pop-up events at the new Design Studio, which is open to the design community by appointment - from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. For more information, please contact Kährs (UK) Ltd on tel. 023 9245 3045, email, visit or meet Kährs at the Design Studio, 5 Albemarle Way, Clerkenwell EC1V 4JB. ❚ enquiry 123 .

With Gatwick’s moving annual total passenger numbers recently reaching over 41 million, the airport required an abrasion resistant flooring for some 400m2 of the baggage area floors. Mapei’s Ultratop Industrial was specified because of its excellent abrasion and wearing resistance to the high volume of traffic in the area. To prevent staining the Ultratop Industrial was sealed with Mapecoat I 600 W. For more information on Mapei resilient products, other products or training days, please visit, email or tel. +44 (0)121 508 6970. ❚ enquiry 122

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Norbord calls for change to biomass subsidy The government pays subsidies to encourage energy suppliers to burn wood with no attempt to specify the type of wood fuel that should be used; the subsidy is paid whatever the type or source of wood.

The government's support for biomass power plants that burn wood fuels is distorting the timber market and seriously disadvantaging manufacturers of wood panel products, says Norbord. Biomass is a growing part of the

Demand for off-site construction continues to increase in the UK’s manufacturing sector The Portakabin Group is seeing a significant rise in demand for buildings in the manufacturing sector as more organisations look to expand their facilities using offsite construction. The Group’s latest project constructed using its Yorkon offsite solutions is for Totally Wicked

renewable energy sector. Major power generators like Drax are converting former coal-fired boilers to burn biomass as a "sustainable" alternative to fossil fuels, while numerous smaller generators are setting up purposebuilt biomass plants to burn wood. – the first purpose-designed fluid production and technical facility for electronic cigarettes to be built in the UK. The scheme has increased the company’s capacity to over 10 million bottles of premium quality e-liquid every

Wood comes in many forms - as sawlogs, small roundwood, green chips, sawdust and recycled fibre. All are combustible - which is all the power companies' care about - and the government pays the same whatever type goes into the furnace. But there is a well-established market for wood, and the market differentiates wood by price. The first choice wood for biomass is, unsurprisingly, the cheapest: chips, recycled fibre and forestry thinnings. year for the UK, USA and worldwide markets. The facility was constructed off site to radically shorten the programme time and reduce disruption to the local community and to the company’s existing operations on the Totally Wicked site in Blackburn. Finished in anthracite grey with striking chilli red stripes to reflect Totally Wicked’s strong corporate image, the scheme accommodates a new production facility on the ground floor, complete with test

Marmox Thermoblock specified for Low Energy Extension to Kent School The construction of a new extension to the teaching facilities at Glebe School in West Wickham, Kent, has featured the use of 140 mm wide Thermoblock units manufactured by Marmox Limited, specified to carry the main structural envelope of the two-storey building. The incorporation of Thermoblocks at the wall-floor junction results in the virtual elimination of the heat loss at this cold bridge. The new building will provide the secondary school with a number of facilities including an art-room, additional classrooms and new washrooms. Further-more, as is common now in the education sector, the extension has been designed to achieve very good standards of energy consumption through high levels of insulation. Marmox Thermoblocks are ideally suited to this ‘Fabric First’ approach and are regularly used to address the problem of perimeter heat loss at both ground and upper floor levels in either timber frame or more traditional masonry construction. Romford based Lakehouse was the main contractor for the work

and the 270 Thermoblock units – each measuring 140 x 600 x 65 mm – were supplied through Jewson Builders Merchant. In addition, the branch supplied tubes of Marmox Multibond adhesive, which were used for jointing the interlocking Thermoblocks. Thermoblock, which has a compressive strength of 9N/mm2 was specified for this demanding application of footing the supporting walls. Thermoblock then serves to greatly extend the heat flow path for the critical floor/wall junction throughout the life of the building. The 600 mm long units incorporate mini columns of high strength concrete to support the load of the wall above, while the low lambda value insulation effectively lengthens the path for cold-bridging. They are laid just using ordinary bricklayer’s mortar and then by sealing the interlocking ends together with Marmox Multibond, they create a permanent waterproof seal onto which the block or brick wall is then build on. ❚ enquiry 124

These materials are often described, misleadingly, as ‘waste' wood with the implied suggestion that they are suitable for little more than fuelling biomass boilers. In fact, they constitute the basic feedstock for many wood panel products such as OSB, chipboard and MDF; indeed the wood panel industry is built on utilising these wood types.

Residents in Garmouth benefit from free solar-electricity Thanks to Aberdeenshire social housing landlord Osprey Housing, 11 residents in Garmouth, Moray are now receiving free electricity through solar-electricity-generating (PV) panels installed on their roof.

By subsidising wood-fuelled biomass power stations, the government is distorting the market for wood fibre and eroding competitiveness. Therefore, rather than sit back and watch its essential raw material go up in smoke, the wood panel products industry is calling on the government to refine the subsidy process and deliver a level playing field for all consumers. ❚ enquiry 125

room, fluid mixing area, bottling plant and a highly insulated cold room. New offices are located on the upper floor. The use of a Yorkon off-site solution from Portakabin reduced the build time for the facility to just four months to give Totally Wicked the benefit of earlier occupation. This also allowed production capacity to be increased and facilitated the company’s expansion at an earlier stage. ❚ enquiry 126

Eleven, eight panel (2kWp) solar PV systems were fitted, on the most southerly facing roof of each home. The works were completed by Brechin based installer Forster Energy, within a week, minimising any disruption to the residents. A power diverter was also fitted, meaning that any solar-generatedelectricity not used by the resident, is diverted to heat their hot water tank, further reducing the amount of electricity they need to buy-in from their energy supplier during the day. “This is what really sold it to us”, explained Osprey Housing Energy Support Officer, Jane McWhirr, “as it means that all tenants will benefit, regardless of whether or not they are at home during the day. It was an ideal solution for these properties, which due to being off the gas grid, tend to have high electricity bills.” In order to help residents get the most out of the free electricity generated by the panels on their roof, Forster provided an eight page guide full of useful tips. The eight panel systems could save residents as much as £200, depending on how much electricity they use during daylight hours. “One tenant said her weekly spend on electricity has already gone down from £20 to £15.” “It’s brilliant to hear that our tenants are already seeing the benefit of the new PV systems, and the improvement in the energy efficiency rating has meant that these homes are now meeting EESSH (Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing). Following the success of this, our first programme of PV, we are now considering rolling out PV programmes across other schemes.” “We were delighted to be selected to work on this project, and it was really pleasing to receive such positive feedback from Osprey and their tenants” said Forster Energy Managing Director, Steve Scott. “PV provides a great solution for meeting the EESSH and tacking fuel poverty. It is cost effective and less intrusive than other measures and can have a significant impact on the Energy Efficiency ratings of homes and other buildings”.

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October / November 2016

Lindapter provided steel connection solution for Arup’s Circular Building The Circular Building was constructed out of reusable components and showcased at the London Design Festival 2016 to demonstrate how circular economy thinking can be applied to the built environment.


The full-scale prototype, developed by Arup, Frener & Reifer, BAM Construction and The Built Environment Trust is a practical exploration about how the construction industry can work towards zero waste. This structure is intelligently designed and constructed using materials that can be removed with minimum damage, helping each component to retain its value. The prototype challenged both designers and suppliers to think differently about their chosen materials and construction processes in order to create a building where, at the end of its life, all of its elements can be re-used, re-manufactured or re-cycled. True circularity has only been possible with the support of manufacturers such as Lindapter who are committed to testing the principles that underpin the circular economy. During the project, Arup asked Lindapter to design and supply a connection system to secure the circular building’s roof panels, wall panels and glazing supports to the structural frame. Lindapter’s technical team quickly designed bespoke connection solutions using the CE Marked Type B clamp, which allowed contractors to rapidly install the panels by easily sliding and aligning the eco-boards into position before tightening with a standard torque wrench. As only hand tools are required to install Lindapter products, noise, waste, and tool/welding consumables are avoided. Lindapter clamps allow onsite adjustability and adaptability to suit different beam thicknesses and angle



alignment to ensure a correct fit, therefore avoiding site waste or returned construction components. The connection solutions were particularly appropriate for the circular buildings project due to Lindapter’s synergy with the principles of the circular economy, for example, Lindapter’s products provide flexibility, ease of deconstruction and the potential to reuse or recycle. Lindapter prides itself on its outstanding green policies and creates social, environmental and economic benefits in steel construction, supporting what BCSA refer to as sustainability’s ‘triple bottom line’. Visit to watch a video of the rapid construction and to request a catalogue.

❚ enquiry 127 .

❚ enquiry 128 .

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Mellor Primary School Wins PEFC UKsponsored Award The Winners and Highly Commended entries of the Structural Timber Awards 2016 were revealed on Wednesday 19 October at a gala dinner held at the Birmingham National Conference Centre (formerly known as the National Motorcycle Museum) during Timber Expo and UK Construction Week.

