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Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry




Plans for the first newly-built Conservatoire in the UK for a generation have been submitted to Birmingham City planners - a building that will be BREEAM “Excellent”'.




A brand new home for Birmingham Conservatoire, part of Birmingham City University, will open its doors to students in 2017, continuing a history of producing talented musicians and performers dating back to 1886. Birmingham Conservatoire boasts a wealth of high profile graduates, including in recent years the award winning singer/songwriter Laura Mvula and classical singer, theatre actor and TV presenter Rhydian Roberts. The new facility is the first complete new build Conservatoire in the UK since 1987, and will provide state-of-the-art performance space and acoustical quality. It will comprise five performance venues, including a public concert hall with the capacity for over 450 seats and a full orchestra, plus a recital hall at 150 seats and smaller experimental music space, organ and jazz rooms. There are also plans for more than 70 music practice rooms of various sizes. Vice-Chancellor Professor Cliff Allan said: “These state-of-the-art

Planning submitted for new Birmingham

CONSERVATOIRE facilities offer current and prospective students’ unrivalled teaching provision. During its long history our world renowned Birmingham Conservatoire has earned an international reputation for the excellence of its music teaching, research and performances.

Ormiston Academy. The development is being taken forward with the support of Millennium Point and Birmingham City Council.”

“This new building, designed by leading architect Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios, provides us with a glorious opportunity to build on our proud history and continue to develop world-class music facilities for future generations.” Building work will begin in the summer of 2015 and is scheduled for completion in summer 2017. It will be situated alongside Millennium Point, adjacent to Jennens Road in Eastside and in the heart of the City’s learning quarter, which is already home to Birmingham City University’s City Centre Campus, the ThinkTank Museum, and the Birmingham

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December 2014

Over half of UK homeowners want to prioritise energy efficient improvements A recent YouGov poll by SaintGobain UK and Ireland, the world leader in the sustainable habitat and construction markets, has found that 54% of UK homeowners consider energy efficient improvements to the home a top priority. Over half of respondents indicated that in the next three to five years, making their homes more energy efficient was a priority for them. 61% were over the age of 60 – a group most at risk from the effects of fuel poverty, with cold homes increasing the incidents of flu, chest infections and high blood pressure.

Mark Weaver, Project Director for Retrofit at Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland, said: “The UK’s housing stock is one of the poorest in Europe in terms of energy efficiency, so it is promising to see a growing desire from UK homeowners to improve the energy performance of their homes for years to come. Not only will measures such as doubleglazing and insulation help people out of fuel poverty, they will improve the comfort levels in the home.

solutions to meet the growing demand, but long-term drivers that create a stable environment from government are needed to ensure this is possible, while raising awareness of the benefits of doing so.” 04/12/2014 10:28 Page 1

December 2014 £4.50



Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry




Plans for the first newly-built Conservatoire in the UK for a generation have been submitted to Birmingham City planners.


Planning submitted for new Birmingham



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Publisher McDermott Publishing Limited Executive Editor

“Saint-Gobain’s findings demonstrate the requirement for the construction industry to deliver comprehensive retrofit

Maria Hodgetts Editorial Co-Ordinator

Ventilation Matters: 16 PAINTS, COATINGS & ADHESIVES

Changing perceptions with ‘My Health My Home’ Indoor Air Quality awareness campaign

18 DOORS, WINDOWS, ROOFLIGHTS & GLAZING Explore re the house use to discover over what could ould be making ing you ill... l...

Mould in the bathroom

Mould releases spores ores and fungal metabolitess which are exacerbating agents gents of respiratory problems, blems, allergic rhinitis and d asthma.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can irritate the lungs. Acetaldehyde ldehyde and benzene, two VOCs washing hing gives off, are carcinogens. Most of the VOCs can’t be traced to any particular ingredient in the detergent.


drying d w washing i inside

wood burning fireplaces

Carpets harbour dirt, dust mites, pet hair, fungus and other potentially harmful particles that can aggravate the lungs, trigger asthma attacks or send some people into allergic fits.


Particle pollution in smoke can damage lung tissue ssue and lead to serious respiratory ratory problems when breathed athed in high concentrations. s.

ca arpets

Cooking on a gas hob gives off ff nitrogen it dioxide, acrolein, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. These have been linked to respiratory symptoms and cancer.

cooking ng with gas as

Paints release volatile organic compounds that may have a range of subtle health effects if breathed in over a long period of time.




With research revealing that Brits are at risk of suffering from serious health issues linked to poor ventilation in UK homes1, the ‘My Health My Home’ campaign is highlighting that action needs to be taken to raise building industry awareness of the importance of effective household ventilation. An independent indoor air quality study, which examined the levels of Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) concentrations in over 120 UK homes, has revealed that only 9% of homes were in the ‘normal’ bracket for concentration levels, while the remaining 91% had

above the recommended concentrations. 2 VOCs are organic chemicals which are found in human-made items, such as aerosols, paints, wall boards and ceiling tiles and are also naturally occurring in mould. “At the normal level, nonchemically sensitive individuals should not experience health issues from VOCs. As the TVOC level increases into the moderate, elevated or severe levels, individuals may experience aggravated health problems, and therefore, the need to address VOC issues becomes more critical” says indoor air quality expert Tim Robinson. Mould is one of the key factors of poor indoor air quality and health risk. According to a new YouGov consumer survey, 58% of respondents have experienced mould or condensation in their home; with 19% of those having already suffered from a respiratory or dermatological condition. Additionally, the remaining 81% could be at risk3. These findings suggest a greater uptake of properly designed and installed continuous mechanical ventilation systems in UK homes is required. A Nottingham University study, which looked into the impact of mechanical air filtration systems on household air quality, found that after six hours of using an effective, properly installed ventilation unit, air can be free from mould-producing contaminants. 4 Peter Howarth, Professor of Allergy and Respiratory Medicine at Southampton University says: ‘‘I have had many patients come to me with serious respiratory conditions due to pollutants

within the home, an issue which is being referred to as ‘Toxic Home Syndrome’. My advice to them is to always make sure they have good household ventilation, whether that comes from installing a mechanical system throughout the home or replacing an old extractor fan. Once ventilation has been sorted, their symptoms are reduced dramatically. I think that a ‘Healthy Home Guide’ which provided the building industry with standard guidelines for ventilation would help to significantly minimise the amount of people in the UK with asthma and dermatological conditions. Further down the line, it would be good to also see a ‘Healthy Home Mark’ on new homes to confirm that they have adequate ventilation systems installed.” House builders should ideally consider ventilation and indoor air quality at design stage rather than as a late 'add-on' to specifications and mechanical ventilation solutions should be a standard specification in all cases, particularly with modern building standards reaching such high levels of building envelope thermal performance. To get up to date on the guidance around ventilation see the BEAMA Green Deal Ventilation Guide here ublications/technicalguides.cfm/Green-DealVentilation-Guidance] and ensure you are familiar with Part F of the Building Regulations k/buildingregulations/approvedd ocuments/partf/approved.

Charlie Zeall Circulation Manager Viv Fairclough Production Manager Carla Evans Production Wendy Harris

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s ch eo e at id sit W rs’ v eb ne ur w ow n o o

Burn W Wood ood and d Save thee Planet Wood is a ren newable and sustainable able energyy, especiallyy when sourced from manageed woodland. Using itt to heat our home means means less fossil fuels are used, fewer CO2 emissions missions and a healthier ieer planet! Here at Cl H Clearview i we believe b li this hi so passionately ionately l that h we h have p planted our own for an nd developed a rangee of timeless, high perrformance, eco friendly dl wood burning stoves. Designed and manufactured in the hear eart of the British countr u such a pleasu ure to use they lift the he spirits as well as the he temperatur

STOCKISTS THRO OUGHOUT THE UK Brochure Line: 01588 650 123 23 www w.clear â?š enquiry 100.

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Industry leader is first to receive BRE Global’s latest Responsible Sourcing credential

December 2014

Boningale release latest ‘plants for wildlife’ catalogue with updated Breeam Guidance

covering social, environmental and economic principles of which this standard forms an important part.

Marshalls is proud to announce it is the first company in its sector to be awarded BRE Global’s BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certificate, under their new and more stringent standard and has also received a ‘Very Good’ performance rating. The certificate, issued against version 3.0 of the BES 6001 framework standard for responsible sourcing, was granted to Marshalls in September 2014. The scope of the certificate (RS0008) is for a range of concrete, UK quarried natural stone paving and masonry products (Marshalls Stancliffe Stones). There are a number of key differences in the revised certificate launched in May 2014 making the scheme a more robust test of a product’s responsible sourcing characteristics. Marshalls continues to commit to the principles of responsible sourcing,

Katie Livesey, Head of Responsible Sourcing at BRE said: “BRE Global works to ensure products and services protect people, property and the planet. Many companies say they are ‘green', but these claims are not easily substantiated and often the result of common marketing tactics. It is great to see companies like Marshalls embedding sustainability into the heart of its business. As the first company in its sector to be awarded BES 6001 against the newly revised Issue 3.0, and with a ‘Very Good’ rating, Marshalls has set a precedent for other companies to follow.” David Morrell, Head of Sustainability at Marshalls said:“Marshalls is proud to be leading the industry in responsible sourcing. We take this issue extremely seriously and we are constantly seeking ways to further enhance our sustainable credentials. Not only is this a fantastic achievement for us, but it also offers our clients third party assurance that they are working with a responsible partner.” Web:

❚ enquiry 101

Boningale Nursery, one of the UK’s largest nurseries and environmental horticultural specialists has released the third edition of its unique ‘Plants for Wildlife’ catalogue for architects and contractors keen to maximise their BREEAM ecological credits. As the only UK nursery that produces and supplies both traditional nursery and green roof planting stock, Boningale’s ‘Plants for Wildlife’ catalogue is a must have guide for contractors and specifiers involved in planning and drawing up landscaping schemes for building developments. This latest edition features updated guidance on

BREEAM suitable stock and an extended range of the unique SkyPlugs range from Boningale GreenSky, the company’s award winning department that specialises in plants and substrates for green roofs. Working with BREEAM accredited ecologists, Boningale’s horticulturists have set out hundreds of approved plant species and varieties that encourage ecological diversity and attract myriad wildlife to newbuild sites and green urban spaces, including green roofs. ❚ enquiry 102


Reinforced-soil screening wall for brown-field housing development When Bellway Homes, Scotland came to develop a 3.4 hectare site overlooking the River Tay near Perth, Scotland, they brought in specialist groundworks and retaining wall specialists Maccaferri, to solve a two part problem. Firstly, planning requirements for the Bellway “Inches” development of 64 two story homes meant that the site had to be effectively screened from Perth and blend seamlessly with the predominantly grassed aspect visible from the City. The brownfield site, formerly part of Friarton Hall, a redundant and recently demolished wing of Perth Prison,

also sloped steeply, making it more difficult to develop efficiently. The Maccaferri solution was the design, supply and installation of a 250m long, 4.8m high, reinforced soil slope built using the company’s Green Terramesh system, to create a new southern boundary to the site.

The structure would not only provide the required green faced screening but also create flat, level ground behind the wall for landscaped back gardens to the houses – the second part of the development requirement. Maccaferri Green Terramesh is a versatile, modular formwork system designed to produce a steeply sloping vegetated-faced wall. It is specifically designed for use in reinforced soil slope construction for roads, industrial and residential projects like the Bellway development. A single length of double twist wire mesh forms the base and upper

reinforcing panels and the facing unit. A bio-degradable blanket is installed immediately behind the sloping faces of the unit to control erosion and to promote rapid vegetation establishment. A wedge of topsoil is placed behind and in contact with the blanket to provide a moisture and nutrient reservoir, essential for successful vegetation. No external support or shuttering is required when installing Green Terramesh, which considerably speeds up the installation. A steel reinforcement mesh is factory assembled to provide rigidity to the faces. The steepest slope

recommended is 70° from the horizontal as it is difficult to successfully establish vegetation beyond this angle. The Green Terramash structure was further reinforced with ParaGrid biaxial geogrid, also from Maccaferri, placed behind the wall in lengths of 3.00m to 4.50m, back filled using site won, crushed demolition rubble. The Green Terramesh screening wall was installed by Maccaferri Construction – part of the Maccaferri Group of companies, for main contractor Tough Construction. ❚ enquiry 103

Tel: 01865 770555 • Web:

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December 2014


De ecking



Longlife Decking


PERMEABLEE / POROUS SOLUTIONSS FOR $"31"3,4t"$$&443065&4t%3*7&8":4 CHARCOAL





WWW.SAIGEDECKING..COM SAiGE Longlife Decking Ltd. | info@saige ❚ enquiry 104.

T: 01376 76 503869 WWW W.SURE-GRO OUND.COM ❚ enquiry 105. Millboard. Inspired by nature. Designed for living. ·

Luxury wood free decking


Anti slip to BS79.76


Low maintenance


Manufactured in the UK

Tel: 02476 439 943 Web: ❚ enquiry 106.

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Quality drainage systems with

MARLEY PRODUCTS With a large portfolio of products, a full design team and outstanding service from its representatives, a range of Marley Plumbing and Drainage’s products have been installed to a new block of rented flats, designed specifically to support the needs of older residents in Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

Decemberr 2014

at all with the Marley Soil and Waste Systems and when it came to installing Alutec’s products, thanks to how light they were, they were easy to install. However, if we needed advice or had a technical query, our reliable Marley representative working on the project was on hand with sound information and expert answers to our questions.”

Donny Pollock, Project Manager from Cruden Building and Renewables Ltd, commented: “We were contracted by Dunbritton Housing Association on a design and build basis to construct the new 39 self-contained flats, which would provide flexible care solutions to ensure that older people can remain independent for as long as possible. Therefore a good quality drainage system was required – a solution that could be installed and forgotten about which could withstand high daily usage and ultimately meet the project’s budget. “With a wide range of high quality products and a technical team that can provide schematic layouts in line with standard regulations from our CAD drawings and floor plans, we decided to install Marley’s soil and waste products.”

The schematic layouts produced by Marley’s technical team are formulated to give all the relevant product reference codes to make up the drainage design for a project. Marley’s soil and waste products are manufactured to high standards, including BS EN 4514, BS EN 1329 and BS EN 1566, which meet the industry needs and provides the level of durability required. They also offer an alternative solution to cast iron. The lightweight construction of the products also results in easy handling on site, which ensures a quick and clean installation. As well as requiring high quality soil and waste products, the project also needed an exceptional rainwater system. Therefore, aluminium rainwater products were chosen from Alutec’s large portfolio – providing a one-stop shop and an overall project solution from one manufacturer, Aliaxis. Gregg Findlay, Managing Director of Tom Findlay Ltd, commented upon the installation of Marley’s products: “Throughout this project, we had no issues

Marley’s Quantum sewer and Underground range were also specified for this project. The structured wall pipes of the products are suitable for public and large sewers at depths of up to 10m below ground, delivering the flexibility to tolerate ground movement without damage, whilst withstanding the combined effects of backfill and loading. What’s more, the large diameter pipes require fewer joints, which reduces the likelihood of leaks and blockages. The Quantum Sewer pipe is lightweight, enhancing site handling and installation, cost effective and a modern alternative to clay or concrete pipes – ideal for this new build project. Additionally, the Quantum Sewer system has been proven that once installed, it is virtually maintenance free. Donny continued: “Thanks to Marley’s high quality, extensive product offering and specification assistance, as well as the backup of their representative, it allowed us to complete the project on time and provide ourselves and the end users with confidence that the products are truly longperforming.” ❚ enquiry 107.

