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Optimum core drilling. The new FEIN KBB core drilling units and HSS core drill bits.

B B K N I E F recise, enduring

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3 years warranty*

FEIN has added four new models of the FEIN KBB series to its core drilling range: from the compact FEIN KBB 30 for drilling in tight and difficult-to-reach spots, to the powerful 2-speed KBB 60 for stationary use in the workshop. You will find FEIN core drilling units perfectly suited to your requirements at your specialist dealer.

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Accurate measurements in a compact format

Hyde has extended its range of quality measuring tools from leading brand Stabila with the launch of two new compact lasers, which are ideal for keeping to hand for accurate alignment on just about any job. The tool bag sized lasers are robust yet lightweight, and feature Stabila’s tried and tested high level of accuracy. The compact nature of the lasers enables them to be kept conveniently close by for the quick measurement of right angles in order for reference points to be plumbed and aligned. Stabila’s LAX300 cross-line laser features vertical and horizontal laser lines enabling plumb-line points to be effortlessly marked upwards and downwards. This compact laser produces very bright, narrow and clear laser lines, visible up to a range of 20metres, making it possible to work directly on steel uprofiles to assist with the assembly of dry wall construction. This handy little laser also enables the floor, walls and ceiling to be

marked out simultaneously. With a shock absorbent soft-grip casing, the LAX300 also features a pulsed line, so it can be used outdoors when combined with the Stabila REC210 receiver. The second of the two new compact lasers available from Hyde is the Stabila LA-5P which has five laser points – upwards, downwards, forwards and either side. This means that right angles can be aligned in an instant, making this tool ideal for setting out and transferring right angles, or for transferring the layout from floor to ceiling with a super-high level of accuracy. Compact in size but huge on performance, the LA-5P produces very bright, narrow laser dots with a visible range of 30 metres. Within a shock absorbent soft-grip casing, both the LA-5P and LAX300 lasers can be rotated through 360° in their housing and feature a rare Earth magnet with a V groove, enabling them to be mounted to metal objects or a wall bracket, or if preferred used directly on the floor or a tripod. With the Stabila LAX300 and LA-5P from Hyde every job is made simpler with just the push of a button, making these compact lasers a worthwhile investment for any tradesman. Stabila products are available in the UK through Hyde. For more information call 0121 705 7987 or visit

Dickies supply a wide range of industrial workwear, safety clothing and equipment, including protective hats, gloves, knee pads, overalls, and jackets as well as a wide range of safety footwear and PPE.

Dickies supply top to toe workwear


As a builder, you need to be highly protected, particularly against hot and cold temperatures and falling objects. As a result of the demands placed on personal protective clothing and equipment, Dickies supply only the highest quality products from the most reputable sources. Dickies have recently introduced new PPE products, which offer maximum protection, whilst also maintaining comfort and range of vision at all times. The new range includes: Showa Gloves, Gel Knee Pads, Goggles, Safety Helmets, Bump Caps, range of Safety Spectacles, Ear Defenders and Ear Plugs, Safety Helmet and Visor kits, Respirators, Disposable Respirators along with some new additions to the Safety Footwear Range. Corporate Director, Judy Clay, who oversees PPE development, commented: “I am dictated to by EU legislation. We make sure that our entire PPE product is compliant using notified bodies in the UK; compliance is taken very seriously throughout the business. Dickies continues to research the market with a view to assessing what, if anything, is missing from the PPE range in order to develop it further. “ Ideal for builders is, Dickies offer the lightweight, super

durable, ultra tough GDT range. Cordura, a material recognized for its longlasting durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs, has been used to construct the hemguards and hammer loop. Cordura is a registered trademark of INVISTA for durable fabrics. Hard wearing troursers such as Redhawk Men’s Action Trousers are lightweight and extremely comfortable, with zipped pockets to secure your loose items. Don't forget to add your Dickies knee pads to the external knee pad pouches. The Dickies range also includes GDT, Eisenhower and Industry range trousers in a wide range of colours and fabric weights. New for 2013 is the Pro Redhawk Trouser, which is a great value contract trouser delivering with a big saving over the Eisenhower version and ideal for larger work forces where the overall cost would prohibit going for a garment that has many more features and overall benefit that are gained by using a more engineered product. Dickies Safety Helmets conform to the British standard and offer various additional features. The six-