Sponsored by PEFC UK, the Best Education Project category saw Mellor Primary School, near Stockport, designed by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects announced as the overall winner from 12 shortlisted projects. The Best Education Project category showcases schemes that have used timber technology to create exceptional buildings and vibrant learning spaces for both students and staff. The stunning school was also chosen as the Judges Choice overall winning scheme. The extension for Mellor Primary School provides a series of ‘exciting and stimulating new spaces’ based on the school’s Forest School ethos. The extension is in effect a ‘tree house’ – a cluster of pitched roof shapes set on a deck extending out into the landscape. Tree-like glulam frames support not only the deck but also the roofs internally and canopies externally. Timber was specified as a robust and sustainable material, offering clear benefits

in terms of sustainability, structural performance, durability and long-term maintenance. The judges praised Mellor Primary School for being: “An excellent scheme with an honest simple structure but importantly uses the structure as a learning resource.” Presenting the Award, PEFC CEO and Secretary General Ben Gunneberg said: “It is always fantastic to see the ways in which timber is used throughout the construction industry to produce such magnificent, sustainable and environmentally sound buildings. The role of PEFC-certified forests and the timber that leaves them is vitally important and this is being reflected across Europe with the levels of engineered wood used in particular on some landmark schemes.” The Structural Timber Awards reward outstanding projects and innovative products that are promoting excellence in structural timber across the UK. Across all

Maintenance & Inspection Critical for Cornwall Highway Soakaways Managing highway surface water runoff as part of a much-needed development of affordable housing in rural Cornwall, UK has been assured with a Stormbloc® geocellular soakaway system from Hydro International. Maintenance and regular inspection were key considerations in a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) that required two soakaways to be built to manage surface water from Bassett Road as part of Coastline Housing’s 49-home development in the village of North Country near Redruth.

As the ground conditions in Cornwall are usually favourable for infiltration of excess surface water, Cornwall Council promotes the use of soakaways as the preferred option for surface water drainage in the county. Consultant Engineers Nijhuis H2OK Ltd specified Stormbloc® with a Stormbloc® Inspect system to ensure regular inspection and maintenance of the soakaways and comply with local authority highways and drainage guidance with a view to adoption by the council. Stormbloc® Inspect’s inspection chambers and access tunnels in the soakaways are fully integrated within the modular block system to ensure simple installation and connection to the surface water drainage system, as well as easy access for ongoing maintenance. “Percolation testing carried out to CIRIA156/BRA 356 indicated that the ground had good drainage characteristics,” confirmed Jan Clark, Development Infrastructure Manager for Nijhuis H2OK. “We specified Hydro International Stormbloc® units as they have been successfully adopted by Cornwall Council on other projects. The council are keen to incorporate improved access and inspection facilities on all drainage features and

the 15 Awards categories, there were many examples of PEFC-certified timber being specified with cross laminated timber (CLT) and glulam increasingly being adopted as a sustainable alternative to steel and concrete. The judges also singled out two Highly Commended schemes for praise. These were Burry Port Community Primary School designed and built by Cygnum Timber Frame and Architype, that celebrated Welsh timber and is the first Passivhaus School building in Wales. Also gaining plaudits was The SchoolHouse project from Roderick James Architects: a vocational project that enabled pupils to build their own sustainable timber house at the Burlington Danes Academy in London, that included a hand-crafted structural Douglas fir (English plantation grown) frame. ❚ enquiry 130 .

the Stormbloc® inspection facility helps in this regard.” Surface water is drained from a total 1,500 m2 stretch of highway through road gullies and a gravity pipe system to the two soakaways. Both 1.98 m deep, the soakaways measure 10.4 m x 7.2 m and 9.6 m x 4.0 m and are each situated under separate soft landscaped areas. The Bassett Road soakaway system is designed to protect the highway from a 1 in 100 year flood event and includes a 30% climate change allowance. Stormbloc® Inspect can be installed under landscaping or even roadways, while remaining easy to access for inspection and maintenance. The North Country development was built for Coastline Housing, a local not-for-profit housing association that owns and manages over 4,000 homes in the county. The first phase of the development was finished in March 2016, with a second phase completed in the Summer. With house prices in Cornwall continuing to be more than 11 times average earnings, many people have been excluded from owning their own homes. The North Country development is one of the housing association’s biggest-ever developments, providing homes for rent, part-buy and part-rent, and is supported by Homes and Community Agency funding. For more information about Stormbloc®, Stormbloc® Inspect and other stormwater and wastewater management products from Hydro International, please call 01275 337937, email or visit

❚ enquiry 131 .

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Pre ecas stt Arc chite ectural & Structtural Solutions lutions ch hitectural-structural | At FP McCann, we believe in working with you as a partne er from the start, which TLHUZVќLYPUNV\YL_WLY[PZLPUKLZPNUPUNHUKTHU\MHJ[\YPUNYVVTZ[VZ\P[L]LY` PUKP]PK\HSWYVQLJ[-HYMYVTILPUNHUVќ[OLZOLSMZVS\[PVUV\YHYJOP[LJ[\YHSHUK structural solutionsHYLTHKL[VTLHZ\YL^OPSZ[THPU[HPUPUNV\YKLZPNU WOPSVZVWOPLZHUKZ[HUKHYKKL[HPSZ Our precast concrete crosswallJVUZ[Y\J[PVUPZHMHZ[HUKJVU]LUPLU[way to WYVK\JLT\S[P\UP[Z[Y\J[\YLZZ\JOHZOV[LSZLK\JH[PVUZ[\KLU[ZLJ\YLHUK OLHS[OHJJVTTVKH[PVUWYP]H[LHUKZVJPHSOV\ZPUNPUHMYHJ[PVU of the time of [YHKP[PVUHSS`I\PS[Z[Y\J[\YLZ ❚ enquiry 133

Alma Park Road Grantham ham Lincolnshire NG31 9SE

Tel. 01476 562277 King’s Lane Byley Middlewich dlewich Cheshire CW10 9NB

Tel. 01606 843500

Prrecast Concrrete ete Offf-Site Solutions

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Kingspan Timber Solutions' Celebrate Best Social Housing Project Award The team at Kingspan Timber Solutions' are celebrating after picking up the Best Social Housing Project trophy at the prestigious Structural Timber Awards. The ceremony, hosted by TV presenter Mark Durden-Smith, took place at The National Conference Centre in Birmingham as part of UK Construction Week.

The award winning social housing project, located at Castle Street Dover, was a collaboration between Dover District Council, Jenner (Contractors) Ltd and Kingspan Timber Solutions. The judges said of the award: "The use of the highly airtight and energy efficient SIPs system enabled significant savings in the energy performance of the building. The team showed strong collaboration from client through to specialist timber contractor, to facilitate smooth delivery of the project." The project was the first step towards regenerating the area of St. James' Street, with new retail outlets, restaurants and further houses planned. The purpose built apartments, set in a conservation area, were developed to provide compact accommodation for the retired residents of Dover. The design of the apartments reflects the character of the existing 19th Century Castle Street frontage with its raised roof profile. The detailing, fenestration pattern and selected external materials, integrate seamlessly with the setting of the conservation area. Kingspan TEKÂŽ was specified for the build because it holds a Green

Guide A+ rating for the system's energy efficient properties. The high thermal performance of the SIPs construction results in a low heating load which makes the use of electric storage and panel radiators viable. Creating this level of warmth was key for Dover District Council to provide vulnerable and elderly residents with warm homes whilst also keeping fuel bills low and manageable, particularly in the cold months of winter Ian Loughnane, Business Unit Director at Kingspan Timber Solutions said: "The Structural Timber Awards are a significant industry event and show true recognition for our dedicated teams, the specialist design and manufacturing services we provide, together with the outstanding results achieved working with Dover District Council and Jenner Contractors." The Structural Timber Awards celebrate the best in timber construction and are a prominent platform to showcase and celebrate iconic projects and industry innovators, attracting over 500 national business leaders and high profile decision makers.

To find out more about Kingspan Timber Solutions visit: â?š enquiry 134

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@ecobuild_now #ecobuild


Ecobuild is evolving with the industry, focusing on the issues that matter the most. Register for a free ticket:

Strategic Partners:

â?š enquiry 135 .

5161 Ecobuild 2017 advert re-size 270x380 v2.indd 1

07/11/2016 2:58 pm

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TORMAX RACES AHEAD Reflecting the cutting-edge nature of the work being carried out by RACE (Remote Applications in Challenging Environments), TORMAX was contracted to design and install a prestigious 3-wing revolving entrance combined with automatic pass door, delivering easy access for staff and visitors to the research facility near Oxford. Representing one of the most advanced operators on the market, the swing door is powered by an TORMAX iMotion 1301 door drive, uniquely designed to deliver unparalleled reliability and longevity.

Making a ripple in Reading Number One Forbury Place in Reading is a 186,000 sq ft speculative office development, owned by one of the UK’s largest property investors, M&G Real Estate, which has a particularly distinctive exterior, thanks to a October / November 2016

As part of the UK’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) community, RACE is at the heart of ensuring ideas and solutions are shared across sectors. RACE is part of UKAEA’s growing technology programme at their Culham Science Centre site , near Abingdon, where world-class publically-funded research into fusion power combines with commercial technology organisations and the Culham Innovation Centre, to create a powerhouse of high technological advancement and enterprise. Working with Queninborough Aluminium Services (QAS), TORMAX has created an eyecatching yet functional entrance system that is in keeping with the impressive, contemporary design of the building. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, a manual revolving entrance was specified, effectively helping maintain the ambient temperature of the main reception by reducing heat-loss from the building. Offering clear access for custom solar shading and screening solution, courtesy of Levolux. The eight-storey building is the second of three buildings that will complete ‘Forbury Place’. One Reading Central, now known as Number Three Forbury Place, was the first building to be completed in 2010. Designed by Aukett Fitzroy

the less-able, as well as to allow for bulky deliveries, an automatic swing door to one side provides smooth, hands-free passage. Designed at the TORMAX HQ in Switzerland, the iMotion 1301 door drive incorporates a high torque synchronous motor that Robinson architects, Number One Forbury Place is a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rated development and is easily distinguishable because of an unusual solar shading and screening solution, provided by Levolux. As a world-leading solar shading and screening specialist, Levolux was approached to design, supply and install a custom solar shading

that features none of the parts that usually wear out, such as gears and brushes. This ensures both a long life span, as well as low maintenance requirements. ❚ enquiry 136 solution, comprising a combination of horizontal and vertical twisted fins. Horizontal, rectangular-shaped fins are utilised externally on the building’s faceted south-facing elevation. ❚ enquiry 137