For more information please visit

Yeoman Rainguard can offer free services to their customers such as samples, site surveys and take offs from architect drawings, helping clients to make an informed choice when it comes to purchasing the right rainwater system for their particular needs.

Yeoman Rainguard’s XL Aluminium rainwater systems were chosen for Bridge House, a stunning new build property in Norfolk.

The owners of the home, David Dunnett & Geoff Wainwright, originally saw Yeoman Rainguard rainwater systems at a London building exhibition. “We were impressed by what we saw on the Rainguard exhibition stand and we were certainly attracted to the XL Aluminium range because of its traditional appearance which was ideal for the style of house we were building.” Explained Mr Dunnett. XL Aluminium 75mm diameter downpipes along with 125 x 100mm MOG gutters, finished in a Black textured polyester powder coating, were installed on the property. The powder coating finish ensures that the pipes and guttering will offer

years of maintenance free service and will not be susceptible to colour bleaching. Style was not the only criteria on the shopping list. An easy to install rainwater system was also a consideration on this new build project. The XL Aluminium gutters with the push fix joint technology, requiring no mechanical fixing, are easy to fit helping to speed up the installation time. Choosing the XL Aluminium range will also get the thumbs up when considering the environment. 95% of the materials used to manufacture the gutters and downpipes are recyclable making it an ecologically sound choice for any building scheme.

“We found the customer service offered by Yeoman Rainguard faultless and have been so pleased with the products and services that we are going to use them again on our next building project Broomhill Cottage.” Concluded Mr Dunnett. For more information on the whole range of Yeoman Rainguard’s rainwater systems and accessories go to or call the sales team on 0113 279 5854

❚ enquiry 108.

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Spon’s Price Books 2015 from CRC Press The most detailed, professionally relevant construction price information currently available in the UK! Each book includes ebook access through December 2015

Sept 2014: 978-1-4822-5522-5: £140.00

Sept 2014: 978-1-4822-5525-6: £155.00

Oct 2014: 978-1-4822-5528-7: £165.00

Oct 2014: 978-1-4822-5519-5: £155.00

SAVE 20% when you order online and enter Promo Code AKM25 Plus FREE standard shipping when you order online

❚ enquiry 109.

CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group

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December 2014

Sovereign’s Auto ConCure 20/20 PIV (positive input ventilation) unit is the simplest and most effective retrofit solution to condensation and associated problems. Costing as little as 3 pence per day to operate, Auto ConCure 20/20 combines a low energy fan and pulse heater heating with a leading edge air sampling system to deliver a highly effective solution to condensation in the home. A wall mounted ConCure unit is basements. also available for flats and bungalows.


m a ki n g l i g h t w o r k o f c o n d e n sa t i o n

The Gold Standard in Building Products ❚ enquiry 110.

Energy efficiency, fire safety and natural ventilation are combined by SE Controls at South Africa’s new Department of Environmental Affairs HQ One of South Africa’s most energy efficient and innovative buildings is using precision actuators and controls from SE Controls to ensure the natural ventilation and smoke control system operates effectively at the Department of Environmental Affairs’ (DEA) new head office in Pretoria. Designed by architects Boogertman & Partners, the DEA is the first government building in South Africa to be awarded a 6 Star Green rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA). It also achieved the highest score for a large commercial office space of this scale, due to the highly energy efficient sustainable design and the extensive use of ‘green’ technologies. The three-storey head office provides more than 27,000 m² of floor space and uses solar shading, water recycling and extensive photo-voltaic arrays in the north car park and on the roof, which

provide more than 10% of the building’s annual energy load. An energy efficient mixed mode natural ventilation system is also installed to manage indoor air quality and temperature, which provides a comfortable working environment for staff. The building’s internal space is separated into several selfcontained ‘pods’ each of which is naturally ventilated by atrium vents and automatically opening windows. The vents and windows are operated by 104 SE Controls’ SECO N 24 40 600mm stroke length chain actuators and controlled by 20 OS2 Type 21 control panels supplied by SE Controls’ South African operation, which has offices in Durban and Johannesburg. In addition, SE Controls Africa also supplied PIR sensors for each automatically opening window to avoid the risk of finger entrapment during operation. The complete system was installed and commissioned by specialist


contractor, Robertson Ventilation Industries (RVI), to ensure it met the necessary safety and environmental specifications. The natural ventilation system, which also operates in ‘night purging’ mode to cool the building and reduce the need for artificial cooling during summer months, is linked to both the supplementary evaporative cooling system and the smoke control system via the central BMS. This integrated approach not only allows the ventilation system to operate in different modes, to maintain cooling and comfort, but also provides effective smoke control to ensure escape routes are kept smoke free, if a fire should occur. Russell Cramb of SE Controls Africa, explained: “The DEA building breaks new ground in

what can be achieved from an environmental management and sustainability perspective, when all of the latest green technologies are combined within a highly effective and energy efficient design.” He added: “Natural ventilation is a highly energy efficient solution for cooling and ventilating buildings to maintain indoor air quality and temperatures and in the DEA building, it has proven to be a key element in it achieving such a high environmental rating from the GBCSA as part of an excellent integrated design from the architects.” Further information on SE Controls’ products, solutions and projects can be obtained by visiting or calling 01543 443060 ❚ enquiry 111


SE Controls specialises in the design, project management and installation of advanced smoke ventilation and natural ventilation solutions to meet the needs of architects, contractors, building services engineers and facilities managers worldwide.

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December 2014

Levolux minds the gaps at Blackfriars

station to span the River Thames. In addition to a new station on the south bank, a new combined entrance was also created on the north bank, allowing easy access to National Rail and London Underground services. The new northern entrance, which stands more than 17 metres tall, has a modern, curved glazed envelope. Its appearance contrasts dramatically with the station’s original Victorian façade, which was constrained and starved of natural daylight. The glazed structure is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also maximises daylight levels throughout the station.

London’s Blackfriars Station has been transformed as part of Network Rail’s Thameslink Programme. As part of this, the station now boasts a new northern entrance, which is equipped with an external Solar Shading solution, from Levolux. The station, which first opened in 1886, has been expanded to increase capacity and as a result becomes the first mainline



Giving the Past a Future

Jacobs, the lead designer on the project, worked closely with Levolux to develop a custom external solar shading solution to be applied across the glazed façade of the station’s northern entrance. This would need to perform four critical functions. To create a distinctive and attractive external aesthetic, to reduce solar heat gain, prevent excessive glare and maintain a high level of transparency and openness. ❚ enquiry 112

Profloor system used in hospital refurb The A. Proctor Group have supplied Profloor Dynamic Deck 26 system to a former hospital site in St John’s, Chelmsford. Profloor Dynamic Deck 26 system provides a high degree of isolation resulting in significant improvements in impact sound insulation and is robust detail compliant FFT5. Profloor Systems are designed to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations and Robust Details for impact sound.

Solutions are available for timber and concrete floors on both new build and refurbishment projects. For further information on our Profloor Dynamic Deck 26 System or any of the other product ranges, please visit ❚ enquiry 113

Essential Insulation Literature Now Available

Selectaglaze secondary glazing offers: Superb Thermal Insulation Excellent Draught Proofing The Most Effective Method of Sound Proofing Purpose Made and Discreet Reversible Adaptation Secured by Design Option

The 2015 HEXATHERM Thermal Insulation Brochure is now available from Cellecta. HEXATHERM is a proven range of insulation boards engineered for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, featuring BM TRADA Q Mark certification. Benefits of the range include high compressive strength, low water absorption and excellent life-long thermal performance, making them ideal for floors, roofs, basements and swimming

pools. Available in a multitude of thickness’s (20-160mm) and strength grades (250-700kPa), HEXATHERM boards can meet exact project requirements. 9,000m2 of Cellecta’s HEXATHERM XFLOOR 500 was recently installed into a major university development in Bournemouth’s town centre, in addition to hundreds of other projects nationwide. ❚ enquiry 114

Secondary Glazing is suitable for all types of Heritage Building

By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturer and Supplier of Secondary Glazing Selectaglaze Ltd St. Albans

improving our environment

Tel: 01727 837271 ❚ enquiry 115.

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December 2014

❚ enquiry 116.

More than 270 bespoke frames were fully fabricated off-site, allowing rapid installation to all four floors in phases to suit the contractors programme. The result is a more energy efficient and comfortable environment that is also much quieter.

Supreme Energy Efficiency for County Hall The recent £22m remodelling and refurbishment of the 1930’s civic building and 1970’s office extension for Wiltshire’s County Hall in Trowbridge was undertaken to consolidate the majority of Wiltshire Council’s 95 offices into four hubs, reducing floor area by 50%, saving £5m in revenue per annum, creating 40% reduction in carbon emissions and providing new flexible ways of working.

A major requirement of this development was to reduce the energy consumption by 40%. It is also just one of a few refurbishment projects within the UK on target for a BREEAM “excellent” rating, achieved by a complete building services overhaul together with improvements to the glazing and thermal upgrading of the walls and roof. The traditional single glazed sash windows were retained as an important architectural feature of the 1930’s building and secondary glazing was chosen as a way of dealing with both the heat loss through the glass and discomfort caused by drafts. Selectaglaze, the UK’s leading designer of secondary glazing systems, worked closely with main contractor Kier Western and Bristol-based architects Stride Treglown to develop appropriate designs. These needed to be engineered to meet the thermal requirements but also had to be as unobtrusive as possible. The solution for most windows was a matching balanced sash design that permits access to the existing window.

Each frame is purpose made with high performance seals to reduce drafts and glazed with a low emissivity glass that markedly improves the thermal efficiency. Some of the windows were very large, up to 3.5M high and 1.6M wide, and a heavy duty frame from the Series 90 range was required to support the glass sizes. Smaller windows were treated with a slimmer frame from the Series 20 range. The need to be unobtrusive was particularly important in the timber panelled Council Chamber, which has some of the largest windows. A single monumental hinged casement design was chosen as it permits an uninterrupted view through the windows. This was a big challenge as each casement weighs about 100Kg. The Series 50 range was specified with a bronze anodised finish to complement the panelling. It is fitted with very neat colour matched flush hinges and a concealed multi-point locking system that ensures a good seal and enhanced security.

Well-designed secondary glazing can play an important role in improving the environment of buildings of all styles but as a reversible adaptation it is particularly suited to listed and traditional buildings. Secondary glazing can achieve very significant noise insulation of 45dB or more, reduce the U-value of a window to around 1.8 and enhance security though the use of strengthened glass and locks. Systems are available that are accredited to Secured by Design.

For further information, please contact the Marketing Department on 01727 837271

❚ enquiry 117

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December 2014



MAGGIE’S CANCER CENTRE aberdeen, scotland, united kingdom

Unusually shaped, the architecturally stunning Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen in Scotland is designed to assist in the psychological and emotional healing process for those affected by cancer. A Licensed Icynene contractor installed both Icynene H2Foam ForteTM and Icynene H2 Foam LiteTM in the pebble-shaped structure.

Situated on the southern boundary of the Foresterhill site of the Royal Infirmary in Aberdeen, Scotland, Maggie’s Cancer Centre is the latest such centre to provide emotional and practical support to anyone affected by cancer.

ForteTM has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 1 - the lowest GWP available. In additional to providing structural strength, the closed cell product also can reject bulk water penetrating through the building envelope.

The centre, designed to be homely and full of warmth, aims to provide an environment where those facing cancer can gain support. The centre also intends to inspire imagination from visitors and has contributed to the architecture of the Aberdeen city area.

Above the 2.5m mark and across the curved roofline, BIS’ spray foam crews applied Icynene H2Foam LiteTM. Due to the unique curvature of the roofline, crews had to aid the rise of the foam by hand to ensure consistent and even coverage.

The Design

Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, together with Scottish firm, Halliday Fraser Munro, took on the challenge to create a visually stunning structure in the shape of a pebble. The unusually-shaped single storey structure features a reinforced concrete exterior and timber interior. Steel reinforcements were used to form the structure’s unique shape. With activity and meeting rooms located on the ground floor and office space on the mezzanine, the centre features high-end interior finishes and manages to create a peaceful, welcoming and beautiful space for anyone who visits.

Insulating Maggie’s Cancer Centre

A Licensed local Icynene contractor was enlisted by Halliday Fraser Munro to help insulate the centre in February 2013 using two high performance Icynene spray foam insulation products. The spray foam insulation crew used five sets of the 100% water-blown closed cell medium density Icynene H2Foam ForteTM and used seven sets of the open cell Icynene H2Foam LiteTM throughout the curved structure.

❚ enquiry 118.

Spray foam crews applied the mediumdensity material on the lower part of the structure to a height of 2.5m in an effort to provide additional structural strength. Being 100% water blown, Icynene H2Foam

As a result of using spray foam insulation throughout the design, an extremely high R-value was achieved. With a high Rvalue, staff and visitors to Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen will be able to work and heal in comfort all year round regardless of the season.

Both Icynene H2Foam LiteTM and Icynene H2Foam ForteTM contribute to creating a positive, peaceful and comfortable environment for visitors to the new centre in Aberdeen. The Result

Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen was completed and opened in September 2013. The structure, set apart by a small landscaped area, is open to anyone requiring its services and support. The unusual shape and highly visual design has been receiving attention from the architecture community and the greater Aberdeen community. In November 2013, the centre was awarded a Commendation by Aberdeen’s Civic Society and in March 2014, GMS Insulations Ltd, the Icynene distributor in the UK, was awarded the Best Architectural Project – International at the Icynene 2014 Global Conference for their involvement in the project. ❚ enquiry 119.

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Flooding the LED m The Timeguard family of LED devices has tak to new levels of style and quality. It has cont with the addition of tough but attractive slim The original ultra-compact pan-and-tilt Timeguard LED NIGHTeyes broke the mould with clever engineering design that made these lights small and yet remarkably powerful, compact and stylish enough to be used anywhere. The next design leap was to create effective floodlighting with LEDs with precision- designed lenses and reflector plates that create a wide-beam of light for maximum security coverage. Timeguard then turned its attention to providing an LED alternative for the tens of thousands of energy-guzzling old-style bulkhead lights that installed on buildings throughout the country.

The newest kids on the block for Winter 2014/15 are super slim bulkheads. Made from solid die-cast metal with polycarbonate lenses for impact resistance, they are more than tough enough for industrial and commercial installations.