point harness gives a secure fit and quick adjustment. CE approved to BS EN397, the Dickies Safety Helmet is made from a high quality UV stabilised high-density polyethylene that has a large area for printing logos. Working as a builder requires boots-fit for the job, which will provide good footing and possess excellent anti-slip properties. Dickies offer the Antrim Super Safety Boot, which is smart yet highly durable. The Antrim benefits from a steel toe-cap and midsole protection with a full insock and padded tongue for all round comfort. Conforming to the footwear standard EN ISO 20345.

We all need ‘Oxygen’ Scruffs Oxygen is a fully waterproof military styled safety boot. Reinforced with double stitched nubuck leather panelling, they support the wearer’s foot while giving the boot eyecatching hard-lined features.

As expected, Scruffs safety footwear provides protection and comfort in equal measure. Oxygen’s compact steel toe and pierce-resistant midsole, which is made from durable composite materials, help balance weight distribution and reduce foot fatigue. While waterproof uppers, soft cushioned sole, padded tongue and ankle collar help make for an incredibly comfortable wear. Oxygen’s heat-resilient sole is also SRA rated for anti-slip resistance, this supplies great traction and protection on a variety of terrain in the toughest of conditions.

Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t : w w w. s c r u f f s . c o m

Jackal Ratcheting Adjustable Wrench Professional quality hand tool brand HOLDON has launched the 200mm heavy duty Jackal Ratcheting Adjustable Wrench.

Made from robust chrome vanadium steel, this versatile wrench features a spring loaded ratcheting jaw that quickly returns so users can rapidly set and turn again. A 30mm jaw capacity offers a solid grip on a variety of fasteners – this is controlled by a precision engineered knurl that gives users a fast and accurate adjustment. While a wide soft-touch handle provides ample leverage and a firm grip that’s perfect in high torque settings.

Jackal is fitted with a dual action switch that provides the option to lock out the ratcheting facility so it can be used like a standard adjustable wrench. While the compact design of this highly adaptable wrench ensures it can be used efficiently in tight spaces.

For more information about HOLDON visit:

FEIN introduces durable cordless metal screw guns with maintenancefree EC motors FEIN presents cordless metal screw guns with modern lithium-ion technology and a brushless EC (electronically commutated) motor. The lightest screw guns in their class, these tools enable high precision screwdriving when joining metal on metal, wood on metal or supporting structures. The electronic torque shut-off prevents the screw from rotating too far or shearing off while ensuring safety and achieving a high repeat accuracy. The ASCS 4.8 and 6.3 cordless metal screw guns were developed for the requirements of metal processing companies, especially roof, facade, plant and automotive construction.

One million screws The cordless metal screw guns are developed and manufactured by FEIN in Germany and are designed for continuous use by professional tradesmen. The FEIN research and development team has produced a system comprising a maintenancefree and powerful EC motor, electronic torque shut-off and highquality lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 3,000 mA. The state-ofthe-art technology delivers both outstanding performance for costeffective, precision screwdriving and at a weight of just 1.6 or 1.8 kg. The ergonomic screw guns allow for fatigue-free working and are designed to be used on a least one million screws.

Precise screwdriving and maintenance-free EC motor Screw connections in metal require precision. Only if speed and torque are perfect will the screws sit correctly, the drill bits not wear out and the screw heads not over-rotate and shear off. FEIN's electronic torque shut-off guarantees consistent, precise connections. The tool features eleven torque levels and

one drilling level. When the required torque is reached, the tool quietly shuts down, without vibration, allowing for screwdriving applications with repeatable accuracy – even without a depth stop. The EC motor is highly efficient and delivers a large number of screwdriving applications per battery charge. Overload protection protects the motor from overheating and excess loading. The motor housing is fully encapsulated to protect against dust and contamination. FEIN battery technology High-quality grade ‘A’ lithium-ion battery cells are capable of handling high currents and can also withstand brief power surges. A charge status display on each battery indicates the available battery capacity. Sophisticated individual cell monitoring, which checks every single cell rather than

using average values, ensures a long battery life. In the event of overload, the electronics in the battery pack use a separate communication line to shut down the screw gun and prevent damage to the power tool. This enables the user to continue working and protects against overheating and total discharge.

