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BuildingNews March 2017

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SURVEYORS WARN OF WORKFORCE BREXODUS The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors says that 8% of the UK’s construction workforce comes from other EU countries. Making these workers return to their home lands, RICS, says, will put some of the country’s biggest infrastructure and construction projects

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Surveyors, the numbers people of the construction industry, have calculated that nearly 200,000 workers could be lost if the UK chooses not to retain the rights of EU citizens after Brexit.

under threat. RICS says that for Britain to remain economically healthy after withdrawing from the EU, it needs continued access to the EU Single Market or to put alternative plans in place to safeguard the future of the property and



construction sectors in the UK. Some overseas professionals, such as ballet dancers, are regarded as critical by the UK government, and given special dispensation in the visa application process. Construction professions should similarly be added to the UK shortage occupations list, RICS says. In a RICS survey, 30% of construction professionals said that hiring non-UK workers was important to the success of their businesses. When asked about the effectiveness of current plans to address the UK’s long-term skills shortages, 20% of respondents felt that apprenticeship schemes were not effective at all. RICS policy chief Jeremy Blackburn said: “It is in all our interests that we make a success of Brexit, but a loss of access to the single market, has the potential to slowly bring the UK’s ÂŁ500bn infrastructure pipeline to a standstill. That means that unless access to the single market is secured or alternative plans are put in place, we won’t be able to create the infrastructure needed to enable our cities to compete on a global stage. We have said before that this is a potential stumbling block for the government, which is working to deliver both its housing white paper and industrial strategy. “A simple first step would be to ensure that construction professions, such as quantity surveyors, feature on the UK shortage occupations list. Ballet dancers won’t improve our infrastructure or solve the housing crisis, yet their skills are currently viewed as essential, whereas construction professionals are not.â€? He added: “Of course, we must also address the need to deliver a construction and property industry that is resilient to future change and can withstand the impact of any future political or economic shocks — key to that will be growing the domestic skills base. As the industry’s Continued on page 2

Builders’ merchants’ sales up 5% in 2016 A warm dry autumn provided an end-of-year boost to builders’ merchants, helping to lift their annual sales figures. The latest figures from the Builders Merchants Building Index (BMBI) show that generalist merchants generated annual revenues in excess of £5.44bn with sales value growth of 5.2% on 2015. Total merchant sales in the BMBI report for Q4 2016 were up 5.5% on the same period in 2015. With the mild autumn extending the season for external works, sales of landscaping products were up 10.3% in the fourth quarter and sales of heavy building materials were up by 7.1% compared to a year before. Growth in heavy building materials was particularly driven by roofing products, lintels and plasterboards. Two further categories outperformed the total market in Q4. Sales of kitchens and bathrooms increased by 5.9% year on year and ironmongery rose by 5.6%. The fourth quarter had five fewer trading days than the third quarter, so in most cases quarter-on-quarter sales were down. However, there were two exceptions: plumbing, heating & electrical sales were up 8%; workwear and safetywear rose by 6.1%.

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March 2017 NEWS

Surveyors warn of workforce brexodus Continued from page 1 professional body, we are working with government and industry to develop that skills base, building vital initiatives, such as degree apprenticeships, in our sector to drive ALTRO


Prison building plans unveiled

The justice secretary has announced plans to build four new prisons, creating up to 2,000 construction jobs.Subject to planning approval, new prisons will be built at Full Sutton near York and Port Talbot in South Wales. Existing prisons at Hindley in Wigan and Rochester in Kent will be closed and substantially rebuilt. Together, the four new prisons will have capacity for 5,000 offenders.Justice secretary Elizabeth Truss said: “We cannot hope to reduce reoffending until we build prisons that


the talent pipeline forward. This survey reveals that more work needs to be done to promote the indisputable benefits of these schemes to industry – RICS intends to take this forward as a priority.” are places of reform where hard work and self-improvement flourish. Outdated prisons, with dark corridors and cramped conditions, will not help offenders turn their back on crime – nor do they provide our professional and dedicated prison officers with the right tools or environment to do their job effectively. “This significant building programme will not only help create a modern prison estate where wholescale reform can truly take root, but will also provide a thriving, economic lifeline for the local community – creating hundreds of jobs for local people and maximising opportunities for businesses.”


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Builders Welcome NI U-Turn The Government has made the right decision to row back on its plan to hike up National Insurance Contributions for the self-employed, the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) said today. Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said: "At a time when we need to do everything we can to ensure economic stability, this would have been a destabilising tax increase which would have hit large numbers of tradespeople on quite modest incomes. That would

have felt very unfair and would have been in danger of undermining the entrepreneurial spirit Britain will need to rely on as we approach the economic uncertainty of Brexit. There is an important debate to be had about how we ensure a level playing field in the taxation of the self-employed and the directly employed. But we need to do that in a way that allows people to plan ahead and ensures the total package of tax and benefits is fair to the selfemployed."

Cartel whistleblowers offered £100k reward Whistleblowers are being offered rewards of up to £100,000 if they expose illegal collusion among construction suppliers. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is targeting illegal cartels – businesses that collude with each other in order to keep their prices high – in a new advertising campaign. The CMA’s campaign “Cracking down on Cartels” is asking people who have witnessed illegal activity to report it, by offering a reward of up to £100,000 as well as promising them anonymity. Cartel colluders are liable to fines of up to 10% of turnover and prison sentences of up to five years. However, under the CMA’s leniency scheme, cartel members that break ranks and are first to confess to the CMA will be given immunity. CMA acting chief executive Andrea Coscelli said: “Cartels are a form of stealing that

Caviweep. Cavivent. Or Both?

cheat ordinary people as well as other businesses by undermining competition, and we are committed to tackling them wherever we find them. Cartels are carried out in secret to make you think you are getting a fair deal, even when you are being conspired against to keep prices high. “Cartels are both harmful and illegal, and the consequences of breaking the law are extremely serious. That is why we are launching this campaign – to help people understand what cartel activity looks like and how to report it so we can take action.” CMA’s adverts will appear in social media feeds, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as on certain websites. To report a cartel: email or telephone 0800 085 1664 or 020 3738 6888.

Construction output slowed in January

Construction output fell by 0.4% in January 2017 compared with December 2016, although it was up 2.0% compared with a year earlier. Latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) also shows new orders in the fourth quarter of 2016 were 2.8% lower than Q3 and flat compared to a year before. Repair and maintenance fell 1.3% month-onmonth in January, with decreases in public housing and non-housing repair and maintenance. All new work showed signs of flattening out with growth of 0.1% in January 2017, but continued to grow in the November to January three-month period compared with the previous three months, at a rate of 2.1%. Infrastructure output grew month-on-month for the third time in a row, increasing 3.5% in January 2017. All these numbers apply only to Great Britain (England/Scotland/Wales), not the whole country. Overall annual construction output growth has increased for 2016, to 2.4% from 1.5%, due to upward revisions for all four quarters, including a revision of 0.8% in Quarter 4 (Oct to Dec) 2016, from 0.2% to 1%. New orders fell by 2.8% in Quarter 4 of 2016, driven mainly by falls in private industrial and private commercial work. Despite new orders falling 2.8% in Q4 2016, the overall volume of new orders taken in 2016 was at its highest level since 2008. Rebecca Larkin, senior economist at the Construction Products Association, commented: “Following an increase in output in Q4 last year, the overall fall in construction output in the opening month of 2017 was disappointing, with a decrease in housing, industrial, commercial and RM&I activity over the month. “Furthermore, the construction new orders data from the ONS suggests that there may be continued weakness in activity in some sectors during 2017. Commercial new orders tailed off in the second half of 2016 and in Q4 were 10.6% lower than in Q3 and fell 24.1% from a year ago, and new orders in the industrial sector were the lowest in two years. Building work in both sectors requires a large up-front investment for a long-term rate of return and it appears decision-making has been clouded by a rise in economic uncertainty. “Taking total new orders growth of 2.9% in 2016 as a whole, however, shows there remains an impetus for construction activity over the next 12 months. As echoed in our forecasts, output during 2017 will be driven by higher orders for housing – both private and public – as well as infrastructure and new public sector buildings such as schools and hospitals.” Will Waller, market intelligence lead at Arcadis, said: “The private commercial and industrial sectors, together accounting for over 30% of construction output per annum, have shown their vulnerability to the deep uncertainty in the market, with drops in new orders of -24% and -9% respectively in Q4 2016 on the previous year. “Uncertainty is clearly taking its toll in the form of delayed decision making, with some clients adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach in the face of an imminent Article 50 trigger, potentially deepening uncertainty and the resulting downside risks this brings in many end user markets. “Whilst the numbers show that construction output has continued on an upward trajectory in the majority of sectors, the impact of the upcoming negotiations on the viability of development decisions is now likely to be a dominant factor in determining future growth. The industry has a clear opportunity to boost collaboration, particularly in the management of risk.”

EACH OFFERING AN ADVANTAGE Different sizes. Different colours. Different applications. Water evacuation airflow or both. With brick block stone or render.

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IDS Tuscan Grandé wood flooring offers wide plank appeal Grandé, part of the Tuscan wood flooring range from IDS, offers the fashionable appeal of wide floor planks in two classic options of Natural Oak and Rustic Oak, together with two contemporary finishes in Dark Smoked Oak and White Smoked Oak, all FSC certified. The 220mm wide Natural, Rustic and Dark Smoked Oak planks have either two or four bevelled edges and come in lengths

Kalwall creates healthy shelter

Around 8 million people a year are expected to be sheltering under Kalwall at the beautifully-designed new bus station at West Croydon. Designed by Transport for London Architects, this is an unusual example of how translucent Kalwall can offer many different advantages above its normal use for translucent traditional building cladding and rooflighting. The brief for this project was to create a user-friendly waiting and assembly shelter to service the thousands of passengers using this important and busy transport hub linking the 150 buses an hour with the adjacent tram stop and West Croydon railway station providing routes to Canada Water and east London, and via the tram network to Beckenham and Wimbledon. The normal choice of construction for a translucent and weatherproof canopy would be to glaze the roof with glass, However inhouse architect Martin Eriksson and the project team at TfL realised that Kalwall offered a better solution in this location which would not only solve the brief and contribute to a better design but would offer many other benefits over traditional glazing. For example, since Kalwall is much lighter than glass it meant that the supporting structure needed to be less strong and far less chunky. In additional, not only would the shelter be less high but the vertical supports would be less obstructive and open up a better view of the environment including the very attractive church nearby which had previously been blocked from the view of waiting passengers.


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March 2017

of 2200mm, while the 190mm wide White Smoked Oak is 1900mm in length. All have a 20mm thickness which makes them ideal for fixing directly to floor joists. Says Gail Alcock, National Flooring Manager at IDS: “Grandé is especially good for the home renovation market because there is less work, time and expense involved in laying the new floor. The existing floorboards can simply be taken up and the Grandé ones fixed in their place straight onto the joists.” The Grandé range features a multiply construction providing a highly stable flooring solution and is compatible for use with electric and water-piped underfloor heating systems. The flexible tongue and groove system allows the flooring to be installed using various methods including glue down, nailing directly to joists or as a floating floor. The complete Tuscan wood flooring collection offers 48 finishes including a wide range of oaks, fashionable greys, smoked woods and herringbones that can meet any design style for new build or renovation projects. Offering wide design and installation flexibility, Tuscan includes solid wood, multiply, engineered and Elite engineered flooring. I enquiry 100

ISD Solutions exports single envelope knowhow for NewCold frozen distribution centre in Melbourne

SD Solutions, the UK’s leading specialist subcontractor in the design and construction of composite panel, single envelope coldstore warehouses, has won an A$12m order from Dutch cold chain logistics specialist NewCold, to build the company’s latest super-efficient freezer storage and distribution facility near Melbourne, Australia. This is ISD Solution’s first Australian cold store construction project and follows the creation of an Australian subsidiary earlier this year with the goal of introducing their acknowledged design and construction expertise with thermally efficient insulated PIR panels, to cold store warehouse and distribution clients across the region. ISD Solutions have previously delivered several ‘’Single Envelope’’ high-bay freezer projects in the UK, in Gloucester, Wisbech, Dublin and Macclesfield . The contract involves the design and construction of the external single envelope for a 35m tall high-bay freezer operating at -25 degrees C and a detached 15m tall lowbay section. Together these will have a combined floor area of 19,000m2 and storage capacity for 100,000 Australian standard pallets. ISD expects to use some 60,000m2 of Kingspan CS panels during the build and once completed, mid 2017, the facility will be the largest automated highbay freezer warehouse in the Southern hemisphere. I enquiry 102


Acoustic panels aid history A significant new building project has recently been completed at one of the National Trust’s most popular properties in Hampshire, Mottisfont Abbey. The new development, situated on the banks of the River Test, aims to improve the entrance facilities at this historic priory and country estate - visited annually by

over 250,000 people. Designed by Burd Haward Architects, the new welcome buildings are arranged around a central courtyard, raised above ground level to avoid risk of flooding and impact on the existing flood plain. Their form and materials, including extensive use of internal acoustic panels, make reference to agricultural structures typically found on the edge of a large estate. The prefabricated

engineered timber structure is clearly expressed internally, with bold and reductive detailing which allows the buildings to be understood as contemporary interpretations of these familiar forms. Externally the shop is clad in weathering steel, the WCs in timber boarding, while the entrance area is glazed with deep timber fins to allow views through to the river and gardens beyond. In this very busy reception, the deep reveal theme is continued across the ceiling, with Troldtekt acoustic tiles cut to fit vertically between the ceiling joists. This helps to dissipate the sounds and echoes from visitors in an otherwise potentially noisy area. I enquiry 103

New campaign on energy-efficient and sustainable construction is now online Increasing economic benefits while at the same time reducing global warming potential: How products from the Master Builders Solutions® range contribute to this is the focus of the new Europe-wide campaign “Quantified Sustainable Benefits – Reduce your Footprint and Boost Your Bottom Line.” Through a series of ads and a dedicated website, BASF’s Master Builders Solutions experts together with European customers present selected cases that demonstrate how superior chemistry enables customers to increase their productivity as well as decrease operational costs and carbon footprint. Externally validated evaluation tools like BASF’s Eco-Efficiency Analysis and Life Cycle Analyzer quantify the obtained benefits. Here is an example: Through the use of Master X-Seed, German precast manufacturer fdu Betonwerke was able to achieve a 50 percent reduction in concrete hardening time. Master X-Seed is an advanced hardening accelerator that is added to the concrete mix. The crystals incorporated in the admixture improve the early strength of the concrete. The high early

Advanced Panels protect World Class Chemical Plant

The performance, ease-of-use and backwards compatibility of its MxPro 5 multiprotocol panels has seen Advanced chosen to protect a major UK chemical plant owned by manufacturer, Victrex, a world leader in the high-performance polymer solutions. The company focusses on serving a diverse range of markets that use VICTREX™ PEEK polymer, including smartphones, aeroplanes, cars, medical devices, oil and gas operations. The fire system installed at the Victrex Hillhouse site, in Lancashire, is built around MxPro fire panels from Advanced. The

strength of the concrete enables fdu to reduce the energy-intensive heat treatment of the fresh concrete, reducing production energy costs by up to 15 percent per site. Thomas Beike, Managing Director fdu Betonwerke, explains: “The formworks for concrete elements usually have to remain in the heat chamber for twelve hours to harden. That is time-, energy- and costintensive. Through the use of Master X-Seed, we have reduced curing time from twelve to six hours. The elements can be demolded earlier to be delivered to the construction sites much faster. The CO2 footprint has also been reduced significantly”, he adds. I enquiry 104

systems was recently expanded with new MxPro 5 panels being added seamlessly onto the existing MxPro 4 network allowing Victrex to keep costs down and take advantage of leading features of MxPro 5 such as AlarmCalm complete false alarm management. Steve Fairhurst, Control and Electrical Project Engineer for Victrex, said: “We needed up-to-date technology for the installation that was expandable, reliable and able to interface with the existing panels we already had installed. We are currently working on a new Polymer Innovation Centre and this will also be integrated into the fire panel network along with a remote fire suppression system.” Approved to EN54 parts 2, 4 and 13, MxPro 5 panels can be used in single loop, single panel format or easily configured into high speed, 200 panel networks covering huge areas and tens of thousands of field devices. Advanced’s legendary ease of installation and configuration and wide peripheral range mean that MxPro is customisable to almost any application and it can be found in challenging and prestigious sites around the world. I enquiry 105

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The photograph shows the Snickers 6202 Work Trousers in the 5804 colour option. The safety shoes shown are recommended by Snickers Workwear - the Hydra GTX from Solid Gear,

Snickers WorkTrousers Are Getting ‘Smarter’ #Inventing Workwear With good looks, body-mapping designs and hi-tech fabrics, Snickers Workwear has always been at the forefront of delivering the ultimate in working comfort and freedom of movement. That’s why Snickers WorkTrousers will be getting even ‘Smarter’ with the integration of Wearable Technology to improve users’ performance and wellbeing on site. With a patented KneeGuard System and 37.5™ Fabric Technology, it will all add up to the ultimate in performance and functionality – and the ‘smartest’ WorkTrousers available today. Check out independent reviews of our products at, search for ‘Snickers’ and then make your choices at

For more information, advice and to locate your nearest Snickers stockist, please call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788 Snickers Workwear Limited Unit N3 Gate 4 | Meltham Mills Industrial Estate | Meltham | Holmfirth | HD9 4DS | Tel: 01484 854488 | Fax: 01484 854733 Email: Web: I enquiry 502

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March 2017


Don’t slip up on choosing flooring Safety, hygiene, cost and comfort – there’s a lot to consider when it comes to kitchen flooring, says Glen Lister, Altro’s Key Account Manager, Food & Drink. Flooring in commercial kitchens and food preparation areas needs to work hard, with safety top of the list. However, keeping people safe is about more than slipresistance and cleaning, it’s also about preventing surfaces from harbouring bacteria. Cost and comfort will also feature high on the agenda when it comes to choosing kitchen flooring. Risks and realities The commercial kitchen can be a dangerous place. Oil evaporates into the air and settles on the floor when it cools – requiring constant cleaning to prevent a slippery surface. Small spills like milk or flour could cause a very real slip hazard. A busy lunch hour would mean a lot of oil and cooking ingredients on the floor, and not enough time to keep the floor clean and hazard-free at all times. The law requires that employers ensure the health and safety of all employees, which is why safety flooring is a popular choice in commercial kitchens. However, there’s more to choosing the right safety flooring than meets the eye. It’s well worth spending a little time to understand the mechanics of safety flooring because getting it wrong can be costly in many, many ways.


Understanding slip-resistance Safety flooring in the UK is often given a PTV – Pendulum Test Value – to show the level of slip-resistance it provides. Wet flooring that measures PTV ≥36 translates to a one in a million chance of slipping and is classed as having a low slip potential. However, the contaminant used for this test is

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water – perfectly suitable for most areas, but as you’ll know well, not commercial kitchens. For this reason, we put safety flooring to a real-world test, using a variety of common contaminants found in a commercial kitchen. We used the standard PTV pendulum test BS7976 to test a range of typical kitchen contaminants, using three of our safety floors, all classed as having a low slip potential. As expected, all three performed well with clean water as the contaminant, but when it came to greasy washing up water or vegetable oil, safety flooring that meets the ‘low slip potential’ figure of PTV ≥36 saw a hugely increased risk of slipping of just 1 in 20. Only the specialist safety flooring with our highest PTV of ≥55 continued to provide a 1 in a million risk of slipping. Your chosen flooring needs to be able to perform against wet and dry contaminants and provide sustained lifetime slip resistance, so consult the slip-resistance figures and ask tough questions about performance over time. You need confidence that your chosen flooring will continue to perform like new, year after year after year. Hygiene matters The surfaces you choose for kitchens and food preparation areas must meet exceptionally high health and safety and food hygiene standards – increasingly this spells problems for many traditionally used finishes, such as ceramic tiles which can provide a breeding ground for bacterial growth.

