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Speed up Build Times with TETRiS New Altro FortisTM offers tough Isosonic Dek Floor 30 Prime every time Insulation Block & Beam love for walls, doors & corners Isosonic Dek Floor 30 is a new prime There are three key reasons why you Installing a TETRiS insulation block and beam system can speed up the overall build time of your next project. Up to 16x the length of traditional blocks and only 5kg, (compared to 8.4kg for a single concrete block) TETRiS blocks are easy to handle and install. Capable of withstanding foot traffic on site and easy to cut, the TETRiS system is engineered for fast, efficient building. Eco-friendly properties, U-values as low as 0.10 W/m2k, BRE Green Guide A+ Rated, and compatibility with under floor heating systems make TETRiS a revolutionary alternative to traditional structural floors. The new TETRiS insulation block and beam brochure is now available. The brochure enables specifiers, builders and self-builders to specify and build an ecofriendly TETRiS insulation block and beam floor with confidence.

Altro has expanded its range of wall cladding with the introduction of new Altro Fortis™ - a system that provides seriously tough protection for walls, doors and corners. Altro Fortis keeps interiors safe from impact and scuff damage, and looking good for longer. Altro Fortis has been developed to work with the popular Altro Whiterock™ range to create aesthetic consistency between hygienic and general areas. Where Altro Whiterock offers an ultra-hygienic wall protection system, Altro Fortis offers enhanced protection for areas where scuff and impact protection is the priority. Altro Fortis also combines perfectly with Altro’s 2.5mm safety flooring ranges, providing a complete, durable and fully-integrated system for hard-working areas.

addition to the Thermal Economics. Isorubber product range. The board component ISOSONIC DEK30 forms a combined sound insulation and structural deck, applied directly to the floor joists. It is composed of 8 mm Isorubber resilient layer bonded to V313 chipboard . ISORUBBER itself is a dense, durable low compression material with excellent impact and airborne sound properties. It forms the main acoustic component of six Robust Details. The system is designed to reduce the effects of workmanship error, that most frequently occur in refurbishment work and has a tested acoustic performance compliant with the Approved Document E requirements for refurbishment. For further details please refer to

should prime every time. Firstly, priming reduces the floor’s absorbency. When wet smoothing compounds are applied to porous substrates, such as tamped concrete and timber, moisture can pass into the subfloor which in turn expels air. Secondly, priming increases adhesion! Correct priming serves as a bonding aid between the compound and the substrate. Thirdly, correct priming acts as an interface between materials preventing incompatibility or reaction. The use of a barrier primer will prevent this unwanted contact, avoiding a reaction and possible failure. The renowned Ultra Floor range from Instarmac Group includes Prime IT Multi-surface Primer, a moisture tolerant, water based acrylic primer, sealer and bonding aid, suitable for porous and non porous substrates. ENQUIRY-Card 119 ENQUIRY-Card 120 ENQUIRY-Card 121 ENQUIRY-Card 122

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