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Evolve the way you estimate

Technology moves forward at a supersonic rate these days; in fact it often seems that a day can’t go by without some new gadget or shiny piece of kit being launched that is guaranteed to change our lives for the better.

With this overload of innovation it can be easy to switch off and think ‘well what I have now does the job, why change?’ Or, if you’re running a construction business, maybe it’s more a case of not having the time to check it out – but what if you are missing out? What if the latest estimating technology really could save you time, improve your business’ efficiency and, maybe more importantly, increase your profit margin?

Are you fed up of using your evenings and weekends to price jobs? Do you hate not knowing if the work you’re doing is going to make you money (or worse, lose you money)? Are you tired of delays caused by items not being ordered? Are you sick of losing potential business because you couldn’t provide a quote on time?

If you answered yes to any of the above then the estimating and management programs Easy Price Pro are offering really are worth taking the time to look at.

Whatever your trade or business type, Easy Price Pro’s software will enable you to produce accurate quotes quickly and easily – from the straightforward layout of the pricing sheet to the interactive 3D pictures. All of their programs are designed by a builder; they are logical and practical and nothing is forgotten, everything is calculated – right down to the last nail or screw!

Each estimating program contains job modules. These job modules are pre-loaded with all the items, tasks and calculations that are required for that type of job (e.g. drainage,

studwork, foundations etc.). All you need to do is enter basic details/dimensions into the clearly marked boxes and the job module will do all the complex number crunching for you, as well as telling you how it was done! You’ll also be able to see the cost and quantity breakdowns for any material, plant or labour that the job requires if you want to double check anything for yourself.

You know Easy Price Pro realises every business is unique because when you are using their software it quickly becomes clear that each program has been built to be extremely flexible (e.g. they don’t dictate how you should price your work!). You are able to fine-tune settings so that the quotations you produce are based on your own methods, requirements, costs and preferences – it’s very straightforward.

Once the work is priced you can instantly access a complete set of professional reports that have been designed for you and your client. These include; a written quotation, summaries, payment and work schedules, a material order sheet, a bill of quantities and more. All of the reports are automatically generated from the information you’ve entered on the pricing sheet, meaning you don’t have to enter any details twice and you can be confident that nothing has been overlooked.

You have complete control over your markups and overhead allowances so the profit margin for a job is always in your power.

Everything in Easy Price Pro’s product range is designed to be easy to use – they understand that a big negative for many people when using something new is that there is often going to be a learning curve involved.

New technology is often packed with fantastic features but unfortunately it’s often the case that we don’t manage to fully utilise them. After all, how many of us have the latest phone, that’s probably capable of landing a helicopter, but still only use it for calls and texts! Whilst there isn’t a helicopter landing feature in any of Easy Price Pro’s programs, they are packed with lots of other fantastic functions and they want them to be utilised. By including lots of built in help, explanations and having a sensible and intuitive layout they are consciously showcasing the brilliant features available and, at the same time, making getting to grips with the software a painless task.

Sometimes you just can’t beat having a friendly voice at the end of a phone though, so they also provide a set up service and all new customers are provided with an online tutorial and three months of technical support to ensure their users hit the ground running and get the most out of the innovative, time saving elements that are built into each and every one of their programs. Is it time to evolve the way you estimate with the latest estimating technology from Easy Price Pro?

Make the time to save time and book a free no-obligation demonstration with one of our local consultants today, you can be up and running from just £399.00.

Call 0845 612 4747, email or visit our website

New chipboard flooring system with a unique lifetime guarantee

Europe’s leading wood-based panel manufacturer EGGER UK is so confident in its new Advanced Structural Flooring System (ASFS) they’re offering a lifetime guarantee for every EGGER floor fitted using its system.

Launching today, The EGGER Advanced Structural Flooring System offers superior product quality, durability and exceptional peace of mind for customers. At its heart is the company’s portfolio of structural P5 grade chipboard flooring boards with enhanced moisture resistant properties,

which include EGGER P5, EGGER Peel Clean Xtra, EGGER Protect, and EGGER Decorative Protect. The boards are produced on one of the most sophisticated production lines in Europe. They each have a tongue and groove profile created using diamond-tipped tooling for stronger and tighter fitting joints. A key component of the new easy-fit system is EGGER’s brand new Joint & Joist D4 Adhesive which is proven to be up to five times stronger than a mechanical fixing and now flows more easily with less wastage. EGGER Joint & Joist D4 Adhesive is also ideal for gap filling on uneven surfaces and joists due to its unique foaming technology which helps to eliminate annoying squeaks associated with fully nailed floors.