Solarlux International business partners and public ASSA ABLOY UK celebrate grand opening of the new Solarlux Campus publishes on BIMobject Long-term business partners from all over the world have been celebrating alongside locals from Melle and Solarlux teams at the company’s brand new campus based in Melle, North West Germany. The leading bi-folding and sliding glass door manufacturer’s new site officially opened its doors on 9th September 2016 which also coincided with end of the company’s Crazy British Cycling Tour, challenge that saw three brave and determined members of the Solarlux team cycle from the company’s UK offices in Welwyn Garden City to the brand new German location to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation. Solarlux’s brand new innovation centre has been in development since December 2014 and the opening night offered exclusive views for press, valued long term customers and members of the local community. The event also saw the grand unveiling of the company’s 3,000 m2 showroom, which boasts a flat roof and also shows the re-development of a small stadium which comprises of a tribune and a comfortably functional lounge area. Other notable ingenious features that the centre showcases include a CERO frameless sliding glass door house, the new timber sliding door SL78 and bi-folding doors with specifications unique to the market. The cutting edge site was applauded by visitors for its inspiring and pioneering design, as well as for the unique and creative flair demonstrated by Solarlux

throughout the building process. When developing the new campus, one of the company’s primary aims, which has been achieved, was to create with sustainability at the forefront in order to ensure that operations would remain adaptable and futureproof. Guided tours were provided for visitors during the opening event, who were treated to exclusive views of the full production process, as well as catching a glimpse of the cutting edge equipment and technology on show, including the fully automated high rack warehouse. The administrative and exhibition building, which is already a hit with visitors, showcases an impressive glass exterior, that leaves visitors in awe of Solarlux’s true style and capabilities. However, this isn’t the only area of the new centre to attract attention from guests as the vast and spectacular surrounding grounds have no less than 500 trees, 4,800m² of wild flower meadows and 37,000m² of lawn, providing a relaxing and inspiring space to roam. Solarlux’s green spaces at the Melle site will also feature an outdoor gym and are unique in their use of state-of-the-art technology and design features, all of which was created by the company’s forward thinking team. The entire impressive structure was also constructed in order to combine production facilities in Bissendorf and Osnabruck whilst generating and utilising solar PV and geothermal energy.

To meet the growing demand for delivering specifications on BIM orientated projects, ASSA ABLOY UK Specification, a UK division of ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions has published its BIM door solutions on BIMobject. BIMobject, one of the leading providers of online hosting for manufacturer’s BIM content, will reference 11 of ASSA ABLOY’s BIM Door Solutions for interior and exterior applications in the UK market. The tailored ASSA ABLOY BIM Door Solutions are compatible with various native BIM formats and standards, with content that

Kawneer launches THE architects guide to aluminium in building A new specification guide to its portfolio of architectural aluminium glazing systems has been published by Kawneer. THE architect's guide to aluminium in building has been launched by leading UK manufacturer of designer glazing systems Kawneer. The ultimate specification guide is presented as 380 individual and easily updated pages within a ring binder that is then housed within a slip case to give it additional

is accurate and designed to reflect the ‘real life’ use of a complete door set. Andy Stolworthy, BIM Manager for ASSA ABLOY UK Specification, said: “As one of the early manufacturers to adopt BIM, we are currently in the process of taking our offering to the next level, aligned with our work in other areas of data and sustainability, to provide a truly added-value service for architects and specifiers. Hosting our BIM content on BIMobject is part of this progression. presence and longevity on architects' library shelves. The new specification guide details Kawneer's peerless portfolio of traditional "stick" and unitised curtain walling systems, door and window systems, door and window sliding systems, framing systems, Brise Soleil, and blast enhanced and fire resistant systems.

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October / November 2016




Designed by DarntonB3 architects, this 23,000 sqm facility is the new HQ for Airedale International Air Conditioning in Leeds. The production facility is a stunning example of the way in which the Kalwall® translucent daylighting system has been used in combination with Kalwall panel unit windows. It includes a state-of-the-art test centre and training school regarded as a worldwide hub of excellence for airconditioning.

manufacturing are kept on a single level. Sustainability is also fundamental to Airedale’s core strategy which has been translated into a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’ for the building.

The dramatic linear simplicity of the design projects real impact on the entrance façade while the architects have configured the levels of the site so that the main mass is concealed from public view and all aspects of

Unlike conventional glazing, highly insulating Kalwall eliminates shadows and glare and the stark contrasts of light and shade. The system also enhances simplicity by eliminating the need for blinds, curtains or solar control.

Keith Hardcastle, Director, darntonb3 architecture comments, "The ambiance within the factory has been transformed by the integration of natural diffused light into the usually harsh environment.”

Even on cloudy days, the building is bathed with natural diffused daylight which means less artificial lighting and therefore reduced costs. Apart from being specified for all types of new build, Kalwall is increasingly used for the refurbishment of cladding or rooflights on aged buildings. Case studies, details of CPD presentation and technical information is available from Structura UK Ltd, Tel: 01233 501 504 or visit www.structura-uk/kalwall ❚ enquiry 140 .

Keylex Unlocks Staff Room Access at Weston’s New College Keylex mechanical digital locks have been installed on the doors of the staff rooms and the first aid room at the new North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College campus, just completed by main contractor BAM Construction. The locks were supplied by Relcross via IRM of Yate, near Bristol. The majority of doors at the new £12m complex are controlled by proximity cards issued to all students and staff but some areas are designated for separate control by mechanical digital locks. These are the four staff rooms plus the first aid room and similar Keylex locks are already fitted to all

the other staff rooms and first aid rooms on the other college campuses. This provides a common access control solution for all of these areas giving immediate access for authorised users without the need for a proximity card. The K700 lock that was specified is a standard duty, high security lock ideal for many hundreds of operations per day. It has an entirely mechanical operation with no electronics or electrical wiring involved. Relcross Sales and Marketing Director, Stuart McMaster, said “while electronic access control can be very effective there are still circumstances where a mechanical digital lock is the best option. It’s a quick fix solution. No wiring is required, there are no batteries to replace, just solid mechanical reliability for which Keylex locks are

renowned.” The new £12m North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College includes an allweather sports pitch, canteen, lecture theatre, sports hall and technology and enterprise spaces, as well as a purpose-built science floor with laboratories and an outdoor terrace for experiments. NSETC is part of the Inspirational Futures Trust, which is sponsored by the Weston College Group.

For further information on Keylex locks, call Relcross on 01380 729600, email or visit For other Relcross products, visit ❚ enquiry 141 .

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Chamberlain Student

Accommodation The University of Birmingham’s new Chamberlain Hall Student Accommodation is an impressive example of regeneration which is in keeping with the landscape as well as providing all essential capacity growth for the future. Consisting of 2 linked tall towers at 17 at & 21 stories and 5 “finger” blocks. October / November 2016

The façade had to provide function as well as form. Day-lighting is vital to aid with studying, no dark gloomy corners, a light and airy interior is desirable. Natural ventilation was a must, however, in keeping with the structured façade open-in windows were required fronted with ventilation panels, to allow ventilation yet not impact on the façades integrity, maintaining the clean lines and sleek elevations. Making the façade work and integrate with all the cladding elements involved Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems designing new methods of fixing. The flush façade was a must and all the elements: Comar Glazing, Mesh and Copper panels needed to integrate. One of the engineering challenges on the project was the connection of the perforated copper cladding panels to the Comar 6EFT curtain walling. This connection had a few considerations, such as the metals being at opposite ends of the galvanic table, aesthetic demands, thermal performance and the structural considerations of loading panels to Comar 6EFT curtain walling Continental Installations worked closely with Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems and main contractor Balfour Beatty on the complex façade. The team designed a bespoke capping profile which was extruded with re-enforced walls capable of fixing the copper panels directly to it.  A heavy duty pressure plate with a fixing port arrangement, was used to

❚ enquiry 143 .

mechanically fix the capping to the pressure plate. Subsequent regular fixings then transmitted the applied loads back to the rear structural mullion member to ensure there was no thermal bridging.   All connections were fully isolated to prevent bi-metallic corrosion. This bespoke design then included inward full height opening windows which sat behind the façade, Comar 5P.i Advanced Tilt/Turn open in windows were selected. These windows were perfect for the application as they offer slim sight-lines, thus maximising daylighting as well as the profiles themselves have thicker walls that provide robustness and large spans to ensure they stand the test of time. On the window elements Comar 5P.i Advanced Tilt/Turn open in

windows were selected. These tilt/turn windows are perfect for the application, they offer slim sight-lines to maximise day-lights as well as the profiles themselves have wide wall thicknesses that provide robustness to ensure they stand the test of time. The wire mesh fitted directly onto the window. The five finger blocks were sited to draw people through the buildings and connect with the landscape beyond. Full height windows were selected, again, from the Comar 5P.i Advanced Tilt/Turn range. Fritted glass was used to the bottom of the glazing, allowing light, but prevents items below the desk being seen from the outside. ❚ enquiry 144

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Looking at the current industry, architects agreed that energy efficiency is still a critical consideration when designing a project, with 48% of respondents citing it as the most popular trend.





2015 2018

widesccreen We’ve gyouowananet a five metre rmwidedet intsuellnbigelindd,nt SE

So s? Me SE ght metre eig YOUCHOO or maybe WHATEVER ms to break can now be htly seam sunblinds * mo m re unsig technical No ng . lin dth cei wi toin n, just floor- indusstry leading y ur vision yo th unblinds wi su LESS BL a d shading sion an I AM . through-vi es to match propertie




Industry professionals have shared their predictions for the future of residential architecture in a national survey from Reynaers at Home. The majority of respondents said that sustainability was high on the agenda for the houses of tomorrow.



Architects predicted that there will be more properties built to meet energy demands and budgets for all ages, with a focus on flexibility and functionality supported by innovative design and quality.