Cordless metal screw guns suitable for a large number of applications Two new cordless metal screw guns achieve torque of up to 30 Nm and speeds of up to 2,500 rpm, making them ideal for various applications. The FEIN cordless metal screw gun ASCS 6.3 is a powerful tool for universal use. It delivers optimum speeds for fixing thread-shaping screws, selfdrilling screws and winged tek screws with diameters of up to 6.3 mm. The 18 V lithium-ion batteries ensure approximately 150

screwdriving applications per charge into 1.25 mm steel trapezoid sheet metal to 2 mm sheet steel. Electronic speed control allows the force of the FEIN ASCS 6.3 to be safely regulated at higher speeds. The high-speed FEIN cordless metal screw gun ASCS 4.8 is a specialist tool for roof and facade construction. The FEIN cordless metal screw gun ASCS 4.8 uses 14.4 V lithium-ion batteries and handles screws of up to 4.8 mm in diameter.

One battery charge can drive 300 screws into two 0.75 mm-thick layers of trapezoid sheet steel. In the roof and facade construction sector, this metal screw gun is the lightest in its class, weighing just 1.6 kg.

German Zulassung. With the AC100-PRO Powers Europe now offers one of the most allround chemical anchors in its category, in terms of approval, applicability and temperature range. AC100-PRO has an approved temperature range of 120ºC and a fast curing time for high loads. This chemical anchor is very suitable for use in rotary hammer drilled holes, water filled holes, for overhead applications, embedment depths of ≥4xØ – 20xØ and can be used at temperatures as low as -10˚C. Well priced The market is very enthusiastic about the ETA option 1 approval. “As a rack supplier we use a similar chemical anchor to fasten our racks to concrete floors”, says Joop van der Maden, Office Manager Purchase NL at Nedcon. “Although AC100-PRO has not changed technically, until recently we were not allowed to use it for certain types of anchoring. The ETA option 1 approval allows us to use this chemical anchor to stabilize and anchor our racks. For us Powers’ AC100-PRO is technically equivalent yet financially a more attractive alternative to existing, more expensive, chemical anchors.”

Chemical anchor AC100-PRO even more versatile with ETA option 1 approval The AC100-PRO anchor of Powers Europe has received the ETA option 1 approval.

The European Technical Approval covers seismic loads, which makes AC100-PRO the world’s first chemical anchor with an approval for category C1 seismic loads. In addition, this versatile vinylester anchor has received the new ETA approval for masonry. AC100-PRO anchors can now be used in almost any base material, ranging from concrete and natural stone, solid and hollow bricks and building blocks to sandlime brick. AC100-PRO chemical mortar already had the ETA option 7 approval and has recently been granted the approval for the highest European application category (ETA08/0290). The ETA approval for masonry (ETA-12/0545) replaces the earlier granted

New 300 ml design Powers Europe has improved the design of the 300 ml cartridges to optimize usability. The foil tube now opens automatically when you open the cap, so it’s no longer necessary to cut it open. The AC100-PRO is also available in 160 ml, 360 ml, 410 ml + 10 ml and 825 ml cartridges that fit in both the standard and Powers cartridge guns. The AC100-PRO 410 ml + 10 ml EASYPUMP has an innovative cartridge design and the simplified thorough mixing ensures improved processability.

New sawhorse range is at the cutting edge of durability Designed for convenience of use and offering the highest level of durability on every job, ToughBuilt has introduced a new range of steel sawhorses that won’t let you down. \Constructed of 100% high-grade steel, the rugged, 34” wide C340 Sawhorse has an unrivalled capacity of 800lb, which doubles to 1600lb when used as a pair, yet its

compact design means it folds down to make it easy to transport. Ideal for cutting larger items, the ToughBuilt C470 Sawhorse is 47” wide and has a capacity of 1100lb when used singularly and features support arms to suit nominal 2x4’s that transform two sawhorses into a solid jobsite table. The C470 folds down to the size of a snooker cue case to ensure it will take up minimal space in the back of a van. Completing the new ToughBuilt Sawhorse line-up is the 42” wide