It also saves on cost and fitting time by eradicating the need for expensive tools, applicator guns or joint sealing tapes. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of EGGER’s Advanced Structural Flooring System is its landmark lifetime guarantee – which lasts for 60 years and aims to give customers complete peace of mind on every floor they lay.

The EGGER Advanced Structural Flooring System

Industry-leading flooring solution for domestic flooring applications. An outstanding range of products including EGGER P5, EGGER Peel Clean Xtra, EGGER Protect and EGGER Decorative Protect flooring boards to meet all requirements. EGGER’s new Joint & Joist D4 Adhesive offering a host of benefits. Produced on one of Europe’s most sophisticated production lines. Tongue and groove profile created using diamond-tipped tooling for Stronger and tighter joints.

Certification assurance from our quality management systems of ISO: 14001 and ISO: 9008 to FSC, PEFC from HolzCert Austria and CE marking. UK-wide coverage and technical support to assist customers with day-to-day enquiries and projects. A method of fitting that ensures every floor can be finished to the highest standard.

To find out more about the EGGER Advanced Structural Flooring System and the Advanced Lifetime Guarantee please call the EGGER building hotline on 0845 602 4444 or e-mail or visit

RINNAI’S range: the infinity hot water solution

Rinnai’s Infinity range of continuous flow gas fired water heaters includes heavy duty and condensing units that have been engineered specifically to give the highest efficiencies and lowest running costs of any commercial water heating products. Continuous flow water heating units save almost 29 per cent on fuel bills, especially when using a technologically advanced Rinnai Infinity condensing model. There are no sudden changes in water temperature thanks to the digital temperature controller. So, for example, if somebody is showering at, say 42°C, and a tap is turned on elsewhere, the temperature will not vary. As a failsafe, the unit will automatically cut the heater should the temperature rise by 3°C above the chosen set point. For commercial sites traditional hot water storage systems, by virtue of their system design, find it very difficult to cope with modern hot water demand, as the recovery times are often longer than the period of use.

Rinnai’s Heavy Duty Condensing (HDC) Infinity models Rinnai’s unique condensing technology incorporates two heat exchangers to achieve optimum water heating generated from every cubic metre of Natural Gas or LPG with recovery of up to 740 litres per hour at 50° Delta. Rinnai HDC 1200 and 1500 models are extremely low noX, less than 50mg, with the HDC1200 internal and external models showing an impressive energy performance of 107 per cent net efficiency while the larger Rinnai HDC1500 internal and external models turn in 105 per cent net efficiency.

Rinnai infinity plus Rinnai UK has expanded the benefits of individual continuous flow water heaters into larger scale commercial markets by launching complete cascade systems using the HDC models in the infinity PLUS, enabling time saving and cost effectiveness in large commercial applications. The comprehensive Rinnai Infinity PLUS range offers specifiers and end users a system that guarantees a constant flow of safe hot water at precisely the chosen temperature. Operated via an easy to use built-in digital controller, the water heater provides near mains pressure flow for as long as is necessary, without the need for thermostatic mixer valves.

Rinnai infinity pLus storage In situations where a very large demand of hot water is required, the Rinnai Infinity PLUS Storage option offers a cost effective solution. Using a modular system of either internal or external Rinnai HD or HDC condensing water heaters and a stainless steel storage vessel, demands in excess of 20,000 litres per hour can be satisfied. Rinnai’s stainless steel storage vessels do not require electric immersion heating elements.

Rinnai Heavy Duty (HD) Infinity Models The Rinnai HD50i internal water heater is a wall hung heater capable of producing hot water at 770 litres per hour at a 50°C rise. The HD50i has a 125mm concentric flue which can be extended up to 13m, less 1m per 45° bend. Incoming water temperatures of up to 65°C are accepted, making the HD50i suitable for secondary return systems. The Rinnai HD50i is a fully modulating 54kW unit.