LEDS: what to look for While the main advantage of LEDs is cited as their energy efficiency, the quality of light emitted is important too, especially now the technology is being used in our homes and offices. You need to understand how to measure, or describe, the performance. We all started out by quoting power ratings: 8W, 16W etc. These are numbers that everyone thinks they understand, but they do not tell the full story. Of more relevance than Wattage, however, is the measure of Lumens (luminous flux), the light perceived by the human eye. Luminous efficacy is then measured in Lumens per Watt. Even here you have to be a bit careful, because some products give the LED output and ignore the light loss in the fitting. For instance, LED drivers are typically 85% efficient, which means that a measure of Lumens that does

not allow for the whole fitting is giving a very false impression. Of course, at the end of the day, you just want to know how the light will perform in situ. The quality of light emitted by LED’s can vary: no one really wants the stark glare of a light which is no more than a compact array of LED ‘dots’. Look for units with lenses that are designed to create a gentler, diffused light. As a rule of thumb if the dots that are the LED’s are not obscured by lenses, and concentrated together, you are going to get a sharper narrower directional spot of light. If the LED’s are covered by lenses and /or spread apart, the user will benefit from a wider “flood” of light, more in keeping with traditional floodlights and bulkhead fittings. Of course an LED lamp requires a lot more than the diodes – there is also a driver and a heat sink, and the all-important PIR detectors. The quality of these components is as important as that of the diode in building a long-lasting product. For instance, relatively few of the PIRs on the market are actually rated to switch LEDs which, despite their low rating, do generate a significant spike in switching. That is why we made sure our enhanced PIR detectors were rated for LEDs when we introduced them

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December 2014


REMEMbER: very cheap is rarely very cheerful. The most economical lighting of all is the lighting made from quality components which can be fitted and forgotten, and that usually means a trusted brand name like Timeguard

market taken outdoor LED lighting ontinued to grow this year limline die-cast bulkheads. early last year. It’s worth a special note to mention the 30W LED floodlights (LEDX30FL) will also switch up to 10 x 30W slave units, or up to 1000W of halogen floodlighting, of up to 345W CFL’s. Great external load switching, just when you need it. LED lights also remain relatively cool in use. It is the lower heat output of LEDs that has enabled Timeguard to engineer the compact designs that made the NIGHTeye range a market leader. Nevertheless LEDs do emit some heat and it is essential that cooling fins or metal pins are built in. Made with a combination of diecast housings and polycarbonates, the Timeguard range is tough but lightweight.

❚ enquiry 120 .

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December 2014

Goodlight shines brightly in Designplan Lighting Maltese furniture showroom Expand Into New HQ various suppliers, RLiving chose to install Goodlight LED products after investigations proved that their ‘Natural’ colour excelled in highlighting the earth colours of displayed items of furniture.

RLiving, a state of the art furniture showroom in Hal Qormi, Malta, is achieving 70% energy savings following the recent installation of Goodlight LED lighting. The new lighting system was specified by INLED Limited, the exclusive Maltese distributor for the Goodlight LED range. As one of the leading furniture companies in Malta, RLiving specialises in office, kitchen, living and bedroom ranges. Offering bespoke design solutions, including packages encompassing furniture and storage solutions for entire living spaces, RLiving is renowned for its sleek and stylish products. Based at a prime roadside location, RLiving was keen to investigate the use of ‘Warm White’ LEDs as a retrofit solution for the traditional G24 26W CFL ‘Daylight’ lamps that had been installed over two years previously. Having trialled numerous lamps and options from

The 8W LED PL Goodlight replacements have greatly increased the quality of light throughout the showroom, in key display areas and across the shop floor. As an additional bonus, the LED lamps’ low heat emissions have resulted in a reduced need for air conditioning thereby providing even greater energy savings. Goodlight LEDs typically consume between 70% and 75% less energy than their traditional counterparts, with no reduction in lux levels and with a lifespan that is at least five times longer. All products are covered by a comprehensive five year warranty and offer a very short payback period and excellent return on investment. Saviour Bone, INLED’s Managing Director, says, “The Goodlight range of retrofit LED lamps and luminaires offers the perfect blend of performance, quality and reliability.” ❚ enquiry 121

Designplan Lighting announced the opening of its new UK headquarters in Sutton. The move is part of a major company expansion planned by the Fagerhult Group, which acquired Designplan in 2011. This new purpose-built 70,000sq ft site has doubled Designplan’s working factory space and will allow increased production capacity to further reduce leadtimes and allow Designplan to accelerate the development and commercialisation of product innovations. The new site will also allow for many new jobs to be created in addition to Designplan’s 144 current staff.

“As a company, we are committed to continually setting industry standards and pushing forward with the latest techniques and materials,” said Paul Williamson, Designplan Lighting’s Managing Director. “At a time of unprecedented transition and transformation in business generally and the lighting industry specifically, nothing matters more than our ability to innovate and serve our customers. The opening of this exciting expansion is the perfect platform for us to raise the bar even higher on the design and innovation of our products. The new factory will allow us to streamline our business processes and bring our customers an even

Future Energy Solutions diagnoses the ideal LED lighting solution for Spire Healthcare

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable operating practices are very important to the company, with energy conservation guidelines issued to each hospital to minimise the amount of electricity and gas consumed. ‘As part of our ongoing process of improvement, we recognised the need to reduce our lighting related energy spend and also maintain good levels of illumination in our external car

The new factory incorporates clever features, designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind. Its state of the art energy efficient lighting is controlled by photocells, sensors and timers for efficient electricity use. The factory also includes an efficient paint plant and solar panel on the roof, natural light panels, and water collection, all in an effort to use resources more efficiently. All these features have contributed to the new factory being one of the UK’s first buildings to be awarded a BREEAM Excellent rating. Designplan Lighting makes vandal and weather resistant lighting for use in transport, social housing, custodial, secure healthcare and urban environments. Projects it has been involved in include Gatwick Airport, London Overground, St. Pancras Station, HM Prison Oakwood and Stade de France in Paris. The company’s best-known and most widely specified fittings include the Tuscan, Quadrant, Torino, Parkalux and Mission ranges. “We are looking forward to making the most of our expanded facilities and workforce to bring exciting new product innovations to the market,” Mr Williamson said. ❚ enquiry 122



The second largest provider of private healthcare in the UK, Spire Healthcare was formed in 2007 through the buy-out of 25 BUPA hospitals by the private equity firm, Cinven. Now with a network of 38 private hospitals and 10 clinics, the organisation undertakes a wide variety of activities and offers a full range of integrated surgical, medical and diagnostic services.

greater range of energy-efficient and robust lighting solutions,” he said.

parking areas for the benefit of our staff, patients and visitors,’ explains Nigel Sharp, National Engineering and Estates Manager at Spire Healthcare. ‘We invited three companies, including Future Energy Solutions (FES), to tender for the project and make their recommendations for an upgrade.’ Firmly established as one of the world’s leading energy performance solutions providers, Future Energy Solutions boasts an unrivalled level of experience and has helped organisations of various sizes in a diverse range of vertical sectors benefit from lighting emitting diode (LED) lighting technology. Marcus Brodin, Commercial Director at FES, says, ‘Our own extensive research into trends in the sector has indicated that energy costs will double between 2014 and 2020. Furthermore, the projects we

have worked on previously have consistently shown that using LED technology can reduce lighting bills by up to 65 per cent. It is therefore clear that LED is the right technology at the right time.’ FES decided that it would make sense to undertake a comprehensive feasibility study to scope the objectives and to determine the optimal LED lighting and commercial solution for Spire Healthcare. After sharing the findings of the study with Nigel Sharp, he felt FES made the best case for helping the company achieve its aims and awarded FES the contract. In order to maximise return on investment (ROI) on the designated CaPex budget, the first phase of the project focused on 21 sites. FES created a full project scope for the supply and

installation of the LED lighting, which was broken down site-bysite, and a fully comprehensive rollout plan began in June 2014. One of the initial obstacles that FES had to overcome concerned the fact that the existing infrastructure comprised over 1,000 fittings and 44 different luminaire types, ranging from small 50W bulkhead fittings to large 1000W floodlights, all of various ages and conditions. In order provide a degree of uniformity FES installed five core LED replacement luminaires from the Thorlux lighting range – the Corn Lamp, Flood, Wallpack, 1500mm LED Luminaire and Globe. Now in-situ, these luminaires have achieved in excess of 70 per cent energy savings from a simple point-for-point replacement, while also providing 25 per cent better

light output. Furthermore, the newly installed luminaires have an enhanced rated life in the scale of 3-20 times that of the old luminaires. Nigel Sharp, concludes, ‘Our initial plan was to design and deliver an optimal energy efficient scheme to replace all of our external lighting and realise an average reduction in energy consumption of 60 per cent across the 21 sites. This has been achieved and, just as importantly, throughout every aspect of what was sometimes a challenging project, FES remained professional, flexible, and delivered above our expectations. We are now looking to expand the project to the remaining sites and I look forward to working with FES in the future.’


❚ enquiry 123

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December 2014




An Integral LED lamp has featured in the Lighting Design Awards shortlist for the second year running. The ‘Classic Glow’ GU10 LED has been selected from a highly competitive field and now progresses to the awards ceremony in March for a chance to win the prestigious ‘Light Sources’ category.

Promoted under the banner ‘You won’t believe it’s not halogen’ - Integral LED have created a retro-fit GU10 LED lamp that matches the aesthetic qualities of halogen with all the energy saving benefits of LED. Now users can retro-fit interiors whilst maintaining the warm feeling of halogen light, the Integral LED ‘Classic Glow’ range replaces and replicates that experience. Many customers have been slow to warm to the benefits of LED lighting, preferring to stick with the familiar but energy hungry halogen lamps despite the obvious and substantial cost savings offered by LED technology. Retailers in particular have shown loyalty to the GU10 lamp and the reddish hue that can complement the appearance of display items in-store. Similarly, restaurant and bars owners also praise the warming tones of halogen for its effect in flattering flesh tones. Integral LED™ are looking to convert the more reluctant customers with their new ‘Classic Glow’ GU10 replacement which they claim, is the first LED lamp to match the light quality and brightness of a GU10 halogen lamp whilst delivering all the energysaving and durability benefits. The Integral LED lamp simply replaces a standard 50 watt halogen lamp but only uses a mere 6.8W, yet delivers 380 lumens which is more light than the average 50 watt halogen lamp it has been is designed to replace and just as important is this lamp will last for 25,000 hours, meaning your maintenance cost will be negligible “The real magic of the ‘Classic Glow’ is in the reflector and lens design that creates a truly wonderful sparkle, akin to the original halogen lighting systems that it is destined to replace” Gerald Burke, Sales Director at Integral LED claims. “The light is heavily diffused and has a low glare profile that produces an attractive appearance. In fact the Classic Glow looks good both switched on or off”. Integral LED attributes the Classic Glow effect to an innovative ‘Fly-eye’ filter that is housed in front of the COB light source. The unique feature projects the light forward with maximum intensity whilst protecting on-lookers from excessive glare. Effectively, the ‘Fly-eye’ softens the stray light emitted from the outer sides of the lens and produces a strong functional beam that is anti-glare and provides a ‘classic glow’ akin to halogen. There are two product options; traditional warm light (2700K) colour temperature and contemporary white (4000K) and the range includes dimmable and non-dimmable versions which can provide savings of up to 85% on your lighting energy cost. It offers a major reduction in energy and maintenance overhead for commercial buildings and private residences.


❚ enquiry 124

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December 2014

SADOLIN TeCHNICAL SUPPORT HeLPS PUT COLOUR IN FOCUS FOR LYMe BAY CABINS Sadolin’s technical support is proving essential to a Devonbased business providing garden cabins in the South West. Gary Davies launched Lyme Bay Cabins almost three years ago and in that time has specified the use of Sadolin Superdec to all his clients. The superiority of the self-priming product, along with support from the Sadolin technical team, makes Sadolin Superdec ‘the only choice’ according to Mr Davies. The complete package of wood protection, colour, technical advice and online product videos assures his customers that they are getting a superior product with expert support. Gary said: “I bought a cabin for my own garden seven years ago and found it impossible to source the level of quality and service I wanted. When I decided to launch my own business selling garden cabins, I immediately started a massive research programme into the best cabins available and also the best products to use on the buildings. “Sadolin Superdec offers up to eight years’ protection for exterior timber and the colour palette is fantastic. You can feel the quality of the product as soon as you start to apply it.” Gary sells and installs garden buildings across the South West and beyond, often incorporating coating the exterior of the cabin as part of the process. He added: “For me the assistance from the Sadolin technical team has been absolutely essential – not only in terms of assisting me in my own use of the product, but also as an additional resource for my customers. Some of my clients want to install a garden building themselves - to make it their own. I recommend Sadolin Superdec to all of them. I feel the protection offered by the product is vital, but just as importantly, the choice of colour is exceptional. Whether clients want their garden building to blend into its

surroundings or make a statement, there will be the perfect shade for them in the Sadolin Superdec range. Having technical expertise at the end of the phone is an extremely valuable additional bonus and the videos are fantastic. I frequently show my customers one of the online videos where a rubber glove is dipped in the product and then manipulated to demonstrate its flexibility and durability. To me that just shows Sadolin Superdec is the best product available and that is why I use it on all my cabins and recommend it to all my customers.” Sadolin Superdec offers a highly durable opaque finish which erodes naturally by weathering, ensuring the coating remains flexible and resists cracking, peeling and flaking. Find out more about Sadolin Superdec and its use by Lyme Bay Cabins in a video at For more information on the full range of Sadolin products, please contact the Specification Support Team on 0845 034 1464, email or visit the website at A new website for specifiers, has also been developed to make the selection of products and services more effective and easier than ever – pulling

OsmoUK introduced its Polyx®-Oil Clear Gloss Finish earlier this year to add a bit of shine to wooden floors and furniture. A few months down the line, and the product has received high praise from woodwork expert and YouTube blogger, Peter Parfitt.

Colour choice made easy with CROWN PAINTS’ NEW APP Crown Paints has continued its investment in the latest technology for specifiers with the launch of the MyRoomPainter™ app.

The tool allows users to filter through a great deal of technical information to pinpoint exactly what products from Sadolin, as well as Crown Trade and Sandtex Trade ranges - they need for their chosen projects. PaintSpec Finder® then pulls together the specifications into a report, with a personalised cover sheet showing the customer’s name, the project and the user’s own details, which is then all ready for specifiers to hand to their client or add to their tender or reference documents. ❚ enquiry 125 mature sheen. After treatment the wood is strengthened from within and retains its elasticity. It becomes water repellent, stain resistant and hard-wearing, because it meets the wood’s natural demands and does not crack, flake, peel or blister.

You don’t need to go french to produce fancy finishes

Peter’s latest project is a pedestal desk, made from solid American walnut. To complete the design, Peter required a hardwearing finish for the desk. Having taught French polishing many years ago, this would have been his finish of choice. However, this time, Peter opted to use Osmo’s Polyx®-Oil Clear Gloss finish and is extremely pleased with the result. As part of his New Brit Workshop channel on YouTube, Peter has uploaded his review of the product after applying the finish on the desk. He discusses the

together a raft of online tools and detailed information in a clear and concise format, to underpin a more selective, sustainable and speedier specification process. The website also links to Crown Paints’ popular PaintSpec Finder®, which delivers instant and technically-detailed specification plans for exterior and interior projects, through a userfriendly format.

application process which includes two coats of the product. The finish is applied using a small brush and then wiped with a paper cloth to provide a thin and even coat. After each coat, Peter left the surface to dry for 8 – 10 hours. Applying with the grain, the finish provides a deep and

Osmo Polyx®-Oil is resistant to water and dirt, is very durable and smoothens wood surfaces. The natural vegetable oils and waxes allow for even colouring. Another key benefit of this wax-oil is that Polyx®-Oil has a reduced solvent content making it virtually odourless. Polyx®-Oil is a much healthier (and also more pleasant) wood care product to use for anyone suffering from asthma or other breathing problems. Osmo Polyx®-Oils do not contain biocides or preservatives, making it a much preferred product over the conventional, solvent-based oil or wax finishes. ❚ enquiry 126

Set to transform the way colour is explored and selected, the new app allows tradespeople to offer instant schemes while using a smartphone or mobile tablet to show how any palette will look in situ. Available for free download, the online tool also contains a colour-matching function, a handy paint calculator and an inspirational library. Projects can be saved and shared online too, providing an opportunity to consider the options before selecting a scheme.

how a finished project will look in whatever shade is chosen, taking away the fear factor from choosing colour. It’s instant colour scheming and alongside other tools such as the paint calculator and colour-matching tool, we think it will prove an invaluable asset in our bid to provide the best possible support to specifiers.”