Call for your

s  EL  4E 4

One architect said: “The future in housing design needs more affordable housing for all ages, but there’s not the political will to make this happen. Too many people are heavily invested in the inflated housing market.� Maximising space and light were mentioned as key trends for the future, as well as amenities and space planning, cost-effective repetitive grid facades and floating corners with bifold or sliding doors below.


brochures All fabric w available are now ownload at to do www..merrme

When asked “What does the future hold for housing design?� almost half said more affordable homes for the younger population. More than one in 10 also said that tech-based solutions for smaller spaces will be a prominent future trend.

The future trends in housing identified by Reynaers at Home architect survey




October / November 2016

Mermet (U

gent way in intelli Leading the


e now samples




o Hall, Ryeford, U K), Ryeford hire HR9 7P Mermet (U yye, Herefords 01989 750768 Ross-on-W ax: . 750910 F ne: www.mer e 01989 .uk Onlin Tel: Email: info@

a division of Mermet is Ltd De Leeuw

n fabric g on chose


OCT/NOV 2016 ÂŁ4.50

Compared with Reynaers at Home’s 2013 survey, there was a 12% collective increase in popularity for panoramic window walls, bifold doors and floating ceiling corners. A clear effort is emerging to streamline residential architecture into a landscape of sustainable, affordable and efficient homes which maximise space, light and energy usage. For more information, see the website, email or call 0121 421 9707. � enquiry 142 .


Simply fill out the grid with the enquiry numbers you are interested in, cut out this box and post to: Ecobuilding News, McDermott Publishing, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8SD or FAX direct on: 0121 433 3461.


Postcode: Tel No: Website: Email: By providing your details, you are consenting for McDermott Publishing Ltd to keep you up-to-date with news and offers via email. If you wish to opt out of this service, please tick the box provided.


• High Quality Folding Sliding Doors

• British, German & Belgium Designed • A Fantastic Variety of Finishes & Colours



• Virtually Maintenance Free • State-of-the-Art Security Features • Full Fitting Available • Free Survey & Design Advice




Unit 26/3 Silicon Business Centre 26 Wadsworth Road Tel: 0208 997 2448 Perivale, Greenford Middlesex UB6 7JZ Fax: 0208 997 0611

email: â?š enquiry 145 .

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Inta launches safe and stylish ‘Puro’ range of showers Leading shower manufacturer, Inta, has announced Puro as the latest addition to its comprehensive showering collection. The Puro range boasts unique, contemporary styling while focussing on protection, performance and peaceof-mind. Including a host of safety and water-saving features, the Puro range is the ultimate combination of form and function. Featuring Inta’s proven anti-scald thermostatic technology, the Puro range includes a failsafe function to prevent scalding in the event of water supply failure on either the hot or cold feeds. In addition, Inta’s Safe Touch technology constantly circulates cold water under the surface of the valves to ensure the surface will never be hot to touch. All showers in the range are WRAS and TMV2 approved and feature water-saving Eco Air handsets, reducing flow rates by up to 60% while improving showering performance.

DELUXE UX XE SAFE X E TOUCH THERMOSTAT TIC SHO HO OWER O With flexible slide rail kit. Deluxe m multifunction push button handset. Fitted tt with solid, pure indulgence, metallic handles. dles. le Featuring our Safe To ouch Te echnology. The shower ssh bo ody will never get hot enough to sc s scald. Deluxe smooth hose.


Airfield Industrial Estate, Hixon, Stafford, ST18 0PF T. 01889 272 180 F F.. 01 01889 1889 272 181 sales@intatec co uk


With a fully-adjustable riser and

stylish, large overhead soaker options, as well as flexible slide rail kits, the Puro range has a shower for every bathroom. The smallest in the collection, Puro Mini, is a concentric, dual-control super compact shower with 110mm - 150mm inlet centres that provides an exposed or concealed solution in one box. This allows full flexibility for installers with two different applications. For more information about Inta’s showering collection, visit

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October / November 2016

Scona and KA 90



with the floor. Made from steel enamel, all Kaldewei shower surfaces are robust, extremely hygienic and available in a choice of antislip finishes. Guaranteed for 30 years.

With the Scona shower programme, Kaldewei is now able to meet almost any size requirement and installation type for modern, low level showering. Combined Kaldewei will exhibit at Sleep 22nd-23rd with the new KA 90 ultra low waste fitting, November 2016, stand V10. now available in a choice of coloured enamel to match the shower surface finish, For stockist information contact Kaldewei. it is now easier than ever before to achieve Tel. 01480 498053 a luxurious, seamless and contemporary look either at low level or completely flush ❚ enquiry 148.

❚ enquiry 150.

Triton show support for Amdea register my appliance initiative Triton, The Great British Shower Company and the UK’s leading showering brand is proud to support the launch of AMDEA’s (Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances) Register My Appliance initiative, which strives to improve safety for millions of households nationwide. The new AMDEA scheme aims to capture a list of domestic appliances installed throughout the UK from more than 60 leading brands and allow manufacturers quick access to the owner’s details should remedial action be required. All consumers are asked to do is visit to provide information about any newly purchased products – it is also possible to register older appliances (up to 12 years).

in 25 Y bu ea sin rs es s

David Tutton, managing director at Triton Showers, comments: “As the UK’s leading shower manufacturer for more than 40 years, we are fully supportive of the new Register My Appliance initiative from AMDEA. Speed and efficiency are key when it comes to the safety, so we will be encouraging our customers – from installers, merchants, retailers and the homeowners themselves – to get on board with the scheme and help to populate this crucial database.” For more important home safety advice and to register both old and new appliances visit For further information about Triton’s product collection visit

Having immediate access to this information will helps to improve household safety by making it possible to quickly locate the appliance’s details, informing the owners about the safety of their product and, most importantly, arranging the required service or aftercare. To celebrate the initiative launch, those who visit throughout this Autumn and provide the required information will be entered into free prize draws* for a chance to win luxury home and lifestyle prizes. The prize season will include ‘Register My Appliance (RMA) Day’ on 19th January 2017, where consumers will have further opportunities to win luxury prizes.

Call 0207 993 8009 now for your copy of our brand new Projects Brochure and discover how Space Savers deliver inspired results in the smallest of spaces.

The BIG name in small kitchens

❚ enquiry 149 .

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Omnie for Sutton Coldfield House UFH The refurbishment of a substantial private house in one of the Midlands’ most popular areas has underlined not just the versatility and performance capabilities of the underfloor heating systems available from Omnie, but also the comprehensive design support available from one of the sector’s most eminent manufacturers. The very detailed layout provides guidance on both distribution routes and individual room patterns. In total, over 1500 metres of the rugged, 16 mm diameter polybutylene pipes were laid into the preformed upstands of the ClipPlate panels, and connected back to two custom

Consort Claudgen Introduces Smart Commercial Fan Heaters! Consort Claudgen has introduced an improved range of commercial fan heaters to its extensive portfolio of products. Each robustly designed heater is now equipped with intelligent fan control which detects the

built, eight port Omnie manifolds. These are located adjacent to the utility room and cloakroom, allowing the individual zones to be isolated during commissioning and balancing. With a design flow temperature of 550 centigrade, the underfloor heating option not only frees the downstairs wall-space of radiators, but provides excellent comfort levels for occupants while also helping to optimise the performance of the home’s high efficiency, gas condensing boiler. A Surrey based contractor, who specialises in retrofit and conversion work, Unlimited Repairs, carried out the installation of the ClipPlate baseboard and pipework, following Omnie’s guidance ❚ enquiry 154

temperature in the environment and automatically adjusts its fan speed to quickly achieve a warm airflow temperature. This allows the heater to immediately blow hot air, even when initially powered on in a very cold room, for the user’s comfort. Enhanced with one of the latest low energy consumption EC motors, these smart heaters also operate on a lower noise level compared to their predecessors. They are available in 6kW to 15kW rating with a heat throw of up to 11 meters. All models come complete with a multi directional wall bracket and a remote switch, which can control multiple heaters. ❚ enquiry 153

Panasonic and Schneider Electric Partner to Simplify Energy Management Integration between Schneider Electric’s SmartStruxure™ solution and intelligent room controller and Panasonic’s VRF smart connectivity solution delivers new, innovative and seamless level of energy management Partnership builds on companies’ expertise and leadership in HVAC equipment and building management and control Nurnberg, Germany – October

11th, 2016 – Panasonic Corporation, the worldwide leader in the development of diverse electronics technologies and solutions along with Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, today announced an integrated HVAC equipment and building management solution that brings new levels of HVAC control and energy efficiency to today’s commercial buildings. Both companies have developed a new interface wireless solution which enables direct serial communication between Schneider Electric’s building management system and room controllers with Panasonic’s variable refrigerant flow (VRF)based HVAC systems via the ZigBee® wireless communication standard. ❚ enquiry 155 October / November 2016

Flexible low temperature performance makes George Fischer’s Cool-Fit 2.0 first choice for chilled water Extending the performance potential of GF’s renowned pipework products into new territory, the manufacturer’s COOL-FIT 2.0 collection offers the speed and versatility of a three-in-one system for the circulation of chilled water or other low temperature liquids. In fact the COOL-FIT 2.0 pipe, insulation and jacket combination can carry saline, glycol or alcohol – as alternatives to pure water – at temperatures down to freezing point. Furthermore, this adaptability is matched by excellent energy conservation characteristics, as well as ease of installation and total corrosion resistance: delivering ultimate reliability as customers worldwide have come to expect from GF Piping Systems. Pipes range from 32-140 mm in diameter and are tested to 16 bar, while the installed weight is as little as one sixth of that of metal alternatives. The benefits extend from 25% higher energy efficiency and 50% faster fitting to excellent chemical & UV resistance and reduced maintenance implications. At the core of the offer is a carrier pipe formed from industrial grade polyethylene (PE) to provide strength at low temperatures. All components are factory insulated with closed cell, GF’s High Efficiency (GFHE) insulation offering a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mK; while the outer sheathing is of black high density polyethylene (HDPE) or stainless

steel. This combination provides good load-carrying strength, UV resistance and durability as well as combating condensation and mould growth. COOL-FIT 2.0 can carry liquids at temperatures from +60 degrees centigrade down to zero, while the polyurethane and outer HDPE or stainless steel jackets increase impact resistance and simplify pipe support through extended spanning capabilities.

there is also a wide selection of insulated valves. The COOL-FIT 2.0 range therefore presents the most versatile collection of pipework and fittings for contractors and consultants meeting the challenge of distributing very low temperature liquids for air-conditioning and other building services applications, as well as data processing and industrial processes.