Rinnai INFINITY 16i Rinnai’s Infinity 16i gas fired continuous flow water heater is perfectly placed to meet the hot water needs of dwellings and light commercial users, such as hairdressing salons, providing a constant flow of cost effective safe hot water with precision temperature control. Rinnai Solar Water Heating Solutions Rinnai units used as a gas booster to solar thermal installations are the most energy efficient boosting solution on the market. The system maximises solar gain, as it only functions and consumes energy when more hot water is needed. The rest of the time the unit is inactive. It is the only booster that ensures a shower or bath any time of the day or night. .

Rinnai Digital Controllers Remote temperature controllers allow precise temperature control by the user. The water heater will deliver the selected temperature even when the water flow is varied or more than one tap is in use. Each remote controller can be individually programmed, however the water heater can only deliver one set temperature at any time. Remote temperature controllers cannot override the master temperature setting made with the DIP switches within the heater. Common flue header system Lime Scale Checker Another simple but effective ideas safeguards against lime scale build up occurring in Rinnai continuous flow water heaters a scale control system continually monitors the appliances for lime scale deposits around the heat exchanger. Service & Technical Support As well as supplying the product direct to installers in this country and on the European continent, Rinnai UK offers high levels of customer service and sales support from its 15,000sq ft purpose built offices and warehouse to the many hundreds of Infinity continuous flow water heater customers in this country.

For more infor mation on the RINNAI product range visit


Naylor Drainage is probably best known for its clay pipes, a product which the company has made since its formation in 1890. But the last 20 years have seen the company undertaking an ambitious programme of diversification which has left it able to service groundworkers and civil engineering contractors with a wide range of below ground pipeline products for a variety of applications.

The company remains committed to its original core of clay pipes, retaining its belief that clay is the ideal material for sewerage applications in view of its strength, greater longevity (100+ year life) and environmental performance. These attributes continue to result in widespread specification of clay, not just in infrastructure work but also in construction projects such housing association and public sector work- schools, hospitals etc. The company’s belief in the future of clay has resulted in continued modernisation of its plant and the acquisition of new kilns and equipment. Naylor has also continued to innovate in clay- the company has launched

new ranges such as Hathernware- a highly chemical resistant system for use in the chemical and process industries and Denloka high strength jacking pipe for trenchless installation. The company has also continued to add to its Band-Seal range of flexible couplings, having introduced this product to the UK market in the 1980’s. But it is the launch of the company’s plastic pipe business in 2000 which has provided the most significant development of recent years. In the late 1990’s, the company recognised that clay pipes were over-engineered for shorter life applications such as cable ducting.

It responded by capital investment as well as the acquisition of three businesses- Fife based Argival, Duct box innovator Poet and Midlands extruder Rateoval; these have allowed Naylor to launch a comprehensive range of ducting and surface water drainage products. The company’s ducting offering is perhaps the most noteworthy, comprising a huge range of colours, coils and sticks, smooth and corrugated single and twinwall products. The company manufactures electrical conduit from 18mm, smooth bore PE ducting from 38-200mm and twinwall ducting from 50300mm. These ducts are available in a variety of colours to meet NJUG requirements- black (for electrical applications etc), green (CCTV), yellow (gas), blue (water), orange (street lighting & traffic signals), purple (motorway and Scottish ducting) etc. Naylor also has a comprehensive range of surface water drainage products. The company has a strong position in the agricultural sector, manufacturing land drainage coils from 60-160mm. The company’s 100-600mm twinwall drainage offering has two strands; the company’s NDrain range comprises product for agricultural and general purpose applications whilst Metro-Drain comprises a fully certified BBA range for highways applications. The extent of Naylor’s product range allows stockists and major schemes to accept

deliveries of a wide range of below ground products on a single lorry against a single order, minimising administration and site disruption.

For more information visit email: Tel: 01226 790591

vel before a second coating of Prime IT R and the application of Level IT moothFlow at 7mm. The additional oating of primer was critical to ensure S mbond o obetween t h F l otwo wlevelling Ultra Floor’s Prime IT ufficient AR, Level IT one HDB and the Level IT SmoothFlow have been used to lay new flooring in Google’s Haifa office in Northern Israel. ompounds. Google office Haifa, inspired by the beach

World Wide Success for Ultra Floor

Ultra Floor’s Prime IT AR, Level IT one HDB and Level IT SmoothFlow have been used to lay new flooring in Google’s Haifa office in Northern Israel. Internet search engine Google employs over 80 engineers in its office in Haifa, Israel’s technological centre.