The site pulls together detailed information in a clear and concise format to underpin a more selective, sustainable and speedier specification process – putting access to Crown Paints’ industryleading services, including site specific surveys, the colour service and Sustainable Smart Maintenance just a click away.

The app is now available to download free of charge for smartphone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play.

Debbie Orr, Crown Paints’ Marketing Manager, said: “MyRoomPainter™ will be a helpful tool to aid the way specifiers approach colour. Pictures of a room can be taken and clients can then see exactly

MyRoomPainter™ is the latest offering from Crown Paints, who recently launched a new website for specifiers developed to make the selection of products and services more effective and easier than ever.

This is backed up by the latest information in areas including relevant fire safety information and legislation, environmental details and case studies across various sectors – and products are listed in a dedicated resource area for quick and easy reference. Visit the new website


❚ enquiry 127.

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December 2014



Superior wood protection


Images courtesy of Andrew & Mark Hoskins



Maintains the natural colour of the wood and limits the greying process > Prolongs wood lifetime > Algae and fungal decay protection > Transparent 425 Oak finish, 420 Clear and 428 Cedar finish now available Call or visit the web for stockists.

Your Galvanizing Partner

We offer you quality approved Galvanizing along with unrivalled customer service. Our 14 plants across the UK offer you collection, delivery and direct to site services, as well as 24hr turnaround on request. We can galvanize steel from 1.6mm to 29m long.

E: T: 01902 600704 @wedgegalv

+44 (0)1296 481 220

Head Office: Stafford Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1RZ

ISO 9001 FM 00382

❚ enquiry 128.

Elastomeric insulation materials not only have good technical properties, they are also very userfriendly due to their high flexibility and ease of application. When installing these insulation materials it is crucial that they are glued professionally. Therefore, Armacell offers a broad range of accessories specifically developed for its products and regularly adds innovative solutions.

consistency of the new No drips: the gel-like be means that they can Armaflex adhesives and economically. applied evenly, neatly

Right down to the last drop: one advantage of the new gel produc ts is that hardly any adhesive is wasted.

❚ enquiry 129.

New adhesive systems for elastomeric insulation materials These adhesive products are simpler and quicker to apply with very little wastage involved. They are also odourless and emission free and provide longer shelf storage life. Alongside the triedand-tested contact adhesives such as Armaflex 520 adhesive, interesting alternatives are now also available. Armacell recently launched a completely new generation of adhesives which make the installation process even easier and allow elastomeric insulation materials to be used in projects with the highest environmental and health standards. Apart from presenting the latest developments in adhesive technology, this article takes a look at the advantages and disadvantages and the fields of application for the new adhesives. New thixotropic (gel-like) adhesives such as the new Armaflex RS850 are drip-resistant and guarantee neat application which has advantages for awkward installations where spillages would be hard to contain. The gel consistency and viscosity of these products provides a great benefit when working overhead or when it is

t i

important that the insulation is not soiled by drips of adhesive. The term thixotropy (made up of the Greek words thixis – “touching” and trepo – “I change”) refers to the viscosity of gel-like substances depending on mechanical forces, with the adhesive gel-like in its static condition (when the adhesive molecules are interlocked) and fluid when brushed. When energy is applied to the adhesive it is activated, the flow behaviour changes and the viscosity falls and can be spread like a traditional contact adhesive: thinly and evenly over the whole surface area. The product’s gellike condition prevents it from spilling if the container is overturned. Armaflex 520 adhesive, it is necessary to test with a fingertip to determine when the adhesive is no longer ‘stringy’. This is the earliest point at which the Armaflex pieces can be joined. However, it is better to add extra waiting time before closing the seam. It is important that as little solvent as possible is trapped. The

A t

t A i

so-called open time (the period between the application of the adhesive and the latest possible time for joining the insulation pieces) is comparable to that of contact adhesives of normal viscosity.

state the “locked-in effect” ensures that only minimal amounts of solvent are released into the ambient air which is important for confined spaces such as ship building and in all areas where strong odours must be avoided.

In spite of their different properties, thixotropic adhesives are very similar to contact adhesives in terms of use. In addition to the application benefits, the gel substance has very little wastage since whilst traditional contact adhesives often thicken and harden significantly during the installation work and can then no longer be applied, the gel product encapsulates the solvents due to its high viscosity. The reduced release of solvents is a further advantage: in the gel

Today buildings in the public and private sector are increasingly planned and constructed on the principle of sustainability. Construction materials used in buildings certified under BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) or a comparable national scheme place a greater demand for reduced solvent adhesives. ❚ enquiry 130

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Timber door canopies designed by


GEORGE WOODS Our door canopy range comes in many designs to suit the style of your property and improve the appearance of your house – from flat roof canopies to ‘a’ frame door canopies and mono pitch.


Our canopies are suitable for front doors, porches and windows and are made from high quality timber by our highly skilled craftsmen.


All door canopies are quick and easy to fix.


December 2014

Triple Glazed As Standard:

With energy saving glass becoming more and more of a requirement in modern building projects many Bi-folding door installations and rooflights are specified with Triple Glazing in order to reduce heat loss and pass building control.


Tel: 01363 884218

❚ enquiry 131.

Our Fixed Flat & Opening rooflights feature Triple glazing as standard manufactured on our 35mtr long semi automated super spacer, glass unit manufacturing line. Whilst other rooflight suppliers simply buy in their glass units with limited technology options, we are able to control prices and offer the very best in performance including UV blocking, 50mm Triple glazed super low 0.58 U-value units as standard. Because of our innovative manufacturing methods we are the only rooflight manufacturer that can offer the inner pane in 6mm toughened laminate as an extra cost option, toughened and

Comar - A natural choice

Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems; with their approved fabricator PAGE Group Peterborough Ltd recently completed a Visitor Centre which is part of the Virginia Water Pavilion in Windsor Great Park. This new building overlooks Virginia Water, an extensive

laminated for the best of both worlds security and safety! That’s a first in our industry! Perfect for commercial applications like schools and nursery day centres where the added performance of heat strengthened toughened glass combined with British Standard safety film machine laminated onto the inner pane prevents tiny pieces of glass falling in the event of a breakage through thermal stress or object impact.


❚ enquiry 132

The best panoramic views just got better from Reynaers at Home

Its canopied form frames the view of the lake and the echelon form of the building and its terraces overlook the lake and facilities include a kiosk selling refreshments, public toilets and staff facilities.

Red Deal continues winning relationship with three new Wiggett contracts Saddleworth company, Red Deal Windows Ltd. has won three notable contracts to fabricate and install Halo window systems for charitable and residential housing schemes around Oldham and Rochdale. The developments are all being overseen by Wiggett Construction Ltd. The contractor has a 20-year working history with Red Deal, recently completing successful projects together in Oldham and Todmorden, and prizing their dedication to Halo's high-spec, low maintenance and energy-efficient products.

Comar 3 ground floor framing was selected which incorporates the Comar 7auto sliding doors which were specified for the main entrances. For safety, the Comar 7 AFT Commercial Doors were fitted with Anti-Finger Trap stiles which were hung directly from the Comar 3 ground floor framing. Comar 7 door sets are a natural choice for any busy public environment and are available in swing, pivot, sliding, auto-sliding and sliding folding. All Comar approved fabricators are required to have the technical expertise to attend pre-site meetings and provide detailing. PAGE Group Peterborough Ltd liaised closely with the specifiers to provide design advice and detailing which ensured the project ran smoothly and met site deadlines.

Leading provider of aluminium architectural glazing systems Reynaers at Home has introduced new variants of its Hi-Finity sliding patio doors in response to increased demand for the innovative product. With a minimised visible frame of just 35mm for a maximised panoramic view, the Reynaers at Home Hi-Finity slim frame doors offer the ultimate in contemporary design and cutting-edge performance.

Richard Garland, Head of Commercial for The VEKA UK Group, commented: “To see such a flourishing working relationship between a Halo fabricator and one of their region's most influential contractors is fantastic. It cements everything we know about Halo – it's the right product for all sorts of projects, it contributes to our customers' business success, and provides outstanding comfort for their homes' eventual owners.”

Elegant Hi-Finity aluminium doors are now available with double and triple glazing and ensure optimum performance, safety, and comfort. What’s more, the HiFinity sliding system with triple glazing has achieved the Minergie® sustainability label – a quality indicator for high insulation systems. The Minergie® component label for windows and doors requires a Uw value (installed) of ≤ 1.0 W/m²K. The Minergie-P® label corresponds to the internationally-known Passivhaus standard and requires a Uw value of ≤ 0.8 W/m²K.

Working with housing associations particularly highlights the importance of energy conservation and value-formoney, making Red Deal a natural choice of partner for contractors like Wiggett. The Greenfield-based company provides superior-quality Halo fabrications, with top-rate energy conservation and noise insulation figures, in-budget and on-time. ❚ enquiry 133

Head of Reynaers at Home Hugh Moss said: “The use of structural glazing technology allows Hi-Finity doors to push the boundaries in terms of size and these doors can achieve an industry-leading height of 3.5 metres. It is now also possible to combine two Hi-Finity doors on adjoining walls using one of a new range of innovative corner solutions.” ❚ enquiry 135

❚ enquiry 134

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December 2014



Promoting energy


efficient, healthy &

Page 1 28/11/2014 10:09

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Pioneers in Optimised Hybrid Solutions


sustainable building


products for the constru

ction industry





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Plans for the first newly-built Conservatoire in the UK for a generation have been submitted to Birmingham City planners. COMAR - A NATURAL CHOICE






Planning submitted


for new Birmingham











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'   )# # # !# 






A McDermott Publicati




T enquiry 801 . www.mclin

-++*+* , + ++ )*++*+* , )) )) ) !"#$% &'(&'(&#




Decemberr 2014 ÂŁ4.50

o i

As the o UK's leading sustainable structural frame contractor, specialising in design and delivery of hybrid structures, B & K Structures offer a complete service from design to installation. Simply fill out the grid with the enquiry numbers you are interested in, cut out this box and post to : Ecobuilding News, FREEPOST BM 680, Kings Norton, Birmingham











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Company: Address: B Postcode: a

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Nick Milestone, Managing Director of B & K Structures commented: "Our on-going strategy is to engage, inform and empower - we offer an unrivalled source of information in the highly specialised field of optimised hybrid structures and have a genuine knowledge sharing philosophy. Key to decision making, is accurate product costing and technical information, therefore we constantly invest in new ways to share this information with prospective audiences." As part of this strategy, B & K Structures has announced the release of their 2014 Optimised Hybrid Solutions brochure. Packed full of information outlining B & K Structures complete service offering from concept to completion, the brochure provides insight into the research and development of optimised structures, as well as a step by step narrative of each stage of the design and construction journey. Supplying a complete package of material services, across a wide range of structural products including glulam, cross laminated timber, timber cassettes and steel frame, as part of their hybrid structural solutions - B & K Structures believe that sustainability is the most essential component to any project. As clients and principal contractors move towards more sustainable solutions, B & K Structures have seen considerable interest in their hybrid designs and by understanding their client's commercial objectives, together with aesthetic and sustainable requirements, have developed optimised hybrid solutions to meet both performance and budgetary parameters. Nick Milestone concluded: "Coming up with the right structural solution is crucial

and by providing systems that meet the design and construction brief in terms of cost and a performance, B & K Structures can deliver innovative, economic and sustainable solutions across a wide range of sectors." Not only do B & K Structures deliver specialist support onsite, they also constantly invest in research to develop technology in order to aide specification and design. Through their partnership with Binderholz, known as the X-LAM Alliance, B & K Structures has developed the CLT specifier - a pioneering online specifying system to help validate and support early stage calculations. This award winning, open source online tool is freely available at and enables construction professionals to meet prerequisites of the build and to deliver exacting thermal, fire and acoustic performance - eliminating the gap between design expectations and as-built results, whilst eradicating the costly risk of over-engineering. Another factor to the B & K Structures offering is Building Information Modelling (BIM). B & K structures goes beyond the planning, design and construction phases to the whole life cycle analysis of the project. The aim of BIM is to use technology with new working practices to improve the quality of the delivered projects through efficiency of communication within the design and construction process. BIM provides a single coordinated source of structured information to support all parties in the delivery process. For B & K Structures, the BIM philosophy has changed the dynamic of the whole business and has enhanced efficiencies, delivering well-designed projects, which, in turn, gives rise to greater cost efficiency throughout design, planning, manufacture construction and life cycle phases of a project. B & K Structures can assist at every stage of your construction journey from pre-tender design through to onsite delivery and everything in between - for detailed, up to date information, to book a CPD session or to arrange a meeting, please contact: or visit:

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December 2014

Very little waste is generated during the manufacturing of wood into timber and wood-based products



HR HR PROF t Eco Friendly

t Clear & Odourless t Water Based t Non Toxic t No Solvents t Apply with Brush or Spray t Euro-class B-s1-d0 Norbord is committed to decreasing the amount of virgin wood being burnt in the UK Burning virgin wood, wood fibre and pre-used wood should be the last usage because burning releases locked up CO2 earlier than is necessary. Wood used wisely means the 0.9 tonnes of CO2 stored in a cubic metre of wood continues

to be kept out of the atmosphere throughout the initial life of a timber product and then beyond, through reuse and recycling. By using the DEFRA hierarchy of sensible use of materials, we will actually save the environment.

t Internal or External Use t HR Prof Also tested to BS 476-6 & BS 476 part 7 +53URI HVWHGWR%6 %6SDUW +53URI Also ttReports HVWHGWR%6 %6SDUW Classification   Also   & Certificates    Pine,Spruce,  

Scottish & Siberian Larch, Western Red Cedar, Oak 01691 791644

For more information, see ❚ enquiry 138

Si o o – L e a d e r s i n Wood Pr P otec tion

❚ enquiry 139.

Sioo gives wood o beauty and durability witth minimum effort Sioo Wood Protection AB are based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They are the developers of a break through wood prottection process using silicon technology providing a unique combination of benefits for the care of timber. The Sioo products are in wide spread use across Scandinavia for all types of timber. The Sioo treatment is totally environmentally friendly and provides a beautiful smooth natural finish, strengthens the sur face fibres, kills and prevents algae formation and insect attack, retards water and pr p ovides long life. The Sioo products are being specified by architects and customers across the UK .

Sioo Wood Protection AB Tel: +44 (0)1325 350453 E: w w ❚ enquiry 140.

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Flood protection and erosion prevention. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? The severe storms and widespread flooding of winter and early spring 2014 have highlighted the vulnerability of our coastal and low lying communities and the importance of making sure appropriate flood protection and erosion prevention measures are in place.