The EU food safety guidelines say that every food business operation must ensure food safety is never compromised. The layout, design and construction of food premises must prevent the accumulation of dirt and the shedding of particles. Floors, walls, ceilings, windows and doors must have impervious, non-absorbent and washable surfaces. All surfaces should be maintained in a sound condition, and therefore be easy to clean and disinfect. This will require all surfaces to be smooth, washable, corrosionresistant and made from non-toxic materials. HACCP is an international system for food safety management. It is a legal requirement in Europe under EC Regulation 852/2004. To conform to HACCP standards, excellent hygiene and rigorous cleaning routines are essential, and surfaces must be impervious to bacteria ingress and easy to clean to prevent contamination. We recommend using a system designed to work together, such as Altro Stronghold safety flooring and Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding – both of which are HACCP approved. Consider long term costs Cost, of course, is a constraint, but consider life cycle costs as well as installation processes. Downtime costs money, so ease and speed of installation are key, choose products designed to minimise downtime and cause the least disruption to busy kitchens and production runs. For the same reasons consider durability – fit products that are manufactured to perform to a high standard over a long period of time even in the most demanding environments. Comfort matters Specialist safety flooring tough enough for commercial kitchens will also be thicker than standard safety flooring. Look for 3mm thick rather than 2mm and you’ll see a range of additional benefits including reduced staff fatigue, noise reduction and comfort underfoot.

W e b s i t e : w w w. a l t r o . c o . u k / C o m m e r c i a l - K i t c h e n s

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March 2017


FLIR launches latest generation, advanced thermal imaging cameras for Building Science Applications FLIR Systems announces three new ExxSeries advanced thermal imaging cameras for electrical, mechanical, and building applications: the FLIR E75, E85, and E95. The redesigned, Wi-Fi-enabled Exx-Series features intelligent interchangeable lenses, laser-assisted autofocus modes and area measurement functionality, improvements to FLIR’s patented MSX® imaging technology, and a larger, more vibrant 4-inch touchscreen. These distinctive features,

combined with increased sensitivity and increased native resolution, will help professionals identify hot spots or building deficiencies before potential problems become expensive repairs. In redesigning the Exx-Series, FLIR developed a new range of compact intelligent, interchangeable lenses that the camera automatically recognizes and calibrates, eliminating the need for manual calibration.

Lucideon’s on-site construction services continue to expand Lucideon, the international materials development and commercialization organization, continues to grow its on-site services for the construction industry. Onsite testing and consultancy services allow for informed choices to be made during any stage of a construction project, whether it is new build, refurbishment or infrastructure. Lucideon’s wide range of on-site capabilities allow for in-depth analysis to be performed

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of the largest construction projects in the UK, Europe and USA. Dr Geoff Edgell, director and construction principal consultant at Lucideon, said: “We’re continuing to expand the number of clients we work with and the areas in which we offer on-site testing. As we continue to add value to new and redevelopment builds through on-site testing and analysis, the real benefit of this practice is becoming better understood, and more appreciated by our clients. to ensure that informed decisions are made, and that in-situ structures are fit for purpose. Lucideon performs on-site testing on some

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NEW SX Instant Paintable Caulk – Apply. Paint. Done Siroflex has developed a unique innovative sealant which is instantly over paintable. This high quality flexible acrylic sealant will save you time, money and effort. It is easy to apply, dries quickly and can be painted over immediately with water based and synthetic paints. It adheres perfectly without the use of a primer to most surfaces, has low odour, does not discolour paint and is

D not corrosive towards metals. It can be used for the sealing and filling of gaps and cracks where movement can occur such as those between plasterwork and window frames, door frames, skirting boards, windowsills and architraves. You will obtain the best possible end result with SX Instant Paintable Caulk.

Saracen wins contract for landmark office fit out Sirius Minerals Plc has awarded leading workplace consultant, Saracen Interiors with a contract for the complete fit out and refurbishment of its new company headquarters at Prospect House - the iconic, former Scarborough Building Society building which stands at the town’s southern gateway. Saracen started on site earlier this month and Sirius expects to occupy its new offices in July. The 55,000 sq ft fit out covers three floors and will include the installation of new mechanical and electrical facilities throughout. The new HVAC design and fit out is expected to further bolster Sirius’s green credentials while saving the company an estimated 40 – 50 per cent on energy bills overall. Director of Saracen Interiors, Michael Page comments: “We’re pleased to have won this important contract as we were initially up against pretty stiff competition, including some of the UK’s leading main contractors. We have been building a profile in Yorkshire for some time and this is our biggest contract win in the region to-date.

Scan to watch our demonstration video. For more information about this unique solution call us on 01226 771600 or email

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KEMPER provides roof terrace and balcony solution at Millbrook Park Kemper System’s Kemperol V210 cold-applied liquid waterproofing membrane has been used to complete a mix of private and social housing at ‘The Mount’; part of the 2,174 unit, multi-developer Millbrook Park scheme in the London Borough of Barnet. Comprising a mix of eight four-storey apartment blocks and four blocks of three-storey town houses, the landmark scheme is part of a major regeneration project to create a new community in Mill Hill, which includes a new primary school and almost six hectares of green space. Kemper System’s Kemperol V210 membrane has been used as part of a brown roof build up on the apartment blocks, which also include a solar PV installation on the roof. It has also been used as the waterproofing membrane on the town house balconies. Specialist contractor, Cawston Roofing was responsible for delivering the roofing scheme, applying Kemper System’s Kempertec EP5 Primer to the concrete substrate before installing the Kemperol V210 membrane in a single wet-on-wet process. The cold-applied resin was rollered onto the roof and Kemper System’s 165g flexible

reinforcement fleece was laid onto the wet resin, followed by more resin to ensure complete saturation prior to curing. The inverted roof build up included installation of a double thickness of 180mm XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulation board onto the cured membrane, followed by a slimline deflection membrane and paving slabs to provide the base for the solar PV panels. The brown roof was then installed around the perimeter of each block. The same inverted system was used for the apartments’ terraces, with a lighter insulation. On the townhouse balconies, the Kemperol V210 was applied to the ply substrate, using the same wet-on-wet resin-fleece-resin process, as there was no requirement for insulation. Comments Kevin Cawston from Cawston Roofing: “The Kemperol V210 system was ideal for this project as it was suitable for use across the roof, terrace and balcony areas. With excellent root resistance it addressed the needs of the brown roof specification and the inverted roof build up enabled trades to begin the interior fit out while work continued on the roof.”


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Purplex is at the cutting g edge of lead generation, marketing tech hnology and brand development. We help companies in the construction, building products and glazzing industry dominate their markets. With offices in London, Bristol and a super new HQ, Purplex now has 10,000 sq ft facilities and d we’re expanding to 100 brilliantly talentted marketing experts.

Lets make 2017 your best year ever – call Purplex on 01934 808 13 32. LONDON OFFICE - T: 020 3137 9319 | BRISTOL OFFICE - T: 01934 808 132 E: /Purplexmarketing



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March 2017

Worktops Leverage Levenshulme Housing Project


A housing scheme in Levenshulme, greater Manchester has maximised budgets and installation times thanks to specification of unique surfaces from Maxtop Quartz. The Black Onyx Sparkle Maxtop Quartz worktop was selected by MCI Developments and has been installed within six of the 42 properties. Allen Burns, commercial manager of MCI Developments, commented: “We offered to try the Maxtop Quartz surface because the housing scheme is located close to the Maxtop headquarters. We’re always looking at new and innovative products, so wanted to give them a try. “We were looking for a product that was durable and easy on the eye and Maxtop definitely fit the criteria.

w w w . m a x t o p q u a r t z . c o . u k

“We ordered 39 metres of the product and were really happy with how easy it was to install – it was done in no time, which meant that we could quickly move forward with other fit out.” Fitted within the six homes which will be made available for private sale, the housing scheme will also include 22 homes for affordable rent and 14 properties for shared

ownership sale. Priority for the properties will be given to people who currently live or work locally and existing social housing tenants. Maxtop Quartz, which is available in up to ten finishes and comes with a 25-year guarantee, is a unique product in the surface market. Featuring a patented interior honeycomb structure, the product offers the aesthetic benefits of a solid stone surface, with the advantage of a deeper 40mm profile. Allen continued: “The Maxtop Quartz surface is a quality product and a great alternative to solid stone surfaces. As with projects of this nature, costs were tight and we’ve been able to get the finish we were looking for within our strict budget. We trust the durability of the surface will make it money well spent.” Stephen Moss, managing director of Maxtop Quartz Ltd, concluded: “It is fantastic to have our surfaces installed in a development site just around the corner from us in Levenshulme. The Maxtop Quartz surface is ideal for these types of housing projects where timescales and budgets need to be met. While the quartz exterior adds a quality finish to the product and a luxurious feel to the kitchen environment.” I enquiry 508

For more information about Maxtop please visit , call 0161 224 0333 or visit the Maxtop YouTube page to watch a short installation video.

Premium Dessert Maker Rhokett Selects ISD Solutions for New ‘Clean Room’ Production Facility


Specialist composite panel contractor ISD Solutions has completed the fit out of new high care production facilities for Rhokett, the rapidly expanding luxury high volume dessert maker, which supplies big name customers including Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, Pret A Manger and Sainsbury’s.

panels with a food safe laminate skin to form the walls and ceilings, with bespoke trims and detailing around columns, alcoves, doors, stairs and lifts as well as ovens, chillers and freezers. Services as well as plumbing for eight sink stations are cleverly concealed within the panel core. Approximately 95% of fittings and finishes were designed and manufactured by ISD Solutions’ in house team ensuring greater accuracy, flexibility to meet client requirements and high quality for the 12 week project. Rhokett Chairman Peter Le Voir said: "The new clean room style facility in Cranbrook delivers the capacity we need to meet high levels of demand for our bespoke desserts. ISD Solutions’ expertise in composite panel coldstores, technical knowledge, flexibility and high quality workmanship, has helped to deliver a first class solution to support Rhokett’s continued expansion.”

The new 1410m² food processing centre at Cranbrook in Kent, will provide Rhokett with further capacity to match high levels of demand for its upmarket cheesecake and patisserie range. Rhokett was established in 2002 with the support of Michelin-star chef Gary Rhodes and is currently seeing growth of more than 20% a year. Under the £150,000 contract ISD Solutions’ Coldstore division was responsible for the design and ground

floor fit out of the new warehouse, incorporating manufacturing and food preparation rooms, as well as cleaning, wash-down and lobby areas. To meet extremely high food safety standards the team worked side by side with Rhokett to deliver a temperature controlled clean room type installation with minimal ledges, flush walls and where possible fixing free. The construction includes a total of 2,200m2 100mm PIR (Polyisocyanurate)

I enquiry 507

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View our publication online at

March 2017

DECORATIVE, ADHESIVEFREE ALTRO CANTATA HITS THE RIGHT NOTE Altro has unveiled its latest innovation: decorative, adhesive-free Altro CantataTM flooring – designed to create maximum impact with minimum downtime. Altro Cantata’s 16 soft-look shades, which range from subtle naturals to beautifully vivid, allow you to create just the right tone with endless design possibilities.


The new flooring has been designed for use in busy environments where days of downtime and disruption are simply not an option, such as hospitals, schools and general circulation areas. Using Altro’s award-winning adhesive-free installation method, with Altro Cantata you can halve installation time compared with a traditional floor. No adhesive also means there are no odours. Altro Cantata is a durable 2.2mm floor that can tolerate medium to heavy-duty traffic, meaning that it performs in busy spaces as you would expect from an Altro floor. It is also easy to clean, so its striking shades look good long-term. Altro Cantata holds as effectively as an Altro floor installed using adhesive, with no rucks or movement. It achieves optimum installation results and carries the Altro 10 year guarantee.

Altro Cantata is 100% recyclable postconsumer and can be re-used in other installations. Waste is minimal as only one product is used. Any leftover floor can be used elsewhere, returned to Altro, or a Recofloor collection point, for recycling. At the end of its life, it can be removed quickly and reused or recycled. And, as you would expect from Altro, Altro Cantata contains bioplasticisers and is phthalate-free. Altro Cantata harmonises perfectly with other Altro floors, plus Altro Whiterock™ hygienic wall cladding and the Altro Fortis™ wall, door and corner protection system, allowing you to create the look and feel you want, throughout. I enquiry 510

See for yourself at or find out more at



With over 15,500 hardware products AVAILABLE NEXT DAY you’ll find just what you need for your next project.






CALL 7am-8pm 7 days a week

ONLINE Shop 24/7!

0808 168 28 28




I enquiry 511

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REFURBISHMENT & NEW BUILD March 2017 View our publication online at www.

I enquiry 512


I enquiry 513


I enquiry 514

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View our publication online at

March 2017

TOOLS, FIXINGS & SITE EQUIPMENT engineers can try out the range of tools they will need when qualified and out working. "We can hold these sessions anywhere," explained John Cove, marketing manager of Starrett. "Our engineers bring everything they need to the college, including a portable demonstration bench as well as all necessary materials and tools." "Starrett has been around for a long time, and we’re a well-known brand among tradesmen in the UK, so it’s important to us that we support the next generation of contractors. We developed these training sessions as we believe it’s the ideal way to invest in the future of the UK’s trade industry. Our sessions are tailor-made for the needs of any college we visit, ensuring their students get exactly what they need out of the day. It's an opportunity to give the tradesmen of tomorrow best practise advice from a team with a wealth of experience." Starrett’s training sessions always end with some healthy competition, such as a timed hacksaw competition, with high quality prizes for the winners. If the visit involves more than one trade, the champions competition offers the chance for the winner from each trade to battle it out, with hole saw kits and premium items offered as prizes.

Saw blade and hand tool specialist, Starrett, is offering college tutors the chance to book a free, interactive day of tool demonstrations for apprentices training to become plumbers, electricians, carpenters or other contractors. Students and apprentices can take part in sessions relevant to their trade, furthering their understanding of and ability to use

Saw blade and hand tool specialist offering free, interactive training sessions to colleges

a range of tools and saw blades with guidance from experienced engineers. Starrett’s bespoke sessions give college students real world experience with a variety of tools that are suitable for their level and future trade. The company’s technical engineers are available to travel to colleges across the UK to deliver these practical, hands-on sessions. The range of power tool accessories and hand tools demonstrated are chosen so that students training to be plumbers, electricians, carpenters and

Snickers Classic Series 3 WorkTrousers

New jigsaw and sabre saw blades from FFX


Shown here: FFX QQ0102300030 100mm 8 TPI HCS Wood Cutting Jigsaw Blades FFXT-111C. £2.41 inc. VAT for pack of 5. FFX has introduced a new range of ownbranded jigsaw blades, as well as a range of sabre saw blades. Made in the same factory as many of the world’s leading brands, the FFX range offers outstanding performance at highly competitive prices. The blades are manufactured in high carbon steel for a long life and delivered outstanding performance in testing. With over 40 different SKUs, the range encompasses jigsaw and sabre saw blades suitable for cutting most base materials including metals, hard and soft wood and plastic. Pictured is the FFXT-111C for fast, coarse cuts in soft woods, OSB and plywood less than 60mm thick and plastic less than 60mm thick. The blades have a T-shank / single lug shank for high compatibility, stability and grip. All FFX jigsaw blades are suitable for use with AEG, Bosch, Black and Decker, DeWalt, Evolution, Hitachi, Metabo, Makita, Milwaukee, Panasonic, Ryobi as well as most other brands of jigsaws. I enquiry 111

A classic to rely on with superb fit and functionality - whatever work you’re doing on site. Available in a choice of hardwearing, but comfortable DuraTwill, Canvas+ or Rip-Stop fabrics for long-lasting durability, the stylish cut in these garments has an advanced Twisted Leg design for a modern fit that delivers outstanding working comfort in every move you make on site. The tough Cordura reinforcements on the knees and inside the holster pockets give extra durability, while the kneepad pockets are designed for the special KneeGuard positioning system for superior protection and comfort. With styles for both professional tradesmen and women, the trousers also feature a range of handy pockets, including holster pockets and easyto-access leg cargo pocket with separate mobile phone compartment and four pen/tool compartments.

I enquiry 112

If you would like to book a session for your college, email to get in touch with Starrett engineers directly. The day's agenda can be structured in any way you wish, with sessions relevant to specific trades or more general sessions. There is also the option to arrange metrology sessions for engineering students.

Web: I enquiry 515

SolidGear and ToeGuard’s NEW Safety Footwear Catalogue

Packed with the very latest information about market-leading safety footwear technology. The 2017 Product and Price Catalogue has full details of the complete range of the UK’s most stylish

Safety Shoes, Boots and Trainers from Hultafors UK’s own SolidGear and ToeGuard brands. With four very different types of products – TUFF, ATHLETIC, TREKKING and OCCUPATIONAL – there’s a product to suit almost every footwear need on site. There’s also loads of other information on all the important product features – Comfort and Safety, Fabrics and Linings, BOA System Technology, Caps

Simpson launches BIM Library Leading construction connector manufacturer Simpson Strong-Tie is pleased to announce that a wide range of high quality Building Information Modelling (BIM) content is now freely available for download from its website. Hundreds of 2D & 3D Revit files containing item codes, dimensions and links to the product webpages have been added to our already extensive CAD library, providing the data you need for our timber, masonry and steel connectors in an easy to use format. Ian Harrison, European Technical Director for Simpson Strong-Tie says “With Building Information Modelling set to shape the future of construction, we’ve made it a

and Plates, Water Repellency, Oil- and even Heat-resistance – to get you working and walking safely, effectively and in comfort wherever you are on site – and whatever trade you’re in. So get to know more about the quality and innovation plus the top class safety functionality in every product – your feet will notice the difference. I enquiry 113

priority to ensure we meet our customers’ BIM requirements. Our Revit files are compatible with a range of CAD software packages, making it really simple for specifiers and construction professionals to include our extensive range of connectors in their 3D building models.” BIM Revit files can be found in the resources on

I enquiry 114

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When you demand

Quality Tools, Trusted Service & Expert Advice...


D&M Tools has been family owned and managed since 1978. During that time we have earned a reputation with our customers as a trusted partner, whether you are a trade professional or a DIY enthusiast.

LOW TRADE PRICES! Whether you’re buying online, by phone or visiting us in-store,

OVER 10,000 LINES IN STOCK! We hold massive stocks, meaning that most items are available for D&M Tools provides you with the widest range of quality hand, power tools and woodworking machinery all at the keenest prices.

OVER £99


SHOP ON-LINE 24HRS A DAY Visit our easy-to-use website to see our latest offers and deals.

despatch the day you order it. Our website shows up-to-date stock availability, so you can order with confidence.

Browse and buy with confidence 24hrs a day from the biggest brands in the business, all at prices you’ll find hard to beat. DM-TOOLS.CO.UK






6th-8th OCTOBER 2017


I enquiry 516


020 8892 3813 • SALES@DM-TOOLS.CO.UK




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View our publication online at

March 2017

Bespoke Fuel Management Solution for Alan Dick Company in Africa Effective fuel management is essential to any organisation wanting to successfully monitor their fuel levels and prevent fuel thefts occurring especially in third world countries. When completed properly, it can make a vitally important contribution to the profitability of such organisations. The cost of fuel and its usage is a significant overhead for any commercial establishment.

For more information please contact us on

or 0800 0277786 Aimont Joins Forces with Supertouch for UK & Eire Sales in Exclusive Deal


Renowned Italian premium safety footwear brand Aimont has announced a new, exclusive, partnership with personal protective equipment and workwear specialist Supertouch for its UK and Ireland sales operations. Supertouch will market all products within the Aimont brand in the UK and Ireland and offer a full spectrum of support to customers. This partnership will be advantageous to both companies as well as to their customers, who will appreciate the high levels of service delivered by Supertouch. Customers will benefit from its large, highly-trained sales force, who will visit them to offer advice and help. Supertouch will also improve the availability of Aimont’s high-quality products, carrying stocks of 30 core products in addition to those available in its catalogue. Aimont Managing Director Stuart Thorne said: “Aimont is delighted to have such a significant partner, so well established in the UK and Irish market and with a great back-up network, promoting the Aimont brand of superior safety shoes and boots.” I enquiry 115

PLANTWORX Be Part of the Biggest Working Construction Event in 2017 PLANTWORX is the UK’s Largest Working Construction Equipment Show, hosted by the CEA (Construction Equipment Association). The 2017 event will be the biggest event to date, where visitors can expect to see the very latest in building and construction machinery. PLANTWORX combines live machinery demonstrations and applications offering an invaluable day out for everybody who works in construction. The event is designed to attract all types of construction professionals everyone involved in purchasing and operating or who specify plant equipment or services. The 2017 PLANTWORX event will be 20% larger than the 2015 show. More exhibitor stands have been included and there is an increase in demonstration areas to meet the demands of both exhibitors and visitors. To date PLANTWORX has over 335 confirmed exhibitors with all the major leading brands in construction equipment, plant tools and services. If you want to visit then register on the website Tickets and car parking are free. The PLANTWORX venue is held just south of Leicester in Bruntingthorpe, junction 20 of the M1.