Floor Prime IT AR, Level IT one HDB and Level IT SmoothFlow.

away from the beach and features a rooftop deck with WiFi and gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea. Each room has its own theme with walls and furnishings of all colours, there’s a meeting room filled with giant Lego and a pinball machine as well as an on-site gymnasium. The lobby is littered with toys and beanbag chairs and employees can eat for free all day long. All these facilities are designed to get the engineers’ creative juices flowing, according to Google.

the application of Level IT SmoothFlow at

evel IT SmoothFlow is Ultra &ůŽŽƌ͛Ɛ premium single part concrete floor leveller. The product Prime IT AR is an acrylic emulsion primer suitable for usefillers, on porous substrates. It helps ontains a blend of specially graded fine cements and polymers for smoothing and reduce the absorbency of the floor and improves prior the adhesion of cementitious velling of uneven internal floors, to the application of decorative floor coverings. It underlayments. It was applied to the concrete substrate prior to levelling with Level IT one as a rapid set time of approximately 2-3 hours, and can be laid at depths from 3mm to HDB. Level IT one HDB is uniquely formulated for 0mm. Ideal for use over vast areas, isof suitable trowel application, yet expertly the preparation of allittypes cementitious for 7mm. The additional coating of primer was smoothing and levelling of uneven internal sub-floors. It has a working time of 20-30 critical to ensure sufficient bond between the floors, prior to the application of decorative ormulated so excellent flowminutes canandbewill achieved when applied by pump, maximising theIt has a rapid set time of set within 2-3 hours. It is two levelling compounds. floor coverings. designed to smooth undulations and to build approximately 2-3 hours, and can be laid at depths of up to 50mm prior to levelling with roduct's usage. Such flow an characteristics allow for Level coverage of up to Floor’s 5.5m²depths at from 3mm IT SmoothFlow is Ultra 3mm to 10mm. Ideal for use Ultra Floor levelling compound. It was premium single part concrete floor leveller. over vast areas, it is suitable for trowel used in this instance to raise the floor level hickness, resulting in an exceptionally strong and perfectly underlayment. The level product contains a blend of specially application, yet expertly formulated so The Haifa office is just two thousand meters before a second coating of Prime IT AR and

echnocrete (1992) Ltd. were very pleased with the esults. General Manager Uri Rabinek commented, moothFlow is an amazing product, I cannot fault ͊͛

evelTheITHaifa SmoothFlow makes a befitting addition to site has undergone refurbishment to maintain its high office space most popular internet he and premises ofstandard the ofǁŽƌůĚ͛Ɛ to continue inspiring its team. earch engine; ŝƚ͛Ɛ quick, efficient, gives great Technocrete (1992) Ltd, leading flooring contractor in Israel, finished subfloor overage delivers optimum results time after preparationand and application of heavy duty flooring sealant in a number of rooms at the me! Haifa office. The work was carried out in two phases within a 3 day window using Ultra

graded fillers, fine cements and polymers for

excellent flow can be achieved when applied by pump, maximising the product's usage. Such flow characteristics allow for coverage of up to 5.5m² at 3mm thickness, resulting in an exceptionally strong and perfectly level underlayment.

Technocrete (1992) Ltd. were very pleased with the results. General Manager Uri Rabinek commented, ‘SmoothFlow is an amazing product, I cannot fault it!’

Level IT SmoothFlow makes a befitting addition to the premises of the world’s most popular internet search engine; it’s quick, efficient, gives great coverage and delivers optimum results time after time!


Shower cubicles meet the demands of modern life

We live in a fast paced society. When we want something we usually want it straight away. Installing a shower cubicle rather than an enclosure is one great way to achieve a swift and hassle-free showering solution for any shape or size of bathroom and en suite.

In many cases, it is possible to have a watertight enclosure complete with the shower, controls and doors fitted and ready to enjoy in less than two hours and all without the need to use silicone.

Installing a shower cubicle really is as easy as A, B, C. Assemble Bolt together Connect to waste and water and add the doors.

As with fitting any shower there are just three main considerations: floor construction; waterproofing, and drainage. The quality and reliability of the products used are essential.