It is widely recognised that the building and maintenance of adequate protective embankments and erosion prevention measures are crucial priorities if a repeat of the recent devastation to coastal and floodplain communities is to be prevented. Engineers and manufacturers have their work cut out to address these challenges and one company at the sharp end of erosion protection and watercourse management is Oxford based Maccaferri. Best known for the ubiquitous wire mesh Gabion Basket system, the company has developed hugely and is now a world leader in innovative environmental engineering solutions with expertise in erosion control and river training, retaining walls and soil reinforcement, coastal protection, and other related disciplines. Over recent years the company has provided creative and cost efficient solutions to a variety of water related engineering challenges. Here we take a look at a handful of examples. Rutland Water At Rutland Water, the largest reservoir by surface area in England, engineers installed the company’s Enkamat A20 erosion prevention matting on the waterside

Biodegradable Coir Logs, installed at the water-line, promote biomass growth and protect against wave action.

embankment slopes to prevent water scour caused by wind-blown waves. Enkamat is a high performance, threedimensional matting made of polyamide monofilaments pre-filled with bitumen bound mineral filter of dense stone chippings. At 22mm thick and with a weight of 20kg/sqm, Enkamat A20’s composition and solid mass provides an immediate erosion protection. Its open, woven texture also allows vegetation to grow through its structure, resulting in a naturally vegetated slope within a few months. The system has been widely used on river or canal banks, lakes and reservoirs throughout Europe and is designed to be resistant to the wave action caused by small ships and pleasure craft passing by. Boscastle At the pretty sea-side Devon village of Boscastle, the scene of devastating flash flood in 2004, Engineers Halcrow used over 7000 sq metres of Maccaferri wire mesh, Reno Mattress units and Mac Mat R geomats in planned remedial work to reinforce and protect embankments of the River Valency, which runs through the village to the sea. Reno Mattresses are large flat wire cages, similar to gabions, lined with filter fabric and filled with site won fill material. At Boscastle, they were overlain with Mac Matt R, a three dimensional mesh reinforced geomat. Together they create a hard, durable embankment protection system capable of withstanding extreme flow velocities and impact from water-born debris.

Embankment reinforcement Simplicity, durability and speed of construction have made stone filled Gabions the default material for embankments stabilisation and erosion protection. Their physical mass and open, free draining composition gives them enormous structural strength and resistance to hydrostatic pressure. Here, pre-filled Gabions are placed below and above the waterline to reinforce riverside banking close to an historic stone-arch bridge. Beach protection ACBM’s or Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses sit at the heavy end of coastal erosion protection measures. At up to 8.30 tonnes in weight, each ACBM consist of a mattress of individual concrete blocks which are secured together with high strength steel cables. When installed they help stabilise and reinforce intertidal zones and mitigate against the scouring effects of wave action. Coastal containment MacTubes are giant geotextile tubes designed for building coastal and river structures for erosion protection, containment and dewatering of wet slurries and the reusing of dredged material. As a "soft" armoured structure, they offer minimal impact to the environment while providing a cost effective alternative to "hard" structures. MacTubes are designed for use as: revetments - to protect against erosion of shoreline adjacent to existing buildings; as beach protective groins or breakwaters; as dykes - to form a containment area in which to pump dredge spoils; as dune cores and as artificial reefs, installed offshore to replace natural barriers.



Charlie Zeall of ECO Building News reflects on the recent storms and floods which caused so much disruption and asks “what resources can industry provide to help prevent it happening again?”


At Rutland Water, engineers installed the Maccaferri Enkamat A20 erosion matting to prevent water damage caused by wind-blown waves.

Pre-filled Gabions, placed above help prevent embankm

01865 77 info@macca www.maccaf

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December 2014



Maccaferri’s free “Macra 1” software package allows users see how altering the channel profile or modifying embankment characteristics, can affect watercourse performance.

The plants quickly trap sediment and soils in suspension in the channel flow, refilling eroded pockets in the existing banking. Coir Logs contain densely packed coir fibres within either a polymer mesh 'sausage' or within a woven coir mesh, to produce an entirely natural coir log. These bio-degrade over a period of years to leave a stabilised bank of plant biomass.

5 770555

The “Macra 1” software package is simple and straightforward to operate and allows users to calculate flow depths in rivers and watercourses and see how altering the channel profile or modifying surface characteristics, such as by adding vegetation or applying protective measures, can affect watercourse performance, instantaneously.

For a copy of the free Macra1 software or further information on any of the Maccaferri range of erosion and environmental engineering products, visit

Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses [ACBM’s] reinforce intertidal zones and reduce the scouring effects of wave action.

Emergency hydraulic protection Hand place sand bags are probably the most recognised and basic tool in emergency flood prevention for homes and commercial properties. At a much larger scale MacBags are nonwoven polypropylene geotextile enclosures made in a range of sizes and designed to enable machines to lift the pre-filled bag for into position. ❚ enquiry 141.


d above and below the water line embankment erosion.

Software To help engineers model and assess how changes to channel profile and surface characteristics affect crucial flow patterns in rivers, streams and other watercourses, Maccaferri also has a free software package available.


Green reinforcement Where soft erosion protection is required for vulnerable channel banks, Maccaferri provides pre-bundled Coir Logs which can installed at the water-line where they prevent wave action from damaging river or lake banks. They are designed to rapidly re-vegetate and can be supplied pre-planted with established riparian species for instant bank vegetation.

Over 7000 sq metres of Maccaferri Reno Mattress units prevent water scour to the banks of the River Valency at Boscastle.

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Bostik’s Climatherm External Wall Insulation (EWI) system used to striking effect at a residential property in Falmouth, Cornwall. The three storey semi-detached Victorian house was constructed around 100 years ago with solid granite walls, and although structurally strong the thermal performance of granite is very poor by modern standards. This led the owners to look at ways to refurbish the property and improve its overall energy efficiency while retaining the period features and appeal of their home. Recognising that external wall insulation was an effective

solution, contractor Marnick Builders specified the Bostik Climatherm system as part of a full scheme of refurbishment. Nick Chinn of Marnick explains: “We needed an EWI system that offered the right thermal performance and a very high level of durability as the property is located on the coast and exposed to some quite extreme weather conditions. The Bostik Climatherm system with EPS insulation and white silicone render finish proved ideal. We were very

impressed with both the performance of the system itself and the support offered by Bostik.” The property now achieves a Uvalue in accordance with building regulations for work of this kind while retaining its period look and feel, fully meeting the requirements of the homeowner. Nick concludes: “We will certainly be using Bostik Climatherm again for refurbishment projects. We had already been on the Climatherm approved installer course, and the technical team were very helpful in making sure we got the job done to a very high standard.”

❚ enquiry 142

UK’S top manufacturers and producers of expanded polystyrene adopt new europe-wide airpop® brand bringing a common European name for the material. The British Plastic Federation members supplying EPS to industries ranging from construction and civil engineering to packaging and insulation, have adopted ‘airpop – engineered air’ as the new Europe-wide name for EPS. This change now replaces many names previously used across Europe including Styropor, PSE, Piepschuim and Polyfoam

Explaining the move, David Emes, Chairman of the BPF EPS group said, “Airpop has been chosen because the name immediately brings to mind what the material is made of – air. In fact 98 % air, to be precise. With just a tiny fraction made of polystyrene expanded to fifty times its own volume. This remarkable material is used as a lightweight, highimpact, highly-efficient

insulating material in construction and civil engineering as well as in products protecting everything that needs to be protected - our children’s heads, televisions, computers, fresh fish and thousands of other items used in our daily lives.” The airpop® campaign has been initiated by EUMEPS and their respective national EPS trade associations as well as by European EPS raw material producers. ❚ enquiry 143


Enhancing thermal performance with Reflectashield TF 0.81 Reflectashield TF 0.81 has been supplied by the A. Proctor Group for affordable housing at Ilex Close, Colchester. The high performance breather membrane is specifically designed to enhance the thermal performance of timber and steel frame structures. Reflectashield TF 0.81 is a non-woven polypropylene film laminate, providing excellent emissivity and breathability, as well as secondary protection to the building during construction. The product is installed on the external face of the timber frame, foil side face out, similar to that of a traditional breather membrane but with added thermal benefits. Profloor Dynamic Battens were also supplied for this project. Profloor Dynamic Batten are RD-compliant FFT1, FFT3 & FFT80 (Scotland) and provide excellent levels of impact and airborne sound insulation. The unique dual foam not only provides high performance

More space, more performance and more looks for your roof with UNILIN, division insulation

for Domestic, Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural & Marine purposes. Solves most roof problems Suitable for new build & older constructions including renovations and barn conversions, hard to treat buildings & cavities and agricultural change of use e.g workshops. Bonds to most surfaces. Exceptional alternative to dry lining non-cavity walls. Creates a continuous membrane throughout.

Invaluable for Roof Insulation:


Save Energy & Co Emissions

• Stops condensation • Can prevent slipping • Can literally remove the need for & cost of new roof • Eliminates frozen plumbing • Prevents entry of occasional wind blown rain/snow • Insulates & reduces fuel bills Tel: 01405 812682 • Fax: 01405 817201 • Freephone: 0800 581 247 email: • • Building Society approved Office: Crow Tree Farm, Crow Tree Bank, Thorne Levels, Doncaster DN8 5FT • Frost Protection ❚ enquiry 146.

To become an approved contractor or a certified surveyor or installer of the Bostik Climatherm EWI system visit

Contractors looking to create more usable space within the same footprint should look to the advantages of UNILIN Structural Insulated Roof Panels by UNILIN, division insulation. Offering excellent thermal performance and faster construction of the roof, UNILIN roof panels also reduce the complexity of supporting structure required. With less material, more room is created helping space to be maximised. “Using space within the roof is a good way to gain valuable extra square metres in the floor plan,” explains Richard Smith, UNILIN, division insulation. “With the same thermal performance at a much reduced thickness over traditional

characteristics, but also enables minor irregularities in the surface of the subfloor to be addressed. Dove Jeffrey Homes have been developing the site to provide 43 new residential dwellings throughout an existing military estate.It is made up of 33 affordable family houses and 10 apartments. The A. Proctor Group provided technical back up and site visits for this project to give the client advice when required. ❚ enquiry 144

insulation and fully compatible with skylights and dormer windows, UNILIN panels can make the majority of roof spaces highly usable.” UNILIN roof panels are also available with ready-to-go inner facings, facilitating faster turnaround. In fact, UNILIN roof panels offer a much faster construction over traditional roof structures, with consistent and reliable performance time after time. In order to provide its advantages without upsetting traditional aesthetics, UNILIN, division insulation has developed a system to achieve the pitched roof popular in UK homes. “We understand that potential homeowners want as much space and the lowest running costs possible, but they also want the look of a British home, with gable ends and a steep pitch,” continues Richard. “With that in mind we developed our system so that contractors and developers can tick all the boxes of the communities in which they are building.” Whether embracing modern building materials and the impact they can have on the look of a home, or sticking to the traditional style of home, UNILIN, division insulation has an answer. ❚ enquiry 145

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December 2014



Solar Slate’s Planning friendly Roof Slate matches natural slate whilst giving unobtrusive free Solar PV Electricity and 20 Years Government Feed-in-Tariff earnings. Solar Slate is changing the face of Solar Photovoltaics.

Our planning-friendly range of technologies provide solar power from a traditional slate roof with:

design through to installation and warranty. Start your journey today and allow:

• No planning headaches • No complaints from the neighbours • No unsightly solar panels • Helping you achieve Part L Planning Compliance • Complying with Code 4.5.6

• Green energy to be generated at the property • No hard visual impact • Energy cost protection long term • Free electricity at the property • Earning from the Government feed in Tariff • Protect our heritage Solar Slate Traditional product is designed to match standard 20” x 10” ‘Countess’ slate and provides a close colour match to many types of historically relevant natural slates including Welsh blue-grey.

Channel 4 host and design guru, Kevin McCloud was impressed with new Solar Slate Multi and said; "It is the ideal solution for generating electricity without affecting the aesthetics"

Now alongside it, the Solar Slate Multi offers the superior aesthetic that the Solar Slate Traditional boasts but in a larger format.

For the first time, it’s possible to take advantage of solar power without compromise. Unhook from the fossil-fuelled lifestyle and make a real reduction in your carbon footprint. As a technology, ours is unlike anything else that’s available, truly taking the concept of a solar slate to a new dimension. Even homes in historic or conservation areas can now tap into an endless supply of free, clean energy, with the added longterm financial benefit of guaranteed payments from the government’s Feed-In Tariffs. British-designed and European-manufactured, all of our products are backed with a wealth of experience and a wide install base. Every project is a journey so we support our customers every step of the way, from supply and

The larger format has reduced costs, allows faster and simpler installation giving all round better value. The panel is manufactured to match standard 24” x 12” ‘Duchess’ slates and is effectively 4 slates in a single panel. Solar Slate is ideal for use in in conservation areas, on historical buildings, new builds, sites where standard solar panels are not an option, renovation projects and has an unrivalled track record in gaining planning approval. These projects, being grade II listed buildings in conservation areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty, challenged Planners. Standard solar panels were refused by the LPA so samples of Solar Slate were submitted by the homeowners, which gained approval. We have a permanent display at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon which you can visit at any time for free and we will be at a number of shows this winter – please call or check our website.

For more information: please visit email, or better still call us on 01454 627841. ❚ enquiry 147 .

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December 2014

ALTRO XPRESSLAY HELPS SLASH TIME AND COST AT NEW CARDIFF SCHOOL “ The beauty of installing Altro XpressLay is that it needs no adhesive, just its own weight alone, plus some strategically placed fixing tape. ”

The new £26 million school was designed by architects Austin-Smith: Lord. It is a contemporary design, with classrooms clustered in blocks off a main central ‘street’. Kate Smith, designer at Austin-Smith: Lord, said: “Due to the huge length of space of the school’s main street, the floor construction included many movement joints, which had a knock on effect to the movement requirements of the floor finish. “The main contractor, Willmott Dixon, suggested that we look at Altro XpressLay as it can be laid straight to slab with no DPM and no fixing joints - creating a huge time and cost saving for the project. We were now confident we had a product that could meet this specific need. “In addition to the main ‘street’, we specified Altro XpressLay for the break-out areas within each of the school’s blocks that come off the main street. We used a variety of different wedge-shaped colours of the product to delineate different areas. It looks very striking. “We also specified the product for corridors, some classrooms, and in the toilets and changing rooms in conjunction with Altro Walkway™ 20, which shares the same colour palette.” Altro XpressLay is the world's first adhesive-free, truly sustainable safety floor. It is installed using a tape system instead of adhesive, so can be installed without

a surface DPM. It can be easily removed postinstallation, re-used elsewhere and then at the end of its life be recycled. The range boasts 41 colours, featuring bright and subtle, sparkle-free designs and decorative chipped options to give you a huge selection to choose from. Its shared colour palette with Altro Walkway 20 enables you to combine use of both ranges to suit the application. Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR™ Technology ensures the product stays look good long-term.

“An added bonus with this product is that individual sections can easily be lifted and replaced if required, rather than having to take up the whole floor and readhere. There were some sceptics who didn’t believe that the product would be suitable for this application, but they have been proved wrong.” CS Flooring also installed Altro DesignerTM 25 safety flooring and Altro Whiterock SatinsTM hygienic wall cladding in the school service and eating areas, using black and red colour schemes to denote raw and cooked food preparation areas.