I enquiry 116


Bell Flow Systems were approached by Telecomms specialist, Alan Dick Company in Africa to provide a unique solution to a range of problems, surrounding supply, delivery, remote reporting and security that they were facing. There was currently no one single solution on the market to help them and so they commissioned Bell Flow Systems to supply various integrated products and services. The company successfully installed oil flow meters, remote telemetry equipment, fuel management hardware and software plus accessories and commissioning for this bespoke fuel monitoring project in Gabon, Africa. Operating a network of mobile telephone communications masts within the Congo which provides: vital Cell-phone infra-structure to widespread rural communities in this thirdworld country, Alan Dick Company has been facing an ongoing struggle to keep the masts’ diesel fuel based electricity supplies running. Fuel theft and generator fuel supply failure have become increasing problems to the company in recent times, leading to frequent network outages. The client required a reliable monitoring system to remotely provide information on the generator fuel levels at fourteen of their sites to ensure fuel re-supply was accomplished at the correct intervals. They suggested that these deliveries should be recorded using tamper resistant equipment as it was suspected that the delivery drivers were not delivering all of the fuel documented. Bell Flow Systems successfully developed a lockable and rugged enclosure based system, housing an accurate supply line Macnaught fuel flow meter, an independently powered local volume display register for back-up verification and the AquaLink II; an

autonomously powered remote telemetry device providing M2M data transfer over WiFi/GSM/GPRS to the head office. Access is via a cloud based portal with monitoring, reporting and alarm based functionality. Another problem the client faced was frequent fuel theft, potentially from current employees. The client required the facility at all of his sites to dispense this stored fuel securely and accurately into containers by approved users. Logging all transfers and recording this information locally as well as reporting this information remotely to the head office. The current manual transfer ‘trust based’ system was open to abuse by corrupt or negligent staff so a new secure solution was desperately needed. A secure fuel management system was installed for each of the sites featuring lockable cabinets, hard wired fuel and data lines, remote telemetry over GSM/GPRS and independent user access logging via RFID key fobs controlled by the system administrator. The Gespasa MINI 88K fuel management system was an ideal solution for this particular application, providing simple installation and operation and rugged stainless steel construction. The use of these user allocated key fobs, unique to each user has prevented unwanted fuel dispensing by unauthorised individuals.

I enquiry 517

Mirka cleans up with new dust extractors

Today, health and safety issues are becoming increasingly important and sanding tools and abrasives are made more and more efficient, with focus on dust-free applications. This development places higher requirements on the dust extractors. To meet these demands, Mirka are introducing

three new high performance dust extractors to address the latest health and safety demands for L (low) and M (Medium) class models. The dust extractors have been designed to handle multiple sanding applications and surface sizes with ease. The new range comes with a 30-litre container, easily accessible flat filter, a high performance 1200W motor and one-stage turbine that creates 250mbar of suction with an airflow of 4500l/min as standard to assist in the efficient removal of particles from the area being worked on. I enquiry 117

Gorilla Tape reveals biggest advertising campaign yet Gorilla Tape is the focus of a new TV advertising campaign, launching in April and to be aired across mainstream channels including Sky Sports, ITV Breakfast, Channel 5 and Sky 1, throughout 2017. Nielson data has shown that Gorilla Glue accounted for almost half of the total media spend in the adhesives and tapes category in 2016 and the new Gorilla Tape advert forms part of the biggest annual media budget to date for this market leading brand. The new Gorilla Tape advert is the latest TV advert to launch as part of Gorilla Glue’s £4 million heavyweight advertising campaign, that includes national TV advertising, national and trade press advertising, outdoor and digital advertising, PR and social media activity and below the line support. Managing Director of Gorilla Glue Europe, Simon Damp, said: “Gorilla Tape is the premium duct tape brand in the UK and in 2016 we spent 20 times more than our closest competitor. We are now looking to extend the awareness of this market leading product even further, with the new TV advert forming part of our biggest TV advertising campaign to date. I enquiry 118

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I enquiry 518


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View our publication online at

March 2017

Do more with one-handed Bar Clamp Accessories


push button for easy conversion into a spreader or for quick installation of the new accessories, and the swivel jaws are now removable to allow users the flexibility to modify the jaw position based on what each job requires.

The new line of accessories aim to make users more efficient and productive throughout their day by increasing the number of tasks that can be completed with OHBC. Included in the new accessories line are:

Consistent with the previous generation of OHBC that tradespeople trust today, the new Heavy-Duty and Medium-Duty OHBC can sustain 272kg (600 lbs.) and 136kg (300 lbs.) of clamping force, respectively.

• Edge Clamp: Converts OHBC into an edge clamp to easily hold trim and edging on materials.

The Heavy-Duty clamps are available in six sizes (150mm/6”, 300mm/12”, 450mm/18”, 600mm/24”, 900mm/36”, 1250mm/50”), and the Medium-Duty clamps are available in five sizes (150mm/6”, 300mm/12”, 450mm/18”, 600mm/24”, 900mm/36”).

IRWIN® Tools, a leading manufacturer of hand tools and power tool accessories, introduces a new line of clamping accessories for their range of One-Handed Bar Clamps (OHBC).

innovative clamping solutions, and by listening to our users, we understand how important it is for them to be able to use one tool for various tasks on the job” said Rafael Martinez, Sr. Brand Marketing Manager at IRWIN®.

The complete line of OHBC accessories that extend the functionality of the redesigned Heavy-Duty (HD) and Medium-Duty (MD) OHBC enables users to transform their OHBC into a specialty clamp allowing them to accomplish many more tasks with just one tool.

“Our refreshed OHBC and new line of OHBC accessories were designed with that insight in mind. The new accessories extend the functionality of the OHBC and allow tradespeople to accomplish more tasks without the added cost and need for additional storage that comes with purchasing a brand new clamping tool.”

“As the creator of the first OHBC, IRWIN® QUICK-GRIP® is known for providing

Cutting edge additions to the Draper Venom™ range The popular Draper Venom™ range of saws now features a brand new double ground floorboard saw and a special 3 pack of double ground handsaws. The impressive new Draper Venom™ double ground floorboard saw (16829) has saw blades manufactured from high quality carbon steel, that have been correctly hardened, tempered, straightened and stress relieved to ensure strength and straightness. This handy saw also features a toothed curved blade end to allow the cutting of already laid floorboards, when there is no edge from which to start. It delivers faster cutting with optimal sawdust removal in both forward and reverse motions. The finely ground blade is coated with an ultra-tough lacquer to protect the blade from corrosion and ease friction when sawing. There is an ergonomic soft grip handle which guarantees user comfort, even when used for prolonged periods of time. Also new to the Draper Venom™ range is a convenient set of Double Ground Handsaws (17693), that’s ideal for a range of trades and tasks.


I enquiry 119

The entire range also includes light-duty clamps – the Mini and Micro lines – for a cohesive look throughout the family of IRWIN OHBC. The Mini is available in 150mm/6” and 300mm/12”; the Micro is available in 115mm/4-1/2”. To celebrate IRWIN’s innovative range of products that allow tradesmen to do more on the job, the tools manufacturer is giving end-users the chance to win some DO MORE prizes when they purchase any IRWIN® product. Up until June 30th and from participating stockists, end-users can be in with a chance of winning IRWIN Impact Double-Ended Power Bits or a DO MORE experience including stunt driving, overnight sailing, hang gliding and much more.

The clamping line includes a Quick-Change™

I enquiry 519

Machine Mart’s New Spring / Summer Catalogue is out now!

Brand New Range of Cobalt Holesaws 2017

The new Machine Mart catalogue is packed full of all the tools and equipment you need for your build. Featuring over 500 massive price cuts and new products, the 516-page Spring/Summer catalogue is a ‘must have’ for building professionals and enthusiasts seeking a huge choice at unbeatable value. With now over 20,000 items of tools and machinery in stores across the country and online, you’ll be sure to find the tools you need! To order your catalogue simply go online to, visit your local store or call 0844 880 1265. I enquiry 120

Clear-Cut performance. Abracs Abrasives are re-launching their range of premium quality Holesaws. The addition of 8% cobalt to the metal alloy Increases product strength, durability and performance, making this new range really tough on materials, as well as tough to beat. Suitable for use on a wide range of applications and outperforming any standard construction Holesaws. Manufactured with high speed variable pitch teeth for fast and clean cutting. Abracs Cobalt Hole Saw come individually packaged & contain full information on correct speeds, applications, fitting instructions and safety guidelines. The extensive range comprises of Holesaws from 14-152mm, Holesaw kits designed for plumbers and electrician applications as well

Next generation technology comes to C.K tools C.K tools has launched a pioneering range of next generation cable rods, which, featuring advanced technology, are set to enhance its already extensive range of cable routing tools. The C.K MightyRod PRO cable

• Wide Pads: Doubles the width of the OHBC pads for even distribution of clamping force over a wider surface area. • Corner Clamp: Transforms OHBC into a corner clamp for easy clamping of 90degree angles. • Clamp Coupler: Increases the bar length of OHBC by joining together two smaller clamps to make one larger clamp for tackling large projects. • Hold-down Jig: Turns OHBC into a table clamp for firmly holding items in the middle of a worktable. • Deck Tool: Changes OHBC into a tool for lining up, spacing and holding boards in place for easy, accurate deck building. • Clamp Stand: Expands usage of OHBC to allow level clamping applications for projects like frames, caseworks and drawers.

For more information on the promotion visit, For more information on the IRWIN ® product range, visit as a full range of accessories. Get in touch with the Abracs team for more details and to find a stockist near you.

I enquiry 121

rods fuse a series of advanced technological features to deliver the ultimate in performance. Featuring SplinterSHIELD, a significant advancement in cable rod technology and a European first, the durable, 100 per cent splinterproof coating fully encases the inner fibreglass rod to prevent harmful and painful splintering. Available in three different degrees of rigidity for different applications - a 7mm rigid rod for overhead use, a 6mm flexible rod for most everyday applications, and a 4mm super-flexible rod, there is also a mini-coiled spring steel Flexi Lead that aids navigation through obstacles and around bends. A splinterproof MightyRod PRO GLO rod has also been developed. The glow-inthe-dark, phosphorescent rod not only brings light to low-light working conditions, it also enables professionals to work without fear of experiencing painful splinters. I enquiry 122

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I enquiry 520

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View our publication online at

March 2017




Leica DISTO D2 (BT)


High Accuracy Laser Distance Measurer Measure on site with the handy Leica D2 (BT) and produce plans on your smartphone or tablet with the free DISTO sketch app. Range: 100m Accuracy: 1.5mm

Offer Price £139.00 +VAT


Free UK delivery from the UK’s leading laser measuring specialist

To order now call: 01302 310099 Order online: www.a1- A1 Equipment - Authorised Leica Geosystems Dealer

I enquiry 522

I enquiry 523

wolfcraft Adjustable Hole Saw has the upper cut Cut holes in plasterboard, OSB panels, soft wood or plywood neatly and efficiently with the wolfcraft Adjustable Hole Saw (AH 45-130), available in the UK through leading tool distributor Hyde.


Extremely versatile and suitable for cutting holes measuring from 45mm to 130mm, the wolfcraft Adjustable Hole Saw is a popular solution among tradesmen, lightening the tool bag as it enables just one product to be used for all standard radii in drywall installation. Easy to use, accuracy is assured on every job, the hole saw provides convenient infinite adjustment in three simple steps – just loosen, adjust and fasten.

With a cutting depth of 30mm and with three integrated scales for all standard dimensions, the wolfcraft Adjustable Hole Saw always cuts clean and fine for a neat finish thanks to its special tooth geometry. While the tradesman is able to work efficiently, the large drill disc provides protection to the area around the cut. This latest hand tool to join the wolfcraft family has three straightset, toothed blades for reliable dust extraction, ensuring the hole cut is permanently functional for a good job, well done. For more details on this and other quality tools from wolfcraft, call Hyde on 0121 704 2324 or visit I enquiry 521

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I enquiry 524

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*Was £299.00 inc.VAT #Was £569.00 inc.VAT MODEL KVA HP PG2500 2.2 6.5 3 7 PG3800 PG3800DV* 3 7 PG6500DVES# 5.5 13

EXC.VAT £179.98 UP TO £239.98 650kVA £289.00 output £499.00 available


Provides essential home, garage and roadside BEST assistance SELLER Integral work light 910 includes air compressor Long life battery




PEAK 57EX.VAT AMPS EXC.VAT 900A £57.99 900A £69.98 1500A £124.99 2000A@12V £139.98 1000A@24V

START BOOST 400A 400A 700A 1000A@12V 500A@24V

CIRCULAR SAW Cuts steel, aluminium & wood 1200W motor 6mm max. Cutting thickness AVAILABLE IN (mild 230 & steel) 0-45° ONLY HEADER bevel tilt VOLT







EX.VAT 199.75



MOTOR 600W 1500W 1500W

BLADE 200mm 254mm 254mm





# 110V in stock WAS MIX CAP DRIVE EXC. VAT 30L 230V 90L 230V £179.98 90L 230V -

NOW EXC.VAT £179.98 £169.00 £199.98

230V £319.00 £299.00 240V £339.00 £329.00 2.5HP £599.00 £589.00 HONDA






MAX OUTPUT 14.7kW 20.5kW 29.3kW 46.9kW 61.5kW



.00 649EXC.VAT

* Fitted with protective steel frame MODEL AIR MOTOR AIR EXC. DISP. CFM (HP) RECEIVER VAT XPPV11/50 9 Honda/5.5HP 50ltr £649.00 XPPVH11/50* 9 Honda/5.5HP 50ltr £699.00 XPP15/50 15 Honda/6.5HP 50ltr £669.00 XPPH15/50* 15 Honda/6.5HP 50ltr £729.00





6.5HP 6.5HP 6.5HP 4.0HP

550 ltr/min 416 ltr/min 800 ltr/min 700 ltr/min


Great range of DIY and professional saws Ideal for bevel cutting (0-45°) MODEL

MOTOR MAX CUT FROM ONLY 90/45 £ EX.VAT 41.99 (mm) EXC.VAT CCS185B 1200W 65/44 £41.99 *Includes CON185* 1600W 60/40 £62.99 laser guide CCS2 1300W 60/45 £59.98



MAX HEAD 30m 26m 30m 23m

EXC.VAT £149.98 £179.98 £199.98 £369.00



EX.VAT 89.98



Powerful heavy duty professional drill ideal for trade use


• Heavy duty for tough pro use • Nail length 50-90mm • 80 magazine capacity

• 10mm chuck FROM ONLY • 2 Speed £ EX.VAT 69.98 • 2 Lithium-Ion batteries CON18LI MODEL BATTERYS NOW EXC.VAT CON18Ni 2 Ni-Cd £69.98 CON18Li 2 Li-Ion £89.98

• Mix plaster, paint, mortar, artex, cement ONLY etc. • Variable speed £82.99 EX.VAT control • 1100W motor Massive torque 31.5Nm 110V/230V

EX.VAT 159.98


PLATE DIMS MODEL WxLmm MOTOR Evolution Hulk Electro 320x400 1.05HP Evolution Hulk Petrol 320x400 2.4HP BELLE MINIPAC 300 300x470 2.5HP

EX VAT £159.98 £279.00 £539.00

ADJUSTABLE STEEL PROPS • Designed for vertical or raking support applications FROM ONLY HEADER









DIMS (LxWxH) 810x485x360mm 1067x508x595mm 1220x615x682mm







EX.VAT 139.98

EDINBURGH 163-171 Piersfield Terrace 0131 659 5919 EXETER 16 Trusham Rd. EX2 8QG 01392 256 744 GATESHEAD 50 Lobley Hill Rd. NE8 4YJ 0191 493 2520 GLASGOW 280 Gt Western Rd. G4 9EJ 0141 332 9231 GLOUCESTER 221A Barton St. GL1 4HY 01452 417 948 GRIMSBY ELLIS WAY, DN32 9BD 01472 354435 HULL 8-10 Holderness Rd. HU9 1EG 01482 223161 ILFORD 746-748 Eastern Ave. IG2 7HU 0208 518 4286 IPSWICH Unit 1 Ipswich Trade Centre, Commercial Road 01473 221253 LEEDS 227-229 Kirkstall Rd. LS4 2AS 0113 231 0400 LEICESTER 69 Melton Rd. LE4 6PN 0116 261 0688 LINCOLN Unit 5. The Pelham Centre. LN5 8HG 01522 543 036 LIVERPOOL 80-88 London Rd. L3 5NF 0151 709 4484 LONDON CATFORD 289/291 Southend Lane SE6 3RS 0208 695 5684 LONDON 6 Kendal Parade, Edmonton N18 020 8803 0861 LONDON 503-507 Lea Bridge Rd. Leyton, E10 020 8558 8284 LONDON 100 The Highway, Docklands 020 7488 2129 LUTON Unit 1, 326 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU4 8JS 01582 728 063 MAIDSTONE 57 Upper Stone St. ME15 6HE 01622 769 572 MANCHESTER ALTRINCHAM 71 Manchester Rd. Altrincham 0161 9412 666 MANCHESTER CENTRAL 209 Bury New Road M8 8DU 0161 241 1851 MANCHESTER OPENSHAW Unit 5, Tower Mill, Ashton Old Rd 0161 223 8376

POWER SOCKETS WEIGHT EX RATING OUTLETS (KG) VAT GENERAL DUTY 750VA 1 9 £52.99 CTR750/1 CTR1500/2 1500VA 2 12 £67.99 CTR2250/2 2250VA 2 17 £69.98 CTR3300/2 3300VA 2 19 £67.99 HEAVY DUTY CTR3000 3300VA 2 17 £62.99 CTR4000/2 4000VA 2 20 £124.99 CTR6300/3 6300VA 2/1 40 £229.98

OPEN MON-FRI 8.30-6.00, SAT 8.30-5.30, SUN 10.00-4.00

MANSFIELD 169 Chesterfield Rd. South MIDDLESBROUGH Mandale Triangle, Thornaby NORWICH 282a Heigham St. NR2 4LZ NOTTINGHAM 211 Lower Parliament St. PETERBOROUGH 417 Lincoln Rd. Millfield PLYMOUTH 58-64 Embankment Rd. PL4 9HY POOLE 137-139 Bournemouth Rd. Parkstone PORTSMOUTH 277-283 Copnor Rd. Copnor PRESTON 53 Blackpool Rd. PR2 6BU SHEFFIELD 453 London Rd. Heeley. S2 4HJ SIDCUP 13 Blackfen Parade, Blackfen Rd SOUTHAMPTON 516-518 Portswood Rd. SOUTHEND 1139-1141 London Rd. Leigh on Sea STOKE-ON-TRENT 382-396 Waterloo Rd. Hanley SUNDERLAND 13-15 Ryhope Rd. Grangetown SWANSEA 7 Samlet Rd. Llansamlet. SA7 9AG SWINDON 21 Victoria Rd. SN1 3AW TWICKENHAM 83-85 Heath Rd.TW1 4AW WARRINGTON Unit 3, Hawley’s Trade Pk. WIGAN 2 Harrison Street, WN5 9AU WOLVERHAMPTON Parkfield Rd. Bilston WORCESTER 48a Upper Tything. WR1 1JZ

01623 622160 01642 677881 01603 766402 0115 956 1811 01733 311770 01752 254050 01202 717913 023 9265 4777 01772 703263 0114 258 0831 0208 3042069 023 8055 7788 01702 483 742 01782 287321 0191 510 8773 01792 792969 01793 491717 020 8892 9117 01925 630 937 01942 323 785 01902 494186 01905 723451


270 380 i dd 1

EXC. VAT £109.00 £189.00 £229.00




MODEL Tiger1800 Tiger2600 Tiger3000 PLS195 PLS265

Honda & Diesel engine models in stock PRESSURE ENGINE EXC. BAR/PSI HP VAT 110/1595 2.6 £219.00 170/2465 4 £289.00 200/2900 6.5 £349.00 186/2698 6.5 £439.00 260/3770 13 £669.00


ONLINE MAIL ORDER 0115 956 5555



Calls to the catalogue request number above (0844 880 1265) cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge For security reasons, calls may be monitored. All prices correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to change products and prices at any time. All offers subject to availability, E&OE.