At Saniflo we have a wide range of stunning cubicles to suit all budgets and bathroom designs. The Kinedo range of superior quality shower cubicles includes Kinemagic, Horizon, Moonlight, Kineprime, Epsilon, Consort and Showermatic.

With its understated elegance and neutral styling, the Moonlight, pictured, will blend into any setting, whether classic or contemporary. It comes in 3 sizes, 80x80, 90x90, 110x80 so there’s a choice for bathroom spaces large and small. It features beautiful integrated glass panels and adjustable shelving so the floor can remain clutter free whilst the glass is coated in Cristal Plus for ease of maintenance and cleaning.

The neutral shades of this cubicle make it perfect to blend with the customer – or housebuilder’s – choice of colour scheme whether in a new development or a refurbishment project.

It’s also great for those who want the convenience of fitting a shower cubicle but still want the choice of shower control. The brushed aluminium effect panel can be easily drilled for any fixings - whether it’s an electric or mechanical shower valve. For example if there are TMV regulations to be met, then a TMV valve can be installed in to this cubicle or in the case of a builder having an existing contract with a brassware supplier then Moonlight is perfect for that flexibility and it boasts not only superior functionality but durability too.

For more information on the full range of Kinedo shower cubicles please request a copy of the brand new brochure which contains the full product range and all technical and fitting details.

Paul Hicks, Sustainability & Design Manager

VELUX, offers his advice on ways to create a more energy-efficient home

With energy bills growing higher and the average consumer’s purse strings tightening, there’s an increasing demand on architects and installers to incorporate sustainable, cost effective products and techniques into their projects. The government’s flagship Green Deal policy reinforces the need to move toward improved energy efficiency and thereby reduce carbon emissions.

Keeping heat loss to a minimum can be achieved if you make the most of the strategic placement of windows to maximise solar gain. Also, by letting in natural daylight and fresh air through the windows you immediately create a more comfortable, healthier living environment. By selecting the right products and technology requirements at the design stage, it’s easier to make the home more energy efficient and consequently less heating is used and more money is saved. At VELUX, our products are designed to be energy

efficient in several ways. Our roof windows allow up to 60% of the sun’s “free” heat into the home to make it naturally warmer and thus reduce the demand on the space heating system. The windows also have a high U-value to reduce heat loss, with the high performance double glazed unit achieving a U-value of 1.3 W/m²k and the triple glazed unit achieving 1.0 W/m²k. And with our insulating BDX collar, the thermal integrity of the installation is secured by ensuring minimal heat loss between the window and the structure itself. In addition, VELUX offer internal blinds for a perfect finish, which not only provide glare control and privacy, but also contribute an extra 0.1 W/m²k to the overall U-value performance of the installed window. And if you wish to go the extra mile, VELUX Roof Windows used in tandem with VELUX solar panels and a compatible solar heating system, can play a key role in helping reduce fuel bills and CO2 emissions. Summer has arrived and temperatures have heated up, making ventilation even more important and an integral consideration for energy efficiency. Natural ventilation allows the exchange of stuffy, stale air with fresh air from outside, thus improving the internal living environment of buildings by using the flow of cool air to reduce the effect of

overheating without using mechanical cooling systems. Natural ventilation is a simple strategy. Warmer air is vented out through high level roof windows, drawing cooler air through from the bottom of the house, providing a fresh supply of air at the same time. The built-in ventilation bar on VELUX Roof Windows will also allow a trickle of background ventilation, even when the windows are securely closed. Having an energy efficient home doesn’t necessarily have to come at a price either – there are a number of products on the market which allow your customer to choose a product to suit their specific project. VELUX’s sleek range of products enables them to fit seamlessly with any design and the stylish VELUX White finish for example, offers real longevity and durability, essential for kitchens, bathrooms and sunrooms. By recommending products that have a cutting

edge design, enduring quality and excellent efficiency, you’re helping your customer make a long term investment to create a healthier indoor environment that is ultimately a more attractive place in which to live.

For more information about VELUX or to receive free training on how to fit energy efficient products, please visit or

Homes by Senior

Lennart Jonsson - Managing Director of Senior Architectural Systems Well respected in the Commercial Fenestration Sector, Senior Architectural Systems are poised to enter the Home Improvement and New House Build Sector with a range of Hybrid products which are proving to be very popular with homeowners. Senior Hybrid Systems offer clients a wide range of Windows and Doors which combine the long life and low maintenance of Aluminium on the outside with the high insulation, environmentally focused benefits of 100% PEFC accredited Timber to the inside.