Like all Altro safety flooring products, Altro XpressLay offers sustained slip resistance for the lifetime of the product, keeping your risk of a slip or fall to just 1 in a million.

Altro Designer 25 is a 2.5mm-thick, hard-wearing safety flooring which includes coloured quartz crystals in exciting base colours to enhance any interior scheme.

The Altro products at St Teilo’s were installed by CS Flooring, in Cardiff. Owner Anthony Mynett said: “This was the biggest Altro XpressLay installation we have ever done, at 6,250m2. It was a perfect example of how the product can be used to cut costs and accelerate a building programme without sacrificing quality, longevity or aesthetics.”

Altro Whiterock Satins is a durable, grout-free, watertight smooth wall cladding system designed for building environments that are required to meet strict hygiene standards. The panels provide a stain resistant, wipe-clean surface with no gaps or cracks for bacteria to hide in. It is extremely impact resistant and ideal for tough areas.

Anthony Mynett continued: “The beauty of installing Altro XpressLay is that it needs no adhesive, just its own weight alone, plus some strategically placed fixing tape. It’s quick, easy and clean. This means we saved days on the installation – probably cutting it by half. The entire process took us just 12 weeks.

Chris Woodruff, Principal Surveyor at main contractor Willmott Dixon, commented on the use of Altro XpressLay on the St Teilo’s project: “It has proved to be a quality product that saved us time and cost on a project where we were able to provide betterment on the delivery programme.”

For further information visist: ❚ enquiry 148.

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December 2014

Granorte announces more UK coverage

As cork enjoys interest from homeowners, designers and architects looking for more sustainable interior finishes, leading supplier Granorte has assembled a team of highly experienced agents ready to bring the unique properties of nature’s wonder material to a growing audience. The natural properties of cork make it an excellent choice

for flooring and with an extensive collection of cork and cork hybrid floors, Granorte is peerless in its offering, making it the UK’s preferred choice. With eight new agents covering the UK, Granorte is ensuring that retailers and design practices right across the country can now enjoy the benefits that cork can bring.


Kevin Parr, Granorte, comments: “With the desire for more sustainable interior finishes and the innovative approach to cork here at Granorte, we have found a growing demand for our products and so have strengthened our coverage of the UK. Now with eight new agents, we can ensure a personal and reliable service that will ensure retailers, designers and architects have fast and easy access to this wonder material no matter what the region.” Portugal-based Granorte uses cork waste from the production of wine bottle stoppers to create cork flooring, underlays, wall tiles, cork sheets and more. All harness the natural properties of cork and with the natural material being harvested from trees that live for over 200-years, it is considered one of the most sustainable interior finishes available today. ❚ enquiry 149

MAPEI contributes to outstanding green spec at The Crystal


Fila protects decorative surfaces at Britain’s greenest service station Two Fila floor protection systems have been chosen to protect floor surfaces at Gloucester Services – a new family-run motorway services dedicated to local food, farming and its community. Located near the Cotswolds, on the northbound M5, the £40million development is a joint venture between a local charity – Gloucester Gateway Trust - and Westmorland Limited. It was delivered by AFL Architects and includes local stone and timber lighting designs and an arched wildflower seeded roof. All flooring works, including the application of FILAFOB and ecoaward winning Fila Cleaner - were carried out by Polished Concrete Designs, for Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd. Gloucester Services is a new model of business and charity working side-by-side. Its abundant sustainable features include electrical vehicle charging stations and capacity to switch to bio-fuel pumps. Locally produced ‘arm-shop’ food is stocked in place

of fast food, and income generated will help support nearby target communities and charity partners in Gloucester and Stonehouse. Within the main building and petrol station, stain-proofing FILAFOB has been used to protect Mapei’s decorative cementitious flooring, Mapei Ultratop Anthracite. The non film-forming treatment seals without altering surface appearance and is suitable for concrete, terracotta, unpolished marble and natural stone. Fila Cleaner – part of Fila’s award winning Green Line - was chosen to maintain the expansive floor; the pH-neutral detergent provides a raft of eco-features, from biodegradable composition to concentrated/non-rinse formulation. ❚ enquiry 150

A revolution in acoustic flooring

A Mapei subfloor and tile installation system has been specified at The Crystal – Siemens’ iconic Sustainability Centre, located in East London’s Royal Docks. Designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects and Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will, the glass-clad structure is one of the world’s greenest buildings, achieving Outstanding BREEAM and Platinum LEED accreditation. Mapei systems contributed to the eco-specification and included Mapei Topcem screed and low VOC adhesives and grout Keraquick, Keraflex and Ultracolor Plus. Corinthian Ceramics installed Domus porcelain and stone wall and floor tiles using Mapei products, for main contractor ISG. Mapei’s system was specified throughout a floor and wall surface area exceeding 3,500 m2.

It included high performance, fastdrying screed – Mapei Topcem which reduces installation time to 24 hours for ceramic and two days for stone tiling. Following subfloor preparation, fast-setting flexible S1 adhesive – Mapei Keraquick – was used to install Domus Evo tiles in the reception areas and Domus Architect surfaces in washrooms. In the Centre’s canteen, Mapei Keraflex Maxi S1 low-dust adhesive was specified for bonding Domus Soho. All wall and floor tiles, throughout the centre, were fixed with Mapei Ultracolor Plus; a fast setting and drying flexible grout, featuring anti-efflorescence, waterrepellent and anti-mould properties. For more information on the project and Mapei product systems, please visit ❚ enquiry 152

James Hardie is launching the first ever fibre cement acoustic structural flooring product into the UK construction products market. The building materials manufacturer is adding the new solution to its interior products range with the launch of HardieFloor® acoustic solutions, part of the company’s smart flooring range; a range of products that solve many common structural floor related issues. HardieFloor dB, the central product in the acoustics range, offers house builders and architects all of the benefits of HardieFloor® structural flooring, but with optimum acoustic performance against both impact and airborne noise. For the first time specifiers now have a board that offers much more than a solution to an acoustic problem. Using SmartFloor™ Technology, HardieFloor dB® combines the structural HardieFloor® board with robust integrated acoustic matting to offer optimum noise resistance. These 27mm slim-line tongue and groove boards provide an effective combination of airborne and impact noise reduction without compromising

on space or reducing ceiling height. Part E of Building Regulations states that new builds need to meet the following requirements with regards to noise: 62db for impact noise (lower the better) and 45db for airborne noise (higher the better). For conversions the requirements are 64db for impact noise and 43db for airborne noise. For new build projects HardieFloor dB reduces impact noise by a further 8db to only 54db and airborne noise by an additional 10db to an outstanding 55db far surpassing current regulations. Also available is the HardieQStrip® batten accessory that can be added direct to the joists prior to the installation of either the original HardieFloor board or a HardieFloor dB board. Using the HardieQStrip the original boards can be turned into acoustic boards that achieve a 56db noise level for both airborne and impact noise. With the batten HardieFloor dB can be enhanced to achieve an impact noise level of 49db and an airborne level of 55db. ❚ enquiry 151

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Schell angle valves gaining recognition in progressive plumbing applications

offer temperature or flow control and their use here is now penetrating from top end specifications into the mainstream market.

While there continue to be differences between water regulations in the UK and our European neighbours, as well as in some of the technologies our respective industries have come to prefer, most experts – wherever they are based – can agree on certain matters of Best Practice.

Furthermore, the concept of connecting outlets to continuous, as opposed to traditional T-piece installations – utilizing angle valves - is viewed as an ideal way to prevent the collection and stagnation of water in dead-legs: thus combating the risk of deadly legionella contamination. The importance of avoiding dead-legs has recently been underlined by one of the country’s biggest plumbing supply specialists, Uponor Limited, which has established a new showroom for its SMARTEnds offering; that also makes exclusive use of Schell’s angle valves for all the connections. For a serial system Uponor’s inverted-U SMARTEnds are connected directly one to the next with the highest consumption point (normally the wc) at the end to propagate through flow. ❚ enquiry 153

Connecting outlets such as taps and showers to “Loop” or “Serial” plumbing systems by means of angle valves is one such area of consensus. Angle valves have in fact been regarded as a standard fitting on the European mainland for decades, with Schell GmbH as a main manufacturer having sold tens of millions, suiting various applications. For they not only offer the ability to instantly isolate a tap for maintenance far more easily than our commonly favoured ‘quarter turn’ under-sink valves, but angle valves can also

Twyford’s new Energy Collection includes water saving toilet technology Recognising the benefits for the environment of water saving, and reducing household bills, toilets in Twyford’s brand new Energy Collection feature the company’s respected Flushwise® technology. It is estimated that Flushwise® can reduce water bills by up to 60%. Twyford were the pioneers of Flushwise®, the dual flush 4/2.6

Hansgrohe products save water and energy as part of a groundbreaking zero carbon refurbishment In June 2014, Tim Nicholson, his partner Joanne Bowlt and their two young boys, moved into their newly refurbished eco home in North Oxford. The couple wanted to prove that it was possible to take a typical 1960s property and transform it into a desirable, energy-efficient home. Hansgrohe EcoSmart products, recommended by energy and water-saving specialists, Save Money Cut Carbon (, were specified exclusively for the

Saint-Gobain goes darker with Parsol Ultra Think of everything that can be done with tinted glass...and then add a whole lot more with the introduction of PARSOL ULTRA GREY from SaintGobain. PARSOL ULTRA GREY brings a new depth to the design potential of tinted glass, offering the most intense grey tint on the market but with all the same creative processing options of a high quality clear float glass. Also, being a true body-tint means it can give anything from light grey to a virtually opaque appearance reminiscent of black onyx, simply by varying the thickness. This unrivalled density of grey adds even more versatility to the designer’s use of sheet glass for anything from shower screens, interior dividers and all kinds of furniture to a number of exterior architectural applications, said SaintGobain Glass Interiors Market Manager Jenni

Bailey: “A tinted variant of SGG Planiclear, it can be curved, tempered, sand blasted, screen printed or processed in all the same ways as a conventional clear glass. This gives the designer a whole array of creative options along with the assurance of a tried and trusted material.” PARSOL ULTRA GREY offers a light reflectance of 4% and a transmittance ranging from 10% at 4mm thick down to less than 0.5% at 10mm. The level of privacy can also be controlled by varying the level of light in front of and behind the glass. Jenni Bailey concluded: “The PARSOL range is acclaimed all over Europe for its high specification and excellent aesthetics. Now, the addition of PARSOL ULTRA GREY means it will be more versatile and more in demand than ever. It shows once again that SaintGobain Glass is constantly

December 2014

litre technology for toilets that has since become widely adopted across the UK bathroom industry. The system is now available with the new e100, e200 and e500 ranges from the Energy Collection, covering all sectors of the market with a choice of modern designs and price points. Flushwise® offers two options for flushing the toilet with a lighter 2.6 litre flush and a stronger 4 litre flush, both ensuring effective flushing of waste, with the benefit of water saving. The 2.6 litre flush uses less than half the water of most toilets currently in use in the UK. This technology, coupled with the assurance of a 25 year family bathroom and downstairs shower / utility room.

PARSOL ULTRA GREY is the latest addition to SaintGobain’s growing interior range including SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION, an environmentally friendly mirror, SGG DECORGLASS, a unique range of patterned glass and SGG SATINOVO MATT a matt-finished translucent glass all designed to perfectly enhance interior spaces. ❚ enquiry 157 .

❚ enquiry 154 generous downpour but with an EcoSmart flow rate of 9 l/min.

The Talis E basin mixer in the family bathroom provides sleek modern looks and good performance despite a flow rate of just 3.5 litres per minute. The hand shower with height adjustable wall bar is the award-winning Crometta 85 Green delivering 6 l/min; it is operated by a concealed thermostatic control to ensure a constant safe temperature, this diverts to the discreet Exafill bath filler which also acts as an overflow and opens/closes the waste. The shower room houses a luxurious wet room with the Croma 220 overhead shower on a ceiling connector; this delivers a

❚ enquiry 155

Young Talent creates lasting accolade for manufacturing in Chesterfield To celebrate Franke Sissons’ 230 years of design, innovation and manufacturing in Chesterfield the company has commissioned a stunning new stainless steel sculpture for the town.

Working with the company’s design and engineering apprentices and the children of Parkside Community School Franke Sisssons’ invited the students to come up with concepts and designs for the project estimated to be worth in excess of £5k.

expanding and evolving its range to keep its customers ahead of the field.”

guarantee, makes the Energy Collection superb value-formoney for both the commercial and domestic sectors.

The final design was formally unveiled this month as part of Chesterfield’s Made in Chesterfield Event. The new sculpture is situated in the pocket-park donated to the town by the District Civic Society.

Managing Director, Andy Dukelow explains, “The Year 10 students at Parkside have been wonderfully creative and focused on this project. We wanted something that truly reflects the manufacturing pedigree and history of the area, our own excellence in stainless steel but that most importantly engaged with young people and inspired them.” Franke Sissons, has a long track record of supporting young people in its business of manufacturing washroom and catering products from high quality stainless steel via a progressive apprenticeship programme. It also encourages youth sport in the area and supports charities locally. ❚ enquiry 156

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December 2014


ARCHITECTS GET BEST BATHROOM GALLERY AS SPECIFYING RESOURCE An exceptional UK headquarters for Europe’s fastest growing bathroom group opened by Lord St John of Bletso.

A £19 million investment in a stunning new UK headquarters, incorporating one of Europe’s largest bathroom showrooms, has been designed with flair, imagination and the capability to accommodate future growth. This marks yet another stage in the success story of Bathroom Brands and Crosswater Holdings. Building an Investment. Lake View House is a totally new building custom designed to meet the Groups precise specifications. Set overlooking beautiful protected wetlands and lakes the building is designed with a distinctive internal bridge. The bridge runs the full width of the structure and is

designed to allow teams from Crosswater and Bathroom Brands to seamlessly link in a creative environment. All 200 employees will be able to work together in a facility that combines efficiency with delightful working conditions that include a café, areas for relaxation, a games room, a playfully themed chill out room called the Man Cave and much more.  Designed by Threefold Architects, Lake View House is situated within The Bridge Business Park in Dartford and is conveniently located at the centre of air, road and rail links, opening up products from Crosswater and Bathroom Brands to a growing international customer base. Truly a


world-class building, Lake View House is eco-friendly with an impressive EPC A rating. The total floor area is 129,000 square feet and as well as working space and an astonishing and inspirational gallery showroom, the building includes a 95,000 sq. ft. warehouse that can hold 5,000 different product lines and has 2,500 picking points. Amazingly, the project was completed in just eight months. Showcasing the Best of Bathroom Design. Within the building there is a 10.000 sq. ft. gallery showroom, where customers can see and touch products. This is not just any showroom. It is one of the largest in Europe, occupying a space as striking as the north gallery of Westminster Abbey.  Architects Coppin Dockray designed and created a gallery inspired space that fascinates with products shown in 32 beautifully decorated lifestyle settings. There is a decompression chamber before visitors enter – followed by a stunning movement-activated rainfall shower display. Over 5800 hand blown golden glass baubles suspended at different heights add a touch of magic. Each display has been created to allow for multiple changes – essential to ensure new products are seen as soon as possible.  The ambience is one of luxury, quality and innovation.  Craftsmen from fields as diverse as boat building, lighting design and jewellery added their expertise, making the showroom unique within the European bathroom industry. The new showroom will be available to retailers, architects, specifiers and designers. “People from within the industry and from the design community will be astonished” says Bathroom Brands CEO Patrick Riley “This is a true landmark within the bathroom industry. We are enormously proud of what has been achieved. This fantastic new facility which brings our staff together under one roof allows us to offer our customers an unbeatable level of support that is genuinely unparalleled.”