Importantly the system is installed using GF Piping System’s already well proven electro-fusion pipe welding process, improving speed and reducing mess during assembly, and offering a completion indicator for fail-safe reliability. The comprehensive range of accessories includes Tees, Elbows, Sockets, Connection Hoses, Adaptors, Reducers and other transition fittings, while

Together with a full after sales service from GF Piping Systems in Coventry, the manufacturer offers specification support including energy loss and temperature differential calculations. Contractors can further call on the company for on-site advice and installer training. ❚ enquiry 152

Passivhaus - Is it desirable? Is it affordable? In 1991 Wolfgang Feist and Bo Adamson applied the passive design approach to a house in Darmstadt, with the objective of developing a prototype low energy home. The design proved successful both in terms of energy consumption and comfort and Passivhaus is now considered the ultimate in building performance. Passivhaus fundamentally requires a balance of three elements: energy, quality and cost - encompassing heating, cooling and thermal comfort which all have to be met cost effectively. Business Unit Director for Kingspan Timber Solutions, Ian Loughnane, shares his perspective on the merits of high performance building envelopes and the company’s experience of building low energy homes. Achieving the design performance as detailed in the build specification can present challenges - eliminating the gap between design and as-built performance is a key issue within the construction industry.

Developers, architects and engineers are beginning to recognise the impact of building details and specification on in use energy performance and are keen to promote best practice. Though renewable technology has its place, there is no doubt that the energy performance of the building’s external fabric is the most cost effective, reliable and long-term, low-maintenance solution. This is what ‘Fabric First’ and Passivhaus principles are all about - high performance insulation, good airtightness, the

minimisation of thermal bridging and harvesting the sun's energy through solar gain via southfacing windows. In essence this means that the building does the work, rather than relying on occupiers operating and maintaining costly renewable energy devices. Whilst the benefits of the Fabric First principles are well documented, we still find some projects that only specify U-values whilst the SAP rating of a dwelling is driven by the interlinked properties of U-values, Psi values and airtightness.

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October / November 2016


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Our eCO Our eCO P PREMIUM™ REMIUM™ is is a c compact ompact energ energy y recover recoverry ry u unit nit tthat hat iis sp pack acke ed d ffull ull o off featur eature es. s. W When hen iin nve vesting sting iin nan ne ew w ve ventilati ntilatio on nu unit nit w with ith heat eat recovery ttoda recovery oday, yo you u co co ould uld – and and should should – go go for for the the highest ighest standar standard ds. s. Clean, C lean, ffrre esh sh a air, irr,, high high efficienc efficiency ya and nd lo ow wn noise oise - e eCO CO C O Prre emium mium has has itt all.

• •

Re R educing e ducing y yo our ur CO CO2 e emissions missions EC m EC motors otors ffor or llo ow ws specific pecific ffan an po owe wers rs llea ea ading ding tto o llo ow we ener nerg gy yc consumption onsum mption ption

BS B SE EN N 113779 3779 a and nd BS SE EN N 113053 3053 cert ce rtified tified F F7 7s supply upply fi filters lters

BB B B93 B 93 n noise oise a and nd B BB101 B101 p performance erform mance ance and lleak an eaka age ge c compliant ompliant

• • •

Eco D Ec Design esign 2 2016 016 & 2 2018 018 compliant omp pliant liant Hig H ig gh he efficienc fficiency ya and nd llo ow wn noise oise lle eve vels ls Co omprehensive,, v omprehensive ve ersatile rsatile but but eas asy y tto o us u se CURO® CURO® contr contro ols ls

Sim S im mple ple to to maintain maintain with ith rremo emova vable ble k key ey com co mponents ponents ffor or lo low wm maintena aintena ance nce



energy y recovery recovery u unit nit iis s designed esigned to to pr prov ovide ide perfect perfect comfort comfortt and and the he highest highest ener energy gy ™ energ eCO PREMIUM P efficien ef fficien ncy tto ncy o a wide wide rra ange nge o off a applic pplications. cations. IItt fi fits ts e equally qually we well ll tto oa applications pplications such uch as as classro classr oom om ms, s, g gyms, yms, offices, fffices, s shops hops o orr hotels. otels. Our Our v ve ersatile rsatile u unit nit iis s ava available ilable iin n6d differ iffere ent nt s sizes izes a and nd a air ir flo ow wc capacities apacities range ra nge ffrro om 0 0.2–0.9 .2–0.9 m³/s. m³/s. Y Yo ou u can can c ch ho ose se tto o equip equip y yo our ur eCO eCO PREM PREM MIUM™ IUM™ w with ith a p post ost h heater heater, eaterr,, either eiither ther an an electric electric element e lement o orr a coil coil to o be be ser serve ved d by by a llo ow ttemper ow emperature ature h hot ot w wa ater ter cir circ rcuit. uit. Electric Electric pr pre e-heaters -heaters a arre re a also lso a available vailable dependin d epending o on n yo your ur application application rrequire equire ements. ments. O Our ur e eCO CO PREMIUM™, REMIUM™ ™,, a p perfect errfect solution olution ffor or yo your ur ve ventilation ntilation needs. needs.

www.fl www .fl flaktw ❚ enquiry 158 .

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SOLAR ENERGY, HEAT PUMPS & BOILERS October / November 2016

Johnson & Starley shine in consumer report The October 2016 Which? Report into the ‘Best & Worst Boiler Brands’ made for good reading for Johnson & Starley, with the wellestablished company achieving fourth place amongst tough competition!

First solar panel installed at Gloucester Cathedral in ground-breaking scheme The first of 150 solar panels was installed at Gloucester Cathedral today in the opening phase of a unique project.

Mypower’s managing partner Ben Harrison said: “It’s been fantastic to be involved in an important project like this that you can really put your heart and soul into and do the best possible job for the client – we’ve gained a huge amount of satisfaction from that. “The historic nature of the building means we have encountered various issues to resolve but nothing that the team can’t handle. “All roofs will sag a bit over time but particularly when there’s lead, which expands and contracts with changes in temperature and alters how it sits on the building, so that was one issue to which we had to attend.

The Reverend Canon Celia Thomson laid the inaugural panel on the lead roof of the Nave. The panels are being installed by Gloucestershire-based renewable energy company Mypower. It is the latest significant milestone for Gloucestershire’s most popular tourist destination, famed for hosting the coronation of King Henry III, as the final resting place of King Edward II and the location for three of the Harry Potter films. Once the work is completed, the 1,000year-old building will become the oldest cathedral in the UK, and possibly the world, to have installed a commercialsized solar panel PV system on its roof. As the Nave roof is 30 metres above the ground, all the solar panels will be virtually invisible from the surrounding area. The hi-tech equipment – a key part of the £6million Project Pilgrim scheme supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund – is expected to reduce the Cathedral’s energy costs by 25 per cent.

This was the first year that Johnson & Starley have been included in the Which? Survey, with the organisation saying they had made “an impressive survey debut”

Recovery. Currently no other manufacturer can compete with the HR28C in size and performance, making it possibly the most efficient boiler in the world!

With a history of innovation spanning almost 100 years, Johnson & Starley developed the QuanTec range of High Efficiency condensing boilers using the latest state of the art boiler technology.

Johnson & Starley’s QuanTec HR28C is the latest innovation for combi boilers. Exceptional efficiency in gas consumption is achieved by the Full Heat Condense heat exchanger which incorporates a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) pre-heating function. This is achieved by extending the path of the flue way to pre-heat the water circulating in the additional coil on the back of the heat exchanger, utilising all the energy from the flue gases.

Designed with reliability, performance, outstanding efficiency and long term value for money as key considerations the QuanTec range also included isothermic and full heat condense stainless steel heat exchangers with ‘cool door’ technology, low carbon and low NOx levels and pluming reduced to almost invisible levels. Combined with ease of installation and maintenance it makes the QuanTec boilers the homeowners’ and installers’ choice. The Which? Report stated “It has the best reliability record of any brand in the survey and a good customer score too”. Included in the range is Johnson & Starley’s flagship model the HR28C with integral Passive Flue Gas Heat

Taking Storage Out Of The Firing Line With the exception of mushrooms, pretty much everything we consume depends on the sun to help it grow and ripen. All life on Earth, is to a huge extent, dependent on the energy we receive from the star at the centre of our solar system; yet there is still more benefit to be derived from this vast fusion reactor, that bathes the planet with light and heat.

“We’ve been working hard as a team, alongside the Cathedral team, including their architect and structural engineers, ensuring that everything is completed to the highest quality and that the work is checked and re-checked. “Working on Gloucester Cathedral has been a great challenge and one that we’re thoroughly enjoying.” The Reverend Canon Celia Thomson said: “The installation of solar panels on this remarkable building is a historic moment. We are thrilled that our vision to become a greener Cathedral is being fulfilled and proud to make a valuable contribution to the Church of England’s Shrinking the Footprint campaign.”