EXC.VAT £39.98 £56.99 £65.99 £84.99 £89.98

• Tough Steel Construction • Fully Lockable




+ CON1500RDV *Was £43.99 exc.VAT MODEL POWER (W) CAP (MM) CON400RHD* 400 10-30 CRD620 620 13-30 CON1200RD NEW 1200 13-40 CON720RHD 720 13-40 CON1500RDV 1500 13-40


LENGTH SWL WHEN LOADED EX POSITION (M) CONCENTRICALLY (T) VAT 0 Closed 1.04 3.2 tonnes £26.99 2.1 tonnes 0 Extended 1.83 1 Closed 1.75 3.2 tonnes £33.99 1 Extended 3.12 1.7 tonnes 2 Closed 1.98 3.2 tonnes £38.99 1.7 tonnes 2 Extended 3.35


• 1800W motor • Laser guide • 78mm max. depth of cut






MM1 B ildi

3kW instant, clean odour free heat. ONLY

Delivery & Suction hose available 3/4" - 8" Bulk quantities from only £1/metre






BARNSLEY Pontefract Rd, Barnsley, S71 1EZ 01226 732297 B’HAM GREAT BARR 4 Birmingham Rd. 0121 358 7977 B’HAM HAY MILLS 1152 Coventry Rd, Hay Mills 0121 7713433 BLACKPOOL NEW STORE OPENS MAY 2017! BOLTON 1 Thynne St. BL3 6BD 01204 365799 BRADFORD 105-107 Manningham Lane. BD1 3BN 01274 390962 BRIGHTON 123 Lewes Rd, BN2 3QB 01273 915999 BRISTOL 1-3 Church Rd, Lawrence Hill. BS5 9JJ 0117 935 1060 BURTON UPON TRENT 12a Lichfield St. DE14 3QZ 01283 564 708 CAMBRIDGE 181-183 Histon Road, Cambridge. CB4 3HL 01223 322675 CARDIFF 44-46 City Rd. CF24 3DN 029 2046 5424 CARLISLE 85 London Rd. CA1 2LG 01228 591666 CHELTENHAM 84 Fairview Road. GL52 2EH 01242 514 402 CHESTER 43-45 St. James Street. CH1 3EY 01244 311258 COLCHESTER 4 North Station Rd. CO1 1RE 01206 762831 COVENTRY Bishop St. CV1 1HT 024 7622 4227 CROYDON 423-427 Brighton Rd, Sth Croydon 020 8763 0640 DARLINGTON 214 Northgate. DL1 1RB 01325 380 841 DEAL (KENT) 182-186 High St. CT14 6BQ 01304 373 434 DERBY Derwent St. DE1 2ED 01332 290 931 DONCASTER Wheatley Hall Road 01302 245 999 DUNDEE 24-26 Trades Lane. DD1 3ET 01382 225 140

*stainless steel MODEL MAX OUTPUT KW EXC. VAT NEW Little Devil II 10 £79.98 Little Devil SSII* 10.3 £84.99 Devil 700 15 £99.98 NEW £139.98 Devil 900 24.9 £169.98 Devil 1600 36.6 Devil 2100 49.8 £259.00



*Handles solids up to 30mm diameter † Sewage cutter pump MODEL MAX FLOW MAX EXC. LPM HEAD VAT CSE400A 115 8.0m £33.99 PSV1A* 140 5.8m £49.98 CSV2A (110V) 200 8.0m £129.00 HSEC651A (110V) 290 9.5m £199.00 DWP210A (110V) 600 10.8m £279.00 HSEC1400A† 430 13.0m £319.00



• Portable compressors ideal onsite • Air storage in protective steel frame (No Cert. Req.) #Honda engine MODEL DISPL MAX WORKING RECEIVER CFM MOTOR PRESSURE CAP EXC.VAT Champ 3 7 2HP 8 Bar 4 ltr £139.98 Champ (110V) 7.6 2HP 10 Bar 2.4 ltr £239.00 CFP9HND# 9 5HP 7 Bar 2.65 ltr £569.00





EX.VAT 139.98

• Fast accurate cutting of ferrous metals • Cuts material up to 100mm thick • Tough steel guard & base • Adjusts 0-45º for angled cutting PW50 INDUSTRIAL MODEL




EX.VAT 139.98


XR80 EXC.VAT £189.00 £239.00 £289.00 £349.00 £399.00

Offering low cost, efficient heating

110 VOLT





Ideal for fast efficient heating Extra-long run fuel tanks – up to 53 litres Variable MODEL heat output XR60 XR80 with thermostat XR110 XR160 control XR210





MODEL EXC.VAT 150KG 3'11" x 3'11" Steel Work tower £209.00 SAFE WORKING 4 adjustable legs £54.99 LOAD 4 Castor Wheels £59.98


MODEL CCM50 CCM110‡ CCM125C Belle Mini mix 140† 90L Belle Mini 150#¥ 90L Belle Mini 150÷ 90L

*Moulded base EXC.VAT £72.99 £149.98 £169.98




EX.VAT 189.00





DEVIL 7003 * was £319.00 exc.VAT # was £359.00 exc .VAT MODEL VOLTAGE HEAT EXC.VAT OUTPUT KW DEVIL 6003 230V 1.5-3 £49.98 DEVIL 7003 230V 3 £59.98 DEVIL 6005 400V 2.5-5 £74.99 DEVIL 7005 400V 5 £84.99 DEVIL 6009 400V 4.5-9 £119.00 DEVIL 7009 400V 9 £139.98 DEVIL 6015 400V 5-10-15 £179.00 DEVIL 7015 400V 15 £199.98 DEVIL 7025* 400V 22 £299.00 DEVIL 7030# 400V 30 £349.00





• For cutting applications such as stone, concrete 230 & & paving stones •100mm maximum VOLT cutting depth • Includes Diamond Blade





DEVIL 6003



900 910 4000 12/24







I enquiry 525

Quality machines great for trade and leisure use

22/03/2017 17:06

TOOLS, FIXINGS & SITE EQUIPMENT March 2017 View our publication online at www.

The VANTAINER Storage Systems – can you afford not to be organised?

Inspired by a need to Organise, and be more Efficient the systainerŽ case system coupled with the Mobil Van Racking system was designed to enable the mobile workforce to become more Productive. Conceived in Germany where the workforce demand a highly efficient means of delivering productivity and customer satisfaction, the solution was born, and today has become the number one Tool Transport System for the German workforce. “Have you ever seen a German worker who is not efficient?� The Product: The secret is in the design and manufacture of the product. The manufacture is Tanos GmbH, a prominent global manufacturer in the Tool trade for high quality tool systems. Customers include Metabo, Festool and Fein if you know your power tools.The systainerŽ system is also very well known outside Germany now and the tool boxes come in a range of sizes to accommodate various power tools and accessories. Some of the features that make the boxes so good are that they hold standard sized inserts to fix the tools inside firmly in place during transit, as well as allowing some extra space for the inevitable odds and sods that collect with most tools.

Every box has a foldable handle in the top so carrying is a doddle; but also, the boxes can be locked onto each other via the cleverly designed box latches so that they can be stacked one on top of another. With a tower of boxes locked-together they can be loaded onto a trolley and moved easily into and around the worksite, with the added security of each tool being safely boxed up. Again, research seems to indicate that the average worker can save up to 30 minutes per day by having tools close by, instead of having to make frequent trips back to the van. Back in the van, there is also indicated to be a 30% saving in weight and a 30% saving in space for boxed tools as opposed to the “traditional� home-made storage system many trades people still use. For this reason The Mobil Van Racking system was developed, to solve the problem of “how do I transport all my equipment?� The Mobil Van Racking system has been designed to be flexible, easy to install or uninstall, and offer a safe and secure means to transport equipment. The shelf and racking systems are cleverly designed so that they do not need fancy floor panelling inserts or drilling and body modification to fit. A typical system will weigh only around 50Kgs. The shelving is modular and designed to allow systainerŽ boxes to slide in and sit securely during transit. All boxes can be opened and accessed easily so the system can be as efficient as you can be. Fitting Service: Although the Van Racking System is designed as an easy DIY solution, together with the systainerŽ boxes, PowerTainer offer a comprehensive design

7KH0D[7UXFN i &$55,(68372.* /%6&8)7


i i i i i


+21'$*;9&200(5&,$/(1*,1( 3((5/(6675$160,66,21 &/,0%6$26/23()8//</2$'(' :+((/'5,9( ($6<),7$&&(6625,(6$9$,/$%/(

and installation service to meet each individual customers needs. From tailored designed inserts for equipment, to labels to identify contents and branding, as well as installing the Mobil van racking system nationwide. Endorsements: Bromford Living Housing Association were looking for a solution to reduce the capital costs of their maintenance teams yet seeing how they could increase their productivity. From the many options available on the market they chose the system solution from PowerTainer. Bromford put the Powertainer Van Racking to the test before committing to ordering. The results were amazing. The team proved they could reduce vehicle size but still keep the majority of the maintenance teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s power tools, consumables and accessories neatly stacked against one side of the vehicle and still leave space for large items like baths and sinks. This produced a cost saving while making sure maintenance team are better equipped, better organised, and more efficient. Yes and also the maintenance guys are much happier. Customer Satisfaction: â&#x20AC;&#x153;I can say with hand on heart that in all my 30+ years of trading I've never felt so confident that I've got all the tools and accessories in the back of the van I'm likely to need and that I can actually find them without sweating, swearing and double handling. It's a brilliant system, there can be no denyingâ&#x20AC;?. Brian Baker - General Builder - West Sussex


The Company: Powertainer are the UK & Eire distributer for the systainerÂŽ and Mobil Van Raking systems, and have been showing off the range at the recent Commercial Vehicle Show and will be present at all the Toolfair Shows that cover five key districts of the UK. Based in Swanley near Dartford in Kent (think easy access to the M25) the Powertainer Team has between them over 60 years of experience in the power tool industry with some of the team having worked for top names like Metabo and Dewalt. The Team: They key person in the team is Managing Director Craig Poynton who has worked with Tanos for over seven years and who formed PowerTainer Ltd about five years ago. The rest of the team is made up of enthusiastic people who believe in the philosophy of hard work and commitment. Our Mission: To deliver a total solution for the mobile tradesman to become more efficient in delivering a service that meets the customer needs. The key strategy is focused on the â&#x20AC;&#x153;van-basedâ&#x20AC;? trades who need the weight, time and efficiency savings that can be made by using the systainerÂŽ case and Mobil van racking systems. . For more information on the system and an informal chat why not contact us at: Telephone: 0203 6918833 Mobile: 07771 535896 Email: web:

I enquiry 528

EU UROPEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S NO N .1 NE EOPRENE// RU UBBER S5 SA AFETY BOO OT Buckler Boots BBZ6000 S5 HRO CI SRC Safet y Neoprene/Rubber Wate t rproof Boots. â&#x20AC;˘ Steel toecap â&#x20AC;˘ Steel midsole â&#x20AC;˘ Antisstatic â&#x20AC;˘ Aeroospenser breathable lining system â&#x20AC;˘ Buckbootz K3 rubber outsole is cer tified to EN SRC maximum slip resistance standard and Heat (300ÂşC /60 secs) and Oil resistance â&#x20AC;˘ Cold Insulation Cer tified (CI) to -17°C (Âą2°C) â&#x20AC;˘ Available in Black, Olive/Green or Blue/ Orange

Too find your nearest Builders Merchant stockist call 01382 8 82 82 00 or em mail

Tel: 01566 777140 I enquiry 526

I enquiry 527



View our publication online at

March 2017



MACHINES FROM JUST General, new residential and remodelling contractors will appreciate the simple set up and Aaccurate layout for basements concrete slab and decks.

Foldable and Free Standing g Panel Saws

T: 0191 691 3044 E: hello@sagetechmachinery I enquiry 529

I enquiry 530


“I use Bahco’s range ange of T To ools & Handsaws ws daily! As a proffessional tradesman, I have ave to use tools that I can an really trust. To o do a quality job I need quality tools; that’s why I choo ose Bahco. Bahco ” ROBER BERT T GODDARD



01709 73 31 731



SNA Europe [UK] Moorhead Way Way Bramleyy, Rotherham South Yorkshir Yorkshire S66 1YY

I enquiry 577

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BuildingNews Growth of manufacturer recognised at national design impact awards View our publication online at March 2017


Sealant and adhesive manufacturer Polyseam has achieved the ultimate design accolade for the rebrand of its GRAFT product range. The Yorkshire-headquartered company and its branding agency The Engine Room were both presented with a gold design impact trophy at the glittering DBA Design Effectiveness Awards in London. But the GRAFT project also went on to scoop the ultimate recognition of the evening when it was announced as the Grand Prix winner of winners at the end of the night. Since GRAFT’s launch in 2014, annual sales have increased by a staggering 744% and export levels have risen by more than £1million. In fact, this transformational business exercise has played a significant part in Polyseam now building a 50,000sqm factory which is expected to create a further 50

jobs by 2020. It was this bottom line impact that impressed the line-up of high-profile judges, which included Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin; Josh Berger, president and managing director of Warner Bros; and renowned entrepreneur Deborah Meaden. Commenting on the win, Polyseam’s marketing manager Olando Salina said: “The evolving challenges in the manufacturing market mean we must continually innovate to drive growth. We therefore focused on the development of an environmentally friendly, all-in-one adhesive and sealant created using our own inhouse expertise. I enquiry 123

Ceramique International launches pioneering new grout

Tile specialist, Ceramique Internationale, has launched a new, revolutionary waterbased epoxy grout, as part of its exclusive partnership with Smartfield Solutions. Officially launched to attendees of the recent Surface Show in London, Smart & Simple is an environmentally friendly, first-of-its-kind product, which replaces harmful components traditionally found within epoxy grouts, eliminating the VOCs, toxic smells and carcinogens. This means the product is safer for both the user and the planet, while still producing the same heightened

performance properties as traditional epoxy grouts. In development for more than five years, Smart and Simple has a 1:1 ratio of water and grout, which makes it easy to mix in its container-turned-mixing bucket. The product is also a lot easier to apply than others due to its water-based properties, and the excess can be simply wiped off with cold water and a sponge. This not only makes the grouting process faster, but allows for the repeat usage of tools and equipment, meaning it’s more cost effective for the tiler and client. Additionally, Smart and Simple can be mixed with five pre-set colours to help match the aesthetic tones of the tile and the home - a move which has been commended by many designers and architects. Any colour in the RAL spectrum can be produced on request to further increase personalisation. I enquiry 124

New products to professional range Toupret the trade filler company have launched several new products to comp--lement their range of professional fillers range . The latest being EXTREM WOOD a unique repair 2 pack filler that incorporates leading edge technology in the manufacturing process .EXTREM WOOD is very flexible and is very resistant to cracking and has very good water resistance. Another new product is a ready to use joint filler DECORATORS SKIMCOAT FILLER its very easy to sand and requires no PVA. Another benefit is it can be used over paintwork .

I enquiry 125

Get a fast fix with Fix in 5


Fix In 5 is the latest addition to Everbuild – A Sika Company’s adhesive range, bringing a truly universal construction adhesive with an ultra-strong final bond strength which has to be seen to be believed. Curing in just 5 minutes, Fix In 5 combines an advanced PU formula with fibre reinforced technology giving gap filling properties allowing it to be used on the most demanding of jobs, bonding virtually all materials including timber, metals, natural stone, concrete, plastics and much more. Chemical and weather resistant, Fix In 5 is available in grey in 310ml cartridges, offers sound deadening properties and is suitable for interior and exterior use. For more information on Fix In 5 or any other product in the Everbuild or Sika ranges, contact your local sales representative, visit I enquiry 126

Thompson’s launches newest range building chemicals It’s been an exciting few months for the Thompson’s brand. Known for its famous waterproofing range, with the launch of a new range of Building Chemicals products, plus a redesigned website has moved the brand into several exciting new categories. With more than 40 new products, the Building Chemicals range caters to six key areas including; roofing, admixtures, flooring, cement and mortar repair, cleaners, and putties and adhesives. The team at Thompson’s have invested heavily into speaking to end users and merchants to ensure the range is inclusive and makes an impact in store. As Marc Olding, Thompsons Marketing Manager explains: “We felt that it was important to work closely together with merchants and end users in order to gain a genuine understanding of what they needed and what they felt was missing from the market. “We have taken this information on board and it is reflected in the range and

support we’ve brought to the market. Our Building Chemicals range is now complete with 42 products that compliment the rest of the range” The new packaging also reflects end user thoughts on what could be improved in the market. Black packs have been introduced throughout the range to ensure the brand stands out on shelf. Getting the pack right was kay to the project. “End-user insight told us the trade is looking to make a quick decision in this category. This is why we’ve ensured each product is clearly differentiated from one another, and the product name is clearly highlighted on pack. Another feature that appealed to the trade was including useful technical information on the front of pack as a quick reference guide for mix ratios, coverage etc”.

Setcrete launches new BULLDOG adhesive sealant

builders and contractors with an all-round, moisture-curing adhesive and sealant that can be used in a variety of both internal and external environments. Once cured, the fast drying adhesive sealant produces an extremely high strength, durable bond from as little as 60 minutes. Due to its non-shrink and flexible properties, BULLDOG can be used for gap filling and is suitable for bonding most absorbent and non-absorbent building materials, including wood, concrete, glass, ceramic, metals, uPVC and plasterboard. Available in both white and clear versions, BULLDOG also has the added benefit of being suitable for use in both wet and dry environments, meaning it can be used for a wide variety of jobs such as emergency repairs, fixing cladding, sealing around sanitaryware, sealing around window frames and repairing guttering. It is also the ideal alternative to silicone sealants as it has excellent resistance to moisture and mould and, unlike silicone, allows builders to overpaint with waterbased or two-part paints where required.

Setcrete, manufacturer of quality flooring products for the professional builder, has launched BULLDOG, a brand new professional grade construction adhesive sealant that the company is confident will become an essential, ‘musthave’ component of every builder’s tool bag. BULLDOG is Setcrete’s latest product innovation and was designed to provide

I enquiry 127

I enquiry 128

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PAINTS, COATS, SEALANTS & ADHESIVES March 2017 View our publication online at www.











… IRU/



͕͔Ψ  %8,/'


C a l l o n 0 12 9 6 4 8 12 2 0 o r l e a r n m o r e a t o s m o u k . c o m

Ǥ ǤǤ —ŽŽ”ƒ‰‡‘ˆ’”‘†—…–•‘Ž‹‡

I enquiry 532














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View our publication online at March 2017


History repeats itself with a modern colour twist

Gothic Revival


For today’s construction professionals, offering sound advice on the latest trends is often expected these days… and that includes knowing the current decorating colour styles. According to the experts at Crown Decorating Centres, history is most definitely repeating itself this season – but with a great modern twist. For customers who want to be right on trend, whether they are individual homeowners or major renovation projects, this season’s style inspiration has particular historical significance, and advising on an authentic colour palette is often an excellent starting point. Explains Crown Decorating Centres’ Colour Specialist, Kathryn Lloyd: “Throughout history, the development of colour for decoration has depended not only on prevailing taste, but also on the pigments available. That’s why certain colours and colour schemes seem to suit certain building types and even particular locations. “Of course, the development of synthetic pigments in recent years has made virtually any colour available to the homeowner, but historically authentic colours remain as

appropriate today as they always have, because they owe something to nature and the environment.” Here Kathryn gives an insight into five architectural styles and movements from centuries past – each with a distinct colour palette to reflect the architecture and design trends of the period. Neo-Classical: This collection draws on the style prevalent in the second half of the 18th Century, inspired by the growing archaeological evidence of how the Romans decorated and furnished their buildings. This collection embraces the clearer, lighter colours used at that time. Muted matt shades of yellow and pink combine with chalky greys, blues and greens. For the modern homeowner wanting to embrace muted shades with subtle twists, this is an ideal choice. The Gothic Revival of the 1830s and ‘40s draws inspiration from the study of Medieval

buildings and decorative objects. The colours in this collection are noticeably rich and vibrant, drawn from medieval decorative motifs which would have been used in fabrics and ceramics. This palette features a rich tapestry of vibrant yellows, reds, greens and blues which mingle with muted counterparts, and is made for the homeowner who is ready to embrace colour at its most bold. Late in the 19th Century, the Arts & Crafts Movement sought to revive traditional building crafts and the use of local materials. This was reflected in homes where craftsmanship, simplicity and good design using warm colours driven by nature, were used as a reaction against low quality mass produced design. The colours of the era reflect that greater sense of individuality, with a mix-and-match colour palette of strong greens and oranges alongside milder sage and sandy hues. Fast forward to the 1920s and ‘30s and the inimitable Art Deco style became de rigeur. Inspired by the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels held in Paris in 1925, the shapes and colours of the day convey an image of pure elegant luxury. Statement black and rich blue are accompanied by pure greens, understated

greys and browns. This eclectic mix of stylish statement pieces has seen a well-deserved resurgence in design popularity with its simple lines and calming colours. Finally, the ‘50s Sketchbook draws on the creativity of post-war architecture and design when new housing and commercial buildings were urgently required. This challenge drove architects and designers to produce inspired design and decoration, adding a splash of colour to a Britain being rebuilt with mass produced materials. It was a challenge which brought new colour combinations to the fore - sky blues and yellows, mustard, terracotta and greys. Bold choices for a brave new era. Adds Kathryn: “Creating an authentic look in your home is a really satisfying way of achieving a great new look. It gives a sense of purpose to a decorating project, but sometimes it’s difficult for homeowners to know where to start. “We’ve brought together eight time-bound collections which capture the essence and historical significance of the era – each with a palette of fifteen shades which gives homeowners the scope to create an original yet valid look. What’s great is that while the colours are historic, the technology behind them is most definitely contemporary to ensure a perfect lasting finish and effect.” Most Historic Colours are available in a wide range of Crown Trade finishes, including Clean Extreme High Performance Emulsions, Matt Vinyl, Silk Vinyl, Mid Sheen, Satin Finish, Eggshell, Acrylic Eggshell and Full Gloss.