Web: Web:

❚ enquiry 158

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Eco-School Green Flag Status for Stirling Primary School Atlantic Boilers of Ashton-underLyne have installed an energy efficient electric boiler at Drymen Primary School which had contributed to it achieving Green Flag status. The MULTI-ELEC 120kW threestep electric boiler was installed to provide space heating and priority domestic hot water through an indirect cylinder. The boiler has a super seasonal efficiency in excess of 99% GCV, is silent in operation, requires minimal ventilation and

does not need a flue. Unlike conventional boilerplant, maintenance is minimal with one principal service every four years. The installation was planned by Corporate Services of Stirling Council and installed by Taylor & Frazer Limited of Paisley.

Mitsubishi Electric reshapes air source heat pump market Mitsubishi Electric has launched the next generation of its marketleading Ecodan air source heat pump range with a host of new initiatives that increases heat up efficiency by 17 per cent, makes remote monitoring easier to access, thereby aiding applications to Government initiatives, and also introduces a whole new way of heating a cylinder.

The Eco-Schools programme is managed in Scotland by Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB). KSB is an independent Scottish charity committed to the improvement of the environment in Scotland and is the Scottish Member of FEE. ❚ enquiry 159

Specflue receives Silver Carbon Charter Award Hydronik systems warm Palmerston Fort The famous Palmerston Forts arranged along the South Coast of England were built to be solid enough to resist invasion by Napoleonic forces, but the resulting thermal mass and exposed locations make them very hard to heat. It is, however, a challenge that has been effectively met using a selection of products from Timóleon’s Hydronik range linked to a hybrid renewable energy source. The Isle of Wight is actually on course to become the first zero carbon area of Britain and Fort Albert’s owners accordingly commissioned an advanced building services solution, which utilises an air source heat pump and solar thermal panels to harvest free energy to supply the heating and hot water. PV panels also help meet the large home’s electricity needs, but in order to achieve the most efficient transference from the heat pump to the occupied spaces, Wetherick Plumbing and Heating specified the use of Timóleon’s ToronFloor Batten, ToronFloor Suspended and LowBoardTM systems. ❚ enquiry 160

Specflue, a leading supplier of renewable heat products, has achieved silver level accreditation under Suffolk County Council’s Carbon Charter scheme. The Carbon Charter provides public recognition for businesses that are working to monitor and reduce their carbon emissions and implementing best practice measures for managing and reducing their energy use. In a letter confirming the accreditation, Ned Harrison, Low Carbon Economy Officer within the council’s Creating the Greenest County team, said:

Grant UK launches new wood pellet store

in bulk, which is more cost effective.

A biomass boiler is a great alternative to fossil fuel when it comes to reducing annual fuel bills. Now Grant UK has made it even easier to store the fuel used by its Spira condensing biomass boilers and reduce fuel costs even further by introducing the Grant Wood Pellet Store.

The Grant Wood Pellet Store range is designed and manufactured in house and available in sizes from 500kg to 6 tonnes and in three footprints – 1m x 1m, 1m x 2m and 2m x 2m. All stores have an easy access maintenance door for cleaning, galvanized steel construction and are suitable for internal or external installation. The 500kg and 750kg models come ready assembled and are available in a powder coated finish. The 1.5 – 6 tonne sizes are supplied flat packed with quick seal joints for on-site construction.

While wood pellets can be bought in bags (typically around 10 to 15kg), if space is available, a bulk store can be installed which can directly feed (by auger or vacuum system) the intermediate Grant pellet hopper supplied as standard with the boiler. This allows homeowners to buy pellets

The EN Plus Grade A1 wood pellets approved for use with the

December 2014

“The panel felt that Specflue hit all of the required targets in order to meet the Silver level of accreditation. Its approach is well balanced across all sectors of the business and we were impressed with the company’s bonus scheme, which has helped to reduce fuel consumption. Specflue also has well thoughtout plans for further actions.” The Silver Carbon Charter adds to Specflue’s existing environmental credentials, which includes an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System accreditation. ❚ enquiry 161

Grant Spira are classed as a carbon neutral source of fuel, as they are made from either sawdust (a waste product in sawmill industries) or sourced from a managed forest (where trees are planted to replace those cut down). ❚ enquiry 162

The developments include the UK’s first use of a plate heat exchanger in a domestic cylinder and patented Scale-Stop technology to remove the risk of limescale build-up. The launch comes as the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) moves from its legacy stage into supporting new market growth, with the company developing the advanced range to answer the growing need for renewable heating in the UK. “This is our fifth generation of heat pump solutions and we have looked at just about every aspect so that we can maximise efficiency and ease both installation and operation”, explains Max Halliwell, Product Marketing Manager for the domestic Ecodan range. “We are proud to have

Waxman Energy offers new BenQ 285 mono panel

Waxman Energy is pleased to announce the newest addition to their BenQ product portfolio – the BenQ 285 black frame mono. As a division of AU Optronics, BenQ joined Waxman Energy as a brand partner in October 2013 and has since been recognised as a Tier 1 manufacturer of solar PV modules - a valuable asset that Waxman takes incredibly seriously. Joining other quality modules from Waxman’s exclusive list of Tier 1 manufacturers, the new BenQ mono will appeal to both commercial and domestic customers. Also known as the Green Triplex the new highefficiency module can generate higher power output, even in areas of low light (Superior Weak Light Performance), attaining 98% of its original module efficiency compared to the 95% attained by other conventional panels. This offers an abundance of advantages for both the domestic and commercial user. For domestic customers, the 285 mono offers the following benefits: Saves roof space – Compared to conventional 250 panels, the 285 mono has a higher efficiency per m2, meaning that less panels are required to generate adequate power. Saves on installation costs – Because fewer panels are needed, labour costs will be less than an installation using 250W panels.

been first to market with several initiatives in heat pumps and this new generation continues that trend by putting Ecodan streets ahead of any other system”. Ecodan was the first inverterdriven air source heat pump in the UK to receive MCS (Micro Certification Scheme) certification and the first UK-manufactured unit to receive the prestigious Eco Label. It is also the only air source heat pump that have received the Noise Abatement Society’s ‘Quiet Mark’ and the first to offer intelligent room sensing as standard. Mitsubishi Electric has invested heavily in R&D facilities at its UK manufacturing plant in Livingston to focus on the experience of the homeowner, simplifying the installation for the contractor, and making maintenance and monitoring even easier: ❚ enquiry 164 Maximises ROI – The highest tariff for FiT is available for installations with a capacity of up to 4kW therefore, with just 14 panels at 285W, maximum paybacks can be received – generating up to 3.99kW of

electricity – compared with the 16 standard 250W panels. For commercial customers, the 285 mono offers the following benefits: Maximises roof/ground space – Businesses installing 285W modules will benefit from more power per m2, compared to those using standard 250W. More potential – By generating more power in the same amount of space, it means that users can not only benefit from lower energy bills, but sell any surplus power back to the grid. ❚ enquiry 163

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December 2014



CASE STUDY: Warmworld

DATATERM – the energy efficient heating control Gary Belgium MD of Warmworld UK Ltd was recently asked to assist with a problem heating system in a semi detached property where the controls, a programmable room thermostat and 7 day timer were starting to act up and becoming unresponsive giving the householder no end of cold mornings and a lack of hot water. Upon inspection he found a programmable room thermostat had been installed in the hallway along with a time clock next to the Viessman Vitodens 100 boiler in the utility room. After finding the fault to be with the time clock it was agreed with the homeowner to remove all of the existing controls and replace them with a Dataterm IHC. By removing the existing time clock, programmable room thermostat and wiring centre it would be possible to reduce the amount of time spent trying to programme the heating and hot water requirements. Dataterm IHC is an intelligent programmable room thermostat that takes care of all of your heating and hot water requirements from a single point. So with the existing defunct controls removed it was time to fit the Dataterm programmer, this also doubles up as the temperature sensor so this can go into the same position in the hall that was home to the earlier programmable room thermostat. We have the existing 3 core and earth in the wall so we know that the cable is good for Dataterm as we only need a 3 wire connection for Dataterm to function. Dataterm operates at 12volts DC so we used the existing Blue, Yellow and Red cores once we were sure that the original 230Vac supply was no longer on the cable. With this wired and fitted to the wall it was then time to install the wiring centre, this is the unit that provides Dataterm with its power supply and switches pump, valves and boiler on and off as and when required, it simply replaces the existing wiring centre that usually contains a birds nest of wires!

As this was a Y-Plan system it was an easy conversion and made the wiring neater and much more simplistic. So with the mains feed from the fused switched outlet connected to the PCB and the Motorised Valve & Cylinder Thermostat wired it was time to join the boiler and pump switched live to the PCB so that when there is a demand the boiler and pump start to circulate the heat around the pipes. After a final visual inspection all looks well so the lid is fitted to the wiring centre and the power is applied! The Dataterm lights up and immediately displays the status of the heating and hot water based on the factory set plan that it is already running. The time and date are correct and the room temperature reading is correct so we can proceed to test the system works correctly. After pressing the (+) plus button the heating turns on, valve moves to heating only and boiler and pump run... a press of the hot water boost causes the valve to go to mid position so we have shared heating and hot water, reducing the set temperature of the heating causes the heating to turn off and subsequently the valve motors to hot water only where it is controlled by the Cylinder Thermostat. The installation works exactly how it should straight from the box, the next part of the install is to run through the operation with the home owner and enter their specific heating and hot water requirements. Heating and hot water can be programmed on a daily basis if required so should suit even the most demanding lifestyle, there is even a copy facility to make light work of programming so that all days can be the same or you

8 Hanham Business Park, Bristol BS15 3JE

Tel: 0117 949 8800

could just alter a certain day or the weekend to be different. Now the homeowner has a much easier to use system than before that will provide a better level of comfort with close temperature control, optimised start and flexible programming along with fuels savings between 18 and 36% producing a payback of 12 - 24 months. Retrofit installation time 1-2 hours, wireless version available for ease of installation and it is available for multiple heating zones too. Suitable for conventional and combination boilers new or old, up to 4 heating zones and Hot Water from one easy to use programmer, the system that pays for itself! â?š enquiry 124

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Flexible Liners


EN 1856-2 TUV 0036 CPD 9195 035


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❚ enquiry 166 .

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December 2014

Eco-friendly grates transform existing fireplaces A green fuel is giving designers and homeowners new options when it comes to creating a focal point in a room – and it isn’t costing the earth.

The EcoSmart fireplace grate collection comes in three different models; Scope 700, Scope 500 and Scope 340, working in an existing hearth or in renovated fireplaces.

Bio-ethanol is a clean burning liquid sourced from agriculture and because it lets off no gases, doesn’t need a chimney or flue.

Ideal for transforming an unused fireplace, Scope 700 is a real statement piece with a long elegant flame. This burner, with its cutting edge designs, is about creating the wow factor. The Scope 500 and Scope 340 are functional, versatile and stylish fireplace grates which can easily be installed into any traditional wood burning fireplace. Both models have been designed to fit into existing fireplaces.

ow Smart Fire UK, the sole UK distributor of Eco-Smart, is giving homeowners the chance to create the perfect fireplace with its classic, yet cutting edge designs. Its fireplaces already grace some of the best residential addresses in London and can be seen at prestigious hotels like The Savoy.

Paul Holt, from Smart Fire UK said: “We come across a lot of homeowners who want the elegance of a real fire but without all the hassle of cleaning it out and maintaining it. “That’s where these designs work so well. Because they burn green, bio ethanol fuel there’s no need to clean the grate out, no need to sweep the chimney, in fact you simply need to have the fire installed. “The added bonus with this is that because they burn clean fuel, the fires do not need to have a chimney, flue or extraction system which means the design possibilities are endless.”

Paul continued; “Green fuel is becoming increasingly popular and offers homeowners and designers incredible creative opportunities. They can literally be installed anywhere, and where ever they are installed, will give your room added appeal.” ❚ enquiry 167

Keep warm this winter with the UK's most energy efficient stove Leading biomass solutions provider, Euroheat, is urging installers and end-users to consider the modern wood burning stove as a real contributor to fuel bill reduction this winter. With its newest range from HWAM boasting the most impressive energy efficiency

credentials on the UK market, no more should the wood burner be viewed as a ‘rustic' way to heat a room. Comparable with a SEDBUK A rated boiler, HWAM's impressive claim to fame comes from the fact that its newest stoves include

Lambda controls, which modulate air flow as wood's composition changes during combustion, and are more commonly found in a biomass boiler. This clever technology ensures wood burns at its optimum, helping customers get more out of their fuel. In an open plan, well-insulated home, a stove such as this can make a real contribution to

reducing heating bills, with contemporary styling and stateof-the-art technology that suit the most forward-thinking customer. "Biomass boilers aren't the only wood-fuelled way to cut carbon," said Simon Holden, co-founder of Euroheat. "HWAM's latest range show how far the humble stove has come, with these machines pitched as considerable heat

sources, not just something pretty that warms up one corner of a room. Temperature output is controllable too, with an in-built thermostat that will appeal to the most tech-savvy of end users. "While the fuel may be ancient, how it's now burnt couldn't be more modern, " concluded Simon.

❚ enquiry 168

New DG Fires Ivar and Keld

wood or multi-fuel stoves in Low or High versions There is a new selection of DG Ivar and Keld multi-fuel contemporary stoves that can burn wood, coke or coal. Ivar has a square finished door, whilst the Keld door has rounded corners.

New DG Fires Instyle and Prostyle built-in wood fires with high efficiency DRU Fires, based in the Netherlands is a leading European manufacturer of contemporary gas fires. DG Fires is the brand name that DRU uses for its wood and multi-fuel fires and stoves. There is a new selection of DG Instyle and Prostyle wood fires to be built into brick chimneys or outside facing walls. Instyle fires have visible frames, whilst the Prostyle models have the frames concealed behind screen printed glass. There are eight Instyle models from 500 mm to 1000 mm wide, whilst the Prostyle fires range from 500 mm to 700 mm wide. Most of the fires have external air connection for clean burning and high efficiency, and selected models have

DEFRA approval to be used in UK smokeless zones. There is an optional selection of border trims and external frames, including a new panoramic frame. The Instyle and Prostyle fires can also be combined with modern or traditional fire surrounds to create a classic British fireplace.

Each model features a High version and a Low version, which, as well as freestanding, can be installed into an inglenook chimney cavity The Low models have a 4.9 kW heat output, whereas the output on the High versions can be up to 6.0 kW. The energy efficiency rating on all of the models is an impressive 82%.