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Since early Victorian times, industrialists built the roofs to their factories featuring ‘north-lights' to provide optimum amounts of free illumination, while good architectural design today helps most types of building benefit from passive solar gain. However, the UK is still lagging behind most of its European partners in the uptake of solar energy; either solar thermal or photo-voltaic, and more understanding of the technology is essential if best use is to be made of this truly renewable resource; particularly with respect to process water. In the domestic environment, solar collectors are normally linked via a pumpstation, to a twin-coil cylinder which will also be fed from a conventional boiler or, perhaps, a heat-pump. This arrangement is perfectly satisfactory in many ways, and can provide the average household with up to 60 per cent of its hot water needs during the year.

“With a modern build, you can work to a drawing and know exactly how it’s going to be, but with a 1,000-year-old building like the Cathedral you find twists and turns on the roof and undulations where it’s sagged over the years. “At times it’s been extremely tight in terms of manoeuverability around parts of the site, particularly when the work required us to work just inches away from centuries-old gargoyles, but we put strategies and measures in place to protect the building from any damage.

This enables the HR28C to reach an efficiency level never reached before (110% in DHW mode) and substantial energy savings (<25% in gas consumption). Savings of up to 26% in hot water demand, in addition the HR28C considerably reduces CO emissions and is 100% recyclable so it’s working hard to protect the environment even further. All this whilst, with dimensions of 780x423x321, it still retains the same size as a standard boiler.

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Sustainable heating from the sea in Stromness Innovative technology that draws heat from the sea is proving effective in keeping one of Orkney’s newest buildings warm. The Warehouse Buildings – Orkney Islands Council’s multi-purpose facility in Stromness – are the first in the islands to be fitted with a sea-source heat pump, which uses warmth absorbed from Stromness harbour to provide heating for the buildings. Monitoring over a 12-month period shows this to be a cost-effective choice for the offices, which house the town’s library and customer services team, and provide a work base for staff from a variety of Council services. It also means that the Warehouse Buildings produce substantially less greenhouse gas emissions than if a more conventional source of heat was used. The sea-source heating system from UK based ground source heat pump

manufacturer, Kensa Heat Pumps, has a number of components. Coils of pipes fixed to 12 stainless steel platforms known as ‘pond-mats’ are sunk beneath a nearby pier and draw heat from the surrounding water. The pipes feed this to a Kensa Plant Room ground source heat pump, which elevates the temperature of the water supplied to radiators and an underfloor heating system to 55°C – sufficient to keep the Warehouse Buildings comfortably warm. The cost of the electricity used to run the 40 kilowatt (kW) heat pump was £1,550 over the 12-month period, compared to £2,420 for an oil-based system. Greater savings will result should the price of heating oil increase from its currently low level. The carbon emissions linked to keeping the Warehouse Buildings warm are calculated to be six tonnes of CO2 per year, compared to more than 15 tonnes if an oil boiler had been fitted.

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Quan nTec HR28C H C Possibly y the most effic cient boiler.

QuanTe ec HR2 28C is not only the most reliable boiler on the market* rket* I\[HSZV[OLZTHSSLZ[IVPSLYH]]HPSHISL^P[OPU[LNYHSWHZZP]LÅ\LNHZOLH[ recovery. +LZPNULK^P[OYL YLSPHIPSP[` `WLYYMMV MVYTHUJLV\[ZZ[[HUKPUNLMMÄÄJPLUJ`HUKSVUN[LYT]HS\LMV MVYTVUL` ` all QuanTe ec modelss from Johnson & Starley include e stainless steel heat exchangers ers and ‘cool door’ technology.. A Also available in LPG Model.

Quality And Te Technology ‘QuanTe ec c’. *2016 Independent surve ey of Boiler makes

For morre information Call Us on 01 1604 762881

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14/10//2016 08:01:49 14/10/2016

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Timeguard’s NIGHTeye Plus driverless LED range promises: • Good looks with windowless, recessed reflector plates and diodes • Tough build for guaranteed long life and resilience to physical damage • Powerful diode arrays with reliable light outputs • Our easiest-ever installation • Choice of plug in options for automatic switching: PIR or photocell • Fewer stock lines to carry on the van • All the information you need readily visible on the box

LED Technology - the real

plus side of driverless The ‘big thing’ in LED over the past year has been driverless technology, with manufacturers stripping out componentry and costs. We preferred to take a different approach and focus on design, not just cost. The new technology allows for units to be much slimmer, so we looked at how we could turn that to your advantage with quality products that are flexible, quick and easy to install, and give you the opportunity to make better margins: Our approach uses the new electronic componentry that has come onto the market to create much more value, not just to strip out a few pennies here and there. The new Timeguard new NIGHTeye Plus range is a case in point: designed and built for contractors with easy plug-in installation, guaranteed fit-and-forget quality and the looks and functionality that will make it not just your easiest-ever fit but also your easiest ever sell! Property owners will love them!

Looks Thin and beautiful – and tough. Maximising the field of illumination is important when using LEDs for flood lights and, without precisely oriented LED arrays and reflector plates the beam would be too straight and focussed. Timeguard’s prismatic lenses make a feature of the LEDs, a million miles away from the old arrays of early LED lighting. The reflector plates on these new lights are made of tough polycarbonate (the type of material you could throw a brick at) and you’ll notice that there is no clear glass window: the recessed reflector and diode lens are used to create new beautiful sleek lines. There will be no rusting with our the polycarbonate plate front lenses either and they’ll look good for years. The all-white models, with white casing and matching white reflector plates will hardly be seen when mounted on a white soffit board. Reliability Branded quality is an assurance that corners have not been cut on the circuitry. With the driver

eliminated it is important to maintain quality standards for all the other circuitry or there is a high probability of flicker, which has been designed out wherever possible from the NIGHTeye ranges. It might not be immediately visible to the naked eye, but such flicker means that inferior LED floodlights will not be so suitable for certain indoor applications. Driverless or not, LEDs generate a lot of heat on startup with the inrush current. The 30,000+ hour life expectancies we all have of LED lighting these days are unlikely to be met if the circuitry is consistently overheating. So any design needs to incorporate a cooling mechanism. If the back’s smooth, with no cooling fins, then are you totally sure the product is designed to eliminate heat build-up. Perhaps it’s a case of buyer beware! When automating these lights, remember too that PIRs should have been tested and rated specifically for use with the LED – they too have to cope with inrush currents.

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October / November 2016

Flexibility and extendability Here perhaps is the smartest touch of all. Simply “swap” the standard terminal cover for a Timeguard Nighteye Plus unit which includes a PIR sensor or photocell as well as the terminal block. Plug it in - no extra wiring needed - and you’ve instantly got an automatic security light. It really is that simple! There’s also a fourth terminal in the wiring block to simply connect other lighting and also be controlled by the PIR or photocell as slave lighting. NIGHTeye plus is offered in black or white designs, with outputs of 10W (650L), 20W (1400L), 30W (2050L) and 50W (3600L). Plus, the simple plug-in PIR sensor and Photocell units are rated to switch up to 140W of LED lighting. ❚ enquiry 162

Easy installation Timeguard seems to have this covered. Full size wiring terminals that are easy to terminate your cables into and a cover with captive screws, plus 2 x self-locking glands (supplied) designed specifically to maintain weather proofing for UK twin-and-earth cable and “loop out” to other luminaires on the circuit. Even the “easy-hang” wall brackets all add up to simplicity for the installer.


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ISO-Chemie’s new complete solution to self adhesive sealing foils IMPROVED installation of ISOCHEMIE’s humidity variable window and façade sealing foils is provided following the introduction of new full surface self-adhesive variants, COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO. The ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD humidity regulating foil provides rapid and effective year round high performance sealing of window and door frame connecting joints, while ISO-CONNECT VARIO XD offers improved UV resistance for curtain walling situations when sealing inner and outer window and façade connecting joints. The extension of the range of adhesive alternatives for ISOCHEMIE’s window membrane and airtight foils means that the application of additional gun applied paste-type adhesive is not required during fenestration sealing work. October / November 2016

Autumn and winter shades on show with Crown Paints Colour Influences Crown Paints has revealed the latest colour trends, offering inspiration for the autumn and winter months ahead.

which perfectly enhance the blue gradations and offer a subtle nod to clouds, mist and rocks.

Under the paint manufacturer’s Colour Influences programme, designers and colour experts have curated three colour palettes for autumn and winter. ‘Out of the Dark’, ‘Skyscapes’ and ‘Faded Berries,’ provide a wealth of ideas for specifiers to create a stunning effect across commercial and residential environments, and in public space.

The final palette from Crown Paints’ Colour Influences autumn/winter 2016 is entitled ‘Faded Berries,’ which sees nature take on a robust and moody persona. This atmospheric influence captures the intensity of nature as it matures and evolves, evoking a landscape characterised by wild heather and untamed foliage.

The first of the three palettes, ‘Out of the Dark’ features a dramatic and daring edge - relying on the use of dark colours to make a strong colour statement, and then applying an expanse of contrasting tone to turn it on its head. Black and charcoal grey are dominant in this look, forming solid blocks of tone that are interrupted by strong blasts of bright yellow, pink and orange. The second palette ‘Skyscapes’, is inspired by a natural landscape, and uses layers of tonal colour to create an ethereal, magical look – and it illustrates just how versatile blue can be.

The Colour Influences programme is just one of the initiatives developed to give design and construction professionals access to Crown’s colour expertise.

Accents within the trend include sophisticated grey and chalky neutrals,

A full description of the services offered can be seen within the Crown Paints Specification Services website at Services On the site, the 2016 Autumn/Winter Colour Influences brochure can also be viewed at paint CrownPaintsAutumn Winter-16 influences.pdf. Alternatively, the brochure can be ordered by email at

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water based breathable paint systems as part of their long standing and wide reaching commitment to environmental sustainability. Earthborn combines high permeability together with durability and ease of maintenance, all essential requirements for this project.” Ecopro Lo Sheen is a durable and washable water based emulsion that dries to a low sheen finish. It is especially suitable for use on walls and ceilings in higher traffic commercial areas.

The COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO variants enable the sealing foils to be located in place and repositioned if necessary after initial application before the full strength of the adhesive develops and takes effect Furthermore, the risk of leaks from poor or patchy adhesive application can be avoided while the foil can be plastered over immediately after installation, providing further time saving benefits. The risk of soiling on windows, surrounding construction work and on the building itself due to residual adhesive is also significantly reduced. COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO variants of ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD and XD also provide compliance with the specifications of the plastering guideline ‘Plastering window sealing foils’, which recommends a minimum bonding surface area of more than 75%. ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD and ISOCONNECT VARIO XD come from a new generation of window sealing products that not only adapt to seasonal variations but also provide an excellent external weather seal that surpasses UK Building Regulations and airtightness in domestic and commercial buildings when used as an internal seal. More at ❚ enquiry 163

Listed presbytery uses Earthborn Ecopro A Grade II listed Victorian residence has been substantially refurbished to house a high tech health research facility. Owned by the University of Manchester, it was built in 1875 as the presbytery to the Church of the Holy Name.

Summer shed revived to perfection Osmo UK wood finishing products are a favourite among many, from DIY amateurs to professional craftsmen, and now, Horsham homeowner, Nicola Kefford. After suffering a few complications with her garden shed, including joinery snags, gaps between the wood work and blown wood filler, DIY enthusiast, Nicola was

With its Ecolabel approval, Ecopro Lo Sheen Emulsion on new lime plaster perfectly fitted the University’s sustainability ethos.

paint systems that would both allow the walls and ceilings to dry out gradually and also selfregulate moisture in the walls when the building is occupied.

Architect Gordon Broady said "Lime plaster has a prolonged curing time and we required

“The University of Manchester Directorate of Estates and Facilities promotes the use of

introduced to Osmo’s External Sealer. Offering a high quality exterior seal made from eco-friendly products, Osmo provided Nicola with the ideal wood finish treatment to revive her beloved shed back to perfection. “After spending more time in the garden, I began to notice a few gaps in between my shed’s wood panels and joints. The wood filler I applied previously was already starting to blow, making the shed’s aesthetics appear tatty and vulnerable to water leaks. I’m

extremely passionate about environmentally friendly products and was recommended Osmo’s External Sealer.

I was hugely impressed with the quick and easy method of application. After around 20-30 minutes, the sealant was completely dry with a clear sheen.” Osmo Exterior Sealer is a siliconised, one part acrylic sealant which is colour-fast, UV resistant and water repellent. Thanks to the Osmo sealer

Being free of oils and acrylics and virtually VOC free, it is not only eco friendly but also helps create a healthier, more comfortable environment. ❚ enquiry 165

application gun, the product is straightforward to apply and only requires one layer of application for full results. Once the product has dried, it can be sanded and finished. ❚ enquiry 166

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October / November 2016

Crown Trade Steracryl Mould Inhibiting Paint – helping to tackle the issues of ‘Condensation Season’ in social housing Mould is often an issue faced in the social housing sector. Poor heating or air movement can allow mould to develop, particularly in void properties over winter.

The issue is further exacerbated as we come up to the time of year where the ‘condensation season’ sets in, characterised by steamy windows and dampness on walls. If a client reports problems with mould in their property, Crown Paints Specification Services can offer a solution to help manage the issue, with the application of Crown Trade Steracryl Mould Inhibiting Paint. Available in Matt and Eggshell finishes, this durable product contains an effective fungicide, specially developed to maintain decorated surfaces by inhibiting the development of mould growth on the paint film. Debbie Orr, Crown Paints’ Trade Marketing Manager, said: “As the condensation season starts to set in, usually in October and November, properties can be affected by additional water around windows and walls as temperatures start to drop. “This combination of lower temperatures -



particularly in areas where the efficiency of glazing, insulation and ventilation needs to be taken into consideration - can lead to water droplets forming on surfaces. “Over time, these wet areas can provide a perfect breeding ground which allow mould spores to form. “Crown Trade Steracryl Mould Inhibiting Paint has undergone stringent fungal tests carried out to the British Standard BS3900:G6. “The acrylic eggshell system is also washable, making it ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms where condensation can be more commonplace, so it’s ideal to help tackle the issue.” As well as the mould inhibiting formulation, Crown Trade’s range of Steracryl coatings include an anti-bacterial product, ideal for communal bathrooms and kitchen areas where hygiene is paramount. Crown Trade’s video, ‘The Right Paint For The Job,’ available to view at includes an insight into the trusted technology behind both the Crown Trade Steracryl Antibacterial and Mould Inhibiting paints, along with other performance systems in the range, such as the premium high technology coating Crown Trade Clean Extreme.

• • • • • • • • •

Water based Allows wood to breath naturally Internal/external application Colourless and odourless Easy to apply Non Toxic No Solvents EU class B-s1-d0 (UK class O) Meets highest EU standards

Debbie Orr added: “These tailored Crown Trade products lead the way for specifiers looking to introduce high quality solutions for their projects. “Our Specification Services team is on hand to help maintenance teams select the right products, improve the maintenance cycles and enhance the aesthetics in the environments in which they are applied.” For more details please contact the Crown Paints’ Specification Team by calling 0330 0240310, email or visit the website at

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Sunscreen for your wood









UV Protection Factor 12

Maintains the natural colour of the wood and limits the greying process > Prolongs wood lifetime > Algae and fungal decay protection > Transparent 425 Oak finish and 428 Cedar finish now available Call or visit the web for stockists.

0 12 9 6 3 2 3 7 7 0 w w ❚ enquiry 171 .

+44 (0)1296 481 220 ❚ enquiry 169 .

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PRODUCT NEWS & INNOVATIONS October / November 2016

Holiday Inn Express uses innovative hybrid air conditioning A new 250-bedroom hotel has become the first in the UK to use an innovative hybrid air conditioning technology that removes the need to install leak detection equipment in occupied rooms.

Photography courtesy KKA Ltd

The Holiday Inn Express Birmingham City Centre in central Birmingham is using Mitsubishi Electric’s Hybrid VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system to keep guests comfortable in a controllable, energy efficient way, whilst still offering the full flexibility of design and installation that VRF air conditioning is synonymous with. “We needed reliable and effective air conditioning that is easy to use from the guest’s perspective but which is also more cost effective for the hotel moving forward as it removes the annual maintenance costs associated with a leak detection system”, explained Mark Foster, Managing Director of Centre Island, which will manage the hotel. “The added advantage of using Mitsubishi Electric equipment is that we can control the whole system centrally, which minimises energy use for the business whilst still allowing guests to have individual control within their rooms. This also ensures we can stop rooms being heated or cooled when they are empty”. The design for the air conditioning system was put together by SISK Design and Build Contractors who worked with Building Services Consultancy DW Pointer. Together they committed to providing a VRF system that did not need the significant cost of adding leak detection units in all of the bedrooms. “We proposed Hybrid VRF as it completely removes leak detection in occupied spaces whilst still offering the flexibility of a VRF system,” said Brian Inett of John Sisk & Son. “We were already aware of the Hybrid system and had been looking for a suitable project to use it on, so this was an ideal solution for the client, especially as it does away with the annual costs of leak detection maintenance.”

East End Conversion contract consumes 2,000 Marmox Multiboards The conversion of an eighties’ building into 124 high specification apartments in London has included the use of large quantities of Marmox Multiboards, fitted within every new dwelling as part of a build-up containing electric underfloor heating. The property, located in the capital’s vibrant East End, is being refurbished and reconfigured by Quinn (London) Ltd., with the supplies of high performance and very versatile Marmox Multiboard coming through the Northampton branch of Travis Perkins. In total 2,000 of the 600mm wide

by 1250mm long boards, at either 10mm or 12.5mm thick, are being consumed during a contract set to run for 12 months. Quinn’s workforce are overlaying the existing reinforced concrete slabs with the Multiboards before the electrical cabling for the underfloor heating is clipped in place, and a self-smoothing screed

pumped across each area. The two board thicknesses facilitate dealing with differences in the substrate as well as the final installation of either tiles or timber laminate floorcoverings, depending on room location. Marmox Multiboards are manufactured from extruded polystyrene, or XPS and offer a

The 18-storey hotel in Holliday Street, Birmingham, which was designed by Liverpool-based KKA Architecture, will use 16 outdoor condensing units to operate 250 slim ducted indoor units in a clever design that has one outdoor unit serving one wing on each of two floors to minimise the refrigerant pipework within the building. “Hybrid VRF uses water to transfer heating and cooling around the building, which removes the need for refrigerant leak detection in occupied spaces,” said Dennis Winter of installer Dragon Air Conditioning Ltd. “But there are also other benefits to the project as the system is being installed in phases which matches the way the hotel is being built.” The hotel, which is to open in April 2017 will employ around 60 people when complete and forms part of the Arena Central redevelopment scheme in Birmingham City Centre which will also be home to the new HSBC headquarters. “There are a lot of hotels that are now coming to terms with how to keep guests comfortable whilst complying with new legislation on refrigerants and leak detection,” explained Mitsubishi Electric’s Mark Grayston Senior Product Manager for VRF & Hybrid VRF. “This is why we have developed the Hybrid VRF system and this new development points the way to delivering the highest levels of guest comfort without adding significantly to install and maintenance costs.” Further details on the innovative, awardwinning system can be found at the dedicated website:

range of positive physical characteristics in addition to being fully waterproof. They are both light to handle and easy to cut, while still being able to carry substantial loadings if employed as part of a flooring build up. They further offer good acoustic as well as thermal insulation performances. Marmox Multiboard is frequently specified as a wet room, water resistant insulation board that can be fixed to walls, floors and ceilings. It can simply be glued in place with a solvent-free adhesive or it can be fixed with a range of specialized washers and dowels. Flexible, curved boards are also available, as well as pipe boxing. A spokesperson for the project team commented: “This is a challenging contract undertaken in a competitive market where speed of achieving handover is equally as important as the quality of the finished fit-out. We have employed the Marmox Multiboards on past projects and know they are both easy to cut and install, while being robust enough to walk on repeatedly while the underfloor heating is installed. The finished work is looking very good.”