Hybrid’s Fifth Birthday Since its launch, almost five years ago, Hybrid has grown to be one of the most successful products for Senior’s, Lennart Jonsson, Senior’s MD, takes up the story, “The Hybrid Timber Aluminium Composite Window was the first system of its kind

designed and supplied by Senior’s in the UK. Five years ago Installers were waiting ten weeks or more for a single order from the large European Composite Window Suppliers, Hybrid managed to slash those delivery times by making available a System in bar form, exstock, which could be easily be manufactured in any Aluminium fabrication workshop. We wanted to give our Fabricators something that they could challenge our European colleagues with, and so Hybrid was born. Very quickly we saw the need to add both Curtain Wall and Door Systems to the Hybrid Range so that our customers could tackle virtually any Commercial Project that specified Timber Aluminium Composite Systems.” A dedicated UK focus Senior’s have worked very closely with their

Fabricators in the UK and, unlike other European Systems Companies, Senior’s have always been able to adapt their market focus very quickly to suit a rapidly changing climate. As Hybrid specifications continue to increase, the Product Range is constantly under development. The Hybrid System now includes a Sliding Folding Door configuration and a large Lift and Slide Door arrangement. With the focus on development aimed at the UK and Ireland markets, products have been developed in consultation with customers and homeowners. Over the past few years there has been a well documented shift in the Home Improvement sector, partially driven by the high costs of moving house, and by the rising popularity of TV programmes such as ‘Grand Designs’. ‘Open Plan’ living is also gaining popularity once again, as is the single story extension often constructed in an ‘Orangery’ style. These extensions are normally completed with a large expanse of glass from floor to ceiling and often use Sliding Folding Doors which open up the room to the garden for use on sunny days. These extensions are being completed as an investment to the home and now often use high quality materials such as Aluminium, and Timber Aluminium composite products, such as Hybrid. ‘Senior’s are going’ Developing the Home Improvement sector with ‘Homes by Senior’ is the next natural and exciting step for the UK’s largest privately owned Systems Company. Located on stand 3.320 at the FIT Show in April, Senior’s will show trade visitors a wide range of Hybrid Products that allow homeowners to be creative with their designs. New lifestyle Brochures will be available which will show homeowners some examples of Projects

recently completed and include large expanses of Curtain Wall Framing as well as Door and Window Systems. ‘Homes by Senior’ will be raising the finish quality even further with the choice of seven standard, ex-stock, paint finishes for the external aluminium, including the new ‘Futura’ finish from Interpon. ‘Futura’ offers a textured metallic powder coat which offers a rich matt finish to the Profile. Internally there is a choice of 100% PEFC accredited lacquered Timber and an option for a painted timber finish.

A ready made option To ensure availability of products to an even wider customer base of Installers and Builders, the Seniors Hybrid System will, for the first time, be available in a Ready-Made option. Fabricated to both standard sizes and bespoke sizes through Senior’s extensive network of Fabricators across the country, Ready Made Doors can be ordered locally from a nationally published price list. To support the Installer will be a dedicated support phone line, website and staff at Senior's giving the Installer all the information they need for a successful installation. Senior's continue to support their Fabricators, but can now add support for the many small Installers and Builders who offer tailor-made solutions for their clients. By supporting this important Sector, it is hoped that Senior's Fabricated Service will help many of these businesses in what is a difficult market sector at this time. Further information on products and services can be found on the company’s website at or request further information by phoning their Head Office in Doncaster on 01709 772600



The Ultimate. Sliders UK, the company that brought brought you the world’ss first Secured world’ Secured by Design PVC-u patio and bi-folding doors now bring you the first Secured Secured by Design accredited accredited aluminium bi-folding door. door.

T : 01772 698222 W : www Sliders (UK) Limited Unit 232, Oldfield Road, W Walton alton Summit, Bamber Bridge, Lancashir Lancashiree PR5 8BG


Slender, stylish and ultra-secure.

Aluminium A luminium Branded the ‘Ultimate Aluminium Bi-fold’ and manufactur manufactured ed using the Beaufort system, this stunning range of doors offer offer the ultimate in security security,, aesthetics and performance. s s s s s s s s ss s s s s