Crown Trade Historic Colours are available at Crown Decorating Centres across the UK. Visit to find your nearest store. For projects which require specification, visit the website and click on ‘PaintSpec Finder’.


Arts & Crafts

50s Sketchnook

Art Deco

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HUMII-BLOCK DAMPROOF FILLER FOR WET MASONRY STOPS DAMPNESS KEEPS THE SUBSTRATE WATER VAPOUR PERMEABLE • Levels damp and wet raw surfaces • Ide Ideal for cellars and basements • Moisturee vapour vap permeable • Brush or trowel application appli

APID DRYING FILLER E ULTIMATE FILLLER Exceptional adherence Excellent shaping qualities No need to spot prime me Will not flash or grinn Can be painted in 3 HRS


TOUPREELITH® F MASONRY REPAIR FILLER EASY TO SHAPE • Fill and repair without form mwork • Adheres on damp masonry • Will not flash or grin • No stabilising solution or PVA required** • Grey

TOUP PRELEX EXTERIOR FAST DRYING G LIGHTWEIGHT FILLER LIGHTWEIGHT • Light grey in colour • One coat fill • Rich in resin • Will not flash or grin • No stabilising solution or PVA required

MULTIPURPOSEE FILLER FILL, JOINT AND FACE FILLLER UK’S FINEST JOINT FILLER R • Adheres to painted surfacees • Exceellent coverage rate • Will not flash or grin • Taping and jointing plasteerboards • Greaat value • Easyy to sand

TOUPRET UK: 25 Nortth Row, London W1K 6DJ Phone: (+44) 020 36 691 6747 Sales & Customer Service Phone: (+44) 020 36 691 6750 Accounts Fax: (+44) 020 36 691 6751 Email: toupretuk@to Please visit our website : WWW.TOUPRET.CO.UK K I enquiry 536

ALL SUBSTRATES T REPAIR FILLER ROCK HARD • Exceptional adherence to all substratees • Will not flash or grin • White in colour • Paint in 24 HRSS • No stabilising solution or PVA requiredd* • White

FINE SU URFACE FILLER A FINE ACER Y TO USE eres on paint nt work ances paintt finish eed to spot prime eed to sandd ptional smooth ooth finish

FIBACRYL® BLE FILLER R CRACKS LASTING BILITY es with the ssubstrate not crack eres to paintt work eed to spot prime not flash or grin

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Has the window revolution arrived? By Neil Puttock, Managing Director at Boavista Windows UK Ltd An American engineer and professor by the name of William Edwards Deming once said, “Innovation comes from the producer – not the customer.” When it comes to the window industry I couldn’t agree more.

After all, what is the incentive for the customer to seek alternatives to a tried, tested and familiar product – and in this context I mean UPVC and aluminium windows – when those products do exactly what is required of them: they let light in, enable those inside to see out and provide an adequate level of security. However innovation, like evolution, plays a key role in not only enabling us to adapt to the constant changes and demands of a continually changing world, but also preempting those changes and demands by developing products and services that significantly improve the lives of those who use them. The launch of Boavista, Europe’s first full range of fibreglass window frames that set new industry standards in sustainability, durability and performance, is a perfect example of this. It is also a move that I believe has the potential to disrupt the current window supply and install model by providing a credible alternative to plastic and aluminium. An alternative that offers those who choose them the opportunity to contribute towards reducing the UK’s carbon footprint without compromising on design, function or form. In fibreglass window frames I believe that the window revolution has arrived, and here’s why. A green window of opportunity From a sustainability standpoint fibreglass is far superior than its PVC and aluminium counterparts due to its reliance on silica, which is naturally found in abundance, for its production compared with the fossil fuels used to make PVC windows - a resource that is both heavily polluting and finite. A Trend Monitor report, entitled Five Key Trends which will impact on the UK home improvement industry in 2016, highlighted how the millennial consumer now looks beyond the cost of a purchase, and is more inclined to favour products that are based on a circular business model, use a minimal amount of the earth’s valuable resources and that are manufactured in a such a way that designs out waste throughout the lifecycle of the product. Whilst we are now firmly in 2017 I only see this attitude becoming even more prominent. Using the latest in pultrusion technology, fibreglass frames are created by pulling resin-soaked glass fibres through heated dies, which only consumes 0.07 kilowatt to produce a linear metre of window frame weighing approximately 1kg.


At the point whereby the windows need replacing, they can simply be shredded into sections and then mixed with concrete and asphalt to deliver a lightweight, stronger and crack and shrinkage-resistant composite material – a process that requires very low energy to carry out. Designing out compromise In terms of design, fibreglass opens up a world of possibilities

due to its strength and stability, which enable it to hold large surface areas of glass, bypassing the need to produce and fit specialist, structural glass. From the perspective of an architect or homeowner, fibreglass frames support more adventurous designs that would previously have been prohibitive due to the cost associated with incorporating bespoke glazing solutions. Not only that, but fibreglass also expands in line with window glass, removing the need for unsightly gaskets to hold the pane in place, adding aesthetic value to a building. Perhaps one of the most striking features of a fibreglass frame is that, despite weighing half that of aluminium, it is exceptionally hardwearing, highly rot and corrosion resistant and delivers a much longer lifecycle than PVC and aluminium. In fact it is these factors that have underpinned the material’s success in parts of Europe and Canada, countries that were quick to harness the power of fibreglass to counteract the weather-related erosion that window frames in coastal regions and harsh climates are subject to. We only have to walk down the high street of any coastal town to spot evidence of decay brought about by the continual blowing of sand and the high salt content found within sea air. Reducing the maintenance associated with repainting – or even replacing – windows in these parts of the UK would not only cut costs but also enhance the local environments, removing the sense of decline that some coastal towns, through no fault of their own, sometimes convey. Futureproofing the UK The case for fibreglass is not exclusive to coastal towns or

highly designed residential properties or office blocks. It also applies to the UK’s housing market. A House of Lords report created by the Select Committee on Economic Affairs entitled Building More Homes concluded that the government’s target of one million new homes by 2020 will not be enough. More importantly, it put forward the case that in order to address the housing crisis, at least 300,000 new homes are needed annually for the foreseeable future. This is by no means an insignificant amount. If we are to meet this target then the annual window footprint alone would be considerable and the volume of plastic and aluminium required quite daunting. Given the renewed focus on sustainability, not just by millennials but also by society as a whole, which is made even more urgent by government targets that seek to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint, isn’t it time that the industry embraced new approaches to window frames and considered the role it plays in contributing towards delivering sustainable environments? The technology exists. The challenge now is overcoming the UK’s inherent resistance to change by making fibreglass windows a standard component within the built environment in order to improve the sustainability credentials of today’s buildings whilst helping to shape those of tomorrow. For more information visit or contact 01252 415173. I enquiry 537

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Everything Aluminium Bi-folding doors / Sliding doors / Entrance doors / Slimline windows / Roof lanterns / Commercial glazing

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Tel: 01706 260700 email:

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Chamberlain Student Accommodation required fronted with ventilation panels, to allow ventilation yet not impact on the façades integrity, maintaining the clean lines and sleek elevations. Making the façade work and integrate with all the cladding elements involved Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems designing new methods of fixing. The flush façade was a must and all the elements: Comar Glazing, Mesh and Copper panels needed to integrate.

The University of Birmingham’s new Chamberlain Hall Student Accommodation is an impressive example of regeneration which is in keeping with the landscape as well as providing all essential capacity growth for the future. Consisting of 2 linked tall towers at 17 at & 21 stories and 5 “finger” blocks. The façade had to provide function as well as form. Day-lighting is vital to aid with studying, no dark gloomy corners, a light and airy interior is desirable. Natural ventilation was a must, however, in keeping with the structured façade open-in windows were

One of the engineering challenges on the project was the connection of the perforated copper cladding panels to the Comar 6EFT curtain walling. This connection had a few considerations, such as the metals being at opposite ends of the galvanic table, aesthetic demands, thermal performance and the structural considerations of loading panels to Comar 6EFT curtain walling Continental Installations worked closely with Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems and main contractor Balfour Beatty on the complex façade. The team designed a bespoke capping profile which was extruded with re-enforced walls capable of fixing the copper panels directly to it. A heavy duty pressure plate with a fixing port arrangement, was used to mechanically fix the capping to the pressure


plate. Subsequent regular fixings then transmitted the applied loads back to the rear structural mullion member to ensure there was no thermal bridging. All connections were fully isolated to prevent bi-metallic corrosion. This bespoke design then included inward full height opening windows which sat behind the façade, Comar 5P.i Advanced Tilt/Turn open in windows were selected. These windows were perfect for the application as they offer slim sight-lines, thus maximising daylighting as well as the profiles themselves have thicker walls that provide robustness and large spans to ensure they stand the test of time. On the window elements Comar 5P.i Advanced Tilt/Turn open in windows were selected. These tilt/turn windows are perfect for the application, they offer slim sight-lines to maximise day-lights as well as the profiles themselves have wide wall thicknesses that provide robustness to ensure they stand the test of time. The wire mesh fitted directly onto the window. The five finger blocks were sited to draw people through the buildings and connect with the landscape beyond. Full height windows were selected, again, from the Comar 5P.i Advanced Tilt/Turn range. Fritted glass was used to the bottom of the glazing, allowing light, but prevents items below the desk being seen from the outside. I enquiry 539

Comar 6EFT Curtain Walling, Comar 5P.i Advanced Tilt & Turn Windows & Comar 7P.i CD Doors

Project Value: Part of £42 Million Redevelopment

For further information about Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, please visit call 020 8685 2318 or email

FAST-ACTION EXTERNAL DOOR FROM STERTIL WITHSTANDS HIGH WINDS A FlexiEdge fast-action external door supplied by Stertil Door Products ensures safe access for pedestrians and wheeled vehicles in an area of high wind loading for Greencell Spalding. Greencell is a member of the Westfalia Fruit Group and is a leading supplier of fruit and vegetables throughout the UK. At the company’s Spalding plant, set in the heart of England’s vegetable garden, a Stertil FlexiEdge M2 fastaction door was specified to replace an existing external door that had reached the end of its working life.


Systems Used:

The FlexiEdge range comprises 16 models of many different types and styles including internal and external doors, all-weather doors, cleanroom and freezer/coldroom doors plus emergency exit doors incorporating breakthrough curtains. Standard models are available in widths up to 11 metres and heights of 5.5 metres whilst bespoke and special sizes may be specified. Also, the range provides standard travel speeds up to 2.7 metres per second (opening) and 1.2 metres per second (closing) to shorten work cycles and increase productivity. The door curtain is fully flexible with a soft bottom edge which not only self-adjusts to seal on an uneven floor but also avoids any possibility of causing injury to users. In addition, the incorporation of an infra-red photocell, fitted 300mm above floor level, supported by a bottom edge wireless detector ensures instant halting of

all door movement in the event of sensing an obstruction of any kind. Also, the flexible softedge curtain provides maximum resistance to damage caused by a vehicle collision. If the door edges are knocked out by the collision, they are automatically re-inserted in the side guides as the door opens. A wide range of activation systems allows maximum versatility of FlexiEdge doors in many different applications. Alternatives to the standard push button pads include wired and wireless pull cords, key switches, induction loops, photocells, radar, radio or infra-red transmitters, presence detectors and touchless hand-wave detectors. Depending on the particular requirements of individual applications, the most appropriate activation method may be specified to ensure that the doors may be used intensively, minimising ‘open time’ and meeting the needs of the busiest high traffic areas. At Greencell Spalding, rapid opening and closing of the FlexiEdge door is activated by overhead sensors installed both inside and outside although pedestrians can opt to use the adjacent push button control panel. Apart from pedestrians, the door is used by personnel driving a range of forklifts and pedestrian operated pallet trucks. By minimising the time that the doors are open during these procedures, internal temperatures are maintained and expensive energy consumption is avoided. Due to the exposed nature of the Greencell Spalding plant, the Stertil FlexiEdge door has to cope with adverse weather conditions including unusually high wind loadings. However, the incorporation of top quality materials including galvanised steel for structural strength allied to reinforced polyethylene side guides ensures that the door’s performance and reliability is not compromised. I enquiry 540

DOORS & WINDOWS INC FIRE PROTECTION March 2017 View our publication online at www.


Don’t get caught in the rain... £each (excl. VAT)


WIDTH (mm)










t Easy to fit, lightweight, strong and durable

t Suitable for domestic and commercial use

t Use as a door canopy, passageway cover, bike shelter or smoking shelter

t Black or grey polycarbonate































arms with clear or bronze glazing

t Widths up to 30m are available t FREE DELIVERY to UK mainland

01925 826314 Page 1

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• High Quality Folding Sliding Doors

• British, German & Belgium Designed • A Fantastic Variety of Finishes & Colours



• Virtually Maintenance Free • State-of-the-Art Security Features • Full Fitting Available • Free Survey & Design Advice





Unit 26/3 Silicon Business Centre 26 Wadsworth Road Tel: 0208 997 2448 Perivale, Greenford Middlesex UB6 7JZ Fax: 0208 997 0611

email: I enquiry 542

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TRITECH - STRENGTH AND ELEGANCE The increasing popular solid brass TRITECH hinge with concealed bearings from SIMONSWERK is quickly becoming the hinge of choice for Architectural Specifiers. TRITECH hinges incorporate the latest design features offering a future proof ‘fit and forget’ product, with a 25 year performance guarantee. The solid brass hinge, suitable for heavy flush doors, has maintenance free concealed bearings, giving a weight carrying capacity of 160Kg – Grade 14. All TRITECH hinges are available with CE marked and 60 or 30 minute fire rated options and have a size range of 100 x 75, 100 x 88, & 100 x 100mm. TRITECH range has an extensive selection of 7 designer finials, and a wide range of finishes including PVD which have recently achieved 1,000 hrs corrosion resistance tests to BSEN 1670 and can stand up to the most aggressive conditions, has a high temperature resilience, good impact strength and excellent abrasion resistance.


It’s all in hand on the REHAU stand! REHAU will be at the 2017 FIT Show in Birmingham this May (Stand J30) to launch the company’s new ‘It’s all in Hand’ vision, showcasing what makes the leading PVC-U window manufacturer stand out from the crowd. Visitors to the stand will discover everything from a giant profile tunnel, to a virtual reality experience, enjoy exciting new on-trend colours and style information, and discover more on REHAU’s industry-leading commitment to sustainability and to providing helpful new information, tools and support for customers. The It’s all in Hand concept is part of REHAU’s new approach for 2017, focusing on the needs of the windows market and how the company’s strengths can support its customers in the sector. As part of its approach is a new face to the marketing team – Emily Tippins, Head of Marketing UK. As a newcomer to the industry Emily is looking forward to her first FIT Show and launching a strategic approach marrying together the product strategy of

the business with the marketing plan. Emily said: “This year will be my first at the FIT Show and while I’m looking forward to experiencing the whole event, we have a really exciting stand this year highlighting REHAU’s innovative approach to the industry. “Visitors to our stand will be able to enjoy a virtual reality experience and a giant profile tunnel. These particular elements echo our intent as a business to stay at the forefront of development in the windows industry. And they should provide something new and different for everyone at the show.“ I enquiry 133

50 Shades of steel

TRITECH designed to match demanding specifications and backed by SIMONSWERK UK’s award winning customer service. E: T: 0121 522 2848


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The VEKA UK Group first to ‘steal a March’ with PAS 24:2016 The VEKA UK Group has announced the transition of its entire range of PVC-U window and door products to PAS 24:2016, making it the first BSI Kitemark System Supplier of PVC –U to do so. Accreditation Manager, Mark Barsby explained: “We’ve been in discussions with our forward-thinking customers, BSI and Secured by Design since last July to ensure VEKA and Halo products meet the updated enhanced security standard, PAS 24:2016. “The standard was published over a year ago and includes a number of changes, particularly related to doors. The previous

Extensions - Made for Trade


With many homeowners embracing flat roofed extensions as value adding additions to their homes the popularity of bi-folding doors and roof lights has seen a significant rise. One of the stand out companies servicing this increasing need is North East based Made for Trade, already one of the UK’s leading trade manufacturers of aluminium bifold door systems they have added to their supply capabilities with the in-house designed all aluminium Korniche roof lantern. The bifold system is the proven Smart Visofold, offering attractive, slimline profiles, high thermal performance and security in any colour combination of your choice. MFT provide the most competitive pricing, free delivery in around 10 days backed up by impeccable customer service. Their new all aluminium and fully thermally broken Korniche roof lantern offers many advantages for installers and

version – PAS 24:2012 – has now been withdrawn from the BSI website, and while Document Q will continue to reference it for some time, the latest Secured by Design Homes Guide already allows for compliance via the new standard. I enquiry 129

consumers alike, design priority has been given to the classic looks but equally to speed/ease of fit. Slim profiles, completely hidden fasteners, precision fittings with no cutting, drilling or additional silicon sealant on site mean the roof can be fitted from delivery to completion in under 30 minutes, head over to to learn more. Your competitors are moving to MFT! Hurry over to and see why

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Invented in the 1880s, and synonymous with the Art Deco era, steel-framed windows and doors are enjoying a massive style revival right now, and the trend is set to soar in 2017. ‘Flick through virtually any glossy magazine or brochure - not just those dedicated to interiors – and it’s likely you’ll come across steel windows in some shape or form,’ says Darren Lloyd, spokesperson for the Steel Window Association (SWA). ‘They’re even in the latest Diet Coke adverts and the movie Fifty Shades Darker.’ The appeal of steel is easy to appreciate: monochrome steel frames feel contemporary, yet work equally well on historic properties. Inside, steel is proving a contemporary way to define ‘open plan’ spaces, without shutting out light. Any decent fashion analyst will tell you that media saturation is a key trend influencer but, as permanent fixtures, built to last, it’s now more important than ever that homeowners and architects realise the true benefits of specifying steel. ‘The lifespan of steel ensures

its current popularity isn’t a fleeting fad,’ agrees Darren Lloyd, ‘So it’s essential to source steel windows from an accredited, skilled manufacturer that can ensure energy performance and long-term durability.’ I enquiry 132

SPECTUS triples the choices with a new 36mm triple glazing bead Spectus customers now have more choices than ever in triple glazing solutions, with the launch of a new bead to accommodate 36mm glazing for its popular Elite 70 system.