All Ivar and Keld stoves have external air connection as standard. This helps achieve maximum clean burning and high efficiency. The chimney connections on all models can be made from the top or the back of the stoves for greater flexibility of installation. Both Ivar and Keld models have been awarded DEFRA approval to be used in UK urban smokeless zones. The prices for both models are £1095.00 for the Low and £1195.00 for the High versions (RRP inc VAT)

For the mores discerning, there are also 2sided, 3-sided and tunnel fires in the range. All DG Instyle and Prostyle fires have an impressive energy efficiency of 80% and range in price from £1440.00 to £2580.00 RRP inc VAT. They are available from specialist fireplace retailers across the UK.

For further information, visit:

❚ enquiry 169o .

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stoves of the future - here today




*Â?i>ĂƒiV>Â?Â?ÂœĂ•Ă€Ăƒ>Â?iĂƒÂœvwViœ˜ orr visit our website www k for more in nformation.

â?š enquiry 170 .


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Shackerley and BENCHMARK join forces for Avon and Somerset Police Shackerley, the UK’s leading manufacturer of ceramic granite ventilated cladding systems, has supplied BENCHMARK with over 5000m2 of gleaming white ceramic granite façade panels for three striking new build facilities developed for Avon & Somerset Police in Bridgwater, Keynsham and Patchway, South Gloucestershire. The large format panels with their highly polished finish were specially prefabricated at Shackerley’s ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility in Lancashire for installation onto the BENCHMARK Karrier Engineered Façade System. The developments were delivered by Blue Light Partnership - an investment joint venture between Miller Construction (now owned by Galliford Try), Bilfinger Project Investments and Cofely - as part of an £80 million PFI project to provide attractive, modern and energy efficient accommodation for the police, comprising custody and crime investigation centres, specialist support units and new police stations. Ryder Architecture took responsibility for the centres at Express Park in Bridgwater and Gloucester Road in Patchway whilst Haverstock led the design of the Ashmead Road centre in Keynsham (together with an indoor firearms training centre of a different style and construction). The practices collaborated closely to ensure commonality of design across the three buildings. Whilst the BENCHMARK Karrier Engineered Façade System was specified by Miller Construction, the polished white ceramic granite façade panels were specified by architects at Ryder, who, from past experience of working with Shackerley’s Sureclad® façades, were very confident of the aesthetic effect that would be achieved. “We’ve used Shackerley’s ceramic granite cladding with great success on many recent projects,” explained Associate Jonathan Seebacher, “so we knew exactly how this material could help us to

achieve the high quality, timeless appearance we were seeking across the suite of projects.” “The office volumes have a linear ‘tube’ appearance and are clearly visible from all approaches. They sit above a solid plinth and are framed in white ceramic granite which actively responds to varying intensities and qualities of natural light, whilst contrasting strongly with the colour of the plinth walling below. Careful detailing has achieved crisp and sharp junctions at corners and projections, providing an elegance and quality of appearance to the simple geometry. ”

December 2014

“We knew exactly how this material could help us to achieve the high quality, timeless appearance we were seeking across the suite of projects.”

“The office volumes sit above a solid plinth and are framed in white ceramic granite which actively responds to varying intensities and qualities of natural light, whilst contrasting strongly with the colour of the plinth walling below.”

The police centres are now fully operational and are the latest additions to a long list of prestigious projects featuring a Sureclad® ceramic granite façade coupled with the BENCHMARK Karrier Engineered Façade System. Specifiers are able to take full advantage of synergistic benefits provided by this exceptionally attractive and well insulated engineered cladding solution, thanks to a long term strategic alliance forged between Shackerley and BENCHMARK By Kingspan. For further information on Shackerley’s ceramic granite cladding, Sureclad® systems and links with BENCHMARK, please speak to the technical team at Shackerley on 0800 783 0391 or visit ❚ enquiry 171

“Careful detailing has achieved crisp and sharp junctions at corners and projections, providing an elegance and quality of appearance to the simple geometry. ” Jonathan Seebacher, Associate, Ryder

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December 2014


❚ enquiry 172 . Delivering a number of benefits to customers; namely sustainability, natural durability, ease of use and continuity of supply, Grandis 690+ (a reference to its impressive density scoring against other products available on the market) is 100% FSC plantation grown from an area of 220,000 hectares and produced exclusively from a single species.

James Latham now offering engineered grandis James Latham is now offering the Rolls-Royce of Eucalyptus through all eight of its timber depots, with the arrival of Grandis 690+, a WoodEx Engineered Grandis.

Fully compliant with EUTR legislation and verified by TRADA, Grandis 690+ has been extensively tested at the Federal University of Paraná in Brazil where it scored highly against stringent criteria including strength and durability (achieving 2-3; durable to moderately durable) as well as density, (690 750 kg/m3 @12% M/c - the same species in other parts of the World has only achieved 595 k/g/m3), making it particularly suitable for joinery and structural use. Plus, it has also been assessed for onehour fire test requirements. It also boasts an impressive natural durability, resisting infestation from insects, therefore greatly reducing the chance of bore holes etc as well as maintaining its aesthetic properties. Paul Leach, Group Product Sales and Development Manager for WoodEx and Accoya at James Latham explained, “With Grandis 690+, the timber is allowed to grow more naturally and reach

full maturity of approximately 28 years, hence the extra density. “It really is an impressive timber and one which ticks all the boxes, both for ourselves but also for our customers. As well as meeting all the legal and sustainable requirements, it’s a high-grade, knot free, clear and uniform timber which is also extremely easy to machine, making it the perfect choice for the joinery, furniture making and construction sectors.” Grandis 690+ is exclusively available through James Latham, directly from stock in clear faced lengths of 2.0m – 3.0m and in finger-jointed lengths of 5.9m as well as in various widths and thicknesses.

For further information on James Latham’s full range of products please visit our website at, email or phone 0116 257 3415 ❚ enquiry 173

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December 2014

Go wireless with new Danfoss digital room thermostat

Ecological Insulation made from renewable resources

Healthy Buildings and Lower Energy Costs Natural Insulation

Natural Insulation Boards

Flexible wood fibre suitable for roof, floor and timber frame wall applications. Excellent all round insulation properties improves the fabric and makes buildings a better place to live and work in whatever the weather.

Wood fibre building boards for sarking, sheathing, acoustic and render applications. Diffusion qualities provide healthy living with protection against wind, dust, moisture and sound.

Danfoss has launched a wireless version of its RET2000 digital room thermostat for energy saving heating control without the need for an external power supply. The new battery-driven RET2000 B-RF and RX1-S Receiver, which only requires a two-wire connection to the boiler, is easily integrated into new and existing domestic heating systems. With a radio signal range of typically 30 metres, the RET2000 B-RF will safely cover almost all domestic heating installations.

For full details and nearest distributor call 01727 515120 or visit


Danfoss’s latest addition to the RET range combines the convenience of wireless


❚ enquiry 174.

heating control with all the advanced functionality of the hard-wired RET2000 room thermostat, including chrono-proportional control for improved comfort and boiler efficiency, push button lock to prevent tampering and a digital display showing room temperature and output status. Like other Danfoss RET models, the wireless RET2000 B-RF features a sleek, modern design and simple operation. As well as standard on/off control, these smart room thermostats can be set to chrono-proportional mode, developed by Danfoss for extra energy savings. This micro-processor based

system regulates the amount of time for which the boiler fires in proportion to load, helping high efficiency boilers maintain optimum performance. Enabling a closer temperature control band and rapid response to temperature change, this modulating control mode ensures users feel the benefits of better home comfort and economy. “Proven in ‘real world’ tests conducted by Danfoss,” says Marketing Director, Bjorn Sejr Nielsen, “our chrono-proportional room temperature control can result in a potential 10% reduction in energy consumption, and carbon emissions, by the heating system compared with a slower reacting mechanical thermostat.” All Danfoss RET2000 room thermostats have a generously-sized digital display with an inbuilt backlight for easy viewing, even by those with poorer eyesight or in dimly lit locations. Additional features include the option to set upper and lower temperature limits and a Celsius or Fahrenheit selectable display. ❚ enquiry 175

Sika investment receives royal seal of approval 17:16

Sika’s new £2.5million research and development center in Preston, UK, was opened on 26 November, 2014 by HRH Duke of Kent in an official ceremony to mark the occasion. During the official opening, Sika was privileged to be joined by HRH Duke of Kent and the Mayor and Mayoress of Preston. His Royal Highness was given a guided tour of the facility where he could see the Sika chemists in

Following the acquisition of Liquid Plastics and Incorez in 2009, Sika has continued to invest in this area of its business to support the development of technologically advanced liquid roofing membranes and new developments in its product technologies - such as the low solvent iCure range. From its Preston site in the North West of England, Sika exports these products all over the world and is

leading the field in liquid roof waterproofing. “Our aim is to develop a Center of Excellence in liquid roofing at our new R&D Center in the UK,” comments Jan Jenisch, Sika CEO. “We recognize the expertise we have in this area and we are excited to develop and nurture that talent to the benefit of our Sika subsidiaries and customers across the globe.”

action and learn more about the pioneering work that takes place in Preston. For further information visit:

Construction work on the new research and development center began one year ago on the site of an existing 100-year old warehouse. The new center is twice as large as the previous structure, covering more than a thousand square meters. The research center's activities will focus on 30 Sika products, including the roof waterproofing and internal floor coatings.

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December 2014


Kloeber opens flagship showroom, Grendon Underwood, Nr Bicester

Farmfoods opens new frozen food warehouse in Bristol The 175,000 sq ft facility at Avonmouth, Bristol, will provide Farmfoods with a frozen warehouse solution to support its UK wide store network. With steel and concrete work undertaken by main contractor Winvic Construction, ISD Solutions was chosen for its expertise in the latest single envelope composite panel construction techniques and ability to deliver a high performance, sustainable solution, with extremely low running costs.

ISD Solutions,

a leader in composite panel cold store solutions, is completing work on a new frozen food distribution centre for frozen food retailer Farmfoods.

The design requires significantly less supporting steelwork to conventional cold storage warehouses, and build time and costs are further reduced as the cold store is formed as the building envelope is constructed. Incorporating frozen and ambient storage facilities as well as office space, the distribution centre will equip Farmfoods with one of the greenest, thermally efficient retail distribution centres of its type in the UK. Tony Wall, Managing Director of ISD Solutions, the specialist contractor says: ”Environmental considerations had really taken a back seat in the construction industry for the past few years, but now we are focusing on sustainable construction and sourcing as many UK suppliers as possible to help us offer our clients, such as Farmfoods “greener”, more energy efficient buildings to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Hat-trick of Encon companies notch up a brace of certifications ensuring it meets its KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the next three years in terms of reducing commercial fuel usage by 5% and increasing the recycling of waste.

Three members of the Encon Group have gained two internationally recognised certifications. The Encon Group has achieved a brace of performance standards. Specialist distributors Encon Insulation and Nevill Long and passive fireprotection manufacturer PFC Corofil have gained the environmental standard ISO 14001:2004 AND the Occupational Health and Safety standard OHSAS 18001:2007. This was achieved in just five months across all of the group’s 21 sites and its Head Office from the UKAS-accredited body NQA using an integrated management system some 15 years after Encon became the first national insulation distributor to gain the quality standard ISO 9001 across all its sites. Encon Insulation was founded more than 30 years ago with the aim of providing energy-saving solutions to customers so ISO 14001 was a logical progression. The Encon name also derives from Energy Conservation. Group systems and quality manager Richard Prince is tasked with

Group Health and Safety manager Will Barker has been instrumental in a drive to make reductions in 3 key areas. This has resulted in 2013/14 seeing lost work time incidents reduce by 29%, lost working days by 42% and RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) incidents by 57%. Another positive note was an improvement in the way the company are reporting potential incidents, thus helping to reduce future injuries. Encon’s chief operating officer John Bedford said: “Gaining these certifications forms a key part of our distributor and employer of choice strategy, showing the industry and our employees our commitment to Health, Safety and the environment and the values embodied in these standards. “The fact that we achieved certification in a relatively short time bears testimony to the high standards that each site operates to and the engagement of every employee involved in the process. The work now starts to ensure we continually look to raise our standards and share best practice across the business to the benefit of our customers, suppliers and employees.”

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Always proactively reaching their clients at Exhibitions and at their two existing showrooms in London and Cambridgeshire, Kloeber are opening their third extensive showroom in January 2015. Situated in Grendon Underwood near Bicester, The Old Dairy is currently undergoing a full refurbishment to incorporate Kloeber’s own windows and doors into the building as well as exhibiting a full range of their products in the actual showroom. Matt Higgs, Kloeber’s Sales Director said ‘We are very aware that there is no

Stertil inflatable seals save energy costs for German Train Company Renowned German train company Bayrische Oberlandbahn (BOB) is saving energy costs and improving working conditions within its service workshops following the installation of bespoke WI inflatable dock seals from Stertil Dock Products. Based in Holzkirchen, Germany, BOB is a private railway operator with trains connecting Munich with the alpine hamlets of Bayrischzell, Lenggries and the spa town of Tegernsee. The routes are serviced by traditional diesel-electric


substitute for seeing our products first hand. We love to meet clients and answer their questions face to face as this allows us to guide them to the best product at the best prices to suit their individual project. We have heavily invested in this new flagship showroom as be believe that it is logistically in the right place for a large number of our client base. We are thrilled that for the first time we are able to have our own doors and windows fitted into the building to enable us to showcase them as fully active glazing rather than just displaying them in the showroom.’ As with their London facility, Kloeber will operate an appointment system for the Grendon Underwood showroom enabling clients to spend quality time discussing their requirements on a one to one basis with one of their team. Kloeber also actively encourage clients to meet at the showrooms with their architects to discuss the detail of how the products will fit into their project. ❚ enquiry 101

trains which, as well as being vastly popular on weekdays, are frequently used at weekends by tourists and locals visiting the Bavarian Alps for walking, bike riding and skiing. Comprehensive repair, maintenance and servicing of the train fleet are undertaken at the company’s workshops. However, due to space limitations, it’s not always possible to accommodate the entire length of trains or separate carriages. On these occasions, the large workshop doors need to be left open, to allow part of the train to protrude beyond the workshop, which leads to loss of heat and increased energy costs.

However, these problems have now been eliminated following the installation of a special 5000mm high by 4400mm wide shelter incorporating the WI inflatable dock seals. ❚ enquiry 105

Timoleon appoints new UK Sales Director Manufacturer of heating and cooling solutions, Timóleon, has appointed a new sales director to support its UK sales team and further develop its business capabilities. Jamie Bomber brings with him a wealth of experience in the heating and air conditioning industries, having previously worked as Sales Director for BOA Group, looking after HVAC projects worldwide. Additionally, he was International Business Development Director at Tour Andersson and Engineering Appliances Ltd. and before this, National Sales Manager for Nu-Air. The new recruit can also be expected to exhibit good people management skills, being that he holds an MBA and is a fully qualified outdoor leader. He similarly possesses determination and tenacity as demonstrated by the fact he is not just a keen cyclist and walker, but has just completed the grueling Equinox24 race, which involves running round a 10K circuit of mixed terrain for 24 hours. The ‘Total Indoor Environment’ is at the core of Timóleon’s philosophy; its belief that the underfloor heating it supplies should work

in a holistic way with its heat pumps, HVAC systems, solar panels and controls, to provide optimum comfort at a minimum cost. The wealth of experience that Jamie brings to Timóleon as the company’s new Sales Director will, the company feels, be complimentary to its energy-wise philosophy. ❚ enquiry 105

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