C420, which has a capacity of 1300lb, doubling to an incredible 2600lb when used as a pair. As with the C470, the C420 Sawhorse has a fast-open mechanism making it simple to transform into a jobsite table, whilst this larger of the two models also has telescopic legs, making it suitable for use on practically any terrain, along with a locking leg brace which ensures stability. The ToughBuilt C340 and C470 Sawhorses feature innovative

material support pegs, which flip out to keep the material off the ground to ensure sturdy, safe cutting, and includes mounting points for sacrificial 2x4s to protect the blade and the sawhorse itself. Able to withstand the harshest of work environments the folding legs on all of the ToughBuilt Sawhorses are zinc plated to prevent corrosion,

so they really will last the test of time. Cutting complete, the ToughBuilt Sawhorses have easy carry handles for effortless transportation, whilst rolled edges ensure safety and comfort every time. ToughBuilt products are distributed in the UK by Hyde.

For more information call 0121 705 7987, visit email

Access all areas

The comprehensive and innovative product portfolio from TB Davies – now available at all Haldane Fisher branches – makes access easy. Horizon™ - Providing a growing collection of proven access equipment, including extension ladders, stepladders, and combination steps. Light and easy to use yet reliable for the commercial user who has an occasional requirement to work at height. As an endorsement of quality all Horizon™ products have a threeyear limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Summit™ The most comprehensive commercial access range available in the UK, offering a variety of options for the trade user. Summit™ is a product that combines innovation that will stand the test of time and comes with a five-year warranty as standard. New products for 2013 include the new

Comfort XL step that features extra deep 25mm steps for safety and a built-in tool tray.

Pinnacle™ - The Pinnacle™ Pro Series is built and designed for the industrial user and is the most robust in the market backed by a 10-year warranty. Most models are built to BS 2037 Class 1 and feature heavy wall construction with large safety feet and ribbed treads for extra grip.

Little Giant™ Designed in the USA and home of the safest, strongest most versatile ladders in the

world. With Little Giant™ Ladders you’ll enjoy the strengths of traditional A-frame ladders, extension ladders, stepladders and even scaffolding - all in one convenient package. Every Little Giant™ ladder comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Xtend+Climb® - Over the last 10 years these American telescopic ladders have become the most popular telescopic ladders on the planet. True Telescoping Technology™ is the patented technology behind Xtend+Climb® and it is the only ladder in the world to extend and lock by the rung to the user’s desired height. Laddaway™ - Durability is central to the design of Laddaway™ loft ladders and TB Davies scrutinise every detail, ensuring models are tested to EN14975 and material comes from FSC certified sources.

A closer look at the SummitTM

The market-leading Summit™ product range now includes a new extra safe, extra comfortable stepladder. The new Comfort XL step features extra deep 125mm treads that make the step both safer and more comfortable to use than a conventional stepladder. “The step has huge antislip treads that make you feel really safe and secure, and the high handrail has a built in tool tray and bucket hook to help save wasted trips up and down the steps.” said Bob Baldock, General Manager. “The new XL step comes packed with safety features that add real value to the tradesmen or serious DIYer.” Additional features include a clean touch finish, making the step ideal for decorating tasks, or use in retail environments. The rubber feet provide a larger footprint than standard steps and maintain 100% contact with the ground to help reduce slip. “Users who want better stability at a competitive price will be attracted to these durable steps that are finished in the recognised trade colour of orange signifying safety.” continued Bob. Summit™ has a free five-year warranty and will be available from February 2013.




First Fix Gas Nailer GN900SE



Second Fix Gas Nailer GF600SE


Concrete Gas Nailer GN420CSE

From the 1st July 2013 it will become mandatory to use CE-Marked fasteners for making structural connections in timber constructions. Fasteners must meet the requirements of EN1995 Eurocode 5. Failure to comply with these regulations will be a breach of European law. MAKITA NAILS ARE (EC5) EUROCODE 5 CERTIFIED WHERE NECESSARY AND MARKED WITH THE RELEVANT SERVICE CLASS. SERVICE CLASS




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