The addition now gives fabricators and installers not only three options for triple glazing but it also enables the use of external Georgian Bars for added period detail. Customers can now choose from 36mm, 40mm and the highest-spec 44m in the Elite 70 system, along with the existing 36mm and 40mm in the Elite 63 system. “Spectus fabricators can now have every triple glazing option that they may ever need – as well as all the choices in double glazing – and all from one single system,” said Sales Director Paul Lindsay. “That, of course, means they can keep stockholding and cash-flow issues to an absolute minimum. But it also means they can fabricate to any specified WER up to the maximum A++, and because everything is from one fully-coordinated system, they can choose to combine triple and double glazing in a single installation, so saving time and money as well. I enquiry 131

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March 2017


Slim profiles and good lead times win Chiswick Gate development with Berkeley Homes West London for Rationel windows Rationel supplied the timber windows, entrance doors and window doors for this prestigious new housing development by Berkeley Homes in West London at Chiswick Gate. The top swing windows are from the AuraPlus range with its additional aluminium cladding to protect the timber frames and extend their life in use. John Lewis, regional sales manager for Rationel says: “AuraPlus leaves all the beauty of a natural timber finish on the interior showing off the environmentally friendly raw material largely sourced from FSC forests. The triple glazing in this window range can give U values with best performance 0.79W/m2K.” The Chiswick Gate Development is close to the River Thames, the parks and gardens of Chiswick House, also famous for its concerts and musical events, and the M4 and Chiswick High Street with its first class amenities. Apartments are being marketing from £800,000 to £2.2m each. It is a brown field site which was previously commercial office buildings demolished to make place for rows of top quality apartments rising to four storeys, along-side town housing designed to reflect the original Victorian surroundings. Berkeley specified Rationel because of the lead time the company could deliver from factory to site, and the aesthetics of

the timber window product design with their slim profiles and good sound attenuation. Alan Daly, from Berkeley Group said: ”Rationel could supply us with an aesthetically pleasing window with slim frames, good acoustic reduction and were

quite competitive on price. We have worked with the firm in the past and know the product is built to last and suits this development.”

The architects for this development were Liverpool based Falconer Chester Hall. The contractors are Berkeley Homes (West London) Ltd, and the contract value was over £500,000.

For further information visit: I enquiry 546

Affordable wooden looks with

GARADOR’S Deco Paint Finish

and a spring assisted motor for a smooth door motion. It is also an excellent choice for those looking to save space inside the garage, and also in situations where ceiling space needs to be retained or when access to the roof is required. GaraRoll comes with a choice of a 2 button or 4 button hand transmitter, each in an understated matt black finish. The Deco Paint finish comes at a significant cost advantage and with its hardwearing timber effect, GaraRoll doors supplied in this colour are an excellent new choice for new builds and existing garages across the UK.

Find out more about all Garador’s garage doors at or call 01935 443704. I enquiry 545

Garador’s hugely popular GaraRoll roller door comes in an assortment of colours, with a breadth of choice for specifiers and homeowners alike. There are 9 colours and 2 timber effect finishes for the GaraRoll; the latter of which is applied using a foil coat. But the timber effect is also available in Deco Paint, a style offering real timber effect but with a serious cost advantage over the foil coated options. Using the latest paint technology, the Deco Paint finish has been designed specifically to cover GaraRoll’s aluminium laths enhancing their durability and appearance. The Deco Paint helps the corrosion resistant doors keeps their good looks even in coastal homes battered by high winds and salt spray in the air. Rosewood and Golden Oak are the two timber effects on offer in the GaraRoll range; shades designed to complement both modern and traditional homes. They will be particularly useful for the increasing number of homes that include wooden features in the main build. Even the GaraRoll’s guide rails are finished to colour match the door curtain, ensuring an immaculate and very pleasing overall look for homeowners. Garador’s GaraRoll roller door also offers many other advantages, with long-lasting brush seals


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FOAM SEALANT TAPES: The added value route to installer growth frame housing market. Incorporating fire resistant qualities, the tape provides a highly effective ‘fit and forget’ perimeter seal for windows, particularly at heads, sills and under the roof eaves for both weather tightness and thermal/acoustic insulation, while still remaining permeable to trapped water and water vapour – similar to a flexible breathable style material for the building facade. Quick-to-apply on-site, T-Max is capable of sealing larger joints ranging in width from 11mm to 50mm in a single tape size providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties and can accommodate a temperature range of -30° to +90°. It’s

With optimistic forecasts for sector growth in 2017, impregnated foam tapes can be seen as an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional silicone sealants for builders looking for rapid and longer lasting sealing around windows and doors, says Andrew Swift, national sales manager for ISOCHEMIE.


Expanding self-adhesive foam tapes are gaining traction as an alternative to wetbased sealants for the effective sealing of joints around the windows and doors in new build and refurbishment projects. Here, joint widths can vary considerably and builders can never be certain what they will face when they arrive on site, so it’s advisable to have a versatile foam sealant available that can cater for most eventualities. The ISO-BLOCO 600 range of precompressed PUR impregnated foam tapes can be used by installers to quickly and easily seal joints up to 42 mm, providing a highly effective perimeter seal for windows and doors for both weather tightness and thermal/acoustic insulation, while remaining permeable to trapped water and water vapour – similar to a flexible breathable style material for the building facade. Builders fitting windows into multistorey timber frame houses often have to deal with structures where they have to compensate for the large amount of differential movement (up to 36 mm) which can occur between the internal timber wall, or roofs, and the external brick or block work. Here, a solution is available with the ISO-BLOCO T-Max sealing tape which has been specifically designed for the timber

also impermeable to driving rain with a minimum equivalent to Storm Force 10, making it one of the best performing tapes in its class. Another product to be considered, which delivers significant installation cost savings is the ISO-BLOCO ONE, which combines both the weather seal and airtight seal into a simple single product. Hiring access systems, with the associated health and safety issues, can add significantly to the overall cost of a new build or renovation project. However, foam tapes such as BLOCO ONE enable windows to be easily, and fully sealed from inside, avoiding the need to use time consuming and costly external access systems like scaffolding and ladders.

Moreover, because they can be used in the wet and rain, the installation of windows can be undertaken regardless of external weather conditions, avoiding time consuming and costly delays. This can lead to potential savings of hundreds of pounds per day. ISO-CHEMIE supplies its products in a number of application specific packages such as ISO3 WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM for ease-of-use and to overcome issues relating to onsite access and conditions such as freezing temperatures in the winter months. This system is based on the European RAL principle of three level sealing, offers an external seal providing weather resistance and breathability, while the intermediate seal provides extra thermal and acoustic properties, and the internal layer meets air tightness and humidity requirements. All three levels are designed to accommodate any movement between the adjacent construction materials. These tapes combine high performance with cost competitiveness, providing an effective sealing solution for the perimeter joint between windows, doors and walls in typical UK building. And with BS8213-2016 compliant tapes alongside the GGF’s guide to window installation and the demand for installed windows with matching energy rated gaps, they can combine to provide installers with an added value sales package, presenting an up-sell opportunity for installers to close deals by offering a more complete installation to the consumer. ISO-CHEMIE is one of Europe’s main producers of impregnated foam sealants, specialising in the manufacturer of foam products from polyethylene (EPE), polypropylene (EPP) and polyurethane (PUR) using the latest production techniques. The company’s UK technical and distribution operation is supported by a dedicated logistics service to ensure customer orders are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible (usually next-day delivery).

Web: I enquiry 547

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ORDER DIRECT FOR YOUR NEXT EXTENSION N PROJEC CT he Ko orniche is outstanding. t No other “sysTh stem we’ve used has fit together as well as the Ko orniche does. oes. W We e’re ve ery impressed.









Working Days Lead Time

C ll 01642 6107 Call 10 99 for o a Quo Q te www.korn k

* Korniche discount limited to first order for a single roof, offer excludes s glass.

Offer ends on the 30th April 2017

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors D s * % DISCOUNT T IN





Working o g Days Lead Time

from only


per leaf

CALL: 016 C 642 610798 FAX: 01642 671026

*Offer applicable to new customers on your first se et of doors only. *Excludes Glass and Delivery. *Lead Time depending on delivery day to your area. *Based on a like for like quote. Offer ends on the 30th April 2017

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March 2017


BUILT TO LAST When The Window Company (Contracts) supplied and installed 50 windows in the new Hyundai offices at Tilbury Docks for main contractors JW Steele & Sons Ltd recently, it marked the 20th anniversary of the partnership between the two businesses. In an industry where every single project is subject to a competitive tender, it says a great deal about the synergy between the two businesses that they are still working together regularly on both public and private sector contracts. At Tilbury Docks, where JW Steele enhanced its reputation by restoring the iconic rooftop Cupola back in June 2014. The Window Company (Contracts) supplied 50 windows in the Rehau system for a building which was being refurbished and upgraded into offices for Hyundai. The windows were all coated to mid-grey RAL7012 on the outside to exactly match the exterior cladding. This was in stark contrast to the very first job they carried out for JW Steele back in 1997 which was to fix a broken window handle in a house owned by a friend of the then Managing Director Harold Steele. Harold was so impressed with the fact that The Window Company (Contracts) fixed the handle for free, that he asked them to fit a window in his own house and the rest, as they say, is history. David Geer, the current Managing Director, and Harold’s great nephew, says that the companies

work well together because they share the same approach to customer service, quality and reliability. He said: “The Window Company (Contracts) have never let us down in the past two decades. We trust them implicitly – whether that means sticking to their quote or giving us the best advice on how to meet a window and door specification from a client. We also trust their fitters to be polite and courteous on site and to work around staff, residents or service users on our projects in the healthcare, education and policing sector.” David Thornton, Chairman of The Window Company (Contracts) said that both businesses share the same values as proud family businesses and have the same exacting standards when it comes to attention to detail and responsiveness. He added: “We are never complacent about our relationship with JW Steele. It matters just as much to us now as a £5m turnover business as it did in 1997 as a £100,000 business. That means even now we’ll respond just as quickly to a request from them to fix a broken handle as we do to an opportunity to quote on a £50,000 job.” JW Steele and The Window Company (Contracts) are both based in Chelmsford and, while The Window Company (Contracts) has been around since 1996, JW Steele’s heritage goes all the way back to 1900. The company was established by David Geer’s great grandfather John W Steele as a small building company, and has grown to become one of the region’s leading contractors specialising in the refurbishment and repair of public sector and commercial buildings. As well as the Tilbury Docks project, The Window Company has also completed recent window and door installations for JW Steele at Canvey Island Health Centre and at Ingrave Johnstone School in Brentwood.

Further details are available at and at I enquiry 549


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Turning n so omethin ng sma all into sometthing grea at for 25 2 yearrs

2017 represents a great landmark for Rapierstar,, 2 be ecause Rapierstar s has now been developing and d sup pplying specia alist fasteners and fixings for 25 yea ears.

We sttock over a billion fastener er products, ready for ne ext day deliver y, suppor ted by our unique ser vice and tecchn nical know-how.

And weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been getting it right from the be eginning.

To o fin nd out more about how Rapier apierstar can give you the e edge e, call 01260 223311, or visit v and catch tch h up with us on stand M1 1 at the Fit Show 2017.

Which h means weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; e ve contributed towards s some great landm dmarks in the e British landscape too. I enquiry 550



012 260 223311

W m

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March 2017


Hauraton’s RECYFIX® HICAP® provides reliable surface drainage for 10 years at Doncaster’s Community Sports Complex Over the years well over 100,000 RECYFIX® HICAP® one metre channel units have been installed in numerous UK projects including supermarket car parks, access areas and major sports venues, distribution depots, airports, public and commercial precincts, industrial, military and container port installations.

It is 10 years since the introduction into the United Kingdom of Hauraton’s RECYFIX® HICAP® High Capacity slot drainage system. The system was first installed in 2006 at Doncaster’s Lakeside Community Sports Complex car park. Officially opened on the 17th December 2006, the Complex was imaginatively planned and built to the highest architectural standards, the development integrating sport and community facilities in a spectacular parkland setting.

Studor has a million on its mind Drainage ventilation expert Studor is on target to supply more than one million of its products worldwide this year. Studor is the market leader for Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) and other specialist drainage ventilation products. It supplies customers through its own ByStudor brand, as well as OsmaVent through Wavin Plastics, and the Pleura range through Terrain. “The other one million figure which caught our eye is the Government’s target to build one million new homes by 2020,” says Studor’s UK Managing Director Stephen Taylor. “This should open up huge opportunities as our knowledge and expertise in drainage ventilation technology, acquired over 40 years, should make our products particularly relevant.” Founded in 1975, Studor’s development and growth has been driven by its innovative approach to product and system development. The company has consistently focussed on ‘inventive technology’ and has numerous patented designs with patent protection in over 50 countries. Studor’s expertise in drainage ventilation is supported by its close association with Heriot-Watt University research teams, which has led to new product developments.

The RECYFIX® HICAP® system was the result of an extensive research and development programme run by the Hauraton design engineers during 2005/6. The design work resulted in an innovative surface water drainage system that had a unique ductile iron top tested up to Class F900 loading capability. Using ductile iron prevented distortion of the slots during installation. This feature was not available on other high capacity slot drain systems in the UK at the time. Coupled with the range of sizes available and the light weight of units, the system provided many benefits to the specifier, contractor and client alike. Tim Connolly, Managing Director is delighted with the success of the product in the UK, “Field experience has shown our RECYFIX® HICAP® system allows for less underground excavations, materials and vastly condensed installation times. As there are fewer runs required, the

Top school gets Grade A flood protection thanks to Lanes A drainage team from Lanes Group has proved the benefit of no dig pipe repairs to resolve flooding problems that threaten to cause temporary school closures.It has carried out a comprehensive programme of drain cleaning and pipe repairs at one of Warwickshire's top secondary schools. The drainage engineers worked on hundreds of metres of pipework and completed dozens of remote structural repairs (RSRs) at The

Resiblock at The Brett Landscaping Awards

Technical information for the RECYFIX® HICAP® range, showing sizing and installation details, is available digitally on – CIVILS tab, as is a video “Why is RECYFIX® break-proof”.

For case studies go to

surfaces strength is not compromised whilst maintenance and cleaning are also reduced. What’s more, all but the largest size weighs less than 25kg so reducing the need for mechanical handling. Unlike similar “heavy duty” drainage systems on the UK market that use galvanised steel slots, the slotted components on our HICAP® channels are made from strong ductile iron, so accidental distortion of the slots during installation has proved not to be a problem”. Tim concludes, “After 10 years of use the HICAP® channel runs at Doncaster have provided trouble free drainage with no failures reported in any of the components installed.” RECYFIX® HICAP® was developed to facilitate rainwater run-off from large hard landscaped, tarmac and concrete surfaces. The tough injection moulded channels, originally made from a recycled Polyethylene-Polypropylene composite (PE-PP), but now made from recycled Polypropylene (PP).The company offer six HICAP® sizes with volumes ranging from 18.4 to 415.0 litres per metre. The different sizes are designed to easily link up with each other in a step-fall design, so as the volume of water increases downstream the chance of overflow is virtually eliminated. Based on a supplied soil and strata analysis, Hauraton offers a free hydraulic calculation and component specification service specifically for the RECYFIX® HICAP® system. I enquiry 551

Polesworth School, in Dordon, near Tamworth.The work, carried out over several months, mostly during school holidays, was needed to upgrade the school's drainage system which had been causing flooding in the school grounds during periods of heavy rain. The drainage system upgrade has been integrated with another big capital project to repair and recover flat roofs at the school. The work will provide a significant boost to the school, especially during winter months, when rainfall and pressure on the drainage system is at its highest. Flash flooding during periods of heavy rainfall is one of the main causes of temporary school This month saw Resiblock in attendance at the Annual Brett Landscaping Awards. Once again, we at Resiblock were proud to present the Brett Best Resiblock Installer 2016 award, and the winner was Mr Tony Bogusz of Style Home Improvements Ltd! During the day Resiblock had our usual display exhibit, and it was great to see so many of our Resiblock Registered Contractors again. We were also delighted to provide a bottle of Champagne for the Brett Pick a Brick Competition. At the evening Awards Dinner we held a Resiblock Quiz, and the £100 Amazon Vouchers were

and college closures, which is why maintaining surface water drainage systems is vital. I enquiry 137

won by Sean & Michaela Mason of Mason & Turner Construction Ltd (see left), which were awarded by Resiblock Managing Director Paul Lamparter. On the evening, Paul commented: “We are delighted that Resiblock has once again been invited to attend, exhibit and sponsor an award at the prestigious 5th Annual Brett Landscaping Awards. I would like to pass on a special congratulation to Tony Bogusz at Style Home Improvements Ltd, for winning the Brett Best Resiblock Installer 2016 award.” I enquiry 136

Osmo revives aged wood with highly effective power gel


I enquiry 134

Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, brings tired looking and aged wood back to life with its powerful cleaning agent, Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel. This product has been especially developed to restore exterior wood, including wooden decking, timber cladding and garden furniture, back to its original colour and character. Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel is a jelly-like cleaner that effectively cleans and refreshes greyed and weathered exterior wood.

Made from environmentally friendly and biodegradable ingredients, the product is free from harmful solvents, chlorine compounds, amines and harmful odours. Osmo’s special cleaning agent is also biodegradable and odour free. One coat of Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel is sufficient to revive external wood back to its natural colour and appearance. I enquiry 135

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View our publication online at

March 2017






Tel: 0845 2600024 • Fax: 0845 2600025 Email: • MEADOWS MILL, BURNLEY ROAD, BACUP, LANCASHIRE OL13 8BZ w I enquiry 555

I enquiry 554

Polypipe picked for Ipswich Town Academy training facilities Championship team Ipswich Town Football Club has turned to Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of sustainable drainage, sewer, water management solutions and cable protection products, to provide a land drainage solution for its pitches at the club’s Playford Road training ground. Polypipe has supplied over 2,000m of its PVCu Landcoil in 80mm and 100mm diameters, which will offer significant improvements to the existing pitches which suffered from waterlogging. The Landcoil system is specifically designed to aid in the successful management of land water, offering significant improvements in areas where poor drainage negatively affects ground quality.


The BSI Kitemarked Landcoil system was designed and installed by Les Cotton Contractors at the conclusion of the 2015/16 football season, so as not to interfere with the team’s match day preparations. The system includes a range of couplers and junctions, and is one of the most popular land drainage systems in the UK. In the system designed for the football club, the Landcoil pipes are connected together with integral couplers, with a three lug design to allow for an easy installation, whilst removing the possibility of the coils pulling away from each other during the installation process. Darren Cotton, at Les Cotton Contractors, comments: “Ipswich Town FC needed to keep their training pitches in the best possible condition, in all weathers throughout the football season, and we knew that Polypipe’s Landcoil could solve the problem of waterlogging within the training ground. It is an easy system to install, and will keep players on the pitches for years to come.” Emma Nicholls, Marketing Manager, Polypipe Civils, comments: “Landcoil is ideal for use in locations where the ground needs to be kept in peak condition. It is a versatile solution that is tried and tested for sports and leisure projects which struggle with the impact of excess surface water.” I enquiry 553

For more information please visit or call the technical team on +44 (0)1509 615100 w

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EXTERNAL WORKS & DRAINAGE March 2017 View our publication online at www.


:h^d>W^d>^&ZKDϭϬŵŵhWdKϭ͕ϬϮϬŵŵ t,K>^EWZKs/d,d͍




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Slope Correction Heads - Load Bearing 1000kg Suitable For Paving & Decking - Low Prices

Castle Composites Ltd Call: 01555 870003

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Flush away health & safety concerns Telescopic 15mm Hose Union Tap > Flush when closed Ideal for schools and public buildings > Minimises risk of injury > Vandal-proof > Frost resistant Applications: > Recesses into any > thickness Filling buckets e.g. campsites of wall > Filling watering cans e.g. cemetaries > Special key > Vehicle washdown extends assembly areas > Garden centres > Gardens

To view the range of external taps visit our website

Tel: 01442 823 123 Email: The Water Regulations Solution Specialist I enquiry 558

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ynergy S

The choice of the Construction Industry Professional Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products are an independent, privately owned manufacturer of wastewater treatment products. They are also distributors for other major companies within the industry. Pumping Stations Standard and bespoke systems are offered to pump both foul and surface water. Pump stations are used to raise the level of the discharge to the invert of a local gravity mains or private system.

Single pump systems are generally available from stock, to serve the smaller domestic project. Larger capacity duplex systems manufactured to meet site-specific criteria are also readily available on short lead times. Building Regulations require that the pump chamber should have sufficient storage volume to contain a 24 hour inflow. In the case of domestic systems, a figure of 150 litres per person per day is used to determine the chamber capacity. Bypass Separators Bypass Separator NSB3 & Extension Turret held in stock for immediate despatch Nationally. Bypass Separator are used in hard

standing areas where there is a light risk of hydrocarbon contamination to the surface water run off, i.e. Car Parks, Roadways, Industrial Estates, Goods Yards etc. These units are designed to treat the influent up to the design nominal size of the Separator. A standard set of sixteen models are available, ranging from the NSB3, which drains an area of 1,667 M2, to the NSB 100, which can drain an area of 55,556 M2. Larger models up to NSB 1000 are also available to order.

pumped discharge, again sized to the permitted outflow criteria. Above Ground Storage Tanks

Low Profile Septic Tank

Through our network of trading partners, we are able to supply both vertical and cylindrical tanks for installation above ground. These can be manufactured with chemical resin rich liners, in a variety of different capacities. Please contact us with your requirements. Sewage Treatment Plants Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products supply Package Sewage Treatment Plants in one piece tanks from 6 Pe (person) through to 175 Pe. A range of some 21 different models.Over and above 175 Pe, we supply modular two tank systems serving from 190 Pe through to 400 Pe.