MARMOX (UK) LTD. TEL: 01634 835290 FAX: 01634 835299

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Encon’s Fast Track to Success The Encon Group is delighted to have been ranked 94th in The Sunday Times Grant Thornton Top Track 250 League Table. This prestigious index lists the top 250 private mid market growth companies in Britain who have achieved the biggest sales, placing Encon amongst well-known organisations such as Virgin Active, Nando's, Travelodge and McLaren Automotive. In 2015, the business was pleased to feature in the list at No.130. This year the West Yorkshire based company is  excited to have jumped up the league table by 36 places, putting Encon ahead of Dreams Beds, Timpson’s, TGI Friday’s and The White Company. Speaking of the company’s accomplishment, Chief Executive Stuart Moore said, “This achievement is testament to the hard work of all our employees across the business over the past 12 months and showcases, not only the progress made over this past year, but also the immense potential we still have for the year ahead.” ❚ enquiry 174

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October / November 2016

Osmo is awarded ethical accreditation 2016/2017 Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, is celebrating its tenth year of being awarded Ethical Accreditation. The Aylesbury-based company has once again scored highly in an analysis of its approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, demonstrating Osmo’s continued commitment to customers, staff, trade colleagues and shareholders. Applicants to the Ethical Company Accreditation Scheme are subject to a stringent evaluation under the categories of Environment, Animals and People, covering topics such as environment, animal rights, and human rights. Ethical Company Accreditation is awarded to organisations which obtain an outstanding overall score in an evaluation of their

Corporate Social Responsibility record, and which are successfully screened against other companies within their market sectors. Osmo can carry on displaying the Ethical Award and Ethical Company logos, providing consumers with a guarantee, that as a company, Osmo has good ethical standards. The Ethical Company Organisation’s research and screening process also applies to the applicant’s ultimate holding company and any subsidiaries. The procedure is repeated annually to ensure that the record of companies holding the Ethical Company Accreditation award remains up to date. Successful applicants have license to use the Ethical Company Logo on letterheads, websites, and other promotional material. The Ethical Company Organisation recently compiled ethical comparison research on paint brands, and Osmo ranked top against eleven other brands. Osmo scored top ranking for environmental report, nuclear power, animal welfare, human rights, armaments, political donations, ethical accreditation, boycott and other criticisms. This has resulted in Osmo being awards a 95 Ethical Company Index. For more information about The Ethical Company Organisation please visit and to learn more about Osmo’s range of ecofriendly wood finishing solutions, visit ❚ enquiry 175 .


Freightliner chooses Hyster reachstackers in new £3.5 million deal with Briggs

Freightliner is boosting operational efficiencies across its 13 inland rail sites with a new fleet of 10 Hyster reachstackers, supplied and maintained by Briggs Equipment. The UK's top intermodal rail freight company currently operates Hyster equipment, supplied by Briggs, and this new £3.5 million deal sees the company replacing some of its older machines. Briggs secured the contract for the new Hyster RS4531CH reachstackers following a detailed tender process, during which it demonstrated its ability to meet Freightliner's service expectations as well as the low cost of operation of Hyster equipment. "We're a large, safety critical organisation with multiple sites across the country so we need an equipment and engineering services partner we can trust," said Peter Thompson, Chief Terminals Engineer, at Freightliner. "Briggs was awarded this key contract because of its commitment to providing a safe and reliable solution in a challenging environment."


essential to ensure Freightliner's reachstackers operate at peak performance. Under the terms of this new contract, Briggs will provide 24-hour service call-out cover six days a week plus a UK parts stockholding facility and, in most cases, same-day parts supply. With 600 engineers, including more than 130 who are specially trained in ‘heavy truck' maintenance, Briggs Equipment operates one of the country's largest mobile engineering workforces. To minimise disruption to Freightliner's front line operations, engineers will schedule out of hours servicing and will work alongside a dedicated team of UK-based heavy truck technical support managers to help Freightliner achieve its business objectives. The new generation Hyster RS4531CH reachstacker is designed for maximum space utilisation in intense container terminals and ports, offering outstanding manoeuvrability and superior handling speeds with no loss of power at full capacity for demanding loads. The truck not only complies with Tier IV Final engine legislation, but Hyster's energy-efficient technologies also deliver fuel savings of up to 25%.

Freightliner moves containers from the deep sea ports of Felixstowe, Southampton, Tilbury and London Gateway to all major UK conurbations, operating approximately 100 daily services across the country and handling more than 770,000 containers per year. The company's existing fleet of Hyster reachstackers has proved to be utterly reliable, clocking up in excess of 18,000 hours during a five-year period of operation. As well as equipment reliability, a high standard of engineering services support is

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DfT sustainability committee misses opportunity The Environmental Audit Committeeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new report on, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Sustainability in the Department for Transport,â&#x20AC;? is seriously flawed, according to Fuel Card Services. Steve Clarke, group marketing manager, said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;The select committee made some good longterm suggestions, but has missed an opportunity. It could have recommended action that would bring immediate benefits for fleet sustainability. In particular, it could have urged the introduction of measures compelling commercial road users to monitor and record fleet emissions.â&#x20AC;? The committee offered conclusions and recommendations in the areas of government policy and policy making, governance and

operations. Steve Clarke said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;The focus on ultra-low emission vehicles ignores the reality of current technology, cost and infrastructure. Government should promote ULEVs, but recognising that widespread adoption remains a long-term prospect. Meanwhile, diesel and petrol vehicles will dominate for years to come. Government could achieve widespread, immediate impact with mandatory emissions monitoring.â&#x20AC;? The select committee noted that, â&#x20AC;&#x153;emissions have increased for the past two years running.â&#x20AC;? Although it then recommended that the DfT, â&#x20AC;&#x153;set out in the Governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s forthcoming carbon reduction plan how it intends to deal with this,â&#x20AC;? it suggested no particular actions. â?&#x161; enquiry 181 October / November 2016

Simply Saving Energy with DANLERS new High Bay PIRs DANLERS has launched a new range of High Bay PIR occupancy switches. The range is ideal for energy saving lighting control in areas such as factories, storage aisles, sports halls and entrance halls. The products detect a person moving within the detection area and control the lights accordingly. Each product includes an adjustable time lag function plus and adjustable photocell.

High Bay PIR controls offers a choice of detection patterns to give optimum coverage for a multitude of high bay applications. The products are available in one of two housing options, the surface mounted versions can be mounted directly onto a ceiling, or mounted onto a wide variety of back boxes. The batten mount versions are designed for mounting onto lighting battens via a 20mm knockout.

There are versions for simply switching the lighting load on/off, as well as products for DALI, DSI or 110VDC ballasts, which automatically dim or brighten the lights in response to changes in the ambient light level. The products either come with manual adjustment or as versions which are programmable using the FREE DANLERS â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;EasyZAPPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; or â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;ControlZAPP apps on an Android phone or tablet. This latest range of

Saint-Gobain Introduces Customisable CSR Review Online Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland, leader in the habitat and construction markets, has launched its 2014/15 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Review, hosted online in a new customisable format. Highlighting the challenges facing the industry, the CSR Review is centred on

Tel: 01249 443377 Fax: 01249 443388 Website: â?&#x161; enquiry 178 .

Saint-Gobainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s four key pillars, and details the progress made in each area: ¡ Changing how we build for the better, for the future ¡ Caring for the Environment we operate in ¡ Supporting and developing our people ¡ Connecting with communities and supporting their economic development For the second Review running, SaintGobain has worked closely with its advisory panel, comprising of representatives from customers, NGOs and sustainability experts, who have provided critical advice, guidance and feedback on the Review, with a view to progress Saint-Gobainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s CSR strategy.


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Portakabin expands services to schools with launch of design service

further assistance to schools and colleges. Its specialist classrooms for hire are designed to academy standards and Department for Education guidelines for space, layout, safety and fittings.

Portakabin, the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading modular building specialist, has launched a new design and planning service for interim science, design and technology classrooms.

Bespoke designs can now be provided to meet each schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s specific requirements, as well as standard layouts which can be adapted to reduce procurement time. The Portakabin design team will work in close collaboration with teaching staff to develop the best solution for the school and the site.

Portakabin has supplied science laboratories for short-term use for the past four years and has now expanded its services to offer

Specialist equipment, including furniture, can be provided for short-term use or Portakabin can fit out the teaching spaces with the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own equipment if required, for maximum flexibility. According to Robert Snook, Director and General Manager at Portakabin, â&#x20AC;&#x153;The design of learning spaces plays such an important role in childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s education. â?&#x161; enquiry 180



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CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group ❚ enquiry 183 .

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STO OP PRESS All fabricc brochures are now w available to do ownload at



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So you wa ant a five metre wid de sunblind, sunblind ght metres? Mermet intelligent or maybe eig sunblinds can now be WHATEVERYOUCHOOSE in width*. No more m unsightly seam ms to break y your vision ng technical n, just floor-to-ceilin LESS B M L EA unblinds with indusstry leading su through-vision and a shading propertie es to match. match DS IN


Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;v W e gonne widesccreen


Call for your samplees now! 4ELsWW 4E WW WMERMETCOUK

Mermet (UK)

Leading the way in intelligent fabrics

Mermet (UK), Ryeford Hall, Ryefo ord, Ross-on-W Wyye, Herefordshire HR9 7PU Tel: e 01989 750910 Fax: 01989 750768 Email: Onlin ne: *Depending on chosen fabric

â?&#x161; enquiry 801

Mermet is a division of De Leeuw Ltd