Storm Water Attenuation Tanks Storm Water Attenuation Tanks a substantial range of one piece vessels, from 1,000L to 275,000L, are offered. These tanks can be supplied with baffles, access ladders, multiple access shafts etc. if required. Alternatively, the FCD can be fitted into a separate chamber, or supplied loose to be installed into an existing outlet manhole chamber by others. The attenuation tank can be manufactured with an integral Flow Control Device (FCD) sized to the specific outflow requirement. Where levels prevent the use of a gravity fed (FCD) the Attenuation tank can be supplied with a

Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant

Spherical Septic Tank

The aerobic biological treatment process used in all of the systems offered is â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Submerged Aerated Filterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; (SAF) sometimes referred to as biological aerated filters. Synergy NS10 Full Rentention Separator

The SAF process is a well proven method used widely across the world by municipal authorities for the treatment of domestic waste. The benefits are principally, simplicity of operation, small footprint, and the resulting economic advantage.

Synergy Robusta 4600 Litre Tank

Tricel P12 UK Gravity Sewage-Treatment Plant

I enquiry 560

Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products is an independent family owned British manufacturing business.

Tel: 01278 671927 Web:

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Remarkably advanced Hi-therm, the single most cost efficient solution for lowering carbon emissions within SAP.


Available from:

New Psi value calculator available on: I enquiry 561

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View our publication online at March 2017


Maximise your existing order book with Freefoam cladding All building companies are looking for ways to expand their business. Products to upsell to existing customers, opportunities to revisit previous customers and options to develop new markets –PVC cladding could be that opportunity. There has been a huge interest in external cladding products in recent years, partly driven by aspirational TV shows like Grand Designs where it seems that every new build project features cladding in some way. Timber is still popular but homeowners are now looking for more low maintenance options – many busy families have little time or skill for the

on-going re-painting and repair that timber requires. PVC-U external cladding is one of the fastest growing external building products. Its versatility means it can be used on a huge variety of projects from a feature wall on an existing building, an exterior finish for a new extension or to give an attractive finish to a loft conversion. Cladding is one of the quickest and simplest ways of totally transforming the look of any home. Freefoam Building Products are specialist PVC manufacturers producing a wide range of long

lasting, low maintenance cladding products. The Freefoam cladding range features a choice of a smooth woodgrain finish or Fortex® timber effect embossed boards in Shiplap, Double Shiplap and Weatherboard styles. Available in a wide variety of colours from traditional Mahogany, Rosewood and Oak to subtle ‘New England’ shades of Misty Grey and Cappuccino and more dramatic contemporary options like Anthracite Grey, Slate Grey and Black Ash. All ranges come with a high quality, purpose made, easy to fit trim system making installation straight-forward and quick. PVC-U cladding also offers significant environmental credentials, being awarded an A+ rating from the Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) ‘Green Guide to Specification’ when installed with standard components, making PVC a real alternative to timber and fibre cement products.

Commercial Director, Colin St John, explains “Cladding is fast becoming one of our success stories. As manufacturers we’re committed to bringing products to market that give our customers and our customer’s customers opportunities to grow and have always recognised and accepted that our Customers success was our success. Creating the ultimate win win has been our driver over the years. Developing winning products for winning stockists and installers and being part of the whole sales process has been key to continued growth.” To find out about Freefoam cladding products go to Contact Freefoam on 01604 683864 or email I enquiry 562

Klober expansion adds wall and underfloor vent range As part of its continuing expansion and specialisation, ventilation manufacturer Klober has introduced an extensive range of wall and underfloor vents. Designed for

both new build and refurbishment projects, this includes through-the-wall and drill vent sets, weep and face fit vents, interlocking airbricks, liners, extensions, converters and ducting. Products provide general background ventilation or be used with fires and central heating and are available in up to five colours. For plumbing installation work, products are also supplied with elongated spigots for ease of attachment. For further information go to

I enquiry 142

Creating the right atmosphere for our customers


FAKRO V40P Semi-Automatic Air Ventilation Creates A Healthy Microclimate and Year-Round Energy Savings Our innovative air inlet system uses a semi-automatic vent activated by changes in wind pressure to continually adjusts levels of fresh air flow - read on to discover more about the potential savings and health solutions behind our innovative design. How it works: The current industry standard for air inlets used by roof window manufacturers is an inefficient, manually operated vent, which can frequently result in problems such as condensation, heat loss and excessive cooling. The innovative design of FAKRO’s V40P semi-automatic air inlet allows it to be placed in the upper part of the frame instead of in the sash. The inlet itself contains an

elastic, pneumatic flap which opens or closes to either deflect the inflow of air by reducing the duct area, or increase air flow in order to maintain a stable atmospheric level. The success of the V40P at achieving an optimal balance of fresh air inflow means that we’ve made it a standard solution in all FAKRO roof windows. I enquiry 143

Alumasc waterproofing system protects new community care and treatment centre The prestigious new Banbridge Community Treatment & Care Centre (CT&CC) in County Down, Northern Ireland, has an effective long-term waterproofing solution, after 2,500m2 of Alumasc’s Hydrotech waterproofing systems, covered by Intensive Alumasc Blackdown green roof and Derbigum, was installed on the roofs, balconies and terraces. Approved local Alumasc installer Jameson Roofing Services was appointed to install 1,000m2 of Alumasc Derbigum, with an extended warranty of 40 years, and 1,500m2 of Alumasc Hydrotech

Popular library given new lease of ‘light’ A popular library, situated on a busy road in the suburb of North Watford, has been subject to an entire new roof as part of a much needed refurbishment. Commissioned by Hertfordshire County Council, North Watford Library, has seen a rejuvenated interior created as well as a roof

waterproofing, which has an extended warranty of 50 years. After the concrete deck had been primed with bitumen, a layer of Euroroof Mastergold vapour barrier was applied and covered with Euroroof PU Insulation adhesive. 120mm Alumasc BGT Rigid Polyisocyanurate Insulation was then laid, to achieve a target u-value of an average 0.20W/m2K, before Mastergold underlay and finally the Derbigum Cap Sheet. I enquiry 145

scheme which saw the building become water tight. It also benefited from the replacement of the striking central atrium plus added light due to the installation of additional rooflights in the new design. Constructed in 1937, the locally listed building designed by architect W.W. Newman who was responsible for many buildings in the area during the inter-war period, remains a significant part of the fabric of the area and as such, it was essential that a considerate scheme be created. Rooflights were added to the new roof design to allow natural light to flood the building and negate the need for any further electric lighting, reducing the buildings energy consumption and making the environment more user friendly. I enquiry 144

V publication online at www. ROOFING, CLADDING & INSULATION March 2017 View our

Cut to Size Polycarbonate Sheet


Cut your waste to a minimum and make handling and transporting your sheets much easier, saving you both time and money.



Ordering your sheet couldn't be easier. Visit our website and enter your requirements into our easy to use online cut-to-size tool, or get in touch by phone or email.

01925 826314 I enquiry 564






Why give yourself the unnecessary hassle of trying to cut polycarbonate sheet yourself when we can do it for you?




NXT Silicone Roof Coatings can be applied to virtually any surface including felt/bitumen, steel, concrete, fibreglass, wood, asbestos, fibre cement, epdm, lead and many more. Ideal for roof & gutter repair and refurbishment. Some of the most common uses are for flat roof repair, garage roof repair and industrial gutter coating please contact us if you need any advice.

Tel: 01505 863 863 I enquiry 563


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View our publication online at March 2017


I enquiry 567

I enquiry 568

HOT WATER HEATING CONTINUOUS FLOW SYSTEMS SHOWS DRAMATIC SAVINGS – SAYS INDEPENDENT REPORT A recent independent report emphatically concluded that continuous flow water heating systems have a clear advantage in terms of initial capital costs as well as life cycle costs over 20 years, when compared with traditional stored hot water systems*.


The study** shows that continuous flow water heating systems can be up to 7% more economical than equivalent ‘traditional’ stored hot water systems but that capital costs can be 41% less than indirect systems and a whopping 49% less than direct systems. “In terms of maintenance you need to be realistic and not theoretical,” says Rinnai managing director Tony Gittings. “If a site has direct or an indirect system then it has to effectively shut down for maintenance. There’s no way around this problem. Not so

with Rinnai continuous flow units as we cascade them together so that the demand for hot water can be met without closing down the whole site.” AECOM, the world’s biggest building services consultants, was commissioned to carry out a totally independent life cycle study on continuous flow water heating systems, and to provide a comparison with conventional storage systems. Two case studies were provided on projects using continuous flow water heating systems. AECOM then determined an equivalent storage based system for each case study and compared operational and capital costs. For the life cycle comparison, the analysis period was 20 years, based on the expected service life. The net present value (NPV) calculation is based on a discount rate of 3.5% (The GREEN BOOK - HM Treasury), an inflation rate of 2% for servicing costs and projected retail fuel costs from DECC1. In both case studies the continuous flow system showed a clear advantage in terms

of initial capital costs, as well as life cycle costs over 20 years, with the continuous flow system consistently lower in energy use than the two storage systems. Case study 1: This was a system for a typical, small, pre-fabricated fast food restaurant. It is assumed the system only serves the hot water demand. The life cycle analysis includes the initial capital costs, projected annual fuel costs, and estimated annual servicing costs which are assumed to increase by 2% each year. The annual fuel cost assumes the same daily fuel consumption over the whole year. The servicing cost is based on £130/year per boiler, and £160/year for a boiler and cylinder. The resulting net present values of the three showed that the continuous flow system is 6 - 7% lower than the two storage systems based on that 20-year analysis period. Case study 2: This was a system for a shower block in a holiday camp, with six showers and four basin taps. For the continuous flow option, the analysis is based on a configuration of 4 continuous flow water heaters that each have a nominal output of 48 kW, which, for this

particular application, because there is a very short run of pipe work between the water heaters and the fixtures, it is possible for the water heaters to generate water at 40°C. The risk of legionella is overcome by the regular turnover of the system. For the energy required to deal with the instantaneous hot water demand the analysis assumes that the bulk of the hot water demand would be due to the showers. Each shower would typically have a flow rate of around 9 litres per minute, which if mixed to 40ºC would equate to an instantaneous load of around 19 kW each, so even if there was only one shower running, the load on a single continuous flow water heater would equate to an efficiency of 95% based on the performance curve. As the hot water demand increases, the modular nature of this particular configuration would allow the 95% efficiency to be maintained for the bulk of the demand. The difference in daily fuel costs between the three systems is around 7%. The usage profile for this case study is particularly suited to continuous flow systems (i.e. high but infrequent demand over the day), which is why there is an advantage in fuel consumption over the storage systems.

For more information on the RINNAI product range of high efficiency condensing continuous flow hot water heating units and systems visit I enquiry 566

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KENSA ENGINEERING March 2017 View our publication online at www.


£320K energy switching project wins top prize at Housing Innovation Awards

An innovative energy switching project completed by Kensa Heat Pumps and Hanover Housing Association has won the title ‘Most Innovative Retrofit Scheme’ at the Housing Innovation Awards. Celebrating the ‘leading lights’ in the housing sector with ‘pioneering spirit and inventive and original schemes and services’, the Housing Innovation Awards honoured Hanover and Kensa’s first joint project at a glittering ceremony in Covent Garden on the 8th February 2017. The ‘Most Innovative Retrofit Scheme’ was the outcome of a commitment to improve Hanover’s residents’ wellbeing and help reduce fuel poverty. Led by Peter Philips, Tal Mehta and Beverley Head, Hanover’s Property and Housing & Support management teams embarked on an energy switching programme in 22 flats in Ipswich. The two storey project comprised the replacement of electric storage heaters with more efficient Kensa ground source heat pumps, which were connected to twelve shared ‘micro district’ ground arrays. The scheme’s micro district design – where a Kensa Shoebox heat pump installed inside each flat is connected to one of 12 communal boreholes - suited the restricted site, and also ensured eligibility for Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding provided by Kensa’s unique partnership with EDF Energy, along with twenty years of income through the Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The micro district design also avoids the need for a plant room, and provides complete heating independence to the tenants who are free to switch energy providers. Each resident also received a new hot water cylinder and radiators in place of the old night storage units.Awards judge John O’Brien, Director of BRE Innovation Park, praised the retrofit project’s contribution to combatting fuel poverty:

“The heat pump solution tackled a number of issues with retrofit, namely for properties off the gas network or what we call hard-to-treat, but also trying to make sure its affordable as well, and the payback periods are good. Fuel poverty is a huge issue and if we are going to be able to make sure we have the right retrofit solutions, especially around heating, then this is an opportunity to show that we’ve addressed a very difficult area of the problem.” Winston Williams, Property Director at Hanover Housing Association said: “We are delighted to have won this prestigious award which is all thanks to a fantastic partnership working between Hanover and Kensa. “Residents of Ashfield Court now have an affordable heating system that should be low maintenance for at least 20 years. Along with that, over the lifecycle of the systems’ installation, there will be an income benefit to Hanover.” Simon Lomax, Managing Director at Kensa Heat Pumps said: “We are delighted that the success of Hanover’s Ashfield Court project with Kensa has been recognised with this award. Increasingly, social landlords are discovering that ground source heat pumps not only provide plentiful, reliable and low cost heating for their tenants but also generate an attractive financial return via the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive. We have developed working methods which are very considerate of the tenants and their surroundings - reflected in the 100% satisfaction rating at Hanover.” I enquiry 569

w w w . k e n s a h e a t p u m p s . c o m


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View our publication online at March 2017

Bespoke valve configurations on site as early as seven days For any building service contractor, the key to a successful project is the efficiency of the installation – in short, time spent on planning and onsite. Leading Integrated piping solutions manufacturer, Pegler Yorkshire, has developed a unique service that delivers bespoke valve arrangements (modular valves solutions) for fan coils in a significantly reduced lead time from the merchant’s order. Contractors looking for a fan coil modular valve solution (MVS) require the typical questions answering such as performance in application, reliability, and ease of installation and, whilst they are essential: service, lead times and planning are seen as after thoughts but do have a major impact on

HEATING, PLUMBING & VENTILATION projects if not met. “The real issues for contractors are providing a bespoke modular valve solution designed to specific drawings and required in a realistic time frame,” commented Sindar Singh, Climate Control Manager Pegler Yorkshire. “The unique service we have developed inconjunction with our technical team incorporates a process to evaluate, (take off drawings) offer guidance and quotation in rapid time and, we would also support the delivery schedule lead times. However, once an order is received from the merchant, we can actually deliver a bespoke product as early as seven working days.”

I enquiry 146

CPD Guide to working with the F-Gas Regulations Mitsubishi Electric has released a free, CPD-Accredited Guide to working with the F-Gas Regulations to help anyone involved in air conditioning understand how this will affect them and their equipment. “There is a lot being said about refrigerants and F-Gas at the moment, so we wanted to produce a useful guide for anyone involved in the air conditioning industry,” explains Graham Temple, marketing manager for the company’s range of split air conditioning systems. “People need to be aware that there are some actions that are imminent but there is also plenty of time to plan for future milestones in the F-Gas phase down process.” The Guide looks at the background to the regulations and why they have come about; how the phase down is planned to operate and what this means for both air conditioning systems and their owners. The overriding objective of the legislation is to reduce emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gases) used predominantly in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors which make a significant contribution to climate change. The Guide, therefore, looks at the strengthening of obligations on leak checks, repairs, recovery and training and includes details of bans on certain F-Gases in some applications. “We want to help installers, consultants and building operators understand how the F-Gas Regulations will affect them both now

and into the future,” ends Temple. To download the free CPD Guide and for further details on the regulations, visit

SALUS launches new RT Thermostat range

I enquiry 147

Demand for pre-fabricated pipe work is growing Flexenergy is seeing growing demand for pre-insulated pipe fabrication services that enable contractors to reduce onsite materials storage and speed up the installation of water distribution networks. Flexenergy is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of polybutene pipe for heating and hot and chilled water distribution systems and has noticed an upturn in contractors requesting the pre-fabrication of district heating scheme network elements to enhance construction efficiency based on ‘just-in-time’ principles.

Stokvis offers efficiency and flexibility with Econo-air


The Econo-Air gas-fired heating and ventilation systems from Stokvis offer excellent indoor air quality and optimum energy efficiency for large buildings across a range of industrial and commercial applications. Available as both direct fired and indirect fired units, the Econo-Air range is flexible and highly adaptable to the enduser’s requirements. Stokvis has developed the Econo-Air range specifically for large open interior spaces such as warehouses, factories, sports centres and theatres. A choice of air distribution heads is available to give designers the option of ductless air

distribution, thereby eliminating the need for complex ductwork and high level destratification fan units. Where ductwork is required, the systems can be configured to allow for ductwork resistance of up to 2,000 Pascals. They are therefore ideal for use with air induction systems. I enquiry 151

The service ensures that Flexenergy’s Flexalen pipe is fabricated exactly to specification before it leaves the company’s premises, including fusion welding complex designs covering flow and return risers, multidirectional pipe sections, coiled pipe connected with building entry elbows and zonal control sections fitted with pre-insulated V-Flex valves.

I enquiry 148

SALUS has introduced a new and improved RT Thermostat range to its expansive heating controls portfolio. The new SALUS RT310 and RT510 thermostats replace the highly successful RT300 and RT500 ranges. Whilst the RT310 is a simple digital thermostat, the RT510 offers programmable capabilities. Both thermostats are available with or without wiring, and all models come with a five-year warranty. A new smart phone thermostat, RT310i has also been launched. In addition to the many popular features associated with the previous models, the new thermostats boast an eye-catching contemporary design and several exciting new features that are set to appeal to homeowners and installers alike. New features on the RF wireless models include; an RF Test Function, 16 amp switching receiver with manual override, and both they are pre-synced to Plug & Play. In addition, the RT510RF wireless model offers manual mode to disable schedule, together with heating boost and holiday modes. Meanwhile, the RT510 wired model features a new manual mode to disable schedule, and heating boost and holiday modes. I enquiry 149

Powerful, fast, efficient and reliable Late in 2007 Freeze Master started development of the 420D model, the first to be released in their new range of electric pipe freezers. The 420D was launched at the Executive Hire Show at the Ricoh Arena in February 2008. The new 420D chassis design, incorporating a carry case with lid closed slots, proved so popular that in 2010 the 690E model and revised 280D models were launched; followed by the low cost ezefreeze model in 2012. In these last 9 years Freeze Master have not had a single machine from the new range of models returned with an unexplained gas loss. Freeze Master electric pipe freezing machines do not need gas top ups, regassing or regular service checks. A Freeze Master electric pipe freezing

machine is powerful, fast, efficient, and reliable. Choose Freeze Master. I enquiry 150

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with Real News Rinnai, designer and manufacturer of the ErP labelled A-rated Infinity range of continuous flow gas fired water heaters (including the new Infinity Solo with storage), has been at the centre of a Twitter flurry on social media. Installers and contractors are giving a new meaning to ‘digital’ media as their fingers glide across Smart phones to post glowing reports on their experiences with Rinnai’s units and customer service. For example, one Twitter follower tweeted, “Rinnai products are hard to beat! Others should aim to be half as good!” while another said, on the subject of space heaters (Rinnai leads the field in energy efficient gas fired space heaters for large spaces) with this: “I wouldn’t consider any other space heater in a church or hall – also the little 309FTR (space heater) is working a treat” According to the top five most popular social networks in the UK are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, in that order. And it’s not just Twitter that is acting as a conduit for installers talking about Rinnai. LinkedIn is also playing its part. One contractor simultaneously used the platform with Twitter to post a pic of an Infinity 16i water heater installation with the comment “Awesome bit of kit!”. Chris Goggin*, Associate Director, Rinnai UK comments: “I couldn’t get off Twitter one night because of the positive conversations and

feedback. Most of the time people go on to social media to moan or complain – unless there is something great to talk about. Obviously as a group we are doing something right. He goes on to say: “In the office we are focusing on customer satisfaction and the bedding in of the expanded sales team. This kind of feedback is heightening our service levels. “It is good to know that installers recognise Rinnai is not only supplying the UK with the most reliable individual units on the market, it is also offering end-users the peace of mind that comes with having chosen the most efficient, cost effective and reliable hot water systems, too.” Last word goes to one installer who tweets: “They (Rinnai) value the trade, answer the phone, quality product, don’t sell past us, or expect us to sort design flaws!” * Chris himself is no stranger to social media. He recently used Facebook to record an interview with Alex Gerrard of Widnes Vikings. Rinnai is sponsor of the rugby league side. “An impromptu Facebook live interview with @agerrard1 and Chris Goggin about our sponsorship with For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

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Bright and colourful learning on laminate

Bold and striking Rosso high pressure laminate from Abet Laminati is making a splash in a children’s washing and breakout area at St Helen’s Catholic School in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex. As part of a beautifully-designed first floor extension by local architects SK Architects, six new classrooms, a studio and a central breakout area has been added in bold and bright colours more than doubling the school’s capacity. Specialist furniture manufacturer Benchmark FF&E Solutions was employed to create the innovative scallop-shaped wash and utility stations which were cleverly moulded around yellow columns housing sunpipes. Abet’s bright red Rosso colour in a high gloss HRLAQ finish was used to clad the sides of the stations while compact grade was placed on the top coupling high performance with an attractive appearance. The compact grade on the surface was carefully routered out to allow for under cabinet sinks and drainage lines to be created. HR-LAQ is a high gloss finish available in 28 bold and bright colours. Its unique finish comes from a unique formula applied to the surface layer that can maintain the level of glossy shine while offering long life cycle performance in terms of durability, scratch and impact resistance; perfect for this kind of heavy use environment where children are playing. Abet Laminati’s compact grade High Pressure Laminates is also popular for other types of heavy duty application, such as lockers, table tops, vanity units and cubicles. I enquiry 152

Splashpanel Matt Travertine offers natural stone appeal and value Great design and value go hand in hand with the four new additions to the Splashpanel PVC wallpanelling range from IDS. Silver Travertine Matt (pictured), Silver Travertine Gloss, Travertine Matt and Sand Marble respond to the continuing popularity for the stone and marble-based looks in the bathroom. Silver Travertine Matt mirrors the natural beauty of a creamy grey marble in a fashionable matt finish, while offering the advantages of easy and fast installation and a fully waterproof finish at a price-point that delivers good value, design and quality. Splashpanel PVC waterproof panelling is available in 12 designs in two panel sizes of 1000mm and 1200mm to suit larger shower trays. Smooth and easy to clean, with no grout lines, Splashpanel’s hygienic, non-porous surface provides excellent protection against bacteria and stains and is mould resistant. Splashpanel provides a stylish, cost-effective alternative to tiling, suitable for showers, bathrooms and wetrooms used in both the commercial and domestic sectors. They can be fitted with joinery skills, eliminating the need for wet trades. The Tongue and Groove panels are cut to size and can be fitted directly over tiles or bonded directly to a sound, flat and plumb sub surface, allowing for quick and easy installation.

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AKW gets its products BIM-ready


A range of state-of-the-art products from AKW – UK market leader in accessible bathroom and kitchen solutions – are now building information modelling (BIM)-ready. This will enable them to contribute towards more predictable, faster and less costly projects, and produce less waste. Wendy Ryley, Group Product Director at AKW

explained: “AKW is adding value by achieving BIM readiness for its extensive product range, with everything from shower trays to electric showers being covered. By using BIM, projects can be visualised early in the design process and designs can be modified before construction starts which saves time, effort and money. “BIM also allows the project team effectively to ‘construct’ the project in a virtual environment, practicing complicated procedures, enhancing designs and scheduling the procurement of materials, equipment and manpower.” BIM involves generating and managing digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of products. It is a collaborative process enabling design and construction teams, along with their clients, to share an approved digital model of the building during its development. As well as offering enormous potential savings in time and costs, BIM also limits the need for alterations due to information loss. I enquiry 156


Improving quality of life through design and function

Geberit Sigma and Geberit Omega frames and flush plates have added style and functionality to the washrooms at Bentley House, an award winning care home in Hertfordshire. Specified with a white backplate and chrome buttons, Geberit Sigma and Geberit Omega dual flush plates create a stylish look, save water and are easier to use for those with impaired vision. The newest development for Signature Senior Lifestyle, Bentley House opened in January 2016, winning the Hertfordshire Building Futures Award for ‘Retrofit of the future'. In May the same year, Bentley House also secured The Hilden Style Award for Most Stylish Care Home. The bathrooms were a critical part of both award wins and it was important that the products chosen met the needs of residents but at the same time were stylish. Sue Dee, Interior Designer for Leisure Concepts, who created the scheme at Bentley House, said: "It is an essential factor in our interior design to provide the functionality and ease of use required by the end user, without compromising on the quality or style of the interior presentation. "We do not believe it is necessary to make this type of interior look institutional and, whilst there are demanding circumstances, we do not want the residents to feel as though they are in a hospital, but a well-thought-out, attractive and homely environment.” I enquiry 154

Marmox Showerlay 360 drain enables most versatile floor level shower available British company specialising in insulation and waterproofing products, Marmox, has added a new drainage solution to its range of Showerlay floor level shower bases, which has been designed to simplify the installation of plumbing in both new-build and refurbishment applications and is compliant with all relevant standards. Joining the company’s extensive range of products, the new Showerlay360 Drain, as the superscript title suggests, is fully rotatable to enable use in horizontal as well as vertical outlet connections – or any angle in between – for total flexibility. For even greater ease and adaptability of installation, the compact drain measures just 80mm deep with a 50mm water seal. It can be utilised with both of Marmox’s Showerlay trays, which are tileable sloping bases for a shower area on either a wooden or concrete sub-floor. Two options are available: a 20mm or 24mm version which is supplied with a traditional square drain or a 40mm thick version which features a stainless steel linear drain. Both can be used to create level access showering areas, or wet rooms. The square drain version has a brushed stainless steel grate housed in an integrated frame which can be adjusted to accommodate tiling thicknesses from 5mm to 15mm.

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Carron Phoenix’s new Carronade Elite waste disposal units are easy to fit and efficient to use The new Carronade Elite CE-50 and CE-75 waste disposal units (WDUs) available now from Carron Phoenix offer consumers an easy, hygienic and eco-friendly method of food waste disposal. Compatible with most sinks, the WDUs are easy to fit and their premium specification includes antibacterial protection for odour control in addition to sound insulation for quiet operation. Ideal for everyday kitchen use, they significantly reduce the amount of waste that would normally go into the bin making short work of foodstuffs such as tea bags, chicken bones, and fruit and vegetable peelings, helping to reduce the amount going to landfill. The normal wastepipe is used for disposal and being septic safe, there is no risk of germ build up. Both WDUs are switch operated models which come with an air switch supplied and food is continuously fed into the disposers as they operate. The stainless steel grinding chamber is corrosion proof for long-lasting performance and a removable splashguard aids cleaning. The two models feature state-of-the art permanent-magnet motors capable of reaching full-speed instantly. The 600ml

capacity CE-50 has a ½ HP motor and speed of 2600 RPM with load for RRP £217 and comes with a three year guarantee. The 800ml capacity CE-75 has a ¾ HP motor and a speed of 2700 RPM with load, for RRP £309 with a ten year guarantee. I enquiry 157


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Matt or Gloss - BENCHMARX adds two new options to its popular Soho and Eton ranges New for spring 2017, the trade-only suppliers of high quality kitchens, Benchmarx Kitchens & Joinery, has added two new options to its everpopular Eton and Soho collections.

look to life. And, with matt cupboard finishes making a statement in designer kitchens at the moment, this latest collection ensures your customers can have a top-end look at an affordable price too.

Both provide hard-wearing possibilities for homeowners wanting style and practicality, which can be tailored to suit them and the space available.

As with the existing gloss finishes in the Eton collection, the new Matt Dove Grey option features a highly durable PVC door foil and moisture-resistant ABS edging, to make this a hard-wearing choice that will remain looking good despite the most hectic family lifestyle. Team this with contemporary square-edged work surfaces and you have a luxurious finish which cannot fail to impress.

MATT DOVE GREY JOINS THE ETON RANGE Turn the clock back and the mention of an industrial look meant creating a kitchen worthy of a professional chef, complete with a great deal of stainless steel on show. Now the latest 2017 industrial trend has a much more welcoming feel, which is ideal for customers to recreate at home. Metal, wood, exposed brickwork and crisp metro tiles with contrasting black grout, all work together to create a look that will draw people into the kitchen. The addition of the brand-new Matt Dove Grey finish to the ever-popular Eton range from Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery, is perfect to bring this

GOING GREY WITH SOHO There’s no mistaking that gloss grey continues to be a staple in the world of interiors – and not without good reason. Its versatility and neutral tone mean it is the perfect base to create a cool, sleek backdrop that can brighten a room whilst leaving homeowners free to add interest with the pops of colour through accessories and splashbacks. Bringing a new dimension to its Soho kitchen range, Benchmarx has added a fresh Gloss Light Grey finish to this

collection, to offer a crisp, contemporary appearance and a high shine finish. ABS edging ensures that the Soho range is moisture resistant and as hard-wearing as it is stylish and discreet, built-in edge handles complete the sleek look of this range. Additional curved units, pillar stands, corner solutions and aluminium glass doors are also all available within this range, to ensure customers can create a unique look that works for them. FINISHING TOUCHES Benchmarx also offers a full range of flooring to complete any look, including an extensive range of hard-wearing laminate, and Luxury Vinyl Wood and Stone designs, that are perfect to use in kitchens where splashes are inevitable. Finally, don’t forget to suggest lighting as part of a scheme as incorporating plinth or under cupboard lighting, will add an instant designer feel and have an important effect on the finished result.

CUSTOMERS MOST WELCOME Although Benchmarx is a trade-only supplier, the company encourages builders and kitchen fitters to bring homeowners into their UK-wide branches to view the impressive range of on-trend kitchen designs first-hand, and ensure that they find the right match for them. A dedicated team of design specialists are on hand at each branch to provide advice and support to help alleviate the stress that can come with a kitchen renovation project. Now with 180 branches and 10 years of experience under its belt, this expert knowledge and assistance can be found at showrooms right across the country. I enquiry 571

To find out more about the Benchmarx kitchen ranges, or to locate your nearest branch, visit:


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BuildingNews NMBS annual exhibition 2017 – Pre-Show

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Everbuild – A Sika Company, the UK’s largest manufacturer of sealants, adhesives, fillers and building chemicals will be at this year’s National Merchant Buying Society annual exhibition, taking place on Wednesday 5th April at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. Key products from the leading brands will be on display at NMBS on stands 14-16. These will include Everbuild favourites Wonder Wipes, Forever White, Stixall and Pinkgrip along with new products from recent launches including Fix in 5, Stixall Multi-Purpose Wall and Floor Adhesive and 5 Star Sprayable Shed and Fence Mate. From the Sika brand will be the historic Sika-1®Waterproofer, Sikaflex EBT+ and new favourite SikaBond MultiStick. Also on display on the NMBS stand will be FEB, the original building chemical brand that has been trusted by generations of builders for over 50 years. This popular range includes favourites Febmix, Febond and Febflor, all of which will be on show within the stand. So come along and visit stands 14-16 and take a look at the exciting range of products available in all three brands. I enquiry 158

Avire chooses new sales director Tom Davies has been appointed EIMEA sales director at lift safety and communication specialist Avire. “This is a very exciting time to be joining Avire”, said Tom. “With a strong brand heritage in the lift industry, we will continue to grow by developing innovative new products, supported by increased investment in our local presence to ensure we deliver the very best service and support, and enhancing the customer experience. I’m looking forward to gaining a fuller understanding of our customers’ challenges and making sure that we can solve those in the most effective way.” Tom joins Avire from Instron, where he was EMEA commercial director. He has a degree in Materials Engineering and Science from the University of Wales Swansea and experience in selling channels, strategic product marketing and innovation programmes. I enquiry 159

At TRAFFEX 2017, SignPost Solutions, part of the SWARCO Group, will launch Optimast 400 – the latest addition to its range of industry-leading passively safe sign masts. The new mast, which has a distinctive shape, has been designed with strength and versatility in mind. Another important factor is to deliver maximum cost-efficiency to the customer. Tim Daly, National Sales Manager at

Updated brochure shows full Nexus range


‘Everything Aluminium’ is the brilliant new brochure from AluFoldDirect, helping installers show their customers what can be achieved in aluminium doors and windows. “We’ve listened to what installers want and created an incredible coffee-table brochure with stunning installation photos, so people can see the possibilities in aluminium windows and doors,” says Craig Miller, Managing Director at AluFoldDirect. The ‘Everything Aluminium’ brochure features the full AluFoldDirect aluminium range including bi-folding doors, sliding doors, slimline windows, roof lanterns, RD1 Entrance Doors and commercial windows and doors. Craig continues: “It’s important that the brochure reflects the quality of the aluminium products we make, to help our customers win business. From the choice of paper to the selection of project images, everything about the brochure makes readers feel inspired to choose aluminium.” I enquiry 160

SignPost Solutions to unveil largest Optimast sign at TRAFFEX

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Find Everything Aluminium in AluFoldDirect’s New Brochure

Specifying modern brick-faced soffits just got easier, with the publication of Ancon’s new 16-page Nexus brochure. Developed by Ancon and Ibstock Kevington, two of the UK’s leading specialists in structural support and prefabricated masonry components, Nexus is an advanced lightweight system that makes modern brickfaced soffits and lintels simple and achievable, particularly in fast-track environments. Expanded and updated to include the full Nexus range of soffit units and lintels, the new brochure shows the various options now available for achieving different visual effects by varying the style and type of lightweight stainless steel carrier and real brick slip facing. Detailed case studies are also included to show how the prefabricated modular units have been used to provide flawless soffit solutions for three distinctly

SignPost Solutions, says the new mast has been rigorously tested: “It has unparalleled strength and with its design, creates options to ensure it can be used in a wide variety of situations,” he explains. “Adding to the other masts in the range, the Optimast 400 can accommodate signs right up to the very largest of motorway and Advance Direction Signs.”

different building types. Years of combined technical and manufacturing expertise ensures that the units are not only easy to handle and manoeuvre on site, even when access is limited, but are quick and easy to adjust for perfect alignment with the main building façade every time. Simple installation advice and specification clauses, included in the new brochure, help make life even easier for the specifier and contractor. The new brochure is available to download from

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The ROCKWOOL Group unveils new Brand Identity The ROCKWOOL Group, the world’s leading global supplier of stone wool, unveils the latest evolution of its brand identity together with a new “Purpose” statement and corporate video. The Group’s brand evolution includes a new ROCKWOOL symbol – a graphic representation of a volcano. The symbol stands for the commitment to enrich modern living through processes and products that exist harmoniously, and it will be used across all ROCKWOOL Group daughter brands. This evolution aligns the branding of the ROCKWOOL Group’s diverse product portfolio to better demonstrate to our

customers and other stakeholders the breadth and depth of how we use the natural power of volcanic stone to enrich and transform modern living, while addressing the challenges of the future. It will also support ROCKWOOL’s future geographical expansion. The new corporate video has been launched today through a thunderclap campaign – a large-scale scheduled social post, in which supporters share the message simultaneously to build awareness of the global challenges of modern living, and the solutions that already exist today that can go a long way towards solving them. I enquiry 163

The VEKA UK Group secures Secured by Design for three more years Industry-leading PVC-U systems supplier, The VEKA UK Group, has been awarded membership once again of the national crime prevention initiative, Secured by Design (SBD), for both its VEKA and Halo brands. The VEKA UK Group partnered with Secured by Design several years ago and has maintained its strong relationship with the team, thanks to a shared ethos of designing out crime at the product development stage. Secured by Design was established in 1989 and works to reduce crime by bringing Police Forces, developers and planners together at the design stage to include security into the built environment, such as natural surveillance and landscaping, and by encouraging manufacturers of products, such as doors and windows, to attain SBD’s coveted ‘Police I enquiry 164 Preferred Specification’.


Purplex strengthens relationship with Google and Facebook Purplex Marketing has strengthened its relationship with Google to help companies in the construction and glazing industry generate more leads online. The agency is a certified Google Partner agency and provides specialist paid search (PPC), display network and social media marketing for trade, commercial and retail suppliers.

Not all Roofing Compounds are the same! FLAG Roofix 20/10 is manufactured using specialist thermo-acrylic resins coupled with built in Draylon fibre reinforcement. The resin and fibres cross-link to provide superior strength and flexibility. The UV resistant thermo-acrylic resin remains flexible for much longer, many years longer, than other

Cembrit continues to expand its slates sales team

Adi Day, Digital Director at Purplex commented; “We now manage over £1million a year of PPC advertising spend, so working directly with the Google HQ team in London helps us gain maximum results for our clients.” Purplex has also expanded its social media advertising reach, particularly through Facebook. Adi explains; “Having a strong social media presence is now crucial to a brand’s success. We already manage the social media strategy for many companies across the window industry, but dedicated paid-for advertising across channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn generates tens of thousands of additional impressions and a significant volume of sales leads.” Purplex digital specialists work closely with a dedicated Facebook account manager to help advertisers build highly targeted campaigns based on in-depth data from Facebook users. And with over 50% of the UK population using Facebook every day mainly on their mobile phone, it enables advertisers to engage with new customers wherever they are. It isn’t just restricted to consumers either – targeting business contacts when they are outside ‘work mode’ can significantly increase response rates. I enquiry 165

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KALSI Group unveils new rainwater & roofing systems at NMBS Exhibition Low maintenance building products manufacturer, Kalsi Group will be debuting a new rainwater system and dry verge universal roofing system at this year’s NMBS exhibition (5th April) at the RICOH Arena in Coventry (stand numbers 203 and 204). The new rainwater system, comprising an eight-inch gutter will launch alongside a new dry verge universal roofing system. Additions to the company’s Kladding and Aquacel ranges will also be showcased; double plank cladding and 600mm Aquacel board.

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Estimating Building Costs? FACT: Accurately estimating building costs doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or tricky. There are some very straight forward ways that will enable you to get this often tiresome job done, dusted and off your desk. Better still both of the methods outlined below are accurate fast and can assist you when it comes to winning that job. Option 1: Estimating Software - Easy Price Pro have a complete range of estimating programs that quickly and accurately calculate all the plant material, labour and hours for all types of building work and trade specific tasks. Can your current estimating system accurately price a complete extension with a full set of reports including a written quotation in about an hour? Easy Price Pro’s New Houses & Extensions Plus program can. I enquiry 167

cheaper resins. FLAG Roofix 20/10 is easily applied straight from the tin, even in damp conditions, and it’s designed to last up to 10 years and possibly longer. To fix a leak, simply remove loose dirt and debris then apply. 1 litre per 1 sq. metre. Application using brush or squeegee is very quick, simple and effective. Perfect for patch repairs or complete roof protection. I enquiry 170

FAKRO boost sales support with Merchant Portal

Cembrit, the leading roofing and cladding specialist, has announced two further additions to its UK sales force. Justin Ransted and Simon Porter have joined the pitched roof sales team to drive sales of natural and fibre cement slates in UK and South East England respectively. Justin Ransted joins Cembrit UK as UK Sales Manager. With over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry, Justin brings with him a wealth of knowledge. He joins the company following roles at Icopal, Triton, Sika Ltd, Acheson & Glover Ltd and Hanson UK. As part of the sales team in all these roles, he was responsible for selling building products to contractors, property developers and self-builders. Simon Porter is taking on the role of Regional Sales Manager and will be centered at Cembrit’s Reading office. Simon draws on over 15 years of construction industry experience, including three years with Monier Redland, and over ten years with Wavin UK. With wide-ranging industry contacts and knowledge, Simon is in an excellent position to grow Cembrit’s presence in the South East area.

FAKRO Stockists will find it easier than ever before to access the right roof windows sales support, with the launch of the company’s new Merchant Portal. The Merchant Portal aims to help drive increased sales to Merchants by providing them with a one-stop shop for Point of Sales materials, product information, brochures, training and more. Users will have access to a Live Support Helpdesk, where they can contact FAKRO with any query, and receive a fast and direct response from a dedicated team member. The Merchant Portal also includes a Community section, where users can post discussion topics, request information and even suggest new features they’d like to see in FAKRO’s products and services. A FAKRO spokesperson said: “Our Merchants are our partners in customer care, and we’re always looking to increase the sales support we provide to them. If they feel informed about our products, customers will have greater confidence when it comes to buying, so everybody wins.

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